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Titanium composite electrodes and methods therefore
The present invention provides composite electrodes that comprise a titanium metal filler and a polymeric material. Advantageously the composite electrodes of the present invention do not suffer from the problems of carbon degradation, are thermally stable, are easily shaped, which demonstrate high power densities and which are relatively inexpensive to produce....

Silane coating for medical devices and associated methods
A titanium electrosurgical instrument, such as a scalpel (), and electrosurgical devices, e.g., needle (), and Bovie tips (), are provided with a silane coating () directly against the solid titanium metal () of the body tissue-contacting distal ends () thereof whereby to impart advantageous non-stick properties...

Method for producing titanium metal
Disclosed is a method for producing titanium metal, which comprises: (a) a step in which a mixed gas is formed by supplying titanium tetrachloride and magnesium into a mixing space that is held at an absolute pressure of 50-500 kPa and at a temperature not less than 1700° C.; (b) a...

Trench mosfet with trench contact holes and method for fabricating the same
A trench MOSFET with trench contact holes and a method for fabricating the same are disclosed. The MOSFET includes an N type substrate, an N type epitaxial layer on the substrate; a P well region on top of the epitaxial layer; a source region formed on the P well region; an...

Coated-surface sliding part having excellent coating adhesion and method for producing the same
Provided is a coated-surface sliding part having excellent adhesion of a hard coating, and a method for producing the same part. The coated-surface sliding part is a sliding part wherein a hard coating is formed by physical deposition on the surface of a base material formed from, by mass percent, C...

Chloride ingress-resistant concrete
An reinforced cementitious material structure is provided that includes a cementitious material made from an industrial waste byproduct from a titanium metal production process or from a titanium dioxide production process. The byproduct is used as a partial cement replacement. In some embodiments, the reinforced cementitious material structure can comprise a...

Wear resistant coating for brake disks with unique surface appearance and methods for coating
A brake disk including carbon steel, stainless steel or a ceramic composite material and coated with a coating material that is wear and corrosion resistant and when applied properly allows for the coated surface to have a variety of “textured” appearances. For example, the coated surface can be made to look...

Treatment of titanium ores
A method of producing titanium, comprising providing an oxide of titanium having a level of impurities of at least 1.0 wt %, reacting the oxide of titanium to form a titanium oxycarbide; and electrolysing the titanium oxycarbide in an electrolyte, with the titanium oxycarbide configured as an anode; and recovering a...

Nano-tubular titania substrate and method of preparing same
The invention relates to a method of making a nanotubular titania substrate having a titanium dioxide surface comprised of a plurality of vertically oriented titanium dioxide nanotubes containing oxygen vacancies, including the steps of anodizing a titanium metal substrate in an acidified fluoride electrolyte and annealing the titanium oxide surface in...

Method for synthesis of titanium dioxide nanotubes using ionic liquids
The invention is directed to a method for producing titanium dioxide nanotubes, the method comprising anodizing titanium metal in contact with an electrolytic medium containing an ionic liquid. The invention is also directed to the resulting titanium dioxide nanotubes, as well as devices incorporating the nanotubes, such as photovoltaic devices, hydrogen...

Advanced intra-spinal decompression implant
A new Intra-spinal decompression implant is introduced that comprises of two plate attachments to a titanium metal implant that fits between the spinous processes of the vertebrae in the lower back, decompressing the neuro elements. The invention has a number of new design features including: double axis adjustable side plates, stepped...

Porous titanium
The present invention provides a porous block for implantation in the maxillofacial area of a human or animal, wherein the porous block:—comprises titanium metal and/or a titanium alloy;—has a porosity of at least 40%;—is a geometrical structure shaped to fit at least a part of a degraded alveolar process of the...

Titanium powder production process
The invention provides a crystalline Ti powder produced in a molten salt medium, said powder comprising predominantly particles of single α-Ti crystals that are directly applicable in powder metallurgy. The invention extends to continuous process for the production of titanium powder in a molten salt medium by known reaction mechanisms, said...

Wear-resistant member made of titanium metal
A wear-resistant titanium metal member includes a substrate having a carburized layer formed by plasma carburizing and a polished surface having a surface roughness Ra of 0.01 to 0.80 μm formed on the surface of the carburized layer, a titanium oxide layer superposed on the polished surface, and an amorphous carbon...

Method for producing solid electrolyte membrane
An object of the present invention is to provide a solid electrolyte membrane which comprises Li3xLa2/3-xTiO3 (0.05≦x≦0.17) and has excellent ion conductivity. Disclosed is a method for producing a solid electrolyte membrane which comprises a solid electrolyte described by the composition formula Li3xLa2/3-xTiO3 (0.05≦x≦0.17), the method comprising the steps of: producing...

Process for manufacturing lower chlorides of titanium
A process for preparation of lower chlorides of titanium is provided, in which titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) is reduced using a reducing agent in at least one molten alkali metal salt at a temperature of about 300 to about 1400° C. to obtain a reduced mass containing lower chlorides of titanium. A...

Electrochemical biosensor electrode strip and a fabrication method thereof comprising a titanium metal layer on a carbon layer as the electrode material
The present invention relates to an electrochemical biosensor electrode strip fabricated by forming a carbon layer on a non-conductive substrate made of polymer material, forming a metal layer containing titanium thereon, and performing patterning....

Titanium powder production apparatus and method
A method and apparatus for producing titanium metal powder from a melt. The apparatus includes an atomization chamber having an inner wall that is coated with or formed entirely of CP-Ti to prevent contamination of titanium metal powder therein. The inner surfaces of all components of the apparatus in a flow...

Device for producing titanium metal, and method for producing titanium metal
A device for producing titanium metal comprises (a) a first heating unit that heats and gasifies magnesium and a first channel that feeds the gaseous magnesium, (b) a second heating unit that heats and gasifies titanium tetrachloride so as to have a temperature of at least 1600° C. and a second...

Titanium metal production apparatus and production method for titanium metal
A titanium metal production apparatus is provided with (a) a first flow channel that supplies magnesium in a state of gas, (b) a second flow channel that supplies titanium tetrachloride in a state of gas, (c) a gas mixing section in which the magnesium and titanium tetrachloride in a state of...

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