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Tomography patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tomography-related patent applications.

 Dead pixel compensation in positron emission tomography (pet) patent thumbnailDead pixel compensation in positron emission tomography (pet)
A system (10) and a method (100) compensate for one or more dead pixels in positron emission tomography (pet) imaging. A pixel compensation processor receives pet data describing a target volume of a subject.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 System for tomography and/or topography measurements of a layered objects patent thumbnailSystem for tomography and/or topography measurements of a layered objects
A system (10) for analyzing an object (11) includes a light source (12) producing multiple light components, each of different wavelength and a respective amplitude, phase and polarization. An optical element (13) directs the light components on to the object to create known 2d patterns at different image planes displaced from the optical element by distances that are known functions of the wavelength of the light component.
Adom, Advanced Optical Technologies Ltd.

 Angular multiplexed optical coherence tomography systems and methods patent thumbnailAngular multiplexed optical coherence tomography systems and methods
Angle multiplexed optical coherence tomography systems and methods can be used to evaluate ocular tissue and other anatomical structures or features of a patient. The angle multiplexed optical coherence tomography system includes a light source, an optical assembly for obtaining a plurality of sample beams corresponding to respective anatomical locations of the eye of the patient, where individual sample beams are associated with a respective non-zero angle relative to a reference beam, and a detection mechanism that detects individual unique interference patterns respectively provided by the plurality of sample beams, for simultaneous evaluation of the anatomical locations..
Amo Wavefront Sciences, Llc

 Method for the acquisition of optical coherence tomography image data of retina tissue of an eye of a human subject patent thumbnailMethod for the acquisition of optical coherence tomography image data of retina tissue of an eye of a human subject
In a method for the acquisition of optical coherence tomography image data of retina tissue of an eye (99) of a human subject using an acquisition device comprising an imaging optics (2), a first image associated with a baseline relative positioning of the eye (99) of the human subject with respect to the imaging optics (2) is acquired at a first point in time. The baseline relative positioning is stored.
Mimo Ag

 Oct motion contrast data analysis apparatus and oct motion contrast data analysis method patent thumbnailOct motion contrast data analysis apparatus and oct motion contrast data analysis method
An oct motion contrast data analysis apparatus includes: a processor; and memory storing computer readable instructions, when executed by the processor, causing the oct motion contrast data analysis apparatus to execute: acquiring oct motion contrast data of a subject by an optical coherence tomography; and performing an analysis process with respect to the oct motion contrast data based on an analysis chart set on image data different from the oct motion contrast data.. .
Nidek Co., Ltd.

 Tomography apparatus and  reconstructing cross-sectional image patent thumbnailTomography apparatus and reconstructing cross-sectional image
A tomography apparatus includes a data obtainer configured to obtain first image data at a first point and second image data at a second point using tomography, the tomography being performed by irradiating an x-ray to an object; an image processor configured to perform noise reduction based on at least one from among the first image data and the second image data, and to obtain a first reference image corresponding to the first image data and a second reference image corresponding to the second image data using a result of the performed noise reduction; and an image reconstructor configured to reconstruct a target image representing the object based on the first reference image and the second reference image.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Fourier domain terahertz coherence tomography (tct) patent thumbnailFourier domain terahertz coherence tomography (tct)
A single-shot terahertz imaging system including an interferometer and a terahertz spectrometer. The interferometer includes a beam splitter configured to receive input terahertz radiation and output first terahertz radiation and second terahertz radiation, a sample configured to reflect the first terahertz radiation, and a mirror configured to reflect the second terahertz radiation.
University Of Massachusetts

 Image guided small animal stereotactic radiation treatment system patent thumbnailImage guided small animal stereotactic radiation treatment system
A dual, imaging and radiation system provides for finely aligned movement of a subject through the use of a computer controlled mounting stage having separate, non-gantry translational and rotational controllable movement. The system cycles a subject tissue between a treatment position where radiation doses are applied and an imaging position where high-quality computed tomography (ct) imaging is performed.
University Of Miami

 Reversibly switchable photoacoustic imaging systems and methods patent thumbnailReversibly switchable photoacoustic imaging systems and methods
Reversibly switchable photoacoustic tomography (rs-pat), a photoacoustic technique with enhanced sensitivity and resolution, is disclosed. Rs-pat utilizes a subtractive process for the formation of a photoacoustic image of a region containing a plurality of switchable photoacoustic probes.
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine, Inc.

 Attenuation-based optic neuropathy detection with three-dimensional optical coherence tomography patent thumbnailAttenuation-based optic neuropathy detection with three-dimensional optical coherence tomography
Optical coherence tomography (oct) scan data of a subject is acquired over a region of interest which can include an optic disc or a macula of a retina. Layer boundaries of retinal layers are identified in the oct scan data to facilitate measurements.
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

Geographic atrophy identification and measurement

Geographic atrophy of the eye can be detected and measured by imaging the eye at a depth greater than the retinal pigment epithelium (rpe) at a plurality of locations of the eye, for example, using optical coherence tomography (oct); determining a ratio of the intensities of imaging signals of a retinal layer(s) with respect to the intensity of imaging signals of a sub-rpe layer(s) at each location; determining representative values based at least in part on the determined ratios; generating a map of the representative values; and identifying diseased areas from the map. Contours and binary maps may be generated based on the identified diseased areas.
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

Projection data correction and computed tomography value computation

Among other things, one or more techniques and/or systems are described for correcting projection data generated from a computed tomography (ct) examination of an object and/or for computing or updating a ct value of the object from the projection data. An image generator is configured to generate a ct image of an object under examination.
Analogic Corporation

Positron emission tomography detector assembly for dual-modality imaging

A positron emission tomography (pet) detector assembly is provided. The pet detector assembly includes a plate having a first side and an opposite second side, the plate being fabricated from a thermally conductive material.
General Electric Company

3d laser ablation tomography

A laser ablation tomography system includes a specimen stage for supporting a specimen. A specimen axis is defined such that a specimen disposed generally on the axis may be imaged.
The Penn State Research Foundation

X-ray detector for proton transit detection apparatus and use thereof

The invention comprises a method and apparatus for probing a tumor of a patient using positively charged particles, comprising the steps of: (1) sequentially delivering sets of varied and known positively charged particles to a patient; (2) after transmission through the patient, sequentially detecting a residual energy of each of the sets of positively charged particles; and (3) determining a water equivalent thickness of a probed path of the patient using a plot of the detector response as a function of residual energy that is fit with a curve. The analyzer relates a half maximum of the fit curve, such as a gaussian curve, to the water equivalent thickness of the sampled beam path.

Automatic ent surgery preplanning using a backtracking maze problem solution

A method, consisting of receiving a computerized tomography scan of at least a part of a body of a patient, and identifying voxels of the scan that correspond to regions in the body that are traversable by a probe inserted therein. The method also includes displaying the scan on a screen and marking thereon selected start and termination points for the probe.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

Radiation tomography device

In a radiation tomography imaging device, the imaging range calculation element 35 calculates a possible imaging range of the fpd 5 based on the imaging distance g, the irradiation swing angle θ and the movable range sp of the x-ray tube 3. The operator can preliminarily calculate the possible imaging range of the radiation detection means prior to the x-ray tomography imaging because the imaging distance, the irradiation swing angle, and the movable range sp are all predetermined parameters.
Shimadzu Corporation

Tomography apparatus and reconstructing tomography images

Provided is a tomography apparatus including: a data acquisitor configured to obtain a first image by using tomography data acquired as a first x-ray generator for generating x-rays having a first energy rotates around an object over a first angular range and obtain a second image by using tomography data acquired as a second x-ray generator for generating x-rays having a second energy rotates around the object over a second angular range; a controller configured to acquire motion information representing an amount of motion of the object over time by using the first and second images; and an image reconstructor configured to reconstruct a target image showing the object at a target time point by using the motion information.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods of gluacoma diagnosis based on frequency analysis of inner retinal surface profile measured by optical coherence tomography

A method for detecting glaucoma in a subject based on spatial frequency analysis of the inner limiting membrane (ilm) as obtained from optical coherence tomography (oct) image data is disclosed. Based on the spatial frequency content of the analyzed ilm profile, a quantity called the retinal surface contour variability (rscv) is calculated and the presence or absence of a glaucoma condition is determined based on the rscv magnitude..
Oregon Health & Science University

Optical coherence tomography guided epiretinal membrane peeling

An epiretinal membrane (erm) visualization system includes an oct system operable to generate an oct image of a region of a patient's eye, the region of the patient's eye including an erm. The erm visualization system further includes an image processing unit operable to process the oct image to identify the erm by differentiating the erm from other structures within the region of the patient's eye and generate an erm map depicting one or more characteristics (including at least a location of a portion of the erm within the region of the patient's eye) of the identified erm.
Novartis Ag

Systems and methods for emission tomography quantitation

A method includes acquiring scan data for an object to be imaged using an imaging scanner. The method also includes reconstructing a display image using the scan data.
General Electric Company

Nanoscale optical tomography with cathodoluminescence spectroscopy

In one aspect, a cathodoluminescence (cl) spectroscopic tomography device includes a sample stage to support a sample. An electron beam source scans an electron beam over the sample to yield light emission by the sample.
Stichting Voor Fundamenteel Onderzoek Der Materie

System and tomographic lifetime multiplexing

System and method for optical tomographic imaging optimizing analysis of time-domain data as a result of combination of lifetime multiplexing of low-cross-talk asymptotic photons with highly spatially resolved early photons. The tomographic data reconstruction employs a decay amplitude-based asymptotic approach and a matrix equation with a weight matrix that includes two different portions respectively representing time domain sensitivity functions and continuous-tomography weight matrices.
The General Hospital Corporation

Distributed delay-line for low-coherence interferometry

A time domain optical coherence tomography system using a modulation scheme multiplexes the scanning range of the delay line into different spectral bands. Such a modulation scheme may allow for power consumption reduction compared with a single delay line element since the same modulation pattern is being used for several channels.
Medlumics S.l.

Integrated optical coherence tomography systems and methods

Disclosed herein are optical integration technologies, designs, systems and methods directed toward optical coherence tomography (oct) and other interferometric optical sensor, ranging, and imaging systems wherein such systems, methods and structures employ tunable optical sources, coherent detection and other structures on a single or multichip monolithic integration. In contrast to contemporary, prior-art oct systems and structures that employ simple, miniature optical bench technology using small optical components positioned on a substrate, systems and methods according to the present disclosure employ one or more photonic integrated circuits (pics), use swept-source techniques, and employ a widely tunable optical source(s)..

Frameless pre-positioning for radiosurgery

The presently described method is directed to determining a way of positioning a patient before execution of a medical procedure involving irradiating the patient with ionizing treatment radiation based on comparing medical images of the patient with a pre-acquired medical image. The planning computed tomography is searched for an image of the reference structure in order to determine the position of the patient relative to a patient support device.
Brainlab Ag

Surgical microscope with integrated optical coherence tomography and display systems

An ophthalmic surgical microscope includes a beam coupler positioned along an optical path of the surgical microscope between a first eyepiece and magnifying/focusing optics, the beam coupler operable to direct the oct imaging beam along a first portion of the optical path of the surgical microscope between the beam coupler and a patient's eye (an oct image being generated based on a reflected portion of the oct imaging beam). The surgical microscope additionally includes a real-time data projection unit operable to project the oct image generated by the oct system and a beam splitter positioned along the optical path of the surgical microscope between a second eyepiece and the magnifying/focusing optics.
Novartis Ag

Optical coherence tomography device, method, and system

In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, an optical coherence tomography instrument comprises an eyepiece for receiving at least one eye of a user is provided; a light source that outputs light that is directed through the eyepiece into the user's eye; an interferometer configured to produce optical interference using light reflected from the user's eye; an optical detector disposed so as to detect said optical interference; and electronics coupled to the detector. The electronics can be configured to perform a risk assessment analysis based on optical coherence tomography measurements obtained using the interferometer.
Doheny Eye Institute

Light emitting device, control method thereof and optical coherence tomography apparatus using the same

A light emitting device, particularly a super luminescent diode, includes an active layer provided between upper and lower electrodes for injecting electric current into the active layer. The active layer functions as an optical waveguide and has first and second edge faces for emitting light.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and system for reprojection and backprojection for tomography reconstruction

Methods and systems for computed tomography. A subject is imaged with a divergent beam source using a plurality of source positions and a detector array comprising a plurality of detector bins to obtain a representation of the subject including a plurality of image voxels.
Instarecon, Inc.

Pet random coincidence correction

A positron emission tomography (pet) imaging system (10) includes a singles unit (24), a delay unit (26), a scaling unit (28), and a reconstruction unit (30). The singles unit (24) is configured to generate a correction sinogram of random coincidences defined by a coincidence time window tw and a time period t based on rij=2 t si sj where rij is an estimate of the random coincidences in the time period t between singles at detector locations si and sj.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Imaging assisted integrated tomography - cancer treatment apparatus and use thereof

The invention relates to a method and apparatus for control of a charged particle cancer therapy system. A treatment delivery control system is used to directly control multiple subsystems of the cancer therapy system without direct communication between selected subsystems, which enhances safety, simplifies quality assurance and quality control, and facilitates programming.

Computed tomography apparatus and reconstructing a computed tomography image by the computed tomography apparatus

A computed tomography (ct) apparatus includes a reconstruction unit which reconstructs a first ct image corresponding to a field of view (fov) by using a first sinogram acquired by a ct scan of an object; and a correction unit which acquires a second sinogram by performing forward projection on the first ct image and acquires a second ct image by using the second sinogram and a third sinogram representing a portion of the object that is not included in the fov. Thus, the ct apparatus reduces generation of image errors to thereby provide a high-quality reconstructed ct image..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Computed tomography system having cooling system

Provided is a ct system having a cooling system. The ct system may include a gantry unit including: a rotor; and an assembly component; an intake provided on a first surface of the rotor; and an outtake provided on a second surface opposite to the first surface of the rotor, wherein the gantry unit is cooled by air moving through the intake and the outtake due to a rotation force or a centrifugal force generated by a rotation movement of the rotor..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Gantry system for ct imaging system and methods of assembling same

A gantry system for use with a computed tomography (ct) imaging system is provided. The gantry system includes a gantry assembly configured to rotate about a rotational axis to collect imaging data from an object.
Morpho Detection, Llc

Distributed array for direction and frequency finding

An optical imaging system and method that reconstructs rf sources in k-space by utilizing interference amongst modulated optical beams. The system and method involves recording with photodetectors the interference pattern produced by rf-modulated optical beams conveyed by optical fibers having unequal lengths.
Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc.

Computed tomography self-calibration without calibration targets

Approaches related to performing calibration of a ct scanner or of processes (e.g., correction and/or reconstruction) performed on acquired ct scan data are described. In certain described approaches, calibration is attained without performing a calibration scan using a dedicated calibration phantom.
General Electric Company

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