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Suture patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Suture-related patents
 Heart valve sizing ring for valve-sparing aortic root remodeling procedures patent thumbnailHeart valve sizing ring for valve-sparing aortic root remodeling procedures
A heart valve sizing ring is disclosed. The sizing ring includes an outer ring and an inner ring configured and arranged to couple to the outer ring.
 Device for anchoring a suture in tissue patent thumbnailDevice for anchoring a suture in tissue
A device for the anchoring of a suture in tissue includes a guide sleeve, a sonotrode, an anchor and the suture. The guide sleeve has a distal part with a smaller cross section and a proximal part with a larger cross section.
 Knotless suture anchor patent thumbnailKnotless suture anchor
A suture anchor is disclosed having an outer body with an axial bore which receives and inner body for rotation. Suture passes between the inner body and outer body and rotation of the inner body wraps the suture thereabout locking the suture thereto.
 Systems and methods for repairing soft tissues using nanofiber material patent thumbnailSystems and methods for repairing soft tissues using nanofiber material
An anchoring system is a combination of a nanofiber scaffold material and an arthroscopically deployable suture anchor. The anchor is deployed into a bone tunnel using common techniques.
 Tissue ligation device patent thumbnailTissue ligation device
Provided is a tissue ligation device for ligating tissues. The tissue ligation device includes a suture thread, and a hook-like member having a connecting portion connected to a suture thread-side of the connecting portion of the suture thread and a groove whose inner wall has a locking surface disposed so as to face the suture thread-side connecting portion and allowed to be brought into contact with the suture thread..
 Wheeled suture passer patent thumbnailWheeled suture passer
A suture passer assembly is used for manipulating a suture with a selectively moveable wire member. The suture passer assembly includes at least one grasping member and a single-body hollow tube.
 Suture passer and subcortical knot placement patent thumbnailSuture passer and subcortical knot placement
A suture passer (121) and method of using for the exchange of sutures between sections of a device used for attachment of tissue to bone or delivering suture to a separate device with the purpose of pushing then pulling suture through a plane of bone and/or tissue. In one embodiment a u-shaped or teardrop-shaped ridged material (18) (solid wire, braided wire, monofilament extruded polymer) stiffer than the intended suture material is used to pass the suture.
 Handheld safety suturing device patent thumbnailHandheld safety suturing device
Needle-stick injuries are associated with considerable risk of morbidity for healthcare workers and patients. The present invention of a handheld surgical suturing device allows tor visualization of surgical field and better control of the suture needle with possible one-hand operation.
 Self-centering drill guide patent thumbnailSelf-centering drill guide
A drill guide including an inner surface, a tip, and a deflecting device. The inner surface defines a bore extending through the drill guide.
 System for anchoring medical devices patent thumbnailSystem for anchoring medical devices
Some embodiments of a medical device anchor system include an anchor device that receives a catheter (or other medical instrument) and secures the catheter in place relative to a skin penetration point. In some embodiments, the anchor device can secure the catheter in an operative position relative to the skin without the use of sutures or skin tapes..
Directionally specific bone anchors and method
A suture anchor and method is disclosed in which a pair of anchor elements connected by a flexible cord are passed through a piece of soft tissue and embedded deeply into a bone. The cord holds the soft tissue securely to the bone and the anchors are embedded into more dense bone away from the location where the soft tissue contacts the bone..
Method of closure for thoracotomy and thorascopy incisions
A method of closing a thoracic incision includes providing a barbed suture and threading the suture around first and second ribs of a chest wall in a generally s-shaped configuration to close an incision positioned therebetween. The barbed suture is threaded through the chest wall by introducing the barbed suture through a first terminal tissue layer and around a surface of the first rib that is facing a second terminal tissue layer, passing the barbed suture across the incision and around a surface of the second rib that is facing the first terminal tissue layer, and withdrawing the barbed suture through the second terminal tissue layer.
Biopassivating membrane stabilization by means of nitrocarboxylic acid-containing phospholipids in preparations and coatings
The present invention relates to nitro-carboxylic acid (s)-containing phospholipids, to be used for coating of medical devices such as stents, catheter balloons, wound pads or surgical suture material and for bio-passivating compositions, such as rinses, waterproofing solutions, coating solutions, cryoprotection solutions, cold preservation media, lyoprotection solutions, contrast media solutions, preservation and reperfusion solutions containing these compounds as well as preparing solutions thereof and coating medical devices as well as their uses.. .
Suture guide and ruptured tissue repair
A suture guide may include a base, a tissue guard extending from the base, and two flanking posts affixed to the base on opposite sides of the tissue guard. The posts may extend from the base in parallel planes, and each of the posts may define a plurality of channels passing through its width.
Ophthalmic wound closure devices and methods
A method and device for wound closure is provided. One advantage of wound closure devices and methods shown includes a simple and inexpensive modified suture with increased pullout resistance to close wounds in eyes and prevent leakage.
Plication lock delivery system and method of use thereof
A plication lock delivery system that enables a suture lock assembly to be delivered percutaneouly. The plication lock delivery system comprises a lock assembly that secures sutures in place, a control assembly that allows a clinician to engage a suture to a suture lock assembly, apply tension to the sutures to cause tissue plication, and deploy the lock assembly, and a catheter assembly.
Tissue fixation system and method
A tissue fixation system is provided for dynamic and rigid fixation of tissue. A fastener connected with an elongate fastening member, such as a cable, wire, suture, rod, or tube, is moved through a passage between opposite sides of tissue.
Intelligence crawling pad
The invention is a crawling pad for the babies with a replaceable intelligence patch. The characteristic lies in: the crawling pad is divided into several areas based on different colorful design with allocated pockets by suture.
Surgical training model for transluminal laparoscopic procedures
A model for practicing laparoscopic surgical skills is provided. The model comprises a body having an elongate lumen and a plurality of eyelets connected to an inner surface of the lumen.
Tissue fixation delivery apparatus
A device for deploying a tissue fixation apparatus of the type including first and second tissue anchors coupled together by an adjustable suture assembly. The device comprises a handle mechanism and a needle cartridge assembly releasably coupled to the handle mechanism.
Method and device for approximating tissue
A wound closure device including a first tissue anchor with a first suture filament fixedly coupled thereto at a proximal end and extending along a length to a free distal end, and a second tissue anchor with a second suture filament fixedly coupled thereto at a proximal end and extending along a length to a free distal end. The first suture filament is configured to form a slip knot at its proximal end substantially adjacent the first tissue anchor, and the second suture is configured to form a slip knot at its proximal end substantially adjacent the second tissue anchor.
Advance suture passer
A suture passer including a tubular member having a proximal end and a distal end and a central axis defined therethrough, in which the tubular member includes at least one lumen formed therein, an eyelet configured to receive a suture, a movable jaw formed on the distal end of the tubular member configured to move between an open position and a closed position, in which the movable jaw includes a plurality of portions, and an actuator configured to be received within the at least one lumen of the tubular member, in which the actuator is configured to move along the central axis of the tubular member between a first position and a second position, in which, in the first position, the movable jaw is in the closed position, and in which, in the second position, the movable jaw is in the open position.. .
Artificial sphincter and intragastric suspended balloon
A system of medical devices implantable in the human body using transabdominal gastroscopy surgery to repair failing sphincters and to prevent obesity. A stainless steel non-magnetic spring covered with silicon or other long-term tissue friendly plastic can be installed in place of a natural sphincter by tunneling through a non-functional natural sphincter and pulling the artificial sphincter into the tunnel to form a ring.
Surgical training model for laparoscopic procedures
A surgical training device is provided. The training device includes a practice model comprising a base with a plurality of eyelets connected to the outer surface of the base.
Adjustable suture-button construct for knotless stabilization of cranial cruciate deficient ligament stifle
An adjustable, knotless button/loop/needle construct for fixation of cranial cruciate ligament deficient stifle. The adjustable, knotless construct includes two fixation devices (for example, two buttons) and at least one flexible, adjustable loop attached to at least one of the fixation devices (e.g., the buttons).
Surgical devices, kits, and related intra-operative methods for selecting breast implants
Surgical tools, kits, and methods for breast implants are provided. One surgical tool is a rigid or semi-rigid form that matches the size and shape of a corresponding breast implant.
Collapsible prosthetic valve having an internal cover
A prosthetic valve is provided for implantation in a stenosed aortic valve. The prosthetic valve includes a radially collapsible frame configured for advancement through a patient's vasculature using a catheterization technique.
Heart valve sewing cuff
An embodiment of the invention includes a sewing cuff for aortic heart valves that better approximates native anatomy by better mating with the crown-like anatomical annulus. Limiting distortion of the crown-like annulus provides better blood flow and overall valve function and provides a physician greater ease of implantation since native anatomy is not flattened.
Multi-durometer reinforced suture sleeve
Suture anchors for securing therapy delivery elements, such as stimulation leads or catheters, within a living body. The suture anchor includes an inner sleeve constructed with an inner layer of a softer, more pliable material that easily conforms to the therapy delivery element to reduce slippage and an outer layer constructed from a harder, stiffer durometer material that protects the therapy delivery elements from damage due to over-tightening the tie down sutures.
Method and device for correcting bone deformities
The present invention is a method and device for the correction and reduction of bone deformities, such as metatarsus primus adductus, using a plate body with winged buttresses and dorsal loop. The method and device can be affixed to a bone without any drilling or violating of the bone and can use a tethering technique which does not require drilling into the second metatarsal, nor does it require the placement of a prominent suture knot/button device medially along the first metatarsal..
System and method for attaching soft tissue to bone
Methods and devices for securing soft tissue to a rigid material such as bone are disclosed herein. A bone anchor is described that comprises a base and a top such that suture material may be compressed between surfaces on the base and top to secure the suture to the anchor.
Flat suture anchor
A suture anchor for anchoring a suture to a bone, including a distal end having a bifurcated tip, in which the bifurcated tip defines a suture-engaging slot, a proximal end, a longitudinal axis between the distal end and the proximal end, and two substantially flat surfaces extending between the distal end and the proximal end, in which the two substantially flat surfaces are substantially parallel, in which the two substantially flat surfaces are separated by a thickness of no more than about 0.1 inches, and in which the two substantially flat surfaces extend along an axis perpendicular to the longitudinal axis by a width of no more than about 0.4 inches.. .
Thread-fixing tool
A thread-fixing tool includes a first member in which a lumen opened at an end surface through which a suture thread is inserted, and a communication path having a first end opened at the end surface and a second end in communication with an intermediate portion of the lumen are formed, and a second member having a shaft portion inserted into the communication path of the first member, and a pressing portion which is formed at a distal portion of the shaft portion and which is capable of deforming outwardly in a radial direction of the shaft portion, wherein the pressing portion is guided to the intermediate portion of the lumen through the communication path, and deformed in a direction crossing an insertion direction of the suture thread to push the suture thread against an inner wall of the lumen.. .
Self-cinching suture anchors, systems, and methods
Various self-cinching suture anchors, self-cinching suture anchor systems, and methods of use are provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a suture anchor is provided that includes an outer member and an inner member configured to be received within the outer member.
Anti-backup suture anchor
Devices and methods are provided herein that generally involve suture anchors having one or more anti-backup features configured to resist or prevent backward movement of a suture that is pulled through the suture anchor. In some embodiments, the suture anchor can be configured to permit a suture to slide freely in one direction but resist or prevent suture movement in the opposite direction.
Methods and devices for threading sutures
Methods and devices are provided for anchoring suture to bone. In one embodiment, an elongate weave of fibers can be provided having a first portion with a first pick count and a second portion with a second pick count that is greater than the first pick count.
Barbed sutures having contoured barbs that facilitate passage through tissue and increase holding strength
A wound closure device includes a filamentary element having a proximal end and a distal end, and a plurality of barbs extending outwardly from the filamentary element. Each barb has a base connected with the filamentary element, a tip spaced from the base, and an outer edge that extends between the base and the tip.
Suture leader
Methods and devices are provided for securing tissue to bone. In general, a suture leader can have leading and trailing ends, and an inner passageway configured to receive a strand of suture therein.
Microadhesive mesh and sutures
An adhesive surface comprises at least a nanoparticle coating, a metallic coating, or a fiber with a micro/nano patterned topology. The adhesive surface is adhesive to tissue in a living body.
Suture line administration technique using botulinum toxins
The present invention utilizes patient-specific landmarks in order to treat headache pain. In one aspect, the present invention relates to the administration of clostridial toxins, such as a botulinum neurotoxin, to a patient suffering from a headache pain, where the location of administration of the botulinum toxin is based upon at least one suture line of the patient's skull..
Adjustable suture-button constructs for ligament reconstruction
An adjustable suture-button construct for ligament reconstruction. The construct is a knotless, adjustable, flexible suture loop, a first fixation device (a free or removable slotted button) and optionally a second fixation device (a fixed, non-removable button).
Implant deployment apparatus
A delivery system including a restraining member maintains a collapsed implant in its collapsed state for delivery through a small passageway to a desired site in a mammalian body. Once the implant is positioned at the desired site, the restraining member is released so that the stent may expand or be expanded to its expanded state.
Suture anchor with apertures at tip
A suture anchor includes a threaded anchor body, at least one aperture at the distal end of the suture anchor, and at least one groove in communication with the aperture. A suture strand can be inserted into the suture anchor and pass through the aperture, the portion of the suture seated in the groove or grooves being protected from abrasion during installation of the suture anchor..
Suture anchors and assemblies for attaching soft tissue to bone
Improved bone anchors are disclosed for anchoring one or more sutures attached to soft tissue to a bone. The bone anchor has an anchor body that extends between a distal and a proximal end.
Methods of applying a suture cinch
A two-part suture cinch includes a collar and a plug. A cinch applicator is also provided, and includes an elongate tubular member, a plunger engaged within the distal end of the tubular member, a flexible shaft extending through the tubular member and plunger, and a proximal handle for moving the shaft longitudinally relative to the tubular member.
Wound closure devices and methods of use
Wound closure devices and methods of their use are described herein. A deployment instrument may be used to deploy and position tissue anchors which may be locked or secured along lengths of suture in suturing and plicating soft tissues, particularly along tissue regions located in areas of the body where space is limited.
Flexible planar member for tissue fixation
A flexible fixation assembly including a flexible main body and a suture engagement portion of the flexible main body. The suture engagement portion is configured to cooperate with a suture to mate the suture with the flexible main body.
Methods for improving the bioactivity characteristics of a surface and objects with surfaces improved thereby
A method for improving bioactivity of a surface of a surgical suture and sutures prepared thereby provides forming a gas-cluster ion-beam (gcib) in a reduced-pressure chamber, introducing a surgical suture into the reduced-pressure chamber, and irradiating at least a first portion of the surface of said surgical suture with a glib derived beam.. .
Tether line systems and methods for tongue or other tissue suspension or compression
Systems and methods of placing one or more suture loops into tissue, such as the base of the tongue, are described. A system can include a variable-thickness suspension line for suspending tissue, including a suture having a first thickness dimension; an elastomer surrounding a portion of the suture and defining a central segment of the suspension line having a second thickness dimension greater than the first thickness dimension, and at least one transition zone extending from the central segment of the suspension line to a lateral end of the suspension line, the transition zones having a thickness dimension that tapers from the second thickness dimension to the first thickness dimension..
Pre-tied surgical knots for use with suture passers
Sutures with pre-tied knots for use in percutaneous surgical procedures. Described herein are pre-tied sutures and methods of using them that may be used with a suture passer for percutaneously suturing tissue, including percutaneously passing and securing a loop of suture around a tear in a meniscus tissue of the knee.
Eye shape modification systems
An eye shape modification (esm) system such as a scleral buckle featuring a band having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a first side; and a fixation zone disposed on the first side of the band. The fixation zone is adapted to accept sutures and can be sutured to a scleral surface.
Vertical stitcher and suturing method
A surgical stitching device intended for suturing deep and difficult-to-reach wounds. It is a distinctive type of needle-holder designed to carry a straight needle alongside its main body.
Treatment for bone formation disorders by growth factor delivery
It has been discovered that that certain growth factors can delay the ossification of a tissue site, such as a cranial suture, via the promotion of fibroblast differentiation and/or inhibition of osteoblast differentiation. Provided herein are methods for treating bone formation conditions or disorders, such as synostotic conditions, or ectopic mineralization conditions, via administration of compositions comprising connective tissue growth factor (ctgf), and optionally other growth factors or fibroblast or progenitor cells, to a tissue site of a subject in need thereof..
High tension suture anchor
The present invention describes a bio-medically compatible gripping device capable of radial collapse in accordance with the shrinkage of a nylon or other polymeric material cored surgical cable undergoing tension while maintaining a firm grip throughout the process. It provides a gripping device capable of maintaining a grip on the outer surface of a slippery delicate cable, the grip being approximately uniform along both the length and circumference of the cable.
Balloon bailout and bioadhesive delivery device for suture based closure and methods
A vascular closure assembly is configured to seal a vascular puncture in a vessel. The vascular closure assembly includes a balloon location device and a sealant delivery device.
Wound closure device including direct-driven needle
A suturing device includes a housing, a rod, a ferrule assembly, and a needle. The housing defines a guide lumen extending longitudinally therethrough.
Suture delivery device
A suture-based vessel closure device can perform the dilation of an arteriotomy puncture and does not require previous dilation of the arteriotomy puncture by a separate device or by a procedural sheath dilator. The suture-based vessel closure device can place one or more sutures across the vessel access site such that, when the suture ends are tied off after sheath removal, the stitch or stitches provide hemostasis to the access site..
Methods and systems for accessing a pericardial space and preventing strokes arising from the left atrial appendage
The invention presents methods and systems for accessing a pericardial space and preventing strokes arising from a left atrial appendage (“laa”) by achieving a complete occlusion of the laa using an epicardial approach without creating a puckering of the laa ostium. A complete occlusion of the laa is desired because bleeding arising from the laa often leads to embolic strokes.
Implantable medical device for improved placement in the body
An implantable port includes a bottom portion having a needle-penetrable region running continuously along a majority of a perimeter of the implantable port. A method for customized suturing of an implantable port also includes creating a port pocket, and advancing a suture needle through the needle-penetrable region.
Sutureless anchoring device for cardiac valve prostheses
A device for anchoring on biological tissue a prosthetic heart valve, includes first and second anchoring assemblies mutually couplable to secure biological tissue therebetween. The anchoring assemblies include at least one pair of complementary arched portions having anchoring formations for anchoring on the biological tissue.
Sutureless anchoring device for cardiac valve prostheses
A device for anchoring a prosthetic heart valve on biological tissue, includes first and second anchoring assemblies, mutually couplable to secure biological tissue therebetween. The anchoring assemblies include at least one pair of complementary arched portions having anchoring formations for anchoring on the biological tissue.
Methods for promoting wound healing
A method for promoting wound healing at a wound site includes subjecting the wound site to electrical pulses to promote wound healing during at least one of the stages of wound healing. The method may further include closing the wound site by sutures or staples prior to and or after applying the electrical pulses that promote wound healing..
Posterior spine attachment device for hardware and paraspinal musculature
Devices, kits, and methods for stabilizing the spine and replacing spinous processes removed during spine surgery are provided. The device has a suitable configuration to attach to both spine surgery hardware and to the paraspinal muscles and fascia.
Soft anchors with soft eyelets
Soft anchor constructs and methods for soft tissue to bone repairs. The soft anchors may be knotted or knotless constructs.
Self-cinching soft anchors
Suture constructs and methods for soft tissue to bone repairs. The suture construct is a soft anchor which is self-cinching and has the ability to compress from a first, extended, uncompressed position to a second, folded or compressed position.
Method and apparatus for attaching soft tissue to bone
A method and apparatus including at least one anchor and at least one suture assembly. The anchor comprising a body and a suture capture element formed in the body for attaching at least one suture to the anchor the suture capture element being configured so as to permit the suture to be snared by the capture element after the anchor has been attached to bone.
Bone plate suture anchor
A suture anchor insert comprising a body configured to be inserted into a hole in a bone plate. The body has a proximal end, a distal end, a length extending between the proximal and distal ends and substantially corresponding to a thickness of a bone plate, a sidewall, at least one plate engaging member extending outwardly from the sidewall to secure the body to the bone plate, a recess defined by the sidewall, and a transverse edge formed on the sidewall.
High strength suture with absorbable core and suture anchor combination
A novel high tensile strength semi-absorbable composite suture with minimized non-absorbable mass. The suture has a core made from a bioabsorbable polymer.
Suturing device for treament of pelvic floor disorders
The invention relates to a suturing device used to place sutures inside the human body during various medical procedures. The suturing device includes an elongate body member, a needle deployment mechanism and a needle receiving portion.
Implantable support attachment system and assembly
A method of intracorporeally suturing a patient includes engaging tissue with a suturing head retaining a needle, forming an opening in the tissue with the needle, and pushing the needle into a through-bore formed in a capsule that is attached to a leading end of a suture and pulling the capsule and the leading end of a suture through the opening. The method additionally includes securing a clasp attached to a trailing end of the suture to an implantable support, and pulling on the suture and implanting the support inside the patient..

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