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Suture patents

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Flexible deformable suture anchor

Knotless swivel anchor with anchor body advanced over anchor tip

Implantable electrical stimulation leads

Date/App# patent app List of recent Suture-related patents
 Sutureless prosthetic device patent thumbnailnew patent Sutureless prosthetic device
A prosthetic device for use in an anatomical orifice or lumen of a patient includes an expandable first stent structure coupled to a valve support structure having at least one leaflet. The stent structure includes a collar provided with at least one groove or opening adapted to engage a tab extending from the valve support structure.
 Flexible deformable suture anchor patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible deformable suture anchor
A deformable or flexible suture anchor having apertures secures a suture to a skeletal structure via holes drilled through the skeletal structure, and passing the suture therethrough. A deformable structure permits the anchor to resiliently deform or bend for passing through an aperture, and resume a size larger than the passed aperture for securement on an opposed side of the aperture..
 Knotless swivel anchor with anchor body advanced over anchor tip patent thumbnailnew patent Knotless swivel anchor with anchor body advanced over anchor tip
A suture anchor construct with an anchor tip and eyelet that securely engages and locks into a cannulated anchor body (a fixation device such as a cannulated interference screw or plug). The eyelet of the anchor tip receives a strand attached to tissue or graft, such that the strand is able to freely slide through the eyelet to correctly position tissue attached to the strand.
 Tissue protector suture constructs patent thumbnailnew patent Tissue protector suture constructs
Fixation of soft tissue to bone (or of soft tissue to soft tissue) is performed using a flexible material (for example, a suture strand, a braid, a suture tape, a stuffed suture, or a combination thereof) with a portion having an expanded footprint to provide a cushion or tissue protector between the flexible strand (suture) and the tissue to be attached. The suture and cushion may be manufactured from materials that have properties to amplify the body's healing response.
 Suture cutting and removal tool patent thumbnailnew patent Suture cutting and removal tool
An improved, versatile suture cutting and removal tool comprises an elongated, hand-held body terminating in a distal end section including an upwardly oriented suture-cutting blade. Right and left tweezers on opposing side of the blade grasp and remove suture material once cut by the blade.
 Implantable electrical stimulation leads patent thumbnailnew patent Implantable electrical stimulation leads
An implantable electrical stimulation lead for the treatment of biological conditions includes a lead body with an electrical connector at one end and a pair of monopolar branches at the other end. The lead body has a length ranging from 390 mm to 490 mm to allow for implantation from an incision site further removed from the final positioning site of the electrodes.
 Modified porous materials and methods of creating interconnected porosity in materials patent thumbnailnew patent Modified porous materials and methods of creating interconnected porosity in materials
Techniques, mixtures and improved porous materials (interconnected porous constructs) that are capable of maintaining a sufficient porosity while conferring improved mechanical and physical strength to the final construct. A sacrificial construct (for example, a sacrificial material such as polymethyl methacrylate (pmma)) is used to obtain an inverse porosity of the construct it was molded into.
 Latching anchor device patent thumbnailLatching anchor device
An anchor that secures to a connector as part of an anchor assembly is disclosed. The proximal anchor includes a pair of spaced apart prongs which join together at a slot inception.
 Suture thread patent thumbnailSuture thread
A suture thread having: a thread-shaped main body with spikes and a stopper cylinder having a diameter enlarged with respect to the main body is described.. .
 Surgical stapler patent thumbnailSurgical stapler
An anvil assembly comprising an anvil shaft and an anvil head, the anvil head having anvil depressions for forming surgical staples. The anvil head is mounted to the anvil shaft and the anvil shaft has a longitudinal axis and first and second spaced apart elongated projections attached to the anvil shaft and extending therefrom.
Bioresorbable detachable tip design for adhesive-based extravascular closure device
A vascular closure device includes a vessel locating device, a sealant delivery device, a detachable sealing tip, and a suture. The vessel locating device includes an expandable portion configured to extend through and temporarily seal a vessel puncture from within a vessel.
Spinal dural repair instruments and methods for using same
Minimally invasive surgery for repairing a disruption in the spinal dura uses a pistol-grip forceps to permit the forceps to be used as a needle driver down a tubular cannula 14-20 mm in diameter and 40-120 mm long. The pistol grip permits one-handed use and provides an unobstructed view of the surgical site down the cannula.
Suture passer with radiused upper jaw
Described herein are suture passers that may be used for repair of the meniscus of the knee. These suture passers typically include an elongate body having a pair of arms.
Method and apparatus for passing a suture
A suture passing instrument including an operation handle, a needle member, and a suture holder assembly. The operation handle has at least one actuator movable between a first position and a second position.
Wound closure device
A device is provided for closing a wound, such as a percutaneous access site. The device is inserted into the wound, and a helically shaped pusher is actuated to penetrate a wall of the wound.
Introducer sheath with knot pusher and suture trimmer
A device configured as a knot pusher and/or a suture trimmer is provided. The device can deliver and secure a suture knot.
Method for producing a medical implant from a magnesium alloy
A method for producing a medical implant, such as a bone screw, a bone nail, a bone pin, a plate, a suture anchor, etc. For fastening soft parts, such as tendons, muscles, and ligaments, to a bone, or in the form of an endoprosthesis or at least a part thereof, from a magnesium alloy having a magnesium fraction of at least 80 wt %, in particular of at least 90 wt %, including the following steps: a) melting the magnesium alloy to obtain an alloy melt, b) atomizing the alloy melt under a protective-gas atmosphere and cooling the atomized alloy melt to below the solidification point thereof in order to obtain an alloy powder, c) shaping the alloy powder by pressing to obtain an alloy green body, d) extruding the alloy green body to obtain a magnesium alloy molded part, and e) producing the medical implant from the magnesium alloy molded part..
Veress needle with illuminated guidance and suturing capability
A laparoscopic instrument for forming an incision in a body cavity, insufflating the body cavity with gas, and suturing the incision at the completion of the surgery includes a set of jaws at the distal end of the veress needle or cannula. The jaws are pivoted to one another for motion between an open position or a closed position in which they may be used to grasp a suture in the body cavity for removal from the cavity for knotting.
Adjustable sling and method of treating pelvic conditions
Systems for providing support within the pelvic region of a patient. The systems can include an elongated incontinence sling having a central support portion adapted to be positioned to support any one of the urethra or anus, and a sling tension adjustment mechanism operatively attached to the elongated sling.
Method and apparatus for the stabilization of the trapeziometacarpal joint
A method and apparatus for the stabilization of the trapeziometacarpal joint following the removal or partial resection of the trapezium includes an assembly for securing a first metacarpal relative to a second metacarpal. The assembly includes a suture guide having a suture anchor plate that is frangibly connected to a guide stem..
Soft tissue-to-bone suturing and monitoring device
A surgical implant for monitoring stress loads applied to a sutured soft tissue-to-bone repair including a securing device containing sutures to effect a soft tissue-to-bone repair and a monitoring means whereas the loads applied to the sutures are detected by a load sensor powered by a local source and sent by a transmitter to a receiver. The load sensor, power source and transmitter are all arranged within the securing device.
Apparatuses and methods for cutting a tissue bridge and/or removing a heart valve clip or suture
A medical device for safely and effectively removing a clip or a suture from a heart valve is operable in association with a guidewire for positioning the device in proximity to the heart valve. The apparatus may include a blade for cutting a tissue bridge including the clip and an arrangement for removing the tissue bridge from the heart valve.
Vascular closure apparatus and related method
A vascular closure device includes both a mechanical component and a biological component for sealing an arteriotomy. The mechanical component reduces the size or closes the arteriotomy.
Method of anchoring a suture
Devices and methods are presented for securing a suture to facilitate a surgical procedure.. .
Expandable needle suture apparatus and associated handle assembly with rotational suture manipulation system
A surgical suturing device (10) having an axis extending between a proximal end and a distal end is operable to move a suture (32) through body tissue (34). A handle assembly (110) is coupled to an elongated shaft (14) having a hollow configuration.
Antimicrobial flush solutions
The present invention provides antimicrobial solutions that comprise at least one alcohol, at least one antimicrobial agent and at least one chelator and/or anticoagulant. Also provided are methods for rapidly reducing a microbe or a virus from surfaces including surfaces of indwelling medical devices and organic surfaces such as skin and sutures, and inorganic surfaces such as hospital equipment, pipelines etc..
The present invention relates to devices and related methods for treating fistulas such as anal or recto-vaginal fistulas, in particular by the use of a seton to secure a tissue growth promoter such as a growth factor and/or fibrin. The various devices are particularly suitable for positioning tissue growth promoters securely within a fistula.
Method of forming barbs on a suture
A method is provided for forming a barbed medical device which includes the steps of providing a blank workpiece and forming at least one barb on the blank workpiece by applying vibrational energy to a tool and bringing the tool and the blank workpiece into contact with each other at an angle such that the tool cuts into the surface of the blank workpiece. A barbed medical device formed by this method is also provided..
Reinforced tissue patch
A method of improving the mechanical properties of a tissue patch is provided. The method includes the steps of providing a tissue patch and placing at least one barbed suture along at least a portion of the tissue patch.
Connective tissue repair technology
An implantable prosthetic device for the repair of damaged cartilage including methods of implantation and repair. The prosthetic device is formed from a biocompatible pad having an open structure connected to a textile or non-woven sheet-like anchor.
Method of fastening a soft tissue graft in an opening provided in a human or animal bone and fastener suitable for the method
A soft tissue graft suitable for replacing a tendon or ligament is fastened in a bone opening provided in a human or animal patient by press-fitting an end portion of the graft and a fastener into the bone opening such that the graft end portion is pressed against a first portion of the bone wall inside the bone opening. The fastener is anchored in a second portion of the bone wall by liquefying a material having thermoplastic properties by the fastener and making the fastener penetrate into the bone wall.
Methods of implanting minimally-invasive prosthetic heart valves
Expandable prosthetic heart valves for minimally invasive valve replacement are disclosed. In one preferred embodiment, an expandable prosthetic heart valve includes a support stent comprising an expandable tubular base along an inflow end and three upstanding commissure posts along an outflow end.
Percutaneous endoprosthesis using suprarenal fixation and barbed anchors
An endoprosthetic device for treating abdominal aortic aneurysms using suprarenal fixation. A stent ring is anchored in an area above the renal arties using self-flaring barbs that project during the nitinol expansion process.
External suture securement devices and methods
Described are devices, methods and systems for securing sutures external to the body. In certain aspects, a suture securement device includes a housing member defining an internal cavity and a wedge member moveable within the cavity between a suture-release position to a suture-retention position.
Anchor element for knotless fixing of tissue to a bone
An anchor element serves for knotless fixing of a tissue to a bone by at least one suture threaded through the anchor element. A body of that anchor element has an outer surface with projections.
Locally reversible barbed sutures
A wound closure device includes a flexible filament having a first end, a second end, and a longitudinal axis extending between the first and second ends. A plurality of barbs project outwardly from the flexible filament.
Vascular closure device with push/pull compaction system and methods
A tissue puncture closure device includes an anchor, a suture connected to the anchor at a distal end of the suture, a sealing plug positioned proximal of the anchor, and a compaction assembly. The compaction assembly includes a compaction tube having a distal end and a proximal end, and a pivot arm having first and second ends and being rotatable about a pivot axis.
Connective tissue repair
The invention relates to an implantable prosthetic device, a patch, for the repair of connective tissue in an animal or a human. In one embodiment, a biocompatible repair patch (10) for repair of human or animal tissue is disclosed which comprises a tensile load-bearing component in the form of a pre-formed array (13) of a looped configuration in a desired pattern and having at least one return end, said array being formed of an elongate filamentary material (72).
Suturing device, system, and method
Improved medical suturing devices, systems, and methods may hold a suture needle at a fixed location relative to a handle of the device, allowing the surgeon to grasp and manipulate the handle of the suturing device to insert the needle through tissues in a manner analogous to use of a standard needle gripper. Cycling the handle from a closed position to an open position and back to the closed position may alternate the device between gripping the needle with a first clamp (for example, along a proximal portion of the needle) to gripping the needle with a second clamp (for example, along a distal portion of the needle) and optionally back to gripping with the first clamp, with the needle often staying at a substantially fixed location relative to the suturing device body.
Placing multiple sutures
A suturing instrument for placing multiple sutures include an elongate body engaged to a handle. A suturing head extends from a distal end of the elongate body, and the suturing head is articulable relative to the elongate body.
Suture passers
Suture passer devices, including suture passers configured with an axially slideable jaw that includes a tissue-penetrating distal end region. Also described are suture passers including jaws housing tissue penetrating needles to pass suture that are substantially thin.
Surgical instrument for manipulating and passing suture
A suture manipulating instrument for passing and retrieving suture through a tissue includes a handle mechanism, an elongate shaft extending from the handle, and a working distal end. The working distal end includes a needle body, a lumen defined by the needle body, a tissue penetrating distal tip, and a lateral slot.
Direct aortic access system for transcatheter aortic valve procedures
Disclosed are a system and method for performing a medical procedure using direct percutaneous access of an aorta. A main sheath is introduced through an incision formed in proximity to the sternum, and positioned along (and preferable against) a posterior portion of the sternum.
Methods and devices for preventing tissue bridging while suturing
Suture passers and methods of suturing tissue to prevent tissue bridging, without requiring a cannula. Tissue bridging involves the capture of non-target tissue within a loop of suture formed around and/or through a target tissue.
Method and device for heart valve repair
A repair device for repairing a heart valve leaflet in a patient includes a hollow body with a capture tool and a tissue puncture element at the distal end thereof. The capture tool may be used to capture and stabilize the heart valve leaflet tissue.
Method and system for orthopedic repair
An implantable orthopedic repair device includes an implant body having a rigid tubular shape which defines an inner lumen and an orthogonal suture side hole in communication with the inner lumen. The implantable orthopedic repair device includes a tension assembly that is supported by the inner lumen and suture side hole of the implant body.
Percutaneous hernia repair
Methods for percutaneous hernia repair may include inserting a needle end of an anchor tool through a first tissue edge on a first side of a hernia defect opening. A first anchor is deployed with a first suture attached to the first anchor and running back through or along the anchor tool and outside of the patient's body.
Hydrogel filled barbed suture
A medical device includes an elongated body including an outer surface having a plurality of barbs extending therefrom and an inner surface defining a lumen therethrough. The elongated body includes at least one channel extending through the inner surface and the outer surface, the channel defined between an inner surface of one of the plurality of barbs and a cut outer surface of the elongated body.
Tissue sensing device for sutureless valve selection
A sensing device for a collapsible prosthetic heart valve, the sensing device including an elongated shaft having a proximal end and a distal end, a sensing body coupled to the distal end of the shaft, the sensing body being adapted to fit within a native valve annulus and at least one microelectromechanical sensor attached to the sensing body, the at least one sensing body being capable of measuring a property of tissue.. .
Educational suturing apparatus
An educational suturing apparatus is presented. The educational suturing apparatus may include a support layer and an imitation skin layer.
Tissue repair implant
Described herein are tissue repair implants comprising at least a first layer of peritoneal membrane. The first layer of peritoneal membrane can be located adjacent to a second layer of peritoneal membrane and can be in direct contact with the second layer of peritoneal membrane.
Removable heart pump, and method implemented in such a pump
The heart pump includes: a rotary impeller inserted in the systemic ventricle, the rotary impeller being provided with: a sealing membrane sutured onto the outer wall of the heart so as to secure the rotary impeller to the wall of the heart; a casing arranged inside the systemic ventricle such as to be able to suction and then discharge the blood; a preferably brushless motor connected to the casing and arranged inside the systemic ventricle and/or in the body of the ventricle, so as to facilitate maintenance; a managing unit installed in the epigastric region and including a preferably rechargeable power source and a unit for controlling the rotary impeller; a wired link between the managing unit and the rotary impeller; and a system for transmitting haemodynamic and rhythmic data measured by the heat pump via telemedicine.. .
Knotless suture anchoring device having deforming section to accommodate sutures of various diameters
An innovative bone anchor and methods for securing soft tissue, such as tendons, to bone, which permit a suture attachment that lies entirely beneath the cortical bone surface. The suturing material between the soft tissue and the bone anchor may be secured without the need for tying a knot.
Surgical suture retrieving and passing system
A suture retaining device, which has an elongate body having a cross section that is at least partially circular, and a head portion joined to the elongate body. The head portion has a sidewall that defines a cavity for receipt of a suture.
Vascular filter
An inferior vena cava filter (340) for use in the inferior vena cava (4) to capture thrombus (8) passing through the inferior vena cava (4) towards the heart and lungs to prevent pulmonary embolism comprises a proximal support hoop (302), a distal support hoop (312) and a plurality of support struts (303) extending between the proximal support hoop (302) and the distal support hoop (312). The filter (340) also comprises a plurality of capture arms (121) which are movable from a capturing configuration to an open configuration.
Method and apparatus for passing a suture
A suture passing instrument includes an operation handle, a cannulated needle member, a suture pusher, a suture shuttle and a guide tube. The needle member has a curved end portion.
Delivery systems containing bioactive materials
A delivery system comprising a covering containing at least a first substance for release to a surgical site is provided. The covering includes an elongated containment portion having at least one compartment, wherein the covering includes an elongated containment having a first end and a second end.
Rapidly deployable surgical heart valves
A quick-connect heart valve prosthesis that can be quickly and easily implanted during a surgical procedure is provided. The heart valve includes a substantially non-expandable, non-compressible prosthetic valve and a plastically-expandable frame, thereby enabling attachment to the annulus without sutures.
Fistula treatment devices and methods
Disclosed herein are implantable fistula treatment devices and methods. In some embodiments, a distal anchor for an implantable fistula treatment device may comprise a suture and multiple foldable members including at least a distal-most foldable member and a proximal-most foldable member.
Method and apparatus for suturelessly connecting a conduit to a hollow organ
An implantable connector for suturelessly connecting a conduit to a hollow organ, the implantable connector comprising: a hollow expandable stent, wherein the hollow expandable stent comprises an internal skeleton and a blood-retaining membrane covering the internal skeleton, and wherein the hollow expandable stent is constructed so that it is capable of assuming (i) a diametrically-reduced state for insertion into an opening formed in the side wall of the hollow organ in order to create a first interference fit therewith, and (ii) a diametrically-expanded state for expanding against the side wall of the hollow organ in order to create a second, enhanced interference fit therewith.. .
Diverticulum inverting device
Minimally invasive endoscopic and laparoscopic devices and methods for inverting and closing a diverticulum. Devices can include a closing component such as a loop, a clip, or a suture that can allow the diverticulum to be removed or to slough off after necrosis..
Method and apparatus for coupling soft tissue to a bone
A method for coupling soft tissue to bone including: positioning a first anchor in a first bone bore, the first anchor having a first self-locking adjustable suture construct including a first adjustable loop, a second adjustable loop, and a pair of first ends; positioning a second anchor in a second bone bore, the second anchor having a second self-locking adjustable suture construct including a third adjustable loop, a fourth adjustable loop, and a second end; positioning the first adjustable loop relative to the soft tissue; positioning the second adjustable loop about the third adjustable loop; and tensioning the pair of first ends and the second end to pull the first adjustable loop against the soft tissue, couple the second adjustable loop to the third adjustable loop, pull the second adjustable loop against the soft tissue, and pull the third adjustable loop against the soft tissue.. .
Suturing apparatus and method
A suturing apparatus comprises a pair of jaws. A bendable needle housed in one of the jaws is adapted to carry a suture.
Suture trimmer
A suture trimmer including an elongate shaft including an elongate lumen extending proximally from a distal end of the elongate shaft, a transverse through-opening disposed proximal the distal end of the shaft, and a groove extending proximally from the distal end of the shaft to a distal end of the opening. A fitting is disposed within the elongate lumen at the distal end of the shaft and extends distally therefrom.
Silk compositions and methods of using same
The present invention provides for silk-derived compositions for treating a wide variety of ocular conditions. The composition is produced by processing the silk cocoon into a water-based solution (i.e., a dissolved silk), which is then cast into a film.
Methods for anchoring suture to bone
Methods and devices are provided for anchoring suture to bone. In one exemplary embodiment, a cannulated suture anchor is provided and it includes a suture-engaging member formed therein and configured to receive a suture therearound such that trailing ends of the suture can extend through the suture anchor.
Multi-piece anchor inserter
Various devices, systems, and methods are provided for securing soft tissue to bone. In one exemplary embodiment, a two-piece inserter tool is provided that includes a tip portion that is configured to be removably coupled to a handle portion.
Surgical constructs and methods for securing tissue
Suture constructs and methods are provided for securing soft tissue to bone. One exemplary embodiment of a construct includes a first limb, a second limb, a coaxial region, and a collapsible snare defined by the first and second limbs.
Surgical constructs and methods for securing tissue
Suture constructs and methods are provided for securing soft tissue to bone. One exemplary embodiment of a construct includes a first limb, a second limb, a coaxial region, and a collapsible snare defined by the first and second limbs.
Circumferentially located suture release mechanism for vascular closure device
A tissue puncture closure device includes an anchor, a sealing plug, a filament, a compaction member assembly, a spool, a stop feature, a driving plate, and a release member. The filament attaches the sealing plug to the anchor.
Osteotomy guide and method
Improved surgical instruments are provided including improved suture passers, improved drill guides for forming holes in bones adjacent a joint at locations referenced to the joint anatomy, and improved osteotomy guides.. .
Surgical suture device and methods of using the same
A medical instrument, such as a surgical device for manipulating and placing a tissue suture and methods of using the same is disclosed. The device comprises a handle, a hollow shaft removably coupled to the handle assembly and a stylet extending within the hollow shaft and longitudinally slideable therein.
Suture passer with expelling mechanism
A suture passing mechanism is disclosed having an elongated delivery member and a suture capture fitting at a distal end of the delivery member. The suture capture fitting includes a recess for receiving a length of suture.
Methods for passing multiple sutures through tissue
Methods for passing multiple sutures through tissue are provided herein. In particular, the methods described herein allow multiple sutures to be passed through tissue without removing a suture passing instrument from a patient's body.
Catheter securement device
A securement system (100) includes a device which permits a portion of a catheter or similar medical article to be easily anchored to a patient, desirably without the use of tape or needles and suture. A securement system for an elongated medical article comprises an anchor pad (110) and a retainer (120) mounted upon the anchor pad.

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