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Synchronization patents

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Synchronization method and base station

Huawei Technologies

Synchronization method and base station

Codec inversion detection


Codec inversion detection

Codec inversion detection

Cisco Technology

Technique for improving ldp-igp synchronization

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronization-related patents
 Illumination regulating system in synchronization with ac power frequency and method using the same patent thumbnailIllumination regulating system in synchronization with ac power frequency and method using the same
An illumination regulating system in synchronization with an ac power frequency comprises: an illumination regulating device and a regulated device, wherein the illumination regulating device and the regulated device are a light source device or a remote control device respectively. A light detector of the regulated device receives a regulating light emitted from a luminous element of the illumination regulating device to make the regulated device controlled by the illumination regulating device, and wherein the illumination regulating device and the regulated device perform wireless data transmission in synchronization with an ac power frequency.

 Synchronization method and base station patent thumbnailSynchronization method and base station
The present invention provide a synchronization method and base station, and the method includes: determining, by a base station, a synchronization status of the base station itself, where the synchronization status includes: a synchronized base station, or, a synchronization source base station; and configuring, by the base station, according to the determined synchronization status of the base station itself, a synchronization reference signal of the base station, in order that a first time is different from a second time, where the first time is a time when the synchronization reference signal of the base station is transmitted, and the second time is a time when an inter-station synchronization reference signal of the base station's synchronization source base station is transmitted. The embodiments of the present invention can improve the synchronization performance..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Codec inversion detection patent thumbnailCodec inversion detection
A device includes a receiver and a processor. The receiver is configured to receive a signal.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Technique for improving ldp-igp synchronization patent thumbnailTechnique for improving ldp-igp synchronization
A technique may improve ldp-igp synchronization in a mpls network when an interface of a router coupled to a communications link along a shortest path between a source router and a destination router becomes newly active. Specifically, an igp adjacency may be held down over the newly active link while a ldp adjacency is established over the link.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Improving handover time patent thumbnailImproving handover time
Example implementations relate to devices, methods, and computer program products of communication networks in relation to, e.g., involved in initial access from an idle status, connection reestablishment, handover, or synchronization. A terminal apparatus may include: a control module configured to detect receipt of a group information indicative of a group of at least two network apparatuses, the group information being descriptive for a certain configuration of communication parameters enabling the terminal apparatus to communicate with anyone of the network apparatuses of the respective group, and request connecting to at least one of the network apparatuses of the group by use of the certain configuration..
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

 Method for a multi-channel wireless speaker system patent thumbnailMethod for a multi-channel wireless speaker system
A method for a multi-channel wireless speaker system utilizes a wireless private network to ensure proper synchronization of a plurality of speaker units. The system includes the plurality of speaker units and an audio receiver.

 Method for play synchronization and device using the same patent thumbnailMethod for play synchronization and device using the same
Methods and apparatuses are provided for providing contents. A plurality of contents is reproduced at the first device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Sensor synchronized networks using overlapping sensor fields patent thumbnailSensor synchronized networks using overlapping sensor fields
A method of synchronizing includes providing a sensor network including sensor nodes having object recognition sensors (ors's) and building automation network nodes. The ors's have partially overlapping fields of view in a sensed overlap area in the building.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 System, method and browser client for enabling browser data synchronization patent thumbnailSystem, method and browser client for enabling browser data synchronization
The invention provides a system, method and browser client for enabling browser data synchronization. By the invention, command information is sent to a target client via a push server in time in the case that the data content stored in a cloud storage server is updated, thereby enabling real-time data synchronization between the cloud storage server and the browser client simply and efficiently.
Qizhi Software (beijing) Company Limited

 Supporting efficient and accurate sync/followup timestamps patent thumbnailSupporting efficient and accurate sync/followup timestamps
In one embodiment, a physical (phy) layer (lower protocol stack layer) of a device may add a timestamp to a received frame, and pass the frame and timestamp up the protocol stack toward a synchronization (sync) recognition layer (upper protocol stack layer). The sync recognition layer determines whether the frame relates to synchronization, and if so, places the timestamp into a data structure along with a frame association for recovery by followup processing.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Communication high efficiency satellite service

Disclosed are a communication apparatus and a communication method capable of improving transmitting/receiving frequency efficiency of a satellite signal per bandwidth or spectral efficiency (s.e) per bandwidth by removing and improving a distortion or inter-symbol interference for applying a minimum-mean square error (mmse) equalizer required to detect a frame synchronization and a modulation code rate in a satellite service for satellite broadcasting or communication under the variable coding and modulation (vcm) or adaptive coding and modulation (acm) environment.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Clock generating device and related synchronization method

A clock generating device is disclosed. The clock generating device includes a clock generating unit, for counting a synchronization period of a synchronization signal, generating a first interrupt signal according to the synchronization signal, generating a pulse-width modulation signal according a control signal, counting a phase difference between the synchronization signal and the pulse-width modulation signal, and generating a second interrupt signal according to the pulse-width modulation signal; and a computing unit, for acquiring the synchronization period according to the first interrupt signal, acquiring the phase difference according to the second interrupt signal, and adjusting the control signal according to the synchronization period, a modulation period of the pulse-width modulation signal and the phase difference..
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.


Synchronization of data packets in a data communication system of a vehicle

Synchronizing data packets from an unclocked data communication network with a clocked data communication network includes: receiving clocked data packets in a gateway at clock cycles of the clocked network; packing data from the clocked data packets into first unclocked data packets for the unclocked data communication network in the gateway; providing the unclocked data packets with a time stamp, from which a clock cycle of a clocked data packet can be reconstructed; transmitting the first unclocked data packets via the unclocked network to a receiver node of the unclocked network; reading the time stamps out of the first unclocked data packets and reconstructing the clock cycle of the clocked network from the time stamps, a transmission frequency, a number of clocked data packets and/or a local clock in the receiver node; and transmitting second unclocked data packets in a clock cycle which is synchronous with the reconstructed clock cycle.. .
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Method and acquiring uplink synchronization in wireless communication system

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method for acquiring uplink synchronization in a terminal having a plurality of cells in a carrier aggregation-based wireless communication system and an apparatus therefor, the method comprising the steps of: transmitting a random access preamble on a first cell; receiving a random access response message including an uplink timing adjustment value for the first cell after transmitting the random access preamble; and performing uplink transmission in the first cell by using the uplink timing adjustment value, wherein a transmission time point of the random access preamble is given based on a specific time point related to a second cell..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Secondary synchronization sequences for cell group detection in a cellular communications system

Timing parameters and an identity of a particular one of a number of cell groups are indicated in a signal transmitted in a cellular communication system having a radio frame in a physical layer, the radio frame comprising a number of time slots. In a known one of the time slots, a synchronization signal, s1, is transmitted that comprises a pair of sequences, {tilde over (s)}i,{tilde over (s)}j ({tilde over (s)}i≠{tilde over (s)}j) arranged in a first ordering.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Cell search method, forward link frame transmission method, apparatus using the same and forward link frame structure

A method of and an apparatus therefor searching a cell in a mobile station of a communication system in which a plurality of cells are grouped into a plurality of cell groups, and each cell group includes at least two cells. The method includes detecting a primary synchronization signal and a secondary synchronization signal from a received signal, and identifying a cell based on a combination of the primary synchronization signal and the secondary synchronization signal.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Comparator system

A comparator system includes: a clock node configured to supply a clock signal; a comparator configured to compare a signal of a first input node with a signal of a second input node in synchronization with the clock signal; and a first variable capacitance coupled between the first input node and the clock node.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Sensorless drive device, control method and program for brushless dc motor

The purpose of the present invention is to reduce noise by controlling vibration due to rotation fluctuation, and to consume only current required for maintaining the rotation by bringing the current for driving a motor closer to a state of synchronization. A drive means drives a sensorless brushless dc motor by switching an energization pattern at a constant frequency to determine the rotation position of the rotor of the sensorless brushless dc motor.
Mikuni Corporation


Protective relay system and protective relay device

A protective relay system inducting includes plural protective relay devices protecting a power system based on electrical quantity data from the power system, and a communication between the protective power devices is performed via a network. The protective relay device includes a clock unit periodically clocking a timing at which sampling is performed on an electrical quantity of the power system, a relay computing unit performing a relay computation based on the electrical quantity data having undergone the sampling and electrical quantity data received via the network, a random-number creating unit creating a random number, and a synchronization-frame processing unit setting a timing of sending a synchronization frame to another protective relay device via the network based on the random number created by the random-number creating unit..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Method and circuit for synchronizing input and output synchronization signals, backlight driver of liquid crystal display device using the same and driving the backlight driver

Disclosed are method and circuit for synchronizing input and output synchronization signals, which can synchronize an output synchronization signal based on frequency change of an input synchronization signal and limit input and output periods, thereby preventing flickering, a backlight driver of a liquid crystal display device using the same, and a method for driving the backlight driver. The method for synchronizing input and output synchronization signals, includes generating an output synchronization signal whose output period is set based on a comparison result between an input period of an input synchronization signal and a previous output period of the output synchronization signal, and limiting the output period of the output synchronization signal within a predefined limit range from the previous output period..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Interactive synchronization of multiple videos

There are provided systems and methods for an interactive synchronization of multiple videos. An example system includes a memory storing a first video and a second video, the first video including first video clips and the second video including second video clips.
Disney Enterprises, Inc,


Bidirectional hyperlink synchronization for managing hypertexts in social media and public data repository

A method for bidirectional hyperlink management of a hypertext associated with an on-line media is provided. The method may include searching the on-line media for at least one keyword associated with the hypertext.
International Business Machines Corporation


Bidirectional hyperlink synchronization for managing hypertexts in social media and public data repository

A method for bidirectional hyperlink management of a hypertext associated with an on-line media is provided. The method may include searching the on-line media for at least one keyword associated with the hypertext.
International Business Machines Corporation


Synchronizing endpoint data stores having disparate schemas

Synchronizing data between multiple endpoint data stores that have disparate schemas is accomplished in a manner that reduces complexity. Each endpoint data store has an associated local schema that orders data into one or more fields.
Blackberry Limited


Method and system allowing users to easily contribute to a social composition

A networked, electronic system and method allows users to generate their own media layer for automatic availability to other users as an independent piece, or as a social composition created by combining the user's media layer with other specified layers. The user may initially choose the desired media layer(s) previously recorded, as well as simple control specifications to guide the synchronization of how the user's recorded media layer data is aligned with the specified media layer(s).


Service and system supporting coherent data access on multicore controller

A system and method for accessing coherent data on a controller. The system and method include a first buffer and a second buffer that each may be read from or written to and an indicator that indicates which of the first or the second buffer is read from while the other of the first or second buffers is written to.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Slave communication device and bus communication system

A slave communication device is connected to a master communication device through a single bus, and transmits a data signal according to a synchronization signal transmitted from the master communication device. The slave communication device includes a current reduction unit that reduces a current flowing into the bus from the slave communication device at least in a period where the synchronization signal is transmitted from the master communication device..
Denso Corporation


Process migration method, computer system and computer program

A process migration method comprising executing a computer program using a group of parallel processes, each process carrying out a computation, the execution using current computing resources to provide current group data as a result of the computations, deciding to change the resources, and making a choice between increasing the resources; decreasing the resources; and moving to different resources, wherein moving to different resources can include increase, decrease or maintenance of the resources. The method comprising communication between the current computing resources and changed computing resources to allow the program to execute on the changed resources, the communication comprising migration of the execution to changed resources and synchronization of migrated group data with the current group data; wherein execution using the current resources overlaps in time with the communication..
Fujitsu Limited


Image forming apparatus

A flat cable (301) is disposed along a direction of reciprocating movement of a carriage (122), and is configured to input a synchronization signal to a board mounted on the carriage (122). A conductive plate (311) is supported by a casing (331) such that, when portions of the flat cable (301) face each other as a result of the flat cable (301) being bent according to the reciprocating movement of the carriage (122), the conductive plate (311) is interposed between the facing portions of the flat cable (301).
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Object detection by whirling system

A method for detecting objects in a scene using a synchronized illuminating and sensing process is provided herein. The method includes the following steps: illuminating a light beam along an illumination line within a scene; sensing reflections of said light, wherein said reflections come from objects located within a specified depth of field within said scene, along a sensing line; generating a tempo spatial synchronization between the illumination line and the sensing line, wherein said synchronization determines said depth of field; relatively shifting at least one of: the illuminating line, and the sensing line, based on said tempo spatial synchronization; and accumulating said reflections, thereby detecting said objects..
Brightway Vision Ltd.


Synchronizing device

The invention relates to a synchronizing device with a synchronizer body, a sliding sleeve, a gearwheel with coupling toothing and a synchronizer ring which is displaceable between synchronizer body and coupling toothing axially in and counter to the synchronization direction(s). With the specification of being able to position the synchronizer ring reliably in a neutral position, it is proposed that the synchronizer ring is fixed to the synchronizer body in the neutral position by means of a spring device..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Biomarkers and treatments for heart failure

The invention features methods to predict the response to a cardiac therapy in a patient suffering from a cardiac disease, e.g., heart failure. The invention features measurement expression of biomarkers that help in this prediction.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc.,


Vehicle powertrain synchronization based on predicted driver actions

An approach is provided in which a powertrain synchronizer analyzes condition data that corresponds to impending conditions external to a vehicle. The powertrain synchronizer predicts a driver's future action in response analyzing the condition data and adjusts the vehicle's powertrain subsystem based upon the predicted driver action..
International Business Machines Corporation


Synchronization control system

The various embodiments herein relate to systems and methods for controlling the operation of a pulsatile heart assist device in a patient. The systems and methods include utilizing sounds and electrical signals produced by the heart to control the operation of the heart assist device..
Sunshine Heart Company Pty Ltd.


Movement assistance device, and synchrony based control movement assistance device

In a wearable motion assist device, a motion assist device for generating a motion pattern synchronized with a wearer while maintaining a certain phase difference between a motion of the wearer and a motion of the device, and a synchronization based control method for the device are provided. The motion assist device acquires a phase of torque generated by the wearer's motion, applies a value of the phase to a phase oscillator model as an input, performs arithmetic processing, and calculates target torque and a target angle of the device with the motion of the device synchronized with the wearer.
Shinshu University


Method and device for acquiring uplink synchronization in wireless access system supporting carrier aggregation

The present invention provides a method used in a wireless access system supporting carrier aggregation (ca) for acquiring uplink synchronization from two or more geographically spaced cells, and a device for supporting the same. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a method for acquiring uplink synchronization in a wireless access system supporting ca can comprise the steps of: receiving, from a primacy cell (pcell), random access channel (rach) information related to a first random access step for matching uplink synchronization in a secondary cell (scell) to be added to ca; and performing the first random access step for matching uplink synchronization in the scell on the basis of the rach information..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Synchronization d2d communication

A synchronization method and an apparatus for device-to-device (d2d) communication in a user equipment (ue) are provided. The method includes comparing a reception power of a signal received from an evolved node b (enb) with a first reference power, if the reception power is less than the first reference power, generating and transmitting a synchronization signal for d2d communication by operating as a synchronization reference ue, comparing the reception power of a signal received from the enb with a second reference power, and if the reception power is greater than or equal to the first reference power and less than the second reference power, relaying a synchronization signal received from the enb by operating as a synchronization relaying ue..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Merging of independent basic service set (ibss) power save (ps) enabled networks

Methods, systems, and devices are described for merging two or more power save enabled independent basic service set (ibss) networks. In one example, a method includes receiving, at a station of a first ibss network, a first beacon from a second ibss network, wherein the first beacon identifies a timing synchronization function (tsf) of the second ibss network.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and device in wireless communication system

There is provided a method and device in a wireless communication system, the method comprising: a cell information interacting step of interacting information about a first cell and a second cell having interference with each other between the first cell and the second cell to determine a source cell and a target cell among the first cell and the second cell, wherein the target cell performs synchronization with the source cell being a synchronization source; an initial synchronizing step of performing initial frame-level synchronization by the target cell with the source cell being the synchronization source; a synchronization information interacting step of interacting information about a synchronization subframe position between the source cell and the target cell to determine a synchronization subframe position configurable for both the source cell and the target cell; and a symbol-level synchronizing step of performing symbol-level synchronization between the source cell and the target cell according to the determined synchronization subframe position. According to the disclosure, it is possible to realize synchronization among cells belonging to different operators and/or adopting different synchronizing manners..
Sony Corporation


Systems, methods, and devices for synchronization source selection for device-to-device communication

A user equipment (ue) is configured to scan for device-to-device synchronization sources based on scanning configuration information. The ue is configured to report detection of a device-to-device synchronization source to an evolved universal terrestrial radio access network (e-utran) node b (enb) in response to determining that the device-to-device synchronization source meets one or more reporting requirements of the scanning configuration information.
Intel Ip Corporation


Signaling a synchronization frame transmisssion request

Various embodiments of the invention describe a format and procedure for a wireless communication device to request a network controller to transmit a synchronization frame so that the device may synchronize its communication activities with the network controller. This operation may be used in various types of wireless networks, such as but not limited to those conforming to ieee standard 802.11ah..
Intel Ip Corporation


Method of forming n-hop synchronous network for d2d communication and devices using the same

The disclosure proposes a method of forming an n-hop synchronous network for d2d communication and devices using the same. In one of the exemplary embodiments, the method may include detecting one or more synchronization signals which are transmitted from one or more nearby synchronization sources; selecting, from the one or more synchronization signals, a first ss transmitted from a neighboring synchronization source having a hop count=i, wherein i is the smallest hop count detected from the one or more neighboring synchronization sources; and if there are more than one neighboring synchronization sources with hop count=i, the first ss is selected as having a maximum rsrp detected by the ue; and if the rsrp of the first ss does not exceeds a predefined threshold: operating as a synchronization source; and transmitting a ss based on the first ss..
Acer Incorporated


Apparatus and acquiring d2d synchronization information

The present disclosure relates to a pre-5th-generation (5g) or 5g communication system rt to be provided for supporting higher data rates beyond 4th-generation (4g) communication system such as long term evolution (lte). An apparatus and method for acquiring synchronization information through the transmission and reception of signals between devices for device to device (d2d) communication is provided.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd


Method and synchronization in device to device communication system

A method for performing synchronization by a device in a device to device (d2d) communication system is provided. The method includes transmitting a first synchronization signal, and transmitting offset information indicating a time difference between a synchronization reference time of the first synchronization signal and a transmission time of the first synchronization signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and apparatus of sensor network supporting bidirectional event detection

A communication method of a coordinator in a bidirectional event transmission sensor network comprising a sensor node and the coordinator is provided. The method includes sensing, in an uplink section, whether a signal having energy greater than or equal to a predetermined magnitude is received, the signal indicating occurrence of an uplink event detected by the sensor node, and transmitting, to the sensor node in a downlink section, a synchronization packet that is used for receiving the uplink event or for transmitting a downlink event in response to the coordinator detecting the downlink event or sensing the signal having energy greater than or equal to the predetermined magnitude in the uplink section.
Korea University Industrial & Academic Collaboration Foundation


Receiver with reduced wake-up time

An auxiliary reduced power analog-to-digital converter (adc) is, provided for use during sleep periods of a receiver. The auxiliary adc has a reduced dynamic range but sufficient accuracy to allow demodulation of signaling information contained in an input signal and to update control parameters used for synchronization and channel estimation.
Broadcom Corporation


Discovery and networking of proximate wireless devices by accoustic messaging

Apparatus and method are provided for discovery and networking of proximate devices using acoustic messaging. In one novel aspect, a peer discovery protocol is used to discover proximate devices using voting messages encoded in ultrasonic waveform.
Dewmobile, Inc.


Apparatus and changing mode of device

Methods and apparatuses are provided for changing a mode of a device by a server. The server receives, from a master device, at least one of a user preference document including information related to whether mode synchronization is activated between devices, a device context profile (dcp) document including a rule applied per mode, and a dcp directory document including information related to a profile activated in the dcp document.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Media stream data and control parameter synchronization

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to transmitting or receiving a media stream and associated control parameter over different physical channels. The transmitter transmits a media stream over a first physical channel and at least one associated control parameter along with a time parameter associated with a part of the media stream over a second physical channel.
Silicon Image, Inc.


Methods and systems to facilitate synchronization of multiple media streams

A method can include receiving, at a given node, a continuous stream of input media from a media source. A value can be computed as a function of each of a plurality of data blocks of the continuous stream of input media received by the given node.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method and device for synchronization in wireless networks

A method and device are provided for synchronizing data transmission of multicasting/broadcasting services (mbs) by a plurality of base stations. Meanwhile, each of the base stations receives the mbs data to be transmitted and determines whether any of the mbs data has not been properly received.
Sparkmotion Inc.


Method and generating and processing quantum signal in regular frame unit for quantum encryption key distribution

A transmitter for generating and processing quantum signals in regular frame units in a quantum key distribution system, includes: a photon pulse stream generator to generate quantum information in numbered frame units and periodically transmit the quantum information through a quantum channel; a public channel transceiver to communicate with a receiver of the quantum key distribution system through a public channel; a frame synchronization information generator to generate frame synchronization information for frame synchronization of the receiver, and transmit the frame synchronization information through the public channel transceiver to the receiver, in every frame or every several frames; and a signal processor to transmit and receive open information on the every frame or every several frames through the public channel transceiver, and process the quantum information in frame units.. .
Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.


Reception circuit

First and second determination units determine amplitude levels of an input data signal in synchronization with respective first and second clocks, a phase detector detects a phase relationship between the input data signal and the second clock based on the amplitude levels, and first and second phase adjusters adjust phases of the respective first and second clocks according to a detection result of the phase detector. Further, a correction unit corrects a skew generated between the first and second clocks which arrive at the first and second determination units.
Fujitsu Limited


Synchronization of large antenna count systems

Techniques are disclosed relating to synchronization of radios in a large antenna count (lac) system. In some embodiments, a lac system includes a plurality of slave radios, a clock and trigger distribution system, and a master device.
National Instruments Corporation


Cooperative techniques between lower-frequency carriers and millimeter-wave channels for discovery and synchronization and beamforming

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus receives first information from a base station, determines, based on the first information, a position of resources for receiving a signal transmitted from a connection point, detects the signal via at least one beam receiving direction based on the resources, determines a beam transmitting direction of the connection point and a beam receiving direction of the ue based on the signal, identifies a beam receiving direction of the connection point based on the beam transmitting direction of the connection point, and provides the connection point with second information based on the beam receiving direction of the connection point, wherein the second information may comprise an intent to establish a millimeter-wave (mmw) link with the connection point, the beam receiving direction of the ue, and/or the beam transmitting direction of the connection point..
Qualcomm Incorporated


System and method to dynamically redistribute timing and synchronization in a packet switched network

Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for dynamically redistributing timing and synchronization in a packet switched network are provided. One method includes creating, by a slave node, a peer list comprising an identifier of at least one peer slave node that shares a same master node as the slave node or that has a certain predefined affinity with the slave node.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Display device and mobile electronic apparatus including the same

A mobile device includes a display driver integrated circuit (ddi), a display panel, and an application processor. The ddi provides an internal synchronization signal based on an internal clock signal as a synchronization signal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


X-ray ct device

The present invention prevents aliasing of the x-ray detector from lowering the spatial resolution and enhances the precision of measurement in an x-ray ct device. An x-ray ct device for capturing an x-ray transmission image from a plurality of angular directions with respect to an object and generating a tomographic image of the object on the basis of the transmission images, wherein a plurality of detection pixels of an x-ray detector (2) are added together and a signal is retrieved, and also the adding positions of the plurality of detection pixels are changed in synchronization with a plurality of image scanning timings, thereby allowing a computer (cpu), which is a signal processing unit, to enhance the spatial resolution without lowering the s/n of the ct image thus measured.
Hitachi Medical Corporation


Seasonality-based reporting period synchronization

An automated computer-implemented method for generating a time-based comparative report is provided. The method includes receiving a selection of a first time period from a user device, identifying a first seasonality characteristic of the first time period, determining a second time period such that the second time period has a second seasonality characteristic matching the first seasonality characteristic, receiving from one or more data storage devices a first data set defined by the first time period and a second data set defined by at least one of the second time period and a user-selected third time period, and generating a comparative report using the first data set and the second data set..
Google Inc.


Adaptive isochronous usb audio to rf communication device

A method of and a system for synchronizing isochronous audio data frames provided by a usb interface to a clock of a wireless rf communication device is provided. The usb interface and the wireless rf communication device are connected via an i2s link, the method comprising receiving the isochronous audio data frames and the wireless rf communication device clock in a streaming controller, phase locking the isochronous audio data frames to a usb interface clock, counting start-of-frame pulses of the phase locked isochronous audio data frames, comparing the counted start-of-frame pulses with the wireless rf communication device clock to determine a difference signal, the difference signal triggering a synchronization event code when a threshold difference has been reached, rate matching the isochronous audio data frames to the wireless rf communication device clock upon receiving the synchronization event code..
Gn Netcom A/s


Touch detection device, touch detection method and touch screen panel, using driving back phenomenon, and display device with built-in touch screen panel

Provided is a touch detection device, touch detection method, and touch screen panel, which detects a touch signal by detecting a driving back phenomenon occurring in a touch pad by a driving voltage applied to a driving capacitor, and a display device with a built-in touch screen panel. The touch detection device that is added on top of a display device and detects occurrence of a touch capacitance (ct) by an approach of a bodily finger (25) or a touch input instrument such as a conductor similar to the bodily finger, the touch detection device comprising: a touch pad (10) that forms the touch capacitance (ct) between the touch input instrument and the touch pad; a driving capacitor (cdrv) whose one side is connected to the touch pad (10) and to the other side of which a driving voltage for detection of a touch input is applied; a common voltage detector that detects a common voltage generated from the display device; a driving voltage generator that generates the driving voltage in synchronization with the common voltage; and a touch detector that is connected to the touch pad (10), and that detects a touch signal by using a driving back phenomenon when the touch capacitance (ct) is added to the driving capacitor (cdrv) according to occurrence or non-occurrence of a touch in the touch input instrument.


Interactive system, control interactive system, and projector

An interactive system includes a transmitter (light-emitting pen) configured to transmit an optical signal and a projector. The projector includes a signal-intensity setting unit in which intensity information of a synchronization signal is set, a signal-intensity control unit (light-emission control unit) configured to control the intensity of the synchronization signal on the basis of the setting of the signal-intensity setting unit, a synchronization-signal transmitting unit (infrared-light emitting unit) configured to transmit the synchronization signal, and an image pickup unit configured to pick up an image of the optical signal transmitted from the transmitter.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Timing synchronization of active stylus and touch sensor

In one embodiment, a stylus includes a controller, a delay line, a coefficient line and a computer-readable non-transitory storage medium. The controller is operable to receive a synchronization signal that is transmitted from a computing device and received by the stylus.


Synchronization of activity of multiple subsystems in a soc to save static power

The present disclosure relates to synchronization and parallel operation of two or more cores within a multi-core computing system so as to reduce an amount of time that all cores are operating during a processing period and thereby increase an amount of idle time per processing period. In this way deeper sleep and/or idle states for the cores and the system can be entered..
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.


Method for asynchronous gating of signals between clock domains

An apparatus for synchronizing a signal from a first clock domain into a second clock domain is disclosed. The apparatus may include circuitry, a synchronization circuit, and a clock gate circuit.
Apple Inc.


Synchronization using multiple offset gnss receiver channels

Systems and methods for synchronizing a global navigation satellite system (gnss) receiver with a gnss signal are provided. In one example, a gnss receiver may include one or more sets of 20 gnss channels that are each configured to integrate a received gnss signal over a 20 millisecond accumulation window to output a navigation message bit.
Javad Gnss, Inc.


Robust index correction of an angular encoder in a three-dimensional coordinate measurement device

A 3d measurement device sends a beam of light to a point on an object, receives the reflected light, and determines a distance and two angles to the point, one of the angles measured by an angular encoder, which includes a disk having incremental marks and an index mark. Light from the 3d device is rotated to reflect light from a reference reflector to produce a first synchronization signal.
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Smartphone light projection device with effects and ambient noise synchronization

An entertainment accessory device for use with an electronic device's built-in light source for projecting light effects onto a surface, such as onto a ceiling, wall or car interior. The entertainment device can operate in conjunction with application software loaded into a smartphone's computer memory that fluctuates the light emitted by the smartphone in reaction to the volume, frequency, or pitch of music played through or detected by either the smartphone or an independent audio source.


Receiving arrangement for a control device in a vehicle, and generating a synchronization pulse

A receiving assemblage is provided for a control device in a vehicle, having a voltage generator for generating a synchronization pulse, which encompasses a first voltage source, a current source, and a current sink, the voltage generator generating the synchronization pulse within predefined specification limits with a predefined shape and a predefined time-related behavior, and the receiving assemblage outputting the synchronization pulse via a data bus to at least one sensor for synchronization of a subsequent signal transfer, the voltage generator generating the synchronization pulse via the current source and the current sink, substantially as a sinusoidal oscillation, by charging and/or discharging a bus load, and to a method for generating a synchronization pulse.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Method and transmitting indication in wireless communication system

A method and apparatus for transmitting an indication in a wireless communication system is provided. A user equipment (ue) receives information on a configuration of a second cell from a first cell, performs a synchronization procedure with the second cell, and after the synchronization procedure is successfully performed, transmitting an indication, which indicates that the second cell is successfully configured, to the first cell.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Systems and methods for implementing protected access based on a null data packet in a wireless network

An access point including a generation module, a transceiver, and an acknowledgment module. The generation module is configured to generate a synchronization signal.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.


Discontinuous reception communication synchronization method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present invention provide a discontinuous reception communication synchronization method and apparatus. The discontinuous reception communication synchronization method in the embodiments of the present invention includes: receiving a paging message delivered by a network element of a core network, where the paging message includes an extended discontinuous reception (drx) indicator and/or extended drx; calculating a paging time according to the extended drx indicator and/or the extended drx; and paging a terminal at the paging time.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Method and device-to-device communication in wireless communication system

One embodiment of the present invention is a device-to-device (d2d) communication method. According to said method, a first terminal performs d2d communication with a second terminal in a wireless communication system, and comprises the steps of: receiving a first signal from the second terminal; and transmitting a second signal based on the received first signal to a third terminal.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Controlled synchronization group selection

Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for synchronization in a network are provided. One method includes configuring a first node for joining a first timings synchronization group with a second node on a lowest stratum, receiving at least one synchronization signal comprising information on at least an identity of the second node, and synchronizing the first node to the first synchronization group based on the synchronization signal..
Nokia Technologies Oy


Monitoring of radio link synchronization in a user equipment's active set

A method and arrangement in a radio network controller (rnc) for monitoring radio link (rl) synchronization for each rl as soon as it is added to a user equipment's (ue's) active set. When a new rl is added, each rl in the active set sends an active set update complete message to the rnc.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Methods and system for performing handover in a wireless communication system

A method and system for performing handover in a third generation (3g) long term evolution (lte) system are disclosed. A source evolved node-b (enode-b) makes a handover decision based on measurements and sends a handover request to a target enode-b.
Interdigital Technology Corporation


Algorithm for physical cell identifier allocation

Methods, apparatus, and computer programs automatically allocating physical layer cell identifiers. A modulo 3 grouping and a modulo 30 grouping are provided for physical layer cell identifiers in a cellular communication system.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Allocation of physical cell identification

A method includes generating, by a network element, a radio map of a single-frequency network having multiple cells. The radio map represents power levels of radio signals at several locations in the network.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Method and bluetooth-based wi-fi synchronization

The disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for leveraging bluetooth (bt) or bluetooth low energy (ble) technologies to conserve energy in multi-mode devices. In one embodiment, the disclosure relates to synchronizing a first wireless platform with a second wireless platform by exchanging wi-fi synchronization information through bt packets.
Intel Ip Corporation


Method and generating composite image in electronic device

A method and an apparatus for generating a composite image in an electronic device are provided. The method includes identifying a first image element of a first event from first images successively captured by a first image sensor of the electronic device, and identifying a second image element of a second event from second images successively captured by a second image sensor of the electronic device, the first images and the second images being simultaneously captured.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Synchronization of shared identifiers across servers in an ims network

Methods and apparatuses, including computer program products, are described for synchronization of shared initial filter criteria in an ip multimedia subsystem (ims) network. A first computing device in the ims network transmits a registration request to a second computing device in the ims network.
Sonus Networks, Inc.


Network tool synchronization

In one implementation, a system for network tool synchronization includes a methodology engine to receive a data methodology of an enterprise architecture tool from the enterprise architecture tool. In addition, the system includes a functionality engine to analyze deployment diagrams of an orchestration tool to determine a functionality of the orchestration tool.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Small footprint node controller core in a grid communications system

A grid communication system provides distributed processing of business workflows. Each node has a core with a small footprint which provides control of business process and data flow and synchronization.


System and dynamic and secure communication and synchronization of personal data records

A system and method for dynamic and secure communication and synchronization of personal data records through a distributed network. More specifically, a system that receives, stores and secures personal data records for users and then transmits and synchronizes personal data records between users in a distributed network based on rule-based security controls..
Pinplanet Corporation


Synchronization of preferred perishable content

A user can specify particular news, weather, traffic, or other perishable content received on a particular internet radio station or other media channel. The user can customize the station so that wherever the user is currently located, he can receive perishable content related to a preferred geographic location or other category.
Iheartmedia Management Services, Inc.


Internet protocol broadcasting

Methods, apparatuses, and systems are provided for improving utilization of a communications system through various atom-based techniques for enhancing the viewing experience for internet protocol content. Some embodiments exploit atom-based processing to determine which content atoms to broadcast (e.g., multicast) over which channels to which subscribers.
Viasat, Inc.


Flow synchronization

A controller node receives a list of a first plurality of flows programmed on a network switch. The controller node extracts a flow cookie value from a flow cookie data field of each flow in the first plurality of flows on the received list and calculates a session identifier on the basis of the extracted cookie values.
Metaswitch Networks Ltd.


Preamble design and detection for ranging in an optical ofdma communication network

The invention relates to an optical ofdma communication network, comprising a plurality of optical network units (onus), wherein each one of the onus is configured to generate a ranging sequence for upstream synchronization of the onus, a receiving unit for receiving signals of the onus, the receiving unit being also configured to receive the ranging sequences of the onus. The receiving unit comprises a correlator unit in which a plurality of ranging sequences is stored.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur FÖrderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Efficient system identification schemes for communication systems

Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate efficiently indicating parameter(s) associated with a base station utilizing synchronization signals in a wireless communication environment. For instance, relative locations of a psc and a ssc in a radio frame can be a function of a parameter.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method for robust ptp synchronization with default 1588v2 profile

Exemplary methods for reducing sync time in a precision time protocol (ptp) network include receiving, by a first ptp slave port of a first network device, timing messages from a second ptp master port of a second network device. The methods include maintaining a ptp master clock based on timing information included in the timing messages received from the second network device via the first ptp port.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Relay device, relay method, and relay program

A fixed delay time storage unit 270 stores a fixed delay time 271 which is predetermined as a time equal to or greater than a time required for transmission of a regular frame. A frame receiving unit 210 receives a synchronization frame.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Hitless rearrangement of a satellite-hosted switch via propagated synchronization

An apparatus includes an analog front end to receive an analog input including user data, and an analog-to-digital converter to convert the analog input to digital signals including the user data. A digital channelizer may process the digital signals to generate frequency slices of user data, and a digital combiner may assemble the frequency slices to form output sub-bands of user data.
The Boeing Company


Accelerated learning, entertainment and cognitive therapy using augmented reality comprising combined haptic, auditory, and visual stimulation

An accelerated learning and rehabilitation system for teaching the performance of a musical instrument, a remotely operated system, a sport, a weapon, and for brain rehabilitation and other uses includes generating sensory cues including auditory, haptic and visual sensory cues capable of being perceived by a user. The generated sensory cues are applied to the user and are dependent on a position of at least one body member of a performer relative to a performance element of a performance object with which an event is performed.


Synchronization of records of duty status between a vehicle and a stationary unit

A system for synchronizing records of duty status (rods) information of a vehicle with a stationary unit includes: at least one mobile unit, and a stationary unit configured to store rods transmitted by the mobile unit. The mobile unit is configured to generate rods, store the generated rods, and transmit rods to the stationary unit.


Event analysis system

Enables event analysis from sensors including environmental, physiological and motion capture sensors. Also enables displaying information based on events recognized using sensor data associated with a user, piece of equipment or based on previous motion analysis data from the user or other user(s) or other sensors.
Blast Motion Inc.


Audience targeting with universal profile synchronization

Universal synchronization of profiles of audience members targeted for the delivery of content. A unique global identifier may be assigned to and used to manage a profiled audience member.
Advertising.com Llc


Core data synchronization systems and methods

To synchronize data between a remote database and a local object-graph-and-persistence-framework, a synchronization framework receives messages from the local object-graph-and-persistence-framework indicating that a locally-managed object has been retrieved from a local datastore and instantiated or that the locally-managed object has been created, modified, or deleted. When the synchronization framework determines that the message was instigated by a local user's activity (as opposed to a background synchronization process), the synchronization framework synchronizes the locally-managed object with the remote database..
Realnetworks, Inc.


System and the synchronization of a file in a cache

The invention provides a system and method for file synchronization. One embodiment of the system of this invention includes a software program stored on a computer readable medium.
Open Text S.a.


Virtual machine synchronization system

A virtual machine synchronization system for continually synchronizing, when an image file in a primary virtual machine is updated, an image file of a standby virtual machine with a difference from the image file before an update. A representative embodiment of the present invention includes: a management server; a primary agent which acquires a difference when an image file of a primary virtual machine is updated, and transmits the difference to the management server; and a standby agent which acquires, from the management server, a difference to be synchronized with an image file of a standby virtual machine, and synchronizes with the image file of the standby virtual machine.
Hitachi Systems, Ltd.


Coordinating replication of data stored in a non-volatile memory-based system

A technique includes, in response to a first stream of writes to a first non-volatile memory system, generating a second stream of writes for a second non-volatile memory system; and coordinating replication of data stored in the first non-volatile memory system. The coordinating includes embedding at least one command in the second stream of writes to create a synchronization point for data storage in the second non-volatile memory system in response to at least one corresponding command in the first stream to create a synchronization point for data storage in the first non-volatile memory system..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

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