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Synchronization patents

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Synchronization guides for group video watching

Systems and methods of out of band application synchronization across devices

Method and electronic device of file system prefetching and boot-up method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Synchronization-related patents
 Distributed rendering synchronization control for display clustering patent thumbnailDistributed rendering synchronization control for display clustering
A method for content rendering in a clustered display network. The method includes assigning a role to each of multiple client display devices by a distributing display device.
 Synchronization guides for group video watching patent thumbnailSynchronization guides for group video watching
Systems and devices are disclosed for recommending items in a video series to a group of viewers. In general, video series item recommendations are generated for a viewer group detected within a viewing area of a media device based on personal viewing histories of users in the viewer group.
 Systems and methods of out of band application synchronization across devices patent thumbnailSystems and methods of out of band application synchronization across devices
The systems and methods of out of band application synchronization across devices disclosed herein include a companion application running on a secondary device, such as a mobile device. An out-of-band file containing program event markers is transmitted to a set top box.
 Method and electronic device of file system prefetching and boot-up method patent thumbnailMethod and electronic device of file system prefetching and boot-up method
A method of file system prefetching is provided. The method is applicable to an electronic device including a volatile storage, a non-volatile storage, and multiple processors with multiple operating systems.
 Cache coherency and synchronization support in expanders in a raid topology with multiple initiators patent thumbnailCache coherency and synchronization support in expanders in a raid topology with multiple initiators
Systems and methods presented herein provide for region lock management in an expander. In one embodiment, an expander, being operable to link a plurality of initiators to a plurality of redundant array of independent disks logical volumes, includes a plurality of physical transceivers, each being operable to link the logical volumes to the initiators, and a region lock manager operable to receive a request from a first of the initiators to lock a region of the logical volumes for an input/output operation by the first initiator.
 Method and apparatus for synchronizing address book in mobile terminal and server patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for synchronizing address book in mobile terminal and server
A method and apparatus for synchronizing address book in mobile terminal and server client is disclosed. A disclosed method comprises, upon initiation of execution of an address book application in a mobile terminal, transmitting a start signal having an address book identification to an address book agent.
 Multiple platform data storage and synchronization patent thumbnailMultiple platform data storage and synchronization
The disclosed technology can enable application data to be stored with an online content management system. In some embodiments, a user's application installed on a first computing device can send application data, such as current state information of the application, to be stored on the network service.
 Method of synchronizing data between databases, and computer system and computer program for the same patent thumbnailMethod of synchronizing data between databases, and computer system and computer program for the same
Systems for synchronizing data between a first-database and a second-database are presented including: a memory; and a client configured for determining whether a retrieval request requires a synchronization of the second-database before processing the received retrieval request, where the system partially synchronizes the second-database from the first-database with only that portion of the first-database associated with the retrieval request in response to determining whether synchronization is required and for processing the retrieval request from the second-database.. .
 Method of file synchronization and electronic device thereof patent thumbnailMethod of file synchronization and electronic device thereof
A method of file synchronization for a first electronic device offline logging into a local area network is disclosed. The method includes searching for at least one second electronic device logging into the local area network, transmitting a first operational serial number to the second electronic device and receiving a second operational serial number from the second electronic device, determining one of the first and second electronic devices as a temporary server according to the first operational serial number and the second operational serial number, and performing file synchronization with the temporary server..
 In-memory real-time synchronized database system and method patent thumbnailIn-memory real-time synchronized database system and method
The present invention relates to a computerized synchronization system of a database comprising a notification unit configured to be in communication with the database, and download data from the database. The system further comprises at least one search engine configured to be in communication with the notification unit.
Real-time core of open numeric control system and real-time control method for cutter path curve
The present invention discloses a real-time kernel of open cnc systems and a real-time control method of tool-paths. The real-time kernel translates a real-time control of the tool-paths into sending synchronous pulses into the servo drivers in accordance with the control rhythms Δti (i=1, .

Systems and methods are provided that are capable of synchronizing an industrial process. The industrial process may include a plurality of process levels.
Apparatus and method for quantification of the desynchronization between the clocks of two hbc active implants
A method of determining desynchronization between a first implantable medical device and a second implantable medical device. The method includes receiving a synchronization query from the first device at the second device, that is transmitted in response to the first device detecting a predetermined transition of a first clock of the first device, the first clock having a first pulse rate.
Time synchronization method for diagnostic strip analysis apparatus
The present invention provides a time synchronization method for a diagnostic strip analysis apparatus. When a user sets time of the diagnostic strip analysis apparatus, time setting information is stored in a storage unit of the diagnostic strip analysis apparatus.
Subscriber-side device and optical transmission system
An object of the present invention is to provide a subscriber-side device, which can generate accurate time information and can synchronize a time with other device even if a power supply of a portion that receives a downlink signal is in an off state, and to provide an optical transmission system including the same. The subscriber-side device of the present invention corrects and outputs free-running time information, which is generated based on a free-running clock signal, by a time correction value generated based on a frequency deviation between a synchronization clock signal and the free-running clock signal.
Transparent clock for precision timing distribution
One or more devices of a network having asymmetric delay are configured to participate in time synchronization protocol sessions in which a client device synchronizes its local clock to a master device. In one example, a system includes an optical line terminal configured to receive a time synchronization protocol packet from a grandmaster clock and an optical network unit (onu) configured to calculate a residence time of the time synchronization protocol packet, encode the residence time into the packet, and to forward the packet to a client device.
Content synchronization system, content-synchronization control device, and content playback device
When long polling is employed under http, a content-synchronization control device can control each content playback device so that content control is synchronized in multiple content playback devices. When receiving an inquiry from a content playback device 90, the response control means 84 waits transmission of an inquiry response in reply to the inquiry for a certain period of time since reception of the inquiry, and when the waiting state of the transmission of an inquiry response is cancelled, the waiting state of transmission of all the inquiry responses are cancelled.
Device and method for measuring diameter of cylindrical object
Imaging a cylindrical object, left and right viewpoint images are stored to a data memory. To calculate a diameter d of the cylindrical object, a pair of measurement points designated on outlines of the left viewpoint image and corresponding points that are set on outlines of the right viewpoint image in accordance with measurement points are used.
Apparatus and method for support of communications services and applications over relatively low signal-to-noise ratio links
A physical layer (pl) frame generation method is provided. A pl payload is generated by encoding and modulating source data based on a first modcod of a first set.
Synchronization signals in a wireless communication system
Cell-specific or transmission point (tp)-specific information is indicated to a ue based on the subframe in which a cell/tp transmits its primary and secondary synchronization sequences (pss and sss). The principal scenario of interest is a dense deployment of picocells/tps which are under the control of an overlaid macrocell's enodeb.
Single-frequency network (sfn) operation for machine-type communications (mtc) coverage enhancements
Certain aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to wireless communications and, more particularly, to techniques for single-frequency network (sfn) operation for machine-type communications (mtc) coverage enhancements. A method is provided for wireless communications by a user equipment (ue).
Design for small cell demodulation reference signal and initial synchronization
Described herein is a network element with a processor. The processor is configured to promote transmitting a first physical resource block (prb) pair that contains a first demodulation reference signal (dmrs) pattern.
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for determining a radio frame synchronization position
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for determining a radio frame synchronization position are disclosed. According to one method, the method includes receiving a radio frame having an ascertainable physical channel or ascertainable data intended for providing non-synchronization related information.
Transmission of synchronization and control signals in a broadband wireless system
In a broadband wireless communication system, a primary control signal may be relocated within the operation band for transmission while avoiding interference. For example, if the primary control signal employs p contiguous subcarriers, the primary control signal can be placed in any section of the band that has p contiguous subcarriers.
Terminal apparatus and method for time synchronization
A terminal apparatus and a method for time synchronization are provided. The method includes setting a reference time for a time synchronization with another terminal apparatus, transmitting a sync signal comprising the set reference time to the other terminal apparatus, and if a response signal to the sync signal is received from the other terminal apparatus, performing the time synchronization with the other terminal apparatus based on a transmission time of the sync signal and a reception time of the response signal.
Design for small cell demodulation reference signal and initial synchronization
Described herein is a system with a first network element and a second network element. The first network element contains a processor configured to synchronize with the second network element; and maintain synchronization with the second network element.
Clock signal generation apparatus for use in semiconductor memory device and its method
A clock signal generation apparatus for generating a reference clock signal for outputting data in synchronization with an external clock signal from a semiconductor memory device, including: a clock signal generation unit for receiving an internal clock signal to generate the reference clock signal according to a control signal; and a control unit for generating the control signal based on a read command, a write command and an external address.. .
Synchronization of haptic effect data in a media transport stream
A method for synchronizing haptic effects with at least one media component in a media transport stream includes identifying a series of video frames containing imaging information and/or a series of audio frames containing sound information in the media transport stream; identifying a series of haptic frames containing force feedback information in the media transport stream; and synchronizing the force feedback information in response to the imaging information and/or sound information.. .
Video processing device and video processing method
A video processing device includes: a deserializer that both converts a serial digital interface signal received as input to parallel data and extracts a clock; format detection means that both detects a video data format that is included in the parallel data that were converted by the deserializer and supplies clock ratio information that indicates the ratio of the clock frequency and the pixel clock frequency stipulated by the format; pixel clock generation means that generates a pixel clock based on the clock that was extracted by the deserializer; saving means that saves video data and supplies the saved video data in synchronization with the pixel clock; write control means that, based on the clock ratio information, divides the video data that are contained in the parallel data that were converted by the deserializer into two or four portions and saves the divided data in the saving means; and an unpack processor that, synchronized with the pixel clock, subjects the data that are supplied from the saving means to processing that accords with the video format.. .
Synchronization of image acquisition in multiple image sensors with a synchronization clock signal
A multiple image sensor image acquisition system includes a clock control unit to generate a synchronization clock signal. The synchronization clock signal has a prolonged constant cycle during which the synchronization clock signal is held at a constant level for a period of time corresponding to multiple clock cycles.
Recording apparatus
A recording apparatus includes a transport roller that transports a sheet by a predetermined transportation amount along a transportation path, a printing unit that records an image on the sheet being transported in synchronization with driving of the transport roller, a position detecting mechanism that detects whether an installation position is vertical installation or horizontal installation, and a transportation amount correcting unit that corrects a transportation amount depending on the detection result of the position detecting mechanism.. .
Using time-difference-of-arrival to detect a position of a target transmitter
Multiple time-difference-of-arrival units, each having two or more receiver antennas can be used to determine a location of a target transmitter without synchronizing or connecting together the units. Specifically, a clock on each unit can be used to determine a difference of arrival of radio-frequency signals amongst antennas on the units.
Audio jack detector and audio jack detecting method
A jack detector detects a combination state between a socket including a detecting pin and a first signal pin and a jack. The jack detector includes a first current source for supplying a first detecting current, a second current source for supplying a second detecting current larger than the first detecting current, and a buffer for generating a detecting signal in accordance with a detecting pin voltage input from the detecting pin.
Gate driving circuit and battery management system including the same
There are provided a gate driving circuit and a battery management system including the same. The gate driving circuit is coupled to a gate of a charging switch through a charging pin.
Selective synchronous presentation
A selective synchronization service may facilitate the synchronous presentation of corresponding audio content and textual content. Corresponding words in companion items of audio and textual content may be selected for synchronous presentation.
Method and system for reducing write latency in a data storage system by using a command-push model
A data storage system is provided that implements a command-push model that reduces latencies. The host system has access to a nonvolatile memory (nvm) device of the memory controller to allow the host system to push commands into a command queue located in the nvm device.
Massively scalable object storage system
Several different embodiments of a massively scalable object storage system are described. The object storage system is particularly useful for storage in a cloud computing installation whereby shared servers provide resources, software, and data to computers and other devices on demand.
Subscription-notification mechanisms for synchronization of distributed states
Apparatus, systems, methods, and related computer program products for synchronizing distributed states amongst a plurality of entities and authenticating devices to access information and/or services provided by a remote server. Synchronization techniques include client devices and remote servers storing buckets of information.
Electronic apparatus, computer-readable medium and data synchronization method thereof
A data synchronization method and an electronic apparatus using the same method are proposed. The method includes the following steps: determining whether a data application is switched to be executed in a foreground of a user interface of the electronic apparatus, wherein a data synchronization of the data application is performed with a data server according to a specific synchronization mode; if yes, switching to perform the data synchronization according to a push-data notification from the data server, wherein the push-data notification is related to an updating data..
Synchronization of vagus nerve stimulation with the cardiac cycle of a patient
Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and apparatus for treating a medical condition of a patient, involving detecting a physiological cycle or cycles of the patient and applying an electrical signal to a portion of the patient's vagus nerve through an electrode at a selected point in the physiological cycle(s). The physiological cycle can be the cardiac and/or respiratory cycle.
System and method for automated adjustment of cardiac resynchronization therapy control parameters
A system and method for cardiac resynchronization therapy (“crt”) in which a model of baseline cardiac electrical activity, such as a model of global baseline cardiac electrical activity derived from various surface electrocardiograph (“ecg”) signals, is utilized to automatically adjust pacing control parameters of a cardiac implantable electrical device (“cied”) are provided. The baseline model is compared to crt response patterns using modified pacing control parameters in an iterative fashion, based on a patient-specific response pattern phenotype determination, until ventricular electrical asynchrony is minimized.
Synchronization of illumination source and sensor for improved visualization of subcutaneous structures
System and method are described for synchronizing a pulsed source of the near infrared illumination used in visualizing subcutaneous structures with the background illumination normally extant in medical treatment settings that allow both enhanced image acquisition and use of higher power pulsed infrared illumination sources.. .
Method and apparatus for efficient and dynamic system reselection procedure for m2m stationary devices
Apparatus and method for wireless communication in a wireless communication network include receiving a synchronization channel message parameter at a user equipment (ue) from a network entity. The aspects also include transmitting data to the network entity based on the synchronization channel message parameter.
User terminal
A crs base station (21) includes a transmitting section configured to transmit a synchronization establishment signal, a receiving section configured to receive a random access signal corresponding to the synchronization establishment signal, a determining section configured to determine whether or not the random access signal received by the receiving section has been transmitted from an mcs terminal (12) and an interference reduction processing section configured to perform interference reduction processing on the mcs terminal (12) when the determining section determines that the random access signal has been transmitted from the mcs terminal (12).. .
Methods and systems for injecting wireless messages in cellular communications systems
Methods and systems for injecting a wireless message in a cellular communication system. The attacking system receives a synchronization waveform from a base station and synchronizes in time and frequency.
Gain synchronization circuitry for synchronizing a gain response between output stages in a multi-stage rf power amplifier
A multi-stage radio frequency (rf) power amplifier includes a high-power amplifier path and a low-power amplifier path. The low-power amplifier path includes gain synchronization circuitry in order to synchronize the gain response of the high-power amplifier path and the low-power amplifier path.
Connection and synchronization with a device in a non-active state based on near field communication
Technologies for one-tap connection and synchronization with a device in a non-active state are disclosed. When a user brings a first device enabled for near field communication (nfc) to close proximity of a second nfc-enabled device when the second device is in a non-active state, the second device may be awakened, or placed in an active state, for a period of time to perform one or more operations before returning to the non-active state.
Method of selecting wavelength of optical network unit in passive optical network
Provided is a method of selecting a wavelength of an optical network unit including selecting a pre-loaded default wavelength as an available wavelength candidate or the wavelength that has been changed when a preset wavelength changing condition is satisfied as the available wavelength candidate, acquiring frame synchronization for a downstream signal having the same wavelength as the selected available wavelength candidate, and transmitting a registration request message to an optical line terminal (olt) from which the downstream signal has been transmitted when the frame synchronization is acquired, assigning the available wavelength candidate to an available wavelength used for communication with the olt and registering the terminal in the olt when a registration allowance message is received from the olt.. .
Method for protecting a pon from photoreceiver overload by an ont
A method and device are provided for protecting a passive optical network including an optical-line terminal connected to a plurality of optical network terminals grouped set-wise. The method includes: obtaining a transmission schedule of the optical network terminals; comparing, by set, the schedule with the signals transmitted by the optical network terminals, and, if at least one optical network terminal of an assembly does not transmit in synchronization with the schedule, disconnecting the assembly..
System and method for transmtting and receiving signal with quasi-periodic pulse sequence
System and method are disclosed for synchronization of a transmitting device and a receiving device that communicate with each other via pulse modulation. The synchronization technique entails the transmitting device sending one or more quasi-periodic pulse sequences to the receiving device.
Uplink synchronization processing method, user equipment, and base station
An uplink synchronization processing method, a user equipment (ue), and a base station are provided. The method includes: receiving a component carrier (cc) uplink synchronization indication message sent by a base station, where the uplink synchronization indication message carries identification information of one or multiple newly configured ccs; sending synchronization signaling to the base station when knowing that the uplink synchronization needs to be executed on all or a part of the one or multiple newly configured ccs corresponding to the identification information; and receiving a time advanced (ta) adjusting message that is sent by the base station according to the synchronization signaling, and applying a ta value carried in the ta adjusting message to the cc on which the uplink synchronization needs to be executed..
Method and apparatus for providing common time reference in wireless communication system
A terminal and method of performing device-to-device (d2d) communication by a terminal in a wireless communication system is provided. The method includes determining if a signal including synchronization information is received via at least one of an uplink and a downlink; and when the signal including the synchronization information is not received, transmitting a synchronization information-containing signal..
Method and apparatus for iterative synchronization of two or more electronic devices
Dynamic adjustment of offset between timebases of separated electronic circuits is provided based on an amount of time between synchronization events, wherein a synchronization event is an event involving communication across a separation between the separated electronic circuits in order to synchronize the timebases. The dynamic adjustment can be dynamically or adaptively adjusting a margin of error to account for drift that may have occurred since a prior synchronization event.
Synchronization mechanism
A method for synchronising a receiving device with a transmitting device in a wireless communication network comprising forming a synchronisation sequence that has a frequency spectrum comprising peaks at multiple discrete fundamental frequencies, a signal power of the synchronisation sequence being concentrated at those frequencies, and transmitting said synchronisation sequence from the transmitting device to the receiving device.. .
Uplink synchronization management in wireless networks
In at least some embodiments, a wireless networking system is provided. The wireless networking system includes a base-station and a plurality of user devices in communication with the base-station.
Determination of ncs parameter and logical root sequence assignments
Methods, systems, and devices are described for dynamically adjusting a zerocorrelationzoneconfig (ncs) parameter of a base station. An initial ncs parameter is set for the base station.
Semiconductor memory device including bulk voltage generation circuit
A semiconductor memory device includes a bulk voltage generation circuit configured to interrupt driving of a bulk voltage in response to an exit signal which is generated in synchronization with a time at which a power-down mode is ended, and discharge charges of a first node from which the bulk voltage is outputted, in response to the exit signal; and an internal circuit including a mos transistor which is supplied with the bulk voltage.. .
Backlight system
A backlight system includes a first light guide layer, first light sources, a second light guide layer and second light sources. The first light sources are configured to emit first light into the first light guide layer.
Method for controlling the vehcile lighting system viewing angles synchronizing with the turning angles and system thereof
A method for controlling the vehicle lighting system viewing angles synchronizing with the turning angles and system thereof, comprising: obtaining a current vehicle turning angle signal, transforming it into current turning angle value; finding out the specific lighting system illumination angle synchronizing with a turning angle range according to the value; then controlling the lighting system switching to the found specific synchronizing illumination angle, achieving synchronization between viewing angles and turning angles. Through synchronizing with turning angles, the system automatically controls the lighting system spotlight degrees, thus controls the illumination angles, and brings a wide range visual effect to drivers.
Transmission device, transmission method, reception device, reception method, and transmission/reception system
A transmission clock is supplied from a sink (repeater) device to a source device via a clock signal line. The source device sends content data to the sink (repeater) device via a predetermined number of differential signal lines in synchronization with the transmission clock supplied from the sink (repeater) device.
System and method for synchronizing rfid readers utilizing rf or modulation signals
A system and method are disclosed for synchronizing two rfid readers. The system includes a modulation detector to detect a modulated signal produced by a first of the two reader and produces a synchronization signal.
Synchronization of rf pulsing with rf metrology, processing, and control
A radio frequency (rf) system is disclosed. The rf system includes an rf sensor, an analog to digital converter (adc) module, a processing module, and a synchronization module.
Intelligent spectral induced polarization measurement module
A system for spectral induced polarization measurement of a formation is provided. The system provides an intelligent module to be utilized in performing spectral induced polarization (sip) measurements for geophysical studies or otherwise.
Drive assembly for an agricultural harvesting platform
A drive arrangement for driving a first sickle bar section (42) and a second sickle bar section (36) of a harvesting platform (20) comprises a first gearbox (54) and the second gearbox (74) having an output drivingly connected to a respective first end of a respective sickle bar section (36, 42). Drive trains connect the first gearbox (54) and the second gearbox (74) to an input drive shaft (24).
Method and system for providing realistic broadcasting image
A method of providing a realistic broadcasting image including an ultra high definition (uhd) image, the method including generating a first encoding stream from a high definition (hd) image, generating a second encoding stream from at least one of a uhd image and an image restored from the first encoding stream, generating a third encoding stream from at least one of the uhd image and an image restored from the second encoding stream, generating a first transmission stream by applying at least one of packetization, synchronization, and multiplying to the first encoding stream and the second encoding stream, generating a second transmission stream by applying at least one of packetization and synchronization to the third encoding stream, transmitting the first transmission stream via a first transmission channel, and transmitting the second transmission stream via a second transmission channel having a lower transmission capacity than the first transmission channel.. .
Content snychronization
Synchronization of content, events and other executables is contemplated. The synchronization may include synchronizing events executing on one device relative to events executing on another device, such as to facilitate syncing an interactive application executing on a tablet computer or other mobile device to a television program or other content interfaced through a television or other interface..
Method and apparatus for managing sessions of different websites
A method, apparatus, and/or computer program product manages sessions of different websites. Respective session identifiers of a plurality of websites are recorded, where each of the respective session identifiers of the plurality of websites identifies a session established in response to a page open operation for a respective website, and where pages of the plurality of websites are integrated into one page on one website.
Selective data synchronization and transfer to remote distributed database servers
A method for resolving the synchronization of identity data from a central database server to distributed database servers is provided. The method involves synchronizing identity data to central and distributed database servers based on identity data types associated with a factory.
Prioritized data synchronization with host device
Improved techniques and apparatus for managing data between a host device (e.g., host computer) and a media device are disclosed. The data being managed can, for example, pertain to media data for media assets.
Synchronization of time between different simulation models
An aspect of synchronization of time between simulation models includes receiving a specification request for generating a set of target time-series data using a set of source time-series data, obtaining specification information relating to the set of source time-series data, obtaining specification information relating to the set of target time-series data and obtaining the source time-series data; comparing the source specification information and the target specification information to determine if the set of source time-series data are time-aligned with the set of target time-series data, and converting the set of source time-series data to the set of target time-series data upon determination that time alignment is needed.. .
Synchronization of time between different simulation models
Embodiments relate to a method and computer program product for generating a composite simulated model. A method includes receiving a specification request for generating a set of target time-series data from a set of source time-series data and obtaining specification information relating to the set of source time-series data, obtaining specification information relating to the set of target time-series data, and obtaining the source time-series data.
Simulation device for carrying out simulation based on robot program
A simulation device capable of executing a proper simulation without changing a program, while the definition of virtual peripheral equipment and/or a plc is not necessary. A signal status setting file, which is separated from a robot program, can be executed in parallel with the program, and includes a command for setting or changing a signal status described corresponding to a line in execution of the program, wherein the status is referenced by executing the line of the program.
Automotive camera system and the data processing method based on its shooting angle changing synchronously with the automotive speed
An automotive camera system and a data processing method based on its shooting angles synchronizing with automotive speeds are provided. The method comprises the following steps: obtain a current velocity value through a velocity acquisition device; determine a corresponding automotive speed grade; look up a prestored correspondence relationship table and finding out a synchronized camera lens zoom number synchronizing with automotive speed grades; control a camera focal motor zooming a camera lens to the number, and achieving the synchronization of the shooting angle and the automotive speed.
Systems and methods to monitor and treat heart failure conditions
An implantable device monitors and treats heart failure, pulmonary edema, and hemodynamic conditions and in some cases applies therapy. In one implementation, the implantable device applies a high-frequency multi-phasic pulse waveform over multiple-vectors through tissue.

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