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This page is updated frequently with new Synchronous-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronous-related patents
 Asynchronous broadcast communication based on time-based events in channel-hopping networks patent thumbnailnew patent Asynchronous broadcast communication based on time-based events in channel-hopping networks
In one embodiment, asynchronous broadcast communication is performed based on time-based events in channel-hopping networks. The embodiments include determining a plurality of channels in a channel-hopping network, on which a plurality of nodes communicate, and identifying an asynchronous broadcast message to transmit from a particular node.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, photographing system, and program patent thumbnailnew patent Information processing apparatus, information processing method, photographing system, and program
An information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program are disclosed. In the information processing apparatus, circuitry is configured to transmit an input command to at least one of a plurality of imaging devices that are associated with the information processing apparatus, the command being executable as a synchronous operation or an asynchronous operation based on information relating to at least one of the imaging devices.
Sony Corporation

 Method for synchronously playing multimedia content, server, client and system patent thumbnailnew patent Method for synchronously playing multimedia content, server, client and system
Provided are a method for synchronously playing a multimedia content, an address book server, an address book client, a terminal and an address book system. The method comprises: an address book server interacts with a first address book client in a first terminal to acquire information about a multimedia application that currently is in an active state in the first terminal; and the address book server sends the information about the multimedia application to a second address book client in a second terminal, so as to enable the second address book client to synchronously play the content of the multimedia application in the second terminal according to the information about the multimedia application.
Zte Corporation

 Ftp application layer packet filtering method, device and computer storage medium patent thumbnailnew patent Ftp application layer packet filtering method, device and computer storage medium
Disclosed is a method for application specific packet filter (aspf) of a file transfer protocol (ftp), including the following steps: when a transmission control protocol (tcp) connection of an ftp control channel is established, a first tcp synchronous (tcp syn) packet sent by a client is obtained and forwarded to an ftp server; it is detected whether a response packet from the ftp server is a tcp synchronize-acknowledgment (syn+ack) packet, and if not, the response packet is discarded; it is detected whether a response packet from the client is an ack tcp packet, and if not, the response packet is discarded; and a data flow table is created to record and update an ftp state. A device for aspf of a ftp is also provided.
Zte Corporation

 Device for operating a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning network patent thumbnailnew patent Device for operating a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning network
In one embodiment a control unit for managing an hvac system includes an rs-bus interface that may communicate with one or more hvac units. A plurality of universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (uart) ports, wherein at least one of the uart ports may communicate with an interactive display using an rs-485 communication protocol, a secure digital input output (sdio) port configured to interface with a wi-fi module, wherein the wi-fi module is operable to communicate with a plurality of hvac sensors, wherein the plurality of hvac sensors operable to measure temperature.
Lennox Industries Inc.

 System and  multicast over highly mobile mesh networks patent thumbnailnew patent System and multicast over highly mobile mesh networks
Systems, devices, and methodology for removing echo and reducing congestion in multicast (broadcast) over a dynamic self-healing mobile mesh network, by use of discrete embedded computers synchronously tracking mesh connections and link quality across multiple rf connections, keeping multicast both efficient and effective in a highly kinetic, ever changing, mesh topology.. .
Rajant Corporation

 Asynchronous output protocol patent thumbnailnew patent Asynchronous output protocol
An apparatus and corresponding method for outputting a protocol pulse based on a speed signal representing speed of an object. The apparatus includes a zero-crossing circuit, and a delay circuit.
Infineon Technologies Ag

 Systems and methods concerning exciterless synchronous machines patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods concerning exciterless synchronous machines
A synchronous machine and related systems include a stator and rotor separated by an air gap. The rotor includes a rotating dc power supply coupled to exciter windings disposed adjacent the air gap.
Abb Technology Ag

 Synchronous machine with rechargeable power storage devices patent thumbnailnew patent Synchronous machine with rechargeable power storage devices
A rotor portion of a synchronous machine includes a rotor. The rotor carries a field winding and a re-chargeable power storage device.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

 Reducing switching losses associated with a synchronous rectification mosfet patent thumbnailnew patent Reducing switching losses associated with a synchronous rectification mosfet
A synchronous rectifier is described that includes a transistor device that has a gate terminal, a source terminal, a drain terminal, and a field-plate electrode. The field-plate electrode of the transistor device includes an integrated diode.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

new patent

Chip package and manufacturing method thereof

A manufacturing method of a chip package includes the following steps. A light transmissive substrate is bonded to a first surface of a wafer, such that a dam element between the light transmissive substrate and the wafer covers a conductive pad of the wafer.
Xintec Inc.

new patent

Replicating data across multiple copies of a table in a database system

A mechanism is provided for handling transaction messages in asynchronous data replication in a database system, in which the database system includes a source node and a target node, and each transaction message has information concerning a row change to a table copy at the source node. The mechanism determines whether a first transaction message has a dependency on a preceding non-completed transaction message.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Asynchronous garbage collection in a distributed database system

A method for asynchronous garbage collection in a distributed database is described herein, the method includes budding a set of candidates for garbage collection and transmitting a garbage collection task to each stage of a pipeline. The method also includes removing data from each stage of the pipeline based on the set of candidates for garbage collection..
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

new patent

Failover and recovery for replicated data instances

Replicated instances in a database environment provide for automatic failover and recovery. A monitoring component can periodically communicate with a primary and a secondary replica for an instance, with each capable of residing in a separate data zone or geographic location to provide a level of reliability and availability.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Storage control apparatus and computer-readable recording medium storing program

When a power-saving period registered in device management information is reached, a processor of a storage control apparatus sets an operation mode of the corresponding storage device to a power-saving mode. In addition, the processor deletes identification information of data stored in a storage device whose power-saving period is registered in the device management information, from data management information in which identification information of data that could be copied to a cache from at least one access-destination storage device asynchronously with access by the host apparatus is registered..
Fujitsu Limited

new patent

One-way vision window system

A one-way vision system includes a light valve device, a first illumination device, and a control module electrically connected to the light valve device and the first regulating module of the first illumination device for synchronously controlling switching frequency and time sequence of the light valve device and the first illumination device. Therefore, the one-way vision window system provides well anti-peeping effect without interfering from the external light of the present system..
Benq Materials Corporation

new patent

One-way vision window system

A one-way vision system includes an indoor lighting, a light valve device, and a control module electrically connecting to the indoor lighting and the light valve device, and synchronously controlling power switch of the indoor lighting and switching frequency of the light valve device. Therefore, the higher brightness indoor still has an excellent effect of secret in the condition of lower brightness outdoors..
Benq Materials Corporation

new patent

Driving assistance

A device for assisting with driving an automotive vehicle, the vehicle being equipped with at least one illuminating device able to emit a beam for illuminating a road scene (sr) in front of the vehicle, the assisting device comprising a variable transmission screen that is intended to be placed between the road scene (sr) and a driver of the vehicle, the assisting device being configured to, when active, synchronously control a light emission of at least one light source of the illuminating device and a transmission coefficient of the variable transmission screen with a pulsed signal. The assisting device is configured so as to prevent antiphase and/or phase effects while and if a vehicle equipped with a device of the same type is approaching..
Valeo Vision

new patent

Clamping device for inscribing machine

The present invention relates to a universal clamping device for an inscribing machine, having a frame, a base plate, a cushion plate, a fixed support, a lead screw, a linear guide rail, a guide rail slide carriage, a lead screw nut, a bracket, a mandrel, a protective cap, a driven pulley, a fixed support, a synchronous belt, a driving pulley, a mounting rack and a servo motor. The device provided by the present invention can meet the requirements on inscribing work, and is also featured by being simple in structure, convenient to manufacture and stable in performance..
Citic Dicastal Co., Ltd


Visual signal strength indication for wireless devices

A wireless edge device is operable in a wireless network and configured to communicate with other wireless devices in the wireless network. The wireless edge device includes a processor configured to receive an input to switch from a low power consumption normal operation mode to a site survey mode, a transceiver configured to (i) transmit data packets periodically or asynchronously to a wireless device of the wireless network, and (ii) receive the data packets returned by the wireless device, and a visual indicator.
Kcf Technologies, Inc.


Multimode depth imaging

An imaging system includes first and second imaging arrays separated by a fixed distance, first and second drivers, and a modulated light source. The first imaging array includes a plurality of phase-responsive pixels distributed among a plurality of intensity-responsive pixels; the modulated light source is configured to emit modulated light in a field of view of the first imaging array.


Permanent magnet synchronous motor and winding-switching motor driving device, and refrigeration air conditioner and electric vehicle using same

A permanent magnet synchronous motor includes at least two series-connected windings for each phase, and is configured to be driven by selecting the windings using a multi-inverter driving device configured to switch between an inverter for low-speed drive and an inverter for high-speed drive. A ratio of an induced voltage constant of at least one group of windings constituting the windings for the high-speed drive and a d-axis inductance is larger than a ratio of an induced voltage constant of all the series-connected windings to the d-axis inductance..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Precise and dynamic control of synchronous rectification switch voltage in a switched mode power supply

A switched mode power supply, in some embodiments, comprises a synchronous rectification transistor switch including a gate, and it further comprises an output driver coupled to the gate and providing a driving signal to the gate. The driving signal is determined based on a dynamically controllable clamp signal and a prior driving signal..
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc


Permanent magnet rotor with intrusion

Exemplary embodiments advantageously enable use of the structure of an interior magnet machine to emulate the function of a synchronous reluctance machine. In exemplary embodiments, a rotor for an electric machine, comprises a first magnet, a second magnet, a first non-magnetic region located between a first end of the first magnet and a second end of the second magnet, the first non-magnetic region having a first magnetic permeability value, a second non-magnetic region located radially between the first magnet and an edge of the rotor, the second non-magnetic region having a second magnetic permeability value, the second magnetic permeability value being relatively lower than the first magnetic permeability value, and an intrusion extending radially from an edge of the rotor and into the first non-magnetic region.


In-vehicle charger

A si diode is used as a rectifying diode on a transformer secondary side of an isolated dc/dc converter, and a high-voltage schottky barrier diode made of a wide bandgap semiconductor is used as a free-wheeling diode arranged between a rectifier circuit and a smoothing reactor. Thus, there may be provided an in-vehicle charger capable of suppressing a diode recovery surge voltage with a circuit configuration that is simpler and suppressed in cost increase as compared to a case where a related-art synchronous rectifier circuit system is employed..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Liquid crystal display device having at least three electrodes in each pixel area

A liquid crystal display (lcd) device includes at least three electrodes disposed between a liquid crystal layer and two substrates in each pixel area with at least one electrode between the liquid crystal layer and each of the two substrates. Each pixel area has at least two sub-pixel areas applied with different electrode voltages.
Vastview Technology Inc.


Method of transmitting information from efficient communication protocol card readers to mobile devices

A method is provided of transmitting information with a communication protocol to a mobile device. A card reader is provided with a read head that has a slot for swiping a magnetic stripe of a card, an output jack and device electronics that includes a microcontroller.
Square, Inc.


Method and maintaining replica sets

Provided are systems and methods for managing asynchronous replication in a distributed database environment, wherein a cluster of nodes are assigned roles for processing database requests. In one embodiment, the system provides a node with a primary role to process write operations against its database, generate an operation log reflecting the processed operations, and permit asynchronous replication of the operations to at least one secondary node.
Mongodb, Inc.


Data backup method and apparatus

A method and an apparatus for data backup are disclosed. The method includes querying a slave for check information, where the check information is data inserted into a master when data written to the master is copied into the slave in a form of a log; obtaining a time at which the check information is inserted into the master and setting the time as a backup completion time point; and deleting data record(s) that is/are earlier than the backup completion time point from mirrored data, the mirrored data being data that is synchronously written to a defined storage space when the data is written to the master.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited


Systems and methods for detecting and coordinating changes in lexical items

Systems and methods for efficiently detecting and coordinating step changes, trends, cycles, and bursts affecting lexical items within data streams are provided. Data streams can be sourced from documents that can optionally be labeled with metadata.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Sensorless rotor angle detection circuit and a permanent magnet synchronous machine

An estimate of the initial position of a rotor is made by monitoring sensed motor current signals which are amplitude and phase modulated with the rotor flux position in response to a high frequency voltage signal injection. The motor current signals are envelope detected to determine zero crossing points.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Space elevator assembly

The present invention relates to a space elevator assembly, comprising an inner shaft comprising a plurality of interlocking segments, wherein each segment further consist of cylindrical bits vertically stackable on a rigid plate to form a rigid structure and an outer shaft comprising a plurality of telescoping cones extendable synchronously with the inner shaft, in order to elevate a platform attached to an upper end. The assembly further comprises a drive system consisting of an actuator for extending the inner shaft by enabling stacking the plurality of interlocking segments..


Ergonomic water paddle for watercraft

An ergonomic water paddle for a watercraft includes left-hand and right-hand arms, a cross piece, and left and right paddle bodies. The left-hand arm extends lengthwise to terminate at left front and rear ends.


Wireless communication system and wireless communication control method, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and computer program

A wireless communication device in a wireless network sets management information notification cycles at specified time intervals and transmits management information containing receive timing information showing its own position to start receiving information, receive window information, and receive cycle information. Another wireless communication device receiving that management information links it to a communication device number for the corresponding wireless communication device and stores the receive timing, the receive window information, and the receive cycle information.
Sony Corporation


Receiver and detecting synchronization in wireless communication system

The present disclosure provides a method and a receiver for detecting synchronization in a time division-synchronous code division multiple access (td-scdma) system. The receiver includes a reception unit that receives a synchronization signal including an interference signal from at least one adjacent cell; and a synchronization detector that cancels the interference signal included in the synchronization signal based on a serial interference cancellation, and detects the synchronization based on the synchronization signal, from which the interference signal is canceled..


Synchronous communication system and method

A method and computing system for providing, using one or more computing devices, a plurality of users of a social network with the ability to schedule a topic-specific, synchronous communication session to occur at a future time. An indication is received, from a first user of the plurality of users, to schedule the topic-specific, synchronous communication session to occur at a future time.
Google Inc.


Asynchronous low-power analog-to-digital converter circuit with configurable thresholds

An analog-to-digital converter circuit is described that includes register space to keep one or more values to establish upper and lower thresholds of the analog-to-digital converter. The analog-to-digital converter circuit also includes first and second comparators to compare an analog input signal against the upper and lower thresholds and to trigger an analog-to-digital conversion process in response to the analog input signal crossing one of the thresholds.



A digital motor comprising a stator, an internal rotor and an external rotor; wherein the internal rotor is embedded into the external rotor, with a cavity provided between the internal and external rotors; the cavity is filled with magnetic phase-change material. The asynchronous motor comprising a rotor and a stator; the asynchronous motor adopts two groups of rotor-stator structures that are arranged coaxially; one group is a driving rotor-stator structure, including a primary stator and a primary rotor; the primary rotor is formed by embedding a primary inner rotor into a primary outer rotor, phase-change magnetic materials are filled into a cavity between the primary inner rotor and the primary outer rotor..
Shanghai Langham Automatic Co., Ltd.


Laser control system and method

In a laser control system, control circuit, and method, a master oscillator laser generates a seed laser pulse train. An optical modulator receives the pulse train and modulate the pulse train based on a modulation signal to generate modulated seed pulses.
Attodyne Lasers Inc.


Bistable relay and bistable actuator

A bistable relay and a bistable actuator are provided. The bistable actuator includes a magnetic latching mechanism and an electromagnet.


Virtual resource control system and virtual resource control method

To provide a virtual resource control system capable of appropriately defining the amounts of allocated virtual resources to individual service systems under an environment in which service systems are added or deleted. A resource excessive/lacking amount calculation means 54 simulates a resource consumption situation of each node in the service system by use of a hybrid model, and calculates the amount of excessive/lacking resource indicating the lacking amount or the excessive amount of the amount of allocated virtual resource corresponding to one entire service system corresponding to a service management device.
Nec Corporation


Electronic glasses apparatus, control method thereof and display system

The invention relates to the field of displaying. The embodiments of the invention provide an electronic glasses apparatus, a control method thereof and a display system.
Beijing Boe Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd.


Circular force generator (cfg) devices, systems, and methods having indirectly driven imbalanced rotors

Circular force generator (cfg) devices, systems, and methods are disclosed having indirectly driven imbalanced rotors for generating vibrations and/or imparting vibration control. A cfg device (10) includes a first set of imbalanced rotors (12) disposed about a center point and a second set of imbalanced rotors (12) disposed about the center point.
Lord Corporation


Pump device and method therefor of conveying fluid, and manufacturing the pump device

A pump has a housing having at least one inlet, one outlet, and an internal track with a given configuration. A piston movably positioned inside the housing has at least one protuberance movably mated to the track.
Smiths Medical Asd, Inc.


Modular power generator

A modular power generator is provided. In some embodiments, the modular power generator can utilize or otherwise leverage one or more harvesting modules, each consisting of one or more nitinol elements, to harvest low grade thermal energy, converting it into high grade mechanical energy.


Internal combustion engine having at least one piston

An internal combustion engine has at least one piston which performs stroke movements in a cylinder crankcase. Via two connecting rods, the piston interacts with two parallel crankshafts which rotate synchronously in opposite directions.
Neander Motors Ag


Working machine

To provide a hybrid wheel loader capable of reliably detecting a short-circuited state of a synchronous generator driven by a drive source. The present invention is provided with an mg 4 being a synchronous generator driven as an electric generator by an engine and operated as a motor by the electric power supplied from an electrical storage device 9, an mg inverter 5 having a motor current sensor 5d for detecting motor current flowing through the mg 4 and semiconductor switches 5a, 5b, and an hcu 10 for detecting a short-circuited state of the mg 4, wherein the hcu 10 determines that the mg 4 is in a short-circuited state when the semiconductor switches 5a, 5b of the mg inverter 5 are in an off state at gates and when the motor current detected by the motor current sensor 5d is equal to or greater than a specified threshold value..
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Gripper device and hoisting device for a trash rake cleaner, trash rake cleaner and method therefor

A gripper device comprises a gripper with a gripper arm rotatable around a rotation axis such that the gripper is movable between an open end position and a closed end position, and a hoisting device connected to the gripper and comprising a first cable and a second cable which are each connected with their one outer end to the gripper and are each connected with their other outer end to respectively a first and second hoisting means for raising and lowering the gripper with the cables, wherein each hoisting means is, driven by a separate drive, wherein a controller transmits the same control signal to both drives for the purpose of raising or lowering the gripper, and each drive comprises a motor with internal slippage or a slippage coupling so that synchronous running of the hoisting means is automatically realized.. .
Ceerberus Ternunterzijl Beheer B.v.


Surfactant improved ethanol fermentation method

A surfactant-improved ethanol fermentation method comprises adding a nonionic surfactant as a protection agent of yeast cell into a fermentation culture medium, therefore greatly improving survival rate of yeast cells in very high gravity ethanol fermentation liquid and endpoint ethanol concentration. The present invention not only improves the cyclic utilization efficiency of the yeast cells, but also achieves the synchronous recycling of the surfactant and a ph adjusting agent.
Dalian Institute Ofchemical Physics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Methods and uplink channel access and transmissions for lte on unlicensed spectrum

Methods and apparatuses for efficient data transmission in a wireless communication system. A method includes receiving a predefined downlink-uplink (dl-ul) subframe configuration from an enodeb (enb), wherein the enb cooperates with at least one neighbor enb that belongs to an asynchronous licensed assisted access (laa) cell operating on at least one laa carrier.


Method and asynchronous ofdma/sc-fdma

Cyclic prefix based ofdm (cp-ofdm) signals can be filtered using a digital filter whose filter length exceeds the length of a cyclic prefix in cp-ofdm symbols of the signal. In one example, the duration of the filtered cp-ofdm symbol may be expressed by the following equation: m=n+l−1, where m is the duration of the filtered cp-ofdm signal, n is a duration of the cp-ofdm signal, and l is the filter length of the digital filter.


Mobile device synchronization of screen content and audio

Systems and methods for providing synchronized visible and/or audible content for play on a plurality of mobile devices. The disclosed systems and methods can provide, to each of the plurality of mobile devices, a piece of the visible and/or audible content that is mapped to a specific location of the mobile device within a particular venue, and trigger the respective mobile devices to play their pieces of the visible and/or audible content in a synchronous fashion, thereby creating a display of the visible and/or audible content in which each mobile device effectively corresponds to either a picture element (or “pixel”) or a sound source, or both, within the display..


Patient monitoring involving receiving multiple asynchronous data streams with antenna diversity

A radio frequency (rf) receiving apparatus (10) includes a first and second omnidirectional rf antennas (20) at different spatial locations or orientations, a first and second rf receivers (24), each connected to a corresponding one of the first and second omnidirectional rf antennas (20), and a controller (32) connected to the first and second rf receivers (24). The first and second rf receivers (24) receive and demodulate rf signals of at least first and second carrier frequencies to recover data packets from at least a first device which transmits data packets on the first carrier frequency rf signal and a second device which transmits data packets on the second carrier frequency rf signal.


Application service delivery through an application service avatar

Some embodiments include a method of operating an avatar server. The method can include implementing an application service avatar in an avatar server that has at least an intermittent network access to an application service server for providing an application service to client applications.


Monitoring and control of reference clocks to reduce bit error ratio

A method for reducing a frequency error, including: applying a plurality of dither values to a local reference clock over a first time interval; sampling, during the first time interval and using the local reference clock, a first plurality of data values received over an asynchronous link, where the first plurality of data values are transmitted over the asynchronous link based on a remote reference clock; tracking a plurality of errors from sampling the first plurality of data values; and adjusting, based on the plurality of errors, a frequency of the local reference clock to reduce the frequency error between the local reference clock and the remote reference clock.. .


Oscillation module and signals calibrating the same

An oscillation module includes a frequency generator, a signal calibrator, a multiplexer, and a controller. The oscillation module is calibrated by using calibration parameters and a control instruction of which the frequency and phase are the same as the oscillation frequency signal generated by the frequency generator.


Scissor jack multi-drive single-shaft tracking solar support

A multi-scissor jack-operated single-shaft solar tracking apparatus. A scissor jack is provided at regular intervals on a rotation beam of the single-shaft tracking solar support, thereby forming a multi-drive rotation.


Electric motor using multiple reference frames for flux angle

A drive unit includes: an electric motor; a flux estimator circuit configured to estimate at least a flux angle; a synchronous frame generator coupled to a rotor of the ac induction motor and configured to detect a rotor mechanical angle; and a switch configured to selectively provide either the flux angle or the rotor mechanical angle for controlling the motor.. .


Synchronous rectification

A controller for a use with a power converter includes a sensor coupled to sense a signal on a secondary side of the power converter. The sensor is coupled to detect a turn off of a power switch on a primary side of the power converter.


Shoot-through prevention in switched-mode power supplies

The disclosed embodiments provide a system that operates a flyback converter. During activation of a synchronous rectifier (sr) controller on a secondary side of the power converter, the system temporarily disables driving of a gate of a metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (mosfet) by the sr controller to enable synchronization of the sr controller to a switching frequency on a primary side of the power converter.


Power conversion apparatus with power saving and high conversion efficiency mechanisms

A power conversion apparatus is provided. The power conversion apparatus includes a transformer, a synchronous rectification (sr) transistor and an sr control circuit.


Resonant converters with synchronous rectifier feedback

A method comprises detecting a signal representing a drain-to-source voltage of a switch of a synchronous rectifier of an inductor-inductor-capacitor (llc) resonant converter, comparing the signal with a predetermined threshold, generating a first logic state if the drain-to-source voltage is greater than the predetermined threshold, generating a second logic state if the drain-to-source voltage is less than the predetermined threshold and in response to the first logic state and the second logic state, adjusting a switching frequency of the llc resonant converter such that the switching frequency moves back and forth across a boundary of body diode conduction, wherein a frequency difference between the switching frequency and a resonant frequency of the llc resonant converter is less than or equal to one frequency adjustment step.. .


Insulated synchronous rectification dc/dc converter

When a pulse generator detects that a switching transistor on a primary side of a dc/dc converter turns off, the pulse generator sets a pulse signal s1 to an on level configured as an instruction to turn on a synchronous rectification transistor. When the pulse generator detects that the current that flows through the secondary winding of a transformer becomes substantially zero, the pulse generator sets the pulse signal s1 to an off level configured as an instruction to turn off the synchronous rectification transistor.


Flyback-based power conversion apparatus

A power conversion apparatus including a flyback power conversion circuit, a control chip and a detection auxiliary circuit is provided. The flyback power conversion circuit receives and converts an input voltage into a dc output voltage.


Electrical connector assembly with rotatable first and second connectors

An electrical connector assembly includes rotatable first and second connectors, the first connector includes a first housing having a first locking thereof and a plurality of first contacts retained in the first housing, and the second connector includes a second housing having a second locking portion thereof and a plurality of second contacts retained in the second housing. When the second connector mates with the first connector, the second connector is inserted to stay at a first position, and then rotated relative to the first connector to stay at a second position in which the first locking portion latches with the second locking portion, synchronously, the first and second contacting portions mechanically and electrically contact with each other..


Device and optimizing diffusion section of electron beam

Provided is a device for optimizing a diffusion section of an electron beam, comprising two groups of permanent magnets, a magnetic field formed by the four magnetic poles extending the electron beam in a longitudinal direction, and compressing the electron beam in a transverse direction, so that the electron beam becomes an approximate ellipse; another magnetic field formed by the eight magnetic poles optimizing an edge of a dispersed electron-beam bunch into an approximate rectangle; by controlling the four longitudinal connection mechanisms so that the upper magnetic yoke and the lower magnetic yoke of the first group of permanent magnets move synchronously towards the center thereof thereby longitudinally compressing the electron beam in the shape of an approximate ellipse, and the upper magnetic yoke and the lower magnetic yoke of the second group of permanent magnets move synchronously towards the center thereof thereby longitudinally compressing the electron beam in the shape of an approximate rectangle, and the process of longitudinal compression is repeated until a longitudinal size of the electron-beam bunch is reduced to 80 mm. The invention is capable of reasonably compressing a longitudinal size of an electron-beam bunch after diffusion to approximately 80 mm, which ensures optimum irradiation uniformity and efficiency, and enables the longitudinal size to be within the range of a conventional titanium window,.


Controller, source driver ic, display device, and signal transmission method thereof

A controller, a source driver integrated circuit (ic), a display device, and a signal transmission method thereof. When data is received from the source driver integrated circuit and the received data is recognized, data recognition errors that would otherwise be caused by an asynchronous state between an internal clock and data can be prevented..


Asynchronous parallel simulation protocol for stream processing platforms

An asynchronous parallel simulation protocol useful to simulate events in a stream processing platform. The invention is a windowing scheme which is suitable for distributed stream computing platforms containing facilities for supporting fully asynchronous processing elements and downstream event flows.


Asynchronous data link

A two-phase asynchronous transmission circuit for transmitting data over a wired interface according to a two-phase asynchronous protocol, the transmission circuit including: n data output lines, where n is an integer equal to 3 or more, wherein the transmission circuit is capable of transmitting n unique data symbols, each of the output lines being associated with a corresponding one of the n data symbols, and the transmission circuit is adapted to transmit each data symbol by applying a voltage transition to the corresponding output line independently of the voltage state of the other output lines.. .


Memory protection with non-readable pages

A system includes, in various implementations, a memory and a processor with one or more volatile registers. The processor regulates access to portions of the memory.


Apparatus and asynchronous tile-based rendering control

An apparatus and method are described for asynchronous tile-based rendering control. In one embodiment of the invention, there is a delay between when the graphics driver queues the gpu commands for rendering and when the gpu begins executing.


Fixing anti-patterns in javascript

Methods, storage systems and computer program products implement embodiments of the present invention that include receiving, by a computer, source code for an application, the source code including multiple instructions to be executed in a single thread. A first static analysis is performed on the application source code in order to identify a given instruction including an asynchronous handler, and a plurality of entry points to the application.


Position detecting device

A position detecting device enables input at multiple points by multiple fingers without being susceptible to noise. A transmission signal generating circuit outputs a signal to a predetermined electrode among electrodes arranged in a first direction of a position detecting sensor.

Synchronous topics: Synchronous, Transverse, Longitudinal Axis, Inverter Circuit, Transmitting Signals, Electronic Device, Portable Electronic Device, Control Unit, Asynchronous, Strobe Signal

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