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Method for converting thermaly energy into useful work
The invention relates to heat power engineering, in particular, to methods that use a working medium for producing useful work from heat of an external source. The method comprises interaction of the working medium with an energy source and interaction of the working medium with an additional low-temperature energy source in...

Cogeneration method and equipment
Cogeneration method, according to which a hot source () produces steam that is released in at least one turbine () having a low-pressure steam outlet () linked to a condenser; at least a fraction (Q) of the steam leaving the turbine () is directed towards a Venturi thermocompressor () into which...

Rotary internal combustion engine
A rotary engine rotary engine according to the present invention comprises a main housing assembly and a rotor assembly rotatably supported within the housing. The rotor assembly has two rotors, an intake/compression rotor rotatably disposed within the intake/compression housing, and a power/exhaust rotor rotatably disposed within the power/exhaust housing. The rotors...

Facilitating revenue generation from wholesale electricity markets based on a self-tuning energy asset model
The apparatus, systems and methods herein facilitate generation of energy-related revenue for an energy customer of an electricity supplier. The apparatuses and methods herein can be used to generate suggested operating schedules for the energy assets that including a controllable energy asset, using an objective function. The objective function is determined...

Facilitating revenue generation from wholesale electricity markets using an engineering-based model
The disclosure facilitates generation of energy-related revenue for an energy customer of an electricity supplier. The disclosure herein can be implemented to generate suggested operating schedules for energy assets that include a controllable energy asset, using an objective function. The objective function is determined based on a dynamic simulation model of...

Modified hybrid sol-gel solutions and compositions formed from such solutions
Provided are modified hybrid sol-gel precursor solutions and coatings formed from such solutions. A modified hybrid sol-gel precursor solution includes an inorganic precursor, cross-linkable inorganic-organic precursor, cross-linkable organic precursor, protic solvent, and aprotic solvent. The inorganic precursor may include a metal or metalloid and two or more hydrolysable groups. The cross-linkable...

Waste heat recovery in a chemical process and plant, particularly for the synthesis of ammonia
A method for recovering waste heat in a process for the synthesis of a chemical product, particularly ammonia, where the product is used as the working fluid of a thermodynamic cycle; the waste heat is used to increase the enthalpy content of a high-pressure liquid stream of said product (), delivered...

Stable nanocrystalline ordering alloy systems and methods of identifying same
Provided in one embodiment is a method of identifying a stable phase of an ordering binary alloy system comprising a solute element and a solvent element, the method comprising: determining at least three thermodynamic parameters associated with grain boundary segregation, phase separation, and intermetallic compound formation of the ordering binary alloy...

Regeneration of kinetic hydrate inhibitor
The present invention relates to a method and system for regeneration of kinetic hydrate inhibitor when it is used without a thermodynamic inhibitor. In that the use of a distillation column or tower is not needed, the present invention enables a more compact system, which also improves the possibility for heat...

Reciprocating internal combustion engine
A method for determining a heat addition needed to achieve a target/limiting combustion temperature of a working fluid in a thermodynamic cycle in an engine can include determining a third state of the thermodynamic cycle, where the third state is defined by a third internal energy E3Qless and a third volume...

Thermal energy conversion method
A method for converting thermal energy into mechanical energy in a thermodynamic cycle includes placing a thermal energy source in thermal communication with a heat exchanger arranged in a working fluid circuit containing a working fluid (e.g., sc-CO2) and having a high pressure side and a low pressure side. The method...

Methods and devices for cooling spinal tissue
Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for cooling tissue, and in particular for applying therapeutic hypothermia to the spinal canal, tissue disposed within the spinal canal, and nerve roots extending from the spinal canal. Bone screws, intervertebral implants, stabilization rods, spinous process spacers, and other devices are described which define a...

Methods for comparing a structure of a first biomolecule and a second biomolecule
The present disclosure provides methods to assess structural similarity of a first biomolecule and a second biomolecule by detecting one or more responses of the first and second biomolecule to thermodynamic stress conditions induced by osmotic and dielectric changes including, detecting a shift in fluorescence emission and/or a change in the...

Process for sintering thermoelectric materials
The process for producing, processing, sintering, pressing or extruding thermoelectric materials with heat treatment under inert gas or under reduced pressure at temperatures in the range from 100 to 900° C. comprises producing, processing, sintering, pressing or extruding in the presence of oxygen scavengers which form thermodynamically stable oxides in the...

Method of making polycrystalline diamond material
A method of making polycrystalline diamond material includes providing a fraction of diamond particles or grains and a sintering additive, the sintering additive comprising a carbon source of nano-sized particles or grains, forming the diamond particles and sintering additive into an aggregated mass, consolidating the aggregated mass and a binder material...

Engine operations support systems and methods for reducing fuel flow
An operations support system is provided for an engine receiving fuel. The system includes a diagnostic engine model unit configured to receive engine data from the engine and to generate diagnostics data based on the engine data, the diagnostics data including scalars. The system further includes an engine-specific model unit coupled...

Method for synthesizing polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers
The present invention relates to the field of chemical engineering and technology, in particular relates to the sub-field of synthesis of high quality alternative liquid engine fuel from non-petroleum based feedstock, more particularly relates to a method for regulating and optimizing the synthetic process of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers utilizing chemical thermodynamic...

Self-assembling molecules that accumulate in acidic tumor microenvironments
Disclosed are compositions that contain a plurality of biocompatible self-assembling molecules that transform from isolated molecules or spherical micelles in the circulation into cylindrical nanofibers in the acidic extracellular environment of tumors which can be used to achieve a higher relative concentration of imaging, drug delivery, or radiotherapeutic agents at the...

Apparatus for generating thermodynamically cold microwave plasma
The invention relates to an apparatus for generating a thermodynamically cold plasma under standard atmospheric conditions by injecting microwave radiation at a frequency of >3 GHz into a plasma chamber () and subsequent superposition of a plurality of waves with constructive interference. The microwave radiation, which is generated in specifically geometrically...

Gas defrosting system for refrigeration units using fluid cooled condensers
A gas defrosting system is disclosed for efficiently defrosting refrigeration units using fluid-cooled condensers. For each refrigeration unit in refrigeration mode, a cool condenser fluid is applied to the condenser to achieve a high thermodynamic efficiency. For each refrigeration unit in defrost mode, a warm defrost fluid is applied to the...

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