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This page is updated frequently with new Synchronous-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronous-related patents
 Method and  interfacing among mobile terminal, base station and core network in mobile telecommunications system patent thumbnailMethod and interfacing among mobile terminal, base station and core network in mobile telecommunications system
A method, apparatus, and a computer readable record media storing instructions for executing the same method for interfacing among a hybrid type synchronous or asynchronous terminal to a core network in a next generation mobile telecommunications system. The hybrid type synchronous or asynchronous radio network determines the operating type of the core network when the core network has a connection thereto, and sends the determined core network operating type information and information related to the core network to the hybrid type synchronous or asynchronous terminal, thereby allowing the synchronous or asynchronous terminal to smoothly perform a data interfacing operation with the core network..
Pantech Co., Ltd.

 Asynchronous successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and internal clock generator included therein patent thumbnailAsynchronous successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and internal clock generator included therein
An asynchronous successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and an internal clock generator included in the same are disclosed. The internal clock generator in an sar adc comprises a detection unit configured to generate an up pulse or a down pulse by sensing generation time of a final internal clock and next external clock; and a delay block configured to increase or decrease delay time by controlling a bias voltage according to the generated up pulse or the generated down pulse..
Chung-ang University Industry-academy Cooperation Foundation

 Clock calibration using asynchronous digital sampling patent thumbnailClock calibration using asynchronous digital sampling
Described is an apparatus which comprises: an asynchronous clock generator to generate an asynchronous clock signal; a digital sampler for sampling a signal using the asynchronous clock signal; a duty cycle corrector (dcc) to receive a differential input clock and to generate a differential output clock, wherein the digital sampler to sample at least one of an output clock from the differential output clock; and a counter to count output of the digital sampler and to provide a control to the dcc to adjust duty cycle of the differential output clock.. .
Intel Corporation

 Device for monitoring synchronous signals of a motor patent thumbnailDevice for monitoring synchronous signals of a motor
A device for monitoring synchronous signals of a motor includes a detection module and a processor. The detection module includes a rotational speed detector and an electric detector.
I-shou University

 Power supply device patent thumbnailPower supply device
A power supply device includes: a rectifier having an input terminal connected to one end of a switching element configured to perform synchronous rectification; a coil having one end connected to an output terminal of the power supply device; and a second capacitor connected in series to a first capacitor, the first capacitor having one end grounded, the second capacitor having one end connected to a connection point between another end of the first capacitor and the one end of the coil, and the second capacitor having another end connected to an output terminal of the rectifier.. .
Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Power supply device patent thumbnailPower supply device
A power supply device includes: a switching element that performs synchronous rectification on a power to be induced in a first secondary wiring of a transformer that performs voltage conversion; a first current detection circuit that detects a value of a current to be induced in a second secondary wiring of the transformer; a second current detection circuit that detects a change in the current to be induced in the second secondary wiring, the second current detection circuit having a higher response speed with respect to conversion of the current than that of the first current detection circuit; and a control unit (control circuit) that determines based on the change in the current detected by the second current detection circuit whether or not backflow is occurring, and controls the switching element in accordance with a result of the determination.. .
Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
A semiconductor device capable of reconfiguration, including a plurality of logic units which are connected to each other by an address line or a data line, wherein each of the logic units includes: a plurality of address lines; a plurality of data lines; a clock signal line to receive a system clock signal; a first and a second memory cell units which operate synchronously with the clock signal; a first address decoder which decodes an address signal and outputs a decode signal to the first memory cell unit; a second address decoder which decodes an address signal and outputs a decode signal to the second memory cell unit; and an address transition detection unit which generates an internal clock signal and outputs the internal clock signal to the first memory cell unit, when a transition of the address signal input from the plurality of address lines is detected, wherein the first memory cell unit operates synchronously with the internal clock signal, and the second memory cell unit operates synchronously with the system clock signal.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

 System, method and computer program product for remote graphics processing patent thumbnailSystem, method and computer program product for remote graphics processing
A system, method, and computer program product are provided for remote rendering of computer graphics. The system includes a graphics application program resident at a remote server.
Silicon Graphics International Corp.

 Electronic document sharing with asynchronous processing on indirect changes patent thumbnailElectronic document sharing with asynchronous processing on indirect changes
A method for sharing changes to an electronic document is described. A share request is received, at a first computing device, that indicates a change to a shared element of the electronic document that is directly changed by a user.
Workiva Inc.

 Dynamic synchronous to asynchronous frequency transitions in high-performance symmetric multiprocessing patent thumbnailDynamic synchronous to asynchronous frequency transitions in high-performance symmetric multiprocessing
In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes instructing two or more processors that are operating in a normal state of a symmetric multiprocessing (smp) network to transition from the normal state to a slow state. The two or more processors reduce their frequencies to respective target frequencies in a transitional state when transitioning from the normal state to the slow state.
International Business Machines Corporation


Wafer-level package having asynchronous fifo buffer used to deal with data transfer between different dies and associated method

A wafer-level package has a first die and a second die. The first die has a first clock source arranged to generate a first clock, a first sub-system arranged to generate transmit data, and an output circuit arranged to output the transmit data according to the first clock.
Mediatek Inc.


Clock synchronization method

The first synchronous ff is disposed at the starting point of the clock tree of the frequency-divided clock of each lower hierarchical block, and the first maximum delay time of the reference clock from the branch point of the reference clock and the frequency-divided clock to the first synchronous ff is acquired. The second maximum delay time of the reference clock between adjacent two of second synchronous ffs is determined so as to be less than half the period of the reference clock.
Megachips Corporation


Asynchronous door knife of elevator integrated car door lock

An asynchronous door knife comprises a track rack and a base plate; a dynamic blade and an unlocking blade which are connected on the front of the base plate in a swinging manner; a knife lifting ball which is arranged on the dynamic blade; a lock hook which is arranged on the back of the base plate and correspondingly buckled with a latch, wherein the unlocking blade is connected on the base plate through a lifting plate; the lifting plate is hinged on the base plate and comprises a first swing arm and a second swing arm; the first swing arm is hinged with the unlocking blade; the second swing arm is connected with an unlocking connecting rod; a lifting hole is additionally formed on the base plate; the middle of the lock hook is hinged with the unlocking connecting rod through the lifting hole.. .
Otis Elevator Company


Asynchronous online game play and defend mode processing to enable social friends to assist and alter game play outcomes

Methods for allowing a user to participate and change outcome of an asynchronous game includes receiving an indication of an attack initiated by a second player on a first player's game base during game play. In response, a first social post is generated to inform friends of the first player of the attack and request assistance to defend the first player's game base.
Zynga Inc.


Portable leg deep vein massager and propulsor

A portable deep vein leg massager apparatus with harness attaching to a human lower leg having a segmented calf surface staged assemblies compressing and de-compressing the calf muscle directionally toward the shin. The segmented staged electro-mechanical assemblies act synchronously to compel deep vein blood vessels to push blood from the ankle towards the heart..


Flexible assignment of network functions for radio access

The disclosure relates to a method of resource allocation for supporting communications with a wireless device is provided. The method is performed in a network element of a wireless communication network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method and performing synchronous harq operation according to variable tti allocation

Provided are a method and an apparatus for performing a synchronous hybrid automatic repeat request (harq). When a variable transmission time allocation is allocated per harq process, resource allocation information including a duration field corresponding to a length of a transmission time interval (tti) allocated to each of the harq processes is transmitted.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Content transmission method and content playback method

Provided is a method for transmitting a broadcasting content and a line content, the broadcasting content and the line content being synchronously displayed, the method including: generating a line parity packet from a plurality of line data packets in each of which the line content is stored; transmitting the line data packet and the line parity packet through a communication line; and transmitting a plurality of broadcasting data packets in each of which the broadcasting content is stored, from a base station using a broadcasting wave, a transfer clock time of the broadcasting content being delayed by a predetermined time compared with a transfer clock time of the line content. At this point, video quality can be improved when the real-time broadcasting program content and the real-time line content are simultaneously displayed..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Synchronous camera

According to one embodiment, a low-pass filter operation circuit constitutes a serial interface, which enables communication conforming to the serial bus standard including ieee 1394 & usb 3.0, together with a timer register, a packet receiving circuit, and a packet transmitting circuit. The low-pass filter operation circuit performs a correction of gradually increasing or decreasing an internal timer value counted by the timer register by a unit count value thereof, thereby converging the deviation.
Toshiba Teli Corporation


Dynamic asynchronous communication management

A method performed by a computing system includes, executing a thread, the thread comprising an instruction to send a message to a remote system, after sending the message, allowing continued execution of the thread, after a first period of time, checking for a response to the message, and in response to determining that the response has not been received and that the first period of time is less than a predetermined amount of time, waiting for an additional period of time for the response. The predetermined amount of time is based on collected data associated with a set of conditions that correspond to a current set of conditions related to the remote system..
Red Hat, Inc,


Methods and monitoring and controlling the performance of optical communication systems

In some embodiments, an apparatus includes an optical detector that can sample asynchronously an optical signal from an optical component that can be either an optical transmitter or an optical receiver. In such embodiments, the apparatus also includes a processor operatively coupled to the optical detector, where the processor can calculate a metric value of the optical signal without an extinction ratio of the optical signal being measured.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Programmable synchronous clock divider

A divided clock signal is generated from an input clock signal. The duty cycle of the divided clock signal is programmed by generating a compare value based on values of duty cycle input and a divide value of the input clock signal.


Method and system for estimating differential inductances in an electric machine

A self-commissioning method for estimating differential inductances in an electric machine, such as e.g. A synchronous reluctance machine or interior permanent magnet machine, with cross-magnetization effects is provided.
Abb Technology Ltd


Motor control device

A motor control device includes a motor-speed detection unit detecting and outputting a detected motor speed based on an output signal of an encoder connected to a motor that is a synchronous motor; a motor electric-angle detection unit detecting and outputting a detected motor electric angle based on the output signal; a motor electric-angle estimation unit receiving a motor voltage, a motor current, and the detected motor speed, and estimating and outputting an estimated motor electric angle based on the motor voltage and the motor current; and a switching unit receiving the detected motor electric angle and the estimated motor electric angle, determining whether the encoder is operating normally based on the detected motor electric angle and the estimated motor electric angle, outputting the detected motor electric angle when the encoder is operating normally, and outputting the estimated motor electric angle when the encoder is not operating normally.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Synchronous rectifier

Various embodiments may relate to a synchronous rectifier including at least one rectifier cell, to which power is supplied via a secondary winding of a transformer arranged between the input connections of the synchronous rectifier. The rectifier cell comprises a bipolar main switch operated in the inverse mode, wherein an energy store is provided in the base line of the bipolar main switch, which energy store, in conjunction with an auxiliary switch which is concomitantly controlled by the relevant secondary winding for the bipolar main switch, ensures that the main switch is switched off prior to the end of the inverse phase..
Osram Gmbh


Soft switching flyback converter

Disclosed examples include synchronous rectifiers and flyback converters, integrated circuits and operating methods, in which a first switch is turned on to allow current to flow for a first time period in a first direction in a transformer primary winding responsive to a first switch voltage transitioning below a first threshold, and a second switch is turned on for a second time period after the first time period to transfer energy from a secondary transformer winding to drive a load. In the same converter cycle, the second switch is again turned on for a third time period in response to a second switch voltage transitioning below a second threshold at one of a series of troughs of a resonant ringing voltage waveform across the second switch, to cause current flow in a second direction in the primary winding to discharge a capacitance of the first switch to cause the first switch voltage to transition below the first threshold to initiate a subsequent converter cycle..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Synchronous rectifier for buck converter without the need for a comparator

A switch mode power supply, which functions in a continuous current mode and a discontinuous mode employing a zero crossing control circuit for determining a polarity of an inductor current and from the polarity of the inductor current, controlling an operational state of a switching section of the switch mode power supply such that the inductor current becomes approximately zero amperes at the end of each demagnetization phase of operation.. .
Dialog Semiconductor (uk) Limited


Asynchronous tendering for variable characteristic assets

Utilities that allow for the asynchronous tendering for variable characteristic assets. In one aspect, a utility for returning a strike price based on the iterative comparison of a received first listing object with a received first offer object, both corresponding to a first variable characteristic asset.
The Nordam Group, Inc.


Memory integrity checking

According to an example, memory integrity checking may include receiving computer program code, and using a loader to load the computer program code in memory. Memory integrity checking may further include verifying the integrity of the computer program code by selectively implementing synchronous verification and/or asynchronous verification.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp


Configurable serial and pulse width modulation interface

A reconfigurable register device includes an arrangement of storage elements arranged sequentially in a chain structure. Each storage element stores a state of a binary signal.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Print control system

A print control system 1 includes a control server 10 that opens a communication path for asynchronous duplex communication, generates print data, and outputs the generated print data by the opened communication path; and a printer 12 that opens a communication path, receives the print data by the opened communication path, and prints based on the received print data.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method and data acquisition with waveform trigger

Digital signal acquisition system is triggered when an input waveform matches a known reference waveform. This is achieved by calculating a stream of error metric values defined as a sum of absolute values of differences between incoming and reference samples.
Guzik Technical Enterprises


Hinged valve

The present invention provides a hinged valve, comprising a handle, a valve body, a valve stem, a valve core, sealing rings, guide and a valve cover. The valve core is connected to the valve body by means of a hinge such that the valve core will be rotated around a rotation axis of the hinge.
Shanghai Hongyan Returnable Transit Packagings Co., Ltd.


System and determining top-dead-center (tdc) of reciprocating compressor

Various embodiments include approaches for determining a top-dead-center (tdc) of a reciprocating compressor. In some cases, an apparatus includes: a pressure transducer configured to measure pressure fluctuations inside a compressor cylinder and convert the pressure fluctuations into an asynchronous waveform; and at least one computing device operably connected with the pressure transducer, the at least one computing device configured to: extract a data set representing piston angles over a single revolution of a piston within the compressor cylinder from the asynchronous waveform; remove data representing invalid piston angles from the data set to form a refined data set; determine an average piston angle for the single revolution from the refined data set; and adjust the refined data set to identify a top-dead-center (tdc) position of the piston within the compressor cylinder..
General Electric Company


Prostration-type dual drive bicycle

A dual-drive prone bicycle comprises a frame (1), a front wheel (2), a rear wheel (3), a front drive component (4) and a rear drive component (5), wherein: the front wheel (2) and the rear wheel (3) are arranged at the front portion and rear portion of the frame (1); the rear drive component (5) comprises a rear wheel drive mechanism (51) for driving the rear wheel (3) and a treadle mechanism (52) for driving the rear wheel transmission mechanism (51); and a dynamic knee support member (53) having synchronous movement with the treadle mechanism (52) is provided between the treadle mechanism (52) and the frame (1). Designed with multi-point dynamic supports, this dual-drive prone bicycle improves riding comfort and efficiency and is combined with crawling fitness function..


Internal-gear machining device and internal-gear machining method

Provided is an internal-gear machining device and an internal-gear machining method capable of offsetting an angle of inclination at a cutter axis using a conventional configuration and performing high-precision machining. The internal-gear machining device gear cuts a workpiece with a pinion cutter by feeding and causing the pinion cutter to cut while synchronously rotating the pinion cutter and the workpiece in mesh with each other, wherein prior to gear cutting, the pinion cutter is positioned so that a cutter axis is parallel shifted within a xy plane in accordance with the angle of inclination of the cutter axis, and a meshing position of the pinion cutter and the workpiece is shifted in a cutter rotational direction..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.


Mixing and grinding mechanism and mixer grinder using the same

A grinding and mixing mechanism for mixing and grinding fluid paint or fluid slurry includes a barrel, a rotor rotatably mounted in the barrel, grinding rolls rotatably mounted in the outer perimeter of the rotor and rotatably kept in contact with the inner barrel wall of the barrel for grinding a fluid paint or slurry, and a stirrer connected to the rotor for synchronous rotation with the rotor to mix the fluid paint or slurry circulated through the barrel. The invention also provides a mixer grinder using the grinding and mixing mechanism..
Cathay Coating Manufacture Co., Ltd.


Device for connecting a belt of a height adjustable furniture piece

A height adjustable furniture piece includes a device for connecting a belt to the furniture piece. The device includes two support elements, each including a first extension member and a second extension member that is telescopically arranged with respect to the first extension member.
Kesseböhmer Produktions Gmbh & Co. Kg


Mobile device for use in a dynamic and stochastic asynchronously updated wireless ad-hoc network

A method for establishing and maintaining a dynamic network designed to allow wireless devices to communicate with one another on an ad-hoc basis. The wireless network is designed specifically to function autonomously, remaining completely independent from relying on any internet service provider or any other subsidiary systems such as any access points or routers.
Dahrwin Llc


High speed data transfer using calibrated, single-clock source synchronous serializer-deserializer protocol

An electronic system, comprising a first semiconductor device, a second semiconductor device, a clock circuit, and a plurality of independently adjustable calibration circuits connected in each of the plurality of serial data paths. The first semiconductor device may comprise a plurality of serializer-deserializer interfaces.
Teradyne, Inc.


Apparatus and methods for multi-mode asynchronous communication

A method includes receiving at a host device a first communication associated with a transaction from at least one electronic device included in a set of electronic devices. The host device includes at least a memory, a processor, and a database.
Contact Solutions Llc


Mobile content collaboration with one click multimedia capability

A method includes performing operations as follows on a processor: receiving a selection of a content item by a first user from a first mobile device, sending an inquiry to the first mobile device comprising collaboration options for the content item, the collaboration options comprising a first option to invite a second user to collaborate asynchronously on the content item and a second option to invite the second user to collaborate synchronously on the content item via a communication session between the first mobile device and a second mobile device associated with the second user, receiving a selection of one of the first option and the second option by the first user from the first mobile device, identifying an address of the second mobile device responsive to receiving the selection of one of the first option and the second option, and sending a message addressed to the address of the second mobile device.. .
Ca, Inc.


Elastic gear first-in-first-out buffer with frequency monitor

An elastic gear first-in-first-out (fifo) buffer architecture is disclosed. The proposed elastic gear fifo buffer uses a frequency monitor unit to control clock frequency compensation.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Method for determining link quality in wireless network system

Provided is a method for determining network link quality between a master station and slave stations in a wireless network system having a synchronous superframe structure. The method for determining link quality in a wireless network system includes determining whether the current station is a master or a slave, when the current station is a master, comparing a time value during which the latest packets were received from slaves and a maximum time value during which the slaves are not obliged to exchange packets with the master after accessing a network, and determining link quality between the slaves and the master according to the comparison result..
Korea Electronics Technology Institute


Single cycle asynchronous domain crossing circuit for bus data

Techniques are disclosed for managing the timing between two asynchronous clocks. The techniques are particularly well-suited for synchronizing the reference clock with the divided clock in a phase coherent dsm pll application, but can be more broadly applied to any application that includes a need for synchronizing a data bus across a clock boundary.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Source-synchronous receiver using edge-detection clock recovery

A source-synchronous clocking signal is sampled by an edge sampler triggered by a phase-adjusted version of the clocking signal. The output of the edge sampler is used as a phase-error indicator for a filtered feedback loop that aligns the phase-adjusted clocking signal to minimize, on average, the difference between the received source-synchronous clocking signal and the phase-adjusted version of the clocking signal minus the setup time of the sampler.
Rambus Inc.


Adaptive clocking scheme

Adaptive clocking schemes for synchronized on-chip functional blocks are provided. The clocking schemes enable synchronous clocking which can be adapted according to changes in signal path propagation delay due temperature, process, and voltage variations, for example.
Broadcom Corporation


Integrated circuit device having an injection-locked oscillator

A variable injection-strength injection-locked oscillator (ilo) is described. The variable injection-strength ilo can output an output clock signal based on an input clock signal.
Rambus Inc.


System and controlling wound rotor synchronous motor

That is, the present disclosure provides a system and a method for controlling a wound rotor synchronous motor which configure a current command map by a dualized map which is switchable according to a purpose to selectively use the current command map according to an operating condition to increase a rated operating time of the wound rotor synchronous motor without an output limit of a motor when an over temperature of a rotor is generated.. .


Motor drive having function of detecting failure in dynamic braking circuit

A motor drive according to the present invention has a dynamic braking circuit. The motor drive includes a motor drive control circuit for applying a voltage to windings of a synchronous motor and the dynamic braking circuit for a predetermined time by switching power transistors connected to a direct current power supply, a current detection circuit for detecting a current value outputted from the power transistor, and a failure determination circuit for determining the presence or absence of a failure in the dynamic braking circuit from the current value detected by the current detection circuit and a predetermined threshold value.
Fanuc Corporation


Self supply for synchronous rectifiers

A power converter with an isolated topology may include a primary side and a secondary side. The secondary side includes a self-powered synchronous rectifier.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Table games using portable devices

Table game systems can include player terminal(s), electronic gaming table(s), and/or a remote server. A player terminal can have an outer housing, a controller located therewithin or thereabout, input and output component(s), and a communications interface to an outside gaming network having other functionally similar gaming device(s), gaming table(s), and a remote server.
Fresh Idea Global Limited


Automatic search of local inventory

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for determining which of multiple vendors have a product in stock. One of the methods includes maintaining a central database that includes information about respective inventories of multiple vendors, receiving information from a first user device identifying a requested commerce object, and a geographical area, identifying a plurality of sources of available inventory data, searching the plurality of sources for available inventory of the requested commerce object, the searching comprising performing all three of the following processes substantially in parallel: performing real-time searching in the central database, performing sub-real-time searching in respective databases maintained by individual vendors, and initiating manual-assisted searching, asynchronously receiving and aggregating search results into groups, and serving, for each of the groups of search results, instructions for a presentation of the respective composite user interface to a second user device..
Shopatron, Inc.


Interrupt-driven i/o arbiter for a microcomputer system

An i/o (input/output) bus arbiter to be used in conjunction with a compatible cpu (processor) to effect burst mode data transfers in all i/o accesses that remove the need for dma (direct-memory-access) signals, bus-request/bus-grant signals, and bridges consequently removing the need for a bus system to connect peripherals such as the pci (peripheral-connect-interface). The i/o arbiter consists of an interrupt controller with circular buffers, fifos (first-in-first-out) and port engines for directly attaching devices with proper interface buffers, together with a compatible cpu interrupt signals, and synchronous data transfers with only this one arbiter..
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Processor model using a single large linear registers, with new interfacing signals supporting fifo-base i/o ports, and interrupt-driven burst transfers eliminating dma, bridges, and external i/o bus

A processor or cpu architecture that implements many enabling technologies proven to enhance data through put supporting the synchronous burst data transfer. The input-output (i/o) is uniformly viewed and treated as an individual first-in-first-out (fifo) device.
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Homogenous device access method which removes physical device drivers in a computer operating system

A model and access method for devices to be homogenous irrespective whether they be character or block types. The access method is closely coupled between a host processor and the input/output (i/o) ports either through the data ports to the fifos (first-in-first-out), or the control ports of the devices.
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Synchronous replication error detection and handling

Some embodiments are directed to a method, corresponding system, and corresponding apparatus that may store data and may monitor, detect, and handle one or more warning or error indications within one or more synchronized replication volumes. Some embodiments may provide first and second storage pools of storage devices with respective volumes.
Dell Products Lp


Workload-driven techniques for providing biased service level guarantees

Techniques and architectures for workload management. A stream of messages is received with servers coupled to provide access to shared system resources.
Salesforce.com, Inc.


Dividing, scheduling, and parallel processing compiled sub-tasks on an asynchronous multi-core processor

An asynchronous multiple-core processor may be adapted for carrying out sets of known tasks, such as the tasks in the lapack and blas packages. Conveniently, the known tasks may be handled by the asynchronous multiple-core processor in a manner that may be considered to be more power efficient than carrying out the same known tasks on a single-core processor.


Performant runtime pause with no cpu utilization

Some computing devices have limited resources such as, for example, battery power. When a user ceases to interact with an application, execution of the application can be moved to background and the application can be paused.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Fine-grained scheduling of work in runtime systems

A runtime system for distributing work between multiple threads in multi-socket shared memory machines that may support fine-grained scheduling of parallel loops. The runtime system may implement a request combining technique in which a representative thread requests work on behalf of other threads.
Oracle International Corporation


Method and system for synchronously updating programs of intelligent apparatuses

A method and system for synchronously updating programs of intelligent apparatuses are described. A host unit activates rapid update device mechanism.
Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.


Variable displacement pump with electric control of displacement regulation and regulating pump displacement

A rotary positive displacement pump for fluids, in particular, for the lubrication of a motor vehicle engine (61), has a displacement that can be regulated through the rotation of a stator ring (42) having an eccentric cavity (43) in which the rotor (15) of the pump (1) rotates. The stator ring (42) is housed within an in eccentric cavity (13) of an external ring (12).
Vhit S.p.a.


Pumping system

To keep a discharge pressure or a discharge flow rate of a pumping system that jets a fluid from a nozzle selected from a plurality of nozzles a set value every selected nozzle. A pumping system that jets the fluid from the nozzle selected from the plurality of nozzles is provided with: a piston pump as a positive-displacement pump; a permanent-magnet type synchronous motor as a rotational speed variable drive unit; a turret device as selecting arrangement; a discharge pipe; the nozzle; a controller that controls the rotational speed of the drive unit; a storage that stores control parameters and a target value of the discharge pressure corresponding to each nozzle; and a pressure sensor, wherein the controller controls the rotational speed of the drive unit by feeding back the discharge pressure using the control parameters corresponding to the selected nozzle to match the discharge pressure with the target value..
Sugino Machine Limited


Synchronous continuous circulation subassembly with feedback

A system for continuously circulating fluid in a wellbore includes a control system comprising a memory, a power source, and a user interface, along with a drill string subassembly having an inlet and an outlet, and defining a flow path from the inlet to the outlet. The conduit includes a lateral port to the flow path between the inlet and the outlet.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Tightly retained synchronously rotatable dual-axle hinge structure

A dual-axle hinge structure includes a dual axle assembly, at least one sleeve, and a contactor. The dual axle assembly includes first and second axles that are connected by and mutually push/pull each other through connection members for synchronous rotation.
Deda Metals Company Limited


Method of receiving downlink signal of high speed moving terminal, adaptive communication method and adaptive communication apparatus in mobile wireless backhaul network

Disclosed herein is an adaptive communication method of a base station in a moving wireless backhaul network, including: acquiring frame transmitting/receiving timings of a terminal; periodically searching for a terminal synchronous signal transmitted from the terminal; if the terminal synchronous signal is detected, estimating the frame transmitting/receiving timings of the base station to/from the terminal based on the terminal synchronous signal and the frame transmitting/receiving timings of the terminal; and transmitting the base station synchronous signal to the terminal based on the frame transmitting/receiving timings of the base station.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method and system for production and capture of content for linear broadcast and publication

A content generation device (cgd), includes an opaque writing capture device (wcd), and an image capture device (icd) and a mirror/antireflective pane with 45 degree beamsplitters. The icd captures image content of a user performing drawing and/or writing on an opaque wcd, when the user is located external to the cgd and in front of the opaque wcd, and the capturing of the image content occurs from within the cgd and behind the opaque wcd.
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Synchronous topics: Synchronous, Transverse, Longitudinal Axis, Inverter Circuit, Transmitting Signals, Electronic Device, Portable Electronic Device, Control Unit, Asynchronous, Strobe Signal

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