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Disposable strainer for infusing tea with a squeezing system

Twin screw extruder

Dental implant with multiple thread patterns

Date/App# patent app List of recent Threads-related patents
 Application interface on multiple processors patent thumbnailnew patent Application interface on multiple processors
A method and an apparatus that execute a parallel computing program in a programming language for a parallel computing architecture are described. The parallel computing program is stored in memory in a system with parallel processors.
 Data parallel computing on multiple processors patent thumbnailnew patent Data parallel computing on multiple processors
A method and an apparatus that allocate one or more physical compute devices such as cpus or gpus attached to a host processing unit running an application for executing one or more threads of the application are described. The allocation may be based on data representing a processing capability requirement from the application for executing an executable in the one or more threads.
 Parallel runtime execution on multiple processors patent thumbnailnew patent Parallel runtime execution on multiple processors
A method and an apparatus that schedule a plurality of executables in a schedule queue for execution in one or more physical compute devices such as cpus or gpus concurrently are described. One or more executables are compiled online from a source having an existing executable for a type of physical compute devices different from the one or more physical compute devices.
 Thread selection at a processor based on branch prediction confidence patent thumbnailnew patent Thread selection at a processor based on branch prediction confidence
A processor employs one or more branch predictors to issue branch predictions for each thread executing at an instruction pipeline. Based on the branch predictions, the processor determines a branch prediction confidence for each of the executing threads, whereby a lower confidence level indicates a smaller likelihood that the corresponding thread will actually take the predicted branch.
 Prediction-based thread selection in a multithreading processor patent thumbnailnew patent Prediction-based thread selection in a multithreading processor
A processor includes one or more execution units to execute instructions of a plurality of threads and thread control logic coupled to the execution units to predict whether a first of the plurality of threads is ready for selection in a current cycle based on readiness of instructions of the first thread in one or more previous cycles, to predict whether a second of the plurality of threads is ready for selection in the current cycle based on readiness of instructions of the second thread in the one or more previous cycles, and to select one of the first and second threads in the current cycle based on the predictions.. .
 Fill partitioning of a shared cache patent thumbnailnew patent Fill partitioning of a shared cache
Fill partitioning of a shared cache is described. In an embodiment, all threads running in a processor are able to access any data stored in the shared cache; however, in the event of a cache miss, a thread may be restricted such that it can only store data in a portion of the shared cache.
 Anti-displacement coil spring-type spine stabilization device patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-displacement coil spring-type spine stabilization device
An anti-displacement coil spring-type spine stabilization device includes: a coil spring member made of a spiral spring wire having multiple continuous loops, the coil spring member having the form of an elongated bar; two connection members securely connected with two ends of the coil spring member, opposite end faces of the two connection members being respectively formed with two axially extending sockets; and at least one elastic bar disposed in the coil spring member and axially extending through the coil spring member with two ends of the elastic bar respectively extending into the sockets of the connection members. The coil spring member is made of the spiral spring wire so that two ends of the coil spring member are naturally formed with threads, which can be directly screwed on the connection members without further mechanically processing.
 Electrode insertion tools, lead assemblies, kits and methods for placement of cardiac device electrodes patent thumbnailnew patent Electrode insertion tools, lead assemblies, kits and methods for placement of cardiac device electrodes
Insertion tools, lead assemblies, kits, and methods for placement of cardiac device electrodes. In some embodiments, an insertion tool having a proximal end and a distal, dissecting end includes a structure configured to receive or engage a structure on a lead assembly.
 Fluid delivery device and a method of delivering fluid patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid delivery device and a method of delivering fluid
A fluid delivery device is provided for delivering fluid to a target site such as an intervertebral disc during discography. The fluid delivery device includes pressure and volume sensors to determine the pressure and the volume of the fluid delivered to the intervertebral disc.
 Compression garment patent thumbnailnew patent Compression garment
A graduated compression garment is disclosed that includes a plurality of longitudinal fuzzy wales arranged to form a fabric with a plurality of transverse elastomeric threads under variable tension connecting the adjacent longitudinal fuzzy wales to deliver a first level of elastic compression distally on a limb and a gradually decreasing level of elastic compression as the limb increases in diameter proximally.. .
new patent Universal medical gas delivery system
A first source of medical gas has a generally cylindrical male outlet with a cylindrical bore and a threaded outer cylindrical surface. A flexible cylindrical elastomeric medical gas tubing has an input end with a bushing making a flush abutment with the male outlet at the output orifice.
new patent Dental implant with multiple thread patterns
A modified dental implant fixture designed with a multiple of three or more thread or groove patterns which provide adequate wall thickness for a deep female conical connection such that the threads or grooves transition from smaller to larger moving in the apical direction along the long axis of the dental implant.. .
new patent Disposable strainer for infusing tea with a squeezing system
A disposable strainer for infusing tea has a rigid base with a fold line along which the base of the strainer is folded once infusion is complete, an easily deformable moisture-permeable infusion container, and a squeezing mechanism consisting of threads, the threads being laid over the surface of the moisture-permeable container of the strainer, and the squeezing mechanism allowing by threads drawing to squeeze the infused tea inside the strainer once the strainer is folded.. .
new patent Low powered activation arrangement and method thereof
A fabric product includes a body having a skin made by interweaving a plurality of textile fabrics and a low powered activation arrangement which includes an electronic unit and one or more conductive threads extended underneath the skin of the body. The electronic unit includes a power source, an activation circuit which is a low powered activation circuit, and an operator.
new patent Twin screw extruder
An extruder is disclosed, and more particularly, a twin screw extruder for mixing, compounding, kneading and/or extruding of materials. The twin screw extruder includes a barrel assembly having a housing.
new patent Method for greasing the mated threads of a threaded connector and related device
A method for greasing the mated threads of a valve stem and a stem nut of a motor-operated valve without the need to actuate the valve and without the need for an internal grease path within the stem nut includes pressurizing one end of the thread interface defined by the mating threads with pressurized grease. A device for carrying out the method may include a thread lubricator that has a bore that receives the free end of the valve stem and an adapter nut that attaches the thread lubricator to the valve housing.
new patent Gearbox lock mechanism
The gearbox lock mechanism for a post bole auger has a collar coupled to a lower end of a right angle gearbox, the collar rotatable upon operation of the gearbox. The collar comprises a semi-circular outer edge and a fiat side.
new patent Press cushion
The invention relates to a press cushion for a one level or multi level heating press including a flat contexture made from threads or fibers; and a silicon elastomeric material made by crosslinking silicon rubber and/or a copolymer made by crosslinking silicon rubber and fluor silicon rubber and/or a copolymer made by crosslinking silicon rubber and fluor rubber. In order to overcome quality issues and to comply with stringent cleanliness requirements when producing circuit boards for electrical applications it is proposed that the silicon elastomeric material and/or the copolymer are addition crosslinked..
System and method for increasing throughput of a paas system
Systems and methods are disclosed for managing the throughput of a platform as a service (paas) system. A plurality of paas nodes receives deployment jobs, such as from an interface by way of a load balancer.
System and method for re-factorizing a square matrix into lower and upper triangular matrices on a parallel processor
A system and method for re-factorizing a square input matrix on a parallel processor. In one embodiment, the system includes: (1) a matrix generator operable to generate an intermediate matrix by embedding a permuted form of the input matrix in a zeroed-out sparsity pattern of a combination of lower and upper triangular matrices resulting from a prior lu factorization of a previous matrix having a same sparsity pattern, reordering to minimize fill-in and pivoting strategy as the input matrix and (2) a re-factorizer associated with the matrix generator and operable to use parallel threads to apply an incomplete-lu factorization with zero fill-in on the intermediate matrix..
Compiler optimization based on collectivity analysis
An embodiment is directed to determining, by a compiler, that a call to a named barrier is matched across all of a plurality of threads, and based at least in part on determining that the call to the named barrier is matched across all of the plurality of threads, replacing, by the compiler, the named barrier with an unnamed barrier.. .
Layered programming for heterogeneous devices
A method, a system, and a non-transitory computer readable medium for parallelizing computer program code including a loop are presented. An intermediate language version of the computer program code is generated based on a parallel type of the loop, wherein the intermediate language version includes information about parallelism in the computer program code.
System and method of debugging multi-threaded processes
A system and method of debugging a multi-threaded process with at least one running thread and at least one suspended thread is disclosed. Embodiments utilize a blocking function to block the thread of a process while other threads are allowed to run.
I/o write request handling in a storage system
An improved method for i/o write request handling in a storage system comprising at least one normal storage device and at least one cache device. An i/o write request created by an external device is received.
Multifunction accessory
A multifunction accessory is adapted to attach to at least two charms. Means of attachment to more than one charm is by, for example, including an opening in the accessory, screw threads, magnet and spring.
Device for producing coated steel sheet and method for producing coated steel sheet
A device for producing a coated steel sheet includes: a blowing-off unit which sprays a gas onto and remove an excessive coating that accumulates along a side edge of a steel sheet that threads along one direction; and a coating-collection unit which collects the excessive coating removed by the blowing-off unit. The blowing-off unit includes a spray nozzle and a gas supply member.
Glass neck adapter for plastic beverage container
A glass neck adapter can include universal threads to screw onto a standard conventional plastic beverage container or bottle. The glass neck adapter can be attached on a plastic bottle to allow a person drinking from the plastic bottle to feel the sensation of drinking out of a glass bottle when the lips of the drinker contact the glass mouth of the neck adapter mounted on the plastic bottle.
Ball screw seal
A ball screw seal assembly which includes at least one energizer and a seal body, the ball screw seal assembly being configured for being positioned in a housing groove, the seal body including at least one outer diameter lip and two inner diameter lips, the at least one outer diameter lip being configured for contacting and optionally sealing against the housing groove, the inner diameter lips being configured for wiping or scraping an outer surface of a threaded rod including a plurality of threads, the inner diameter lips being wipers or scrapers and being spaced apart from one another, the at least one energizer being configured for energizing and thereby biasing each of the inner diameter lips radially inwardly.. .
Arrangement introduced into threads for handwork with knitting needles, crochet hooks or the like
An arrangement of a knitting lacework, including a lace having multiple holes longitudinally lined up along its perimeter at regular intervals, and which may be positioned near the edge, centrally, or in other parts of the referred lace, and the holes have a geometry taken from the group including round, egg-shaped, rectangular, square, or in other shapes, even shoulder-strap-shaped.. .
Methods and automated systems for testing, optimization, and analysis that preserve continuity in identities and status of users who access remote information from different contexts
The current document is directed to automated electronic testing, optimization, and/or analysis systems that collect sufficient data from instrumentation, maintain sufficient user status, and provide sufficient communications between instrumentation and testing, optimization, and/or analysis systems in order to follow, reconstruct, and record temporal threads of user activity that span multiple user contexts. In one implementation, json-encoded information is collected through instrumentation and supplemented by testing, optimization, and/or analysis systems in order to provide many different types of information about remote-information-accessing users and the device and program contexts from which they access remote information.
Apparatus and method for invocation of a multi threaded accelerator
A processor is described having logic circuitry of a general purpose cpu core to save multiple copies of context of a thread of the general purpose cpu core to prepare multiple micro-threads of a multi-threaded accelerator for execution to accelerate operations for the thread through parallel execution of the micro-threads.. .
Memory address collision detection of ordered parallel threads with bloom filters
A semiconductor chip is described having a load collision detection circuit comprising a first bloom filter circuit. The semiconductor chip has a store collision detection circuit comprising a second bloom filter circuit.
Method of distributing processor loading between real-time processor threads
A method of distributing processor loading in a real-time operating system between a high frequency processing task and a lower frequency processing task, the method including: making a processing request to the high frequency processing task from the lower frequency processing task, the processing request including a plurality of discrete processing commands; queuing the plurality of discrete processing commands; and executing a subset of the queued processing commands with the execution of each of a plurality of high frequency processing tasks such that the execution of the plurality of discrete processing commands is distributed across the plurality of high frequency processing tasks.. .
Hetergeneous processor apparatus and method
A heterogeneous processor architecture is described. For example, a processor according to one embodiment of the invention comprises: a first set of one or more physical processor cores having first processing characteristics; a second set of one or more physical processor cores having second processing characteristics different from the first processing characteristics; virtual-to-physical (v-p) mapping logic to expose a plurality of virtual processors to software, the plurality of virtual processors to appear to the software as a plurality of homogeneous processor cores, the software to allocate threads to the virtual processors as if the virtual processors were homogeneous processor cores; wherein the v-p mapping logic is to map each virtual processor to a physical processor within the first set of physical processor cores or the second set of physical processor cores such that a thread allocated to a first virtual processor by software is executed by a physical processor mapped to the first virtual processor from the first set or the second set of physical processors..
Scalable thread locking with customizable spinning
Embodiments described herein are directed to dynamically controlling the number of spins for a selected processing thread among a plurality of processing threads. A computer system tracks both the number of waiting processing threads and each thread's turn, wherein a selected thread's turn comprises the total number of waiting processing threads after the selected thread's arrival at the processor.
Approach for a configurable phase-based priority scheduler
A streaming multiprocessor (sm) in a parallel processing subsystem schedules priority among a plurality of threads. The sm retrieves a priority descriptor associated with a thread group, and determines whether the thread group and a second thread group are both operating in the same phase.
Method and apparatus enabling multi threaded program execution for a cobol program including openmp directives by utilizing a two-stage compilation process
A method and apparatus is disclosed for compilation of an original cobol program with support for improved performance by increased parallelism during execution using multiple threads of processing. The approach includes a two stage compilation process, the first compilation/translation step by a first specialized compiler/translator that takes as input a cobol source program that includes parallelization directives, and produces as output an intermediate computer program in a second computer programming language, the intermediate program including parallelization directives in the second computer programming language.
Setting breakpoints using an interactive graph representing an application
Breakpoints may be set by selecting nodes on a graph depicting code elements and relationships between code elements. The graph may be derived from tracing data, and may reflect the observed code elements and the observed interactions between code elements.
Optimal logical processor count and type selection for a given workload based on platform thermals and power budgeting constraints
A processor includes multiple physical cores that support multiple logical cores of different core types, where the core types include a big core type and a small core type. A multi-threaded application includes multiple software threads are concurrently executed by a first subset of logical cores in a first time slot.
Processing core having shared front end unit
A processor having one or more processing cores is described. Each of the one or more processing cores has front end logic circuitry and a plurality of processing units.
Apparatus and method for tracking tlb flushes on a per thread basis
A method is described that includes recognizing that tlb information of one or more hardware threads is to be invalidated. The method also includes determining which ones of the one or more hardware threads are in a state in which tlb information is flushed.
Efficient read and write operations
Computer readable media, methods and apparatuses are disclosed that may be configured for sequentially reading data of a file stored on a storage medium. The disclosure also provides for alternating transferring of fixed size portions of the file data to a first buffer and a second buffer, alternating processing of data blocks of the fixed sized portions in parallel from the first and second buffers by a plurality of processing threads, and outputting the processed data blocks..
Approach for context switching of lock-bit protected memory
A streaming multiprocessor in a parallel processing subsystem processes atomic operations for multiple threads in a multi-threaded architecture. The streaming multiprocessor receives a request from a thread in a thread group to acquire access to a memory location in a lock-protected shared memory, and determines whether a address lock in a plurality of address locks is asserted, where the address lock is associated the memory location.
Processor with memory race recorder to record thread interleavings in multi-threaded software
A processor includes a first core to execute a first software thread, a second core to execute a second software thread, and shared memory access monitoring and recording logic. The logic includes memory access monitor logic to monitor accesses to memory by the first thread, record memory addresses of the monitored accesses, and detect data races involving the recorded memory addresses with other threads.
Hash table and radix sort based aggregation
Aggregation of an in-memory database includes receiving, by at least one processor having a plurality of threads, input having records stored in random access memory, distributing, by the at least one processor, the input into portions, one of the plurality of threads having an assigned portion, aggregating, by the at least one processor, the records in the assigned portion based on locality of keys in the records and outputting, by the at least one processor, the aggregated records into a global hash table.. .
Percutaneous flaring hammertoe fixation implant and instrument
A method and device to correct hammertoes. The device includes a bone implant having a screw with a threaded end or a pin and a sleeve adaptable to accept the screw or mate with the pin.
Methods for anchoring suture to bone
Methods and devices are provided for anchoring suture to bone. In one exemplary embodiment, a cannulated suture anchor is provided and it includes a suture-engaging member formed therein and configured to receive a suture therearound such that trailing ends of the suture can extend through the suture anchor.
Video processing using concurrent outcome simulation threads
A method of processing video information is presented here. The method may begin by executing, with at least one processor, a plurality of concurrent simulation threads for an interactive video application, wherein each of the concurrent simulation threads corresponds to a predicted outcome of the video application.
Dental implant
The invention provides a dental implant including a neck portion, a bottom portion and a body portion. The body portion connects the neck portion and the bottom portion.
Fan blade adjustment piezoelectric actuator
A pump for driving a hydraulic fluid to adjust an angle of an airfoil has a transmission to be rotated to change the angle of incident of a plurality of airfoils. The transmission is driven through a rotating input to in turn rotate, and change the angle.
Method of light dispersion and preferential scattering of certain wavelengths of light for light-emitting diodes and bulbs constructed therefrom
A light emitting diode (led) bulb configured to scatter certain wavelengths of light. The led bulb includes a base having threads, a bulb shell, at least one led, and a plurality of particles disposed within the bulb shell.
Non-removable tamper resistant lid
The present invention relates to a tamper resistant lid (10) for a container (1). The lid (10) exhibits a centre axis (x) and comprises an outer and an inner member (20, 40).
Slip thread locking head with interactive element
Provided is a filter element includes an end cap having at least one stop member extending radially outwardly from an outer surface, the at least stop member having at least one stop surface for contacting a tab on a slip thread collar of a filter head assembly. When the filter element is coupled to the filter head assembly, the filter element prevents rotation of the slip thread collar relative to a filter head, thereby allowing threads on the slip thread collar to mate with threads on a filter bowl to couple the filter head assembly to the filter bowl.
Tubing hanger assembly with single trip internal lock down mechanism
A tubing hanger assembly for suspending a tubing string into a wellbore comprises a hanger body having a radially outer surface including external threads having a first thread handedness. In addition, the assembly comprises a load ring coaxially disposed about the hanger body.
Multi-level sliding sleeve
A multi-level sliding sleeve including an outer cylinder, an inner sliding sleeve, a combined ball socket, a guider, an expander, an upper gland, a lower gland, and a ball. The outer cylinder includes internal threads in an upper end and external threads in a lower end, and the outer cylinder including an external wall including a plurality of drainage holes along the peripheral direction.
Sewn product and method for sewing material
There is provided a sewn product in which one material edge and the other material edge are stitched together in an abutted state. The one material edge and the other material edge are stitched together with one bobbin thread and a plurality of needle threads, the plurality of needle threads being interlocked with the one bobbin thread to form a plurality of rows of zigzag stitched seams..
Headrest moving device
A headrest moving device which includes a press member, a moving unit that is moved horizontally by the press member, a return spring that functions to return the moving unit to an original position, a screw, a block that is provided with threads in the inner circumferential surface thereof and is engaged with the screw through a screw type engagement, a locking unit that selectively releases the block from a locked state in response to a movement of the moving unit, and a frame that is installed on a stay rod and supports the moving unit, in which either one of the screw and the block can be rotated so that the device can control the position of a headrest steplessly in forward and backward directions.. .
Thread migration support for architectually different cores
According to one embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of processor cores for executing a plurality of threads, a shared storage communicatively coupled to the plurality of processor cores, a power control unit (pcu) communicatively coupled to the plurality of processors to determine, without any software (sw) intervention, if a thread being performed by a first processor core should be migrated to a second processor core, and a migration unit, in response to receiving an instruction from the pcu to migrate the thread, to store at least a portion of architectural state of the first processor core in the shared storage and to migrate the thread to the second processor core, without any sw intervention, such that the second processor core can continue executing the thread based on the architectural state from the shared storage without knowledge of the sw.. .
System and method for implementing scalable contention-adaptive statistics counters
The systems and methods described herein may implement scalable statistics counters that are adaptive to the amount of contention for the counters. The counters may be accessible within transactions.
Assigning jobs to heterogeneous processing modules
A processing system is described which assigns jobs to heterogeneous processing modules. The processing system assigns jobs to the processing modules in a manner that attempts to accommodate the service demands of the jobs, but without advance knowledge of the service demands.
Method and system for delineating and accessing multi-tagged literature
The present invention provides a way of parsing into tagged segments of texts and therefrom accessing multi-tagged literature. Multi-tagged literature comprises multiple narrative threads that may each occur simultaneously within a narrative or historical timeline, thereby allowing the reader to switch back and forth between various aspects of a text and optionally follow separate threads.
Mechanism to provide high performance and fairness in a multi-threading computer system
According to one embodiment, a processor includes an execution pipeline for executing a plurality of threads, including a first thread and a second thread. The processor further includes a multi-thread controller (mtc) coupled to the execution pipeline to determine whether to switch threads between the first and second thread based on a thread switch policy that is selected from a list of thread switch policies based on unfairness levels of the first and second thread, and in response to determining to switch threads, to switch from executing the first thread to executing the second thread..
Method, apparatus, system creating, executing and terminating mini-threads
Described herein are mechanisms for creating, executing, and terminating mini-threads. A processor executes instructions with a primary thread in a first execution mode, and to execute an instruction to create a secondary mini-thread that is associated with a first subset of registers and associates the primary thread with a second subset of the registers during a second execution mode.
Parallel processing of a sequential program using hardware generated threads and their instruction groups executing on plural execution units and accessing register file segments using dependency inheritance vectors across multiple engines
A unified architecture for dynamic generation, execution, synchronization and parallelization of complex instruction formats includes a virtual register file, register cache and register file hierarchy. A self-generating and synchronizing dynamic and static threading architecture provides efficient context switching..
System and method for implementing numa-aware statistics counters
The systems and methods described herein may be used to implement scalable statistics counters suitable for use in systems that employ a numa style memory architecture. The counters may be implemented as data structures that include a count value portion and a node identifier portion.
Processing engine for complex atomic operations
A system includes an atomic processing engine (ape) coupled to an interconnect. The interconnect is to couple to one or more processor cores.
Data transmitting method, memory controller and data transmitting system
A data transmitting method for a memory controller is provided. A host system executes threads to transmit commands through a human interface device (hid) interface.
Highly-versatile variable-angle bone plate system
A bone plate system for internal fixation of bone fractures includes a bone plate having a plurality of bone plate holes. The holes are constructed to receive either a non-locking, locking, or variable-angle locking bone screw.
Dosing unit for an ambulatory infusion device
A dosing unit for an infusion pump device is disclosed having a piston pump with a pump cylinder and a plunger arranged within said cylinder, coaxially arranged along a longitudinal axis. The plunger has a shaft with a thread and the cylinder has a threaded sleeve part with a thread.
Detachable threaded rod for use in mold
A detachable threaded rod is used in an injection mold, and includes an operation portion, a molding portion, and a screw. The operation portion includes a rod part, the rod part defines a mating hole and a screw hole on a bottom surface of the mating hole.
Computer control of online social interactions based on conversation processing
A method for computer control of online social interactions based on conversation processing. A portion of a conversation with a given user is recorded, stored in memory, and processed so as to influence subsequent interactions.

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