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Method and device for switching between networks

Huawei Device

Method and device for switching between networks

Personal geofence


Personal geofence

Personal geofence

Verizon Patent And Licensing

Temporary storage of recorded content on a cloud storage server

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tempo-related patents
 Method and device for spatiotemporal control of electrical energy consumption of a telecommunications network dependent on conditions in the energy supply system patent thumbnailMethod and device for spatiotemporal control of electrical energy consumption of a telecommunications network dependent on conditions in the energy supply system
A method for spatiotemporal control of electrical energy consumption of a telecommunications network dependent on conditions in a power grid that is responsible for supplying the telecommunications network in space and time, includes detection of an overload on a power grid due to too high power supply by exchanging of information between the power grid monitoring unit and the telecommunications control unit, and an increase in power consumption by the telecommunications network in the spatial area, through configuration of the telecommunications network components in this spatial area by the power grid monitoring unit for the period of too high power supply.. .
Deutsche Telekom Ag

 Method and device for switching between networks patent thumbnailMethod and device for switching between networks
A method and device for switching between networks, where the method includes, if a notification that a signal of a first operator network is lost is received from a user equipment (ue), sending a temporary operational profile (op) request to a remote management platform of a second operator network; receiving a temporary op and a validity period of the temporary op; instructing the ue to detect signal strength of the first operator network, and accessing the second operator network using the temporary op; and before the validity period of the temporary op expires, if it is determined according to the signal strength of the first operator network that the signal of the first operator network is recovered, re-accessing the first operator network.. .
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

 Personal geofence patent thumbnailPersonal geofence
Systems, methods and computer program products for providing location-based services triggered by a personal geofence are disclosed. A mobile device can determine that a venue located at a geographic location and frequently visited by the mobile device in the past is associated with a particular item, service, or activity.
Apple Inc.

 Temporary storage of recorded content on a cloud storage server patent thumbnailTemporary storage of recorded content on a cloud storage server
A server device may receive, from a user device, a request to store a unique copy of particular content, associated with a particular user; store, in a storage device associated with the server device, the unique copy of the particular content; determine a set of attributes of the particular content; determine a set of criteria based on which the unique copy of the particular content should be provided to the user device, the determining being based on one or more attributes, of the set of attributes of the particular content; determine that the set of criteria have been met; output, based on determining that the set of criteria have been met, the unique copy of the particular content to the user device; and delete the unique copy of the particular content from the storage device after outputting the particular content to the user device.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Method and  managing audio visual, audio or visual content patent thumbnailMethod and managing audio visual, audio or visual content
To manage audio visual content, a stream of fingerprints is derived in a fingerprint generator and received at a fingerprint processor that is physically separate from the fingerprint generator. Metadata is generated by processing the fingerprints to detect the sustained occurrence of low values of an audio fingerprint to generate metadata indicating silence; comparing the pattern of differences between temporally succeeding values of a fingerprint with expected patterns of film cadence to generate metadata indicating a film cadence; and comparing differences between temporally succeeding values of a fingerprint with a threshold to generate metadata indicating a still image or freeze frame..
Snell Limited

 System and  selecting, capturing, and distributing customized event recordings patent thumbnailSystem and selecting, capturing, and distributing customized event recordings
A system that enables an event or moments within an event to be captured and provided in a record that preserves at least some aspects of the participant's perspective of the event. In particular, the present invention involves centralized recording of the event in one or more modes including video, audio, and still image recordings and a system that enables a participant (i.e., one who perceives the event) to select portions of the event recording substantially contemporaneously with the event occurrence.

 Image sensors with anti-eclipse circuitry patent thumbnailImage sensors with anti-eclipse circuitry
An image sensor may include an array of image pixels arranged in rows and columns. Image pixels arranged along the same column may be coupled to a column line.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

 Infared imaging system and  operating patent thumbnailInfared imaging system and operating
A lens unit (120) shows longitudinal chromatic aberration and focuses an imaged scene into a first image for the infrared range in a first focal plane and into a second image for the visible range in a second focal plane. An optical element (150) manipulates the modulation transfer function assigned to the first and second images to extend the depth of field.
Sony Corporation

 Smoothing peak system load via behavior prediction in collaborative systems with temporal data acces patent thumbnailSmoothing peak system load via behavior prediction in collaborative systems with temporal data acces
Techniques are described above for smoothing peak load in collaborative systems. One embodiment includes, prior to a predicted peak load period, pre-staging user-data associated with one or more users of the collaborative system.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Permanent connection oriented communication using parallel single connection circuits patent thumbnailPermanent connection oriented communication using parallel single connection circuits
Methods, systems, and techniques for providing a pseudo permanent communications connection using temporary connection protocols are described. Example embodiments provide a enhanced communications layer that provides such connections by means of a layer incorporated in the client side and server side communications stacks.
Vmware, Inc.


Method and arrangement for adaption in http streaming

A method of controlling adaptive http streaming of media content between a http server and a http client in a communication system, in which system media content is arranged as a plurality of periods, and each such period comprises a plurality of representations of media segments, which method includes the steps of providing temporal alignment information for the media segments of the plurality of representations, which temporal alignment information provides indications about a temporal relation between the segments of the plurality of representations of the media content. Further, the method includes providing key frame location information for the media segments, which key frame location information provides indications about locations of key frames in the media segments of the plurality of representations.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Address processing

According to an example, an address may be processed through snooping, by a network device, of a packet sent from a dhcp client for confirming whether an ip address is available and recording a temporary snooping table item associated with the ip address according to the snooped packet. In addition, at least one packet for applying for the ip address may be generated according to the snooped packet, a duid of a dhcp server may be added to the at least one packet for applying for the ip address and the at least one packet may be sent to a dhcp server.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.


Computing system with feedback mechanism and operation thereof

An embodiment includes: an inter-device interface configured to communicate feedback signal including a serving-interference metric for representing an interference-aware receiver processing receiver signal corresponding to serving signal contemporaneous with interference signal; a communication unit, coupled to the inter-device interface, configured to: generate a communication rate profile based on the serving-interference metric for describing the interference-aware receiver, and determine serving detail based on the communication rate profile for communicating serving content to the interference-aware receiver.. .


Sealed battery manufacturing method, sealing member for sealed battery, and sealed battery

A sealing member includes a metal lid, an elastic shaft, a supporting protrusion, and a tip portion. The tip portion has an engaging portion larger in diameter than a liquid inlet.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Processing method and processing apparatus

A method of processing an object to by using a processing apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a plurality of containers to contain the object, a plurality of process chambers to perform a desired process on the object, a temporary storage chamber to temporarily store the object, and a transfer device to transfer the object.
Tokyo Electron Limited


High-speed multiframe dynamic transmission electron microscope image acquisition system with arbitrary timing

An electron microscope is disclosed which has a laser-driven photocathode and an arbitrary waveform generator (awg) laser system (“laser”). The laser produces a train of temporally-shaped laser pulses of a predefined pulse duration and waveform, and directs the laser pulses to the laser-driven photocathode to produce a train of electron pulses.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Method and device for encapsulating a fuel rod or a fuel rod section for temporary storage

A method for encapsulating a fuel rod or a fuel rod section in a container includes inserting the fuel rod or fuel rod section into the container. One of the ends of the container is connected to a purging-gas line.
Areva Gmbh


Method and system for generating map data from an image

A waveguide apparatus includes a planar waveguide and at least one optical diffraction element (doe) that provides a plurality of optical paths between an exterior and interior of the planar waveguide. A phase profile of the doe may combine a linear diffraction grating with a circular lens, to shape a wave front and produce beams with desired focus.
Magic Leap, Inc.


Method and system for rendering virtual content

A waveguide apparatus includes a planar waveguide and at least one optical diffraction element (doe) that provides a plurality of optical paths between an exterior and interior of the planar waveguide. A phase profile of the doe may combine a linear diffraction grating with a circular lens, to shape a wave front and produce beams with desired focus.
Magic Leap, Inc.


System and processing visual information for event detection

A system and method processes visual information including at least one object in motion. The visual information is processed by locating at least one spatial edge of the object, generating a plurality of spatio-temporal gradients for the at least one spatial edge over n frames, and then generating motion blur images from the spatio-temporal gradients.


Method and system for identifying a user location

A waveguide apparatus includes a planar waveguide and at least one optical diffraction element (doe) that provides a plurality of optical paths between an exterior and interior of the planar waveguide. A phase profile of the doe may combine a linear diffraction grating with a circular lens, to shape a wave front and produce beams with desired focus.
Magic Leap, Inc.


Computer-implemented scheduling appointments with clients

The invention described herein is a computer implemented method and system for scheduling an appointment between a provider and one of a plurality of waiting clients that are matched and ranked by likelihood of availability. The moment the provider inputs an available appointment opening into the system, the system cross-references the appointment time with the clients' availability and multiple other temporal, geographical, and situational variables; selects and ranks the clients who are likely able to attend the appointment opening; and sends said clients a computer-generated notification message (via email and/or sms text message and/or voice message) regarding the appointment opening.
Hernish Acharya


Automated tracking-number based administration of access codes

A method for more efficiently delivering goods to recipients is disclosed herein. Such a method includes obtaining a unique identifier (e.g., tracking number, order number, product number, etc.), wherein the unique identifier is associated with an order of goods intended for delivery to a recipient.


Creating episodic memory based on unstructured data in electronic devices

A method and system for identifying episodic events in a user's life using an electronic device are provided. The method includes receiving, by the electronic device, unstructured data from at least one data source associated with a user, and identifying at least one episodic event from the unstructured data based on at least one parameter, wherein the at least one parameter is at least one of a casual reasoning, a spatial reasoning, or a temporal reasoning..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and system for inserting recognized object data into a virtual world

A waveguide apparatus includes a planar waveguide and at least one optical diffraction element (doe) that provides a plurality of optical paths between an exterior and interior of the planar waveguide. A phase profile of the doe may combine a linear diffraction grating with a circular lens, to shape a wave front and produce beams with desired focus.
Magic Leap, Inc.


Distribution of ephemeral extension to communication sessions

To allow more non-enterprise communication endpoints to communicate without having to allocate an extension for every non-enterprise communication endpoint, a request is received to communicate with an enterprise communication system from a non-enterprise communication endpoint. A temporary password is associated with a dynamic communication address (e.g., from a group of dynamic extensions).
Avaya Inc.


Developing health information feature abstractions from intra-individual temporal variance heteroskedasticity

A method, system, and/or computer program product automatically abstracts and selects an optimal set of variance-related features that are indicative of an individual outcome and personalized plan selection in health care. An abstracted set of candidate variance-related patient features, which comprise temporally heteroskedastic features, is generated.
International Business Machines Corporation


Browsing videos via a segment list

A system and method are disclosed for quickly and easily browsing to points of interest within a recorded video. In examples, the present system works in tandem with a segment list which includes a list of different video sequences of a stored video of an event.
Microsoft Corporation


Person authentication dictionary update method, person authentication dictionary update apparatus, recording medium, and person authentication system

For the purpose of appropriately updating dictionary information in accordance with a change caused by a medium-to-long term temporal change caused by aging or a characteristics change of the target person, a method of updating a person authentication dictionary for storing biological information of a person of recognition target, includes: a storage step of storing and accumulating inquiry biological information received within a predetermined term, into a history accumulation unit; a generation step of measuring a similarity of the accumulated inquiry biological information pieces and then generating the similarity of each pair of biological information pieces; and an update step of, on the basis of a pair of biological information pieces judged as having a high similarity, updating the person authentication dictionary.. .
Biglobe Inc.


System and updating a data structure with sensor measurement data

A computer implemented method (200), computer program product, and computer system for updating a data structure reflecting a spatio-temporal phenomenon in a physical area, wherein the spatio-temporal phenomenon is estimated at any location of the physical area by a gaussian process with a mean function and a covariance function, the method (200) comprising: storing (210) a data set adapted to represent fixed locations of the physical area, wherein the data set has a mean vector and a covariance matrix according to the gaussian process, and wherein the data structure includes the mean vector and the covariance matrix; receiving (222, 224) sensor measurement data of the spatio-temporal phenomenon from at least one sensor node out of a plurality of sensor nodes located at specific arbitrary locations of the physical area; and merging (230, 232, 234, 236, 238) the specific arbitrary locations and the received measurement data into the data structure by using exact recursive bayesian regression.. .
Agt International Gmbh


Merging and splitting of media composition files

During the production of a time-based media project, it is often desirable for editors to work with media files or reels of a given size, both in terms of the temporal duration of media represented in each file and the number of tracks in a file. During the course of editing, files may become longer, or incorporate additional tracks, making them cumbersome to handle.
Avid Technology, Inc.


Dictionary update method, dictionary update system, and dictionary update program

In object recognition using image information, countermeasures are taken for reducing erroneous judgment caused when the similarity between a visual feature of an object image and a visual feature of dictionary data of another object becomes high in association with a temporal change. In a dictionary update method for a computer for updating dictionary data in which a visual feature of an object which a user desires to recognize is registered: when there are a plurality of data pieces having a visual feature similar to the inputted inquiry image, visual features of a plurality of objects are concluded as being similar and hence the pair of objects are accumulated into a similar object accumulation section; and when the objects accumulated in the similar object accumulation section have reached a condition set forth in advance, data having the visual features of the objects having reached the condition is concluded as requiring update and hence update is recommended to a user having registered the object..
Biglobe Inc.


Method and system for determining user input based on gesture

A waveguide apparatus includes a planar waveguide and at least one optical diffraction element (doe) that provides a plurality of optical paths between an exterior and interior of the planar waveguide. A phase profile of the doe may combine a linear diffraction grating with a circular lens, to shape a wave front and produce beams with desired focus.
Magic Leap, Inc.


Electrical energy consumption diagnostic device, system and method

A portable electrical energy consumption diagnostic device 10 connects to electrical systems to acquire and analyse electrical data. The device has an onboard power supply 12, an energy monitoring means 14, a mini pc 16, a modem/router 18, ct adaptors 20 and an interface 22, all housed in a portable container 24, such as a hard case.
Ecocentric Energy Pty Ltd


Image forming apparatus and driving driving image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a latent image bearer, a charging roller, a first cleaner, a second cleaner, and a rotation controller. The latent image bearer bears a latent image on a surface thereof.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Wearable binoculars

Wearable binoculars comprising: a binocular main body having a pair of lens barrels that support at least an objective lens and an ocular lens and mounting each lens barrel aligned in parallel with an interpupillary distance adjustment mechanism for adjusting an interval from each other; a frame provided with a front main frame and a pair of temples extending backward from both sides of the main frame and the main frame coupled with the binocular main body, the temples locked on temporal parts and ears of a wearer to position the binocular main body in front of eyes; and a nose pad having a deformable pad portion opened in approximately inverted truncated chevron shape, the pad portion locked on a nose of the wearer to support the binocular main body and also an opening angle of the pad portion being adjusted to change a locking position with the nose, and enabling positional adjustment of the binocular main body to both eyes of the wearer.. .
Light Optical Works, Ltd.


Pendulum arm flexure and construction

A pendulum arm flexure which supports a pendulum bob for oscillation has predictable and reproducible characteristics. Holders retain a specific predetermined length of uniform diameter elongated fiber at ends of the fiber and permit flexing only along a defined length of the fiber between the holders during oscillation.
Micro-g Lacoste, Inc.


Device and measuring distance values and distance images

A distance camera includes at least one photo element, a trigger generator activating the photo element during a temporal integration gate, a light source illuminating an object with light pulses having a predetermined temporal intensity profile with a duration tp, and an intensity sensor determining the intensity ip of the light pulses arriving on the photo element. The integration gate has a predetermined delay to the light pulse emission start point in order to capture the light pulses back reflected from the object.
Odos Imaging Ltd.


Highly accurate breath test system

The invention relates to a system for breath test of a person. It includes a sensor unit configured to sense the presence/concentration of a volatile substance, e.g.
Automotive Coalition For Traffic Safety, Inc.


High-throughput methods and systems for processing biological materials

A high-throughput system for processing biological material that comprises: a tray that supports a functionally-closed fluid path subsystem comprising, a vessel for containing and enabling the biological material to separate into two or more distinct submaterials; one or more receptacles to receive one or more of the submaterials from the vessel; a filtration device; a conduit through which one or more submaterials are transported between at least the vessel and the filtration device; and a first engagement structure; a processing unit comprising, a pumping device for moving one or more of the submaterials between at least the vessel and the filtration device via the conduit; a second engagement structure corresponding to the first engagement structure; a locking mechanism for at least temporarily holding the tray in a fixed position relative to the processing unit; a control device that automatically starts and stops the pumping device in response to one or more commands.. .
General Electric Company


System to verify rod anode integrity

A pressurized rod anode having a hollow core that is monitored by a sensor. The hollow core is pressurized at all times, or in the alternative, is of a pressure less than the pressure within a reactor tank.
Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.


Vehicle assistance device

A vehicle assistance device for a driver includes a control unit for generating data that indicates information with respect to the temporal occurrence of an event along a route of a vehicle. A display unit displays a map of the route of the vehicle between a starting point and a destination point of the route.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Recycling thermal sources

The invention is a thermal recycling system for converting lower quality thermal sources into higher quality thermal sources. In one embodiment, at least one photonic crystal radiator is combined with at least one substantially different radiator within a low loss thermal recycling cavity.
E-beam & Light, Inc.


Portable, temporary wall system

The present invention relates to temporary wall systems and their production and more particularly to portable, temporary wall systems. The wall system includes an adjustable pillar member, a panel member, and a support article arranged and disposed to secure the panel member to the adjustable pillar member.


Vapor phase growth apparatus

Provided is a high-productivity, compact vapor phase growth apparatus 1. This vapor phase growth apparatus 1 is configured to supply a raw material gas onto a substrate 5 placed in a chamber 2 that can be vertically divided into a chamber main body 3 and a chamber cover 4 to cause a thin film to grow on the substrate 5.
Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation Et Al.


Collapsible container adapted to be mounted on an upright surface

A collapsible container configured to be mountable on an upright surface, in which the container comprises: a front panel and a rear panel, each having an outer face and an inner face, an upper edge and a lower edge, and first and second side edges; and first and second collapsible sides, wherein the first side is attached to the first edges of the front and rear panels and the second side is attached to the second edges of the front and rear panels; a collapsible base; and a temporary mounting means configured to both mount the container to an upright surface and provide vertical and horizontal support to the container; wherein the panels and base define an interior space by adjustment of the panels from a first closed position where the panels are substantially adjacent and parallel, to a second open position providing an internal volume. .


Device for adjusting tension in seat belts and other restraint system webs

An attachable tension reducing seat belt device to reduce web tension on the neck, shoulder and chest of motor vehicle occupants or other restraint system webs to slightly reduce tension created by a refraction device preventing a minimal portion of web from being pulled through a web guide by a retractor. Additionally, the device is designed to be either temporarily mounted through easy clip on and removal function which allows the seat belt to be refracted after each use, as is typical, or semi-permanently mounted with the use of a seat belt tongue hooking system which allows the seat belt to remain un-retracted after each use..


Golf cart towel hook

A golf towel hook is attached to a golf cart to allow simple and secure carrying of the golf towel. The hook includes a slot for a strap, and the strap may be used to temporarily attach the hook to vertical roof supports of a rental golf cart in front of the golfers or easy access.


Method for machining center holes of forged rotary body and system for machining center holes of forged rotary body

Disclosed is a technique of achieving weight reduction of a forged rotary body while improving productivity of the forged rotary body. Temporary center holes are set for each of two or more samples extracted from one forging lot of a plurality of forged rotary bodies produced within a time period after a die misalignment adjustment through before a next die misalignment adjustment.
Mazda Motor Corporation


Exhaust purification system of internal combustion engine

In an internal combustion engine, an exhaust purification catalyst: (13), particulate filter (14), and hydrocarbon feed valve (15) are arranged in an engine exhaust passage. A low pressure exhaust gas recirculation system (lpl) is provided for making the exhaust gas downstream of the particulate filter (14) recirculate.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Selective autonomic stimulation of the av node fat pad to control rapid post-operative atrial arrhythmias

Arrhythmia is a condition involving a rapid or slow heart rhythm that temporarily complicates the postoperative recovery from open heart surgery. Arrhythmias can be caused by sinus node dysfunction—slow heart rate or abnormalities in atrial conduction and automaticity that predispose to rapid heart rates.


System and monitoring use of a device

A system and method suitable for monitoring user technique of an inhaler device configured for delivery of a medicament is provided. The system may include a microphone adapted for sensing sound made during operation of the inhaler device and processing circuitry operable to process a data signal obtained from the microphone, wherein the data signal includes acoustic information sensed.
Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland


Method for selection of agents influencing intestinal motility disorders and pain

A method is provided for evaluating agents for the treatment of different intestinal motility disorders, using distinct methodological parts related to musculature and nerves of the gi tract which communicate with the brain. In particular, the present invention provides a method for the selection of an agent effective for the treatment of an intestinal motility disorder, wherein said method comprises: a) a step of spatiotemporal (st) mapping carried out on a gastrointestinal segment to analyse the effect of said agent on gastrointestinal motility; and b) a step of ex vivo nerve bundle recording carried out on a gastrointestinal segment to analyse the effect of said agent on mesenteric afferent nerve firing.
Biogaia Ab


Paraplegia prevention stent graft

A stent graft for deployment into the aorta of a patient has a tubular body with a proximal portion of a selected diameter; preferably a reduced diameter portion, distal of the proximal portion, having a diameter less than the selected diameter; a tapered portion, extending between the proximal portion and the reduced diameter portion; and optionally a distal portion, distal of the reduced diameter portion. At least three, preferably four or five, low profile side arms are provided, preferably in the reduced diameter portion and/or the tapered portion, for connection of an arm extension to an aortic branch vessel.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Method and system for tooth restoration

A method for denture restoration includes steps of generating sets of digital information of a mouth cavity of a person for providing firstly either an orientation appliance or a temporary restoration and subsequently a final restoration. The digital information is generated firstly from the mouth cavity alone and subsequently with the orientation appliance or the temporary restoration within the mouth cavity.
Biodenta Swiss Ag


Twinkle artifact suppression in ultrasound color flow

Twinkle artifacts are suppressed in color flow. The color flow data itself, such as temporal decorrelation and spatial variance of the velocity and/or power, is used to identify the twinkle artifact.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.


System and processing images

A method of processing a plurality of time separated images comprises selecting a plurality of imaging units in each image; measuring a temporal difference in each imaging unit; and selecting temporal differences above a threshold limit.. .
The University Of Western Ontario


Stationary source computed tomography and ct-mri systems

The present invention provides stationary ct architecture for imaging at a faster temporal resolution and lower radiation dose. In embodiments, the architecture features stationary distributed x-ray sources and rotating x-ray detectors.
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.


Replaceable head and image capturing toothbrush

A dual purpose toothbrush that allows a user to clean his or her teeth and that also serves the purpose of preserving the record of the user's mouth via stored digital images. The dual purpose toothbrush that has a replaceable cartridge of rotating bristles and a camera system on the head of the toothbrush, a camera board that operates the basic functions of the camera and the rotating bristles of the toothbrush while temporarily storing images taken by the camera, a plurality of inputs that allow a user to operate the toothbrush, a wiring system that connects the components of the toothbrush, a rechargeable battery, and a port for charging and downloading images to a peripheral device..


Conducted electrical weapon (cew) outside carrier

By attaching an outside carrier to the already existing cew and its holster, a temporary containment sight is created that allows for a single officer to use both hands while still energizing the cew during handcuffing. This solves a serious officer safety hazard for solitary officers deploying cew's..


Shoe liners and making the same

A biodegradable and disposable shoe liner is made of a first layer impregnated with a deodorant and an absorbent, a second layer made of a moisture-resistant material, and an adhesive layer on the bottom side of the second layer for temporary attachment to the foot bed of a shoe. A peel-off layer of paper covers the adhesive layer to prevent the shoe liners from sticking to each other or other objects before use..


Clean leash device for pet waste containment and disposal

A pet leash accessory and storage bag which attaches to various leases on the market. The bag includes a front upper pocket for storing hand sanitizer.


Method for processing ndi in random access procedure and a transmitting and receiving a signal using the same

A method for a user equipment (ue) to receive a downlink signal. The ue receives a first downlink assignment including a first new data indicator (ndi) from a base station.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Mobile station, access node, serving node and various methods for implementing an abbreviated page response procedure

A mobile station, an access node (e.g., bss), a serving node (e.g., sgsn) and various methods are described herein for implementing an abbreviated page response (apr) procedure. The apr procedure improves a paging-page response scenario wherein the ms after receiving a paging message from the access node sends a page response to the access node using a single uplink radio block instead of establishing an uplink temporary block flow (tbf) in order to send the page response.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Paging a wireless device using a radio cell identifier

According to a first aspect, it is presented a method for paging a particular wireless device. The method is performed in a radio base station and comprises the operations of: receiving a paging request from a core network node to page the particular wireless device, the paging request comprising a temporary identifier of the particular wireless device; obtaining at least one radio cell identifier for the particular wireless device from a database mapping temporary identifiers of the wireless device with radio cell identifiers; paging the particular wireless device using the at least one radio cell identifier for the particular wireless device; and determining the paging to be successful when a connection request comprising the temporary identifier is received from the particular wireless device..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Temporary subscription access via an alternate television receiver

Various arrangements that permit temporary subscription porting are presented. A temporary subscription port request may be submitted by a subscriber.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Secured media distribution system and method

A media distribution system provides controlled distribution of media owned by various parties hosted on a local media access device. The media access device may store temporary media, such as rented or leased media, on a separate provider controlled storage partition.


Video decoder with enhanced cabac decoding

A decoder receives a bitstream containing quantized coefficients representative of blocks of video representative of a plurality of pixels and decodes the bitstream using context adaptive binary arithmetic coding that includes at least two decoding modes, the first mode decoding the bitstream based upon a probability estimate which is based upon at least one of spatially and temporally adjacent syntax element values to a current syntax element being decoded, the second mode decoding the bitstream not based upon a probability estimate based upon other syntax elements to the current syntax element being decoded. The coding decodes the current syntax element using the first mode if the current syntax element is intra-coded and selecting between sets probable modes with different probabilities.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Moving picture encoding system, moving picture encoding method, moving picture encoding program, moving picture decoding system, moving picture decoding method, moving picture decoding program, moving picture reencoding system, moving picture reencoding method, moving picture reencoding program

A first super-resolution enlarger 103 works on moving pictures input with a standard resolution, implementing a process for a super-resolution enlargement including information on frequency components in the spatial direction and the temporal direction that has been potentially contained in the input moving pictures but unable to express to a sufficient degree by the standard resolution, and provides super-resolution enlarged signals, which are returned to the standard resolution at a first resolution converter 104, and the super-resolution enlarged signals as returned to the standard resolution are encoded at a second encoder 107. There is a first encoder 102 for encoding moving pictures input with the standard resolution, and a multiplexer 109 working to multiplex a sequence of encoded bits from the first encoder 102, a sequence of encoded bits from the second encoder 107, and the like.
Jvc Kenwood Corporation


Focus adjustment device and control focus adjustment device

A focus adjustment device has an image sensor for forming a subject image using light flux that has been received through a photographing lens, and generating image signals, and executes focus adjustment based on the image signals. This focus adjustment device comprises a focus detection region setting section for setting a plurality of focus detection regions of differing sizes, within a region in which an image is formed by the image sensor, a determination section, for detecting contrast of image signals within focus detection regions respectively relating to the plurality of focus detection regions, and determining change of a subject based on amount of change of the contrast and temporal change in amount of change of the contrast, and a control section for, in a case where the determination section has determined that there is subject change when a focus adjustment operation is stopped, starting the focus adjustment operation..
Olympus Corporation


Key management in machine type communication system

A mtc device (10) and a mtc interworking function, mtc-iwf, (20) form a communication system and conduct communication with each other. In this communication system, a root key (k_iwf) is securely shared between the mtc device (10) and the mtc-iwf (20).
Nec Corporation


Dynamic dhcp for wi-fi connectivity in a vehicle

A system and a method using the system for wireless communication using a vehicle telematics unit, including the steps of: prior to a vehicle telematics unit establishing a network connection, assigning a temporary internet protocol (ip) address having a short-term lease duration to a mobile device to permit communication between the telematics unit and the mobile device; and if the network connection is not established prior to the expiration of the short-term lease duration, renewing the temporary ip address, wherein the renewal lease duration is shorter than the earlier lease duration.. .
General Motors Llc


Aircraft-antenna controlling device, aircraft, aircraft-antenna selecting program, and aircraft-antenna controlling method

A control unit of an aircraft includes a computer that predicts the current position of a wingman aircraft based on a temporal change in wingman-aircraft position information indicating the position of the wingman aircraft; an antenna selector that selects, from among multiple antennas, an antenna with which the elongation φt with respect to the center axis of the antenna at the predicted current position of the wingman aircraft predicted by the computer falls within a coverage angle θ; and a beam controller that executes communication with the wingman aircraft via the antenna selected by the antenna selector. Thus, the control unit of the aircraft can select an optimal antenna for communication with the wingman aircraft from among the multiple antennas..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Dual codeword re-transmission

The present invention addresses apparatuses, methods and computer program product for providing enhanced codeword re-transmission for multi-codeword in 4 antenna branch hsdpa memo wireless communication network, thereby preventing getting stuck in higher than rank 1 transmissions. When a negative acknowledgement signaling is received from a terminal upon transmission including a first and a second codeword to the terminal, the codeword not associated with the negative acknowledgement signaling is replaced with a temporary codeword, and a transmission a re-transmission of the codeword associated with the negative acknowledgement signaling and the temporary codeword to the base station is caused..


Apparatus for controlling ac motor

In an apparatus, a controller performs, as a calculation of d- and q-axis values of a current vector, a first task and a second task. The first task expands one of a measured first phase current and another phase current into fourier series of the corresponding phase current as a function of an electric rotational angle of an ac motor.
Denso Corporation


Terminal connection litz wire and litz wire with terminal fitting

A terminal connecting method including: removing a insulation film by a predetermined length from one end of a litz wire; inserting to a pressure fixing part a terminal part of the litz wire; compressing a first portion of the pressure fixing part with a first compression force to cause plastic deformation of an entirety of the pressure fixing part, and to temporarily fix the terminal part of the litz wire to the pressure fixing part; compressing a second portion of the pressure fixing part with a second compression force greater than the first compression force to locally cause plastic deformation of the pressure fixing part and the litz wire, the second portion being a part of the first portion; and pouring molten solder from a front end side of the pressure fixing part to firmly fix the litz wire to the terminal metal fitting.. .
Swcc Showa Device Technology Co., Ltd.


Process for forming ultra-micro leds

A flexible light sheet includes a bottom conductor layer overlying a flexible substrate. An array of vertical light emitting diodes (vleds) is printed as an ink over the bottom conductor layer so that bottom electrodes of the vleds electrically contact the bottom conductor layer.
Nthdegree Technologies Worldwide Inc.


Semiconductor device and mounting semiconductor die to heat spreader on temporary carrier and forming polymer layer and conductive layer over the die

A semiconductor device is made by forming a heat spreader over a carrier. A semiconductor die is mounted over the heat spreader with a first surface oriented toward the heat spreader.
Stats Chippac, Ltd.


Robot having predetermined orientation

An apparatus including a stator configured to be stationarily connected to a housing; and a rotor configured to have a robot arm connected thereto. The rotor includes a shaft and an robot arm mount adjustably connected to the shaft.
Persimmon Technologies, Corp.


Synthesizing a presentation of a multimedia event

Example embodiments of a media synchronization system and method for synthesizing a presentation of a multimedia event are generally described herein. In some example embodiments, the media synchronization system includes a media ingestion module to access a plurality of media clips received from a plurality of client devices, a media analysis module to determine a temporal relation between a first media clip from the plurality of media clips and a second media clip from the plurality of media clips, and a content creation module to align the first media clip and the second media clip based on the temporal relation, and to combine the first media clip and the second media clip to generate the presentation..
Gracenote, Inc.


Voiced sound pattern detection

The various implementations described enable systems, devices and methods for detecting voiced sound patterns in noisy real-valued audible signal data. In some implementations, detecting voiced sound patterns in noisy real-valued audible signal data includes imposing a respective region of interest (roi) on at least a portion of each of one or more temporal frames of audible signal data, wherein the respective roi is characterized by one or more relatively distinguishable features of a corresponding voiced sound pattern (vsp), determining a feature characterization set within at least the roi imposed on the at least a portion of each of one or more temporal frames of audible signal data, and detecting whether or not the corresponding vsp is present in the one or more frames of audible signal data by determining an output of a vsp-specific rnn, trained to provide a detection output, at least based on the feature characterization set..
Malaspina Labs (barbados), Inc.


System and displaying layered images

A system and method for displaying layered images is provided. A rear display element displays a first image including a background.
Christie Digital Systems Usa, Inc.


Image processing device

Disclosed is a method for correcting for shimmer due to thermal turbulence, even for moving subjects, on a time smoothed base. The device is provided with: a movement compensation means that, for a correction-targeted block of a correction-targeted image within an input image, uses a temporally proximate correction image to derive movement information about a moving object, performs motion compensation, and outputs a correction block and a cost value; and a shimmer correction means that carries out time averaging processing, in accordance with the cost value, of the correction-targeted block and the correction block, and outputs a corrected block in which shimmer of the moving object has been corrected, and correction information.
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Manufacturing line monitoring

Systems and method for monitoring a workstation region of a manufacturing line are provided. In one example, depth image data is received from one or more depth cameras trained on the workstation region, with the data comprising a temporal sequence of images of an operator.
Microsoft Corporation

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