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Tomography patents

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Method for evaluation and comparison of a chronological sequence of combined medical imaging examinations and also a…

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Method for evaluation and comparison of a chronological sequence of combined medical imaging examinations and also a…

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Method for displaying image data of body regions of a patient, the body regions being prone to dementia, and a medical…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tomography-related patents
 Ultrasound waveform tomography with wave-energy-based preconditioning patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasound waveform tomography with wave-energy-based preconditioning
Synthetic-aperture ultrasound tomography systems and methods using scanning arrays and algorithms configured to simultaneously acquire ultrasound transmission and reflection data, and process the data using ultrasound waveform tomography with a wave-energy-based preconditioning method for improved ultrasound tomography imaging.. .
Los Alamos National Security, Llc
 Method for displaying image data of body regions of a patient, the body regions being prone to dementia, and a medical imaging system which is designed to carry out the method patent thumbnailnew patent Method for displaying image data of body regions of a patient, the body regions being prone to dementia, and a medical imaging system which is designed to carry out the method
A method is disclosed for displaying image data of body regions of a patient using a medical imaging system including a first imaging apparatus and a positron emission tomography apparatus, the body regions being prone to dementia. The method includes provision of first image data recorded using the first imaging apparatus; provision of second image data recorded using the positron emission tomography apparatus, the first image data and the second image data being recorded simultaneously or at short intervals of time consecutively; segmentation of the first image data in respect of body regions prone to dementia, a segmentation mask being generated to this end on the basis of the first image data; generation of results data, the results data including a selection of voxels in the second image data made using the segmentation mask; and display of the results data..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Method for evaluation and comparison of a chronological sequence of combined medical imaging examinations and also a medical imaging system which is designed for executing the inventive method patent thumbnailnew patent Method for evaluation and comparison of a chronological sequence of combined medical imaging examinations and also a medical imaging system which is designed for executing the inventive method
A method is disclosed for evaluating and comparing a chronological sequence of at least two combined medical imaging examinations, wherein a combined medical imaging examination is carried out in each case by way of a first imaging apparatus and by way of a second imaging apparatus which is formed by a positron emission tomography apparatus. On the basis of the image data captured by the first imaging apparatus, a transformation specification is created and this is applied to the image data captured by the positron emission tomography apparatus, so that a direct comparison of the first and second image data captured by way of the positron emission technology apparatus is made possible..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Methods and systems for axially segmenting positron emission tomography data patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for axially segmenting positron emission tomography data
A method for generating a positron emission tomography (pet) image includes defining a scan window having a predetermined length along an examination axis of a pet imaging system, the scan window corresponding to a region of interest to be continuously scanned by the pet imaging system, defining at least two data bins corresponding to two separate scan regions within the scan window, defining a transition region that overlaps a portion of each of the separate scan regions within the scan window, the transition region having a width that is shorter than a length of the scan window, binning emission data acquired within the transition region into the two data bins, binning emission data acquired from outside the transition region into one of the two data bins, and reconstructing an image using the emission data in the two data bins.. .
General Electric Company
 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus patent thumbnailMagnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
A magnetic resonance (mr) tomography aparatus has an array composed of a number n of single coils ei to acquire reception signals ii. The tomography apparatus is operated by a method that includes the following steps.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Systems and methods for determining retinal ganglion cell populations and associated treatments patent thumbnailSystems and methods for determining retinal ganglion cell populations and associated treatments
A new combined index of structure and function (csfi) for staging and detecting glaucomatous damage is provided. An observational study including 333 glaucomatous eyes (295 with perimetric glaucoma and 38 with preperimetric glaucoma) and 330 eyes of healthy subjects is described.
The Regents Of The University Of California
 Systems and methods for integration of a positron emission tomography (pet) detector with a computed-tomography (ct) gantry patent thumbnailSystems and methods for integration of a positron emission tomography (pet) detector with a computed-tomography (ct) gantry
Systems and methods for integration of a pet detector with a ct gantry are provided. One system includes an x-ray computed tomography (ct) gantry having a rotating portion and a stationary portion within a housing, and including a bore volume therethrough.
General Electric Company
 Stabilisation of radiopharmaceutical precursors patent thumbnailStabilisation of radiopharmaceutical precursors
The present invention relates to a method for improving stability of non fluoridated sugar derivatives, and in particular glucose derivatives such as 1,3,4,6-tetra-o-acetyl-2-o-trifluoromethanesulfonyl-β-d-mannopyranose which are used as precursors for production of radiofluoridated sugar derivatives for use in in vivo imaging procedures such as positron emission tomography (pet). The method comprises storing the non fluoridated sugar derivative in an organic solvent.
Ge Healthcare Limited
 Computed tomography system including rotatable collimator patent thumbnailComputed tomography system including rotatable collimator
Disclosed is a computed tomography (ct) system which includes a rotatable collimator. The ct system includes a gantry.
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University
 Directional optical coherence tomography systems and methods patent thumbnailDirectional optical coherence tomography systems and methods
An optical coherence tomography system that includes an optical device having an adjustable optical element configured to displace a pupil entry point of light is provided. Optical coherence tomography methods using the optical coherence tomography system are also provided.
The Medical College Of Wisconsin, Inc.

Optical coherence tomography with dynamic focus sweeping and windowed averaging

During scan capture with an oct imaging system, the focal plane position can be simultaneously shifted over at least a portion of an image range. As a result, a plurality of image frames respectively corresponding to various focal plane positions is acquired.
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

Method and system for synchronizing positron emission tomography (pet) detector modules

A detector module (50) for a positron emission tomography (pet) system (10) includes an optical transceiver (66) receiving an optical data stream from a pet processing system (48). The data stream includes a pulse train carrying a command to generate sync/reset pulses.
Koninklijke Philips N.v

Computed tomography (ct) - high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) system and/or method

A system (100) includes a ct scanner (101) with a radiation source (108) that emits radiation the traverses an examination region (112), a radiation sensitive detector array (110), located opposite the source across the examination region, which detects radiation traversing the examination region and a portion of a subject therein and generates a signal indicative thereof, and a subject support (114) that positions the subject in the examination. A hifu apparatus (124) includes an ultrasound probe (126).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Radiolabeled amino acids for diagnostic imaging

This invention relates to novel compounds suitable for labeling by 18f and to the corresponding 18f labeled compounds themselves, 19f-fluorinated analogues thereof and their use as reference standards, methods of preparing such compounds, compositions comprising such compounds, kits comprising such compounds or compositions and uses of such compounds, compositions or kits for diagnostic imaging by positron emission tomography (pet).. .
Piramal Imaging Sa

Rare earth oxide particles and use thereof in particular imaging

The present application concerns multimodal composite products for imaging, in particular for diagnostic imaging, and optionally for therapy, in particular composite products which are capable of being used as contrast agents, in particular in magnetic resonance imaging (mri), and/or in imaging techniques such as, for example, in optical imaging, in the optical detection of oxidants, in positron emission tomography (pet), in tomodensitometry (tdm) and/or in ultrasound imaging, and optionally simultaneously for use in therapy. These products are based on a particle comprising or consisting of a portion provided with a contrast agent activity and/or a paramagnetic activity, and a portion provided with a luminescent activity and optionally an oxidant detection activity..
Ecole Polytechnique

Wavelength-tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser for swept source optical coherence tomography system

A wavelength-tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (vcsel) with the use of micro-electromechanical system (mems) technology is provided as a swept source for optical coherence tomography (oct). The wavelength-tunable vcsel comprises a bottom mirror of the vcsel, an active region, and a mems tunable upper mirror movable by electrostatic deflections.
Inphenix, Inc.

Swept source optical coherence tomography and stabilizing phase thereof

In an embodiment, a computer 16, which generates tomographic images based on spectral interference signals detected by a light detector 15 from overlaid reference light emitted by a swept-source type light source 2 of a ss-oct, split, and then reflected by a fixed reference mirror 8 on one hand and object light reflected by an object to be measured 6 on the other, is caused to function to apply rough correction using a first correction means and then apply detailed correction using a second correction means, to stabilize the phases of the ss-oct. The phases can be stabilized by eliminating, without adding any expensive, complex hardware, the jitter between the wavelength scanning of a light source of ss-oct and the timing of collecting the scan data with the light detector as spectral interference signals..
University Of Tsukuba

Angular multiplexed optical projection tomography

An optical projection tomography system comprises a support arranged to support an object (63) and to rotate the object between a plurality of orientations, a first imaging system (64) arranged to image the object from a first direction to form a first image, and a second imaging system arranged to image the object from a second direction to form a second image, data acquisition means (66, 67) arranged to acquire image data from the first and second images for each of the orientations and processing means arranged to process the image data to generate an image data set.. .
Imperial Innovations Limited

Measurement apparatus and method, tomography apparatus and method

An apparatus configured to obtain a physical property of an object by time-domain spectroscopy includes: a detection unit; a delay unit configured to adjust a time difference between generation and detection; a shaping unit configured to collect the electromagnetic wave pulses; a waveform obtaining unit configured to construct a time waveform of the electromagnetic wave pulses; and a collecting position adjusting unit configured to adjust a collecting position. When the collecting position is moved, an amount of adjustment when the collecting position matches first and second reflection portions, respectively, of the object, and a difference by the delay unit required for detecting first and second pulses of the time waveform are obtained, and from an amount of change of the amount of adjustment and the difference, a thickness and a refractive index of a region between the first and second reflection portions of the object are calculated..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Metal artifact reduction from metallic dental fillings and/or crowns in computed tomography (ct) and/or x-ray

A method includes planning a head scan of a subject via a console (716) of an imaging system (700), wherein the head scan scans both jaws of the subject, including metallic dental fillings of teeth of the subject, scanning the subject 108, including the metallic dental fillings of the teeth of the subject, via the imaging system, wherein the subject has a dental metal artifact reduction device (802) installed in their mouth during the scan, and generating projection data indicative of the scanned region of the head of the subject, including the metallic dental fillings of the teeth of the subject.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Tumorspecific pet/mr(t1), pet/mr(t2) and pet/ct contrast agent

New types of nanoparticle-based dual-modality positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance imaging (pet/mri) and positron emission tomography/computed tomography (pet/ct) tumorspecific contrast agents have been developed. The base of the new type contrast agents is biopolymer-based nanoparticle with pet, mri and ct active ligands.
Bbs Nanotechnology Ltd.

Tumorspecific spect/mr(t1), spect/mr(t2) and spect/ct contrast agents

The invention relates to cancer receptor-specific bioprobes for single photon emission computed tomography (spect) and computed tomography (ct) or magnetic resonance imaging (mri) for dual modality molecular imaging. The base of the bioprobes is the self-assembled polyelectrolytes, which transport gold nanoparticles as ct contrast agents, or spion or gd(iii) ions as mr active ligands, and are labeled using complexing agent with technetium-99m as spect radiopharmacon.
Bbs Nanotechnology Ltd.

Method and modulating current in computed tomography imaging system

A method and apparatus of current modulation in a computed tomography imaging system are provided. The method may include: selecting a plurality of sample points from an expected current modulation curve as approach points; establishing an actual current modulation curve, wherein an actual current value of the actual current modulation curve at an approach point approximates an expected current value of an expected current modulation curve, and a variation rate of the actual current is within an allowed range of the computed tomography imaging system; and modulating a current in an x-ray tube of the computed tomography imaging system according to the actual current modulation curve.
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

Miniature scan-free optical tomography system

A miniature scan-free optical tomography system is provided. The system includes a broadband light source.
Chung Yuan Christian University

Mode-locked laser light source device and optical coherence tomography apparatus using the same

This mode-locked laser light source device comprises a semiconductor optical amplifier wherein carriers are generated by the injection of an injection current thereinto, a pulse of laser light is amplified by the consumption of the carriers, and phase modulation equivalent to self-phase modulation depending on the pulse intensity of the laser light occurs due to a change in the density carriers; a sweep modulation unit which the oscillation wavelength of the pulse of the laser light emitted from the semiconductor optical amplifier is variable; a resonator which returns the pulse of the laser light modulated by the sweep modulation unit to the semiconductor optical amplifier to cause a laser oscillation phenomenon; and a dispersion compensator which is used in an anomalous dispersion region and changes the return time of the pulse of the laser light depending on the wavelength of the pulse of laser light guided in the resonator.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

Optical coherence tomography technique

An optical coherence tomography device comprises a light generator, a dispersive medium, an optical coupler and a detector. The light generator is adapted to generate a series of input pulses of coherent light, each input pulse having an input pulse width.
Wavelight Gmbh

Surface emitting laser and optical coherence tomography measuring apparatus using the surface emitting laser

A surface emitting laser operable to change a wavelength of emitted light includes a first reflecting mirror, a second reflecting mirror, wherein a cavity is formed between the first reflecting mirror and the second reflecting mirror along the optical axis of the surface emitting laser, an active layer formed within the cavity, a region formed within the cavity, and a movable part situated within the region, the movable part having a refractive index different from a refractive index of the region. The wavelength of emitted light is changeable by changing the position of the movable part along the direction of the optical axis in the region..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Systems and methods for soft-field tomography

One system includes a pattern generator that generates one or more excitation patterns suitable for probing a hydration level of a tissue of a subject at one or more depths from a surface of the subject into an interrogation region. Each of the excitation patterns has a spatial sensitivity at one of the one or more predetermined depths.
General Electric Company

Electron beam diagnostic system using computed tomography and an annular sensor

A system for analyzing an electron beam including a circular electron beam diagnostic sensor adapted to receive the electron beam, the circular electron beam diagnostic sensor having a central axis; an annular sensor structure operatively connected to the circular electron beam diagnostic sensor, wherein the sensor structure receives the electron beam; a system for sweeping the electron beam radially outward from the central axis of the circular electron beam diagnostic sensor to the annular sensor structure wherein the electron beam is intercepted by the annular sensor structure; and a device for measuring the electron beam that is intercepted by the annular sensor structure.. .
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc

Pet scanner with emission and transmission structures in a checkerboard configuration

Apparatuses, computer-readable mediums, and methods are provided. In one embodiment, a positron emission tomography (“pet”) detector array is provided which includes a plurality of crystal elements arranged in a two-dimensional checkerboard configuration.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

Mulitplexing device for a medical imaging system

A multiplexing circuit for a positron emission tomography (pet) detector includes a delay circuit and a multiplexer communicating with the delay circuit. The delay circuit configured to receive a plurality of timing pickoff (tpo) signals from a plurality of positron emission tomography (pet) detector units, add a delay time to at least one of the plurality of tpo signals, and transmit the tpo signals based on the delay time to the multiplexer, the multiplexer configured to a multiplex the tpo signals and output a single tpo signal from the plurality of tpo signals to a time-to-digital convertor (tdc).
General Electric Company

Systems, methods and determining a fractional flow reserve

In one aspect, the invention relates to system comprising: a processor configured to receive a first optical coherence tomography (oct) data set obtained during a pullback of a data collection probe along a first length of a first blood vessel; determine a minimum lumen area disposed along the first length using the first oct data set; and determine a first ffr value along the first length based on the minimum lumen area. In one embodiment, the first ffr value is an estimated ffr.
Lightlab Imaging, Inc.

System for remote and automated manufacture of products from user data

A system for remote and automated manufacture of products from user data is designed to allow a user with no knowledge of design, engineering, or manufacturing to create a custom product from data they provide, in the form of tomography data, photographs, voice command, sketches etc. The system provides a user interface, the front end, where users input data and select what to manufacture.

Methods for performing invasive medical procedures using a surgical robot

Embodiments are directed to a medical robot system including a robot coupled to an end-effectuator element with the robot configured to control movement and positioning of the end-effectuator in relation to the patient. One embodiment is a method for removing bone with a robot system comprising: taking a two-dimensional slice through a computed tomography scan volume of target anatomy; placing a perimeter on a pathway to the target anatomy; and controlling a drill assembly with the robot system to remove bone along the pathway in the intersection of the perimeter and the two-dimensional slice..
Globus Medical, Inc.

Irradiation system

An irradiation system for simultaneous application of radiation therapy and hyperthermia is provided. The irradiation system has a radiation source and a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus comprising a controller, a plurality of local coils for arrangement on the body of a patient, and a plurality of transmission devices.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Version of fdg detectable by single-photon emission computed tomography

A compound comprising a metal chelate linked to a hexose carrier for use as a metallopharmaceutical diagnostic or therapeutic agent is provided. The compound is suitable for imaging by single-photon emission computed tomography, computer assisted tomography, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, fluorescence imaging or x-ray..
Mallinckrodt Llc

Quantitative phantomless calibration of computed tomography scans

An apparatus, method, and computer program product for calibrating a ct scan without the use of an external calibration phantom, to enable quantitative assessment of internal body tissues and organs and additionally for any application that would benefit from a calibration of the scan attenuation data, such as viewing ct images in a consistent fashion. Embodiments are described with applications to quantitative assessment of bone density in the spine and hip, mineral content in blood vessels, hepatic-fat content in the liver, and gray-to-white matter ratio in the brain.
O.n.diagnostics, Llc

Apparatus and reducing x-ray flux in spectral ct

An apparatus and method for reducing the x-ray flux in a computed-tomography (ct) scanner that includes a rotating x-ray source and a plurality of stationary photon-counting detectors configured to capture incident x-ray photons emitted from the x-ray source. A bowtie filter equipped with an edge filter that can be positioned in a reconfigurable manner such that the high x-ray flux at the leading edge of an x-ray fan beam incident on the detector is reduced.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Integrated optical coherence tomography systems and methods

Disclosed herein are optical integration technologies, designs, systems and methods directed toward optical coherence tomography (oct) and other interferometric optical sensor, ranging, and imaging systems wherein such systems, methods and structures employ tunable optical sources, coherent detection and other structures on a single or multichip monolithic integration. In contrast to contemporary, prior-art oct systems and structures that employ simple, miniature optical bench technology using small optical components positioned on a substrate, systems and methods according to the present disclosure employ one or more photonic integrated circuits (pics), use swept-source techniques, and employ a widely tunable optical source(s)..
Acacia Communications Inc.

Systems and methods for improving the quality of images in a pet scan

Systems, devices and methods of reconstructing an image from a positron emission tomography scan that may include detecting a plurality of photons selected from scattered photons and unscattered photons by a plurality of detectors, identifying a time interval for each of the plurality of photons by a processing device, matching each of the plurality of photons into a plurality of pairs of coincident photons based upon a substantially simultaneous time interval identified by the processing device, measuring an energy produced by each of the plurality of photons by the plurality of detectors, determining a scattering angle for each pair of coincident photons from an annihilation point relative to the position of the plurality of detectors by the processing device based on the energy produced and reconstructing an image using a reconstruction algorithm, wherein the reconstruction algorithm uses the scattering angle of each pair of coincident photons.. .
University Of Manitoba

Acoustic probing technique for the determination of interior pipe coating wear or scale build-up and liner wear

Apparatus is provided comprising a signal processor that receives signaling containing information about an acoustic signal swept and sensed over a frequency range in relation to a pipe; and determines information about the structure of the pipe based at least partly on two or more sub-frequency ranges that form part of the frequency range in the signaling received. The signal processor also receives the acoustic signal being transmitted to the pipe and corresponding signaling in the two or more sub-frequency ranges containing information about reflections of the acoustic signal back from the pipe; and determines information about the structure of the pipe based at least partly on a coherent mixing of the acoustic signal and the corresponding signaling in the two or more sub-frequency ranges using a coherent acoustic tomography technique.
Cidra Corporate Services Inc.

Heart-lung preparation and use

An isolated heart or heart-lung preparation in which essentially normal pumping activity of all four chambers of the heart is preserved, allowing for the use of the preparation in conjunction with investigations of electrode leads, catheters, ablation methods, cardiac implants and other medical devices intended to be used in or on a beating heart. The system can be designed to be used within a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) unit or a x-ray computed tomography (ct) scanner.
Medtronic, Inc.

Fluorine-18 labeled hydrogen ion probes

Fluorine-containing molecules include fluorine-18 labeled hydrogen ion indicator molecules and methods of making and using the same. Fluorine atoms incorporated into the indicator molecules provides novel structural modifications to the precursor molecules, shifting the absorbance maxima relative to their non-fluorinated precursor/cogeners.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Psma-binding agents and uses thereof

Prostate-specific membrane antigen (psma) binding compounds having radioisotope substituents are described, as well as chemical precursors thereof. Compounds include pyridine containing compounds, compounds having phenylhydrazine structures, and acylated lysine compounds.
The Johns Hopkins University

System and iterative image reconstruction for computed tomography

A system and method include acquisition of projection data from a scanned object, the set of projection data comprising a plurality of projection measurements. The system and method also include calculation of a set of modified statistical weights from the projection data, wherein a respective modified statistical weight of the set of modified statistical weights comprises a deviation from an inverse variance of a corresponding projection measurement of the projection data.
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac

Method and generating x-rays in computer tomography system

X-ray image of the subject can be obtained in various angles. Further, because it is unnecessary for the x-ray generating apparatus or the subject to move relative to each other, an x-ray image can be acquired at a high speed and thus a subject can be rapidly checked..

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