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System and method for media stream playback and buffer management
A media stream playback and buffer management system includes: a server; a wireless router being connected with the server through a network cable; at least a media stream receiver being connected to the wireless router through a network cable, including a buffer, and configured to download media stream frames from the...

Apparatus and method for dating a body or body sample
A method and apparatus for dating a dating a body sample, such as blood, includes taking at least one spectroscopic measurement () of the sample at least two predetermined positions in the spectrum having spectral characteristics corresponding to at least two predetermined substances present in the sample that have a time...

Portable rfid reading terminal with visual indication of scan trace
A portable radio-frequency identifier (RFID) reading terminal can comprise a microprocessor, a memory, an RFID reading device, and a display. The portable RFID reading terminal can be configured to display a scan trace provided by a line comprising a plurality of time varying points. Each point can be defined by a...

Filter structure for iterative signal processing
A method is for communicating by tracking time varying channels in a multiple access packet based communication network. Each packet includes a preamble portion including a data symbol, and a data portion including data symbols. The method may include initializing a channel estimate reference from an initial channel estimate based upon...

Adaptive optical system testbed with karhunen-loeve polynomial based method for simulating atmospheric turbulence
A system and method for simulating atmospheric turbulence for testing optical components. A time varying phase screen representing atmospheric turbulence is generated using Karhunen-Loeve polynomials and a splining technique for generating temporal functions of the noise factor for each Zernike mode. The phase screen is input to a liquid crystal spatial...

Systems and methods for spatio-temporal analysis
High resolution time sequences of 3D images that show the dynamics of a time varying changes are provided. The 3D time series of images representing an object that include time varying changes may be produced from lower dimensional image time sequences, such as 2D images. The 2D images may be generated...

Deriving arterial pulse transit time from a source video image
What is disclosed is a system and method for determining an arterial pulse transit time of a subject of interest in a remote sensing environment. A video imaging system is used to capture a time varying source images of a proximal and distal region of a subject intended to be analyzed...

Time varying channels having pilots
A wireless communication unit for recovering transmit data comprises a receiver for receiving a signal comprising a data payload and at least two pilots, wherein at least a first pilot type of the at least two pilots is different to a second pilot type of the at least two pilots. The...

Removing environment factors from signals generated from video images captured for biomedical measurements
What is disclosed is a system and method for automatically removing undesirable periodic or random background noise from heart rate measurement signals obtained from a video camera, ambient illuminator and other unknown electromagnetic sources to improve the overall reliability of biomedical measurements. In one embodiment, a time varying video image acquired...

Photon detector
A photon detection system comprising an avalanche photo-diode, said avalanche photodiode comprising a p-n junction formed from a first semiconductor layer having a first conductivity type and a second semiconductor layer having a second conductivity type, wherein the first conductivity type is one selected from n-type or p-type and the second...

Force-equalization stationary-coil actuator for fluid movers
A fluid mover includes a first dynamic armature attached to a flexible member and a second dynamic armature attached to a second flexible member. The fluid mover also includes a housing and first and second flexible members being attached to the housing so as to form a fluid chamber volume bounded...

Time varying density of tissues
Systems for providing time varying density signatures of tissues are presented. The time varying density signatures can be calculated based on obtained sensor data reflecting one or more properties (e.g., physical, mechanical, electrical, etc.) of a target tissue. The time varying density signatures can then be used to generate an output...

Kinetic flame device
An apparatus for creating flickering flame effects. The apparatus includes a housing with an interior space with first and second stages. A drive mechanism generates a time varying electromagnetic field extending into the first stage. A first pendulum member is pivotally mounted in the interior space of the first stage and...

Processing technique for an impedance biosensor
A system for determining impedance includes receiving a time varying voltage signal from a biosensor and receiving a time varying current signal from the biosensor. The time varying voltage signal and the time varying current signal are transformed to a domain that represents complex impedance values. Calculating parameters based upon the...

Electroactive vibration method
A method for treatment by vibration stimulation of body tissue in a body cavity of a human subject includes providing a stimulation member comprising a dielectric polymer; introducing the stimulation member into a body cavity; expanding the stimulation member to a state such that it abuts the body tissue within the...

System, method, and device for controlled access to a network
A device for controlling network access comprising a first transceiver configured in as open access point device, a second transceiver configured in client mode and configured to connect to a second network, and a human detectable output device. The first transceiver device is configured to request and receive a user access...

Wireless communication in view of time varying interference
In wireless communication systems, a determination may be made whether to hand off a user equipment (UE) based on whether the UE encounters time varying interference, such as UE to UE interference. The time varying interference may be present only in a specific set of time/frequency resources or subframes. Measurement reporting...

Apparatus, system, and method for back-channel communication in an inductive wireless power transfer system
An inductive wireless power transfer device comprises a transmitter that comprises a transmit coil configured to generate a wireless power signal to a coupling region in response to an input voltage, and a modulator configured to modulate the wireless power signal and encode data with the wireless power signal to establish...

An apparatus including a capacitance touch sensor arrangement configured to have a variable capacitance that varies when a user finger touches the capacitance touch sensor arrangement; and at least one variable resistor sensor integrated within the capacitance touch sensor arrangement wherein the variable resistor sensor has a variable resistance that varies...

Shift-invariant digital sampling rate conversion system
There is described a method of making a linear periodically time varying system shift-invariant, comprising the following steps implemented for each input signal the sampling rate of which has to be converted: —generating a set of polyphase components based on the input signal, —feeding the generated set of polyphase components to...

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