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Date/App# patent app List of recent Template-related patents
 System and method of providing and distributing three dimensional video productions from digitally recorded personal event files patent thumbnailnew patent System and method of providing and distributing three dimensional video productions from digitally recorded personal event files
A method of providing and distributing personal video content that displays personal digital photographs as still images moving in three dimensional space is disclosed. Personal digital photographs are downloaded to a server.
 Automated deployment and servicing of distributed applications patent thumbnailnew patent Automated deployment and servicing of distributed applications
Deployment and servicing tasks associated with multi-tier, distributed applications, application environments and data centers are automated so that a person does not have to manually perform these tasks. All of the information describing and defining the distributed service is modeled and stored in a re-useable service template that can be used to drive an automated system to programmatically deploy and manage the service over time.
 Application wrapping for application management framework patent thumbnailnew patent Application wrapping for application management framework
Methods and systems for developing, modifying, and distributing software applications for enterprise systems are described herein. A software component, such as a native mobile application or a template application, may be modified into a managed mobile application, and metadata associated with the managed mobile application may be generated.
 Module updating device patent thumbnailnew patent Module updating device
An automobile, vehicle, vessel or other device may include a plurality of modules, software applications, computer program products, controllers or other logically executing entities to facilitate controlling, implementing or otherwise enabling various operations according to computer-readable instructions, code or other information stored within a memory, such as within a file or other memory construct. A controller having capabilities sufficient to facilitate updating, modifying, creating or otherwise manipulating such stored files and/or corresponding instructions is contemplated..
 Systems and methods for mining temporal requirements from block diagram models of control systems patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for mining temporal requirements from block diagram models of control systems
Systems and methods for mining a temporal requirement from a block diagram model of a closed loop control system are disclosed. One embodiment of a method includes simulating the closed loop control system of a vehicle to obtain simulation traces and determining a candidate requirement by instantiating a template requirement with values of the simulation traces to locate parameter values that suggest that the template requirement is fulfilled.
 Graphical storage system visualization, timeline based event visualization, and storage system configuration visualization patent thumbnailnew patent Graphical storage system visualization, timeline based event visualization, and storage system configuration visualization
A method and system for visually displaying and navigating a computer storage system are disclosed. The storage system can be graphically browsed to select a particular entity in the storage system.
 Methods and systems for corporate performance management patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for corporate performance management
A computing module and method for corporate performance management (cpm) is disclosed. A spreadsheet is determined for inclusion in a cpm software application.
 Functionality watermarking and management patent thumbnailnew patent Functionality watermarking and management
A method, system and non-transitory computer-readable medium product are provided for functionality watermarking and management. In the context of a method, a method is provided that includes identifying a request to perform at least one function of a user device and identifying at least one watermark template.
 Role based router functionality patent thumbnailnew patent Role based router functionality
Configuration of firewall functionality for routers operating within a multi-router network is contemplated. The firewall functionality configured for one or more of the routers may be based router positioning within the multi-router network.
 Overlay network patent thumbnailnew patent Overlay network
An overlay network is contemplated. The overlay network may be characterized as supporting, or at least virtually supporting, separate networks over a common infrastructure.
new patent Interface directionality assignment
Assignment of directionality to interfaces, ports, receptacles, antennas and other input/output (i/o) employed by network devices to facilitate multi-device networking is contemplated. The directionality assignments may be used to facilitate assigning directionless and/or configurable router directionality in order to automatically, adaptively, dynamically or other otherwise facilitate inter-router connections within a multi-router network..
new patent Remote interface templates
Embodiments of the present invention allow applications developers to change user experiences within an application without updating the application by relying on remote interface templates to create user experiences. The application code includes entry points to various remote interface templates stored on a remote device.
new patent Image triggered transactions
In one example, a method for image triggered transactions includes capturing an image of a document with an imaging device and searching a database for a template matching the captured image. If a matching template is found for the captured image, then retrieving pre-authored tasks associated with the captured image, extracting fields from the image related to the tasks, processing the extracted fields to obtain content to complete the tasks; and executing the selected task.
new patent System and method to generate a data-rich template
A computerized method and system for correlating template data to select contextually relevant content including receiving a request from a consumer device to serve a template at a server, the template comprising at least one tag, selecting a content in a database associated with the at least one tag based at least in part on a correlation between the template and the at least one tag, substituting the at least one tag with the content, and transmitting the template from the server to the consumer device.. .
new patent System and architecture for merchant integration of a biometric payment system
A system and method for performing authentication are disclosed. The system may include a shared central processing server, a plurality of software components each residing in a corresponding point-of-sale (pos) workstation and an identity provider service.
new patent Configurable health history form builder
Methods and apparatus for providing customized health history forms for use with a practice management system. The practice management system provides a user interface that enables a user at a medical practice to configure a health history form template.
new patent Apparatus and methods for performing brain surgery
Less invasive surgical techniques for performing brain surgery are disclosed in which a dilating obturator and cannula assembly is inserted into brain tissue until the obturator tip and cannula are adjacent to the target tissue. The obturator is removed and surgery is performed through the cannula.
new patent Endoscopic instrument having reduced diameter flexible shaft
A medical instrument comprising a flexible, filamentous shaft slideably disposed in a sheath, the instrument including an electronic imaging system comprising an image sensor carried on a distal end portion of the instrument. The shaft may be used as a guidewire for a complementary guided device, or it may be used to carry a functional element for performing a procedure at a target site in a patient's body.
new patent Template for implanting a housing of a hearing instrument
The invention relates to a template for implanting a housing of an implantable unit of a partially implantable hearing instrument, comprising a template plate comprising an implant position marking opening and a template position indicating element which extends substantially normal with regard to the surface of the template plate, wherein the implant position marking opening is designed to mark the position of a receptacle to be created in the patient's temporal bone for receiving an elevated housing positioning portion of the housing, and wherein the template position indicating element is a projection designed to be seen or felt by a surgeon through the patient's skin when the template plate is positioned at the patient's skull to mark the position of said receptacle.. .
new patent Therapeutic methods for type i diabetes
The invention relates to the treatment and prevention of type i diabetes. More specifically, the invention relates to compounds that treat or prevent the body's immune system from destroying β-cells (i.e., insulin-producing cells in the pancreatic islets of langerhans) by inhibition of jnk2, selective inhibition of jnk2, or inhibition of the expression of the mapk9 gene or gene product.
new patent Template-fixed peptidomimetics
These β-hairpin peptidomimetics can be manufactured by a process which is based on a mixed solid- and solution phase synthetic strategy.. .
new patent Enhanced push to talk systems and methods with floor control and media traffic optimization
An enhanced push to talk (ptt) method, a network, and a ptt server provide floor control and media traffic optimization for push to talk over cellular (poc). Specifically, multiple session initiation protocol (sip) sessions are contemplated between controlling and participating servers while only requiring a single real time protocol (rtp) session for media and a single real time control protocol (rtcp) session for floor control.
new patent Method for producing three-dimensional monolithic microfluidic devices
A method is described for producing a microfluidic device (19), which comprises the phases of producing a three-dimensional template (15) of geometry equal to the channelings that is desired to obtain in the device; inserting the template in the desired position into a mould (16), keeping it suspended by at least one of its end; coating said template by immersion in (or deposition of) a material in the liquid phase (or dissolved or dispersed in a solvent) capable of solidifying by means of a chemical reaction or physical transformation, forming a material constituting the body of the final device; and selectively removing the three-dimensional template. In a variant of the method, useful for the production of scaffolds to be inserted into the human body, a porogenic material is added to the liquid precursor or to the precursor solution, such that the material of the solid matrix is characterised by a continuous structure of pores into which it is possible to insert live cells..
new patent System, method, and device for electronically displaying one shot at a time from multiple target shots using one physical target
The present invention contemplates a system for improving shooting skill that includes a computer having an executable software program, a camera in electrical communication with a power source and being in data communication with the computer, a laser mounted to the camera, a tripod supporting the camera, a physical target arranged at a predetermined and selectable distance from the camera, a router for providing data communication means between the camera and the computer, a first antenna in data communication with the computer by means of the router, and a light source coupled to the camera.. .
new patent Method, transfer device and template body for producing a dental and/or bone prosthesis for a dentition
Disclosed herein is a method for producing a dental and/or bone prosthesis for a dentition having a defect, comprising: determining the left and right direction point and an induction point of the upper jaw as three cranial reference points of the upper jaw and determining the left and right direction point and an induction point of the lower jaw as three cranial reference points of the lower jaw; creating a model of the defective dentition, one model half produced for the upper jaw and one model half produced for the lower jaw; identifying the three cranial reference points of the upper jaw on the upper jaw model half and identifying the three cranial reference points of the lower jaw on the lower jaw model half; arranging and fixing the upper jaw model half and the lower jaw model half relative to one another; forming the dental and/or bone prosthesis.. .
new patent Nanoscale three-dimensional battery architecture
A three-dimensional nanobattery formed by individually wiring nanostructured electrodes and combining them with an electrolyte. Short, capped nanotubes termed ‘nanobaskets’ are formed by sputtering coating onto nanoporous templates.
new patent Silk microspheres for encapsulation and controlled release
A method was developed to prepare silk fibroin microspheres using lipid vesicles as templates to efficiently load therapeutic agents in active form for controlled release. The lipids are subsequently removed through the use of a dehydration agent, such as methanol or sodium chloride, resulting in β-sheet structure dominant silk microsphere structures having about 2 μm in diameter.
new patent Flexible cutting rail guide
An apparatus and method for cutting a workpiece or template from wood, plastic, or other media. The apparatus is a flexible cutting rail guide comprising a length of elastomer stock having a cross-section with at least one ninety-degree angle, the elastomer stock being securable to a workpiece or template media.
new patent Automatic recovery of tpm keys
A trusted platform module (tpm) is a silicon chip that constitutes a secure encryption key-pair generator and key management device. A tpm provides a hardware-based root-of-trust contingent on the generation of the first key-pair that the device creates: the srk (storage root key).
new patent Inter-frame prediction coding method, device and system
Inter-frame prediction coding method, device and system are provided. The inter-frame prediction coding method includes: calculating distortions between a template area of current encoding block and each of m matching templates in l reference frames, to determine m offset vectors; acquiring m hypothesis prediction values of the encoding block to which the m matching templates correspond according to the determined m offset vectors, and calculating the template matching prediction value of the current encoding block according to the m hypothesis prediction values; comparing the template matching prediction value and original value of the current encoding block to acquire the residual of the current encoding block, and encoding the residual.
new patent Data visualization
Data visualization is contemplated to facilitate pictorially or otherwise visually representing various types of data, metrics and other information to a viewer. The data visualization may be useful in visually relating multiple sets of data relative to each other in order to visually convey a relationship to the viewer.
new patent Vertical source/drain junctions for a finfet including a plurality of fins
Fin-defining mask structures are formed over a semiconductor material layer. A semiconductor material portion is formed by patterning the semiconductor material layer, and a disposable gate structure is formed over the fin-defining mask structures.
new patent Indium gallium nitride light emitting devices
Ingan-based light-emitting devices fabricated on an ingan template layer are disclosed.. .
new patent Organic material-based graphitic material
Various methods and apparatuses involve the provision of graphitic material. As consistent with one or more aspects herein, an organic material template is used to restrict growth, in a width dimension, of graphitic material grown from the organic material template.
new patent Ke architectural element
Designed by a licensed architect, interior designer, and general contractor, the ke architectural element will revolutionize the creative design approach to space planning of interiors. Used as a template tool, the ke architectural element will influence the arrangement of spaces.
Serializing a templated markup language representation of test artifacts
Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to software testing and provide a method, system and computer program product for serializing a templated markup language representation of test artifacts. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for configuring a test plan for serialization can be provided.
Functional testing of a processor design
According to exemplary embodiments, a computer implemented method for functional testing of a processor design includes accessing a test template from a library of test templates, wherein the test template is configured to test a first selected function of the processor and inputting the test template to an automated test generation tool executed by a computer. The method further includes generating an instruction sequence based on the test template by the automated test generation tool and injecting an event instruction to the instruction sequence during the generating of the instruction sequence by the automated test generation tool, the injecting of the event instruction preserving testing of the first selected function of the processor and the event instruction being configured to test a second selected function of the processor.
Perturbational technique for co-optimizing design rules and illumination conditions for lithography process
A process of generating design rules, opc rules and optimizing illumination source models for an integrated circuit layout, to form short lines, terminated lines and crossovers between adjacent parallel route tracks, may include the steps of generating a set of template structures which use a set of characteristic design rules, and performing a plurality of source mask optimization (smo) operations on the set of template structures with different values for the design rules in each smo operation. In a first embodiment, the smo operations are run using a predetermined set of values for each of the design rules, spanning a desired range of design rule values.
Automatic generation of portal themes and components
The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for generating code and/or style elements for a web page based on analyzed differences between a ui design and a default ui template. One example method includes identifying a user interface design created for at least one web page, where the ui design comprises a modified version of a default ui template.
Template based database analyzer
An automated database analyzer is uses templates to accommodate multiple database languages, such as sql and its dialects. The templates are combined with metadata that define a database schema and operations on the database schema.
Method, system and computer program product for auditing, compliance, monitoring and compliance management
Compliance auditing and management is provided by defining business or enterprise assets, comprising receiving, from the business or enterprise variables that meet business needs of the business or enterprise as a user. Users, locations and audit templates are added.
Payment template page queue for a mobile device
In an exemplary embodiment, a method includes displaying a plurality of payment template summaries simultaneously on a mobile device. A selection of two or more of the plurality of payment template summaries is received.
System and method for audits with automated data analysis
Systems and methods for defining and executing platform and language independent audit templates are disclosed. Each audit template can include a number of audit task templates.
Method and system for managing inventories of orthopaedic implants
A system and method for managing inventories of orthopaedic implants includes receiving a medical image of a bone of a patient from a healthcare provider, performing a digital templating procedure on the medical image to determine an orthopaedic implant for use with the bone of the patient; transmitting the digital templated medical image to the healthcare provider, and shipping the orthopaedic implant to the healthcare provider in response to an electronic approval of the digital templated medical image received from the healthcare provider. Implant constraint data may also be received from the healthcare provider and used in determining the orthopaedic implant.
Method and system for automated medical records processing with cloud computing
A method and system for automated medical records processing with cloud computing the method and system includes plural electronic medical templates specifically designed such that they reduce the complexity and risk associated with collecting patient encounter information, creating a medical diagnosis and help generate the appropriate number and type medical codes for a specific type of medical practice when processed. The medical codes and other types of processed patient encounter information are displayed in real-time on electronic medical records and invoices immediately after a patient encounter via a cloud computing network..
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for sharing patient charting templates
A method for sharing patient charting templates across third party health information technology systems and practices is provided. The method may include, by a template sharing apparatus, receiving indication to share a template with another third party system, bundling template code, and transmitting notification the template is available.
Surgical template and delivery device
The present disclosure provides devices and methods relating to surgical breast procedures. The devices can include a holder and backing to assist in positioning a biological material adjacent to a tissue expander or implant..
Small molecule inhibitors of influenza a rna-dependent rna polymerase
Antiviral compositions and methods are contemplated that are especially effective in the treatment and prevention of influenza a viruses. Also presented are cellular assays to identify small molecule compounds having antiviral properties, particularly as it relates to detection of influenza a rna-dependent rna polymerase activity in a mammalian cell independent of other influenza a components.
2 and 3 column colour charts (x/y) and (y/x/z) with structure, numbering and templates to be used as hardcopy and software
Design 1: 2-column structured colour chart on a horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y-axis) showing harmony and complementary colours. In design 4: 3-column structured colour chart (y,x,z) and (z,y,x) structured as a protein molecule, showing harmony, complementary, triad and tetrad combinations.
Method of installing a final dental prosthesis
A cradle, assembly, system and method for installing a prosthesis at a surgical site. The cradle temporarily engages the prosthesis and holds it in the correct orientation and position adjacent the surgical site.
Cradle for positioning a final dental prosthesis and a system incorporating the same
A cradle, assembly, system and method for installing a prosthesis at a surgical site. The cradle temporarily engages the prosthesis and holds it in the correct orientation and position adjacent the surgical site.
Plasma etch resistant films, articles bearing plasma etch resistant films and related methods
The invention includes a plasma etch-resistant film for a substrate comprising a yttria material wherein at least a portion of the yttria material is in a crystal phase having a crystal lattice structure, wherein at least 50% of the yttria material is in a form of a monoclinic crystal system. The film may be treated by exposure to a fluorine gas plasma.
Block copolymer assembly
The embodiments disclose a block copolymer assembly structure, including a first pattern and second pattern with a first density of patterned features integrated in data and servo zones, a silicon substrate with thin film layers deposited thereon and patterned using the first density of first pattern and second pattern features and a template fabrication pattern with a second density greater than the first density created using ordered block copolymer periodic structures across a portion of the substrate.. .
Botulinum nanoemulsions
The embodiment described herein are related nanoemulsions comprising botulinum toxins. In one embodiment, the nanoemulsions are prepared by high pressure microfluidization and comprise a particle size distribution exclusively between 10 and 300 nm.
Image combining device, image combining method and program to implement image combining method
An image combining device may include an image reading unit that reads an image of a first and second partial area which have a portion overlapping; a template area setting section that sets apart an area of a predetermined shape as a comparison area from the overlapping area; a calculation area setting section that selects areas of the shape corresponding to the shape of the comparison area; a correlation coefficient calculating section that calculates a correlation coefficient between each of the image data values of the multiple areas; an area identifying section that identifies, from the multiple areas, the area in which the calculation result satisfies a predetermined condition; and a combining section that combines the images of the first and second partial areas in the positional relationship in which the area identified by the area identifying section and the comparison area overlap with each other.. .

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