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Universal cross hyperbaric, hybrid, thermal electric engine compressor, expander and universal mobility systems
The invention relates to the universal, and supreme cross hyperbaric, hybrid, direct transformation systems of any and all forms of thermal energies, directly in electric energy, based on the maximum absolute efficiency, of the thermodynamic, cross hyperbaric thermal electric engine, associated with all forms of operations and structures, including, general linear...

Space conditioning control and monitoring method and system
A space conditioning system and method for monitoring electrical parameters and/or thermodynamic parameters relating to the heat of extraction/rejection or power consumption of the system and to communicate the monitored parameters to an external device....

Probe:antiprobe compositions for high specificity dna or rna detection
Probe systems and methods are provided for detecting nucleic acid targets using labeled polynucleotide probes and antiprobes that interact together and with complementary targets. These interactions result in signaling changes that indicate target frequency and provide error-checking functions that facilitate single base discrimination. These probe:antiprobe compositions enable real-time PCR detection, end-point...

Nozzle ring with non-uniformly distributed airfoils and uniform throat area
A segmented nozzle ring is disclosed having a throat area between neighboring vanes that is the same for each segment which is achieved by rotation (i.e., opening or closing of the throat area) of the individual vane compounds belonging to the different segments. The resulting uniform throat area leads to a...

Tyer carburetion process
A means for improving prior art combined cycle combustor and/or gasifiers and/or plural thermodynamic cycle gasification systems by introducing and utilizing an auger for the continuous feeding, agitation, tumbling, advancement and discharge of heterogenous carbonaceous fuel. In addition to the aforementioned improvement, I have included provisions for Fontana's water gas shift...

Contoured humidification-dehumidification desalination system
A humidification-dehumidification water desalination system uses a contoured interior chamber, essentially onion shaped, in order to balance the thermodynamics of the evaporation/condensation process completely by facilitating the needed fluid bypass with air and the contoured shape of the interior chamber so that the desalination can occur energy efficiently in a single...

Method and system for tank refilling using active fueling speed control
Disclosed is an improved analytical method that can be utilized by hydrogen filling stations for directly and accurately calculating the end-of-fill temperature in a hydrogen tank that, in turn, allows for improvements in the fill quantity while tending to reduce refueling time. The calculations involve calculation of a composite heat capacity...

Transmucosal drug delivery system
Disclosed are preparations and formulations of high thermodynamic activity lipophilic associations (LA), in which there is pairing between an ionizable pharmaceutical agent and a lipophilic species having ionic characteristics opposite to that of the pharmaceutical agent. Such lipophilic associations manifest high thermodynamic activity, as evidenced by their being predominantly in a...

Systems and methods for detecting biomarkers of interest
A detection probe for detecting single base mutations or alterations in a double stranded target nucleic acid molecule is provided. In some aspects, the detection probe may include a double-stranded probe nucleic acid molecule having a first end and a second end; at least one probe initiation toehold at the first...

In situ evaluation of unconventional natural gas reservoirs
An analytical method that establishes a thermodynamic equilibrium or known dynamic relationship between the concentrations of gases, natural gas liquids and oils or pressures of gasses in an isolated zone of a shale, or group of distinct shale gas intervals, with the concentrations of fluids or pressures of gasses in a...

Chemically and thermodynamically stable insulin analogues and improved methods for their production
The subject matter of this invention is directed towards chemically and thermodynamically stable single-chain insulin (SCI) analogues that are resistant to deamidation and fibrillation. The invention further discloses improved methods for the recombinant expression, purification and refolding of SCI....

Generating and implementing thermodynamic models of a structure
Apparatus, systems, methods, and related computer program products for generating and implementing thermodynamic models of a structure. Thermostats disclosed herein are operable to control an HVAC system. In controlling the HVAC system, a need to determine an expected indoor temperature profile for a particular schedule of setpoint temperatures may arise. To...

Ericsson cycle device improvements
The present disclosure relates to improvements to thermodynamic devices that approximate the Ericsson cycle, Brayton cycle, or regenerated Brayton cycle. These cycles and various ways of implementing them are known in the art. They can operate as engines or refrigerators. The Ericsson cycle is attractive since it can theoretically operate at...

Method for converting thermaly energy into useful work
The invention relates to heat power engineering, in particular, to methods that use a working medium for producing useful work from heat of an external source. The method comprises interaction of the working medium with an energy source and interaction of the working medium with an additional low-temperature energy source in...

Cogeneration method and equipment
Cogeneration method, according to which a hot source () produces steam that is released in at least one turbine () having a low-pressure steam outlet () linked to a condenser; at least a fraction (Q) of the steam leaving the turbine () is directed towards a Venturi thermocompressor () into which...

Rotary internal combustion engine
A rotary engine rotary engine according to the present invention comprises a main housing assembly and a rotor assembly rotatably supported within the housing. The rotor assembly has two rotors, an intake/compression rotor rotatably disposed within the intake/compression housing, and a power/exhaust rotor rotatably disposed within the power/exhaust housing. The rotors...

Facilitating revenue generation from wholesale electricity markets based on a self-tuning energy asset model
The apparatus, systems and methods herein facilitate generation of energy-related revenue for an energy customer of an electricity supplier. The apparatuses and methods herein can be used to generate suggested operating schedules for the energy assets that including a controllable energy asset, using an objective function. The objective function is determined...

Facilitating revenue generation from wholesale electricity markets using an engineering-based model
The disclosure facilitates generation of energy-related revenue for an energy customer of an electricity supplier. The disclosure herein can be implemented to generate suggested operating schedules for energy assets that include a controllable energy asset, using an objective function. The objective function is determined based on a dynamic simulation model of...

Modified hybrid sol-gel solutions and compositions formed from such solutions
Provided are modified hybrid sol-gel precursor solutions and coatings formed from such solutions. A modified hybrid sol-gel precursor solution includes an inorganic precursor, cross-linkable inorganic-organic precursor, cross-linkable organic precursor, protic solvent, and aprotic solvent. The inorganic precursor may include a metal or metalloid and two or more hydrolysable groups. The cross-linkable...

Waste heat recovery in a chemical process and plant, particularly for the synthesis of ammonia
A method for recovering waste heat in a process for the synthesis of a chemical product, particularly ammonia, where the product is used as the working fluid of a thermodynamic cycle; the waste heat is used to increase the enthalpy content of a high-pressure liquid stream of said product (), delivered...

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