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Time Varying patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Time Varying-related patents

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Virtual flowmeter for a well
A technique includes inducing a distributed temperature change along a portion of a wellbore and measuring a time varying temperature along the portion of the wellbore due to the induced change. The technique includes determining a distributed flow rate in the portion based at least in part on the measured time...

Method and apparatus for motion compensation in interferometric sensing systems
An optical interrogation system, e.g., an OFDR-based system, measures local changes, of index of refraction of a sensing light guide subjected to a time-varying disturbance. Interferometric measurement signals detected for a length of the sensing light guide are transformed into the spectral domain. A time varying signal is determined from the...

Audio processing apparatus, reproduction apparatus, audio processing method and program
The disclosed apparatus extracts particular instrument sounds included in music in real time during music reproduction. The audio processing section has an attack decision section that decides attack positions of the bass drum sounds in audio signals, a bass drum sounds decision section that decides sound periods of...

Method and apparatus for automated control of marine vessel
An improved autopilot system securely attached to a steering helm unit and mounted within the dashboard or pedestal of a marine vessel for automatic control over a vessel's direction of movement. One embodiment of an improved actuator utilizes endless belt members , a driven pulley attached to a steering shaft...

Time-segmented statistical i/o modeling
A system includes tracing logic to parse trace information into time varying segments and model traces based on segments of time varying I/O (input/output) and/or workload behavior. The logic can detect segments that represent statistically similar system behavior and reduce the number of segments based on detecting segments representing similar system...

Method and apparatus to evaluate audio equipment via filter banks
A testing method or apparatus utilizes filter banks to measure time varying or dynamic harmonic distortion or intermodulation distortion. With a stairstep signal and filter banks, Nth order harmonic and or intermodulation distortion is measured via the filter banks at different offsets provided by an arbitrary low frequency signal. An amplifier...

Multi-coil transcranial magnetic stimulation
An improved apparatus is provided for transcranial magnetic stimulation in a brain of a subject. The apparatus is comprised of: a plurality of coils electrically connected in series to each other; and a single source of current electrically coupled to one of the plurality of coils. Each coil may include one...

Flow imaging
A system suitable for reducing static or slow moving echoes from acoustic boundaries in a system such as pipe walls, blood vessels, tissue structures so that an image from flowing or time varying media such as water, oil, blood etc may be imaged more clearly, the system including an analogue-to-digital converter...

Impedance-based bacterial detection system
A method and apparatus for determining the presence or absence of microorganisms in a liquid sample. A vessel with an electrode disposed therein receives a volume of liquid to be tested. A second electrode is also provided, both electrodes in physical contact with the liquid sample. A time varying signal is...

Acoustic transducer
This invention relates to acoustic transducers with stationary and moving coils, and methods for operating the acoustic transducers. Time varying signals are applied to the moving and stationary coils to control the movement of a diaphragm, which produces sound. The time varying signal applied to the moving coil corresponds to at...

Measurement system utilizing a frequency-dithered local oscillator
An improved receiver system may include an input to receive an input signal, and a signal generating circuit to generate a desired oscillator signal that is a single sideband radio frequency signal of time varying frequency. The receiver may also include a downconversion stage to generate an intermediate frequency (IF) signal...

Method and apparatus to evaluate audio equipment via at least one filter for dynamic distortions and or differential phase and or frequency modulation effects
A testing method or apparatus utilizes a filter or modifier to measure time varying or dynamic harmonic, intermodulation, cross modulation, and or N-Beat or triple distortion from a device. With a stairstep or arbitrary signal and another signal, Nth order harmonic, cross modulation, triple beat, N-Beat, and or intermodulation distortion is...

Electronic payment transponder
A transponder for facilitating financial transaction communications is provided. The transponder includes a detector, a processing module, and a magnetic field source. The detector detects a first time varying magnetic field generated by a mobile electronic device. The first time varying magnetic field is encoded with financial account information. The processing...

Method for symbol sampling in a high time delay spread interference environment
Symbol sampling in a high time delay spread interference environment includes acquiring () a time varying baseband waveform. The waveform has a signal amplitude that varies between one of a plurality of symbol states. The waveform is sampled () at a rate of m times the symbol rate. During an evaluation...

Wireless power system
A wireless power system capable of transmitting power through the skin over distances ranging from a few inches to several feet includes an external transmitting coil assembly and a receiving coil assembly. A transmitting resonant coil and a receiving resonant coil are constructed as to have closely matched or identical resonant...

Time varying data permutation apparatus and methods
Multiple data permutation operations in respective different dimensions are used to provide an overall effective data permutation using smaller blocks of data in each permutation than would be used in directly implementing the overall permutation in a single permutation operation. Data that has been permuted in one permutation operation is block...

Space-time separated and jointly evolving relationship-based network access and data protection system
A network security system that employs space-time separated and jointly-evolving relationships to provide fast network access control, efficient real-time forensics capabilities, and enhanced protection for at-rest data in the event of a network breach. The network security system allows, in part, functionality by which the system accepts a request by a...

System and methods which remove material from blood vessel walls
Systems and methods for removing plaque from blood vessels by applying constant or time varying magnetic or electrical fields. In one embodiment a system includes winding configurations positioned about a central axis along which a body region may be placed. Each winding configuration generates a magnetic field in a direction which...

Detection and classification scheme for power over ethernet system
In a method performed by a PoE system, a PSE provides data and operating voltage over Ethernet wires to a PD. Before the full PoE voltage is supplied, the PSE generates a low current signal received by the PD. A circuit in the PD, connected across its input terminals, has a...

Method and apparatus to measure blood thickness level and blood constituent concentration
In described embodiment a method and an apparatus are provided for blood characterization. A closed loop electrical circuit employs as part of the circuit, a time varying resistive path that is made out of blood constituents and other chemicals. As the blood characteristics are changing, the resistance of the electrical path...

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