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Temporal Bone
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Cochlear Implant
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Temporal Bone patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Temporal Bone-related patents
 Implantable device migration control patent thumbnailImplantable device migration control
Devices and methods are disclosed for a stimulator unit in a medical device, such as an implantable component of a cochlear implant. In embodiments, the stimulator unit comprises a bottom wall configured to be substantially contacting a temporal bone of a recipient, and a top wall positioned opposite the bottom wall, wherein a cross section of the stimulator unit has an outer profile substantially parallel to the bottom wall and the top wall..
 Template for implanting a housing of a hearing instrument patent thumbnailTemplate for implanting a housing of a hearing instrument
The invention relates to a template for implanting a housing of an implantable unit of a partially implantable hearing instrument, comprising a template plate comprising an implant position marking opening and a template position indicating element which extends substantially normal with regard to the surface of the template plate, wherein the implant position marking opening is designed to mark the position of a receptacle to be created in the patient's temporal bone for receiving an elevated housing positioning portion of the housing, and wherein the template position indicating element is a projection designed to be seen or felt by a surgeon through the patient's skin when the template plate is positioned at the patient's skull to mark the position of said receptacle.. .
 Ear insert for relief of tmj discomfort and headaches patent thumbnailEar insert for relief of tmj discomfort and headaches
An expansible ear canal insert for treating tmj disorders and headaches which acts directly on the tmj and associated ligament and muscle structures to reduce stress and loads placed on the articulator disc located between the temporal bone and the mandible, as well as supportive muscles and ligaments near the tmj. The insert is adapted to expand by application of body heat.
 Adjustable mandible joint system patent thumbnailAdjustable mandible joint system
The presently disclosed technology is directed towards an adjustable prosthesis for replacing a mandible along with the ramus with a mandibular condyle. The prosthesis articulates to the skull at the temporal bone region.
 Wireless headphone with parietal feature patent thumbnailWireless headphone with parietal feature
A headphone can have at least one wireless audio reproducing element attached to a headband. The headband may have parietal and temporal features with the temporal feature contacting a user's temporal bone and the parietal feature having a curvilinear extension from the temporal feature that contacts a predetermined portion of a user's parietal bone..
 Device that is implantable in the temporal bone for delivering a material, and hearing aid provided with such a device patent thumbnailDevice that is implantable in the temporal bone for delivering a material, and hearing aid provided with such a device
A hearing aid, such as a cochlear implant, comprising an internal unit having an electrode holder provided with such a device.. .
 Bone conduction commjnications headset with hearing protection patent thumbnailBone conduction commjnications headset with hearing protection
A communications headset includes bone vibrating transducers supported over the temporal bones of a wearer in front of each ear and an earpiece. The earpieces, when not in use, are magnetically couplable to a transducer housing.
 Implantable hearing aid and system and method for implanting the same patent thumbnailImplantable hearing aid and system and method for implanting the same
An at least partially implantable hearing aid, having: a microphone arrangement (74) for capturing audio signals from ambient sound; an audio signal processing unit (66) for processing the audio signals captured by the microphone arrangement; an implantable actuator unit (54) for stimulating the patient's hearing according to the processed audio signals; a tube (24) for being implanted into the patient's temporal bone (26), the tube having an engagement structure (46) at the outer surface for engagement into a fixation structure (44) milled into the patient's temporal bone, wherein the tube comprises means (36) for receiving the actuator unit in an implanted condition of the tube from the proximal end of the tube and means for fixing the actuator unit in a final position relative to the tube, in which final position the actuator unit extends beyond the distal end of the tube.. .
 Implantation of a hearing prosthesis patent thumbnailImplantation of a hearing prosthesis
A method of implanting a hearing prosthesis in a recipient, including boring an artificial passageway into the temporal bone to a middle ear cavity based on a virtual model of at least a portion of a recipient's temporal bone.. .

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Temporal Bone topics: Temporal Bone, Parietal Bone, Cochlear Implant, Distributed, Radio Signal, Transducer, Communications, Audio Signal Processing, Audio Signals, Signal Processing, Prosthesis, Middle Ear, Implantation, Electrical Audio

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