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Tablet Computer patents


This page is updated frequently with new Tablet Computer-related patent applications.

 Automatic absolute orientation and position patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic absolute orientation and position
Methods of determining an absolute orientation and position of a mobile computing device are described for use in augmented reality applications, for instance. In one approach, the framework implemented herein detects known objects within a frame of a video feed.
Nvidia Corporation

 Devices and dispensers for sterile coverings for tablet computers and mobile phones patent thumbnailnew patent Devices and dispensers for sterile coverings for tablet computers and mobile phones
A sterile cover for a touchscreen device is provided that includes a transparent, electrically conductive screen area adapted to cover a screen of the touchscreen device and including a first sterile material. The sterile cover also includes a perimeter area surrounding the screen region and having an opening adapted to receive the touchscreen device and including a second sterile material.

 Ergonomic tablet computer holder patent thumbnailnew patent Ergonomic tablet computer holder
An ergonomic tablet computer holder is removably attached to a single side of a tablet computer. The ergonomic tablet holder has a contoured profile to allow a user to comfortably hold the tablet computer with one hand.
Ergomick, Llc

 Excluding specific application traffic from customer consumption data patent thumbnailExcluding specific application traffic from customer consumption data
Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for excluding specific application traffic from customer consumption-based data billing counts. This is useful for excluding traffic from consumption totals where the application traffic has been accounted for using other means, such as through billing as a separate or technically distinct service.
Time Warner Enterprises Llc

 Method and  securing user operation of and access to a computer system patent thumbnailMethod and securing user operation of and access to a computer system
The present invention provides methods and apparatuses for computer system security. According to certain aspects, embodiments of the invention comprise a portable storage device that, when attached, “unlocks” a computer system, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet computer running a conventional operating system such as windows, thereby creating added security.

 Content ranking based on person-to-person sharing patent thumbnailContent ranking based on person-to-person sharing
An approach is provided for identifying favorite multimedia content, such as digital photographs, possessed by a user. The approach detects a number of content sharing actions involving multimedia content, such as digital photographs, with the detecting being from a number of content handling applications, such as social media sites and person-to-person sharing.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 Method of flight plan filing and clearance using wireless communication device patent thumbnailMethod of flight plan filing and clearance using wireless communication device
A method for obtaining flight plan clearance allows a general aviation pilot to negotiate flight plan clearance directly with an air navigation service provider (ansp), exchanging digital data messages, with the pilot using a wireless communication device, such as a smartphone or a tablet computer. After an initial flight plan has been submitted, the pilot receives a message regarding clearance of the initial flight plan.
Raytheon Company

 System for obtaining customer feedback using a scannable code patent thumbnailSystem for obtaining customer feedback using a scannable code
The present invention is directed to a system for gathering customer feedback or information via a portable data input and transfer device, such as a smart phone or tablet computer, capable of scanning a data representation or code associated with a survey or feedback form, presenting the user with said survey or feedback form, and transferring the feedback or information entered by the user to a server.. .
Scannation Corporation

 Improved support for a portable computer patent thumbnailImproved support for a portable computer
A computer support provides improved access to the virtual keyboard of a tablet computer by routing the neck strap over the outer periphery of the computer. Strain on the neck of a wearer is relieved by back straps that exert a downward force on the neck strap.

 Devices and methods for applying external controlers to mobile electronic devices of any shape or make patent thumbnailDevices and methods for applying external controlers to mobile electronic devices of any shape or make
The invention discloses devices and methods for attaching game controller elements to a mobile electronic device such as a tablet computer or a smartphone. In some embodiments of the instant invention, controller elements may be brought into contact with a tablet or smartphone, locked in place, and then brought into electrical communication with the tablet or smartphone.

System and using geographical locations to provide access to product information

A current geographic location of a mobile device, such as a smart phone, tablet computer, or the like, is used to customize a selection guide that is used to retrieve product related information. The product related information generally provides details about one or more products meeting one or more criteria specified via use of the customized selection guide..
W.w. Grainger, Inc.

Systems, apparatus, and methods relating to a wearable electronic hub for personal computing

Systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for personal computing enhanced by a wearable electronic hub device for wirelessly coupling with an electronic satellite device to increase portability, versatility, efficiency, and security. A wearable electronic hub device retains the most important, expensive, and personal aspects of computing, whereas electronic satellite devices, including dummy screen devices of various sizes, can be shared, lost, stolen, and/or replaced without the same security risks and expenses associated with the duplicative hardware components and personal information retained in current smartphones, tablet computers, laptop computers, etc.
Neptune Computer Inc.

Education system using connected toys

An education system comprising a plurality of automation devices, a tablet computer and a data service center for programming, wherein the tablet computer is used to integrate drag-and-drop visual programming language and the plurality of automation devices to turn them into robotics and computer language educational tool; the data service center is used to provide data service support.. .
Smart Kiddo Education Limited

Systems and methods for providing a continuous check scanner utilizing a tablet computer and camera

Embodiments of the disclosure can provide systems and methods for providing a continuous check scanner utilizing a tablet computer and camera. In one embodiment, a system can be provided.
Nowaccount Network Corporation

Apparatus and universal setup, monitoring and control of field devices for a plant

Setup, monitoring and control of various field devices are provided using a general purpose, off-the-shelf mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet computer adapted by an application program to communicate using the bluetooth communications protocol with communications and control modules attached to the field devices.. .
Metso Automation Usa Inc.

Defibrillation system

A notebook, laptop computer or tablet computer having an automated external defibrillator (aed) capability, and methods of utilizing the notebook, laptop computer or tablet computer defibrillator to treat victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Kits and methods for converting, adapting or retrofitting a common notebook, laptop computer and tablet computer to enable each to be used as an aed to treat victims of sudden cardiac arrest.
Comptolife, Llc

Tablet pouch with built-in tether retractor

A pouch for a tablet computer includes a first panel and a second panel attached to the first panel along a lower pouch end, where the pouch is operable between open and closed pouch positions. In the closed pouch position the second panel aligns with the first panel and defines a pouch compartment sized to hold a tablet computer.
Ty-flot, Inc.

Apparatus and methods for content distribution to packet-enabled devices via a network bridge

Apparatus and methods for providing content to packet-enabled devices in a content distribution network. In one embodiment, a network architecture is disclosed which enables delivery of content to ip-enabled devices such as mobile smartphones and tablet computers using a traditional high-speed data connection.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

Low power display device with variable refresh rates

The disclosure describes procedures for dynamically employing a variable refresh rate at an lcd display of a consumer electronic device, such as a laptop computer, a tablet computer, a mobile phone, or a music player device. In some configurations, the consumer electronic device can include a host system portion, having one or more processors and a display system portion, having a timing controller, a buffer circuit, a display driver, and a display panel.
Apple Inc.

Beverage communications system using a communication protocol

A beverage communication network having a brewer, stands, and servers atop the stands, in which the brewer and the stands communicate in accordance with a suitable wired or wireless communication protocol, such as bluetooth® low energy. The brewer can monitor the status of the servers, including the freshness and temperature of the beverage contained within the servers, the equipment status of the servers, and communication signal quality in the network.
Bunn-o-matic Corporation

Wellness navigation expert system

A system and method are disclosed of exemplary embodiments for activating, navigating and controlling wellness protocols generated by expert systems algorithmic analysis of user qualitative and quantitative input data parameters in nine lifestyle areas: food, drink, movement, mind, wear, space, rest, self-care and social collaboration using a graphical systems interface and a user input device (mechanical pointing or touch) for displaying and navigating lifestyle/wellness protocols and purchasing related products and services and conducting social collaboration. The system operates on smart phones, tablet computers and desktop computers where lifestyle/wellness protocols are generated based on expert systems algorithmic analysis of qualitative and quantitative input data parameters (lifestyle data and bio-medical data).

Reconfigurable touch screen computing device

A reconfigurable touch screen computing device with folding configurations and an alignment locking mechanism. The touch screen display is made up of segments coupled to a flexible circuit and can be reconfigured from a compact state to an expanded state.

Method and system for the provision of translation services

Provided is a method and a system for providing translation assistance, wherein a user may request translation assistance via a mobile device, which may be a smart phone or a tablet computer. The mobile device establishes a connection to a negotiation server layer and specifies which various criteria for selecting a suitable translation assistant.
Kmo Applications Gmbh

Food preparation control system

Systems, methods, and articles to provide customized control of a cooking appliance, such as a sous vide cooker. A user provides a selection of one or more ending characteristics for a food product.
Chefsteps, Inc.

Determining indoor location of devices using reference points and sensors

Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for determining the indoor location of devices such as smartphones and tablet computers using reference points and sensors. According to one aspect disclosed herein, an environment analytics system can retrieve a layout of an environment and determines an absolute reference point for the layout.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Voice signal extraction and input smart device

A voice signal processing device connected to a smart device is provided. The voice signal processing device is connected to a smart phone, a tablet computer or the like and includes a voice signal input and output function mounted thereon.
Rsupport Co., Ltd.

Methods and providing secure logon to a gaming machine using a mobile device

A gaming system compatible with patron-controlled portable electronic devices, such as smart phones or tablet computers, is described. When a transaction is initiated on an egm that requires the input of sensitive information data, such data can be input directly from the player/patrons portable electronic device.

Method for implementing a computer game

A method, implemented as computer code being executed by one or more processors, in which computer game graphics for a casual, social game are shown on a display of a computing device, where the casual, social game is downloaded as an app to a smartphone and/or tablet computer and can be accessed or played using a social network application or environment; and in which one or more of the processors are programmed such that: a notification is automatically generated if a player is stuck at a level for more than a defined time or after more than a defined number of attempts to pass that level, the notification alerting friends of the player so that they can assist him or her.. . Limited

Antenna, shielding and grounding

A portable computing device is disclosed. The portable computing device can take many forms such as a laptop computer, a tablet computer, and no on.
Apple Inc.

Avatar as security measure for mobile device use with electronic gaming machine

A gaming system compatible with patron-controlled portable electronic devices, such as smart phones or tablet computers, is described. The gaming system is configured to establish a secure communication session between an electronic gaming machine and a portable electronic device.

Methods and system for cue detection from audio input, low-power data processing and related arrangements

Methods and arrangements involving electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, wearable devices, etc., are disclosed. One arrangement involves a low-power processing technique for discerning cues from audio input.
Digimarc Corporation

Adaptive air cooling

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for thermal management are provided. The apparatus may be a mobile device, a ue, a base station, a tablet computer, a smart watch, a head-mounted display, a portable media player, a personal navigation device, a wearable device, etc.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Automatically identifying drivers

One or more devices in a data analysis computing system may be configured to receive and analyze movement data and driving data, and determine driving trips and associated drivers based on the received data. Movement data may be collected by one or more mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, and on-board vehicle systems.
Allstate Insurance Company

Methods and commissioning and controlling touch-controlled and gesture-controlled lighting units and luminaires

Disclosed are methods and apparatus for lighting control. For example, a user may commission a touch-controlled luminaire (106) to emit light output having various lighting properties dependent on a manner in which the touch-controlled luminaire is touched subsequently.
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Computerized scheduling tasks for an in-home caregiver

The present disclosure is directed to an in-home care application and system that facilitates continuous health and wellness monitoring, in-home care, and family remote monitoring for seniors, disabled adults, and other clients in need of assistance. Through the use of a computerized device such as a tablet computer, in-home care providers can input case management information; monitor movement, pulse, blood pressure, and other biometrics; ensure medication compliance and safety; track meals, mood, and appointments; and provide updated status summaries and comments for family members and care providers to review.
Humana Inc.

Rotary combination module for tablet computer

A rotary combination module for a tablet computer, which includes a pad and a dock, to engage the pad with the dock, the rotary combination module comprising: a rotation part, disposed on the back of the pad, for rotating on the pad as a rotation plane; an extension part, connected with the rotation part, for shifting in the rotation part and positioning at a predetermined location; and a stand, connected to the extension part, for turning away from the extension part and positioning at a predetermined angle.. .
Acer Incorporated

Methods and graphical user interfaces for reporting performance information for an hvac system controlled by a self-programming network-connected thermostat

Systems and methods are described for interactively and graphically displaying performance information to a user of an hvac system controlled by a self-programming network-connected thermostat. The information is made on a remote display device such as a smartphone, tablet computer or other computer, and includes a graphical daily summary each of several days.
Google Inc.

Method of growing aluminum oxide onto substrates by use of an aluminum source in an environment containing partial pressure of oxygen to create transparent, scratch-resistant windows

A system and process for inter alia coating a substrate such as glass substrate with a layer of aluminum oxide to create a scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant matrix comprised of a thin scratch-resistant aluminum oxide film deposited on one or more sides of a transparent and shatter-resistant substrate for use in consumer and mobile devices such as watch crystals, cell phones, tablet computers, personal computers and the like. The system and process may include a sputtering technique.
Rubicon Technology, Inc.

Method and system for a light-weight mobile computing device

Methods and systems provide the wireless use of a desktop computer through a lightweight long-range mobile computing device with extended battery life and no writeable or user-accessible persistent data storage, such as a hard drive, which could be detrimental if lost. The light-weight mobile computing may not run a full operating system, thereby reducing overhead and increasing speed.
Avocent Corporation

Video adaptation in conferencing using power or view indications

Conferencing applications run a variety of devices, including portable devices, such as smart phones, laptop computers, and tablet computers. A source device may be taking a high-resolution video to provide the video as a conference portion of a conference being viewed by a number of devices.
Avaya Inc.

Component assembly

A portable computing device is disclosed. The portable computing device can take many forms such as a laptop computer, a tablet computer, and so on.
Apple Inc.

Desktop organization and display stand system

A desktop organization and display stand system generally providing an integrated system for desks and workstations that is convertible between a conventional working surface, and a display shelf to support a variety of objects including electronic media, such as a tablet computer, laptop computer, smart phone, electronic display, flat panel monitor, television, books, magazines, other printed materials, other suitable object and/or electronic media, or any combination thereof.. .
Paragon Furniture, Lp

External smartphone or tablet camera for use in physical activities

A headgear mountable camera including a clip to mount the camera to a wearer/user, an image processing module, and wireless communications module. The wireless communications module can facilitate wireless data communications of video and audio to remote clients including smart hones and tablet computers, wherein the head mounted camera is mounted in at least one of: a sweatband, helmet, goggles, hat, and glasses.

Protective case having modular components

A protective case for a mobile device such as a tablet computer is disclosed that includes modular components that can be mixed and matched by the user at the point of purchase to facilitate creation of a user customizable look. The case includes a shell that is configured to retain the tablet device and a front cover that is configured to protect and conceal the screen of the tablet when the case is in the closed position.
Incipio, Llc

Intelligent wireless and wired control of devices

A system is provided in which a microcontroller is connected to a household unit, which is controlled by the microcontroller. The microcontroller is connected to wireless unit, so that the household unit may be controlled wirelessly (e.g.

Point-of-sale system

A point-of-sale system includes a stand that supports a tablet computer. The tablet computer can run a merchant application to provide the typical functionality for a point-of-sale system.
Square, Inc.

Device holding clip for shopping cart

Smart phones and tablet computers not only provide phone service, email and internet access, but also serve as a device for organizing information, compiling shopping lists, comparing shopping prices, viewing nutritional information, and the like. As such, such devices are referred to by many while grocery shopping or other store locations where shopping carts are used.

Device attachment for holding a device

An attachment to a mobile device, allowing a user to grasp and use the device. The attachment may include three concentric, interlocking rings.
Bullz-i Inc.

Modularly customizeable personal electronics carrying case with magnetized accessory system

The present invention is directed to a customizable electronics carrying case with a magnetized, modular accessory system. More particularly, the case is designed to protect and carry electronic devices of different sizes and specifications, from laptop and tablet computers to smartphones.
This Is Ground

Combination storage rack and charger for tablet computers and smartphones

A combination device includes a charger including a socket and usb ports; holders each including a lengthwise groove; block members each configured to insert into the usb port; joining members each including two sets of first and second axes wherein the first axes are pivotably secured to the holder and the second axes are pivotably secured to the adjacent holder; first and second hinges each including a first part having two axes and a pivot, and a second part having two axes and a hole for receiving the pivot. The first part of the first hinge and a corner of the charger are hinged and the second part thereof and a corner of the adjacent holder adjacent are hinged.

Method and system for unlocking a touch screen of a mobile electronic device

This invention discloses a method and system that provides a user multiple options to unlock a touch screen of a mobile electronic device (e.g., a smartphone, tablet computer) by interacting with one or more unlock images displayed on the touch screen. When the user chooses one of the multiple options to unlock the touch screen, the invention unlocks the screen and causes an application corresponding to the option to perform an action.
Boogoo Intellectual Property Llc

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