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Tomography patents

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Laser eye surgery system calibration


Laser eye surgery system calibration

Sensor instrument

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Sensor instrument

Sensor instrument

Bayer Healthcare

Dose estimation service system configured to support multiple computerized medical imaging scan providers

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tomography-related patents
 Method and system of random-event-based count-rate adaptive normalization for pet detector efficiency patent thumbnailMethod and system of random-event-based count-rate adaptive normalization for pet detector efficiency
A method and apparatus for generating crystal efficiency correction factors by performing a normalization calibration based on delayed data. The method and apparatus obtain delayed data from a scan of a patient using a positron emission tomography (pet) scanner, generate a sinogram from the obtained delayed data, determine, using a processing circuit, mean fan and block line of response sensitivities from the generated sinogram, determine, using the processing circuit, mean detector efficiency based on the determined mean fan and block line of response sensitivities, determine, using the processing circuit, an individual crystal efficiency based on the determined mean fan and block line of response sensitivities and the mean detector efficiency for each module, and calculate the crystal efficiency correction factors based on the determined individual crystal efficiency of each module..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Laser eye surgery system calibration patent thumbnailLaser eye surgery system calibration
A laser system is calibrated with a tomography system capable of measuring locations of structure within an optically transmissive material such as a tissue of an eye. Alternatively or in combination, the tomography system can be used to track the location of the eye and adjust the treatment in response to one or more of the location or an orientation of the eye.
Optimedica Corporation
 Sensor instrument patent thumbnailSensor instrument
A sensor instrument for generation of electrocardiograms, in particular for cardiac computed tomography, has two electrodes, an electronic module and a support, wherein multiple suction elements for affixing the support to the body of a subject (are positioned on the support.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Dose estimation service system configured to support multiple computerized medical imaging scan providers patent thumbnailDose estimation service system configured to support multiple computerized medical imaging scan providers
Techniques are disclosed for estimating patient radiation exposure during computerized tomography (ct) scans. More specifically, embodiments of the invention provide efficient approaches for generating a suitable patient model used to make such an estimate, to approaches for estimating patient dose by interpolating the results of multiple simulations, and to approaches for a service provider to host a dose estimation service made available to multiple ct scan providers..
Bayer Healthcare Llc
 Cylinder source software-positioning  pet calibration and image quality assurance patent thumbnailCylinder source software-positioning pet calibration and image quality assurance
A method and system for determining a position of a source including obtaining prompt data and related delayed data from a positron emission tomography (pet) scanner, generating a sinogram from the prompt data, generating crystal efficiency correction factors by performing a normalization calibration based on the obtained delayed data, performing normalization correction on the generated sinogram based on the crystal efficiency correction factors to generate a corrected sinogram, rebinning the corrected sinogram to generate a plurality of two-dimensional sinogram slices, and determining a central axis for each of the plurality of two-dimensional sinogram slices using a center estimation process.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Dark-field imaging patent thumbnailDark-field imaging
A method for dark-field imaging includes acquiring dark-field image projections of an object with an imaging apparatus that includes an x-ray interferometer, applying a pressure wave having a predetermined frequency to the object for each acquired projection, wherein the predetermined frequency is different for each projection, and processing the acquired projections, thereby generating a 3d image of the object. In other words, the method corresponds to acoustically modulated x-ray dark field tomography.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.
 Polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography patent thumbnailPolarization sensitive optical coherence tomography
This disclosure relates to an oct apparatus configured to generate to electromagnetic (e.g., optical) signals having two different polarization states. Two or more silicon optical amplifiers (soas) can be configured to maintain a respective polarization state in an optical input signal provided from a light source (e.g., a broadband light source).
Case Western Reserve University
 Wavelength-variable laser including soa and optical coherence tomography apparatus including the laser patent thumbnailWavelength-variable laser including soa and optical coherence tomography apparatus including the laser
Provided is a wavelength-variable laser including an soa which controls not a shape of a gain spectrum itself in the soa but a shape of a gain spectrum obtained in the entire soa to enable inhibition of output fluctuations. The wavelength-variable laser including an soa includes: a wavelength selection mechanism for selectively reflecting a wavelength; an soa for amplifying light, the soa being configured to reflect light that enters a first end facet by a second end facet opposite to the first facet and to cause light amplified in an active layer to exit from the first facet; and a reflecting member provided outside the soa, the reflecting member forming a resonator in a pair with the second facet, in which the second facet has a multilayer film to control of a shape of gain spectrum obtained in the entire soa, the multilayer film having a reflectance depending on wavelength..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Optical coherence tomography device, method, and system patent thumbnailOptical coherence tomography device, method, and system
In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, an optical coherence tomography instrument comprises an eyepiece for receiving at least one eye of a user is provided; a light source that outputs light that is directed through the eyepiece into the user's eye; an interferometer configured to produce optical interference using light reflected from the user's eye; an optical detector disposed so as to detect said optical interference; and electronics coupled to the detector. The electronics can be configured to perform a risk assessment analysis based on optical coherence tomography measurements obtained using the interferometer.
Doheny Eye Institute
 Selective characterization of material under test (mut) with electromagnetic impedance tomography and spectroscopy patent thumbnailSelective characterization of material under test (mut) with electromagnetic impedance tomography and spectroscopy
A method of extracting complex impedance from selected volumes of the material under test (mut) combined with various embodiments of electrode sensor arrays. Configurations of linear and planar electrode arrays provide measured data of complex impedance of selected volumes, or voxels, of the mut, which then can be used to extract the impedance of selected sub-volumes or sub-voxels of the mut through application of circuit theory.
Transtech Systems, Inc.

Synchronization of patient motion detection equipment with medical imaging systems

An improved system and method to acquire physiological information about a state of a subject, such as spect and pet information. The system generates a predetermine sequence of pulse signals and combines that sequence with a first physiological signal to generate a time-base signal.

Diagnostic device for dermatology with merged oct and epiluminescence dermoscopy

Systems and methods for use of the imaging system are presented. In an embodiment, the imaging system includes a first optical path, a second optical path, a plurality of optical elements, a detector, and a processor.

Positron emission tomography probe to monitor selected sugar metabolism in vivo

The invention disclosed herein discloses selected ribose isomers that are useful as pet probes (e.g. [18f]-2-fluoro-2-deoxy-arabinose).

Methods and compositions for positron emission tomography myocardial perfusion imaging

This invention provides compounds and compositions useful as imaging tracers for positron emission tomography myocardial perfusion imaging (pet mpi). Compounds in accordance with embodiments of the invention will generally comprise three structural elements: i) a triphenylphosphonium moiety; ii) a chelating element; and iii) a hydrophobic element.

Joint estimation of tissue types and linear attenuation coefficients for computed tomography

The present invention is directed to a new joint estimation framework employing map estimation based on pixel-based latent variables for tissue types. The method combines the geometrical information described by latent mrf, statistical relation between tissue types and p-c coefficients, and poisson noise models of pcd data, and makes possible the continuous baysian estimation from detected photon counts.

Radiation detector and computed tomography apparatus using the same

The radiation detector includes image pixels that each includes a counting pixel, to restore an image. The counting pixel includes a radiation absorption layer, which converts incident photons into an electrical signal, and a photon processor that counts a number of the photons, based on the electrical signal..

Medical image processing apparatus, x-ray computerized tomography apparatus, and medical image processing method

A medical image processing apparatus according to the present invention includes a moving direction identification unit configured to identify a moving direction of an observed region of a subject depicted in a plurality of volume data collected by a medical diagnostic apparatus, each volume data of the plurality of volume data being collected for each time phase; and a display direction setting unit configured to set a display direction of the plurality of volume data based on the identified moving direction.. .

Apparatus and generating tomography image

Provided are a tomography image generating method and an apparatus for generating a tomography image. The method of generating a tomography image includes, in response to a depth scan operation performed on an object, generating a candidate tomography image by using an interference signal acquired by the performed depth scan operation, determining a pixel pattern by using the generated candidate tomography image; and when the depth scan operation performed on the object is completed, generating a final tomography image of the object by using a finally determined pixel pattern.

Prevention of setup errors in radiotherapy

A patient safety system (pss) (100) uses optical tracking in a linear accelerator treatment room to prevent gross setup errors. A patient (150) undergoes a computed tomography (ct) treatment-simulation scan while a ct ball bearing (bb) is on patient's surface.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Fast iterative algorithm for superresolving computed tomography with missing data

A system, method and program product for reconstructing an image. A method includes: inputting a projection array p(r, θ) produced from a ct system imaging an object defined with an image function ƒ( x); generating an initial reconstructed image ƒr( x); utilizing an iterative loop to perform: projecting the reconstructed image ƒr( x) onto a projection array pr(r, θ); calculating a comparison quantity q(r, θ), calculated from the projection array pr(r, θ) and the collected projection array p(r, θ); backprojecting onto a correction array b( x) a function that utilizes the comparison quantity q(r, θ); generating a correction factor based on the correction array b( x); generating a new reconstructed image ƒr( x) that modifies a previous reconstructed image with an operation involving the correction array b( x); wherein a spatial sampling of pixels in the new reconstructed image is enhanced to a finer resolution; and wherein a smoothing operation is applied to the projection array pr(r, θ); and outputting a final image ƒr( x)..
Lickenbrock Technologies, Llc

Dark field computed tomography imaging

A method includes obtaining a dark-field signal generated from a dark-field ct scan of an object, wherein the dark-field ct scan is at least a 360 degree scan. The method further includes weighting the dark-field signal.
Koninklijkie Philips N.v.

Multi-channel optical coherence tomography

An optical coherence tomography apparatus includes a multi-beam configuration unit comprising at least a first optical path having a first numerical aperture and a second optical path having a second numerical aperture. The multi-beam configuration unit orients the second optical path in a selected orientation in space relative to the first optical path.
Tomey Corporation

Ultra wide-field optical coherence tomography

Systems and methods for expanding the field-of-view of ophthalmic scanning devices are presented. An ophthalmic scanning device is designed such that the pivot point of the scanning optics is maintained at a fixed location in the pupil while the scanning optics are rotated about the eye to obtain imaging data over an increased field-of-view than can be achieved by the scanning optics alone.
Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

Automated assessment of glaucoma loss from optical coherence tomography

Systems and methods for assessing glaucoma loss using optical coherence topography. One method according to an aspect comprises receiving optical coherence image data and assessing functional glaucoma damage from retinal optical coherence image data.
University Of Iowa Research Foundation

Method of displaying multi medical image and medical image equipment for performing the same

A method of displaying a multi-medical image is provided. The method includes: displaying a multi-medical image user interface including an optical coherence tomography (oct) image of a target region and at least one other type of medical image of the target region; receiving a first command for storing a first oct image; storing the first oct image after receiving the first command; marking a first position corresponding to the stored first oct image on the at least one other type of medical image displayed on the multi-medical image user interface; and displaying the stored first oct image on the multi-medical image user interface..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Biodegradable computed tomography contrast agents

Biodegradable computed tomography (ct) contrast agents comprising a polyiodinated aryl contrast agent that is crosslinked by an organic disulfide are described herein. The contrast agents can be used to image a tissue region by administering an effective amount of the biodegradable ct contrast agent to a subject, allowing a sufficient amount of time for the biodegradable ct contrast agent to enter the tissue region, and performing x-ray computed tomography imaging of the tissue region of the subject..
Case Western Reserve University

Nuclear medicine tomography systems, detectors and methods

An n-m tomography system comprising: a carrier for the subject of an examination procedure; a plurality of detector heads; a carrier for the detector heads; and a detector positioning arrangement operable to position the detector heads during performance of a scan without interference or collision between adjacent detector heads to establish a variable bore size and configuration for the examination. Additionally, collimated detectors providing variable spatial resolution for spect imaging and which can also be used for pet imaging, whereby one set of detectors can be selectably used for either modality, or for both simultaneously..
Biosensors International Group, Ltd.

Anatomic range planning in positron emission tomography

Anatomic range planning is provided in positron emission tomography (pet). The user indicates one or more ranges on an image of a patient based on anatomy.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

Simultaneous attenuation and activity reconstruction for positron emission tomography

A method of pet image reconstruction is provided that includes obtaining intra-patient tissue activity distribution and photon attenuation map data using a pet/mri scanner, and implementing a maximum likelihood expectation maximization (mlem) method in conjunction with a specific set of latent random variables, using an appropriately programmed computer and graphics processing unit, wherein the set of latent random variables comprises the numbers of photon pairs emitted from an electron-positron annihilation inside a voxel that arrive into two given voxels along a line of response (lor), where the set of latent random variables results in a separable joint emission activity and a photon attenuation distribution likelihood function.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

System and method reconstructing a nuclear medicine image using deformed attenuation image

According to some embodiments, an emission tomography scanner may acquire emission scan data. One or more anatomical images may be generated using an anatomical imaging system, and the anatomical images may be processed to obtain an initial attenuation image.
General Electric Company

Method for statistical weights design in iterative reconstruction algorithms

A method of computing statistical weights for a computed tomography (ct) iterative reconstruction process is provided. The method includes obtaining detector count data from a ct scan of an object; calculating variance data based on the count data and an electronic noise variance; transforming the calculated variance data to obtain statistical weight data; and performing the ct iterative reconstruction process using the statistical weight data and raw projection data to obtain a reconstructed ct image..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System and noise deletion in computed tomography

An imaging system includes a computer programmed to reconstruct original ct projection data, estimate noise in image space, forward project the image noise estimate to generate an initial projection noise estimate, modify the initial projection noise estimate using a statistical property of noise in projection space, remove noise in the original ct projection data by subtracting the modified noise estimate therefrom to generate noise-removed projection data, and reconstruct a final image based on the noise-removed projection data.. .
General Electric Company

Method for spectral ct local tomography

A method for performing reconstruction for a region of interest (roi) of an object is provided. The method includes designating the roi within the object, the roi being located within a scan field of view (fov) of a combined third- and fourth-generation ct scanner, the ct scanner including fixed photon-counting detectors (pcds), and an x-ray source that rotates about the object in synchronization with a rotating detector.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Method and increasing field of view in cone-beam computerized tomography acquisition

A method and apparatus for cone-beam computerized tomography, (cbct) is configured to increase the maximum field-of-view (fov) through a composite scanning protocol and includes acquisition and reconstruction of multiple volumes related to partially overlapping different anatomic areas, and the subsequent stitching of those volumes, thereby obtaining, as a final result, a single final volume having dimensions larger than those otherwise provided by the geometry of the acquisition system.. .
Cefla SocietÁ Cooperativa

Synchronized view data acquisition between stationary spectral detectors and rotating energy integrating detectors for spectral computer-aided tomography

A control circuit for a computer-aided tomography (ct) system includes an input that receives a master timing signal and an input that receives a first timing signal. The control circuit includes a mode detection circuit that determines the scan mode of the ct system based on the master timing signal and a first timing signal, where the frequency of the first time signal is lower than the frequency of the master timing signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Inversion-based reflector dip estimation

Method for estimating reflector dips in a window of post stack image traces (51) of seismic data for use in velocity tomography (57). The method iteratively (56) flattens (55) the image traces against a specified reference trace through the application of conjugate-gradient least-squares inversion (53).

Technique for controlling a corneal ablation laser

A device for optical coherence tomography comprises a light generator, a dispersive medium, an optical coupler and a detector. The light generator is adapted to generate input pulses of coherent light, each input pulse having an input pulse width.
Wavelight Gmbh

Imaging technique for optical coherence tomography

A technique for optical coherence tomography is provided. As to a device aspect of the technique, an imaging device comprises a base defining a rotation axis, a scanning and focusing assembly mounted to the base for rotation about the rotation axis, and a drive unit for rotationally driving the scanning and focusing assembly about the rotation axis.
Wavelight Gmbh

Methods, systems and computer program products for dynamic optical histology using optical coherence tomography

Methods of acquiring an image are provided. The methods include deriving a first boundary surface from a volumetric image; deriving a second boundary surface, different and spaced apart from the first boundary surface, of the volumetric image, the first and second boundary surfaces defining a slice of the volumetric image therebetween; and deriving at least one intermediate thin section between the first and second boundary surfaces, the thin section having a thickness that is less than a thickness of the slice of the volumetric image defined by the first and second boundary surfaces.
Bioptigen, Inc.

Systems and methods for registration of ultrasound and ct images

A computerized method for model-less segmentation and registration of ultrasound (us) with computed tomography (ct) images of an organ with a fluid filled chamber, comprising: correlating between the at least one us image and the at least one ct image by processing the at least one us image by iteratively expanding the ct image segment so that the expanded ct image segment is correlated with the visual boundaries of the us image segment; transforming the at least one ct image according to an estimated us transducer position and estimated us beam direction related to the at least one us image so that at least one of shape and volume of the organ in the ct image is adapted with at least one of shape and volume of the organ of the us image, to form a ct image representation which is correlated with the at least one us image.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Rotor with a backplane bus having electrical connection elements to make electrical contact with electrical components in a medical apparatus, as well as rotating unit and medical apparatus with such a rotor

A rotor of a computed tomography apparatus has a rotatable mechanical support frame for mechanical retention of electrical components and electrical connection elements for electrical connection with electrical components of the computed tomography apparatus, with the electrical connection elements arranged in at least one backplane bus. A rotating unit and a computed tomography apparatus embody such a rotor..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

True-spectroscopic dual mode high resolution full-field optical coherence tomography using liquid crystal devices

The invention is a system and method for obtaining interference and optical coherence tomography images from an object. The system comprises a wideband source, an optical mask for extending the depth of field, a a liquid crystal tunable filter and a phase modulator all of which are uniquely integrated in a linnik interferometer microscope.
Ben-gurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority

Optical coherence tomography apparatus and optical coherence tomography method

An optical coherence tomography apparatus includes a light source unit that emits light including lights emitted from swept sources, which have different center wavelengths and partially overlapping output spectral ranges, the lights having the respective output spectral ranges and being temporally separated from each other, a dividing unit that is connected to the light source unit and that divides the light emitted from the light source unit, a wavelength selecting unit that is connected to the dividing unit and that selects light having a predetermined wavelength from a range in which the output spectral ranges overlap, a time detecting unit that is connected to the wavelength selecting unit and that detects times at which the swept sources oscillate at the predetermined wavelength, and a wavenumber detecting unit that is connected to the dividing unit and that detects times at which the lights from the swept sources have the same wavenumber.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Retinal movement tracking in optical coherence tomography

The present invention defines a method of correcting for eye movement during optical coherence tomography imaging. The method includes imaging (by scanning) a fundus of an eye to obtain a fundus image (for example, using an slo); scanning the fundus to obtain a plurality of tomographic images (for example, using oct); determining, at predetermined intervals, an alignment of the tomographic images with respect to the fundus image, and, if it is determined that there is a misalignment, determining the number of tomographic images that have been scanned in the predetermined interval since the previous alignment determination; determining the offset by which the tomographic images are misaligned; applying the offset to the next tomographic image to be scanned and rescanning the determined number of tomographic images that were scanned during the interval between misalignment being determined and offset being applied..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

System and regularizing seismic data

A system and method for regularizing irregularly sampled 5d seismic data by assigning each trace to a common midpoint bin and mapping each trace to an offset vector tile (ovt) with a calculated center azimuth; assembling an azimuth sector with all offsets of interest and a narrow range of the center azimuths from the ovts; rotating the azimuth sector to align with an inline direction and a crossline dimension; selecting a subset of traces with a single crossline value to create an irregular 3d volume; regularizing the irregular 3d volume; and repeating as necessary to generate a regularly sampled seismic dataset. The regularization may include interpolation by an algorithm such as an anti-leakage fourier interpolator.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Skin evaluation method and skin evaluation device

A profile of optical reflectance relative to a depth within a depth range from an epidermis to an upper layer of a dermis is created based on a coherence signal obtained by optical coherence tomography, an evaluation index is determined by calculating a difference between reflectance at a local minimum point and reflectance at a second local maximum point from the created profile, and skin conditions are evaluated based on the evaluation index.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Motion layer decomposition calibration of x-ray ct imagers

An x-ray computed tomography system (14) includes a gantry (15), a plurality of elements (18), and one or more processors (28). The gantry (15) moves to different orientations and generates x-ray data which includes image projection data at a plurality of the orientations.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

System and multi-energy x-ray imaging using a polychromatic source

A system and method for generating multi-energy computed tomography images of a subject using a polychromatic x-ray source with single spectrum includes acquiring a measure of a polychromatic spectrum of a polychromatic x-ray beam generated by the polychromatic x-ray source. The method also includes acquiring attenuation data generated by operating the polychromatic x-ray source, segmenting the attenuation data based on a plurality of component criteria to create plurality of segmented datasets, and generating template data from the segmented datasets.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Computed tomography (ct) image reconstruction method

The present invention discloses a computed tomography (ct) image reconstruction method using two-dimensional images at different angles as well as a two-dimensional virtual matrix on a basis of spherical space, to process projection, comparison, and correction. Thus, it can obtain the tomography within predetermined difference value to reduce computational and storage space.
National Yang-ming University

Compact multimodality optical coherence tomography imaging systems

Systems for imaging a sample are provided. The system includes an optical coherence tomography (oct) imaging portion having an associated oct path defined by one set of optical elements between an oct signal delivery optical fiber and the sample; an image capture portion having an associated image capture path defined by a second set of optical elements between an image capture device and the sample, different from the oct path; and an illuminator portion having an associated illumination path defined by a third set of optical elements between an illumination source and the sample.
Bioptigen, Inc.

Control a fundus examination apparatus

A control method of a fundus examination apparatus constructed as a perimeter for examining a fundus of an examinee's eye, includes: controlling a monitor provided in the fundus examination apparatus as the perimeter to display a two-dimensional map pertinent to a two-dimensional analysis result of the fundus based on a tomographic image of the examinee's eye obtained by an optical coherence tomography device; setting an examination position in the fundus examination apparatus as the perimeter on the two-dimensional map displayed on the monitor; and controlling the fundus examination apparatus as the perimeter based on the set examination position to examine the fundus.. .
Nidek Co., Ltd.

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