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Synchronous patents

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Data processing apparatus

System and method for writing checkpointing data

Communication system, communication device, and communication method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronous-related patents
 Method and apparatus for switching pages in interfaces, and computer storage medium thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for switching pages in interfaces, and computer storage medium thereof
A method for switching pages in interfaces includes obtaining an operational event on an interface, and triggering pages in a screen to move following the operational event; obtaining a sign corresponding to the moving page according to a mapping relationship between pages and signs; controlling the sign to move synchronously with the moving page; and obtaining the page to be settled in the screen according to the operational event. The above method and apparatus for switching pages in interfaces and computer storage medium trigger the pages in the screen to move along with operational events when the user operates events on the interfaces; and the signs corresponding to the pages would synchronously move with the moving pages.
 System and method for writing checkpointing data patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for writing checkpointing data
In part, the invention relates to a system and method for writing checkpointing data to a computer having a standby virtual machine for each checkpointed component on a computer having an active virtual machine. In one embodiment, the checkpointing data is processed on a per virtual machine basis.
 Data processing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Data processing apparatus
A concurrent flag set (changed from a first state to a second state) when generating a plurality of event signals at the same time from one circuit module that operates synchronously is prepared. When it is determined that the concurrent event signals are generated with reference to the concurrent flag, processing corresponding to the concurrent event signals is executed in order of priority, or requests for ordering or starting the processing are issued in order of priority..
 System and method for asynchronous event reporting patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for asynchronous event reporting
Systems and methods for event reporting are provided. In a method for event reporting in a system that includes an event source and a plurality of event consumers, notifications from the event source are received at an event reporter.
 Process for payment by cell phone to a merchant object of the invention patent thumbnailnew patent Process for payment by cell phone to a merchant object of the invention
The cell phone user interested in paying for his/her purchases in commercial establishments without the need to physically use a credit card installs in his/her cell phone an mpay application configured to make payments through the cell phone. The commercial establishment, in which the mpay customer has made his/her purchase, makes from his/her mpos application, configured to accept payments from cell phones provided with mpay, a payment request to the mpay/mpos server, which is the remote system which allows asynchronous communication between the mobile payment application of the customer's cell phone and the mpos application of the commercial establishment, sends a push message to the customer's cell phone activating therewith the mobile payment application thereof..
 System and method for speech recognition using pitch-synchronous spectral parameters patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for speech recognition using pitch-synchronous spectral parameters
The present invention defines a pitch-synchronous parametrical representation of speech signals as the basis of speech recognition, and discloses methods of generating the said pitch-synchronous parametrical representation from speech signals. The speech signal is first going through a pitch-marks picking program to identify the pitch periods.
 Biosynchronous transdermal drug delivery patent thumbnailnew patent Biosynchronous transdermal drug delivery
Systems and methods for synchronizing the administration of compounds with the human body's natural circadian rhythms and addiction rhythms to counteract symptoms when they are likely to be at their worst by using an automated and pre programmable transdermal or other drug administration system.. .
 Road construction machine, as well as method for controlling the distance of a road construction machine moved on a ground surface patent thumbnailnew patent Road construction machine, as well as method for controlling the distance of a road construction machine moved on a ground surface
A road construction machine comprising height adjustment devices which adjust the position of the plane of the machine frame in accordance with control signals, where the leveling device measures the distance of the ground surface to the machine frame and controls the height adjustment devices so the machine frame is movable at an adjusted orthogonal distance to the surface; a transmitter is arranged at the machine frame in a rigid fashion, and a receiver is movable, parallel to and synchronously with the machine frame, or vice versa, where the transmitter emits a measuring beam representative of a reference plane, the measuring beam being detectable by the receiver and representing either a plane extending parallel to the machine frame or a plane extending parallel to the ground surface, where the current distance of the machine frame to the current reference location is measurable from the detected position of the reference plane.. .
 Communication system, communication device, and communication method patent thumbnailnew patent Communication system, communication device, and communication method
A communication system comprising first and second master stations configured to perform synchronous wireless communication with a slave station via a first network, and a control station configured to be connected to the first and second master stations via a second network, wherein the control station transmits time information used to synchronize times of the first and second master stations to each of the first and second master stations via the second network, wherein one of the first and second master stations performs timing based on the time information from the control station, and wherein the other of the first and second master stations performs the timing based on announcement information announcing the time information transmitted from the one of the first and second master stations via the first network.. .
 Light source apparatus and projector patent thumbnailnew patent Light source apparatus and projector
A light source apparatus according to the present invention includes a phosphor wheel having a phosphor disposed in an annular shape on a disk-shaped base material, the phosphor serving to emit fluorescent light from excitation light, thereby forming an excitation light source having a predetermined color, and the phosphor having a discontinuous portion in a part of the annular shape, an excitation light source for emitting the excitation light with which a passage position of the circular phosphor is irradiated with respect to the phosphor wheel to be rotatively driven by the wheel motor, and a controller that controls light emission of the light source and the excitation light source synchronously with a position of the discontinuous portion with respect to an irradiation position of the excitation light.. .
new patent Reset extender for divided clock domains
A clock divider may provide a lower speed clock to a logic block portion, but during reset, the clock divider may not operate properly, causing the logic block portion to be reset at a clock frequency greater than the frequency for which that logic was designed. However, an extended reset may be employed in which the clock divider is reset normally first before the logic block portion, allowing that logic to be reset according to the divided clock (e.g., rather than a higher speed clock).
new patent Function switching with fast asynchronous acquisition
A method of analysing a sample is disclosed comprising transmitting a first population of ions through a mass spectrometer and switching a state or mode of the mass spectrometer to produce a second population of ions. A sequential stream of mass spectra is acquired asynchronously with respect to switching the state or mode of the mass spectrometer.
new patent High throughput pulse height analyzer
A method and system for acquiring spectral information from an energy sensitive nuclear detector is disclosed. The method includes detecting nuclear radiation at a detection device and generating an electronic input pulse indicative of energy deposited in the detection device.
new patent Valve timiing controller
A valve timing controller includes: a driving-side rolling body configured to rotate synchronously with an engine crankshaft; a driven-side rolling body configured to rotate in a unified manner with a camshaft for opening/closing an engine valve relative to the driving-side rolling body; an advance chamber, and a retard chamber; a torsion spring disposed in a space formed between a front plate or a rear plate of the driving-side rolling body and the driven-side rolling body and configured to bias at all times the driving-side rolling body and the driven-side rolling body in the advance direction or the retard direction; and a first cylindrical portion provided in the front plate or the rear plate and a second cylindrical portion provided in the driven-side rolling body, the first and second cylindrical portions being insertable into each other in an axial direction.. .
Method and apparatus for remote control distance-measuring to generate an engineering blueprint
The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for remote control distance-measuring to generate an engineering blueprint. The method includes the steps of: building a wireless communication connection between a laser distance-measuring device and a touch sensitive control device; the touch sensitive control device automatically starting an engineering distance-measuring application program; the laser distance-measuring device selecting a required measured element of a measured object; the touch sensitive control device sending a distance-measuring instruction to the laser distance-measuring device, the laser distance-measuring device finishing a distance measurement and synchronously transmitting the measured data to the touch sensitive control device; under a blueprint labeling interface of the touch sensitive control device, finishing blueprint labeling.
Storage system which realizes asynchronous remote copy using cache memory composed of flash memory, and control method thereof
The first storage apparatus provides a primary logical volume, and the second storage apparatus has a secondary logical volume. When the first storage apparatus receives a write command to the primary logical volume, a package processor in a flash package allocates first physical area in the flash memory chip to first cache logical area for write data and stores the write data to the allocated first physical area.
Person-to-person wagering system using accomplishment-based games and applications to record score, achievement or time in an asyncronous manner using public or private networks
Various techniques are described for facilitating implementation and use of accomplishment-based games or applications for wager-based challenges (collectively “game” or “challenge”) for the purpose of facilitating person-to-person, business-to-business, and/or business-to-consumer wagering in an asynchronous environments.. .
Methods implementing a configuration of drx and measurement in a ue and an enodeb equipment
In order to solve the technical problem that the discontinuous reception (drx) decreases the accuracy and reliability of cell handover measurement, the invention proposes methods implementing a configuration of drx and measurement in the uk and the enodeb equipment. The method comprises, determining that a neighboring cell is discovered, the ue updates the drx configuration, and the enodeb equipment update the drx configuration synchronously with the ue; the ue implements a measurement used for handover with respect to the neighboring cell based on the updated drx configuration, and transmits a measurement report to the enodeb equipment serving the ue, the enodeb equipment receives the measurement report transmitted by the ue.
Method and system for distance education based on asynchronous interaction
The invention facilitates asynchronous interaction between a geographically separated facilitator and at least one user. The said invention provides asynchronous interaction between rural classrooms (teacher-student community) and expert teachers to increase the outreach of the expert teachers much beyond that is permitted with the teachings of the prior art..
Alignment of non-synchronous data streams
An apparatus for aligning non-synchronous input data streams received in the apparatus, the apparatus comprising an analogue to digital converter arrangement for digitising the data streams into a plurality of sequences of samples; and a synchronisation processing arrangement for generating alignment pulses for each sequence of the plurality of sequences of samples, for arranging each sequence of samples with respect to the alignment pulses for the sequence and for synchronisation the delivery of said plurality of sequences of samples to a common processor with respect to the respective alignment pulses. The synchronisation processing arrangement may comprise a processing chain for each antenna feed of said plurality of antenna feeds and each processing chain may comprise an alignment pulse generator for generating an alignment pulse for the sequence of samples corresponding to the processing chain.
Method of forming a synchronous rectifier controller and structure therefor
In one embodiment, a synchronous rectifier controller is configured to initiate forming an off-time interval for a first period of time responsively to the controller forming a disable state of a switching signal wherein the control circuit maintains the switching signal in the disable state for at least the off-time interval. The controller is also configured to restart forming the off-time interval responsively to a voltage of a synchronous rectifier becoming a first value prior to expiration of the first period of time..
Circuit with synchronous rectifier for controlling programmable power converter
A control circuit of a power converter and a method for controlling the power converter are provided. The control circuit of the power converter comprises a switching circuit and a temperature-sensing device.
Control circuit for switching power converters with synchronous rectifiers
A control circuit for switching power converters with synchronous rectifiers is disclosed for providing start-up and shut-down protection. The control circuit for switching power converters with synchronous rectifiers includes a means for blocking the driving signals to the synchronous rectifiers, a voltage sampling circuit, a reference voltage, and a comparator.
Dc/dc converter with iii-nitride switches
A synchronous switch is interposed between the output and ground. The control switch and the synchronous switch comprise depletion-mode iii-nitride transistors.
Holographic liquid crystal display, stereo display method, and stereo display system
A holographic lcd stereo display system is disclosed. The holographic lcd stereo display system comprises: a holographic projection device (11), a signal synchronous generator (12) and a holographic lcd having multiple layer of lcd panels.
Electronic device for recognizing asynchronous digital pen and recognizing method thereof
An electronic device for receiving an input by a digital pen having a waveform generation means is provided. The electronic device includes at least three reception sensors and a processor.
Voltage converting led circuit with switched capacitor network
A voltage converting led circuit with switched capacitor network contains a 2-way mosfet switch that connects a capacitor network to the output of an error amplifier, thereby enabling the error amplifier to resume operation quickly after the off-time segment of a pwm cycle. The switch is controlled synchronously with current sinks controlling brightness and color levels.
Synchronous energy source switching controller and method of operation thereof
The present invention relates to a motor assembly, a method of operation thereof and a transport vehicle provided with the motor assembly. The motor assembly is provided with an energy source switching controller that is in synchronization with motor operation and provides an improved utilization of energy storage sources in an electric, hybrid electric, or fuel cell based motor vehicle drive train application..
Backlight dimmer circuit and backlight dimming method
The present invention relates to a backlight dimmer circuit and a backlight dimming method. The backlight dimmer circuit includes a pll dimming module, which detects a rising edge of a 3d synchronous signal to generate multiple channels of 3d mode dimming signal in phase with the 3d synchronous signal; a phase delay module, which generates time-divided outputs of the multiple channels of 3d mode dimming signal according to a delay set value; an external dimming module, which receives an external dimming signal to generate a 2d mode dimming signal; and a trigger, which receives the 2d mode dimming signal and the multiple channels of 3d mode dimming signal and determines whether to output the 2d mode dimming signal or the multiple channels of 3d mode dimming signal according to a 2d/3d conversion signal..
Multi-channel wound-field synchronous machine
A multi-channel wound-field synchronous machine and method of assembling a multi-channel axial-flux wound-field synchronous machine are described. The machine includes an even number of stators and a plurality of field-excitation windings, each of the plurality of field-excitation windings being associated with a respective one of the stators.
Method and system for providing commentary
The invention discloses a system having electronic means for providing commentary audibly and/or visually, which electronic means is adapted to provide such commentary asynchronously. The system includes multiple asynchronous group triggering on channels.
Data bus synchronizer
A data bus synchronizer includes a plurality of registers arranged in a cascade, configured to generate a synchronized output in response to sampling an asynchronous bus without an enable signal, where the plurality of registers receive a value on the asynchronous bus. A last register of the plurality of registers is configured to generate the synchronized output in response to a load enable signal.
Apparatus and method for task-switchable synchronous hardware accelerators
A processor comprising: execution logic to execute a first thread including an accelerator invocation instruction to invoke an accelerator command; an accelerator to execute an accelerator thread in response to the accelerator command, the accelerator to store state data associated with the accelerator thread in a application memory area in memory, wherein prior to executing the accelerator thread, the accelerator is to lock entries in a translation lookaside buffer (tlb) associated with the accelerator thread to prevent an exception which might otherwise result.. .
Maintaining consistent globally unique identifiers via an asynchronous interface
Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for maintaining consistent globally unique identifiers (guids) for content items accessible via an asynchronous interface in a multi-user network-based content management environment (storage environment). The example content management system can make a content item within a data storage available to an authorized user via the asynchronous interface, and receive, from a client device, content item change information derived from data generated by an operating system function at the client device.
Tag latency monitoring and control system for enhanced web page performance
Embodiments are directed towards employing a plurality of tag states to control tag suspension based on an asynchronous process that proactively monitors tag performance, response times, and latency. Tags may be in one of multiple states.
Using access count of the remote site to optimize file transfer order for asynchronous replication
According to one embodiment, a method for determining a transfer order of files includes acquiring the access count of a replicated file at a production site and at a remote site, these access counts being reflected in the order for asynchronous replication. In addition, the access count of backed up files at the remote site is also acquired and reflected in the order for asynchronous replication according to another embodiment.
Split brain resistant failover in high availability clusters
Method and high availability clusters that support synchronous state replication to provide for failover between nodes, and more precisely, between the master candidate machines at the corresponding nodes. There are at least two master candidates (m=2) in the high availability cluster and the election of the current master is performed by a quorum-based majority vote among quorum machines, whose number n is at least three and odd (n≧3 and n is odd).
Interactive dashboard based on real-time sentiment analysis for synchronous communication
Provided is a technique for providing an interactive dashboard based on real-time sentiment analysis for synchronous communication. In real time, while monitoring communications between a first user and a second user, a cumulative sentiment score is generated representing a sentiment of the first user during a period of time and an instantaneous sentiment score representing a sentiment of the first user at a current time.
Real-time sentiment analysis for synchronous communication
A lexical annotator that identifies a chunk of a communication and an associated sentiment is created. In real time, while monitoring a communication from a user, the lexical annotator is used to identify the sentiment for the chunk of the communication, and the sentiment for the chunk of the communication is provided..
System and method for monitoring health of airfoils
A method is presented. The method includes the steps of generating rotation signals corresponding to a plurality of rotations of a rotor physically coupled to a plurality of blades, and determining peak voltages corresponding to the plurality of blades by applying time synchronous averaging technique to blade passing signals using the rotation signals, wherein the peak voltages are representative of clearances of the plurality of blades..
System and method for asynchronously controlling a vehicle system
A method includes identifying power outputs to be provided by propulsion-generating vehicles of a vehicle system for different locations along a route and calculating handling parameters of the vehicle system at the locations along the route. The handling parameters are representative of at least one of coupler forces, coupler energies, relative vehicle velocities, or natural forces exerted on the vehicle system.
Asynchronous interactive game play
Systems and methods of asynchronous interactive game play are described. In some embodiments, a method permits a first player to access a first game instance of a multiplayer online game and access a second game instance of the multiplayer online game.
Method and apparatus for measuring round trip delay in a unified optical-coaxial network
A method of determining a round trip delay time in a network comprising receiving a gate message allocating a transmission time window; retrieving a first timestamp from the gate message; setting a first clock to the time corresponding to the first timestamp, and wherein the first clock runs synchronously with a second clock recovered from a received data stream; sending upstream, after a time interval comprising a grant start time included in the transmission time window offset by a random delay time, a registration request message, wherein the registration request message includes a second timestamp obtained from the first clock; and determining a round trip delay (rtt) from a time the registration request message is received and the second timestamp.. .
Back scatterning inspection systems for human body
A human body back-scattering inspection system is disclosed. The system comprises a flying-spot forming unit configured to output beams of x-rays, a plurality of discrete detectors which are arranged vertically along a human body to be inspected, and a controlling unit coupled to the flying-spot forming unit and the plurality of detectors, and configured to generate a control signal to control the flying-spot forming unit and the plurality of detectors to perform a partition synchronous scan on the human body to be inspected vertically.
Radio over ethernet for radio access network and cloud-ran
An architecture for transporting radio samples, compressed samples or pre-processed radio samples in symbol form across a communication network, including a packet switched network such as ethernet. Further, the conversion of the radio samples from streaming data to a packetized format can also be performed.
Design for test (dft) read speed through transition detector in built-in self-test (bist) sort
A memory is disclosed that can operate in a normal mode of operation or a testing mode of operation. In the testing mode of operation, the memory can measure various benchmarks of performance, such as read speed.
Method and system for asynchronous die operations in a non-volatile memory
A mass storage memory system and method of operation is disclosed. The memory includes an interface adapted to receive data from a host, a plurality of flash memory die and a controller, where the controller is configured to receive a first command and read or write data synchronously across the plurality of die based on a first command, and to receive a second command and read or write data asynchronously and independently in each die based on a second command.
Power converter system with synchronous rectifier output stage and reduced no-load power consumption
A power converter circuit may convert alternating current signals into direct current signals. A load may be powered from output terminals that are provided with the direct current signals.
System and method for stabilizing mode locked swept laser for oct medical imaging
An optical coherence analysis system uses a laser swept source that is constrained to operate in a stable mode locked condition by modulating a drive current to the semiconductor optical amplifier as function of wavelength or synchronously with the drive voltage of the laser's tunable element based on stability map for the laser.. .
Surface plasmon resonance spectrometer with an actuator driven angle scanning mechanism
An instrument comprises a semi-circular rail and a driving mechanism. The driving mechanism is attached to a light source mount and a detector mount, and both the light source mount and the detector mount are attached to the semi-circular rail with connectors.

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