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Surgical Instrument patents

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Surgical instrument having a feedback system

Electrosurgical instruments, electrosurgical device, and associated methods

Surgical instrument with selectable integral or external power source

Date/App# patent app List of recent Surgical Instrument-related patents
 Sealant delivery device for anastomotic stapler patent thumbnailSealant delivery device for anastomotic stapler
The present invention relates to surgical instruments and a method for applying an adhesive or sealant to an anastomosis site immediately prior and/or during anastomotic surgical stapling. The present invention further relates to surgical instruments, devices, and methods for applying sealant to a target tissue of a surgical site being anastomotically joined so as to prevent leakage..
 Surgical instrument having a feedback system patent thumbnailSurgical instrument having a feedback system
A surgical instrument comprises an articulable end effector; a drive shaft connected to the end effector that drives the end effector; an electric motor connected to the drive shaft that drives the drive shaft; a battery unit for supplying power to the electric motor; at least one sensor for sensing a status of the instrument; and a visual status indicator located on the instrument and in communication with the at least one sensor. The visual status indicator is for displaying visually to a user of the instrument a status of the instrument based on an input from the at least one sensor..
 Electrosurgical instruments, electrosurgical device, and associated methods patent thumbnailElectrosurgical instruments, electrosurgical device, and associated methods
The present invention relates to an electrosurgical instrument and an electrosurgical device and related methods. According to the present invention, a water vapor which is formed during fusion is neutralized by a cooling fluid in order to prevent thermal damage of surrounding tissue..
 Surgical instrument with selectable integral or external power source patent thumbnailSurgical instrument with selectable integral or external power source
A surgical instrument includes a body, a shaft, and an end effector. The shaft extends distally from the body.
 Systems and methods for surgical access to delicate tissues patent thumbnailSystems and methods for surgical access to delicate tissues
Surgical instruments providing access to delicate tissue, such as brain tissue, through a transcutaneous channel. A surgical access assembly has a pin component removably fastened to a cannula component such that rotational forces are translated between the pin component and the cannula component.
 Side looking minimally invasive surgery instrument assembly patent thumbnailSide looking minimally invasive surgery instrument assembly
Two surgical instruments are inserted through a guide tube. The surgical instruments exit at an intermediate position of the guide tube and are oriented to be substantially parallel to the guide tube's longitudinal axis as they exit.
 Surgical instrument and cartridge members for use therewith patent thumbnailSurgical instrument and cartridge members for use therewith
A surgical kit is disclosed. The kit comprises a surgical instrument, a loading unit, and a plurality of cartridge members.
 Customized patient-specific bone cutting blocks patent thumbnailCustomized patient-specific bone cutting blocks
A number of orthopaedic surgical instruments are disclosed. A method, apparatus, and system for fabricating such instruments are also disclosed..
 Curved clamp arm for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments patent thumbnailCurved clamp arm for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments
The present invention relates to ultrasonic surgical clamping instruments and, more particularly, to a curved clamp arm for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments that have an ultrasonically actuated blade that, in one case, is ultrasonically actuated to have motion in substantially a single plane. The curved clamp arm opens and closes with respect to the blade and also has a plane of curvature that is parallel to the plane of motion of the blade when the clamp arm is in the closed position, and not parallel to the plane of motion of the blade when the clamp arm is in the open position..
 Endoscopic instrument patent thumbnailEndoscopic instrument
An endoscopic surgical instrument includes a flexible tube, a grasping and fastening end effector coupled to the distal end of the tube, and a manual actuator coupled to the proximal end of the tube. The manual actuator is coupled to the end effector by a plurality of flexible cables which extend through the tube.
Surgical instrument with disengageable handle
The invention relates to a surgical instrument comprising:—a distal tool (5) securely fastened to a distal end of a rotation shaft (4) and rotatably mounted on and in the extension of a distal member (30) rotatably mounted at an end of an elongated arm (3),—an comprising motorized means (20) for actuating the distal motion of the distal tool (5) and further comprising controlling means (21) for a user to control the motorized means (20);—a handle (1) extending from the actuation unit (2) and comprising a lever (11) mechanically coupled to the distal tool (5) for actuation of said distal tool (5); characterized in that the handle (1) has a non-axially-symmetric shape and is mounted on and in the extension of the actuation unit (2) with coupling means (12, 22) enabling rotation of the handle (1) relative to the actuation unit (2) around the longitudinal axis, and wherein the controlling means (21) are adapted to be operated by the user whatever the rotational position of the handle (1) relative to the actuation unit (2).. .
Medical instruments and techniques for thermally-mediated therapies
A surgical instrument for thermally-mediated therapies in targeted tissue volumes and for causing thermal effects in polymer tissue-contacting members. In one embodiment, the instrument has a working end with an interior chamber that is supplied with a biocompatible liquid.
Treatment method including tissue occlusion device
A surgical instrument includes a hollow member having a sidewall provided with a window and a closure member movably connected to the hollow member for alternately covering and uncovering the window. The hollow member has a first clamping surface along an edge of the window, while the closure member has a second clamping surface opposing the first clamping surface and disposable substantially adjacent thereto in a clamping or closure configuration of the instrument.
Instrument case
A surgical instrument tray assembly according to the principles of the present disclosure includes an outer case, an inner tray, and a handle. The inner tray is configured to fit within the outer case and is releasably attached to the outer case.
Cooperative minimally invasive telesurgical system
Improved robotic surgical systems, devices, and methods include selectably associatable master/slave pairs, often having more manipulator arms than will be moved simultaneously by the two hands of a surgeon. Four manipulator arms can support an image capture device, a left hand tissue manipulation tool, a right hand tissue manipulation tool, and a fourth surgical instrument, particularly for stabilizing, retracting, tool change, or other functions benefiting from intermittent movement.
Powered surgical instrument
A powered surgical apparatus, which is configured to engage tissue includes a handle assembly having proximal and distal portions, a movable portion operatively connected to the distal portion of the handle assembly, a tool assembly operatively coupled to the movable portion, a power source configured to supply electrical power, and a transmission system operatively associated with the power source. The movable portion is movable with respect to the handle assembly.
Surgical instrument
A surgical instrument (1) is provided with a rigid probe (2), and cuts off the trabecular meshwork by inserting this probe (2) into the canal of schlemm. An inner tube portion having a cutter is equipped inside the probe, and the trabecular meshwork sucked in from a hole portion (22) is cut off by the cutter due to the movement of the inner tube portion.
Electrosurgical cutting and sealing instruments with jaws having a parallel closure motion
Various embodiments are directed to a surgical instrument comprising, a shaft, and an end effector. The shaft may be coupled to the handle and may extend distally along a longitudinal axis.
Surgical cutting and sealing instrument with reduced firing force
A surgical instrument is provided that can comprise and end effector including two jaws and a cutting member configured to move between the jaws. In at least one embodiment, one or both of the jaws may be flexible, such that a jaw is configured to flex when gripping tissue.
Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity
An articulated surgical instrument for enhancing the performance of minimally invasive surgical procedures. The instrument has a high degree of dexterity, low friction, low inertia and good force reflection.
Surgical instruments having improved wear resistance, and methods of making the same
A surgical apparatus includes a cannula and a surgical instrument. The cannula includes a curved longitudinal axis along at least a portion of its length.
Minimally invasive surgical instrument
The present invention relates to a convenient, minimally invasive surgical instrument, and more particularly to a minimally invasive surgical instrument to allow a user to operate an end effector by manipulating a handling unit or the like to perform a minimally invasive surgery in a delicate and convenient manner. According to one aspect of the invention, there is provided a minimally invasive surgical instrument comprising: a shaft; an end effector being connected to one end of the shaft via a joint unit; a rotation manipulation unit being connected to to the other end of the shaft, the rotation manipulation unit comprising a gyro link including a gyro wheel; and a plurality of wires being connected between the joint unit and the gyro wheel, wherein the end effector carries out joint motion by the joint unit according to the action of at least some of the plurality of wires caused by a manipulation of the gyro wheel..
Drill, drill cover, and surgical instrument for collecting autologous bone employing same
A drill and drill cover and autogenous bone collector using the same are provided. The autogenous bone collector comprises s shaft unit connected to a driving device and a cutting unit which revolves and collects bone paticles of a patient.
Microwave surgical instrument
It is an object to provide a surgical instrument capable of locally applying microwaves to a minute biological tissue. It has been found that microwaves can be transmitted to a tip of a tapered coaxial body (9) and that microwaves are radiated from the entire central conductor exposed in a major axis direction by decreasing a sectional area (preferably diameter) of a central conductor (1) and a sectional area (preferably inner diameter) of an external conductor gradually or in a step-by-step manner with a ratio between the sectional area (diameter) of the central conductor (1) and the sectional area (inner diameter) of the external conductor being set to be constant, thereby achieving the present invention..
Phase separation of cryogen in cryosurgical instrument
A cryosurgical instrument including: a shaft having a closed distal end defining an expansion chamber and an open proximal end that receives an inflow of cryogen and to exhaust a flow of expanded cryogen; and a heat exchanger with a cryogen delivery tube that spirals around a core disposed along longitudinal axis thereof. The cryogen delivery tube, at least where it spirals, is in fluid tight contact with the inner surface of the shaft so as to form spiraling cryogen exhaust pathways that extend along a portion of a length of the cryosurgical instrument from the distal end of the shaft.
Manufacturing method and product
A method of manufacturing a surgical instrument or prosthesis and a surgical instrument or prosthesis so manufactured are described. A first material is injected into a first mould to form an interim component.
Antimicrobial compositions and methods of use
In one aspect, compositions provide antimicrobial therapy as topical disinfectants. Particularly, one aspect relates to an alcohol containing antimicrobial composition that includes at least one paraben, a redox compound and an organic acid at a concentration of from about 1.5 percent to about 10 percent by weight, based on the total weight of the composition.
Methods and devices related to patient-adapted hip joint implants
This application relates to hip replacement systems and methods. Disclosed include patient-adapted (patient-specific or patient-engineered) hip replacement systems including patient-adapted implants and patient-adapted surgical instrumentation.
Osteotomy guide and method
Improved surgical instruments are provided including improved suture passers, improved drill guides for forming holes in bones adjacent a joint at locations referenced to the joint anatomy, and improved osteotomy guides.. .
Bio-absorbable micro-clip and applicator for minimal access wound closure
The present disclosure includes a bio-absorbable wound closure clip for wound closure without crushing of the tissue being closed. The bio-absorbable wound closure clip can be used in minimal access surgery as well as on tissue, such as mucosal tissue, where tactile feedback is reduced.
System for image-based robotic surgery
A robotic surgery system having a mobile base and a first moveable support structure coupled between the mobile base and a first element of a fluoroscopic imaging system. The first element is a source element or a detector element, and a second element of the imaging system is a source element or a detector element.
Pivot point arm for a robotic system used to perform a surgical procedure
A pivot port that can provide a pivot point for a surgical instrument. The pivot port may be held in a stationary position by a support arm assembly that is attached to a table.
Actuating knob for a surgical instrument
The invention relates to a surgical instrument comprising: —a distal tool (5) securely fastened at a distal end of a rotation shaft (4) and rotatably mounted on and in the extension of a distal member (30) rotatably mounted at an end of an elongated arm (3), —motorized means (20) for actuating the distal motion of the distal tool (5) and further comprising controlling means (21) for a user to control the motorized means (20); characterized in that the controlling means (21) comprise electronic components (210) for actuation of the motorized means (20), and switch elements (211) for the user to control the electronic components (210), the switch elements (211) comprising at least one magnet (2110) for contactless signal transmission to hall sensors (2100) of the electronic components (210), wherein the switch elements (211) comprise an outer knob (2111) and an inner knob (2112), with the magnet (2110) being fastened to the outer knob (2111) and being mounted in translation within a longitudinal groove (2113) provided in the inner knob (2112) along an axis parallel to the longitudinal axis, said inner knob (2112) being rotatably mounted around the longitudinal axis.. .
Biopsy inlet valve
A valve apparatus device provides surgical instruments with sealable access to an inlet port of an endoscope instrument channel. The valve has a hollow body with a distal end that releasably attaches to the inlet port, and a flexible diaphragm seal dividing the body into a proximal chamber and a distal chamber.
Surgical staple cartridge with enhanced knife clearance
A surgical instrument having an elongated shaft having a shaft distal end and a shaft proximal end. An end effector is coupled to the shaft distal end and includes opposed jaws.
Surgical instrument and loading unit for use therewith
A surgical instrument is disclosed. The surgical instrument includes a handle assembly, a drive assembly, an endoscopic portion, a pair of jaw members, a dynamic clamping member, and a tissue stop.
Mounting and positioning device of a surgical instrument and.or an endoscope for minimally invasive surgery and asurgical robot system
The invention describes a mounting and positioning device of a surgical instrument and/or an endoscope for minimally-invasive surgery, in particular for use within a surgical robot system, comprising a first axis of rotation (3), around which a support element (4) is rotatably arranged, wherein the first axis of rotation (3) intersects with the longitudinal axis (11) of at least one surgical instrument (9; 17a, 17b) and/or an endoscope (9; 17a, 17b) in a pivot point (13), as the result of a deviation drive (5) being fixed on the support element (4), said deviation drive arranging an instrument drive unit (15) in rotatable fashion around a pivot point (13), and wherein a telescopic device (8) is provided at an instrument drive unit (15), which allows for the translatory movement of the surgical instrument (9; 17a, 17b) and/or the endoscope (9; 17a, 17b) into the body, along its longitudinal axis (11) using a guide device (10, 10s) in such fashion that the longitudinal axis (11) of the surgical instrument (9; 17a, 17b) and/or the endoscope (9; 17a, 17b) is variably adjustable in relation to the telescopic device (8).. .
Active device for positioning a surgical instrument and a surgical robotic system comprising this device
The present invention relates to an active positioning device for a surgical instrument arranged on a robot arm, comprising a carrier plate (3, 33), which can be connected with a robot arm (1, 31), a port mechanism (4, 34), which is arranged on carrier plate (3, 33) and intended as entry point into the interior of a body, at least one guide device (6, 36, 59) for insertion of a surgical instrument (8, 38, 61) into the body, whereby the shaft of surgical (8, 38, 61) instrument extends through guide device (6, 36, 59) and whereby guide device (6, 36, 59) is variably connected to port mechanism (4, 34) via a compensating element (5, 35) and an adjustment device (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67) for guide device (6, 36, 59) opposite port mechanism (4, 34), which is arranged on carrier plate (3, 33) and/or port mechanism (4, 34) on the one hand and guide device (6, 36, 59) on the other hand, in such a way that the shaft of surgical instrument (8, 38, 61) is movable both in x-direction and y-direction in relation to the starting position, in which the longitudinal extension of the surgical instrument runs parallel to the longitudinal extension of port mechanism (4, 34).. .
Patient-specific cutting guide for the shoulder
Disclosed herein are devices and methods for guiding a surgical instrument for resecting a portion of a humerus of a patient. The surgical instrument is a patient-specific cutting guide having a base portion having a contact surface shaped to substantially match an outer surface of a neck portion of the humerus.
Surgical rasp
In one example, the present invention relates to a surgical instrument for removing tissue from a body, which instrument includes an elongated shaft distally attached to a cutting element, wherein the elongated shaft and the cutting element are fixedly connected by an arcuate element such that the longitudinal axes of the elongated shaft and the cutting element intersect at an angle between about 90° and about 170° and the cutting element comprises a convex non-cutting base that contacts tissue when moving distally. The present invention also relates to a method of using said instrument..
Electric stapler device
An end effector assembly adapted to couple to an electrosurgical instrument, the end effector assembly including a plurality of spaced apart small seal plates on opposing jaw members where each seal plate forms a pair of seal plates with the corresponding seal plate on the opposing jaw member. Each pair of seal plates is individually activatable, and the pair of seal plates are activated in sequence.
Surgical instrument
A surgical instrument is disclosed. The surgical instrument comprises a body operable with a surgical tool and an actuator system supported by the body and configured to convert rotational motion into linear motion to facilitate operation of the surgical tool.
Trocar cannula anchor and seal
A cannula assembly for use in laproscopic surgery includes a cannula having a proximal end for use in orientating the assembly into an abdominal cavity, a distal end for insertion into a patient, and a passage through which surgical instruments can be inserted. An expandable feature in the form of an anchor is located toward the distal end of the cannula and is selectively expandable and collapsible.
Protective sleeve and associated surgical method
An ultrasonic surgical instrument includes an elongate substantially rigid probe and an elongate tubular sheath member. The probe is operatively connected at a proximal end to a source of ultrasonic mechanical vibrations and has a distal tip configured for transmitting ultrasonic vibration energy into organic tissues.
Surgical instrument comprising a firing system including a compliant portion
A surgical instrument can comprise a first jaw, a second jaw, and a firing system configured to be advanced relative to the first jaw and the second jaw. The firing system can comprise a firing member including a first portion configured to engage the first jaw and a second portion configured to engage the second jaw in order to position the first jaw and the second jaw relative to one another..
End effector for use with a surgical fastening instrument
A surgical instrument can comprise a first jaw, a second jaw, and a firing system configured to be advanced relative to the first jaw and the second jaw. The firing system can comprise a firing member including a first portion configured to engage the first jaw and a second portion configured to engage the second jaw in order to position the first jaw and the second jaw relative to one another..
Providing near real time feedback to a user of a surgical instrument
A process and system are disclosed for downloading sensor data, stored in a memory device of a surgical cutting and fastening instrument, to an external or remote computer device. The process may involve storing data from one or more sensors of a surgical cutting and fastening instrument in a memory device of a control unit of the surgical cutting and fastening instrument during a surgical procedure involving the surgical cutting and fastening instrument.
Electrically self-powered surgical instrument with manual release
A surgical instrument comprising a surgical end effector having an actuation assembly operable to effect a surgical procedure when actuated, a part of the actuation assembly being movable between a first position and second position, and a handle connected to the end effector for actuating the actuation assembly, the handle having a power supply disposed within the handle, a motor disposed within the handle and electrically powered by the power supply, a transmission connecting the motor to the moving part and operational to displace the moving part anywhere between the first and second positions when the motor is operated, and a manual release mechanism that selectively interrupts the transmission and, during interruption, displaces the moving part towards the first position independent of operation of the motor.. .
Electromechanical drive and remote surgical instrument attachment having computer assisted control capabilities
A medical tool comprising an electromechanical driver and a surgical instrument attachment for use in invasive surgery, including a handle coupled to a flexible sheath which is in turn coupled to a surgical attachment. The handle of the driver includes the electromechanical driver and at least one processor element which controls the actions of the electromechanical driver, and therefore the application elements of the surgical attachment, based on information relayed between the processor element and remotely activateable sensor assemblies in the surgical instrument attachment..
System and method for the traceability of a surgical instrumentation system
A surgical instrumentation system has a single-use instrument kit for fitting implants and at least one sterile implant kit, each of the kits comprising an identifier, at least one of the kits contains a unique identifier, as well as a medium for recording additional identifiers, one of the additional identifiers being a patient code, collected when the kit is used, and at least one other additional identifier being the identifier of at least one complementary kit comprising an identifier transferable to the additional-identifier recording medium, when the complementary kit is used. A method for implementing such a system is also described..
Instrument for insertion and deployment of an implant
An exemplary surgical instrument for inserting a spinal implant includes an inserter portion, a coupling member, a first actuator, and a second actuator. The inserter portion includes at a proximal end a receiving block, at a distal end a sleeve, and a channel extending therethrough.
Adjustable interbody introducer device and method
Provided is a surgical instrument having an adjustable distal end that can securely engage an interbody for introduction of the interbody into an intervertebral space, can be adjusted before and during the surgical procedure to vary the angle of the distal end of the device and the angle of introduction of the interbody, and after positioning that interbody at the surgical site, can be easily disengaged and removed.. .
Surgical instrument
The present invention relates to a surgical anchor delivery system (10) including a delivery device (11) having a shaft (14) and a handle (13), an advancer (15) for advancing a surgical anchor (12) distally along the shaft (14); and a plurality of surgical anchors (12) loaded upon the shaft (14).. .
Surgical instrument insert and surgical instrument system
A retaining member for a surgical instrument insert is described. The instrument insert includes a retaining member which is free to move along the shaft before the insert is attached to the handle.
Surgical instrument with wireless communication between a control unit of a robotic system and remote sensor
A surgical instrument for use with a robotic system that has a control unit and a shaft portion that includes an electrically conductive elongated member that is attached to a portion of the robotic system. The elongated member is configured to transmit control motions from the robotic system to an end effector..
Wireless communication in a robotic surgical system
In one embodiment, a method of wireless communication in a robotic surgical system comprises providing a carriage link of a robotic manipulator including a printed circuit assembly and a link communication device, positioning a sterile drape over the robotic manipulator, mounting a removable surgical instrument on the carriage link, and passing data wirelessly in either or both directions through the sterile drape between the link communication device and the surgical instrument along with power for electrical circuitry on the instrument. A robotic manipulator and robotic surgical system are also provided..
Surgical instrument and method
A surgical instrument comprises a first member including an inner surface defining a passageway and a lock. A second member is disposable within the first passageway.
Electrical cutting and vessel sealing jaw members
The present disclosure relates to an end effector assembly for use with an electrosurgical instrument. The end effector assembly includes a pair of opposing first and second jaw members and a first electrically conductive cutting plate.
Electrosurgical instrument & shaft
A shaft (14) is provided for a flexible endoscopic instrument, the shaft including at least one flexible section (20) along the length of the shaft, a distal section (19) located distally of the flexible section, and a proximal section (18) located proximally of the flexible section (20). The distal section (19) includes a connection to a shaft electrode, while the proximal section (18) includes at least one connection for connecting the shaft (14) to an electrosurgical generator (1).
Method for improving the wear resistance of dyed surgical instruments
The present invention relates to a method for improving the wear resistance of dyed surgical instruments having a vacuum-resistant material as the main body which, over the course of a vacuum coating step, is coated with a thin layer of titanium, and the coated surface is subjected to anodic oxidation. The method is characterized in that, over the course of the vacuum coating step, prior to coating with the layer of titanium, at least parts of the main body are coated with a layer of hard material which improves the wear protection..
Surgical system including a plurality of handle assemblies
A surgical system comprising a surgical instrument, a first handle assembly and a second handle assembly is disclosed. The surgical instrument comprises a shaft assembly defining a longitudinal axis, an end effector disposed adjacent a distal portion of the shaft assembly, and a control rod disposed at least partially within the shaft assembly and being disposed in mechanical cooperation with the end effector.
Advanced surgical instrument such as a speculum
It is described a surgical instrument such as a speculum comprising longitudinally extending cups-shaped pivotably mounted blades manufactured from a mouldable material, such as plastic or metal. Each blade has an inwardly curved circumferential edge with an edge face which is provided with a parting line resulting from moulding the blades.
Port device including retractable endoscope cleaner
A surgical apparatus includes a housing member having leading and trailing ends that define a longitudinal axis. One or more ports longitudinally extend between the leading and trailing ends, and are configured and adapted to receive a surgical instrument therein in a substantially sealed relation.
Single port device including selectively closeable openings
A surgical port includes a port body having a lumen extending therethrough and a plate having an opening. The port body may be made from foam.
Trocar seal system
A seal assembly for reception of an elongated surgical instrument is provided which includes a body having at least one opening configured and dimensioned to permit entry of an elongated surgical instrument and defining a central longitudinal axis; a seal member formed of a resilient material and defining an aperture therein, the aperture being configured and dimensioned such that insertion of the surgical instrument into the aperture causes the resilient material defining the aperture to resiliently contact the outer surface of the surgical instrument in a substantially fluid tight manner; and a fabric layer juxtaposed relative to the resilient material. A coating may be applied to the seal member to reduce friction between the seal member and surgical instrumentation inserted therein.
Surgical instrument with elongated channel
A surgical instrument including a handle assembly, an elongated body portion, a head portion and an elongated channel. The elongated body portion extends distally from the handle assembly.
Dissection tip and introducer for surgical instrument
The present disclosure describes a surgical fastener applying apparatus that includes an elongate body portion having proximal and distal ends, an end effector including a first movably coupled to a second jaw that is positioned at the distal end of the elongate body portion, and an introducer member. The introducer member has proximal and distal portions, and is configured and dimensioned for releasable connection with the end effector.
Surgical instrument with pressure distribution device
The present disclosure is directed to a surgical apparatus, comprising an anvil jaw configured to form at least one surgical staple, a cartridge jaw configured to deploy one or more surgical staples against the anvil jaw, and a pressure distribution device attached to at least one of the anvil jaw and the cartridge jaw, wherein the pressure distribution device is configured to distribute a clamping pressure to a target tissue during a clamping and a stapling of the target tissue.. .
Operation support device and assembly method thereof
An operation support device having a surgical instrument unit and a surgical instrument unit support section, includes: an intermediate member connected to the surgical instrument support section and configured to hold the surgical instrument unit; a shielding member having a hole portion engaged with the intermediate member; and a driving force supply unit installed at the surgical instrument support section. A first space and a second space are formed by an assembly constituted by the shielding member and the intermediate member engaged with the hole portion as a boundary.
Lower anterior resection 90 degree instrument
An articulating surgical instrument is disclosed, and includes an end effector and a drive assembly operably coupled with the end effector. The end effector includes a first drive shaft defining a first axis, and a second drive shaft operably engaged with and extending away from the first drive shaft.
Apparatus and method for collecting reusable material and cleaning surgical instruments
A system and method for cleaning instruments, which provides removal and collection of material from one or more surgical instruments. The cleaning apparatus may be a dry cleaning process or offered in conjunction with one or more fluids.

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