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This page is updated frequently with new Tempo-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Tempo-related patents
 Method for equipping printed circuit boards patent thumbnailMethod for equipping printed circuit boards
A method for equipping printed circuit boards on an equipping machine, the printed circuit boards being of a first length, and the equipping machine being realized to equip printed circuit boards of a second length, the second length being more than twice as great as the first length. The equipping machine has an input section (1) and an equipping section (2), the equipping section (2) being disposed after the input section (1) in a direction of conveyance (f) of the printed circuit boards, disposed after the input section (1) in a direction of conveyance of the printed circuit boards, the printed circuit boards of the first length and the printed circuit boards of the second length being transportable, in their longitudinal direction, from the input section (1) into the equipping station (2).
Asm Assembly Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Method, apparatus, and system for distributing data of virtual subscriber identity module patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and system for distributing data of virtual subscriber identity module
A method, an apparatus, and a system for distributing data of a virtual subscriber identity module (vsim) where a terminal device acquires a graphic code from a distribution client; and acquires the temporary data of the vsim and the service authentication code that are included in the graphic code; and registers with a mobile network according to the temporary data of the vsim, and connects to the management server through the mobile network; and sends to the management server, a request for downloading formal data of the vsim; and if the authentication is passed, the management server acquires formal data that is of the vsim and corresponding to the service authentication code, and sends the formal data of the vsim to the terminal device.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 System and  ad-hoc network for tracking the position of a subject patent thumbnailSystem and ad-hoc network for tracking the position of a subject
A method and system for tracking a stationary and/or dynamic location of at least one transponder emitting identifying signals, the system comprising: a software application embedded within at least one smart-phone, configured to at least temporarily gather and forwardly transfer the identifying signals emitting from the at least one transponder; at least one communication means for enabling wireless communication between the at least one transponder and the at least one smart-phone; at least one computing server, in wireless communication with the at least one smart-phone; the computing server is configured to collect and aggregate the identifying signals transferred by the at least one smart-phone, by mean of crowd-sourcing data, and accordingly process a real-time estimated location of each of the at least one transponder.. .
Wefind-tech Ltd

 System and  selecting, capturing, and distributing customized event recordings patent thumbnailSystem and selecting, capturing, and distributing customized event recordings
A system that enables an event or moments within an event to be captured and provided in a record that preserves at least some aspects of the participant's perspective of the event. In particular, the present invention involves centralized recording of the event in one or more modes including video, audio, and still image recordings and a system that enables a participant (i.e., one who perceives the event) to select portions of the event recording substantially contemporaneously with the event occurrence.

 Temporal motion data candidate derivation in video coding patent thumbnailTemporal motion data candidate derivation in video coding
A method for derivation of a temporal motion data (tmd) candidate for a prediction unit (pu) in video encoding or video decoding is provided. The derived tmd candidate is for inclusion in an inter-prediction candidate list for the pu.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 Video recording failover patent thumbnailVideo recording failover
Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods for performing video recorder failover. In a particular embodiment, a system for handing a failover of a first network video recorder (nvr) is provided.
Verint Systems Inc.

 System and  using filtering and pixel correlation to increase sensitivity in image sensors patent thumbnailSystem and using filtering and pixel correlation to increase sensitivity in image sensors
An over sampled image sensor in which the pixel size is small enough to provide spatial oversampling of the minimum blur size of the sensor optics is disclosed. Image processing to detect targets below the typical limit of 6× the temporal noise floor is also disclosed.
Cyan Systems, Inc.

 Parallax tolerant video stitching with spatial-temporal localized warping and seam finding patent thumbnailParallax tolerant video stitching with spatial-temporal localized warping and seam finding
An apparatus is configured to perform a method of parallax tolerant video stitching. The method includes determining a plurality of video sequences to be stitched together; performing a spatial-temporal localized warping computation process on the video sequences to determine a plurality of target warping maps; warping a plurality of frames among the video sequences into a plurality of target virtual frames using the target warping maps; performing a spatial-temporal content-based seam finding process on the target virtual frames to determine a plurality of target seam maps; and stitching the video sequences together using the target seam maps..
Futurewei Technologies Inc.

 Method for tone-mapping a video sequence patent thumbnailMethod for tone-mapping a video sequence
The present invention generally relates to a method and device for tone-mapping a video sequence in which a local tone-mapping operator is applied on each frame of the video sequence to be tone-mapped. The method is characterized in that the spatial neighborhoods used by said local-tone-mapping operator are determined on a temporal-filtered version of the frame to be tone-mapped..
Thomson Licensing

 Electronic apparatus that uses program from another program working on different platforms, and method patent thumbnailElectronic apparatus that uses program from another program working on different platforms, and method
An electronic apparatus includes a storage device storing a first platform, a first program working on the first platform, a second platform, and a second program working on the second platform, and a control device that performs the first program working on the first platform so as to execute at least one component of the first platform. The first platform includes a second program using unit for the first program to use the second program executing at least one component of the second platform.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Detecting ground isolation fault in ethernet podl system

Circuits and techniques are described for detecting a ground fault leak between the pse and the pd. Prior to podl voltage being applied to the pd, a test switch is temporarily closed for sensing a voltage drop in a loop between the positive terminal of the pse voltage source and any ground leakage path between the pse and the pd.
Linear Technology Corporation


Parameter setting apparatus and method

A memory of a parameter setting apparatus stores therein a current value of a signal processing parameter and an auxiliary value for temporarily adjusting the current value. Once an instruction for changing the current value of the parameter is given by an operation, by a user, of a manual operator when an edit mode is on, a cpu of the parameter setting apparatus not only changes the current value but also changes the auxiliary value in response to the current value change instruction.
Yamaha Corporation


Optical phase noise extracting device and optical phase noise extraction method

An apparatus includes: a first measurer configured to measure first phase data indicating a temporal variation in a phase of a non-transferred signal that is an optical signal modulated by an optical phase modulation scheme and output from a transmitting device to an optical transmission path as the non-transferred signal; a second measurer configured to second phase data indicating a temporal variation in the phase of the optical signal transferred by the optical transmission path as a transferred signal on a side of a receiving device; a generator configured to generate differential data indicating a difference between the first phase data and the second phase data; and an extractor configured to use the differential data to extract, from the optical signal on the side of the receiving device, optical phase noise generated due to the optical transmission path.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Lever type connector

A lever type connector includes a first connector housing, a second connector housing having a hood into which the first connector housing is fitted, and a fitting operation lever coupled to the first connector housing. The fitting operation lever is rotatable from a rotation start position to a rotation end position to completely fit the first and second connector housings to each other.
Yazaki Corporation


Fuel cell system and a detecting a hydrogen gas leak

The fuel cell system is provided with the hydrogen gas circulation system that supplies hydrogen gas to the fuel cell while merging the hydrogen gas discharged from the fuel cell with the newly supplied hydrogen gas, a hydrogen gas supply valve that controls the amount of hydrogen gas supplied to the hydrogen gas circulation system, an initial pressurization unit that pressurizes the hydrogen gas circulation system by temporarily opening the hydrogen gas supply valve at the start of the fuel cell, and a re-pressurization and gas leak detection unit that re-pressurizes the hydrogen gas circulation system by opening the hydrogen gas supply valve when a given level of pressure drop is found in the pressure detected by the pressure detection unit after the pressurization by the initial pressurization unit and detects a hydrogen gas leak from the hydrogen gas circulation system based on the pressure detected by the pressure detection unit in a given timing after the pressurization.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Fuel cell system and air system abnormality determination method

An object is to allow even a temporary increase in air pressure to be diagnosed as an abnormality. There is provided a fuel cell system including a fuel cell.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Fuel cell system

A fuel cell system includes: a fuel cell; a fuel gas path supplied with fuel and allowing a part of fuel gas discharged from the fuel cell to circulate; an exhaust mechanism discharging the reacted fuel gas to an outside; a circulation mechanism circulating the fuel gas; and a control unit configured to temporarily stop circulation of the fuel gas by the circulation mechanism when determining that discharge from the exhaust mechanism is not normal, drive the circulation mechanism so that the fuel gas circulates at a first circulation speed when determining that the discharge is not normal and a parameter relating to water vapor in the fuel gas path is equal to a predetermined value or greater, and drive the circulation mechanism so that the fuel gas circulates at a second circulation speed greater than the first circulation speed when determining that the discharge is normal.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Process for forming ultra-micro leds

A flexible light sheet includes a bottom conductor layer overlying a flexible substrate. An array of vertical light emitting diodes (vleds) is printed as an ink over the bottom conductor layer so that bottom electrodes of the vleds electrically contact the bottom conductor layer.
Nthdegree Technologies Worldwide Inc.


Process for transferring layers

The invention relates to a process for transferring an active layer to a final substrate using a temporary substrate, the active layer comprises a first side having a three-dimensional surface topology, the process comprising: a first step of bonding the first side of the active layer to one side of the temporary substrate; a second step of bonding a second side of the active layer to the final substrate; and a third step of separating the active layer and the temporary substrate; the process being characterized in that the side of the temporary substrate possesses a surface topology complementary to the surface topology of the first side of the active layer, so that the surface topology of the temporary substrate encapsulates the surface topology of the first side of the active layer in the bonding first step.. .


Machine for transferring micro-device

A machine for transferring at least one micro-device includes a carrier and a transfer device. The carrier includes a pedestal, a substrate, and at least one first cushion layer.
Mikro Mesa Technology Co., Ltd.


Background threshold voltage shifting using base and delta threshold voltage shift values in non-volatile memory

In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes determining, by a processor, after the writing of data to a non-volatile memory block, one or more delta threshold voltage shift (tvsΔ) values configured to track temporary changes with respect to changes in the underlying threshold voltage distributions due to retention and/or read disturb errors. One or more overall threshold voltage shift values is calculated for the data written to the non-volatile memory block, the one or more overall threshold voltage shift values being a function of the one or more tvsΔ values to be used when writing data to the non-volatile memory block.
International Business Machines Corporation


Controlled multi-step de-alignment of clocks

An apparatus for data processing includes first and second functional units driven by corresponding first and second clock-signal sources, and a clock-retardation unit. The clock-retardation unit is configured to cause the second clock-signal to sustain a temporal offset that causes an offset between the first and second clock-signals to step toward a target time-domain offset between the first and second clock-signals..
Cavium, Inc.


Hearing prosthesis efficacy altering and/or forecasting techniques

A method of forecasting subjective efficacy of a hearing prosthesis implanted in a recipient, including subjecting a recipient to a plurality of temporally spaced aural training tasks, the aural training tasks evoking hearing percepts with the hearing prosthesis, obtaining first data indicative of the recipient's ability to hear with the hearing prosthesis based on performance by the recipient of the temporally spaced aural training tasks, and forecasting second data based on the first data, wherein the second data are indicative of the recipient's ability to hear with the hearing prosthesis at one or more temporal locations in the future.. .
Cochlear Limited


Temporary security bypass method and apparatus

A method, system, and apparatus for temporarily disarming a barrier alarm in a security system. In one embodiment, a method is described, performed by a barrier alarm in communication with a central controller, where the barrier alarm receives a first signal from a user interface on the barrier alarm to disarm the barrier alarm, disables the barrier alarm in response to receiving the indication, and re-arming the barrier alarm upon receipt of a second signal from a sensor that forms part of the barrier alarm..
Ecolink Intelligent Technology, Inc.


Method and systems for multi-view high-speed motion capture

Systems and methods that facilitate an efficient and effective multi-view hybrid system for high-speed motion analysis are presented. The multi-view hybrid system can include a mix of relatively few high-speed cameras (e.g., 1000 fps, etc.) and a greater number of regular-speed cameras (e.g., 30 fps, etc.) that are utilized to provide more high speed views than high speed cameras included in the system.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


System and providing selectable temporospatial insurance coverage

The disclosure is directed to systems and methods for providing selectable, temporospatial-specific insurance coverage. More specifically, the disclosure is directed to ad-hoc insurance coverage methods for individuals, businesses, vehicles and the like that is coverage-event driven rather than coverage-time driven, and the physical systems to facilitate the event-driven coverage..
Click-ins Ltd.


Temporary workspace assignment

There are provided a system, a method and a computer program product for assigning a workspace. The system receives one or more reservation request for the workspace, associated with one or more facilities including one or more workspace areas.
International Business Machines Corporation


Adaptive sampling for efficient analysis of ego-centric videos

A method, non-transitory computer-readable medium, and apparatus for adaptive sampling an ego-centric video to extract features for performing an analysis are disclosed. For example, the method captures the ego-centric video, determines a spatio-temporal location of interest within the ego-centric video, applies an adaptive sampling centered around the spatio-temporal location of interest to obtain one or more spatio-temporal patches, extracts one or more features using the one or more spatio-temporal patches and performs an analysis based on the one or more features..
Xerox Corporation


Processing spatiotemporal data records

A method for processing a primary data record, a spatial tree index and a plurality of time tree indexes is described. The method includes writing the primary data record to a primary data table, determining whether a spatial tree leaf node including location data exists and, if not, generating a spatial tree leaf node including the location data, and creating or updating spatial tree nodes connecting the spatial tree leaf node to a spatial tree root node.
Crfs Limited


Online redistribution

Methods and systems are disclosed to perform online disk data redistribution in a database environment. The methods and systems disclosed herein provide for the redistribution of data across multiple physical disks of a database while when a new physical storage device is added to the database.
Unisys Corporation


Dynamic tagging recommendation

In one embodiment, a geo-social networking system automatically tags one or more social contacts of a first user to a photo of the first user by ranking the social contacts based on spatial and temporal proximity to the first user, and in response to the first user's selection of one or more top ranked social contacts, associating the selected social contacts to the photo.. .
Facebook, Inc.


In-memory approach to extend semantic event processing with domain insights

A method, medium, and system to receive an event stream, the event stream including a plurality of events, the events being semantically modeled; receive domain insights specifying a relationship between two events, the domain insights being semantically modeled and defined by a specified time limit and a comparison of event attributes using the specified time limit with a logical operator; retrieve stored representations of events referenced in the received domain insights; process the event stream, the received domain insights, and the retrieved stored events to produce a temporal processing result; and store the temporal processing result.. .


Virtual computing power management

As disclosed herein, a method, executed by a computer, includes comparing a current power consumption profile for a computing task with an historical power consumption profile, receiving a request for a computing resource, granting the request if the historical power consumption profile does not suggest a pending peak in the current power consumption profile or the historical power consumption profile indicates persistent consumption at a higher power level, and denying the request for the computing resource if the historical power consumption profile suggests a pending peak in the current power consumption profile and the historical power consumption profile indicates temporary consumption at the higher power level. Denying the request may include initiating an allocation timeout and subsequently ending the allocation timeout in response to a drop in a power consumption below a selected level.
International Business Machines Corporation


Methods and systems for optimal snapshot distribution within a protection schedule

Storage administrators would like to create snapshots of a storage array as frequently as possible, but too many concurrent snapshots can place an unnecessary load on the storage array. Described herein are techniques for scheduling snapshots on the storage array with the objective of minimizing the maximum number of simultaneous snapshots and/or temporally spacing apart snapshots from each other..
Nimble Storage, In.c


System, the creation and visualization of a manuscript from text and/or other media

System, method and apparatuses directed to a paradigm of manuscript generation, transformation and manipulation combined with contemporaneous or simultaneous visualization of the text or other media being entered by the creator. Through respective panels or interfaces the creator may manipulate a work or manuscript while visualizing the effects desired..
Plotagon Ab


Lubricant supplying device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus

A lubricant supplying device includes a lubricant supplier contacting an image bearer, a solid lubricant contacting the roller, a detector detecting a lubricant amount, and a controller controlling a supplying of the roller based on a detector detection. The detector outputs to the controller a first signal of a near-end state when the amount reaches a first amount, a second signal of an end state when the amount reaches a second amount smaller than the first amount, and a third signal of an absolute end state when the amount reaches a third amount smaller than the second amount.


Reference system for fiber optic cables

A system of color coded reference tables is disclosed by which fiber optic installation workers and engineers may quickly and easily convert fiber count numbers to bundle and sheath colors. The color code used may be an industry-standard 12-color or an alternative mapping of colors to numbers.


Methods and phased array imaging

A method of imaging a scene includes generating a temporally varying optical intensity pattern from at least one continuous wave (cw) light beam. The method also includes illuminating at least one portion of the scene with the temporally varying optical intensity pattern so as to cause a photon to scatter or reflect off the at least one portion of the scene.


Method for determining a distance between an fmcw ranging device and a target

A method for determining a distance between a ranging device and target, wherein a valid interference profile, if already available, is subtracted from a frequency-domain echo profile that is analyzed to determine the distance of the target, where to obtain or update the valid interference profile, a low-frequency portion of the frequency-domain echo profile is stored as a temporary interference profile after each measurement, and if the target is not proximal to the ranging device and the valid interference profile is not available, the temporary interference profile is saved as the valid interference profile, otherwise if the valid interference profile is available, the valid interference profile is updated via the temporary interference profile, otherwise if the target is distal and the valid interference profile is not yet available, the temporary interference profile is first subjected to a quality check before being saved as the valid interference profile.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Reduction of receive data of a radar, in particular, a synthetic aperture radar

A method for the reduction of receive data of a radar includes receiving a radar echo signal emanating from a chirp-like transmit signal and specifying a temporal receive window of the radar echo signal as a function of an area to be detected by a radar. The method also includes dividing the received radar echo signal into a plurality of spectral sub-bands, determining sub-band windows for each of the plurality of spectral sub-bands, activating the sub-band windows within the temporal receive window of the radar echo signal as a function of a receive time of the radar echo signal, and then sampling the radar echo signal using a sampling rate that is adjusted as a function of a number of sub-band windows active at a respective sampling instance..
Airbus Ds Gmbh


Sparsity-driven passive tracking of acoustic sources

A system and a method involve acoustic source localization for multiple acoustic sources using passive sonar. Tracks are constructed based on source location maps (slms) that reveal the locations of the sources over a grid of tentative source locations.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Methods for spatial and spectral selectivity in magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy

The present invention provides magnetic resonance multidimensional selectivity based on spatiotemporal encoding (spen). In particular, multidimensional selectivity is achieved by the concurrent application of frequency-swept irradiation and magnetic field gradients for the sequential manipulation of spins in space in one dimension or more.
Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.


System and self-testing a ground fault circuit interrupter

Self-test circuitry for testing a circuit interrupter includes an active element coupled to an operating mechanism, a first sub-circuit for temporarily disabling the active element, a second sub-circuit structured to generate a simulated ground fault condition, and a processing unit coupled to the ground fault detection circuitry. The first sub-circuit and the second sub-circuit, the processing unit being structured and configured to control the first sub-circuit to temporarily disable the active element and to control the second sub-circuit to generate the simulated ground fault condition when the active element is disabled.
Eaton Corporation


Mobile tip waste rack

A method of wasting tips in an automated processing module is disclosed, which includes at least three positions for holding sample racks. One of the positions is a tip waste rack position holding a tip waste rack, which includes tip receiving openings.
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


Hplc sample introduction with coupling sample reservoirs in parallel between mobile phase drive and separation unit

Disclosed is a sample dispatcher configured for individually introducing a plurality of portions of one or more sample fluids into a flow of a mobile phase of a separation system configured for separating compounds of the sample fluids. The separation system comprises a mobile phase drive configured for driving the mobile phase through a separation unit configured for separating compounds of the sample fluids in the mobile phase.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


System and detecting leakage in a gas pipeline

Disclosed is a leakage detection system (200) and a leakage detection method for detecting leakage in a gas supply system (10′) comprising a gas source (11; 12) connected to a gas delivery module (14) by a pipeline. The leakage detection system (200) comprises a flow meter (113) connectable along the pipeline remotely from an inlet of the gas delivery module (14); and a detection module (110) configured to receive signals representing a measured flow rate from the flow meter (113), and to compare the measured flow rate (115) to a stored leakage-free reference value (116) to detect an increase in flow rate in the presence of a leak.


Method for converting a measurement of local velocity of a fluid in a channel or a duct into a mean velocity

A method calculates mean speed of a fluid flowing in an open channel or a partially filled duct. Fluid having a free surface of width l1 extending between walls of the channel or duct includes local speed measurements at the surface of the fluid over a zone of width l2, the set of local measurements generating a spectrum of discrete data expressed in a temporal domain.
Flow-tronic S.a.


Removable blind fastener for narrow apertures

The present invention provides a removable blind fastener (2) having a first tubular element (4) comprising an arm portion (22), a second tubular element (6) comprising an arm portion (28), and an elongate screw member (8). The elements (4 and 6) are arranged in telescoping relationship one with the other and which fastener (2), when in use as a temporary fastener, is caused to secure the component parts (10 and 12) of an airframe by causing telescoping movement of the elements (4 and 6) towards each other when the screw member (8) is turned in one direction and is caused to release the component parts (10 and 12) of the airframe by causing telescoping movement of the elements (4 and 6) away from each other when the screw member (8) is turned in an opposite direction.
Kwikbolt Limited


System for connecting flat structural elements

The connection system facilitates rapid, reversible construction, without tools, of structures as diverse as temporary stands, packaging, the boxing industry and wooden or concrete constructions.. .


Fuel injection system of an internal combustion engine

In a fuel injection system a high-pressure fuel pump is arranged to deliver fuel into the fuel rail, a first valve is disposed at the inlet of the high-pressure fuel pump, and a second valve is disposed in a return line that fluidly connects the fuel rail to a fuel tank. An electronic control unit is configured to monitor a value of a parameter indicative of a fuel quantity injected into the engine, monitor a value of an engine speed, and operate the first valve to allow a first fuel flow to be delivered from the high-pressure fuel pump into the fuel rail and contemporaneously operate the second valve to discharge a second fuel flow from the fuel rail, if the monitored value of the parameter indicates that no fuel is injected into the engine and the monitored value of the engine speed exceeds a predetermined threshold value thereof..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Ladders, ladder components and related methods

Ladders, ladder components and related methods are provided. In some embodiments, adjustable stepladders are provided which include locking mechanisms that enable height adjustment of the ladder through application of a force towards the rails of the ladder.
Wing Enterprises, Incorporated


Method for producing barium titanate-based powder, and multilayer ceramic capacitor

A method for producing a barium titanate-based powder that includes mixing a titanium compound and a barium compound together with water and chlorine to prepare a slurry, and temporarily firing the mixture of the titanium compound and the barium compound which is contained in the slurry to provide a barium titanate-based powder. The chlorine in the slurry is in the form of chlorine ions in a ratio of 230 to 1100 wt ppm based on the amount of the barium titanate-based powder to be synthesized..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Container and the storage and extemporaneous reconstitution of a mixture of compounds in fixed proportions

A container having a hollow body and an opening; the hollow body having a mixing chamber and a storage zone, wherein the storage zone houses two or more independent sub-containers and said storage zone is situated between the opening and said mixing chamber.. .
CorporaciÓ SanitÀria Parc TaulÍ


Method and vacuum packing resealable bags

The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for closing a resealable vacuum bag while the vacuum bag is still inside the vacuum chamber of a heat-sealing vacuum packing machine. The resealable bag may be automatically closed, at least temporally, by either (1) the compressive forces that vacuum packing machines exert against the sides of vacuum bags, or (2) an autonomous, vacuum-activated device that closes the open section of the vacuum bag's sealing strip.


Pressure-sensing stages for lamination systems

A lamination system (110) may be provided for attaching together display layers (45,46) for an electronic device display. The system may include one or more pressure-sensing lamination stages (124, 126) for temporarily mounting the display layers during lamination operations.
Apple Inc.


Vacuum cup assembly

A vacuum cup assembly that generates a local vacuum using a prime mover that may be an electrical motor or a solenoid. The vacuum cup may have one or more ports to remove and vent air between the cup and the atmosphere.
Wolfram Labs, Llc


Flange gasket installation apparatus and method

A gasket retaining apparatus and a method which uses the apparatus to install a gasket between a pair of flanges. The retaining apparatus includes a gasket holding element which is temporarily secured between the flanges while joining the flanges together.


Seam welding method and vehicle body

In a seam welding method, a pressing force applied to workpiece by roller electrodes is reduced and an energization to the roller electrodes is stopped when the roller electrodes pass at least a portion where metal sheets are temporarily fastened together through spot welding, and the pressing force to the workpiece by the roller electrodes and the energization to the roller electrodes are restored after the roller electrodes have passed the spot welded portion.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Contents dispensing pump

The present invention relates to a contents dispensing pump used by being mounted in a container so as to dispense, to the outside, contents accommodated in the container by a fixed quantity through a pumping operation and use the same, and particularly, to a contents dispensing pump which can: increase productivity and lower a product price by allowing a deformed pressing member to function as a cylinder and an opening and closing valve so as to simplify a structure of the contents dispensing pump; and at the same time, be easily mounted in a product having a small space in which the dispensing pump is to be mounted, by performing a pumping operation by changing the volume of a temporary contents reservoir due to a deformation of the deformed pressing member such that a working stroke distance of the dispensing pump can be short. To this end, the present invention relates to the contents dispensing pump which is coupled to a container for accommodating the contents therein and dispenses the contents, wherein a deformed pressing member (60) descends by being pressed and deformed when a push button (50) descends such that the volume of a temporary reservoir (tr) is reduced and pressure is generated in the temporary reservoir (tr).


Non-regular electrical stimulation patterns designed with a cost function for treating neurological disorders

Systems and methods for stimulation of neurological tissue generate stimulation trains with temporal patterns of stimulation, in which the interval between electrical pulses (the inter-pulse intervals) changes or varies over time. Compared to conventional continuous, high rate pulse trains having regular (i.e., constant) inter-pulse intervals, the non-regular (i.e., not constant) pulse patterns or trains that embody features of the invention provide a lower average frequency..
Duke University


Instruments for setting acetabular cup

A cup and a temporary insert are respectively configured to be tightly press fitted into each other along their periphery. The temporary insert includes a through hole communicating outside with a free space between the outer surface of the temporary insert and the inner surface of the cup.


Temporary vascular scaffold and scoring device

Devices and methods for treating a target site in a body lumen are provided. A medical device includes a stent-like structure including a plurality of scoring and non-scoring filaments interwoven with one another.
Quadra Endovascular, Inc.


Method and determining information indicative of cardiac malfunctions

An apparatus for determining information indicative of cardiac malfunctions includes a processing device (602) configured to detect whether the time-trend of a signal indicative of cardiovascular motion manifests an indicative phenomenon where the amplitude of a first heartbeat is greater than the amplitude of a second heartbeat and the temporary heartbeat rate is greater prior to the first heartbeat than prior to the second heartbeat. The processing device is further configured to produce an indicator of cardiac malfunction, e.g.
Turun Yliopisto


Exhalation measurement device, and control method

The exhalation measurement device of certain implementations comprise a chamber, a measurement component, a piezoelectric pump, a first learning controller, and a second learning controller. The chamber may temporarily hold exhalation.
Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.


Quick setting trap with enhanced safety features

Devices according to the present disclosure include humane animal traps that include convenient setting elements and/or safety features. These traps comprise a body, an entrance to the body, a door, a bias mechanism configured to bias the door toward a position, a setting mechanism to hold the door open against its bias and a trigger mechanism configured to release the setting mechanism.


Insect barrier

An active barrier to termites and other insects includes a polymeric or paper substrate; and a copper-carbon matrix, wherein the copper-carbon matrix is incorporated into or is coated onto the polymeric or paper substrate. The resulting combination of the substrate and copper-carbon matrix allows for the creation of films, tapes, coated paper and fabric, or molded or formed parts that interfere with and block the passage or entry beyond the barrier of termites or other insects.
Engineered Materials, Inc.


Manufacturing artificial plant and artificial plant

Disclosed is a method for manufacturing an artificial plant, comprising: manufacturing a three-dimensional fixation frame, and burying a part of the three-dimensional fixation frame into the ground; providing a plurality of temporary annular growing zones, in a bottom-up manner, on an outer peripheral surface of a part of the three-dimensional fixation frame which is out of ground; grafting saplings in a preset shape, to form a grafted sapling unit; planting a plurality of the grafted sapling units in each of the plurality of temporary annular growing zones, and fixing the grafted sapling units onto the three-dimensional fixation frame; forming a re-grafted sapling unit by grafting the grafted sapling units of the adjacent temporary annular growing zones; and forming an artificial plant when the re-grafted sapling units mature after a preset period of time.. .


Terminal device, base station device and radio communication method

In a radio communication system using occ for dmrs, a base station apparatus correctly receives pusch. If a first mode is set in which a demodulation reference signal of a physical uplink shared channel is multiplied by an orthogonal code determined in advance or if a temporary c-rnti was used for a transmission of downlink control information, the demodulation reference signal of the physical uplink shared channel is multiplied by the orthogonal code determined in advance, and if a second mode is set in which the demodulation reference signal of the physical uplink shared channel is multiplied by an orthogonal code determined on the basis of cyclic shift information in the downlink control information and moreover, if an rnti other than the temporary c-rnti was used for the transmission of the downlink control information, the demodulation reference signal of the physical uplink shared channel is multiplied by the orthogonal code determined on the basis of the cyclic shift information in the downlink control information..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Cloud-based device twinning

A network-based service is utilized to facilitate twinning of two or more communication devices associated with a subscriber account. Incoming communication is intercepted by a communication device and forwarded to a network server, which in turn transmits the incoming communication to the multiple twinned devices.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Wireless sound transmission system and method

A system for providing sound to at least one user, with at least one audio signal source, a digital transmission unit applying a digital modulation scheme to transmit an audio signal via a wireless digital audio link; at least one receiver unit for receiving audio signals from the transmission unit, and an arrangement for stimulating the hearing of the user(s), the transmission unit transmitting each audio data packet according to an adaptive frequency hopping scheme and has a channel traffic detection unit for measuring the power in each channel of a monitored channel set and providing a channel traffic value for each channel based on the measured power, an interference detection unit for analyzing and deciding whether static interference is present, and determining the channel corresponding to the peak channel traffic, and a channel blanking unit for temporarily removing at least the channel corresponding to the peak channel.. .
Sonova Ag


Video caching a jukebox

Systems and methods for managing a plurality of videos associated with one or more of a plurality of communicably coupled jukeboxes over a network, are disclosed. A first digital jukebox of the plurality of communicably coupled jukeboxes, ranks the plurality of videos according to a predetermined criteria.
Ami Entertainment Network, Llc


Adaptive bit rate system architectures using named domain networking

In one implementation, a method includes obtaining a plurality of representations of a digital video asset. The plurality of representations may include a plurality of frames the method also includes generating first data comprising data indicative of temporal dependencies and frame decoding dependencies for the plurality of frames.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Adaptive coding of a prediction error in hybrid video coding

The present invention relates to a method for coding a video signal using hybrid coding, comprising: reducing temporal redundancy by block based motion compensated prediction in order to establish a prediction error signal, deciding whether to transform the prediction error signal into the frequency domain, or to maintain the prediction error signal in the spatial domain for encoding.. .


Spatiotemporal prediction for bidirectionally predictive (b) pictures and motion vector prediction for multi-picture reference motion compensation

Several improvements for use with bidirectionally predictive (b) pictures within a video sequence are provided. In certain improvements direct mode encoding and/or motion vector prediction are enhanced using spatial prediction techniques.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method and processing video signal

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for processing a video signal, which can increase the accuracy of the motion vector prediction through motion vector scaling which takes a difference in the temporal distance between reference pictures into consideration. To this end, the present invention provides a video signal processing method and a video signal processing apparatus using the same, and the method comprises the steps of: scaling at least one neighboring partition motion vector for a motion vector prediction of the current partition; scaling the neighboring partition motion vector, which has been selected, when the reference picture of the neighboring partition motion vector is different from the reference picture of the current partition; acquiring a motion vector prediction value of the current partition using the scaled motion vector; and acquiring a motion vector of the current partition using the motion vector prediction value..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Secure network request anonymization

Network request anonymizing nodes (“nrans”) may be described herein. The nrans may act as anonymizing proxies by generating additional anonymizing network requests to help anonymize a network request sent by a requesting computing node.
Intel Corporation


Determining temporal relevance of newsfeed stories

A social networking system generates stories based on actions of users in the system and provides a newsfeed to users that contain stories that related to one or more of their friends in the system. Although the story ranking algorithm includes a time decay to penalize older stories, stories may actually become stale at different rates.
Facebook, Inc.


Vehicle network node module

A vehicle network node module includes device buffers, a network buffer, a switch circuit, and a processing module. The device buffers temporarily store outgoing device packets from, and temporarily store incoming device packets for, vehicle devices in accordance with a locally managed prioritization scheme.
Broadcom Corporation


Off device storage of cryptographic key material

In representative embodiments keys used in authentication are removed from local systems and stored on a key server system. When keys are needed for authentication, requests are routed to the key server system.
Venafi, Inc.


Communication a cluster of network hosts

We disclose communication methods using which a cluster of network nodes is interconnected via an optical interconnect and an electrical switch engine. A communication method executed at a master optical transceiver coupled to one side of the optical interconnect enables that transceiver to establish an optical communication link with any one of a plurality of slave optical transceivers coupled to the other side of the optical interconnect.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Light detection system and method

There is provided a light detection system which is capable of determining in light embedded codes by detecting light in a scene which is illuminated by an illumination system (110) comprising one or more light sources (111,112,113) each providing a light contribution (i111, i112, i113) comprising an embedded code (id#1, id#2, id#3) emitted as a temporal sequence of modulations in a characteristics of the light emitted. The light detection system comprises light detection means (220), which are arranged for acquiring at least one image of the scene, where the image is acquired a plurality of temporal shifted line instances.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Methods of forming semiconductor device having gate electrode

Methods of forming a semiconductor device are provided. An active region is formed on a substrate.


Integrated device for temporal binning of received photons

An integrated circuit includes a photodetection region configured to receive incident photons. The photodetection region is configured to produce a plurality of charge carriers in response to the incident photons.
Quantum-si Incorporated


Ball grid array and land grid array assemblies fabricated using temporary resist

Ball grid assembly (bga) bumping solder is formed on the back side of a laminate panel within a patterned temporary resist. Processes such as singulation and flip chip module assembly are conducted following bga bumping with the temporary resist in place.
International Business Machines Corporation


Double layer release temporary bond and debond processes and systems

A bonded structure contains a substrate containing at least one feature, the substrate having a top surface; a first release layer overlying the top surface of the substrate, the first release layer being absorptive of light having a first wavelength for being decomposed by the light; an adhesive layer overlying the first release layer, and a second release layer overlying the adhesive layer. The second release layer is absorptive of light having a second wavelength for being decomposed by the light having the second wavelength.
International Business Machines Corporation


Dynamic video summarization

Cyclical pixel-based remapping techniques are disclosed for efficiently creating and displaying a video summary. Cyclical temporal remapping at the pixel level requires less processing power and eliminates the need for object identification and tracking, allowing for dynamic adjustment of summary video parameters while a user is viewing the summary video.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Multimedia content duration manipulation

Average pixel luminosity is calculated for each frame comprising a content item. For each pair of adjacent frames, an ifd is calculated.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Composition engine

Embodiments of the present invention provide for the composition of new music based on analysis of unprocessed audio, which may be in the form of melodic hums and rhythmic taps. As a result of this analysis—music information retrieval or mir—musical features such as pitch and tempo are output.
Humtap Inc.


Radiation ct apparatus

A radiation ct apparatus that can gain a clear tomogram without a rotation axis runout and without fail through a single ct scan and a simple operation is provided. When the data on the projection with radiation collected through a ct scan is first reconstructed through an arithmetic operation by a reconstruction arithmetic operation unit 13, temporary coordinates that have been set in advance as the coordinates of the projected rotation axis so as to construct a tomogram along a predetermined sliced surface are used, this tomogram is displayed on the screen for changing the rotation axis coordinates that include the temporary coordinates, and the coordinates of the projected rotation axis are shifted by any amount in any direction through an operation on the screen so that a reconstruction arithmetic operation is again carried out in the reconstruction arithmetic operation unit 13..
Shimadzu Corporation

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