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Microwave induced single step green synthesis of some novel 2-aryl aldehydes and their analogues
The present invention provides a process for the preparation of some novel 2-aryl and 2,2-diaryl aldehydes and analogues which are privileged intermediates for commercially important nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including naproxen, flurbiprofen and potent anticancer drug candidates, including phenstatin through a unique single step synthetic methodology utilizing easily available substrates in the...

Receiver apparatus for receiving a multicarrier signal
In time varying OFDM systems, the effect of a non-ideal time synchronization may lead to a poor performance in terms of decoded average bit error rate versus the signal-to-noise ratio. The receiver apparatus () of the transmission system () estimates a subcarrier-dependent channel frequency response and determines an intercarrier interference spreading...

Smart battery charging system
The invention provides systems and methods for charging an electrochemical device, such as a secondary electrochemical cell. Charging systems and methods of some embodiments provide charging parameters, such as charging voltage and charging current, that vary in a preselected manner as a function of time so as to enhance the overall...

Method and apparatus for dynamic 6dof measurement
A method and apparatus is disclosed that modulates the position of one target tracked by a position measuring instrument, measures the path of the target, fits the parameters of a mathematical representation of the time varying path to the path of the target measured as a function of time, and obtains...

System, method and apparatus for enabling transactions using a user enabled programmable magnetic stripe
The present invention provides a system, method and apparatus that includes a user device having a magnetic field generator disposed within a substrate that is normally inactive, an initiator mounted on the substrate, a memory disposed within the substrate and a processor disposed within the substrate that is communicably coupled to...

Acoustic multi-channel cancellation
A multi-channel acoustic echo canceller arrangement comprises a microphone () providing a microphone signal having contributions from at least two audio sources () to be cancelled. An echo canceling circuit () performs echo cancellation of the two audio sources () based on channel estimates for channels from each...

Detection device having increased detection rate, and method for quick detection of biological molecules
A biological molecule detection device that includes a detection array, arranged on a body and having one or more probes for detecting corresponding electrically charged molecules, wherein a time varying electric field generating circuit is provided for generating at least one time varying electric field around the detection array within the...

Method and apparatus for sensing utilizing tiles
An apparatus for sensing includes a computer. The apparatus includes one or more individual sensing tiles in communication with the computer that form a sensor surface that detects force applied to the surface and provides a signal corresponding to the force to the computer which produces from the signal a time...

Analysis and filtering of surface waves in shallow water environment using s and t-f-k transform
The various embodiments of the present invention provide a method for removing a Scholte waves and similar ground roll type waves from a seismic sea bottom data in a shallow water. The method comprises acquiring seismic sea bottom data in a shallow waters, applying a time-frequency-wave number (t-f-k) transform on the...

Identification of rotor broken bar in presence of load pulsation
A method for detecting an anomaly in a rotor of an induction machine is provided. The method includes obtaining or receiving three-phase stator voltage and current signals from the induction machine connected to a time varying load. The method also includes processing the three-phase stator voltage and current signals by transforming...

Systems and methods for media annotation, selection and display of background data
Video content is a time varying presentation of scenes or video frames. Each frame can contain a number of scene elements such as actors, foreground items, background items, or other items. A person enjoying video content can select a scene element by specifying a screen coordinate while the video content plays....

Multichannel digitizer and method of digitizing
A multichannel digitizer and method of digitizing are provided. One digitizer includes an analog to digital convertor (ADC) having a plurality of channels receiving input analog signals; an operational amplifier in each channel and a comparator connected to the operational amplifier. The ADC further includes a logic circuit in each channel...

Method for automatic setting time varying parameter alert and alarm limits
When monitoring physiological parameters (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) of a patient, a threshold limit () is set (e.g., automatically or manually) and the monitored parameter is continuously compared to the threshold limit, which may be constant or may vary with time. An alarm () is triggered if the monitored...

Successive transmit beamforming methods for multiple-antenna orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) systems
An improvement in a method of transmit beamforming between a transmitter and a receiver in an OFDM wireless system having a plurality of subcarriers for a time varying fading channel comprises performing successive beamforming for each of the plurality of subcarriers using less than complete knowledge of the previous fading blocks...

Device and method for determining the composition of a mixture of fluids
A device for determining the composition of a mixture of fluids by spectral absorption, comprises: a radiation source; a detector for detecting radiation that has been attenuated by the mixture; and a device for separating the radiation into a wavelength band corresponding to an absorption band of one of the fluids,...

Method and system for communication in a wireless network
The present application discloses a number of inventions directed to method(s), apparatus and/or networks and systems adapted to track time varying channels, adapted to synchronise packets arriving at a receiver, adapted to correlate a received signal, adapted to manage digital resources, adapted to receive a signal and/or adapted to enable communication...

Analog to digital ramp converter
A method of analog to digital voltage conversion including: generating a quadratic signal based on an analog time varying reference signal; generating a ramp signal based on the quadratic signal; and converting an analog input voltage to a digital output value based on a time duration determined by a comparison of...

Systems and method for igniting explosives
Systems and methods are presented herein that provide for ignition of explosive devices through electric and/or electromagnetic discharge. In one embodiment, an electrostatic discharge is directionally propagated through air to conduct electric current to the explosive device. The electric current may ignite the explosive device via heat, via triggering of ignition...

Linear projected single-layer capacitance sensor
A touch sensor having a plurality of parallel drive electrodes that are being electrically driven, providing stimulus on one end or simultaneously on both ends, thus creating a linear or varying electric field across the length of the drive electrodes, wherein adjacent sensor electrodes are connected to a sense amplifier and...

Implantable wireless power system
A wireless power system capable of transmitting power through the skin without percutaneous wires over distances ranging from a few inches to several feet includes an external transmitting coil assembly and a receiving coil assembly. The transmitting coil assembly includes an excitation coil and transmitting resonant coil which are inductively coupled...

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