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This page is updated frequently with new Tempo-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tempo-related patents
 Method and system for illumination management patent thumbnailMethod and system for illumination management
A luminaire can comprise a system that automatically adjusts light output from the luminaire to control light level in an illuminated area. The system can increase light output if the light level in the area falls below a target light level or decrease light output if the light level in the area rises above the target.
Cooper Technologies Company

 Edge continued evolution, improved channel request method and system patent thumbnailEdge continued evolution, improved channel request method and system
The present invention is a method and system adapted to facilitate, between a mobile station (ms) and network, an indication of support for reduced time transmission interval (rtti). The ms can provide a base station system (bss) with an indication of its multislot capability within an access burst sent at the start of a contention based access.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Communications system, infrastructure equipment and method patent thumbnailCommunications system, infrastructure equipment and method
A communications system communicating data to/from a user device including: infrastructure equipment forming a mobile communications network configured to transmit/receive data to/from the user device via a wireless access interface. The user device can receive an indication from the infrastructure equipment of a location and duration of a temporal response window for receiving response messages, received in response to access requests messages, transmit to the infrastructure equipment an access request message for requesting access to the wireless access interface, and receive a response message from the infrastructure equipment in response to the access request message.
Sony Corporation

 User device for communicating data and method patent thumbnailUser device for communicating data and method
A user device for transmitting and receiving data to and from an infrastructure equipment via a wireless access interface. The user device is configured to receive an indication from the infrastructure equipment of a location and duration of a temporal response window for receiving response messages, the response messages being received in response to access request messages and the location and duration of the temporal response window having been determined by the infrastructure equipment.
Sony Corporation

 Mobile terminal, first wireless network access point and methods performed therein patent thumbnailMobile terminal, first wireless network access point and methods performed therein
Embodiments herein relate to a method for controlling transmit power of a mobile terminal. The method is performed by a mobile terminal (10) in a dual connectivity mode wherein the mobile terminal (10) is configured to support two or more contemporaneous links, including a first link and a second link, with two or more wireless network access points (12,13).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Audio headset patent thumbnailAudio headset
This headset has two earphones adapted to be introduced inside or near to the auditory canal of the user. The earphones are connected by a connection element that has a central band resting on the top of the headset user's head, and two lateral branches extending the band.

 System and  operation of a temporary control facility for video distribution in a venue patent thumbnailSystem and operation of a temporary control facility for video distribution in a venue
A temporary video or multimedia distribution system set up in a venue receives multiple video streams and transcodes them into a single stream of data packets with each of the plurality of video data packets for respective ones of the video streams being assigned a port number corresponding to the respective video stream. The data packets are routed to a plurality of access points (aps) for transmission.
Mobilitie, Llc

 Method for predicting disparity vector based on blocks for  inter-layer encoding and decoding video patent thumbnailMethod for predicting disparity vector based on blocks for inter-layer encoding and decoding video
An inter-layer video decoding method includes searching for a neighboring block candidate which neighbors a current block and has a motion vector in an inter-layer direction, from among spatial and temporal neighboring block candidates; when the neighboring block candidate having the motion vector in the inter-layer direction is found, setting the motion vector in the inter-layer direction of the found neighboring block candidate as a disparity vector of the current block; when the neighboring block candidate having the motion vector in the inter-layer direction is not found, searching for a neighboring block candidate having disparity vector information from among the spatial and temporal neighboring block candidates; and when the neighboring block candidate having the disparity vector information is found, predicting a disparity vector of the current block based on the disparity vector information of the found candidate.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Method of deriving motion information patent thumbnailMethod of deriving motion information
Provided is a method extracts a merge index from a bit stream, constructs a merge candidate list using available spatial and temporal merge candidates, selects a merge predictor among merge candidates using the merge index, and sets motion information of the merge predictor as motion information of the current prediction unit. The temporal merge candidate includes a reference picture index and a motion vector, and a motion vector of a temporal merge candidate block of a temporal merge candidate picture is set as the motion vector of the temporal merge candidate.
Infobridge Pte. Ltd.

 Method of deriving motion information patent thumbnailMethod of deriving motion information
A method is provided for decoding video data in a merge mode. A quantized block is generated by inverse-scanning quantized coefficient components.
Infobridge Pte. Ltd.


Method of deriving motion information

A method is provided for reconstructing video data using a merge mode. A merge list is constructed using available spatial and temporal merge candidates.
Infobridge Pte. Ltd.


Method and parsing error robustness of temporal motion vector prediction

A method and apparatus for deriving a motion vector predictor (mvp) are disclosed. The mvp is selected from spatial mvp and temporalone or more mvp candidates.
Mediatek Inc.


Apparatus and adjusting depth

A depth adjusting method and apparatus is described. The depth adjusting method and apparatus may calculate an average depth value of objects based on a spatial feature of an image, may adjust a depth of the image based on the calculated average value, and may adjust a depth of the image according to a difference in depth between a current frame and a previous frame, based on a temporal feature of the image..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Image capture having temporal resolution and perceived image sharpness

A camera for capturing video images in a series of frames includes an image sensor having an array of pixels. Each pixel receives an image and accumulates an electrical charge representative of the image during a frame.
Gvbb Holdings S.a.r.l.


Method for correcting shading and scanner device

A shading correction of removing a plurality of shading factors is performed. A scanner device performs a shading correction in a manner such that a low-pass filter circuit (14) extracts a broad waveform change component caused by a temperature characteristic and a temporal change in light source or sensor sensitivity as shading factors, a phase/amplitude synchronizing circuit (15) extracts a phase shift of a cycle pattern of a lens array, a first multiplying circuit (16) synthesizes the waveforms of the extracted factors so as to form a correction-purpose image signal waveform, and the correction-purpose image signal waveform is divided from an image signal waveform subjected to a dark level correction (offset)..
Hitachiinformation & Telecommunication Engineering


In-vehicle multimedia system considering call situation and controlling the same

Disclosed are a method in which, after occurrence of a call situation during reproduction of content, corresponding content may be again provided to a passenger in an in-vehicle multimedia system so as not to miss the content, and a vehicle for performing the same. A method for controlling reproduction of content in a vehicle includes connecting the vehicle to an external communication terminal, starting reproduction of the content, activating the hands-free function of the external communication terminal during reproduction of the content, performing caching of the content being reproduced according to activation of the hands-free function until the hands-free function is deactivated, temporarily stopping reproduction of the content, and reproducing the cached content when the hands-free function is deactivated..
Hyundai Motor Company


Methods and systems for connecting devices to applications and desktops that are receiving maintenance

The embodiments are directed to methods and systems for determining whether a server should be placed in maintenance mode. The methods and systems can create a user group comprising one or more client devices connected to one or more permanently installed applications or one or more virtual desktops hosted on the server.
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Apparatuses and methods for security in broadcast serial buses

Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for monitoring broadcast serial communication buses, analyzing communications on those buses, and providing information relative to the monitoring and analysis. A can bus is used as an example to provide details of analysis of a broadcast serial bus.
Battelle Energy Alliance, Llc.


Creating a digital certificate for a service using a local certificate authority having temporary signing authority

A computing machine creates a temporary certificate authority (ca) hosted locally by the computing machine, creates a service certificate for a local service being hosted by the computing machine, and signs the service certificate using a private key of the temporary ca. The private key is stored locally on the computing machine.
Red Hat, Inc.


Electronic device case with peripheral storage

A protective case for an electronic device and an associated electrical peripheral device includes a member for receiving at least a portion of the electronic device and protecting the electronic device when the electronic device is installed in the protective case. The protective case also includes an aperture and a docking receptacle for removably retaining the electrical peripheral device.
Otter Products, Llc


Electronic device with a connector

An electronic device includes a shielding shell, a circuit board, and a connector providing a temporary or permanent electrical connection which has integrity. The shielding shell includes at least one elastic fixing tab.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.



A connector is provided with a connecting terminal, a connecting housing, and a front folder. The connecting housing includes a connecting terminal storing chamber, and a lance which is elastically deformable in order to store the connecting terminal into the terminal storing chamber and which is engageable with the connecting terminal in order to prevent the connecting terminal from removing when recovered from an elastic deformation.
Yazaki Corporation


Electricity generation unit for converting heat into electrical energy

The present invention relates to an electricity generation unit (100) equipped with:—at least one heat withdrawal chamber (23) for at least temporarily arranging a heat source (3) at least partially therein,—at least one shell (13) for delimiting the heat withdrawal chamber (23) from the surrounding environment thereof,—at least one thermoelectric converter (1) for converting heat into electrical energy. Provision is made for the thermoelectric converter (1) to be removable from the electricity generation unit (100), while the sleeve (13) of the working chamber can remain closed, unchanged..
Gentherm Gmbh


Array substrate and fabricating the same, liquid crystal display panel and reflective liquid crystal display

This disclosure provides an array substrate, comprising a substrate plate, and a thin film transistor and a pixel electrode formed on the substrate plate, said thin film transistor comprising a source/drain electrode, an active region and a gate electrode stacked sequentially on said substrate plate, wherein said source/drain electrode and said pixel electrode are arranged in the same layer on the substrate plate. According to this disclosure, while the properties of a high reflectivity and a high aperture ratio are guaranteed, the times of the patterning process are decreased and the process steps are saved, resulting in an improved production tempo and an effectively controlled cost.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Customized module lid

A method of forming a custom module lid. The method may include placing a multichip module (mcm) between a module base and a temporary lid, target components are exposed through viewing windows in the temporary lid, a top surface of the target components is measured and mapped to create a target profile, the target profile is used to form custom pockets in a custom lid, and the custom pockets correspond to the target components..
International Business Machines Corporation


Measuring device and measuring layer thicknesses and defects in a wafer stack

A method for measuring and/or acquiring layer thicknesses and voids of one or more layers of a temporary bonded wafer stack on a plurality of measuring points is provided. A sequence of the method includes an arrangement of a measurement means for measuring and/or acquiring the layer thicknesses and voids of the layers of the wafer stack at the measuring points relative to a flat side of the wafer stack.
Ev Group E. Thallner Gmbh


Pro-active protection of communication devices that are senstive to vibration or shock

A communication device includes a vibroscope or an accelerometer for detecting vibration or shock, a hard disk drive for storing data, and a wireless communication transceiver. In response to detecting vibration or shock, the communication device automatically broadcasts an alert message that identifies a physical location of the communication device at the time that the vibration or shock is sensed.
International Business Machines Corporation


Field sequential color (fsc) display apparatus and method employing different subframe temporal spreading

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for generating images on a display. Images are generated by displaying, for a first color, a first number of subframes at a full intensity level and a second number of subframes at reduced intensity levels.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Methods and systems for real-time image reconstruction with arbitrary temporal windows

Various methods and systems for generating a computed tomography image in real-time are provided. In one embodiment, a method for imaging comprises acquiring x-ray projection data; calibrating the x-ray projection data; generating at least two basis image volumes by reconstructing the calibrated x-ray projection data, each of the at least two basis image volumes including different centerviews and a temporal width corresponding to an x-ray source rotation between 180 degrees and 360 degrees; and generating a final image volume by fourier blending the at least two basis image volumes based on a selected temporal window width.
General Electric Company


System for video super resolution using semantic components

A method for increasing the resolution of a series of low resolution frames of a low resolution video sequence to a series of high resolution frames of a high resolution video sequence includes receiving the series of low resolution frames of the video sequence. The system determines a first plurality of semantically relevant key points of a first low resolution frame of the series of low resolution frames and determines a second plurality of semantically relevant key points of a second low resolution frame of the series of low resolution frames.
Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.


Method for operating an id-based access control system

In the context of the method for operating an id-based access control system comprising at least one central server (4) and at least one access control device (2) which can be connected to the at least one central server (4) for the purposes of data communication, each access control device (2) has a zone assigned to it that has a unique zone id. If a customer medium (1) is registered for the first time with respect to the validity of an access authorization by an online access control device (2) assigned to this zone, an offline data record is written to the customer medium (1), which, in the event that an access control device (2) in the same zone is offline and registers the customer medium (1), is read by the offline access control device (2) and used to determine the validity of the access authorization assigned to the id of the customer medium (1).
Skidata Ag


Method and device for real-time knowledge processing based on an ontology with temporal extensions

Embodiments are directed towards a method and a computer server for receiving assertions, wherein an assertion can have a functional property such that for a given subject and a given property the object has a single value at any time, maintaining a knowledge base that includes a history table that stores previously received assertions, the method comprising selecting an assertion for processing, generating an assertion tuple that corresponds to the selected assertion, determining that the property of the selected assertion is functional; and writing the assertion tuple to the history table.. .
Smartcloud, Inc.


Method and system for adaptive ray based scene analysis of semantic traffic spaces and vehicle equipped with such system

A method and a system computationally performs scene analysis of semantic traffic spaces based on an adaptive spatio-temporal ray-based approach. The method includes acquiring a spatial semantic environment map including semantic context data, calculating at least one feature for at least one location on the spatial environment map taking into account the semantic context of the location and determining a category for the at least one location based on the at least one calculated feature.
Honda Research Institute Europe Gmbh


Face recognition based on spatial and temporal proximity

In one embodiment, a method includes accessing an image file associated with a first user of a communication system and detecting a face in an image corresponding to the image file. The method also includes accessing an event database associated with the communication system, the event database containing one or more events, each being associated with the first user and one or more second users of the communication system.
Facebook, Inc.


Communication device, control communication device, and program

A communication device includes a first wireless communication unit that repeatedly reads out, via near-field wireless communication, data recorded in a tag of an external device, a memory unit that temporarily holds identification information of the external device included in the data read out by the first wireless communication unit, a control unit that determines, in response to another readout of data by the first wireless communication unit, whether identification information included in the data read out by the first wireless communication unit and the identification information temporarily held by the memory unit represent the same external device, and a second wireless communication unit that wirelessly communicates with the external device via a different communication method from the near-field wireless communication.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


History information anonymization method and history information anonymization device for anonymizing history information

A history information anonymization method includes an association step of associating each of a plurality of pieces of history information collected from a plurality of tvs in a current cycle with a temporary id associated with a tv at a collection destination; a grouping step of getting together a plurality of ids into a plurality of groups such that for the ids in each group, contents of history information associated in the current cycle and in a past cycle are identical; an anonymity judgment step of judging whether each of the plurality of groups satisfies anonymity; and an id changing step of changing only some of the plurality of temporary ids associated with the plurality of tvs, when it is judged that any of the plurality of groups does not satisfy anonymity.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Automatic document classification via content analysis at storage time

Techniques are disclosed for efficiently and automatically classifying textual documents or files. In some embodiments, the classification process is integrated into or otherwise made part of the storage function, such that when the user initiates a save process for a given file, the file is processed through a classifier prior to (or contemporaneously with) completing the save function.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Synchronization system for transforming database and method thereof

A synchronization system for transform databases and a method thereof are provided. The system includes a database transformer and a data adapter.
National Tsing Hua University


Method for near-real-time prediction, classification, and notification of events in natural language systems

An approach is provided for automatically predicting an event occurrence based on a question from an end user presented using a near-real-time natural language processing (nlp) analysis to generate, score and rank a plurality of event occurrences based on a plurality of question context parameters extracted from the question, one or more user profile parameters for the end user, and the one or more historical questions, answers, and events having a specified spatial and/or temporal proximity to the question which are identified by an information handling system. In the approach, performed by an information handling system, a top ranked event occurrence from the ranked plurality of event occurrences is selected for inclusion in a notification message that is communicated or broadcast to the end user, as well as other users engaged with the information handling system and/or first responders in the affected area..
International Business Machines Corporation


Technologies for efficient synchronization barriers with work stealing support

Technologies for multithreaded synchronization and work stealing include a computing device executing two or more threads in a thread team. A thread executes all of the tasks in its task queue and then exchanges its associated task stolen flag value with false and stores that value in a temporary flag.


Contextual utilization management of applications in a pervasive device

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for contextual application utilization management in a pervasive device. In an embodiment of the invention, a method of contextual application utilization management in a pervasive device includes annotating different applications in a pervasive device with different context associations for respectively different environmental contexts of the pervasive device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Temporary transfer of a multithreaded ip core to single or reduced thread configuration during thread offload to co-processor

In one embodiment, a multithreading processor cores may be offload threads to one or more coprocessors. When a thread executing on a simultaneous multithreading processor core is offloaded to a coprocessor, the processor core may temporarily switch to an opportunistic single threaded mode in which all processor resources are dedicated to processing a single thread.
Intel Corporation


Real-time route terrain validity checker

Automated excavating uses automated dozers and other earthmoving equipment to move material at a worksite. When such equipment is required to avoid a temporary obstruction, traverse between work slots, or traverse between work areas, a controller uses information from real-time sensors and contour maps to determine a new route to the destination.
Caterpillar Inc..


Integrated single grating compressor for variable pulse-front tilt in simultaneously spatially and temporally focused systems

A multipass chirped pulse amplification system outfitted with a single-grating, simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing (sstf) compressor platform is provided. Such an system provides the ability to vary the beam aspect ratio of an sstf beam, and thus the degree of pulse-front tilt at a focus, while maintaining a net zero-dispersion system.


Hybrid integration of edge-coupled chips

A technique for fabricating a hybrid optical source is described. During this fabrication technique, a iii-v compound-semiconductor active gain medium is integrated with a silicon-on-insulator (soi) chip (or wafer) using edge coupling to form a co-planar hybrid optical source.
Oracle International Corporation


Apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging with high spatial temporal resolutions

A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system, comprising a magnetic resonance imaging scanner. The mr scanner comprises a main magnet providing a substantially uniform main magnetic field b0 for a subject under observation, the subject represented by a spatial distribution of magnetizations; a radio frequency (rf) coil system configured to irradiate a plurality of radio frequency (rf) pulses into a region of interest of the subject and to detect a plurality of rf response signals emitted from the region of interest; a gradient coil system configured to provide a perturbation of the main magnetic field b0 using a gradient pulse sequence that causes the rf response signals to encode the spatial distribution of magnetizations in a fourier domain on a plurality of read-out paths; and a controller in communication with the rf coil system and the gradient coil system to synchronously provide the rf coil system with the plurality of rf pulses and the gradient coil system with the gradient pulse sequence.


Data processing system and data processing chromatograph

A system for creating a chromatogram based on a temporal change of a spectrum obtained within a predetermined wavelength range including a target wavelength, the system including a post-correction chromatogram display section for displaying a post-correction chromatogram obtained by multiplying a chromatogram at the designated wavelength by a sensitivity factor obtained by dividing the intensity of the designated-time spectrum at the target wavelength by the intensity of the designated-time spectrum at the designated wavelength, and for changing the display to a post-correction chromatogram corresponding to the latest values of the designated time point and the designated wavelength when one or both of the designated time point and the designated wavelength are changed.. .
Shimadzu Corporation


Mass spectrometer

A closed-loop ion guide 1 is disclosed comprising a plurality of electrodes having apertures through which ions are transmitted in use. Ions are injected into the closed-loop ion guide 1 and may make several circuits of the closed-loop ion guide 1 before being ejected from the ion guide 1.
Micromass Uk Limited


Target characterization based on persistent collocation of multiple specks of light in time series imagery

Techniques for characterizing targets include obtaining multiple time series of images. Each image represents light measured in an interrogation area under conditions that cause only one optical marker type of at least two optical marker types to emit or scatter light.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Leakage determining method, substrate processing apparatus and storage medium

A leakage determining method determines whether or not atmospheric air enters a vacuum transfer chamber for transferring a substrate under a vacuum atmosphere between a preliminary vacuum chamber and a processing chamber. The method includes controlling a pressure in the vacuum transfer chamber to a preset pressure by supplying a pressure control gas into the vacuum transfer chamber; performing supply control, when the substrate is not transferred, by reducing the amount of the pressure control gas supplied into the vacuum transfer chamber or stopping the supply of the pressure control gas; and measuring an oxygen concentration in the vacuum transfer chamber after the supply control of the pressure control gas and determining leakage of atmospheric air into the vacuum transfer chamber by determining whether or not atmospheric air whose amount exceeds a preset allowable level enters the vacuum transfer chamber based on temporal changes of the measured oxygen concentration..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Foundations for subsea pipeline accessories

A pipeline including an accessory such as a flowline end termination or an in-line tee is lowered to the seabed and a mudmat foundation is subsequently lowered toward the seabed for subsea docking with the accessory to provide a permanent foundation support for the accessory. Once docked and with a mudmat of the foundation landed on the seabed, weight loads of the accessory structure and the attached pipe are transferred to the mudmat to provide a permanent foundation for the accessory structure.
Acergy France Sas


Operable seal connector device

A seal connector device (1) for achieving a temporary fluid-tight connection between a rotating shaft (17) rotatably connectable to a structure and said structure, wherein the seal connector device (1) comprises said rotating shaft (17) which defines a rotational axis (s-s); a sealing disc (19) extending radially from said rotating shaft (17); at least one first cylinder-piston assembly (100) comprising a cylinder (9) and a piston (21) slidable into said cylinder (9), said piston (21) having a sealing surface (22) facing the sealing disc (19), and the sealing disc (19) having a sealing counter-surface (34) facing the sealing surface (2), said sealing surface (22) being suitable for abutting against said sealing disc (19); said piston (21) being configured to be selectively operated between: a sealing position in which the sealing surface (22) of the piston (21) is at a minimum distance or in contact with the sealing counter-surface (34) of the disc (19), in order to achieve a temporary fluid-tight connection between the rotating shaft (17) and the structure, preventing a fluid to flow between the sealing surface (22) of the piston (21) and the sealing counter-surface of the disc (19); and a non-sealing position, in which the sealing surface (22) is moved away from the sealing counter-surface (34) of the disc (19) whereby a fluidic seal is absent between the rotating shaft (17) and the structure.. .
Ankol Eood


Temporary post maintenance oil filter for gas-turbine engine

A method of maintaining a gas-turbine engine is provided. The method includes the steps of removing a conduit from the gas-turbine engine, installing a temporary oil filter in place of the conduit in the gas-turbine engine, and starting the gas-turbine engine with the temporary oil filter installed.
United Technologies Corporation


Methods of repairing cutting element pockets in earth-boring tools with depth-of-cut control features

Methods of repairing earth-boring tools may involve providing wear-resistant material over a temporary displacement member to repair a cutting element pocket in a body and a depth-of-cut control feature using the wear-resistant material. In some embodiments, the wear-resistant material may comprise a particle-matrix composite material.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


A temporarily closing off a gutter being covered by a grate of a paved part of the earth's surface; as well as a closing organ for a gutter

The invention also relates to a closing organ (130) suitable for use with the method.. .


Safe maintenance industrial covers

The safety manhole industrial cover (smic) is a lightweight temporary safety manhole cover with a hinged access door made with aluminium or a strong nonferrous composite used when sewerage, storm water, water maintenance or inspections are required. It is a temporary self-ventilating design manhole grate to be used whenever the manhole cover is removed when operations are in progress around the manhole.
Smic Australasia Pty Ltd


Temporary reusable retroreflective raised pavement marker

The present invention incorporates to a new temporary, reusable, retroreflective, raised pavement marker design. The pavement marker utilizes a water soluble, adhesive embedded in a fibrous base material for application to the pavement.


Process for obtaining a substrate provided with a coating

A process for obtaining a substrate provided with a coating, in which the coating includes a pattern with spatial modulation of at least one property of the coating, includes performing a heat treatment, using a laser radiation, of a continuous coating deposited on the substrate. The heat treatment is such that the substrate is irradiated with the laser radiation focused on the coating in the form of at least one laser line, keeping the coating continuous and without melting of the coating, and a relative displacement of the substrate and of the laser line focused on the coating is imposed in a direction transverse to the longitudinal direction of the laser line, while temporally modulating during this relative displacement the power of the laser line as a function of the speed of relative displacement and of the dimensions of the pattern in the direction of relative displacement..
Saint-gobain Glass France


Nanocellulose materials for oilfield applications

Treatment fluids and methods for treating a subterranean formation are disclosed that include introducing a treatment fluid into a subterranean formation, the treatment fluid containing temporarily inactive cellulose nanoparticles.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Methods and compositions for labeling polypeptides

Synthesis of many proteins is tightly controlled at the level of translation and plays an essential role in fundamental processes such as cell growth and proliferation, signaling, differentiation or death. Methods that allow imaging and identification of nascent proteins allow for dissecting regulation of translation, both spatially and temporally, including in whole organisms.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Banknote temporary storage module and reel rotating speed control method thereof

A banknote temporary storage module is provided, including large and small reels driven by first and second power motors respectively, a coiling tape, first and second coded discs, first and second sensors and a microcontroller. The first and second coded discs are fixed on rotating shafts of the large and small reels respectively.
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.


Method and device for forecasting the range of a vehicle with an at least partially electric drive

A method for predicting a range of a vehicle having an at least partially electric drive. When a first operating mode of the vehicle is ended at a time, the vehicle switches into a second operating mode when the first operating mode ends.
Volkswagen Ag


Airbag and airbag apparatus

An airbag includes an airbag body formed by joining front and rear panels, an inlet of pressurized fluid, a vent hole communicating inside and outside of the airbag body, a regulation portion regulating discharge of the pressurized fluid from the vent hole and a coupling portion temporarily joining the front and rear panels. The inlet and the vent hole are formed on the rear panel.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Apparatus for turning page and turning page

An apparatus which turns a page of an open book includes a tuning mechanism, a drive unit and a control unit. The turning mechanism brings a predetermined member into contact with a page at a departure position and separates the page from the predetermined member at a destination position.
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Support for bonding a workpiece and method thereof

The present invention provides a support for temporary bonding a workpiece such as a thick device wafer. The support comprises a carrier having a supporting surface and an isolation film.
Micro Materials Inc.


Carbon fiber reinforced polymer plate and manufacturing method

A cfrp plate having a steel plate wherein a weld nut is welded is integrally stacked, and a manufacturing method are provided. The cfrp plate is formed by interposing a steel plate having a weld nut welded to a lower surface between two adjacent cfrp layers.
Lg Hausys, Ltd.


Forming sacrificial structures using phase-change materials that sublimate

A structure can include a first layer of a polymer material and a second layer of the polymer material on the first layer, the first and second layers of the polymer material defining a hollow space that was formed by way of a temporary sacrificial structure that was made of a sublimable material.. .
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporation


Supercavitating medical probe and use

An electrosurgical working end that utilizes supercavitation phenomenon for controlled application of electrosurgical energy to tissue. In one preferred method of the invention, the system utilizes an electrosurgical surface that is rotatable in a liquid substance at very high surface velocities capable of localized lowering of the pressure of the substance below its saturated vapor pressure to cause supercavitation, and contemporaneously applying electrical energy from the electrosurgical surface across the cavity to ablate adjacent tissue.


Multiple-firing securing using and manufacturing same

A multiple-fire securing device includes a hollow outer shaft, a reloader, a reloader movement assembly, a rail, and securing structures each defining an inner securing orifice. The reloader longitudinally moves within the outer shaft and has a distal end shaped to temporarily contact one of the securing structures.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


Methods and assessing vascular health

A method for digital thermal monitoring assessment of vascular function comprising a temporary arterial occlusion using a pneumatic cuff positioned on a subject's upper limb, monitoring skin temperature at the fingertip of the occluded limb for a period of time before, during, and after the occlusion, calculating a zero reactivity curve based on variables including start temperature, room temperature, and the slope of temperature decline during the occlusion, and assessing vascular function based on comparing the zero reactivity curve and the observed temperature rebound after the occlusion is removed. A vascular reactivity monitoring apparatus for measuring skin surface temperature comprising an inflatable cuff for placement around a subject's limb, a digital thermal measuring device and photoplethysmography measuring device for placement on a finger of the subject's limb wearing the cuff and a second digital monitoring device and photoplethysmography measuring device for placement on a finger of the subject's contralateral limb..


Braided article with internal midsole structure

A method of making an article of footwear includes temporarily attaching a midsole structure to a last and inserting the midsole structure and footwear last through a braiding machine. A braided structure in the form of an upper is formed.
Nike, Inc.


Pant supporting belt for add-on personal benefits

E) the separate functional fabric having sufficient self-supporting vertical strength so that when the functional fabric is secured to the at least one of the inner surface or the outer surface of the waist belt having the first surface of the physical, temporary-engaging fastening system secured to the waist belt, the second functional fabric supports itself in a vertical alignment.. .


Sleep apnea prevention mask

A sleep apnea prevention sleep-aid mask is described. The sleep-aid mask is configured to secure the lips of a user together in a natural state, in order to encourage the respiratory system of the user to employ the nasal passages rather than the mouth for respiration.


Network controlled multi-color lighting services

Techniques presented herein are directed to the coordinated network-based control of the color capabilities of multi-color fixtures. A network device is connected to multi-color light fixtures each comprising a local processor and a plurality of color light emitters.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Remote system configuration using audio ports

Described herein are methods and devices for configuring a wireless device using audio data that is transmitted from a mobile device to the wireless device via a wired connection. For example, wireless configuration data may be sent from an audio port of the mobile device to an audio port of the wireless device while the mobile device and the wireless device are temporarily connected via an audio cable.
D&m Holdings Inc.


Systems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices

Various embodiments of the present technology generally relate to data delivery. More specifically, some embodiments of the present technology relate to systems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices.
Mobile Technology Corporation, Llc


Systems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices

Various embodiments of the present technology generally relate to data delivery. More specifically, some embodiments of the present technology relate to systems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices.
Mobile Technology Corporation, Llc


Method for improving audio experience for a user of an audio device

A method for improving audio experience for a user of an audio device is provided. The method includes establishing a communication channel between the audio device and a remote client; detecting a peripheral audio device in the vicinity of the audio device; establishing a temporary communication channel between the peripheral audio device and the remote client; and transferring, via the temporary communication channel, audio data between the peripheral audio device and the remote client..
Axis Ab


Terminal identification method in a system for providing multimedia content

A terminal identification method which acquires then decodes multimedia temporal content to generate a multimedia stream in unscrambled form with at least one temporal succession of time intervals. A set of information bits for displaying an image or playing a sound being transmitted during a single time interval.


Scalable video signal encoding/decoding method and apparatus

A scalable video signal decoding method according to the present invention decodes a corresponding picture of a reference layer corresponding to a current picture of a current layer, generates an inter-layer reference picture by up-sampling the decoded corresponding picture, generates a reference picture list including a temporal reference picture and an inter-layer reference picture, and inter-predicting the current picture on the basis of the generated reference picture list.. .
Kt Corporation


Method and processing video signal

The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for processing a video signal, capable of: obtaining a temporary inter-view motion vector corresponding to a first unit; obtaining virtual depth information corresponding to the first unit by using the temporary inter-view motion vector; obtaining an inter-view motion vector corresponding to the first unit by using the virtual depth information corresponding to the first unit; and updating the inter-view motion vector corresponding to the first unit.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Scalable video signal encoding/decoding

A scalable video signal decoding method according to the present invention determines, based on the temporal identifier of a lower layer, whether a corresponding picture of the lower layer is used as an inter-layer reference picture for the current picture of an upper layer, creates a list of reference pictures for the current picture based on the determination, and performs inter-layer prediction on the current block in the current picture based on the created list of reference pictures.. .
Kt Corporation


Hyperchromatic lens for recording time-resolved phenomena

A method and apparatus for the capture of a high number of quasi-continuous effective frames of 2-d data from an event at very short time scales (from less than 10−12 to more than 10−8 seconds) is disclosed which allows for short recording windows and effective number of frames. Active illumination, from a chirped laser pulse directed to the event creates a reflection where wavelength is dependent upon time and spatial position is utilized to encode temporal phenomena onto wavelength.
National Security Technologies, Llc


Near real-time detection of denial-of-service attacks

Methods and systems for detection and mitigation of denial-of-service (dos) attacks against network applications/services/devices in near real-time are provided. According to one embodiment, multiple access requests are received at a network device from a source internet protocol (ip) address.
Fortinet, Inc.


Secure virtual transfer of subscriber credentials

To virtually transfer subscriber identity module (“sim”) credentials from an active device to an inactive device in order to share carrier network access, temporary identifiers and sim credentials are transferred using secure connections and an optional public-private key pair with encryption at the transport layer. In an example, a carrier identification (“id”) server receives a temporary identifier, such as a temporary international mobile subscriber identity (“timsi”), from an inactive device via a carrier network.
Verizon Patent & Licensing Inc.


Convenient wifi network access using unique identifier value

A wifi network manager stores a unique identifier value such as a network address associated with a communication device as being a valid credential for the communication device to subsequently access a wifi network including one or more access points. The wifi network manager monitors use of the unique identifier value to access the wifi network.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Method of digital images management and a digital images management system

A method of digital image management is described for a mobile device having both a camera capable of taking digital images and an ability to communicate with the internet. There is an internet schema resident on the internet and a mobile device schema resident in the mobile device.
Verified Network Inc.


Alert management system for enterprises

A method for managing alerts generated in an enterprise environment is described. The method comprises discarding, by a processor, one or more duplicate alerts based on one or more predetermined rules, wherein a duplicate alert is an instance of an alert occurring within a duplicate alert arrival time associated with the alert.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Modulation of coded light components

A coded light component is modulated into emitted light on one of multiple channels each having a different modulation frequency. Modulation in the light causes a receiving camera to experience an apparent temporal frequency due to sequential capture of multiple frames and an apparent spatial frequency due to sequential exposure of spatial portions within each frame.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Laminate and manufacturing the same and manufacturing laminated core

This disclosure relates to a method for manufacturing a laminate used for manufacturing a laminated core including a circumferential yoke part and a plurality of magnetic pole parts radially extending from the yoke part. This method includes: feeding a metal sheet drawn from a roll thereof to a progressive die; stamping out a plurality of workpieces from the metal sheet in the progressive die, wherein each of the workpiece comprises a temporarily-interlocking portion between adjacent magnetic pole portions; and stacking the workpieces to integrate these workpieces together by the temporarily-interlocking portion to obtain the laminate..
Mitsui High-tec, Inc.


Rapid charging storage cell, rapid charging system, and program

The present rapid charging method for electric vehicles includes the steps of a1: measuring charging power for an electric vehicle that is being charged, a2: determining whether the measured charging power decreases monotonically for a certain period of time, a3: determining whether a difference between a maximum value of the measured charging power and a value of the current charging power is equal to or higher than a certain value, a4: calculating a state of charge of the electric vehicle and determining whether a current state of charge is equal to or less than a predetermined value, and a5: stopping temporarily and restarting a charging if (a) the charging power does not decrease monotonically for the certain period of time, (b) the difference between the maximum value of the charging power and the current value of the charging power is equal to or higher than the certain value, and (c) the current state of charge is equal to or less than the predetermined value.. .
Nec Corporation


Electrical facility and arrangement for protecting the electrical facility

An arrangement for protecting an electrical facility from overvoltages having an overcurrent protection facility arranged in a first series circuit and a shunt circuit arranged between the overcurrent protection facility and the electrical facility to be protected, the shunt series resulting in a second series circuit, wherein a diode for discharging transient overvoltages is arranged in the shunt circuit, which is conductive if a voltage threshold is exceeded, as a result of which the current resulting from the overvoltage can be passed through the shunt circuit to the facility to be protected into the second shunt circuit, where a first inductor is arranged in a series connection to the diode, the diode is connected here to a first diode terminal on the first series circuit and is connected to a second diode terminal on the first inductor, and where the overcurrent protection facility is not triggered prematurely by temporary overvoltages.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Overvoltage notching of electricity delivered to an electrical load

To protect an electrical load from anomalous electricity provided by an electricity source, a switching mechanism is configured to transition into one of conducting and non-conducting states in response to respective on and off states of a switching signal. A power controller evaluates input frequency characteristics of an overvoltage event in input electricity provided by the electricity source against at least one frequency criterion.
Electronics Systems Protection, Inc.


Light source control apparatus, image projection apparatus and storage medium storing light source control program

The light source control apparatus controls drive of multiple light sources included in a light source unit to be used in a state where the multiple light sources are lit. The multiple light sources each include multiple light-emitting elements.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Microelectronic assemblies having stack terminals coupled by connectors extending through encapsulation

A microelectronic assembly or package can include first and second support elements and a microelectronic element between inwardly facing surfaces of the support elements. First connectors and second connectors such as solder balls, metal posts, stud bumps, or the like face inwardly from the respective support elements and are aligned with and electrically coupled with one another in columns.
Invensas Corporation


Systems for separating ions and neutrals and methods of operating the same

A mass spectrometer system includes a pulsed ion source configured to generate ionized molecules and neutral molecules. The system also includes a first enclosure coupled in flow communication with the pulsed ion source.
Morpho Detection, Llc


Method and plasma ignition in high vacuum chambers

A new method and apparatus is described for igniting a plasma from high vacuum. The ignition method uses a small, short term and quick rise in gas flow into plasma chamber while being excited by rf power to ignite the plasma and then drops the gas flow to fixed input flow rate to maintain the plasma.
Xei Scientic, Inc.


Rotating anode mount adaptive to thermal expansion

The present invention relates to mounting of an anode disk. In order to provide a mount of an anode disk to a rotating shaft that is suitable for increased thermal loads on the anode disk, a rotating anode assembly (10) is provided that comprises an anode disk (12), a rotating shaft (14), and an anode disk support (16).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Liquid crystal display and shift register thereof

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display and a shift register thereof. Each shift register unit of the shift register comprises a storage circuit, receiving and temporarily storing a former stage signal, a voltage level control circuit and an inverter circuit, charging and discharging scan lines of a liquid crystal display panel, and a first node exists between the voltage level control circuit and the inverter circuit, and a second node exists between the storage circuit and the voltage level control circuit, and the storage circuit is employed to selectively invert and output received level signals to the second node under control of a first sequence signal, and the voltage level control circuit is employed to provide a low level signal to the first node, and the inverter circuit is employed to selectively invert and output the low level signal provided by the voltage level control circuit under control of a second sequence signal.
Shenzhen China Str Optolectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Methods and system for composing

Methods and system for creating and editing a composition. A composition model encodes the structure and the content of the composition.


Paper sheet transaction device

A paper sheet transaction device includes a drop unit, a storage unit, a temporary holder, and a control unit, wherein the temporary holder is removably provided in the paper sheet transaction device, and the control unit performs a control such that the temporary holder is a space that temporarily holds a paper sheet dropped through the drop unit before the paper sheet is stored in the storage unit, performs a control such that the temporary holder is a space into which at least a portion of the paper sheets in the storage unit is collected, and performs a control such that the paper sheets stored in advance in the temporary holder are transported to the storage unit.. .
Fujitsu Frontech Limited


Application and platform for temporary control over property access functions

A computing device may be configured to transition control over one or more functions of a rental unit to a user (e.g., a traveler) based on one or more of time, geo-location and access credentials. Access may be granted to the traveler to use one or more home automation functions including a hvac system, a thermostat, lighting, security alarm, automated door locks, etc.
Homeaway, Inc.

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