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Synchronous patents

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Asynchronous data mirroring in memory controller

Imaging system for digital stereo microscope

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronous-related patents
 Method and apparatus for establishing a time base patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for establishing a time base
The present invention relates to a method of and apparatus for establishing a time base for variable data rate traffic data received from an asynchronous network. In some embodiments, the invention relates to a method of and apparatus for establishing a time base for a compression coded video signal transmitted over an internet protocol (ip) network.
 Remotable contracts for the web patent thumbnailnew patent Remotable contracts for the web
A “remotable contract implementation”, as described herein, provides various techniques for implementing static type checking of remoted contracts across iframes using scripts such as typescript, javascript, ajax, etc., thereby enabling structured data and rich patterns of control flow across iframe boundaries. The remotable contract implementation enables the static type-checking over the limited browser postmessage channel of communication across iframes, by generating statically type-checked proxies at runtime based on dynamic reflection, and allowing for full fidelity of javascript control flow interactions (e.g.
 Asynchronous data mirroring in memory controller patent thumbnailnew patent Asynchronous data mirroring in memory controller
A method for mirroring data between virtual machines includes intercepting a write command initiated from a virtual machine. Address and data information from the intercepted write command is stored within a queue located within a memory buffer of the primary server.
 Real-time communications using a restlike api patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time communications using a restlike api
A computing device executes a client-side instance of an application that supports bi-directional real-time synchronous communication and real-time asynchronous communication with a server computing device by way of an application programming interface (api) that conforms to representative state transfer (restlike) design principles. An eventing framework on the server computing device is used to aggregate updates to resources on the server that are requested by the client computing device, and is further used to transmit metadata to the client computing device that indicates which updates are available.
 System and method for performing distributed asynchronous calculations in a networked environment patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for performing distributed asynchronous calculations in a networked environment
A method and associated system are provided for performing calculations in a distributed networked environment, comprising: updating a source element on a first computer; sending a calculate update signal to a target calculated element for updating on a target element computer that may be the first computer or a second computer connected to the first computer that uses the source element in a calculation; obtaining the updated source element by a process on the target element computer associated with the target calculated element in response to the sending; and performing a calculation to update the target calculated element using the obtained updated source element.. .
 Techniques for ranking character searches patent thumbnailnew patent Techniques for ranking character searches
Techniques for asynchronous rendering are described. An apparatus may comprise a character set converter application, an index server, and a ranking application.
 System, method and computer program product for partially synchronous and partially asynchronous mounts/unmounts in a media library patent thumbnailnew patent System, method and computer program product for partially synchronous and partially asynchronous mounts/unmounts in a media library
Systems, methods and computer program products for determining completion of commands in a library system and providing an indication of the completion to a component of the media library system so that other commands which are dependent upon the completion can be efficiently issued and executed. In one embodiment, a tape is mounted in a drive of the library and a filesystem mount command is issued to initiate a filesystem mount operation.
 Incremental batch method for transforming event-driven metrics and measures within a map/reduce data center patent thumbnailnew patent Incremental batch method for transforming event-driven metrics and measures within a map/reduce data center
A method for a plurality of processors configured to perform steps in a map/reduce network operation adds incremental batch transformation of sequential measures recorded by time periods and uploaded asynchronously from their capture on mobile devices. The method creates and tracks measure states for each measure.
 Method and compositions for treating skin patent thumbnailnew patent Method and compositions for treating skin
A method for increasing and/or synchronizing per1 gene expression in skin cells having decreased, irregular, or asynchronous per1 gene expression comprising treating the skin cells with an effective amount of cichoric acid, and the resulting compositions.. .
 Headphones patent thumbnailnew patent Headphones
The invention pertains to headphones that can be folded into a compact size and carried around while they are out of use. To improve operability in collapsing and expanding operations, headphone units are attached to joint portions on respective ends of a headphone band that are movable via vertical movement mechanisms.
new patent Receiver and transmission and reception system
A receiver is composed of a receiver-side amplifier which receives a clock signal, a receiver-side amplifier which receives a data signal, a variable delay circuit which generates a delay-adjusted clock signal and a delay-adjusted data signal by delaying the clock signal and the data signal, a latch circuit section which latches the delay-adjusted data signal in synchronous with the delay-adjusted clock signal, and a skew detecting circuit which generates skew detection data that by latching a specific data sequence transmitted as the data signal in synchronous with a first clock signal to nth clock signal (n is an integer equal to or more than 2) with different delay times from the clock signal. The delay time in the variable delay circuit is controlled according to the skew detection data..
new patent Bi-modal arbitration nodes for a low-latency adaptive asynchronous interconnection network and methods for using the same
A dynamically reconfigurable asynchronous arbitration node for use in an adaptive asynchronous interconnection network is provided. The arbitration node includes a circuit, an output channel and two input channels—a first input channel and a second input channel.
new patent Traversal method for icmp-sensitive nat
In sip network environment, a general nat traversal method will become invalid when an nat with icmp (internet control message protocol) is met. The present invention provides four sessions for sip, i.e.
new patent Acoustic borehole imaging tool
A logging system for producing borehole images of acoustic properties of formations penetrated by the borehole. Images of formation compressional wave and shear wave velocities are generated in real time.
new patent Synchronous multiple port memory with asynchronous ports
A memory system includes a multi-port memory having a first port and a second port. First registers and second registers provide first and second addresses, respectively, to the first and second ports.
new patent Imaging system for digital stereo microscope
An imaging system for digital stereo microscope is disclosed, wherein the system comprising two camera units with each camera unit comprises a lens and the two lenses of the two camera units are focused below the respective lens and optical axes of both lenses are arranged to focus at a same point; a main controller configured to provide both sensors with a common trigger signal for outputting image data and a common pixel reference clock signal for each sensor to generate its own pixel clock signal; a synchronous synthesizer for generating synthesized image data with left eye image data located on the left side and the right eye image data located on right side by synchronizing and synthesizing the left eye data and the right eye image data output by the respective sensor; the synthesized image data is compresses and encoded in the main controller to generate rgb image data corresponding to parallel image data; a stereoscopic display convertor for receiving the rgb image data and converting the received rgb image data into a format that is recognizable by a stereo display.. .
new patent Method of processing a viewport within large format imagery
A method of processing a viewport within an image arranged as a matrix of tiles from a container file is provided. The method includes receiving a request to read data of the viewport starting from a point of origin of the viewport, the viewport having a pixel width and a pixel height, the viewport being a portion of an image that is stored in a record within the file container; computing column numbers or row numbers, or both, of the tiles containing the viewport; and reading in parallel or asynchronously each row or each column of tiles containing the viewport..
new patent Single-layer capacitive touch panel for multi-point sensing
The present invention provides a single-layer capacitive touch panel for multi-point sensing. The capacitive touch panel includes a single patterned touch-sensing layer.
new patent Audio amplifier power supply with inherent power factor correction
An audio amplifier is powered by a switch mode power supply optimized for audio applications. The power supply includes a rectifier circuit and a discontinuous mode multiphase isolated flyback power circuit and does not require a separate power factor correction stage.
new patent Coupling with concentric contact around motor shaft for line start synchronous motor
A method comprises providing a line-start synchronous motor. The motor has a stator, a rotor core disposed within the stator, and a motor shaft.
new patent Led current control apparatus
According to an embodiment, an led current control apparatus controls conduction of a switching transistor which is connected to a primary winding of a flyback convertor. The led current control apparatus includes a pseudo sine wave generation unit, a synchronous control unit, a first comparator, a switch control unit, a crest value correction unit, and a pulse monitor control unit..
new patent Power factor correction converter with current regulated output
A power factor correction converter in a buck-boost configuration may include a set-up circuit configured to supply an input voltage, a buck transistor connected to the set-up circuit, and configured to receive a current from the diode bridge, a first diode connected to the buck transistor, a boost transistor, a resistor connected to the boost transistor, a coil that connects the buck transistor and the boost transistor, a buck-boost pfc regulator connected to the set-up circuit, and configured to regulate a time pattern of the on/off status of the first transistor and the second transistor synchronously, a second diode connected to the coil and the boost transistor, and configured to output a first level voltage, a capacitor connected to the second diode and a load connected to the second diode.. .
new patent Permanent magnet synchronous motor having a low demagnetization factor
L≦1[mm] as well as t/(t+l)≦0.9. .
Graphical programming system for data sharing between programs via a memory buffer
A graphical program execution environment that facilitates communication between a producer program and a consumer program is disclosed. The producer program may store data in a memory block allocated by the producer program.
Virtualization of storage buffers used by asynchronous processes
The amount of host real storage provided to a large guest storage buffer is controlled. This control is transparent to the guest that owns the buffer and is executing an asynchronous process to update the buffer.
Call stacks for asynchronous programs
Embodiments provide call stacks for asynchronous programming. A set of all asynchronous call stacks is found by first identifying all threads and all outstanding tasks that have not yet been completed.
Test architecture for characterizing interconnects in stacked designs
Aspects of the invention relate to ring-oscillator-based test architecture for characterizing interconnects in stacked designs. The disclosed ring-oscillator-based test architecture comprises a plurality of boundary scan cells coupled to a plurality of interconnects.
Hybrid drive that implements a deferred trim list
A hybrid drive controller maintains a deferred trim list that holds a subset of logical addresses of writes performed on magnetic disks. For example, if a write command is issued to an lba space that overlaps a portion stored in flash memory and the write is to be performed on the magnetic disks, the trimming of the overlapping portion in the flash memory will be deferred.
Apparatus and methods for multi-mode asynchronous communication
A method includes receiving at a host device a first communication associated with a transaction from at least one electronic device included in a set of electronic devices. The host device includes at least a memory, a processor, and a database.
Random number generator for generating truly random numbers
An apparatus includes multiple oscillators, where each oscillator includes an inverter chain. The apparatus also includes combinatorial logic configured to generate a random number having one or more bits.
Asynchronous distributed de-duplication for replicated content addressable storage clusters
A method is performed by a device of a group of devices in a distributed data replication system. The method includes storing an index of objects in the distributed data replication system, the index being replicated while the objects are stored locally by the plurality of devices in the distributed data replication system.
Multi-mode editor for configuring process control blocks including both logical functions and arithmetic computations
A multi-editing mode logic block object editor is disclosed for creating and modifying logic block objects that are incorporated into control strategies for process control systems (both distributed and discrete). The editor includes an rpn text editing mode wherein logic incorporated into a logic block is represented by a list of text instructions.
Parallel arrangement of asynchronous buck converters for advanced power capability
A method and apparatus for extending the driving capacity of a power management device are provided. The method involves determining an energy requirement for the operation of a power management device.
Shutter device and method for producing encrusted foods
An encrusted food is produced by a shutter device comprising a plurality of shutter pieces respectively pivotally supported on a plurality of pivots arranged along a circle, each of which comprises a pressure face facing to a center of the circle, a linkage setting the shutter pieces in motion synchronously so as to direct the pressure faces toward the center, and rake faces respectively formed on the pressure faces to stand upward from lower edges of the pressure faces and so dimensioned as to scoop up a periphery portion of the dough when the motion of the shutter pieces brings the rake faces into contact with the periphery portion.. .
Method for processing gear and cutter for processing gear
A method for processing a gear includes a first cutting process starting the cutting of a work by moving a cutter in a first cutting direction while maintaining a cutting depth of the work at a setting value and reducing the cutting depth of the work before a first cutter portion reaches an end portion of a cutting area in the first cutting direction and a second cutting process synchronously rotating the work and the cutter in a reverse direction of rotational directions of the work and the cutter in the first cutting process, maintaining the cutting depth of the work at the setting value, and cutting the end portion of the cutting area by moving the cutter in a second cutting direction.. .
Method and apparatus to determine time and distance between transceivers using phase measurements
Systems, apparatuses and methods are disclosed for estimating a signal travel time, and thus distance between transceivers, in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) system. The signal travel time is measured between a transmit time (tt) and a receive window time (twindow) adjusted by the phase delay (tΦ).
Mobile device for use in a dynamic and stochastic asynchronously updated wireless ad-hoc network
A method for establishing and maintaining a dynamic network designed to allow wireless devices to communicate with one another on an ad-hoc basis. The wireless network is designed specifically to function autonomously, remaining completely independent from relying on any internet service provider or any other subsidiary systems such as any access points or routers.
Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same
A device includes a command decoder that is configured to output, in a normal operation mode, a precharge signal in response to a first type transition edge of a synchronous signal, and an active signal in response to a next first type transition edge that is next to the first type transition edge. The command decoder is configured to output, in a test mode, the precharge signal in response to a second type transition edge of the synchronous signal, and the active signal in response to a next first type transition edge that is next to the second type transition edge..
System and method for synchronous rectifier
A synchronous rectification circuit for a power supply includes a power switch for coupling to a secondary winding of a transformer of the power supply and an output capacitor of the power supply. The power switch includes a four-terminal mosfet having a source, a drain, a gate, and a body.
Eye fixation system and method
An eye fixation system for attention-attracting fixation of a user's eye includes an audio system configured to play sound based on audio signals to be audible to a user so as to attract the user's attention, and a target display system configured to communicate with the audio system to receive the audio signals and to display an optical target to be viewed by the user. The target display system includes an optical modulator configured to modulate the optical target based on the audio signals.
Systems, methods, and computer programs for joining an online conference already in progress
Various embodiments of systems, methods, and computer programs are disclosed for joining an online conference already in progress. One such method comprises: a conferencing system establishing an audio conference between a plurality of participants accessing the conferencing system via a communication network; the conferencing system presenting to the participants via a graphical user interface the audio conference and a conference interface displaying a participant object identifying each of the participants; synchronously recording the audio conference with content presented in the conference interface; storing the synchronized audio conference and the content; during the audio conference, receiving from a new participant a request to join the audio conference already in progress; and in response to the request to join the audio conference, playing back the synchronized audio conference and the content presented in the conference interface to the new participant beginning from a recording start location..
System and method for controlling a synchronous motor
A synchronous electrical motor includes a rotor with a dc field winding. An exciter is configured to energize the dc field winding by generating a dc current in a first direction across the dc field winding when activated.
Method and system for determining the position of a synchronous motor's rotor
To establish an initial/resting position of a permanent magnet rotor, all motor stator windings are stimulated (voltage applied thereto) in sequence, the time it takes for current in the stimulated stator winding to rise to a specific current value is measured for each stator winding and these time measurement results processed. From the measured time results rotor position to within 60 degrees is determined and the position sector is known prior to starting/rotating the motor.
Power converter
In a power converter, vibration and noise of a motor due to pulsation of a direct current link voltage are reduced. An inverter circuit is provided, which is configured to convert a direct current link voltage having a pulsating component to an alternating current to output the alternating current to a permanent magnet synchronous motor.
Vector control device for electric motor, electric motor, vehicle drive system, and vector control method for electric motor
A vector control device includes a vector control unit computing an output voltage output from the electric power converter according to vector control based on torque command and flux command and generating a pwm signal for controlling the electric power converter based on the output voltage, a first flux-command generation unit generating a flux command for asynchronous pwm mode, and a second flux-command generation unit generating a flux command for synchronous pwm mode. When an output frequency of the electric power converter is lower than a predetermined value, a flux command generated by the first flux-command generation unit is input to the vector control unit, and when the output frequency of the electric power converter is equal to or higher than a predetermined value, a flux command generated by the second flux-command generation unit is input to the vector control unit..
Magnet flux amount estimation device, abnormal demagnetize determination device, synchronous motor driving device, and electric motor car
According to one embodiment, a magnet flux amount estimation device includes a magnetic pole position detector configured to detect a magnetic pole position of a permanent magnet synchronous motor including a permanent magnet within a rotor; an inductance-equivalent value determination module configured to determine an inductance-equivalent value of a d-axis corresponding to a determined magnetic pole direction; and a magnet flux amount estimator configured to calculate an estimation value of a magnet flux amount of the permanent magnet, based on the inductance-equivalent value.. .
Power conditioning circuit to maximize power delivered by a non-linear generator
A circuit receives variable voltage and current from a renewable power source and optimally loads the source to maximize power delivered into a dc bus having constant voltage. A boost circuit and synchronous rectifier having a controlled duty cycle step up the voltage from the renewable source.

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