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This page is updated frequently with new Synchronous-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronous-related patents
 System and  input sensing for internet protocol encoders patent thumbnailnew patent System and input sensing for internet protocol encoders
Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a digital interface of an internet protocol encoder including a connector for connecting to a cable delivering a signal, and a sensor at the digital interface for sensing a characteristic of the signal. The sensed characteristic is a clock rate corresponding to an asynchronous serial interface signal or a data rate corresponding to a high-definition serial digital interface signal.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

 Active pixel sensor device and operating  the same patent thumbnailnew patent Active pixel sensor device and operating the same
An active pixel sensor device and the method thereof include an active pixel sensing array and a synchronous reading circuit. The active pixel sensing array is formed by a plurality of sensing pixels disposed in a form of an array.
Elan Microelectronics Corporation

 Synchronous measurement system patent thumbnailnew patent Synchronous measurement system
A synchronous measurement system includes a main controller, a plurality of sub-controllers connected to the main controller, and a plurality of sensor units connected to the sub-controller. The sub-controllers include a sub-controller master and a sub-controller slave connected to the sub-controller master.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Adaptive asynchronous data replication in a data storage system patent thumbnailnew patent Adaptive asynchronous data replication in a data storage system
Systems and methods for adaptive asynchronous data replication in a data storage system are described herein. The data storage system includes a plurality of zones each having a plurality of storage nodes, each having a plurality of storage devices.
Datadirect Networks, Inc.

 Asynchronous processing of messages from multiple servers patent thumbnailnew patent Asynchronous processing of messages from multiple servers
Systems and methods for asynchronous processing of messages that are received from multiple servers. An example method may comprise: receiving, by a first processing thread, in a non-blocking mode, a plurality of sub-application layer protocol packets from a plurality of servers; processing one or more sub-application layer protocol packets received from a first server of the plurality of servers, to produce a first application layer message; writing the first application layer message to a message queue; processing one or more sub-application layer protocol packets received from a second server of the plurality of servers, to produce a second application layer message; writing the second application layer message to the message queue; and reading, by two or more processing threads of a processing thread pool, two or more application layer messages including the first application layer message and the second application layer message from the message queue, to produce two or more memory data structures based on the read application layer messages..
Splunk Inc.

 Tracing and asynchronous communication network and routing method patent thumbnailnew patent Tracing and asynchronous communication network and routing method
A system and method for asynchronous conversation routing and tracing that allows a client and agent to connect and reconnect to one another over a discontinuous engagement. The system and method facilitate this by allowing multiple methods of communication between the client and agent, including live communications and out-of-band communications.
Contact Solution Llc

 All-optical time slice switching method and system based on time synchronization patent thumbnailnew patent All-optical time slice switching method and system based on time synchronization
An all-optical time slice switching method based on time synchronization is provided. With the method, continuous data streams in an optical network are assembled to time domain periodic optical time slices and are transmitted in an asynchronous transmission mode.
Tsinghua University

 Synchronous measurement system patent thumbnailnew patent Synchronous measurement system
A synchronous measurement system includes a controller and a sensor unit connected to the controller. The controller transmits a plurality of synchronization commands to the sensor unit at every predetermined interval.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Photorepeated integrated circuit with compensation of the propagation delays of signals, notably of clock signals patent thumbnailnew patent Photorepeated integrated circuit with compensation of the propagation delays of signals, notably of clock signals
Integrated circuits of large size produced by photorepetition of several mutually identical partial patterns are provided, more precisely to the compensation of propagation delays of signals (notably of clock signals) from one partial circuit to the following whereas the signals concerned must reach the various partial circuits simultaneously for proper operation of the whole. The compensation circuit provided in each partial circuit comprises a main transmission line for a master clock signal and a compensation line with multiple outputs, as well as a multiplexer for selecting one of the outputs, the output selected being different in the various partial circuits.

 Insulation-type synchronous dc/dc converter patent thumbnailnew patent Insulation-type synchronous dc/dc converter
The feedback ic is provided at the secondary side of the dc/dc converter and is coupled to the photo coupler. The error amplifier amplifies an error between a voltage detection signal according to an output voltage of the dc/dc converter and a target voltage, and draws a current according to the error from the input side of the feedback photo coupler via the photo coupler connection terminal.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

new patent

Insulation-type synchronous dc/dc converter

Asynchronous rectifier controller is provided on a secondary side of an insulation-type synchronous dc/dc converter and controls the synchronous rectifier transistor. A driver circuit controls the synchronous rectifier transistor.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

new patent

Synchronous-generator pole stack

A synchronous generator rotor pole pack having a plurality of pole pack laminations which are offset with respect to one another, a pole shank, a pole head with at least three pole head sections is provided. A front edge of each of the at least three pole head sections is arranged at an angle with respect to the pole shank..
Wobben Properties Gmbh

new patent

Synchronous condenser

The present application thus provides a method of operating a synchronous condenser. The method may include the steps of accelerating a gas turbine engine to full speed no load conditions, connecting a generator attached to the gas turbine engine to an electric power grid, turning off a flow of fuel to the gas turbine engine, operating the generator in a synchronous condenser mode, and providing or absorbing reactive power to or from the electric power grid..
General Electric Company

new patent

Fabricating secondary battery

Provided is a fabricating apparatus for a secondary battery, the fabricating apparatus including: a base material supplier configured to supply a base material; a winder configured to wind the base material through a mandrel; and a controller configured to control a base material supply amount of the base material supplier and a mandrel rotation amount of the winder, wherein the controller is further configured to store a profile of the base material supply amount with respect to the mandrel rotation amount, and to synchronously control the base material supply amount and the mandrel rotation amount based on the profile.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

new patent

Method and asynchronous fifo circuit

The disclosure provides an asynchronous fifo circuit that includes a data memory which is coupled to a write data path and a read data path. The data memory receives a write clock and a read clock.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

new patent

Systems and methods for distributed solution of optimization problems

A framework is presented for designing a class of distributed, asynchronous optimization algorithms realized as signal processing architectures utilizing various conservation principles. The architectures are specifically based on stationary conditions pertaining to primal and dual variables in a class of generally nonconvex optimization problems.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

new patent

System-on-chip and driving method thereof

A system-on-chip (soc) may include a master, a slave, and an asynchronous interface having a first first-in first-out (fifo) memory connected to the master and the slave. A write operation of the fifo memory is controlled based upon a comparison of a write pointer and an expected write pointer of the fifo memory, and a read operation of the fifo memory is controlled based upon a comparison of a read pointer and an expected read pointer of the fifo..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Systems and methods for event routing and correlation

A collaboration environment provides a generic event distributing framework that can distribute both synchronous and asynchronous events. The distributed events may be pre-defined or dynamically defined.
Avaya Inc.

new patent

Color input device and its application kit

A color input device includes a stylus, a color input unit installed in the stylus. The color input unit includes a circuit board, an mcu, a color sensor, a color display device, a bluetooth module, a memory, a control interface and a power supply device respectively connected to the mcu.
Ufro Limited

new patent

Detecting faults in turbine generators

Turbine generator faults can be detected by receiving a current signal from the turbine generator, and synchronously sampling the current signal to obtain a set of current signal samples that are evenly spaced in the phase domain, in which phase differences between adjacent current signal samples in the set of current signal samples are substantially the same. The process includes generating a frequency spectrum of the current signal samples, identifying one or more excitations in the frequency spectrum, and detecting a fault in the turbine generator based on the one or more excitations in the frequency spectrum..
Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska

new patent

Millimeter wave scanning imaging system

A millimeter wave scanning imaging system for scanning objects comprises a transport means for transporting the objects in a first direction, a millimeter wave measurement system and a scanning system. The millimeter wave measurement system comprises a transmitter coupled to a first antenna and a receiver coupled to a second antenna, which are arranged distant to each other and form a gap through which the objects can be transported.
Spinner Gmbh

new patent

Detecting apparatus

The present application discloses a detecting apparatus including: a light source for emitting excitation light; a storage portion in which a specimen is stored; a metal film which receives the excitation light to cause evanescent light for illuminating the specimen; a modulator for adjusting an incident angle of the excitation light on the metal film; a driver for generating a driving signal for driving the modulator; a detector for outputting a fluorescence signal in correspondence to intensity of fluorescence generated from the specimen under irradiation of the evanescent light; and an extractor which extracts a signal component from the fluorescence signal, the signal component deriving from the specimen. The incident angle changes in response to a change of the driving signal.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

new patent

Method and system for monitoring sub-synchronous torsional oscillations of a shaft line of a steam turbine

A method for monitoring sub-synchronous torsional oscillations of a shaft line of a steam turbine includes measuring a rotational speed of said shaft line over a period of time and generating, from the measured rotational speed, a signal representative of said rotational speed over said period of time. The method further includes performing a spectrum analysis on said signal to determine, for at least one given frequency, an amplitude of variation of said rotational speed at said given frequency, comparing said amplitude with at least one predetermined amplitude threshold for said frequency, and generating an alert signal if said amplitude exceeds at least one predetermined amplitude threshold..
Alstom Technology Ltd

new patent

Thrust reverser actuator systems

Thrust reverser actuator systems are disclosed herein. An example apparatus disclosed herein includes a first controller to communicate with a first flight computer and a second flight computer of an aircraft.
The Boeing Company

new patent

Dual-shaft synchronous transmission fixing device

A dual-shaft synchronous transmission fixing device has a simplified structure and minified volume. The gap between the rotary shafts can be changed or adjusted according to the transmission specification so that the electronic device can be thinned and lightweight.
First Dome Corporation

new patent

Glycosylated vegf decoy receptor fusion protein

The present application describes an isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a polypeptide capable of synchronously binding vegf polypeptide and placenta growth factor (pigf) polypeptide comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a vegfr1 component.. .
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology (kaist)

new patent

Vehicle vision system with video switching

A vision system of a vehicle includes first and second cameras configured to be disposed at a vehicle so as to have respective fields of view. The first camera generates a first video output of images.
Magna Electronics Inc.

new patent

Twin roller crusher

The invention relates to a dual-roller crusher (1) with rollers (2, 3) rotatably mounted in a crusher housing and are driven by a motor so as to counter-rotate synchronously about respective parallel center axes, crusher teeth (6, 7) being mounted on the outer surfaces of the rollers (2, 3), every crusher tooth (6, 7) of a roller (2, 3) of the pair of rollers being fittable into a respective pocket (8, 9) in the outer surface of the other roller (2, 3) of the pair of rollers such that, during rotation of the rollers (2, 3), each crusher tooth (6, 7) engages in the respective pocket (8, 9).. .
Crush + Size Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

new patent

Synchronous single- and double-acting piston feeder system and method

A mechanism applies necessary forces for the creation of one or more plugs of compressible material to be supplied to a reactor. The plugs are capable of forming a seal between inlets for the plugs and the reactor.
Thermochem Recovery International, Inc.

new patent

Ultrasonic diagnostic device and supporting synchronous scanning with multiple probes

Ultrasonic diagnostic devices and methods for supporting synchronous scanning are provided in this disclosure. The ultrasonic diagnostic device can include a display module, an imaging system and multiple probes.
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.


Enabling interaction between social network users during synchronous display of video channgel

The current subject matter describes displaying multimedia data on a graphical user interface of a user device (for example, a smart television set) during a display of a video channel in accordance with an aesthetic display design and based on effective interaction between the user device and an input device (for example, remote control device) configured to interact with the user device. Related methods, apparatuses, systems, techniques and articles are also described..
Liverelay Inc.


Method and converting audio, video and control signals

An apparatus for converting between synchronous audio, video and control signals and asynchronous data streams for an ip network as interfaces for the audio and video signals and for control signals. A processor is arranged to convert between the synchronous audio, video and control signals and asynchronous packaged data streams.
British Broadcasting Corporation


Image pickup apparatus and controlling the same

A mechanism which makes it possible to obtain high-quality images in continuous photographing by reducing the influence of flicker while suppressing reduction of frame speed. An image pickup apparatus includes an image pickup device and an exposure unit configured to perform exposure of the image pickup device in response to a photographing instruction.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Halo based file system replication

The disclosure is directed to replicating datasets between data storage servers in a distributed computer network synchronously and asynchronously (“the technology”). A replication interface receives a request from a client to store a dataset in the distributed computer network.
Facebook, Inc.


Systems with virtual universal asynchronous receiver transmitter and methods therefor

In one embodiment, a monolithic integrated circuit includes a first uart, a second uart, and a multiplexer. The first uart has a parallel io interface to couple to a host system to transceive parallel data and a serial io interface.


Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and non-transitory computer readable medium

A non-transitory computer readable medium stores a program causing a computer to execute a process for allowing at least part of display content of a second terminal apparatus included in multiple terminal apparatuses to be displayed on at least a portion of a display screen of a first terminal apparatus included in the multiple terminal apparatuses in such a manner that the first terminal apparatus is in a synchronous state. The process includes acquiring first operation content indicating content of an operation performed by a first user on the first terminal apparatus; and modifying, in a case where the first operation content indicates content of an operation of modifying display content displayed on the first terminal apparatus in synchronization with the second terminal apparatus and indicates content of a predetermined operation, the display content displayed on the first terminal apparatus to display content corresponding to the first operation content..
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Multi-tiered anti-spamming systems and methods

Embodiments are provided for reducing unwanted messages or spam within a real-time social networking service. According to certain aspects, a synchronous analysis module may operate in coordination with an asynchronous analysis module.
Twitter, Inc.


Asynchronous communications using home automation system

Methods and systems are described for communicating messages using a home automation system. An example computer-implemented method for communicating messages using a home automation system includes generating a message, establishing at least one condition related to delivery of the message, and delivering the message via the home automation system when the at least one condition is met..
Vivint, Inc.


System and wirelessly communicating with mobile devices

Systems and methods for providing network access to mobile devices that travel with a vehicle, such as a train, a bus, a boat. Etc.
Wi-fi Rail, Inc.


Shared logic for multiple registers with asynchronous initialization

A control circuit is provided that enables a register to provide a synchronous initialization capability as well as an asynchronous capability despite the register having no asynchronous input.. .
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation


Signal processing

A method of processing an amplitude-modulated analogue signal at a carrier frequency fc comprises: digitising the analogue signal to produce an input bit stream that represents the amplitude of the analogue signal; generating an in-phase reference bit stream that is synchronous to the carrier frequency fc and represents an in-phase digital reference signal substantially in the form of a sine and/or cosine wave; and multiplying the input bit stream with the in-phase reference bit stream to produce an output bit stream representing the amplitude modulation of the analogue signal.. .
Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited


Fault tolerant control system for multi-phase permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motors

A fault tolerant control system for a multi-phase permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor utilizes vector control to provide safe operation under various phase loss fault conditions. Specifically, the vector control of the present invention utilizes a fault tolerant algorithm that receives a torque input and an electrical current feedback signal from the motor.


Control system for a synchronous machine and operating a synchronous machine

The invention relates to a method for operating a synchronous machine, comprising the following steps: determining a difference value between the rotor inductance of the synchronous machine in the polar axis direction and the rotor inductance of the synchronous machine in the pole-gap direction for each of a plurality of different 2-tuples from values of useful current adjusted in the rotor-fixed coordinate system of the synchronous machine; preparing a characteristic diagram for the determined difference values in dependence on the 2-tuples of the values of useful current; determining a torque-dependent operating-point trajectory for the 2-tuples of the values of useful current taking into account the magnitude of the determined difference values along the operating-point trajectory to be determined; and operating the synchronous machine according to the determined operating-point trajectory.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Self-driven synchronous rectification for a power converter

A power converter with an isolated topology may include a power transistor, a sense transistor, and a read-out circuit. The sense transistor may be arranged in a current mirror configuration with the power transistor such that the gate terminal of the sense transistor is coupled to the gate terminal of the power transistor and the first drain/source terminal of the sense transistor is coupled to the first drain/source terminal of the power transistor.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Split pole spoke type pm machine with enclosed magnets

A rotor for a permanent magnet synchronous machine that includes a rotor core structure. A first set of permanent magnets forms poles within the rotor core structure.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Spoke-type pm machine with bridge

A rotor of a permanent magnet synchronous machine includes a rotor core structure. A first set of apertures are formed in a first radial layer of the rotor core structure having a first set of permanent magnets disposed therein forming respective poles.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Deep v-magnet cavity structure rotor

A rotor for a permanent magnet synchronous machine. A first layer of cavities formed circumferentially within the rotor core structure.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Stacked synchronous buck converter having chip embedded in outside recess of leadframe

A system has a leadframe with leads and a pad. The pad surface having a portion recessed with a depth and an outline suitable for attaching a semiconductor chip.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Display apparatus, driving method thereof and screen displaying

To reduce the image quality degradation, which emerges when an image light is projected on a screen which is controlled its optical state by the unit of the segmented regions. A display apparatus 1 includes: a screen 1 having an optical layer 25 and control electrodes 27 arranged on the optical layer 25 to be spaced from each other; a projector 11 projecting an image light to the screen 21; and a synchronous controller 31 that controls application of voltages to the control electrodes 27 to switch the optical state of each of the segmented regions from a nonvisual state to a visual state.
Pioneer Corporation


System and management of remote conferences

A remote conference management system supporting some combination of text, audio, and video conferencing is disclosed. Using the disclosed technology, a conference can be organized such that during different sessions of the conference, some participants may be active and others inactive.
Courtcall, Llc


Techniques for selling and purchasing products via synchronous two-way electronic communication sessions

A computer-implemented technique includes initiating a synchronous two-way electronic communication session between consumer and vendor computing devices. This synchronous two-way electronic communication session may be initiated once the consumer passively or explicitly opts-in.
Google Inc.


Synchronization for context-aware complex event processing

A complex event processing system comprises one or more rule engines configured to receive information from a source system via a message broker. Multiple rule engines may be used in parallel, with the same/different rules deployed.
Sap Se


Asynchronous dispatcher for application framework

The described technology is directed towards an asynchronous dispatcher including control logic that manages a queue set, including to dequeue and execute work items from the queue on behalf of application code executing in a program. The dispatcher yields control to the program to allow the program and application code to be responsive with respect to user interface operations..
Home Box Office, Inc.


Information system and i/o processing method

In an information system including: first and second storage apparatuses executing synchronous copying of data to a counterpart storage device; a first quorum apparatus coupled to the first and the second storage apparatuses; and a second quorum apparatus coupled to the first and the second storage apparatuses, wherein the first and the second storage apparatuses are each configured to perform control to determine whether to execute the i/o request in accordance with an execution feasibility setting, and in health check processing that is repeatedly executed, the first and the second storage apparatuses are each configured to store survival information thereof in the first and the second quorum apparatuses, check whether the survival information of the counterpart storage apparatus is able to be checked from any one of the first and the second quorum apparatuses, and set the execution feasibility setting of the storage apparatus.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Autonomous mobile work system comprising a variable reflectivity base station

The disclosed technology relates to a method and system for localizing and confining an autonomous mobile work system or systems for performing work in a user defined space is disclosed. The system can include two or more variable reflective base stations at first and second locations that can modify their optical or electromagnetic reflectivity based upon either an external command via wired or wireless communications interface, or automatically on a regular or asynchronous time schedule under programmed or user settable control.
Mtd Products Inc


Parallel digital signal processing of machine vibration data

A field programmable gate array (fpga) in a machine health monitoring (mhm) module includes interface circuitry, vibration data processing circuitry, and tachometer data processing circuitry. The interface circuitry de-multiplexes a synchronous serial data stream comprising multiple multiplexed data channels, each containing machine vibration data or tachometer data, into separate input data streams.
Computational Systems, Inc.


Method of treating eye disease using glycosylated vegf decoy receptor fusion protein

The present application describes an isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a polypeptide capable of synchronously binding vegf polypeptide and placenta growth factor (pigf) polypeptide comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a vegfr1 component.. .
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital


Bag forming device and packaging machine comprising the same

A bag forming device and a bag machine are provided. The bag forming device comprises at least two bag forming unit, wherein each bag forming unit comprises a deflection element and a folding element, and the forming tubes of the folding elements are arranged in a first direction in sequence.
Guangzhou Yilugao Packing Machinery Technic Co., Ltd


Method for stationing a satellite and in-orbit testing of its payload

A method for stationing a satellite comprises a transfer phase, during which the satellite moves on an elliptical geosynchronous orbit, the orbit being deformed progressively by application of a thrust by electrical or hybrid electrical-chemical propulsion to bring it closer to a geostationary orbit. The transfer step comprises a substep during which, during a plurality of revolutions of the satellite, the thrust is stopped for a fraction of orbital period and tests of a telecommunications payload of the satellite are performed in the absence of thrust..


External mid-mount drive for powered landing gear with cross-port disable valve travel limiter

An external mount travel limiter for landing gear extension legs which employs a pair of mechanically-operable cross-port valves fluidly coupled to the hydraulic circuit that are operably synchronized for actuation based on movement of the telescoping upper and lower leg assemblies of the landing gear between respective extend and retract travel stop limit positions. The valves are connected to the leg assemblies via an external drive shaft which synchronously drives a valve actuator that actuates one of the valves upon the lower leg assembly reaching a travel stop limit position in either direction.


Method and distributing motion signals in a multi-seat environment

A system for providing motion signals indicative of a motion to be performed by the motion platforms synchronously with video images comprising an input interface for extracting a motion signal from the input signal. A server provides a network address to each motion platform.
D-box Technologies Inc.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation field shaping

Described herein are transcranial magnetic simulation (tms) systems and methods of using them for emitting focused, or shaped, magnetic fields for tms. In particular, described herein are arrays of tms electromagnets comprising at least one primary (e.g., central) tms electromagnet and a plurality of secondary (e.g., lateral or surrounding) tms electromagnets.


Atrial contraction detection by a ventricular leadless pacing device for atrio-synchronous ventricular pacing

A leadless pacing device (lpd) includes a motion sensor configured to generate a motion signal as a function of heart movement. The lpd is configured to analyze the motion signal within an atrial contraction detection window that begins an atrial contraction detection delay period after activation of the ventricle, and detect a contraction of an atrium of the heart based on the analysis of the motion signal within the atrial contraction detection window.
Medtronic, Inc.


Method of optical data transmission

Data is transmitted using multiple phase-modulated optical wavelength division multiplexed signals carrying respective synchronous data packet sequences. The data packet sequences comprise data packets within respective data packet time slots.
Alcatel Lucent


Data fusion and exchange hub - architecture, system and method

A computerized method for facilitate and orchestrate the exchange and integration of data assets and data consumers, with or without computer appliances, automated framework comprised of technical devices for enabling integration of one or more of data assets including data streamer, structured data repository, unstructured data repository, 3rd party application, ontology, sensor, service provider, text, image, video, voice, and data consumers including human user, web portal, email, repository of data, reporting warehouse, 3rd party application, workflow, analytics process, model, ontology index, problem solver, decision system, mobile device, sensor, wearable computer. The automated framework can be one of asynchronous messaging-based, asynchronous near real-time, synchronous real-time; computer memory is used for storing applications for distribution to data consumers.


Timestamp predictor for packets over a synchronous protocol

A physical layer communication device (phy) transmits and receives signal to and from a communication link using a synchronous protocol. The phy communicates with a higher-layer device using a packet protocol.
Microsemi Communications, Inc.


Synchronous rectification for flyback converter

A flyback converter is described that includes a synchronous rectification integrated circuit (sric). The sric is configured to determine an actual turn-on time associated with a secondary switching element during an initial switching cycle and determine an error time that defines approximately a difference between the actual turn-on time and a predicted turn-on time associated with the secondary switching element.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Dynamic gain control for use with adaptive equalizers

According to one embodiment, a system for processing data includes a controller configured to: receive data read from a magnetic storage medium, apply a finite impulse response (fir) filter to the data to obtain equalized data, and direct the equalized data through either a first fir gain module or a second fir gain module to control fir gain of the equalized data, wherein the first fir gain module is utilized when reading data in an asynchronous mode, and wherein the second fir gain module is utilized when reading data in a synchronous mode and a fir gain value of the second fir gain module is automatically controlled. Other systems and methods for processing data using dynamic gain control with adaptive equalizers are presented according to more embodiments..
International Business Machines Corporation


Cross-acl multi-master replication

Techniques for cross-acl multi-master replication are provided. The techniques allow a replication site in a multi-master replication system implementing an asynchronous replication protocol and an access control policy to appropriately apply received data change updates to data maintained at the site even where a data change update is missing information because of the implemented access control policy..
Palantir Technologies, Inc.

Synchronous topics: Synchronous, Transverse, Longitudinal Axis, Inverter Circuit, Transmitting Signals, Electronic Device, Portable Electronic Device, Control Unit, Asynchronous, Strobe Signal

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