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Synchronous patents


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 Synchronous switching circuit patent thumbnailSynchronous switching circuit
An electrical circuit, in some embodiments, comprises a control circuit having a plurality of switches and an electrical load having a plurality of load components. A first of the plurality of switches is configured to control a first of the plurality of load components.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

 Imaging apparatus and imaging control apparatus having synchronous type wireless communication function patent thumbnailImaging apparatus and imaging control apparatus having synchronous type wireless communication function
The present invention is to perform synchronous shooting using synchronous type wireless communication more effectively. An imaging apparatus 1 includes: a synchronous communication unit m1 configured to perform synchronous type wireless communication to send/receive data in a communication synchronized state in which a communication clock of a communication partner and an own communication clock are synchronized; a synchronous communication control unit m2 configured to make a transition to the communication synchronized state to perform the synchronous type wireless communication with other imaging apparatuses that are to perform synchronous shooting; a broadcast reception unit m4 configured to receive a broadcast wireless signal transmitted to plural imaging apparatuses in the communication synchronized state; and a first control unit 104a configured to perform shooting at timing when the broadcast wireless signal is received..
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

 Print control system and print control method patent thumbnailPrint control system and print control method
A print control system 1 has a control server 10 that transmits print data, and a printer 12 that communicates with the control server 10 through an asynchronous duplex communication path, receives print data sent by the control server 10 through the communication path, and prints based on the received data.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Dual path source synchronous interface patent thumbnailDual path source synchronous interface
A dual path source synchronous interface is disclosed. In one embodiment, a source synchronous interface includes a transmitter coupled to serially receive data from a first functional circuit block, and a receiver coupled to provide data serially to a second functional circuit block.
Apple Inc.

 Method and  non-orthogonal access in lte systems patent thumbnailMethod and non-orthogonal access in lte systems
The disclosure pertains to methods and apparatus for transmitting uplink data to a wireless network asynchronously comprising generating data for transmission to the network on an uplink shared channel (ul-sch) transport channel, selecting between transmitting the data to the network orthogonally or non-orthogonally, and transmitting the data on the selected physical channel.. .
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

 Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing and a linear time-periodic filter patent thumbnailTest and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing and a linear time-periodic filter
A test and measurement instrument, including a splitter configured to split an input signal having a particular bandwidth into a plurality of split signals, each split signal including substantially the entire bandwidth of the input signal, a plurality of harmonic mixers, each harmonic mixer configured to mix an associated split signal of the plurality of split signals with an associated harmonic signal to generate an associated mixed signal, a plurality of digitizers, each digitizer configured to digitize a mixed signal of an associated harmonic mixer of the plurality of harmonic mixers, and a linear time-periodic filter configured to receive the digitized mixed signal from each of the digitizers and output a time-interleaved signal. A first-order harmonic of at least one harmonic signal associated with the harmonic mixers is different from a sample rate of at least one of the digitizers..
Tektronix, Inc.

 Chopper stabilized amplifier with synchronous switched capacitor noise filtering patent thumbnailChopper stabilized amplifier with synchronous switched capacitor noise filtering
A chopper stabilzed amplifier with synchronous switched capacitor noise filtering is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a chopper amplifier having an input that receives an input signal and an output that outputs an amplified signal.
Ixys Corporation

 Method and  a position sensor for a transmission integrated synchronous motor patent thumbnailMethod and a position sensor for a transmission integrated synchronous motor
A transmission assembly has an integrated torque machine including a torque machine stator and a torque machine rotor. The torque machine rotor includes at least one set of rotor magnets.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Dual-shaft gas turbine power generation system, and control device and control  gas turbine system patent thumbnailDual-shaft gas turbine power generation system, and control device and control gas turbine system
The dual-shaft gas turbine power generation system includes: a high-pressure gas turbine; a first rotating shaft connecting a compressor and the high-pressure gas turbine; an electric motor connected to the first rotating shaft; a governor which adjusts the amount of air taken into the compressor; a low-pressure gas turbine; a second rotating shaft connected to the low-pressure gas turbine; a synchronous power generator connected to the second rotating shaft; a frequency converter which converts the frequency of power transmitted between the synchronous power generator and the electric motor; and a control device which controls a frequency converter control device for controlling the frequency converter, and the governor, on the basis of a power output command value indicating the power to be outputted to an external grid.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

 Globally asynchronous and locally synchronous (gals) neuromorphic network patent thumbnailGlobally asynchronous and locally synchronous (gals) neuromorphic network
Embodiments of the invention relate to a globally asynchronous and locally synchronous neuromorphic network. One embodiment comprises generating a synchronization signal that is distributed to a plurality of neural core circuits.
International Business Machines Corporation

System, method, and computer readable storage media for managing and processing golf data

A system, method and non-transitory storage medium to manage and process golf game data, golf player data, handicap data, golf team data, and golf course data so as to organize and manage team-based groups or golf leagues of extended duration where asynchronous golf game play during some periods and synchronous game play during other periods on real golf courses and potentially different golf courses is possible. Extensive grouping, scoring, and ranking of golf teams as well as qualification-based tournaments are provided so as to create previously unseen effects of creating a strong community of interest in golfing and increasing the enjoyment and frequency of golf play..
Gkps Llc

Systems and methods for distributed storage

Techniques for distributed storage using a plurality of computing devices connected to a network can include storing an electronic file in a local storage layer of one of the computing devices. The stored electronic file can be asymmetrically transmitted, in portions, over the network to other computing devices to store the file across the other computing devices in a distributed storage layer.
Aetherstore Inc.

Asynchronous index loading for database computing system startup latency managment

A system, computer-implemented method, and computer-program product embodiments for rebuilding database indexes is disclosed. A pre-loader thread rebuilds a plurality of indexes in the background once a database is initialized.
Sap Se

Computing module with serial data connectivity

A computing module includes an interface to asynchronously, serially exchange parallel system bus data with one or more other modules of a computer system that includes the computing module. The computing module can asynchronously, serially transfer first parallel bus data to another module of the computer system, and can asynchronously, serially receive second parallel bus data from another module of the computer system..
Intellectual Ventures I Llc

Integrating quality analysis with a code review tool

Techniques are provided for integrating source code analysis tools with a code review tool. A user submits a code change to the code review tool and one or more code analysis tools are automatically initiated to analyze the changed code.
Linkedln Corporation

Control device for machine tool having a plurality of axes

A control device for a machine tool for cutting a rotationally-symmetric workpiece by a tool, includes a machining command making unit for making a machining command for an auxiliary motor based on rotation speeds of the workpiece and the tool, and feed rates of the tool and the workpiece, an oscillation command making unit for making an oscillation command for the auxiliary motor, based on the rotation speeds and the feed rates, so that the oscillation command is asynchronous with the rotation speed of the workpiece around the axis of rotation, and so that the tool intermittently cuts the workpiece, an addition unit for adding the oscillation command to the machining command, and a control unit for controlling the auxiliary motor based on the machining command to which the oscillation command has been added.. .
Fanuc Corporation

Multi-target laser distance meter

A laser distance meter includes a laser light source configured to emit temporally modulated laser light toward target objects. The laser distance meter further includes a light detector configured to detect laser light reflected by target objects.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Offshore drilling system, vessel and methods

Offshore drilling system for performing subsea wellbore related activities including a drilling vessel, with a floating hull subjected to heave motion. A main cable heave compensation sheave is provided for heave compensation of a travelling block.
Itrec B.v.

An offshore drilling vessel and method

An offshore drilling vessel includes a floating hull subjected to heave motion. The hull includes a moonpool and a drilling tower near the moonpool.
Itrec B.v.

Method and device of dynamically configuring linear density and blending ratio of yarn by five-ingredient asynchronous/synchronous drafting

The invention discloses a method and device of dynamically configuring a linear density and a blending ratio of a yarn by five-ingredient asynchronous/synchronous drafting, comprising: a drafting and twisting system, which includes a first stage drafting unit, a successive second stage drafting unit and an integrating and twisting unit. The first stage drafting unit includes a combination of back rollers and a middle roller.
Jiangnan University

Container raising/lowering conveyance apparatus

A container raising/lowering conveyance apparatus has a supporting structure (a secondary traveling body) which supports four gripping raising/lowering bodies capable of being raised and lowered, and has an x-direction drive means by which the four gripping raising/lowering bodies are moved closer to and away from each other synchronously and symmetrically with respect to a y-direction center line and a y-direction drive means by which the four gripping raising/lowering bodies are moved closer to and away from each other synchronously and symmetrically with respect to an x-direction center line. Both the x-direction drive means and the y-direction drive means are used to enlarge and shrink a right-angled parallelogram surrounded by the four gripping raising/lowering bodies, without changing the center position and the orientation of the right-angled parallelogram..
Daifuku Co., Ltd.

Bicycle rim brake

Responsive to a hydraulic piston advancing out of a piston housing in a second brake arm and contacting a piston cam surface of a first brake arm, the second brake arm pivots around a second pivot. As this is happening, a cam surface in the second brake arm lifts a contact surface of a first force transfer member of the first brake arm, imparting torque to the first brake arm which then pivots around a first pivot.
Sram, Llc

Method for controlling a brake system

A brake system comprises a cylinder-piston unit movable by an electromechanical actuator. Wheel brakes associated with at least one axle can be supplied with braking pressure via the hydraulic pressure chamber.
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

Three-sectional hidden sliding rail mechanism

A three-sectional hidden sliding rail, which is able to solve a usage problem influenced by asynchronous sliding rails at two sides of a conventional three-sectional hidden sliding rail during using, includes a pair of sliding rail sub-mechanisms which is symmetrically mounted at a left side and a right side of a movable object. Each sliding rail sub-mechanism includes a fixed guide rail (1), a middle rail (2), and a movable guide rail (3).
Wuxi Haidaer Precision Slides Co., Ltd

Fluid for suspended animation

A method to increase the time a donated organ will remain viable prior to transplantation, where the method includes infusing into a human patient declared brain dead, using a first intravenous line, a fluorocarbon fluid comprising a chain length from 1 to about 20 carbon atoms, and optionally synchronously with said infusing, exsanguinating said patient using a second intravenous line.. .
Nuvox Pharma Llc

Changing radio bearer configuration or state

A first one of a wireless communication device (22) and a base station (20) performs a method for applying a change to a configuration or state of a radio bearer. The radio bearer supports the transfer of data over a radio connection between the wireless communication device (22) and the base station (20) with defined data transfer characteristics.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

System and providing continuous communications access to satellites in geocentric, non-geosynchronous orbits

A system including a constellation of satellites in low earth orbit and a plurality of ground stations to enable continuous communication for other geocentric, non-geosynchronous spacecraft. Network latency, doppler effects, and router handover time are minimized through selection of orbital parameters for the satellite constellation and locations of ground stations.
Kepler Communications Inc.

Method and system for triggering terminal group

The disclosure discloses a method for triggering a terminal group, including that a network side sending a group triggering message to each terminal of the terminal group, wherein the group triggering message is used for indicating each terminal of the terminal group to connect to the network, and each terminal of the terminal group establishing connection with the network according to the group triggering message. The disclosure also discloses a system for triggering a terminal group, which realizes to synchronously trigger all the terminals of one terminal group, and makes the operator network better optimize the message volume of the terminal group which needs to receive the same messages when the group based addressing characteristic of the terminal group is activated..
Zte Corporation

Wireless sensor module

A wireless sensor module can include a primary body, a primary processor, a first plurality of sockets, a secondary body, a secondary processor, a first transducer, and a wireless transceiver. The primary processor and the sockets can be mounted to the primary body.
Civionics, Inc

Stacked modular architecture high-resolution thermal chip camera

An uncooled high-resolution 12 micron pixel pitch 3d-stacked component thermal camera including an electronics board, a camera circuit card assembly (cca) with an application-specific integrated circuit (asic), a synchronous dynamic random access memory (sdram), flash memory, a spacer, a wafer level packaged focal plane array (fpa) wafer with a lens housing attach ring on the fpa, and a window.. .
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Asynchronous switching system and method

An asynchronous switching system and method for processing sdi data streams, the system and method utilizing one or more buffers for cleaning up an output of a dirty ip switch.. .
Nevion Usa, Inc.

Override subsystems for rapid recovery from serial-link errors

An override subsystem on the host side of a serial data link between the host and a peripheral detects and diagnoses link errors by comparing the states of the port's link-layer component and physical layer. An override controller accesses a data-store containing stored policies for responding to particular errors.
Intel Corporation

Method for detecting a short circuit in a synchronous machine fitted with an angular position sensor

The invention relates to a method for detecting a short circuit between the phases of a polyphase synchronous machine (1) comprising a stator (2) and a rotor (3), said machine being fitted with at least one angular position sensor (1a) of the rotor (3), the rotor (3) comprising means for generating a magnetic induction provided to move said rotor around the stator (2), the angular position sensor (1a) comprising at least two magnetic induction measurement sensors (6), the induction measurement sensors (6) extending to an axial end (3a) of the rotor (3), facing and immediately adjacent to the axial edges (4a) of the means for generating a magnetic induction, characterized in that said method consists of: i1) using the values measured and supplied by the induction measurement sensors, i2) calculating the gradient of the curve of the measured values as a function of time, i3) comparing the calculated gradient with a threshold value, vs, and i4) if the calculated gradient is greater than or equal to the threshold value, vs, generating a warning signal, s, using an electronic unit and, if this is not the case, returning to step i1).. .
Lohr Electromecanique

Driving electric motor

A driving apparatus for driving an electric motor, such as a synchronous motor or an induction motor, and more particularly to a driving apparatus which performs a vector control based on an output current of an inverter. The driving apparatus of the present invention includes an inverter, a current detector configured to detect an output current of the inverter, and a vector controller configured to transform the output current, detected by the current detector, into a torque current and a magnetization current and to control the torque current and the magnetization current.
Ebara Corporation

Control circuit and control a synchronous machine

The invention relates to a control circuit for a synchronous machine (1) of a dental handpiece, comprising a voltage supply (2) and a clamping circuit (7) connected by switches (6). The invention also relates to a method for determining an angular position of a rotor of a synchronous machine (1), wherein a power supply is switched off for a total period of time (t2), a clamping circuit (7) is connected for a time interval (t1), whereupon an electromotive force is measured, and the angular position is determined from the electromotive force..
Dentsply Sirona Inc.

Dc power supply unit and air conditioner using same

A dc power supply unit is provided that allows for improving efficiency and reducing harmonic currents. A dc power supply unit includes: a bridge rectification circuit having diodes and mosfets; a reactor that is arranged between the ac power supply and the bridge rectifier circuit; a smoothing capacitor that is connected to an output side of the bridge rectifier circuit and smoothes a voltage; and a converter control unit that executes, based on predetermined threshold values, a diode rectification control that uses diodes and parasitic diodes of the mosfets, a synchronous rectification control that switches the mosfets in synchronization with a polarity of the voltage of the ac power supply, a partial switching control that repeats partially short-circuiting the reactor multiple times in a half cycle of the ac power supply, or a fast switching control that short-circuits the reactor at a predetermined frequency over a full ac cycle..
Hitachi Appliances, Inc.

Synchronous rectifier applied to a power converter and operation method thereof

A synchronous rectifier applied to a power converter includes a gate coupling effect suppressing unit. The gate coupling effect suppressing unit is used for suppressing an induced voltage coupled to a gate of a metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor coupled to a secondary side of the power converter to ensure that the metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor is turned off when the power converter operates in a start-up condition and a power switch of the power converter is turned on.
Leadtrend Technology Corp.

Rotor for a synchronous machine

A rotor for a synchronous machine of a motor vehicle includes an excitation coil configured to generate a magnetic field necessary for rotation of the rotor in a stator of the synchronous machine. The rotor also includes a supply circuit, to which energy is fed contactlessly such that the supply circuit supplies the excitation coil with the energy.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

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