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Third Party patents


This page is updated frequently with new Third Party-related patent applications.

 Distinguish valid users from bots, ocrs and third party solvers when presenting captcha patent thumbnailDistinguish valid users from bots, ocrs and third party solvers when presenting captcha
A method and system of administering a captcha challenge comprising: providing a captcha challenge to the client computer, the captcha challenge comprising an image and browser code for displaying the image, the image comprising a character string in which a first sub string smaller than said character string corresponds to a solution to the captcha challenge and a second substring smaller than said character string corresponds to extra characters not part of the solution, displaying the image on the client computer wherein only the first substring is visible in the browser, receiving a response from the client computer, comparing the response with the second substring, and determining, if the response includes the second substring, that the client computer used a captcha bot or relay.. .
Fireblade Holdings, Llc

 Third party email signature generation and authentication patent thumbnailThird party email signature generation and authentication
Technologies are described related to third party email signature generation and authentication. A dkim signature may be stamped in a way such that the “from” address is encoded in the selector.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Location blocking service from a web advertiser patent thumbnailLocation blocking service from a web advertiser
Location-blocking and identity-blocking services that can be commercially offered by a service promoter, e.g., a cellular service provider or a web advertiser. In the identity-blocking service, the service provider may disclose the current physical location of a mobile subscriber (i.e., a cellular phone operator) to a third party (e.g., a web advertiser) subscribing to the identity-blocking service.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 System and  event-based research and audience profiling for targeted marketing patent thumbnailSystem and event-based research and audience profiling for targeted marketing
A method for matching a business with clients comprising: defining predetermined trends/signals to monitor on third party websites for a predetermined industry; monitoring the third party websites for the predetermined trends/signals; and modeling off loan conversion data to provide a feedback loop to find companies with characteristics with the predetermined trends/signals.. .

 Method and system for next generation fleet network patent thumbnailMethod and system for next generation fleet network
A method for processing a fleet card transaction includes: storing, in a merchant file database, a plurality of merchant profiles, wherein each merchant profile includes at least a merchant identifier and at least one loop type identifier; receiving, by a receiving device and from a merchant device, an authorization request for a payment transaction, wherein the authorization request includes transaction data including at least a merchant identifier and a payment card identifier; identifying, by a processing device, the loop type identifier associated with the received transaction data; determining, by the processing device, whether to route the authorization request to one of a closed loop network and an open loop network based upon the loop type identifier associated with the received transaction data; and transmitting, by a transmitting device, the authorization request to a third party entity associated with either the closed loop network or the open loop network.. .
Mastercard International Incorporated

 Financial account protection method utilizing a variable assigning request string generator and receiver algorithm patent thumbnailFinancial account protection method utilizing a variable assigning request string generator and receiver algorithm
A novel method of substantially, if not totally, eliminating financial account fraud through the implementation of a specific algorithm that permits a financial institution the means to communicate directly and nearly instantaneously with an account holder for verification purposes during a financial transaction. The overall system depends on a string variable method that accords a limited number of representations to all the words and numbers of a specific human language in order to provide a suitable machine language translation for the capability of communicating quickly and effectively between a financial institution, an account holder, and possibly, a third party.

 Integration of extended computer system functionality patent thumbnailIntegration of extended computer system functionality
The disclosed systems and methods efficiently integrate an external payment provider's functionality into an existing merchant's electronic order pipeline. For example, an existing merchant order pipeline may include one or more input pages for information such as customer credit card number, shipping address, shipping method specification, addressee, and the like.
Klarna Ab

 Systems and methods for information presentation and collaboration patent thumbnailSystems and methods for information presentation and collaboration
A system and method is adapted for allowing a user to display data on a display and to share one or more images of the displayed data with one or more users. The system includes a display and a single computer that generates a tool bar that is displayed on the display.
Promethean Limited

 Wireless room temperature universal control system patent thumbnailWireless room temperature universal control system
The embodiments disclose a method including integrating a wireless room temperature universal control system with features including a feature for setting automated temperature settings on a room temperature control thermostat in a room, operating at least one automated room occupancy detector feature for determining occupancy in the room, wherein the occupancy detector includes detecting body heat, detecting and receiving and transmitting sounds, detecting motion and receiving and transmitting live and recorded video signal, and using a mobile device wireless monitor and temperature control application interface to remotely manage the operations of the wireless room temperature universal control system and interactively communicating with room occupants, using an encrypted unique identification and authorization code communicated through a wireless room temperature universal control system server and a mobile device manager gateway device to activate and operate the wireless room temperature universal control system and other third party control devices.. .

 Optimizer selection in wireless networks patent thumbnailOptimizer selection in wireless networks
Network service providers often make use of traffic optimizers, in order to balance the objectives of maximizing users' quality of experience (“qoe”) with the costs of transmitting data. Certain content providers may make use of their own optimization algorithms, which may be interfered with by network providers' traffic optimizers.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Customer based internet of things (iot) - transparent privacy functionality

Novel tools and techniques might provide for implementing customer-based internet of things (“iot”)-transparent privacy functionality. Various methods, systems, and apparatuses might provide connectivity between a network interface device (“nid”) and each of one or more first user devices of a plurality of user devices associated with the customer premises and/or a user who is associated with the customer premises.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc

Intercloud audience and content analytics

Viewers of broadcast media are typically isolated from content creators, content distributors, and other interested parties. Gathering and using viewer data can prove expensive, slow, and complex.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Authentication of a user device using traffic flow information

A device may receive traffic flow information that includes user device identifiers. The device may receive, from a user device accessing an application associated with a third party service, an authentication request to authenticate the user device with a third party device that provides the third party service.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Generating bridge match identifiers for linking identifiers from server logs

Systems and methods of matching identifiers between multiple datasets are described herein. A system can transmit a first identifier vector to a third party server.
Google Inc.

Vehicle fault early warning system

A vehicle fault early warning system is provided in which a central processing system (e.g., vehicle manufacturer, service center, third party) transmits a warning once a set of conditions is identified that routinely leads to a particular vehicle malfunction, where the malfunction may either cause the failure of a component/subsystem or cause a component/subsystem to perform out-of-spec. The warning may be accompanied by instructions as to how to avoid, or at least mitigate, the effects of the vehicle malfunction..
Atieva, Inc.

Secure data validation system

An automated validation system validates whether a property of a policyholder receiving at least one insurance benefit is currently receiving remote monitoring services, as represented by the policyholder. The system includes an application server, a trusted third party server, and a management computer.
Hartford Fire Insurance Company

Evaluating content items for presentation to an online system user based in part on one or more parameters of the user specified by a third party system

An online system receives advertisement (“ad”) requests for presentation to its users. An ad request may include one or more values associated with a characteristic of online system users.
Facebook Inc.

Managing team mailbox integrating email repository and content management store services

A communication application creates a team mailbox integrating messages from an email repository and documents from a content management store (cms). The application enables an administrator to define and manage members of the team mailbox with varying privilege status for accessing the team mailbox.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method and system for collaborative execution of business processes

A computer-implemented method and system are provided for collaborative execution of business processes shared by entities and outsourced business partners providing products or services to the entities. A single software service is provided with common business process rules, a common business information schema, and a single directory of shared workspaces for registered users of all entities and outsourced partners on a publicly available server computer.
Tracelink, Inc.

System and aggregating social content of an entity and providing the aggregated content through entity-specific applications

The disclosure relates to systems and methods of aggregating social content of an entity and provide the social content through an entity-specific application that is customized for the entity, according to an implementation of the invention. The entity may include, for example, an artist (e.g., a musician, singer, etc.) for whom a customized artist-specific application is generated.
Escapex Limited

Secure shared key sharing systems and methods

Systems and methods used to securely communicate a shared key to devices. One embodiment describes a method to securely communicate a shared key to a first device and a second device that includes receiving, using the first device, a shared key and unique identifier pairing associated with the first device from a key generator; receiving, using a trusted third party, the shared key and unique identifier pairing from the key generator; generating, using the first device, a signature using the unique identifier and the shared key; transmitting, using the first device, the signature and the unique identifier to the trusted third party; verifying, using the trusted third party, the unique identifier based on the signature; determining, using the trusted third party, the shared key when the unique identifier is verified; and transmitting, using the trusted third party, the shared key to the second device to enable the first device and the second device to communicate securely by encoding and decoding communicated data using the shared key..
Micron Technology, Inc.

Computer platform for managing third party interactions and generating analytics therefore

A system, non-transitory computer readable medium, and method for managing third party interactions. The method includes identifying at least one transaction, wherein each transaction is between a first device and one of a plurality of second devices; obtaining transaction data of each identified transaction; identifying at least one redemption, wherein each redemption is between the first device and one of a plurality of third devices; obtaining redemption data of each identified redemption; determining, based on the transaction data and the redemption data, a total point value associated with the first device; and generating a computer readable token for the first device, the token including each transaction identifier and each redemption identifier, the token further including metadata, wherein the metadata includes the determined total point value..

Systems and methods for transferring balances

A positive balance on a first financial account associated with a prepaid card are transferrable to a second financial account associated with a third party. In some embodiments, an instruction to transfer a portion of the first financial account to the second financial account is received.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Provider driven model remote healthcare monitoring billing system

A healthcare monitoring and billing system having a practice management system connected to a third party facilitator system. A remote testing device is assigned to a patient that automatically transmits test results upon completion.
1comm Medical, Inc.

System and authoring and delivering wrap packages of cards

An ecosystem that enables third party creators to create card templates and widgets and businesses and/or consumers to author wrap packages using the same for distribution. During authoring, the businesses and consumers, using a wrap package authoring tool, can incorporate the various card templates and/or widgets maintained in a library into their wrap packages.
Wrap Media, Llc

Automatic import of third party analytics

Techniques to facilitate acquisition of analytics data in a mobile application are disclosed herein. In at least one implementation, a software module of the mobile application monitors for an analytics function call from main program code to third party analytics code.
Apptimize, Inc.

Presence-based communication routing service and regulation of same

Customized communication routing and regulation thereof are provided. The routing of an incoming communication to a device, wireless or wireline, is based on a routing preference and a presence condition of a mobile device in a home or visited wireless environment served by a confined-coverage access point (ap).
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

System and contact center shared economy

A system includes a contact center to provide an interaction between a consumer and an agent workstation of the contact center, where the consumer conducts a transaction with a provider through a third party marketplace. A database stores information about a relationship between the consumer, the provider and the marketplace.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Intelligent door lock system with third party secured access to a dwelling

A system allows dwelling access to third parties. An intelligent door lock system at the dwelling includes a device configured to be coupled to a drive shaft of a lock device, with the device sensing movement of the drive shaft to assist in locking and unlocking a lock of a lock device.
August Home, Inc.

Systems and methods for managing compliance with one or more minimum advertised pricing policies via interconnected data structures

A system and method of creating one or more direct connections between a manufacturer computer system and one or more third party retailer computer systems for the transfer of product and minimum advertised practicing (map) data. In various embodiments, the system is configured to maintain a database of manufacturer product data and automatically update a corresponding database of third party retailer product data to include changes to the manufacturer product data.
Viesoft, Inc.

Searching multiple data sources

A computer implemented method for searching data in a plurality of data sources is described. At a host system, a request to search a local data source is received.
Openlane, Inc.

Core wheel processing system and method

A method for processing core wheels is disclosed. Images of known wheels having unique identifying numbers and other wheel information is received from third party providers and are processed to determine the features of the known wheels.
Wheel Recovery Systems, Llc

Systems, methods, circuits and associated software for managing communications from a mobile device to other parties and retrieving and managing data stored on the mobile device and associated with the communications to other parties

The present invention includes systems, methods, circuits and associated software for managing communications from a mobile device to other parties and retrieving and managing data stored on the mobile device and associated with the communications to other parties. The systems and methods of the present invention may further allow a calling party to make a called party to be aware of its intention to establish a call/communication session with it in one or more ways.
Silent Communication Ltd.

Identifiers for enterprise messages

A device of a first party may receive a message from a second party. The device may obtain mapping information.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Systems and methods for content presentation management

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for managing presentation settings of a content presentation device are generally described. Presentation settings may include settings specifying the presentation of content, such as contrast or brightness for video content presented through a video display device.
Visible World, Inc.

Data processing method and system

The present disclosure provides techniques for data processing. These techniques may transport, by a computing device, individual retrieving requests for second data corresponding to a first client that sends the retrieving requests for first data into the order pool.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

System for protection against ddos attacks

A method is presented that enables a server to make use of client or third party resources. The client request data contains data about the network location of the client.
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

Method and system for goal-oriented learning platform with seamless integration of incentives

A method and system for providing a seamless goal based learning platform integrating incentives. The method includes enabling a tutor to customize a first learning goal to be performed in a program and a first incentive to be awarded upon finishing said first learning goal.

Third party endorsements

System and techniques for third party endorsement are described herein. An indication that includes an attribute to identify a second entity and a skill for the second entity may be received from a first entity in a social networking service, the second entity being outside a social graph of the first entity.
Linkedin Corporation

Identifying fall risk using machine learning algorithms

A person's fall risk may be determined based on machine learning algorithms. The fall risk information can be used to notify the person and/or a third party monitoring person (e.g.
Ishoe, Inc.

Information transmission method and apparatus

An information transmission method is provided. An apparatus receives a first session request from a third party application function, which includes identity information of the third party application function and identity information of a destination entity in a network.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Enabling an online system user to access a third party application without installing the third party application

An online system provides a user with access to applications associated with third parry systems via the online system and generates an identifier that identifies the user to a third party system without providing the third party system with information personally identifying the user. Using an identifier that identifies an additional user to the third party system, an online system user may invite the additional user to use an application associated with the third party system without installing the application on the additional user's client device.
Facebook, Inc.

Augmented reality for architectural interior placement

The invention is a method for utilizing an augmented reality headset with user generated 3d object holograms or third party vendor generated 3d model holograms to be placed or superimposed, upon a real world environment. The purpose is for interior design object placement and planning..

Method and apparatus to perform online credential reporting

Embodiments of the invention provide a process for displaying a graphical indicator on an internet enabled device which conveys relationships between an entity associated with a website and third party entities with respect to the website entity. One example method may include obtaining the relationship data from a credential service provider, using a portion of a uniform resource identifier as a key to access the relationship data on the credential service provider, and rendering a representation of the relationship data, wherein the rendering of the relationship data is performed in a graphical user interface of a web browser, and wherein the web browser displays a rendering of the representation of the relationship data such that there is a relationship between an entity associated with the uniform resource identifier and a third party entity..
Avuli Incorporated

Method and intelligent capture of document object model events

A monitoring system intelligently captures document object model (dom) events. The dom events may provide state information that may not usually be captured during a web session.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods of running applications on mobile devices including notifications/blocking responsive to resource consumption

A wrapped application may be stored in memory of a mobile device. The wrapped application includes application code and an application wrapper, and the application code integrates primary and secondary application modules and a policy monitoring plugin module.
Ca, Inc.

Third party action triggers

Methods, systems, and apparatus, for providing notifications based on third party data. In an aspect, a method includes receiving first instructions that cause a user device to render a resource that includes a first parameter value of a first parameter and display the resource and generating second instructions that cause the user device to display an action trigger prompt that is rendered with the resource and in an initial state, and wherein the action trigger prompt is rendered to augment the resource with additional content not provided by rendering of the resource according to the first instructions..
Google Inc.

Device location determined by wireless signals

One embodiment provides a method, including: obtaining a list of detected wireless signals; determining, using a processor, that a previous list of detected wireless signals shares at least some commonality with the list of detected wireless signals; for common entries in the list, analyzing with a processor, a characteristic of an entry of the list of detected wireless signals and a characteristic of an entry of the previous list of detected wireless signals; establishing, if the similarity metric meets a criterion, an estimated location of a device; and requesting, from a third party location service, a device location if the similarity metric does not meet the criterion. Other aspects are described and claimed..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Use of a digital assistant in communications

A digital assistant operating on a device is configured to be engaged as an active participant in communications between local and remote parties by listening to voice and video calls and participating in messaging sessions. The digital assistant typically can be initiated by voice using a key word or phrase and then be requested to perform tasks, provide information and services, etc.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Systems and methods for providing a single click access to enterprise, saas and cloud hosted application

The present disclosure is directed to methods and systems of providing a user-selectable list of disparately hosted applications. A device intermediary to a client and one or more servers may receive a user request to access a list of applications published to the user.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Secure and delegated distribution of private keys via domain name service

A third party system generates a public-private key pair, the public key of the key pair being an encryption key, and the private key of the key pair being a decryption key. The third party system publishes the encryption key as a dns record of a third party system.
Valimail Inc.

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