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Synchronization patents

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Methods and apparatus to control interference

Process and method of providing a shared experience with multimedia content

Systems and methods for aquatic electrical barrier desynchronization

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronization-related patents
 Caption and/or metadata synchronization for replay of previously or simultaneously recorded live programs patent thumbnailnew patent Caption and/or metadata synchronization for replay of previously or simultaneously recorded live programs
A synchronization process between captioning data and/or corresponding metatags and the associated media file parses the media file, correlates the caption information and/or metatags with segments of the media file, and provides a capability for textual search and selection of particular segments. A time-synchronized version of the captions is created that is synchronized to the moment that the speech is uttered in the recorded media.
 Method for virtual channel management, network-based multimedia reproduction system with virtual channel, and computer readable storage medium patent thumbnailnew patent Method for virtual channel management, network-based multimedia reproduction system with virtual channel, and computer readable storage medium
Method for virtual channel management, in an embodiment, for use in an electronic device includes the following steps. At least one command indicating virtual channel management is detected.
 Mechanism for facilitating synchronization of audio and video between multiple media devices patent thumbnailnew patent Mechanism for facilitating synchronization of audio and video between multiple media devices
A mechanism for facilitating dynamic synchronization of audio and video for multiple media devices is described. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes first logic to insert a signature in an audio portion of an audio/video data stream.
 Synchronized asset trays patent thumbnailnew patent Synchronized asset trays
A method including the steps of: providing a computer readable non-transitory storage medium including a computer readable code configured to run on a local computer and to perform a process to organize a plurality of assets in a tray system including a core tray program including one or more trays, and a synchronization manager configured to synchronize assets represented by icons in the one or more trays with corresponding assets at one or more file storage locations; running on a local computer the computer readable code; displaying by computer the tray; and synchronizing by computer the assets represented by icons in the one or more trays with the corresponding assets at one or more file storage locations. A system to perform the method is also described..
 Timing synchronization circuit with loop counter patent thumbnailnew patent Timing synchronization circuit with loop counter
An apparatus for synchronizing an output dock signal with an input clock signal includes a first timing synchronization circuit, control logic, and a counter. The first timing synchronization circuit is operable to generate a delay to synchronize a reference clock signal representative of the input clock signal with a feedback dock signal representative of the output clock signal responsive a strobe signal.
 Adaptive data synchronization patent thumbnailnew patent Adaptive data synchronization
In one embodiment, an application module 114 may adjust a synchronization scheme 306 based on the operational state of a computing device 110. An operating system 112 may determine an operational state for a computing device 110.
 Storage controller cache synchronization method and apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Storage controller cache synchronization method and apparatus
A method for a pair of redundant storage controllers to ensure reliable cached write data transfers to storage device logical volumes is provided. The method includes maintaining metadata including a first number identifying which controller currently owns the volume, a second number identifying which controller previously owned the volume, a third number identifying which controller is a preferred owner of the volume, and an indication if the volume is write protected.
 Communication device, communication method, and communication system patent thumbnailnew patent Communication device, communication method, and communication system
A slave device (20), which is a communication device, receives and analyzes commands, and returns the results to a master device (10). During the command analysis period, an iic control unit (205) and a cpu (210), which form a control unit, control an scl control unit (201) so as to stop an scl signal.
 Content item sharing and synchronization system with team shared folders patent thumbnailnew patent Content item sharing and synchronization system with team shared folders
A content item sharing and synchronization system providing team shared folders is described. Users of the system have access to the team shared folder simply by being a member of a team.
 Process and method of providing a shared experience with multimedia content patent thumbnailnew patent Process and method of providing a shared experience with multimedia content
A system, method and computer readable media are disclosed for presenting a simultaneous multimedia experience to a plurality of computing devices, each at different locations. The method involves coordinating a simultaneous presentation of multimedia content to a plurality of computing devices, receiving a control signal from a computer of one of the plurality of computing devices to control the presentation of multimedia content, and broadcasting the control assigned to each of the plurality of computing devices such that a control event substantially simultaneously occurs in the presentation of a multimedia content at each of the plurality of computing devices.
new patent Synchronization of a server side deduplication cache with a client side deduplication cache
A server computational device maintains commonly occurring duplicate chunks of deduplicated data that have already been stored m a server side repository via one or more client computational devices. The server computational device provides a client computational device with selected elements of the commonly occurring duplicate chunks of deduplicated data, in response to receiving a request by the server computational device from the client computational device to prepopulate, refresh or update a client side deduplication cache maintained in the client computational device..
new patent System and method for cloud-based read-only folder synchronization
A system and method are provided for synchronizing read-only folders from a cloud-based server. Users can set read-only permissions when sharing folders with other users.
new patent Synchronization of cms data to mobile device storage
Aspects include systems and methods for synchronizing a remote datastore that includes files and data for use by an application on a remote device, which can be represented on the device in a device-specific format, while the remote data store can have a different data representation, such as a relational database or object graph data model. A server can maintain a unique row identifier for each row in all synchronized tables and an update log table that has rows with the unique row identifiers for changed rows (inserted, updated or deleted), for each insert, update, or delete operation and a current update version that reflects the last change to that row.
new patent Device synchronization policy management
Generally, this disclosure provides devices, methods and computer readable media for device synchronization policy management. The device may include a context determination module configured to determine a usage context associated with the device; a content determination module configured to determine a data content classification associated with data to be synchronized between the device and a cloud; a synchronization policy database configured to store synchronization policies, the policies based on the device usage context, the data content classification and a classification of the cloud type; and a synchronization policy management module configured to select a synchronization policy from the synchronization policy database and further configured to synchronize the data with the cloud based on the selected synchronization policy..
new patent Synchronization of transactional data and analytical data between data centers
Synchronization of transactional data and analytical data between data centers. Metadata is received by a transactional system from a user interface included in a customer data center.
new patent Adaptive high-performance database redo log synchronization
A method, system, and computer program product for adaptive high-performance database redo log synchronization. The method commences upon performing a write operation of a redo log entry, the write operation concluding with an indication of completion of the write operation of the redo log entry.
new patent Method of synchronising the engines of an aircraft
Passing (24, 34) synchronization from the activated or primed state to the deactivated state when the pilot issues a deactivation order or whenever at least some of the safety conditions are not satisfied.. .
new patent Motor control system, motor control device, brushless motor, and motor control method
A motor control system comprises a host controller for transmitting a command signal and receiving an information signal, a motor control device for receiving the command signal and transmitting the information signal, a signal transmission line for transmitting the command signal and the information signal, and a motor of which rotation is controlled by the motor control device. The host controller generates and transmits pwm command signal si having a duty factor modulated by the command signal.
new patent Pericardial-liquid level control system
Provided is a pericardial-liquid level control system with which a good viewing field can be ensured for an endoscope image without causing cardiac tamponade. A pericardial-liquid level control system is employed, including a sheath that is inserted into the pericardium; pumps that supply and expel liquid to and from the sheath; electrocardiogram electrodes that detect electrocardiographic information; and a pump control device that, in synchronization with the electrocardiographic information detected by the electrocardiogram electrodes, controls the pumps so that the liquid is supplied to the pericardium via the sheath during contraction of the heart and the liquid is expelled from the pericardium via the sheath during expansion of the heart..
new patent Device-to-device communication method and apparatus for use in wireless communication system
A method for allowing terminals to exchange discovery or synchronization signals to determine their presences among each other within a service area of a base station is provided. The method includes collecting multicast identifiers of another terminal for use in multicast communication, receiving a multicast control channel for device-to-device (d2d) multicast communication, performing cyclic redundancy check (crc) on the received multicast control channel using the collected multicast identifiers, and receiving, when the crc is successful, the d2d multicast according to the multicast control channel.
new patent Method and system for global navigation satellite system configuration of wireless communication applications
Methods and systems for global positioning navigate satellite system configuration of wireless communication applications may comprise in a wireless communication device (wcd) comprising a satellite positioning rf path, determining a location of the wcd utilizing leo signals received by said satellite positioning rf path, establishing communications with a wireless access point based on the determined location, and configuring a wireless communication function of the wcd based on the determined location. The wireless communication function may comprise a power level of wireless local area network circuitry in the wcd, a point-of-sale transaction, or a synchronization of data on the wcd with one or more devices in a home location of the wcd.
new patent Establishing optical coherence using free-space optical links
An apparatus and/or method may be used for distributed synchronization of oscillators at non-collocated stations by means of transmitting and receiving optical signals having frequencies related to a desired oscillator frequency.. .
new patent Optical network switching node in multi-chassis cluster, optical burst synchronization method, and line card chassis
An embodiment of the present invention provides an optical burst synchronization method. A synchronization method includes: selecting a reference chassis, and transmitting, by an output port corresponding to an ftl in the reference chassis, an optical burst test signal respectively to receive ports corresponding to ors in other line card chassis, where the optical burst test signal carries a transmission timeslot number; and acquiring, by a receive port corresponding to an or in each line card chassis, according to an optical path difference between the receive port corresponding to the or in each line card chassis and the output port corresponding to the ftl in the reference chassis, time of receiving the optical burst test signal, and the transmission timeslot number, a time-phase difference between each line card chassis and the reference chassis, and calibrating a local clock phase according to the time-phase difference..
new patent Providing video presentation commentary
Embodiments are disclosed that relate to providing commentary for video content. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method comprising receiving and storing an input of commentary data from each of a plurality of commentary input devices, and also, for each input of commentary data, receiving and storing identification metadata identifying a commentator, for each input of commentary data, synchronization metadata that synchronizes the commentary data with the associated media content item is received and stored.
new patent Imaging control apparatus, radiographic imaging apparatus, radiographic image capturing system, control method, and non-transitory recording medium storing program causing computer to execute control method
An imaging control apparatus includes a determination unit and a setting unit. The determination unit is configured to determine, based on a state of communication to a radiation generator, which of a synchronous imaging mode and an asynchronous imaging mode is to be used to obtain radiographic image data.
new patent Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus and digital radio communication method
A transmission method includes modulating a transmission signal using a modulation scheme selected from a plurality of modulation schemes, to generate a first symbol sequence and generating at least one second symbol including a pilot symbol generated using a psk modulation scheme. The method includes changing an insertion interval of the second symbol to be inserted in the first symbol sequence, to generate a modulation signal and transmitting the modulation signal.
new patent Robust precoding vector switching for multiple transmitter antennas
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for robust precoding vector switching for multiple transmitter antennas are provided. One method includes defining, by a base station, a precoding vector switching (pvs) scheme for transmission of synchronization signals through multiple antennas comprising a plurality of pairs of cross-polarized antenna elements.
new patent Digital broadcasting receiving system and associated signal processing method
A digital broadcasting receiving system is provided. A receiving module receives an m number of symbols each carrying an n number of subcarriers of a control signal.
new patent System and method for demodulating an incoming signal
Methods and receiver circuits are provided for correlating an incoming signal with pn codes. An embodiment of the method includes receiving i/q baseband samples in the i/q domain; converting the i/q baseband samples to phase baseband samples; generating a pseudonoise (pn) code; converting the pn code to pn phase data; performing a correlation on the phase baseband samples using the pn phase data to generate correlated i/q values; performing an adding operation on the correlated i/q values to generate demodulated i/q values; converting the demodulated i/q values into demodulated phase values; performing a frequency correction operation on the demodulated phase values to generate frequency correction data; converting the demodulated i/q values into demodulated magnitude values; and performing signal decoding and synchronization on the magnitude values to generate output data.
new patent Apparatus and method for achieving synchronization in wireless communication system
A method of operating a terminal that is related to achieving synchronization in a wireless communication system is provided. The method includes receiving signals with a bandwidth comprising a plurality of channels, selecting at least one channel group to attempt to detect based on radio frequency level per a reception signal, wherein the channel group denotes a set of channels that belongs to one bandwidth, and performing a synchronization procedure on each of channels that belong to the at least one channel group selected..
new patent Method and apparatus for acquiring synchronization in code division multiple access system
A method of acquiring initial synchronization in a code division multiple access mobile communication system is provided. The method includes quantizing a received signal into a plurality of levels, calculating correlation values of the quantized received signal and a local code, calculating absolute values of the correlation values, and detecting a position of a maximum value which exceeds a threshold among the absolute values and an id of a downlink synchronization (sync-dl) sequence and determining timing values of available cells and energy values corresponding to the timing values..
new patent Carrier type (nct) information embedded in synchronization signal
A second synchronous signal (sss) for a 3gpp lte downlink signal is generated in such a way that a legacy user equipment (ue) can determine whether the downlink signal comprises a legacy downlink signal or a new carrier type (nct) downlink signal, which is unavailable to a legacy ue. One exemplary embodiment provides that a first binary sequence and a second binary sequence are generated in which the first and second binary sequences are part of the sss for the downlink signal.
new patent Methods and apparatus to control interference
Methods and apparatus for controlling interference with regard to important control signals, e.g., synchronization signals and broadcast channel signals, are described. A configurable base station monitors for and receives signals from other base stations in its local vicinity and determines the implemented frame timings corresponding to the other deployed base stations.
new patent Method and apparatus for acquiring synchronization in code division multiple access system
A method and an apparatus for acquiring downlink frame synchronization are provided. The method includes phase-rotating a mid-amble of a first time slot (ts) of a received sub-frame within an area and estimating a channel impulse response (cir), calculating a maximum likelihood (ml) between a downlink synchronization code of the received sub-frame and a downlink synchronization code generated in a terminal by using the estimated cir, correlating downlink synchronization codes of a plurality of sub-frames and the downlink synchronization code generated and calculating ml values of the plurality of sub-frames with respect to the plurality of sub-frames corresponding to m transmission time intervals (ttis), and calculating hypothesis values of hypotheses according to a frequency interval and a phase offset of the generated downlink synchronization code based on the calculated ml values of the plurality of sub-frames and drawing a frequency offset and a hypothesis corresponding to a maximum value..
new patent Frame timing synchronization in a geostationary satellite system
Aspects of the invention provide a system and method to allow inroute frame timing synchronization without the aid of hub signal loopback or satellite ephemeris data. Furthermore, it allows tracking and compensating of the satellite motion to allow multiple remotes to use tdma on the inroute frequencies, while minimizing the aperture.
new patent Systems and methods for synchronization within a neighbor aware network
Methods, apparatus, and computer readable storage mediums for enabling reduced power consumption in wireless devices operating in a neighbor aware network are disclosed. In one aspect, a method includes generating a first message, the first message indicating beacon transmit window information, the beacon transmit window information indicating a first time interval when one or more beacon messages are transmittable, and transmitting the first message on the neighbor aware network..
new patent Announcing a communication session within a wireless communications system
An access network (an) receives a call announcement message for transmission to an access terminal (at). The an initiates, in response to the received call announcement message, a physical-layer synchronization procedure for at least one channel between the an and the at, the physical-layer synchronization procedure associated with a transition of the access terminal to a dedicated channel state.
new patent Mechanism to enable buffer to buffer credit recovery using link reset protocol
A buffer to buffer credit recovery mechanism is disclosed in which the ports involved in the credit recovery operation are synchronized while credit recovery is being enabled and during a credit recovery operation when credit recovery parameters are being reset. Buffer to buffer credit recovery involves exchanging primitive control signals and parameters during the login sequence to enable credit recovery.
new patent Systems and methods for aquatic electrical barrier desynchronization
The apparatus and methods are described for an electrical fish barrier system that has more than one geographically separate pulsator that are connected to a common electrical grid and are synchronized to prevent the overlapping of electrical pulses to prevent line notching or local line electrical line noise that may interfere with railroad transmission lines.. .
new patent Driver ic and display-input device
The driver ic generates a common voltage to be applied to a common electrode of pixels of a display panel, and generates a high level of a pulse voltage used for driving, by pulses, drive electrodes of a touch panel with its low level set at the common voltage based on data held by a memory region for holding voltage-designating data of the common voltage and amplitude-designating data of the pulse voltage. In addition, the driver ic outputs the common voltage to drive terminals in synchronization with the action timing of the display panel, and outputs a pulse voltage having an amplitude of the high level with respect to the common voltage to the drive terminals in synchronization with the action timing of a touch panel..
new patent Display panel with touch detection function, method of driving the same, drive circuit, and electronic unit
There are provided a display panel with a touch detection function and a method of driving the same, a drive circuit, as well as an electronic unit, which make it possible to reduce an influence of a disturbance noise. The display panel includes: a signal generation section selecting one pulse period from a plurality of pulse periods prepared beforehand, and generating a synchronization signal including a series of pulses appearing at the selected pulse period; a display section performing display based on the synchronization signal; and a touch detection section performing touch detection operation based on the synchronization signal..
new patent Synchronization of anchor units in a position location tracking system
Methods, systems, and devices are described for tracking an asset or person using a synchronized set of anchor units. A tag attached to the asset or person has a clock offset relative to the anchor units, which in turn have clock offsets relative to each other.
new patent Alternating current (ac) synchronization for load restoration
Among other things, one or more techniques and/or systems are provided for synchronizing one or more direct current (dc) to alternating current (ac) power sources (e.g., a dc power source coupled to an inverter) for restoration of power to a load. That is, responsive to a grid fault of a grid used to supply power to a load over a common bus, the common bus is isolated from the grid and the load.
new patent Valve timing control apparatus
A valve timing control apparatus includes: a drive-side rotor rotating in synchronization with a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine; a driven-side rotor arranged to have the same shaft center as the drive-side rotor, rotating in synchronization with a camshaft for opening and closing valves; a fluid pressure chamber formed between the drive-side driven-side rotors; a partitioning portion provided in at least one of the drive-side and driven-side rotors; a timing advance chamber and a timing delay chamber formed by partitioning the fluid pressure chamber by the partitioning portion; a lock mechanism including a lock member and a concave portion a lock release flow path through which operating fluid supplied and discharged to and from the concave portion is circulated; a valve arranged in the middle of the lock release flow path; and a control unit controlling the operation of the valve.. .
System and methods for facilitating the synchronization of data
Methods and systems for facilitating the synchronization of data on two or more user computers, where the data is maintained in a data structure as objects. The system assigns an index to one or more objects maintained in the data structure, wherein each index provides an address for an object within the data structure.
Synchronizing translated digital content
Aspects of the present disclosure relate to one or more configured computing systems identifying when content includes a base content and a translated content that can be synchronously presented. Once a content match is identified, a device to receive synchronization information can also be identified.
Controlling registration floods in voip networks via dns
A mechanism controls global synchronization, or registration floods, that may result when a large number of endpoints in a voice over internet protocol (voip) network such as an internet protocol multimedia subsystem (ims) come online simultaneously after a catastrophic failure. The mechanism allows the domain name system (dns) infrastructure to efficiently control the overload condition by registering user end points with backup border elements, and by staggering and by randomizing the time-to-live (ttl) parameter in registrations with backup border elements..
Method and apparatus for content synchronization
When requested content is available at a data center, the data center returns the requested content to the data center. When the requested content is locally unavailable at the data center, the requested content is retrieved from an origin server.
Systems and methods for synchronizing hierarchical repositories
Systems and methods which implement synchronization across hierarchical targets by ordering elements in a hierarchical target in order of hierarchical depth and propagating a first set of element changes based upon the hierarchical order of elements and a second set of element changes based upon a non-hierarchical order of elements priority are shown. A child attribute data model is utilized with respect to hierarchical data structures for which synchronization is provided in which hierarchy relationships are represented as an attribute of the child according to embodiments..
Forgetting items with knowledge based synchronization
Systems and methods that enable removal of data from an endpoint, while not propagating such removal to other endpoints when synchronizing data sources associated therewith. A designation component can indicate items as forgotten items, wherein such items are being known to an endpoint and deleted therefrom—yet, reintroduced therein and reappearing (e.g., as a create) upon re-synchronizing with the replica over again.
System for an open architecture deployment with centralized synchronization
One aspect of the preferred embodiment relates to an application framework for managing mobile clients and application programs. By utilizing the preferred embodiment, a system administrator may be provided the capability to manage and control multiple devices, directly and indirectly, using push (server-initiated) and/or pull (client-initiated) techniques from a single location.
Cross-file differential content synchronization using cached patches
Methods, systems and techniques for synchronizing content, such as a file, between one or more clients and one or more servers are provided. Example embodiments provide a cross-file differential content synchronization system (cdcss) to synchronize files between remote systems in a nearly instantaneous manner without necessitating the transfer of the entire contents of a file.
Cross-file differential content synchronization
Methods, systems and techniques for synchronizing content, such as a file, between one or more clients and one or more servers are provided. Example embodiments provide a cross-file differential content synchronization system (cdcss) to synchronize files between remote systems in a nearly instantaneous manner without necessitating the transfer of the entire contents of a file.
Method and system for synchronizing a server and an on-demand database service
In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for synchronizing a server and an on-demand database service. These mechanisms and methods for synchronizing a server and an on-demand database service can enable embodiments to synchronize a larger amount of data.
Method and system for supporting off-line mode of operation and synchronization
Systems and methods for synchronizing multiple copies of data in a network environment that includes servers and clients so that incremental changes made to one copy of the data can be identified, transferred, and incorporated into all other copies of the data. The synchronization can be accomplished regardless of whether modifications to the data have been made by a client while the client is in an on-line or off-line mode of operation.
Systems and methods for facilitating the development of an application that accesses data
Certain embodiments facilitate developing an application using a client-side object model to data source mapping. This may involve defining data use on the client side of the application in various ways that simplify the development necessary to implement data access features.
Information management and real time synchronous communications hospitality software application based system with a synchronized ecosystem of multiple types of computing devices with varying non pc-standard display sizes operating in equilibrium via the internet and with a master database stored in a central location
An information management and synchronous communications system and method facilitates database equilibrium and synchronization with wired, wireless and web-based systems, user-friendly and efficient generation of computerized menus and reservations with handwritten/voice modifications for restaurants and other applications that utilize equipment with nonstandard graphical formats, display sizes and/or applications for use in remote data entry, information management and communication with host computer, digital input device or remote pager via standard hardwired connection, the interne, a wireless link, printer or the like. Various operations employing automated telephone calls and/or messaging may, for instance, be performed.
System and method of large area microgrid stability controls
A microgrid system may control power distribution among a plurality of interconnected microgrids operated under droop mode. The microgrids may operate both autonomously and as part of the system.
Cell identifier allocation method, base station, maintenance server, and mobile communication system
A cell identifier allocation method includes: a measurement step of measuring the reception power or propagation loss of the signal received inside the target cell from each of the cells of adjacent base stations in the neighborhood of the target cell; an identification step of identifying the first cell that has the greatest reception power or the lowest propagation loss, from among the cells of the adjacent base stations; and, an allocation step of allocating a cell identifier in which the code sequence number of the synchronization signal is different from that of the first cell and that has not been allocated to any of the cells of the adjacent base stations, to the target cell.. .
Co-channel dual polarized microwave device and method for receiving receive signal
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a co-channel dual polarized microwave device and a method. Frame synchronization is performed on a first receive signal processed by cross polarization interference cancellation and phase noise immunization is performed on the first receive signal processed by frame synchronization.
Time synchronization in distributed network testing equipment
The invention relates to time synchronization between network testing elements in distributed network monitoring and testing systems, and provides a method for synchronizing packet timestamps generated by a network probe with a free running clock to a master clock connected at a different location of the network. In one implementation, the probe eavesdrops on a ptp message exchange between the master and a remote slave device, recording message reception times according to it free running clock and transmitting relevant timing information to a rest server for determining the probe clock offset and updating the probe packet timestamps..
Method and apparatus for enhancing synchronization in a heterogeneous network
A method and apparatus for enhancing synchronization in a heterogeneous network, including transmitting an auxiliary synchronization signal by a base station in a pico cell, a transmission interval of the auxiliary synchronization signal being 10 ms or 5 ms, and the auxiliary synchronization signal being located in a 0th subframe and/or a 5th subframe of each transmission frame; and notifying by the base station to user equipment in a cell range extension (cre) region to detect the auxiliary synchronization signal, so that the user equipment performs symbol synchronization and frame synchronization in accordance with the auxiliary synchronization signal in accessing to the pico cell, and high-layer signaling indication and a auxiliary synchronization signal are combined, user equipment in a cre region of the pico cell may obtain synchronization, thereby not only ensuring compatibility but also satisfying requirements of the system performance with a relatively low time frequency resource overhead.. .
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes: an interface chip including a read timing control circuit that outputs, in response to a command signal and a clock signal supplied from the outside, a plurality of read control signals that are each in synchronization with the clock signal and have different timings; and core chips including a plurality of internal circuits that are stacked on the interface chip and each perform an operation indicated by the command signal in synchronization with the read control signals. According to the present invention, it is unnecessary to control latency in the core chips and therefore to supply the clock signal to the core chips..
Semiconductor device having a control chip stacked with a controlled chip
A semiconductor device includes a first controlled chip and a control chip stacked therewith. The first controlled chip includes a first circuit outputting a data signal in response to a synchronization signal, an input/output circuit outputting the data signal to a data terminal in synchronization with a delayed synchronization signal, and a replica circuit replicating an output circuit and outputting a replica signal to a first replica terminal in synchronization with the delayed synchronization signal.
Optical scanning apparatus and scanning microscope apparatus
Provided is an optical scanning apparatus including: a deflector capable of deflecting an entering beam while switching an advancing direction thereof among a plurality of direction at a predetermined switching timing; a mirror array including a plurality of angle setting mirrors that are placed at angles different from one another on respective optical paths of the beams deflected by the deflector, each of the angle setting mirrors reflecting the beam while giving thereto a relative angle on the same plane for each optical path, and gathering the beam on the same point; and a first scanner that is provided so as to be swingable about an axial line perpendicular to the plane in synchronization with the switching timing, the first scanner reflecting each beam that is caused by the mirror array to enter the same point from a different direction and applying for scanning the beam along the same trajectory.. .
Synchronizer hub
The invention relates to a synchronizer hub (3) for a gearbox synchronization device (1) in a manual gearbox, comprising a base body (29) having a radial outer peripheral surface (30) and two axial end faces (31, 32) adjoining the circumferential surface (30), wherein an external tooth system (19) with radially outward pointing teeth (33) is arranged on the circumferential surface (30), interrupted by at least one recess (21), and with a annular groove (25), arranged in one of the end faces (32) and underneath the external tooth system (19), wherein the annular groove (25) is also interrupted by the at least one recess (21). Several segments (34) that extend in the radial direction into the area of the annular groove (25) and partially cover it are arranged on the axial end face (32)..
Synchronized failover for active-passive applications
The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for synchronized active-passive application failover. A data connection to a single data source can be used as a synchronizations point.
Multi-processor system and method for internal time synchronization and event scheduling of multiple processors
Embodiments of a multi-processor system and method for synchronization and event scheduling of multiple processing elements are generally described herein. In some embodiments, timing marks are provided to the processing elements and a start-timer command is broadcasted to the processing elements after an initial timing mark.
Multi-processor synchronization using time base counters
A multi-processor system includes a first processor that includes a first time base counter that outputs a first time base count, a second processor that includes a second time base counter that outputs a second time base count, and a communication bus. The first and second processors exchange the first and second time base counts on the communication bus.

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