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 Digital discrete-time non-foster circuits and elements patent thumbnailDigital discrete-time non-foster circuits and elements
A method to implement circuits and circuit elements having one or more ports may include digitizing, using analog-to-digital converters, continuous-time input signals received from one or more ports of a circuit to form discrete-time input signals. At a digital signal processor, the discrete-time input signals are received and the discrete-time input signals are processed to calculate a desired discrete-time output signals.
The University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

 System and  assessing a cancer status of biological tissue patent thumbnailSystem and assessing a cancer status of biological tissue
A method for assessing a cancer status of biological tissue includes the steps of: obtaining a raman spectrum indicating a raman spectroscopy response of the biological tissue, the raman spectrum captured using a fiber-optic probe of a fiber-optic raman spectroscopy system; inputting the raman spectrum into a boosted tree classification algorithm of a computer program, and using the boosted tree classification algorithm for comparing, in real-time, the captured raman spectrum to reference data and assessing the cancer status of the biological tissue based on said comparison, the reference data being previously determined based on a set of reference raman spectra indicating raman spectroscopy responses of reference biological tissues wherein each of the reference biological tissues is associated with a known cancer status; and generating a real-time output indicating the assessed cancer status of the biological tissue.. .
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning/mcgill University

 Device management apparatus, management program update method and program patent thumbnailDevice management apparatus, management program update method and program
A device management apparatus is configured to set a first update time to execute a first update procedure to update a running management program, for managing one or multiple devices in a management target area, to a new management program at a time outside a scheduled time of execution of a specific procedure. The device management apparatus is configured to execute the first update procedure at the set first update time.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Data analytics database and platform system and method patent thumbnailData analytics database and platform system and method
A data analytics platform system includes a first database including economic forecast, house pricing, unemployment, and interest rate data object structures. A second database includes data object structures associated with attributes of mortgage loans and borrowers.
Federal Housing Finance Agency

 Personalized real time outdoor guidance application for mass evacuation patent thumbnailPersonalized real time outdoor guidance application for mass evacuation
A system including a cloud app executing on a cloud processor that detects an evacuation message, a portable device that receives a notification from the cloud app of the evacuation message, a processor of the cloud app that determines a current geographic location of the portable device and an evacuation destination for the portable device and that downloads a map to the portable device showing a route from the current location to the evacuation destination and a processor that updates the map based upon real-time events occurring along the route.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

 Method for performing wi-fi display service and device for same patent thumbnailMethod for performing wi-fi display service and device for same
The present invention relates to a wireless communication system, and disclosed are a method for performing a wi-fi display (wfd) service and a device for same. To this end, the method for performing the wi-fi display service from a first wireless device comprises the steps of: the first wireless device encoding a real-time output screen of the first wireless device by using a common codec, which commonly supported by the first wireless device and a second wireless device, and then, streaming the real-time output screen to the second wireless device; receiving a user input of a multimedia file streaming request; and temporarily discontinuing streaming of the real-time output screen and streaming a multimedia file from the first wireless device to the second wireless, when the multimedia file can be played from the second wireless device..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Circuit structure for enhancing eft immunity of primary side converter patent thumbnailCircuit structure for enhancing eft immunity of primary side converter
The present disclosure relates to a circuit structure for enhancing eft immunity of primary side converter, including a power ground and a feedback voltage detecting block, a feedback current detecting block, a controller, a pwm driving block, a high voltage starting block, a starting unit, a circuit for enhancing eft immunity of primary side converter, a power mos transistor, and an or gate configured to perform a logical or of an off-time calculated theoretically and an off-time output by an off-time control block. The present disclosure enhances eft immunity effectively and improves the dynamic characteristics of the primary side converter..
Wuxi Chipown Micro-electronics Limited

 Asynchronous high-speed programmable divider patent thumbnailAsynchronous high-speed programmable divider
A method of dividing a clock signal by an input signal of n bits with m most significant bits is described herein. The method includes dividing the clock signal by the most significant bits of the input signal 2n-m−1 times out of 2n-m divisions of the clock signal, using a divider.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

 Method and device for processing service request patent thumbnailMethod and device for processing service request
A method for processing a service request is provided, which includes: assigning, by a server, an identifier to a service request; if processing of a first service times out, marking a processing state as a first processing state, if the processing does not time out and the processing succeeds, continuously processing the second service, and if the processing times out, marking the processing state as a second processing state; and querying for the processing state of the service request according to the identifier regularly, acquiring a processing result of the service request, and sending the processing result to the user terminal, the processing result including a first processing result corresponding to the first service and a second processing result corresponding to the second service, where when it is queried that the second processing result is unsuccessful, an identifier is reassigned to the service request.. .
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

 Content output apparatus, content output system, content output method, and computer readable storage medium patent thumbnailContent output apparatus, content output system, content output method, and computer readable storage medium
A content output apparatus is provided with an output unit which starts outputting content based on entry of a person into a predetermined area, a detection unit which detects a person viewing the content outputted by the output unit, and an evaluation unit which evaluates the content based on a ratio of a content output time outputted by the output unit and a detect time representing a person detected by the detection unit.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Speed change vehicle

After a speed change operation mechanism has changed gear position during a shift in a vehicle, a controller operates an actuator to put a clutch into a partial clutch engagement state, thereby reducing difference rotation nd of the clutch, and temporarily lowers an output of an engine below a normal-time output. After the difference rotation of the clutch is reduced, the controller returns the engine output to the normal-time output, and operates the actuator to bring the clutch into a full capacity state.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Communication apparatus, controlling communication apparatus, and program

A communication apparatus notifies a partner terminal of delayed acknowledgement (ack) information, and the partner terminal determines a retransmission time out (rto) minimum value based on the delayed ack information. The communication apparatus notifies the partner terminal of the delayed ack information using a transmission control protocol (tcp) header option at the time of a tcp connection, or using an application.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Gesture recognition mechanism

A method is described including performing gestural training to extract training signals representing a gesture from each sensor in a sensor array, storing the training signals for each signal corresponding to the gesture in a library, receiving real time signals from the sensor array and comparing the real time output signals to corresponding training signals within the library to determine if a gesture has been recognized. .

Article dispenser and methods relating to same

A dispenser that may be loaded with a plurality of interconnected articles with at least one grasping section and that may then be selectively withdrawn one at a time out through an extraction site and indexed for subsequent withdrawal upon removal along with methods of manufacturing and assembling, the article itself, and additional features such as a separator for engaging the article to dispense the article in an open configuration, a restrainer for aiding separation of the articles, and an elevator or ramp for locating the grasping sections of the articles near the extraction site are disclosed herein.. .

Product securement and management system

A merchandising system that improves the merchandising of product by limiting the number and the frequency with which product can be removed from, for example, a merchandising shelf. The merchandising system may include a base configured to support product and a housing configured to engage the base.
Rtc Industries, Inc.

Remote power down control of a device

In remote power down control of a device configured for externally initiated remote power down, such as over a network, all externally connected sources of valid power down requests for the device is monitored; and the device is powered down in response to a combination of one of a received power down request and a time out with respect to each of the sources of valid power down requests for the device.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and polar receiver with digital demodulation

Circuitry and methods are described for digital signal demodulation. In a polar receiver, a modulated radio-frequency input signal is provided to frequency division circuitry, which may include a harmonic injection-locked oscillator (ilo).
Innophase Inc.

Continuous-time quantization device, radio frequency signal receiver comprising such a device and continuous-time quantization method

A device for quantizing an analog input signal, for supply of a continuous-time output signal quantized using a plurality of bits, includes a sign analysis electronic circuit, configured to supply a first signal representative of a first sign bit of the output signal, and an envelope analysis electronic circuit, including a comparator/quantizer with two inputs one of which receives the analog input signal, configured to supply a second signal representative of at least a second bit of the output signal, as a quantized envelope signal, and a feedback loop with continuous-time digital-to-analog conversion of the quantized envelope signal, arranged between the output and the other of the two inputs of the comparator/quantizer. The quantized envelope signal is a signal of which a low pass filtering is representative of the amplitude of an envelope signal of the input signal and the feedback loop includes a low pass filter..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Method for predicting symmetric, automated, real-time arc flash energy within a real-time monitoring system

Systems and methods for making real-time predictions about an arc flash event on an electrical system are disclosed. An analytics server is communicatively connected to a data acquisition component.
Power Analytics Corporation

Selective data collection using a management system

A management system sends a first request for first data associated with multiple network entities. If the first request times out, the first request is split to create multiple smaller requests and the multiple smaller requests sent, requesting data from a subset of the multiple network entities.
Dell Products L.p.

Corkscrew user interface linking content and curators

A user interface (ui) links additional content and curators of videos by connecting dots with lines to show the connections. The lines can fade out as to not busy the interface.
Sony Corporation

Apparatus and system for an active star/stub/ring controller area network physical layer transceiver

A controller area network (can) node comprises an internal high differential bus line (canh) and an internal low differential bus line (canl). The can node further comprises a receiver (rxd) comparator coupled to both the internal canh and the internal canl that outputs an internal rxd signal.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

System and methods for intuitive modeling of complex networks in a digital environment

Systems and methods for modeling an electrical power system are disclosed. A computer and an analytics server are in network connection.
Power Analytics Corporation

Time out-of-home monitoring

Systems and methods for determining time a subject spends outside of their home based on signals received from unobtrusive sensors in the home are disclosed. In one example approach, a method for determining time a subject spends outside of their home comprises receiving sensor firing data for a duration from sensors in the home, dividing the duration into epochs, extracting features from the sensor firing data received during the epoch, and classifying each epoch as out-of-home or in-home based on the features extracted from the sensor firing data during the epoch..
Oregon Health & Science University

Method for preventing packet channel timing out and system

A communication system, cache, computer readable medium and method for preventing a packet channel in the communication network to time out. The method includes sending data from a cache to a user terminal, wherein the cache is located at an interface device; determining that the data is sent to the user terminal from the cache without passing a core network; and generating and sending a dummy message through the core network to a device having an internet protocol, ip, address..
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Integrated managed pressure drilling transient hydraulic model simulator architecture

A system is described herein for performing off shore field operations. The system includes a number of process measuring devices that measure real-time process data.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Controller with leakage current protection of a diode and operation method thereof

A controller with leakage current protection of a diode includes a comparison unit, a reference voltage generation unit, a time out signal generation unit, and a gate signal generation unit, wherein the diode is applied to a secondary side of a power converter. The comparison unit outputs a corresponding selection signal according to a compensation voltage and a threshold.
Leadtrend Technology Corp.

Dynamic motion path blur kernel

Dynamic motion path blur techniques are described. In one or more implementations, paths may be specified to constrain a motion blur effect to be applied to a single image.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Dynamic motion path blur user interface

Dynamic motion path blur techniques are described. In one or more implementations, paths may be specified to constrain a motion blur effect to be applied to a single image.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Multi-farm wind power generation system

A multi-farm wind power dispatch management system is provided which includes wind turbine dispatch controllers for controlling wind power dispatch of respective wind farm components and wind farm dispatch management systems for receiving respective wind farm component operating parameters and generating respective farm-level operating parameters. The system also includes group dispatch management systems for receiving the farm-level operating parameters and generating respective group level operating parameters.
General Electric Company

Control of page access in memory

The present techniques provide systems and methods of controlling access to more than one open page in a memory component, such as a memory bank. Several components may request access to the memory banks.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Dynamic motion path blur techniques

Dynamic motion path blur techniques are described. In one or more implementations, paths may be specified to constrain a motion blur effect to be applied to a single image.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Remote power down control of a device

In remote power down control of a device configured for externally initiated remote power down, such as over a network, all externally connected sources of valid power down requests for the device is monitored; and the device is powered down in response to a combination of one of a received power down request and a time out with respect to each of the sources of valid power down requests for the device.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Routing in a wdm-based pon

It is disclosed a remote node connectable to multiple feeder fibers from one or more central offices, cos, of a wavelength division multiplexing-based passive optical network, wdm-based pon. The remote node comprises one or more splitters each configured to receive a monitoring signal on a connected feeder fiber and to split the monitoring signal into split monitoring signals, wherein the monitoring signal uses one wavelength at a time out of a group of different wavelengths, and an arrayed waveguide grating, awg, with output ports connectable to drop fibers.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Enabling planned upgrade/downgrade of network devices without impacting network sessions

Exemplary embodiments for enabling planned network changes such as an upgrade or downgrade of a network device are disclosed. The systems and methods provide for planned upgrades and downgrades for network devices without impacting existing network sessions, by utilizing two network devices simultaneously, and creating a redirect network session for a predetermined period of time.

Controller, control method, and control program

A controller having an auto-tuning function has a manipulated value determination unit that selectively determines a first manipulated value for causing a first change in a controlled value of a controlled object or a second manipulated value for causing a second change opposite to the first change in the controlled value, in accordance with a preset parameter, so that a process value obtained from the controlled object follows a target value, and a tuning unit that alternately outputs the first manipulated value and the second manipulated value in accordance with the process value, and that determines the parameter from a response characteristic obtained through the alternate output. The tuning unit successively changes a magnitude of the first manipulated value each time output is switched during the alternate output of the first manipulated value and the second manipulated value..
Omron Corporation

Processing and distribution of video-on-demand content items

A method includes determining, at a server, whether to send a media content item to a media device based on a recommendation, where the media content item is associated with a time period. The method also includes, in response to a determination to send the media content item, sending the media content item from the server to the media device, where the media content item is unplayable at the media device when attempted to be played at a time outside of the time period..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp.

Realtime communications and network browsing client

A graphical user interface is displayed. The graphical user interface includes at least one communication control for managing communications with other network nodes and at least one browser control for navigating to different network resource addresses.
Social Communications Company

Device movement detection when powered down

Systems and methods detect a power supply device of an apparatus being disconnected from an external ac power source and control a dc power storage element of the apparatus to supply power to a processor and directional force sensor of the apparatus. Such systems and methods record directional force measurements output by the directional force sensor and a measure of time output by a clock device of the apparatus while the processor detects that the power supply is disconnected from the external ac power source to store directions, magnitudes, and time durations of the directional force measurements in a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium of the apparatus.
Xerox Corporation

Methods and radio access node for determining a cell state

A method in a radio access node performs a sleepy cell test which can determine a cell state for a cell served by a radio access node. Fulfilment of a predetermined triggering condition is detected in a radio access node.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Biological information measurement apparatus, information processing apparatus, and biological information measurement system

A biological information measurement apparatus includes a sensor unit, a processing unit which detects biological information based on sensor information from the sensor unit, a communication unit which transmits the biological information to an information processing apparatus, and a time output unit which outputs time. The communication unit obtains a delay time of the transmission timing of the biological information based on apparatus-specific information, obtains a first transmission timing based on the time output from the time output unit, and transmits the biological information at a second transmission timing delayed from a first transmission timing by the obtained delay time..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Image reading apparatus having transmission function and control method therefor

An image reading apparatus in which a session timeout does not take place in a case where user's confirmation is obtained before image data obtained by reading originals is transmitted. Before transmission of image data, a control unit determines whether a protocol having a time out is selected.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Surgical scalpel handle assembly requiring a verification process performed prior to and during surgery using actuators to unlock and engage blade holder in ready for cutting position

A surgical scalpel handle assembly system and method that requires a surgeon to actively perform a verification process known as a “time out” verification process but specifically requires sequentially moving a series of actuator knobs on a scalpel handle upon affirming each criterion embedded in the scalpel handle. The required sequential confirmation of each criterion unlocks and ejects a blade holder from a scalpel handle to a position fully engaged and ready for blade attachment, surgery and in cutting position.

Reconfigurable bag

Embodiments of the present invention relate to a reconfigurable bag which can form a variety of bags, handbags and purses. With all of the demands of busy lives, women today need to have a variety of bags and purses.

Test and monitoring system for a sump pump installation having a variable test cycle time out

An automated system for monitoring and testing a sump pump installation includes an electrically-actuated valve which admits liquid into the liquid container in response to a valve control signal. A test control module supplies a valve control signal to initiate a test cycle during which liquid is admitted to the container to cause the liquid level in the container to rise after which the pump, if functional, discharges liquid from the container and the test cycle is terminated.

Power saving with adaptive inactivity time out

Power saving for wireless communication devices by adjusting the amount of time, after a last transmission/reception of data, that the device remains in an awake mode listening for more data before the device enters a sleep mode. This time period may be referred to as inactivity time interval or inactivity timeout (ito).
Qualcomm Incorporated

Hybrid system for demand prediction

In demand prediction, a history of demand for a resource is modeled to generate a baseline model of the demand, and demand for the resource at a prediction time is predicted by evaluating a regression function of depth k operating on an input data set including at least the demand for the resource at the prediction time output by the baseline model and measured demand for the resource measured at k times prior to the prediction time. The resource may be off-street parking, and the input data set may further include weather data.
Xerox Corporation

Article carrier

An article carrier is an apparatus designed to transport, protect, and organize a user's equipment and personal items, particularly when spending time outdoors. The article carrier features a backpack as well as a deployable cushioned/padded seat that allows the article carrier to be utilized with existing outdoor equipment such as a tree stand.

Method and performing real-time out home advertising performance analytics based on arbitrary data streams and out of home advertising display analysis

An approach is provided for determining performance of location-based displays. The coincidences computational platform may process and/or facilitate a processing of at least one data stream associated with at least one device to cause, at least in part, an extraction of one or more data sets.
Here Global B.v.

Deauthenticating and disassociating unauthorized access points with spoofed management frames

A spoofed management frame is sent to an unauthorized access point (ap) on behalf of a station from an authorized ap, using a media access control (mac) address of the station. The spoofed frame triggers a security association (sa) query from an unauthorized ap to reestablish valid communications.
Meru Networks

Systems and methods for test time outlier detection and correction in integrated circuit testing

Methods and systems for semiconductor testing are disclosed. In one embodiment, devices which are testing too slowly are prevented from completing testing, thereby allowing untested devices to begin testing sooner..
Optimal Plus Ltd.

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  • Transmission Control Protocol
  • Programmable Memory
  • Application Program
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  • Semiconductor
  • Distributed
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