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Computational fluid dynamics systems and methods of use thereof
The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for evaluating and/or predicting thermodynamic behavior within a particular area, and more specifically, to systems and methods which, at least in some embodiments, use computational fluid dynamics to compute and/or predict thermodynamic behavior of data centers and the like. Embodiments of the...

Determination of thermodynamic properties of a fluid based on density and sound speed
Variable volume systems and methods of use thereof described herein are capable of making calibrated determinations of fluid properties and phase behavior of a fluid sample. The determinations can be calibrated based on one or more calibration functions, such as system volume corrected for pressure and temperature variations. Cross-checking the results...

Polycrystalline superhard material
A polycrystalline superhard material comprises a sintered mass of superhard grains having a mean superhard grain contiguity of at least 62 percent and at most 92 percent. There is also disclosed a method of making such a polycrystalline superhard material. The method comprises providing a precursor body comprising superhard grains and...

Method for changing surface properties of a substrate from immobilized biomolecules
A method that modifies surface properties of a substrate by manipulating the immobilized biomolecules in mild biological condition. The manipulation comprised steps of: providing a biomolecule combined with at least one ssDNA combined with a first protein through an affinity binding tag; adding a second ssDNA conjugated with a second protein...

High efficiency radioisotope thermodynamic electrical generator
An electric generator comprises a central cylindrical shielded autoclave fuel capsule made out of metal in which are contained radioisotope fuel rods. A spiral cylindrical heat exchanger encases the fuel capsule. A thermal insulating material insulates the fuel capsule from the cylindrical heat exchanger which encases it to avoid thermal losses....

Tubular heat exchange
In one embodiment, the invention relates to a heat exchanger suitable for use with a thermodynamic cycle-based machine such as an engine, an energy conversion machine, a cooling machine or other suitable systems and machines. The heat exchanger can include one or more tubes arranged to form a heat exchanger. In...

Construction equipment equipped with an energy recovery apparatus
Equipment having an internal combustion engine arranged to generate mechanical power and to discharge exhaust gases; a pumping system arranged to use the above-mentioned mechanical power to pressurize a working fluid; a fluidic control circuit arranged to receive the pressurized working fluid and deliver it to at least one fluidic actuator...

Polycrystalline superhard material
A method for making polycrystalline superhard material comprises providing an electrically conductive substrate defining at least one deposition surface, electrophoretically depositing charged superhard particles or grains on to the deposition surface(s) of the substrate to form a pre-sinter body, and subjecting the pre-sinter body to a temperature and pressure at which...

Method and apparatus for thermal inspection
A method and apparatus for rapid finding of the hidden defects/heterogeneity under protective layer and for a qualitative evaluation of thickness and heterogeneity of the protective layer itself. Disclosed method is based on creation of conditions of rapid heat exchange and identifying defects via reading changes of thermodynamic profile of inspecting...

Crystalline form of pyrimidio[6,1-a] isoquinolin-4-one compound
The current invention is directed towards a polymorph of N-{2-[(2E)-2-(mesitylimino)-9,10-dimethoxy-4-oxo-6,7-dihydro-2H-pyrimido[6,1-a]-isoquinolin-3(4H)-yl]ethyl}urea, in the form of a crystalline solid consisting of greater than 99% by weight of N-{2-[(2E)-2-(mesitylimino)-9,10-dimethoxy-4-oxo-6,7-dihydro-2H-pyrimido[6,1-a]-isoquinolin-3(4H)-yl]ethyl}urea, at least 95% in the polymorphic form of a thermodynamically stable polymorph (I) of N-{2-[(2E)-2-(mesitylimino)-9,10-dimethoxy-4-oxo-6,7-dihydro-2H-pyrimido[6,1-a]-isoquinolin-3(4H)-yl]ethyl}urea, wherein said polymorph is determined by single crystal X-ray structural...

Method of determining thermodynamic and kinetic parameters from measured off rates
A method for measuring a property of a binding interaction between a capture agent and a binding partner for the capture agent is provided. In certain embodiments, this method comprises: a) contacting a population of particles that are linked to a capture agent with a substrate comprising a binding partner to...

Method and apparatus for controlling a flow of particles by way of a through-hole
A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method for generating an electric or pressure difference force that induces a plurality of particles to flow through a through-hole. Independently adjustable heat source in a vicinity of the through-hole induces a thermodynamic force for modifying the flow of...

M thermodynamic resonant engine with a rotary variant
A 3-D geometric separation of old engine compression-ignition-expansion chamber in compression-ignition chamber and expansion chamber with a parametric delay between ignition and expansion ( and excluding the intake valves and exhaust valves) what to permit a symmetric configuration for a totally rotary engine and a special arrangements(as is revealed in drawings...

Method and system for converting thermal power, delivered from a variable temperature heat source, into mechanical power
The present invention concerns a method and a system for converting thermal power delivered from a variable temperature heat source into mechanical power by means of a closed thermodynamic cycle. The cycle is characterized in that it operates between a higher temperature (Thigh) and a temperature substantially equal to ambient temperature...

Sugar-based surfactant microemulsions containing essential oils for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use
The present invention relates to a thermodynamically stable, biocompatible, environment friendly, and temperature-insensitive microemulsion containing various botanical essential oils, sugar based surfactants, polyhydric alcohols, and an aqueous phase....

Room temperature electrodeposition of actinides from ionic solutions
Uranic and transuranic metals and metal oxides are first dissolved in ozone compositions. The resulting solution in ozone can be further dissolved in ionic liquids to form a second solution. The metals in the second solution are then electrochemically deposited from the second solutions as room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL), tri-methyl-n-butyl...

Facilitating revenue generation from wholesale electricity markets using an enineering-based energy asset model
The disclosure facilitates generation of energy-related revenue for an energy customer of an electricity supplier. The disclosure herein can be implemented to generate suggested operating schedules for energy assets that include a controllable energy asset, using an objective function. The objective function is determined based on a dynamic simulation model of...

Apparatus and method for phase equilibrium with in-situ sensing
A technique facilitates the monitoring of thermodynamic properties of reservoir fluids. The technique utilizes a modular sensor assembly designed to evaluate a sample of a hydrocarbon-containing fluid within a cell body. A variety of sensors may be selectively placed into communication with a sample chamber within the cell body to evaluate...

Wet capacitor cathode containing a conductive coating formed anodic electrochemical polymerization of a microemulsion
A wet electrolytic capacitor that contains an anodically oxidized porous anode body, a cathode containing a metal substrate coated with a conductive coating, and a working electrolyte that wets the dielectric on the anode. The conductive coating is formed through anodic electrochemical polymerization (“electro-polymerization”) of a microemulsion on the surface of...

Mono-energy and/or dual-energy engine with compressed air and/or additional energy, comprising an active chamber included in the cylinder
An engine with an active chamber, having at least one piston () mounted in a cylinder () in a sliding manner and driving a crankshaft () via a slider-crank device () and operating according to a four-phase thermodynamic cycle includes: an isothermal expansion without work; a transfer-slight so-called quasi-isothermal expansion...

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