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Test technique for set-top boxes
A test system () for testing for missing or shorted parts within a tuner circuit includes a signal generator () for applying a harmonic-containing baseband time varying RF test signal to the tuner circuit. The tuner circuit is tuned to a harmonic of test signal. A detector coupled to the...

Accelerometer and method of making same
An accelerometer includes a mass, suspended by a beam, and associated conductive paths. Each conductive path is subjected to a magnetic field, such that, when a time varying signal is applied to the conductive paths, a characteristic resonant frequency is produced, and when the mass experiences an acceleration, a respective change...

Ultrasound imaging system and method
c) combining the received signals at the different sub-intervals of the time interval based on said time varying, according to expected ultrasound propagation times to scatterers localized at different pixels, to find image densities at the pixels. b) receiving echoes of the transmitted ultrasound,...

Method and apparatus for supporting hybrid carrier aggregation
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus, e.g., base station, determines a plurality of component carriers configured for a user equipment (UE) served by the apparatus. The plurality of component carriers includes a primary component carrier and a secondary component carrier. The...

Control system for real-time complex resource allocation
A control system for real-time complex resource allocation with a geographically distributed real-time varying demand for resources is described. The control system comprises: a central control server () arranged to receive a resource request for provision of a mobile resource to a specified geographic location from a remotely located requester device...

Sensing operations in a memory device
Methods for sensing, method for programming, memory devices, and memory systems are disclosed. In one such method for sensing, a counting circuit generates a count output and a translated count output. The count output is converted into a time varying voltage that biases a word line coupled to memory cells being...

System and methods to achieve optimum efficiency-jain fairness in wireless systems
Embodiments are provided for scheduling resources considering data rate-efficiency and fairness trade-off. A value of Jain's fairness index (JFI) is determined for transmitting a service to a plurality of users, and accordingly a sum of throughputs is maximized for transmitting the service to the users. Alternatively, a sum of throughputs is...

Adaptive unified performance management (aupm) of network elements
Systems and methods which provide an adaptive unified performance management (AUPM) framework for interacting with disparate network elements using techniques adaptive to operational conditions to provide network performance adaptive root cause analysis (ARCA) are shown. An AUPM framework of embodiments of the invention implements a proxy based architecture in which a...

Method and system for non-invasively monitoring biological or biochemical parameters of individual
A system and method are presented for use in monitoring one or more conditions of a subject's body. The system comprises a control unit which comprises an input port for receiving image data and data indicative of at least one external stimulation (external field) applied to a portion of the subject's...

Processing signals in a wireless communications environment
One aspect provides a method of processing a signal transmitted over a channel in a wireless communication system. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving at a receiver the signal transmitted over the channel, estimating at intervals at least one parameter of a time varying communication environment of the system, monitoring...

Acoustic transducer
This invention relates to acoustic transducers with stationary and moving coils, and methods for operating the acoustic transducers. Time varying signals are applied to the moving and stationary coils to control the movement of a diaphragm, which produces sound. The time varying signal applied to the moving coil corresponds to at...

Detecting a memory device defect
A technique includes receiving data indicative of a time varying count of errors, which are attributable to at least one memory device. The technique includes filtering the indicated count and detecting a defect in the memory device(s), where the detecting includes selectively generating an indicator to represent that the memory device(s)...

Usage of beacon for location based security
A system for location based security which includes a plurality of receivers. Each of the receivers determines times of arrival of received time varying signals. The system also includes a server in communication with the receivers and a mobile device. The server receives the times of arrival from the receivers, and...

Depositing lithium metal oxide on a battery substrate
A method of depositing lithium metal oxide on a battery substrate in a sputtering chamber comprising a substrate support, first and second sputtering targets each comprising lithium metal oxide, and first and second electrodes about the backside surfaces of the first and second sputtering targets respectively. In the method, a substrate...

Inductive inertial sensor architecture & fabrication in packaging build-up layers
This invention relates to inductive inertial sensors employing a magnetic drive and/or sense architecture. In embodiments, translational gyroscopes utilize a conductive coil made to vibrate in a first dimension as a function of a time varying current driven through the coil in the presence of a magnetic field. Sense coils register...

Bias reduction in force rebalanced accelerometers
A system is provided for the continuous reduction, in real time, of bias in a force rebalanced accelerometers having a proof mass coupled to an accelerometer housing by a flexure suspension. The system comprises a closed loop, force rebalance servo that provides control voltage to the proof mass to null an...

Audio processing device comprising artifact reduction
An audio processing device comprises a forward path comprising an input unit for delivering a time varying electric input signal representing an audio signal, the electric input signal comprising a target signal part and a noise signal part, a signal processing unit for processing said electric input signal and providing a...

Systems and methods for imaging characteristics of a sample and for identifying regions of damage in the sample
Systems and methods for imaging characteristics of a sample and for identifying regions of damage in the sample are generally described. Some example systems and methods for non-destructive evaluation of regions of material may operate in a direct current (DC) mode in which the system directly images regions of material where...

System for distributed blood flow measurement
A medical system for minimally-invasive measurement of blood flow in an artery (AT). An interventional device (IVD) with an optical fiber (FB) comprising a plurality of temperature-sensitive optical sensor segments, e.g. Fiber Bragg Gratings, spatially distributed along its longitudinal extension is configured for insertion into an artery (AT). A temperature changer...

Gasifier configured to electrodynamically agitate charged chemical species in a reaction region and related methods
Embodiments are directed to a gasifier that electrodynamically agitates charged chemical species in a reaction region of a reaction vessel of a gasifier and related methods. In an embodiment, a gasifier includes a reaction vessel configured to gasify at least one hydrocarbon-containing feed material to synthesis gas. The reaction vessel includes...

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