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 Epfd coverage for ngso satellites patent thumbnailEpfd coverage for ngso satellites
A method and apparatus for operating one or more satellites in a non-geosynchronous orbit (ngso) satellite constellation are disclosed. In some aspects, a coverage area on earth for a first beam transmitted from a first satellite in the ngso satellite constellation may be determined, a cone may be projected onto a first region of the beam coverage area, a second region of the beam coverage area may be defined as including portions of the beam coverage area lying outside the first region, and a minimum arc angle for each of a plurality of points within the first region but not the second region of the beam coverage area may be determined..
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Satellite beam power backoff patent thumbnailSatellite beam power backoff
A method and apparatus for a non-geosynchronous orbit (ngso) satellite to comply with equivalent power flux density (epfd) limits are disclosed. The example implementations may allow a constellation of ngso satellites to comply with epfd limits without disabling beams transmitted from the ngso satellites.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Method and  time or frequency synchronization in non-geosynchronous satellite communication systems patent thumbnailMethod and time or frequency synchronization in non-geosynchronous satellite communication systems
Method and apparatus for time or frequency synchronization of radio signals transmitted by user terminals in communication with a gateway through a satellite is provided. The satellite may be part of a non-synchronous satellite communication system, such as a low-earth orbit (leo) satellite communication system for data, voice or video communications.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Power control method in mixed cellular and d2d network and ue patent thumbnailPower control method in mixed cellular and d2d network and ue
The present disclosure discloses a power control method performed by a user equipment (ue) in a mixed cellular and device-to-device (d2d) network and the ue. The method comprises obtaining one or more power control related parameters for each of one or more neighboring cells of a serving cell for the ue from the serving cell or the neighboring cell.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Node and  dynamic synchronization of communications for a wireless device patent thumbnailNode and dynamic synchronization of communications for a wireless device
Example embodiments presented herein are directed towards a wireless device and base station, and corresponding method therein, for dynamic synchronization of communications for the wireless device. The wireless device is configured to receive communications on the first and second carriers, and wherein the first carrier is configured for synchronous communications and the second carrier is configured for shared communications.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Method and  changing state of nan terminal in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod and changing state of nan terminal in wireless communication system
An embodiment of the present invention relates to a method for changing the state of a neighbor awareness networking (nan) terminal in a wireless communication system, the method comprising the steps of: receiving a synchronization beacon frame from less than three terminals, within a discovery window; and changing the state on the basis of anchor master information of the synchronization beacon frame, wherein a received signal strength indication (rssi) of the synchronization beacon frame is between a first value and a second value, and if an anchor master rank value included in the synchronization beacon frame is greater than that stored in the terminal, the terminal converts the state from an asynchronous state to synchronous state.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 System and  simultaneous broadcast for personalized messages patent thumbnailSystem and simultaneous broadcast for personalized messages
A system and method for the simultaneous creation, assembly and transmission of synchronous multiple personalized messages to specific targeted individuals or other entities. The system can send rich media distinctly personalized messages such as commercials to a small or large group of selected individuals through any appropriate distribution media.
Visible World, Inc.

 Apparatus and  playback of audio-visual recordings patent thumbnailApparatus and playback of audio-visual recordings
An imaging system comprising a panoramic visual image display, an associated directional sound playback device, and an associated motion reproduction device is disclosed. The imaging system conveys visual, sound and motion information related to a particular viewing direction to provide a realistic experience for the viewer.
360fly, Inc.

 Frequency ramp generation patent thumbnailFrequency ramp generation
A method for generating a digital frequency ramp signal including a sequence of frequency ramps is disclosed herein. In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention the method comprises loading a first data word of a data record from a memory.
Infineon Technologies Ag

 Simplified synchronized ethernet implementation patent thumbnailSimplified synchronized ethernet implementation
A method of simplifying the implementation of synchronous ethernet on an ethernet device having a first port and a second port device using a predetermined protocol and signaling, comprises delivering a master clock from a synchronous ethernet system to the first port of the ethernet device; transmitting the delivered master clock to the second port of the ethernet device independently of the protocol and signaling of the ethernet device; and transmitting the master clock from the second port of the ethernet device to a downstream device that supports synchronous ethernet. In one implementation, the ethernet device has a local clock, and the method synchronizes the local clock to the master clock.
Accedian Networks Inc.

Dynamic frequency allocation of satellite beams

A method and apparatus for operating one or more satellites in a non-geosynchronous orbit (ngso) satellite constellation are disclosed. In some aspects, the satellite may allocate a first frequency band to a first beam, and may allocate a second frequency band to a second beam.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Synchronous frequency hopping spread spectrum communications

synchronous fhss networks operating within mesh networks typically require a certain amount of network traffic to maintain time as well as for executing other functions, such as registration and neighbor discovery. The concepts presented in this disclosure provide a mesh network with enhanced communication capabilities without adding significant hardware or firmware costs to nodes within the network.
Elster Solutions, Llc

Load-adaptive smooth startup sensorless field-oriented control of permanent magnet synchronous motors

A field oriented control (foc) system and method provides smooth field-oriented startup for three-phase sensorless permanent magnet synchronous motors (pmsms) despite the absence of load information. The system uses the rotor flux projection on the d- or q-axis to determine whether the stator flux current reference being applied during reference startup phase is sufficient to spin the pmsm, thereby providing smooth operation during the reference startup phase and saving energy relative to applying rated current.
Linestream Technologies

Vector currents controller for salient pole synchronous machine

A control system for an alternating current (ac) machine having a rotor and a stator is disclosed. The control system may include a direct current (dc) link providing a variable dc link voltage; an inverter module operatively coupled between the dc link and the ac machine, and a controller in communication with the inverter module.
Caterpillar Inc.

High frequency phase shifter unit

The present disclosure shows a high-frequency phase shifter assembly having at least two high-frequency phase shifters stacked above one another which are arranged in at least one housing, wherein at least one housing plate is provided between the high-frequency phase shifters in the stack; and wherein the high-frequency phase shifters each have a rotatably supported pick-up element which is electrically coupled to a feed line via a coupling point arranged in the region of its rotary axle; and wherein the pick-up elements of the high-frequency phase shifters are mechanically coupled for the synchronous adjustment of the high-frequency phase shifters. Provision is made in this respect that the mechanical coupling of the pick-up elements of the high-frequency phase shifters takes place via a coupling arrangement spaced apart from the rotary axles of the pick-up elements..
Kathrein-werke Kg

Sub-pulsing during a state

A method for achieving sub-pulsing during a state is described. The method includes receiving a clock signal from a clock source, the clock signal having two states and generating a pulsed signal from the clock signal.
Lam Research Corporation

Hybrid active learning for non-stationary streaming data with asynchronous labeling

A continuous electronic data stream of unlabeled data instances is received and fed into both a stream-based selection strategy and a pool-based selection strategy. The stream-based selection strategy is continuously applied to each of the unlabeled data instances to continually select stream-based data instances that are to be annotated.
Xerox Corporation

Method and event-based learning in neural network

A machine-learning method is provided, in which a restricted boltzmann machine (rbm) is modified to be effectively operate in an online environment by training a learning parameter asynchronously based on spiking events which occurs only when a spiking timing of a visual layer and a spiking timing of a hidden layer are within predetermined time window.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Managing remote data replication

Various systems, processes, and products may be used to manage remote data replication. In particular implementations, a system and process for managing remote data replication may include the ability to store versions of a disk at a first site, a second site, and a third site.
International Business Machines Corporation

Asynchronous notification data storage systems

An improved technique involves delivering asynchronous notifications of state changes of components of a data storage system by querying a database whose entries contain event descriptors along with a sequentially generated identifier value. In response to a state change of a component, a database server receives a state change indication and updates an entry in the database by recording the state change and generating a new identifier value.
Emc Corporation

Managing remote data replication

Various systems, processes, and products may be used to manage remote data replication. In particular implementations, a system and process for managing remote data replication may include the ability to store versions of a disk at a first site, a second site, and a third site.
International Business Machines Corporation

Virtual machine migration

A source virtual machine (vm) hosted on a source server is migrated to a destination vm on a destination server without first powering down the source vm. After optional pre-copying of the source vm's memory to the destination vm, the source vm is suspended and its non-memory state is transferred to the destination vm; the destination vm is then resumed from the transferred state.
Vmware, Inc.

Multi-terminal synchronous display method, display apparatus and display apparatus cascading system

A multi-terminal synchronous display method, a display apparatus and a display apparatus cascading system are provided. The method includes receiving an audio and video signal; obtaining a current stage driving signal for driving current stage of display apparatus to output audio and video based on the received audio and video signal; restoring the current stage driving signal to the audio and video signal; and inputting the restored audio and video signal to next stage of display apparatus to make the current stage of display apparatus output audio and video synchronously with the next stage of display apparatus.
Beijing Boe Special Display Technology Co., Ltd.

Server based disaster recovery by making use of dual write responses

A mechanism is provided in a data processing system for asynchronous replication. The mechanism creates a record in a write log in a host computing device for a write command and marking the record as uncommitted.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method of rotating a picture with a mobile terminal and mobile terminal

A method and a smart terminal for rotating a picture are disclosed. The method includes steps of: detecting, by the smart terminal, that a touch operation applied on the picture displayed on a screen of the smart terminal includes at least two touch points, and, when a trajectory of each of the at least two touch points is an arc, determining the touch operation to be an operation of rotating the picture, and rotating synchronously the picture in accordance with the rotation direction of the trajectories and the rotation angle.
Jrd Communication Inc.

Testing a smart wristband and testing system thereof

A testing method for a smart wristband and a testing system thereof are provided. The bluetooth function of the smart wristband is put into a sleep state through presetting of the system software before the test, and the testing method comprises the following steps of: carrying out electrical connection operations on the smart wristband under test during the test so that the bluetooth function of the smart wristband is activated; completing pairing between the smart wristband and the testing apparatus, and synchronously displaying a corresponding function of the smart wristband on a screen of the testing apparatus so as to be tested, wherein the testing apparatus is a smartphone, and the testing of the corresponding function includes at least one of bluetooth power testing, writing of the mainboard serial number, charging testing and motor vibration controlling..
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.

Control system using power line communication

A control system includes a control device adapted to be connected to a live line and a neutral line that transmit a grid power, and to a load via a first power line and a second power line. The control device includes: a first switch adapted to be connected between the live line and the first power line; a second switch adapted to be connected between the neutral line and the second power line; a coupler adapted to be connected to the first power line, receiving a communication signal, and coupling the communication signal to the first power line; and a controller controlling the first and second switches to synchronously alternate between an on state and an off state, and outputting the communication signal to the coupler when the first and second switches operate in the off state..
Diwin Technology Co., Ltd.

Snychronous camera lens module photographing all directions with single lens

The present invention relates to a synchronous camera lens module photographing in all directions with a single lens, and more particularly, to a synchronous camera lens module which replaces only a lens module of a conventional monitoring camera by providing a synchronous camera lens module using a single optical lens capable of performing wide-angle photographing to photograph in all directions with the single lens which is high economically and in efficiency and can minimize a blind zone.. .

Multi-channel aerosol scattering absorption measuring instrument

The present invention discloses a multi-channel aerosol scattering absorption measuring instrument, comprising a light path device, a detection device and a gas path device. The light path device supplies three different wavelengths of laser entering the detection device in sequence; the detection device is provided with photoelectric detectors at multiple angles for measurement, so as to reduce the measurement error of aerosol scattering coefficient; the gas path device comprises a sample loading unit, a calibration unit and a sample discharging unit; and a light source from the light path device and a gas flow from the gas path device enter the photoacoustic cavity of the detection device respectively and are detected by a control unit.
Nanjing University

Method and device for pyrolysis of biomass to produce syngas

A method for pressurized pyrolysis of biomass in a pressurized pyrolysis furnace, including: 1) crushing and screening biomass; collecting biomass having desired particle sizes; and delivering the biomass having desired particle sizes to a pulse-type feeding system; 2) transporting the biomass to a pyrolysis furnace via the pulse-type feeding system; synchronously initiating microwave and a plasma torch, the microwave producing a microwave field in the pyrolysis furnace, working gas of the plasma torch being ionized for the first time to produce plasma jet entering the pyrolysis furnace; and 3) allowing the syngas generated in 2) to continue moving upwards and introducing the syngas out from the top of the pyrolysis furnace; chilling the syngas; introducing the syngas to a cyclone separator to separate residues; and then cooling and purifying the syngas using a cooling device and a purifying device, respectively, to produce clean syngas.. .
Wuhan Kaidi Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Breathing apparatus

An object of the present invention is to provide a breathing apparatus whose a breath monitoring apparatus does not comprise an inhale valve or an exhale valve and whose number of elements is less than that of the conventional breathing apparatus. A breathing apparatus comprises a face piece for covering the whole face or part of the face, an inhale valve, an exhale valve, a voice conductor, a motor fan for supplying external air into the face piece through the inhale valve, a filter for cleaning the external air sucked into the motor fan, a breath monitoring apparatus not comprising the inhale valve or the exhale valve, and a controller for controlling the operation of the motor fan synchronously with the breath based on the detection signal from the breath monitoring apparatus, wherein the inhale valve, the exhale valve, the voice conductor, the motor fan, the filter, the breath monitoring apparatus and the controller are attached to the face piece, and wherein the breath monitoring apparatus detects deflection of a vibration member of the voice conductor..
Shigematsu Works Co., Ltd.

Synchronous low-latency media access control

Various aspects are provided for low-latency wireless local area networks (wlans). An access point (ap) may transmit a downlink pilot signal for synchronization of the ap with one or more wireless stations.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Asynchronous access and synchronous transmission for coexistence of wireless standards

Methods and systems of asynchronous access and synchronous transmission include transmitting an initial reservation packet using a first protocol to prevent other devices that use the first protocol from transmitting during a reserved duration. A carrier using a second protocol is activated.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

Social media platform

An improved social media or messaging platform can be provided, retaining in large measure both the immediacy and engagement of video conferencing, while not sacrificing benefits more characteristic of email and similar messaging platforms, such as asynchronous scheduling, bandwidth efficiency, and various administrative record-keeping benefits. Audio data and associated gesture data (for example, panning and zooming) is recorded by users in associating with image data, and shared with other users in a conversational thread, permitting a video-like experience without associated bandwidth overhead..
Blrt Pty Ltd

Bi-directional multi-channel social media brokering

The present disclosure provides a detailed description of techniques used in systems, methods, and in computer program products for bi-directional social media broker services that connect multiple social media sites using a common management framework. The claimed embodiments address the problem of efficiently scaling and managing bidirectional interaction with multiple social media publishing channels.
Oracle International Corporation

System and guard band utilization for synchronous and asynchronous communications

Embodiments are provided for guard band utilization for synchronous and asynchronous communications in wireless networks. A user equipment (ue) or a network component transmits symbols on data bands assigned for primary communications.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Hybrid timing for a gnss receiver

Synchronization of a time base at a local clock to a reference time. Initially, correction data (e.g., synchronization data) may be derived from packet data received over an asynchronous packet-switched network (e.g., the internet).
Iposi, Inc.

Combinatorial/sequential pulse width modulation

A number of standard pwm generators produce pwm signals that may be used to drive the power stages for full-bridge, feed-forward, push-pull, phase-shift zero voltage transition (zvt), and other switched mode power supply (smps) conversion topologies. These pwm signals may be fed to logic functions of a combinatorial logic block.
Microchip Technology Incorporated

Synchronized semiconductor device with phase adjustment circuit

According to one embodiment, a synchronous semiconductor device is disclosed according to this embodiment, the synchronous semiconductor device includes a pulse width detection circuit to determine whether at least one of a plurality of delay step sizes is less than at least one of a high pulse width and a low pulse width of a first clock signal and to select one of the delay step sizes and a delay line to delay the first clock signal to produce as second clock signal by a first delay amount that is changed based at least on the one of the delay step sizes.. .
Micron Technology, Inc.

Circuit and frequency synthesis for signal detection in automatic voltage regulation for synchronous generators

Automatic voltage regulation is shown involving full wave rectifying a power signal and generating a reference corresponding to an operating voltage level, line sampling the power signal and comparing it to the reference to generate a line sync signal synchronized to the power signal. Producing 90° out of phase signals synchronized to the line sync signal with a pll locked onto the line sync signal that outputs a phase error signal.

Direct-axis current protection for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system

A direct-axis current protection method and device for a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system. The method includes: pre-calculating the direct-axis current of the next moment according to the current voltage transmitted from an inverter to a permanent magnet synchronous motor (pmsm); comparing the direct-axis current of the next moment with a maximum protection current; if the direct-axis current of the next moment is less than the maximum protection current, continuing transmitting the current voltage to the pmsm; if the direct axis current of the next moment is greater than or equal to the maximum protection current, redistributing the voltage according to a protection direct-axis current and a protection quadrature-axis current, and transmitting the redistributed voltage to the pmsm.
Csr Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Method for detecting initial magnetic-pole position of rotor in permanent magnet synchronous motor

The method for detecting an initial position of a magnetic pole of a rotor included in a permanent magnet synchronous motor according to an embodiment of the present disclosure includes generating three-phase voltage vectors to be applied onto a u-phase, a v-phase, and a w-phase of a stator winding, applying the three-phase voltage vectors on the u-phase, the v-phase, and the w-phase of a stator winding, respectively, calculating a current difference value of the u-phase, a current difference value of the v-phase, and a current difference value of the w-phase using currents of the stator winding flowing in a magnetizing direction and in a un-magnetizing direction by applying the three-phase voltage vectors, and determining the initial position of the magnetic pole of the rotor using the current difference value of the u-phase, the current difference value of the v-phase, and the current difference value of the w-phase.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Secondary controller for use in synchronous flyback converter

A secondary controller for use in a power converter includes a drive circuit coupled to a secondary side of the power converter. The drive circuit is coupled to generate a first signal to enable a first switch coupled to a primary side of the primary converter.
Power Integrations, Inc.

System and communicating via a satellite in an inclined geosynchronous orbit

A hub terminal and remote client communicate via a target satellite in an inclined geosynchronous orbit. As the target satellite ascends or descends away from the geostationary arc, the signal strength of the uplink channel is increased without increasing the level of interference with geostationary satellites.

Self-stuffing multi-clock fifo requiring no synchronizers

An asynchronous first in first out memory device eliminates the need for synchronizers. The device includes pipeline of data registers.
Altera Corporation

Motion tracking system

In a method of producing a composite animation live captured image sequence by capturing a live action sequence of action scenes with an image capture device, which include a stand-in for an animated feature or character, generating concurrently with the live action sequence configuration data for the stand-in, positioning data associated with the stand-in derived through machine vision techniques applied to the live action sequence image frames; producing from the configuration data and the positioning data a computer-generated animated sequence for combining with the captured image sequence to produce composite image sequence comprising the animated feature in place of the stand-in, both the configuration data and frame-by-frame virtual camera data corresponding to the live action image captured frames can be synchronously incorporated enabling efficient and effective production of composite animation live action digital video or film or broadcast. As such, the stand-in tracking data is video-ready such that all animation data may be readily slotted into the captured video image to produce a composite that achieves the requirement of suspended disbelief..
Visible Ink Television Ltd

Display control apparatus, display control system, and display control method

A display control apparatus is connected to another display control apparatus. The display control apparatus includes a display unit configured to display a content; a request reception unit configured to receive a request about the content; a display request generation unit configured to generate a plurality of display requests for controlling display statuses of contents displayed by the display control apparatus and the other display control apparatus synchronously in response to the request, the display requests including a first display request for controlling the display status of the content of the other display control apparatus and a second display request for controlling the display status of the content of the display control apparatus; a communication unit configured to transmit the first display request to the other display control apparatus; and a display control unit configured to control the display status of the content based on the second display request..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Synchronization control for reconnecting microgrid to main grid after islanding

A method and system are provided. The method includes synchronously reconnecting a microgrid to a main grid after islanding of the microgrid.

Physical quantity sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object

Dynamic range of a second amplifier which is provided in a subsequent stage of a synchronous detection circuit is set greater than dynamic range of a first amplifier which is provided in a preceding stage of the synchronous detection circuit, and thus, an output is prevented from being saturated.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Motor assembly and hoist drive

A motor assembly includes a three-phase asynchronous machine equipped with three stator phases, a capacitor assembly to establish self-excited generator operation of the asynchronous machine, a load resistor assembly to establish resistive load for self-excited generator operation of the asynchronous machine, and a load resistor switch which is arranged to connect the load resistor assembly to the stator phases. The load resistor assembly is asymmetrical..
Konecranes Global Corporation

Paper sheet conveyance device and image forming apparatus

A paper sheet conveyance device includes a plurality of conveyance members and conveys a paper sheet while performing temporary stop of conveying and then restart of conveying. Two paper sheets sequential in a conveyance direction stop together in a state of the temporary stop, driving a first transfer member to which a preceding first paper sheet that is one of the two paper sheets is opposed and a second conveyance member to which a following second paper sheet that is the other paper sheet is opposed is stopped and restarted synchronously for the temporary stop and the restart.
Ricoh Company, Limited

Distributed motor torque generation system and control

An apparatus for an electrically powered terrestrial vehicle applies electrical energy to front wheels and to rear wheels. A control system receives desired acceleration inputs and provides target torque requirements to a plurality of adaptive field-oriented motor control circuits.

Direct drive extruder with a permanent magnet synchronous motor

A direct drive extruder apparatus includes an extruder assembly that has an extruder barrel and an extruder screw rotatably disposed in an interior area of the extruder barrel. The apparatus includes a bearing assembly in communication with the extruder assembly.
Davis-standard Llc

X-ray paradoxical pulse bi-planar synchronous real-time imaging device and imaging method

An x-ray paradoxical pulse bi-planar synchronous real-time imaging device and imaging method are disclosed wherein the device includes the second c-arm and the first c-arm slidably set on the said second c-arm, wherein the first x-ray generator and the first image receiver are mounted on the said first c-arm, and the second x-ray generator and the second image receiver are mounted on the said second c-arm. An imaging control device controls the pulse cycle and width of the first x-ray pulse and second x-ray pulse, so that the first x-ray pulse and second x-ray pulse do not mutually interfere or have low degree of interference in one cycle.
Beijing East Whale Image Technology Co., Ltd.

Compositions, devices and methods for diagnosing heart failure and for patient-specific modeling to predict outcomes of cardiac resynchronization therapy

In alternative embodiments, provided are compositions, medical devices or products of manufacture, systems, diagnostic tools, and methods, including computer implemented methods, for predicting the response of patients with dyssynchronous heart 10 failure (dhf) to cardiac resynchronization therapy (crt), comprising: measuring or determining the fraction of the lv/septum performing negative work (mnw); and measuring or determining the coefficient of variation of external work density (covw), wherein the mnw fraction performing negative work and coefficient of variation covw (sd/mean) correlated strongly with observed reduction in end-systolic volume after crt.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

Method, system and device for switching a transmission time interval

The ue receives a tti switch order message and replies with a single message to its serving bs with a message to switch the tti in a synchronous way.. .

Power conservation in channel hopping wireless network by independent definition of sleep intervals at each node

Power conservation is provided in a network of globally unsynchronized wireless communication devices that use asynchronous channel hopping. Each wireless communication device defines its own channel hopping schedule.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Mobile smart phone device based facilitating the meeting of two or more geographically nearby located people interested in synchronously performing a social networking activity

A mobile smart phone device based system and method for expressing an interest in performing a social networking activity form the available activities within the application, referred as categories and sub-categories; enabling finding of and contacting to the other users of this application that are interested in performing the same activity synchronously coinciding in time, and enabling filtering by age, gender and distance, of such users that are geographically nearby located; and, eventually enabling an instant communication between such users via the application built-in instant chat messaging system.. .

Mobile terminal video synchronous sharing method and system

The present invention provides a mobile terminal video synchronous sharing method and system, wherein a first mobile terminal receives the pause command, pauses and acquires the information of the pause time of the current video; receives data synchronization command, and transmits the current video, and video to be played and the information of the pause time of the current video to a second mobile terminal; the second mobile terminal receives and continues to play according to the information of the pause time of the video. The present invention shares multimedia files synchronously between a plurality of mobile terminals, thereby increasing the interactivity..
Huizhoutcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.

Image forming controlling same

Personal settings for each user and each application are stored in personal setting holding units 311 and 310. When a personal setting is to be exported, synchronous control information indicating whether or not synchronization is to be performed for each personal setting is exported.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Real-time asynchronous event aggregation systems

A real-time asynchronous event aggregation system, method, and network device are configured to capture real-time asynchronous events, and to pass them as input to one or more aggregation engines to determine a reputation for a target. The aggregation engine(s) may then send out notifications where a reputation category changes for a target, indicating that an action may be taken to inhibit spam messages from the target, highlight a display of content from the target, or the like.
Yahoo! Inc.

Data frame structure and operation method thereof for sharing frequency among asynchronous cells in wireless communication system

When a feature of the present invention is summarized, disclosed is a frame structure of transmitted and received data in a wireless communication system, including: a plurality of uplink subframes (ul) or downlink subframes (dl) for transmitting and receiving data; and a coexistence synchronization signal preamble for frequency coexistence among asynchronous cells.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Efficient asynchronous communication protocol

A more efficient asynchronous protocol transmits data from a transmitter circuit at a first time to a receiver circuit and transmits a next data from the transmitter circuit to the receiver circuit at a second time so that the next data arrives at the receiver circuit at approximately the same time an acknowledge signal of the first data from the receiver circuit arrives at the transmitting circuit. The propagation delay may be measured at the beginning of a transfer to help determine when to send data..
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Flexible configuration of harq process feedback

Techniques are disclosed whereby a signal is transmitted from a wireless network to a wireless device, requesting automatic repeat-request, arq, feedback for certain indicated arq processes. This asynchronous approach addresses a problem with irregular arq feedback for dynamic time-division-duplexing, and also allows for relaxed processing-time constraints in the wireless device.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method for actuating a brushless motor

A method for operating an electronically commutated synchronous machine, having a stator with at least two, in particular three, phase windings and a rotor having at least one permanent magnet. A control factor is determined periodically for each phase winding.
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

Insulated synchronous rectification dc/dc converter

An external circuit element rset is connected in use to an set terminal. A synchronous rectification controller generates a pulse signal s1 based on a control time determined according to the state of the set terminal.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Insulated synchronous rectification dc/dc converter

A secondary-side module comprises: a synchronous rectification controller that controls a synchronous rectification transistor; and a shunt regulator that generates a current that corresponds to the difference between an output voltage vout of a dc/dc converter and the target value of the output voltage, which are housed in a single package. The multiple pins to be connected to the shunt regulator are all laid out along a first side of the package..
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Switching power supply device

A switching power supply device having a synchronous rectifier ic on a secondary side, responds to an anomaly on a primary side based on detecting an occurrence of the anomaly on the secondary side. When a secondary side synchronous rectifier ic detects an anomaly, a current is output from the anomaly-time current output terminal of the secondary side synchronous rectifier ic.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Dynamic reduction of synchronous rectifier power losses

Methods and circuits for controlling a synchronous rectifier. An operating condition of the synchronous rectifier is detected.
Mediatek Inc.

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