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Synchronous patents


This page is updated frequently with new Synchronous-related patent applications.

 Device-to-device d2d communication method and d2d communication device patent thumbnailnew patent Device-to-device d2d communication method and d2d communication device
The present invention provides a d2d communication method and a d2d communication device. The method includes: determining a second time slot for transmitting d2d data according to a first time slot for transmitting d2d signaling to a d2d receiver and a synchronous transmission relationship between the d2d signaling and the d2d data, the second time slot being after the first time slot; determining a third time slot for transmitting uplink control information in cellular communication according to the second time slot, the uplink control information being used for indicating an uplink radio resource in the second time slot, and the third time slot being before the second time slot; demodulating the uplink control information in the third time slot to acquire the uplink radio resource in the second time slot; multiplexing the uplink radio resource in the second time slot to perform d2d communication with the d2d receiver..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Time of flight imaging with improved initiation signaling patent thumbnailnew patent Time of flight imaging with improved initiation signaling
A time of flight sensor includes control circuitry and a time of flight pixel array. The control circuitry is coupled to synchronously send a sync signal.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

 Method and system for file synchronization patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for file synchronization
A method and system for file synchronization may include sending, by a first device, a file synchronization request to a server; receiving, by the server, the file synchronization request from the first device; determining, according to first file synchronization information and at least one piece of second fine synchronization information, the latest state information of the file to be synchronized among the first state information and the at least one piece of second state information; sending the latest state information of the file to be synchronized to the first device; receiving, by the first device, the latest state information of the file to be synchronized sent by the server; and performing synchronization operations on the file according to the latest state information of the file to be synchronized. In such a way, the present invention can allow a file to be synchronously used between different devices..
Urd Communications Inc.

 Asynchronous and synchronous resource links patent thumbnailnew patent Asynchronous and synchronous resource links
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for providing asynchronous and synchronous links to resources. According to one example implementation, a method includes receiving a request for a resource, identifying resources to be referenced by the requested resource, and identifying one or more of the referenced resources that are associated with client-side click tracking, and one or more of the referenced resources that are associated with server-side click tracking.
Google Inc.

 Peer-to-peer networking through universal port connections patent thumbnailnew patent Peer-to-peer networking through universal port connections
Embodiments relate to two general purpose computers connected in a peer-to-peer mode by connecting a cable (or wireless connection) between universal ports (e.g., pcie ports) on each computer. A timing protocol utility runs on each computer to time schedule operations performed by its respective computer.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Following/subscribing for productivity applications patent thumbnailnew patent Following/subscribing for productivity applications
A method for following asynchronous and synchronous productivity application communications includes receiving, by an update processor, one or more preference sets for following progress on a productivity application communication. The update processor provides a targeted medium with a notification for one or more changes associated with the productivity application communication based on a promotion of the productivity application communication to the targeted medium.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Temperature estimating  synchronous motor patent thumbnailnew patent Temperature estimating synchronous motor
A temperature estimating apparatus for a synchronous motor comprises: a voltage command generating unit for controlling d-phase current by increasing or decreasing d-phase and q-phase voltages; a voltage acquiring unit for d-phase and q-phase voltages when the d-phase current is varied; a rotating speed detecting unit for the synchronous motor; a current detecting unit for the d-phase and q-phase currents; a winding temperature acquiring unit; a winding resistance converting unit for winding resistance from winding temperature; an inductance calculating unit for d-axis inductance based on the variation of the d-phase current and the q-phase voltage and on the rotating speed; a counter electromotive voltage constant calculating unit from the q-phase voltage, the varied d-phase current, the rotating speed, the q-phase current, the winding resistance, and the d-axis inductance; and a magnet temperature estimating unit for estimating magnet temperature based on the counter electromotive voltage constant.. .
Fanuc Corporation

 Refrigeration apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Refrigeration apparatus
A refrigeration apparatus includes a fan and a motor for driving the fan. The motor is a single phase synchronous alternating current motor.
Johnson Electric S.a.

 Synchronous reluctance rotating electrical machine patent thumbnailnew patent Synchronous reluctance rotating electrical machine
Provided is a synchronous reluctance rotating electrical machine that has superior rotor strength, and that can be manufactured at low cost. Asynchronous reluctance motor has a rotor wherein a multiple of quadrature axes are formed in a circumferential direction.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

 Aircraft comprising a synchronous reluctance machine patent thumbnailnew patent Aircraft comprising a synchronous reluctance machine
The present invention relates to an aircraft with at least one synchronous reluctance machine which comprises a stator with a plurality of grooves and teeth and a rotor with a plurality of magnetic flux barriers, wherein at least one magnetic flux barrier is designed asymmetrical to the q-axis.. .
Liebherr-aerospace Lindenberg Gmbh

new patent

Electrical conversion and distribution system for an aircraft

The invention relates to an electrical conversion and distribution system for an aircraft, the system comprising at least one synchronous starter-generator (s/g1, s/g2) intended to be coupled to an engine (engine1) of the aircraft, at least one conversion path comprising a plurality of power converters (cvn, cv′n) associated with switching means suitable for supplying at least one charge (cac1, cac2, cac3, cac4, p1, p2) from at least one source (s/g1, s/g2, aux s/g1, aux s/g2, gpu1, gpu2), and at least one distribution path suitable for supplying electrical charges (ct1n, sw1n, ct2n, sw2n).. .
Safran Electrical & Power

new patent

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a memory circuit, a first fifo, a second fifo and an input/output circuit. The memory circuit outputs data.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

new patent

Reception circuit, adjusting timing in reception circuit, and semiconductor device

A reception circuit includes a control signal generation circuit that generates a first enable signal based on a strobe signal and a second enable signal based on a core clock signal and a pointer control signal. A pattern data generation circuit generates determination pattern data from the first enable signal.
Socionext Inc.

new patent

Proxy for asynchronous meeting participation

Embodiments described herein relate to enabling a lightweight way of recording and sharing video messages intended to provide input to a future meeting that cannot be personally attended. A person who cannot attend the meeting pre-records their thoughts and remarks for the meeting as video clips for presentation at the meeting.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Ensuring the same completion status for transactions after recovery in a synchronous replication environment

Disclosed in some examples is a method, the method including detecting that an rdms is recovering from a failure; sending a request for a last committed transaction on a replication component to the replication component; receiving, from the replication component, the last committed transaction which identifies a transaction that was the last committed transaction at a replication component at a time of rdms failure; determining that a transaction log on the rdms includes a transaction that had not yet been replicated at the time of rdms failure which was committed on the transaction log subsequent to the last committed transaction received from the replication component; and based on that determination rolling back the transaction that had not yet been replicated at the time of rdms failure.. .
Sybase, Inc.

new patent

Interface for a communication device and related methods

A method that is for operating a serial protocol interface includes a communication device that is configured to exchange data over a communication link by sending output data on the communication link, and receiving input data on the communication link. The input data is synchronous with a clock signal generated at the communication device and propagated over the communication link.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

new patent

Latency improvements on a bus using modified transfers

Techniques for latency improvement are described herein. The techniques may include an apparatus having a receiver configured to receive transfers over a bus.
Intel Corporation

new patent

In cell touch panel and driving the same, and display device

Embodiments of the present invention disclose an in cell touch panel and a method for driving the same, and a display device. According to embodiments of the present invention, a transparent conductive layer is divided into second touch electrodes and common electrodes, that is, a conventional entire common electrode layer is divided into second touch electrodes and common electrodes insulated from each other; accordingly, during a display operation, both the second touch electrodes and the common electrodes are applied with common electrode signals; and, during an touch operation, ones of the first touch electrodes and the second touch electrodes are applied with touch scanning signals while the other ones of the first touch electrodes and the second touch electrodes are coupled to the touch scanning signals and perform outputting, so that a touch function and a display function are achieved by asynchronous drivings.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Control device, image forming apparatus, and control method

A control device includes a second sub-controller to which second devices are connected, a first sub-controller to which first devices are connected, a master controller that controls the first and second sub-controllers, and so on. The second sub-controller includes a second interruption information memory storing second interruption information output from the second devices, a second interruption controller transmitting an interruption signal upon storing of the second interruption information and transmitting the second interruption information, and a synchronization signal generator transmitting a synchronization signal that is synchronous with the interruption signal.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

new patent

Mounting mechanism

The invention relates to a mounting mechanism for mounting an auxiliary device, such as a rangefinder, to a mobile device. The mounting mechanism includes an interface surface with formations to engage with a surface of the mobile device to maintain a desired orientation between the mobile device and the auxiliary device.
Ikegps Group Limited

new patent

System and enabling user cooperation in an asynchronous virtual environment

An asynchronous virtual environment may be provided to users in which synchronous, time-sensitive cooperation between the users is enabled in spite of the asynchronous nature of the virtual environment. Synchronous, time-sensitive cooperation between users may have an impact on gaining and/or retaining users in a virtual environment, such as a videogame or virtual space.
Maslow Six Entertainment, Inc.

new patent

Acquisition of projection data for motion-corrected computed tomography images

Embodiments are adapted for acquiring projection data from a computed tomography imaging system to form motion-corrected images of cyclically moving imaging subjects. Embodiments determine a start time and time duration of a data record with sufficient data for forming a motion-corrected image from the data record, without screening data records or images for motion artifacts.
Samsung Electronics, Co. Ltd.

new patent

Electric lifting device

An electric lifting device includes one driving mechanism and at least two transmission mechanisms, the two transmission mechanisms cooperating mutually and connected through a transmission bar assembly, with one transmission bar assembly driven by the driving mechanism. Each transmission mechanism includes a gearbox, a first driving gear, a second driving gear with axes of the first and second driving gears being crossed vertically, and lifting table legs disposed below at least two of the transmission mechanisms and driven by the second driving gear of the corresponding transmission mechanism to be lifted synchronously.
Hangzhou Dechang Hardware & Furniture Co., Ltd.

new patent

Artificial feeding method at low altitude for host insect ghost moth of ophiocordyceps sinensis

An artificial feeding method at low altitude for a host insect ghost moth of ophiocordyceps sinensis. This method mainly includes: selecting an appropriate disinfectant for performing surface disinfection on ghost moth eggs, and then placing the disinfected eggs in sterile humus; feeding ghost moth larvae with carrots, disinfecting and detecting the fed carrots, and culturing the larvae till male and female pupae are obtained; identifying male and female pupae of the ghost moths, placing them at different culture temperatures, wherein the culture temperature for the male pupae is 2-6° c.
Guangdong Entomological Institute

Apparatus and replacing conventional commercials with targeted advertisements in online live streams

A method and apparatus for performing user-targeted advertisement replacement for http live streams includes receiving a content request from a client, generating a content stream playlist file and video segment uris based on unix (epoch) time information of request time corresponding to the content stream playlist file generated by a content delivery network without sending any http requests to the content delivery network. A vast request is sent from a server side application to receive a targeted vast creative m3u8 playlist.
Viviso Inc.

Controllable gated sensor

A single pixel sensor is provided, comprising a photo sensor configured to convert light into proportional signals; a charge storage configured to accumulate, repeatedly, a plurality of the signals converted by the photosensor; a first transistor coupled between a pixel voltage terminal and the photosensor; a second transistor coupled between the photosensor and the charge storage; and a readout circuit coupled between the charge storage and an output channel, wherein: the single pixel sensor is configured to carry out the repeated accumulations of signals multiple times per each readout by the readout circuit to synchronously convert reflections of light emitted by the illuminator, and to carry out at least one of the repeated accumulations of signals in at least partial overlap with at least one light pulse generated by the pulsed illuminator.. .
Brightway Vision Ltd.

Semi-global shutter imager

This disclosure is directed to an image sensor. The image sensor includes a two-dimensional pixel array divided into a plurality of blocks, each of the plurality of blocks comprising pixels arranged in at least two different rows and two different columns, and a shutter mechanism that exposes the plurality of blocks sequentially, with all pixels in each block being exposed synchronously..
Magic Leap, Inc.

Dynamic bundling of web components for asynchronous delivery

Software that maximizes resource usage efficiency for dynamically delivered content by performing the following steps: requesting, by one or more processors on a client computer, html data from a server computer, the html data pertaining to a first webpage; receiving, by one or more processors on the client computer, the requested html data pertaining to the first webpage, the html data identifying a plurality of first webpage components associated with the first webpage; determining, by one or more processors, to combine requests for at least two of the plurality of first webpage components into a first bundled component request, where the determining is based, at least in part, on the received html data and a set of client computer characteristics pertaining to the client computer; and sending, by one or more processors on the client computer, the first bundled component request to the server computer over an asynchronous data connection.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

System and providing a media communication conversation service

A system and method comprising configuring a conversation resource for an account within a communication platform; registering a set of endpoints as participants of the conversation resource; establishing a synchronous media communication session of the conversation resource according to at least the set of endpoints; maintaining the state of the conversation resource in synchronization with events of the synchronous media communication session; and servicing at least one programmatic interface to the conversation resource.. .
Twilio, Inc.

Decision feedback equalizer

A decision-feedback equalizer for use in a receiving unit for receiving an incoming data stream and for providing a stream of bit data outputs, including at least one decision-feedback equalizer block comprising a plurality of speculation units. Each speculation unit includes a dynamic preamplifier for asynchronously amplifying a voltage difference depending on an input voltage of the incoming data stream and a given threshold voltage; and an arrangement for selectively generating a transconductor current which depends on the amplified voltage difference.
International Business Machines Corporation

Authentication of a user and/or a device through parallel synchronous update of immutable hash histories

Disclosed is a method, a device, and/or a system of authentication of a user and/or a device through parallel synchronous update of immutable hash histories. In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method for authentication includes receiving an identity claim from a device that includes a device root hash of a hashed history of the device, referred to as a device hastory.
Cloudmode, Llc

Communication apparatus, communication method, and computer readable medium

A synchronous frame reception unit receives a synchronous frame describing a reference value for time synchronization with a management apparatus which is transmitted repeatedly from the management apparatus. A propagation delay computation unit computes, each time when the synchronous frame is received, a propagation delay of the synchronous frame.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Synchronous differential signaling protocol

synchronous, differential signaling may be performed over a communications path through a wired connection between a master device and a slave device to provide high-bandwidth and/or low-latency communications. Flexibility may be provided in the signaling protocol by providing for a configurable frame structure.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.

Synchronous rectifier circuit

A first variable voltage source vs1 generates a first threshold voltage vzc1 which is variable. A first zero current detection comparator zc_cmp1 compares a first voltage vac1 at a first input node ac1 with the first threshold voltage vzc1, and generates a zc_det1 signal which indicates a comparison result.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Insulation-type synchronous dc/dc converter

A synchronous rectifier controller is provided on a secondary side of an insulation-type synchronous dc/dc converter and controls the synchronous rectifier transistor. A driver circuit controls the synchronous rectifier transistor.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Power converter with synchronous control function and control method thereof

The present invention discloses a power converter with synchronous control function and control method thereof. The power converter includes: a transformer, a power switch, a switch control unit, a signal coupling circuit, a synchronous rectifying switch and a secondary side control circuit.
Richtek Technology Corporation

Charge-pump device with reduced cross-conduction losses

A charge-pump device receives two complementary driving signals and a dc signal that are applied to a charge-pump stage containing a full-wave rectifier bridge configured to deliver a dc output signal. The bridge includes active switches controllable by control signals present at two control nodes.
Stmicroelectronics (alps) Sas

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