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Tomography patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tomography-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tomography-related patents
 Fourier ptychographic tomography patent thumbnailFourier ptychographic tomography
Certain aspects pertain to fourier ptychographic tomographic systems and methods for acquiring a plurality of uniquely illuminated intensity measurements based on light passing through a thick sample from plane wave illumination at different angles and for constructing three-dimensional tomographic data of the thick sample by iteratively determining three-dimensional tomographic data in the fourier domain that is self-consistent with the uniquely illuminated intensity measurements.. .
California Institute Of Technology

 A system for acquisition of tomographic measurement data patent thumbnailA system for acquisition of tomographic measurement data
A system for acquisition of tomographic measurement data from measurement signals (s) of positron emission tomography (pet) or single-photon emission computed tomography (spect) detectors, the system comprising: a front-end electronic assembly (2) configured to convert the measurement signals (s) into digital and analog signals (das); a measurement electronics assembly (3) comprising time to digital converter (tdc) modules (31) configured to determine times (t) of pulses in digital signals (ds). The measurement electronics assembly (30) comprises: a series (tdca-tdcd) of tdc modules (31), each module comprising a series (tdc1-tdc4) of tdc circuits (311-314); a module controller (315) configured to transmit a clock signal (clk), input to the module controller (315) from a system controller (40), to each of the tdc circuits (311-314); wherein each of the tdc circuits (311-314) is configured to execute measurements in a measurement window delimited by the neighboring edges of the clock signal (clk) which is common for all tdc circuits (311-314)..
Uniwersytet Jagiellonski

 Motion sensor patent thumbnailMotion sensor
A motion sensor for detecting movements of a patient in an imaging medical system, in particular in a magnetic resonance tomography system has at least one hf resonator for emitting an hf signal fed into the resonator from an hf signal source and for receiving a response signal, and a detection circuit for detecting movements of the patient derived from the received signal.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Multiple-layered energy-integrating detector in a hybrid computed tomography scanner patent thumbnailMultiple-layered energy-integrating detector in a hybrid computed tomography scanner
A ct scanner apparatus includes an x-ray source mounted on a gantry of the ct scanner apparatus. The ct scanner apparatus also includes a first x-ray detector mounted on the gantry opposite to the x-ray source, and configured to detect x-rays emitted from the x-ray source and transmitted through an object.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

 Integrated intraoperative diagnosis and thermal therapy system patent thumbnailIntegrated intraoperative diagnosis and thermal therapy system
A multimodal medical device for the diagnosis and/or thermal treatment of a disease includes an instrument for performing thermal therapy; and an imaging system having multiple tomographic imaging modes, including optical coherence tomography (oct), ultrasound imaging, photoacoustic (pa) imaging, fluorescence imaging and/or thermal imaging to provide guidance for accurate diagnosis and treatment of the disease.. .
Med-x Institute Shanghai Jiao Tong University

 Method and system for controlling computer tomography imaging patent thumbnailMethod and system for controlling computer tomography imaging
A method, a device, a system and a computer program are for controlling limited-area computer tomography imaging. The method includes determining location data of a first imaging object when the first imaging object is positioned in an imaging area, determining reference location data related to the first imaging object and adjusting the imaging area based on the location data of the first imaging object and said reference location data for imaging a second imaging object.
Palodex Group Oy

 Computed tomography having motion compensation patent thumbnailComputed tomography having motion compensation
The embodiments relate to a method for producing a digital volume model of a body volume by a sensor device, which sensor device includes a plurality of radiation sensors, of which each produces a pixel value in a projection. In order to produce the volume model, a plurality of projections from different projection angles (a) are produced and the volume model is computed from sensor positions of the radiation sensors and pixel values of the radiation sensors.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Tomography imaging apparatus and method patent thumbnailTomography imaging apparatus and method
A tomography imaging apparatus and a tomography imaging method are provided. The tomography imaging apparatus includes a data acquirer configured to acquire first x-ray data of an object for each of energy bands, and an image preprocessor configured to perform a beam hardening correction on the first x-ray data for each of the energy bands, to generate second x-ray data of the object.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Adaptive electrical capacitance volume tomography patent thumbnailAdaptive electrical capacitance volume tomography
An electrical capacitance tomography sensor comprised of a sensor having a plurality of electrodes, where each electrode is further comprised of a plurality of capacitance segments. Each of the capacitance segments of each electrode can be individually addressed to focus the electric field intensity or sensitivity to desired regions of the electrodes and the sensor..
The Ohio State University

 Post-processing reduction of fixed pattern artifacts and trigger jitter in swept-source optical coherence tomography patent thumbnailPost-processing reduction of fixed pattern artifacts and trigger jitter in swept-source optical coherence tomography
Disclosed herein are methods and systems for aligning swept-source optical coherence tomography (ss-oct) spectral interferograms to a reference spectral interferogram based on signal information (e.g., amplitude or phase) at a fixed-pattern noise location to reduce residual fixed-pattern noise and improve the phase stability of ss-oct systems.. .
Oregon Health & Science University


Geographic atrophy identification and measurement

Geographic atrophy of the eye can be detected and measured by imaging the eye at a depth greater than the retinal pigment epithelium (rpe) at a plurality of locations of the eye, for example, using optical coherence tomography (oct); determining a ratio of the intensities of imaging signals of a retinal layer(s) with respect to the intensity of imaging signals of a sub-rpe layer(s) at each location; determining representative values based at least in part on the determined ratios; generating a map of the representative values; and identifying diseased areas from the map. Contours and binary maps may be generated based on the identified diseased areas.
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


Dynamic beam aperture control to reduce radiation dose using collimator

A computed tomography (ct) apparatus to perform a ct scan with a reduced radiation, including: an x-ray source to direct a cone beam of x-rays toward a detector assembly with an object of interest situated between the source and the detector assembly; a multi-leaf collimator fixed with respect to the x-ray source and configured to dynamically limit the cone beam of x-rays directed toward the object of interest, the multi-leaf collimator comprising a plurality of leaflets to block impinging cone beam of x-rays; and the detector assembly to detect the directed x-ray beam on a side opposite to the x-ray source after the x-ray beam with the reduced solid angle passes through the object of interest.. .
Telesecurity Sciences, Inc.


Wide x-ray spectrum photon counting computed tomography

A computed tomography (ct) imaging apparatus includes a radiation source configured to emit x-rays; a plurality of photon-counting detectors configured to detect x-rays emitted by the radiation source and generate a photon counting signal based on the detected x-rays; and processing circuitry to obtain a kv-waveform used by the radiation source to generate the x-rays during a scan of an object, and adjust at least one energy threshold dividing the photon counting signal into a plurality of spectra bins in accordance with the obtained kv-waveform.. .
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Computed tomography using simultaneous image reconstruction with measurements having multiple distinct system matrices

A method and apparatus is provided to reconstruct a collective image of a multiple method/geometry imaging system (e.g., a hybrid computed tomography system having energy-integrating detectors arranged in a third-generation geometry and photon-counting detectors arranged in a fourth generation geometry), wherein a splitting-based iterative algorithm using modified dual variables is used in the image reconstruction. Whereas a separate image for each method/geometry of the multiple method/geometry imaging system can be obtained by solving the distinct system-matrix equation corresponding to each respective method/geometry, the collective image is obtained by simultaneously solving a collective optimization problem including all respective system-matrix.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Method and device for restoring scan image and recording medium for storing same

Disclosed is a method for restoring a scan image. The method includes the steps of: measuring a blurring function oversampled with respect to a slit image obtained through a slit inclined at a predetermined angle in a vertical or horizontal direction according to the predetermined angle; and restoring a scan image to increase a resolution of an interface of a subject in the scan image obtained by obtaining the subject using the measured blurring function.
Vatech Ewoo Holdings Co., Ltd.


Reflective optical coherence tomography probe

A beam-shaping optical system suitable for use with optical coherence tomography includes a beam-shaping body having a beam-shaping element and an alignment feature. An optical fiber is coupled to the alignment feature.
Corning Incorporated


Performing tomography to build orthorhombic models

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for determining a velocity model. The method includes receiving a first velocity model having a first symmetry approximation of a media of a subterranean domain, receiving seismic data representing a subterranean formation, and determining, by operation of a processor, a second velocity model having a second symmetry approximation of the media, the second symmetry approximation being less symmetric than the first symmetry approximation.
Westerngeco L.l.c.


More efficient detector response correction and material decomposition of projection data obtained using photon-counting detectors

An apparatus and method of processing x-ray projection data including spectral computed tomography (ct) projection data. The spectral ct data is decomposed into material projection lengths using a material-decomposition method that includes an initial-estimate method to provide an initial projection-lengths estimate.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Method for scanogram scans in photon-counting computed tomography

A computed tomography (ct) imaging apparatus for performing a scanogram includes a radiation source to emit x-rays; a plurality of photon-counting detectors (pcds) arranged in a circular ring between the radiation source and a ct detector; and processing circuitry to perform a first scan to obtain projection data; determine a plurality of dark channels by comparing the obtained projection data to a predetermined threshold; add at least one adjacent padding channel to the determined plurality of dark channels to determine a plurality of shadowed channels; generate a correction map from the determined plurality of shadowed channels; and correct a scanogram obtained by a second scan based on the generated correction map. The apparatus reduces the shadow effects in the scanogram scan..
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Method and photoacoustic tomography using optical orbital angular momentum (oam)

A method and system for remote sensing. The method includes applying an orbital angular momentum (oam) mode on a light beam to generate an oam light beam having an optical oam spectrum, exposing a target object to the oam light beam such that the target object absorbs energy of the oam light beam to generate ultrasonic emissions, the ultrasonic emissions having a reflected oam spectrum associated with the target object, and generating a high resolution image of the target object based on the reflected oam spectrum..
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Combining multiple energy x-ray imaging and well data to obtain high-resolution rock, mechanical, and elastic property profiles

A method is provided for evaluating a geological formation which integrates well data and high resolution computed tomography of rock samples thereof. Relationships are determined for a formation between a formation property, such as an elastic property, and at least one of photoelectric effect index (pef), effective atomic number (zeff), and bulk density (rhob), using well data, and tomographic imaging is used to determine at least one of the latter mentioned properties (pef, zeff, rhob) at higher resolution, which can be used in the relationship to determine a corresponding formation property.
Ingrain, Inc.


Overdetermined positron emission tomography

The present disclosure relates to increasing the spatial resolution of a clinical positron emission tomography (pet) scanner. The spatial resolution of the clinical pet scanner can be increased by placing a collimator, including a plurality of pinholes, inside the clinical pet scanner.
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation


Apparatus and computing detector response of a photon-counting detector

A computed tomography (ct) apparatus and a method for determining response of a photon-counting detector of a ct scanner. Based on a count rate of an incident spectrum and a dead time parameter of the photon-counting detector, a highest pileup order that has a contribution towards an output spectrum of the photon-counting detector greater than a threshold corresponding to the pileup order is determined.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Architecture for cascaded signal selection and signal concentration and/or reduction of digital received data by decimation and channel preselection

A magnetic resonance tomography system includes a plurality of mrt plugs for connection of antenna elements, respectively, of one of a plurality of local coils. Due to at least one analog switch matrix, antenna elements respectively connected to fewer than all of the mrt plugs may be connected in an analog fashion to receive signal processing elements of one of a plurality of receive signal processing element blocks respectively having a plurality of receive signal processing elements.


Conjugates for imaging

The invention described herein relates to conjugates and compositions for imaging, diagnosing, and/or monitoring diseases using radionuclide-based imaging. In particular, the invention described herein relates to conjugates and compositions for imaging, diagnosing, and/or monitoring diseases using positron emission tomography..
Endocyte, Inc.


Treatment of rhinosinusitis with p-glycoprotein inhibitors

Provided herein are, inter alia, methods for treating rhinosinusitis with p-glycoprotein inhibitors. A subject having rhinosinusitis is identified and then treated by administration to the subject an effective amount of a p-gp inhibitor.
Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary


Microwave energy-delivery device and system

An ablation system including an image database storing a plurality of computed tomography (ct) images of a luminal network and a navigation system enabling, in combination with an endoscope and the ct images, navigation of a locatable guide and an extended working channel to a point of interest. The system further includes one or more fiducial markers, placed in proximity to the point of interest and a percutaneous microwave ablation device for applying energy to the point of interest..
Covidien Lp


Atherectomy catheters devices having multi-channel bushings

Atherectomy catheters and methods of using them are described herein. In particular, described herein are optical coherence tomography (oct) catheters that may include a distal tip that can be deflected away from the long axis of the device using a multi-channel bushing.


Computer tomography image reconstruction

A method for reconstructing a computer tomography (ct) image is disclosed. The method may comprise: obtaining a x-ray projection data frame and a dynamic sensor information data frame, wherein the x-ray projection data frame may include a first timestamp indicating acquisition time of x-ray projection data and the dynamic sensor information data frame may include a second timestamp indicating acquisition time of dynamic sensor information data; extracting the first timestamp from the x-ray projection data frame and extracting the second timestamp from the dynamic sensor information data frame; searching x-ray projection data and dynamic sensor information data which may be acquired in same sampling period according to a first timestamp and a second timestamp; and reconstructing a ct image according to the searched x-ray projection data and dynamic sensor information data which may be acquired in the same sampling period..


Enhanced imaging devices, and image construction methods and processes employing hermetic transforms

In an exemplary embodiment, a tomography device comprises a scanner that obtains image slices. The device additionally comprises at least one processor configured to: perform a hermetic transform on the image slices to obtain hermetically transformed data using; filter and perform an inverse hermetic transform on the hermetic transform data to obtain filtered inverse hermetic transform data; and perform back projection and angle integration on the filtered inverse hermetic transform data..


Detecting and estimating anisotropy errors using full waveform inversion and ray based tomography

Anisotropy errors in seismic velocity data for a geophysical structure are detecting by obtaining seismic data for the geophysical structure, using conventional ray-based tomography to generate an initial model of the geophysical structure, the initial model containing initial values for thomsen parameters velocity along an axis of symmetry, epsilon and delta, using a first inversion process preferably transmission-based full waveform inversion of the seismic data to obtain updated values for epsilon and using a second inversion process preferably ray-based reflection tomography of the seismic data to obtain updated values for velocity along the axis of symmetry.. .


Modular positron emission tomography (pet) gantry

A modular pet gantry is provided herein. A detector module is described, and the detector module includes a plurality of pet detector units.


Probe for imaging parp-1 activity

Provided are embodiments of a small molecule tracer for positron emission tomography (pet) imaging of the enzyme activity of parp-1 that is responsible for dna-damage sensing and critically involved in radiation therapy and some chemotherapy response mechanisms. These parp-1 tracers are derivatives of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (nad), which is the natural substrate for parp-1.


Method for optimization of joint arthroplasty component design

Methods and devices are disclosed for the optimization of shoulder arthroplasty component design through the use of computed tomography scan data from arthritic shoulders.. .


Detector assembly, computed tomography apparatus having the same and control the same

A computed tomography (ct) apparatus includes an x-ray source configured to generate x-rays; and a detector which is configured to detect the x-rays radiated by the x-ray source, and includes a counting detection region configured to generate x-ray data corresponding to the detected x-rays according to a photon counting method, and an integrative detection region which is configured to generate the x-ray data corresponding to the detected x-rays according to a charge integration method, and is formed on an outer portion of the counting detection region with respect to a rotation axis of a gantry.. .


Polarized oct with improved snr

The invention provides a polarized optical system with minimal use of wave plates that provides isolation of the optical source and has optimized signal to noise performance. The polarized optical system in the preferred embodiment is an interferometric optical system, and in particular an optical coherence tomography (oct) system.


Systems and methods for automated classification of abnormalities in optical coherence tomography images of the eye

Systems and methods for classifying abnormalities within optical coherence tomography images of the eye are presented. One embodiment of the present invention is the classification of pigment epithelial detachments (peds) based on characteristics of their internal reflectivity, size and shape.


Systems and methods for motion correction using magnetic resonance imaging information

A method of generating an image in one embodiment includes acquiring, with a computed tomography (ct) acquisition unit, ct projection data from at least a region of interest (roi), and concurrently acquiring, with a magnetic resonance (mr) acquisition unit, mr imaging information of at least a portion of the roi. The method also includes determining a motion of the at least a portion of the roi using the mr imaging information, and reconstructing the image using the ct projection data.


Systems, devices and methods related to calibration of a proton computed tomography scanner

Disclosed are systems, devices and methodologies related to calibration of an ion based imaging apparatus such as a proton computed tomography scanner. In some implementations, energy degrader plates having known water-equivalent thickness (wet) values can be introduced to an ion beam to introduce different energy degradation settings.


Non-uniform photon-counting detector array on a fourth-generation ring to achieve uniform noise and spectral performance in z-direction

A computed tomography (ct) detector apparatus includes a plurality of detector arrays arranged in a ring, wherein for at least one array that includes a plurality of elements, an anode pixel pattern is non-uniform in a z-axis direction and a thickness of each element in the array is correspondingly non-uniform along the z-axis direction. A size of the anode pixels increases proportionally away from a center of the array, and a thickness of the elements increases away from the center of the array.


Output combination of transistors in an mrt radio-frequency power amplifier

A power electronic unit for an amplifier of an imaging magnetic resonance tomography (mrt) system is provided. The power electronic unit includes at least one printed circuit board, on which a plurality of transistors are arranged.


Switching for distributing receive signals of an mr system to receivers

The present embodiments relate to a magnetic resonance tomography system including a plurality of mrt connectors for connecting antenna elements of one of a plurality of local coils. The antenna elements of one of the local coils connected to one of the mrt connectors may be switched by a switching matrix to receivers of one of a plurality of receiver blocks, each having a plurality of receivers..


Multi-protein biomarker assay for brain injury detection and outcome

The present invention relates to the field of brain injuries. More specifically, the present invention provides methods and compositions useful in the diagnosis/prognosis/assessment of brain injuries.


Method of analysing ground coffee

Method for analysing the structure of a sample of ground coffee, and in particular for determining the grain size curve, by means of computed x-ray tomography, the method comprising: acquiring a plurality of two-dimensional radiographic images while the sample is in rotation, processing the plurality of two-dimensional radiographic images performing a tomographic reconstruction to generate a reconstructed image of volume, processing the reconstructed volume image to identify a plurality of coffee particles of the sample of ground coffee separated from one another and determining at least one dimensional magnitude for each particle of ground coffee of the plurality.. .


Method and system for low coherence interferometry

Optical coherence tomography (oct) system and apparatus of this instant application is very useful for diagnosis and management of ophthalmic diseases such as retinal diseases and glaucoma etc. Instant innovative oct diagnostic system leverages advancements in cross technological platforms.


Systems and methods for adaptive computed tomography acquisition

Methods and systems are provided that obtain a scan prescription and receive physiologic feature or interest (foi) measurements of an object of interest during a scan time. The methods and systems further compare at least one of the received physiologic foi measurements with a predetermined threshold range, and determine a scan setting by evaluating an acquisition rule set based on the physiologic foi measurement..


Vascular data processing and image registration systems, methods, and apparatuses

In part, the invention relates to processing, tracking and registering angiography images and elements in such images relative to images from an intravascular imaging modality such as, for example, optical coherence tomography (oct). Registration between such imaging modalities is facilitated by tracking of a marker of the intravascular imaging probe performed on the angiography images obtained during a pullback.


Adjustable bow-tie filter for achieving optimal snr in helical computed tomography

A filter assembly for use in a helical computed tomography system having an x-ray source for projecting x-ray beams along a projection axis is presented, the filter assembly including a first filter element for attenuating at least a portion of the x-ray beams, the first filter element constructed as a background-wedge for attenuating x-rays having a large aperture and a second filter element for attenuating at least a portion of the x-ray beams, the second filter element constructed to create a ridge. The second filter element may be rotated with respect to or adjusted in relation with or removed or replaced from the filter assembly to allow for adaptation to different helical pitch values..


Received data processing apparatus of photoacoustic tomography

There is provided a received data processing apparatus of photoacoustic tomography including a minimum constitution unit data composition unit that sequentially reads receiving digital signals from first storage units and composes minimum constitution unit data of the acoustic wave of the minimum constitution units by performing a delay-and-sum processing. A second storage unit stores the minimum constitution unit data of the entire region of the specimen, and an image construction unit constructs an image of the specimen based on the minimum constitution unit data stored in the second storage unit.


Compact multimodality optical coherence tomography imaging systems

Systems for imaging a sample are provided. The system includes an optical coherence tomography (oct) imaging portion having an associated oct path defined by one set of optical elements between an oct signal delivery optical fiber and the sample; an image capture portion having an associated image capture path defined by a second set of optical elements between an image capture device and the sample, different from the oct path; and an illuminator portion having an associated illumination path defined by a third set of optical elements between an illumination source and the sample.


Head-mounted optical coherence tomography

The invention provides a system and method for obtaining ophthalmic measurements whereby the inventive device is configured to be head mountable, automatically axially length aligned with a selected target, and laterally aligned so that light from an oct source enters through the pupil of the eye under test. The frame of the head mountable oct is customizable, capable of analyzing both the left and right eye of a subject.


Method and system for optical coherence elastography of posterior parts of the eye

A system and method for optical coherence elastography of tissue of an eye. The method includes introducing a probe into the eye, the probe including a vibration element, generating time resolved images of the tissue of the eye located posterior the vibration element of the probe by optical coherence tomography, exciting the vibration element to ultrasonic vibrations making the tissue vibrate or oscillate, measuring a displacement of the tissue in the time resolved images, and calculating elasticity values of the tissue from the displacement..


Method and system for evaluating progression of age-related macular degeneration

Disclosed is a method for analyzing retinal image data obtained using spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (sd-oct). The image data comprise a cross-section of the retina and an en face image of the retina of a subject having amd (age-related macular degeneration).


Tomography apparatus and reconstructing tomography image

A method of reconstructing a tomography image and a tomography apparatus configured to reconstruct a tomography image are provided. Tomography data corresponding to a moving object is acquired by performing a tomography scan on the object, and a tomography image is reconstructed using prior images obtained based on the acquired tomography data..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Method and device of obtaining beam hardening correction coefficient for carrying out beam hardening correction on computed tomography data

The present invention relates to a method and device of obtaining a beam hardening correction coefficient for carrying out beam hardening correction on computed tomography data. The method includes the steps of: firstly, acquiring an original reconstructed image and an original sinogram of an object of a particular size; secondly, obtaining an error-reduced sinogram after processing the original reconstructed image by error reduction; thirdly, sampling and calculating an average value of the original sinogram and an average value of the error-reduced sinogram; fourthly, optimizing the original sinogram according to the error-reduced sinogram to determine a coefficient vector of optimization function for the object of the particular size; and finally fitting the coefficient vector of the optimization function of the original sinogram to obtain the beam hardening correction coefficient for the object of the particular size..
Ge Medical Systems Global Technology Co. Llc


Methods and systems for real-time image reconstruction with arbitrary temporal windows

Various methods and systems for generating a computed tomography image in real-time are provided. In one embodiment, a method for imaging comprises acquiring x-ray projection data; calibrating the x-ray projection data; generating at least two basis image volumes by reconstructing the calibrated x-ray projection data, each of the at least two basis image volumes including different centerviews and a temporal width corresponding to an x-ray source rotation between 180 degrees and 360 degrees; and generating a final image volume by fourier blending the at least two basis image volumes based on a selected temporal window width.
General Electric Company


System and recalibrating a monochromatic image

A method includes receiving a monochromatic image comprising a head of a subject from a computed tomography (ct) scanner and detecting a petrous bone of the head in the monochromatic image. The method further includes determining a linear attenuation coefficient of at least one petrous voxel representing the petrous bone and calculating a mass attenuation coefficient of the petrous voxel based on the linear attenuation coefficient and a density of the petrous bone.
General Electric Company


System and generating a reference plane of a head

A method includes receiving a computed tomography (ct) image comprising a head of a subject from a ct scanner and detecting a first and a second petrous bone of the head in the ct image. The method further includes determining a nasion of the head in the ct image based on the first and the second petrous bone.
General Electric Company


Noise suppression in the correction of artifacts in ct images

A method is described for correcting a captured macropixel signal of an x-ray detector including a plurality of pixels, combined to form at least one macropixel, to capture discrete signals. A weighted macropixel signal exhibiting improved signal stability but reduced dose efficiency is determined.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Systems and methods for guided de-noising for computed tomography

A method includes obtaining spectral computed tomography (ct) information via an acquisition unit having an x-ray source and a ct detector. The method also includes, generating, with one or more processing units, using at least one image transform, a first basis image and a second basis image using the spectral ct information.
General Electric Company


Systems and methods for positron emission tomography signal isolation

A positron emission tomography (pet) photosensor output circuit configured to be operably coupled to a pet photosensor system is provided that includes a plurality of regional circuit portions and a summing portion. Each regional circuit portion is configured to be operably coupled to a corresponding photosensor system region and includes an input portion, a first branch, and a second branch.
General Electric Company


Fixture for in situ electromigration testing during x-ray microtomography

Systems and fixtures for mounting, under mechanical constraint, wire-like or fiber-like samples of a high aspect ratio and down to 100 micrometers in diameter are disclosed. A region of interest along the length of the sample resides between and beyond a mechanical constraint on either side, allowing access to the region of interest for a wide number of characterization probes.


Imaging system for generating a rendered image

The present invention provides an imaging system having an imaging device for imaging at least a portion of an animal; said imaging device selected from a group consisting of x-ray computed tomography (ct), positron emission tomography (pet), single-photon emission computed tomography (spect), fluorescence and phosphorescence microscopy (fpm) and any combination thereof; consisting of ct, computer-assisted tomography; ir, rendered images comprising infrared light spectroscopy; pet, positron emission tomography; fluorescence and phosphorescence microscopy, a raman spectroscopic imaging system, ultrasound and any combination thereof.. .
Aspect Imaging Ltd.


Combination optical and ultrasonic imaging of an eye

A method and apparatus are disclosed for integrating optical coherence tomography (oct) and very high frequency ultrasound (vhfu) imaging systems. An oct probe and reference arm are mounted along with an ultrasound probe on a carriage capable of rotational, linear, and/or arcuate motion.
Arcscan, Inc.


Systems and methods for determining radiation dose in computed tomography scans

Systems and methods are described for determining a minimum radiation dose for a computed tomography (ct) scanning device. The method includes receiving a first input indicative of a selected minimum detectable contrast and a second input indicative of an estimate of a size of a subject to be exposed to the radiation dose.
Cedars-sinai Medical Center


Multi-source ct systems and pre-reconstruction inversion methods

A computed tomography scanner has multiple radiation sources or source arrays, in specific geometric dimensions for optimized imaging speed. A ct system with maximum fan-angle Γ and k simultaneously active x-ray sources distributed over an angle of π-2Γ radians, the sources partially overlapping on a detector array, measures summed projection data corresponding to k or less line-integrals at each detector element.


Methods and systems for spectral ct imaging

Various methods and systems for dual energy spectral computed tomography imaging are provided. In one embodiment, a method for dual energy imaging comprises generating an image from a higher energy dataset and an updated lower energy dataset, wherein the updated lower energy dataset comprises a combination of a lower energy dataset and a pseudo projection dataset generated from the higher energy dataset.
General Electric Company


Virpet - combination of virtual reality and pet brain imaging

Various methods, systems and apparatus are provided for brain imaging during virtual reality stimulation. In one example, among others, a system for virtual ambulatory environment brain imaging includes a mobile brain imager configured to obtain positron emission tomography (pet) scans of a subject in motion, and a virtual reality (vr) system configured to provide one or more stimuli to the subject during the pet scans.
West Virginia University


Optical coherence tomography system

An oct system comprises an oct scan module for retinal scanning and an add-on anterior segment scanning module which includes at least one anterior segment scan lens (11) and an add-on fixation target (15) which is used to maintain the viewing direction of the eye (6) under investigation while achieving anterior segment scanning. Because the anterior segment scan module added to the exterior of an existing oct system for retinal scanning has an add-on fixation target (15), it is possible to maintain the viewing direction of the eye (6) under investigation while carrying out anterior segment scanning without adjusting the internal beam path of the oct system, and the oct system of the present invention can be adapted to patients with only one functioning eye..
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Methods for comprehensive fourier domain optical coherence tomography (fdoct)

Optical coherence tomography systems for imaging a whole eye are provided including a sample arm including focal optics that are configured to rapidly switch between at least two scanning modes in less than about 1.0 second.. .
Bioptigen, Inc.

Tomography topics: Tomography, Imaging System, Computed Tomography, Positron Emission Tomography, Control Unit, Data Acquisition, Ion Source, Semiconductor, Charge Amplifier, Single Photon

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