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This page is updated frequently with new Synchronous-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronous-related patents
 Method and system for synchronous operations of text message data patent thumbnailMethod and system for synchronous operations of text message data
A method and a system for synchronous operations of text message data, which may include, on one hand, that a feature phone receives an operation request regarding text message data from a user on the user interface, and the feature phone sends the operation request via bluetooth to a smartphone. The smartphone can receive the operation request sent by the feature phone.
Jrd Communication Inc.

 System and  synchronous media rendering over wireless networks with wireless performance monitoring patent thumbnailSystem and synchronous media rendering over wireless networks with wireless performance monitoring
A system for synchronous media rendering over wireless networks with wireless performance monitoring, comprising a media source device and a plurality of destination devices, a quality analysis module operating on at least one of the devices to monitor the media being streamed and direct the operation of a synchronization module, and a synchronization module operating on at least one of the devices to direct the rendering of media data based on received event data and to transmit event data to at least a portion of the destination devices, and a method for common event-based multidevice media synchronization and quality analysis.. .
Blackfire Research Corporation

 Deskew fifo buffer with simplified initialization patent thumbnailDeskew fifo buffer with simplified initialization
A source-synchronization interface circuit includes: a sender synchronous-to-asynchronous protocol converter that receives sender data and a sender clock and that has regenerative gain to resolve metastability during phase synchronization of the sender clock and a receiver clock; an asynchronous fifo buffer with multiple stages that conveys phase information and data from the sender synchronous-to-asynchronous protocol converter to a receiver synchronous-to-asynchronous protocol converter; and a receiver synchronous-to-asynchronous protocol converter that receives the receiver clock and that has regenerative gain to resolve metastability during the phase synchronization. Moreover, the source-synchronization interface circuit includes control logic that initializes the source-synchronization interface circuit by operating the stages in the asynchronous fifo buffer in a slow mode having a cycle time less than a data-transfer period for a predetermined number of clock cycles, and subsequently operating the stages in a normal mode having a cycle time that is less than that for the slow mode..
Oracle International Corporation

 Spintronic logic element patent thumbnailSpintronic logic element
An embodiment includes a c-element logic gate implemented as a spin logic device that provides a compact and low-power implementation of asynchronous logic by implementing a c-element with spintronic technology. An embodiment includes a first nanopillar including a first contact and a first fixed magnetic layer; a second nanopillar including a second contact and a second fixed magnetic layer; and a third nanopillar including a third contact, a tunnel barrier, and a third fixed magnetic layer; wherein (a) the first, second, and third nanopillars are all formed over a free magnetic layer, and (b) the third fixed magnetic layer, the tunnel barrier, and the free magnetic layer form a magnetic tunnel junction (mtj).
Intel Corporation

 System for reducing noise in a chemical sensor array patent thumbnailSystem for reducing noise in a chemical sensor array
A system including a power supply and a clock circuitry to generate a plurality of clock signals. Each clock signal is synchronous with a primary clock signal.
Life Technologies Corporation

 Zero-crossing detection circuit and switching power supply thereof patent thumbnailZero-crossing detection circuit and switching power supply thereof
A zero-crossing detection circuit can include: a state judging circuit that generates a judging signal based on whether a body diode of a synchronous power switch is conducting when the synchronous power switch is off; a regulation voltage generator that reduces a regulation voltage when the judging signal indicates that the body diode is conducting, and increases the regulation voltage when the judging signal indicates that the body diode is not conducting, where a detection voltage includes a sum of the regulation voltage and a voltage at a first terminal of the synchronous power switch; and a comparison circuit that compares the detection voltage against a voltage at a second terminal of the synchronous power switch, and generates a zero-crossing detection signal that is activated to turn off the synchronous power switch when the detection voltage equals the voltage at the second terminal of the synchronous power switch.. .
Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd

 Switching power supply circuit patent thumbnailSwitching power supply circuit
According to an embodiment, a switching power supply circuit includes a comparison circuit and an operation control circuit. The comparison circuit operates intermittently in response to an operation control signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Flyback converter operating by synchronous rectification with transient protection, primary side control circuit therein, and control method thereof patent thumbnailFlyback converter operating by synchronous rectification with transient protection, primary side control circuit therein, and control method thereof
The present invention discloses a flyback converter, a primary side control circuit therein, and a control method thereof. The flyback converter includes: a transformer circuit, a power switch circuit, a primary side control circuit, a synchronous rectification (sr) switch, and a synchronous rectification (sr) control circuit.
Richtek Technology Corporation

 Synchronous motor patent thumbnailSynchronous motor
A synchronous motor includes a stator that includes nine teeth that are divided into three phases, each of which includes three adjacent teeth, windings being concentratedly wound around the teeth. The circumferential width of a tip portion of a central tooth among three teeth forming each phase is made smaller than the circumferential widths of tip portions of both-side teeth, and the tooth thickness of the tip portion of the central tooth is made smaller than the tooth thicknesses of the tip portions of the both-side teeth..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Synchronous  motor,  motor  stator,  pump  and cleaning apparatus patent thumbnailSynchronous motor, motor stator, pump and cleaning apparatus
A synchronous motor, motor stator, pump and cleaning apparatus are provided. The motor stator includes a stator core and two stator windings.
Johnson Electric S.a.


Circuit design layout in multiple synchronous representations

This application discloses a computing system implementing tools and mechanisms to synchronize multiple layouts for a circuit design during the layout process. The tools and mechanisms can implement multiple communicating kernels, each to manage at least one of the layouts.
Mentor Graphics Corporation


Query dispatching system and method

A computer receives a database request to be executed on a source database or a target database. The source database is configured to efficiently process database queries of a first query type, the target database is configured to efficiently process database queries of a second query type, data changes in the source database are asynchronously replicated to the target database, and all changed data in the source database impacting a result of the database request are replicated to the target database before executing the database request.
International Business Machines Corporation


Updating cached database query results

A data cache platform maintains pre-computed database query results computed by a computation platform based on data maintained in the computation platform and is configured to determine probabilities of the pre-computed database query results being outdated, to automatically issue re-computation orders to the computation platform for updating pre-computed database query results on the basis of the determined probabilities of the pre-computed database query results being outdated and to receive the updated pre-computed database query results as results of the re-computation orders. The probability determination depends on a probabilistic model and on the occurrence of asynchronous real-time events.
Amadeus S.a.s.


Cached volumes at storage gateways

Methods and apparatus for supporting cached volumes at storage gateways are disclosed. A storage gateway appliance is configured to cache at least a portion of a storage object of a remote storage service at local storage devices.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Efficient handing of semi-asynchronous raid write failures

For efficient handing of semi-asynchronous raid write failures using a processor device in a computing environment, a write operation is committed on a primary copy of data on a primary entity while sending the data to a secondary entity while awaiting an acknowledgment by the secondary entity. The acknowledgment indicates to the primary entity that metadata for the write operation has arrived at the secondary entity without necessarily indicating the data has arrived at the secondary entity..
International Business Machines Corporation


Database system control method and database system

This database system includes a first site that provides a database and a second site that stores a copy of said database. A first computer for the first site performs database processing and updates the data in the database.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Managing callback operations in emulated environments

Examples of the disclosure enable callback operations, such as interrupts, asynchronous procedure calls (apcs), and deferred procedure calls (dpcs), to be efficiently managed. In some examples, an emulated thread includes a request for a callback operation.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Systems and methods for collaborative synchronous image selection

Systems and methods for real-time collaborative computing and collective intelligence are disclosed. A collaborative application runs on a collaborative server connected to a plurality of computing devices.
Unanimous A. I., Inc.


Apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging with high spatial temporal resolutions

A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system, comprising a magnetic resonance imaging scanner. The mr scanner comprises a main magnet providing a substantially uniform main magnetic field b0 for a subject under observation, the subject represented by a spatial distribution of magnetizations; a radio frequency (rf) coil system configured to irradiate a plurality of radio frequency (rf) pulses into a region of interest of the subject and to detect a plurality of rf response signals emitted from the region of interest; a gradient coil system configured to provide a perturbation of the main magnetic field b0 using a gradient pulse sequence that causes the rf response signals to encode the spatial distribution of magnetizations in a fourier domain on a plurality of read-out paths; and a controller in communication with the rf coil system and the gradient coil system to synchronously provide the rf coil system with the plurality of rf pulses and the gradient coil system with the gradient pulse sequence.


Automated motor adaptation

A method of determining electromagnetic characteristics of an asynchronous motor system is described. A motor system model is presented including a stator resistance, a transient inductance, a magnetizing inductance and a rotor resistance.
Danfoss Power Electronics A/s


Method and optical and terahertz asynchronous sampling signal measurement

A method and a system for measuring an optical asynchronous sample signal. The system for measuring an optical asynchronous sampling signal comprises a pulsed optical source capable of emitting two optical pulse sequences with different repetition frequencies, a signal optical path, a reference optical path, and a detection device.
Beihang University


Pump and cleaning apparatus

A pump and a cleaning apparatus are provided. The pump includes a pump housing having a pump chamber, an inlet and an outlet in communication with the pump chamber, a motor, and an impeller.
Johnson Electric S.a.


Electric traction system for a railway vehicle; protection method realised by such a system

A system includes a converter for powering a synchronous electric machine to which it is connected by cables, an insulating device and a mechanism for short-circuiting phases of the machine. The system includes primary detectors for detecting an overcurrent in the converter and a securing device able to open the insulating device when receiving a primary detection signal emitted by the primary detector.
Alstom Transport Technologies


Squeezing system

Squeezing system that comprises at least one female drum (1) and at least one male drum (2), one close to the other and which rotate in a synchronous manner, one in the opposite direction to the other, the female (1) having on its side at least one cavity (6) apt for lodging the fruit to be squeezed, and the male drum (2) likewise having on the side at least one protuberance (5) apt for engaging in a portion of the rotation path and apt for being tightly lodged in the cavity (6) of the female drum (1) during each rotation, compressing and squeezing the fruit; the rotation axle (3) of the female drum (1) not being parallel to the rotation axle (4) of the male drum (2), both crossing at a point in space, being preferably coplanar and concurrent and being deployed one with respect to the other at an angle other than 0° or 180°, in which the female (1) and male (2) drums have one of their bases larger than the other, preferably adopting a a frustoconical shape.. .
Zumex Group S.a.



A server includes bracket and tray. The bracket is detachably installed on guiding rails of a case.
Inventec Corporation


Discovery and management of synchronous audio or video streaming service to multiple sinks in wireless display system

Methods, systems, and devices are described for service discovery and session establishment framework to enable a synchronous audio/video streaming service from a source to multiple sink devices. In accordance with the present disclosure, a plurality of sink devices (e.g., wi-fi speakers) may be deployed in a flexible (e.g., plug-and-play) fashion and may be discoverable by the source device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Synchronous communication system and method

A method, computer program product, and computing system for providing a plurality of users of a social network with the ability to indicate affinity with an electronic object. An indication is received from a first user of the plurality of users to initiate an object-specific, synchronous communication session concerning the electronic object.
Google Inc.


Support for asynchronous adaptation to uplink and downlink traffic demands for wireless communication

Technology is discussed to allow transmission points within a wireless wide area network (wwan) to adapt to up link (ul) and down link (dl) traffic demands independently. To mitigate potential interference arising from transmission points scheduled for conflicting ul and dl transmissions, measurements between transmission points can be made to indicate a level of coupling.
Intel Corporation


Method for ascertaining a commutation angle

In a method for ascertaining a commutation angle in a permanently excited synchronous motor, the commutation angle indicates the position of a rotor within a magnetic period of the synchronous motor and is used for the field-oriented energization of the synchronous motor. The method includes the steps of specifying a random commutation angle as starting point of the method, impressing a current vector into the motor using the initially randomly specified commutation angle, ascertaining a positional deviation of the rotor, varying the commutation angle used for the energization with the aid of a controller structure in order to counteract the ascertained positional deviation, so that the commutation angle that comes about after a stabilizing period corresponds to the actual commutation angle of the rotor, an initial speed of the rotor being taken into account when ascertaining the positional deviation of the rotor..
Etel S.a.


Peak-buck peak-boost current-mode control for switched step-up step-down regulators

A peak-buck peak-boost current mode control structure and scheme for a synchronous four-switch and non-synchronous two-switch buck-boost regulators sense input and output voltages to smoothly transition between buck mode, buck-boost mode, and boost mode for high power efficiency and low output ripples. With the inductor current sensing, the control scheme achieves the best performance in continuous conduction and discontinuous condition mode operations..
Linear Technology Corporation


Synchronous business process execution engine for action orchestration in a single execution transaction context

An asynchronous business process specification declared in a procedural markup language comprising an activity flow model and a plurality of activities is received. An indication is received that a subset of the plurality of activities is to be synchronously executed without reduced latency.
Emc Corporation


Binary translator with precise exception synchronization mechanism

A source computer system with one instruction set architecture (isa) is configured to run on a target hardware system that has its own isa, which may be the same as the source isa. In cases where the source instructions cannot be executed directly on the target system, the invention provides binary translation system.
Vmware, Inc.


Peripheral interface circuit at host side and electronic system using the same

A peripheral interface circuit at host side and an electronic system using the same is disclosed. The peripheral interface circuit has a bus clock signal generator and a data register.
Via Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Asynchronous pulse detection through sequential time sampling of optically spread signals

A method to spread laser photon energy over separate pixels to improve the likelihood that the total sensing time of all the pixels together includes the laser pulse. The optical signal is spread over a number of pixels, n, on a converter array by means of various optical components.
Rosemount Aerospace Inc.


Adjustment device for aiming two oppositely pivoted lamp elements of a motor vehicle

An adjustment device is provided for aiming two oppositely pivoted lamp elements. That device includes a single aim adjuster screw, a first connection connecting the adjuster screw to a first lamp element and a second connection connecting the adjuster screw to a second lamp element.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Laser-based marking method and apparatus

A method for marking a thin workpiece is designed to prevent deformation of the workpiece. A plurality of lasers are opposed to respective opposite sides of the workpiece so as to both sides are heat treated.
Ipg Photonics Corporation


Method for continuously manufacturing moisture film

An apparatus and a method for continuously manufacturing moisture films are revealed. At least one loading surface formed by a belt conveyor is used to support and move a lower fabric layer synchronously.
Biosol Tech Corporation Limited


Method for producing a pocket spring core

A method for producing a pocket spring core including multiple interconnected spring coils, each having a plurality of individual helical springs arranged one behind the other and encased in a pocket is disclosed. At least some of the spring coils are made of at least two partial spring coils abutting each other at their end faces.
Agro Holding Gmbh


Radio base station, user terminal and radio communication method

The present invention is designed to establish synchronization properly even when synchronizing between different cells by means of a radio interface in an asynchronous nw. A radio base station establishes radio synchronization by using downlink signals transmitted from the radio base station of other cells, and has a synchronization information control section that, via an inter-base station interface, reports a synchronization information request to the radio base stations of other cells and also acquires synchronization information reported from the radio base stations of other cells, and a determining section that determines a radio base station to establish radio synchronization with, based on the synchronization information acquired, and the synchronization information which the synchronization information control section acquires from the radio base stations of other cells includes the synchronization status, the synchronization stratum levels, and information to represent the synchronization groups, of the radio base stations of other cells..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Method and generating three-dimensional image

A method for generating a three-dimensional (3d) image may detect a current eye position of a user and render a 3d image based on at least one of a previously detected eye position of the user and previously generated stereo images. A cycle at which the current eye position of user is detected and a cycle at which a 3d image is rendered may be asynchronous..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Parallel scaling engine for multi-view 3dtv display and method thereof

A parallel synchronous scaling engine for multi-view 3d display and a method thereof are provided, wherein, selection and combination calculation are provided to an interpolation pixel window, then interpolation calculation is provided to a combined interpolation pixel window of a combined view field, calculation results are directly displayed on a display terminal. That is to say, interpolation is originally provided before stereoscopic pixel rearrangement, which is now improved, in such a manner that screening and combination of pixel points is provided before interpolation calculation.
Xi'an Jiaotong University


Distributed service routing protocol suitable for virtual networks

A dynamic service routing protocol (dsrp) communicates messages (e.g., containing information regarding network routes and tables) across a partial-mesh network of nodes. Gateway nodes (i.e., computing devices that operate as a final sink point for a service route) are connected to edge routers (i.e., computing devices that operate as a transit for a service route) but not necessarily to other host nodes.


Method and device for operating an asynchronous machine, and an asynchronous machine

The invention relates to a method for operating an asynchronous machine (1) comprising a rotor (3) and a stator (2), in which a torque of the asynchronous machine (1) is adjusted by specifying a desired magnetic flux of a surrounding magnetic field of the stator (2) and specifying a desired slip between a rotational speed of the rotor (3) and the rotational speed of the surrounding magnetic field. According to the invention, at least in the load condition and when a rotary frequency of the surrounding magnetic field of the stator is equal to zero, the desired magnetic flux and/or the desired slip with constant torque is changed in such a way that an actual rotary frequency of the surrounding magnetic field is not equal to zero..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Magnetic coupling

A magnetic coupling including a first member having a first array of magnetic field generating elements, the first member being arranged to produce first moving magnetic field, an array of electrical conductors fixed relative to the first member, and a second member having a second array of magnetic field generating elements, the second member being arranged to produce second moving magnetic field, wherein the first and second members are arranged for relative movement therebetween, wherein the array of conductors is arranged to inductively couple with the second moving magnetic field to produce a torque to bring the first and second moving magnetic fields into synchronous relative movement.. .
Ricardo Uk Limited


Hollow motor module

A hollow motor module as a combination of a motor and a speed reducer is disclosed. The motor includes an outer stator, a first rotor and a plurality of second rotors.
Precision Machinery Research & Development Center


Method, device and system for restricting electricity intelligently

Provided are a method, device and system for restricting electricity intelligently. The method includes: a synchronous data request is sent to an ami platform; real-time electricity quantity data sent, according to the synchronous data request, by the ami platform is received; the real-time electricity quantity data is analyzed according to a preset electricity restriction rule, and corresponding electricity restriction control information is acquired; the electricity restriction control information is sent to the ami platform, so that the ami platform carries out an intelligent electricity restriction..
Zte Corporation


Timing violation resilient asynchronous template

An asynchronous circuit may include a single-rail logic datapath; one or more error-detecting latches; a controller that controls the error-detecting latches; and delay lines. The controller and the delay lines may cooperate to communicate with one or more other controllers that the output of the controlled error-detecting latches may be valid prior to when the error-detecting latches indicate whether or not an error occurred..
University Of Southern California


Safe storing data for disaster recovery

A computer-implemented method and system for safe storing data is disclosed. A sending queue manager associated with a client computer transmits an asynchronous write of a transaction message containing data to a receiving queue manager associated with a transaction processing computer not colocated with the client computer.
Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.


Automatic mutual exclusion

An automatic mutual exclusion computer programming system is disclosed which allows a programmer to produce concurrent programming code that is synchronized by default without the need to write any synchronization code. The programmer creates asynchronous methods which are not permitted make changes to shared memory that they cannot reverse, and can execute concurrently with other asynchronous methods.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Optical proximity sensor and associated user interface

A proximity sensor including a housing, light emitters mounted in the housing for projecting light out of the housing along a detection plane, light detectors mounted in the housing for detecting amounts of light entering the housing along the detection plane, whereby for each emitter-detector pair (e, d), when an object is located at a target position p(e, d) in the detection plane, corresponding to the pair (e, d), then the light emitted by emitter e is scattered by the object and is expected to be maximally detected by detector d, and a processor to synchronously activate emitter-detector pairs, to read the detected amounts of light from the detectors, and to calculate a location of the object in the detection plane from the detected amounts of light, in accordance with a detection-location relationship that relates detections from emitter-detector pairs to object locations between neighboring target positions in the detection plane.. .
Neonode Inc.


Catadioptric projection objective comprising deflection mirrors and projection exposure method

A catadioptric projection objective has a multiplicity of lenses and at least one concave mirror, and also two deflection mirrors in order to separate a partial beam path running from the object field to the concave mirror from the partial beam path running from the concave mirror to the image field. The deflection mirrors are tilted relative to the optical axis of the projection objective about tilting axes running parallel to a first direction (x-direction).
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Pulley for use with a non-synchronous drive belt

A pulley for use with a non-synchronous drive belt is described and which includes a main body having a belt mating surface which has a given surface area and which is further defined by a first bearing area, and a second rough area, and wherein the first bearing area comprises less than about 85% of the belt mating surface area.. .
Extreme Industrial Coatings, Llc


Paper transfer device

A paper transfer device includes a first paper transfer path that transfers a paper from a first paper feeder, a second paper transfer path that transfers a paper from a second paper feeder, a first paper guide plate fixed on the first paper transfer path, a rotatable second paper guide plate provided so as to faces the first paper guide plate with the first paper transfer path interposed therebetween when closed, a third paper guide plate fixed on the second paper transfer path, a rotatable fourth paper guide plate provided so as to face the third paper guide plate with the second paper transfer path interposed therebetween when closed, a cooperative mechanism that opens the fourth paper guide plate synchronously with opening of the second paper guide plate, and closes the fourth paper guide plate synchronously with closing of the second paper guide plate.. .
Riso Kagaku Corporation


Selectable stride elliptical

An exercise apparatus comprises a frame, a left foot link supporting a left foot pad, a right foot link supporting a right foot pad in a left foot link supporting a left foot pad. The right foot pad is linked to the left foot pad so as to synchronously move out of phase with the left foot pad through an elliptical path having an adjustable step height and an adjustable stride length.
Precor Incorporated


Synchronous airway pressure release ventilation

A pressure control ventilation system (10) configured to provide airway release ventilation synchronous with a breathing subject that includes a pressure generator (12) configured to generate pressurized flow of breathable gas to a subject, one or more sensors (28) configured to generate output signals conveying information related to one or more gas parameters of the pressurized flow, one or more processors (14) configured to execute computer modules comprising: a synchronization module (16) configured to detect inspiratory (39, 45) and expiratory (40, 44, 59) flow phases of the subject based at least on the signals; an interval module (18) configured to define time intervals (54, 60); a control module (20) configured to control the generator to deliver flow fluctuating between a first pressure range (48) to maintain adequate lung volume and a second pressure range (50) to facilitate c02 exhalation, the control including: delivering the flow in the first range at the beginning (56) of a first time interval (54); adjusting the flow from the first to the second range responsive to a detection of a start (42) of a first expiratory flow phase (40) in the first time interval; maintaining the flow at the second range over the first expiratory phase; and maintaining the flow at the first range over a second expiratory phase (44) starting in the first time interval and following the first expiratory phase.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Determining of subject zero flow using cluster analysis

Systems and method for determining zero subject flow rate for correcting leak estimation in respiratory devices. Estimating leak in respiratory devices is necessary for proper ventilation of the subject.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Low power synchronization in a wireless communication network

Some aspects of the present disclosure provide for methods, apparatus, and computer software for low-power synchronization of wireless communication devices. In one example, an asynchronous code division multiple access (cdma) channel may be utilized for uplink communication.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Wireless communication method, wireless terminal, wireless base station, and control device

A wireless communication method including: acquiring, by a wireless terminal configured to asynchronously transmit a wireless signal to a first base station in a first wireless communication system, first information relating to a stop period during which a synchronous wireless communication between two apparatus is stopped in a second wireless communication system that is interfered by the wireless signal asynchronously transmitted from the wireless terminal, and adjusting, by the wireless terminal, a timing of transmitting the wireless signal so as to suppress an overflow of the wireless signal into a period subsequent to the stop period, based on the first information.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Asynchronous video interview system

Aspects of an asynchronous video interview system and related techniques include a server that receives a plurality of pre-recorded video prompts, generates an interview script, transmits a video prompt from the interview script to be displayed at a client computing device, and receives a streamed video response from the client computing device. The server can perform algorithmic analysis on content of the video response.
Collegenet, Inc.


Controllable single pixel sensors

A single pixel sensor is provided, comprising a photo sensor configured to convert light into proportional signals; a charge storage configured to accumulate, repeatedly, a plurality of the signals converted by the photosensor; a first transistor coupled between a pixel voltage terminal and the photosensor; a second transistor coupled between the photosensor and the charge storage; and a readout circuit coupled between the charge storage and an output channel, wherein: the single pixel sensor is configured to carry out the repeated accumulations of signals multiple times per each readout by the readout circuit, the single pixel sensor is configured to synchronously convert reflections of light emitted by an associated illuminator or to convert light emitted by non-associated flickering light sources, and wherein the single pixel sensor is backside illuminated by the light.. .
Brightway Vision Ltd.


Methods and systems for removal of rolling shutter effects

Methods and systems for rolling shutter removal are described. A computing device may be configured to determine, in a frame of a video, distinguishable features.
Google Inc.


Reducing redirects

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for reducing redirects. In one aspect, a method includes receiving request data indicating that a user device has requested a content item.
Google Inc.


Method for generating a key in a network and users configured for this purpose

A method for generating a shared key between two users of a network. The two users respectively have at least one clock as well as an arrangement for detecting a certain surroundings variable.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Transparent serial encryption

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for configuring and using one or more block ciphering techniques in order to encrypt/decrypt serial data streams while maintaining cryptographic synchronization and attempting to minimize the amount of overhead introduced into the stream. The techniques disclosed herein may be used to encrypt and decrypt serial data streams using a block cipher in a manner that can be substantially transparent to the devices involved in the serial communication session.
L-3 Communications Corporation


Rotor of wound rotor synchronous motor

A rotor of a wound rotor synchronous motor is spaced apart from an interior diameter surface of a stator by a predetermined gap, and includes a plurality of teeth wound by a rotor coil, and circumferentially spaced apart from each other by a distance, where a slot is formed between the teeth, each tooth is formed with a shoe facing an interior diameter surface of the stator, and both ends of the shoe protrude in a direction of both ends of an adjacent shoe, where each tooth includes a first part corresponding to a winding body of the tooth and a second part extending in the direction of both ends of the adjacent shoe from both sides of the first part.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Stator of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor

A stator of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor is provided. The stator spaced apart from a rotor by a predetermined gap within an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor includes a stator tooth that is circumferentially spaced apart by a predetermined distance while interposing a slot therebetween that corresponds to an exterior diameter surface of the rotor.
Kia Motors Corporation


Pausible bisynchronous fifo

A system, method, and computer program product are provided for a pausible bisynchronous fifo. Data is written synchronously with a first clock signal of a first clock domain to an entry of a dual-port memory array and an increment signal is generated in the first clock domain.
Nvidia Corporation


Electronic education system for enabling an interactive learning session

The invention provides an electronic education system for enabling an interactive learning session. The electronic education system includes one or more student devices and an instructor device.
Classwork Co.


Systems and methods for channel identification, encoding, and decoding multiple signals having different dimensions

Systems and methods for channel identification, encoding and decoding signals, where the signals can have one or more dimensions, are disclosed. An exemplary method can include receiving the input signals and processing the input signals to provide a first output.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Synchronous topics: Synchronous, Transverse, Longitudinal Axis, Inverter Circuit, Transmitting Signals, Electronic Device, Portable Electronic Device, Control Unit, Asynchronous, Strobe Signal

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