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Tempo patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tempo-related patent applications.

 Method and  extending signaling in a wireless communication network patent thumbnailMethod and extending signaling in a wireless communication network
In one aspect, the teachings herein provide a new mechanism for signaling in a manner that makes advantageous use of preexisting identifiers that are defined for a communication network by an applicable communication standard or protocol according to a “standard” use, by temporarily repurposing one or more such identifiers for an alternate use differing from the standard use. For example, a network base station or other node knows or learns that a given wireless device operating in the network is compatible with the alternate use, selects a given one of the identifiers and temporarily repurposes its for an alternate use, e.g., where the alternate use provides a new signaling mechanism between the network and the compatible device.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 User equipment, base station apparatus, integrated circuit, and communication method patent thumbnailUser equipment, base station apparatus, integrated circuit, and communication method
There is provided user equipment that includes a reception unit. The reception unit receives first information indicating a radio network temporary identifier (rnti), second information, plural pieces of third information, and fourth information.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Method and  cell update while in an enhanced cell_fach state patent thumbnailMethod and cell update while in an enhanced cell_fach state
A method and apparatus for cell update while in a cell_fach state are disclosed. After selecting a target cell, system information is read from the target cell including high speed downlink shared channel (hs-dsch) common system information.
Interdigital Technology Corporation

 Location services with multiple devices patent thumbnailLocation services with multiple devices
A location services system used with a wireless lan network provides wireless lan internet access in a venue, and also provides location-based analytics and services. The system monitors the locations of individuals using devices that communicate with a network, and maintain statistics for analytical purposes, and can provide services, such as special promotions and discounts.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Systems and methods for determining temporally popular content for presentation on a common display patent thumbnailSystems and methods for determining temporally popular content for presentation on a common display
Systems and methods are described herein for determining temporally popular content for presentation on a common display. The location and media content preference of each user is determined and then aggregated across the plurality of users in the space to determine the media content that fits the plurality of users.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

 Output of a video signal from decoded and derived picture information patent thumbnailOutput of a video signal from decoded and derived picture information
An apparatus for facilitating reception of multiple representations of a video signal. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a mechanism for receiving plural representations of the video signal corresponding to plural decimated versions of the video signal, associating pictures of the received plural representations of the video signal, and outputting pictures corresponding to information from associated pictures in accordance with a relative temporal order..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Video decoder with signaling patent thumbnailVideo decoder with signaling
A method of decoding a video bitstream is disclosed. The method includes: using a set of previously decoded pictures for decoding a subsequent picture; receiving a delta_poc_msb_present_flag indicating whether a delta_poc_msb_cycle_lt is present or not present, wherein the delta_poc_msb_cycle_lt being present indicates that more than one reference picture in the set of previously decoded pictures having same value, wherein the first previously decoded picture has a temporal id being equal to zero, is not a rasl picture, not a radl picture, not a sub-layer non-reference picture..
Huawei Technologies Co.,ltd.

 System and  detecting motion in compressed video patent thumbnailSystem and detecting motion in compressed video
Systems and methods for detecting motion in compressed video are provided. Some methods can include parsing a stream of compressed video, obtaining macroblock size information from the parsed stream, computing factors derived from the macroblock size information, computing adaptive threshold values derived from relative frame characteristics of the compressed video, comparing the factors derived from the macroblock size information with the adaptive threshold values, and detecting motion based upon the comparing when at least one of the factors exceeds at least one of the adaptive threshold values.
Honeywell International Inc.

 Versatile 3-d picture format patent thumbnailVersatile 3-d picture format
A 3-d picture signal is provided as follows. An image and depth components having a depth map for the image are provided, the depth map includes depth indication values.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Communicating between a cluster and a node external to the cluster patent thumbnailCommunicating between a cluster and a node external to the cluster
A technique includes, in response to receiving an inquiry from a first node external to a cluster in a server node of a cluster, communicating server authentication data to the first node. The technique includes evaluating the first node by communicating with the first node over a temporary network set up based at least in part on the server authentication data and selectively allowing the first node to join the cluster based at least in part on the evaluation..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p

Constrained shortest path first for temporal tunnel services

An ingress node in a network including a receiver configured to receive a first request for a temporal label switched path (lsp) in the network. The first request indicates the ingress node, an egress node, a network constraint, and a scheduled time interval having a predetermined start time and a predetermined end time for the temporal lsp to carry traffic.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Evaluation sensor signals

A method for evaluating signal curves on sensor devices includes acquiring a temporal signal curve with a sensor device. Time intervals are formed from this signal curve, and at least one upper actual interval value and at least one lower actual interval value are calculated for each interval.
Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst Gmbh & Co. Kg

Backside illuminated image sensor and manufacturing the same

A backside illuminated (bsi) image sensor comprises a semiconductor substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface; a photosensitive element in the semiconductor substrate; a gate structure partially over the first surface of the semiconductor substrate; and a temporary carrier depository in proximity to the first surface of the semiconductor substrate, wherein the gate structure has a plug portion extending from the first surface toward the second surface. The plug portion of the gate structure helps to increase the charge transfer efficiency so as to improve quantum efficiency of the bsi image sensor..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd

Techniques for forming interconnects in porous dielectric materials

Techniques are disclosed for forming interconnects in porous dielectric materials. In accordance with some embodiments, the porosity of a host dielectric layer may be reduced temporarily by stuffing its pores with a sacrificial pore-stuffing material, such as titanium nitride (tin), titanium dioxide (tio2), or other suitable sacrificial material having a high etch selectivity compared to the metallization and dielectric material of the interconnect.
Intel Corporation

Processing apparatus

A temporary receiving unit of a processing apparatus includes a first support rail having a first bottom wall and a first side wall for guiding a workpiece for sliding movement in unloading and loading directions of the workpiece by an unloading and loading unit, a second support rail disposed in an opposing relationship to the first support rail and having a second bottom wall and a second side wall for guiding a workpiece for sliding movement, a support rail actuation unit for actuating the first support rail and the second support rail in directions in which the first support rail and the second support rail approach each other and are spaced away from each other, and a load detection unit for detecting a load on the support rail actuation unit.. .
Disco Corporation

Method and device for bounding an object in a video

The invention relates to a method for bounding an object in a video sequence fx,y,t. The method includes obtaining a subset of pixels located in the object to annotate, in each frame of the video sequence.
Thomson Licensing

Cadence-based selection, playback, and transition between song versions

A system and methods for acquiring cadence and selecting a song version based on the acquired cadence are disclosed. If the system detects a new cadence, then a new song version that corresponds to the new cadence can be played.
Spotify Ab

Method for performing wi-fi display service and device for same

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system, and disclosed are a method for performing a wi-fi display (wfd) service and a device for same. To this end, the method for performing the wi-fi display service from a first wireless device comprises the steps of: the first wireless device encoding a real-time output screen of the first wireless device by using a common codec, which commonly supported by the first wireless device and a second wireless device, and then, streaming the real-time output screen to the second wireless device; receiving a user input of a multimedia file streaming request; and temporarily discontinuing streaming of the real-time output screen and streaming a multimedia file from the first wireless device to the second wireless, when the multimedia file can be played from the second wireless device..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Real time vehicle diagnosis system

Operational data generated and used in a vehicle to control various vehicular systems is temporarily stored in a data buffer in the vehicle. A processor in the vehicle is configured to detect anomalous conditions, which can be based on predefined fault codes or user defined conditions (based on a single parameter or a combination of parameters).
Zonar Systems, Inc.

Real-time object analysis with occlusion handling

A method includes the following steps. A video sequence including detection results from one or more detectors is received, the detection results identifying one or more objects.
The University Of Queensland

Non-touch optical detection of vital signs from variation amplification subsequent to multiple frequency filters

An apparatus of motion amplification to communicate biological vital signs includes a first frequency filter that applies a frequency filter to at least two images, a regional facial clusterial module that is coupled to the first frequency filter and that applies spatial clustering to output of the first frequency filter, a second frequency filter that is coupled to the regional facial clusterial module and that is applied to output of the regional facial clusterial module, thus generating a temporal variation, a vital-sign generator that is coupled to the second frequency filter that generates at least one vital sign from the temporal variation, and a display device that is coupled to the vital-sign generator that displays the at least one vital sign.. .
Arc Devices Limited

System for enhanced images

A system for enhancing an image includes a cadence detection process that detects a cadence of a series of frames and a scene cut detection process that detects a scene cut of the series of frames. The system also includes a noise monitoring process that detects noise in the series of frames based upon the cadence detection process.
Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

Dataset cleansing

Datasets may be characterized by patterns. The patterns may be caused or otherwise influenced by external factors, such as temporal, meteorological, and/or system factors.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

Temporary consensus networks in a resource transfer system

Systems and techniques are provided for a resource transfer system. An instruction to transfer a first quantity of a resource from a first resource pool to a second resource pool may be received.
402 Technologies S.a.

Cognitive reminder notification mechanisms for answers to questions

A data processing system generates a result of processing a natural language query. A determination is made as to whether the natural language query or the result has a temporal characteristic.
International Business Machines Corporation

Cognitive reminder notification mechanisms for answers to questions

A data processing system generates a result of processing a natural language query. A determination is made as to whether the natural language query or the result has a temporal characteristic.
International Business Machines Corporation

Anomalous pixel detection

A video noise analyzer for detecting residual point noise in a video generates a list of candidate defective pixels by joining results of a temporal invariance detector and a spatial outlier detector. A data store is structured to contain data describing the candidate defective pixels and/or the blocks from which the pixels were selected.
Tektronix, Inc.

Apparatus and object tracking

An object tracking device includes a short-term processing portion and a long short-term processing portion that are implemented by circuitry and work in a collaborative manner to track an object. The short-term processing portion includes a filter that tracks the object based on short-term memory and spatiotemporal consistency.
University Of Technology, Sydney

Method of co-located software object sharing for multi-player augmented reality games

An apparatus, system, and method are described that permit the sharing of a temporary software license from a first computing device to a second computing device. A geographic distance limitation condition may be imposed as a condition for the sharing, such as a proximity range.
Castar, Inc.

Cognitive reminder notification based on personal user profile and activity information

A data processing system determines whether a natural language query or a result has a temporal characteristic. In response, at least one of user profile information or user activity history information for a user is analyzed to identify user characteristics indicative of a timeframe for scheduling a reminder notification of the result.
International Business Machines Corporation

Selection and playback of song versions using cadence

Systems, apparatuses, components, methods, and techniques for acquiring a cadence and selecting one song version from more than one versions of a song are disclosed. An example system acquires a cadence and selects one of a plurality of song versions that has a tempo matching the acquired cadence.
Spotify Ab

Cadence-based playlists management system

A system for supporting a user's repetitive motion activity operates to manage cadence-based playlists identifying one or more media content items having a tempo corresponding to a user's cadence. The cadence-based playlists can be categorized by different tempi or tempo ranges that cover all likely cadences during the user's activities.
Spotify Ab

Concept indexing among database of documents using machine learning techniques

Systems and techniques for indexing and/or querying a database are described herein. Discrete sections and/or segments from documents may be determined by a concept indexing system.
Palantir Technologies Inc.

Automatic risk analysis of software

Techniques are described herein that are capable of performing automatic risk analysis of software. An automatic risk analyzer may determine correlations between binaries of the software and source files of the software, between the source files and functions (i.e., sub-routines) of the software, between changes to source code of the software and defects, new features, and/or feature enhancements in the software, between attributes of the software (e.g., attributes associated with the changes to the source code), etc.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Non-temporarily storing temporarily stored data in a dispersed storage network

A method includes dispersed storage error encoding a data object in accordance with temporary parameters. The method further includes generating a first source name.
International Business Machines Corporation

Cooperative vehicle diagnosis system

Operational data generated and used in a vehicle to control various vehicular systems is temporarily stored in a data buffer in the vehicle. A processor in the vehicle is configured to detect anomalous conditions, which can be based on predefined fault codes or user defined conditions (based on a single parameter or a combination of parameters).
Zonar Systems, Inc.

Automatic muting

Systems and methods for altering a volume level of an electronic device may include receiving a user input indicative of triggering a remote find operation to locate a remote control, and in response to the user input, sending a remote find instruction to the remote control. The remote find instruction may trigger the remote control to emit a sound.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Search media content based upon tempo

A media system includes: media-playback device including: a media-output device that plays media content items; and a tempo control engine configured to: receive a selection of a desired tempo; and suggest additional media content associated with the desired tempo.. .
Spotify Ab

Display device

A display device is configured in a display state to allow the common electrode to function as an electrode for display and a scanning electrode for a touch panel, to which a common voltage and a first scanning pulse voltage are supplied, and to allow a detection circuit to detect a touched position based on the voltage detected by the first and the second detection electrodes. In a display stop state, the first detection electrode is configured to function as a temporary scanning electrode, and the detection circuit is configured to supply a second scanning pulse voltage to the first detection electrode so as to detect existence of a swipe based on the voltage detected by the second detection electrode..
Japan Display Inc.

Multi-track playback of media content during repetitive motion activities

A system for multi-track playback of media content includes: a media device; a user interface, provided at the media device, which displays a visual array of media options, a playback logic, provided within the media device, which is configured so that, while a selected point or region is determined by the user interface as being moved in response to user input, within the visual array of media options, the system determines media options that are proximate to the selected point or region, and adjusts playback parameters for corresponding media content items, by crossfading or otherwise combining playback to reflect the media options relative distances from the selected point or region; and a tempo logic, provided within the media device, which is configured to provide or receive a selected tempo and provide the one or more media content items associated with the selected tempo.. .
Spotify Ab

Method and system for monitoring and reporting equipment operating conditions and diagnostic information

A method and system (20) is provided for condition based monitoring reliability maintenance capabilities for an asset (70), such as one or more machines, by establishing a network including of a sensor (60) or a plurality of sensors installed, temporarily or in generally fixed locations, on asset (70), wherein sensor (60) provides time sequenced operational information in the form of data based on vibrations, temperature, electrical signals, or other operating conditions. Sensors (60) are connected to a local controller (40) which transmits the data via a local or wide area network (45), either through wired or wireless communication paths, in data packets, each containing divided portions of the operational information.
Cbm Enterprise Solutions, Llc

System and seismic data processing of seismic data sets with different spatial sampling and temporal bandwidths

A computing device and a method for processing seismic data associated with a surveyed subsurface. The method includes receiving at least first and second seismic data sets that were recorded with different spatial sampling and different temporal bandwidths; using the first seismic data to guide a processing of the second seismic data; and generating an image of the subsurface based on processed second seismic data..
Cgg Services Sa

Apparatus and methods for measuring thermally induced reticle distortion

An apparatus and method for measuring thermo-mechanically induced reticle distortion or other distortion in a lithography device enables detecting distortion at the nanometer level in situ. The techniques described use relatively simple optical detectors and data acquisition electronics that are capable of monitoring the distortion in real time, during operation of the lithography equipment.
Nikon Corporation

Method and device for measuring distances by means of inductive sensors

Disclosed is method for measuring influence of or propagation time of inductive fields including producing and detecting a first inductive temporal field change and a first change value, producing and detecting a further inductive temporal field change and further field change, at least one of the changes being influenced by an object, comparing the first and further change values to produce a comparison value used to produce amplitude values such that amplitude of the first or further change value are substantially of the same magnitude, detecting a clock pulse alternation signal corresponding to the field change, determining a difference value by a comparison of the clock pulse alternation signals, changing the difference value to change phase delay of the first or further field change until the difference value is zero, using the phase delay to determine influence/propagation time of the inductive change.. .
Shanghai Lanbao Sensor Co., Ltd.

Ignition control system for internal combustion engine and ignition control method

An ignition device for an internal combustion engine (1) includes a superpose voltage generation circuit (47) that, after the initiation of a discharge with the application of a discharge voltage by a secondary coil, applies a superpose voltage between electrodes of an ignition plug (29) in the same direction as the discharge voltage to continue a discharge current, and performs a superposed discharge in a superposed discharge activation range of high exhaust recirculation rate. Upon shift from the superposed discharge activation range of high exhaust recirculation rate to a superposed discharge deactivation range of low exhaust recirculation rate, the deactivation of the superposed discharge is delayed by a delay time Δt.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Accumulator system coupled to gas turbines for intake fluid preheating

An accumulator system is coupled to gas turbines for storing thermal energy in a heat accumulator, having a charge circuit and a discharge circuit. The charge circuit has an electrically operated heat generation device which is configured for generating heat with the utilization of electrical energy.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Actuator for an electrohydraulic gas-exchange valve train of a combustion engine

An actuator for an electrohydraulic gas exchange valve train of a combustion engine is provided. The actuator has an actuator housing which can be mounted on the combustion engine with a borehole, a hydraulic piston, which is mounted therein such that it can carry out a reciprocating movement, for actuating the gas exchange valve and an axial stop which, when the actuator housing is in the unmounted state relative to the combustion engine, limits the piston stroke out of the borehole to a mounting stroke (t).
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Temporary structure

An improved temporary structure utilizes an enhanced, heavy-duty frame that is specially engineered to be easily transported, assembled, used and then disassembled and transported again, all while simultaneously providing superior strength and support to the shell covering and flexibility in configuration to meet the varying needs of a myriad of different users. The exterior shell covering can be constructed of tough, all-weather materials that can handle rain, wind, sleet, snow, sun, sand, and other harsh conditions while staying attached to the frame and properly supported thereby; the two working in concert to provide a much improved temporary structure..

Flow shield

The present invention relates to a curb, grate, and combination curb and grate inlet temporary filtering system to filter silt, sedimentation and debris from runoff entering a storm water drainage system. The invention comprises a body sized to fit over the inlet and includes one or more support members encapsulated with a filter material that assists in the filtering of water entering the storm sewer inlet..

Work vehicle and running control apparatus causing automatic running of work vehicle

A work vehicle includes an automatic running control unit 51 that executes automatic running based on an own vehicle position and a target running path; a manual running control unit 52 that executes manual running based on an operation signal from a manual running operation unit 9 that is manually operated; a first control unit 61 that executes a change from manual running to automatic running, a manual stoppage of the vehicle being a condition for the change; a second control unit 62 that executes a forced stoppage of the vehicle when changing from automatic running to manual running; and a third control unit 63 that executes a forced stoppage of the vehicle by temporarily suspending automatic running in response to a suspend instruction from the manual running operation unit 9, and resumes automatic running in response to a resume instruction from the manual running operation unit 9.. .
Kubota Corporation

Method for starting up and shutting down a phosgene generator

The present invention relates to a method for operating a phosgene generator for producing phosgene by reacting carbon monoxide with chlorine in the gas phase on an activated carbon catalyst arranged in a reaction chamber, in which method, after a predefinable operating period, the phosgene production is at least temporarily interrupted by shutting down the phosgene generator over a shutdown period and, after a predefinable downtime, is resumed by starting up the phosgene generator over a start-up period, wherein the method is characterized in that the activated carbon catalyst, before the phosgene generator is started up, is freed of chlorine by adding carbon monoxide so that, during the start-up period, a maximum concentration of chlorine in the gas stream immediately downstream of the reaction chamber of 1000 ppmv is not exceeded. The invention also relates to the use of the phosgene thus obtained in the production of polycarbonate and isocyanates..
Covestro Deutschland Ag

Temporary banknote storage device and improving coiling block storage capacity

A temporary banknote storage device, includes a first sensor, a second sensor, a storage coiling block, a spare tape coiling block, a coiled tape having two ends which are fixed on the storage coiling block and the spare tape coiling block respectively and are capable of coiling, uncoiling and winding between the storage coiling block and the spare tape coiling block, a transfer channel, a first power motor, a second power motor, a third power motor and a microcontroller. The microcontroller controls the first power motor, the second power motor and the third power motor.
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.

Ink jet recording apparatus and pre-transportation processing the apparatus

An ink jet recording apparatus includes a recording head ejecting ink; a buffer tank temporarily storing the ink; a mounting unit to which a main tank that stores the ink is capable of being mounted, the main tank having a first supply port from which the ink is supplied to the recording head and a second supply port from which the ink is supplied to the buffer tank; a first detecting unit detecting an ink volume in the main tank; and a control unit performing a discharge operation to discharge the ink in the buffer tank from the recording head via the main tank in a pre-transportation process in the ink jet recording apparatus. The control unit prompts a user to replace the main tank without performing the discharge operation if the ink volume detected by the first detecting unit is smaller than a threshold value..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Prosthetic appliance kit

Prosthetics created in layers, and methods of making them, comprising one or more materials. The methods utilize a clay sculpture from which is made a negative impression cast in silicone, which is used to cast a durable positive prosthetic, which is used to create either durable or temporary negative production impressions into which the layers can be built to form the finished prosthetic..

Method of manufacturing three-dimensional structure, three-dimensional structure manufacturing apparatus, and three-dimensional structure

The method includes a layer formation step of forming a layer using a composition including particles and an aqueous solvent; and a binding liquid application step of applying a binding liquid to the layer to bind the particles, in which a temporary formed body obtained by repeating a series of steps including the layer formation step and the binding liquid application step, and the method further includes a temporary formed body heating step of performing a heating treatment on the temporary formed body.. .

Wine bottle aerator

An aeration assembly for aerating liquids including wine and other alcoholic beverages includes an expansion chamber and an aerating device. The expansion chamber is configured to be in fluid communication with an inside of the uncorked and/or opened bottle when engaged by a bottom portion of the expansion chamber.

Manufacturing and separating device for oily radioactive substances and method thereof

A manufacturing and separating device and a method for oily radioactive substances provide an automatic synthesis box to minimize the man-made errors during the manufacturing, such that mass production for the oily radioactive substance can be possible, the radiation exposure time of the manufacturing staff can be reduced, and the radioactivity of the final products can be detected. The manufacturing and separating device includes a first reaction material bottle, a first heating device, a gas pump, a first flushing material bottle, a second flushing material bottle, a purifying device, a first transmission unit, a temperature-controlled temporary storage tank, a filter, a first collection bottle, a second collection bottle, a plurality of valves and a control unit..
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, R.o.c.

Screen baseball game apparatus without temporal and spatial limitations

A screen baseball game apparatus without temporal and spatial limitations includes a pitching machine unit pitching a ball according to a pitch type selected by a defense, a batting detection unit detecting batting of a batter, a game management unit registering a user personal bank, periodically checking screen baseball devices, performing a simulation along the trajectory of a batted ball converted from received batting detection data, and outputting simulation information, a game photographing unit photographing batting of a batter, a screen displaying pitching, the simulation information, and the batting image, a screen driving unit receiving the batting image and the simulation information and reproducing them on the screen, a game server matching stores having available screen game devices, a database storing the periodic check data, an available game schedule, the batting image, and game information, and a device control unit receiving the control instruction for integral monitoring and controlling.. .
Realyagu Zone Co., Ltd.

Imu system for assessing head and torso orientation during physical motion

A method and apparatus for monitoring the head and torso orientation of a subject during physical motion. The method and apparatus employ at least two inertial measurement units (imus) being temporally synchronized with each other and each measuring three degrees of freedom of angular velocity, acceleration, and optionally magnetic field.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Programmable bacterial tattoo

This disclosure relates to a tattoo decal containing bacteria that can be applied to skin and function as both a monitoring sensor and a visual indicator. In particular, a temporary tattoo containing a bacteria composite that may be selected or “programmed” to sense, detect, or otherwise react to a variety of stimuli for use in a variety of applications and industries is disclosed..
Bioink Corporation

Biphasic cosmetic

A bi-phasic, non-emulsion cosmetic composition for application to skin includes a hydrophobic liquid phase and a hydrophilic liquid phase separate from but in contact with the hydrophobic liquid phase. Either or both phases may include active ingredients useful for cosmetic applications.
Restorsea, Llc

Method for an automatic patient lift

A method and apparatus for lifting a patient is disclosed to include a base with wheels on the back side and casters on the front side; a pair of extendable legs extended or withdrawn from the frontal side of the base to maintain balance when lifting a patient; vertical masts connected to a three-prong hanger; three durable cables used with a sling assembly to lift the patient; a foldable chair provides temporary rest for the patient on the patient lift; and a control panel having a micro-controller for remotely controlling the patient lift.. .
Ton Duc Thang University

Percutaneous bone screw device

Embodiments of the invention provide a bone screw device including a bone screw with a temporary encasement. In some embodiments, the temporary encasement comprises a biocompatible material that may be an osteoinductive, a hemostatic and or a bacteriocide.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Surgical needle holder

The surgical needle holder (1) includes a cylindrical cannula (2) holding a surgical needle (3) along a longitudinal axis yy′ and in a basically elongated position, which cannula (2) includes a first end presenting a slender profile (2a) which ensures the traversing of the tissues and its penetration to the level of the operating site and includes a second end opposite the first one integral with a gripping handle (2b), a needle pusher (4) introduced inside the cylindrical cannula (2) and retention elements (5) which allow the needle pusher (4) to be temporarily held in a determined position relative to this cylindrical cannula (2).. .

Apparatus and inducing polarization perception in an observer

Apparatus for inducing polarization perception in a human or animal observer. The apparatus may comprise several light emitting diodes (leds) (4), an adjacent planar light scattering surface (6), a preferably blue colour filter (88), a sheet polarizer (10), and a liquid crystal cell (lcc) array (12).
Vizeye Limited

Extraction with temporary suction interrupt

A method of cleaning a surface with an extractor having a fluid supply system and a fluid recovery system includes applying a cleaning fluid to a surface, applying suction to the surface to remove the applied cleaning fluid from surface, and selectively interrupting the suction to the surface for a selected time to increase dwell time of the cleaning fluid on the surface.. .
Bissell Homecare, Inc.

Hanger and method

A method of using a hanger and marking device includes holding an article adjacent to a wall and determining the exact desired location on the wall for hanging the article; exerting pressure on the article so as to cause a support marker of the device to create a small indent in the wall at the desired location; temporarily anchoring the article to the wall with the support marker of the device; stepping back from the wall and observing the temporarily anchored article on the wall; removing the article from the wall; nailing a nail into the wall at the location marked by the device; hanging the article on the wall by mounting the device with article onto the wall-mounted nail.. .

Hair-protecting bonnet-style wig

A protective covering for a person's hair covers the hair with a slack foundation and is secured by a form fitting band, the form fitting band serving as a perimeter base of the foundation. The foundation includes a plurality of hair-receiving guidelines, which indicate hair placement for hair strands.

System for sharing and/or synchronizing attributes of emitted light among lighting systems

System, methods, computer-readable media and apparatus are described herein for sharing lighting settings between lighting systems in real time. In some embodiments, a user may configure a local lighting system to “follow” a remote lighting system, such that the local lighting system emits light that resembles light emitted contemporaneously by the remote lighting system.
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Rf signature-based wlan identity management

Mac addresses provide a way to identify wireless client devices. Some wireless client devices are able to change their mac addresses.
Aruba Networks, Inc.

User equipment and evolved node-b and methods for random access for machine type communication

Embodiments of a user equipment (ue) and an evolved node-b (enb) and methods for random access are generally described herein. As part of a random access procedure, the ue may transmit a physical random access channel (prach) preamble in a first portion of prach time and frequency resources and may receive a physical downlink shared channel (pdsch) block that includes a random access response (rar) to the prach preamble.
Intel Ip Corporation

Cross-band rate adaption

A system and method are disclosed that may allow a sta to selectively change frequency bands from an operating band to a candidate band based on operating conditions. In response to determining that a channel condition is within a band switch region associated with a candidate band, the sta may select the candidate band and temporarily switch to it.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and operating based on power save mode in wireless lan

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for operating based on a power save mode in a wireless lan. The method for operating based on the power save mode in a wireless lan may comprise the steps of: an ap receiving, from a first sta, a first trigger frame for triggering the transmission of first downlink data which has been buffered for the first sta; the ap determining a temporary halt of the transmission the first downlink data, which is transmitted as a response to the first trigger frame, based on a first priority rank of the first downlink data which has been buffered for the first sta, a second priority rank of second downlink data which has been buffered for a second sta, and a point when the second sta is switched to an awake state; and the ap transmitting, to the first sta, a temporary halt setting frame for indicating the temporary halt..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method for sending information regarding a secondary cell via a group message in a primary cell

A method in a network node for sending a message to a first group of wireless devices. The first group of wireless devices is served by a primary cell.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Apparatus and determining co-location of services

Automatic content recognition may be utilized to compare audio sampled by one remote user device to audio sampled by another remote user device. Comparisons that match with a sufficient level of confidence may permit a conclusion that the remote user devices are co-located.
Alphonso Inc.

System and accurate location of wireless terminals using mobile interrogation device

A method includes moving an interrogation device through multiple geographical positions. At each geographical position of the interrogation device, a wireless communication terminal is solicited to establish temporary communication with the interrogation device, and a value indicative of a distance between the wireless communication terminal and the interrogation device is estimated using the temporary communication.
Verint Systems Ltd.

Apparatus and transmitting media content

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may perform operations including, for example, receiving a plurality of user-generated comments associated with media content where the plurality of user-generated comments are temporally associated with a portion of the media content during a presentation of the media content at a group of communication devices, and identifying from the plurality of user-generated comments a cluster of comments associated with a segment of the media content based on a frequency of the user-generated comments. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Moving picture coding and decoding method with replacement and temporal motion vectors

A moving picture coding method includes: coding a coding target block using a motion vector; generating motion vector predictors; and coding the motion vector using one of the motion vector predictors generated in the generating of the motion vector predictors. In the generating of the motion vector predictors, a replacement vector which replaces a temporal motion vector predictor is added to the motion vector predictors when it is impossible to obtain the temporal motion vector predictor from a block which is included in a coded picture different from the coding target picture and corresponds to the coding target block..
Sun Patent Trust

Automatic video synchronization via analysis in the spatiotemporal domain

Methods and systems for automatically synchronizing videos acquired via two or more cameras with overlapping views in a multi-camera network. Reference lines within an overlapping field of view of the two (or more) cameras in the multi-camera network can be determined wherein the reference lines connect two or more pairs of corresponding points.
Xerox Corporation

Method and device for call playback in ringing state

The disclosure discloses a method and device for call playback in a ringing state. The method includes that: after forwarding a call request initiated by a user terminal, and when receiving a first temporary response message returned by a called party, an access transfer control functionality (atcf) applies for a media resource for a first playback media and performs playback on the first playback media, wherein the first temporary response message carries description information about the first playback media; when receiving an nth temporary response message of the call request, the atcf reapplies for a pair of media resources to anchor an nth playback media, wherein the nth temporary response message carries description information about the nth playback media, and n is a natural number which is greater than or equal to 2; and the atcf performs playback on the nth playback media through the pair of media resource..
Zte Corporation

Portable profile access token

A user's portable device (e.g., wireless mobile device or standalone connector device) can be used to store a profile data set associated with the profile of the user. When the user encounters a base device, the user can transfer his/her profile data set from the portable device to the base device, allowing the base device temporary authorization to download software applications owned by that user's profile to the base device, and also transferring software settings and purchase settings.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc

Techniques for escalating temporary messaging bans

Techniques for escalating temporary messaging bans are described. In one embodiment, an apparatus may comprise a messaging server component operative to receive one or more messaging interactions from a messaging client on a client device at a messaging service, the messaging client associated with a user account for the messaging service; and impose a restriction on the user account from transmitting messaging using the messaging service for a duration based on a messaging ban duration; and an abuse monitoring component operative to analyze the one or more messaging interactions based on a plurality of messaging abuse criteria to determine that the user account meets a messaging abuse threshold; retrieve a messaging abuse punishment history for the user account; and determine a messaging ban duration based on the messaging abuse punishment history and the determination that the user account meets the messaging abuse threshold.
Whatsapp Inc.

Real life to digital life event correlation

A method and system for correlating events with social media is provided. The method includes retrieving from a social network, social network data associated with users of the social network.
International Business Machines Corporation

Dynamic inclusion thresholds for social network conversations

A social network conversation dynamic inclusion threshold is obtained that causes a first subset of social network group members of a social network group to be included in a social network conversation earlier than at least one other social network group member and that further causes the at least one other social network group member to be included in the social network conversation upon satisfaction of the obtained social network conversation dynamic inclusion threshold. In accordance with the obtained social network conversation dynamic inclusion threshold, social network posts of the social network conversation are contemporaneously distributed to the first subset of social network group members and delayed in distribution to the at least one other social network group member.
International Business Machines Corporation

Generate and display contextual hints in a message

In providing contextual hints in an electronic message, a mail client receives a command to create a reply message to an original electronic message with original text. Topic(s) that summarize context(s) in the original text are determined and displayed in a body of the reply message as temporary text.
International Business Machines Corporation

Hierarchical temporal clustering, metric clustering and attribute clustering of electronic terminal reports to identify electronic terminals for analysis

A method of performing operations on a processor of an application analysis computer includes obtaining reports from electronic terminals. The reports contain metrics for operation of instances of an application processed by the electronic terminals and attributes of the electronic terminals characterizing their application processing platforms.
Ca, Inc.

System with sleep and wake up control over dc path

A system includes a master and a slave coupled via a wire pair for transmitting differential data. The master and slave are each powered by a local dc power supply.
Linear Technology Corporation

Increasing communication safety by preventing false packet acceptance in high-speed links

Methods, apparatus, and systems for preventing false packet acceptance in high-speed links. Under one aspect, correctable symbol errors are detected, and determination is made to whether a symbol error rate or ratio (ser) exceeds an ser threshold.
Intel Corporation

Method for testing semiconductor wafers using temporary sacrificial bond pads

A method is provided for testing a semiconductor wafer, including individual semiconductor devices located on the semiconductor wafer, using temporary counterpart sacrificial bond pads. The method includes arranging individual semiconductor devices on the semiconductor wafer in a configuration having horizontal rows of the individual semiconductor devices separated by functional horizontal scribe lanes, and having vertical columns of individual semiconductor devices separated by functional vertical scribe lanes.
Celerint, Llc

Method for enabling modular part replacement within an electron microscope sample holder

An electron microscope sample holder that includes at least one capillary having a sufficient inner diameter to act as a catheter pathway that allows objects that can be accommodated within the at least one capillary to be replaced or swapped with other objects. The sample holder having at least one capillary allows the user to insert and remove temporary fluidic pathways, sensors or other tools without the need to dissemble the holder..
Protochips, Inc.

Lock out/tag out device having a tie-receiving passageway

A device and related method temporarily restrict use of a control via one or more of lock out and tag out. The device includes a first and second portion.
Brady Worldwide, Inc.

External microphone for an unmanned aerial vehicle

Several embodiments include a remote tracker for a videography drone. The remote tracker can include a spatial information sensor and a microphone configured to capture audio data surrounding the remote tracker.
Lily Robotics, Inc.

Dynamic range compression with low distortion for use in hearing aids and audio systems

Dynamic range compression in the hearing aids is provided for restoring normal loudness of low level sounds without making the high level sounds uncomfortably loud. An apparatus along with a method using sliding-band compression is disclosed for significantly reducing the temporal and spectral distortions generally associated with the currently used single and multiband compression techniques.
Institute Of Technology Bombay

Bingo game system and controller providing a temporary daub function

A bingo game system provides for new features and functionality for a bingo game platform, including a bingo game server configured to provide a temporary daub function for one or more bingo games.. .
Gamesys Ltd.

Medium processing device and medium transaction device

Present invention provides a medium processing device and a medium transaction device that may perform conveyance processing due to input and output of mediums with simple configuration. In a banknote deposit/withdrawal device of atm, conveyance path inside a conveyance section is formed in straight line shape running mainly along front-rear direction.
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Machine vision for ego-motion, segmenting, and classifying objects

Systems and methods for machine vision are presented. Such machine vision includes ego-motion, as well as the segmentation and/or classification of image data of one or more targets of interest.

Method for detecting and classifying events of a scene

The subject of the invention is a method for detecting and classifying events of a scene by means of a single-pupil imaging system equipped with a visnir detector in the 0.6 μm-1.1 μm band and with an swir detector, which comprises steps of acquiring synchronized visnir and swir successive 2d images, of displaying the visnir images, and of processing these images, which consists in: comparing the swir images so as to determine, for each pixel, the variation in illumination from one swir image to another and the peak value of these swir illuminations, if this variation in swir illumination is greater than a threshold, then an event associated with said pixel is detected and: its date, its temporal shape and its duration are determined, in the visnir images, the coordinates are determined of the corresponding pixel for which: the variation in the illumination from one visnir image to another and the peak value of these visnir illuminations are calculated, and these variations in swir and visnir illumination and their peak values are compared so as to estimate a temperature of the event, the distance of the corresponding point of the scene is estimated so as to calculate the intensity of the event on the basis of the swir and visnir illuminations and on the basis of this distance, the total energy of the event is estimated on the basis of its temporal shape and of its intensity, the event is classified as a function of its duration, its temperature, its intensity and its energy, the previous steps are repeated for another pixel of the swir images.. .

Entity based temporal segmentation of video streams

A solution is provided for temporally segmenting a video based on analysis of entities identified in the video frames of the video. The video is decoded into multiple video frames and multiple video frames are selected for annotation.
Google Inc.

Methods and electronic devices for dynamic control of playlists

This disclosure concerns the playback of audio content, e.g. In the form of music.
Spotify Ab

Methods and devices for adjustment of the energy level of a played audio stream

This disclosure concerns the playback of audio, e.g. In the form of music.
Spotify Ab

Methods and electronic devices for dynamic control of playlists

This disclosure concerns the playback of audio content, e.g. In the form of music.
Spotify Ab

Methods and devices for adjustment of the energy level of a played audio stream

This disclosure concerns the playback of audio, e.g. In the form of music.
Spotify Ab

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