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Thermodynamically-optimized advanced fire suppression system
A fire suppression system for an aircraft includes an air separation module configured to receive exhaust air and ram air, conditioned compressor bleed air, and any combination thereof. The air separation module is also configured to provide nitrogen-enriched air and inert gas. The nitrogen-enriched air flows into a nitrogen-enriched air distribution...

Material comprising a semi-heusler alloy and process for producing such a material
A material includes at least two different alloy phases. At least two alloy phases are each formed by at least one thermodynamically stable semi-Heusler alloy. The semi-Heusler alloys of the at least two alloy phases are different from one another. At least two of the semi-Heusler alloys have at least partly...

Refrigerants for use in a thermodynamic cycle taking place in a system producing either hot or cold are disclosed. The refrigerants comprise binary azeotrope mixture of saturated hydrocarbon with either methanol or ethanol. The refrigerants are of preventing undesirable formation of oil film on the inner surface of the circulating system...

Solar selective absorber based on double nitride composite material and process for its preparation
A thin-film spectrally selective coating for receiver tube of vacuumed type for use in thermodynamic solar installations and operating both at medium temperature (up to 400° C.) and at high temperature (up to 550° C.), coating where the optically absorbing layer is a multilayer of cermet material of type: WyN—AlNx or...

Nanofluid for thermodynamic solar system
Solar concentration system with thermo-vector fluid made up of gas-based nanofluids and with suitably shaped receiver element of the solar radiation....

Mechanical motion amplification for new thermodynamic cycles
The present technology relates generally to mechanical motion amplification for fuel injectors. In some embodiments, an injector for introducing gaseous or liquid fuel into a combustion chamber includes an injector body having a base portion configured to receive fuel into the body and a valve coupled to the body. The valve...

Rankine cycle waste heat recovery system
A waste heat recovery (WHR) system connects a working fluid to fluid passages formed in an engine block and/or a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine, forming an engine heat exchanger. The fluid passages are formed near high temperature areas of the engine, subjecting the working fluid to sufficient heat...

Lithium silicate glass ceramic for fabrication of dental appliances
A method of fabricating a one crystalline phase lithium silicate glass ceramic and the manufacture of machinable blocks for dental appliances using a CAD/CAM device. The resulting glass ceramic contains a thermodynamically stable lithium silicate crystal through each of the steps of the process due to its specific material formulation....

Thermodynamic solutions of metal chalcogenides and mixed metal oxides and chalcogenides
The present invention includes a solvent system comprising a pristine nanoparticle solute suspended in a liquid solvent. The solute is selected from the group consisting of a metal oxide, a mixed metal oxide, a chalcogenide, and a mixed metal chalcogenide; and the solvent system is characterized by a value of chi...

Variable-pitch nozzle for a radial turbine, in particular for an auxiliary power source turbine
A radial turbine nozzle of a turbine engine rotating about a central axis includes a first annular array of fixed blades and a second annular array with a same number of variable-pitch blades. The blades have pressure and suction surfaces. Each variable-pitch blade is connected to cups and is configured to...

Operations support systems and methods with acoustics evaluation and control
An operations support system is provided for an engine. The system includes a diagnostics module configured to receive engine data from the engine and to generate diagnostics data based on the engine data using a thermodynamic model, the thermodynamic model being based on component maps associated with the engine; an acoustics...

Climate comfort seat assembly
A vehicle seating assembly includes a seat structure. A carrier is disposed on the seat structure and includes a matrix of fluid transfer lines. A spacer material is positioned over the carrier. A trim cover is disposed over the spacer material. A desiccant is made from a volcanic ash and is...

Device and method for using the waste heat of an internal combustion engine
The invention relates to a method and a device for using the waste heat of an internal combustion engine () comprising a thermodynamic working circuit () in which a working medium circulates. A pump (), at least one heat exchanger () at least one expansion machine () and at least one...

Analyzing social network
Disclosed is a method and system for analyzing a social network, the method comprising: segregating, by a processor, the social network into a plurality of groups of users, wherein each group of users has a unique identity in the social network; mining, by the processor, data from a group of users...

Operations support systems and methods for calculating and evaluating turbine temperatures and health
An operations support system is provided for an engine with a turbine having a turbine inlet. The system includes a diagnostic engine model unit configured to receive engine data from the engine and to generate diagnostics data based on the engine data, the diagnostics data including scalars. The system further includes...

Axial turbomachine blade with platforms having an angular profile
The present application relates to a splitter nose of an axial turbomachine designed to separate an annular flow into the turbomachine into a primary flow and a secondary flow for undergoing a thermodynamic cycle. The nose includes a de-icing device with a wall defining, at least partially, an annular channel. A...

Super-hard structure, tool element and method of making same
A method for making a treated super-hard structure, the method including providing a super-hard structure comprising super-hard material selected from polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) material or thermally stable polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material; subjecting the super-hard structure to heat treatment at a treatment temperature of greater than 700 degrees centigrade at...

Thermodynamic bit formed of two memristors
A thermodynamic bit apparatus, method and system. A thermodynamic bit is a device that returns a true or false state with a probability that depends on its internal state, which can be controlled via the application of positive feedback. A thermodynamic bit can include two or more memristors connected in series....

Method to screen high affinity antibody
The current invention reports a method for producing an antibody comprising the steps of a) providing a plurality of hybridoma cells each expressing an antibody, b) determining the time dependent amount of said antibody bound to the respective antigen by surface plasmon resonance at different temperatures and different antibody concentrations, c)...

Gasifier having at least one charge transfer electrode and methods of use thereof
Gasifiers that may be used for gasifying hydrocarbon-containing materials are disclosed. Methods for use of such gasifiers are also disclosed. In an embodiment, a gasifier includes a gasification reaction vessel having one or more electrodes positioned therein. The one or more electrodes may be used to alter a chemical and/or thermodynamic...

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