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Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device

Mechanism for rendering advertising objects into featured content

Content delivery

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tempo-related patents
 Method and device for scanning data for signatures prior to storage in a storage device patent thumbnailMethod and device for scanning data for signatures prior to storage in a storage device
The present invention relates to a method and device for scanning of data for signatures prior to storage. First data are received at a storage device for storage therein.
 Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device patent thumbnailEmbedded authentication systems in an electronic device
This invention is directed to an electronic device with an embedded authentication system for restricting access to device resources. The authentication system may include one or more sensors operative to detect biometric information of a user.
 Mechanism for rendering advertising objects into featured content patent thumbnailMechanism for rendering advertising objects into featured content
Systems and methods are provided for inserting an advertisement into a data stream. In accordance with one implementation, a method is provided that includes operations performed by one or more processors, including extracting a metatag from the data stream and identifying an advertising descriptor based the extracted metatag and characteristics of a scene associated with the data stream.
 Content delivery patent thumbnailContent delivery
Systems and methods are described that relate to delivering content to users. In one aspect, a primary client device and/or servers may communicate with secondary client devices to determine the identity of one or more users requesting content at the primary client device.
 Time varying evaluation of multimedia content patent thumbnailTime varying evaluation of multimedia content
Methods, systems, devices and computer program products are provided to facilitate enhanced use and interaction with multimedia content that is based on a time-varying evaluation of the multimedia content. While a content is being presented on a first device, timing information identifying temporal locations of segments of the content within a content timeline are extracted.
 Managing device ownership and commissioning in public-key encrypted wireless networks patent thumbnailManaging device ownership and commissioning in public-key encrypted wireless networks
A mobile commissioning device for assisting in the commissioning of wireless public-key encrypted networks, the device being provided with: means for reading the public key from a network node to be integrated in the wireless network, the channel for reading the public key being physically different to the wireless network channel for which the node is to be commissioned, means for at least temporarily storing the read public key in the device, means for transferring a public key of the commissioning device to the network node to be commissioned, the channel for transferring the public key preferably being the wireless channel for which the node is to be commissioned, and means for transferring the read public key to a trust center.. .
 Electronics  apparatus  able  to  revise  micro-program  and algorithm to revise micro-program patent thumbnailElectronics apparatus able to revise micro-program and algorithm to revise micro-program
An electronic apparatus is disclosed, where the apparatus revises the micro-program thereof reliably. The apparatus provides a master and slave cpus each having a memory.
 Preloading data into a flash storage device patent thumbnailPreloading data into a flash storage device
Programmer's data that is transferred from a programming device to a storage device is initially stored in a memory device of the storage device by using a durable data-retention storage setup. After the storage device is embedded in a host device, the programmer's data is internally (i.e., in the storage device) read from the memory device and rewritten into the memory device by using a conventional storage setup.
 Method and system for creating a temporary social network patent thumbnailMethod and system for creating a temporary social network
There is described a method for providing a user with a temporary access to a social network, comprising: receiving, from a user machine, an activation code comprising temporal information from which a temporary access period during which the user is allowed to access a social network platform is determinable; validating the activation code; determining, from the activation code, an end point in time at which an access of the user to the temporary social network ends; upon successful validation, providing the user with access to the social network platform until the end point in time is reached; and starting from the end point in time, preventing the user from accessing the social network platform.. .
 System, apparatus, and method for sharing a screen having multiple visual components patent thumbnailSystem, apparatus, and method for sharing a screen having multiple visual components
Embodiments of the invention provide a screen sharing technology including a local computing device and a remote computing device. The local computing device compresses pixel data captured from a frame buffer of the local computing device into a video stream.
Content delivery system, control apparatus, and content delivery method
A content delivery system includes: a packet forwarding apparatus(es) that forwards a plurality of contents delivered from a delivery server apparatus on the internet; a plurality of cache servers that are arranged for or connected to the packet forwarding apparatus(es) and that temporarily store at least some of the plurality of contents; and a control apparatus that collects an access frequency of each of the at least some of the contents from the plurality of cache servers, arranges contents whose access frequency is equal to or higher than a predetermined threshold in the plurality of cache servers in accordance with a predetermined arrangement, and arranges the other contents in the plurality of cache servers in accordance with access frequencies of the other contents.. .
Method of temporal bipartite projection
The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to a method of temporal bipartite projection for users and objects and a method of link prediction for an unhappened event. The method of the temporal bipartite projection comprises making a sequence of user-object weighted bipartite networks with the user-object weights, identifying the transitions for each user from a first object at a first time to a second object at a second time, assigning the transition weights corresponding to the transitions according to a predetermined rule, summing the transition weights for all users between two objects to obtain the transition tendencies, and constructing a temporal projection graph with the transition tendencies.
Ad-hoc temporary record relationship management
A method for ad hoc temporary record relationship management includes selecting an instance of a data object persisted in a database of a database driven application and creating a different instance of a different data object referencing the selected instance of the data object and relating the selected instance of the data object to an instance of yet a further data object also persisted in the database. The method also includes storing the created different instance of the different data object in a collection of instances of the different data object and querying the collection of instances of the different data object for a particular instance of the further data object.
Method of file synchronization and electronic device thereof
A method of file synchronization for a first electronic device offline logging into a local area network is disclosed. The method includes searching for at least one second electronic device logging into the local area network, transmitting a first operational serial number to the second electronic device and receiving a second operational serial number from the second electronic device, determining one of the first and second electronic devices as a temporary server according to the first operational serial number and the second operational serial number, and performing file synchronization with the temporary server..
Database management delete efficiency
A method, system, and computer program product to efficiently delete data from a database is disclosed. The method, system, and computer program product may include structuring the database to have a plurality of tables having indexes to related rows and having keys with key values associated with particular rows.
Database management delete efficiency
A method, system, and computer program product to efficiently delete data from a database is disclosed. The method, system, and computer program product may include structuring the database to have a plurality of tables having indexes to related rows and having keys with key values associated with particular rows.
Spiking network apparatus and method with bimodal spike-timing dependent plasticity
Apparatus and methods for learning in response to temporally-proximate features. In one implementation, an image processing apparatus utilizes bi-modal spike timing dependent plasticity in a spiking neuron network.
Payment system and payment terminal
To prevent the occurrence of the problem that a payment means less likely to be selected by a user is recognized as a usable payment means in a terminal having a function of sequentially making inquiries about usable electronic values, a payment system (100) includes a mobile terminal (1) that includes a plurality of payment means that makes payments and a reader/writer (3) that includes an inquiry means configured to sequentially make inquiries to the mobile terminal (1) about each of a plurality of acceptable payment means and accepts a payment with one payment means specified among available payment means found by the inquiry means by using a payment processing means corresponding to the one payment means, and the mobile terminal (1) further includes a mobile application (14) that temporarily disables one or more payment means among the plurality of payment means in response to an external request.. .
Multistage auction process and system with flat rate entry fee
A system and method use a protocol implementing a competitive auction with a flat rate entry fee. A user is credited with a preselected, maximum number, of bids per auction.
Devices, systems and methods for treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
The present disclosure relates to methods, devices and systems used for the treatment of mood, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and cognitive and behavioral disorders (collectively, neuropsychiatric disorders) via stimulation of the superficial elements of the trigeminal nerve (“tns”). More specifically, cutaneous methods of stimulation of the superficial branches of the trigeminal nerve located extracranially in the face, namely the supraorbital, supratrochlear, infraorbital, auriculotemporal, zygomaticotemporal, zygomaticoorbital, zygomaticofacial, infraorbital, nasal and mentalis nerves (also referred to collectively as the superficial trigeminal nerve) are disclosed herein..
Bone plate positioning scaffold
A device to maintain temporary engagement with a bone plate and a bone, the device comprising a first biased appendage positioned opposite a second biased appendage, the first and second biased appendages including an arcuate vertical profile that partially defines an interior region; a platform concurrently coupled to the first and second biased appendages, the platform also partially defining the interior region, the platform including a through hole open to the interior region; a first tab extending from at least one of the first biased appendage, the second biased appendage, and the platform, the first tab extending into the interior region and adapted to engage a bone plate; a first arcuate flange mounted to a distal portion of the platform; and a second arcuate flange mounted to a proximal portion of the platform.. .
Automated cell patch clamping method and apparatus
In an automated method for in vivo multiple cell patch clamping, cell patch clamping devices are automatically moved into position and targeted to multiple corresponding cells. Cell contact is determined by analyzing the temporal series of measured resistance levels at the clamping devices as they are moved.
Double-lock sterile entry intravenous port and syringe system
Patients continue to acquire infections from healthcare facilities such as hospitals at an alarming rate. These infections can be transmitted when drugs or other medical materials are delivered from a syringe system into an iv line through an iv port.
System and method for temporal fidelity enhanced medical imaging using temporal deconvolution
A method for increasing the temporal fidelity, increasing the temporal sampling density, and/or reducing the temporal noise of a series of image frames obtained with a medical imaging system is provided. The image frames are acquired with the medical imaging system.
Transparent substrate
The present invention provides a formed article, or more specifically a transparent substrate, which effectively utilizes a natural stuff and which has a low linear expansion coefficient, a high light transmittance and an appropriate level of moisture permeability. The transparent substrate includes at least an oxidized polysaccharide and has a linear expansion coefficient of 50 ppm/° c.
Paint, in particular for temporary road markings, containing biodegradable polymers
The invention relates to removable temporary paint having a release agent including a non-ionic surfactant and having a ph of 3 to 6. The paint includes: 10 wt % to 50 wt % of a natural alkyd resin in an aqueous emulsion, the alkyd resin having a molar mass mp of 3,000 g/mol to 100,000 g/mol, a polydispersity index lp of 1 to 20, an oil length of 20% to 40%, and an acid index of 10 to 35; at least one inorganic filler and/or pigment; and a sufficient amount of water.
Front side copper post joint structure for temporary bond in tsv application
A method of forming an integrated circuit structure is provided. The method includes providing a substrate, the substrate having a conductive pad thereon.
Method for determining the spatiotemporal distribution of activity of a proteolytic enzyme in a heterogeneous system (variations), a device for realizing same and a method for diagnosing the defects in the hemostatic system on the basis of a change in the spatiotemporal distribution of activity of a proteolytic enzyme in a heterogeneous system
The invention relates to the field of biotechnology. The method for determining the spatial and temporal distribution of the activity of a proteolytic enzyme in an in vitro heterogeneous system, such as blood or blood plasma, involves the introduction of a luminescent, fluorogenic or chromogenic substrate into a sample with the subsequent release of a detectable tag as the proteolytic enzyme cleaves the substrate, and the recording of the optical characteristics of the sample, which makes it possible to assess the spatial and temporal distribution of the activity of the enzyme.
Reagent patterning in capillarity-based analyzers and associated systems and methods
The present technology describes various embodiments of devices for processing, analyzing, detecting, measuring, and separating fluids. The devices can be used to perform these processes on a microfluidic scale, and with control over fluid and reagent transport.
Portable tablet computer based multiple sensor mount having sensor input integration with real time user controlled commenting and flagging and method of using same
An event recording system for multiple sensor integration with real time user controlled commenting and flagging includes a portable tablet computer including multiple source integrating recording software configured to i) capture at least one video image during at least part of the event, ii) capture at least one audio record of at least a portion of the event; iii) capture multiple data inputs from data sensors during at least part of the event; iv) contemporaneously flag the common log file by at least one user during the event; and v) integrate each video image, each audio record, each data input and each flag into a common time sequenced log file; at least one video camera and microphone coupled to the portable tablet computer during at least part of the event configured to supply at least one video image and one audio input during at least part of the event; and at least two independent sensors coupled to the portable tablet computer during at least part of the event configured to supply at least two data inputs during at least part of the event.. .
Photoluminescent sleeve
An elongate tube formed from a composite material comprising a polymer and a photoluminescent material has a cylindrical wall that defines an arc of between about 180 degrees and 360 degrees or greater. An elongate opening is defined in the wall along the length of the tube.
Sailing windmill, fully responsive vawt
The present invention relates to a vertical axis windmill. The windmill rotates on an upright post, with plural arms holding articulated working members circling around.
Fan containment system
A fan containment system having a generally cylindrical fan case including a hook projecting in a generally radially inward direction and positioned axially forward of a radial array of fan blades; a fan track liner disposed on the radially inner surface of the fan case; and a panel which is positioned axially rearward of the hook and positioned axially forward of the radial array of fan blades and forms a substantially continuous air washed surface with the fan track liner. The panel is temporarily deformable so as to absorb the impacts of any foreign bodies, which enter the gas turbine engine, without compromising the structural integrity of the panel while being weak enough so that in the event that one of the fan blades is released from the hub, the fan blade tip of the detached fan blade is not inhibited from moving radially outward of the hub..
Person-based video summarization by tracking and clustering temporal face sequences
A method for finding a temporal face sequence (412) includes, with a physical computing system (100), analyzing frames within a shot within a video, applying a face detection function to the frames, and in response to detecting a face within one of the frames, tracing a person associated with the face both backwards and forwards through frames within the shot. A temporal face sequence (412) is then defined as a sequence of frames that include frames within the shot spanning when the person is shown..
Audio clipping detection
Methods and systems for detecting the presence and frequency of clipping in an audio signal are provided. A clipping detection algorithm detects the presence of hard and soft clipping using histograms with intervals of samples, rather than attempting to identify the clipping value.
A method for attribute based broadcast encryption with permanent revocation
The invention is a method for broadcast encryption that allows a broadcaster to send encrypted data to a set of users such that only a subset of authorized users can decrypt said data. The method comprises modifications to the four stages of the basic cipher-text policy attribute-based encryption techniques.
Method of demodulating modulation signals
A method of generating modulation signals is disclosed including generally three steps. A plurality of modulation signals are generated, each of which is to be transmitted from a different one of a plurality of antennas in an identical frequency band, wherein each modulation signal includes a pilot symbol sequence including a plurality of pilot symbols used for demodulation.
Methods and systems for processing latticed time-skewed video streams
An apparatus for facilitating reception of multiple representations of a video signal. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a mechanism for receiving plural representations of the video signal corresponding to plural decimated versions of the video signal, associating pictures of the received plural representations of the video signal, and outputting pictures corresponding to information from associated pictures in accordance with a relative temporal order..
Method and apparatus for random accessing in wireless communication system
The present invention relates to a method for performing a random access, and more specifically, to a method for a terminal performing a random access in a wireless communication system, and comprises the steps of: receiving from a base station a random access preamble index and an indicator related to the random access; and transmitting to the base station a random access preamble that corresponds to the index, wherein the indicator related to the random access indicates what is a radio network temporary identifier (rnti), which is used for transmitting a physical downlink control channel that indicates a response to the random access.. .
Multicast service using unicast subframe
A system and method for multicast servicing in a unicast subframe is disclosed. The method using a transmission station comprises the operation of setting up a multicast service on each of a plurality of mobile devices in a multicast group using a multicast cell radio network temporary identifier (mc-rnti) with a common cell identifier (cid).
Identifying callers
Identifying a caller includes establishing, by a service provider, a connection over a computer network with a user device and accessing information enabling determination of a location of the user. A request to place a call to a call recipient is received from the user and a pool of temporary telephone numbers is accessed.
Method of manufacturing connection structure
A method of manufacturing a connection structure which includes a wiring substrate, a first electronic component that is flip-chip mounted on the front surface thereof, and a second electronic component that is flip-chip mounted on the rear surface. The method includes the steps of: temporarily mounting the first electronic component on the front surface of the wiring substrate with a first adhesive film disposed therebetween; temporarily mounting the second electronic component on the rear surface of the wiring substrate with a second adhesive film disposed therebetween, placing, on a pressure bonding receiving base, the wiring substrate on which the first electronic component and the second electronic component are temporarily mounted; and mounting the first electronic component and the second electronic component at a time onto the respective front and rear surfaces of the wiring substrate..
Devices, systems and methods of virtualizing a mirror
Computerized method for simulating looking into reflective mirror by operating the system in an idle mode and when presence of a user is detected in a field of view of the camera, switching the system to virtual mirror mode wherein the system performs the steps comprising: transforming the images captured by the camera to generate mirror images; storing the mirror images; displaying the mirror images on the monitor; and, determining whether the user has an existing account and, if so, opening the user account and displaying thumbnails corresponding to the user account on the monitor; if the user has no existing account, setting a temporary account and so long as the user is still in front of the monitor, enabling the user to control the temporary account; and, once the user exits the field of view, returning the system to idle mode.. .
Methods and apparatus to render colors to a binary high-dimensional output device
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for color rendering in a binary high-dimensional output device, for example. The methods and apparatus are configured to receive color space data, and then map the received data to an intermediate color space.
Display device
A display device (1) includes (i) refresh rate changing means (15) for changing a refresh rate of a display panel (2) and (ii) a polarity reversal controlling section (20) for changing, in accordance with a change in the refresh rate, at least one of a temporal cycle and a spatial cycle of a polarity reversal of a source signal.. .
Touch panel device with tactile sense presenting function
A touch panel device with the tactile sense presenting function according to this embodiment includes the plurality of electrodes 1 arranged on the single plane, and the controller 20. The controller 20 performs a first operation and a second operation in a time division manner.
Process and system to determine temporal changes in retransmission and propagation of signals used to measure distances, syncronize actuators and georeference applications
The proposed solution includes the use of four reference bases on the ground at known positions, with a coded time signal transmitted by one of them which is retransmitted by the repeater station and received by each of the reference bases. Using two distinct sets of three reference bases it is possible to calculate the differences between two positions for the repeater station, assigning to the later changes in time, phase or frequency as well as temporal changes due to the signal propagation in the medium, for the respective elevation angles found for the repeater.
Magnetic resonance system with pulsed compensation magnetic field gradients
In order to detect a magnetic resonance (mr) signal in an examination region of an examination subject in a measurement field of an mr system with an mr imaging sequence, a magnetization in the examination subject is generated with a polarization field b0. The mr system has a magnet to generate the polarization field b0 with a first field inhomogeneity across the measurement field.
Method and device for detecting isolated operation of power generation installations
The invention describes a method for detecting isolated operation of power generation instillations (5) which are set up to generate electrical power and can be coupled to an interconnected power supply system (1) for feed operation. The power generation installation (5) operates in isolation with respect m the interconnected power supply system when no power is exchanged between the power generation installation (5) and the interconnected power supply system (1).
Secondary battery control device
A control device of a secondary battery has a current detection unit (103) that detects a charge current to the secondary battery (101) and a discharge current from the secondary battery (101); a calculation unit (107) that calculates, from the charge current and the discharge current, a charge-discharge efficiency and a discharge-charge efficiency when performing a charge operation and a discharge operation; a deterioration judgment unit (107) that judges a deterioration state of the secondary battery (101) from a temporal change rate of the charge-discharge efficiency and a temporal change rate of the discharge-charge efficiency; and a control unit (107) that sets a charge termination voltage of the secondary battery (101) in accordance with the deterioration state.. .
Power-generating system
A power-generating system includes a heat source which is able to produce temporal temperature variation, a first device in which polarization occurs based on the temperature change of the heat source, and a second device for taking out a net generating power from the first device, wherein 80% or higher of the total surface area of the first device is heated and/or cooled with the heat source.. .
Quadrupole mass spectrometer with enhanced sensitivity and mass resolving power
A novel method and mass spectrometer apparatus is introduced to spatially and temporally resolve images of one or more ion exit patterns of a multipole instrument. In particular, the methods and structures of the present invention measures the ion current as a function of time and spatial displacement in the beam cross-section of a quadrupole mass filter via an arrayed detector.
Conduit bracketry, systems and methods
A bracket stores and separates conduits. The bracket includes two interchangeable halves having an engagement extrusion extending from an inner face.
Multi-functional flat lid
A lid is presented that is configured for placement onto the upstanding wall of a pot. The lid includes a pair of platforms that create a flat lid surface and a recessed handle that provides an ergonomic grasping area for easy placement and removal of the lid while maintaining a flat stacking surface.
Method and apparatus for desolvating flowing liquid
Methods and apparatus for desolvating flowing liquid streams while retaining temporal resolution of dissolved substrates are disclosed. A novel small-scale self-regulating spray dryer preserves temporal resolution while desolvating a liquid chromatography eluent stream and depositing the solute onto an optical surface for infrared spectrographic analysis.
System and method for temporarily sealing a bore hole
A production zone isolation system includes a sealing mechanism is positioned adjacent to or within the production zone of a well bore such that the expanders are positioned parallel to areas aft and fore of the area which is to be isolated. A refrigerant or cooling agent is pumped into a first inner tubular and exits out of the expanders and into regions of second outer tubular.
Installation for storing thermal energy
An installation for storing thermal energy is provided. The storage is carried out by the compression and relaxation of a working gas, wherein pump and compressor can be driven by, for example, electric motors which temporarily absorb excess power generated in the power grid.
Deformable shaft umbrella
A folding umbrella having a shorter rigid upper segment and a longer flexible or deformable lower segment, such that with at least an upper portion of the flexible or deformable lower segment manipulated so as to be relatively straight, the hub member of the umbrella is slidable onto the flexible or deformable lower segment. The umbrella further has a mounting mechanism adapted to temporarily secure the umbrella to an object during use, wherein the mounting mechanism may be a clip or a deformable handle member, either as a deformable member connected to the lower end of the shaft or the lowermost portion of the shaft itself..
Gasifier start-up method, gasifier, and integrated gasification combined cycle facility
Provided is a gasifier start-up method for a gasifier capable of preventing or inhibiting a temporary occurrence of black smoke when a gasifier is started-up. A gasifier start-up method for a gasifier, in which a gasifying agent and a solid carbonaceous fuel are supplied and gasified, includes a start-up burner igniting step of supplying a start-up fuel and oxygen-containing gas to a start-up burner and igniting the start-up fuel and oxygen-containing gas, under an inert atmosphere in which an inside of the gasifier around the start-up burner is filled with inert gas; and an oxygen-containing-gas supply adjusting step of adjusting the supply of the oxygen-containing gas such that combustion gas obtained after the combustion reaction of the start-up fuel and the oxygen-containing gas becomes the inert gas, which contains little oxygen..
Device for remote insect capture and disposal
A device for capturing live or dead insects on a surface that can be disposed of without direct user contact while the insect is covered from view. The device includes an extensible handle and swivel base/connector to which would be temporarily affixed a disposable cap having an outer rim/perimeter and flexible central surface to which adhesive is affixed or applied.
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and license management method
An information processing system including one or more information processing apparatus includes one or more service providing units to provide a service to a first terminal device; and a license management unit to manage a license temporarily registered from a second terminal device. The service providing unit includes a first storage unit to preserve license information of the license managed by the license management unit; a second storage unit to store a copy of the license information; and a validation unit to receive a request to make the license valid from the first terminal device, to make the temporarily registered license information stored in the second storage unit valid, and to request to make the temporarily registered license information preserved in the first storage unit valid.
Method of sharing credential and wireless communication system thereof
A method of sharing credential in a wireless communication system comprising a first user equipment, a second communication device and a network, includes transmitting a temporal credential and a credential custody request, from the first communication device, to the network; transmitting first custody information, by the network, to the first communication device; transmitting a credential acquiring request and second custody information, by the second communication device, to the network; and determining whether to transmit the temporal credential to the second communication device according to the second custody information.. .
Method of operating an ip client
An ip client device that is connected to a display device for presentation of av content pulls av content for a user-selected service from a server and presents the av content to the user. Concurrently, the ip client device pulls a selected version of av content for an additional service from a server that hosts multiple versions of the av content for the additional service, the multiple versions providing the av content for the additional service at different bit rates, and temporarily storing the selected version of the av content for the additional service in a memory.
Method and system for exception-less system calls in an operating system
A method and system is disclosed which can enhance the performance of computer systems by altering the operation of the operating system of those computer systems. The invention provides a system and method for making exception-less system calls, decoupling the invocation and execution of system calls, thus avoiding or reducing the direct and indirect overheads associated with making a conventional exception-based system call.
Asics having programmable bypass of design faults
A relatively small amount of programmable logic may be included in a mostly asic device such that the programmable logic can be used as a substitute for a fault-infected asic block. This substitution may occur permanently or temporarily.
Method, system, and apparatus for providing alert synthesis in a data protection system
A method for diagnosing problems with protection of a data source and recovery of the same. The method includes diagnosing a copy of data located at the storage location and diagnosing a temporal version of the copy of data.
Testing a configuration change
An approach is provided for testing a change (i.e., configuration change) in a configuration of a computing environment. First configurable attributes of a user identifier (id) of a user are determined.
Methods for sequencing memory access requests
Memory access requests are successively received in a memory request queue of a memory controller. Any conflicts or potential delays between temporally proximate requests that would occur if the memory access requests were to be executed in the received order are detected, and the received order of the memory access requests is rearranged to avoid or minimize the conflicts or delays and to optimize the flow of data to and from the memory data bus.
Multi-row database updating for enterprise workflow application
Embodiments of the invention are directed to a system, method, or computer program product for providing expedited updating of data stored by an entity. Specifically, the invention expedites the updating of data within large quantities of data on database tables.
Multi-row database data loading for enterprise workflow application
Embodiments of the invention are directed to a system, method, or computer program product for providing expedited loading/inserting of data by an entity. Specifically, the invention expedites the loading/inserting of large quantities of data to database tables.
System and method for the execution of third party services transaction over financial networks through a virtual integrated automated teller machine on an electronic terminal device.
Disclosed is an automated computerized system and customer facing electronic device screen interface that acts as virtual integrated automated teller machine, referred to herein as the iatm system. The iatm system enables electronic terminal device users to request and authorize their preferred financial services through the existing automated teller machine (atm) and point-of-sale (pos) networks by automating non bank third party financial services transactions on the electronic terminal device.
Consumer financial behavior model generated based on historical temporal spending data to predict future spending by individuals
A method for selecting a next action includes reading transaction data, determining insights and relationships between a first entity and a second entity from the collected transaction data. Once these relationships and insights have been determined, the possibility of a future event occurring in one of a number of selected time periods can be determined using a predictive time-to-event component.
Alpha-chain constraints for process planning
A method is provided that includes receiving process-related information describing a process for production of a product, including a logical sequence of tasks to produce respective internal products of the process. The method also includes constructing a schedule for the process based on the process-related information, with the process schedule being for execution of at least some of the tasks each of which utilizes or requires inputs including temporally a last input.
Out-of-band notification of muting during voice activity
Apparatus having corresponding methods and computer-readable media comprise: a muter configured to pass or block an audio signal; a voice activity detector configured to detect voice activity in the audio signal; and a vibrator configured to produce a mechanical vibration responsive to the contemporaneous occurrence of i) the voice activity detector detecting the voice activity in the audio signal; and ii) the muter being configured to block the audio signal.. .
Temporal reflectometry system and method for unambiguously locating an electrical defect in a cable
A time domain reflectometry system for the unambiguous location of at least one singularity in a cable, comprises analysis and calculation means for reflectometry signals suited to generating two injection signals from at least one reflectometry signal, two digital-to-analog converters for converting said digital signals into analog signals, two coupling and transmission means for said signals at two distinct points of said cable, at least one analog-to-digital converter for converting the signal reflected by said singularity and received by said coupling and transmission means, said analysis and calculation means furthermore being suited to receiving and analyzing said reflected signal, digitally converted, to produce a time domain reflectogram, said signals being designed such that the signal propagating from one side of said cable is equal to said reflectometry signal and the signal propagating from the other side of said cable is substantially zero.. .
Systems and methods for enhancing or affecting neural stimulation efficiency and/or efficacy
Systems and methods for enhancing or affecting neural stimulation efficiency and/or efficacy are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system and/or method may apply electromagnetic stimulation to a patient's nervous system over a first time domain according to a first set of stimulation parameters, and over a second time domain according to a second set of stimulation parameters.
Catch members for occluder devices
Devices and techniques for modifying and maintaining a configuration of an occlusion device for the closure of physical anomalies, such as an atrial septal defect, a patent foramen ovale (pfo), and other septal and vascular defects are described. The devices and techniques relate particularly to, but are not limited to, modifying and maintaining a configuration of a pfo occluder made from a polymer tube.
Surgical device for controlled anchoring in the intestine
The present invention relates to a surgical anchor device (1) suitable for being anchored on the mucous membrane of the inner wall of the intestine (10), the device comprising a temporary anchor element (2) presenting anchoring that can be modified in controlled manner and comprising a first substantially cylindrical multiply-perforated wall presenting properties of radial elasticity whereby said first wall presents an outer diameter that can be varied in controlled manner, the device being characterized in that at least a portion of the inner surface of said first wall (2a) is lined with an independent leakproof inner sheath having only its longitudinal ends (3a, 3b) fastened to said anchor element (2) in such a manner as to define a suction chamber (5) between said inner sheath (3) and said first wall, said temporary anchor element (2) being coupled to a flexible or semi-rigid tube referred to as an “injection-suction” tube (6), extending outside said anchor element (2), an open end (6a) of said injection-suction tube opening out into said suction chamber (5) enabling air to be injected into or sucked out from said suction chamber.. .

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Tempo for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Tempo with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.

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