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Third Party patents


This page is updated frequently with new Third Party-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Third Party-related patents
 Automated onsite information search and multimedia method and system patent thumbnailAutomated onsite information search and multimedia method and system
The invented method and system consists of a software application installed on a mobile device with internet connection and a geographical positioning device; a remote server and or an onsite wireless communication apparatus. The software application communicates and transfers data with the remote server or the onsite wireless communication apparatus.

 Third witness video participation system and method patent thumbnailThird witness video participation system and method
A video recording and law enforcement corroboration process. A video feed is established between a law enforcement officer and a perpetrator, initiated by either party.
Virtual Health Systems Corporation

 Method and procedure for dynamic services orchestration that runs within an on-device software container patent thumbnailMethod and procedure for dynamic services orchestration that runs within an on-device software container
A system for providing network services is provided. The system includes a device configured to interface with the network to receive a container, where the container is configured to interface with an operating system of the device and a plurality of applications operating on the device.
Reliance Jio Infocomm Usa, Inc.

 Method and system for sharing two-factor authenticators to access electronic systems patent thumbnailMethod and system for sharing two-factor authenticators to access electronic systems
A storage server is provided and configured to: receive a time-based access code from a computing device of a customer having an account with a resource provider, the time-based access code to be valid during a future time window and including a secret value provided by the resource provider; store the time-based access code; generate a url linked to the stored time-based access code; send the url to the customer to send to the third party to send to the storage server; receive the url from the third party; and send the time-based access code to the third party only if the url is received during the time window, whereupon the third party attempts to log into the resource provider and gains access to the account of the customer if the resource provider verifies the secret value and the time at which the login by the third party is attempted.. .

 Digital assistant voice input integration patent thumbnailDigital assistant voice input integration
A digital assistant supported on devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, game consoles, etc. Includes an extensibility client that exposes an interface and service that enables third party applications to be integrated with the digital assistant so the application user experiences are rendered using the native voice of the digital assistant.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Authentication and verification services for third party vendors using mobile devices patent thumbnailAuthentication and verification services for third party vendors using mobile devices
A method to provide authentication services to third party vendors by a service provider hosting an authentication, authorization and accounting (aaa) server or a similar device that can authenticate users for some other service. This method enables easy and substantially error-free end-user authentication, which forms the basis for enabling electronic transactions (e.g., web-based) that are less vulnerable to fraud..
Alcatel Lucent

 Methods and systems for providing promotional video patent thumbnailMethods and systems for providing promotional video
A computer system and implemented method for distributing job application video includes: receiving an applicant's identifying information and creating an applicant account; receiving a video of an applicant and associating the video with the applicant account; indexing the video of the applicant and adding the applicant's identifying information to a searchable database for third party viewers, wherein the third party viewers are registered; providing the third party viewers access to the video of the applicant upon request by the applicant and/or the third party viewer; and tracking third party views of the video and updating a status of the applicant account with each third party view.. .

 Source-to-processing file conversion in an electronic discovery enterprise system patent thumbnailSource-to-processing file conversion in an electronic discovery enterprise system
Embodiments of the invention relate to systems, methods, and computer program products for improved electronic discovery. Embodiments herein disclosed provide for an enterprise-wide e-discovery system that provides for source-to-processing file conversion of electronic communications and, in some embodiments, decryption of encrypted electronic communication entries for the purpose of efficiently processing data and supplying the electronic data to third party data analysis providers..
Bank Of America Corporation

 Vehicle monitoring system patent thumbnailVehicle monitoring system
A vehicle monitoring system configured to cause a vehicle to perform a corrective action if a dangerous vehicle interior condition is detected and an occupant is present. The vehicle monitoring system monitors the temperature and gas, such as co2, and compares the levels of each to a threshold value.

 Apparatus and methods for providing content to an ip-enabled device in a content distribution network patent thumbnailApparatus and methods for providing content to an ip-enabled device in a content distribution network
Apparatus and methods for providing content to ip-enabled devices in a content distribution network. In one embodiment, a network architecture is disclosed which enables delivery of content to such ip-enabled devices without the use of a high-speed data connection this capability allow the managed network operator to provide content services to an ip-enabled device associated with a non-data subscriber.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Image coordination in a fleet of disparate imaging devices

Apparatus and methods coordinate imaging in a fleet of disparate imaging devices. Each imaging device is associated to a unique identifier.
Lexmark International, Inc.


System and call authentication

A system and method of authenticating voice calls by recording the call and generating a transcript of the recorded call. The invention includes a recording unit configured to record audio communications taking place on a communications device, and storing the recorded call as an audio file.


Techniques for sharing network security event information

This disclosure provides an architecture for sharing information between network security administrators. Events converted to a normalized data format (ccf) are stored in a manner that can be queried by a third party (e.g., an administrator of another, trusted network).
Brightpoint Security, Inc.


Identity and trustworthiness verification using online and offline components

Methods and systems for verifying the identity and trustworthiness of a user of an online system are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving online and offline identity information for a user and comparing them to a user profile information provided by the user.
Airbnb, Inc.


Management of drone operations and security in a pervasive computing environment

A method to provide negotiation control to data such that a person or entity can negotiate the use of data gathered beyond what is needed for a particular use by a third party transaction. The method also provides negotiation for the control and operation of autonomous vehicles such as drones operating in non-public space..
Lens Ventures, Llc


System and ownership and transfer of digital art

A method of verifying, controlling and limiting distribution of digital artwork files, comprises designating a trusted third party registration server; receiving a digital artwork; registering the received artwork at the registration server; defining an allowed number of copies of the registered artwork, the allowed number being at least one; creating individual copies of the artwork up to the allowed number; at the registration server assigning an individual copy to a user; supplying the user with a file comprising an electronically watermarked version of the individual copy; allowing the user to relinquish the individual copy; upon relinquishing, making the individual copy available to a second user by repeating the supplying stage.. .
Claydo Lab Ltd.


System and enabling third party entitlements for enterprise partners based on customer printing behaviors

A customer workstation with a device discovery tool is connected to a network. The device discovery tool obtains identifying information about document-processing devices connected to the network.
Xerox Corporation


System and optimizing hydration and for the contextual dispensing of additives

Provided are systems, methods, and apparatuses for a portable hydration system including a mechanical or electromechanical mechanism for dispensing additives into a liquid or other solute in a portable container. Such additives include solids, liquid, powders, and gases, and include vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, and other consumables.
Lifefuels, Inc.


Sleep measurement computer system

A system and method that will serve for measuring the sleep of at least one user. The system will provide the measurement by communicating sleep parameters of at least one user to a mobile third party client application 170 from a sensor device 120.
Beddit Oy


Cell-id translation in a location based system (lbs)

A cell-id translation module accesses a cell-id translation database to associate original cell-id information with new or changed (i.e., translated) cell-id information received by a handset. A cell-id database is effectively regularly changed rendering useless any third party databases previously collected without authorization by the relevant mobile operators.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc


Managing interaction with hosted services

Systems and methods are disclosed which facilitate managing interaction with instances corresponding to hosted services. Customers may implement services on a hosted computing environment.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Secure remote gaming player registration

An electronic wager based gaming system includes primary communication devices, a game administration server component, and a player account server component, all adapted to communicate with separate third party computing (i.e., player) devices, such as smart phones. The game administration component administers wager based game play on player devices and communicates game inputs and results therewith via primary communication devices.
Mobile Gaming Technologies, Inc.


Systems and methods for conducting transactions and communications using a trusted third party

Systems and methods are provided for performing transactions and managing communications using a trusted third party. In one embodiment, a sender transfers an encrypted version of a file (such as a digitally encoded audio track, movie, document, or the like) to someone who wishes to receive it.
Intertrust Technologies Corporation


Coexistence management service for spectrum sharing

Systems and methods are provided for coexistence management service for licensed and unlicensed spectrum sharing. A coexistence system may include a coexistence manager (cm) that may provide resource allocation services for a coexistence enabler (ce).
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Methods and systems for providing comprehensive cyber-security protection using an open application programming interface based platform solution

Methods of providing cyber-security services to a plurality of customers include providing a platform that includes a software program that is configured to run on a processor to implement a user interface that is accessible by customers. The software program includes an application programming interface that is configured to allow a platform operator and third party providers to offer computer implemented cyber-security services to the customers through the user interface.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Lunch order communication

Systems and related methods for providing ordering and delivery of goods and services from a merchant are discussed herein. A determination that a user is no longer eligible for an offer of an item may be performed in response to receiving input from the user about the offer.
Peach Labs, Inc.


Using hashed media identifiers to determine audience measurement data including demographic data from third party providers

Example methods to perform audience measurement disclosed herein include performing a hashing operation on a first media identifier and a plurality of data values to determine a plurality of hashed media identifiers to identify first media, a first one of the hashed media identifiers being different from a second one of the hashed media identifiers. Disclosed example methods also include sending the first one of the hashed media identifiers to a media provider to identify the first media during a first monitoring interval.
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc


Privacy user interface for websites

A privacy user interface for websites is described. In one or more implementations, website information associated with a website is detected responsive to navigating to the website using a web platform.
Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc


Mobile self-management compliance and notification method, system and computer program product

A computerized interactive method, system and computer program product is provided for managing a person's health and lifestyle through self-managing controlled notifications, feedback, and alerts are disclosed. Embodiments provide computerized self-management and compliance scheme that does not require third party intervention or treatment options typical with immediate-response or alert-based systems.
Lifewire Corporation


Data credibility vouching system

A system, method and program product are provided for implementing a credibility vouching system (cvs). A cvs is disclosed that includes: credibility vouching system (cvs), comprising: a data aggregation system interface that provides a communication pathway for receiving event metadata (em) records from a data aggregation system; a service provider interface and inquiry system that provides a communication pathway with a plurality of third party service providers to facilitate identification of a set of candidate nodes potentially responsible for a submitted em record in the data aggregation system; a vouching request routing system for generating a vouching request and tasking at least one third party service provider to forward the vouching request to the set of candidate nodes; and a credibility scoring system that generates a credibility score for the submitted em record based on a set of vouching responses received from the set of candidate nodes..
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and data management of third party services

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method comprising caching, by a server comprising a processor, a subscriber profile in a network repository to create a cached subscriber profile. The cached subscriber profile comprises a replica of stored subscriber data.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Voice message exchange

Disclosed is a voice message exchange system and method for improving communication between an inmate and a third party by enabling the inmate to leave a message when a call is not answered and further allowing the third party who receives the message to reply with a message to the inmate. Additionally, outside parties that meet the institution's requirements can leave messages for inmates at any time.
Value-added Communications, Inc.


Systems, devices, and methods for remotely interrogated chemosensor electronics

Systems, devices and methods for remotely interrogating sensor electronics are described. In one embodiment, a system for detecting and localizing chemical analytes is described.
Raytheon Bbn Technologies Corp.


Communications based on vehicle diagnostics and indications

Methods and systems for communicating vehicle conditions based on vehicle component diagnostics and indications are provided. Specifically, various components of a vehicle may provide diagnostic information that can be collected and interpreted by a diagnostics module.
Autoconnect Holdings Llc


Method and transmitting frequency division multiplexed targeted in-store advertisements

A method, computer-readable storage device and apparatus for transmitting frequency division multiplexed targeted in-store advertisements are disclosed. For example, the method receives a plurality of advertisements from a third party entity, wherein each one of the plurality of advertisements targets one of a plurality of different demographics of customers for a retailer, frequency division multiplexes the plurality of advertisements into the electronic media package, identifies each one of the plurality of different demographics of customers is at the retailer for each one of a plurality of different time periods, and transmits the electronic media package and an instruction regarding which frequency to tune to for each one of the plurality of different time periods based on one of the plurality of different demographics of customers who is at the retailer during the each one of the plurality of different time periods..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


System and providing transaction verification

A transaction verification process performed by a transaction network operator in communication with a client computing device and a third party provider. A computing device may be equipped with an integrity verification module for verifying the system integrity of the computing device, and a cryptographic module for digitally signing transaction requests.
Google Inc.


Systems and methods for effectively anonymizing consumer transaction data

Systems and methods are described that anonymized consumer transaction data in such manner to prevent de-anonymization to reveal personally identifiable information (pii) of the consumers. The process includes selecting particular consumer transaction data, generating a dictionary of items, generating consumer groups, matching consumer transaction data for each consumer to a group, forming modifiable consumer transaction histories, and quantifying a similarity between consumer groups.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Kiosk for energy sector logistics

An automated kiosk and related apparatus provide check-in and boarding services to energy sector passengers, such as helicopter passengers. Preferably, the kiosk and related apparatus can take and store a picture of the passenger, calculate and/or measure the weight of the passenger and the passenger's luggage, print luggage tags and boarding printouts, check third parties' databases (such as a no-fly list (nfl)) for approval for the passenger's flight and can transmit data to another location (server, third party employer, pilot)..
Phi, Inc.


System and matching data sets while maintaining privacy of each data set

A system and method that allows two parties to find common records in their data sets without having to actually share the data sets with each other or a third party. Two primitives, perfect hash functions and public key cryptography, are combined in a unique way to obtain a secure and efficient private matching solution.
Pitney Bowes Inc.


Method for associating third party content with online document signing

Techniques for electronic signature process management are described. Some embodiments provide an electronic signature service (“ess”) configured to associate third-party content with electronic signature documents by way of dynamic form fields.


External platform extensions in a multi-tenant environment

Methods and systems are described for allowing third party developers to add extensions to a cloud service provider's software as a service (saas) services by editing an ‘empty’ config file according to a schema provided by the cloud service provider to form a delta file and then merging the delta file with an internal, full version of the config file. The full config file is then used to initialize and instantiate objects upon a restart of the cloud provider's services..
Oracle International Corporation


Method, system, and graphical user interface for sharing media items from third party media sources

A method for sharing media items from third party media sources and a graphical user interface for sharing media items. Media items such as images, videos, etc., may be available from various third party media sources at events such as sports games and concerts.
Crt & Associates, Inc.


Third party centralized data hub system providing shared access to third party questionnaires, third party responses, and other third party data

A system for providing a third party centralized data hub. The system includes a server storing a database of sets of third party data, and the system includes a third party risk management module on the server maintaining the third party data.
Markit North America, Inc.


Implementation of third party services in a digital service platform

Systems and method for implementing third party services in digital service platform are provided. More specifically, an application program interface can be provided by a first service provider to a second service provider.
Google Inc.


Real-time payments through financial institution

A payment provider uses bank rails to enable a bank customer to send real-time payments through the bank site by simply entering a recipient identifier, such as an email address or mobile number. The bank has an account with the payment provider.
Paypal, Inc.


System and default payment setting

A consumer accesses a secure area of a transaction account website and provides their login information for retail websites. The transaction account issuer or a third party creates a script that logs in to the retail websites on behalf of the consumer and transmits transaction account information associated with the transaction account.
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.


Signing agent management software

The embodied invention is a software system in a central computer that facilitates scheduling of a high volume of meetings among a wide array of individuals and companies with important secure methods for managing documents requiring a notarized signature or third party document exchange. The schedule is run from a central location where individual notaries attend signing appointments and closings.


Method for managing signing agents

The embodied invention is a software system in a central computer that facilitates scheduling of a high volume of meetings among a wide array of individuals and companies with important secure methods for managing documents requiring a notarized signature or third party document exchange. The schedule is run from a central location where individual notaries attend signing appointments.


Catalog service platform for deploying applications and services

A service provider system may implement an enterprise catalog service that manages catalogs or portfolios of software products (e.g., desktop applications and server products) on behalf of service provider customer organizations. Through the enterprise catalog service, an administrator in a customer organization may discover, select, and ingest products (e.g., based on their features, pricing, and terms), and may add them to catalogs or portfolios for subsequent use by end users in the organization.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Methods and systems for generating and providing program guides and content

Systems and methods for identifying, assembling, and publishing content are described. A content item, such as a video, having a first time length, is identified by a system to be included in a program scheduled for a first time period.
Pluto Inc.


Toll-free telecommunications management platform

A toll-free management platform (tfmp) includes methods and systems for number administration, customer administration, call management services, texting services and text registry, and a smart services registry. The tfmp may allow users to search for, receive recommendations for, and make reservations of toll-free numbers.
Somos, Inc.


Cross-platform data synchronization

Systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for using a deduplication index, a centralized cache repository, and a data mapping mechanism to detect and synchronize changes to deduplicated data objects stored in two or more third party databases. The disclosed systems, apparatus, and methods can maintain, in a deduplication index, a two-way mapping between one or more data object references and a datagram which uniquely identifies the real-world entity represented by said data object; maintain, in the centralized cache repository, two temporal states, one including current information, the other including previously-synchronized information.
Bedrock Data, Inc.


Using third party information to improve predictive strength for authentications

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods and systems for utilizing the history of previous authentications and authorizations related to third party computers, as factors in determining whether a current request for accessing a resource should be authorized. A processor server computer, in determining whether to authorize access to the resource, may generate and send a query message to one or more of the third party computers to obtain authorization activity that the third party computers may have regarding a user and/or a device associated with the request.


Billing a rented third party transport including an on-board unit

A system, method, and computer readable medium for toll service activation using an on-board unit in a third party transport comprises, a third party entity, a toll rental entity, and an on-board unit communicably coupled to the third party entity and to the toll rental entity, wherein the on-board unit, receives a position signal, initiates a toll service request, converts the position signal to a toll usage, and stores the position signal, the toll service request and the toll usage.. .
Ats Tolling Llc


System and tracking car sales

A system and method for tracking car sales by a car seller. After selling a car to a car purchaser personal identifying information is obtained from the car purchaser.


Sharing revenue generated from presenting content to a group of online system users specified by a third-party system with the third party system

An online system receives information describing a target group of online system users from a third party system as well as an amount of compensation to the third party system if the target group is used to select content for an online system user. If a content item is identified as eligible for presentation to a viewing user because the viewing user is included in the target group, the online system modifies a bid amount associated with the content item based on the amount of compensation to the third party system.
Facebook, Inc.


Measuring offsite advertising effectiveness

A polling system polls users of mobile devices to measure the impact of advertisements provided by another system on user attitudes and provides a common comparison metric to advertisements being measured by the polling system. The polling system maintains user demographics information of users of the polling system and stores a device identifier for users logged in to the polling system or a related service.
Facebook, Inc.


Systems for storing cardholder data and processing transactions

Systems and methods for storing cardholder data and processing transactions are provided. Cardholder data is received at a server computer, the cardholder data including consumer credentials to be stored and at least one data item not to be stored.
Payu Payment Solutions (proprietary) Limited


System and a renewable secure boot

Embodiments of systems and methods disclosed herein include renewable secure boot systems for renewing and booting a target device. Systems and methods include techniques by which a secure boot may be implemented in a renewable fashion on a reprogrammable device.
Rubicon Labs, Inc.


Vehicle, controlling method thereof and multimedia apparatus included therein

A vehicle includes a touchscreen configured to receive a touch input of a driver and display image information corresponding to the touch input, a passenger sensing unit configured to sense whether the passenger is present in the vehicle, a communication unit configured to communicate with a mobile terminal of the driver, and a controller configured to display a call request reception message and identification information of a third party when a call request is received from the third party via the mobile terminal and to provide an audio function of a hands-free service. When the passenger is sensed and the call request of the third party is received in a privacy mode, the controller displays the call request reception message and limits displaying of the identification information of the third party and the audio function..
Hyundai Motor Company


Data counter measures

Techniques to block unwanted third party calls are disclosed. In various embodiments, an indication is received that third party code included on a web page is attempting to write to the web page content associated with an unauthorized third party call.
Krux Digital, Inc.


Domain name hi-jack prevention

A domain name hi-jack prevention service may be selected by a domain name registrant and enabled by a registrar. In a first embodiment, the registrar may send a confirmation request via a preferred contact method to the registrant and only move the domain name from a first account to a second account (both managed by the registrar) when the registrant confirms the request.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc


Following content providers in a social context

In general, a method for providing content to a user includes providing a content item to a user responsive to a received request. The content item is displayed to the user in a slot associated with a third party content site.
Google Inc.


Mobile wallet detection at a contactless point of sale terminal

Technologies for mobile wallet detection include a mobile communication device implementing a mobile wallet and a point-of-sale terminal. During a transaction, the mobile communication device and the point-of-sale terminal initiate a near-field communication connection, and identification data indicating the type of the mobile wallet is transmitted to the point-of-sale terminal.


System and password recovery

A method and system for password recovery in computer applications is disclosed. Passwords in the same computer application may be recovered according to different criteria.
Applied Research Works, Inc.


Medical event lifecycle management

Methods and systems for managing the entire lifecycle of medication and other health events include observing or retrieving information from a switch exchange network, correlating events to the retrieved information, and/or with external information retrieved from the patient, the care giver, pharmacy, physician, manufacturer, medical or diagnostic device, regulatory agency, third party, or other source to provide an integrated holistic patient centric view to one or more entities in the health care continuum.. .


Automatically incorporating third party features into a computer design schematic

Methods and systems for automatically incorporating third party components into an architectural design can include identifying an interface of a third party feature with at least one sub-component of the architectural design. The method can also include automatically incorporating a third party feature into the interface.
Dirtt Environmental Solutions, Ltd.


Methods for associating storage errors with specific third party arrays and devices thereof

A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and device that associates a storage error with a specific array includes receiving a request to display one or more storage errors associated with one or more physical storage mediums within a storage device. An error cache associated with each of the one or more physical storage mediums within the storage device is scanned to identify the one or more storage errors reported by at least one of the one or more physical storage mediums within the storage device.
Netapp, Inc.


System and image based interactions

An image based interaction system, method and computer readable medium are based on identifying each image with a unique and trackable identifier, and using the unique and trackable identifier to facilitate and anchor user interactions. The system allows a first user to upload an image that represents a good, a service, or a subject topic and one or more selected associated actions for the good, service or subject topic to a server computer.
Miworld Technologies Inc.


Location-transmitting device for determining location of a wireless communication device

In a wireless communication device, an example method of transmitting location data for a location of the wireless communication device includes using a short-range radio communication protocol to receive, without prior interrogation, radio signals from any nearby autonomously transmitting radio-transmitting device, detecting the location data in a radio signal from a nearby autonomously transmitting radio-transmitting device, wherein the radio signal is the strongest radio signal that includes location data, measuring a received signal level of the radio signal from the autonomously transmitting radio-transmitting device, and transmitting the location data and the received signal level of the radio signal to a third party.. .


System and requesting an estoppel

A method of requesting an estoppel and account verification of a timeshare property transfer. The method provides storing a program on a first server, the program including a set of instructions executing a start application module, a transaction module, a party information module, a calculation module, an address verification module, and a document generation module.


Generating customer-specific vehicle proposals for potential vehicle customers

Methods, systems and computer program products for generating customer-specific vehicle proposals that may be based on ongoing vehicle finance payment information and/or information received from a third party entity. Embodiments of inventions herein disclosed provide for efficient identification of potential customers based on their current vehicle and/or ongoing financial obligations related to the current vehicle.


Integrating third party shopping cart applications with an online payment service

A method may include receiving at an online payment service hosted on a first system, detailed information from an auction management (am) system, the am system hosted on a second system remote from the first system. The information may concern an item purchased by a user from a network-based commerce facility and placed in a virtual shopping cart on the am system.


System for encoding customer data

A rules engine stores customer data, a first rule comprising a first plurality of conditions, and a second rule comprising a second plurality of conditions, wherein the customer data is associated with a particular customer. The rules engine transforms a first portion of the customer data into a first code segment by applying the first rule and by satisfying a condition of the first plurality of conditions of the first rule.


Method for financing purchases for others using a sender's charge account

A method allows a sender to buy goods or services for a third party immediately on an established account of the sender even before the sender pays for the expense occurred. The system works particularly well for purchases of mobile telephone airtime for others.


System for encoding customer data

A system for encoding customer data includes a memory, a decision engine, a rules engine and an interface engine. The memory stores customer data associated with service levels and rules.


Phenotypic integrated social search database and method

A method for generating correlations between human biological phenotype and human behavioral and/or emotional phenotype, and optionally to temporal location, comprising the steps of correlating data on biological phenotype with survey-based data on behavioral and/or emotional phenotype. The data on biological phenotype is collected from a sample from an individual, and the survey-based data can be collected from answers to behavioral and emotional questions from the individual or from observations of the individual by a third party.


Mapping and formatting input commands to a third party protocol

A method and apparatus of translating and mapping received commands between operating system languages and/or protocol-based languages. One example method may provide receiving an action initiated by an external source, such as a person or automated action selection operation.


Method for scavenger hunt game

Snapwin is a mobile app game. The game is related to a method for managing a contest with a processing or mobile device.


Method and system for managing interactive communications campaigns

A web-based solution through which business entities create and manage communications campaigns, such as campaigns that afford target recipients an opportunity to be connected to a third party call center. A web interface is provided to enable a business entity customer to create a set of one or more rules that, when triggered during the campaign, cause the solution to take certain control actions in real-time, based on campaign performance.


System and purchasing by embedded, purchase-capable video player

A method and device for purchase transactions to be consummated within a media player teaches that a media player may offer a virtual shopping cart and the ability to accept financial information such as credit card information in order to complete an entire sale within the confines of an advertisement for a product. In embodiments the player may have a virtual shopping cart module and a financial transaction module and may be offered as a service to sellers by a third party intermediary advertiser which plays the advertisements, handles purchases through the player and then places the order with the seller and confirms the purchase with the buyer..


System and selling and buying vehicles

A system comprising a server including a processor and a memory having executable instructions stored thereon that when executed by the processor cause the processor to receive detail data associated with a vehicle from a client device of a seller, retrieve, from third party data servers, retail prices and trade-in prices of vehicles corresponding to the detail data, calculate a marketplace offering price for the vehicle based on the retail and trade-in prices, and transmit the marketplace offering price for the vehicle to the client device of the seller.. .


Secure automatic authorized access to any application through a third party

A method and process for users to have secure access to multiple mobile, embedded or web based applications, is provided whereby each requires different authentication, and access to such applications is automated through the use of a single authenticating and authorizing software; the software thereby securely managing the individual authorizations and, in so doing, the authentication required by any individual application independent of the device used. To protect against any intrusion and manipulation whilst assuring that only legitimate user(s) that are properly authenticated have access to their applications the method secures the secret information required to access these applications and minimizes exposure to any sensitive information.


Body drying and inspection apparatus

A body drying and personal inspection apparatus is provided for air drying and for providing the user with several inspection and data input devices. The apparatus comprises a base platform and an upright member with one or more handles to support the user.


Secure shared key sharing systems and methods

Systems and methods used to securely communicate a shared key to devices. One embodiment describes a method to securely communicate a shared key to a first device and a second device that includes receiving, using the first device, a shared key and unique identifier pairing associated with the first device from a key generator; receiving, using a trusted third party, the shared key and unique identifier pairing from the key generator; generating, using the first device, a signature using the unique identifier and the shared key; transmitting, using the first device, the signature and the unique identifier to the trusted third party; verifying, using the trusted third party, the unique identifier based on the signature; determining, using the trusted third party, the shared key when the unique identifier is verified; and transmitting, using the trusted third party, the shared key to the second device to enable the first device and the second device to communicate securely by encoding and decoding communicated data using the shared key..
Micron Technology, Inc.


System and providing centralized usage and billing information

A client-side cloud storage instance accesses a shared-access storage to retrieve a centralized usage and billing report relating to services provided by a plurality of service providers, including a cloud storage solution provider and one or more third party service providers. The centralized usage and billing report is automatically and periodically generated based on billing policy information received by the shared-access storage from the one or more third party services provider, and contains usage and/or billing information corresponding to services provided by both the cloud storage solution provider and by the one or more third party storage services providers..
Cloudian Holdings, Inc.


Method and conducting fund transfer between two entities and its application as a cell phone wallet

A process of transferring funds between two entities or persons is described; the process includes transferring funds from person a to-person b and reversing the process allowing refunds. The processes are performed through a universal vendor management server (uvm) where both entities a and b are registered and have opened uvm accounts.


System, method and computer-accessible medium for security verification of third party intellectual property cores

An exemplary system, method and computer-accessible medium for detecting the presence of a trojan(s) in a circuit(s), can include, for example, receiving information related to a property(s) configured to determine the presence of the trojan(s), and determining the presence of the trojan(s) based on the property(s) and a design(s) of the circuit(s) using a bounded model checking tool.. .
New York University


System, method and computer-accessible medium for security verification of third party intellectual property cores

An exemplary system, method and computer-accessible medium for detecting the presence of a trojan(s) in a circuit(s), can include, for example, receiving information related to a property(s) configured to determine the presence of the trojan(s), and determining the presence of the trojan(s) based on the property(s) and a design(s) of the circuit(s) using a bounded model checking tool.. .
New York University


Method, apparatus, and computer program product for ranking content channels

A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for ranking channel pages of a host system. Content channels may comprise content relating to a particular category or having a commonality.
Groupon, Inc.


Dynamic device drivers

A method includes receiving a driver model for a device. The driver model includes a list of variables associated with the device and one or more characteristics of the variables.
Fujitsu Limited


Software aircraft part installation system

A method and apparatus for installing a software aircraft part in an aircraft. A command to install the software aircraft part is received.
The Boeing Company


Headphone device

The invention provides an apparatus that allows the user or a third party to easily monitor the volume levels of a set of headphones before and during use so as to prevent damage to the anatomy of the user's ears as a result of exposure to excessive noise volume. An analogue meter indicative of the signal level being input to or reproduced by the transducer within one or both of the headphone cans is provided, built into the outer surface of the headphone can so that it is easily visible to a user who is about to put on the headphones, or to a third party viewing the user wearing the headphones.
Ashdown Design & Marketing Limited


Apparatus and methods for enabling presence-based and use-based services

Apparatus and methods for enabling presence-based and/or use-based services. In one embodiment, a presence database and an evaluation entity collect information relating to a device's location and activity.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Method and content presentation in association with a telephone call

A method and apparatus are provided for presenting content to a caller and/or a called party in association with a telephone call or other communication connection. Content may be presented pre-ring (before the called party's telephone rings), in-call, and/or post-call.


On-demand serving network authentication

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. A method includes transmitting a request to a serving network with a nonce and a signature request directed to a network function of the serving network, receiving a response to the request from the serving network, and authenticating the serving network based on the signature of the network function.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Third Party topics: Third Party, Cloud Computing, Data Storage, Search Engine, Internet Of Things, Database Server, Data Processing, Documentation, Information Technology, Digital Content, Social Media, Content Provider, User Interface, User Input

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