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Synchronous patents

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Methods for using a detector to monitor and detect channel occupancy

Shared Spectrum

Methods for using a detector to monitor and detect channel occupancy

Synchronization algorithm for data streaming by proxy server through asynchronous multicast channel

Verizon Patent And Licensing

Synchronization algorithm for data streaming by proxy server through asynchronous multicast channel

Synchronization algorithm for data streaming by proxy server through asynchronous multicast channel


Mobile communications terminal and method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronous-related patents
 Changing radio bearer configuration or state patent thumbnailChanging radio bearer configuration or state
A first one of a wireless communication device (22) and a base station (20) performs a method for applying a change to a configuration or state of a radio bearer. The radio bearer supports the transfer of data over a radio connection between the wireless communication device (22) and the base station (20) with defined data transfer characteristics.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)
 Methods for using a detector to monitor and detect channel occupancy patent thumbnailMethods for using a detector to monitor and detect channel occupancy
Methods for using a detector to monitor and detect channel occupancy are disclosed. The detector resides on a station within a network using a framed format having a periodic time structure.
Shared Spectrum Company
 Synchronization algorithm for data streaming by proxy server through asynchronous multicast channel patent thumbnailSynchronization algorithm for data streaming by proxy server through asynchronous multicast channel
A guide data server stores program guide content in a memory and transmits the stored content to a multicast server. The multicast server transmits the received content to set top boxes according to three independent time periods.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.
 Mobile communications terminal and method patent thumbnailMobile communications terminal and method
A method for operating a graphical user interface of a computer terminal running multiple asynchronous simultaneous tasks. The progress of the tasks is shown in a list in an information window.
Nokia Corporation
 Systems and methods for synchronization of clock signals patent thumbnailSystems and methods for synchronization of clock signals
A system may include a transmitting device. The transmitting device may include one or more terminals for receiving a data signal and a first clock signal.
Aviat U.s., Inc.
 Communication device, communication system, and synchronous control method patent thumbnailCommunication device, communication system, and synchronous control method
A communication device includes a transmission port and a reception port communicating with other network units, a system bus i/f unit communicating with a synchronous target, n (n is an integer of 2 or more) delay counters counting a predetermined period of time, a delay-counter control unit that, upon receiving a synchronous packet input with a predetermined cycle from the reception port, causes the delay counters to count a cycle that is n times as long as the predetermined cycle and controls the delay counters such that counts of the delay counters are cleared at different timings, and a synchronous-pulse output unit outputting a synchronous pulse to the synchronous target through the system bus i/f unit when there is the counter whose count value after being cleared becomes equal to a synchronous-pulse output value.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
 Methods and  monitoring and controlling the performance of optical communication systems patent thumbnailMethods and monitoring and controlling the performance of optical communication systems
In some embodiments, an apparatus includes an optical detector that can sample asynchronously an optical signal from an optical component that can be either an optical transmitter or an optical receiver. In such embodiments, the apparatus also includes a processor operatively coupled to the optical detector, where the processor can calculate a metric value of the optical signal without an extinction ratio of the optical signal being measured.
Juniper Networks, Inc.
 System and  wireless broadband communication in a marine environment patent thumbnailSystem and wireless broadband communication in a marine environment
The current invention is a system and method for facilitating high-quality broadband wireless communication in a mobile environment. The present invention also offers significantly improved performance over currently available land-based systems, as high bit rate data connectivity is made possible over long distances by utilizing multiple frequencies, antennas, polarizations, modulations, and radios to optimize propagation and accomplish the delivery of synchronous and asynchronous data connections to a seagoing vessel (or other such user, such as a plane or vehicle)..
 Driving device of synchronous rectification apparatus patent thumbnailDriving device of synchronous rectification apparatus
A driving device of a synchronous rectification apparatus is provided. The driving device includes a voltage detection part disposed on a power input terminal to detect a voltage value of a power inputted through the power input terminal, an adjustment part receiving the voltage value detected through the voltage detection part, the adjustment part adjusting the receive voltage value to output the adjusted voltage value, and a comparison part receiving the voltage value adjusted through the adjustment part into a positive terminal and a synchronous rectification starting value into a negative terminal, the comparison part outputting an command value of the synchronous rectification apparatus, which is obtained by comparing the received voltage value with the synchronous rectification starting value..
Lsis Co., Ltd.
 Power supplying apparatus patent thumbnailPower supplying apparatus
A power supplying apparatus may be capable of switching off a synchronous rectifier on a secondary side in advance by predicting a switching-on time on a primary side. The power supplying apparatus may include: a power converting unit switching power input to the primary side and transferring the power to the secondary side; and a synchronous rectifying unit formed on the secondary side, synchronized with the switching of the power converting unit to perform a rectification switching operation, thereby rectifying the power transferred from the power converting unit, and changing the rectification switching operation before a switching change point of the power converting unit depending on a preset timing..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Synchronous rectifier and a controlling it

A synchronous rectifier comprises at least one rectification switch (102, 103), and a control circuit (104) for controlling the at least one rectification switch to allow unidirectional current flow only. The control circuit comprises at least one current sensor (105, 106) for sensing an alternating component of current of the at least one rectification switch, and at least one driver circuit (107, 108) for controlling the at least one rectification switch at least partly on the basis of the direction of the sensed alternating component.
Efore Oyj

Control of a synchronous rectifier

A method and a control unit for changing a working mode of a synchronous rectifier. The synchronous rectifier comprises at least one controllable switch having a diode in parallell thereof.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Inductor current zero-crossing detection method and circuit and switching power supply thereof

In one embodiment, a method of detecting an inductor current zero-crossing in a switching power supply, can include: (i) determining a present output voltage of the switching power supply; (ii) generating a zero-crossing detection threshold voltage according to the output voltage; and (iii) generating a zero-crossing detection signal according to the zero-crossing detection threshold voltage, where the zero-crossing detection signal is used to turn off a synchronous rectifier switch in the switching power supply.. .
Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd

Optimized synchronous generator of a gearless wind power plant

The invention relates to a synchronous generator of a gearless wind power plant, comprising an external rotor and a stator, wherein the synchronous generator has a generator outside diameter and the stator has a stator outside diameter, and a ratio of the stator outside diameter to the generator outside diameter is greater than 0.86, in particular greater than 0.9, and in particular greater than 0.92.. .
Wobben Properties Gmbh

System and non-contact wafer chucking

A non-contact wafer chucking apparatus includes a wafer chuck and a gripper assembly coupled to a portion of the wafer chuck. The wafer chuck includes pressurized gas elements configured to generate pressurized gas regions across a surface of the wafer chuck suitable for elevating the wafer above the surface of the wafer chuck.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Using data fusion to electronically detect liquid in mobile devices

Liquid ingress event detection methods and detectors are provided. Temperature and moisture data are synchronously collected from at least one sensor unit coupled to an electronic device susceptible to liquid damage.
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

System and asynchronous consumer item searching requests with synchronous parallel searching

This invention is a system for providing persistence searching for consumer items that performs the steps of: retrieving a set of get requests uniquely associated with external vendor sites wherein each get request is specifically formatted for its external vendor site and simultaneously transmitting the set of get requests to the respective external vendor sites. Asynchronously receiving current results from the external vendor sites, extracting the price from the current results for each item contained in the current results received from the external vendor sites, comparing the extracted price of the current results with the price of a previously stored results, generating a notification and including in the notification, a link to the external vendor site to provide a purchasing opportunity to a user where the price of the current results is lower than the price of the stored results..
Zumur, Llc

System and determining and distributing consumer items according to dynamic demand levels

This invention is directed to a computerized system for asynchronously receiving persistent query requests, selecting a subset from the plurality of persistent query requests for a particular item, ordering the subset of persistent query requests into a plurality of equal range brackets between the highest desired price to the lowest desired price, receiving a set of sales program criteria from the vendor computer system created in response to the vendor computer system previously receiving the subset of persistent query requests having available quantity and available price information for the items available for sale from the vendor, determining the number of available items from the sales program criteria having available prices that are within a first desired range bracket, and transmitting a notification to the remote computer devices associated with the query results having available prices in the first range bracket.. .
Zumur, Llc

Method and device for multi-drop bus payment peripheral expansion

A method and device for retrofitting a payment accepting unit to accommodate a plurality of payment peripherals is disclosed herein. A device with processor(s), memory, a slave interface, and host interface(s) performs as a virtual payment peripheral by registering the device as a slave to the payment accepting unit coupled with the slave interface and performs as a virtual payment accepting unit by registering payment peripheral(s) coupled with the host interface(s) as slaves to the device.
Payrange Inc.

Neural network

A non-biological asynchronous neural network system comprising multiple neurons to receive respective input signals representing an input stimulus for the network, supply an output signal representing a spatio-temporal sequence of rhythmic electric pulses to an external system, wherein respective ones of the multiple neurons are connected using multiple mutually inhibitory links.. .
The University Of Bath

Asynchronous group processing using z-banding

Methods, apparatus, and computer readable media are provided for generating an intermediate representation of a page description. The page description comprises graphic commands updating a graphics state.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Asymmetric cable-membrane tensegrity structure of opening type, constructing the same and designing the same

A cable-membrane tensegrity structure which is asymmetric, and construction method and design method thereof are provided. The cable-membrane tensegrity structure comprises a central opening and is formed by a ring cable (4) and three layers of radial cables comprising a suspension cable (1), a ridge cable (2) and a valley cable (3), wherein the suspension cable (1) is located above the ridge cable (2), the ridge cable (2) is located above the valley cable (3), wherein one end of each of the suspension cable (1), the ridge cable (2) and the valley cable (3) is connected to the ring cable (4), and the other end of each of the suspension cable (1), the ridge cable (2) and the valley cable (3) is connected to a peripheral supporting structure (7), wherein a coating membrane (5) is tensioned between the ridge cable (2) and the valley cable (3) that are adjacent to each other and function as a skeleton to tension the coating membrane (5).
China Aviation Planning And Construction Development Co., Ltd.

System and idempotent interactive disparate object discovery, retrieval and display

The present invention is a system that performs a real time on-demand searching for items such as goods or services with specific search criteria, and returns a set of search results that are deduped and can be updated when modifications to the search results occur. The functionality is provided by a idempotence search system having a user agent that asynchronously receives search results from user's remote computing devices, a set of fetchers for retrieving search results from associated external site and organizing the results in a results queue, a plurality of parser operating in parallel, a broadcaster wherein the user agent includes retrieving the difference from the delta queue, retrieving the results associated with the difference and displaying the results for the user..
Zumur, Llc

Asynchronous swap mechanism and page eviction from memory

Embodiments of the invention relate to mitigating page eviction from cache memory. Pages of data in the cache are compressed, and are periodically swapped to a physical storage device to create space in the cache for additional pages.
International Business Machines Corporation

Generating hardware accelerators and processor offloads

System and method for generating hardware accelerators and processor offloads. System for hardware acceleration.
Synopsys, Inc.

Synchronous bmc configuration and operation within cluster of bmc

The present disclosure relates to a synchronous bmc configuration system for automatically configuring bmcs installed on clusters of managed devices. The synchronous bmc configuration system includes: (a) a master bmc configuration system; and (b) a plurality of clusters of managed devices.
American Megatrends, Inc.

Smart phone/tablet computer displayable and operable on front and rear sides or multiple sides

Disclosed is a smart phone/tablet computer capable of displaying and operation on front and rear sides or on multiple sides, including a main body. The main body has a front side and a rear side that are respectively provided with a first displaying/operating unit and a second displaying/operating unit.

Portable green power device

A portable green power device includes an energy storage module, a manpower generating module, a control unit and an ac charging module. The energy storage module has input terminals, output terminals and a dc charging port.
Taigulf Co., Ltd.

Automated motor adaptation

A method of determining electromagnetic characteristics of an asynchronous motor system is described. A dc sequence is applied comprising dc vectors applied to different phases of the motor in tum.
Danfoss Power Electronics A/s

Method and an efficient framework for testcell development

A method of performing a test using automated test equipment (ate) is disclosed. The method comprises configuring a proxy application programming interface (api) services module, wherein the proxy api services module provides an interface between a test framework and a test software environment, wherein the test framework communicates with the test software environment though the proxy api services module, wherein the test software environment is communicatively coupled with test hardware, and wherein the proxy api services module is configured to isolate the test framework from dependencies associated with the test software environment.
Advantest Corporation

Dual robot detection non-damage detection

Disclosed is a twin-robot testing apparatus for non-destructive testing. The apparatus comprises two robots (1) for detecting a workpiece (3) from front and back sides thereof; a water circulating unit, comprising a pressure pump, two water ejection coupling probes (2) and water pipes, for providing a coupled water column; an ultrasonic transmitting/receiving device, comprising two ultrasonic transducers, a pulse transmitting/receiving card, and a high-speed data acquisition card, wherein the two ultrasonic transducers are respectively attached at the end-effector of the two robots (1), for transmitting ultrasound and receiving ultrasound respectively, the ultrasonic pulse transmitting/receiving card and the high-speed data acquisition card are mounted on the robot controller mechanism for transmitting and receiving, and acquiring pulse signals, the two robots perform a synchronous transmission testing, with ultrasound transmitted by one robot being received by the other robot, and the ultrasonic transducers are adjusted in position and gesture with the change in the surface shape of the workpiece (3) such that the incidence direction of ultrasonic beam is always in coincidence with the normal direction of the curved surface.
Beijing Institute Of Technology

Method for preparing aluminum-zirconium-boron alloy and synchronously preparing crylite

A method for preparing an aluminum-zirconium-boron alloy and synchronously preparing a cryolite is provided. The method includes the following steps: step a: placing aluminum in a reactor, heating the reactor to 700-850 degrees centigrade, and adding a mixture consisting of fluorozirconate and fluoborate in a molar ratio of x: y into the reactor; step b: stirring the reactants for 4-6 hours and extracting the upper molten liquid to obtain a cryolite, wherein the lower substance is an aluminum-zirconium-boron alloy, and aluminum is added in an excess amount.
Shenzhen Sunxing Light Alloys Materials Co., Ltd

High volume loading and stacking apparatus and method

A loading apparatus and method including a stacker conveyor having paired crawler tracks, an inclined conveyor, and an intake end and a discharge end. A wide apron is positioned at the intake end of the conveyor.

Drive system for an electric vehicle and charging a battery with a combustion engine

The disclosure relates to a drive system for an electric vehicle, comprising an electric motor, a traction battery for supplying the electric motor, an asynchronous machine, and a combustion engine for driving the asynchronous machine, wherein the asynchronous machine is arrange for charging the traction battery upon a control signal to extend the range of the electric vehicle. The traction battery has a plurality of a battery lines having adjustable output voltage for generating voltage progressions which are phase-shifted relative to one another, and each battery pack line is not only provided for supplying one of the phase connections of the electric motor but is also connected to a phase connection of the asynchronous machine.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Comminuting device including a rotary current asynchronous motor and a non-positive traction drive and its operation

The invention relates to a method for operating a comminuting device, in which method a comminuting rotor is driven by a driving unit which at least comprises a rotary current electric motor, via a non-positive traction drive, particularly a belt drive, wherein said rotary current electric motor is energized by a controlled frequency converter, for operating the comminuting rotor at a predetermined rotational speed during the normal operating phase, and wherein a degree of slip of the traction drive is determined and monitored and the rotary current electric motor is controlled for being powered off if a first slip threshold value is exceeded. The method of the invention is characterized in that if a predetermined second threshold of the traction drive slip is exceeded, which is below said first slip threshold, for continuing the operation of the comminuting device, said frequency converter is controlled in a slip operating phase for a closed or open loop control of the traction drive slip to a predetermined third slip threshold value and for reducing the torque output from the rotary current electric motor.
Vecoplan Ag

Method for an asynchronous multiplayer gameplay

A method for an asynchronous multiplayer gameplay. The method may comprise the computer-implemented steps of: providing a computer with a social media application configured to allow a first user to be followed by one or more second users; creating a challenge by the first user using the social media application; displaying that challenge in a feed by the social media application; receiving one or more inputs from a second user in response to the challenge; calculating a score based on the input of the second user; and displaying the score of the challenge.
Form And Pattern Llc

Methods and systems for power optimization in a medical device

A physiological monitoring system may use photonic signals to determine physiological parameters. The system may vary parameters of a light drive signal used to generate the photonic signal from a light source such that power consumption is reduced or optimized.
Covidien Lp

Wireless communication system and wireless communication control method, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and computer program

A wireless communication device in a wireless network sets management information notification cycles at specified time intervals and transmits management information containing receive timing information showing its own position to start receiving information, receive window information, and receive cycle information. Another wireless communication device receiving that management information links it to a communication device number for the corresponding wireless communication device and stores the receive timing, the receive window information, and the receive cycle information.
Sony Corporation

Method of synchronous image sharing

A method is provided for synchronous sharing of a document between a first and a second terminal. The method includes: transmission of a message to the second terminal comprising the coordinates of at least one contact point defined on the basis of the document to be shared; upon the opening of a viewing time window defined by the intersection of a first and of a second time window defined respectively for the first and the second terminal and each being bounded by the receipt, originating from the terminal, of a sharing agreement message triggered by an action on the at least one contact point and the receipt of an abandonment message triggered by the stopping of the action on the at least one contact point, of transmission of the document and of a command to display the document to the second terminal; and transmission of a command to delete the document upon the closing of the viewing time window..

Reduced system latency for dominant speaker

Digital media communication systems and methods are disclosed in which a set of end points and/or clients are in communication with a set of servers. The system is capable of determining which end point is a dominant user and/or speaker.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Asynchronous and synchronous resource links

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for providing asynchronous and synchronous links to resources. According to one example implementation, a method includes receiving a request for a resource, identifying resources to be referenced by the requested resource, and identifying one or more of the referenced resources that are associated with client-side click tracking, and one or more of the referenced resources that are associated with server-side click tracking.
Google Inc.

Techniques for san storage cluster synchronous disaster recovery

Improved techniques for disaster recovery of storage service accessible through storage area networks are disclosed. Embodiments include establishing peer relationships between nodes of primary and secondary computing clusters.
Netapp, Inc.

Apparatus and transferring multiple asynchronous clock signals over a single conductor

Methods and systems for transferring two clock signals over a single conductor are disclosed. According to various disclosed embodiments, first and second input clock signals are generated at a first module.
Alcatel-lucent Usa, Inc.

Pmsm rotor angle identification

A method and a control device for identifying the angle and polarity of the rotor of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (pmsm), the motor including a stator, including windings and a rotor including at least two permanent magnets. The method includes the steps of determining the rotor d-axis direction by supplying a stator voltage vector pulses to the motor terminals at at least two different stator angles, measuring the phase current at each angle, and determining rotor d-axis position based on motor inductance value in each stator angles calculated from the measured values and determining the rotor d-axis polarity by supplying a current vector to the motor terminals at the q-axis direction, and determining the magnet polarity by observing the direction of the rotor rotation during the test pulses..
Vacon Oyj

Electric vehicle

An electric vehicle including: an induction motor generator; a synchronous motor generator; an inverter that converts a supplied high voltage vh to an ac voltage to be supplied to the induction motor generator and the synchronous motor generator; and a control unit that adjusts the rotational speed and torque output of the induction motor generator and the synchronous motor generator, wherein the control unit includes a voltage oscillation reduction program for causing the induction motor generator to generate voltage oscillation in a phase opposite to voltage oscillation of the high voltage vh to reduce the voltage oscillation of the high voltage vh when the high voltage vh supplied to the inverter oscillates at an amplitude equal to or greater than a predetermined voltage value due to rotation of the synchronous motor generator. As a result, the voltage oscillation in a pcu of the electric vehicle is reduced..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Circuit for driving synchronous rectifier and power supply apparatus including the same

A circuit for driving a synchronous rectifier may include a voltage level detecting unit detecting a voltage level of the synchronous rectifier; an on/off signal generating unit generating an on signal controlling the synchronous rectifier to be turned on when the voltage level detected by the voltage level detecting unit is decreased to a voltage level equal to or less than a preset reference voltage level, and generating an off signal controlling the synchronous rectifier to be turned off when the voltage level detected by the voltage level detecting unit is increased to a voltage level exceeding the reference voltage level; a minimum time determining unit controlling the synchronous rectifier to be turned on during a preset first period; and a blanking time determining unit controlling the synchronous rectifier so as not to be turned on during a preset second period after the synchronous rectifier has been turned off.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Dual-shaft gas turbine power generation system, and control device and control gas turbine system

The dual-shaft gas turbine power generation system includes: a high-pressure gas turbine; a first rotating shaft connecting a compressor and the high-pressure gas turbine; an electric motor connected to the first rotating shaft; a governor which adjusts the amount of air taken into the compressor; a low-pressure gas turbine; a second rotating shaft connected to the low-pressure gas turbine; a synchronous power generator connected to the second rotating shaft; a frequency converter which converts the frequency of power transmitted between the synchronous power generator and the electric motor; and a control device which controls a frequency converter control device for controlling the frequency converter, and the governor, on the basis of a power output command value indicating the power to be outputted to an external grid.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

Torsion compensator

The main function of the invention is the rectification of angular errors due to torsion in long and slim axles for electric motors of which rotor and stator are divided into two or more sub motors, and wherein rotors are coupled to a common axle and wherein two or more stator elements are supplied with equal electrical phases from power supply cable. The invention is a system and a coupling between rotor elements and axle extending through the system, the purpose being to dynamically compensate for angular errors due to torsion in axle between two or more rotor elements in which the torsion angle would influence negatively the electrical efficiency of the rotor elements.
Techni Holding As

Synchronous reluctance motor and underwater pump

The present invention relates to a synchronous reluctance motor for an underwater pump having a stator and a rotor which comprises a fluid barrier section for fanning one or more magnetic pole pairs, wherein the airgap between the rotor (12) and the stator (ii) is at least partially filled with a ferrofluid (20). A further partial aspect of the invention relates to an underwater pump with such a synchronous reluctance motor for driving the pump..
Ksb Aktiengesellschaft

Permanent magnet synchronous machine

A permanent magnet synchronous machine includes a rotor including a core body and an overhang protruding further in an axial direction than a core of a stator. An end surface of the core body includes an n-region disposed on a north pole and an s-region disposed on a south pole.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Interior permanent magnet synchronous motor

An interior permanent magnet synchronous motor includes a stator a rotor disposed with a space between the stator and the rotor, and a plurality of permanent magnets embedded in the rotor. In particular, a plurality of slits are formed in one side surface of the permanent magnet in a rotation direction of the rotor at equal intervals..
Hyundai Motor Company

Software-defined electric motor

A motor is provided that is capable of electronically switching between operating in a high torque mode and a low torque mode. The high torque mode may be switched reluctance mode and the low torque mode may be synchronous reluctance mode.
Moovee Innovations Inc.

System and retaining rotor structure in synchronous reluctance machine

A rotor assembly that includes at least one integral non-magnetic rotor retaining structure comprising a plurality of individual rotor retaining discs, the discs having predefined slots; and a plurality of magnetic segments retained within the slots of the discs of the respective integral non-magnetic rotor retaining structure.. .
General Electric Company

Method and high current charging of smart terminals

A method and apparatus for high current charging of a smart terminal includes, when signal wires at positive and negative data cable terminals are in a short circuit status, switching a power supply to a high-current power supply, gradually incrementally increasing a charging current, and synchronously detecting a corresponding charging voltage. The method and apparatus for high current charging also includes determining if the charging current is over-current according to the charging voltage and decreasing the charging current when the charging current is over-current.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.

System and stabilizing mode locked swept laser for oct medical imaging

An optical coherence analysis system uses a laser swept source that is constrained to operate in a stable mode locked condition by modulating a drive current to the semiconductor optical amplifier as function of wavelength or synchronously with the drive voltage of the laser's tunable element based on stability map for the laser.. .
Axsun Technologies, Inc.

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