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Threaded Connection patents

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System comprising a bone plate and a bone screw

Assembly for producing a threaded joint for the drilling and operation of hydrocarbon wells, and resulting threaded…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Threaded Connection-related patents
 Keyed thread engagement on spin-on filter element patent thumbnailKeyed thread engagement on spin-on filter element
A filter element includes a ring of filtration media circumscribing a central axis and defining a central cavity. An annular end cap of the filter element is sealingly bonded at an end of the media.
 System comprising a bone plate and a bone screw patent thumbnailSystem comprising a bone plate and a bone screw
A system comprises a bone plate and a bone screw. The bone plate is provided with a through-hole, which extends from an upper face to a bone-side lower face of the bone plate.
 Assembly for producing a threaded joint for the drilling and operation of hydrocarbon wells, and resulting threaded joint patent thumbnailAssembly for producing a threaded joint for the drilling and operation of hydrocarbon wells, and resulting threaded joint
An assembly for production of a threaded connection, including a first and a second tubular component with an axis of revolution and each including at one of its ends at least one first threaded zone produced on an external or internal peripheral surface of the component depending on whether the threaded end is male or female in type, and capable of cooperating together on makeup, the ends finishing in a terminal surface. At least one of the threaded zones has, in longitudinal section passing through the axis, a profile that follows a continuous and concave portion of a curve over at least 10% of the length of engaged threads of the threaded zone..
 Reciprocating water pump patent thumbnailReciprocating water pump
A reciprocating jetting water pump primarily for use on a vacuum truck is disclosed. The jetting water pump includes a pair of reciprocating pistons that are each movable within an outer cylinder mounted to a center block.
 Method for attaching a chisel and associates device patent thumbnailMethod for attaching a chisel and associates device
The invention relates to a device for machining and/or conveying materials, comprising a roller element rotatably supported about a longitudinal axis, at least one tool holder, a support element for supporting a cutting tool and a cutting tool, wherein the tool holder includes a receiver in which the support element is received in a form locking manner and the support element includes a bore hole. In order to configure the support element that is provided for holding the cutting tool engaging the material so that it can be exchanged in a much simpler manner it is proposed to arrange the fixation element coaxial with the support element, wherein the fixation element is connected with the support element through a threaded connection..
 Porous implant device for supporting a denture patent thumbnailPorous implant device for supporting a denture
A dental implant device has an implant portion for being placed in a bore in bone. The implant portion has a coronal end portion and a porous metal portion.
 Non-removable tamper resistant lid patent thumbnailNon-removable tamper resistant lid
The present invention relates to a tamper resistant lid (10) for a container (1). The lid (10) exhibits a centre axis (x) and comprises an outer and an inner member (20, 40).
 Electronic cigarette patent thumbnailElectronic cigarette
An electronic cigarette includes a battery rod, and is further comprises more than one batteries serially provided inside the battery rod. The electronic cigarette also comprises an atomizer connected to the battery rod, at one end of the atomizer provided a first connection part, while at one end of the battery rod, provided a second connection part; the first connection part and the second connection part are in threaded connection to each other.
 Threaded connection with improved root thread profile patent thumbnailThreaded connection with improved root thread profile
A threaded connection design having a double ellipse in the thread root for reducing stress fatigue is illustrated in this disclosure. The root groove includes a first portion comprising a first elliptical surface being part of a first ellipse.
 Drill pipe system and method for using same patent thumbnailDrill pipe system and method for using same
A tubular threaded connection for coupling drill pipe segments to form a drill string is provided. Each of the segments has a tubular pipe body having a wall thickness of >0.5 inches (1.27 cm).
Automated pipe tripping apparatus and methods
An automated pipe tripping apparatus includes an outer frame and an inner frame. The inner frame includes a tripping slips and iron roughneck.
Top drive powered differential speed rotation system and method
Certain embodiments include a system having a first grip configured to couple to a first tubular, a second grip configured to couple to a second tubular, where the first and second tubulars are connected by a threaded connection, and a gear assembly coupling the first and second grips, wherein the gear assembly has a speed ratio greater than 1.. .
Tubular member coupling and lining systems and methods
For use in assembling a tubing string for a production well, a rigid pre-formed liner is configured for simple drop-in place installation at each tubing joint during assembly of the tubing string in to protect the inside of the tubing string from wear caused by operation of a sucker rod inside the same. At a threaded connection in the finished tubing string, where an externally threaded top end of a section of production tubing is engaged with an internally threaded bottom end of a box coupler or collar, the tubular portion of a respective liner hangs downward from a larger-diameter collar portion of the liner that sits atop the annular top end of the section of production tubing.
Graphical evaluator for tubular makeup
A method of connecting a first threaded tubular to a second threaded tubular includes: engaging threads of the tubulars; and rotating the first tubular relative to the second tubular, thereby making up the threaded connection. The method further includes, during makeup of the threaded connection: measuring torque applied to the connection; measuring turns of the first tubular; and detecting a shoulder position.
Electrostatic liquid spray nozzle having a removable and re-settable electrode cap
An electrostatic sprayer for spraying a liquid includes a nozzle formed from a nozzle body that has an inlet for receiving a liquid and a liquid tip having an outlet for ejection of the liquid to form a liquid spray. The nozzle also includes an electrode disposed around the outlet of the liquid tip for charging the liquid.
Anti-rotation system for box and pin connection
An anti-rotation system for use in retaining a threaded connection between a pin and a box. The anti-rotation system includes a key that sets in a recess formed in one of the box or pin.
Slow cooker with fastening mechanism
A slow cooker with fastening mechanism includes a housing, handles on the side wall of the housing, and a lid, wherein a movable fastening mechanism is provided on the upper side of the lid, and each of the handles is hinged to a clamping hook and corresponds to the movable fastening mechanism, so that the clamping hook can interact with the movable fastening mechanism. The inner pot can be closed tightly by the action of the clamping hook.
Electrode for plasma torch with novel assembly method and enhanced heat transfer
Embodiments of the present invention are related to an electrode for a plasma arc torch, the electrode comprising a generally tubular outer wall, an end wall, and a protrusion. The end wall is joined to a distal end of the outer wall and supports an emissive element in a generally central region.
Tubular threaded connection
A threaded tubular connection includes a first tube and a second tube. The first tube includes a pin member and the second tube includes a box member.
Wellbore cementing tool
A wellbore cementing tool configured for placement in a drill string, and method of using same. The tool is lowered on a hollow, small-diameter stem into the drill string and contacts the bit, such that the downward pressure on the tool causes a shear pin to shear, resulting in upward movement of an outer sleeve relative to the central body of the tool.
Device for measuring electrical treeing of medium voltage cables
A device for measuring electrical treeing of medium voltage cables. The device includes a plurality of test units connected in parallel.
Swivel tether
A swivel tether for attaching a camera via a cord to an object, the swivel tether including a side release buckle system having a ball joint connection that allows for 360 degree swivel functionality. This permits the camera to rotate freely without adding tension or twisting of the cord attached thereto and without causing a threaded connection between an end of the cord and the camera to become unthreaded due to rotation of the camera.
Method and system for evaluating groups of threaded connections
A method associated with the selection of tubulars for hydrocarbon production is described based upon evaluating the performance limits of threaded connections. Constituents of an evaluation group of threaded connections are determined and then a first group of the connections is evaluated via model analysis over a range of conditions.
Handheld machine tool comprising a mechanical striking mechanism
A handheld machine tool including a mechanical striking mechanism, which has a striking member equipped with at least one drive cam and an output shaft equipped with at least one output cam, which is connected to a tool holder for holding a tool, the drive cam being designed to drive the output cam in a striking manner during the striking operation of the mechanical striking mechanism, the output shaft being drivable by a barrel shaped drive member, which at least partially encloses the output shaft and the striking body and is connected via a threaded connection to a drive member that is drivable by an associated gearbox.. .
Device for cleaning contaminated air
A device for filtering contaminated air includes an air filter, an intake fan driven by an electric motor, a filter housing, to which the air filter can be fastened by means of a threaded connection, and a battery for driving the electric motor, wherein the intake fan has a guide blade and an impeller, and the intake fan is arranged in a chimney-shaped shell on the filter housing.. .
Porous metal dental implant
A porous metal augment is sized for use in mandibular or maxillar bone. The porous metal material of the augment facilitates and promotes ingrowth of the surrounding bone into the porous metal structure, thereby rebuilding a suitable foundation for affixation of dental implants.
Adjustable isolation sleeve assembly for well stimulation through production tubing
A fracturing system includes a fracturing spool that mounts onto a wellhead assembly for injecting fracturing fluid into a well beneath the wellhead assembly. An isolation sleeve is included with the fracturing system that couples to the fracturing spool and extends into the wellhead to isolate and protect portions of the wellhead assembly from the fracturing fluid.
Upper mast fixture for positioning tubular and method
An upper mast fixture for positioning a tubular received from a pipe handling system for use with a top drive having a rotor utilized to connect with pipe. The upper mast fixture is utilized to assist and/or provide alignment of a threaded connection on a top of said pipe with said top drive rotor..
Screw installation structure
In a screw installation structure in which a first member, made of an iron-based material and having a male screw-threaded portion, is fixed to a second member, made of an aluminum-based material and having a screw hole, by screw-threaded connection between the male screw-threaded portion and the screw hole, a non-circular deformed portion is partly formed on an outer periphery of a portion of the first member, exposed from the screw hole of the second member. Also provided is an anti-rotation and anti-loosening member configured to be brought into fitted-engagement with the non-circular deformed portion.
Compensation tank for hydraulic motor vehicle brake systems
A compensation tank for hydraulic motor vehicle brake systems, including a tank housing having at least one pressure medium chamber which can be filled with pressure medium via a filler neck, and a cap which can be fastened to the filler neck by a threaded connection having a cap thread and a tank thread. The cap and the tank housing each have a respective stop, which stops permit a predetermined positioning of the cap in relation to the tank housing..
Air/water dental syringe tip adapter systems and conversion methods
Conversion assemblies enable an air/water dental syringe adapted for connection to an existing tip such as an autoclavable tip to instead receive disposable tip. A conversion kit includes a cap subassembly with a cap body having a distal opening into which the disposable tip is inserted, and an adapter subassembly having a proximal end configured for connection to the syringe body and a distal end configured for coupling to the cap subassembly.
Packaging for selling and preparing a combined food product
A packaging system and method for selling and preparing a food product that is a combination of two or more food items. The system comprises a first container having a first food item therein, a second container having a second food item therein and a mechanism for disconnectedly joining the first container and the second container together.
Threaded connection for drilling and working hydrocarbon wells
A threaded connection including first and second tubular components, each including a respective male and female end, the male end includes at least one threaded zone on its external peripheral surface and ending in a terminal surface, the female end includes at least one threaded zone on its internal peripheral surface and ending in a terminal surface, the threaded zones including, over at least a portion of their length, threads each including, viewed in longitudinal section passing through the axis of the tubular component, a thread crest, a thread root, a load flank, and a stabbing flank. Profiles of the male and female load flanks, viewed in longitudinal section passing through the axis of revolution of the connection, are a continuous curve with a convex or concave form, the profile of the male flanks being complementary to that of the female flanks over at least 70% of the continuous curve..
Coiled tubing triple-sealed penetrator and method
A triple-sealed esp connection provides a first seal at the upper end of a coiled tubing to limit the migration of vapors from the interior of the coiled tubing into the annulus at a wellhead and a second seal to prevent migration of the vapors from the annulus of the wellhead to the exterior surface of the wellhead. This triple-sealed arrangement can be accomplished by providing a threaded connection on an upper end of the coiled tubing to which is attached the sealable shroud for the electrical conductor splice which sealably connects with the wellhead thereby providing a sealed upper end to the coiled tubing and a second seal on the shroud and a seal at the wellhead.
Vehicle frame assemblies with threaded connections
A method of manufacturing a vehicle frame, includes: forming compatible threads on a first rail composed of a first material and a second rail composed of a second material; forming a pair of locators on the first and second rails, said locators configured to indicate an alignment condition of the first rail and second rail when screwed together; and screwing together the first rail and second rail.. .
Mount for electronics equipment
A mount that is useful for mounting electronics equipment such as audio or video equipment such as a microphone or a camera in a desired orientation has first and second interconnected body members that retain a swivel adapter that is movable in a ball and socket swivel joint relative to the body members. The body members rotated on threaded connections to thereby adjust the tightness of the swivel adaptor retained between the body members.
Height-adjustable capping chuck assembly
A height-adjustable capping chuck assembly is configured for use with an associated high-speed, automated capping machine for threadingly applying closures to associated containers. The chuck assembly includes a chuck body defining a cavity for receiving a closure to be applied, and a chuck mounting sleeve by which the chuck body is mounted on the associated capping machine.
Battery module
A battery module includes first and second battery cells having positive and negative cell terminals arranged adjacent one another. A buss bar connects the positive cell terminal of the first battery cell to the negative cell terminal of the second battery cell.
Tubular thread seal
For sealing a threaded connection, a tubular thread seal includes a proximal edge with a specified proximal diameter and a distal edge with a specified distal diameter. The distal edge is inserted over a threaded connection.
Adjustable engagement system for tool removal
A retrieval tool and method for retrieving a remote tool with a threaded connection from a remote location. The retrieval tool includes a rotational drive member which rotates an attachment sub having a complimentary threaded portion.
Step-to-step wedge thread connections and related methods
A threaded connection includes a pin member comprising a first pin step and a second pin step, and pin wedge threads disposed on each of the first and second pin steps and a box member comprising a first box step and a second box step, and box wedge threads disposed on each of the first and second box steps, wherein an axial separation of the first and second pin steps differs from an axial separation of the first and second box steps.. .
Golf putter
A putter for striking a golf ball includes a cylindrical head containing a plurality of spaced openings in an outer surface thereof intermediate opposite ends of the head. The head has a diameter greater than the diameter of the golf ball.
Hydraulic well packer
A retrievable well packer for downhole operations, comprising an upper mandrel and a lower mandrel connected through a quick threaded connection, a hydraulic actuating assembly for downwardly moving under fluid pressure, a packing assembly for sealing against the well, first coupling mechanism between the upper mandrel and the hydraulic actuating assembly and second coupling mechanism between the lower mandrel and the hydraulic actuating assembly, with the second coupling mechanism connecting the lower mandrel and the hydraulic actuating assembly against rotation but permitting relative axial movement.. .
The invention relates to a tool, tool, in particular a screwing tool (1), comprising a handle (2), a working part (5) that is connected to the handle and that is used to open or close a threaded connection, and a display device (10) that displays a working value, for example a tightening torque of the threaded connection, wherein the display device (10) has at least two representations of the working value, in particular the tightening torque. In order to develop a generic tool in such a way that incorrect operation can be prevented with sufficient reliability, a covering device (17) is provided, which covers at least one working value and/or is designed in such a way that only one working value can be displayed in the display device (10)..
Downhole screen with exterior shunts and manifolded shunt connections at tubular joints
An assembly of screens made of connected joints with exterior shunts that span the threaded connections among the joints features manifolds for the shunts adjacent joint threaded ends that are connected with a coupling. A mandrel spans from one joint to the next inside the threaded coupling and is sealed to the respective bases pipes on opposed ends of the coupling.
Threaded connection of high-pressure fluid-carrying components of an injection device for internal combustion engines
In a method for producing a threaded connection between a first component and a second component of an injection device for internal combustion engines, which are each provided for carrying high-pressure fluid, an internal thread is formed on a tubular end portion of the first component, into which the second component can be screwed and clamped against a resting surface of the first component, the second component having formed thereon an external threaded portion for engaging the internal thread of the tubular end portion, an outer ring imparting an elastic prestress acting in the radial direction is pressed onto the tubular end portion, and the components are subsequently screwed together.. .
Multilateral location and orientation assembly
A location and orientation assembly suitable for use in a multi-lateral wellbore may include a coupling portion, an upper muleshoe, a muleshoe spacer and a bottom muleshoe. The bottom muleshoe may connect to the coupling portion through a threaded connection.
Golf tee insertion tool
An insertion tool having an upper section and an insertion section coupled to the upper section and configured to be inserted into a teeing ground to create a depression for insertion of a golf tee. The upper section and insertion section may be a unitary body or may be coupled via a threaded connection..
Water treatment reactor
A water treatment reactor, including: a reaction vessel; an electrode; a pulsed power supply; and a regulating assembly, the regulating assembly including a fixation cylinder, an insulation sleeve, and a copper cap. The pulsed power supply is in electric connection with the electrode.
Dental cleaning appliance generating high velocity water droplets with replacement tip
The appliance includes an elongated body portion (12) and an assembly (14, 16 18) for producing high velocity water droplets, as well as a nozzle and guidance assembly (20) which includes a base portion (21) and a replaceable tip portion (22). The tip portion is connectable to the base portion by a connection arrangement, such as a weld, an adhesive, or a threaded connection..
Outdoor solar floor lamp
A solar powered weather resistant outdoor floor lamp is provided having a weighted base, an upstanding pole, and a decorative lamp housing. The weighted base includes a plurality of removable, folding, and adjustable leveling elements that attach along the base underside surface to form a tripod support therefor.
Interventional medical device connector and method for using same
An interventional medical device connector and a method for using same. The interventional medical device connector comprises an implant (1) and a pusher (5).
Threaded connection with improved root thread profile
A threaded connection design having a double ellipse in the thread root for reducing stress fatigue is illustrated in this disclosure. The root groove includes a first portion comprising a first elliptical surface being part of a first ellipse.
Ball valve
A ball valve is provided for threaded connection to a separable component 72 having male threads 74. A housing 10 contains a ball 12 selectively rotatable for passing fluid through the housing, and a flange member 20 threadably secured to the valve housing.
Power drill with adjustable torque
A typical power drill has a housing, a drive spindle that can be driven by a motor, and a chuck including a chuck body in which jaws are guided that are adjustable by a threaded connection provided between a driver and a threaded sleeve. A drill spindle and an axially displaceable drive stem can be driven by a motor from its end facing the drive spindle by planetary gearing gearing composed of a sun gear, a planet carrier supporting planet gears, and a ring gear, and comprising a control element.
Apparatus and method for securing the connection of a coaxially arranged tube of a measuring probe unit of a fill-level measuring device to a process connection element
A method and apparatus for connecting a tube coaxially arranged around a measuring probe in a measuring probe unit of a fill-level measuring device comprising: a cable- or rod-shaped measuring probe and a tube coaxially surrounding the measuring probe. The measuring probe unit is connected to the container by means of a process connection element, wherein the measuring probe and the tube arranged coaxially around the measuring probe for the measuring probe unit are connected releasably to the process connection element.
Constant-resistance large-deformation anchor rod
A constant-resistance large-deformation anchor rod includes a rod body (6), a tray (3), a nut (2), and a constant-resistance device (4). The constant-resistance device (4) is formed into a cylindrical structure, and the inner surface of the constant-resistance device (4) and the outer surface of the rod body (6) are both formed with thread structures.
Torque enhanced threaded connection
Apparatus and method for increasing the torque capacity of threaded connections between tubular members. The apparatus may include a first tubular end coupled with a second tubular end, and a torque member wherein the torque member is torqued against the second tubular member and wherein tapered surfaces are engaged between the torque member and the first tubular member at a tapered surface interface..
Threaded connection and process for obtaining it
A female component for a tubular hydrocarbon working string subjected to dynamic bending strength includes a tapered female threading cooperating with a male threading to form a rigid mutual connection of tubular elements, a free end and female sealing surface disposed between the free end and the female threading, the female sealing surface to contact in a made up condition with a male sealing surface to form a metal-metal seal, and an annular groove provided between the free end and the female sealing surface, leaving an axial distance greater than zero between the free end and a transition region outwardly of the female sealing surface, and a radial distance greater than zero between the female sealing surface and a chamfer at the free end, the groove including borders formed by the chamfer and a portion of the transition region protecting the female sealing surface prior to makeup.. .
Selectively fired high pressure high temperature back-off tool
A method for unseating a threaded connection of wellbore tubing within the wellbore. The method utilizes a back-off tool which consists of a tubular metal housing, a shaped charge and hns detonating cord within the housing, and an explosive material attached to the housing.
Electrosurgical instrument assembly
A method of assembling an electrosurgical instrument (1) includes the steps of forming components such as an elongate shaft (11), an electrode (2) and a base unit (3), presenting the electrode (2) to the base unit (3) such that the electrode (2) is temporarily located on the base unit (3), and applying a locking component (10), the locking component (10) holding the electrode (2) and the base unit (3) together. The locking component (10) is then secured to the elongate shaft (11) unit in such a way as to retain the electrode (2) on the base unit (3) and form the completed electrosurgical instrument.
Nanocomposite coatings for threaded connections
A coating which provides corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and, optionally, lubrication, for deposition on a threaded article is disclosed. The coating comprises a polymer matrix, such as a polyimide, which is modified with small amounts of a fluorine containing polymer modifier, as well as other compounds or additives to improve performance of the coating.
Threaded connection
A threaded connection including first and second tubular components including respective male and female ends including a distal surface and a threaded zone. The threaded zone of the male end is threaded into the threaded zone of the female end.
Sealing structure, fluid treatment unit, fluid treatment device and manual switching mechanism therefor
A fluid treatment unit and a sealing structure which is preferably for the fluid treatment unit are provided. The sealing structure includes: a cylinder with an opening formed at one end thereof, the cylinder comprising an inner wall surface and an outer wall surface, and an outer thread being provided on the outer wall surface; a sealing cover which is capable of hermetically cooperating with the inner wall surface of the cylinder to seal the opening; a support cover which is capable of being connected with the cylinder by thread engagement; when the support cover and the cylinder are relatively rotated in order to achieve a threaded connection of the support cover and the cylinder, the support cover is capable of supporting the sealing cover and impelling it to move in parallel so as to allow the sealing cover to reach a position at which it seals the opening..
Tubular threaded connection
A threaded tubular connection including a first tube and a second tube is provided. The first tube includes a pin member which extends from an end of a main body of the first tube to a terminal end of the first tube.
Drill rod shock tool
Shock tools can include a rotary top drive box in threaded connection with an outer tube. A center plate tube can run through the center of the shock tool to provide a pathway for drilling fluid and/or mud to flow to the drill bit.

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