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Thermodynamic patents

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Method for preparing microporous polyolefin film by thermally-induced phase separation method
The present invention discloses a method for preparing a microporous polyolefin film comprising: a step of injecting a composition comprising polyolefin 30 to 60 wt % and a diluent mixture comprising a diluent, which can make liquid-liquid phase separation with the polyolefin thermodynamically 40 to 70 wt %, into an extruding...

Drive unit for a motor vehicle
A drive unit for a motor vehicle that has a combustion machine having an internal combustion engine () as well as an exhaust gas system via which exhaust gas can be discharged from the internal combustion engine (), and has a cyclic device that can be used to convert the thermal...

Method for managing a thermodynamic device for a motor vehicle, system, program, recording medium and associated vehicle
A method for managing a thermodynamic device for a motor vehicle, a system, a program, a recording medium and an associated vehicle. The method manages a thermodynamic device for a motor vehicle including a heat-transfer fluid circuit, and includes an initial verification in which a functional state or a failure state...

Method for estimating dynamic power transmission line capacity by using synchronized phasor technology
The present invention relates to the field of electrical power systems and automation technologies thereof, and disclosed is a method for estimating a dynamic power transmission line capacity by using a synchronized phasor technology. Synchronized phasor measurement units are arranged at two sides of a power transmission line. The synchronized phasor...

Method for preparing microporous polyolefin film by thermally-induced phase separation method
The present invention discloses a method for preparing a microporous polyolefin film comprising: a step of injecting a composition comprising polyolefin 30 to 60 wt % and a diluent, which can make liquid-liquid phase separation with the polyolefin thermodynamically 40 to 70 wt %, into an extruding machine, and melting and...

Solid-state lithium battery
The present invention is directed to a higher power, thin film lithium-ion electrolyte on a metallic substrate, enabling mass-produced solid-state lithium batteries. High-temperature thermodynamic equilibrium processing enables co-firing of oxides and base metals, providing a means to integrate the crystalline, lithium-stable, fast lithium-ion conductor lanthanum lithium tantalate (La1/3-xLi3xTaO3) directly with a...

Precursor mirna loop-modulated target regulation
Modulation of mRNA activity is achieved with precursor miRNAs (ta-RNAs). ta-RNAs, primarily pre-miRNAs and pri-miRNAs, including truncated and mutated ta-RNAs, are employed for modulation of mRNA expression where it is found that pri- and pre-miRNA have activity independently of the presence of functional mature miRNAs. Modification of at least one of...

Adaptive thermal block temperature control method and system
Aspects of the present teachings describe a method and apparatus for automatically controlling a block temperature to reduce undershooting and overshooting of the temperatures of a sample contained in the block and participating in a polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The adaptive thermal block temperature control begins when a sample temperature enters...

Hygienic cooling channel
The invention relates to a cooling channel () for cooling goods to be chilled, in particular food or pharmaceutical products, comprising a cooling tower () having an inlet end () and an outlet end (), a driven conveyor belt (), on which the goods to be chilled are arranged such that...

In2te3 precipitates in bulk bi2te3 for thermoelectric applications
The present invention teaches a successful synthesis regime to grow highly oriented plate-like In2Te3 nanostructures inside bulk thermoelectric Bi2Te3 using a thermodynamically driven nucleation and growth technique. As described herein, the inventive materials can further be doped with +2 and +4 rare earth elements, and others, in order to achieve the...

Apparatus and method for cooling a containerized fluid
An apparatus for cooling a containerized fluid apparatus has a refrigerant-delivery assembly axially depending from a handle assembly. The handle assembly forms a receptacle for receiving a canister of refrigerant such as pressurized liquid carbon dioxide (CO2). The refrigerant-delivery assembly comprises a supply tube through which refrigerant is fed from the...

Method and system for real-time performance degradation advisory for centrifugal compressors
A system and computer-implemented method for generating real-time performance advisories for a centrifugal compressor of a fleet of centrifugal compressors are provided. The method includes receiving an actual thermodynamic signature of the compressor, that is unique to the compressor, receiving compressor process parameter values during operation of the compressor, determining, in...

Data center thermal model
A system for managing a data center including a plurality of electronic components, each of which are configured to generate varying levels of heat loads under varying power level utilizations, is disclosed. The system may comprise a data collection module adapted to collect data describing heat loads generated by the plurality...

Systems and methods for power peaking with energy storage
Disclosed illustrative embodiments include systems and methods for power peaking with energy storage. In an illustrative, non-limiting embodiment, a power plant includes a thermodynamic piping circuit having a working fluid contained therein, and the working fluid has a flow direction and a flow rate. Power plant components are interposed in the...

Tank filling device and method
A device for filling a tank with a pressurized gas, in particular with pressurized hydrogen, comprising a pressurized-gas source and a circuit for transferring gas from the source to the tank, the transfer circuit including a member for expanding and cooling the gas in order to lower the pressure and temperature...

Transmucosal drug delivery system
Disclosed are preparations and formulations of high thermodynamic activity lipophilic associations (LA), in which there is pairing between an ionizable pharmaceutical agent and a lipophilic species having ionic characteristics opposite to that of the pharmaceutical agent. Such lipophilic associations manifest high thermodynamic activity, as evidenced by their being predominantly in a...

Means and methods for generating improved proteins
The disclosure provides a general method for the production of protein variants with a reduced aggregation propensity without affecting the thermodynamic stability of the variant with respect to the wild-type protein....

First open thermodynamic system for electric vehicles : that use the kinetic energy of any vehicle for electric production
These generator systems can be sized to fit any vehicle and they can create from 0 to 300 KW of clean electricity or more. This present invention will advance vehicles by using 100% of the mechanical kinetic energy to convert it into clean 3 phase electricity. The Closed system for vehicles...

Facilitating revenue generation from wholesale electricity markets based on a self-tuning energy asset model
The apparatus, systems and methods herein facilitate generation of energy-related revenue for an energy customer of an electricity supplier. The apparatuses and methods herein can be used to generate suggested operating schedules for the energy assets that including a controllable energy asset, using an objective function. The objective function is determined...

Analog and mixed-signal computation and circuits in living cells
Provided herein are molecular analog gene circuits that exploit positive and negative feedback to implement logarithmically linear sensing, addition, subtraction, and scaling thus enabling multiplicative, ratiometric, and power-law computations. The circuits exhibit Weber's Law behavior as in natural biological systems, operate over a wide dynamic range of up to four orders...

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