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High efficiency thermodynamic system
An air-handling system selectively heats and/or cools a target space by circulating ambient air from the target space across a heat exchanger. The system operates along an air flow path having an inlet from the target space and an outlet back into the target space. Air-handling turbines or pumps are located...

Systems and methods for controlling temperature of small volumes
Systems and methods for controlling the temperature of small volumes such as yoctoliter volumes, are described. The systems include one or more plasmonic nanostructures attached at or near a nanopore. Upon excitation of the plasmonic nanostructures, such as for example by exposure to laser light, the nanoparticles are rapidly heated thereby...

Thermodynamic cycle optimization for a steam turbine cycle
Heat flow from a steam seal header could be used in a stage, such as a low pressure stage, of a steam turbine. However, the dump steam temperature from the steam seal header can be too high requiring removal of excess heat, typically through attemperation, before the dump steam is provided...

Process and apparatus for generating work
The invention relates to a process and apparatus () for generating work, the apparatus () comprising at least one circuit for processing a working fluid in a thermodynamic cycle and mounted in a frame (A) rotatable about an axis of rotation (), the at least one circuit comprising, a compressor ()...

Thermodynamic phase equilibrium analysis based on a reduced composition domain
A method of modeling phase characteristics of thermodynamic systems utilizing pseudo-properties strategy and a reduced number of variables is disclosed herein. The method describes a means of determining the probability of phase splitting of mixtures of materials at a given temperature, pressure, and composition by characterizing the functions that describe the...

Thermodynamic pump for cryogenic fueled devices
In one embodiment of the disclosure, an apparatus is provided for fueling a device using a cryogenic fluid. The apparatus may comprise: a cryogenic fluid supply container; a vessel connected to the supply container with an entrance valve to regulate flow of cryogenic fluid from the supply container; a heat transfer...

Boundaries in fluid dynamic systems
A method for treating boundary cells over a time-step in a computational fluid dynamic process employing a computational mesh representation of a fluid system characterized by governing equations and having at least one moving boundary comprises: identifying interior cells, boundary cell faces, boundary vertices, interior vertices and vertex locations at the...

Fabrication of complex three-dimensional structures based on directed assembly of self-assembling materials on activated two-dimensional templates
Methods of fabricating complex three-dimensional structures on patterned substrates and related compositions are provided. The methods involve depositing on the substrate a block copolymer material that is “mismatched” to the substrate pattern, and then ordering the material to form a complex three-dimensional structure. According to various embodiments, the copolymer material mismatches...

Thermodynamic cycle with compressor recuperation, and associated systems and methods
Disclosed illustrative embodiments include modular power infrastructure networks, distributed electrical power infrastructure networks, methods for operating a modular power infrastructure network, and methods for fabricating a modular power infrastructure network....

Composition and method for reducing hydrate agglomeration
Compositions and methods of inhibiting the formation of hydrate agglomerates in fluids including water, gas, and optionally liquid hydrocarbons are disclosed. The compositions may include counterions, such as halides or carboxylates. The compositions may also include a thermodynamic hydrate inhibitor, a kinetic hydrate inhibitor, an additional anti-agglomerant, an asphaltene inhibitor, a...

Mems-based calorimeter, fabrication, and use thereof
MEMS-based calorimeter including two microchambers supported in a thin film substrate is provided. The thin film substrate includes a thermoelectric sensor configured to measure temperature differential between the two microchambers, and also includes a thermally stable and high strength polymeric diaphragm. Methods for fabricating the MEMS-based calorimeter, as well as methods...

Carbon dioxide refrigeration cycle
A refrigeration cycle is operated in conjunction with various thermodynamic cycle working fluid circuits to cool a target fluid that may be used in a separate system or duty. In one embodiment, the refrigeration cycle includes an ejector that extracts a motive fluid from the working fluid cycles in order to...

Organic rankine cycle for mechanical drive applications
A combined thermodynamic system for the production of mechanical power. The system comprises a gas turbine and a turbomachinery driven by the gas turbine. The system further comprises a thermodynamic organic Rankine cycle with a turboexpander. A heat transfer arrangement transfers heat from exhaust combustion gases of the gas turbine to...

Heat spreader with thermal conductivity inversely proportional to increasing heat
A heat spreading apparatus has a body defining a void. A fluid positioned within the void distributes heat via a complete thermodynamic cycle. A disruption of the complete thermodynamic cycle is inversely proportional to the magnitude of dynamic body forces, thereby diminishing heat spreading activity by the heat spreading apparatus....

Heat spreader with thermal conductivity inversely proportional to increasing heat
A heat spreading apparatus includes a body defining a void. A fluid is positioned within the void for distributing heat by vaporizing the fluid. The body defines a void with a heat accumulation surface geometry to disrupt the thermodynamic cycle of vaporizing the fluid and thereby diminish heat spreading activity by...

Heat engine and heat to electricity systems and methods with working fluid mass management control
Aspects of the disclosure generally provide a heat engine system and a method for regulating a pressure and an amount of a working fluid in a working fluid circuit during a thermodynamic cycle. A mass management system may be employed to regulate the working fluid circulating throughout the working fluid circuit....

Thermal energy conversion plant
A thermal energy conversion plant, wherein a pressurized liquefied working fluid gasifies in an evaporator unit located at the lower level of a closed-loop thermodynamic circuit, ascends through a widening ascending conduit to a condenser unit located at the upper level of said thermodynamic circuit, condenses and falls because gravity powering...

Vapor-compression refrigeration apparatus with backup air-cooled heat sink and auxiliary refrigerant heater
Apparatus and method are provided for cooling an electronic component. The apparatus includes a refrigerant evaporator in thermal communication with a component(s) to be cooled, and a refrigerant loop coupled in fluid communication with the evaporator for facilitating flow of refrigerant through the evaporator. The apparatus further includes a compressor in...

Method for determining a buffer effect of an activated carbon filter
A method for determining a buffer effect of an activated carbon filter for a tank venting system of a fuel container for hydrocarbon-containing fuels involves feeding a defined quantity of hydrocarbon molecules to the activated carbon filter () via a tank connection (—) of the activated carbon filter () by a...

Method and a system of arranging turbine stages for saturated steam applications
The various embodiments herein provide a safety system for multiple turbine stages for saturated steam applications. The system comprises an isolating system having the inter-stage pipes for isolating the turbine stages and for transferring steam from one stage to another stage. A draining system is connected to each seal housing, inlet...

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