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Third Party patents


This page is updated frequently with new Third Party-related patent applications.

 Communication method and apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Communication method and apparatus
A communication method and apparatus wherein there is wireless communication with at least two mobile communication devices each having a network address and wherein location-related data is received for the at least two mobile communication devices. A database of profiles of users is maintained including social media information and/or advertising information identifying at least one second user and the second user's network address with whom a first user desires to communicate when the first and second users are at a common location.

 Systems and methods for user equipment power management via third party entity patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for user equipment power management via third party entity
A method for user equipment (ue) power management in a wireless communication system is provided. A connection manager of the communication system receives a power management policy from a third party entity.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Third party paywall authentication system patent thumbnailnew patent Third party paywall authentication system
The present technology provides a less burdensome mechanism to bring media items owned or licensed in the physical world into an account hosted by an electronic media provider. A specific use case deals with magazine subscriptions wherein the electronic media provider can send entity identifying information to a publisher clearinghouse that has subscription data for many different magazines.
Apple Inc.

 System and  tracking car sales patent thumbnailnew patent System and tracking car sales
A system and method for tracking car sales by a car seller. After selling a car to a car purchaser personal identifying information is obtained from the car purchaser.
Catalyst Trade C/o Jeffrey Tognetti

 System and  deep linking and search engine support for web sites integrating third party application and components patent thumbnailnew patent System and deep linking and search engine support for web sites integrating third party application and components
A system and method for a website including a detector to detect and analyze at least the source of at least one incoming request and a uniform resource locator (url) handler to parse the incoming request. The system and method also include a coordinator with access to at least one third party application to coordinate between the url handler and at least one third party application and at least one renderer to receive the output of the coordinator and the detector and to generate at least one of a regular website page, an indexing adapted page and a sitemap according at least to the source of the incoming request.. Ltd.

 Identification, location, and authentication systems and methods patent thumbnailIdentification, location, and authentication systems and methods
Identification, location, and authentication systems and methods are disclosed. A system includes a master sensor node located in a physical venue and connected to a broadband network channel.
Cloudtraq Llc

 System and  delegation of permissions to a third party patent thumbnailSystem and delegation of permissions to a third party
A system and method for delegating permissions to a third party are presented. A request to access a first computing resource of a computer server is received from a first user.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

 User authentication in a mobile environment patent thumbnailUser authentication in a mobile environment
A data channel transmission can be used to authenticate a voice channel transmission. An authentication server can authenticate the identity of one or more parties to a call where at least one of the parties to the call is using a mobile device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 System and  providing limited access to data patent thumbnailSystem and providing limited access to data
A system and computer-implemented method for providing access to data of a first party including receiving information for identifying the first party, authenticating the first party using the received information for identifying the first party and generating a first read-only personal identification number (pin). The first read-only pin is associated with a first set of access rights for the data of the first party and provided to a second party.
Capital One Financial Corporation

 Systems, methods, and devices for data quality assessment patent thumbnailSystems, methods, and devices for data quality assessment
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and devices for data quality assessment. Systems include a data aggregator configured to receive third party data and reference data.
Turn Inc.

Hosted sensitive data form fields for compliance with security standards

Systems and methods providing, by a third party, input form fields for sensitive data on a web page provided by an organization. A user may request a web page from an organization, such as a merchant's checkout web page, that requires entry of sensitive data.
Paypal, Inc.

Method and system for producing a performance metric based on vehicle at a plurality of different locations

Vehicle data is collected during the operation of a vehicle and used to repeatedly find slope being traveled upon and using this slope, the mass of the vehicle at a plurality of different locations. Using this information, a ranking of a driver's performance is determined.
Zonar Systems, Inc.

Obtaining data of interest from remote environmental sensors

A controller associated with an environmental sensor that captures data about an individual controls data capture of the environmental sensor in accordance with a policy of the individual. The controller provides access to the individual to environmental data related to the individual in accordance with the policy.

System and authentication of a first party respective of a second party aided by a third party

A method and system for authenticating a service to access data respective of a user on a low-end mobile device. The method includes sending, from a telephone-to-web adapter, a first authentication token over a first communication path to the low-end mobile device, wherein the telephone-to-web adapter is a separate entity from the low-end mobile device; receiving, at the telephone-to-web adapter, a second authentication token over a second communication path, wherein the second authentication token is received from a host server hosting the service, wherein the first communication path is performed with a first method of communication and the second communication path is performed with a second method of communication; comparing, at the telephone-to-web adapter, the first authentication token to the second authentication token; and allowing access to data upon determining that the first authentication token matches the second authentication token..
Vascode Technologies Ltd.

Security assessment incentive promoting discovery of computer software vulnerabilities

In one aspect, the disclosure provides: a method comprising: assessing a plurality of researchers as a precondition for receiving an invitation to be a researcher of a distributed plurality of researchers, resulting in the distributed plurality of researchers wherein each researcher is associated with one or more tags in records that identify the researcher for one or more attributes; inviting a subset of the distributed plurality of researchers to participate in one or more computer vulnerability research projects directed to identifying computer vulnerabilities of one or more computers that are owned or operated by a third party, the subset of the distributed plurality of researchers selected based on the one or more tags in records that identify the researcher and a description of the computer vulnerabilities of the one or more computers; using a computer that is communicatively coupled to a particular researcher among the subset of the distributed plurality of researchers and a network under test among the one or more computers, monitoring communications between the particular researcher and the particular third party computer, wherein the communications relate to attempting to identify a candidate security vulnerability of the particular third party computer; in response to a report of the candidate security vulnerability of the particular third party computer that is received from the particular researcher, evaluating the report of the candidate security vulnerability.. .
Synack, Inc.

Performance checking component for an etl job

Generation of a performance determination report for an extract, transform, load (etl) job includes decomposing the etl job into two or more stage instances, and identifying one or more conditions for each of the stage instances. A set of tests for each of the identified conditions are generated.
International Business Machines Corporation

Access control for a wireless network

The invention relates to techniques for restricting a wireless network access for a mobile device (200). There is provided an additional cross-checking functionality on a comparator (106) of an intermediate node (100).
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Protecting content from third party using client-side security protection

Architecture that employs encryption and storage of encryption keys to protect trusted client message content from an untrusted third-party hosted service. Each trusted user machine is configured to optionally apply security to messages.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method and a system for authenticating and identifying the location of a smartphone

Disclosed is a system and a method for authenticating the location of a user's smartphone using a central server to a third party. The method and the system is a secure way to calculate the gps location on a centralized server which is operating the time and place decryption software that has one of its inputs being a smartphone transmitted encrypted prevailing code string which contains the original gps coordinated representing the location and the atomic time at which the encryption took place, as well as a combination of all or some other knowledge, ownership or inheritance identification factors or tokens—faktokins.

Probabilistic classifiers for certificates

Classifiers may be used to analyze a valid certificate received from an unverified entity in an attempt to establish a secure connection with the unverified entity. The classifiers may determine a probability that the certificate is being used improperly by an unauthorized third party.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method and system for game show themed dual component lottery game

A method and system for conducting a terminal based lottery game having an instant game component and raffle component includes point of sale terminals where paying players are issued a game ticket having an instant lottery game play. A randomly generated raffle number is assigned to each game ticket, with all assigned raffle numbers being eligible to win in a subsequent raffle drawing.
Scientific Games International, Inc.

Physical token-less security screening using biometrics

In physical token-less security screening using biometrics, a person provides biometric data to a security computing device as part of a security screening. The biometric data is used by the security computing device to look up an identifier (such as an airline account identifier or a security status identifier) for the person from a security back end.
Alclear, Llc

Personal identification system and method

The present invention provides a device (10) for facilitating an exchange of personal information between a user and a third party. The device comprises a body (12) configured to be carried by a user.
Circurre Pty Ltd

Registration of virtual object association rights for augmented reality environment

A method for registration of rights for hosting virtual objects over a property in augmented reality environment in an augmented reality registration service system. The augmented reality registration service system provides a user interface to enable a property owner to place a request for registration of rights for associating virtual objects in augmented reality environment over a property selected from maps presented through the user interface.

Self-stabilizing network nodes in mobile discovery system

The disclosure relates to cloud-based mobile discovery networks. For example, a mobile discovery network may include a network responsive to successful watermark detection or fingerprint extraction.
Digimarc Corporation

Digital assistant extensibility to third party applications

A digital assistant includes an extensibility client that interfaces with application extensions that are built by third-party developers so that various aspects of application user experiences, content, or features may be integrated into the digital assistant and rendered as native digital assistant experiences. Application extensions can use a variety of services provided from cloud-based and/or local sources such as language/vocabulary, user preferences, and context services that add intelligence and contextual relevance while enabling the extensions to plug in and operate seamlessly within the digital assistant context.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Selective update of core mobile device user interface through application marketplace

Systems and methods for selectively updating or extending built in functionality on a mobile device are disclosed. The updates may be provided to selective portions of software such that the entire software does not need to be replaced.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Systems and methods to provide feedback to pilot/operator by utilizing integration of navigation and physiological monitoring

A system and method is described for improving situational awareness, fatigue management, and navigation via tactile feedback to vehicle operators, such as via a piezoelectric device. The tactile feedback may be provided to a vehicle operator in response to data gathered from external, headset integrated or aircraft integrated navigation sensors, such as may be used to identify navigational deviations outside of pre-established tolerances.
University Of North Dakota

Method and content presentation in association with a telephone call

A method and apparatus are provided for presenting multimedia content to a caller and/or a called party in association with a telephone call. Content may be presented pre-ring (before the called party's telephone rings), in-call, and/or post-call.

Interactive campaign-based customer feedback collection platform

This disclosure provides systems, methods, services, and platforms for prompting a user to respond to an offer on a mobile device. The disclosure enables mobile network operators to create campaigns to target customers who are nearing the limit of their data plans, voice plans, sms plans, and mms plans.
Onepin, Inc.

Biometric authentication

A biometric authentication system is disclosed that provides a trusted third party biometric authentication capability for independent confirmation of identity of parties. A repository of biometric templates for registered parties is disclosed that permit a biometric authenticator to perform independent authentication services for other parties by matching received biometric information against biometric information in the repository, or by providing requested biometric information..
At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

Automatic placeholder finder-filler

Methods and processes are disclosed for ios based systems and mobile devices that permit a user to securely inject passwords and related information into environments that are traditionally impossible to control, along with preserving the security of confidential information against third party attacks be they intrusive or already embedded. The methods and processes utilize a locally installed proxy securely communicating with a remote server that permit injecting a secret into the code on devices that otherwise would not have the option of doing so.
Mcafee, Inc.

Navigation and collission avoidance systems for unmanned aircraft systems

Systems and methods are disclosed that are used to navigate unmanned aircraft, and to facilitate the execution of collision avoidance maneuvers with such unmanned aircraft. The systems are embodied in the unmanned aircraft and a ground control station that is configured to communicate with and control the unmanned aircraft.

Electronic receipt-linking database system

An electronic receipt system may generate electronic documents including receipt content associated with a transaction between an account holder and a third party, and automatically link the electronic documents to secure records corresponding to account transaction records in a secure database. An account holder may subsequently view an electronic document including the receipt from a secure network platform displaying the secure records for multiple transactions in the account.
Branch Banking And Trust Company

Automatic display of products viewed on distinct web domains

A method of accumulating a personalized list of products viewed by a user on different website domains includes providing a first embedded code on a first website domain and a second embedded code on a second website domain in which the first website domain is different from said second website domain. Each of the embedded codes allows a specified third party server to communicate interactively with the user.
Dealer Dot Com, Inc.

Sharing economy third party notification and negotiation

A method of performing an electronic rental transaction includes obtaining, at a service provider server, an owner compliance from an owner device of an owner via a network. The method includes receiving, at the service provider server, an asset rental request from a customer for an asset of the owner.
Fujitsu Limited

Method and system to facilitate e-commerce transactions at a host website

A method and system to facilitate e-commerce and improve possibilities of revenue distribution by enabling third party advertisement providers to present ads on a publisher's website where the user can activate the ad and complete the purchase without ever leaving the website. This two tier micro service approach of application suite supported by an array of more surgical procedures, allows the user or consumer, without leaving the publisher's website, to activate the ad itself to be clicked to purchase or acquire the offered goods or services.

Targeting users based on persona data

A method of targeted advertisement distribution based on persona data derived from a social network, wherein the social network includes a plurality of content streams, each content stream associated with a user and a user summary. The method includes the steps of receiving an advertisement request from a third party environment with associated content, identifying a content stream that includes a reference to the third party content, identifying a persona based on the user associated with the identified content stream, and serving an advertisement to the third party environment based on the identified persona..
140 Proof, Inc.

System and providing off-viewport third party content

According to at least one aspect, a data processing system and method for providing off-viewport third party content include obtaining an in-viewport performance data set including a plurality of impressions and corresponding user interaction performance measures associated with a set of third-party content items. The data processing system can be configured to determine for each impression associated with a first map viewport a second map viewport smaller than the first map viewport by a respective zoom level.
Google Inc.

Controlling authorization within computer systems

Techniques for controlling the provision of data to a requester use a local device communicating with a personal computing device. The personal computing device has an authorized state and an unauthorized state.
Arm Ip Limited

System and performing operations in response to preauthorization and geographic location data

A system for purchasing performing operations in response to preauthorization and receiving geographic coordinates. The system includes, but is not limited to, a remote server, communicatively coupled to a third party system and a user database.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Methods and systems for generating and providing program guides and content

Systems and methods for identifying, assembling, and publishing content are described. A content item, such as a video, having a first time length, is identified by a system to be included in a program scheduled for a first time period.
Pluto Inc.

Method and connecting automatic dialogue tool to third party

A method for connecting an automatic dialogue tool to a third party includes: receiving information content sent by a user client and extracting key information from the information content; querying, according to the key information, for third party information corresponding to the key information, and sending the third party information to the user client; receiving third party information selected by the user client and sending an access request to a third party client selected by the user client; and establishing a communication connection between the user client and the third party client after receiving an access response fed back by the third party client.. .
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Method and system for blocking malicious third party site tagging

The present teaching relates to blocking malicious third party site tagging using content security policy (csp). A request to access a web page is first received for obtaining a page resource associated with the web page.
Yahoo! Inc.

Information technology security assessment system

A method and system for creating a composite security rating from security characterization data of a third party computer system. The security characterization data is derived from externally observable characteristics of the third party computer system.
Bitsight Technologies, Inc.

Systems and methods for interactive video generation and rendering

A method for animating a map resource is provided, the method includes receiving a plurality of uniform resource locators (urls) from a third party website, the plurality of urls comprising one or more attributes; receiving a user selection to create an animation sequence of one or more of the attributes; querying a current value of the one or more attributes from an external resource and returning the queried value; receiving, from the user, a first keyframe and a second keyframe for the animation sequence; interpolating one or more additional keyframes with assigned values; and creating the animation sequence based on the first keyframe, the second keyframe, and the one or more additional keyframes.. .
B-reel Intressenter Ab

Book exchange database for mobile applications

In one example, our mobile application and system provide users with a way to sell/buy books to and from those around them. Users would first create an account linked to their .edu email address.

Identifying content to present to a group of online system users based on user actions and specified by a third-party system

An online system receives information describing a target group of online system users from a third party system that includes one or more user properties, which may identify an action performed by a an online user within a time interval to include the user in the target group. When an opportunity to present advertisement requests to a user is identified, the online system retrieves actions associated with the user and times associated with the actions.
Facebook, Inc.

Identifying similar online activity using an online activity model

A system including a memory device storing instructions and servers that interact with the memory device and execute the instructions that cause the servers to perform operations including obtaining, using electronic cookies stored at client devices or pixel tags that are embedded in online resources, online activity performed at client devices; generating an online activity model using the online activity and the attributes of the users associated with the set of online activity, wherein the online activity model identifies different users as being likely to perform an activity in the online activity based on a similarity between the attributes of the users and attributes of the different users; determining, based on an application of the online activity model to the attributes, additional user identifiers of users that are likely to perform a same online activity by client devices as users corresponding to the user identifiers received from the third party.. .
Google Inc.

Receiving card-present payments for e-commerce orders on behalf of merchants

Methods and apparatus for receiving card-present payments for e-commerce orders on behalf of merchants. A method includes, in a network comprising at least a mobile device, a merchant's server, a merchant's payment processor and a third party server, the mobile device including a merchant's mobile app, the merchant's mobile app including a third party integrated software development kit (sdk), the mobile device linked to a card reader, accepting card-present payment using the third party sdk provided by a third-party partner within merchant's mobile app..
Swipeout, Inc.

System and an extensible workflow management

A workflow management system provides a gui configurability tool that allows an end user to configure the system's workflow screens, workflow logic and data fields without the need to rewrite any programs. The system allows each workflow screen to represent and assist each individual task within a business process that may be defined and illustrated by a flowchart.
Clevest Solutions Inc.

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