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Throttle patents

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Wheel suspension unit with stabilizer arrangement

Supercharger assembly for regeneration of throttling losses and method of control

Anti-cavitation throttle valve and method of operating the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Throttle-related patents
 Vehicle control apparatus, vehicle, and motor patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle control apparatus, vehicle, and motor
A vehicle control apparatus includes an opening degree determination unit that determines the opening degree of a throttle valve based on an accelerator operation amount, and a change suppression unit that reduces a time rate of changing of the opening degree of the throttle valve in a gear change period with a decrease of the rotation speed of the engine, when the opening degree of the throttle valve is changed from a value at which an output torque is greater than a load torque input from a transmission path to an engine toward a boundary value where the output torque is equal to the load torque.. .
 Dynamic augmented reality vision systems patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic augmented reality vision systems
Imaging systems which include an augmented reality feature are provided with automated means to throttle or excite the augmented reality generator. Compound images are presented whereby an optically captured image is over late with a pewter generated image portion to form the complete augmented image for presentation to a user.
 Wheel suspension unit with stabilizer arrangement patent thumbnailnew patent Wheel suspension unit with stabilizer arrangement
A wheel suspension unit is disclosed. The wheel suspension unit includes a stabilizer having a first end and a second end, a wheel suspension element, and a piston-cylinder unit.
 Condenser with a stack of heat exchanger plates patent thumbnailnew patent Condenser with a stack of heat exchanger plates
A condenser has a stack of heat exchanger plates that includes at least a first section for condensation of a refrigerant and a second section for supercooling the refrigerant. A refrigerant flow channel and another flow channel for a liquid coolant stream are formed in each of the first and second sections between the heat exchanger plates that are in heat-exchanging relation.
 Anti-cavitation throttle valve and method of operating the same patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-cavitation throttle valve and method of operating the same
A throttle housing having an inlet end and an outlet end includes a shuttle housing disposed within the throttle housing. The shuttle housing has a first end cap at a first end and an orifice array therethrough.
 Supercharger assembly for regeneration of throttling losses and method of control patent thumbnailnew patent Supercharger assembly for regeneration of throttling losses and method of control
An engine assembly is provided that includes an engine throttle and a supercharger placed in series with one another in air flow to the engine. The throttle and supercharger can be controlled so that throttling losses are selectively distributed across the throttle and/or the supercharger.
 Control unit of internal combustion engine equipped with supercharger patent thumbnailnew patent Control unit of internal combustion engine equipped with supercharger
According to the present invention, torque controllability may be improved in a situation in which there is a gap between a required torque and a current torque based on a supercharge delay of a supercharger when calculation of a target throttle divergence using an air reverse model is applied to a supercharged internal combustion engine. Although the control unit of the present invention usually determines the required torque as a target torque, the control unit determines a value lower than the current torque when a reduction direction change occurs in the required torque while there is the gap between the required torque and the current torque.
 Purge valve and fuel vapor management system patent thumbnailnew patent Purge valve and fuel vapor management system
A purge valve and a fuel vapor management system for use with an engine emission control system are disclosed. The purge valve may include a first inlet for receiving a first flow of air from an air cleaner, a second inlet for receiving a second flow of purge vapors from an evaporative canister, and an outlet directing a controlled mixture of the first and second flows to an engine, upstream of an intake throttle.
 Compressor-free refrigeration system powered by heat source patent thumbnailnew patent Compressor-free refrigeration system powered by heat source
A refrigeration system having: a heat source that provides heat energy; a power generator that contains the heat source to heat a refrigerating medium, to increase the temperature and pressure and vaporize the refrigerating medium; a condenser into which flows the liquid refrigerating medium from the power generator under the pressure difference resulted from heating in the power generator, and in which the liquid refrigerating medium temperature is decreased; a throttle valve that jets the liquid refrigerating medium into an evaporator to decrease its pressure and absorb heat; an evaporator to exchange heat from the refrigerating medium with a refrigeration output; and a liquid working medium return unit through which the liquid working medium accumulated on the bottom of the evaporator flows by gravity back freely to the power generator, wherein the evaporator, liquid working medium return unit, and power generator are arranged from top to bottom vertically.. .
 Method to throttle rate of data caching for improved i/o performance patent thumbnailMethod to throttle rate of data caching for improved i/o performance
A cache device for the caching of data and specifically for the identification of stale data or a thrashing event within the cache device is described. Further a cache device for the prioritization of cached data in the cache device during a thrashing event as well as stale cached data in the cache device are described.
Method for controlling dump body of a hauling machine
A method for controlling a dump body of a hauling machine wherein the hauling machine includes an engine, at least one extendable cylinder, a lift energy source, and a controller is provided. The method includes initiation of the dump operation, detection of payload from the payload signal, calculation of engine throttle based on the payload information, and detection of machine speed based on the machine speed signal.
Cooling assembly
A cooling assembly includes a device chamber, a cooling chamber separated from the device chamber, a heat exchanger, a device chamber fan arrangement and a control unit. The heat exchanger includes a first portion located in the device chamber and a second portion located in the cooling chamber for transferring heat from the device chamber to the cooling chamber.
Gas valve unit
A gas valve unit includes a plurality of individually actuatable throttle sections which are arranged in parallel relation for setting a throughflow rate of a gas volumetric flow that is fed to a gas burner of a gas appliance. Each throttle section has a plurality of throttle points which are arranged in series, with the throttle points arranged in series having an opening cross section that increases along the series..
Fuel treatment system and method
The inventive subject matter provides apparatus, systems and methods for treating a fuel prior to ignition in a combustion engine in order to improve efficiency. In one aspect of the invention a throttle valve system that entrains a flow of gas, which can include a fuel, into a structured flow pattern via the inclusion of topological on a surface of the valve body and/or the flow chamber.
Methods for adjusting engine throttle on vehicle with generator
A method is performed by a controller on a vehicle. The method includes determining a rotational speed of a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine of the vehicle.
Brake valve and hydrostatic drive system therewith
A brake valve is insertable into a working line of a hydrostatic travel drive. The brake valve has a main stage with a first port connected to a variable displacement pump of the drive system and a second port connected to a motor of the drive system.
Non-thermal drying systems with vacuum throttle flash generators and processing vessels
A system is disclosed for drying a material to liberate a substance such as a liquid having a vapor pressure from solids and/or dissolved substances in the material. The system includes a plenum chamber and a blower providing a stream of air to the plenum chamber.
Apparatus, system and method for increasing braking power
Disclosed herein is an apparatus for increasing the braking power of a compression brake of an internal combustion engine having a variable geometry turbocharger. The apparatus includes an intake throttle module configured to close an air intake throttle in response to operation of the compression brake.
Device and method for regulating a treatment device
A method and a device are disclosed for regulating an ultrafiltration in a dialysis treatment, in which the blood to be ultrafiltered in an extracorporeal blood circulation (109) flows through a blood chamber (110) of a dialyzer (113), which is subdivided by a semipermeable membrane (111) into a blood chamber (110) and a dialysis fluid chamber (108), and dialysis fluid in a dialysis fluid circulation (109) flows through the dialysis fluid chamber (108) of the dialyzer (113),. The device has a blood pump (115) for controlling a blood flow in the extracorporeal blood circulation (112), a dialysis fluid pump (107) for controlling a dialysis fluid flow in the dialysis fluid circulation (109) upstream or downstream from the dialyzer (113), for controlling the dialysis fluid flow upstream of downstream from the dialyzer, a balancing device (104) for setting up a fluid balance in the dialysis fluid circulation between an inflow (106) and an outflow (105) of the dialysis fluid chamber (113) as a measure of the ultrafiltration, as well as a regulating unit (101) for regulating the blood pump (115), the throttle (117) and/or the dialysis fluid pump (107).
Control device for internal combustion engine
The required fuel supply amount of an internal combustion engine is reduced by limiting the throttle opening when a high-pressure fuel pump is required to discharge fuel that exceeds the fuel delivery capacity thereof. Further, when the throttle opening is limited, the operation of a return valve, through which fuel and vapor thereof can be discharged from the high-pressure fuel pump, is prohibited.
Control device for internal combustion engine
An object of the present invention is to enable a requested efficiency by cylinder group that is requested from a viewpoint of exhaust gas performance to be realized precisely when an internal combustion engine having a single throttle shared by a plurality of cylinder groups, and having an exhaust gas purifying catalyst for each of the cylinder groups is operated at a different air-fuel ratio at each of the cylinder groups. To this end, a control device for the internal combustion engine provided by the present invention calculates an efficiency ratio of a representative efficiency determined based on the requested efficiency by cylinder group and a requested efficiency by cylinder group, and calculates a requested torque by cylinder group by dividing a requested torque by the efficiency ratio for each of the cylinder groups.
An air cleaner positioned above a cylinder head is connected to an intake port of the cylinder head through a connecting tube, a throttle device, and an insulator. An insulator attachment surface is formed in a rear-side wall of a cylinder head such that the insulator attachment surface is inclined to extend in a forward direction while extending upwardly.
Process for controlling a power turbine throttle valve during a supercritical carbon dioxide rankine cycle
Embodiments of the invention generally provide a heat engine system, a method for generating electricity, and an algorithm for controlling the heat engine system which are configured to efficiently transform thermal energy of a waste heat stream into electricity. In one embodiment, the heat engine system utilizes a working fluid (e.g., sc-co2) within a working fluid circuit for absorbing the thermal energy that is transformed to mechanical energy by a turbine and electrical energy by a generator.
Method and apparatus for adaptive power management of memory subsystem
A method and apparatus are disclosed for performing adaptive memory power management in a system employing a cpu and a memory subsystem. A cpu throttle control (thr) module generates a cpu throttle control signal indicating when the cpu is idle.
Methods and apparatus to reduce cache pollution casued by data prefetching
Efficient techniques are described for reducing cache pollution by use of a prefetch logic that recognizes exits from software loops or function returns to cancel any pending prefetch request operations. The prefetch logic includes a loop data address monitor to determine a data access stride based on repeated execution of a memory access instruction in a program loop.
Schedule and location responsive agreement compliance controlled information throttle
Controls electronic devices and/or throttles electronic devices and/or information for electronic devices based on agreements or events and/or based on schedule, location, time, or any combination thereof. An agreement includes condition(s) to satisfy the agreement, such as task(s) or activities to be performed by an agreement performer, for example based on a schedule and/or location, at a particular time, or time period, or, or events that may be detected, and actions performed to enforce or assert the agreement.
Efficient data flow algorithms for autonomous lane changing, passing and overtaking behaviors
A system and method for providing lane changing maneuvers in an autonomously driven vehicle. The vehicle includes a navigation controller that provides a planned route for the vehicle to follow and a vehicle controller that receives route information from the navigation controller and provides steering, braking and throttle control for the vehicle to follow the route.
Methods and systems for humidity and pcv flow detection via an exhaust gas sensor
Methods and systems are provided for estimating a pcv flow to an engine based on the output of an exhaust gas oxygen sensor. During dfso conditions, a reference voltage of the sensor is modulated initially with an intake throttle open and then with the intake throttle closed.
Variable throttle device
A variable throttle device comprises at least two fixed throttle orifices and one switch device. The at least two fixed throttle orifices are connected in series; and the switch device is connected in parallel with at least one of the at least two fixed throttle orifices.
Cold start up auxiliary system for alcohol and flex engines with air-inlet and alcohol warm up
A warm-up air system to aid cold start up is provided. The system includes a turbine with electrical heaters linked to a throttle body or to an air sending tube to the throttle body forming a warmed up air circulation circuit.
Hydrogen assisted combustion engine system for a motor vehicle
A hydrogen assisted combustion engine system for a motor vehicle includes: an engine having an intake; an air filter; an inlet duct interconnecting the intake and the air filter; a throttle valve disposed in the inlet duct between the intake and the air filter; a hydrogen generator for generating a hydrogen-containing gas; a pump connected to the hydrogen generator and the inlet duct for pumping the hydrogen-containing gas from the hydrogen generator into the inlet duct; and a speed controller electrically connected to the pump and manually operative for adjusting a speed of the pump.. .
Control device for internal combustion engine with turbo supercharger
An object of the present invention is to control a supercharge pressure in such a manner as not to interfere with warming-up of an exhaust gas purifying catalyst, in an internal combustion engine with a turbo supercharger. To this end, a control device for an internal combustion engine with a turbo supercharger provided by the present invention makes a determined value of a target supercharge pressure with respect to a same target intake pressure smaller when a request to warm up the exhaust gas purifying catalyst is present, as compared with when the request is absent.
Snow removal machine
A snow removal machine, in which an engine drives an auger and a blower, includes a mode switching operation section for selecting and switching to any one of a plurality of control modes differing from each other in engine output control characteristic; and a control section for controlling the engine by executing any one of the plurality of control modes in accordance with an operation signal output from the mode switching operation section. The control section makes a determination as to whether an operating state of the engine in the currently-executed control mode is in a recommended operating range preset on the basis of at least a rotating speed and degree of throttle opening of the engine, and instructs a display section to display a result of the determination..
Service provider class application scalability and high availability and processing prioritization using a weighted load distributor and throttle middleware
Processing of tickets received by a ticket processing system is performed by allowing processes running on one or more hosts to access a ticket processing table to retrieve and process the tickets. A weighted load distributor (wld) grants weighted round robin turn access to the processes running on the hosts.
Controlling bandwidth allocations in a system on a chip (soc)
In one embodiment, a fabric of a processor such as a system on a chip includes at least one data buffer including a plurality of entries each to store data to be transferred to and from a plurality of agents and to and from a memory, a request tracker to maintain track of pending requests to be output to an ordered domain of the fabric, and an output throttle logic to control allocation into the ordered domain between write transactions from a core agent and read completion transactions from the memory. Other embodiments are described and claimed..
Adaptive communication interface
Embodiments of the invention include a communication interface and protocol for allowing communication between devices, circuits, integrated circuits and similar electronic components having different communication capacities or clock domains. The interface supports communication between any components having any difference in capacity and over any distance.
Method for operating a motor vehicle in trailing throttle mode
In a motor vehicle with an adjustable coupling (intermediate device) between the (crank)shaft and floor contact elements (wheels), wherein the coupling is set in over trailing throttle mode in such a way that the rotational speed of the shaft is reduced, in particular is adjusted to a predefined value, in order to reduce the internal losses of the drive, in particular an internal combustion engine.. .
Continuously variable transmission
A continuously variable transmission includes each planetary ball sandwiched between first and second rotation members on a shaft and a sun roller; a first carrier configured to be rotatable relatively with the shaft as a center and formed with a first guide portion that guides one projection of each support shaft of each planetary ball in a radial direction; a second carrier formed with a second guide portion that guides the other projection of each support shaft in the radial direction; and an iris plate configured to include a throttle portion that holds one projection of the support shaft at an intersection point with the first guide portion formed when seen in an axis line direction, the intersection point being moved in the radial direction with the rotation.. .
Hydraulic piston pump with throttle control
A pump system has a piston pump. The piston pump has a cylinder block with an inlet port, an outlet port, and a plurality of cylinders.
Ion generator
Two flow passages are provided for allowing the passage of air sent out from a blower in the same direction individually and discharging the air to outside. An ion generation unit for generating positive ions by only corona discharge is arranged at one flow passage, and an ion generation unit for generating electrostatic atomized water particles with negative polarity by electrostatic atomizing phenomenon is arranged at the other flow passage.
Electric-powered self-balancing unicycle with steering linkage between handlebars and wheel forks
A one-wheeled vehicle may include electric motors, a self-balancing system, and steering mechanism, wherein the electric motors and self-balancing system are disposed within the wheel of the one-wheeled vehicle. A computational resource such as a microprocessor-based controller receives input signals indicative of operation of a twist throttle and brake, and produces signals to adjust the tilt angle relative to the acceleration and thereby reduce the need for a rider to lean forward or backwards..
Method and system for vacuum control
Methods and systems are provided for controlling and coordinating control of a post-catalyst exhaust throttle and an egr valve to expedite catalyst heating. By closing both valves during an engine cold start, an elevated exhaust backpressure and increased heat rejection at an egr cooler can be synergistically used to warm each of an engine and an exhaust catalyst.
Method and system for catalyst temperature control
Methods and systems are provided for controlling and coordinating control of a post-catalyst exhaust throttle and an egr valve to expedite catalyst heating. By closing both valves during an engine cold start, an elevated exhaust backpressure and increased heat rejection at an egr cooler can be synergistically used to warm each of an engine and an exhaust catalyst.
Identifying and throttling tasks based on task interactivity
The described implementations relate to processing of electronic data. One implementation is manifest as a system that can include logic and at least one processing device configured to execute the logic.
Determining when to throttle interrupts to limit interrupt processing to an interrupt processing time period
Provided are a computer program product, system, and method for determining when to throttle interrupts to limit interrupt processing to an interrupt processing time. Upon receiving interrupts from the hardware device, a determination is made as to whether a number of received interrupts exceeds an interrupt threshold during a interrupt tracking time period.
Aircraft throttle control device including an engaging roller coupling
An aeroengine control device comprising a mount, having pivotally mounted thereon a code wheel together with a main lever and a secondary lever, both for turning the code wheel, each lever being movable between a rest position and a maximum actuation position, the secondary lever being mounted to pivot on the main lever. A connecting rod connects the secondary lever in permanent manner to the code wheel and the main lever is provided with a connection member arranged to co-operate with a portion in relief secured to the code wheel and with a portion in relief secured to the mount in such a manner that the connection member attaches to the code wheel when the main lever is moved while the secondary lever is in its rest position and attaches to the mount, thereby releasing the code wheel to turn, when the secondary lever is moved while the main lever is in its rest position, while movement of either lever is prevented when the other lever is away from its rest position..
Rolling bearing, throttle valve apparatus, and anti-lock brake system
The sealing performance against positive and negative pressures is increased and sufficient air tightness against pressure fluctuations is maintained in a rolling bearing having a sealing function. Seal members are provided on both ends of a bearing.
Magnet holder for use in a throttle position sensor, a magnet holder for use in an angular position sensor, and methods for manufacturing them
A magnet holder (10) for use in an analogous or digital throttle position sensor for sensing the angle of a butterfly valve in a fuel supply unit of an internal combustion engine, said magnet holder (10) including a throttle lever member (11) adapted to be fixed to a shaft of the butterfly valve and carrying at least one magnet (17). A recess (12) for the magnet (17), or for each magnets if more than one magnet is used, is provided in the throttle lever member (11), the magnet (17) is located in said recess (12), or the magnets are located in said recesses if more than one magnet is used, and throttle lever member material (18) located around an entrance to the recess (12) or entrances to the recesses is staked over the magnet (17) or magnets, respectively, to cover each magnet (17) sufficiently to retain it in its associated recess (12).
Device and method for regulating a spark-ignition gas engine
A protective device for a spark-ignition gas engine is provided, which engine has a throttle valve for controlling a gas/air mixture and has an exhaust-gas turbocharger with a turbine that is associated with a throttle member for exhaust gas. A detection unit is configured to detect an actual differential pressure across the throttle valve, and a control unit is configured to change the position of the throttle member based on the actual differential pressure.
Turbo-charger system
A turbocharger system includes a compressor that is connected with a turbine operated by an exhaust gas by a rotary shaft and compresses and supplies external gas to a combustion chamber of an engine, an intercooler and a throttle valve disposed in an intake line connecting the compressor with the combustion chamber of the engine, a branch line connecting an intake line between the compressor and the intercooler with an intake line between the intercooler and the throttle valve, a shutoff valve disposed in the branch line to selectively open/close the branch line, and an engine control unit controlling the operation of the shutoff valve. .
Vortex generator device
A plate-shaped butterfly valve is rotatable to throttle intake airflow, which is to be drawn into an internal combustion engine, and to direct the intake airflow toward a specific periphery in a cross section of a passage. The passage has a passage wall defining a passage wall step.
Intake passage structure for vehicle
The length of a connecting tube in an intake passage structure for a vehicle can be secured, and the number of components around the connecting tube can be reduced. Provided is an intake passage structure for a vehicle including a connecting tube and an engine, the connecting tube connecting an air cleaner box which purifies air and a throttle body and formed of two or more separate components, the engine being configured to be supplied with purified air.
Server rack fuel cell
Computing devices receive power from multiple fuel cells, consuming natural gas and outputting electrical energy natively consumable by the computing devices. The fuel cells are sized to provide power to a set of computing devices, such as a rack thereof.
Data usage management systems and methods
Systems and methods allow network users to manage their data usage. Various systems and methods are particularly aimed at users of metered data networks that require users to pay based on data usage, and allow for preventing or controlling data usage, so as to assist users in staying within a budget.
Systems and methods for safely landing an aircraft
A system for safely landing an aircraft including a low range radio altimeter, a barometric altimeter, and an autothrottle control. The low range radio altimeter calculates a first height of the aircraft above ground-level, the barometric altimeter calculates a second height of the aircraft above ground-level, and the autothrottle control determines if the first height and the second height do not correlate.
Location service requests throttling
A technique to allow a server such as a location server to throttle concurrent or closely timed location requests for the position of a given wireless device such that within a certain time period preferably only one location request will be initiated to the positioning engine and the remaining closely-timed location requests will be buffered or cached. When a position for the given wireless device is returned per the outstanding location request, then the retrieved position will be used to respond to each of the buffered location requests.
Data throttling to facilitate full frame readout of an optical sensor for wafer testing
Providing for operation of high-speed optical sensor equipment at full data path speeds in conjunction with testing equipment operating at a lower speed is described herein. By way of example, a data stream output from optical sensor equipment to testing equipment can be throttled at a serial interface between such equipment.
Optimized heating and cooling system
An optimized heating and cooling system including a thermal mass, thermal energy transport conduits to deliver thermal energy to the thermal mass including one or more phase change materials (pcms), at least one heat exchanger to exchange the thermal energy from a energy input into heat transfer fluid that is pumped through the thermal mass. The system also includes a controller in electronic communication with a temperature sensor, a throttle and a pump.
Power tool
To attain further rationalization in a power tool in which a tool bit is driven by an engine. During driving of the saw chain, when the user returns a throttle lever to its initial position by releasing only the throttle lever while keeping pressing a throttle lock lever, or when the user returns the throttle lever to the initial position by releasing the throttle lever and releases the throttle lock lever, driving of an engine is stopped.
Drive device
A drive device serves for adjusting an operating element for a valve, a throttle, a blow-out preventor or the like, in particular in the field of gas and oil production, the operating element being actively connected to at least one driving motor via a drive train, and at least one transmission changing unit being arranged in the drive train for converting a revolution of the driving motor into a revolution of the operating element and/or a revolution/linear motion converter being arranged for converting the revolution of the driving motor into a linear motion of the operating element. In order to also have a very compact design in case of a high possible performance and to simultaneously permit a good thermal distribution within the drive device, so that separate cooling devices for carrying off the generated lost heat are superfluous, the drive train comprises at least one essentially disk- or wheel-shaped revolution introducing device which is actively connected with at least two drive shafts driven by separate driving motors..
Reducing agent supply apparatus and internal-combustion engine exhaust gas purification apparatus
A reducing agent supply apparatus including a pump, a reducing agent injection valve, a reducing agent supply passage, a reducing agent return passage and a pressure sensor, in which injection control of the liquid reducing agent by the reducing agent injection valve is performed while the reducing agent pressure is controlled so as to be maintained at a predetermined target pressure, includes: a passage throttle valve provided on the reducing agent return passage and having an opening controlled by energization; a pump control means for feedback-controlling the output of the pump based on the difference between the reducing agent pressure and the target pressure; and a passage throttle valve control means for controlling the opening of the passage throttle valve according to the change in the operation amount of the reducing agent injection valve.. .
Ejector in conjunction with post-catalyst exhaust throttle for vacuum generation
Methods and systems are provided for expediting catalyst heating and generating vacuum by controlling an ebv to direct exhaust through an ejector arranged in parallel with the ebv. A position of the ebv may be controlled to achieve a desired exhaust backpressure for current engine operating conditions and stored vacuum level.
Method and system for crossing game-features and cross-promoting across applications
A method and system for method for providing debt-driven cross promotion for an application. Developers register with the system, schedule cross promotion and if there is no conflict or an ability to split cross promotion traffic, receive cross promotion from all the available applications on the network.
Supercharged engine and method of control
Methods and systems for minimizing the power consumed by a supercharger pump in an engine system. The methods and systems minimize the delta pressure across the pump with a control strategy for positioning the electronic throttle and supercharger bypass valve in a coordinated manner to deliver the required amount of fresh air flow into engine (i.e., the air flow associated with the driver's requested torque), while, at the same time, minimizing the power consumed by the supercharger pump for best fuel economy..
Deceleration fuel shut off for carbureted engines
Fuel efficiency of small carbureted engines can be improved through the use of a fuel shut off valve that ceases fuel flow in the carburetor upon determination that the engine throttle has been closed and the engine is not at or near an idle condition.. .
Method for controlling rail pressure
Proposed is a method for closed loop rail pressure control of a v-type internal combustion engine with an asymmetrical firing order, wherein an actual rail pressure is computed from the measured rail pressure; a system deviation is determined by means of the actual rail pressure and a set rail pressure; and wherein a correcting variable for actuating a pressure actuating element, in particular a suction throttle, for regulating the rail pressure is computed. The invention is characterized by the fact that the actual rail pressure is computed from the measured rail pressure by means of an averaging filter in that below a limit speed (nli) the rail pressure is averaged over a constant time and in that above the limit speed (nli) the rail pressure is averaged over a working cycle of the internal combustion engine..
Method for operating a vehicle
The invention relates to a method for operating a vehicle comprising at least one steered axle and at least one driven axle, wherein at least the driven axle has at least two wheel-hub electric motors that are integrated in the respective drive wheel. In addition, an electronic control unit (bldc controller module 1, bldc controller module 2) is provided for the wheel-hub motors (wheel-hub motor 1, wheel hub motor 2) forming an electronic differential.
Drive system for a motor vehicle
A drive system for a motor vehicle, having an internal combustion engine, an air and exhaust gas system, which includes at least one throttle, an exhaust gas recirculation system, which is in fluidic connection with the air and exhaust gas system at two connecting points, and a measuring device, which is designed to detect an atmospheric pressure, to detect a gas pressure at a measuring point within the air and exhaust gas system, and to ascertain a differential pressure as a function of the gas pressure and the atmospheric pressure, the measuring point being fluidically situated between the throttle and the internal combustion engine and in a region of one of the connecting points.. .
Data rate throttling
The throttling of mobile device data rates is provided at events, e.g., sporting events, and other venues with large, dense crowds. The system can monitor the loading of the mobile radio antennas at the venue, and when the loading reaches a threshold loading point, the system can selectively throttle the data rates of mobile devices at the venue.
Piston pump for delivering fluids, and associated vehicle brake system
A piston pump for delivering fluids comprises a piston, a cylinder element and a pressure chamber which is arranged between an inlet valve and an outlet valve and is closed by a cover, wherein means for throttling the fluid flow are provided in the fluid flow downstream of the outlet valve, and a vehicle brake system has a piston pump of this type. The throttle means comprises a movable annular disc which is guided on the cylinder element and the internal diameter of which is adapted to the external diameter of the cylinder element, wherein the axial travel of the annular disc sets a variable first throttle cross section..
Piston pump for delivering fluids, and corresponding assembly process for a piston pump
A piston pump for delivering fluids includes a cylinder, a piston that is movably mounted in the cylinder, and a pressure chamber that is arranged between an inlet valve and an outlet valve and that is closed off by a cover. The piston pump further includes a throttle element that is disposed in the fluid flow downstream of the outlet valve and that is configured to throttle the fluid flow.

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