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Terminal Device patents


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new patent Terminal device, base station device, and usable architecture determination method
A terminal device is configured to establish a communication link with communication equipment through a base station device such that, upon establishing the communication link, part of the communication link is left for a certain base station while another part of the communication link is established with the terminal device through the other base station device according to a plurality of architectures, wherein the terminal device includes a wireless communication part configured to transmit support architecture information representing an architecture supported by the terminal device among a plurality of architectures to the base station device.. .
Kddi Corporation

new patent Terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, and communication method
A terminal apparatus improves throughput while suppressing control information of an interfering signal. The terminal device includes: a higher layer that determines an instruction as to whether to apply naics; a receiving unit that receives downlink control information; and a control unit that, in a case where it has been specified on the higher layer that naics is applied, determines, on the basis of information that is contained in the downlink control information and indicates whether to perform interference cancellation or suppression, whether to perform interference cancellation or suppression.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent Cell access
The present disclosure provides a method for accessing a cell and a device for accessing a cell. The method for accessing a cell includes: receiving, by a terminal device, system information sent by a serving cell where the terminal device resides, wherein the system information comprises a cell resident risk identifier and measurement information; determining, based on the cell resident risk identifier, that the serving cell has a risk to be subjected to a lakeside effect, and detecting signal quality of the serving cell based on the measurement information; and determining whether the terminal device is subjected to the lakeside effect based on the detected signal quality, and accessing the serving cell when it is determined that the terminal device is not subjected to the lakeside effect.
China Mobile Communications Corporation

new patent Terminal device, management device, storage medium adapted for communication between multiple terminal devices within a group
In a business wireless system, a group including a plurality of terminal devices is formed and communication is performed by using at least one base station device to assign a channel to each group. A transmission unit uses a channel assigned by the base station device to a first group for transmission.
Jvc Kenwood Corporation

new patent Electronic apparatus and control method thereof
An electronic apparatus and a control method thereof are disclosed. The electronic apparatus according includes: a first communicator configured to communicate with an authentication terminal device; a second communicator configured to communicate with a new terminal device that is not registered with an access point (ap); a storage configured to store authentication information for accessing the ap; and a controller configured to control the second communicator to transmit the authentication information that is stored in the storage to the new terminal device in response to receiving terminal information of the new terminal device from the authentication terminal device through the first communicator..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Method and information verification
The present disclosure provides a method and an apparatus for user verification. A terminal device recognizes a sequence of click operations made by the user according to a maneuver prompted on a terminal device.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

new patent Relaying device, voice communication system, and voice communication method
[solution] in a voice communication system, a relaying device relays voice communication of a plurality of section systems. The relaying device stores, with respect to each of the section systems, a plurality of pieces of area information divided on the basis of the communication range of a wireless access point.

new patent Image forming device
In order to promote the use of a display panel as an operation panel part, if a communicable terminal device (9) is detected (s1), a cpu (10) requests the terminal device (9) to transmit panel information (s2), and determines, on the basis of the panel information, whether or not the operability of the terminal device (9) is higher than that of an operation panel part (6) (s3). If the operability of the terminal device (9) is higher than that of the operation panel part (6), the cpu (10) displays a terminal device utilization screen on a display panel (61) (s4).
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

new patent Method and setting color ring back tone and determining color ring back tone music
A method comprising acquiring a current value of a context parameter c of a terminal device, where the context parameter c indicates a characteristic of a context in which the terminal device is applied, and the context parameter c includes any one or any combination of the following: a location parameter, an activity parameter, and an environmental parameter; determining a current context of the terminal device according to the current value of the context parameter c; and setting a color ring back tone of the terminal device to color ring back tone music corresponding to the current context. The present disclosure is used to set a color ring back tone..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

new patent Secure update processing of terminal device using an encryption key stored in a memory device of the terminal device
An update processing is carried out on a terminal through communication with an external device connected therewith over a network. The terminal includes a processor configured to receive an update request from the external device, the update request including update data and challenge data, and a storage device in which original data to be updated and a private key are stored.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

new patent

Relaying device, audio communication system, and audio signal relay method

[solution] an audio communication system comprises: a master relaying device; one or more slave relaying devices connected to the master relaying device via a communication network; and one or more terminal devices connected to each relaying device via a communication network. Each slave relaying device transfers, to the master relaying device, audio signals received from the terminal device in charge of the slave relaying device.

new patent

Data processing device, data processing system, terminal device, data processing method, and data processing program

A state information acquisition unit acquires state information indicating a state of a body, an information search unit searches for information on the state information from a content information storage unit that stores text information regarding broadcast content, and an output unit outputs information searched for by the information search unit.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Purchase information utilization system, purchase information utilization method, and program

A purchase information utilization system according to the present invention includes a system provided with a reception unit that receives purchase information including identification information capable of identifying a product and support information which supports that the product is purchased from a terminal device of a consumer, a purchase information storage unit that stores the purchase information received by the reception unit, and a determination unit that determines whether or not the consumer has purchased the product using the support information included in the purchase information received by the reception unit.. .
Research And Innovation Co., Ltd.

new patent

Content providing/obtaining system

A content providing apparatus previously receives customer identification information and content identification information as customer reservation information via a terminal device, and sends customer desired content data corresponding to the content identification information to a content obtaining apparatus, so as to provide a customer with the customer desired content data via the content obtaining apparatus more easily, thus making it possible to significantly improve the usability of a content obtaining/providing system. In addition, a content providing server sends three-dimensional images to a portable dedicated terminal in response to a preview request sent from the portable dedicated terminal to display it, and then sends commercial data corresponding to a preview request sent according to the display state of the three-dimensional images to reproduce it, so as to make the customer view and preview the content to allow the customer to accurately judge whether the content meets his/her taste, thus making it possible to select content data lightheartedly..
Sony Corporation

new patent

Supply and exhaust air terminal device

A method and a supply and exhaust air terminal device arranged in a chilled beam system. The terminal comprises a supply air chamber into which supply air is led through at least one supply air opening from a supply air duct, wherein the supply air chamber is arranged in the first end of the chilled beam; and an exhaust air chamber through which exhaust air is led from a room space into an exhaust air duct through at least one exhaust air opening, wherein the exhaust air chamber is arranged in the second end of the chilled beam and separated from the supply air chamber.
Halton Oy

Transfer device, transfer transferring sound signals in different communication systems

A first reception unit receives a sound signal destined to a second terminal device in a second communication system supporting one way communication from a first terminal device in a first communication system supporting two way communication. A first transmission unit transmits the sound signal received in the first reception unit to the second terminal device.
Jvc Kenwood Corporation

Terminal device, integrated circuit, and wireless communication method

According to the present invention, there is provided a terminal device that transmits a signal to a base station apparatus through uplink, the terminal device including: an information generation unit that considers a priority level for multiple mac control elements in the logical channel prioritization procedure for the uplink, in a case where initial transmission is performed, in which at least a first mac control element and a second mac control element are included in the multiple mac control elements, in which the first mac control element provides the base station apparatus with information on an amount of first data available for transmission within a first buffer for the uplink, in which the second mac control element provides the base station apparatus with information on amount of second data available for transmission within a second buffer for a first link that is used for communication between the terminal device and a different terminal device, and in which the first mac control element has a higher priority level than the second mac control element except when being included for padding.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Terminal device, integrated circuit, and radio communication method

A number of times to repeat a pdcch over a plurality of subframes is set, a downlink assignment and information including a parameter that indicates an mbsfn subframe are received, and on the basis of whether the number of times to repeat the pdcch is set, a determination is made as to whether the downlink assignment can take place in the mbsfn subframe indicated by the parameter.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Interworking between networks operating according to different radio access technologies

There is provided a method of operating a network node in a first network that is operating according to a first radio access technology, rat, the network node controlling a first cell in the first network, the method comprising receiving information for a terminal device served by the first cell (913; 1113), the received information corresponding to information for the terminal device that was provided to the terminal device from another cell of the first network, the information being for use in a network interworking feature that enables and controls interworking between the first network and a network operating according to a second rat.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

User classification method, apparatus, and server

Embodiments provide a user classification method, apparatus, and server. The method is applied to the server, the server performs data communication with multiple terminal devices, and a same application is installed on the multiple terminal devices.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Webpage pre-reading method, apparatus and smart terminal device

The present invention provides a webpage pre-reading method, apparatus and a smart terminal device. The webpage pre-reading method includes: acquiring information of one or more users accessing multiple webpages within a first period of time; determining click paths through each of which a second webpage is clicked and entered from a first webpage and the number of clicks thereof; determining a first confidence value of each click path; generating a first pre-reading list including the click paths based on the first confidence values; and querying for a click path of a currently browsed webpage from the first pre-reading list so as to pre-read data of a corresponding target webpage to be browsed..
Guangzhou Ucweb Computer Technology Co., Ltd.

Communicating apparatus, method, and communicating system

A communicating apparatus, method, and system that capture an image, authenticate a person in the image that has been captured, determine a direction of the person based on a result of authenticating the person, and control transmission of a radio wave in the determined direction to connect a terminal device to a network, and communicate with the terminal device connected to the network by using access information included in the transmitted radio wave.. .

Data transmission system, terminal device, and recording medium

A data transmission system including a plurality of terminal devices arranged in a communication network and configured to transmit or receive content data. At least one terminal devices configured to receive content data transmitted from another terminal device, among the plurality of terminal devices, includes a reception priority management unit configured to manage priority of two or more content data addressed to the own terminal device, and a data reception control unit configured to, based on an output time interval of output signals corresponding to priority data whose priority managed by the reception priority management unit is high among two or more content data being received, request a transmission source configured to transmit content data having priority lower than the priority data, to perform control to stop transmitting the content data..
Ricoh Company, Limited

Terminal device, integrated circuit, and radio communication method

For aperiodic reporting of csi, ncqi ref is four, and a subframe n−ncqi ref corresponds to a valid subframe. A subframe that satisfies a criteria including at least a criterion (i) is regarded as being valid.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

User terminal device for interference limited scenarios

The present invention relates to a user terminal device comprising a first and second antenna arrangement and a first and second radio chain arrangement. The first antenna arrangement comprises at least a first antenna element and a first and second antenna port.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Antenna device, feed element, and communication terminal device

An antenna device includes a conductor surface in which an opening having an open edge portion in communication with the outside is provided, a feed element including a first coil connected to the feed element and a second coil magnetically coupled to the first coil, a first mounting portion disposed in the open edge portion and connected to a first end of the second coil, and a second mounting portion disposed in the open edge portion in a state isolated from the first mounting portion and connected to a second end of the second coil. The first mounting portion and the conductor surface are directly or indirectly conducted to each other, and the second mounting portion and the conductor surface are directly or indirectly conducted to each other.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Pos terminal device, pos system, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program

A pos terminal device capable of extracting a commodity image from an image taken by image pickup means in order to contribute to an improvement in the recognition rate of commodities is provided. A pos terminal device (1) includes at least one image pickup unit (2) and a 3d image generation unit (4), and a commodity image extraction unit (6).
Nec Corporation

Work supporting terminal device, work supporting system, work supporting method, program, and recording medium

A work supporting terminal device supports an inspection work performed on a facility of a plant. The work supporting terminal device includes: a category information generator that generates category information items obtained by classifying extra event information items recorded for extra events, which are not included in events to be inspected in the inspection work, among events occurring in the plant, according to the kind of extra event; and a display that displays the category information items..
Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Method and device for automatically processing static test data of rail transit vehicle

A method and device for automatically processing static test data of a rail transit vehicle are provided. A target operation step is determined in accordance with a commissioning template.
Crrc Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd.

Method for searching for multimedia file, terminal device, and server

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for searching for a multimedia file, a terminal device, and a server. The method for searching for a multimedia file includes: acquiring, from a server, encrypted summary information of a first multimedia file in at least one multimedia file, where encrypted summary information of the at least one multimedia file corresponds to encrypted content of the at least one multimedia file; decrypting, by a terminal device, the encrypted summary information of the first multimedia file, to obtain summary information of the first multimedia file; when determining that the summary information of the first multimedia file corresponds to a target multimedia file, acquiring, by the terminal device from the server, encrypted content of the first multimedia file corresponding to the summary information of the first multimedia file.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Vehicular travel condition monitoring apparatus

To provide a vehicular travel state monitoring device has functions of displaying images ahead of a traveling vehicle and data measured of a traveling state of the vehicle, such as accelerations acting on the vehicle, as images on the same screen and storing the displayed images as moving image data, a mobile terminal device has a vehicular travel state measuring means (13) built therein which includes a gps (131), a three-axis acceleration sensor (132) and a three-axis angular velocity sensor (133). The mobile terminal device is further provided with a synthetic image generating means (16) which generates a synthetic image of a plurality of data synthesized at predetermined time intervals, out of measurement data measured by the vehicular travel state measuring means (13), imaging data captured by an imaging means (12), and web information data acquired by a web information acquiring unit (11a).
Bridgestone Corporation

Gripping device with switchable prehension modes

The present invention is a switchable gripping terminal device that can be switched from a voluntary open prehension mode to a voluntary closed prehension mode, at will by the user. In an embodiment of the present invention, the terminal device may comprise a movable digit attached to a fixed digit, whereby the user can actuate the movable digit, such that the movable digit rotates relative to the fixed digit.
Invisible Hand Enterprises, Llc Dba Toughware Prosthetics

Terminal device, integrated circuit, and wireless communication method

According to the present invention, there is provided a terminal device that transmits a signal to a base station apparatus through uplink, the terminal device including: a bsr generation unit that triggers a buffer status report bsr which is used for providing the base station apparatus with information on an amount of data that is available for transmission within a buffer for a first link which is used for communication between the terminal device and a different terminal device, and that cancels the triggered buffer status report; and a configuration unit that configures a first mode or a second mode, in which, in the first mode, a resource for transmitting data for the first link is scheduled by the base station apparatus, and in the second mode, the resource for transmitting the data for the first link is selected the terminal device from a resource pool, and in which, in a case where the second mode is configured, all of the triggered buffer status reports are cancelled.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Wireless base station and wireless communication systems using the same

A wireless base station (1) includes a wakeup device (13) and a main device (14). When the main device (14) is in a sleep mode, the wakeup device (13) is connected to the antenna (11).
Nec Communication Systems, Ltd.

Method and selecting an access point based on direction of movement

A method, system and apparatus for selecting an access point includes detecting a location and direction of motion of a mobile device, detecting a strength of signal from candidate access points and determining a location of such access points based upon at least one of the (i) location and direction of motion of the mobile device, (ii) access point location information known to the mobile device, and (iii) monitoring of the change in detected signal strength from candidate access points that occurs upon the movement of the mobile device. Embodiments of the system and apparatus may include a mobile terminal device or may include such a device and a plurality of access points that provide access to a network, such as a base station or a router that provide access to an enterprise network or a local area network that is connected to the internet..
Unify Gmbh & Co. Kg

Image forming apparatus, terminal device, data providing method, and computer program

An image forming apparatus includes: a first communication unit configured to perform communication by a short-distance wireless method; a second communication unit having a broader communication range than the first communication unit; a storage unit configured to store data to which an access right of a first user is set; a connection information providing unit configured to, when a data providing command for providing the data from a first terminal device of the first user to another user is received, and an access request to the data is received from a second terminal device of a second user, transmit connection information for accessing the data to the second terminal device; and a data providing unit configured to transmit the data to the second terminal device by the second communication unit, when a transmission request of the data is received from the second terminal device based on the connection information.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Navigation method, smart terminal device and wearable device

A method of navigation includes: establishing a connection with a navigation application; acquiring navigation data from the navigation application; and publishing the navigation data to a specified data service interface, so as to allow an application device connected to the data service interface to acquire navigation data. The method may facilitate data transmission for navigation service between the existing navigation app and an application device, and thus may facilitate providing navigation data in a convenient and low-cost way..
Baidu Online Network Technology (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Image transmission transmitting image data between image transmission apparatus and a plurality of terminal devices

An object is to appropriately control the transmission of image data to a plurality of terminal devices such that the user's desired playback is performed when plural pieces of image data are replayed using the plurality of terminal devices on the user side. When predetermined identification information is received from a first terminal device, a management server apparatus transmits first image data to the first terminal device.
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Communication system, communication method and gateway

A communication system configured to control a packet communication between a terminal device and an information processing device, the communication system includes a memory, and at least one processor coupled to the memory and configured to set a first communication path between the communication system and the terminal device, receive a first packet from the terminal device through the first communication path, a destination of the first packet being the information processing device, detect that the first packet belongs to a first flow and is to be blocked before the first packet reaches the information processing device, set a second communication path for the first flow between the terminal device and the communication system, receive a second packet belonging to the first flow from the terminal device through the second communication path, and block the second packet not to be sent to the information processing device.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Method and device for verifying permission

Methods and apparatus for verifying permission between a master terminal device, a slave device, and a verification server are disclosed to control the slave device by the master terminal device. The verification of permission may be based on physical proximity between the master terminal device and the slave device such that verification signal output by the slave device may be directly observable by the master terminal device..
Xiaomi Inc.

Terminal device, base station device, and communication method

A terminal device configured to communicate with a base station device includes a higher layer processing unit that configures a mode of periodic channel state information reporting, and a transmission unit that periodically performs feedback of channel state information on a physical uplink control channel by using the mode. A period and an offset in the channel state information reporting are determined based on a parameter given in a first table in a case of frequency division duplexing, or based on a parameter given in a second table in a case of carrier aggregation for frequency division duplexing and time division duplexing where a primary cell has a frame structure type-2.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Ambipolar synaptic devices

Device architectures based on trapping and de-trapping holes or electrons and/or recombination of both types of carriers are obtained by carrier trapping either in near-interface deep ambipolar states or in quantum wells/dots, either serving as ambipolar traps in semiconductor layers or in gate dielectric/barrier layers. In either case, the potential barrier for trapping is small and retention is provided by carrier confinement in the deep trap states and/or quantum wells/dots.
International Business Machines Corporation

Information display

Embodiments of the present invention disclosed herein include an information display method and device, wherein the method comprises using a terminal device to acquire a user's event information. Based on the acquired event information, the terminal device selects a matching visual template for the event information.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Manipulation system operable by eyewear type terminal device

Provided is a manipulation system that is capable of coping with a manipulation that deals with many selectable setting values in an easy way using an eyewear type terminal device. The eyewear type terminal device includes a view capturing part, a screen display part, a screen creation part that creates a screen on which selection items are arranged and display such a screen on the screen display part, a fixation point detection part, a sample data cutting out part cut out sample data from the front vision field image, and a communication part, the image forming apparatus performs an operation based on the selection item that is received from the eyewear type terminal device and identify a setting value candidate treated as the selection item based on the sample data for transmission to the eyewear type terminal device..
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Information processing system, information processing method, and movable terminal device

An information processing system includes: a plurality of movable terminal devices; a plurality of base stations; and an information processing device. The plurality of movable terminal devices are provided in vessels, and the plurality of movable terminal devices include: a first processor that executes a first process including: acquiring positional information on a movement start position of the vessel and a direction of a bow, a rudder angle, and a vessel speed of the vessel during movement; calculating a predicted position of the vessel in accordance with the positional information on the movement start position, the direction of the bow, the rudder angle, and the vessel speed; specifying a direction and a magnitude of a tidal current in accordance with a difference between current positional information on the vessel and the predicted position; and transmitting, to the plurality of base stations, management information..
Fujitsu Limited

Terminal device, base station device, and communication method

When one serving cell is configured, and a frame structure type is fdd, one value among values of {2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 32, 64, and 128} subframes is configured as a csi reporting period. When the one serving cell is configured, and the frame structure type is tdd, one value among values of {1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, and 160} subframes is configured as the csi reporting period.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Terminal device, base station device, transmitting method and receiving method

The present invention pertains to a terminal device, which, when arq is used for communication that uses an uplink unit band and a plurality of downlink unit bands associated with the uplink unit band, and when a transmission mode that supports up to 2 tb in a pcell is set in the terminal, is capable of reducing the amount of signaling from a base station while eliminating a lack of pucch resources when semi-permanent scheduling (sps) is used in the pcell. A control unit in this device selects one value among values obtained by adding 1 to four pucch resource indexes, which have been preset for pucch resource 1 by the base station, on the basis of values for transmission power control information (tpc command for pucch) in a pdcch, for which notification has been received at the start of sps..
Sun Patent Trust

Device-to-device radio resource management

The present invention provides for a method and related system and communication terminal devices, for assigning a radio resource allocation mode to a mobile radio communications device for device-to-device communication within a wireless communication network environment, the method including the step of identifying at the mobile radio communications device an initial radio resource allocation mode and further including the step of signalling from the network to the mobile radio communications device configuration data relating to an authorized radio resource allocation mode to be employed for the device-to-device communication and defining at least one operation requirement of the mobile radio communications device when employing the said authorized mode.. .
Nec Corporation

Method for processing radio signals and mobile terminal device

A mobile terminal device may include a measurement circuit, a critical scenario identification circuit, and a measurement report control circuit. The measurement circuit may be configured to measure one or more received radio signals to generate one or more measurement results.
Intel Ip Corporation

Mobile terminal devices and methods of performing radio measurements

A mobile terminal device includes a processing circuit and a receiver circuit. The processing circuit is configured to determine if a multimedia data stream associated with a mobile communication network is received, identify a set of reception timing occasions of the multimedia data stream, and calculate an alternate radio measurement schedule based on the set of reception timing occasions.
Intel Ip Corporation

Remote control activation based on predicted events

Systems and methods for predicting trigger events, such as an advertisement during a video program, and activating a remote control device in response to the prediction are described. By activating the remote control device at a particular time, the remote control device may save energy when listening for data from one or more terminal devices.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

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