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Metallurgy for copper plated wafers
Improved protective metallization arrangements are described that are particularly useful in bumped copper-top type semiconductor chips. In one aspect of the invention, the semiconductor device includes integrated circuits and has a top wafer fabrication passivation layer. A plurality of I/O pads are exposed through contact pad openings formed in the top...

Methods for centrifugally casting highly reactive titanium metals
Methods for centrifugally casting a highly reactive titanium metal involving providing a cold wall induction crucible having a plurality of induction coils and a removable bottom plate, using a power source to heat a titanium metal charge in the induction crucible to obtain a molten metal, preheating a secondary crucible and...

Methods for extracting titanium metal and useful alloys from titanium oxides
Titanium-containing metal is extracted from its oxide(s) by way of a redox chemical reaction with a reducing metal. Specifically, an intimate mixture of the reducing metal and the titanium-containing oxide(s) is produced, in a preferred embodiment, by forming a metal-ceramic composite material featuring these two constituents. In a preferred embodiment, the...

Preparation of nano-tubular titania substrates having gold and carbon particles deposited thereon and their use in photo-electrolysis of water
The invention relates to a method of making a nanotubular titania substrate having a titanium dioxide surface comprised of a plurality of vertically oriented titanium dioxide nanotubes containing oxygen vacancies. The method generally comprises the steps of anodizing a titanium metal substrate in an acidified fluoride electrolyte under conditions sufficient to...

Chloride ingress-resistant concrete
An reinforced cementitious material structure is provided that includes a cementitious material made from an industrial waste byproduct from a titanium metal production process or from a titanium dioxide production process. The byproduct is used as a partial cement replacement. In some embodiments, the reinforced cementitious material structure can comprise a...

Titanium composite electrodes and methods therefore
The present invention provides composite electrodes that comprise a titanium metal filler and a polymeric material. Advantageously the composite electrodes of the present invention do not suffer from the problems of carbon degradation, are thermally stable, are easily shaped, which demonstrate high power densities and which are relatively inexpensive to produce....

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