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Date/App# patent app List of recent Tempo-related patents
 Secure access supersession on shared workstations patent thumbnailSecure access supersession on shared workstations
Transitions between users at shared workstations that permit access to private health information or other secure data may be handled, without incurring unnecessary delays due to shut-down of all applications used by the departing user, by selectively hiding applications with sensitive information on a shared desktop while allowing temporary system access for the interrupting user.. .
 Systems and methods for mining temporal requirements from block diagram models of control systems patent thumbnailSystems and methods for mining temporal requirements from block diagram models of control systems
Systems and methods for mining a temporal requirement from a block diagram model of a closed loop control system are disclosed. One embodiment of a method includes simulating the closed loop control system of a vehicle to obtain simulation traces and determining a candidate requirement by instantiating a template requirement with values of the simulation traces to locate parameter values that suggest that the template requirement is fulfilled.
 Using register last use information to perform decode time computer instruction optimization patent thumbnailUsing register last use information to perform decode time computer instruction optimization
Two computer machine instructions are fetched for execution, but replaced by a single optimized instruction to be executed, wherein a temporary register used by the two instructions is identified as a last-use register, where a last-use register has a value that is not to be accessed by later instructions, whereby the two computer machine instructions are replaced by a single optimized internal instruction for execution, the single optimized instruction not including the last-use register.. .
 Storage apparatus and data processing method patent thumbnailStorage apparatus and data processing method
To raise the cpu cache hit rate and improve the i/o processing. Controller is cpu configured from a cpu core and a cpu cache wherein the cpu selects memory bus optimization execution processing or cache poisoning optimization execution processing according to an attribute of the access target volume on the basis of an access request.
 File server node with non-volatile memory processing module coupled to cluster file server node patent thumbnailFile server node with non-volatile memory processing module coupled to cluster file server node
Apparatus includes a file server node having (i) a first interface operable to communicate with a network and receiving a network request via network, (ii) a non-volatile memory operable to temporarily store a request related to the network request received by the first interface, (iii) a second interface operable to be coupled to the storage device for storing the request, and (iv) a non-volatile memory processing module, coupled to the first interface, the non-volatile memory and the second interface, and operable to be coupled to another file server node, so that the request can be sent to the non-volatile memory, the second interface and the another file server node after the non-volatile memory processing module receives the file system request.. .
 Efficient reliable distributed flow-controlled event propagation patent thumbnailEfficient reliable distributed flow-controlled event propagation
Improved utilization of connections that can be either available or blocked is provided by associating an atemporal connection state with each connection. If a connection is available, messages are transmitted on the connection normally.
 Virtual media with folder-mount function patent thumbnailVirtual media with folder-mount function
A virtual media (vm) method for mounting one or more folders in one or more storage devices of a client for accessed by a server as a virtual drive. The client assigns virtual cluster indices to each file, and creates a file-cluster index table to store the assigned virtual cluster indices.
 Data analytic engine towards the self-management of complex physical systems patent thumbnailData analytic engine towards the self-management of complex physical systems
Systems and method for modeling system dynamics, including extracting features representative of a temporal evolution of a dynamical system, further including deriving one or more vector trajectories by performing sliding window segmentation of one or more time series; applying a linear test to determine whether the one or more vector trajectories are linear or nonlinear; and performing linear or nonlinear subspace decomposition on the vector trajectory based on the linear test. The system and method may generate a system evolution model from the extracted features of the dynamical system and determine a fitness score of the system evolution model..
 Social gifting and efficient gift redemption patent thumbnailSocial gifting and efficient gift redemption
A social gifting system is described herein that provides digital, personalized gifts that are both temporally and spatially relevant to a gift recipient. The giver can use a mobile application to select a friend, select a gift, and send the gift electronically to the recipient.
 Text/character input system, such as for use with touch screens on mobile phones patent thumbnailText/character input system, such as for use with touch screens on mobile phones
A system and method for receiving character input from a user includes a programmed processor that receives inputs from the user and disambiguates the inputs to present character sequence choices corresponding to the input characters. In one embodiment, a first character input is received and a corresponding first recognized character is stored in a temporary storage buffer and displayed to the user for editing.
Visual prosthesis for control of spatiotemporal interactions
In a visual prosthesis or other neural stimulator it is advantageous to provide non-overlapping pulses in order to provide independent control of brightness from different electrodes. Non-overlapping pulses on geographically close electrodes avoid electric-field interaction which leads to brightness summation or changes in the shape and area of percepts.
Specific deep brain stimulation for enhancement of memory
A site-specific deep brain stimulation for enhancement of memory is described. A method of the site-specific deep brain stimulation for enhancement of memory may include implanting intracranial depth electrodes in a patient, wherein the electrodes are placed in right and/or left entorhinal regions, and stimulating the electrodes with current set below an after-discharge threshold.
Devices and methods for accessing a cerebral vessel
The present invention is directed to methods and devices for accessing a cerebral vessel. The system includes a support catheter having a balloon, which can be advanced into small and tortuous vessels.
Temporary tattoos for indelible endorsement
Embodiments of the present invention provide a temporary tattoo, appliqué or decal and a method of using the tattoo on a patient to identify on that patient a selected operative site, wherein said operation is identified by name on said decal and wherein the accuracy of site selection may be endorsed by the patient and the responsible operator directly on the selected site in such a manner that the endorsement indicia remain legible after the decal is eradicated.. .
Dynamic mr imaging of patients with breast cancer -- establishment and comparison of different analytical methods for tissue perfusion and capillary permeability
The present invention encompasses methods, apparatus, and computer based systems for identifying benign and malignant tumors in tissues such as soft tissues and particularly breast tissue using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imagining (dce-mri) and dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance (dsc) imagining of the tumors. Some embodiments encompass the use of two dynamic mri pulse sequences in intercalating mode during parenteral administration of an mr contrast substance, wherein one of said pulse sequences is optimized for spatial information and the other pulse sequence is adjusted for high temporal solution, the high-temporal dissolved sequence further comprising a double echo-collection sensitive towards both dce and dsc for generating a number of different biomarker data such as pharmacokinetic biomarker data, descriptive dce biomarkers and descriptive dsc biomarkers, and subsequently normalizing and comparing said data with corresponding data from corresponding benign and malign tumors, respectively..
Template for implanting a housing of a hearing instrument
The invention relates to a template for implanting a housing of an implantable unit of a partially implantable hearing instrument, comprising a template plate comprising an implant position marking opening and a template position indicating element which extends substantially normal with regard to the surface of the template plate, wherein the implant position marking opening is designed to mark the position of a receptacle to be created in the patient's temporal bone for receiving an elevated housing positioning portion of the housing, and wherein the template position indicating element is a projection designed to be seen or felt by a surgeon through the patient's skin when the template plate is positioned at the patient's skull to mark the position of said receptacle.. .
Paging optimization in small cell networks using gateways
A method includes receiving from a core network entity a paging message including a permanent user identity of a user for a specific user equipment, and determining, using the permanent user identity, a set of small cells to which the paging message should be sent based on a small cell last visited by the specific user equipment and small cells that are neighbors to the last-visited small cell. The paging message, without the permanent user identity, is sent to the determined set of small cells.
Psuedo hold mode to simulate continuous connectivity to a mobile device
A method of establishing a persistent emergency call and positional indication of the call is provided. Upon a call center receiving a call by a user equipment (ue) device, a request for a the ue device to perform a function, such as provide its current location, is issued and a pseudo hold mode initiated by temporarily severing the voice call.
Method and system for collecting contemporaneous information relating to an event
Contemporaneous information relating to an event is collected in response to receiving an indication of an event. A plurality of mobile devices located in a specified area related to the event is identified based on location information associated with each of the mobile devices.
Methods and compositions for high efficiency transfection of sirna
Described herein are methods and compositions for high efficiency transfection of sirna into a cell population. Such methods and compositions utilize a low voltage pre-conditioning pulse to modulate the efficiency of sirna transfection.
Wafer processing laminate, wafer processing member, temporary adhering material for processing wafer, and manufacturing method of thin wafer
A wafer processing laminate, a wafer processing member, a temporary adhering material for processing wafer, and a method for manufacturing a thin wafer using the same. The wafer processing laminate includes a support, a temporary adhesive material layer formed thereon and a wafer laminated on the temporary adhesive material layer, where the wafer has a circuit-forming front surface and a back surface to be processed.
Anodic bonding for a mems device
The invention relates to a device comprising a wafer comprising a silicon area and a wafer comprising a glass area fastened to each other, the fastening zone thus formed between the wafers defining a multilayer structure comprising a first layer protecting the silicon from physical changes caused by attack of the surface, which layer covers the silicon area, and a second layer protecting the glass from physical changes caused by attack of the surface, which layer covers the glass area; said multilayer structure furthermore comprising at least one additional layer enabling anodic bonding between the two protective layers; said device containing at least one fluid channel protected by said protective layers and able to contain a solution temporarily.. .
Fluid pump speed control
A system includes a sump, a pump having a steady-state speed, a fluid component that receives the fluid from the fluid pump, and a controller. The controller detects a soak condition of the system in which the pump load is low as fluid is moved into vacated fluid passages.
Rotating tension latch
A female latch member comprising an aperture having a central axis and an inside surface, and first and second portions extending radially from said inside surface. The first and second portions cooperate to form a channel, wherein the channel is configured to receive a pin of a male latch member and cause the female latch member to rotate relative to the male latch member, while the female latch member and the male latch member alternate between latched and unlatched configurations as the female latch member reciprocates along the central axis relative to the male latch member.
Stabilizing and deblurring atmospheric turbulence
A method for image restoration and reconstruction registers each frame of an observed image sequence to suppress geometric deformation through b-spline based non-rigid registration, producing a registered sequence, then performs a temporal regression process on the registered sequence to produce a near-diffraction-limited image, and performs a single-image blind deconvolution of thenear-diffraction-limited image to deblur it, generating a final output image.. .
Low dose cardiac ct imaging with time-adaptive filtration
A system and method for reducing image noise and artifacts in coronary computed tomography angiography includes acquisition of ct images at multiplicity of ct slices arranged in such a fashion throughout the phases of the cardiac cycle as to utilize the majority of the x-ray radiation to which the myocardium exposed during the cycle. The acquired imaging data is processed with the use of a taf filter to reduce the amount of noise and artifacts associated with the ct's system operating at low tube current.
Method and apparatus for audio processing
A method and apparatus for introducing a time-varying time delay randomly into the individual reproduction channels of a sound recording, two in the case of binaural presentation. This emulates the temporal aspect of microphone and/or listener motion.
Systems and methods for signaling and performing temporal level switching in scalable video coding
Media communication systems and methods for media encoded using scalable coding with temporal scalability are provided. Transmitting endpoints include switching information in their transmitted media to indicate if temporal level switching at a decoder can occur at any frame of the transmitted encoded media..
Method of determining motion vectors for a bi-predictive image block
In one embodiment, the method includes determining, by a moving picture coding system, first and second reference pictures; obtaining a type of the first reference picture; and determining motion vectors of the bi-predictive image block based on the type of the first reference picture. The type is one of a long-term type and a short-term type, and characterizes a temporal distance of the first reference picture with respect to the bi-predictive block.
Method of determining motion vectors for a bi-predictive image block
In one embodiment, the method includes determining first and second reference pictures; and determining motion vectors of the bi-predictive image block based on a type of the first reference picture. The type is one of a long-term type and a short-term type, and characterizes a temporal distance of the first reference picture with respect to the bi-predictive block.
Sample array coding for low-delay
The entropy coding of a current part of a predetermined entropy slice is based on, not only, the respective probability estimations of the predetermined entropy slice as adapted using the previously coded part of the predetermined entropy slice, but also probability estimations as used in the entropy coding of a spatially neighboring, in entropy slice order preceding entropy slice at a neighboring part thereof. Thereby, the probability estimations used in entropy coding are adapted to the actual symbol statistics more closely, thereby lowering the coding efficiency decrease normally caused by lower-delay concepts.
Method for allocating a control channel and apparatus therefor
The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method in which a terminal performs a process for determining a control channel allocation for a control channel, and to an apparatus for the method.
Nonvolatile memory device and method of performing forming the same
A nonvolatile memory device including a control unit configured to read resistance value information for each of memory cells as initial resistance value information and store it temporarily before a voltage pulse for forming is applied, to set resistance value information as a threshold value serving as a target for completion of the forming, the resistance value information being obtained by multiplying the initial resistance value information by a predetermined coefficient, and to repeat application of the voltage pulse for forming and reading of the resistance value information until a resistance value indicated by the resistance value information on the memory cell becomes lower than a resistance value indicated by the threshold value.. .
Optical microscope and optical instrumentation
An optical microscope that can prevent an increase in the complexity of the light source system is equipped with optics readily capable of adequate operation even when the modulation frequency is increased to reduce the impact of the intensity noise of the laser. The optical microscope irradiates a sample with a first train of optical pulses having a first optical frequency, which is generated by a first light source, and a second train of optical pulses having a second optical frequency, which is temporally synchronized with the first train of optical pulses and is generated by a second light source, and detects light scattered from the sample.
Ophthalmic imaging apparatus and control method thereof
An ophthalmic imaging apparatus divides a frame image obtained by capturing a moving image into a plurality of regions grouping pixels, and acquires photometric values corresponding the plurality of the regions. Further, the ophthalmic imaging apparatus determines acknowledgement or dis-acknowledgement of capturing a still image based on temporal variation of the acquired photometric values or distribution of the acquired photometric values on a fundus image.
Electronic apparatus, electronic apparatus control device, method of driving electronic apparatus, and method of driving electro-optic device
An electronic apparatus includes first and second panels. A scanning line driving circuit is formed in each of the first and second panels.
Stable fast programming scheme for displays
A technique for improving the spatial and/or temporal uniformity of a light-emitting display by providing a faster calibration of reference current sources and reducing the noise effect by improving the dynamic range, despite instability and non-uniformity of the transistor devices. A calibration circuit for a display panel having an active area having a plurality of light emitting devices arranged on a substrate, and a peripheral area of the display panel separate from the active area is provided.
Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium storage image processing program
Provided are an image processing program and an image processing apparatus that support imaging setting in an imaging apparatus. In a focus value display window, temporal change of a focus value (index value) in an input image is outputted.
Radar sensor for motor vehicles
A radar sensor for motor vehicles, having an antenna system that can be controlled by a control device so that it has a temporally varying directional characteristic, and having an evaluation device for evaluating the radar echoes received by the antenna system and for the location of objects using angular resolution, wherein the antenna system has at least two groups of antenna elements that differ in elevation in their effective direction, and the control device is fashioned to activate and deactivate the two groups in periodically alternating fashion, and the evaluation device is configured to estimate the elevation angle of the objects on the basis of a contrast between the radar echoes received by the various groups.. .
Converter cell having a cell housing, battery having at least two such converter cells, and method for producing a converter cell
Converter cell having at least one particularly rechargeable electrode assembly, that is designed to at least temporarily supply electrical energy particularly to a consumer, which has at least two electrodes of different polarity, with at least one current conducting device, which is designed to be electrically, preferably materially connected to one of the electrodes of the electrode assembly, with a cell housing with a first housing section, wherein the first housing section is designed to at enclose at least areas of the electrode assembly.. .
Reducing current reversal time in electric motor control
The time required to reverse current flow in an electric motor is reduced by exploiting inductive current that persists in the motor when power is temporarily removed. Energy associated with this inductive current is used to initiate reverse current flow in the motor..
Portable support device
A portable support device for inserting into the ground and in one embodiment is useful for forming a temporary barricade, corridor or an enclosure arrangement for livestock. The support device has (a) a support frame having a first member, a second member and a cross-brace member rigidly connected to the first and second members and (b) a third member moveably mounted to the cross-brace member and having a free end with a means for securing the third member to the ground.
Hanging bracket
A hanging bracket is provided, including a first element, a second element and at least a stop element. The first element and the second element have a plate shape, and are coupled on one side.
Spatially chirped pulses for femtosecond laser ablation through transparent materials
Temporal focusing of spatially chirped femtosecond laser pulses overcomes previous limitations for ablating high aspect ratio features with low numerical aperture (na) beams. Simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing reduces nonlinear interactions, such as self-focusing, prior to the focal plane so that deep (˜1 mm) features with parallel sidewalls are ablated at high material removal rates..
Water purifying system
The purpose of the present invention is to allow victims of a disaster or the like to drink a relatively small amount of drinkable water as the temporary measure in emergency. A filter (6) into which one end part (3ep) of a hose (3) is inserted, and which is comprised of a sponge having a weight therein, is submerged into dirty water (8).
Multilateral bore junction isolation
A junction can be isolated from fracturing pressure using a liner extending from a one bore through a junction into a lateral bore, where at least a portion of the liner is retrievable from the lateral bore prior to completion of wellbore construction. The junction may be temporarily isolated from high pressure, such as high pressure from a fracturing stimulation process.
Multilateral bore junction isolation
A junction can be isolated from fracturing pressure using a liner extending from a one bore through a junction into a lateral bore, where at least a portion of the liner is retrievable from the lateral bore prior to completion of wellbore construction. The junction may be temporarily isolated from high pressure, such as high pressure from a fracturing stimulation process.
Fabrication method of microfluidic devices
Fabrication method of microfluidic devices consisting of a sheet (1) which is 200 micrometre thick or less and a rigid part (3), both made of thermoplastic polymeric material includes degasification of a polymeric sheet of thermoplastic material (1), an auxiliary rigid part (2), and a polymeric rigid part of thermoplastic material (3). A temporary bonding procedure, of the degassed thermoplastic polymeric sheet (1) to a degassed auxiliary rigid part (2), is conducted producing a sheet-auxiliary part set (4).
Polymer compositions for temporary bonding
Embodiments in accordance with the present invention are directed to poly(lactide) compositions that are useful for forming temporary bonding layers that serve to releasably join a first substrate to a second substrate as well as methods of both forming such a temporary bond and methods of debonding such substrates. Some such poly(lactide) compositions encompass a casting solvent, a photoacid generator and optionally a sensitizer and/or an adhesion promoter..
Protective structure for a retreaded air maintenance tire
A method in accordance with the present invention retreads an air maintenance tire. The method comprises the steps of: grinding remaining tread material from a tire casing for a worn air-maintenance tire; temporarily securing a contoured piece around a structure secured to the inner surface of the tire casing; placing a tread on the tire casing; inflating a bladder within an internal cavity of the tire casing and around the contoured piece whereby the bladder does not contact the structure; securing the tread to the tire casing; deflating the bladder; separating the tire casing and tread secured to the tire casing from the bladder; and removing the contoured piece from the tire casing..
Dust-proof structure for measuring tool
A dust-proof structure for a measuring tool, includes: a case provided with an opening formed through a surface opposed to a protection plate thereof; a solar panel accommodated in the case through the opening of the case; an intermediate panel pressing an outer circumferential portion of the solar panel against a bottom wall of the case; a display device disposed at an inward portion of the intermediate panel and opposed to the solar panel with a gap; a cover attached to close the opening of the case; a screw used to secure the cover and the intermediate panel to the case; and a temporary-fixing unit disposed between the intermediate panel and the case, the temporary-fixing unit temporarily fixing the intermediate panel to the case while the outer circumferential portion of the solar panel is pressed against the bottom wall of the case.. .
Piloting method of a laser system of an absolute gravimetric measurement device by atomic interferometry for geophysical applications particularly for monitoring hydrocarbon reservoirs
A piloting method of a laser system of an absolute gravimetric measurement device by atomic interferometry particularly suitable for on-site applications and advantageously usable in the geophysical field, including: generating cooling, entrapment, manipulation, thrust, and detection bands of a plurality of atoms; cooling the plurality of atoms; entrapping the plurality of cooled atoms in a three-dimensional magneto-optical trap; releasing the plurality of atoms in free fall in an ultra-vacuum system; performing an interferometric sequence; performing a detection; wherein the releasing includes quenching the three-dimensional magneto-optical trap through the contemporaneous extinction of the bands for producing a three-dimensional magneto-optical trap and a trap magnetic field.. .
Method of setting up, maintaining and disassembling a wind turbine
A method of erecting, and a method of servicing or dismantling, a wind energy plant with a hub height of at least 140 meters makes provision that a heavy-duty lifting device is temporarily disposed on a tower top for any installing, exchanging, or disassembling purposes, and subsequently is dismantled immediately, with all these operations being carried out without using an external crane. A light-duty lifting device attached to the tower serves for erecting the tower, so that no external large-scale cranes are required.
Online upgrading of a database environment using transparently-patched seed data tables
A method, system, and computer program product for managing upgrades of database systems using a transparently-patched seed data table. The method commences on a running system by copying (while software applications are running) portions of data comprising a seed data table to database table rows that are temporarily inaccessible by the software applications.
Method and system for monitoring a software artifact
A computer system is provided, comprising: a transceiver; and a processor configured to facilitate: collecting and storing information related to a software project having one or more software artifacts, the information including: a project identifier, artifact identifiers for the artifacts used by the project, information about the temporal version for the artifacts, and contact information for a project user; collecting, from a repository, artifact metadata associated with the software artifacts, the artifact metadata including: information identifying the artifact, information about security risks associated with the artifact, information about a license associated with the artifact, or information indicative of a level of use or user rating of the artifact; periodically monitoring the metadata to determine whether there has been any actionable change in the artifact metadata; and notifying the project user using the contact information if it is determined that there has been an actionable change in the artifact metadata.. .
Digital image manipulation
There is disclosed a method for seamlessly replacing areas in a digital image with corresponding data from temporally close digital images depicting substantially the same scene. The method uses localized image registration error minimization over a fixed preliminary boundary.
Method and system for the remote provisioning of subscription
The present disclosure relates to a method and system for the remote provisioning of an access subscription of a user to a wireless communication network, wherein at least one network operator provides communication services to mobile communication devices provided with a user uicc card. Data of a temporary subscription are generated from the data of an initial subscription which will subsequently allow generating data of a definitive subscription in a network operator and in the uicc card requesting a subscription from the former without the need of remotely transmitting sensitive data of the definitive subscription..
Dynamic tagging recommendation
In one embodiment, a geo-social networking system automatically tags one or more social contacts of a first user to a photo of the first user by ranking the social contacts based on spatial and temporal proximity to the first user, and in response to the first user's selection of one or more top ranked social contacts, associating the selected social contacts to the photo.. .
File handling in a hierarchical storage system
A mechanism is provided for file handling in a hierarchical storage system. A user virtual file system scans, reads and analyses data or user behavior to create or modify at least one rule or metadata.
Method and system for processing data
Methods, computer systems, and computer program products for processing data a computing environment are provided. The computer environment for data deduplication storage receives a plurality of write operations for deduplication storage of the data.
Locality aware, two-level fingerprint caching
The present disclosure provides for implementing a two-level fingerprint caching scheme for a client cache and a server cache. The client cache hit ratio can be improved by pre-populating the client cache with fingerprints that are relevant to the client.
Batch processing and data synchronization in cloud-based systems
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for efficiently storing application data received from clients in a database stored on a server, such as a cloud-based database. The methods include receiving a batch of a plurality of web operations that specify actions to be performed on data objects that represent application data stored in a cloud database, translating the web operations to a batch of data storage operation sets, creating a temporary database having a subset of contents of the cloud database, applying the data storage operation sets to the temporary database, recording database operations generated by the temporary database based on the plurality of data storage operation sets, and applying the plurality of database operations to the cloud database in a transaction.
System and method for reserving a parking space in a dwelling complex
Provided is a parking space reservation system for use in a private multi-dwelling complex. Residents of the private multi-dwelling complex can rent their parking spaces to other residents using the reservation system.
Method of monitoring diving and a system for monitoring or planning a dive
The invention concerns a method, device and computer program product for monitoring or planning a dive of a diver. The method includes providing data on the composition of gases breathed by the diver during the dive, providing data on the depth or ambient pressure of the diver, and using a model to provide a safe ascent profile for the diver based on the data on the composition of gases and on the depth or ambient pressure.
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
A method is described for operating an internal combustion engine, the internal combustion engine including an angle of rotation sensor. In normal operation, a function is activated at a first angle of rotation.
Engine control system and method
Methods and systems are provided for purging condensate from a charge air cooler to an engine intake. During an engine deceleration event, airflow through a charge air cooler is temporarily increased to purge stored condensate to the engine intake.
Medical device fastener mechanisms
Connecting mechanisms between medical device or other physical components are described. One or more plug pin connector(s) is received in a matching socket connector(s) to either permanently or temporarily join at least two components together along with associated components.
Lancing device for taking blood samples
The invention relates to a lancing device (1) for taking blood samples, comprising a housing (2), an axially displaceable lancet holder element (32) for holding a replaceable lancet (12), a drive unit (30) comprising at least a lancing spring element (31) for driving the axially displaceable lancet holder element (32) in a lancing direction (18), and a tensioning carriage part (26) which can be fixed in a tensioning position (36) for tensioning the lancing spring element (31), according to the invention the fixable tensioning carriage part (26) being temporarily axially fixed in this tensioning position (36) by means of a latching apparatus (35) which can be latched to the axially displaceable lancet holder element (32).. .
System and method for imaging of the vascular components with temporal information and suppressed blood pools using magnetic resonance imaging
A system and method is provided that includes a) monitoring a cardiac cycle of the subject to identify a predetermined point and, b) upon identifying the predetermined point, performing the steps of i) performing at least one of a desired number of magnetization suppressing preparations to suppress signal from blood flow through at least the region of interest, ii) acquiring a first set of imaging data from the region of interest, and iii) repeating step i) and step ii) to acquire at least a second set of imaging data from the region of interest. The method further includes c) repeating step b) a predetermined number of times over a series of cardiac cycles to acquire respective sets of medical imaging data of the region of interest and d) reconstructing first set of imaging data and the second set of imaging data into a time-resolved series of images..

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