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Synchronization patents

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Adaptive channel bandwidth switching method and system

Huawei Technologies

Adaptive channel bandwidth switching method and system

High definition timing synchronisation function

Imagination Technologies Limited

High definition timing synchronisation function

High definition timing synchronisation function

Samsung Electronics

Method and apparatus for supporting synchronization in d2d communication

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronization-related patents
 Methods and  device to device synchronization priority patent thumbnailMethods and device to device synchronization priority
A device to device (d2d) user equipment (ue) is configured to support synchronization in a d2d network. The d2d ue includes an antenna configured to communicate via a d2d communication.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Adaptive channel bandwidth switching method and system patent thumbnailAdaptive channel bandwidth switching method and system
An embodiment of the present invention provides an adaptive channel bandwidth switching method, including: buffering service data to be sent; sending a first microwave frame to a receiving end device; performing a receiving configuration after processing the first microwave frame; continuously sending second microwave frames to the receiving end device; switching a configuration related to the symbol rate after receiving the second microwave frames; performing symbol synchronization; performing frame synchronization; performing equalizer convergence; sending a third microwave frame to the receiving end device after the receiving end device performs the equalizer convergence; performing a receiving configuration after processing the third microwave frame; stopping buffering the service data to be sent; and sending a fourth microwave frame to the receiving end device, so as to switch the channel bandwidth. The embodiment of the present invention provides an effective method for improving link availability..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 High definition timing synchronisation function patent thumbnailHigh definition timing synchronisation function
A high definition timing synchronization function is described. In an embodiment, a wireless station generates a time stamp at a higher resolution than can be broadcast within a standard time stamp field in a frame.
Imagination Technologies Limited

 Method and  supporting synchronization in d2d communication patent thumbnailMethod and supporting synchronization in d2d communication
Disclosed is a method for supporting synchronization of a user equipment (ue) for d2d communication. The method includes: first scanning for checking a synchronization signal transmitted from a nearby ue; establishing the ue as a synchronization-transmitting ue, based on a result of the first scanning; transmitting a synchronization channel including timer value information indicating scanning time at which a scanning starts; and second scanning based on the timer value information..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Apparatus and  establishing uplink synchronization in a wireless communication system patent thumbnailApparatus and establishing uplink synchronization in a wireless communication system
Uplink synchronization establishment in a base station which operates a plurality of component carriers according to one embodiment of the present description, is performed in that the base station is connected to a user equipment, sets component carrier aggregation information, generates an uplink timing groups in the set component carrier aggregation, and transmits information on the thus-generated uplink timing groups to the user equipment.. .
Pantech Co., Ltd.

 System and  stereoscopic photography patent thumbnailSystem and stereoscopic photography
A stereoscopic photography is provided, which includes a first image sensor, a second image sensor, a synchronization module, a combination module, a calibration module, and a stereo matching module. The first image sensor is utilized to capture a first image.
Lips Incorporation

 Image synchronization  cameras and electronic apparatus with cameras patent thumbnailImage synchronization cameras and electronic apparatus with cameras
A method, suitable for an electronic apparatus with a first camera and a second camera, is disclosed. The method includes following steps.
Htc Corporation

 Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method, and computer program product patent thumbnailCommunication system, communication apparatus, communication method, and computer program product
According to an embodiment, a communication system includes a plurality of communication apparatuses. Each of the communication apparatuses includes a key generator and a synchronization processor.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Automated synchronization of distributed dashboards patent thumbnailAutomated synchronization of distributed dashboards
According to embodiments of the present invention, one or more computer processors publish a resource detail displayed and an associated first usage context, wherein the resource detail is displayed by a dashboard associated with a leader application. The one or more computer processors determine an appropriate graphical representation for a follower application, to display a first resource having a relationship to a second resource, wherein the second resource is displayed in the dashboard associated with the leader application.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Frame synchronization in a receiver using a preamble having a specific structure patent thumbnailFrame synchronization in a receiver using a preamble having a specific structure
A method is provided for synchronizing a receiver receiving a signal corresponding to successive samples arranged in a frame with the beginning of the frame being defined by a preamble having a repetition of a first sequence of l samples coming from a transmitter. A method of transmitting the signal is also provided.


Closed loop, optical feedback synchronization system for imaging applications

A closed loop, optical feedback synchronization system provides real time feedback and control of a light emitting fiber when scanning or displaying an image. The light emitting fiber is driven by an actuator in an angular pattern to scan the image.


Clock generation apparatus, server system and clock control method

In order to provide a multiplexed clock generation apparatus in which synchronization between circuits based on a received clock is not lost, a clock generation apparatus is made to have a clock determination unit which determines whether a cycle shift time between a first clock signal and a second clock signal satisfies a predetermined condition or not and a clock switching unit which switches the first clock signal and the second clock signal based on determination of the clock determination unit. The clock determination unit determines that clock switching is possible when, as the predetermined condition, a first condition that a cycle shift time is equal to or more than a period from a setup start time to a hold end time of a signal specified for a clock bus and a second condition that the cycle shift time exists before the next setup start time are satisfied together..
Nec Corporation


Method and transmitting and receiving reference signal in device-to-device communication

A method and an apparatus for generating a sequence including a demodulation reference signal (dm rs) and a preamble in device-to-device (d2d) communications are provided. The method includes obtaining, by a controller of an apparatus, a synchronization identify of a synchronization signal used for the d2d communication, obtaining a group identify of a communication group where a terminal belongs, generating a dm rs sequence for the d2d communication based on at least one of the synchronization identity and the group identity, mapping the dm rs sequence to predetermined symbol positions in a subframe, and transmitting the dm rs sequence from the terminal through the subframe..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and network level synchronization in multiple low earth orbit (leo) satellite communications systems

A synchronization approach is provided that compensates for the large doppler offset of the satellites in a leo satellite system by exploiting the predictable and deterministic nature of the doppler component, and thereby simplifies the delay and the doppler domain uncertainty ranges that the physical layer receivers have to resolve. The compensation is based on the known ephemeris information of the leo satellite and the known positions of the gateway (gw) and the user terminal (ut) on the ground.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc


Timing synchronization for wired communications

A wired communications device configured to: receive a spread-spectrum timing-reference signal through a wired communications medium, from a second wired communications device; detect a code-phase of the received timing-reference signal; and transmit data to the second device through the wired communications medium, with a timing that is defined relative to the detected code-phase. Also provided is a master device configured to communicate with the wired communications device.
Enmodus Limited


Method for stabilizing a diode laser

The invention relates to a method for stabilizing a diode laser with a semiconductor laser diode and an external resonator (ecdl), wherein the external resonator is comprised of at least one angle-dispersive, frequency-selective element and wherein the frequency of the diode laser is essentially determined by the length of the external resonator and by the position of the angle-dispersive, frequency-selective element, and wherein these two frequency-selective elements or one element thereof can be detuned by way of a correction means (10) for harmonization to each other, which is characterized in that the portion of the light reflected from the external resonator with the angle-dispersive, frequency-selective element back to the semiconductor laser diode and not optically coupled into the semiconductor laser diode (designated as “non-optically coupled light”) or part thereof, is measured and that from the relevant measuring values, after comparison with a reference value, a fault signal is generated which as control variable activates the correction means for synchronization of the frequency-selective elements. Furthermore, the invention relates to device for implementing the method..
Toptica Photonics Ag


Magnetic tape control apparatus, recording medium storing a control program, and method

A magnetic tape control apparatus includes a control device that executes a process including: detecting an occurrence of speed fluctuations of a running magnetic tape for each recorded area from which a synchronization error is detected, when the synchronization error of a bit signal of a track is detected with a time lag between any of tracks of the running magnetic tape partitioned in units of recording areas; and setting the recording area as an unavailable area in accordance with a state where the speed fluctuations in the recording area occur.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Embedded change logging for data synchronization

Embodiments of the present invention provide for synchronization client coordination with a change log service (cls). In an embodiment of the invention, a change tracking thread on a synchronization client provided as part of a pervasive device is initiated.
International Business Machines Corporation


Selective purging of pci i/o address translation buffer

A method of enhancing a refresh pci translation (rpcit) operation to refresh a translation lookaside buffer (tlb) includes determining, by a computer processor, a request to perform at least one rpcit instruction for purging at least one translation from the tlb. The method further includes purging, by the computer processor, the at least one translation from the tlb in response to executing the at least one rpcit instruction.
International Business Machines Corporation


Storage aggregate restoration

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for controlling restoration of a storage aggregate. For example, a local storage device, located at a first storage site, and a remote storage device, located at a second storage site, may be assigned to a first storage aggregate.
Netapp Inc.


Storage device health status synchronization

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for storage device health status synchronization. For example, a first health status registry is maintained for a first storage controller at a first storage site.
Netapp Inc.


Mirror vote synchronization

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for mirror vote synchronization. For example, a first storage device is located at a first storage site, and a second storage device is located at a second storage site.
Netapp Inc.


Efficient interrupt handling

A mechanism is provided for handling interrupt actions for inter-thread communication. In association with a first processor thread, a thread action data structure is provided that comprises a non-blocking synchronization data structure and an internal list data structure of pending interrupts having no form of synchronization.
International Business Machines Corporation


Display device

A display device is configured to (a) detect presence or absence of noise or water droplet adhesion based on current flowing through a plurality of detection electrodes upon supply of a touch panel scanning voltage to m divided blocks of the counter electrode, and (b) distinguish between noise and water droplet based on the current flowing through the detection electrodes on the assumption that a (m+1)th counter electrodes exists in addition to the m divided blocks of the counter electrode, and the touch panel scanning voltage is supplied to the (m+1)th counter electrode, which is in synchronization with the touch panel scanning voltage supplied to the m divided blocks of the counter electrode.. .
Japan Display Inc.


Methods for subnanosecond time synchronizing using rtk receivers and devices thereof

A method, non-transitory computer readable medium and timing computing device for subnanosecond time synchronization. A difference between synchronized measurements of one of a plurality of satellite signals from a reference receiver and another receiver for each of n values within a cycle is determined.
Spectracom Corporation


Method of determining the instantaneous angular position of a crankshaft target optimized for starting the engine

Iii. During a phase of restarting the engine, using a number of teeth to reduce the cycle synchronization time..


Transmitter and receiver synchronization for wireless telemetry systems

A method and system are presented for transmitting data along tubing in a borehole, comprising generating an acoustic signal using a transmitter at a first location on the tubing, and receiving the acoustic signal at a receiver at a second location on the tubing. The method and system further comprise: (i) generating the acoustic signal at the transmitter at a first frequency and bit rate; (ii) receiving the acoustic signal at the first frequency at the receiver and attempting to synchronize the receiver at the first frequency, and (iiia) if the synchronization is successful, continuing to transmit the acoustic signal so as to pass the data from the transmitter to the receiver; or (iiib) if the synchronization is unsuccessful, adjusting the frequency and/or bit rate of the signal and repeating steps (i)-(iii) on the basis of the adjusted signal..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Mobile communication system

There is a problem that when a closed subscriber group (csg) cell available to subscribers is installed in a macro cell area, communication cannot be performed due to the interference between a macro cell and the csg cell in an area thereof. The csg cell that is provided in the csg cell area and transmits a downlink synchronization signal using a radio frame assigns control signals to a first subframe and a second subframe among a plurality of subframes constituting the radio frame, and the macro cell that is provided in the macro cell area and transmits a downlink synchronization signal using the radio frame assigns control signals to a third subframe and a fourth subframe, which are shifted from the first subframe and the second subframe by a predetermined number of subframes, respectively, among the plurality of subframes constituting the radio wave, the csg cell and the macro cell being configured to perform transmission in synchronization with each other..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method of performing synchronization in distributed wireless communication system and terminal supporting the same

Disclosed herein are a method of performing synchronization in a distributed wireless communication system, and a terminal supporting the same. A distributed wireless communication system includes a plurality of networks.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Systems and methods for synchronization of wireless devices in a peer-to-peer network

Methods, devices, and computer program products for synchronization of wireless devices in a peer-to-peer network are described herein. In one aspect, a method for synchronizing a wireless communication apparatus is provided.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Enhanced node b, ue and selecting cell discovery signals in lte networks

Embodiments allow selection of a discovery signal (ds) used to identify an enb to a ue receiving the ds. The ds allows the ue to ascertain the existence and/or cell identifier of the enb.
Intel Ip Corporation


Simultaneous channel switching within a mesh network

A computer-implemented method for channel switching in a mesh network is described. In one embodiment, a beacon is sent.
Vivint, Inc.


Methods and synchronization in device-to-device communication networks

A device to device (d2d) user equipment (ue) is configured to support synchronization (sync) in a d2d network. The d2d ue includes an antenna configured to communicate via a d2d communication.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for error resilience and random access in video communication systems

Systems and methods for error resilient transmission and for random access in video communication systems are provided. The video communication systems are based on single-layer, scalable video, or simulcast video coding with temporal scalability, which may be used in video communication systems.
Vidyo, Inc.


Systems and methods for initiating conferences using external devices

A system and method for initiating conference calls with external devices are disclosed. Call participants are sent conference invitation and conference information regarding the designated conference call.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Systems and methods for linked mobile device content generation

Systems and methods are provided for generating a multi-stream composite video. A first mobile device is linked with a second mobile device so that the first mobile device and the second mobile device are time synchronized.
Panopto, Inc.


Managing search session data

There is provided a method of synchronizing a first browsing session and a second browsing session for a user, the first browsing session having been executed on a first electronic device. The method comprises receiving, by a server via a communication network, a request for the second browsing session from one of the first electronic device and a second electronic device at a point of time after initiation of the first browsing session; responsive to the user being a subscriber of a synchronization feature, causing by the server via the communication network the second browsing session to be displayed on the one of the first electronic device and the second electronic device, the second browsing session including a server-side history associated with user interactions within the first browsing session performed prior to said receiving..
Yandex Europe Ag


Gateway management using virtual gateways and wildcards

Systems, methods, and media for managing gateways. In an embodiment, a virtual gateway is generated which comprises a representation of each of one or more active scripts and/or device information (e.g., device drivers, and/or definitions and/or configurations for devices, device types, and/or device groups) stored on at least one remote physical gateway.
Systech Corporation


Hardware assisted media playback and capture synchronization

Techniques to output a media stream, capture a media stream, or synchronize the output or capture of the media stream at a specified time are described. A media stream output or capture apparatus may include a media processor to receive a media stream to output or a request to capture a media stream and a start time.


Processing system with transport stream aggregation and methods for use therewith

A processing system includes a transport stream aggregator that receives a plurality of transport streams in a transport stream format and that generates an aggregated transport stream in response. The transport stream aggregator processes transport stream packets of the plurality of transport streams and replaces a packet synchronization field with a customized synchronization field.
Vixs Systems, Inc.


Roaming application settings across multiple computing devices

Application settings are roamed across multiple computing devices. Provider modules on the computing devices are run to retrieve application settings to be roamed and to roam those application settings across the multiple computing devices.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Phase adjustment circuit and method, and data transmission apparatus and system

A phase adjustment circuit includes a comparator circuit and a synchronization circuit. The comparator circuit compares, with respect to each of multiple lanes, a common reference clock signal fed to each lane with first and second transmission clock signals each of which is in antiphase and is generated in each lane.
Fujitsu Limited


Tail end mbms bearer fault management

Systems and methods are provided for managing faults at the tail end of the user plane associated with an mbms bearer. A fault detection time interval associated with the mbms bearer can be defined and monitored.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Frame structure design for new carrier type (nct)

A system and method utilizes a selected prb configuration for a new carrier type for a 3gpp-type wireless network. A downlink signal is received that comprises a demodulation reference signal pattern in at least one predetermined subframe of the downlink signal.
Intel Corporation


Simultaneous transmission on shared channel

Simultaneous transmission on a shared channel by a plurality of collocated radios is provided herein. The two or more radios are collocated with one another and are communicating with two far radios over a pair of long range wireless links.
Mimosa Networks, Inc.


Mimo equalization optimized for baud rate clock recovery in coherent dp-qpsk metro systems

The present invention is directed to a mimo equalization system and method, optimized for baud rate clock recovery in coherent symbol-spaced dp-qpsk metro systems. According to this method, the mueller & muller timing function is extended to cope with controlled isi induced signals, while decoupling between mimo equalization and clock recovery loops, using a midpoint output of the equalizer for timing estimation, instead of its final output.
Multiphy Ltd.


Synchronized infrared beacon / infrared detection system

A synchronized infrared beacon/infrared detector system. The system may include (a) an infrared beacon module configured to generate a time-varying encoded infrared signal, (b) an infrared detector module configured to capture the encoded infrared signal generated by the beacon module, (c) a synchronizer configured to generate a synchronization signal that controls timing of the beacon module and the detector module, and (d) a processor, in communication with the detector module, configured to analyze the infrared signal captured by the detector module.
Flir Systems, Inc.


Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication method

A radio communication apparatus includes antennas, transceiver units respectively connected to the antennas, and a radio control unit that controls the transceiver units, simultaneously inputs same transmission data to the transceiver units, and instructs, every switching cycle of frequency hopping, the transceiver units to start check processing for an idle state of frequency channels. The transceiver units respectively include hopping control units that switch the frequency channels every fixed time in synchronization with a communication partner and control such that each of the transceiver units uses a different frequency at the same hour.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Apparatus and methods for synchronizing phase-locked loops

Apparatus and methods for synchronizing phase-locked loops (plls) are provided. In certain implementations, a fractional-n synthesizer includes a pll and a control circuit that controls a division value of the pll.
Analog Devices Global


Motor control apparatus

A motor control apparatus controls a rotation of a motor based on a resolver signal that is output from a resolver and is in synchronization with a rotation angle of the motor. The motor control apparatus includes a control hardware block configured to correct the resolver signal; and a memory installed outside the control hardware block and configured to store error data of the resolver signal.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Device for synchronizing at least two converters

The invention concerns a device (3) for synchronizing at least two dc/dc converters. It is characterized in that it comprises receiving means (21a, 21b, 23a, 23b) for receiving a switching signal generated by each of the converters; means (25) for detecting a transition type of the received switching signals; means (27) for generating a synchronization signal when a transition is detected; and means (27, s1, s2) for supplying the synchronization signal to one of the converters, said means (27, s1, s2) being configured to supply the synchronization signal to a different converter and in an order of succession each time a transition is detected..


Active rectifier and wireless power receiving apparatus using the same that can reduce reverse current leakage

An active rectifier and a wireless power reception apparatus using the same are disclosed herein. The active rectifier includes first and fourth switches, second and third switches, and a synchronization control unit.
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Motion coordination operation device and method, program, and motion coordination reproduction system

A motion coordination operation device is provided, which includes a movement information input unit inputting movement information supplied from respective sensor devices mounted on a plurality of users; and an operation unit operating coordination information that indicates the synchronization of motions of bodies or parts of the bodies of the plurality of users from the input movement information from the respective sensor devices, and generating control information for feedback outputs for the users based on the coordination information.. .
Sony Corporation


Systems and methods for the synchronization of transaction data

A method comprising receiving a category of metadata from an accounting software system, receiving a plurality of metadata labels associated with the category of metadata from the accounting software, receiving a roc, receiving an association of one of the plurality of the metadata labels with the roc, and/or transmitting the roc and the association of the one of the plurality of the metadata labels with the roc to the accounting software system. The category of metadata may comprise a card member name, an image of a receipt associated with the roc, a description, and the like..
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.


First party advertisement serving

Adservers with the ability to access advertiser cookies and vice versa when both are serving from the advertiser's domain are provided, thereby avoiding the overhead and delay in backend cookie synchronization efforts. Further, advertising cookie data can be gathered regardless of whether a user is browsing a publisher's web site with an advertisement served by an adserver, or browsing the advertiser's web site, because the cookies were previously set when the user visited the advertiser's web site in the context of a first-party cookie.
Trueffect, Inc.


Intelligent decision synchronization in real time for both discrete and continuous process industries

A composite technology system retina that enables intelligent decision synchronization in real time for continuous, discrete and batch process industries is disclosed. Retina generates and synchronizes the intelligent decisions that affect the performance and profitability of business operations in real time and helps in analysis that are essential for any successful business operations in any manufacturing industries.
Bahwan Cybertek Private Limited


Partition lookup and state synchronization

Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for multilevel synchronization of database table partition states. An embodiment operates by retrieving a partition from a partition lookup structure and determining whether the partition is in an active state.


Method for storing and accessing data into an indexed key/value pair for offline access

A system, method, and computer-readable medium are disclosed for managing the storage, access and synchronization of offline data. A set of online data, which is available for online access, is persisted as a set of offline data in a local storage associated with a user device and a key-value pair is used to cross-reference the first set of online data and the first set of offline data, an access request for a set of data, corresponding to the first set of online data, is received from a user device application.
Dell Products L.p.


Systems and methods for data synchronization and failover management

A data synchronization and failover management (dsfm) system monitors simultaneous execution of non-identical instances of a software application and may label as a particular result of the software application the earliest output corresponding to that result produced by one of the instances. The dsfm may label one of the instances as a primary instance and the other instances as secondary instances and, if the primary instance fails, may re-label one of the secondary instances that computed all of the operations associated with the last result produced prior to the failure of the primary instance, as a new primary instance..
Iex Group, Inc


Network synchronization for master and slave devices

An apparatus, system, and method to manage communications within a network, such as a wireless network and/or at least partially included within a hazardous area, includes creating a master crc array from master configuration structures, creating a main master crc value from the master crc array, receiving a main slave crc value, and determining if the main master crc value and the main slave crc value are different.. .
Cameron International Corporation


Image writing device, image forming apparatus, and image writing method

An image writing device includes an exposure device to repeatedly expose a surface of an image bearer along a main-scanning direction during an image forming period to write an image on the image bearer, a speed change detector to detect a change in moving speed in a sub-scanning direction of the surface of the image bearer, a first signal generation circuit to generate a first signal, an image forming period signal generation circuit to generate an image forming period signal synchronously with the first signal, a second signal generation circuit to generate a second signal, the second signal initially appearing in the image forming period being in synchronization with the first signal, and a line synchronization signal generation circuit to generate a line synchronization signal synchronously with the second signal and transmit the line synchronization signal to the exposure device during the image forming period.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Method for providing synchronization in a data acquisition system

It is proposed a method for providing synchronization in a data acquisition system including a plurality of acquisition units. A given acquisition unit of the plurality carries out the following steps: receiving a packet from another device of the data acquisition system; extracting a synchronization accuracy information and a reference clock information from the received packet; obtaining a first reference clock as a function of the extracted reference clock information; if the extracted synchronization accuracy information indicates a better synchronization accuracy than a current synchronization accuracy information associated to the given acquisition unit: taking the obtained first reference clock as a selected reference clock and updating the current synchronization accuracy information to indicate a lower synchronization accuracy than the extracted synchronization accuracy information..


Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system and method

A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system and method of magnetic resonance imaging. The preferred mri system is of lower weight and/or uses less power than conventional mri systems, due to one or more of magnet design, transmit and receive coil design, selection of rf pulse sequence, synchronization methods, and image reconstruction methods.
Lt Imaging Inc.


Digital frequency response analysis system and method useful for power supplies

A frequency response analyzer includes a signal generator, a reference channel module, and a digital frequency response analyzer. The signal generator includes an input, a first output to provide an output signal to a unit under test, and a second output to provide a first synchronization signal.


Partial discharge detection system and method with synchronization

A partial discharge acquisition system includes: a synchronization signal sensor device including a sensor module structured to remotely detect a first synchronization electromagnetic signal generated by an alternate current electrical voltage associated with the operation of an electrical object and provide a corresponding first detected electrical signal; a transmitting device structured to irradiate a second synchronization electromagnetic signal related with the first detected electrical signal; a partial discharge detection apparatus including: a receiving device structured to receive the second synchronization electromagnetic signal and generate a corresponding received electrical signal representing at least a timing parameter of the alternate current electrical voltage, the receiving device and the transmitting device being configured to establish a wireless communication link defining a deterministic transmission delay.. .
Prysmian S.p.a


Connection device and an apparatus

A connection device and an apparatus are described. The connection device includes a first rotation shaft, a second rotation shaft, a synchronization bulk, and a guide bulk.
Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.


Synchronization system for a thrust reverser

The present disclosure provides a thrust reverser device for a turbojet engine nacelle which includes at least two cowls each mounted with the ability to move translationally with respect to a fixed structure between an upstream closed position and a downstream open position. In the upstream position, the two cowls provide aerodynamic continuity of the nacelle, and in the downstream open position, they open a passage in the nacelle.


Method and system for tracking time in a downhole tool without the need for a battery

Time is tracked in a downhole tool to indicate whether timestamps associated with data samples or events in a log indicate either real time or a duration of time since a certain reset, and to indicate whether the timestamps have been synchronized with a master clock in the tool. The log also records the time and offset of each synchronization event.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Initial access channel for scalable wireless mobile communication networks

Physical layer structures and access schemes for use in such networks are described and in particular initial access channel (iach) structures are proposed. A spectrum efficient downlink (dl) iach design supports different types of user equipment (ue) capabilities and different system bandwidths.
Apple Inc.


Mobile station apparatus, integrated circuit, communication method, and communication program

A mobile station apparatus includes a use environment information receiving unit configured to receive use environment information that represents a use environment of the mobile station apparatus, and a synchronization processing unit configured to perform a synchronization process on a reception wave from a base station apparatus. In a state where the mobile station apparatus is unable to receive a radio wave from the base station apparatus, a time taken by the synchronization processing unit when attempting the synchronization process is reduced on the basis of the use environment information previously received by the use environment information receiving unit..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Base station and terminal

In a wireless communication system in which a base station and a terminal communicate with each other, the terminal switches connection destinations efficiently. The terminal includes a positional information measurement unit, notifies the base station of positional information, and based on connection base station information transmitted from the base station, generates a synchronization signal of the connection base station information, and communicates with the connection base station.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


User equipment with selective neighbor cell detection

Performing selective tune-away by a user equipment (ue). The ue may include a first radio that is configurable to operate according to a first radio access technology (rat) and a second rat.
Apple Inc.


Synchronization beacon detection

Performing detection of a synchronization beacon. The ue may include a first radio which supports, e.g., simultaneously, a first radio access technology (rat) and a second rat.
Apple Inc.


Self-optimization of backhaul radio resources and small cell backhaul delay estimation

Control and/or management plane interactions may be implemented between one or more wireless backhaul links and respective associated access and/or core networks. The control and/or management plane interactions may be implemented in accordance with self-optimization functionalities and may be implemented to perform radio resource management (rrm) for the one or more wireless backhaul links.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Digital camera

A digital camera has a 2d image sensor designed as a ccd or cmos sensor that can be used to measure distances based on a runtime measurement in synchronization with a pulsed infrared source. The measured distances are used to carry out a 3d reconstruction of a detected object.
Skidata Ag


Multiple camera synchronization system

A system for at least substantially plesiochronously operating a receiver in communication with a plurality of cameras (e.g., at least two plesiochronously operational cameras) is described. In one or more implementations, the system includes a plurality of cameras.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Printing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium

A printing apparatus includes a first feeding roller, a feeding motor configured to drive the first feeding roller, a second feeding roller, a conveyance roller, a conveyance motor configured to drive the conveyance roller, a printing unit configured to print the printing sheet, a detection sensor configured to detect the leading edge of the printing sheet, and a control unit configured to, when the printing unit performs a printing operation on a preceding sheet, drive the feeding motor in synchronization with the conveyance motor before the detection sensor detects the leading edge of a succeeding sheet, and continuously drive the feeding motor so that the conveying speed of the succeeding sheet by the feeding motor becomes higher than that of the preceding sheet after the detection sensor detects the leading edge of the succeeding sheet.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Reading group ebook synchronization

A reading group that is associated with an ebook is defined, the reading group including a master device and one or more follower devices. A synchronization command is received from the master device to synchronize the reading location of the one or more follower devices to a read section, the read section specifying a portion of the ebook.
Google Inc.


Resource synchronization control method, device, and system

A method, device and system for resource synchronization control are provided in accordance with the present disclosure. The disclosure relates to a field of information synchronization control.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Synchronous transmission server

A content list manager is configured to manage a list of contents to be transmitted to the dlna client as a content list. A stream transmission controller is configured to transmit a content stream in response to a request from the dlna client for the content stream.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Distributed synchronization data in a message management service

A message management service that acts as intermediary between a messaging service and a client device can generate a synchronization data bundle for a message that includes an external message identifier usable to retrieve the message from the messaging service. The message management service can send the synchronization data bundle to the client along with the message, and the client can store the synchronization data bundle for each message in its local data store.
Dropbox, Inc.


Symbol time offset correction via intercarrier interference detection in ofdm receiver

Receiver (rcv) adapted for compensating for symbol timing offset when receiving ofdm symbols, over a communication channel (tc), comprising: means (reg, dft, cmp) for detecting a first phase with no inter-symbol interference, means (reg, dft, cmp) for detecting a second phase with presence of inter-symbol interference, means (reg, dft, cmp) for compensating for said symbol timing offset by estimating starting points of said received ofdm symbols as being one sample before the start of said second phase. The timing synchronization is achieved in frequency domain by monitoring amplitude variation of the demodulated subcarriers symbols, said variation being due to the presence of inter symbol interference when the fft window overlaps with the subsequent ofdm symbol..
St-erisson Sa


System and phase error compensation in synchronized devices

A system and method for compensating for detected phase errors during communications between synchronized devices. In an embodiment, the two devices may be a touch screen device and a synchronized stylus device.
Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


System and improved synchronization between devices

A system and method for synchronizing two devices in communication with each other. When communication between the two devices is to be established, a synchronization process may be invoked.
Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


Network self-synchronization using ultra wide band (uwb) impulse radio (ir) pulse train with unique repetition rates

Described herein are techniques for self-synchronization of wireless nodes. For example, the technique may involve determining a repetition rate for receiving a signal from another access point, wherein the repetition rate identifies the another access point.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Synchronization of vehicle sensor information

A method includes receiving and storing sensor data including a first plurality of data points indicative of a plurality of respective states of the environment external to a vehicle at a plurality of respective times, external data including a second plurality of data points indicative of an additional plurality of respective states of the external environment, and synchronization data. The external data is data that was received by the vehicle from a handheld mobile communication device of a pedestrian external to the vehicle via a wireless link, and is indicative of objects sensed by the handheld mobile communication device.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company


Distributed transaction management

The subject disclosure relates to a distributed transaction management technique that ensures synchronization between participating nodes in a global or distributed transaction. The technique leverages a commit protocol that uses local clocks at the respective participating nodes.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Maintaining coherent synchronization between data streams on detection of overflow

Trace data streams are generated for tracing target processor activity. Various trace data streams are synchronized using markers called sync points.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Operating system/hypervisor efficiencies for sub-divided privilege levels

Operating system/hypervisor efficiencies for sub-divided privilege levels is described, for example, where a plurality of execution processes at the same privilege level share at least part of a memory address translation structure. In various embodiments a first component of an original hierarchical memory address translation structure is duplicated and edited to omit entries not visible to both a trusted process and an untrusted process.
Microsoft Corporation


Methods, systems, and media for protecting applications from races

Methods, systems, and media for protecting applications from races are provided. In some embodiments, methods for protecting applications from races are provided, the methods comprising: adding to at least one cycle of the application an update check to determine when an update to the application is to be made; adding an update engine to the application, wherein the update engine is configured to: receive an update plan that is based on an execution filter that specifies how operations of the application are to be synchronized; and cause synchronization operations to be added to the application based on the update plan that prevent the race from occurring..


Synchronization control apparatus

A synchronization control apparatus includes a movement amount calculation unit and a movement unit. The movement amount calculation unit calculates a movement amount required for a slave axis to move in accordance with the position of a master axis in such a manner that the slave axis moves to a designated position when the master axis arrives at a designated position, and that the speed ratio of the slave axis to the master axis is as designated.
Fanuc Corporation


Semi-active laser seeker synchronization

A system for semi-active laser seeker synchronization includes a laser target designator configured to emit a laser pulse signal and a seeker configured to detect the emitted signal from the laser target designator. The laser target designator and the seeker are operatively connected to synchronize the emission of the laser pulse signal and the detection of the seeker..
Rosemount Aerospace Inc.


Synchronization ring runner with cradle

A runner assembly includes a runner with an aperture, a cradle, and a fastener. The cradle includes a planar base with an aperture, a tab extending from the base, and fingers extending from the base.
United Technologies Corporation


Sewing machine

A sewing machine includes a bed, an irradiating portion configured to irradiate laser light onto a specific position on the bed, an image capturing portion configured to capture an image of an area including the specific position and to generate captured image data, a processor, and a memory configured to store computer-readable instructions. The computer-readable instructions, when executed by the processor, cause the sewing machine to perform processes that include causing the irradiating portion to intermittently irradiate the laser light onto the specific position, acquiring the captured image data by causing the image capturing portion to capture an image of the area in synchronization with irradiation on the specific position, and identifying irradiated coordinates based on the captured image data.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Adhesive sheet joining method and adhesive sheet joining apparatus

While a transporting unit transports an adhesive sheet attached to a separator larger than the adhesive sheet, a chuck member on a tip of a swing arm of a separating unit holds a portion of the separator protruding from an end of the adhesive sheet. Under such a condition, the chuck member moves in a direction crossing a transportation direction of the adhesive sheet, and the transporting unit moves in the transportation direction in synchronization with the chuck member while folding back the separator at an end of a supporting plate contacting the separator as a starting point.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Apparatuses and methods for wireless synchronization of multiple multimedia devices using a common timing framework

Apparatuses and methods for wireless synchronization of multiple multimedia devices using a common timing framework are disclosed. In one aspect, a wireless multimedia source device is configured to establish wireless connections with a plurality of multimedia sink devices.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Gnss radio signal for improved synchronization

A global navigation satellite system (“gnss”) positioning method is provided, based upon a gnss radio signal that comprises a navigation message transmitted as a succession of data packets. Each data packet is present in the gnss radio signal as a sequence of symbols obtained by application of a code preceded by a synchronization symbol header.
Centre National D'etudes Spatiales


Method and radio link synchronization and power control in cell_fach and idle mode

A method and apparatus for radio link synchronization and power control in cell_fach state and idle mode are disclosed. A wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) transmits a random access channel (rach) preamble and receives an acquisition indicator acknowledging the rach preamble via an acquisition indicator channel (aich) and an index to an enhanced dedicated channel (e-dch) resource.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Method and device for fast link synchronization in wlan system

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system, and more specifically, a method and a device for the scanning of a station (sta) in a wlan system are disclosed. The whereby an sta performs scanning in a wireless communication system according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises the steps of: transmitting a first frame, including a bssid-ap ccc pair, to one or more access points (ap); and receiving a second frame from an ap among the one or more als, wherein the system information of the ap, which is included in the second frame, includes dynamic information and can configure the second frame to be optimized according to the dynamic information..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Synchronization of user interactive events with on-screen events during playback of multimedia stream

A method includes receiving, at a multimedia device, a data stream representing multimedia content, the data stream comprising first timing information for the multimedia content, and metadata representing interactive event information associated with the multimedia content, the metadata comprising second timing information for the interactive event information. During the playback of the multimedia content, a first user interactive event is identified that is associated with a first time point in the playback of the multimedia content based on the interactive event information, and the first user interactive event is performed concurrent with the first time point in the playback of the multimedia content..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and recording medium

A disclosed information processing apparatus is connected to an information management apparatus via a network. The information processing apparatus includes a data storage unit configured to store data that specifies the information management apparatus as an access destination, and a synchronization controller unit configured to periodically compare a list of data stored in the data storage unit and a list of data stored in the information management apparatus, transmit data stored only in the data storage unit to the information management apparatus, and acquire data stored only in the information management apparatus from the information management apparatus and store the acquired data in the data storage unit..


Synchronized distribution of compliance policy updates

A notification is received at a workload that indicates that a compliance policy update is available for the workload at a compliance policy management system. A synchronization manager on the workload pulls the compliance policy update from the compliance policy management system and deploys it to the workload..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Advanced security protocol for broadcasting and synchronizing shared folders over local area network

A method, system, and manufacture for securely broadcasting shared folders from one client device to other client devices and synchronizing the shared folders over a local area network. A first client device, associated with a content management system, generates a secure identifier for a shared folder, using a shared secret key that is associated with the shared folder.
Dropbox, Inc.


Data generation apparatus, data generation method, base station, mobile station, synchronization detection method, sector identification method, information detection method and mobile communication system

A mobile station communicates with a base station controlling over a cell containing a plurality of sectors. The mobile station also receives, from a base station, data of synchronization channels which includes sector specific codes respectively corresponding to sector identification numbers for identifying the sectors.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for managing and maintaining an accurate distribution of time in a network when a failure occurs

A packet network includes a peer-to-peer transparent clock hardware support, a peer-to-peer transparent clock being at least used in order to measure and correct delays of link or path adjacent to network elements and ne residence time, and a master/slave end-to-end synchronization path including a first set of network elements a time stamped packet including at least a correction field indicating the cumulated transmission delay of the said packet along the synchronization path. A method includes a detecting a failure event; storing by the first element a measured past path delay of at least one previously transmitted time stamped packet received by the first element; and a function of the incoming current value of the received correction field, the first network element residence time, and a first value depending of a measured past path delay value.
Alcatel Lucent


Control system for power stacks in a power converter, power converter with such control system and wind turbine with such power converter

A control system for one or more power stacks in a power converter is disclosed, each power stack comprising a plurality of electronic switches, said control system comprising one or more controllers, wherein a distributed clock signal from a real-time communication system is used as synchronization means for the switches in the power stacks. One or more controllers controlling the switching times of the switches in one or more power stacks may be connected directly to one or more real-time communication buses of the real-time communication system, using the distributed clock signal for synchronization of pulses when using the one or more power stacks for pulse-width modulation of a desired ac output voltage.
Kk-electronic A/s


Power frequency converter and associated method

A power frequency converter and an associated method are provided to convert an ac input signal at a first frequency, such as a first frequency that is permitted to vary within a range, to an ac output signal at a second frequency that is different than the first frequency and that may be fixed. The power frequency converter includes a plurality of power rectification modules.
The Boeing Company

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