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Synchronous patents

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Asynchronous pausing of the formation of consistency groups

International Business Machines

Asynchronous pausing of the formation of consistency groups

Asynchronous audio and video in an environment


Asynchronous audio and video in an environment

Asynchronous audio and video in an environment


Remotely controlling devices and proscessing asynchronous events for testing

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronous-related patents
 Bandwidth modulation system and method patent thumbnailBandwidth modulation system and method
A method and computing system for monitoring an av synchronous communication session of a user. The av synchronous communication session includes an audio channel and a video channel.
Google Inc.

 Asynchronous pausing of the formation of consistency groups patent thumbnailAsynchronous pausing of the formation of consistency groups
Provided are a computer program product, system, and method for asynchronous pausing of the formation of consistency groups. A first copy operation is initiated to copy the source data from the first storage to the first data copy in the second storage.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Asynchronous audio and video in an environment patent thumbnailAsynchronous audio and video in an environment
Embodiments of an electronic system for asynchronous audio and video in and environment includes a server with a connection to a wireless access point or a personal digital device that communicates with the server through the wireless access point. The server receives and stores an audio track that is to accompany a public display.
Exxothermic, Inc.

 Remotely controlling devices and proscessing asynchronous events for testing patent thumbnailRemotely controlling devices and proscessing asynchronous events for testing
In one embodiment, a script executes code on a testing device to automatically control a control device. A media player on the control device interacts with a video streaming service.
Hulu, Llc

 Asynchronous interface in a system on chip and a  operating the same patent thumbnailAsynchronous interface in a system on chip and a operating the same
A mobile system includes a first interface configured to transmit a payload in synchronization with a first clock signal through a first channel at a first transfer rate; and a second interface that includes: a payload storage connected to the first channel and configured to receive the payload from the first channel; and a payload receiver connected to the payload storage and configured to receive the payload from the payload storage in synchronization with a second clock at a second transfer rate through a second channel. A length of the second channel is shorter than a length of the first channel, and the first clock signal is asynchronous with the second clock signal..

 Synchronization signal transmitting device, method thereof and power electronic apparatus having the device patent thumbnailSynchronization signal transmitting device, method thereof and power electronic apparatus having the device
The present invention relates to a synchronization signal transmitting device, method thereof and a power electronic apparatus with the device. The synchronization signal transmitting device comprises at least one serial differential signal transmitter for receiving an identical-period pulse signal and outputting a differential signal pair, at least one serial differential signal receiver for receiving the differential signal pair and outputting a single-ended signal, and at least one controller for receiving the single-ended signal.
Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 Method for correlating a received satellite radio-navigation signal and correlation device implementing the method patent thumbnailMethod for correlating a received satellite radio-navigation signal and correlation device implementing the method
A method is provided for correlating a received satellite radio-navigation signal made up of a first pilot signal modulated with a first spreading code and a second data signal modulated with a second primary spreading code of a length equal to that of the first spreading code, the second data signal being further modulated with a secondary sequence comprising a plurality of chips, the duration of a chip being equal to a multiple of the length of the second primary spreading code, the first pilot signal and the second data signal being synchronous. The correlation method comprises the following steps: first correlations, over a plurality n of periods of the first spreading code, of the radio-navigation signal with the first spreading code; the selection, out of the n first correlations, of a subset containing a number m of correlations; and the coherent integration of the m correlations of the subset..

 Control  reducing torque ripple in switched reluctance motors patent thumbnailControl reducing torque ripple in switched reluctance motors
A method of controlling torque ripple in a switched reluctance motor (srm) includes splitting each phase winding of the srm into an ac winding and a dc winding. The ac winding of each phase winding is excited with symmetrically displaced sinusoidal currents that may be projected into a reference frame that moves synchronously with the srm rotor..
General Electric Company

 Apparatus and  driving a plurality of permanent magnet synchronous motors using single inverter patent thumbnailApparatus and driving a plurality of permanent magnet synchronous motors using single inverter
A motor driving apparatus and a method of driving a plurality of permanent magnet synchronous motor (pmsm) using a single inverter is described. The motor driving apparatus includes a single power conversion apparatus configured to supply power to a plurality of motors and a control apparatus configured to control the power conversion apparatus to adjust a phase current ratio supplied to the plurality of motors from the single power conversion apparatus according to a requirement of each of the plurality of motors..
Snu R&db Foundation

 Thyristor starter patent thumbnailThyristor starter
This thyristor starter includes a control angle operation portion including a function or a table showing relation between a rotation speed of a synchronous machine and a phase control angle of an inverter and finding a phase control angle having a value in accordance with the rotation speed of the synchronous machine found by a speed operation portion. The phase control angle varies from a minimum value to a maximum value in accordance with the rotation speed of the synchronous machine, and a rate of increase in phase control angle relative to the rotation speed of the synchronous machine is varied in a plurality of steps in accordance with the rotation speed of the synchronous machine..
Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation


Synchronous rectification converter and control synchronous rectification converter

A synchronous rectification converter includes: a first switching element coupled between a inductor and an input terminal; a second switching element coupled between the inductor and the input terminal; a capacitive element coupled between the other end of the inductor and the other end of the input terminal; a control circuit detects voltages of the inductor and the capacitive element; a current inversion detection circuit detects inversion of a direction in which a current supplied from the second switching element to the inductor flows and outputs an inversion signal; a delay circuit delays the inversion signal and outputs a delay inversion signal; a synchronous rectification reset circuit that changes the control signal; a load detector detects reduction of an output current supplied from a connection node of the inductor and the capacitive element; and a delay control circuit generates a delay control signal.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Magnetic shield for hybrid motors

A magnetic flux shield is described for employment within a hybrid permanent magnet/induction motor, allowing for both synchronous and asynchronous operation. A hybrid rotor comprises coaxially nested halbach cylinders each with an attached induction rotor and a magnetic flux shield.


Backup system

A backup copy from a first data volume to a second data volume is executed according to either a synchronous mode, in which write data is copied from the first data volume to the second data volume in synchronous with a write request, or an asynchronous mode, in which journal data of a first storage apparatus is reflected on the second data volume in asynchronous with the write request. A second storage apparatus acquires secondary load information representing its own load status, and transmits the information to the first storage apparatus.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Multi-processor video processing system and video image synchronous transmission and display method therein

The present invention relates to the field of video processing. Disclosed are a multi-processor video processing system and video image synchronous transmission and display method therein.


Synchronous display spliced display screen, and timing controller and spliced display screen using the same

The disclosure provides a synchronous display method of an spliced display screen which comprises at least two spliced display units and at least two timing controllers respectively corresponding to the spliced display units, wherein the method comprises steps of: receiving, by each timing controller, a timing control signal for a current frame of the corresponding spliced display unit, feedback from the spliced display unit corresponding to the timing controller; determining, by each timing controller, a phase difference between the timing control signal for the current frame of the corresponding spliced display unit and a reference timing control signal received by the timing controller; judging, by each timing controller, whether or not the phase difference goes beyond a predetermined threshold range; if it is judged that the phase difference goes beyond the predetermined threshold range, generating a phase adjustment value, by the timing controller, based on the phase difference, wherein the phase adjustment value is less than the phase difference; generating, by each timing controller, a next timing control signal for a next frame of the corresponding spliced display unit, based on the phase adjustment value, so that a next phase difference between the next timing control signal for the next frame and the reference timing control signal is the phase adjustment value; and outputting the next timing control signal for the next frame to the corresponding spliced display unit. Meanwhile, the disclosure also provides a timing controller used in this synchronous display method and a spliced display screen to which this synchronous display method is applied..
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Method and virtual machine live storage migration in heterogeneous storage environment

Embodiments pertain to live storage migration for virtual machines. Specific embodiments can implement the migration of vm disk images without service interruption to the running workload.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Method for tamping a track by means of asynchronously moved tamping units

For tamping two adjacent sleepers (9) of a track (3), the joint lowering of two adjoining tamping units (2) takes place with a time delay. As a result, the immersion in particular of immediately adjacent inner tamping tines (20) plunging into a common sleeper crib (18) is facilitated..
Plasser & Theurer Export Von Bahnbaumaschinen Gesellschaft M.b.h


Power transmission device

A power transmission device includes a synchronous meshing mechanism, a braking mechanism, a shift mechanism, a parking gear, a parking mechanism, and a control unit. In the case where the shift mechanism is switched to a parking range, the control unit performs braking continuation processing for continuing the braking of the braking mechanism (step 4) regardless of a driver's braking operation, inhibits the rotation of the driven gear shaft by the parking mechanism, places a predetermined synchronous meshing mechanism in a connected state as a preparation for starting up the vehicle again, and then ends the braking continuation processing (step 5)..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Two-phase two-column linear pulse motor propulsion system

The two-phase, two-column linear pulse motor propulsion system comprises a field unit 121, 122 prepared in two columns in the longitudinal direction under a moving body 110 so as to generate a magnetic field; an armature unit 131, 132 which is prepared on a travelling track, generates a shifting field by the power supplied from a power conversion device, is prepared in two columns so as to correspond to the two-column field unit 121, 122 and generates the propulsion force of the moving body 110 through interaction due to a two-phase synchronous signal. Thus, it can improve propulsion force and acceleration/deceleration performance, compared to a linear propulsion system with one phase..


Automatic game comparison and recommendation

Game players are connected to each other through comparisons of information associated with events in which the game players and their friends have competed. Competition information such as game play results, leader board positions, game attributes, and entitlements may be used to compare players and players' friends to each other, and the comparison information is used to recommend additional events to the players in such a way as to enhance social networking and asynchronous game play among the game players and their friends in the game..
Electronic Arts Inc.


Trans arterial permanent heart assist device with double stators

The invention is a new generation permanent heart assist device developed to be installed into great arteries such as trans-aortic and trans-pulmonary artery to maintain blood circulation of the patients with end-stage heart failure. This device is a sort of brushless, synchronous, servo, electric motor which uses direct driver technology.


Vital signal measurement device, and vital sign signal measurement system

A vital signal measurement system including a plurality of terminals aims to facilitate synchronization of each terminal with respect to other terminals. Each of the plurality of terminals (102) is provided with a first vital signal sensor (201) for measuring a vital signal, a first memory (205) for storing a first data which is based on the vital signal, and a first radio communication unit (206) for communicating with other terminals by radio.


Method and activating and deactivating serving cell

According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a master base station selects a target serving cell in which a state is changed, among the serving cells of at least one slave base station set in the terminal, generates a mac control element which instructs a state change of the target serving cell, and then directly transmits the mac control element to the terminal in the case of an uplink asynchronous state between the target slave base station managing the target serving cell and the terminal.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Autostereoscopic system

An autostereoscopic system includes a visualization surface having an image prepared for separation, the image consisting of a sequence of m perspectives, which alternate with the frequency of no less than physiologically conditioned sensitivity of a human eye, and a dual raster screen positioned in front of the visualization surface, having two rasters disposed on opposite sides with respect to a common focal plane diffusing a stream of light. Each raster consists of lens elements contiguously disposed on the surface and forming coaxial pairs.
Uab 3d Tau


Image capture apparatus and image capture method

An image capture apparatus generates synchronous detection images under different exposure conditions in such a way that each synchronous detection image is obtained by subtracting the output values of an image captured with no light projected from the output values of an image captured with light projected, selects one or more pixels from the rest of the pixels at each position of the two or more synchronous detection images under the different exposure conditions excluding the pixel having the lowest output value, and generates a synchronous detection image by using the selected pixels.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


System and performing distributed asynchronous calculations in a networked environment

A method and associated system are provided for performing calculations in a distributed networked environment, comprising: updating a source element on a first computer; sending a calculate update signal to a target calculated element for updating on a target element computer that may be the first computer or a second computer connected to the first computer that uses the source element in a calculation; obtaining the updated source element by a process on the target element computer associated with the target calculated element in response to the sending; and performing a calculation to update the target calculated element using the obtained updated source element.. .
Workiva Inc.


Asynchronous pipelined interconnect architecture with fanout support

Circuits comprising an asynchronous programmable interconnect with fan out support that include a multi-port switch and a first and second buffer-switch circuit, and methods of forming such circuits, are provided. Additional circuits and methods are disclosed..
Achronix Semiconductor Corporation


Tag latency monitoring and control system for enhanced web page performance

Embodiments are directed towards employing a plurality of tag states to control tag suspension based on an asynchronous process that proactively monitors tag performance, response times, and latency. Tags may be in one of multiple states.
Blue Kai, Inc.


System and guard band utilization for synchronous and asynchronous communications

Embodiments are provided for guard band utilization for synchronous and asynchronous communications in wireless networks. A user equipment (ue) or a network component transmits symbols on data bands assigned for primary communications.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


High-speed interface apparatus and deskew method thereof

A high-speed interface apparatus and method of correcting skew in the apparatus are provided. A high-speed transmitter includes a transmission d-phy module that generates and transmits a clock signal through a clock channel, generates a deskew synchronous code and test data in response to a deskew request signal, transmits the deskew synchronous code followed by the test data through a data channel, and transmits a normal synchronous code followed by normal data through the data channel in normal mode..


Procedure, apparatus, and computer program for reducing a probability of fragmentation when supporting virtual concatenation (vcat) services

A procedure, apparatus, system, and medium for transferring traffic across a packet network. In the procedure, a network element bundles a plurality of common (synchronous transport signal) sts-nc services included in a virtual concatenation group.
Tellabs Operations, Inc.


Resonant converter and driving method thereof

A resonant converter includes a first switch on a primary side and a second switch coupled to the first switch, a first synchronous rectification switch on a secondary side conducted according to a switching operation of the first switch, a second synchronous rectification switch on the secondary side conducted according to a switching operation of the second switch, and a switch control circuit configured to detect a waveform of one end voltage of at least one of the first synchronous rectification switch and the second synchronous rectification switch, determine one of a below region and an above region, and differently control conduction duration of the first and second synchronous rectification switches according to a determined result.. .
Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd.


Resonant converter control techniques to manage negative sr current

This disclosure provides control techniques for a resonant converter. In one embodiment, a resonant converter controller includes predictive gate drive circuitry configured to generate a predictive gate drive signal indicative of a time duration from a rising edge of a first drive signal for controlling a conduction state of a first inverter switch of a resonant converter system to a synchronous rectifier (sr) current zero crossing instant of a first sr switch of the resonant converter system, wherein the first tracking signal is based on at least the first drive signal and a voltage drop across the first sr switch.
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation


Power conversion apparatus

A power conversion apparatus includes a first dc/dc converter which includes a first transformer, a first primary circuit provided at a primary side of the first transformer, and a first secondary circuit provided at a secondary side of the first transformer. The first secondary circuit includes sets of a switching element and a free-wheel diode, which is connected between an input terminal and an output terminal of the switching element, to perform synchronous rectification operation and diode rectification operation.
Denso Corporation


Asynchronous representation of alternate reality characters

Technologies for representing alternate reality characters in a real-world environment include receiving sensor data from sensors of a sensor network of a home location of an alternate reality character, determining available response to the stimuli represented by the sensor data, and determining an activity of the alternate reality character for a time period based on the available responses. The technologies may also include generating a video of the alternate reality character performing the determined activity superimposed on an image map of a real-world environment of the home location during the time period.


Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program

Provided is an information processing apparatus including an image supply unit that supplies a plurality of input images showing corresponding objects to an image processing unit and obtains a plurality of object images as an image processed result from the image processing unit, and a display control unit that synchronously displays the plurality of object images that have been obtained. The object images are regions including the corresponding objects extracted from the plurality of input images, and orientations, positions, and sizes of the corresponding objects of the plurality of object images are unified..
Japanese Foundation For Cancer Research


Asynchronous namespace maintenance

Asynchronous namespace maintenance in a distributed replicated data storage system is disclosed. An access device/program serving as a front end to the distributed replicated data storage system updates a batch of updated meta data about stored data items when data items are stored in the distributed replicated data storage system.
Datadirect Networks, Inc.


Server based disaster recovery by making use of dual write responses

A mechanism is provided in a data processing system for asynchronous replication. The mechanism creates a record in a write log in a host computing device for a write command and marking the record as uncommitted.
International Business Machines Corporation


Combined asynchronous and synchronous fountain code storage in an object store

Example apparatus and methods produce a set of rateless erasure codes (e.g., fountain codes) for a file stored in a primary data store (e.g., hard drive) or in an archive system. The archive system may store the file in a redundant array of independent disks (raid).
Quantum Corporation


Methods for transparent management of context and state in an asynchronous callback flow

Computerized methods for providing one or more memory values present in memory during execution of a procedure to be automatically available to an asynchronous callback executed later. The methods comprise receiving a code containing procedures, the procedures having input parameters to be executed as asynchronous callback procedures.
International Business Machines Corporation


Load reduction dual in-line memory module (lrdimm) and programming the same

A load reduction dual in-line memory module (lrdimm) is similar to a registered dual in-line memory module (rdimm) in which control signals are synchronously buffered but the lrdimm includes a load reduction buffer (lrb) in the data path as well. To make an lrdimm which appears compatible with rdimms on a system memory bus, the serial presence detector (spd) of the lrdimm is programmed with modified latency support and minimum delay values.
Diablo Technologies Inc.


Memory controller with transaction-queue-dependent power modes

A memory controller component of a memory system stores memory access requests within a transaction queue until serviced so that, over time, the transaction queue alternates between occupied and empty states. The memory controller transitions the memory system to a low power mode in response to detecting the transaction queue is has remained in the empty state for a predetermined time.
Rambus Inc.


Method and device for measuring inductance of permanent magnet synchronous motor, and permanent magnet synchronous motor

A method for measuring an inductance of a permanent magnet synchronous motor includes the steps of applying to a stator of a stationary portion of the permanent magnet synchronous motor a measuring voltage having an electric angular velocity at which a rotary portion is not rotated, in parallel with the previous step, measuring a response current flowing through the stator by using a static phase of the rotary portion that is kept stopped with respect to the stationary portion, determining a differential value of the response current by using a digital filter, and obtaining an inductance of the stator by inputting the response current and the differential value of the response current to a converter prepared in advance.. .
Nidec Corporation


Treadle-drive eccentric wheel transmission wheel series with periodically varied speed ratio

The present invention is structured by using one or both of an active wheel and a passive wheel being composed of an eccentric transmission wheel and being combined with a synchronous transmission belt for forming an eccentric wheel transmission wheel series, so that in the reciprocal treadle performed by the human's feet, when the feet input forces at different angles from the treadle shafts of the treadles to an active wheel shaft combined on the active wheel through cranks, the active wheel forms different transmission speed ratios relative to the passive wheel according to the treadle angle.. .

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