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Signaling flows and buffer status report for a group in device-to-device broadcast communication


Signaling flows and buffer status report for a group in device-to-device broadcast communication

Systems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices

Mobile Technology

Systems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices

Systems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices

Method and apparatus for audio processing

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tempo-related patents
 Systems and methods for establishing multiple radio connections patent thumbnailSystems and methods for establishing multiple radio connections
A method for establishing multiple radio connections by a user equipment (ue) is described. The method includes receiving a first physical downlink control channel (pdcch) that includes a first cyclic redundancy check (crc) scrambled by a first cell radio network temporary identifier (c-rnti) in a primary radio connection.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Signaling flows and buffer status report for a group in device-to-device broadcast communication patent thumbnailSignaling flows and buffer status report for a group in device-to-device broadcast communication
Methods, systems, and devices are described for device-to-device (d2d) wireless communication. A device may transmit an initiation message to a base station indicating that the device desires to initiate a d2d communication session.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Systems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices patent thumbnailSystems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices
Various embodiments of the present technology generally relate to data delivery. More specifically, some embodiments of the present technology relate to systems and methods for using spatial and temporal analysis to associate data sources with mobile devices.
Mobile Technology Corporation, Llc

 Method and  audio processing patent thumbnailMethod and audio processing
A method and apparatus for introducing a time-varying time delay or phase shift randomly into the individual reproduction channels of a sound recording, two in the case of binaural presentation. This emulates the temporal aspect of microphone and/or listener motion.

 Microphone environmental protection device patent thumbnailMicrophone environmental protection device
A device for protecting a microphone sensing surface, such as a diaphragm, from the detrimental effects of the ambient environment. The device incorporates a perforated surface to protect the microphone and in conjunction with a chamber volume creates an acoustic resonance in the 1 khz to 20 khz spectrum, which improves the microphone signal-to-noise ratio performance.
Red Tail Hawk Corporation

 Synchronized provision of social media content with time-delayed video program events patent thumbnailSynchronized provision of social media content with time-delayed video program events
Systems and related operating methods of providing social media content in conjunction with the presentation of video content are presented here. In accordance with one exemplary operating method, a time-delayed version of a video program event is provided for presentation on a display.
Sling Media Inc.

 Generating a stream comprising synchronized content patent thumbnailGenerating a stream comprising synchronized content
A method of generating a stream comprising synchronized interactive content is described. The method comprises the steps of: transmitting a first stream from a studio to a terminal or a terminal system of a first user and to a buffer; transmitting in response to the first stream a second stream to a mixer connected to the buffer, the second stream comprising content generated in reaction to the content of the first stream; providing the mixer with a temporal relation between the packets in the first and second stream; generating a first output stream comprising a substantially synchronized content by mixing packets in second stream with packets of the buffered first stream on the basis of the temporal relation..
Koninklijke Kpn N.v.

 Derivation of sps temporal id nesting information for multi-layer bitstreams patent thumbnailDerivation of sps temporal id nesting information for multi-layer bitstreams
According to certain aspects, an apparatus for coding video information includes a memory and a processor configured to determine whether a first syntax element is present in a bitstream, the first syntax element associated with a sequence parameter set (sps) and a first flag indicative of whether a temporal identifier (id) of a reference picture for pictures that refer to the sps can be nested; and in response to determining that the first syntax element is not present in the bitstream: obtain a second syntax element indicative of a maximum number of temporal sub-layers in a particular layer of the plurality of layers; and determine whether to set the first flag equal to a second flag indicative of whether a temporal id of a reference picture for any pictures can be nested based at least in part on a value of the second syntax element.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Moving picture coding method, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture decoding method, moving picture decoding apparatus, and moving picture coding and decoding apparatus patent thumbnailMoving picture coding method, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture decoding method, moving picture decoding apparatus, and moving picture coding and decoding apparatus
A moving picture coding apparatus includes an intra-inter prediction unit which calculates a second motion vector by performing a scaling process on a first motion vector of a temporally neighboring corresponding block, when selectively adding, to a list, a motion vector of each of one or more corresponding blocks each of which is either a block included in a current picture to be coded and spatially neighboring a current block to be coded or a block included in a picture other than the current picture and temporally neighboring the current block, determines whether the second motion vector has a magnitude that is within a predetermined magnitude or not within the predetermined magnitude, and adds the second motion vector to the list when the intra-inter prediction unit determines that the second motion vector has a magnitude that is within the predetermined magnitude range.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

 Techniques for evaluating compressed motion video quality patent thumbnailTechniques for evaluating compressed motion video quality
Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques for evaluating video quality of compressed versions of a motion video to select compressed frames of that motion video without access to an uncompressed version. A device to transmit motion video includes a device scoring component to select a set of coefficients from a vector correlating temporal complexity values to sets of coefficients based on a temporal complexity of a first compressed frame of a first compressed video data, the vector derived from opinion scores associated with at least one viewing characteristic of a viewing device; and a selection component to select either the first compressed frame or a second compressed frame of a second compressed data to transmit to the viewing device based on a metric of video quality derived from the selected set of coefficients, the first and second compressed data representing a motion video.


Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus

An image decoding method for decoding, on a block-by-block basis, image data included in a coded bitstream includes: obtaining a fixed number of merging candidates each of which is a candidate set of a prediction direction, a motion vector, and a reference picture index which are to be referenced in decoding of a current block (s303); and obtaining, from the coded bitstream, an index for identifying a merging candidate for the current block (s304), wherein the fixed number of merging candidates include: one or more first candidates each derived based on a prediction direction, a motion vector, and a reference picture index which have been used for decoding a neighboring block spatially or temporally neighboring the current block; and one or more second candidates having a predetermined fixed. The fixed number is greater than or equal to two..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Capture of three-dimensional images using a single-view camera

A single-lens camera captures a two-dimensional image and, nearly contemporaneously, manipulates focus of the camera to provide information regarding the distance from the camera of objects shown in the image. With this distance information, the camera synthesizes multiple views of the image to produce a three-dimensional view of the image.


Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system

A calculation unit calculates, on the basis of a play list indicating contents adopted as a playback target chosen from among a plurality of contents, a priority level about a cash temporarily storing the contents, for each of the contents. For example, the present technique can be applied to an information processing system and the like performing streaming playback of contents based on mpeg (moving picture experts group phase)-dash standard..


Method and counting and aggregating a pre-determined number of articles

A method for counting and aggregating a pre-determined number of articles includes: driving, by a conveyor, an article stream to move to an end of the conveyor in a single layer state; conveying the article stream in a periodic motion; after the articles in the article stream leave the conveyor, accurately counting the number of the articles; and when a total number of articles in a combination of temporary storage bin is the same as a target number, transporting all articles in the combination of temporary storage bin to a storage device. Article batches are separately delivered to different temporary storage bins, and the total number of articles in temporary storage bins in different combinations is calculated, so as to obtain with a combination in which the number of articles is the same as the target number.
Colamark (guangzhou) Labeling Equipment Ltd.


Efficient retrieval of 4g lte capabilities

A mobile device executes a background process under an on demand model that queries a remote service exposed by a mobile broadband network to receive status updates as to the capabilities of devices, such as the ability to stream video, that are associated with contacts that are stored on the mobile device. When a mobile device user invokes an action like using a dialer application that causes a contact to be displayed on the device's user interface (ui) such as in a contact card or contact list format, the background process immediately retrieves status for that contact card or list.
Microsoft Corporation


Redistribution of operating environments for the redeployment of grid clients

A client-server network environment is temporarily transformed into a grid computing environment through the deployment of a network -booted grid operating system to each of a plurality of network clients. Each participating client operates in the client-server mode under a local operating system.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and system for providing temporary secure access enabled virtual assets

Temporary secure access enabled virtual assets are provided that include a temporary secure access communications door. Upon receipt of temporary access authentication data from a source outside the temporary secure access enabled virtual asset, the temporary secure access communications door temporarily allows operational instruction code to be transferred into the temporary secure access enabled virtual asset from a source outside temporary secure access enabled virtual asset..
Intuit Inc.


Handling of information related to off-line base stations

A method is provided in an access point (800) in a wireless communication system. When the access point temporarily does not have an operational backhaul connection (601), the access point receives information from a terminal.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Activation management system and activation management method

An activation management system includes an activation management apparatus including a processor. The processor is configured to start, in response to a first request for accessing from a client device to a target server in a first state of being stopped, user authentication processing for authenticating a user of the client device and transmit a first instruction for bringing the target server into a second state of being operating.
Fujitsu Limited


Methods, systems, and devices for modulation and coding scheme signaling for common control channel

Embodiments of the present disclosure describe methods, systems, and devices for modulation and coding scheme signaling for a common control channel. Various embodiments may include restricting transmit block size selection for downlink control information format 1a having a cyclic-redundancy check scrambled by a paging radio network temporary identifier, a system information radio network temporary identifier, or a random access radio network temporary identifier.
Intel Ip Corporation


Method and system for smart card chip personalization

Method and system for personalizing a chip, intended to be integrated into a smart card, comprising a tester associated to an fpga device connected to the chip, the chip being part of a wafer comprising a plurality of chips and a disposable hardware module for verifying presence of the chip on the wafer. The tester sends a first secret code to the fpga device, which commands the chip to initiate a test mode activation.
Nagravision S.a.


Bias control of nested mach-zehnder modulators for the generation of optical qam signals

Disclosed are bias control methods for mach-zehnder modulators for the generation of optical qam signals while ensuring correct i/q polarity of the generated optical qam signal. One exemplary method involves temporarily offsetting i and q biases from ideal transmission null bias points while another illustrative method temporarily makes i and q data streams identical..
Acacia Communications Inc.


Identification circuit

An identification circuit is provided for generating a unique identification pattern for an object to be identified. The circuit includes at least one bistable closed circuit ring that includes a plurality of switching stages, each switching stage having at least two parallel internal signal delay paths, which are connected directly to one another on the input side and are selectable on the output side by at least one challenge bit of a challenge word applied to the circuit ring.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Broadband switchable antenna

System and method embodiments are provided for a broadband switchable antenna. The embodiments enable an easily tunable, temporally switchable antenna with good low- and high-band performance with controlled high impedance loci that easily coexists with other wireless device components.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Programmable voltage generator for nonvolatile memory device

An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure provides a programming voltage generator for a nonvolatile memory device. The programming voltage generator comprises a power circuit, a detector, a switching circuit, a control signal generator, and a regulation circuit.
Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc.


Thumbnail generation and presentation for recorded tv programs

Thumbnail images representative of recorded tv programs are generated and presented to aid a user in browsing the recorded tv programs. In one implementation, a temporary thumbnail image is generated when a tv program first starts recording.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Brightness compensation in a display

Various examples are provided for brightness compensation in a display. In one example, a method includes identifying an ir voltage drop effect on a pixel supplied by a supply voltage line and generating a brightness signal for the pixel based at least in part on the ir voltage drop effect.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Luminance boost method and system

A system and method for increasing perceived contrast in a medical display (174) is provided. The method involves temporarily increasing luminance output of at least part of a display (174) in response to a received request for improved visualization.
Barco N.v.


Electronic sign board, portable sign shack and threshold transport dolly

A manufactured dolly, having wheels, axle and handle, is convertible to an electronic sign board dolly. Included are three support legs cut at a severance point, and a padded cross-tie member housing four pivot and securing brackets with an elongated pivot pin upon which a sign board support channel first end turns.


Multi-view synthesis in real-time with fallback to 2d from 3d to reduce flicker in low or unstable stereo-matching image regions

Multi view images are generated with reduced flickering. A first depth map is generated from stereo images by stereo-matching.
Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute Company Limited


Capacity upgrade on demand automation

A mechanism is provided for automating capacity upgrade on demand. Responsive to a usage of an originally allocated resource exceeding an upper predetermined threshold, access to an additional resource is temporarily allocated.
International Business Machines Corporation


Protecting transactions

Technology is described for protecting transactions. The technology may include a switching component that a user can employ to switch an associated mobile device into a secure mode so that a user can confirm the transaction.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Temporal processing scheme and sensorimotor information processing

Embodiments relate to a processing node in a temporal memory system that performs temporal pooling or processing by activating cells where the activation of a cell is maintained longer if the activation of the cell were previously predicted or activation on more than a certain portion of associated cells in a lower node was correctly predicted. An active cell correctly predicted to be activated or an active cell having connections to lower node active cells that were correctly predicted to become active contribute to accurate prediction, and hence, is maintained active longer than cells activated but were not previously predicted to become active.
Numenta, Inc.


Artificial neural network and perceptron learning using spiking neurons

A method for communicating a non-binary value in a spiking neural network includes encoding, with an encoder, a non-binary value as one or more spikes of at least one pre-synaptic neuron in a temporal frame. The method also includes computing a value with a decoder matched to the encoder.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Medical monitoring systems

A medical recording, reporting and transmission system includes a headset or other user interface for contemporaneously recording doctor orders, patient vital signs, medications administered and other events that occur in a code blue event. A monitor system may record and report medical events, provide instant playback for clarification of doctor orders and may interface with a drug interaction database and patient database to warn of possible medication conflicts.


Email analytics

A method for performing email analytics is described. The method includes extracting emails from the configured email repository.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Hdd write buffer zone for vibration condition

Technologies are described herein for temporarily writing data to a buffer zone on a recording medium of a storage device when the device is operating in a vibration condition. A vibration condition is detected in the storage device, and upon detecting the vibration condition, data of a current write operation is written to a buffer zone on a recording medium of the storage device, the buffer zone being configured with a lower areal density of storage than primary storage zones on the recording medium.
Seagate Technology Llc


Storage system, information processing device, and control method

A storage system includes a first information processing device connected to a first storage device, and a second information processing device connected to a second storage device. The first information processing device includes a switch processing unit that connects the first storage device to the second information processing device.
Fujitsu Limited


Computer system, cash data management method, and computer

A computer system, comprising: a service server on which an application; a storage server for storing data used by the application; and a management server for managing the service server and the storage server, the service server including a cache device which a server cache for temporarily storing data is set, and including an operating system and an i/o request monitoring unit for monitoring an i/o request issued by the application, and issuing a dummy i/o request for controlling an arrangement of data in the server cache in a case where a predetermined condition is satisfied, the management server including a cache optimization unit for generating a control policy for issuing the dummy i/o request.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Method for temporarily manipulating operation of object in accordance with touch pressure or touch area and terminal thereof

A method for temporarily manipulating an operation of an object in accordance with a touch pressure or a touch area may be provided. The method includes: operating the object at a first state; detecting at least one of a magnitude of the touch pressure and a size of the touch area when the touch is input to a touch panel; operating the object at a second state of a first operation according to at least one of the magnitude of the touch pressure and the size of the touch area; and operating the object at the first state when the touch is released..
Hideep Inc.


Methods, arrangements and devices for animal management

An animal management system with a control device configured to control various farm devices, each of the farm devices individually controllable by the control device according to pre-defined settings, where the control device, responsive to a request from a portable device pertaining to a particular animal, is configured to cause a pre-defined setting of a farm device to temporarily change based on the request from the portable device and therefore cause the farm device to operate according to the temporary setting, and subsequently, after an elapse of time or occurrence of an event related to the farm device, revert the setting back to an original setting and cause the farm device to again operate according to the original setting.. .
Delaval Holding Ab


Color changing materials arranged in slow particle coloration materials

Articles comprises iron oxide colloidal nanocrystals arranged within chains, wherein the chains of nanocrystals are embedded within a material used to form the article or a transfer medium used to transfer a color to the article are described. The material or transfer medium includes elastic properties that allow the nanocrystals to display a temporary color determined by the strength of an external force applied to the article, and the material or transfer medium includes memory properties that cause the displayed temporary color to dissipate when the external force is removed, wherein the dissipation of the displayed temporary color is sufficiently slow as to be visually observable by an average observer's unaided eye..
Adidas Ag


Energy emission event detection

Methods and systems for detecting an energy emission event are provided. In a method for detecting an energy emission event, a reference event signal is compared with a received event signal.
Doubleshot, Inc.


Processing apparatus and particle securing method

A processing apparatus includes: a light emission unit configured to emit light to a surface of a particle dispersed liquid applied to a base material, the particle dispersed liquid having particles dispersed in a solvent; a reflected light amount monitoring unit configured to detect an amount of the light reflected, and monitor a temporal variation of the detected value; and a condition adjustment unit configured to adjust a condition for a particle securing process, the particle securing process being performed to remove the solvent and secure the particles onto the base material, wherein, when the temporal variation falls within a predetermined range after the value has reached an extreme value, securing of the particles is determined to have been completed.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Articulated scanner

An articulated scanner for scanning a patient's foot in a neutral position, i.e. Without the weight of the patient or the patient's foot on the scanner, has multiple arms and multiple adjusting members for first allowing the scanner to be easily positioned to desired positions and then temporarily held in any chosen position while a patient's foot is being scanned..
Footmaxx Of Virginia, Inc.


Lighting device comprising a wavelength conversion arrangement

A lighting device comprising a phosphor wheel configured such that it temporarily sequentially not only emits the excitation light in a wavelength-converted fashion as conversion light but additionally reflects said excitation light in an unconverted fashion as reflection light. Conversion light and reflection light are guided spatially separately on a conversion light path and reflection light path, respectively, with the aid of a first dichroic mirror and are finally combined with the aid of a second dichroic mirror.
Osram Gmbh


Water dispenser

A water dispenser is provided which includes a slide table and in which a raw water container is placed at a position lower than that of a temporary water storage tank. This water dispenser includes a penetration rod configured to be inserted from below and to project into the raw water container to allow communication between the raw water container and a water supply passage.
Kabushiki Kaisha Cosmo Life


Dual purpose attachment point system and method

A support system for an appliance includes: a transporting support having a transporting attaching interface that aligns with an appliance attaching interface wherein the transporting attaching interface and the appliance attaching interface are configured to align with each other to allow the transporting support to securely attach to the appliance via the transporting attaching interface and the appliance attaching interface; a temporary support that connects to the appliance at a place different than the appliance attaching interface; and a permanent support having a permanent attaching interface having dimensions substantially the same as the transporting attaching interface such that the permanent support attaches to the appliance at the appliance attaching interface when the transporting support is not attached to the appliance. A method for both transporting and supporting the appliance may also be provided..


Removable attachment device for attaching to longer linear or filiform objects

A removable attachment device, that particularly forms an anti-theft device and/or electronic information medium, comprising a body on which a flap is mounted pivotably, wherein the body and the flap each have a substantially flat surface, wherein the flap rotates in relation to the body net a first extreme open position and a second extreme position known as the closed not in which the two respective surfaces can grip the object, wherein means are provided to lock the flap on the body temporarily and securely in the gripping position, characterized in that at least the gripping surface of the body and/or flap has/have raised or protruding means, that are elastically deformable.. .
Thoonsen Trading


Directional control for dual brush robotic pool cleaners

A self-propelled robotic pool cleaner (100) has a first pair of driven brushes (12, 14) and second pair of free brushes co-axially mounted for rotation on axles (16) at the opposite ends of the pool cleaner. The first pair of brushes are mounted on one side and are driven by a drive motor (110); the second pair of brushes are mounted on the opposite side of the cleaner.
Aqua Products, Inc.


Methods for modulating c9orf72 expression

Disclosed herein are methods for reducing expression of c90rf72 mrna and protein in an animal with c90rf72 specific inhibitors. Such methods are useful to treat, prevent, or ameliorate neurodegenerative diseases in an individual in need thereof.
Ludwig Institute For Cancer Research


Biodegradable hydrogel for polynucleotide delivery

A composition includes a biodegradable hydrogel that includes a hydrogel forming base polymer and a plurality of physiologically degradable ester linkages, amide linkages, azide-alkyne cycloaddition linkages, acrylate-thiol linkages, urethane linkages, and/or methacrylate-thiol linkages, a polynucleotide coupling polymeric molecule; and a polynucleotide. The polynucleotide is released under physiological conditions in a spatial and/or temporally controlled or predetermined manner from the composition..
Case Western Reserve University


Multipartite signaling proteins and uses thereof

The present disclosure relates to compositions and methods for using cells having chemically-induced fusion protein complexes to spatially and temporally control immune cell signal initiation and downstream responses for treating disease.. .
Bluebird Bio, Inc.


Post-processing device

Provided is a post-processing device including a transport unit that transports a recording material which is sequentially transported from an upstream side toward a post-processing unit that performs post-processing on the recording material, a standby unit that is connected to the transport unit, and allows a recording material which is backhauled by a transport section reversible from the transport unit to temporarily standby, a transport member that transport the recording material which stands by in the standby unit and the recording material which is transported in the transport unit to the post-processing unit with the recording materials stacked, and an elastic member that is arranged on an upstream side of a connection position of the transport unit where the standby unit is connected, guides the recording material sequentially transported from the upstream side to the post-processing unit, and guides the backhauled recording material to the standby unit.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Bottle cap for heterogeneous material container

A heterogeneous material-containing bottle cap coupled to a container in a content discharge direction comprises a body assembled to a mouth of the container; a storage space coupled within the body; a receiving part having an opening; a discharge member assembled onto an upper main body mouth having the receiving part; a sealing part formed on the lower portion of the discharge member for sealing the opening of the receiving part; and an upper cap having an upper discharge member stopper is caught by and assembled onto an upper side stopper at the top of the discharge member. In such a bottle cap with the above configuration, when the upper cap is open, the discharge member ascends and the sealing part being sealed in the opening is pushed upwards such that the opening of the receiving part is open.


Assembly with temporary protective film

The invention relates to a composite comprising (i) a plastics component or (ii) a semifinished plastics product with a protective layer system, where the protective layer system comprises a plastics film and an organosilicon plasma polymer layer, the organosilicon plasma polymer layer is arranged between the (i) plastics component or the (ii) semifinished plastics product and the plastics film and, after the hardening of the (i) plastics component or of the (ii) semifinished plastics product, the organosilicon plasma polymer layer adheres more securely to the plastics film than to the (i) plastics component or the (ii) semifinished plastics product.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Fabrication of composite laminates using temporarily stitched preforms

A composite structure is fabricated using a preform comprising a stack of unidirectional prepreg plies that are stitched together. During curing of the prepreg, the stitches melt and dissolve..
The Boeing Company


Transvascular diaphragm pacing systems and methods of use

Transvascular diaphragm pacing systems (tdps) and methods are disclosed for providing respiratory therapy to a patient. The tdps can provide rapid insertion and deployment of endovascular pacing electrodes in critically ill patients who require intubation and invasive ppmv in order to support the physiological requirements of the human ventilatory system.
Simon Fraser University


System and method to locally deliver therapeutic agent to inner ear

The disclosed subject matter relates to a system and method for delivery of therapeutic agent to the inner ear. The system includes a plurality of micro-needles which can be delivered to the round window membrane by a delivery device, e.g.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


System for preventing bacterial infections in needle trajectories

An electric current generator (2) arranged and configured for generating a current and inducing the temporary circulation thereof between the instrument (1) acting as an anode, the tissue (3) and the contact electrode (4) acting as a cathode, respectively, with a specific magnitude and duration for producing a massive and sudden release of silver ions for the purpose of preventing post-treatment bacterial infections.. .


Fluid flowing device and tissue diagnosis or therapy

A device and method for safely securing a multilumen device to a tissue, organ or solid tumor within the body of a human during a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure is described. The device is capable of securing the tumor by touching or piercing its surface and providing a coolant to the distal tip.


Ostomy bag

A temporary stoma bag for receiving waste from a patient's stoma. The temporary stoma bag includes a bag and a sealing ring for temporary sealing against a stoma to facilitate changing of an ostomy bag or a stoma port for attaching an ostomy bag..
3 West C, Llc


Positioning and installing surgical drilling devices and related devices and systems

In some aspects, methods can include providing a top loading dental surgical guide including a dental drill guide positioning ring housed within the template material, the positioning ring including a body defining an inner surface and a retention element extending inwardly from the inner surface; coupling the surgical guide to the region to be drilled; temporarily engaging a drill guide within the positioning ring by axially coupling using the retention element, independently of a rotational motion of the drill guide relative to the positioning ring by engaging the retention element within a complementary recessed feature of the drill guide; performing a drilling procedure with a drill guided by the drill guide; and disengaging and removing the drill guide from the positioning ring.. .
Grs Guide System, Inc.


Automatic registration of the penetration depth and the rotational orientation of an invasive instrument

A device for automatically registering the penetration depth of an invasive instrument into an opening and the rotational orientation of an invasive instrument in an opening of a body with the aid of a length-selective and rotation-selective pattern applied to the surface of the instrument, wherein the device has a sensor embodied to surround the instrument in a ring-shaped manner. According to the invention, the sensor is embodied for registering the length-selective and rotation-selective pattern and embodied and provided for the temporary arrangement in the region of the opening for the insertion of the invasive instrument.


Data reconstruction for improved ultrasound imaging

A system and method for reconstructing ultrasound images provides improvements in image quality by using and digitally processing the acquired data along a plurality of dimensions. The echo signal reflected off different features in the object is reconstructed into images by solving a regularized linear system of equations that involves the geometry of the imaging transducer and of the image field-of-view.
Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.


Ultrasound data visualization apparatus

The invention relates to an ultrasound data visualization apparatus for visualizing ultrasound data showing an object during an interventional procedure. A reference image (65) and a current image (68) of the object are simultaneously displayed, wherein the current image corresponds to a current time interval and the reference image corresponds to a reference time interval and wherein the current time interval and the reference time interval correspond to different phases of the interventional procedure.
Koninklijke Philips N.v. A Corporation


Non-contact monitoring of spatio-temporal respiratory mechanics via depth sensing

Systems and methods are proposed for non-contact monitoring of spatio-temporal mechanics comprising motion patterns of respiratory muscles, lungs and diaphragm. The depth capable sensors system is comprised of modules, including a depth estimation module, a reference shape generation module, a region of interest shape estimation module, and a shape comparison module.
Xerox Corporation


System and non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging of pulmonary blood flow

A system and method for non-contrast imaging of pulmonary blood flow in a subject are described. In some aspects, the method includes acquiring, using a magnetic resonance imaging (“mri”) system, image data from at least the subject's lungs during which little to no respiratory motion occurs in the subject, such as during a breath-hold.


Systems and methods for performing an imaging test under constrained conditions

An imaging system collects a plurality of images of an extremity of a subject, each collected at a unique spectral band. A physiologic arterial parameter of the extremity is determined from the plurality of images upon image registration.


Multi-listener wireless medium access method

Collisions in wireless networks may be avoided by limiting competing transmissions at the same time or within a temporally proximate time range. A relay schedule may be transmitted with each frame in a transmission chain, the relay schedule containing transmission time information such that each participating node in the transmission chain has designated transmission times.
Google Inc.


Systems and methods for feedback reporting

A user equipment (ue) is described. The ue decodes an uplink/downlink (ul/dl) reconfiguration downlink control information (dci) with an enhanced interference mitigation with traffic adaptation (eimta)-radio network temporary identifier (rnti) on a physical downlink control channel (pdcch).
Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.


Method and system for playback of motion video

Playback of motion video is presented. A method may comprise requesting streaming of a specific motion video sequence from a storage device to a playback device, streaming motion video data of the requested motion video sequence, displaying the streamed motion video data as the streamed motion video data is received, and sending a request of change of playback speed to the data storage device.
Axis Ab


Method to derive at least one motion vector of a bi-predictive block in a current picture

In one embodiment, a method for a moving picture coding system to derive at least one motion vector of a bi-predictive block in a current picture from a motion vector of a first block in a first picture includes selecting, by the moving picture coding system, a list 1 motion vector of the first block in the first picture as a motion vector for deriving list 0 and list 1 motion vectors of the bi-predictive block if the first block only has the list 1 motion vector, the first picture being permitted to be located temporally before the current picture and permitted to be located temporally after the current picture, scaling the selected motion vector and deriving the list 0 and list 1 motion vectors of the bi-predictive block by applying a bit operation to the scaled motion vector, the bit operation including 8 bits right shift.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Frame interpolation device, frame interpolation method, and recording medium

According to one embodiment, a frame interpolation device includes a motion vector interpolation unit that assigns interpolated motion vectors calculated based on motion vectors indicating motions of an image between frames and a temporal position of an interpolated frame inserted between the two frames to the interpolated frame per unit region, a motion-compensated image generation unit that generates a forward motion-compensated image and a backward motion-compensated image based on the interpolated motion vectors, and an interpolated frame generation unit that generates the interpolated frame by averaging corresponding regions of the forward motion-compensated image and the backward motion-compensated image by different weights between a normal region in which one or one pair of interpolated motion vectors is assigned per unit region and a non-normal region which is configured of at least one of a collided region and a vacant region.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Systems and methods for error resilience and random access in video communication systems

Systems and methods for error resilient transmission and for random access in video communication systems are provided. The video communication systems are based on single-layer, scalable video, or simulcast video coding with temporal scalability, which may be used in video communication systems.
Vidyo, Inc.


Systems and methods for low complexity encoding and background detection

Systems and methods for low complexity encoding and background detection are described herein. One aspect of the subject matter described in the disclosure provides a video encoder comprising a memory configured to store a video block.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image-capturing apparatus, and image processing program

The present invention includes the steps of: generating a temporary left parallax image using the pixel value of the left parallax pixels of the first image for each pixel; generating a temporary right parallax image using the pixel value of the right parallax pixels of the first image for each pixel; generating a standard view point image using the pixel values of at least the non-parallax pixels of the first image for each pixel; generating an edge enhanced standard view point image, by carrying out an edge enhancement process on the standard view point image; and generating a left direction view point image and a right direction view point image based on the edge enhanced standard view point image and the temporary left parallax image and the temporary right parallax image for each pixel.. .
Nikon Corporation


Solid-state imaging device, driving the same, and electronic system including the device

A solid-state imaging device including a unit pixel including a photoelectric conversion section, an impurity-diffusion region capable of temporarily accumulating or holding electric charges generated by the photoelectric conversion section, and a reset transistor resetting the impurity-diffusion region by a voltage of a voltage-supply line, and having an impurity concentration such that at least the reset transistor side of the impurity-diffusion region becomes a depletion state; and a drive circuit changing the voltage of the voltage-supply line from a first voltage lower than a depletion potential of the reset transistor side of the impurity-diffusion region to a second voltage higher than the depletion potential while the reset transistor is on.. .
Sony Corporation


Imaging device and imaging method

An imaging device of the present invention comprises an image data acquisition circuit for acquiring image data, a temporary storage for temporarily storing the image data, an image processing circuit for subjecting the image data that has been temporarily stored to image processing, a storage medium that can store at least some saved data of the image data that has been temporarily stored, a management information storage for storing management information for managing the save data, and a control circuit for, when the saved data is stored in the storage medium, carrying out management of the saved data using the management information.. .
Olympus Corporation


Antenna orientation adjustment assistance device and antenna device installation method

An antenna orientation adjustment assistance device that allows any worker to quickly and accurately install an antenna device is provided. An antenna device (100) is temporarily installed.
Nec Corporation


Methods for high precision microelectronic die integration

The subject matter of the present description relates to methods for the precise integration of microelectronic dice within a multichip package which substantially reduce or eliminate any misalign caused by the movement of the microelectronic dice during the integration process. These methods may include the use of a temporary adhesive in conjunction with a carrier having at least one recess for microelectronic die alignment, the use of a precision molded carrier for microelectronic die alignment, the use of magnetic alignment of microelectronic dice on a reusable carrier, and/or the use of a temporary adhesive with molding processes on a reusable carrier..
Intel Corporation


Microelectronic packages having mold-embedded traces and methods for the production thereof

Methods for fabricating microelectronic packages, such as fan-out wafer level packages, and microelectronic packages are provided. In one embodiment, the method includes placing a first semiconductor die on a temporary substrate, forming an electrically-conducive trace in contact with at least one of the first semiconductor die and the temporary substrate, and encapsulating the first semiconductor die and the electrically-conductive trace within a molded panel.


Cue point control apparatus and recording medium that facilitate search of cue point during playback

A cue point control apparatus used for capturing a display apparatus includes a control unit and a motion detecting unit. The control unit sets a marker while capturing, as a moving image, a presentation performed with displaying an image on a screen of the display apparatus.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Display device, driving display device, and electronic appliance

A display device in which pixels having a memory function are arranged includes a driving unit that performs display driving in a driving method that obtains a middle gradation by temporally changing gradation of each of the pixels in one period in which a plurality of frames are assumed, wherein the driving unit is configured to discontinuously write lower bits and higher bits of gradation data with respect to the pixels in a scanning direction in a unit of one line or a plurality of lines.. .
Japan Display Inc.


Depth and focus discrimination for a head-mountable device using a light-field display system

A head-mountable device (hmd) is provided for augmenting a contemporaneously viewed “real image” of an object in a real-world environment using a light-field display system that allows for depth and focus discrimination. The hmd may include a light-producing display engine, a viewing location element, and a microlens array.
Google Inc.


Method and system of temporally asynchronous shading decoupled from rasterization

A method and system for rendering a graphic object that decouples shading from rasterization is disclosed. The method includes selecting a set of points of a graphic object for shading.
Oxide Interactive, Llc


System and multi-frame temporal de-noising using image alignment

Methods, devices, and computer program products for multi-frame termporal de-noising using image alignment are describe. In one aspect, a method of capturing an image using a multi-frame temporal de-noising is described.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and temporal-based shows for real estate properties

A method and a system to provide buyers, renters, agents, brokers, and all other users the ability to view temporal-based real estate shows for evaluating residential and commercial properties using the internet.. .


Electric vehicle (ev) charging infrastructure with charging stations optimumally sited

A system, method and program product for siting charging stations. A mobility detection module collects traffic data from vehicle sensors distributed in an area.
International Business Machines Corporation


Paying method and system by using network

The present invention provides a network payment method and system. The network payment method used in a network payment system comprising a first-type bank server, a first-type client terminal, a second-type bank server, a second-type client terminal, a logistics server, and a network payment server, the method comprises the steps of: the first-type client terminal sends application information to the network payment server so as to apply for an information packet for promise of payment; the network payment server generates a temporary information packet for promise of payment based on the application information, and sends the temporary information packet to the first-type bank server; the first-type bank server receives the temporary information packet, and authenticates it; and if the authentication is successful, the first-type bank server generates an information packet for promise of payment, freezes funds, and sends the information for the freezing to the second-type bank server..
Shenzhen Cifpay Network Bank Technology Co., Ltd


System and methods for automatic reorganization of pick slot assignments in a warehouse

Systems and methods for automatic reorganization of pick slot assignments in a warehouse are described. Replenishments of products from storage slots to pick slots are used to perform product relocation to new pick slots for active items, along with traditional relocation moves for inactive items to establish open pick slots.
Optricity Corporation


Travel management device of transport vehicle

Travel management is adapted to perform of transport vehicle at working areas which are widely different in geographical conditions to ensure operation in a facilitated manner with high efficiency of exhaust gas and at high running efficiency. A signal processor (32) of a management center (30) is processed signals transmitted from sensors provided in a dump truck (2) to create, then on the basis thereof a display (33) is shown graphs respectively expressed in a form of temporal transition on chronological pattern for load of the dump truck (2), inclination on travelling rout of the dump truck 2 and step-in quantity of an accelerator pedal by the operator, thereby ensuring high efficiency of exhaust gas and at high running efficiency by properly operating the acceleration pedal on the basis of comprehensive judgment taking in consideration of the load weight of the dump truck (2) and travelling rout..
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system

An information processing apparatus includes: a first drawing unit that draws graphic data of a predetermined format as a bitmap image in a temporary drawing area; and a second drawing unit that performs drawing processing based on the graphic data of the predetermined format to generate print data, and uses, as a drawing result with respect to a drawing element of a particular type that has been predetermined, the particular type being of types of drawing elements defined in the predetermined format, an image at coordinates where the drawing element is to be arranged, the image being of the bitmap image drawn in the temporary drawing area by the first drawing unit.. .


Systems and methods for face authentication or recognition using spectrally and/or temporally filtered flash illumination

A face authentication or recognition system embodiment includes a processing unit; a flash illumination drive circuit; a flash illumination unit having a flashlamp configured to generate a set of flash illumination pulses; a set of spectral filters configured to pass a set of spectrally filtered flash illumination pulses; a lens; an image sensor configured to receive a set of filtered flash illumination pulses reflected from a subject's face and generate a corresponding facial image dataset; and a memory or data storage device configured to store facial image datasets, enrolment datasets, and query datasets, and which includes a face authentication or recognition module. Spectrally filtered flash illumination pulses have an intensity at least approximately equal to the intensity of ambient sunlight, essentially regardless of an outdoor environment under consideration upon or proximate to the surface of the earth.
Xid Technologies Pte Ltd


Behavior profiling for malware detection

Provided herein are systems and methods for behavior profiling of targets to determine malware presence. The method includes, in various embodiments, applying a domain specific language to a target, observing a set of temporal sequences and events of the target; determining presence of markers within the set of temporal sequences and events indicative of malware, and identifying the target as being associated with malware based on the markers.
Proofpoint, Inc.


Method and system for monitoring intoxication

A method and system for monitoring a user's intoxication including receiving a set of signals, derived from a set of samples collected from the user at a set of time points; providing a sobriety task to the user proximal to a time point of the set of time points; generating a performance dataset characterizing performance of the sobriety task by the user; receiving a supplementary dataset characterizing a demographic profile of the user and/or a physiological state of the user; determining a set of values of an intoxication metric, derived from the set of signals; generating a predicted temporal profile of the intoxication metric for the user based upon the set of values, the set of time points, and the supplementary dataset; generating an analysis of the user's sobriety based upon the performance dataset and the predicted temporal profile; and providing a notification to the user based upon the analysis.. .
Khn Solutions, Inc.


Electronic-manual browsing apparatus and system

An electronic-manual browsing apparatus includes an electronic-manual-display processing section that displays, on an electronic-manual display screen on a display section, an electronic manual including a sample program concerning a control apparatus, a program-creation-screen-display processing section that displays, on the display section, a program creation screen for creating a program used in the control apparatus, and a program copy section that copies the sample program in the electronic manual selected according to an instruction from a user and temporarily stores the sample program. The program-creation-screen-display processing section pastes the stored sample program in the program creation screen in a format editable on the program creation screen..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method and system for identifying a sensor to be deployed in a physical environment

Disclosed is a method and system for identifying a sensor to be deployed in a physical environment. The method may comprise storing sensor data and metadata of the plurality of sensors in a data store.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Method of controlling memory swap operation and data processing system using same

A memory swap operation comprises writing information about a process in which a page fault occurred, into a temporary memory using a processor of a host, copying a page in which the page fault occurred, from a memory device recognized as a swap memory into a main memory of the host, and after completing the copying of the page, resuming the process in which the page fault occurred, using the information about the process, written in the temporary memory.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method, apparatus, and system for implementing hot migration of virtual machine

The present invention discloses a method for implementing hot migration of a virtual machine. In this method, a source virtual machine migration management apparatus on a source physical machine determines non-temporary data memory pages of a virtual machine on the source physical machine, copies the non-temporary data memory pages from the source physical machine to a target physical machine, cyclically copies dirty pages, which are generated in the process of copying the non-temporary data memory pages, from the source physical machine to the target physical machine until a ratio of a quantity of dirty pages which are not yet copied to a quantity of the non-temporary data memory pages is less than a preset value; and performs migration of the virtual machine when the ratio is less than the preset value..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Multi-stage cursor control

Multi-stage cursor control techniques are described herein in which a control algorithm having multiple stages is applied to facilitate fine grained control over cursor movement and positioning. In one or more implementations, monitoring is performed to detect input provided via a controller for a computing device to manipulate a cursor within a user interface for an application.
Microsoft Corporation

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