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Telesco patents

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Hybrid amplifier

Transition pilot

Date/App# patent app List of recent Telesco-related patents
 Fracture fixation device patent thumbnailnew patent Fracture fixation device
Assemblies for securing fractured bone are provided. The assembly includes a first fixation element, a second fixation element, and an adjustable flexible member construct.
 Transition pilot patent thumbnailnew patent Transition pilot
A protruding device is used to encumber a user's ability to maneuver his/her hips beyond its position while executing/simulating a golf swing. The protruding device comprises a telescopic beam, having a ball affixed to one end and a pointed, coaxial, coned tip affixed to the other.
 Telescopic shaft patent thumbnailnew patent Telescopic shaft
A telescopic shaft includes a male shaft having an outer circumference formed with a plurality of protruding teeth, and a female shaft having an inner circumference formed with a plurality of tooth grooves and fitted onto the male shaft. The protruding teeth and the tooth grooves are engaged such that the male shaft and the female shaft are relatively axially slidable and a rotational torque is transmittable between the male shaft and the female shaft.
 Method and apparatus for the shielded relocation of a nuclear component patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for the shielded relocation of a nuclear component
A nuclear component transfer device that incorporates a shielded canister into the mast design of a conventional nuclear refueling machine. A moveable mast telescopes within a stationary mast which is attached to a bridge for lateral positioning.
 Hybrid amplifier patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid amplifier
Exemplary embodiments are directed to systems, devices, and methods for enhancing a telescopic amplifier. An amplifier may include a differential pair of input transistors including at least one transistor configured to receive a first input and at least one other transistor configured to receive a second input.
 Telescopic op-amp with slew rate control patent thumbnailnew patent Telescopic op-amp with slew rate control
An operational amplifier includes a transfer circuit, a cascode control circuit, and a slew rate boost circuit. The transfer circuit is configured to apply a transfer function to a received input signal and the application of the transfer function to the received input signal is effective to create an output signal.
 Small animal litter container patent thumbnailnew patent Small animal litter container
A small animal litter container is provided with an enclosed design that keeps animal elimination products contained within the litter material and/or the container without leakage and avoids spillage of these materials beyond the container. Cylindrical telescoping interior and exterior housing sections engage to form a covered elimination area within the container.
 Cymbal stand and method for setting up the same patent thumbnailnew patent Cymbal stand and method for setting up the same
A cymbal stand for mounting at least one cymbal. The cymbal stand comprises a base assembly including a base pipe, a support pipe assembly including a first support pipe, and a first locking clamp for releasably locking said first support pipe and said base pipe together.
 Steering column of vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Steering column of vehicle
The present invention relates to a steering column of a vehicle. In the steering column, inclined telescopic long holes are formed in the telescopic guide portions, thereby solving the problem of uneven diffusion of a lever force.
 Firearm headspace measuring gauge and method patent thumbnailnew patent Firearm headspace measuring gauge and method
A gauge for measuring the headspace dimension of a firearm chamber. The gauge includes a first member coupled to a second member in a telescopic fashion.
Hydraulically actuated handle assembly for medical device deployment system
A medical device deployment system includes an inner shaft telescopically received within a retractable sheath and a medical device positioned over the inner shaft. A handle assembly houses a hollow washer and includes a hollow handle body having an open distal end receiving the inner shaft and the retractable sheath.
Reel handling device and method
A device for handling reels includes a telescoping assembly with a first fork sleeve and a second fork sleeve attached to the telescoping assembly so that a position of the first fork sleeve may be adjusted with respect to a position of the second fork sleeve. A first reel lifter fitting and a second reel lifter fitting are attached to the telescoping assembly so that a position of the first reel lifter fitting may be adjusted with respect to a position of the second reel lifter fitting.
Rf/optical shared aperture for high availability wideband communication rf/fso links
An rf/optical shared aperture is capable of transmitting and receiving optical signals and rf signals simultaneously. This technology enables compact wide bandwidth communications systems with 100% availability in clear air turbulence, rain and fog.
Collapsible light
A collapsible lighting device has a main body surrounded by a collar whose position is adjustable along the longitudinal axis of the main body. Pivotally connected or hinged legs are attached to the collar and to the main body with struts.
Adjustable and replaceable lens structure for portable electronic devices
A movable and replaceable lens structure for electronic devices has a lens-mounting body mounted on and electrically connected with a electronic device, and a movable lens module mounted on the lens-mounting body and having a movable mechanism mounted on the lens-mounting body or a housing of the electronic device. The movable lens module has a movable mechanism mounted on the lens-mounting body or the housing of the electronic device.
Two-dimensional wavelength-beam-combining of lasers using first-order grating stack
A method and apparatus for two-dimensional wavelength beam combining of laser sources. In one example, an external cavity multi-wavelength laser includes an array of laser emitters each producing an optical beam having a specified wavelength, a grating stack comprising a plurality of first-order diffraction gratings arranged linearly in a first dimension, and a dispersive element.
Variable length light shield for an electro-optical sensor within a nose cone
A variable length light shield is disclosed for an electro-optical sensor within a nose cone. The light shield includes a base, a telescopic shade supported by the base, and a ring rotatably supported about the base.
Removable vehicle door security lock
A device for use by a commercial driver in securing the doors of the vehicle while in another part of the vehicle would be inserted inside of the vehicle door on each side. The device would consist of a telescoping bar with an internal spring that automatically collapses the bar when released.
Telescoping spring assembly for mattresses and the like
A spring assembly includes telescopically adjustable inner and outer members biased in an extension direction by a coil spring. A preload member is provided to apply a compression preload to the coil spring.
Spooling machine
Spooling machine including two side frames spaced at a horizontal distance by a telescopic spacer beam, each frame having a pintle on supports for bearing a drum for cable pipe or hose, the telescopic spacer beam including at least one outer tube and at least one inner tube, which are slidably and telescopically one inside the other, and a locking device positioned between the outer tube and the inner tube for locking the outer and inner tube in adjustable position. The locking device includes a split part of the inner tube extending over a part of the length of the inner tube and dividing the inner tube into sections, and a force element for creating a swelling force on the split part of the inner tube to press the sections against the inner surface of the outer tube..
Tubular access ladder and method
An access ladder includes a plurality of sections connected together to telescope between an extended position and a retracted position that has an increasing reactive force to counterbalance the weight of the sections as they extend. A method for accessing a room with a ladder connected to a ceiling including the steps of moving the ladder to a fully extended position subject to an increasingly active force to counterbalance the weight of the ladder as it extends.
Adjustable gait trainer bars
An adjustable gait trainer bar that includes a telescoping stem with a first end, a second end, a first portion and a second portion and a joint clamp coupled to the first end of the stem, the joint clamp includes a clamp, a first lock clip, a first joint lock and a first threaded aperture. The adjustable gait trainer bar also includes a joint claw coupled to the second end of the stem, the second push button locking clip includes a claw, a second lock clip, a second joint lock, and a second threaded aperture and a fastener configured to selectively extend through a first respective aperture of the first portion and an aperture of the second portion, whereby to selectively position a length of the telescoping stem..
Handle assembly for medical device deployment system
A medical device deployment system includes an inner shaft telescopically received within a retractable sheath and a medical device positioned over the inner shaft. A handle assembly includes a proximal handle portion having a handle body having an elongate slot therethrough.
Medical device and method of use
A medical device comprising an actuator, an extension portion, and a tissue interaction portion. The extension portion is coupled to the actuator and comprises at least first and second telescoping sections with each telescoping section having (i) at least one extended hook section having a head portion and a neck portion, and (ii) at least one body section being one of coupled and integrated to the at least one extended hook section.
Absorbent article having telescoping waist
A disposable absorbent article comprising a chassis which includes a front region having two opposing longitudinal edges; a back region having two opposing longitudinal edges; a crotch region having two longitudinal edges wherein said crotch region is disposed between said front and back regions; and at least two side panels extending outwardly from the two opposing longitudinal edges of one or both of the front or back regions and interconnecting said front and the back regions to form a waist opening and a pair of leg openings; wherein the article exhibits a pre-application side panel length, li, and a post-application side panel length, lf, such that li is less than lf.. .
Stepped banded connector for intravascular ultrasound devices
A male and female connectors and a method for providing electrical connection between a patient interface module (pim) and an intravascular sensing device carrying more than two signal leads. A four-electrical-contacts male connector includes three elongated hollow tubular male bodies concentrically disposed around one another in an expanded telescopic fashion to define three stepped banded outer surfaces, where one electrical contact is formed on an inner surface of the innermost male body, and the rest on the stepped bands.
Telescopic shaft
A telescopic shaft includes a male shaft having an outer circumference on which a plurality of protruding teeth are formed, and a female shaft having an inner circumference on which a plurality of tooth grooves are formed. The tooth grooves of the female shaft are fitted onto the protruding teeth of the male shaft such that the male shaft and the female shaft are relatively slidable in an axial direction and such that a rotational torque is transmittable between the male shaft and the female shaft.
Video bookmarking
The video bookmark feature allows a user to tag an item or segment of interest within audio/video content being watched. Each tag, or bookmark, can contain within it metadata associated with the content captured by the receiver at the time the bookmark was recorded; further information can be derived via interaction over the internet with a service provider.
Wide-band active antenna system for hf/vhf radio
An active antenna system for receiving electromagnetic radiation at frequencies below 100 mhz. The system includes a vertical support mast; a front end electronics unit including an active balun, the front end electronics unit affixed to the support mast; two crossed-dipole antennas affixed oriented at about 90 degrees to each other, each crossed-dipole antenna having two arms formed of electrically conductive material, each arm having an isoceles triangular frame with an apex of the frame electrically connected to a feedpoint of the front end electronics unit, each arm also having a longitudinal member extending from the apex to the center of the base of the triangular shape and a cross member extending between sides of the triangular frame.
Pick up device with telescoping tube
This invention provides hand operated portable adjustable length devices for grasping and manipulation of objects as well as methods of their use.. .
Force absorbing device
A force absorbing device is provided for use with a walking aid having proximal and distal tubes arranged in a telescoping configuration for relative movement therebetween along a longitudinal axis. A proximal end member is affixed within a hollow bore of the proximal tube with no relative movement between the proximal tube and the proximal end member.
Telescoping anchor pin
An anchor pin for anchoring small water vessels is provided. The anchor pin includes at least an upper pole and a lower pole that may telescope relative to one another.
Cutting device
A cutting device includes a bottom plate, a platform located on the bottom plate for holding a workpiece, a first support plate connected to the support plate and located above the bottom plate, a first telescopic cylinder having a first piston, a blade connected to the first piston, a first medium providing device configured to provide medium, a first switch including a gateway a1 connected to a first lower cavity of the first telescopic cylinder, a gateway b1 opened to the outside, a gateway p1 connected to the first medium providing device, a first sensor including a gateway a2 opened to the outside, a gateway b2 communicating with a first upper cavity of the first telescopic cylinder, and a gateway p2 connected to the gateway b1.. .
Composite open/spaced matrix composite support structures and methods of making and using thereof
A lattice support structure or tower comprising one or more open matrix composite strut members connecting a series of interlocking connectors to create a ridged support platform for telecommunications, surveillance, renewable energy, lighting and energy transmission applications. Embodiments of the invention are telescoping for ease of transport and erection.
Forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment for a handgun
A forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment for a handgun that has a support structure extending rearwardly from the rear end of the handgun is provided. The forearm-gripping stabilizing attachment includes a body having a passage longitudinally extending therein.
Multipurpose cleaning tool having an interchangable head
An interchangeable cleaning tool has a pole member and a plurality of tool heads. Each tool had is removably coupled to the pole member.
Fully disposable toilet bowl brush
A fully disposable cleaning device for cleaning a toilet comprising of a hollow elongated outer member with an inner member that is telescopically slidable from a stored position to an extended position within the outer member to form a handle. The outer member component of the handle formed for grasping by a user.
Steering device having tilting and telescopic function
A steering device having a tilting function and a telescopic function that includes a steering handle that is manipulated by a driver to adjust a running direction of a vehicle. A sensing unit is formed in one region of the steering handle and is configured to sense a contact of an object or contact pressure applied thereto.
Test head vertical support system
A manipulator for translating a load along an axis of translation is provided. The manipulator comprises an outer column and a telescoping column positioned adjacent the outer column.
Mounting and positioning device of a surgical instrument and.or an endoscope for minimally invasive surgery and asurgical robot system
The invention describes a mounting and positioning device of a surgical instrument and/or an endoscope for minimally-invasive surgery, in particular for use within a surgical robot system, comprising a first axis of rotation (3), around which a support element (4) is rotatably arranged, wherein the first axis of rotation (3) intersects with the longitudinal axis (11) of at least one surgical instrument (9; 17a, 17b) and/or an endoscope (9; 17a, 17b) in a pivot point (13), as the result of a deviation drive (5) being fixed on the support element (4), said deviation drive arranging an instrument drive unit (15) in rotatable fashion around a pivot point (13), and wherein a telescopic device (8) is provided at an instrument drive unit (15), which allows for the translatory movement of the surgical instrument (9; 17a, 17b) and/or the endoscope (9; 17a, 17b) into the body, along its longitudinal axis (11) using a guide device (10, 10s) in such fashion that the longitudinal axis (11) of the surgical instrument (9; 17a, 17b) and/or the endoscope (9; 17a, 17b) is variably adjustable in relation to the telescopic device (8).. .
Targetable biopsy needle set and method of using same
A biopsy needle set includes an introducer cannula having an elongate tubular body defining a lumen extending from an open proximal end to an open distal end. The introducer cannula also includes a lateral opening through a distal segment of the elongate tubular body that is in fluid communication with the lumen.
Rotational ultrasound imaging catheter with extended catheter body telescope
The present invention generally relates to devices for imaging the interior of a vessel. The device can involve an elongated body configured to fit within the lumen of a vessel, a rotatable shaft positioned inside the elongated body, and a telescoping element, wherein a portion of the elongated body extends through the telescoping element, in which the elongated body is configured to contain the rotatable shaft inside the telescoping element..
Alignment stick
A portable golf alignment training aid comprises a pair of telescoping sticks that can be extended to different lengths and optionally connected together. The telescoping sticks can be easily stored and transported in a pocket of a conventional golf bag..
Power paddle
A portable propelling system including a driver removably coupled to a drive end portion of a shaft, and a propeller connected to a prop end portion of the shaft. The shaft may extend through an outer casing.
Transporting device
A transporting device includes a support frame, a driving mechanism, a first picking mechanism, and a second picking mechanism. The driving mechanism is mounted on the support frame.
Binocular telescope having an integrated laser range finder
The first bracket (11) connected to the first telescope tube (1) is arranged behind the second bracket (12) connected to the second telescope tube (2) in the observation direction and the transmitter (26) of the laser rangefinder is arranged on the first bracket (11).. .
Multiscale telescopic imaging system
A multiscale telescopic imaging system is disclosed. The system includes an objective lens, having a wide field of view, which forms an intermediate image of a scene at a substantially spherical image surface.
Wearable electronic display
A wearable display apparatus includes a display for providing viewable images. A display support assembly can support the display.
Apparatus for converting a wheeled vehicle to a tracked vehicle
A track assembly having a carriage with frames that support a plurality of idler and bogey wheels. A portion of one of the frames is telescopically received within a portion of the other frame.
Telescopic position adjustment mechanism
A telescopic position adjustment mechanism allows for a telescoping element to be indexed by fixed increments toward a more telescopically collapsed position, relative to its base. The telescopic position adjustment mechanism uses a stepping reservoir that can, in a stepping configuration, selectively receive a predetermined volume of fluid from a support reservoir that supports the telescoping element against the base, enabling the telescoping element to collapse toward the base by a distance corresponding to the predetermined volume of fluid.
Linear actuator with arm driven mechanism
A linear actuator (1) includes an electrical driving mechanism (10), a lead screw (20), an outer tube (30), a telescopic tube (40) and an arm driven mechanism (50). The arm driven mechanism (50) comprises an arm (51), a driving nut (52), a telescopic sleeve (53), a first washer (54), a nut-tube (55) and a second washer (56).
Telescoping tower and legs
A telescoping tower includes a plurality of nested tower sections extendable in a telescoping direction, each of the plurality of nested tower sections having a plurality of legs that define respective heights of the plurality of nested tower sections in the telescoping direction, each of the plurality of legs slidably engaging at least one leg of at least one adjacent one of the plurality of nested tower sections along an overlap in the respective heights thereof.. .
Rotational sensing catheter with self-supporting drive shaft section
An intravascular catheter has a telescope section including telescoped inner and outer tubular catheter members, a sheath having a proximal end anchored to an end of one of the inner and outer catheter members, and an elongated flexible drive member coaxially disposed within and being proximally and distally movable through the sheath. The drive member has a distal portion received in the sheath, and a second, unsheathed portion extending beyond the sheath into the interior of the telescope section.
Rotational catheter with extended catheter body drive shaft support
In a rotational intravascular catheter, a proximal section of the catheter sheath, within which an elongated flexible drive member portion of the catheter is movably disposed, is extended into a telescoping portion of the catheter. The proximal sheath section functions to support the section of the drive member positioned within the telescoping section whether the telescoping section is in an extended position, qa retracted position, or any position therebetween..
Telescoping shaft roller assembly in steering column
A telescoping shaft in a steering column in a steering column is provided. The telescoping shaft includes an outer shaft having a bore extending in a longitudinal direction, an inner shaft telescopically received in the bore, the inner shaft rotationally fixed relative to the outer shaft and moveable relative to the outer shaft in the longitudinal direction, and at least one roller assembly positioned between the inner shaft and outer shaft.
Cargo area divider assembly
A pickup truck cargo area separator is provided that operably divides the cargo area of a pickup truck into distinct segments using slidably adjustable members. A first member is positioned laterally across a pickup truck cargo area, while a second member slidably connects to the first member to form a t-shaped divider assembly.
Telescoping enclosure for information handling system component
A telescoping enclosure for information handling system components is disclosed. The telescoping information handling system component comprises a first enclosure and a second enclosure slidably coupled to the first enclosure.
Device for generating a light beam with three or more sectors for a glide angle indicator for aircraft and a guide angle indicator comprising the device
An air intake device for a submarine comprises a first fixed member connected to the submarine hull and a second member which is telescopically movable relative to the first member to rise up with an upper end of it above the water's surface to allow air to be taken in from the atmosphere during navigation of the submarine at periscope depth, the movable member mounting at its upper end a radar device designed to emerge from the water together with the selfsame movable member.. .
Lawn care vehicle adjustable steering assembly
A riding lawn care vehicle may include a frame and a steering assembly. Wheels of the riding lawn care vehicle may be attachable to the frame.
Portable trailer stands
Example portable trailer stands for supporting parked trailers are disclosed herein. Some example portable trailer stands disclosed herein comprise two telescopic posts supporting a generally horizontal beam.
Apparatus and method for calculating aiming point information
The present invention relates to target acquisition and related devices, and more particularly to telescopic gunsights and associated equipment used to achieve shooting accuracy at, close ranges, medium ranges and extreme ranges at stationary and moving targets. The present invention provides reticles that provide means for selecting secondary aiming points that accurately target an intended target at any desired range, including extreme distances.
Telescoping window tension rods
A window rod includes first, second and third telescoping tubes; a first locking mechanism configured to lock the first and second tubes in a fixed axially position with respect to each other; a second locking mechanism configured to lock the second and third tubes in a fixed axially position with respect to each other; a first axially adjustable finial coupled to a first end of the first tube; and a first rotatable contact member coupled to the first axially adjustable finial.. .
Mobile office
A mobile office comprising a wheeled luggage with telescoping handle; a top surface comprising an integrated seat; multiple internal and external storage compartments; a removable organizer drawer; and a removable table with extendable legs.. .
Locking adjustment knob
A locking turret knob includes an adjustment member, a first member, and a second member. The adjustment member is adjustably positionable about an axis of rotation.
Primary piston for a tandem master cylinder and tandem master cylinder equipped with such a primary piston
A primary piston composed of a skirt and an intermediate back wall having a rear face receiving the servobrake thrustrod and a forward face for the telescoping rod and the spring pushing the secondary piston. The front of the skirt has longitudinal grooves open in front and closed in the rear.
Modular manifold for motor vehicles
A modular exhaust manifold 1 for a motor vehicle, with multiple adjoining manifold pipe modules, having: at least one engine flange, via which an inlet connection pipe of the manifold pipe modules can be connected to a cylinder head of the motor vehicle; at least one manifold pipe module, configured as a collector pipe module and having a contact flange, via which the exhaust manifold can be connected to an exhaust system of the motor vehicle, the respective manifold pipe modules having an overlap contour of a length a that permits the telescoping of two manifold pipe modules to an insertion depth t for coupling purposes, at least two manifold pipe modules being identical in shape, and a variation of the insertion depth t of at least 5 mm to 30 mm or 10 mm or 15 mm or 20 mm or 25 mm being obtained by the formation of length a of the overlap contour. A method for producing a manifold formed from multiple adjoining manifold pipe modules..
Hand-held personal planetarium
Method and apparatus are provided for a hand-held planetarium which displays a sky pattern comprising graphical representations of celestial objects. A sensing system comprising sensors provides information about an orientation of the device.
Telescoping insertion axis of a robotic surgical system
A telescopic insertion axis, a robotic surgical system including the telescopic insertion axis, and a method of instrument insertion are provided. In one embodiment, a telescopic insertion axis includes a base link operably coupled to a distal end of a manipulator arm, and a carriage link movably coupled to the base link along a lengthwise axis, the carriage link including an instrument interface.
Telescoping marine engine flushing assembly
Disclosed is a telescoping pole connected to a sealing attachment that has two sealing caps, each having a tubular aperture. The sealing caps fit over the water intake ports of an outboard or a sterndrive marine motor, creating an enclosed compartment through which water can be pumped into the marine engine and outdrive.

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