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Tomography patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tomography-related patent applications.

 In-reconstruction filtering for positron emission tomography (pet) list mode iterative reconstruction patent thumbnailnew patent In-reconstruction filtering for positron emission tomography (pet) list mode iterative reconstruction
A system (10) and a method (100) iteratively reconstruct an image of a target volume of a subject. In each iteration of a plurality of iterations, an estimate image of the target volume (54) is forward projected (58) and compared (62) to received event data (44) to determine a discrepancy (64).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Systems and methods for parallel processing of imaging information patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for parallel processing of imaging information
A method for iteratively reconstructing an image is provided. The method includes acquiring, with a detector, computed tomography (ct) imaging information.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

 Tomographic apparatus and method patent thumbnailnew patent Tomographic apparatus and method
A tomography apparatus includes an image processor configured to obtain a first image, which is a partial image of an object, by using data obtained from a first angle section corresponding to a first point, and to obtain a second image, which is a partial image of the object, by using data obtained from a second angle section corresponding to a second point subsequent to the first point; and a controller configured to obtain first information representing a brightness change, to obtain second information representing a rate of change in a hounsfield unit (hu) value between the first point and the second point based on the first information, and to determine a tomography start point of the object based on the second information.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Hybrid stent and  making patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid stent and making
A stent is formed by encasing or encapsulating metallic rings in an inner polymeric layer and an outer polymeric layer. At least one polymer link connects adjacent metallic rings.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

 Method and  photographing medical image patent thumbnailnew patent Method and photographing medical image
A tomography apparatus includes: an x-ray generator which emits x-rays; a controller which determines a first value based on a threshold dosage of the x-rays allowed for a subject and generates an absorbed-dose distribution diagram which indicates a location range of the subject in which, when the x-rays are irradiated to the subject based on an imaging condition, an absorbed dose of the x-ray has the first value; and an indicator showing the absorbed-dose distribution diagram.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Optimised 4d cone beam computed tomography projection allocation patent thumbnailnew patent Optimised 4d cone beam computed tomography projection allocation
A method, and a system when implementing a method, of reducing artefacts in image creation in 4d cone beam computed tomography (4dcbct) images, the method comprising the steps of: (a) performing a 4dcbct scan of a target patient including a series of spaced apart projections through the target patient, with each projection having an associated estimated or measured respiratory state; (b) initially dividing the series of projections into a corresponding series of respiratory bins, with each respiratory bin having projections substantially from a portion of a cyclic respiratory state; and (c) optimising the projections at the bounds of each respiratory bin so as to improve an image quality measure of the images.. .
The University Of Sydney

 Acquisition of projection data for motion-corrected computed tomography images patent thumbnailnew patent Acquisition of projection data for motion-corrected computed tomography images
Embodiments are adapted for acquiring projection data from a computed tomography imaging system to form motion-corrected images of cyclically moving imaging subjects. Embodiments determine a start time and time duration of a data record with sufficient data for forming a motion-corrected image from the data record, without screening data records or images for motion artifacts.
Samsung Electronics, Co. Ltd.

 Photoacoustic and thermoacoustic tomography for breast imaging patent thumbnailnew patent Photoacoustic and thermoacoustic tomography for breast imaging
A system for imaging a biological sample including a tubular body having a side wall defining an interior shaped and sized for receiving the biological sample, an electromagnetic source positioned at one end of the tubular body interior for directing electromagnetic energy into the biological sample in the body interior, and an ultrasonic transducer positioned along said side wall of the body for receiving ultrasonic energy induced by the electromagnetic energy and transmitted through the biological sample.. .
Washington University

 Single source dual energy having two filters for x-ray spectrum differentiation in the case of radiator screens having slotted plates patent thumbnailSingle source dual energy having two filters for x-ray spectrum differentiation in the case of radiator screens having slotted plates
A slotted plate is for limiting an incident x-ray radiation. The slotted plate includes at least one slotted opening and two different x-ray filter regions for x-ray spectrum differentiation of the incident x-ray radiation.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

 Oct image modification patent thumbnailOct image modification
According to some examples, a method for optical coherence tomography (oct) image modification includes receiving an oct image of a region of interest of patient tissue from an oct imaging system configured to direct an oct beam at the region of interest and determining that an oct transparent instrument is within the oct image. The method further includes detecting an artifact in the oct image, the artifact resulting from the oct transparent instrument being within a path of the oct beam.
Novartis Ag

Surface wave tomography using sparse data acquisition

Method and system for ongoing monitoring for underground structure at or near a production wellpad is provided. The system includes a sparse acquisition grid and utilizes information obtained from rayleigh waves to monitor subsurface structures..
Conocophillips Company

Velocity model building for seismic data processing using pp-ps tomography with co-depthing constraint

Methods and systems for processing seismic data are presented. Primary wave (p) seismic data (pp data) and shear wave (p) seismic data (ps data) are jointly inverted as part of a nonlinear tomography process which adheres to one or more co-depthing constraints..
Cgg Services Sa

Optical sensing based on measurements of displacements induced by optical scattering forces in viscoelastic media using phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography

Disclosed are devices and techniques based on optical coherence tomography (oct) technology in combination with optical actuation. A system for providing optical actuation and optical sensing can include an optical coherence tomography (oct) device that performs optical imaging of a sample based on optical interferometry from an optical sampling beam interacting with an optical sample and an optical reference beam; an oct light source to provide an oct imaging beam into the oct device which splits the oct imaging beam into the optical sampling beam and the optical reference beam; and a light source that produces an optical actuation beam that is coupled along with the optical sampling beam to be directed to the sample to actuate particles or structures in the sample so that the optical imaging captures information of the sample under the optical actuation..
Cornell University

Efficient interferometer designs for optical coherence tomography

Efficient interferometer designs for optical coherence tomography (oct) systems are presented. One example interferometer design includes two polarization dependent beamsplitters and a non-polarization dependent combiner.
Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

Multifunctional cement composites with load-bearing and self-sensing properties

A method for creating multifunctional cementitious composites that provide load-bearing and self-sensing properties. The method involves dispersing conductive nanomaterials (e.g., multi-walled carbon nanotubes) into a polymer (e.g., latex) material from which a thin film is created and deposited (e.g., sprayed) onto aggregates, which after drying, can be incorporated with cementitious materials and desired liquids and cast, along with sufficient number of electrodes, into a form for curing.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Medical imaging system and methods

A mobile medical imaging device that allows for multiple support structures, such as a tabletop or a seat, to be attached, and in which the imaging gantry is indexed to the patient by translating up and down the patient axis. In one embodiment, the imaging gantry can translate, rotate and/or tilt with respect to a support base, enabling imaging in multiple orientations, and can also rotate in-line with the support base to facilitate easy transport and/or storage of the device.
Mobius Imaging, Llc

Systems and methods for eye tracking for motion corrected ophthalmic optical coherenece tomography

Systems and methods for eye tracking for motion corrected ophthalmic optical coherence tomography (oct) are disclosed. According to an aspect, an imaging system includes an eye tracking device configured to determine movement of an eye.
Duke University

Method of repeat computer tomography scanning and system thereof

There are provided a method of ct volume reconstruction based on a baseline sinogram obtained by a prior scanning an object in b directions, and a system thereof. The method comprises: a) obtaining initial partial sinogram by initial repeat scanning the object in b directions out of b directions, b being substantially less than b; b) comparing the baseline sinogram and the initial partial sinogram to assess, for each voxel associated with the object, a likelihood of change; e) using the assessed likelihood of change for generating configuration data informative, at least, of rays to be cast in a further repeat scan in an un-scanned direction; d) performing a repeat scan in the un-scanned direction in accordance with the generated configuration data, thereby obtaining partial sinogram, and using the partial sinogram for updating the assessed likelihood of change; e) repeating operations c) and d) until all directions have been scanned to yield respective partial sinograms; f) composing the baseline and the partial sinograms into a composed sinogram; and g) processing the composed sinograms into an image of the object..
Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Ltd.

Detection of metal stent struts

The disclosure relates to stent detection and shadow detection in the context of intravascular data sets obtained using a probe such as, for example, and optical coherence tomography probe or an intravascular ultrasound probe.. .
Lightlab Imaging, Inc.

Method and x-ray inspection system, in particular for non-destructively inspecting objects

The invention relates to a method for non-destructively inspecting an object (104), wherein electromagnetic radiation (113, 123, 133) is passed through the object (104) and intensity values of unabsorbed beams are measured and evaluated, the method comprising the following steps: generating a three-dimensional data set (300) in which a first material quantity value corresponding to a first material property of the object (104) is associated in each case with individual spatial elements (301) of the object (104) by means of a computed tomography method; determining an inspection space (310), in the three-dimensional data set (300) representing the object (104), which has spatial elements (301) whose first material quantity value is in a predetermined value range; deriving values, based on the three-dimensional data set (300), which in each case correspond to a spatial geometric quantity of the inspection space (310) in a predetermined projection direction (pr1, pr2); generating a two-dimensional data set (400) in which a second material quantity value corresponding to a second material property of the object (104) is associated in each case with individual surface elements (401) of the object (104), based on a surface projection of the object (104) in the predetermined projection direction (pr1, pr2) by means of a two-dimensional x-ray method; determining an inspection region (410) in the two-dimensional data set (400) by computing a projection (310′) of the inspection space (310) into the two-dimensional data set (400), corresponding to the predetermined projection direction (pr1, pr2); and transferring the derived values of the spatial geometric quantity into corresponding surface elements (401) of the projection (310′).. .
Smiths Heimann Gmbh

Compositions and methods for imaging cancer

Somatostatin derivative compounds of general formula (i) that may be readily labelled with the isotope fluorine-18 and that have affinity and selectivity for cellular somatostatin receptors are provided. The labelled compounds are useful clinically as radioactive tracers in various in vivo imaging applications (for example, using positron emission tomography (pet) and related techniques) to detect somatostatin-expressing cells and tissues, including tumours, or as therapeutic agents..
British Columbia Cancer Agency Branch

X-ray micro imaging

The disclosure provides improvements of resolution and contrast in the field of x-ray imaging by using a line emitting, quasi-monochromatic x-ray source for x-ray fluorescence computed tomography. A particular type of x-ray source suitable for this is a line emitting liquid-jet-anode x-ray source.
Jettec Ab

A photoacoustic tomography method and system

A method of calibrating a pai system (401-413) is described. The method includes a signal processing unit (404) determining optical fluence at voxels within arteries of a human or animal, and interpolating from these measurements to provide a fluence map with a fluence value for all voxels of interest.
National University Of Ireland, Galway

Quantification of local circulation with oct angiography

Impaired intraocular blood flow within vascular beds in the human eye is associated with certain ocular diseases including, for example, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. A reliable method to quantify blood flow in the various intraocular vascular beds could provide insight into the vascular component of ocular disease pathophysiology.
Oregon Health & Science University

Extended duration optical coherence tomography (oct) system

This disclosure relates to the field of optical coherence tomography (oct). This disclosure particularly relates to methods and systems for providing larger field of view oct images.
California Institute Of Technology

Oct system with bonded mems tunable mirror vcsel swept source

A microelectromechanical systems (mems)-tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (vcsel) in which the mems mirror is bonded to the active region. This allows for a separate electrostatic cavity that is outside the laser's optical resonant cavity.
Axsun Technologies Llc

Method and system for whole body bone removal and vascular visualization in medical image data

A method and apparatus for whole body bone removal and vasculature visualization in medical image data, such as computed tomography angiography (cta) scans, is disclosed. Bone structures are segmented in the a 3d medical image, resulting in a bone mask of the 3d medical image.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Development of iterative reconstruction framework using analytic principle for low dose x-ray ct

Disclosed is a method of reconstructing an image. The method of reconstructing an image includes receiving low dose x-ray computed tomography (ct) data, applying an analytic principle to an optimization approach for low dose imaging to transform the low dose x-ray ct data, and removing a noise included in the low dose x-ray ct data to reconstruct a high-quality image..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Universal phantom structure for quality inspections both on computerized tomography and on magnetic resonance tomography

The present invention relates to a phantom for periodical measurements of parameters allowing to ensure that performance of equipment for computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance tomography are compliant to established acceptability criteria, that is performance are constant in time. The main characteristic of such phantom is that the same phantom may be used for measurements of different physical parameters and for different machines, even of different type, such as machines for ct and/or mrt.
Irccs Centro Neurolesi "bonino-pulejo"

Joint reconstruction of activity and attenuation in emission tomography using magnetic-resonance-based priors

According to some embodiments, emission projection data and second source scan data are received. A prior map and a prior weight map are generated from second source scan data.
General Electric Company

Space adaptive reconstruction technique for adaptive electrical capacitance volume tomography

The present invention provides a high resolution spatial-adaptive reconstruction technique (sart) for use with adaptive electrical capacitance volume tomography (aecvt).. .
Tech4imaging Llc

Methods and systems for metal artifact reduction in spectral ct imaging

Various methods and systems for spectral computed tomography imaging are provided. In one embodiment, a method comprises acquiring a first projection dataset and a second projection dataset, detecting a location of metal in the first projection dataset, applying corrections to the first and second projection datasets based on the location of the metal, and displaying an image reconstructed from the corrected first and second projection datasets.
General Electric Company

Method and reducing the recovery time due to polarization within an imaging device

A computed tomography (ct) image apparatus includes a plurality of photon-counting detectors (pcd); and processing circuitry configured to obtain a photon count of a pcd of the plurality of pcds, compare the obtained photon count to a predetermined photon-count threshold, and apply an external light source to the pcd when the obtained photon count is larger than the predetermined photon-count threshold.. .
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Optical tomography apparatus and method

An optical tomography apparatus comprises: a polychromatic light source, a one-dimensional optical sensor, an interferometric microscope, a one-dimensional confocal spatial filtering system, an actuation system making it possible to perform a one-way scan depthwise of an object to be observed and a processor for reconstructing a two-dimensional image of a section of the object from a plurality of one-dimensional interferential images acquired by the image sensor during the one-way scan. An optical tomography method based on use of such an apparatus is also provided..
Universite Paris Sud 11

Optical probe for optical coherence tomography and manufacturing method therefor

To provide an optical probe for oct and a method of manufacturing the optical probe that can reduce reflected light generated at a boundary portion between an optical fiber and a lensed fiber. An optical probe for oct includes an optical fiber that transmits irradiation light and back-scattered light and a lensed fiber that is fusion spliced to an end face of the optical fiber, that emits irradiation light toward the inside of a living body while collimating the irradiation light, and that collects and guides back-scattered light to the end face of the optical fiber.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Improved temperature stability for a digital positron emission tomography (pet) detector

A detector (16) maintains thermal stability between two different operating modes. The detector (16) includes at least one controller (36, 38) which sets the detection sensitivity of the detector (16) to a level disabling the detection of gamma photons.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Method and investigating a sample by means of optical projection tomography

The invention relates to a method for tomographic investigation of a sample (9), in which method a sample (9) is illuminated with an illuminating light bundle (3) and in which a transmitted light bundle (10) that contains the light of the illuminating light bundle (3) transmitted through the sample (9) is detected with a transmission detector (13). The invention further relates to an apparatus for tomographic investigation of a sample (9).
Leica Microsystems Cms Gmbh

Optical coherence tomography laser with integrated clock

A frequency swept laser source for tefd-oct imaging includes an integrated clock subsystem on the optical bench with the laser source. The clock subsystem generates frequency clock signals as the optical signal is tuned over the scan band.
Axsun Technologies Llc

Optical coherence tomography apparatus

An optical coherence tomography apparatus includes: an oct light source; a first light splitter configured to split an optical path into a first measurement optical path and a reference optical path; a light guide optical system including a second light splitter, configured to guide the measurement light to a test substance through the second light splitter, the second light splitter splitting the reflected light into the first and second measurement optical paths; a detection optical system detecting first interference between the reflected light having passed through the first measurement optical path and the reference light, and second interference between the reflected light having passed through the second measurement optical path and the reference light; and a calculation controller processing an output signal which is output from the detection optical system to obtain oct data regarding the test substance.. .
Nidek Co., Ltd.

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