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Synchronization patents


This page is updated frequently with new Synchronization-related patent applications.

new patent Device and antenna synchronization and selection
A device and method selects an antenna configuration. The method performed at a user equipment includes determining at least one communication functionality that is being used, each communication functionality configured to utilize at least one antenna in a multi-antenna arrangement of the user equipment.
Apple Inc.

new patent Method and system for link synchronization in an lte-tdd architecture
A method of detecting a synchronization switching pulse using a power detector in a time division duplexing (tdd) system includes receiving an input signal, detecting a power level associated with the input signal using a digital power meter, and determining a configuration associated with the input signal. The method also includes determining that a pulse width associated with the input signal is greater than a threshold, determining an offset associated with a special subframe configuration, and generating an estimated sync pulse.
Dali Systems Co. Ltd.

new patent Estimation apparatus, system, and computer program product
According to an embodiment, an estimation apparatus includes first to fourth obtainers and an estimator. The first obtainer obtains, for each slave node, a piece of synchronization information in a network configuration including: nodes including a master node serving as a time synchronization source, one or more slave nodes serving as time synchronization destinations, and relay nodes; and paths connecting the nodes.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

new patent Method and terminal cell search in beamforming system
The present disclosure relates to a pre-5th-generation (5g) or 5g communication system to be provided for supporting higher data rates beyond 4th-generation (4g) communication system such as long term evolution (lte). A method of a terminal includes acquiring frame synchronization for a serving base station in a first slot period within a first frame and searching a neighbor cell in a second slot period within a second frame..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Signal quality based synchronization channel decoding
In a method and system for wireless communication, a user equipment (ue) determines a signal quality of a serving cell of the first rat and a signal quality of neighbor cells of the first rat are all below a first threshold. The ue selects a first target cell of the second rat for a synchronization channel decoding procedure when the signal qualities are all below the first threshold.
Qualcomm Incorporated

new patent Cell id expansion and hierarchical cell id structures
In some embodiments, a network node has an associated cell identifier (“cell id”). The network node creates a primary synchronization signal (pss), a first secondary synchronization signal, and one or more additional secondary synchronization signals.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

new patent Method, apparatus and system for sending device discovery signal
Provided are a method, apparatus and system for sending a device discovery signal. The sending method includes that: a first user equipment (ue) receives a device discovery resource configuration message, and determines, according to the device discovery resource configuration message, a device discovery resource for transmitting a device discovery signal; the first ue generates a device discovery signal, wherein the device discovery signal includes a message portion and a sequence portion, the message portion is used for bearing information about the first ue which needs to be interacted in a device discovery process of device-to-device (d2d) communication, and the sequence portion is used for implementing demodulation of the device discovery signal or synchronization in the device discovery process; and the first ue sends the device discovery signal in the device discovery resource..
Zte Corporation

new patent Cross-file differential content synchronization
Methods, systems and techniques for synchronizing content, such as a file, between one or more clients and one or more servers are provided. Example embodiments provide a cross-file differential content synchronization system (cdcss) to synchronize files between remote systems in a nearly instantaneous manner without necessitating the transfer of the entire contents of a file.
Vmware, Inc.

new patent Automatic identification of invalid participants in a secure synchronization system
A method of identifying invalid participants in a synchronization group. The method generates a device synchronization group identifier (dsgi) for a first device from a device-specific key of the first device.
Apple Inc.

new patent Prioritized email synchronization with server
E-mail synchronization may involve synchronization of data types, such as a unique identifier (uid), flag, header, and content. Upon identifying a trigger (e.g., user input) to receive a plurality of messages, a client device an implement an optimized retrieval scheme.
Apple Inc.

new patent

Apparatus for processing a serial data stream

A system includes a decision feedback equalizer (dfe). The dfe includes a first summing node, a first synchronization latch, a second synchronization latch, a first feedback latch, and a first feedback shift register.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

new patent

Method and synchronization of slave clock to master clock

Existing synchronization methods can be inefficient in hardware-assisted implementations because of the effects of various jittery events. Thus, a method and an apparatus are provided to synchronize a slave device's clock to a master device's clock for a hardware-assisted implementation.
Analog Devices Global

new patent

Management device, system, and method

According to an embodiment, a management device includes a calculator and a notifier. The calculator calculates a time offset for each of a plurality of master devices each performing, when a measured time reaches a certain time, time synchronization with a slave device, which is a management target, at the measured time.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

new patent

Power converter circuit with ac output and at least one transformer

A power converter circuit includes a synchronization circuit that is configured to generate at least one synchronization signal. A series circuit includes a number of converter units configured to output an output current.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

new patent

Aircraft dc power distribution systems and methods

Systems and methods are provided for distributing dc power in an aircraft. In one example, a method is provided that includes generating a plurality of dc voltages from a plurality of independent sources driven by one or more turbines of the aircraft, providing each of the plurality of dc voltages to respective dedicated dc buses, and setting a plurality of switches that selectively couples a first set of dedicated dc buses to a synchronization bus to allow for bus sharing between the first set of dedicated dc buses and bus isolation of a second set of dedicated dc buses..
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

new patent

Framework for graphics animation and compositing operations

A graphics animation and compositing operations framework has a layer tree for interfacing with the application and a render tree for interfacing with a render engine. Layers in the layer tree can be content, windows, views, video, images, text, media or other type of objects for an application's user interface.
Apple Inc.

new patent

Real-time focus feedback for mobile phone images using barcode synchronization elements

A method for autofocusing a camera of a mobile device while imaging a low contrast or less well-defined surface includes the steps of: providing a mobile device software application for image capture; affixing or printing at least one or more marker patterns on the low contrast or less well-defined surface; imaging by the mobile device camera the low contrast or less well-defined surface; identifying by the application the at least one or more marker patterns; focusing the mobile device camera by the application based on the at least one or more marker patterns; and acquiring an in focus image by the mobile device camera of the low contrast or less well-defined surface. An adhesive strip imaging assist device for autofocusing a mobile phone camera and an autofocus apparatus with marker pattern projector and marker pattern projector method are also described..

new patent

Methods for performing register retiming operations into synchronization regions interposed between circuits associated with different clock domains

Circuit design computing equipment may perform register retiming operations to improve the performance of a circuit design after having performed placement and routing operations. For example, the circuit design computing equipment may perform register retiming operations that move registers from a first portion of a circuit design that operates in a first clock domain into a synchronization region that separates the first portion of the circuit design from a second portion of the circuit design that operates in a second clock domain that is different than the first clock domain.
Altera Corporation

new patent

Systems and methods for synchronizing nodes of a robotic system

A robotic system is provided. The robotic system includes a publishing node including at least one first synchronization database that includes a plurality of attributes, each of the attributes including a tag identifying the attribute and data, a flag associated with each of the attributes, and a subscriber list.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

new patent

Cooperative thread array reduction and scan operations

One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for performing aggregation operations across multiple threads that execute independently. Aggregation is specified as part of a barrier synchronization or barrier arrival instruction, where in addition to performing the barrier synchronization or arrival, the instruction aggregates (using reduction or scan operations) values supplied by each thread.
Nvidia Corporation

new patent

Synchronization of videos in a display wall

A method and a device for synchronizing the display of video frames from a video stream of a video insertion of a video image source, which is simultaneously presented on two or more displays of a display wall. The synchronous, tearing free display is realized by means of a video frame queue for the video frames, a mediation function which is commonly used by the network graphics processors involved in the display of the video insertion and which, during a mediation period that extends over a plurality of vertical retraces of the display wall, determines which video frame is displayed by the displays and establishes a balance between the vertical display frequency and the video stream frequency, and synchronization messages which are sent before the start of a mediation period by a master network graphics processor of a display to the slave network graphics processors of the other displays..
Barco Control Rooms Gmbh

new patent

Positioning target terminal, positioning node, and positioning system

A positioning target terminal according to an embodiment includes a wireless communicator and a positioning calculator. The wireless communicator has a connection function and time synchronization function with the positioning node, and acts as a master of time synchronization.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

new patent

High load vibration arrestor

Provided is a vibration damper for a high load, including: a vibration body support portion having first shaft support portions; rotation shafts that are rotatably installed at the first shaft support portions, have eccentric portions eccentric with respect to rotation centers of the rotation shafts and are spaced a predetermined gap from each other; a support portion having second shaft support portions on which the eccentric portions are rotatably supported; an elastic member that is installed between the vibration body support portion and the support portion or between the vibration body support portion and the second shaft support portions and that elastically supports the support portion with respect to the vibration body support portion in an upward direction; and a rotation synchronization unit that is installed at the rotation shafts so as to synchronize rotation directions of the rotation shafts according to vibration. The vibration damper for a high load can be applied to various construction machines, and excavators and can prevent vibration generated from various attachments from being transferred to a boom or car body of an excavator or a construction machine..
Daedong Engineering Co., Ltd.

new patent

Communication system

A communication system includes a sensor apparatus transmitting a sensor signal including detection information of a detection target as a digital signal and a microcomputer receiving the sensor signal through a signal line and performing a control operation at a predetermined operation cycle based on the sensor signal that is received. The microcomputer transmits, to the sensor apparatus, a synchronization signal which is synchronized with the predetermined operation cycle of the microcomputer.
Denso Corporation

new patent

Vehicle charge control device

A vehicle charge control device includes a charge unit and a correction unit. The charge unit is configured to perform a charge operation for suppressing a deterioration in a battery by charging the battery until a charge end phase in which an acceptance current of the battery is smaller than a predetermined current value, the battery being mounted on a vehicle.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for transmitting and receiving scheduling grant in wireless communication system supporting device-to-device communication, and device for same

The present invention discloses a method for transmitting a synchronization signal and a synchronization channel in a wireless communication system supporting device-to-device (d2d) communication; and an apparatus for the method. More specifically, a method for transmitting a d2d synchronization signal and a d2d synchronization channel in a wireless communication system supporting d2d communication comprises mapping the d2d synchronization signal and the d2d synchronization channel to a physical resource; and transmitting the mapped d2d synchronization signal and d2d synchronization channel to a ue, wherein the d2d synchronization signal is mapped to 64 subcarriers in the frequency domain, and the d2d synchronization channel is mapped to the same resource block with the d2d synchronization signal..
Lg Electronics Inc

Cellular network synchronization methods and apparatus under separation architecture

A synchronization apparatus in a control base station is disclosed. A gnss synchronization unit receives a gnss signal through a gnss antenna to obtain time information.
Hitachi, Ltd.

D2d operation method performed by terminal in radio communication system and terminal using same

Provided are a device-to-device (d2d) operation method performed by a terminal in a radio communication system and an apparatus using the method. The method detects a synchronization signal transmitted by a first network node and transmits a report for the detected synchronization signal to a second network node..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Wireless communication apparatus and communication method

The present invention has an object to provide a technique capable of appropriate communications with various communication terminals. An on-board device includes a communication unit and a controller.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Method, device, and system for joining neighbor awareness network device cluster

In a process for a wireless network device in a first neighbor awareness network device cluster (nan cluster) to join a second nan cluster, the wireless network device first discovers the second nan cluster. It calculates a first score based on multiple pieces of attribute information of the first nan cluster, and a second score based on multiple pieces of attribute information of the second nan cluster, compares the first score and the second score, and determines to join the second nan cluster when the second score is greater than the first score.
Huawei Device Co.,ltd.

Automatic call synchronization system and method

An automatic call synchronization system and method, in which a mobile terminal (101) transmits, when receiving an incoming calling signal and determining that an automatic call synchronization function is turn on, to a wireless signal transponder (104) a call synchronization request carrying the identification information of the mobile terminal (101) and the call information; the pattern recognizer (103), which is connected with the wireless signal transponder (104), authenticates the mobile terminal (101) according to the identification information of the mobile terminal (101), and transmits to a fixed terminal (102) a call access request carrying the identification information of the mobile terminal (101) and the call information through the wireless signal transponder (104) after the authentication is successful; the fixed terminal (102) calls the user of the mobile terminal (101) according to the identification information and the call information, and transmits, when the call is answered by the user using the fixed terminal (102), to the wireless signal transponder (104) a call access response and implements the conversation through a fixed phone operation network matched with the fixed terminal (102). In this way, the call charge may be saved, and automatically performing the call synchronization has flexibility and convenience, thus bringing convenience to the user..
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Method and producing full synchronization of a digital file with a live event

A method and apparatus are provided for producing full synchronization of a digital file with a live event. Using time-based cues such as musical beats, the live event is time mapped.
Ion Concert Media, Inc.

Playback synchronization across playback devices

Systems and methods for synchronizing the playback of streamed content on multiple playback devices is disclosed. The systems and methods include receiving time information based on a network time source in the playback devices connected to a defined network.
Sonic Ip, Inc.

Wireless photographic communication system and method

A wireless communication device for connection to an external port of a camera that provides access to a power supply of the camera and at least one of a photographic synchronization signal and trigger release signal. A system including such a wireless communication device, a camera to which the wireless communication device is configured to be connected, and a remote device to receive wireless information from the camera via the wireless communication device.
Lab Partners Associates, Inc.

Method and system for file synchronization

A method and system for file synchronization may include sending, by a first device, a file synchronization request to a server; receiving, by the server, the file synchronization request from the first device; determining, according to first file synchronization information and at least one piece of second fine synchronization information, the latest state information of the file to be synchronized among the first state information and the at least one piece of second state information; sending the latest state information of the file to be synchronized to the first device; receiving, by the first device, the latest state information of the file to be synchronized sent by the server; and performing synchronization operations on the file according to the latest state information of the file to be synchronized. In such a way, the present invention can allow a file to be synchronously used between different devices..
Urd Communications Inc.

Multimedia streaming synchronization

A multimedia system includes a source device for providing a media stream and a sink device for playing the media stream. The source device encapsulates the media stream into data packets with corresponding timestamps associated with a first wall time, and transmits the data packets to the sink device based on the timestamps and the first wall time.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Enhanced forwarding database synchronization for media access control addresses learned in interconnected layer-2 architectures

A method, in a switch in an interconnected layer-2 architecture, is disclosed for enhanced forwarding database synchronization of media access control (mac) addresses based on hit logic. The method includes learning a mac address against a port associated with the switch; storing the mac address with information comprising a port identifier (id), a switch id, and the enhanced hit logic set to true; setting the enhanced hit logic to false if the mac address was not seen on the port at an end of a cycle; and synchronizing the mac address with other switches in the interconnected layer-2 or multi-chassis architecture if the enhanced hit logic is true at the end of the cycle..
Ciena Corporation

Method and system for resynchronization of forwarding states in a network forwarding device

A method, in a network controller of a control plane in a software defined network (sdn) coupled to a network element (ne) of a data plane in the sdn, of resynchronizing forwarding table entries of the ne according to forwarding table entries of the network controller is disclosed. The method includes causing the ne to update a first subset of forwarding table entries from a set of one or more of forwarding table entries to include a post-synchronization indicator.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Synchronization timing in a split location hub

A split gateway hub for a bent-leg communication system is disclosed. The gateway hub includes: a modulator to modulate a bit stream into a signal to be transmitted to a remote terminal via a radio frequency (rf) signal; a time synchronization application (tsa), geographically co-located with the modulator, to provide timing reference and synchronization to the remote terminal; a network access component to provide traffic for the bit stream; and an inroute group manager (igm) to manage the traffic to and from the remote terminal.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

Sub-nanosecond distributed clock synchronization using alignment marker in ethernet ieee 1588 protocol

A method for determining a slave clock to master clock time difference with an alignment marker. The method selects and transmits a first alignment marker at a first time by a transmitter that has a master clock in a first message to a receiver that has a slave clock.
International Business Machines Corporation

Broadcast transmitter and processing broadcast service data for transmission

A method is provided for processing broadcast data in a broadcast transmitter. Broadcast service data is randomized.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Half-duplex communications for a very small aperture terminal (vsat) operating on a continuous stream

A method and apparatus for providing half-duplex communications for a very small aperture terminal (vsat) operating on a continuous received stream is disclosed. The method includes: decoding the continuous received stream to establish synchronization with the continuous received stream; locating, in the continuous received stream, a time plan including a receiving timeslot and a transmitting timeslot; demodulating the continuous received stream by adapting to a timing and frequency variation of the continuous received stream in the receiving timeslot, freewheeling the adapting of the continuous received stream during the transmitting timeslot, and resuming the adapting of the continuous received stream when the transmitting timeslot ends; stopping a receiving of the continuous received stream during the transmitting timeslot; and transmitting from the vsat during the transmitting timeslot.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

Dc power line synchronization for automotive sensors

A network such as an in-vehicle powerline communication (plc) network may allow plc nodes to communicate over existing powerlines. Provided in the present disclosure are exemplary techniques for synchronizing network nodes (e.g., plc nodes) with a network clock for the network so that data generated at each node may share a common time reference.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Timing signal generation device, electronic device, and moving object

A timing signal generation device includes a gps receiver, an atomic oscillator, a phase comparator, a frequency abnormality determination unit, a sensor unit, and a determination unit. The gps receiver outputs 1 pps.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Local persisting of data for selectively offline capable voice action in a voice-enabled electronic device

Data associated with a selectively offline capable voice action is locally persisted in a voice-enabled electronic device whenever such an action cannot be competed locally due to the device being offline to enable the action to later be completed after online connectivity has been restored. synchronization with an online service and/or another electronic device, and/or retrieval of context sensitive data from an online service may be performed after online connectivity has been restored to enable the voice action to thereafter be completed..
Google Inc.

Switching power supply circuit, liquid crystal driving device, and liquid crystal display device

A switching power supply circuit includes a switching output unit that generates an output voltage from an input voltage using an output transistor, a switching control unit that controls on and off of the output transistor so that the output voltage or a feedback voltage in proportion to the output voltage agrees with a predetermined reference voltage, and one of an interrupt unit and a reference voltage setting unit. The interrupt unit forcibly turns off the output transistor during a period while the output voltage or the feedback voltage is higher than a threshold value voltage that is higher than the reference voltage in response to a periodic load change.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Elimination of log file synchronization delay at transaction commit time

A method and apparatus for elimination of log file synchronization delay at transaction commit time is provided. One or more change records corresponding to a database transaction are generated.
Oracle International Corporation

Enabling collaborative development of a database application across multiple database management systems

An approach for enabling collaborative development of a database application is provided. Specifically, this approach provides a database development and collaboration tool (ddct), which can be utilized by multiple developers involved in a particular software project, to enable automated synchronization and database version control by allowing a database development language and data changes to be stored in a metadata form that is general to more than one database management system (dbms).
International Business Machines Corporation

Concurrency control in virtual file system

Methods and systems are provided for providing concurrency control over remotely- stored data that may be shared across multiple clients via virtual drives. To prevent data corruption that may result from multiple clients concurrently modifying the same file, metadata indicative of a file's locking status may be stored at the remote storage.
Extenua, Inc.

Workload batch submission mechanism for graphics processing unit

Technologies for submitting programmable workloads to a graphics processing unit include a computing device to prepare a batch submission of the programmable workloads to the graphics processing unit. The batch submission includes, in a single direct memory access packet, a separate dispatch command for each of the programmable workloads.
Intel Corporation

Backup accessible by subset of related devices

Some embodiments provide, for a particular device in a set of related devices, a method for backing up data synchronized between the devices. The method receives a command to create a backup for a subset of data synchronized between a subset of the devices, which is a subset of all data synchronized between the devices.
Apple Inc.

Low latency screen mirroring

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to graphics domain transmission methods that utilize an adaptive compression pipeline to achieve low latency screen mirroring between a source device and a sink device. A source device captures a plurality of graphics domain frames, each of the graphics domain frames including one or more graphics command tokens.
Qualcomm Incorporated

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