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Synthesizer patents

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Noise removal system

Method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving rf signals through various radio interfaces of communication…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synthesizer-related patents
 Voice synthesizing method, voice synthesizing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Voice synthesizing method, voice synthesizing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
A voice synthesizing apparatus includes a manipulation determiner configured to determine a manipulation position which is moved according to a manipulation of a user, and a voice synthesizer configured to generate, in response to an instruction to generate a voice in which a second phoneme follows a first phoneme, a voice signal so that vocalization of the first phoneme starts before the manipulation position reaches a reference position and that vocalization from the first phoneme to the second phoneme is made when the manipulation position reaches the reference position.. .
 Calibration and normalization systems and methods for radiopharmaceutical synthesizers patent thumbnailnew patent Calibration and normalization systems and methods for radiopharmaceutical synthesizers
The present invention relates to calibration and normalization systems and methods for ensuring the quality of radiopharmaceuticals during the synthesis thereof, such as radiopharmaceuticals used in positron emission tomography (pet) and single-photon emission computed tomography (spect).. .
 Method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving rf signals through various radio interfaces of communication systems patent thumbnailnew patent Method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving rf signals through various radio interfaces of communication systems
A method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving rf signals, associated with different radio interfaces of communication systems, employ a direct conversion based transceiver which substantially comprises one receive signal branch and one transmit signal branch. Mixing frequencies of the different systems are generated by a single common by use of an output frequency divider in combination with the synthesizer, and by use of filtering corresponding to a system channel bandwidth by means of a controllable low-pass filter operating at baseband frequency..
 Noise removal system patent thumbnailnew patent Noise removal system
A system for noise removal is coupled to a signal unit that provides a digital signal. The noise removal system includes a transformation module to transform the digital signal into an f-digital signal, a threshold filter to generate a noiseless signal from the f-digital signal based on a threshold profile, and a signal synthesizer to provide a gain to the noiseless signal and to transform the noiseless signal into an output signal..
 Phase locked loop frequency synthesizer with reduced jitter patent thumbnailnew patent Phase locked loop frequency synthesizer with reduced jitter
A phase locked loop frequency synthesizer has a controlled oscillator for generating an output signal at a desired frequency, a phase/frequency detector module for comparing a feedback signal derived from the controlled oscillator with a reference signal to generate an error signal, a loop filter for processing said at least one error signal from said phase/frequency detector module to generate a combined control signal for the controlled oscillator. The gain of the phase/frequency detector module can be adjusted, preferably by varying the pulse width and pulse cycle, to maintain the overall gain of the phase locked loop within a given range and thereby maximize signal to noise ratio..
 Imaging system for digital stereo microscope patent thumbnailnew patent Imaging system for digital stereo microscope
An imaging system for digital stereo microscope is disclosed, wherein the system comprising two camera units with each camera unit comprises a lens and the two lenses of the two camera units are focused below the respective lens and optical axes of both lenses are arranged to focus at a same point; a main controller configured to provide both sensors with a common trigger signal for outputting image data and a common pixel reference clock signal for each sensor to generate its own pixel clock signal; a synchronous synthesizer for generating synthesized image data with left eye image data located on the left side and the right eye image data located on right side by synchronizing and synthesizing the left eye data and the right eye image data output by the respective sensor; the synthesized image data is compresses and encoded in the main controller to generate rgb image data corresponding to parallel image data; a stereoscopic display convertor for receiving the rgb image data and converting the received rgb image data into a format that is recognizable by a stereo display.. .
 Phase disciplined, direct digital synthesizer based, coherent signal generator patent thumbnailnew patent Phase disciplined, direct digital synthesizer based, coherent signal generator
A phase coherent signal generator apparatus is disclosed that has fast frequency shifting and numerous phase memory points, outputting a coherent continuous phase signal that includes fast switched multiple different frequency bursts. The apparatus comprises: a clock generator including an input that receives a reference clock signal, an output that supplies a master clock signal, and an output that supplies a slave clock signal; an accumulating digital synthesizer that includes a first input that receives the slave clock signal, a second input that receives a digital frequency tune word signal, a third input that receives a phase tune word signal, a fourth input that receives a reset signal, and an output that supplies a digital coherent continuous phase signal; a master digital synthesizer that includes a first input that receives the master clock signal, a second input that receives the digital frequency tune word signal, a first output that supplies the digital phase tune word signal, and a second output that supplies a reset signal; and a converter that receives the digital coherent continuous phase signal and supplies the coherent continuous phase signal..
 X-ray ct system and medical image processing method patent thumbnailX-ray ct system and medical image processing method
X-ray ct system and method of processing medical images are provided that enable combining of images with reduced effect of the differences in coordinates of the pixels in the overlapped areas of a plurality of constituent images. The x-ray ct system comprises a processor and a synthesizer.
 Synthesizer diagnostic cassette simulator patent thumbnailSynthesizer diagnostic cassette simulator
The present invention relates to a diagnostic device (400) for measuring component performance on an automated radiopharmaceutical synthesis device (50).. .
 Compression and mixing for hearing assistance devices patent thumbnailCompression and mixing for hearing assistance devices
This application relates to a system for compression and mixing for hearing assistance devices by application of compression to individual sound sources before mixing, according to one example. Variations of the present system using surround sound provide separate signals from a surround sound synthesizer which are compressed prior to mixing of the signals..
Phase-to-amplitude converter for direct digital synthesizer (dds) with reduced and and reconstructed add logic arrays
A sine wave generator for a direct digital synthesizer (dds) converts a digital phase input into a digital sine wave output. Sine values and slopes are stored in read-only memory (rom) for coarse upper phase bits in a first quadrant.
Audio signal synthesizer and audio signal encoder
An audio signal synthesizer generates a synthesis audio signal having a first frequency band and a second synthesized frequency band derived from the first frequency band and comprises a patch generator, a spectral converter, a raw signal processor and a combiner. The patch generator performs at least two different patching algorithms, each patching algorithm generating a raw signal.
Accuracy of text-to-speech synthesis
According to a first example configuration, a pair of text-to-speech synthesizers produces audio representations for each of multiple words. The outputs are compared to identify instances in which a lexicon lookup algorithm and a grapheme-to-phoneme algorithm produce different audio representations for the same words.
Methods and devices for multiple-mode radio frequency synthesizers
Methods and devices provide for determining whether to operate a radio frequency synthesizer in a first mode of operation or a second mode of operation based on a reference frequency signal. The radio frequency synthesizer includes a digitally-controlled oscillator configured to generate an oscillator signal having an output frequency.
Interactive vehicle synthesizer
A method of operating an audio entertainment system in a vehicle includes detecting an operating parameter of the vehicle. A sensor signal corresponding to the detected operating parameter is transmitted.
Peptide synthesis apparatus and methods using infrared energy
Apparatus and methods utilizing infrared energy for heating reactions associated with peptide synthesis, such as activation, deprotection, coupling, and cleavage. Thorough agitation of the contents of reaction vessels during heating and real-time monitoring and adjustment of temperature and/or reaction duration are also described.
Ofdm clock recovery
Receiver synchronization techniques (rst), contributing more accurate synchronization of receiver clock to ofdm composite frame combined with much faster acquisition time and better stability of the receiver clock, and phase and frequency recovery techniques, comprising a software controlled clock synthesizer (sccs) for high accuracy phase & frequency synthesis producing synchronized low jitter clock from external time referencing signals or time referencing messages wherein sccs includes a hybrid pll (hpll) enabling 1-50,000 frequency multiplication with very low output jitter independent of reference clock quality.. .
Synthesizer with bi-directional transmission
An audio or visual system may include an encoder to encode electrical signals generated by an instrument such as a stringed instrument to music control message data such as midi data. A first wireless transceiver coupled to the encoder may transmit the midi data to a second wireless transceiver.
Touch screen guitar
A synthetic guitar includes a body, a neck extending from the body, and at least one touch sensor at the neck for indicating finger position of a user. The body has a receptacle for removably securing a tablet computer to the body.
Communication system with frequency synthesis mechanism and method of operation thereof
A communication system includes: a frequency synthesizer, configured to reference a radio frequency (rf) signal, in a device including: a ring oscillator with track-and-hold circuit electrically connected to a reference clock, a bank of comparators, electrically connected to the ring oscillator with track-and-hold circuit, configured to measure a coarse timing, and an analog-to-digital converter, electrically connected to the ring oscillator with track-and-hold circuit, configured to generate a fine timing; a communication interface, electrically connected to the frequency synthesizer, is configured to receive a device transmission; and a control unit, electrically connected to the communication interface, is configured to display a receiver data from the a radio frequency (rf) signal.. .
Beamforming module, ultrasonic imaging apparatus using the same, beamforming method using the beamforming module, and method of controlling the ultrasonic imaging apparatus using the beamforming module
A beamforming module includes a conversion unit configured to convert an input signal to generate a converted signal using at least one conversion function, a weight calculator configured to calculate a converted signal weight as a weight for the converted signal, and a synthesizer configured to generate a result signal using the converted signal and the converted signal weight.. .
Circuits and methods for using a flying-adder synthesizer as a fractional frequency divider
An open loop clock divider circuit includes (a) a first divider configured to receive an incoming clock signal and output a first divided clock signal, (b) a flying-adder synthesizer configured to fractionally divide the first divided clock signal and output a fractionally divided clock signal, and (c) a second divider configured to receive the fractionally divided clock signal and output a second divided clock signal. The open loop clock divider circuit advantageously provides a fractional divider in which there is no feedback loop between the source frequency (fs) and the destination frequency (fd).
Color education system for the visually impaired
The color education system for the visually impaired is a battery-powered device including a console having a plurality of color identification modules mounted on the top platform, each of the rectangular members being formed of a unique color and having a corresponding touchpad sensor mounted thereon. The touchpad sensor has a braille inscription mounted thereon spelling the color of the rectangular member in braille.
Coaxial-impedance synthesizer
The invention relates to a coaxial-impedance synthesizer, comprising: a longitudinal central (0x) conductor (1); an outer conductive tube (2) arranged coaxially to the conductor (1); and at least one probe (4) mounted so as to longitudinally translate around the conductor (1), the coaxial-impedance synthesizer being characterized in that the outer tube (2) includes two separable half-tubes, such that the probe (4) is permitted to move longitudinally, relative to the central conductor (1), to a desired position when the two half-tubes are spaced apart from each other, and when the two half-tubes are near each other, the outer periphery of the probe (4) and the inner wall of the outer tube are in contact with each other.. .
Systems and methods for synthesizer locking using iterative numerical techniques
This disclosure includes systems and methods for frequency synthesis using a voltage-controlled oscillator (vco) with a programmable array of capacitors. A suitable setting for the capacitor array may be derived through a non-successive iterative numerical technique.
Image processing device and display device having the same
An image processing device includes a first filter that filters the image signal to output a first image signal, a second filter that converts the image signal corresponding to a predetermined pixel to a second image signal based on image signals corresponding to a plurality of peripheral pixels adjacent to the predetermined pixel, a third filter that filters the second image signal from the second filter to output a third image signal, a fourth filter that filters the third image signal from the third filter to output a fourth image signal, and an image synthesizer that synthesizes the first image signal from the first filter and the fourth image signal from the fourth filter.. .
Systems and methods for frequency synthesis to improve coexistence
A frequency synthesizer for a wlan transceiver is disclosed that may be used to generate 5.4 ghz and 2.4 ghz signals. The frequency synthesizer may be configured to minimize vco pulling by using vco operating frequencies that are not integer multiples of the rf bands.
Translational phase lock loop and synthesizer that eliminates dividers
This invention describes a method by which a low cost low phase noise phase locked loop or phase locked loop based frequency synthesizer can be realized. The new method, called a translational phase lock loop or tpll, allows the conversion of a traditional voltage controlled oscillator or vco signal so that the phase noise of the vco signal is substantially identical to the noise that the loop is aimed to correct via comparison to a low noise reference oscillator.
Fractional-n frequency synthesizer with low quantization noise
A fractional-n frequency synthesizer with low quantization noise includes a phase frequency detector, a charge pump, a loop filter, a voltage controlled oscillator a divider and a delta-sigma modulator. The delta-sigma modulator computes “n” to the loop filter in the output current of the charge pump.
Diversity receiver with shared local oscillator signal in diversity mode
A multi-mode receiver is disclosed that is reconfigurable to share a local oscillator signal in diversity mode to save power consumption. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a primary receiver having a primary mixer configured to down-convert a primary signal and a secondary mixer configured to down-convert a secondary signal in carrier aggregation mode.
Broadband re-configurable rf transmitter
An rf transmitter system operating on a broader frequency range and providing a higher output power dynamic range is described. Low power rf signal is produced from a baseband signal using a quadrature modulator and using a broadband local oscillator signal.
Systems and methods for controlling frequency synthesis
Disclosed are systems and method for controlling frequency synthesizers. A control system can be implemented in a phase-locked loop (pll), such as a frac-n pll of a frequency synthesizer, to reduce or eliminate reference spurs.
Broadband re-configurable rf receiver
An rf receiver system operating on a broader frequency range and wide input dynamic power range is described. Received rf signal is downconverted to baseband signal using multiple quadrature demodulators.
Device and method for calculating absolute amount of displacement, and method for same
Some embodiments address a problem of detecting the absolute amount of displacement of a moving body. In various embodiments, the multi-turn absolute angle of rotation of a main shaft is calculated from a rotation angle detected by an angle sensor joined to the main shaft and a countershaft.
System and method for controlling a microfluidic handling device
A system and method for controlling a microfluidic handling device is presented. One embodiment of the system includes a microfluidic synthesis cassette.
Receiver and transmitter apparatus for carrier aggregation
An rf receiver/transmitter apparatus for carrier aggregation is disclosed, to provide a routing circuitry formed by a plurality of mixer modules for achieving both the function of carrier aggregation and the mixing frequency process of signals. This architecture allows sharing an rf front-end, improving degree of integration, and reducing hardware cost and circuitry power consumption.
Radar system and control method thereof
A radar system comprises a transmitting device comprising a reference frequency source, for generating a reference frequency signal; a direct-digital synthesizer, coupled to the reference frequency source, for generating a synthesized frequency signal according to the reference frequency signal; a phase lock loop, coupled to the direct-digital synthesizer, for converting the synthesized frequency signal to an output signal; a transmitting antenna, coupled to the phase lock loop, for emitting the output signal to the air; and a loop switch module, coupled to the phase lock loop, for switching the phase lock loop between an open loop mode and a closed loop mode; and at least one receiving device, for receiving at least one wireless signal, and processing the at least one wireless signal according to the output signal generated by the phase lock loop.. .
Method and system for modeling rf emissions occurring in a radio frequency band
The method and system for modeling rf emissions occurring in a radio frequency band utilizes commercial off-the-shelf (cots) hardware to perform the steps of converting legacy pdw databases to rf signal i and q format and storing the i and q data in a digital i and q data signal library. Alternatively, real-time rf signals are recorded in i and q format and routed to the library.
Adaptive tuning voltage buffer for millimeter-wave multi-channel frequency synthesizer example embodiments
A wireless data transceiver comprises a lo, a frequency divider, a tuning voltage buffer, and a controller. The lo generates a lo signal based on a buffer signal.
Spread-spectrum clock generator
A spread-spectrum clock generator includes a frequency comparator, for generating a compensation signal according to a reference signal and a frequency signal corresponding to an output frequency signal; a triangle-wave generator, for generating a triangle-wave signal according to a frequency control signal; an adder, coupled between the triangle-wave generator and the frequency comparator, for adding the compensation signal to the triangle-wave signal to generate an addition result; and a frequency synthesizer, coupled between the frequency comparator and the adder, for generating the output frequency signal to adjust the output frequency signal according to the addition result so as to reduce a shift of the output frequency signal.. .
Clock regeneration circuit, light receiving circuit, photocoupler, and frequency synthesizer
A clock regeneration circuit includes: a signal input terminal; a d flip-flop circuit; a reset signal generation circuit; a delay circuit; a comparator; a first capacitor; and a feed back circuit. The signal input terminal is inputted with a pulse width modulation signal.
Imaging device and method
An imaging device and a method for generating a panoramic image are provided. The imaging device includes an imaging unit configured to generate a plurality of continuous frame image in a certain direction in order to generate a panoramic image, an input unit configured to receive a command from a user during contiguous photographing of frame images via the imaging unit, a reference image setting unit configured to set a frame image captured by the imaging unit as a reference image upon receiving the command from the user, and an image synthesizer configured to generate a panoramic image by synthesizing other frame images around the reference image set by the reference image setting unit..
Variable phase shifter, semiconductor integrated circuit and phase shifting method
A variable phase shifter. The variable phase shifter includes: a transmission line that outputs quadrature signals from a pair of output ports in response to an input signal of a specific frequency; a synthesizer that includes a first transistor connected to a first port of the pair of output ports and a second transistor connected to a second port of the pair of output ports, and that on input of the input signal takes signals output from the pair of output ports of the transmission line with a phase according to their respective load impedances and employs the first and the second transistors to amplify and combine the signals; and a phase controller that controls the phase of the output signal that is combined and output by the synthesizer by controlling the amplification operation of each of the first and second transistors of the synthesizer..
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
According to one embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes an image generating module, and an image synthesizer. The image generating module is configured to generate a turning-over image that is an image on a turning-over section obtained by folding a part of an area of a main image input.
Video reproduction apparatus and video reproduction method
According to one embodiment, a video reproduction apparatus includes an image generator, a motion recognizer, a marker generator and image synthesizer. The image generator is configured to generate a first pair of images with a difference in visual field for an operational object.
Voice synthesizing method and voice synthesizing apparatus
A voice synthesizing apparatus includes a first receiver configured to receive first utterance control information generated by detecting a start of a manipulation on a manipulating member by a user, a first synthesizer configured to synthesize, in response to a reception of the first utterance control information, a first voice corresponding to a first phoneme in a phoneme sequence of a voice to be synthesized to output the first voice, a second receiver configured to receive second utterance control information generated by detecting a completion of the manipulation on the manipulating member or a manipulation on a different manipulating member, and a second synthesizer configured to synthesize, in response to a reception of the second utterance control information, a second voice including at least the first phoneme and a succeeding phoneme being subsequent to the first phoneme of the voice to be synthesized to output the second voice.. .
Signal generating circuits for generating fan driving signal
A signal generating circuit for generating a fan driving signal includes a phase adjusting circuit, a direct digital frequency synthesizer, a first operating circuit, a driving signal generator and a second operating circuit. The phase adjusting circuit receives a hall signal and adjusts a phase of the hall signal to generate a synchronization signal.
Personal audio assistant device and method
A personal audio assistant includes a first microphone for capturing audio, a communication module communicatively coupled to the first microphone and for accessing information from a network, a memory storage unit communicatively coupled to the first microphone, and a voice controlled interface coupled to the microphone. The voice controlled interface is configured to access the network in response to detection of at least one or more voice commands from the captured audio and present results in response to accessing the network to a speaker via a text-to-speech synthesizer.
Frequency synthesizer
A digitally controlled frequency synthesizer less influenced by disturbance noise is provided without using a ΔΣ modulator. The frequency synthesizer, whose oscillation frequency is digitally controlled, includes a loop gain control section configured to generate digital control data for controlling a loop gain of the frequency synthesizer; a da conversion section configured to convert lower bits of the digital control data to an analog voltage; and an oscillation section configured to oscillate at a frequency corresponding to higher bits of the digital control data and the analog voltage output from the da conversion section..
Method for generating coherent-phase light fields having a predefinable value of the frequency thereof, and optical frequency synthesizer
The invention relates to a method for generating coherent-phase light having a predefinable frequency value (νsoll), comprising the steps of generating working light with a working frequency (νsl), generating a frequency comb (10), which is a light field that consists of equidistant coherent-phase spectral lines, selecting a comb line (having the index m) from the frequency comb (10) having a frequency (νm), generating a frequency shift (Δν) of the frequency comb (10) and/or the working frequency (νsl) by means of time-dependent phase settings (φs(t)) modulo a multiple of 2π, in particular of 2π, and phase-coupling the possibly frequency-shifted fields of the working light (νsl) and the one possibly frequency-shifted frequency comb line (νm), so that the frequencies thereof are rigidly phase-coupled via the frequency shift (Δν), and working light having the desired frequency (νsoll) is obtained.. .
Frequency divider, clock generating apparatus, and method capable of calibrating frequency drift of oscillator
A clock generating apparatus includes an oscillator and a frequency synthesizer. The oscillator is utilized for generating a reference clock signal.
Noise suppression device
Disclosed is a noise suppression device including an input signal analyzer 8 that analyzes the harmonic structure and periodicity of a plurality of input signals on the basis of the power spectra of the plurality of input signals, a power spectrum synthesizer 9 that synthesizes the power spectra of the plurality of input signals to generate a synthesized power spectrum according to the result of the analysis by the input signal analyzer 8, a noise suppression amount calculator 10 that calculates an amount of noise suppression on the basis of the synthesized power spectrum generated by the power spectrum synthesizer 9 and an estimated noise spectrum estimated from the input signals, and a power spectrum suppressor 11 that carries out noise suppression on the synthesized power spectrum generated by the power spectrum synthesizer 9 by using the amount of noise suppression calculated by the noise suppression amount calculator 10.. .
Non-linear-error correction in fractional-n digital pll frequency synthesizer
The present disclosure relates to a frequency synthesizer. The frequency synthesizer includes a phase comparator having first and second input nodes.
Systems and methods for monitoring sensors
An impedance analyzer is provided. The analyzer includes a signal excitation generator comprising a digital to analog converter, where a transfer function of the digital to analog converter from digital to analog is programmable.
Automated synthesis of small molecules using chiral, non-racemic boronates
Provided are methods for making and using chiral, non-racemic protected organoboronic acids, including pinene-derived iminodiacetic acid (pida) boronates, to direct and enable stereoselective synthesis of organic molecules. Also provided are methods for purifying pida boronates from solution.
Parking camera system and method of driving the same
The present invention relates to a parking camera system and a method of driving the same, the system including a plurality of cameras equipped with a vehicle, an image synthesizer for synthesizing images photographed by the plurality of cameras, and an estimated travel trajectory generating and overlaying processor for generating an estimated travel trajectory of the vehicle by receiving steering angle information of the vehicle, and synthesizing the estimated travel trajectory of the vehicle with the images synthesized by the image synthesizer.. .
Direct digital synthesis of quadrature modulated signals
An apparatus comprises a direct digital synthesizer, a mixer having first and second input ports and an output port, and a numerically-controlled oscillator. The direct digital synthesizer has a first output coupled to the first input port of the mixer and a second output coupled to a control input of the numerically-controlled oscillator, and the numerically-controlled oscillator has an output coupled to the second input port of the mixer.
Signal level adjusting device and high-frequency apparatus
To provide, in a frequency synthesizer including: a variable attenuator provided at a subsequent stage of a voltage controlled oscillator; a detector; and a control unit outputting a control voltage for adjusting an attenuation amount of the variable attenuator via a digital/analog converter in accordance with a detection voltage, a technology with which a spurious due to a change in an output of the digital/analog converter can be suppressed. A low-pass filter is provided between an output side of a digital/analog converter and a variable attenuator to cut a frequency component corresponding to an overshoot generated when an output of the digital/analog converter is changed.
Pipelined bus-splitting digital delta-sigma modulator for fractional-n frequency synthesizer system and method
The invention provides a digital modulator system for use in a fractional-n frequency synthesizer, said system comprising: a first pipelined modulator configured to receive a digital signal via a bus signal; a second pipelined modulator configured to receive a part of said digital signal; and said system is adapted to split the bus signal by passing least significant bits (lsbs) of said digital signal through the second modulator, combining the output of said second modulator with the most significant bits (msbs) of said digital signal, and adapted to pass the combined signal through said first pipelined modulator. The combination of bus-splitting and pipelining in the modulator system is configured to provide an output signal to maximize the update rate of a multi-modulus divider of said fractional-n frequency synthesizer..
Systems and methods for combined frequency-modulation continuous-wave and pulse-compression transmission operation
Systems and methods for allowing dual-mode radar operation. An exemplary transmission system includes a hybrid coupler that receives a signal produced by a synthesizer and couples the received signal to two output ports.
Method, system and processor-readable media for automatically vocalizing user pre-selected sporting event scores
A method and system for vocalizing user-selected sporting event scores. A customized spoken score application module can be configured in association with a device.
Method and apparatus for a synthesizer architecture
A synthesizer architecture, responsive to a low noise reference signal from a discrete oscillator, provides a continuous periodic output with a period that is a fractional multiple of the low noise reference signal. One exemplary embodiment includes a phase detector providing a control signal to a selected one of a plurality of integrated voltage controlled oscillators (vco), wherein the phase detector is a sub-harmonic continuous time sampling phase detector.
Frequency synthesizer
Disclosed is a frequency synthesizer including first and second shift register circuits 3a and 3b each for outputting pll setting data on a rising edge of a load enable signal, first and second fractional modulators 4a and 4b each for generating dividing number control data on the basis of the pll setting data in synchronization with a reference signal, and first and second fractional pll synthesizers 5a and 5b each for generating a high frequency signal according to the pll setting data, the reference signal, and the dividing number control data. By controlling the timing of the load enable signal, the frequency synthesizer carries out phase control between the high frequency signals generated by the first and second fractional pll synthesizers 5a and 5b..
Systems and methods for improving the time alignment of non-overlapping waveforms
Systems and methods for improving the timing alignment of non-overlapping waveforms are provided. In this regard, a representative system, among others, includes a waveform synthesizer that generates a plurality of input waveforms and inverters having inputs and outputs, wherein the inverters receive the input waveforms at the inputs of the inverters and invert the input waveforms, producing a plurality of inverted waveforms at the outputs of the inverters.
Interpolative divider linearity enhancement techniques
A flexible clock synthesizer technique includes generating a phase interpolator calibration signal to adjust a phase interpolator output signal generated by a phase interpolator of an interpolative divider. The phase interpolator is responsive to a phase interpolator control code and an output signal of a fractional-n divider of the interpolative divider.
Channel-mapped midi learn mode
Embodiments of the invention include systems and methods for inferential generation of virtual sequencer controls in a midi sequencer to automate functionality of physical or virtual controls of midi instruments. Midi source data from a song or a live feed is analyzed to determine a sequence of midi control commands from which a set of virtual sequencer controls can be automatically inferred without manual generation or configuration of the virtual control.
System and method for configuring a cloud computing system with a synthetic test workload
The present disclosure relates to a method and system for configuring a computing system, such as a cloud computing system. A method includes selecting, based on a user selection received via a user interface, a workload for execution on a cluster of nodes of the computing system.
Rear camera system for vehicle having parking guide function and parking guide system using the same
Provided are a rear camera system for vehicles and a parking guide system using the same, which displays the minimum width and maximum width of a parking area guideline in consideration of the dimensions of a vehicle in displaying a parking area, and displays a stop position in backing. The parking guide system includes a camera mounted on a vehicle, a display unit disposed inside the vehicle, and a parking guide control unit connected to the camera and the display unit.
Transceiver with sub - sampling based frequency synthesizer
Disclosed is a transceiver including a sub-sampling based frequency synthesizer with a sampling frequency fsmp, configured to generate m different output signals 3 for use as a carrier signal for transmission and/or a signal with a channel frequency for reception. M is an integer greater than 4, each output signal has a corresponding predefined frequency.
System and method for connecting and controlling musical related instruments over communication network
A communication system provides connection, configuration, and control of a musical instrument. A musical instrument includes a first communication link disposed on the musical instrument.

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