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Tomography patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tomography-related patent applications.

 Statistical data acquisition model for gpu based mlem joint estimation of tissue activity distribution and photon attenuation map from pet data patent thumbnailStatistical data acquisition model for gpu based mlem joint estimation of tissue activity distribution and photon attenuation map from pet data
We provide improved maximum likelihood expectation maximization (mlem) joint estimation of emission activity and photon attenuation from positron emission tomography (pet) data. Lines of response (lor) are divided along their length into cells having equal length.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

 Ept  electric conductivity reconstruction with enhanced stability and speed patent thumbnailEpt electric conductivity reconstruction with enhanced stability and speed
An electric properties tomography method for reconstructing a spatial distribution of electric conductivity (σ) from magnetic resonance image data representative of a magnetic resonance image of at least a portion of a subject of interest (20), the spatial distribution covering at least a portion of the area of the magnetic resonance image, and the method comprising following steps:—segmenting the magnetic resonance image,—extrapolating acquired phase values,—replacing acquired phase values by the extrapolated phase values,—transforming into the frequency domain,—multiplying a frequency domain-transformed numerical second derivative by the acquired phase values and the frequency domain-transformed numerical second derivative by the extrapolated phase values, respectively, and—transforming the result of the multiplying into the spatial domain. Also covered are a corresponding mri system and a software module..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Electrode  radiofrequency ablation patent thumbnailElectrode radiofrequency ablation
The present invention relates to an electrode device for radiofrequency ablation, which can easily be used for computed tomography (ct)-guided radiofrequency ablation (rfa) treatment. An embodiment of the present invention provides an electrode device for radiofrequency ablation, which comprises an electrode needle provided in front of a grip and is configured to cauterize and necrotize a diseased site by radiofrequency heat generated from the electrode needle, the electrode device comprising a bendable tube which is provided between the grip and the electrode needle, is bendable at a predetermined angle, and is capable of being maintained in a bent state..
Starmed Co., Ltd.

 Device for ultrasound-supported reflection and transmission tomography patent thumbnailDevice for ultrasound-supported reflection and transmission tomography
A device for ultrasound-assisted reflection and transmission tomography includes a measurement volume filled with an ultrasonic coupling medium and having an opening for inserting a body to be examined and a lateral surface remote from the opening, and a number of ultrasonic transducers arranged remotely from the opening of the measurement volume, arranged in direct contact with the ultrasonic coupling medium, and arranged oriented into the measurement volume. The arrangement of the ultrasonic transducers around the measurement volume aperiodically follows a random uniform distribution..
Karlsruher Institut FÜr Technologie

 Intraoperative imaging system and apparatus patent thumbnailIntraoperative imaging system and apparatus
Systems, methods and apparatuses for an intraocular imaging system are disclosed comprising an optical coherence tomography (oct) system. The oct system has an imaging range that may enable substantial portions of an eye or even a whole eye to be imaged.
Adventus Technologies, Inc.

 Fiducial formation for tem/stem tomography tilt-series acquisition and alignment patent thumbnailFiducial formation for tem/stem tomography tilt-series acquisition and alignment
Provided are methods to improve tomography by creating fiducial holes using charged particle beams, and using the fiducial holes to improve the sample positioning, acquisition, alignment, reconstruction, and visualization of tomography data sets. Some versions create fiducial holes with an ion beam during the process of milling the sample.
Fei Company

 Method and system for document authenticity verification patent thumbnailMethod and system for document authenticity verification
The invention provides a system and method for secure document verification. In the preferred embodiment, embedded information consists of marks embedded in the interior of the document and are comprised of regions that have refractive index modified to carry information.

 Real-time analysis and control of electron beam manufacturing process through x-ray computed tomography patent thumbnailReal-time analysis and control of electron beam manufacturing process through x-ray computed tomography
Electron beam manufacturing processes, and systems that perform the processes, are described that utilize real-time analysis and control of the electron beam manufacturing processes by detecting secondary x-rays that are generated as a result of the electron beam contacting a workpiece. The detected secondary x-rays are used to generate, in real-time, a three-dimensional cross-sectional image of the portion or region of the workpiece surrounding the location contacted by the electron beam.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

 Method and  performing multi-energy (including dual energy) computed tomography (ct) imaging patent thumbnailMethod and performing multi-energy (including dual energy) computed tomography (ct) imaging
An improved dual energy ct imaging system for providing improved imaging and improved material identification.. .
Photo Diagnostic Systems, Inc.

 Measurement device for correcting parasitic movements in an x-ray tomograph patent thumbnailMeasurement device for correcting parasitic movements in an x-ray tomograph
The invention concerns a device for measuring parasitic movements in a sample (5) to be analysed in an x-ray tomography apparatus, the device comprising: a source (1) emitting an x-ray beam (6) to a detector (3), the sample, carried by a support (13), being traversed by the beam; and a sight (17) carrying at least three balls (21) that are opaque to x-rays, the sight being attached to said support such that, on the detector, images (25) of the balls are around an image (16) of the sample, the shape and the materials of the sight being chosen such that the positions of the balls relative to the support are insensitive to temperature variations.. .
Universite Joseph Fourier

Universal computerized tomography fixture system with a multi-scan robotic positioning apparatus

A fixture and a method for using a fixture in a computerized tomography (“ct”) scan system of an electronic device are disclosed. The fixture is designed to reduce attenuation of radiation passing through the fixture to improve the ct imaging, particularly the imaging of one or more components in the electronic device.
Apple Inc.

Apparatus and quantitive phase tomography through linear scanning with coherent and non-coherent detection

The disclosed invention describes a new apparatus performing a new data acquisition for quantitative refractive index tomography. It is based on a linear scanning of the specimen, opposed to the classical approaches based on rotations of either the sample or the illumination beam, which are based on the illumination with plane waves, which orientation is successively modified in order to acquire angular information.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

High-speed optical coherence tomography using multiple interferometers with suppressed multiple scattering cross-talk

A system for optical coherence tomography using multiple interferometers presented. The interferometry system includes a source configured to generate a variable wavelength light beam.
Medlumics S.l.

Puncture injection instrument

A puncture injection instrument including a hollow needle body including a substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, the hollow needle body having one or more projections which are formed on the first surface and each have a through hole penetrating from a distal end of the projection to the second surface of the substrate, and one or more probes positioned outside a region where the one or more projections are formed. The one or more probes include an ultrasound probe or an optical coherence tomography probe..
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Calibration computed tomography

A calibration object is imaged in a radiographic system such as a ct system. The images are processed to calibrate the system, without prior measurement of the calibration object.
Nikon Metrology Nv

Photon counting computed tomography using a combination of contrast agents for simultaneous visualization of anatomy and a plurality of materials

A method for performing photon counting computed tomography (pcct) using a combination of contrast agents includes configuring a pcct device with a plurality of threshold values corresponding to a plurality of contrast agents. These contrast agents comprise a long-acting blood pool contrast agent and a nanoparticle contrast agent.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Methods for stent strut detection and related measurement and display using optical coherence tomography

In one embodiment, the invention relates to a processor based method for generating positional and other information relating to a stent in the lumen of a vessel using a computer. The method includes the steps of generating an optical coherence image data set in response to an oct scan of a sample containing at least one stent; and identifying at least one one-dimensional local cue in the image data set relating to the position of the stent..
Lightlab Imaging, Inc.

Optical coherence tomography (oct) system with phase-sensitive b-scan registration

This disclosure relates to the field of optical coherence tomography (oct). This disclosure particularly relates to an oct system having a configuration that uses a phase sensitive b-scan registration method.
California Institute Of Technology

Method and computer program product for generating a high dissolved 3-d voxel data record by means of a computer

The present invention relates to a method and a computer program product for generating a high-resolution three-dimensional (3d) voxel data set of an object. The high-resolution three-dimensional (3d) voxel data set is generated with the aid of a computed tomography scanner.
Universität Stuttgart

Mirror based micromechanical systems and methods

Unlike most mems device configurations which simply switch between two positions in many optical devices the state of a mems mirror is important in all transition positions. It may determine the characteristics of an optical delay line system and by that an optical coherence tomography system in one application and in another the number of wavelength channels and the dynamic wavelength switching capabilities in the other.
Gestion ValeÓ SociÉtÉ En Commandite (valeo Management L.p.)

Segmented mrt

A method and a magnetic resonance tomography system are provided. The magnetic resonance tomography system is activated for transmitting a gradient field by an amplifier and a control with a gradient signal for creating the gradient field.

Zirconium-89 oxine complex as a cell labeling agent for positron emission tomography

The invention provides a method of preparing a 89zr-oxine complex of the formula. The invention also provides a method of labeling a cell with the 89zr-oxine complex and a method for detecting a biological cell in a subject comprising administering the 89zr-oxine complex to the subject..
The United States Of America, As Repreesented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv

Computed tomography radiation dose checker

Devices and methods for embedding a standard dose checker feature within existing ct systems by obtaining and analyzing information from the existing ct system, detecting a radiation parameter value therefrom, comparing the detected radiation parameter with a predetermined threshold, and generating an operation-signal to affect the operation of the ct system based on the comparison between the detected radiation parameter and the predetermined threshold and the state of the ct system.. .
Medic Vision Imaging Solutions Ltd.

Task-less optical mapping of brain function using resting state functional connectivity

A method for utilizing an optical system for taskless mapping of brain function includes determining a time series of dynamic light measurements for a plurality of spatially distributed source-detector pairs, receiving the dynamic light measurements over a period of time using the source-detector pairs without dependence on either a task or a change in physiological condition, generating a plurality of temporal correlations between regions of a brain for the light measurements based on the time series of the spatially distributed source-detector pairs and the received dynamic light measurements, producing at least one map of a respective strength of each of a plurality of temporal correlations, producing overlapping source-detector pairs measurements using diffuse optical tomography (dot) geometries, reconstructing data representative of the dynamic light measurements into an image space using at least one dot algorithm, and co-registering dot voxel images obtained by the reconstruction to anatomical information.. .
Washington University

Scanner for photo-acoustic tomography and photo-acoustic tomography apparatus using same

Provided is a scanner for photoacoustic tomography including: a mirror which reflects light and a photoacoustic signal for the photoacoustic tomography; a first driving member which is attached with the mirror; a second driving member which is connected to the first driving member; first driving force supply units which are disposed under two ends of the first driving member in a first direction to exert a driving force for allowing the first driving member to perform tilting movement in the first direction; and second driving force supply units which are disposed under two ends of the second driving member in a second direction to exert a driving force for allowing the second driving member to perform tilting movement in the second direction.. .
Postech Academy-industry Foundation

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and optical coherence tomography apparatus

An image processing apparatus converts an intensity distribution of at least one of a plurality of regions of a tomographic image of an eye by using an amount of conversion which is greater than an amount of conversion used to convert an intensity distribution of another one of the plurality of regions, the tomographic image being obtained by performing tomographic imaging on the eye by using optical interference.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Beta and alpha emission tomography for three-dimensional autoradiography

The present invention provides methods and systems for 3d imaging of in vivo and ex vivo tissues. The disclosed systems and methods employ an autoradiographic approach where particles emitted by a radioactive composition within the tissue are detected.
Invicro, Llc

Systems and methods for guided de-noising for computed tomography

A method includes obtaining spectral computed tomography (ct) information via an acquisition unit having an x-ray source and a ct detector. The method also includes, generating, with one or more processing units, using at least one image transform, a first basis image and a second basis image using the spectral ct information.
Purdue Research Foundation

Grating light valve based optical coherence tomography

We propose an optical coherence tomography (oct) system where a grating light valve is placed in front of the detector to make the interferometer more sensitive and accurate for reading various samples for diagnosis.. .

Injection device

Injection device (1, 1′), in particular for injecting a liquid into a body in magnetic resonance tomography, comprising: a syringe with a reservoir (3) for holding a liquid, with a nozzle (5) arranged on the reservoir, and with a plunger (9) for expelling the liquid from the reservoir through the nozzle, a drive member, which is connected to the plunger (9) in order to drive the plunger (9), and a non-electrical energy accumulator (17, 17′), which is connected to the drive member in order to operate the drive member.. .
Idtm Gmbh

Low-dose ct perfusion technique

Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for quantifying regional organ perfusion with low radiation dose using whole-organ ct in a patient comprising obtaining a computed tomography scan of the patient and determining perfusion of the organ using a first-pass analysis method in conjunction with conservation of mass for perfusion measurement.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

Microwave tomography apparatus and method thereof

According to the exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a microwave tomography apparatus is an apparatus which measures microwave tomograph of a subject which is inserted into a medium container including: a plurality of antennas which is located in the medium container and transmits and receives an electromagnetic wave; a plurality of transceivers which, when a radio wave signal transmitted from one of the plurality of antennas is simultaneously received by the remaining antennas of the plurality of antennas, measures intensity and phase information of the radio wave signal received from the remaining antennas; and a controller which generates an image using the values measured by the plurality of transceivers.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Cored rock analysis planning through ct images

Embodiments of the disclosure include methods, machines, and non-transitory computer-readable medium having one or more computer programs stored therein to enhance core analysis planning for a plurality of core samples of subsurface material. Embodiments can include positioning electronic depictions of structure of encased core samples of subsurface material on a display and determining portions of each of the images as different planned sample types thereby to virtually mark each of the images.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Methods and systems for computed tomography motion compensation

Methods and systems are provided for motion compensation in computed tomography imaging. In one embodiment, a method comprises reconstructing at least two images from projection data, calculating a motion metric based on the at least two images, selecting a view-weighting function based on the motion metric, and generating a display from the projection data based on the selected view-weighting function.
General Electric Company

Illumination and imaging device for high-resolution x-ray microscopy with high photon energy

The present invention relates to an illumination and imaging device for high-resolution x-ray microscopy with high photon energy, comprising an x-ray source (1) for emitting x-ray radiation and an area detector (4) for detecting the x-ray radiation. Moreover, the device comprises a monochromatizing and two-dimensionally focussing condenser-based optical system (2) arranged in the optical path of x-ray radiation with two reflective elements (6) being arranged side-by-side for focussing impinging x-ray radiation on an object to be imaged (5) and a diffractive x-ray lens (3) for imaging the object to be imaged (5) on the x-ray detector (4).
Axo Dresden Gmbh

Energy modulated luminescence tomography

The present approach generally relates to systems and methods for implementing energy modulated tomographic imaging of nanoparticles. In certain embodiments, a first energy is used to activate probe particles labeling an anatomy or tissue of interest.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Magnetic field actuation of detectors in a computed tomography scanner

A ct scanner apparatus includes an x-ray source mounted on a gantry of the ct scanner apparatus and configured to emit x-rays, and at least one magnetic field gradient circuit. The at least one magnetic field gradient circuit and the x-ray source rotate together.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Methods and systems for performing optical coherence tomography

Configurations are disclosed for a health system to be used in various healthcare applications, e.g., for patient diagnostics, monitoring, and/or therapy. The health system may comprise a light generation module to transmit light or an image to a user, one or more sensors to detect a physiological parameter of the user's body, including their eyes, and processing circuitry to analyze an input received in response to the presented images to determine one or more health conditions or defects..
Magic Leap, Inc.

Optical coherence tomography (oct) system with improved motion contrast

This disclosure relates to the field of optical coherence tomography (oct). This disclosure particularly relates to an oct system with improved motion contrast.
California Institute Of Technology

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