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Timeout patents

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Using human wizards in a conversational understanding system

Virtual function timeout for single root input/output virtualization controllers

Method and devices for session timeout management

Date/App# patent app List of recent Timeout-related patents
 Handoff prioritization in multi-rab calls patent thumbnailHandoff prioritization in multi-rab calls
A mobile communication device is provided that can perform multi-rab communications with voice and data. The mobile communication device is adapted to predict an impending handoff event and delay the start of data connection message flow for enough time so that the handoff event can complete, abort or timeout without competing for signaling link resources, for example on a dcch channel.
 Using human wizards in a conversational understanding system patent thumbnailUsing human wizards in a conversational understanding system
A wizard control panel may be used by a human wizard to adjust the operation of a natural language (nl) conversational system during a real-time dialog flow. Input to the wizard control panel is detected and used to interrupt/change an automatic operation of one or more of the nl conversational system components used during the flow.
 Virtual function timeout for single root input/output virtualization controllers patent thumbnailVirtual function timeout for single root input/output virtualization controllers
Systems and methods presented herein provide for resetting a controller in a single root input/output virtualization (sr-iov) architecture. The architecture includes a physical function that periodically issues a heartbeat command to a physical function of an sr-iov controller, starts a first timer, determines a firmware failure of the controller upon expiration of the first timer, and issues a command to reset the firmware of the controller.
 Method and devices for session timeout management patent thumbnailMethod and devices for session timeout management
This provides a method and devices to manage the timeout value of data sessions between messaging clients and one or more messaging servers.. .
 Hill start in a vehicle patent thumbnailHill start in a vehicle
A hill brake system in a vehicle uses a controller to determine when a number of conditions, such as being stopped on an incline, are met and then automatically applies a braking force at least equal to a calculated grade load, that is, gravitational force. Using drive train measurements and known drivetrain characteristics, a rimpull force is calculated after release of an operator-controlled brake and the automatically applied braking force is reduced corresponding to the rimpull force generated by the drivetrain.
 Reducing tcp timeouts due to incast collapse at a network switch patent thumbnailReducing tcp timeouts due to incast collapse at a network switch
A network switch for reducing tcp timeouts due to incast collapse is disclosed. The network switch has a plurality of buffers for storing network packets for at least one sender server.
 Handling method and device for cell concatenation patent thumbnailHandling method and device for cell concatenation
A handling method for cell concatenation, includes receiving a cell of a packet before a concatenation timeout period expires and before the total number of received cells of the packet reaches a concatenation number. The method further includes determining whether an end-of-packet cell of the packet is received.
 Wireless multicast proxy patent thumbnailWireless multicast proxy
An access point including a snoop circuit to generate a table including a plurality of entries, each entry associating a mac address of a wireless client with a multicast ip address; to enable multicast traffic for a first wireless client in response to receiving a first message from the first wireless client by i) adding an entry to the table for the first wireless client in response to the entry not existing in the table, and ii) starting a timeout timer for the first wireless client, or by restarting the timeout timer in response to the entry for the first wireless client existing in the table; and to keep the multicast traffic for the first wireless client enabled as long as the timeout timer is reset before expiring. An output circuit transmits a packet to the first wireless client if the multicast traffic for the first wireless client is enabled..
 Communication apparatus, communication state detecting method, and communication state detecting program patent thumbnailCommunication apparatus, communication state detecting method, and communication state detecting program
A packet interval (a time difference between sequentially received packets) in a certain previous time is calculated and a cumulative distribution function of the calculated packet interval is obtained. Meanwhile, a function value-corresponding to-flow end that is a boundary value of the cumulative distribution function to be considered as a flow end (timeout) in the range of a cumulative distribution function value is stored.
 Method, apparatus, and system for providing and using a scheduling delta queue patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and system for providing and using a scheduling delta queue
A contact center is described along with various methods and mechanisms for administering the same. Work assignment methods are disclosed that place tasks in bins by time intervals and are processed within a delta queue ring buffer.
Last screen rendering for electronic book reader
A handheld dedicated electronic book (“ebook”) reader device and last screen rendering techniques for enhancing user experience are described. The ebook reader device detects certain screen conversion events, such as a timeout period, a scheduled event, or an event derived from user behavior.
Radio connection re-establishment method, user equipment and base station
The present invention discloses a radio connection re-establishment method, including: starting a first timer if a first preset number of out-of-synchronization indications are obtained continuously, where the first preset number and/or a duration of the first timer corresponds to a cell of highest signal quality measured by a user equipment ue; and triggering a radio resource control rrc re-establishment procedure if a second preset number of synchronization indications are not received before timeout of the first timer. The radio connection re-establishment method in the present invention reduces overhead..
Dynamic adaptation of a traffic inactivity timer
A method for dynamically adapting a traffic inactivity timer is disclosed. The method can include a wireless communication device determining a data traffic level on a wireless network interface and determining whether the data traffic level exceeds a threshold data traffic level.
Low-power low density parity check decoding
In an example implementation of this disclosure, a message passing low density parity check (ldpc) decoder may, during decoding of a first group of bits, lock a first variable node upon a bit-value probability of the first variable node reaching a determined threshold, and lock a first check node upon all variable nodes connected to the first check node being locked. The ldpc decoder may cease decoding the first group of bits upon all variable nodes of the ldpc decoder being locked, all check nodes of the ldpc decoder being locked, reaching a maximum number of iterations, or reaching a timeout.
Base station and terminal connection method for the base station
The present invention relates to a base station, and to a terminal connection method for the base station. The terminal connection method for the base station according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a step of connecting to a terminal; an information extracting step of extracting information for determining a timeout value of the connection of the terminal when the connection to the terminal is completed; and a time-out setting step of setting a time-out value of the terminal according to the extracted information.
System and method for improved error response in data mirroring
Systems and methods are provided to improve performance in backup data storage systems by improving response to errors. The system and method provide for transferring data from a primary storage controller to a secondary storage controller, where the secondary storage controller is linked to the primary storage controller by a plurality of links.
Implementing rate controls to limit timeout-based faults
Embodiments are directed to implementing rate controls to limit faults detected by timeout and to learning and adjusting an optimal timeout value. In one scenario, a computer system identifies cloud components that have the potential to fail within a time frame that is specified by a timeout value.
System and method for processing random challenges within an authentication framework
A system, apparatus, method, and machine readable medium are described for transparently requesting a new random challenge from a server within an authentication framework. For example, one embodiment of a method comprises: transmitting a random challenge and an indication of a timeout period associated with the random challenge from a server to a client within the context of a network registration or authentication process using authentication devices communicatively coupled to the client; automatically detecting that the random challenge is no longer valid based on the timeout period; and responsively transmitting a request for a new random challenge from the client to a server, wherein transmitting is performed transparently to a user of the client..
Dynamic timeout determination for microcontroller management of firmware updates
Embodiments of the invention provide a method, system and computer program product for dynamic time out determination during a microcontroller driven firmware update. In an embodiment, the method includes selecting by a processor of a server a firmware update to be applied by a microcontroller to firmware of the server and computing a timeout value according to a function based upon a date of production of the server.
Detection of abnormal operation caused by interrupt processing
A controller for controlling interrupt processing in a multiple-interrupt system is provided. The controller includes multiple watchdog timers (wdts), each provided for each of interrupt priorities.
Hybrid arq system with a snapshot feedback mechanism for interference prone wireless networks
An ip packet transmission system is disclosed and more specifically it is a system using a hybrid arq method including a sliding purge window and having the transmitter opportunistically piggy-back a snapshot of the transmitter's transmit/send window in data frames. When the receiver receives this snapshot the receiver can compare it with its receive window and if a mismatch is detected, whereby the transmitter has moved on to the next packet, the receiver can now also sync up quicker and not wait for the regular timeout to progress ahead..
Information processing apparatus, storage apparatus, information processing system, and input/output method
An input and output method includes connecting a storage apparatus to an information processing apparatus via a plurality of paths, storing management information for a timeout time of each of the plurality of paths in a storage unit of the storage apparatus, and acquiring the timeout time of a path and another path of an input/output issuance destination for the storage apparatus from the storage unit depending on the path and the another path.. .
Explicit flow control for implicit memory registration
Methods, apparatus and systems for facilitating explicit flow control for rdma transfers using implicit memory registration. To setup an rdma data transfer, a source rnic sends a request to allocate a destination buffer at a destination rnic using implicit memory registration.
Rule-based device timeout and security access
Devices, methods and computer-readable media for controlling a device timeout parameter are disclosed. For example, a device receives a condition for modifying a timeout parameter and a modification.
Method and aparatus for managing the transfer of sensitive information to mobile devices
Methods and apparatus provide data loss protection for mobile devices. In one aspect, data is analyzed by a data loss protection server to determine if it is authorized by data loss protection policies to be transferred to a mobile device.
Method and system for controlling access to wireless router equipment
Method and system for controlling access to wireless router equipment is disclosed. The method includes: disposing an application module for controlling access to wireless router equipment in a mobile terminal in advance; the application module listening to a communication port of the mobile terminal, acquiring equipment information of the wireless router equipment after detecting udp data packets transmitted from the wireless router equipment to the communication port, and transmitting equipment information of the mobile terminal and version information of application module to the wireless router equipment; sending user's data processing request to the wireless router equipment, and receiving response data generated based on the data processing request by the wireless router equipment.
Deadlock recovery for distributed devices
A system for deadlock recovery of distributed devices may include a processor and memory. The processor may transmit packets to a device, receive a pause message indicating that the packet transmission should be paused, and initiate a timer and pause the packet transmission in response to receiving the pause message.
Monitoring updates on multiple computing platforms
According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a method and technique for monitoring updates on multiple computing platforms is disclosed. The method includes: initiating an update to a plurality of computing platforms; analyzing tracking data corresponding to each of the plurality of computing platforms indicating an installation progress of the update; dynamically calculating a timeout period for an installation of the update based on the tracking data; and displaying the installation progress for each of the plurality of computing platforms relative to the timeout period..
System on chip and corresponding monitoring method
The present invention relates to asoc, which includes a master device, a slave device, a high-speed bus, and a monitoring apparatus. The master device is connected to a first port of the high-speed bus, and the slave device is connected to a second port of the high-speed bus, so that the master device is capable of accessing the slave device.
Managing transactions within an application server
A system and method for managing transactions in an application server is described. In some example embodiments, the system registers to receive notifications from a timeout manager associated with a transaction (e.g., a database query).
Distributing keypairs between network appliances, servers, and other network assets
A method and apparatus for providing an automated key distribution to enable communication between two networked devices. A monitoring device receives a request from a network device to send a certificate using a second secure connection prior to an expiration of a timeout period, wherein the second secure connection was created using a known port in response to determining that a request to create a first secure connection was rejected.
Timeout value adaptation
A mechanism is provided for updating a timeout value of an application in a computer system. Hardware and software configuration data of the remote computing device is determined.
Dynamic configuration of inactivity timeouts for data radio bearers
Method and apparatus for dynamic configuration of an inactivity timeout period for a data radio bearer used to transport data for a data service between a wireless communication device and a wireless network is provided. The method includes formatting a message including information related to the data service.
Screen timeout duration
In one embodiment, a method includes determining for each of multiple countdowns to an automatic screen timeout of a computing device whether the countdown was too long or too short. The countdown is too short if user interaction with the computing device occurred within a first pre-determined amount of time after the automatic screen timeout.
Control method of an antenna system
A control method of an antenna system includes the steps of configuring the antenna system to communicate with a plurality of stations, and configuring the antenna system to modify, at intervals of a predetermined time, a plurality of data acknowledgement (ack) timeouts which correspond respectively to the stations, so that each of the data ack timeouts substantially equals the round trip time of a packet for communication between the antenna system and the corresponding one of the stations.. .
Method for managing connections in firewalls
The disclosure relates to a method for managing connections in a firewall. The method includes receiving packets from an external network; generating a connection table; determining the total number of currently established connections; determining a level of firewall load by comparing the number of established connections with a threshold; identifying new and established connections based on two-way exchange of packets between a client and server; identifying closed connections based on processing icmp error messages or flags in a tcp header; and dynamically determining current timeout values for connections from the network protocol type, the connection state, and the firewall load level.
System and method for controlling connection timeout in a communication network
A client device configured to access a remote device via a communication network. The client device is configured to: a) detect a termination of a network connection to the remote device and b) in response to detecting the termination of the network connection, record an idle time duration associated with the network.
Adaptive screen timeouts based on user preferences, interaction patterns and active applications
A computing device, such as a mobile communication device, is provided that adjusts, based on user interaction with the device, sleep times for a display to enter a sleep mode restricting use of a graphical user interface. The device includes a display providing the graphical user interface and a processor.
Reducing response time variance of virtual processors
A capability is provided for reducing response variance of virtual processors. A controller receives a processing request.
Client-side class-of-service-based bandwidth management in over-the-top video delivery
A client device downloads content from a content delivery network as segments encoded at respective bitrates selected from distinct encoding bitrates. Downloading is paced per a class of service having an associated abort timeout increasing with higher classes of service.
Screen brightness control for mobile device
A method, system, and device for controlling screen brightness of a mobile terminal are disclosed. In one embodiment, a mobile terminal comprises a display unit, a sensing unit, and a controller configured to maintain a brightness of the display unit at a reduced level of screen brightness during a non-active state of the mobile terminal, and restore the brightness of the display unit to a normal level of screen brightness after a short timeout subsequent to a detection of an event configured to activate the mobile terminal via the sensing unit..
Single wire serial interface
A single wire serial interface for power ics and other devices is provided. To use the interface, a device is configured to include an en/set input pin.
Wagering game with symbol selection gamepiece
A gaming system, apparatus, and method are disclosed including a game feature with one or more symbol selection gamepieces, preferably presented as a graphical “eye of the pharaoh,” which, when activated, causes a moving graphical effect to sequentially select various symbols in the gaming array. An interactive player input or a timeout may end the sequential selections, after which the symbol selection gamepiece selects a final selected symbol, on which is based a special award.
Data transmission rate control method and system in upward vertical handover in overlay network environment
Provided is a data transmission rate control method in upward vertical handover in an overlay network environment, including: a tcp (transmission control protocol) sender checking whether or not a retransmission timeout event occurs while communicating with a tcp receiver through a dual interface in a tcp scheme; the tcp sender storing a sequence number of a packet having the largest sequence number among transmitting packets, and after that, performing congestion control if the retransmission timeout event occurs; the tcp sender checking whether or not ack signal corresponding to a sequence number which is equal to or smaller than the stored sequence number is received after the tcp sender performs the congestion control; and the tcp sender determining to execute upward vertical handover if the ack signal is received.. .
Preferred contact group centric interface
A preferred contact group centric interface for a communication device can be used to facilitate communications by a user. The user interface can be arranged to activate from a user's “home page” on the display, from an idle screen that is accessed after a timeout period expires, or any other appropriate mechanism that activates the preferred contact group centric experience.
Adaptive service timeouts
Disclosed are various embodiments for a timeout management application. Latency data for executing services is obtained.
Method and apparatus for keep-alive signalling
Various methods for determining network entity timeout values to improve keep-alive signaling are provided. One example method may comprise providing for transmission of a request for a timeout value associated with a keep-alive timer.
Initiator apparatus, target apparatus, communication system, timeout detection method, and timeout detection program
Provided is an initiator apparatus that, when issuing access requests for remote access via wireless communication to a storage section that processes only one access request at a time, can easily detect timeouts with one timer irrespective of the number of access requests issued via wireless communication. In this apparatus, an access-request processor (102) sends one or more access requests to a target apparatus (110) provided with a storage section that processes only one access request at a time and receives access acknowledgments for the access requests from the target apparatus (110).
Method of getting out from error entering into test mode in usb3.0 apparatus
The present invention discloses a method of getting out from error entering into test mode in usb3.0 apparatus, in which extra status states are inserted into the compliance mode in the original state diagram of the link training and status state machine of the conventional usb3.0 protocol. The inserting status states are to set up a timer, and go to power saving state u1, u2, or u3 or ss.disable state when timeout happens.
Federated timeout
Techniques for workload federated timeout are presented, a federated service manages communications between service components of a system. Each component queries the federated service to determine a last activity time by the other components of the system before timing out during a session.
Sending measurement messages with updated channel quality measurement information
A method of sending measurement messages with updated channel quality measurement information is provided. The method can include sending a first measurement message generated based at least in part on a first channel quality measurement in unassured mode.
Determination of adaptive idle timeout
In various embodiments, a method may be provided comprising: determining an adaptive idle timeout value based on the relationship between the number of established tcp connections to a server and the upper threshold value.. .
Warning system for detecting infant seat buckle securement
A child seat-vehicle safety system for a passenger vehicle, including at least one child seat buckle signaling device, which includes a buckling detector, and a buckling detector for signaling the buckle status, and a portable controller device that attaches to the on-board diagnostic ii (obd-ii) port of the vehicle, for detecting the status of the vehicle ignition system, receiving the buckle status signal, and generating an alarm signal in response to a predetermined condition of the ignition status and the buckle status signal. The portable controller device also can include an alarm that is responsive to the alarm signal.
Computing device and method for wireless remote boot in a networked environment
In some embodiments, a secure authenticated remote boot of computing device over a wireless network is performed in a pre-boot execution environment (pxe) using active management technology (amt) for remote discovery. In these embodiments, a management engine (me) may maintain full control of a wireless interface and a wireless connection as booting begins.
Hierarchical criteria-based timeout protocols
A method of applying a timeout protocol by an access manager to a plurality of resources may include storing the timeout protocol comprising at least one criterion, and receiving a request for a first resource. Each of the resources can be segregated into separate application domains, the first resource can be associated with a first attribute, and the first attribute can be assigned a first value.
Streamlining input of exercise and nutrition logic using geographic information
Streamlining input of exercise and nutrition logic. Identifying, for a user location, likely activities by the user, and nutrition or exercise information for those activities.
Methods and arrangements for beamforming reports in wireless networks
Logic of an access point may transmit a null data packet for beamforming training and transmit a beamforming report poll to the first station on a user list before receiving a transmission from the first station on the user list. Logic may wait for a timeout period to determine whether the first station on the user list will respond to the null data packet prior to transmitting the beamforming report poll.
Method and system for asynchronous successive approximation register (sar) analog-to-digital converters (adcs)
An asynchronous successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter (sar adc), which utilizes one or more overlapping redundant bits in each digital-to-analog converter (dac) code word, is operable to generate an indication signal that indicates completion of each comparison step and indicates that an output decision for each comparison step is valid. A timer may be initiated based on the generated indication signal.
File system with optimistic i/o operations on shared storage
A method for performing i/o operations on a file stored in a file system utilizing a shared data storage system and accessible by a plurality of host computers is disclosed. A host computer receives from a process executing on it, a request to read data stored in the file.
Self troubleshooting home router
A device detects dns timeouts indicative of a connectivity problem, determines, after detection of the dns timeouts, whether a reboot timer has expired prior to troubleshooting the connectivity problem, and reboots the device and collect error logs when the reboot timer has expired. The device determines whether the rebooting of the device has corrected the connectivity problem, and provides a request to perform a reset of the device when the rebooting of the device fails to correct the connectivity problem.
Methods and network nodes for setting a timeout value
A method in a user equipment (110) and a user equipment (110) for setting a timeout value, indicative of a duration during which a value related to radio transmissions is to be reused by the user equipment, are provided. The user equipment obtains a timeout value, which is based on mobility information indicating mobility of the user equipment.
Systems and methods for suspending idle devices
A method for suspending an idle device includes receiving, by a processor, an indication that a device having a communication channel is connected to a host device. The method then includes determining a first timeout value associated with the communication channel and a second timeout value associated with the first device.
Adaptive hardware interrupt moderation
In one embodiment, a method comprising receiving plural packets; and adaptively adjusting a pushtimer timeout value, packet aggregation threshold, or a combination of both based on a change in filtered rate of the received plural packets.. .
Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the semiconductor memory device
A method of operating a semiconductor memory device includes receiving a timeout index signal corresponding to a master of the first master group based on a residual capacity of a data buffer of the first master, setting a first timeout value in response to the timeout index signal, and changing an execution order of commands stored in a queue of the semiconductor memory device based on a result of counting the first timeout value and counting a second timeout value corresponding to a master of the second master group.. .
Per-peer request delivery timeouts
A method for per-peer request delivery timeouts includes receiving a diameter message at a diameter routing agent, testing if the diameter message is a request message destined for an associated peer, and if said test is affirmative, then retrieving a preset timeout associated with that peer; initiating a timeout timer with said preset timeout; and forwarding the diameter request message to said peer. The disclosure provides additional steps with respect to stopping the timer in the event that a response message is received prior to the timer expiring; or alternatively, either resending the request or providing an unable to deliver response in the event the timer does expire.
Fast dynamic voltage response for voltage regulators with droop control
A dynamic voltage response network for a switching regulator with droop control providing a droop control signal includes a voltage identification setting network, a pass and hold system, and a reset network. The voltage identification setting network initiates a hold condition and adjusts an output voltage reference in response to a change in a voltage identification input.
Reception device and program for reception device
A reception device and program for the reception device that uses a scalable video coding (svc) method to ensure best-effort image data transmission even when stream-type data is transmitted through a transmission control protocol (tcp). The reception device includes a frame detecting unit configured to detect a base layer reception completed time point indicating a time at which a base layer of a frame to be reproduced is formed using the received image packet, a timer unit configured to detect an expiration of a timeout period beginning at the earliest from the base layer reception completed time point, and a reception completed packet processing unit configured to transmit a reception completed packet to the transmission device, the reception completed packet indicating that at least one transmitted image packet is not received after the expiration of the timeout period detected by the timer unit..
Methods of operating memory devices within a communication protocol standard timeout requirement
The present disclosure includes methods and devices for logical memory blocks. One method for operating a memory device includes receiving a command to operate x pages of the memory device, x being greater than y, and executing the command by executing multiple subcommands, each subcommand operating on a logical memory block portion of the x pages, each logical memory block including at most y pages.
Avoiding client timeouts in a distributed filesystem
The disclosed embodiments disclose techniques that facilitate of avoiding client timeouts in a distributed filesystem. Multiple cloud controllers collectively manage distributed filesystem data that is stored in one or more cloud storage systems; the cloud controllers ensure data consistency for the stored data, and each cloud controller caches portions of the distributed filesystem in a local storage pool.
Automated transaction tuning in application servers
The transaction timeout values for applications deployed in an enterprise application server are dynamically adjusted for each application request made by each of multiple applications. Transaction timeout values are dynamically determined based upon known load and status of database and enterprise network connection conditions and historical data related to the application database requests.
System and method for display timeout on mobile communication devices
A mobile communication device includes executable instructions for carrying out a method including setting a time duration for an application, receiving a first input, receiving a second input, determining the elapsed time between the first and second inputs, modifying the time duration based upon the elapsed time, and dimming a screen of the mobile device when the elapsed time exceeds the time duration.. .

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