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Tablet patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tablet-related patent applications.

new patent Call 911 the app
A mobile application including a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices and allow the user to be directly connected to 911 with exact location information. In use, the user would download an application and be prompted to set-up locations where they are most commonly located.

new patent Photographic device and associated improving the capture of a selfie
Disclosed is a photographic device including: a cell phone or a tablet equipped with a screen associated with a device for displaying an image on the screen; an image capturing device configured to capture an image along an optical axis and to transmit this image to the device for displaying an image; a mirror surface configured to be able to be placed facing the screen so as to reflect an image displayed on the screen, the mirror surface being suitable for allowing an image to be captured by the image-capturing device through a central portion of the mirror surface. Also disclosed is an associated image-capturing method..

new patent Encrypted router for securing public network connections
Conventionally, network-accessible devices (e.g., cellular phones, tablets, personal computers) have been able to establish virtual point-to-point connections between a local modem and a virtual private network (vpn) across a public network, such as the internet. However, providers often capitalize on this “open” connection and retrieve information regarding a user's browsing history.

new patent Dual-mode vehicular controller
A vehicular interface may include an electromechanical interface between a handheld electronic device and subsystems on a vehicular bus or network. In an illustrative embodiment, the interface may operate in a “master mode” when a handheld device, such as a tablet computer or smart-phone, is not inserted therein.
Keystone Integrations Llc

new patent Systems and methods for resource utilization management
Systems and methods which provide resource utilization management, such as with respect to resources available through one or more accessible resource facilities, are disclosed. Embodiments provide resource utilization management systems and methods which facilitate user controlled reservation, access, and accounting for resource utilization.
Bau Llc (dba Bauhq)

new patent Method and system of conducting a transaction
A convenient and efficient method and system of conducting a transaction using a user's mobile device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, to scan an electronically readable element such as a 2d barcode (preferably a qr code) associated with a product such as a good, service, fine, or fee, or the like. The mobile device is configured to scan the electronically readable element, load information relating to the product, and allow the user to authorise a transaction associated with the product to a provider after which the mobile device retrieves securely stored payment details and transfers them to a payment gateway associated with the provider to complete the transaction..
Sniip (australia) Pty Ltd

new patent Contemporaneous gesture and keyboard entry authentication
A restricted access device such as a cellphone, a tablet or a personal computer, analyzes contemporaneous keyboard inputs of a password and gestures to authenticate the user and enable further access to applications and processes of the restricted access device. The gestures may be facial gestures detected by a camera or may be gestures made by an avatar rendered on a display of the device.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent Method for recognizing press of key on keyboard
A method for recognizing a press of a key by a small force on a slim portable keyboard for use with a smart phone, a tablet pc, a general pc, or a notebook computer. A special-key press processing unit processes a press of a plurality of special keys.
Tbr Co., Ltd.

new patent Mobile communication terminal having unmanned air vehicle
The present invention relates to a mobile communication terminal having an unmanned air vehicle, the mobile communication terminal being smart-phones, tablet-phones, or tablet-pcs which are carried by users and used for mobile communication, and the unmanned air vehicle being kept in the mobile communication terminal or in various mobile communication terminals that may be developed in the future, and being capable of navigating and performing various operations according to a control using the mobile communication terminal. The present invention provides a mobile communication terminal having an unmanned air vehicle, which includes: an unmanned air vehicle including a flying means, a wireless communication means and an image capturing means; and a mobile communication terminal part including: a hangar part in which the unmanned air vehicle is kept; an unmanned air vehicle control means controlling the unmanned air vehicle to navigate and capture images through wireless communication with the unmanned air vehicle; and a manipulation part through which a control command of a user is input to the unmanned air vehicle control means..

new patent Auxiliary optical systems for mobile devices
Some embodiments disclosed herein relate to an auxiliary optical device having one or more optical components, such as lenses, attached to a retainer portion. The retainer portion is configured to removably attach to mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, media players, and the like.
Olloclip, Llc

new patent

Safety gate

The invention relates to a safety gate including a frame with a horizontal base member and usually two vertical upright post members affixed to each end of the base member at its lower end; a door mounted for hinged opening movement, hingedly attached to the vertical upright post member; the frame being held in position by frictional engagement against supporting walls of an opening, provided and adjusted by attachment means which are mounted on adjusting rods; the door includes an upper bar and a lower bar connected together with a number of pales spaced apart to form an effective barrier; the door also including a closing mechanism for releasibly retaining the door in the closed position. The attachment means includes a pressure gauge which measures the frictional pressure between the frame and supporting wall of the opening, and an electronic processing means which compares the pressure reading from the pressure gauge to a predetermined level and indication means which provide an indication when the measured pressure level is lower than the predetermined level.

new patent

Free amino acid preparation and uses thereof

Compositions containing free amino acids have been found to provide effective pain relief in less than five minutes following administration. Suitable compositions include free leucine, free isoleucine, and free valine in a leucine:isoleucine:valine weight ratio of about 1.9:1:1.3.

new patent

Natural lubricant for direct compression and preparing natural tablet using the same

The present invention relates to a natural lubricant for direct compression and a method of preparing a synthetic additive-free natural tablet using the same. More particularly, the invention provides a crude fat-containing bean powder, which is used as a natural lubricant, and a method of preparing a natural tablet using the bean powder by a dry granulation process which is carried out using a roller compactor..
Cj Cheiljedang Corporation

new patent

Pharmaceutical formulation comprising sembragiline

The invention relates to pharmaceutical formulation in form of a film-coating tablet comprising sembragiline or a salt thereof.. .
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

new patent

Medical laser system including a mobile electronic device

Medical systems, comprising at least one eletromagnetic radiation emitting device for medical applications, at least one mobile electronic device, and at least one attachable/detachable transmission medium, are provided. The electromagnetic radiation emitting device comprises a radiation source such as a laser source, a radiofrequency source, or a microwave source and required safety features/controls.
Biolitec Unternehmensbeteiligungs Ii Ag

new patent


The invention relates to an adapter for modifying a mobile communication device such as, but not limited to, a smartphone, tablet computers or webcam to create an ophthalmoscope or fundus camera for ophthalmoscopy or fundus imaging comprising an illumination device, including component parts thereof; and a method of testing eye function and producing images using said camera and associated illumination device. The invention has application in both the medical and veterinary practices.
Greater Glasgow And Clyde Health Board

Methods using a hand phantom for evaluating tablets in a wireless communication system

On a tablet user equipment that is proximate to a hand phantom, a method determines the total radiated power of the user equipment includes, in response to a preset criterion, obtains a characteristic of the phantom, obtains a characteristic of an antenna of the user equipment, and obtains a radio characteristic of the user equipment. The method may also include transmitting the phantom characteristic, the antenna characteristic, and the radio characteristic to a test equipment..
Zte (usa) Inc.

Antenna solution for narrow bezel system

Systems and methods are disclosed for positioning an antenna in a portable information handling system. A portable information handling system includes a housing having a first housing portion and a second housing portion.
Dell Products L.p.

Method for producing electrotechnical thin layers at room temperature, and electrotechnical thin layer

The present method for the first time proposes a method for producing an electrotechnical thin layer which makes it possible to carry out process control at room temperature by using an additional reagent, thereby providing stable, thin layers in a very short time. Capacitive accumulators that could replace a li-ion battery in a tablet pc and more far-reaching applications are thus possible even for cases of gross, industrial process control..
Dynamic Solar Systems Ag

Avatar as security measure for mobile device use with electronic gaming machine

A gaming system compatible with patron-controlled portable electronic devices, such as smart phones or tablet computers, is described. The gaming system is configured to establish a secure communication session between an electronic gaming machine and a portable electronic device.

System and fair employee scheduling

A method for scheduling servers within a food-serving establishment or other business environment using a point-of-sale system based on a fairness processing module. The system includes a tablet, configured to receive a food order, and a computer having a transceiver, memory, and processor.
Otg Experience, Llc

Electronic tablet case and firearm holder

Disclosed is an electronic tablet case capable of concealing a firearm. The case is formed from a housing having closeable panels that are hingedly connected, defining an interior and exterior.
Ipackin Holding Llc

Container closure system

The container closure system, having a container for capsules, dragées, tablets, and the like, and a screw-on cap that can be screwed onto the container, is characterized in that a dispensing aid has a blocking element having a suspension device, and in that the suspension device is attached to the inner wall of the container and has holes for capsules, dragées, tablets, and the like, wherein the hole is smaller than the container opening.. .
Gaplast Gmbh

Easy to swallow coatings and substrates coated therewith

The present invention is directed to film coating compositions for use on oral dosage forms such as compressed tablets and other orally-ingestible substrates which contain a water-soluble polymer and guar gum. The film coating compositions can be applied either directly to a substrate or after the substrate has been coated with a subcoat.
Bpsi Holdings, Llc

Solid preparation

A tablet containing not less than 25 mass % of the compound; a solid preparation containing (1) the compound, and (2) a fat and oil-like substance having a low melting point, which is selected from polyethylene glycol, glycerol monostearate and triethyl citrate; a method of stabilizing the compound in a tablet, including adding not less than 25 mass % of the compound; and a method of stabilizing the compound, including adding a fat and oil-like substance having a low melting point, which is selected from polyethylene glycol, glycerol monostearate and triethyl citrate to a solid preparation containing the compound.. .

Secure pairing of devices via pairing facilitator-intermediary device

The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to systems and circuitry for and/or methods of establishing communication having one or more pairing facilitator-intermediary devices (for example, a network connected server) to enable or facilitate pairing and/or registering at least two devices (e.g., (i) a portable biometric monitoring device and (ii) a smartphone, laptop and/or tablet) to, for example, recognize, interact and/or enable interoperability between such devices. The pairing facilitator-intermediary device may responsively communicates information to one or more of the devices (to be paired or registered) which, in response, enable or facilitate such devices to pair or register.
Fitbit, Inc.

Authentication on a computing device

Systems and/or methods provide a user of a first computing device with the ability to authenticate themselves on a remotely provided process or service using a second computing device on which the user is already authenticated. For example, the techniques of this disclosure provide a user with the ability to securely log into a remotely provided service or application (such as e-mail, cloud computing service, etc.) on a first computing device (e.g., a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, etc.) using a second computing device (e.g., mobile phone) on which the user is already logged into the service or application, without requiring manual entry of authentication information on the first computing device..
Google Llc

Presence aware terminals

The various embodiments herein each include at least one of systems, methods, and software for presence aware terminals. Some such embodiments enable a user carrying a mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or a handheld computing device having a radio device (e.g., bluetooth® or near-field communication (nfc)) to be automatically recognized at a terminal.
Ncr Corporation, Law Dept.

Colored time software system

The present invention relates to how musicpad llc programs and it's software for computers, tablets and mobile app, web based and native platforms will display information by using assigned colors, not limited to but includes variations of red, yellow, green to assist user on finding status's on events, sales of tickets and hotel lodging on a device such as smartphone or tablet. The users location will determine if any tickets, events or hotels available within distance that correlate with user's preferences.

Method and device for processing data blocks in a distributed database

Disclosed is a method and a device for processing data blocks. The method comprises: when a control server receives a log including tablet data block information that is sent by a storage server, acquiring the tablet data block information included in the log; querying a merge server for tablet data block information in a root table; determining whether the tablet data block information included in the log is consistent with the tablet data block information in the root table; summarizing and storing the tablet data block information included in the log and the tablet data block information in the root table; and sending an alarm if the determination result is that the tablet data block information included in the log is inconsistent with the tablet data block information in the root table.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Methods and a computing device for maintaining comments and graphical annotations for a document

In various implementations, a first computing device (such as a cloud-based server) receives, from a second computing device (e.g., a notebook computer, tablet computer, or smartphone): (a) a graphical annotation for a document displayed on the second computing device, and (b) a comment for the graphical annotation. The first computing device stores the graphical annotation in a database in a graphical annotation data entity, stores the comment in the database in a comment data entity, and associates the graphical annotation data entity with the comment data entity within the database..
Workiva Inc.

Multi-touch uses, gestures, and implementation

A tablet pc having an interactive display, which is touchscreen enabled, may be enhanced to provide a user with superior usability and efficiency. A touchscreen device may be configured to receive multiple concurrent touchscreen contacts.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Phonetic keyboards

The present invention is directed to a system and method for typing phonetic characters using two keystrokes. An aspect of the invention relates to the rendering of characters is based on the timing between a first and second keystroke if a second modifying keystroke is used, or based on a first keystroke.

Mucolytic tablet for a sample collection device

The present disclosure relates to a mucolytic tablet for a sample collection device that causes mucolysis of biological samples collected in the sample collection device. The mucolytic tablet includes n-acetyl l-cysteine (nalc), a pharmaceutically active mucolytic agent that reduces the viscosity of mucus containing biological samples.
Alpha-tec Systems, Inc.

Adjustable electronic device holder

An adjustable electronic device holder. The adjustable electronic device holder includes a bracket slidably connected to a center plate for receiving an electronic device.

Swimming information processing system, information processing apparatus, swimming information processing method, and program

A system includes a wearable device that measures positional information and activity information of a swimmer, generates swimming information related to swimming of the swimmer based on the activity information, and transmits the swimming information and the positional information; and a tablet pc that receives the swimming information and the positional information from the wearable device, acquires map information corresponding to the positional information, and generates display information by using the swimming information, the positional information, and the map information.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Immeadiate release oral tablet

A process for the preparation of an immediate release tablet comprising the antihypertensive telmisartan and the tablet obtained by the process.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

Pharmaceutical formulation of racecadotril

The object of the present invention is a pharmaceutical formulation of racecadotril characterized by high bioavailability. In particular, the present invention relates to a method of dry granulating racecadotril in the presence of a hydrophilic excipient and a disintegrant, preferably with a low moisture content; said method being carried out by means of a tablet machine or alternately a roller compacting machine, carrying out the compaction step with a compaction strength of less than 30 kn and equal to or greater than 4 kn, and the step of grinding the slugs and screening so as to obtain a granulate in which not more than 50% by weight of the product has a particle size of less than 90 micron..
Rivopharm Sa

Tablet cassette

A tablet cassette includes a tablet container, a first rotor, a rotating shaft, and a second rotor. The tablet container has a tablet receiving space for randomly receiving the tablets and an outlet port for discharging the tablets.
Tosho, Inc.

Solar power conversion kit for umbrella

A solar power conversion kit allows converting of a standard umbrella into a solar charging umbrella, which can then use solar power to charge electronic devices. The solar charging umbrella is self-sustained, capable of charging electronic devices in locations away from electrical outlets.

Wearable computing communication device with display screens and methods.

A wearable computing device (wcd) which provides for new and alternative methods of communication and social interaction. The wcd is mobile and allows the wearer to show, share, play and or generally broadcast various forms of multimedia content on one or more display screens.

Systems and methods for implementing efficient cross-fading between compressed audio streams

Systems and methods are presented for efficient cross-fading (or other multiple clip processing) of compressed domain information streams on a user or client device, such as a telephone, tablet, computer or mp3 player, or any consumer device with audio playback. Exemplary implementation systems may provide cross-fade between aac/enhanced aac plus (eaacplus) information streams or between mp3 information streams or even between information streams of unmatched formats (e.g.
Sirius Xm Radio Inc.

Newborn computer applications

An electronic version for how to care for an infant child on smartphone/tablet devices. Students will access the application via the appstore/play store on their device and will be provided login information from their administrator/teacher.
Interactive Applications, Llc

Virtual online trade show

Introduced here are platforms for creating virtual trade fairs that can be experienced by exhibitors and attendees via network-accessible interfaces accessible on a computing device (e.g., a mobile phone, tablet computer, or desktop computer). More specifically, a software program (e.g., a mobile application) executing on the computing device can display an interface that depicts the virtual show floor of a virtual trade fair.
Tradeshow Inc.

Apparatus and methods for dynamic role switching among usb hosts and devices

Apparatus and methods for usb hosts and usb devices to dynamically switch roles such that a product which initially operates as a usb host may instead operate as a usb device and vice versa. Products such as smartphones and tablets which initially operate as usb devices may dynamically switch roles to become usb hosts.
Mcci Corporation

Fat-binding compositions

A fat-binding composition contains an inclusion complex with a host molecule and a guest molecule. The guest molecule includes one or more amino acids, vitamins, flavorants or related compounds, rutin, betanin, derivatives thereof, and mixtures thereof.
Cma Of Delaware, Inc.

Fantasy sports game which scores a matrix which a participant populates periodically with picks

A fantasy sports game which scores a matrix, which a participant periodically populates with picks. After the games are actually played, the matrix is scored, with the scoring being dependent on the picks and their placement on the matrix.
Gamestreaks, Inc.

Atazanavir sulfate formulations with improved ph effect

Disclosed are compressed tablets containing atazanavir sulfate and an acidifying agent, optionally with another active agent, e.g., anti-hiv agents, and optionally with precipitation retardant agents. Also disclosed are processes for making the tablets, and methods of treating hiv..
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

Prevotella histicola preparations and the treatment of autoimmune conditions

This document provides methods and materials related to prevotella histicola preparations. For example, prevotella histicola preparations in the form of an oral medicament or dietary supplement (e.g., a pill, tablet, capsule) are provided.
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Pharmaceutical composition containing dimethyl fumarate for administration at a low daily dose

The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions containing dimethyl fumarate (dmf). More specifically, the present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for oral use in treating psoriasis by administering a low daily dosage in the range of 375 mg±5% dimethyl fumarate, wherein the pharmaceutical formulation is in the form of an erosion matrix tablet..
Fwp Ip Aps

Method of producing a extruded composition

The present invention relates to a method of producing a direct compression tablet composition comprising the step of processing ibuprofen, a hydrophilic polymer, and an inorganic excipient by an extrusion process to produce an extruded composition in which the ibuprofen forms a solid dispersion/solution within the hydrophilic polymer. The invention is particularly useful in preparing oral dissolvable tablets.
Delta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Lead, chalk or color tablet for writing, drawing and/or cosmetics purposes, pencil containing a lead, and producing a lead, chalk or color tablet

A lead or chalk or color tablet for writing, drawing and/or cosmetics purposes, contains at least one sugar and/or sugar alcohol and/or pentaerythritol, at least one cellulose derivative and/or starch derivative and at least one surfactant. The at least one surfactant is selected from the group of sulfuric acid fatty acid ester salts and/or fatty acid sulfoalkyl esters and/or ethoxylated forms of alkali metal fatty acid sulfates.
Faber-castell Ag

Furniture system

The invention relates to a furniture system, consisting of a height-adjustable chair and a height-adjustable table. According to the invention, the chair and the table can be height-adjusted synchronously by means of a common control device, wherein the height adjustment of the table and the height adjustment of the chair are synchronized with each other in such a way that, at different heights, an ideal distance between the tabletop and the seat surface of the chair is always maintained..

Multipurpose desk with an integrated computer system

A multipurpose with an integrated computer system uses a desk and a drawer computer to provide a user with enhanced safety for themselves and their data. The desk has a support structure, a tabletop, an antiballistic shell, a concealment cavity, a computer enclosure, and a storage compartment.

Bag designed for charging electronic devices on-the-go

A bag to be used for travelling, designed for convenience. It holds a traveler's items, including a mobile phone, tablets and camera.

Configurable secure mobile tool for ami and amr metering systems

Disclosed herein are apparatuses, methods and systems for a configurable and secure mobile tool for advanced metering infrastructure (ami) and automatic meter reading (amr) metering systems, wherein the tool comprises a suite of mobile apps that run on a mobile device (e.g., tablet, smartphone) and have functionality to support the installation, maintenance, service, diagnostics and configuration of meters in ami and amr systems. The mobile app may remotely synchronize through a secure communication channel with a server in communication with a database that contains configuration settings and related data created by an administrator utilizing an administrator station.
Honeywell International Inc.

Docking station for tablet device

A docking station for a tablet device includes a security frame that is releasably connected to a pedestal. An upper head portion of the pedestal is rotatable through three degrees of freedom to allow for angular adjustment of the frame as it retains a tablet device.
Mobile Tech, Inc.

Underwater case for digital cameras and video cameras

An underwater case for containing a device, such as a camera, a tv camera and the like comprised also in mobile telephones, smartphones, tablets and the like, comprising control means, arranged on a portion of the underwater case, for activating the device when it is positioned internally of the underwater case, comprising an integrated connection module in wireless mode for activating the device by the control means.. .
Easydive Di Benvenuti Fabio

Mitigated dynamic underbalance

A perforating gun assembly for use in a wellbore includes a carrier body and a charge holder disposed within the carrier body. One or more shaped charges are supported by the carrier body and are operably coupled to a detonator for igniting a highly explosive material within the each of the shaped charges.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Additives in filter as you pour system

On example of a fluid dispensing system includes an unfiltered water container body defining an internal storage volume configured to hold a volume of water, a fluid outlet arranged for fluid communication with the internal storage volume, and a filter element positioned in the internal storage volume. With this configuration, a water dispensing process can be performed in which a single continuous stream of unfiltered water from the unfiltered water container body can pass through the filter element and be dispensed from the unfiltered water container body as a stream of filtered water.
Brita Lp

Tablet printing apparatus and tablet printing method

According to one embodiment, a tablet printing apparatus includes: a conveyor; an inkjet head configured to eject ink from a nozzle to a tablet conveyed by the conveyor to perform printing; an ink tank configured to contain the ink to be supplied to the inkjet head; a moving device configured to change the height of the ink tank; and a control unit configured to control the moving device. The control unit controls the moving device to change the height of the ink tank based on a use amount of the ink figured out in advance to maintain a head difference between the height of the liquid level of the ink in the ink tank and the height of a nozzle forming surface, where the nozzle is formed in the inkjet head, at a predetermined value..
Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation

Odor masking tablets

An odor masking tablet composition includes a solid single-use tablet comprising at least one base oil, a reactive agent, a base material, and an emulsifier. The tablet is packaged for individual use and transportation, or multiple tablets are packaged together.

Process for granulating sevelamer carbonate

The present disclosure provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising of a polyallylamine polymer or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof; excipient based hydrous granules and optionally moisture retaining agents. The present disclosure also provides process embodiments for preparation of the pharmaceutical compositions comprising of modified moisture activated granulation technique.
Amneal Pharmaceuticals Company Gmbh

Tablet and preparing the same

Disclosed is a method for preparing a tablet. The method can improve the compressibility of the active ingredients and produce tablets of uniform quality, bringing about the advantage of increasing tablet hardness with an increase in compression pressure, easily controlling disintegration time, and decreasing tablet friability by using the active ingredient fimasartan, a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof or a hydrate or solvate thereof having a specific particle size distribution..
Boryung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of obesity

The present invention relates to a layered pharmaceutical composition comprising: a first layer of sustained-release bupropion or its pharmaceutically acceptable salts, a second layer of sustained-release naltrexone or its pharmaceutically acceptable salts, with pharmaceutically acceptable excipients, and an intermediate inert layer that provides a time-controlled disintegration to allow separation of two drug layers and maintain their physical integrity as a single tablet. It further provides the methods for preparing the said pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of obesity-related conditions..
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Pill cap apparatus and use

A pill cap apparatus and method of use is disclosed herein. The pill cap attaches to bottles and containers to aid in patient compliance with a dosage regimen using solid dosage units of medicine such as pills, capsules and tablets..
Alma Care, Inc.

Method and system for trending media programs for a user

A client determines that a user is attempting to access media program recommendations. In response to the determination, the client attempts to collect media program recommendations to be presented to the user.
Tivo Solutions Inc.

Systems and methods for implementing cross-fading, interstitials and other effects downstream

Systems and methods are presented for cross-fading (or other multiple clip processing) of information streams on a user or client device, such as a telephone, tablet, computer or mp3 player, or any consumer device with audio playback. Multiple clip processing can be accomplished at a client end according to directions sent from a service provider that specify a combination of (i) the clips involved; (ii) the device on which the cross-fade or other processing is to occur and its parameters; and (iii) the service provider system.
Sirius Xm Radio Inc.

Charging stations for portable electronic devices

A pay-per-use battery charging system for charging portable electronic devices, such as cellular telephones, tablet computers, etc. The charging system may be implemented as a central hub that dispense charging devices, as a standalone device, or may be incorporated into commonly available devices, such as customer order entry stations, atms, vending machines, etc., which now also provide the function of charging stations for the convenience of users.

Metrology device and performing an inspection

A system is provided for communicating between a 3d metrology instrument and a portable computing device via near field communications. In one embodiment, the metrology device is an articulated coordinate measurement machine (aacmm), a laser tracker, a laser scanner or a triangulation scanner, and the portable communications device is a cellular phone or a tablet.
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Method of eliminating odor

A method of eliminating odor by utilizing a tablet that is formed from sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, polyethylene glycol, and linear alkylbenzene sulfonate. The tablet is dissolved within water in order to form a scent neutralizing solution and then applied to an individual's clothing to eliminate the scent of the individual for hunting purposes..
Scent Control Sciences, Llc

Methods of treating and preventing gout and lead nephropathy

Disclosed here is a novel use of a pharmaceutical composition comprising glutathione or its pharmaceutically acceptable salts or derivatives as active ingredient, in the forms of tablets, capsules, powder, spray and/or liquid, through oral administration, intervene injection, inhale and/or skin transmission, to treat and prevent gout and lead nephropathy. Embodiments of gout and lead nephropathy treatable by the pharmaceutical composition described herein include, without limitation, gout, kidney stones, tophi, hyperuricemia, blood lead, renal disease (lead nephropathy), complications thereof, as well as other conditions caused by lifestyle, genetics, medical conditions, and blood lead level.
Cantrust Lifescience Corp.

Pharmaceutical composition containing crystalline macitentan

The present invention relates to an oral solid dosage form, in particular a tablet, comprising macitentan free base polymorphic form i.. .
Sandoz Ag

Tablet comprising 7-[4-(4-benzo[b]thiopen-4-yl-piperazin-1 -yl)butoxy]-1h-quinolin-2-one or a salt thereof

And further comprising a coating layer, containing hypromellose; talc; titanium oxide; colorant; and the like, the coating layer being applied to the surface of the uncoated tablet.. .

Tablet containing ferric citrate

The present invention provides a new preparation which is a tablet containing (1) ferric citrate, (2) a polyvinyl alcohol-polyethylene glycol graft copolymer, and (3) a polyvinyl alcohol-acrylic acid-methyl methacrylate copolymer. .
Japan Tobacco Inc.

Machines and methods for making flatbreads

Various examples are related to making flatbreads such as, e.g., a compact machine for making flatbread in a residential kitchen-type environment or other countertop, tabletop, or space limited applications. In one example, a machine includes a hopper including a mixing chamber configured for bulk addition of raw materials for preparation of flatbread pieces; a mixing assembly configured to blend the raw materials into a flatbread dough mixture; a dough piecing assembly configured to generate a dough piece from an extruded portion of the flatbread dough mixture; a lower platen configured to transfer the pressed flatbread dough piece to a cooking zone on the dough contacting surface for cooking; and a flatbread ejection station configured to remove a cooked flatbread piece from the machine.
Simplecious Llc

A system and providing multimedia service to a user equipment

A system and method to provide multimedia services to consumption end devices like set-top boxes and legacy phone and tablet devices that are incompatible to receive the multimedia service directly. These consumption devices interact with devices that provide multimedia service.
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Flux cancelling rx coil for wireless charging electronic device or smartphone or portable tablet or computer.

A system for wireless charging of an electronic device having a receiving coil, having: a charger having a transmit coil, wherein the transmit coil transmits a first flux having a first magnitude and a first direction, and wherein the receiving coil transmits a second flux having a second magnitude and a second direction, wherein the first magnitude is equal to the second magnitude, and the first direction is opposite of the second direction.. .

Laparoscopic instrument holders for surgical simulation and training

Innovative instrument holders used for minimally invasive surgical simulation and training are disclosed when used in conjunction with a smartphone, tablet or mini-tablet computer enabling visualization of the surgical field. The surgical field used with these instrument holders can include animal models, physical models, and both virtual and augmented reality models.

System and methods for smart and secure package receivers

A smart and secured system to receive packages from online shopping; automatically download list of incoming packages from one or multiple linked online-shopping accounts; provide navigational support to postal carriers and/or autonomous delivery; print receipts for validation; send encrypted confirmation to home-owners when any packages arrives; and implement an a. The system compromises of a secure box with a magnetic lock to store packages; a control circuitry, mini thermal printer and embedded processor to recognize and validate the arrived packages; a radio-frequency transceiver to wirelessly communicate with other electronic devices to notice information of the packages; and global positioning system (gps) tracking tags for anti-theft protection.

Mobile platform file and folder selection functionalities for offline access and synchronization

Systems and methods for folder synchronization and offline synchronization via a mobile platform in a web-based collaboration environment are disclosed. One embodiment includes synchronizing user selected folders and/or sub-folders via the mobile platform, using portable devices including smart phones and tablets using any mobile operating system to allow offline access.
Box, Inc.

Clean fuel electric multirotor aircraft for personal air transportation and manned or unmanned operation

Methods and systems for a full-scale vertical takeoff and landing manned or unmanned aircraft, having an all-electric, low-emission or zero-emission lift and propulsion system, an integrated ‘highway in the sky’ avionics system for navigation and guidance, a tablet-based motion command, or mission planning system to provide the operator with drive-by-wire style direction control, and automatic on-board-capability to provide traffic awareness, weather display and collision avoidance. Automatic computer monitoring by a programmed triple-redundant digital autopilot computer controls each motor-controller and motor to produce pitch, bank, yaw and elevation, while simultaneously restricting the flight regime that the pilot can command, to protect the pilot from inadvertent potentially harmful acts that might lead to loss of control or loss of vehicle stability.
Alakai Technologies Corporation

Message display system for vehicles

A message display system for a vehicle. The system includes a base unit an led display, a receiver capable of wirelessly receiving text, suction cups that enables attachment of the base unit to a rear window of a vehicle such that the display faces out the rear window.

Tablets comprising glp-1 agonist and enteric coating

The present invention relates to solid pharmaceutical compositions for oral administration comprising a glp-1 agonist, an absorption enhancer which is a salt of medium-chain fatty acid, and an enteric coating as well as uses thereof.. .
Novo Nordisk A/s

Method of treating ischemic heart disease

A method of treating ischemic heart disease can include administering a therapeutically effective amount of a composition including date seed nanoparticles to a subject in need thereof. Exemplary suitable dosage forms can include tablet, gel, paste, and suspension.
King Abdulaziz University

Pharmaceutical composition comprising gefitinib

The present invention relates to pharmaceutical tablet compositions comprising the compound gefitinib as the active pharmaceutical ingredient and a pva-based coating, suitable for oral administration as well as to processes for their preparation. The compositions exhibit good long-term stability and dissolution properties..
Synthon B.v.

Combination therapy

The invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising: (a) at least one angiotensin receptor blocker or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and (b) at least one chemokine receptor pathway inhibitor or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising: (a) at least one angiotensin receptor blocker or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; and (b) at least one chemokine receptor pathway inhibitor or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof which inhibits a component of the chemokine receptor pathway other than the chemokine receptor.
Dimerix Bioscience Pty Ltd

Modified release compositions of epalrestat or a derivative thereof and methods for using the same

Modified release pharmaceutical compositions of epalrestat are provided. Methods of manufacturing the tablets and treating various diseases and conditions, including diabetes and diabetic complications, by administering the modified release compositions to patients in need thereof are also provided..
Bionevia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Pharmaceutical composition for oral insulin administration comprising a tablet core and a polyvinyl alcohol coating

The present invention relates to a solid oral insulin composition comprising a salt of capric acid which enhances the bioavailability and/or the absorption of said acylated insulin in combination with a polyvinyl alcohol coating, which is soluble in aqueous media independent of ph.. .
Novo Nordisk A/s

Oral disintegrating tablet

A process for the preparation of an oral disintegrating tablet comprising the antihypertensive telmisartan and the tablet obtained by the process.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

Oral ph and buffering capacity modifiers

Example embodiments of the present invention include various compositions that include a ph modifier composition and/or a buffering capacity modifier composition. In some examples, the ph modifier compositions include a dose of ph modifier to raise the ph in a patient's mouth from about 1 to about 2 ph levels.
Cao Group, Inc.

End-to-end user experiences with a digital assistant

A digital assistant supported across devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, wearable computing devices, game consoles, and the like includes an end-to-end user experience client that interfaces with extensions to applications and/or remote cloud-based services so that user experiences, content, or features can be integrated with the digital assistant and rendered as a native digital assistant user experience. The digital assistant is configured to perform as an active participant in a user experience from its initiation to its conclusion (i.e., from “end-to-end”) by determining the user's intent, performing tasks and actions, providing status, and interacting with the user as needed.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

System and context aware mobile policies

A system and method for network policy enforcement for portable data devices such as smartphones, tablets or notebook computers uses the portable device to self-enforce prescribed policies. A beacon generator generates a wireless security beacon in accordance with an output of the beacon generator and a wireless data interface receives an access request from a portable data device.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Charging system

A system may have a power adapter with multiple ports for supplying power to electronic devices. The electronic devices may include devices such as cellular telephones, wristwatch devices, laptop computers, and tablet computers.
Apple Inc.

Mobile terminal for automatically adjusting a text size and a method thereof

A mobile terminal for automatically adjusting a text size and a related method are provided. The mobile terminal includes a display screen, a 3d camera module, a motherboard, and a processor.
Ulsee Inc.

Computer system to continuously maintain a user session when a display device is mechanically connected and disconnected

A computer system to continuously maintain a user session when a display device is mechanically connected and disconnected with a base processing device is described. The computer system allows the user to run applications during the user session on the base processing device and use the display device as a monitor.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Augmented reality virtual content platform apparatuses, methods and systems

The augmented reality virtual content platform apparatuses, methods and systems (“arv”) provides a photo driven ad-platform that transforms digital media placements into immersive and immediately shareable brand-consumer engagements via gps-linked virtual photo components instantiated on a user mobile device. Within embodiments, users may create and share photographs augmented with brands or other images and accompanying messages on various social networks using their smartphones or tablets to earn rewards.
Snaps Media Inc.

Stroke continuation for dropped touches on electronic handwriting devices

An electronic handwriting device (e.g., a tablet device or smart phone) detects a first touch and a second touch (e.g., from a pen device) on or near a writing surface of the electronic handwriting device. The electronic handwriting device determines whether the first touch is a dropped touch.
Wacom Co., Ltd.

Fences for table saws

Fences for use in table saws are disclosed. One embodiment may include an actuator, handle or lever to lock and unlock the fence from the table, where the actuator, handle or lever is positioned substantially above the tabletop and substantially within the perimeter of the table (including any rail associated with the table).
Sawstop Holding Llc

Rotatable member with work surfaces for a saw apparatus

A rotatable member is mountable on a tabletop of a power tool apparatus. The rotatable member includes a first work surface and a second work surface.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Corner kick game

A game comprising a disk and a board, where the board is elongate such that the board has a long axis and where the board comprises at least one goal, where the goal is oriented parallel to the long axis of the board along a side of the board. The game is played by placing the disk on its edge at a first end of the board; rolling the disk forward while simultaneously spinning the disk backward; and allowing the disk to arch sideways through the goal at the second end of the board.

Devices for disinfection, deodorization, and/or sterilization of objects

A treatment chamber 102 in which an object may be disinfected, deodorized, and/or sterilized. A source 172 of hydroxyl radicals is arranged to introduce treatment agents, including hydroxyl radicals, into the chamber 102.
Microlin, Llc

Enteric film coating compositions, coating, and coated forms

A food safe, plant based, water soluble, dry powder formulation and an aqueous enteric coating solution made therefrom, that is used for providing an enteric film coating on oral dosage forms including capsules, tablets, and the like; and methods of making the dry powder formulation, making the aqueous coating solution, and coating of oral dosage forms including capsules, tablets, and the like.. .
Fmc Corporation

Novel low concentration meloxicam tablets

Described herein is a solid tablet that is directly-compressed of powder, including meloxicam and one or more excipients which are homogenously dispersed within the tablet that can be broken into two, three or four units with each unit containing equal amounts of the active ingredient, meloxicam.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

Pharmaceutical tablet for use in administering one or more pharmaceutically active ingredients

A pharmaceutical tablet for use in administering one or more pharmaceutically active ingredients, comprising a polymer system, the one or more pharmaceutically active ingredients, a flavor, and a sweetener, wherein at least 20% by weight of the pharmaceutical tablet comprises substantially non-elastomeric polymer and less than 5% by weight of the pharmaceutical tablet comprises one or a combination of elastomeric polymers, and wherein the pharmaceutical tablet comprises at least 70% by weight of said polymer system comprising polyvinyl acetate (pva) and less than 10% by weight of said polymer system comprising polymer having a molecular weight (mw) greater than 50,000 g/mol.. .
Fertin Pharma A/s

Apparatus and monitoring rehabilitation from joint surgery

Apparatus and methods are described for setting rehabilitation goals for a patient, measuring patient movements, storing the movement data for later transfer to a computer, displaying progress indicators and inspirational messages based on progress towards goals, reporting movement, skin temperature and swelling data to a caregiver so that they monitor compliance and be aware of potential infection. The invention consolidates data from motion, temperature and swelling sensors placed on the patient with data received directly from the patient in response to questions displayed on a tablet computer screen, to create one or more representative values indicating the patient's current status.
Claris Healthcare Inc.

Wearable hemodynamic sensor

A wearable device and the accompanying method for the determination of continuous pulsatile bp are described. The absolute values can be obtained in the initial phase and how a transfer function can transform the bp-signal obtain at the finger or wrist to correct bp-values corresponding to the brachial artery and at heart level.
Cnsystems Medizintechnik Ag

Short-wave infrared super-continuum lasers for early detection of dental caries

A wearable device for use with a smart phone or tablet includes leds for measuring physiological parameters by modulating the leds and generating a near-infrared multi-wavelength optical beam. At least one led emits at a first wavelength having a first penetration depth and at least another led emits at a second wavelength having a second penetration depth into tissue.
Omni Medsci, Inc.

Computer pillow stand

A mobile computer such as tablet computer or mobile phone typically lacks built-in structure for standing up on its own. The user must hold it up by hand during use.


Techslate is an apparatus having component parts producing a surface plane(s) for load, operation, and viewing of mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, computers, alphanumeric keyboards, integrated cpus, electronic equipment, literary mediums, etc., offering solutions for hands free, ambulant operation. Devices and components are mounted, secured, embedded, engineered in or onto the apparatus, which has balanced mid-upper suspension mechanisms securing it at appropriate viewing and operation angles from the human body by neck, shoulder, chest straps and/or braces.

Multicomponent and multilayer compacted tablets

Horizontally layered tablets, methods of making the horizontally layered tablets, and tableting equipment capable of producing the horizontally layered tablets are described. The horizontally layered tablets can be produced by simultaneously feeding a segregated flow of different compositions that form the respective layers of the tablet..
Bio-lab, Inc.

Ergonomic accessory for smartphones and other hand-held portable electronic devices

Injury to the digits, hand and wrist are associated with the frequent usage of portable hand-held electronic devices (“peds”), including but not limited to smartphones. This is true as well for injury to the neck and shoulder areas.

Cell phone accessory apparatus and system with camera functionality

An accessory device for use in conjunction with an electronic device (e.g., a smartphone, tablet or the like) is provided that incorporates an extendable camera that interacts with the electronic device to deliver still and/or moving images. The accessory device is adapted to be mounted with respect to the portable electronic device and to facilitate communication between the camera and the processing unit associated with the electronic device.
Eyes On Scope, Llc

Systems and methods for remote forensics and data security services over public and private networks

Provided are systems and methods for employing remote forensics and data security services over public and private networks by obtaining full access to digital data from the non-transitory computer-readable media of geographically dispersed computing devices such that the entire physical or logical media from each device is fully accessible to one or more user computers over the network. This is achieved via websocket technology implemented in point-to-point connection configurations, websocket technology implemented in network based digital data software switch configurations, and in combinations thereof.

Adaptive home and commercial automation devices, methods and systems based on the proximity of controlling elements

A led based illumination source with integrated communications and processing functions, which can communicate via wireless communications to a mobile phone, smart phone, smart pad, notebook, tablet, desktop or other computing device. The led based illumination source is programmed to operate autonomously, and is able to alter its behavior, based on the proximity of a controlling element.
Smartbotics Inc.

Providing a seal for a protective mobile device case

A protective case, sized and shaped to encase a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet computer, includes a top section and a bottom section. The top section and bottom section are capable of being engaged to one another in a closed relationship, in which the mobile device may be hermetically sealed or isolated from the outside environment.
Hit Technologies Inc.

I-scope cell phone smart case providing camera functonality

A “smart case” for a portable electronic device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, and the like) is provided that incorporates into the case an extendable camera that interacts with the electronic device to deliver still and/or moving images. The smart case is adapted to be mounted with respect to the portable electronic device and to facilitate communication between the camera and the processing unit associated with the electronic device.

Led with high thermal conductivity particles in phosphor conversion layer

In one embodiment, a solid cylindrical tablet is pre-formed for a reflective cup containing an led die, such as a blue led die. The tablet comprises uniformly-mixed phosphor particles and transparent/translucent particles of a high tc material, such as quartz, in a hardened silicone binder, where the index of refraction of the high tc material is matched to that of the silicone to minimize internal reflection.
Lumileds Llc

Hygiene tracking compliance

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for personal tracking of hygiene compliance of a user. For example, a mobile device may host a tracking component (e.g., a personal hygiene compliance app deployed on a cell phone or tablet).
Gojo Industries, Inc.

Cloud based ingredient data management

The improved data management system includes a computerized database device for capturing item technical data provided and maintained by a vendor. A digital representation of the item, for example, a linear or matrix code, ascii, image, or video data is associated with the technical data.

Providing security to computing systems

Described herein are methods, device, and systems that provide security to various computing systems, such as, smartphones, tablets, personal computers, computing servers, or the like. Security is provided to computing systems at various stages of their operational cycles.
Interdigital Patent Holdings. Inc.

Identification of cellular antimicrobial drug tablets through interactome analysis

A method of identifying a promising cellular antiviral or bacterial toxin drug target is described including: 1) providing a plurality of potential antiviral or bacterial toxin drug targets; 2) generating an interactome including the potential drug targets using a systems-biology computational method; and 3) analyzing the interactome to identify one or more promising antiviral or bacterial toxin drug targets. New indications for older drugs identified using this method are also described..
Vanderbilt University

Autonomous haptic stylus

An autonomous haptic stylus provides tactile feedback to a user writing or drawing on a smooth, uniform, touch-sensitive, glass display screen of a tablet, laptop computer, credit card point of sale device, or other device allowing a user to write or draw thereon. The stylus has an electrostatic detection sensor or a force/pressure sensor, which allows the stylus to detect certain characteristics of the display screen and to autonomously determine the position and/or velocity of the stylus on the display screen based on those characteristics.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Augmented reality visual rendering device

A visual rendering apparatus such as a telescope, microscope or attached tablet/led displays a magnified subject using the mapped rendering medium, in which the rendering medium includes at least one of actual visual transmissions of the subject and stored, high resolution images of the magnified subject. In an educational context, equipment for displaying true magnified images of, for example, celestial bodies or molecular structures can be beyond reach.
Mel Science Limited

Firearm training apparatus and methods

A firearm training system includes a firearm, a sensor, a data processor, and a display. The sensor measures and records the motion of the firearm before, during, and after the firearm is shot.
Rolera Llc

Computer device holder

Disclosed is a simple portable holder for holding electronic devices such as a laptop computer and a tablet. The holder can secure a laptop in a vertical (closed) position, or an open position.

Device for administering medicinal products

An injection device includes a container receiving receptacle configured for receiving a container for containing a medicinal product to be administered; a dispensing mechanism for causing the product in the container to be injected; and a rfid system associated with the container receiving receptacle capable of communicating bidirectionally with a rfid tag attached to the container and enabling the administration of the product only under given conditions. The rfid tag can be therefore read and written by the rfid system.
Hipra Scientific, S.l.u.

Stable orally disintegrating pharmaceutical compositions

Described herein are stable orally disintegrating tablets containing a proton pump inhibitor, methods for making the same, and methods for treating subjects in need thereof. In particular, the orally disintegrating tablets are composed of a plurality of coated units admixed with a disintegrant that demonstrate decreased friability and increased hardness..
Dexcel Pharma Technologies Ltd.

Bottle cap stadium table

A bottle cap stadium/arena table related to the field of indoor/outdoor furniture. More specifically, a table that mimics a stadium/arena in which sports fans can customize using their own bottle caps.

Height adjustable table

A height adjustable table includes a table and at least a baffle. The table includes a height adjustable tabletop capable of being lifted up and down in a predetermined direction.
Benq Corporation

Multi-function dining table

A multi-function dining table. The dining table includes a tabletop supported by at least two pedestals, the tabletop being configured to be adjustable in a height direction relative to a floor such that the tabletop can be positioned at a sitting height, a counter height, and a standing height.
H.t.k. Design, Llc

Automated expandable table

An expandable table which allows a user to easily increase the tabletop surface remotely. The expandable table includes a plurality of primary leaves, a plurality of secondary leaves, a motorized actuation disk, and a guide disk.

Dynamically adjusting style of display area for presenting information associated with a displayed map

Some embodiments of the invention provide a map application with novel map exploration tools. In some embodiments, the map application executes on a mobile device (e.g., a handheld smartphone, a tablet, etc.) with a touch sensitive screen.
Apple Inc.

Gesture based controls for adjusting display areas

Some embodiments of the invention provide a map application with novel map exploration tools. In some embodiments, the map application executes on a mobile device (e.g., a handheld smartphone, a tablet, etc.) with a touch sensitive screen.
Apple Inc.

Map application with novel search, browsing and planning tools

Some embodiments of the invention provide a map application with novel map exploration tools. In some embodiments, the map application executes on a mobile device (e.g., a handheld smartphone, a tablet, etc.) with a touch sensitive screen.
Apple Inc.

Location-based augmented reality capture

Featured is a method for location-based augmented reality capture. The method can include invoking an augmented reality capture mode on a device including a plurality of sensors, recording an augmented reality capture in response to user input, and storing the augmented reality capture.
Itagged Mobile Limited

Noise isolation audio frequency clip

A vibration sensor device can be used with smartphones, tablets and computers with application software for measuring vibration frequency, damping coefficient and scale factor isolating the measurement to the specific area of the vibration sensor clamped to the vibrating system. Vibration sensor powered by the microphone bias found with ctia and omtp compatible systems and does not require batteries or external power..

Hinge with free-stop function

Technologies are described for a hinge mechanism coupled to at least a dual-display device wherein the displays can rotate with respect to each other through 360 degrees. The hinge mechanism has at least one flexible connection member that follows a generally s-shaped path when the displays are in a tablet position.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Hinge mechanism

Technologies are described for a hinge mechanism coupled to at least a dual-display device wherein the displays can rotate with respect to each other through 360 degrees. The hinge mechanism has at least one flexible connection member that follows a generally s-shaped path when the displays are in a tablet position.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Networked management of dispensables

A system enables dispensing, tracking, storage, processing, analysis, management, fulfillment and/or commerce relating to dispensables, such as consumables. The system may include packages that hold consumables and function either independently or in concert with numerous smart configuration devices, such as tabletop machines or mobile machines, as well as remote servers, databases, and other cloud-based resources.
Makefield Llc

Method for forming super water-repellent and super oil-repellent surface, and object manufactured thereby

The present invention relates to a technology of solving an issue where screens are contaminated with pollution caused by fingerprints, cosmetics, etc. On covers or windows of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Stabilizing composition for biological materials

Dry stabilizing compositions for bioactive materials include sugars and hydrolyzed proteins, and may be formed into tablets or other forms providing enhanced stability for the bioactive material. Compositions containing the bioactive materials may be produced by a method that includes (a) combining the bioactive material with other ingredients in an aqueous solvent to form a viscous slurry; (b) snap-freezing the slurry in liquid nitrogen to form solid frozen particles, beads, droplets or strings; (c) primary drying by water removal under vacuum of the product of step (b) while maintaining it at a temperature above its freezing temperature; and (d) secondary drying of the product of step (c) at maximum vacuum and a temperature of 20° c.
Advanced Bionutrition Corporation

Pharmaceutical tablet coating process by injection molding process technology

The disclosure describes an injection molding process for coating a tablet core to produce a coated pharmaceutical tablet, wherein the injection-molded coating is substantially continuous (e.g., completely covers the tablet core with no openings), and describes the resulting coated pharmaceutical tablet. The disclosure describes compositions for coatings and tablet cores and equipment suitable for performing the process..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Process for making tablet using radiofrequency and lossy coated particles

In one aspect the present invention features process for making a tablet comprising at least one pharmaceutically active agent, said method comprising the step of applying radiofrequency energy to a powder blend to sinter said powder blend into said tablet, wherein said powder blend comprises lossy coated particles and said at least one pharmaceutically active agent, wherein said lossy coated particles comprises a substrate that is at least partially coated with a lossy coating comprising at least one activator, wherein said substrate has a q value of greater than 100 and said activator has a q value of less than 75.. .
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

Oral tablet formulation consisting of fixed combination of rosuvastatin and ezetimibe for treatment of hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular diseases

Solid dosage formulations containing a combination of rosuvastatin and ezetimibe, as well as methods of making such solid dosage forms and method of treating patients with fixed combination solid dosage forms of rosuvastatin and ezetimibe are provided here.. .
Althera Laboratories Ltd

Pedestal table with crossed legs

The present invention comprises a novel line of furniture featuring a pedestal with or without a tabletop. The pedestal consists of a base and a top plate connected by minimum of three pairs of legs.

Protective cover for a tablet computer

A protective cover for a tablet computer is disclosed, which comprises a back cover and a front cover. The front cover includes an input side and a connector including a planar portion and a coupler for removably connecting the front cover to the back cover.
Incipio, Llc

Detachable tablet computer protective case

The invention relates to a detachable tablet computer protective case, wherein it consists of protective case and leather cover, and protective case connection area is equipped on one side of said protective case, wherein slot is set on said protective case connection area; wherein leather cover connection area is equipped on one side of said leather cover, wherein magnet is fixed on said leather cover connection area; wherein camera lens hole is equipped on the top of protective case; wherein logo hole is set on the middle position of protective case. The invention has a easy scientific structure; and can protect tablet computer from scratches and break; and can be portable tablet computer protective case through disassembly..

Magnetic materials polarized at an oblique angle

An oblique angle polarized magnet includes a rectangular magnetized permanent magnet having a grain direction, an attraction surface, and a magnetic primary field line that is orthogonal to the grain direction but non-orthogonal to the attraction surface. The oblique angle polarized magnet may be used in a magnetically positioned apparatus, such as a tablet computing device cover operable as a stand for the tablet computing device.
Apple Inc.

Tabletop reactor

Methods, apparatuses, devices, and systems for producing and controlling and fusion activities of nuclei. Hydrogen atoms or other neutral species (neutrals) are induced to rotational motion in a confinement region as a result of ion-neutral coupling, in which ions are driven by electric and magnetic fields.
Alpha Ring International, Ltd.

Slow motion video playback computing devices with touch interfaces

Disclosed is a system and method for controlling the playback speed, and user experience, of watching slow motion video content on a touch sensitive computing device such as a mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a touch sensitive screen. Key features of the disclosure are the simplicity of the user interface and the instant visual feedback given to the user..

System and monitoring behavior and engagement using a mobile device

The system set forth herein relates to a network formed between an instructor device and one or more student devices where the system monitors sensors in the student devices to determine whether the student is distracted. The instructor is able to identify operating parameters for the system in the form of rules.

Portable wireless remote monitoring and control system

A user-programmable portable wireless remote monitoring system includes a base unit, a series of sensor units and a remote control device. The base unit is connected to the internet, and receives wireless alerts from sensor arrays deployed in the sensor units.

Systems and methods for augmented reality preparation, processing, and application

Various of the disclosed embodiments provide systems and methods for acquiring and applying a depth determination of an environment in e.g., various augmented reality applications. A user may passively or actively scan a device (e.g., a tablet device, a mobile phone device, etc.) about the environment acquiring depth data for various regions.
Eonite Perception Inc.

Research kit and methods for completing remote ethnographic research

An ethnographic research kit may include an outer shipping container for outbound shipping to the participant; tracking information to track delivery of the package from the researchers to and from the participants; camera positioning stickers attached to the outer shipping container, a tablet/smartphone stand; and a return mailer container. A method for using the ethnographic research kit is also disclosed..

System and real time remote monitoring of atmospheric conditions of products

The present disclosure relates to the field of food chain monitoring at a plurality of situations and more particularly to a system and method for remotely monitoring of atmospheric conditions of one or more products. The remote monitoring system may comprise a data logger, a data collector, and an industrial tablet.
Mega Link Technology Limited

Customizable building delivery systems

A delivery system for coordination of the receiving and distribution of goods and services throughout a building from outside vendors that do not have direct access is described. An intra-building delivery system is established that places low-profile kiosks in the lobbies and message areas of commercial and residential buildings.
Yoorang Llc

Medmobile device

The medmobile device (mmd), is a medical device or circuit, software, application or app, software program, or platform, that enables a smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer, or any other mobile computer device, to take mobilized blood pressure readings, temperature readings, pulse readings, heart readings (ekg/ecg), and other vital sign readings, of a patient located outside of a heath care facility; and to monitor, track, store, process, the patient's data or information. This is accomplished by a special software app or program installed on a smart phone, tablet, computer, or any other mobile computer device, network, or platform.
Mcleanics Technology Corporation

Patient management system for interphysician communications

A secure patient management system that allows for real-time tracking of patient care and provides secure interphysician communication to streamline physician interactions is provided. This system is compatible with computers, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, allowing physicians to communicate directly with one another in real time or send delayed messages to prevent unnecessary interruptions.

Maintaining i/o transaction metadata in log-with-index structure

An information handling system maintains a log-with-index (lwi) structure that includes a log for inserting and deleting records, each of which includes a key, and a binary index for maintaining an index of log records. The log may be stored to disk for persistence.
Dell Products L.p.

Maintaining data deduplication reference information

A data deduplication method includes detecting a deduplication transaction including a data pattern associated with a data pattern address (dpa) and a reference, to the pattern, associated with a data reference address (dra). A deduplication key may be determined based on the dpa and the dra by concatenating the dpa and the dra with the dpa as the most significant bits.
Dell Products L.p.

Systems and methods for haptic remote control gaming

Systems and methods for haptic remote control gaming are disclosed. In one embodiment a portable multifunction device receives information from a remotely controllable device.
Immersion Corporation

Method of attaching an auxiliary lens to a mobile telephone

Some embodiments disclosed herein relate to a lens component having one or more lenses attached to a retainer portion configured to removably attach to communication devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, media players, and the like. The retainer portion may be configured so as not to interfere with a user's view of a display panel of the communication device.
Olloclip Llc

Apparatus and detecting concealed explosives

Explosives concealed within electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablet pcs, are detected using nqr spectroscopy. For example, a suspect electronic device can be placed inside a nqr scanner and be subject to interrogation electromagnetic radiation at varying frequencies.
One Resonance Sensors, Llc

Film coating composition, solid oral formulation, and producing the same

Provided are a film coating composition containing a pva having a degree of hydrolysis of 85.0 to 89.0 mol %, characterized in that even when the composition is used for coating of tablets without any additives other than pvas, the tablets do not tend to stick to each other; a solid oral formulation using the composition; and a method for producing the same.. .
Japan Vam & Poval Co., Ltd.

Pill crushing system

The presently described technology provides a pill crushing system. The pill crushing system may comprise a tablet crusher, a bowl-like structure, and an elongated cylindrical weighted rod.

Method and physiological monitoring

Autoregressive modelling is used to identify periodic physiological signals such as heart rate or breathing rate in an image of a subject. The colour channels of a video signal are windowed and normalised by dividing each signal by its mean.
Oxehealth Limited

Method and system for continuous monitoring of cardiovascular health

The various embodiments of the present invention provide a system and method for a fully mobile, non-invasive, continuous system for monitoring the cardiovascular health of an individual. The system includes one or more wearable devices affixed on a user, coupled with an application running on a computing device smartphone/tablet, which is connected to a web server in a cloud, and performs various computations on the wearable device, or a smartphone/smartwatch, or the cloud, and provide the user or the concerned personnel with various insights about the general health of the user.
Fourth Frontier Technologies, Pvt. Ltd.

Adjustable tablecloth with drawstring

A reusable fabric indoor or outdoor adjustable tablecloth with drawstring sewn into the hem of the tablecloth to secure the tablecloth around the edge of the tabletop to prevent the tablecloth from blowing away in the wind or pulled off the table by children. The adjustable tablecloth with drawstring includes a grommet pressed into the fabric at a pre-cut opening to protect the fabric from wear and tear.

Methods and systems for selecting supplemental content for display near a user device during presentation of a media asset on the user device

Methods and systems are provided herein for selecting supplemental content for display near a user device during presentation of a media asset on the user device. Often, the playback of the media asset when displayed at the user's home is limited to a single display, such as on a television or tablet.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

Scalable monitoring and controlling a sanitary facility using distributed connected devices

A system to control and to monitor the entirety of a sanitary facility by using various specialized connected devices that are distributed throughout the sanitary facility, communicating with one another and over the internet network. Each one of these connected devices carries out its function or functions by using the information communicated by the other connected devices.
Water Manager S.à.r.l

Case for a tablet shaped device, a removing a stylus therefrom and a making a case for a tablet shaped device

Disclosed herein is a case for a tablet shaped device, a method for removing a stylus therefrom, and a method for making a case for a tablet shaped device.. .
Stm Management Pty Ltd

Text to speech system with real-time amendment capability

An application configured to be a text-to-speech (“tts”) application wherein the application is capable of reading a document aloud to a reviewer via a device, such as a smartphone, an mp3 device, or a tablet, while the reviewer is able to make amendments to the document in real-time is presented.. .

Integrated providing users with non-destructive ways of manipulating musical scores and/or audio recordings for student practise, testing and assessment

An integrated system and method that provides users with non-destructive ways of manipulating musical scores and or audio recordings for student practise, testing and assessment. The said integrated system and method allows users to create questions that utilise one or more of the manipulated items, present questions to a student, collect the said students answer and assess the said students answer.
Rising Software Australia Pty Ltd.

Methods and apparatuses to wake computer systems from sleep states

Embodiments of the invention describe apparatuses, systems and methods to detect, during a host platform sleep state, a peripheral device audio jack plug being coupled to (e.g., inserted into) an audio jack connection socket. A specific sleep state of the host platform may be determined, and a system wake event may be generated so that the host platform wakes from the sleep state in response to the peripheral device being coupled to the audio jack connection socket.
Intel Corporation

Modular rotatable link

The present invention relates to a modular rotatable link for use for a plate on which a piece of hardware, such as a card terminal or tablet, may be secured. The modular rotatable link comprises a base section, a rotation ring, a body section, and a fastener.
Ergonomic Solutions International Limited

Forming curved glass

A forming method for curved glass has been provided. The method comprises: placing a flat glass plate in a pattern die, and placing the pattern die in a forming apparatus; and subjecting the pattern die successively to staged heating, staged forming and staged cooling, so as to obtain the curved glass, wherein the staged heating is performed over stages which are different from each other in temperature, the staged forming is performed over stages which are different from each other in temperature, and during at least one of the stages, a varying pressure which varies from low pressure to high pressure is applied to the pattern die, the staged cooling is performed by cooling the glass plate in the pattern die over stages which are different from each other in temperature.
Lens Technology (changsha) Co.,ltd

Sewage treatment chlorinator and use of same

A sewage treatment chlorinator for use at a site not connected to a municipal sewer system and system and method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment of the sewage treatment chlorinator, a housing includes an external conduit coupled in a t-connection to a flow tube.

Electronic seal device

The electronic seal device is a document stamp which includes a fingerprint reader (for authenticating the user) and a camera for recording the document being sealed/stamped. The device includes memory and communication ports.

Capsule dosage form of metoprolol succinate

This disclosure provides an extended-release capsule dosage form of metoprolol succinate in the form of coated discrete units, wherein said capsule dosage form is bioequivalent to the marketed toprol-xl® tablet. The extended-release capsule dosage form comprising coated discrete units can be sprinkled onto food to ease administration to patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules..
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Oral tablet formulation consisting of fixed combination of rosuvastatin and ezetimibe for treatment of hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular diseases

The present invention is an orally consumed fixed combination formulation of both rosuvastatin and ezetimibe in one tablet that is expected to have the same area under curve as two active ingredients taken together individually orally, and pharmaceutically acceptable additives suitable for the preparation. In preferred embodiments of this invention, the rosuvastatin is in the form of rosuvastatin calcium and the pharmaceutically acceptable additives are selected from diluents, disintegrants, glidants, lubricants, colorants and combinations thereof..
Althera Laboratories Ltd

Disintegrative particle composition including pulverized lactose or granulated lactose

The present invention relates to a disintegrative particulate composition comprising milled lactose and/or granulated lactose as an excipient, and to a disintegrating tablet for pharmaceuticals or foods, comprising the disintegrative particulate composition, especially the tablet having tablet hardness of from 20 to 200 n, and disintegration time in water of from 1 to 60 sec.. .

Storage and serving cart

A storage and serving cart includes a cabinet assembly having an internal storage cavity where a plurality of wheels are coupled to a lower portion thereof. A tabletop with an opening therethrough is coupled to an upper surface of the cabinet assembly.

Foldable banquet table and bench set

A foldable banquet table and bench set includes a panel unit, a support unit, and an attachment frame. The panel unit includes a tabletop and at least a bench top.

Tablet woofer and electronic device using same

A tablet woofer and an electronic device using same. The woofer comprises a vibrating diaphragm, at least four mutually independent drive units (5), and a housing (3).
Goertek Inc.

Method and system for programmable loop recording

A loop recording system allows users to remotely save and share short recorded video, audio, or combination clips using portable devices equipped with cameras, microphones, and sensors. The loop recording system enables users of portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc., to record moments of interest during live events (hereinafter called “loops”, “recordings”, or “loop recordings”), while preventing unwanted data loss and conserving memory resources of the portable device.
Swarms Ventures, Llc

Network-based quick-connect meeting service

A network-accessible service enables participating end users to collaborate with one another over a network. End users have computing devices (e.g., computers, mobile phone, tablet devices, or the like) that include hardware and software to enable the device to access a network, such as the public internet, a wi-fi network connected to the internet, a 3g or higher wireless network connected to the internet, a private network, or the like.
Logmein, Inc.

Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery

A nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes a positive electrode including a positive electrode mix layer, a negative electrode, and a nonaqueous electrolyte. The positive electrode mix layer contains a lithium transition metal oxide containing zirconium (zr) and also contains a phosphate compound.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

Interactive brain trainer

A brain training system and method are provided that incorporates a first phase and a second phase of brain training. The first phase is designed to increase attention by requiring the completion of an attention-based activity or task.

Locked asset rental system

The invention is a system allowing for the commercial rental of physical assets that are locked and secured at specific locations, including, without limitation, bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, tools, machines, computers, smart phones, or tablet computers.. .

Method for synchronizing touch control functions for smartphone and tablet computer

The invention provides a method for synchronizing touch control functions when a smartphone based on a first os is connected to a tablet computer based on a second os. The method includes the steps: a) operationally connecting the tablet computer to the smartphone to project a screen picture of the smartphone onto the tablet computer; b) pressing an active window of the tablet computer; c) intercepting a touch event of the tablet computer; d) converting the touch event into a format compatible with the first os of the smartphone; e) sending the touch event to the smartphone; f) executing the touch event by the smartphone to generate a resultant screen picture; and g) showing the resultant screen picture on the tablet computer..
I/o Interconnect, Ltd.

Controlling a local application running on a user device that displays a touchscreen image on a touchscreen via mouse input from external electronic equipment

A technique controls operation of a local application running on a user device (e.g., a smart phone, a tablet, a personal digital assistant, etc.). The technique involves receiving, by the user device, mouse input from external electronic equipment communicating with the user device.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Using a hardware mouse to operate a local application running on a mobile device

A technique operates a local application running on a mobile device (e.g., a smart phone, a tablet, a personal digital assistant, etc.). The technique involves receiving, by processing circuitry of the mobile device, native mouse input from a hardware mouse communicating with the mobile device.
Citrix Systems, Inc.


A tablet adapted to be combined with a rod holder is provided. The tablet comprises a device body with a first surface and a second surface.
Asustek Computer Inc.

Open frame, parallel, two axis flexure stage with yaw compensation

Disclosed is a stage system comprising at least one flexure frame having a fixed center and movable distal ends configured to displace a tabletop operatively connected thereto along at least one axis of movement and at least two actuators comprising a first actuator and a second actuator positioned within the at least one flexure frame. The first actuator is positioned within the at least one flexure frame at a first angle of deflection from at least one beam of the at least one flexure frame and the second actuator is positioned within the at least one flexure frame at a second angle of deflection from the at least one beam.
Aerotech, Inc.

Cellulosic floorcoverings and applications thereof

In one aspect, cellulosic floor coverings having desirable flammability resistance are provided. Briefly, a floor covering described herein comprises cellulosic fibers or cellulose-based fibers and fluoropolymer adhered to surfaces of the cellulosic fibers or cellulose-based fibers in an amount sufficient for the floor covering to conform with or pass flammability testing with a methenamine-timed burning tablet according to consumer product safety commission (cpsc) standard ff 2-70..
Wilana Chemical Llc

Composition having functionality to enhance immunity

The present invention provides a composition having functionality to enhance immunity. Differing from all commercial vitamin healthcare foods would cause some adverse effects due to excessive vitamin intake, the present invention proposes a solanum nigrum-fermented product to be a novel composition having functionality to enhance immunity.
Taiwan Indigena Botanica Co., Ltd.

Multi-base material adaptivity pulling removal type binder product, binder composition and assembly

The present disclosure provides a multi-base material adaptivity pulling removal type binder product, a binder position and an assembly. The binder product contains an acrylic acid copolymer, a flexibilizer, tackifying resin and an isocyanate curing agent.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Tabletop cutting device

Two 18v-type rechargeable batteries (31 and 31) are attached in series so as to allow a 36v-type tabletop cutting device (c1) to be utilized. By utilizing the 18v batteries which are highly prevalent for electric tools, it is possible to use the 36v-type tabletop cutting device (c1) as well as to reduce costs for the batteries..
Makita Corporation

Preventive or therapeutic agent for age-related macular degeneration

The present invention relates to a preventive or therapeutic agent for age-related macular degeneration containing a blt1 antagonist or a ltb4 biosynthesis inhibitor as an active ingredient. The administration form of the preventive or therapeutic agent for age-related macular degeneration of the present invention includes eye drops, injections, oral agents (tablets, granules, dispersions, capsules), ointments, and creams.

Method of treating substance addictions

A pharmaceutical composition containing isomyosmine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof is administered to an individual in need thereof for treating a substance addiction, inclusive of affecting smoking substitution, eliminating cravings for tobacco and nicotine, or transitioning individuals away from smoking or the use of other tobacco products. In some examples, the therapeutic agent(s) are administered in a capsule, tablet, or lozenge.
Mymd Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


A press coated tablet for delayed release of an active ingredient comprising: (a) a core comprising one or more active ingredients, and; (b) an erodible delayed release barrier surrounding the core and comprising a wax and two or more grades of l-hpc, wherein the wax and l-hpc are provided in a weight ratio of wax to l-hpc of from 30%:70% to 70%:30%. The invention also relates to a method of making the press coated tablet..
Drug Delivery International Ltd.

Bilayer tablet formulations

The present invention relates to bilayer tablet formulations comprising metformin extended release (xr) or reduced mass metformin xr formulation as the first layer, an sglt2 inhibitor formulation as the second layer, and optionally a film coating. The present invention provides methods of preparing the bilayer tablet formulations and methods of treating diseases or disorders associated with sglt2 activity employing the bilayer tablet formulations..
Astrazeneca Uk Limited

Rapidly disintegrating tablet, and producing same

This invention relates to an orally disintegrating tablet having a specific surface area of from 1.50 to 2.50 mm2/mg and a weight of from 10 to 50 mg, particularly having a disintegration time in water of 7 seconds or less and an oral disintegration time of 5 seconds or less, a method for the production of said orally disintegrating tablet, and to a disintegrative particulate composition for use in said method.. .

Six-kingdom oral nutritional supplement composition

The invention is a nutritional composition in unit dosage form for oral administration to an animal or human, which includes at least one ingredient from each of six biological kingdoms selected from the group consisting of animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, protist and archaea. Each ingredient is co-admixed with every other said ingredient without further addition of synthetic excipients or fillers, and is typically formulated in dried powder form as a drink mix, food or beverage additive or as the fill for hard or soft capsules or other dosage forms including tablets (the compositions of the invention can generally be tableted without addition of ingredients beyond the nutrients themselves)..
Get Real Holdings, Llc

System and providing optimal state indication of a vehicle

A system for providing optimal state indication of a vehicle, which comprises a communication adapter adapted for wirelessly transmitting the on-board diagnostics (obd) interface of the vehicle to a local computer system including diagnostic trouble code (dtc), ecu identifications, and data readings from one or more sensors of the vehicle; a local computer system (e.g., tablet, pc, smartphone) provided with dedicated software adapted for collecting vehicle data readings and which is capable of automatically identifying the vehicle upon communicating with the obd of the vehicle via the communication adapter; a server adapted to receive the collected vehicle data from the local computer system, classifying the vehicles into groups according to mileage range, age of vehicle, model, etc. And processing the collected vehicle data for detecting deviations of data that exceeds the allowed range, with respect to each individual sensor of the vehicle, by identifying previous events relevant for the data within the same classified group and compare them with the collected vehicle data and report the processing results to the local computer system or to other local computer systems for sharing the results with other persons/experts..
Compucar Car Computers Ltd.

Systems and associated methods for measuring the length of a fish

Embodiments of the present invention seek to provide an accurate way to measure the length of a fish. Some embodiments of the present invention propose utilizing a known length of a marker within a camera view or picture to determine the length of the fish also shown in the same camera view or picture.
Navico Holding As

Systems and associated methods for measuring the length of a fish

Embodiments of the present invention seek to provide an accurate way to measure the length of a fish. Some embodiments of the present invention propose utilizing a known length of a marker within a camera view or picture to determine the length of the fish also shown in the same camera view or picture.
Navico Holding As

Systems and methods for authenticating goods

An item can be authenticated based on a first, second, third, and fourth identifier, wherein the identifiers are incorporated into various parts of product packaging. In some embodiments, the first, second, and fourth identifiers can be a qr code, a bar code, a serial number, any rfid tag, or a combination thereof, and the third identifier can be an image type, for example, a type of animal, and image location, for example, a quadrant.
Covectra, Inc.

Two-way authentication in single password with agent

Systems and methods for enabling user authentication using a first computing device (e.g., a tablet computer) for providing user credentials including an obfuscated password to an application server for authenticating the user credentials and a second computing device different from the first computing device (e.g., a mobile phone) for generating the obfuscated password are described. In some cases, the first computing device may request a login page for accessing a protected resource (e.g., an electronic file) from the application server, which may generate a user specific grid for the login page and send the login page including the user specific grid to the first computing device.
Ca, Inc.

Methods for controlling appliances using scripted switches and buttons

A method and system allowing for the use of traditional buttons and switches to operate sophisticated features of smart appliances when a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer is not available is provided. Wall switches with existing wiring in a building or buttons on appliances can be used when a smartphone or other remote controlling devices are not available.

Folding handheld device holding system

A folding handheld device holding system comprises a connecting arm with a connection section which includes an adhesive. An extension arm is connected to the connecting arm by a hinge having a hinge pin.

Analytical quanitification of viable bacteria contained in microbiota restoration therapy (mrt) compositions

Quantification of the viable bacterial microorganisms in a drug product for delivery via a gastro-nasal tube, an enema and/or a capsule or tablet. A molecular-based approach, such as pma (propidium monazide)-qpcr (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) assays may be useful for quantification of viable bacteria.
Rebiotix, Inc.

Compositions and methods for the treatment of mucositis

The invention relates to the compounds of formula i, formula ii, formula iii, formula iv, formula v, formula vi, formula vii and formula viii, or its pharmaceutical acceptable polymorphs, solvates, enantiomers, stereoisomers and hydrates thereof. The pharmaceutical compositions comprising an effective amount of compounds of formula i, formula ii, formula iii, formula iv, formula v, formula vi, formula vii and formula viii, and methods for the treatment of mucositis may be formulated for oral, mouth wash, buccal, rectal, topical, transdermal, transmucosal, intravenous, oral solution, buccal mucosal layer tablet, parenteral administration, syrup, or injection.
Cellix Bio Private Limited

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