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Surfactant patents

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Novel use of alkoxylates of mono- and polyvalent alcohols


Photocurable composition and method of manufacturing film using the composition

Date/App# patent app List of recent Surfactant-related patents
 Subterranean well treatment process patent thumbnailnew patent Subterranean well treatment process
A process of treating a subterranean well comprising a plurality of flow channels and at least one of the flow channels is impaired. The treatment is used for alleviating the impairment.

 Alkaline liquid laundry detergent compositions comprising polyesters patent thumbnailnew patent Alkaline liquid laundry detergent compositions comprising polyesters
An alkaline liquid laundry detergent composition comprising at least 1 wt % triethanolamine, at least 5 wt % non-soap surfactant and at least 0.5 wt % of a polyester according to the following formula (i) wherein r1 and r2 independently of one another are x—(oc2h4)n-(oc3h6)m wherein x is c1-4 alkyl, the —(oc2h4) groups and the —(oc3h6) groups are arranged blockwise and the block consisting of the —(oc3h6) groups is bound to a coo group or are ho—(c3h6), n is based on a molar average a number of from 12 to 120, preferably 40 to 50, m is based on a molar average a number of from 1 to 10, and a is based on a molar average a number of from 4 to 9. The inventive compositions comprise polyesters that have an advantageous stability in their alkaline environment and also possess advantageous soil release properties..
Conopco Inc., D/b/a Unilever

 Neutral floor cleaner patent thumbnailnew patent Neutral floor cleaner
Compositions and methods for improved cleaning using neutral cleaners are disclosed. In particular, neutral ph cleaning compositions according to the invention employ a synergistic combination of water insoluble surfactants and an anionic hydrotropes capable of forming a stable, low-foaming solution.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

 Aqueous detergent compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Aqueous detergent compositions
The present invention is directed to a liquid detergent composition, comprising from about 5 wt % to about 45 wt % of a surfactant, about 0.01 wt % to about 1 wt % of an external structuring agent which is a parenchymal cellulose material, and about 0.1 wt % to about 10 wt % of a builder component. The present invention is also directed to methods of preparing the liquid detergent compositions.
The Sun Products Corporation

 Stabilized aqueous water clarifier composition and methods of use patent thumbnailnew patent Stabilized aqueous water clarifier composition and methods of use
Oil-water dispersions and emulsions derived from petroleum industry operations are demulsified and clarified using an aqueous water clarifier composition. Formation of such oil-water dispersion and emulsions is inhibited and mitigated using the aqueous water clarifier composition comprising a latex dispersion of an anionic polymer, an alcohol, and a base.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

 Method for reducing fluid loss during drilling of a hydrocarbon formation using a water-based drilling fluid composition having a multifunctional mud additive patent thumbnailnew patent Method for reducing fluid loss during drilling of a hydrocarbon formation using a water-based drilling fluid composition having a multifunctional mud additive
Embodiments of the invention provide a drilling, drill-in, and completion water-based mud composition containing micro or nanoparticles for use in hydrocarbon drilling. In accordance with at least one embodiment, there is provided a method of drilling a hydrocarbon formation, including contacting the hydrocarbon formation with a water-based drilling mud composition while drilling or completing a well.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company

 Surfactant mixtures patent thumbnailnew patent Surfactant mixtures
The present invention relates to novel surfactant mixtures, to the use thereof as additives, for example in preparations for surface coating, such as paints, lacquers, protective coatings and special coatings electronic or in optical applications.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh

 Photocurable composition and  manufacturing film using the composition patent thumbnailnew patent Photocurable composition and manufacturing film using the composition
A photocurable composition of the present invention to be used for manufacturing a film with high productivity is a photocurable composition to be used for manufacturing a film having a predetermined pattern shape by curing the photocurable composition with light under a state where the photocurable composition is brought into contact with a mold having concavo-convex on a surface thereof, the photocurable composition including: a polymerizable compound; a photopolymerization initiator; a photosensitive gas generating agent for generating a gas through light stimulation; and a gas generation promotor for increasing an aggregation rate of the gas generated from the photosensitive gas generating agent at an interface between the mold and the photocurable composition, in which the gas generation promotor includes a fluorine atom-containing surfactant that is free of a polymerizable substituent.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Carbon-separated ultrafine nano tungsten carbide material and preparation method and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Carbon-separated ultrafine nano tungsten carbide material and preparation method and use thereof
A carbon-separated ultrafine nano wc material and a method of preparing the same as well as a use thereof, wherein the carbon-separated ultrafine nano wc material is prepared by a method comprising the following steps: (1) a solution of a tungsten source in deionized water is added into a solution prepared from ethanol, concentrated ammonia and a surfactant, wherein the tungsten source is ammonium metatungstate, sodium tungstate or tungsten chloride, and the surfactant is sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, ammonium hexadecyl trimethyl bromide or p123; resorcinol is added after intimate agitation; formaldehyde is then added after intimate agitation; and then agitation at room temperature is continued for 8-28 h to produce a mixed solution; (2) the mixed solution is subjected to hydrothermal reaction, and a mixed polymer is obtained after drying; and (3) the mixed polymer is carburized at a high temperature in co atmosphere to produce the carbon-separated ultrafine nano wc material. The wc material can make the wc particles remain stable in a high-temperature process and avoid secondary agglomeration.
Hangzhou Sailong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

 Graphite nanoplatelets and compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Graphite nanoplatelets and compositions
Disclosed are graphite nanoplatelets produced by a process which comprises thermal plasma expansion of intercalated graphite to produce expanded graphite followed by exfoliation of the expanded graphite, where the exfoliation step is selected from ultrasonication, wet milling and controlled caviation and where greater than 95% of the graphite nanoplatelets have a thickness of from about 0.34 nm to about 50 nm and a length and width of from about 500 nm to about 50 microns. The intercalated graphite is intercalated for example with a mixture of sulfuric and nitric acids.
Basf Se

new patent

Drug releasing coatings for balloon catheters

Balloon catheters, methods for preparing balloon catheters, and uses of balloon catheters are disclosed. The balloon catheter includes an elongate member, an expandable balloon, and a coating layer overlying an exterior surface of the expandable balloon.
Lutonix, Inc.

new patent

Drug releasing coatings for medical devices

The invention relates to a medical device for delivering a therapeutic agent to a tissue. The medical device has a layer overlying the exterior surface of the medical device.
Lutonix, Inc.

new patent


Process for making a conditioning gel phase comprising:—forming a ‘comelt’ in a first vessel comprising fatty alcohol and cationic component and 0-15% wt. Comelt water—independently adding the ‘comelt’ and water to a mixing vessel—mixing, wherein the temperature of the mixture of the ‘comelt’ and the water is maintained at from 56-65° c., preferably from 58-62° c., more preferably 60° c.
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

new patent

Application of liquids to solid particles

A method for improving the application of liquid ingredients to a solid feed ingredient or pharmaceutical agent, comprising: a) preparing a liquid composition having low cloud point containing (i) an ingredient to be added to a solid material in amounts of 1% or less, and (ii) 0.1% to 10 wt. % of a non-ionic surfactant selected from castor oil-based surfactants having 20-60 ethylene units, b) applying the liquid composition onto a solid material which is a feed ingredient or a pharmaceutical agent, by spraying the liquid composition onto the surface thereof with an average droplet size of 20-200 microns, and mixing the solid material while applying the liquid composition, whereby the coefficient of variance of the ingredient (i) is 5% or less..
Anitox Corporation

new patent

Method for the degradation of keratin and use of the keratin hydrolysate produced

The present invention relate to a method for producing keratin hydrolysate comprising the step of: i) admixing keratin material with a protease and a non-sulphur containing surfactant, as well as keratin hydrolysate so produced and uses thereof.. .
Dupont Nutrition Biosciences Aps

new patent

Novel use of alkoxylates of mono- and polyvalent alcohols

The present invention relates to the use of certain non-ionic surfactants, in particular alkoxylates of mono- and poly-valent alcohols, as inhibitors of methane production and/or in reducing methanogen production in vitro and/or in vivo. Such compounds have been found to be particularly useful for methane mitigation in ruminants..
Ab Agri Limited


Lithium secondary battery

A lithium secondary battery is provided, which exhibits a large overcharge tolerance even after rapid charge-discharge cycling. The lithium secondary battery is constituted by a battery case hosing electrode assembly having a positive electrode and a negative electrode, and also housing a nonaqueous electrolyte solution including a supporting salt.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Anisotropic bonded magnets

The present invention provides an anisotropic bonded magnet and a method for fabricating the anisotropic bonded magnet by producing anisotropic chips by ball milling a rare-earth polycrystalline material with a surfactant in presence of a first magnetic field, mixing the anisotropic chips with one or more binding agents, and forming the anisotropic bonded magnet by compacting the mixture of anisotropic chips and binding agents in presence of a second magnetic field.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Developer composition

A developer composition including 0.01 to 5.0 parts by weight of inorganic or organic acids, 0.01 to 5.0 parts by weight of surfactant, 0.1 to 10.0 parts by weight of water-soluble organic solvent, 85 to 99 parts by weight of water, and 0 to 2 parts by weight of additives, based on 100 parts by weight of the developer composition.. .
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Multiphase liquid detergent composition

The invention relates to a multiphase liquid detergent composition comprising at least two visually distinct liquid phases and a surfactant. At least one of the visually distinct phases has a high shear viscosity between about 100 cps and 15,000 cps at 20° c., a medium shear viscosity between about 5,000 cps and about 60,000 at 20° c., and a low shear viscosity between about 10,000 cps and 500,000 cps at 20° c.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Fluorescent brightener premix

A fluorescent brightener premix comprising from 1% to 15% of a fluorescent brightener and 10% to 80% of an alkoxylated nonionic surfactant, by weight of the premix. The premix, upon being added into a liquid composition, has minimized impact on the ph of the liquid composition..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Resin composition, coated particles, injection material and injecting injection material into fracture

A resin composition is used for forming a surface layer coating at least a part of an outer surface of a particle. The particle is adapted to be packed into a fracture formed in a subterranean formation, and contains a thermosetting resin and a hydrophilic polymer.
Durez Corporation


Natural oil-derived wellbore compositions and methods of use

Compositions useful as wellbore fluids are generally disclosed. In some embodiments, the compositions include polymerizable olefinic surfactant compositions, which, under certain conditions, can polymerize via free-radical polymerization to form surfactant polymers.
Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.


Method and composition for remedial treatment of parafin, asphaltenes, scale and deposits in oil and gas infrastructure and subterranean formations

A method for treating a deposit is disclosed, wherein the deposit comprises a hydrophobic portion and an inorganic portion, the method including but not limited to contacting the deposit with a treating material to form a treated deposit, the treating material comprising peroxygen and surfactant and contacting the treated deposit with an acid. A product resulting from using the method is also disclosed..


Laminated film, optical laminated film, and display device

A laminated film having a support and a backcoat film containing a silicon-containing resin, a matting agent and a surfactant wherein the silicon-containing resin contains a condensate of a tetrafunctional alkoxysilane and a trifunctional or bifunctional alkoxysilane in a molar ratio of 25/75 to 85/15, a volume average particle diameter of the matting agent is bigger than an average thickness of the backcoat film, and a content of inorganic fine particles in the backcoat film is 20% or less, can suppress generation of iridescent unevenness, luminance decrease and surface irregularity.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Method for the preparation of stable emulsions of polyisobutene

The invention relates to a method for preparing a stable and thin liquid polyisobutene emulsion comprising the steps of i) heating a polyisobutene polymer, optionally mixing said polyisobutene polymer with a wax and/or oil, thereby obtaining a pre-mix, ii) mixing said pre-mix in water containing one or more surfactants in a concentration of the surfactant of maximum 5% wt. At a controlled flow rate, which flow rate is sufficiently slow to form particles of the pre-mix, thereby obtaining a pre-emulsion, and iii) homogenising said pre-emulsion, thereby obtaining said polyisobutene emulsion with an average particle size of at maximum 100 μm..
Emulco Laboratories C.v.b.a.


Lipase-stable thickening agent

The invention relates to novel compounds, to aqueous, in particular surfactant-containing formulations containing the novel compounds and to the use of the novel compounds as thickening agents of aqueous, in particular surfactant-containing formulations.. .
Evonik Industries Ag


Dehydrochlorination of hcfc -336 isomers to 1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butyne

Disclosed is a process for producing hexafluoro-2-butyne comprising, reacting hcfc-336 with an aqueous solution of an alkali metal hydroxide in the presence of a quaternary alkylammonium salt which comprises at least one alkyl group of at least 8 carbons, and recovering the hexafluoro-2-butyne, wherein the conversion of dichloro-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobutane is at least 50% per hour. Also disclosed is a process for producing hexafluoro-2-butyne comprising, reacting hcfc-336 with an aqueous solution of an alkali metal hydroxide in the presence of a quaternary alkylammonium salt having alkyl groups of from four to ten carbon atoms, and mixtures thereof, and a non-ionic surfactant, and recovering the hexafluoro-2-butyne, and wherein the conversion of dichloro-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobutane to hexafluoro-2-butyne is at least 20% per hour..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Method of preparing synthetic quartz glass substrate

A synthetic quartz glass substrate is prepared by immersing a starting substrate in an aqueous solution of a nonionic surfactant and precision polishing the substrate with a colloidal silica water dispersion. A synthetic quartz glass substrate having a few defects and low surface roughness is obtained while the polishing rate is improved and the polishing time is reduced..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Process for cleaning carbon nanotubes and other nanostructured films

A process for the cleaning of carbon nanostructure and similar materials and structures for removal of surfactant chemicals. The process includes washing the carbon nanostructures with concentrated acetic acid which may be glacial acetic acid.
Aneeve Llc Dba Aneeve Nanotechnologies, Llc


Recombinant spider silk protein film and synthesizing

Methods for forming useful films using recombinant spider silk protein are discussed. In one embodiment, the method involves dissolving silk protein in a sufficient quantity to form a film suspended in a solvent.
Utah State University


Pharmaceutical compositions of anisomelic acid and the use thereof

A pharmaceutical composition for anti-viral cancer treatment in mammals, comprising a therapeutically effective amount of anisomelic acid or salts thereof. The pharmaceutical composition may comprise anisomelic acid or salt thereof in an oil-in-water emulsion, for example in an isotropic mixture of at least one oil and at least one surfactant or, alternatively, in a hydrophilic solvent and a co-solvents or surfactant or a combination thereof.


Dry powder pharmaceutical composition, its preparation process and stable aqueous suspension obtained from such composition

Pharmaceutical composition in a dry powder form comprising at least one hydrophobic active principle, at least one water-soluble excipient and at least one surfactant, wherein the particles in said dry powder state have a volume mean diameter vmdd greater than the volume mean diameter vmdw of particles in a suspension obtained from said pharmaceutical composition at standard conditions of dispersion in a water-medium. It is also disclosed a process to prepare such dry composition and an extemporaneous suspension for inhalation therapy obtainable from said dry composition..
Eratech S.r.l.


Dyeing composition comprising at least one fatty substance, at least one oxidizing agent and at least one non-ionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactant

The subject of the present invention is a composition for dyeing human keratin fibres such as the hair, comprising: (a) at least one colouring agent chosen from oxidation dye precursors, direct dyes and mixtures thereof; (b) at least one amphoteric or zwitterionic surfactant; (c) at least one non-ionic surfactant; (d)at least one anionic surfactant (e) one or more fatty substances at a total content of at least 10% by weight relative to the weight of the composition; (f) at least one cationic polymer; (g) at least one oxidizing agent other than atmospheric oxygen. The present invention also relates to a process for dyeing human keratin fibres, in which this composition is applied to said fibres, and also to a suitable multicompartment device..


Cleansing composition for skin or hair

There is provided a cleansing composition for skin or hair which can provide a good durability of foam and rinse feel, enhance combing property of the hair during rinsing to impart softness to the hair, and impart a refreshing feeling upon application to the skin without causing stickiness. A cleansing composition for skin or hair contains the following (a) and (b): (a) an internal olefin sulfonate having 12 or more and 24 or less carbon atoms; and (b) an anionic surfactant having no sulfate group except the internal olefin sulfonate (a) and an anionic surfactant having two or more carboxylic acid groups..
Kao Corporation


Dye composition comprising nonionic guar gum or a nonionic derivative thereof, process and device for the same

The present invention relates to a composition for dyeing human keratin fibres such as the hair, in mousse form, comprising: (a) at least one oxidation dye precursor; (b) at least one amphoteric or zwitterionic surfactant; (c) at least a second surfactant chosen from nonionic and anionic surfactants, or mixtures thereof; (d) at least one fatty substance; (e) at least one nonionic guar gum. The invention also relates to a process for dyeing human keratin fibres, in which is applied a composition preferably in foam form, obtained by mixing the above mentioned composition, free of oxidizing agent other than atmospheric oxygen, with a composition comprising at least one oxidizing agent other than atmospheric oxygen, and also to a suitable multi-compartment device..


Exfoliating body soap

Exfoliating body soap cleanses and removes oils and particulates from the user's skin. The exfoliating body soap includes a cleansing surfactant base, a first quantity of exfoliating agent, and a second quantity of exfoliating agent.


New antimicrobial compositions and uses thereof

The present invention concerns solutions having an antimicrobial activity. The solutions described herein comprise particles containing slightly soluble metallic salt and surfactant.
Ctt Group Inc.


Viscoelastic system for drift reduction

The invention relates to a viscoelastic system for drift reduction for pesticidal formulations, and the use thereof, wherein said formulation comprising at least one nitrogen-based cationic surfactant and at least one pesticide, wherein said pesticide contains at least one acid functional group associating with said cationic surfactant thereby forming a viscoelastic formulation.. .
Akzo Nobel N.v.


Composition for and process of recovering oil from an oil-bearing formation

A composition for forming a foam, a foam composition, and a process for using the foam composition to recover oil from an oil-bearing formation are provided. The composition includes water, a surfactant mixed with the water, and fly-ash particles suspended in the mixture of water and surfactant, where the fly-ash particles have a particle size distribution with an average particle size of less than 200 nm, and where the suspension has an absolute zeta potential of from 10 mv to 40 mv.
Shell Oil Company


Process for recovery of oleaginous fluids from wellbore fluids

A process for treating a wellbore is disclosed. The process may include mixing at least one of a surfactant or an emulsifier with the spent wellbore fluid comprising an oleaginous fluid and a silica viscosifying agent..
M-i, L.l.c.


Process for applying composition containing a cationic trivalent metal and debonder and fluff pulp sheet made from same

A process is provided for making a fluff pulp sheet, comprising contacting at least one cationic trivalent metal, salt thereof, or combination thereof with a composition comprising fluff pulp fibers and water at a first ph, to form a fluff pulp mixture; forming a web from the fluff pulp mixture; and applying at least one debonder surfactant to the web and raising the ph to a second ph, which is higher than the first ph, to make the fluff pulp sheet. A fluff pulp sheet is also provided, comprising a web comprising fluff pulp fibers; at least one cationic trivalent metal, salt thereof, or combination thereof; at least one debonder surfactant; and a fiberization energy of <145 kj/kg.
International Paper Company


Nano-dispersions of carbonaceous material in water as the basis of fuel related technologies and methods of making same

Colloidal carbonaceous material-in-water slurries having nano-particles of carbonaceous material creating a pseudo-fluid. The colloidal carbonaceous material-in-water slurry generally includes from about fifty to about seventy two weight percent of carbonaceous material, with about 20 to about 80 percent of the carbonaceous material having a particle size of about one micron or less with a mode particle size of about 250 nanometers.
Nano Dispersions Technology, Inc.


Process and composition for producing oil

A process and composition for producing oil from a formation utilizing an oil recovery formulation comprising a surfactant, an ammonia liquid, an alkali metal bicarbonate, a polymer, and water, the composition having a ph of less than 10, are provided.. .
Shell Oil Company


Use of amines in recovery of active oils

Provided herein, inter alia, are methods and compositions useful for heavy crude oil recovery. The emulsion compositions and non-surfactant aqueous compositions provided herein may be particularly useful for the recovery of heavy crude oils under a broad range of reservoir conditions (e.g.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Color travel oxidized aluminum pigments

The oxidized aluminum pigment comprises not more than 95% by weight metallic aluminum, wherein the pigment is a flaky particle, and has a color travel from the hue angle range of about 50° to about 100° at the aspecular observation angle of 15° to a hue angle range of about 200° to about 270° at the aspecular observation angle of 110°. The oxidized aluminum pigment may be made by the steps of: providing a flaky aluminum pigment, and oxidizing the aluminum pigment in a water-in-oil emulsion comprising a surfactant in the presence of a base.
Sun Chemical Corporation


Organosilicone emulsion composition

An organosilicone emulsion composition comprising (a) 100 parts by weight of an organopolysiloxane having a viscosity of at least 500 pa·s at 25° c., (b) 1-50 parts by weight of a polyether-containing organosiloxysilicate, (c) 1-50 parts by weight of a nonionic surfactant, and (d) 10-1,000 parts by weight of water is stable.. .
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Tetrafluoroethylene copolymers

The invention pertains to a tetrafluoroethylene (tfe) copolymer comprising recurring units derived from at least one per(halo)fluoroolefin different from tfe [monomer (f)] [monomer (f)], in an amount of 0.005 to 0.250% moles, with respect to the total moles of the copolymer, wherein a particular relation between monomer content and amorphous index is satisfied, and to a process for its manufacture by emulsion polymerization in the presence of certain cyclic surfactants.. .
Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy S.p.a.


Coating liquid for ink jet and ink jet recording method using the same

A coating liquid comprising: an oxazoline group-containing resin; an alkanediol having 7 or more carbon atoms; a surfactant; and water.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Liquid formulation of long-acting insulin conjugate

The present invention relates to a liquid formulation of long-acting insulin conjugate, comprising a pharmaceutically effective amount of a long-acting insulin conjugate, wherein a physiologically active peptide, which is an insulin, is linked to an immunoglobulin fc region; and an albumin-free stabilizer, wherein the stabilizer comprises a buffer, a sugar alcohol, a non-ionic surfactant, and an isotonic agent, and a method for preparing the formulation. For preventing microbial contamination in multiple uses, a preservative can be added to the formulation.
Hanmi Pharm. Co., Ltd.


Formulations for alteration of biophysical properties of mucosal lining

Conductive formulations containing conductive agents, such as salts, ionic surfactants, or other substances that are in an ionized state or easily ionized in an aqueous or organic solvent environment, and methods of use, have been developed. One or more active agents, such as antivirals, antimicrobials, anti-inflammatories, proteins or peptides, may optionally be included with the formulation.
Pulmatrix, Inc.


Surfactant-free water-free foamable compositions, breakable foams and gels and their uses

A substantially surface active agent free composition which includes a hydrophobic solvent, and/or a petrolatum, a paraffin wax and/or a fatty alcohol, a fatty acid and/or a wax and/or shea butter, with and without a propellant. A substantially surface active agent free composition, further comprising, a tetracycline antibiotic, or a vitamin d derivative, or one or more other active agents.
Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Self-emulsifying pharmaceutical compositions of hydrophilic drugs and preparation thereof

The present invention provides an oral self micro-emulsifying pharmaceutical composition of a hydrophilic drug or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof which, in addition to the hydrophilic drug, one or more solvents for solving the hydrophilic drug to form a drug-solvent solution and a surfactant system, further comprises one or more hydrophilic carrier which are compatible with said drug-solvent solution and the surfactant system. The oral self micro-emulsifying pharmaceutical composition of the invention exhibits comparative bioavailability to that of the hydrophilic drug through injection and is stable during storage.
Innopharmax, Inc.


Surfactant-free organopolysiloxane invert emulsions

Water-in-oil invert emulsions containing no surfactant are formed by simple mixing of water with organopolysiloxanes containing all of aralkyl, long chain alkyl, and hydrophilic groups.. .
Wacker Chemical Corporation


Wellbore fluid used with oil-swellable elements

A method for completing a wellbore may include introducing an oil-containing wellbore fluid into a wellbore having water-based filtercake on walls thereof, contacting the oil-containing wellbore fluid with an oil-swellable element in the wellbore; and allowing swelling of the oil-swellable element, where the oil-containing wellbore fluid is substantially free of unassociated surfactants, emulsifiers, or dispersants and may include an oleaginous fluid and a weighting agent.. .
M-i, L.l.c.


Process for treating organic materials

The present invention provides a process for the treatment of sewage sludge with enzymes, which process comprises treating a sewage sludge resulting from the treatment of municipal or industrial waste water with a composition comprising a fermentation supernatant product from a saccharomyces cerevisiae culture and a non-ionic surfactant, wherein said fermentation supernatant product is free of active enzymes, at conditions suitable for generating said active enzymes from said sewage sludge in situ.. .
Neozyme International, Inc.


Solid fast draining/drying rinse aid for high total dissolved solid water conditions

The present invention is a solid rinse aid composition and methods of making and using the same. Applicants have surprisingly found that the crystal modifier sodium xylene sulfonate (short chain alkyl benzene or alkyl naphthalene sulfonates) at higher percentage can act as a solidification agent.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Cleaning solution

A cleaning solution is provided. The cleaning solution contains denatured alcohol, deionized water, and an organic surfactant mixture consisting of water, 2-butoxyethanol, sodium citrate, ethoxylated alcohol, and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate.


Liquid laundry detergents with improved suds profile

The present invention relates to a liquid laundry detergent composition containing an alkylethoxy sulfate (aes) surfactant in combination with two or more fatty acids characterized by a specific fatty acids distribution profile for achieving improved suds profile.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company


Rheological agent, preparation methods and uses thereof

The present invention relates to a method to prepare a rheological agent comprising the polymerization of the following monomers: (a) at least one styrene-based monomer, (b) at least one (meth)acrylate-based monomer or butadiene, and (c) optionally a copolymerisable surfactant containing an optionally substituted vinyl function and moieties derived from propylene oxide and/or ethylene oxide, optionally in the presence of a non polymerisable surfactant containing moieties derived from propylene oxide and/or ethylene oxide, and optionally in the presence of another surfactant, wherein at least the copolymerisable surfactant or the non polymerisable surfactant is present during the said polymerization, as well as a rheological agent obtainable by said method, an oil-based drilling fluid containing such a rheological agent, the use of such a rheological agent as a thixotropic agent in an oil-based drilling fluid and a method of drilling using an oil-based drilling fluid containing such a rheological agent.. .
Omnova Solutions


Compositions for treating textile materials

A composition for treating textile materials includes water, polyethylene, surfactant, preservative, and a mixture comprising sugar alcohol, hydrolyzed animal protein, and sarcosine compound. The composition can further include a fragrance.
Jean Alexander Cosmetics, Inc.


Method of fabricating metal oxide

Provided is a method of fabricating metal oxide. The method includes mixing a metal precursor material, a base material, and distilled water with each other to fabricate a preparation solution, adding an anionic surfactant into the preparation solution to forming a precursor solution, forming metal oxide nanoparticles in the precursor solution, and fabricating a metal oxide sheet by coupling the metal oxide nanoparticles to each other.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Foams of graphene, making and materials made thereof

Method for making a liquid foam from graphene. The method includes preparing an aqueous dispersion of graphene oxide and adding a water miscible compound to the aqueous dispersion to produce a mixture including a modified form of graphene oxide.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Micellar composition having switchable viscosity

The present application provides a micellar composition having switchable viscosity. In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a micellar composition comprising: (a) a mixture of water and a switchable component comprising: (i) a non-switchable surfactant and a switchable water additive; (ii) a switchable anionic surfactant; or (iii) a switchable cationic surfactant; and (b) dissolved co2, wherein when the switchable component comprises a non-switchable surfactant and a switchable water additive or a switchable cationic surfactant, the dissolved co2 is present at an amount sufficient to reversibly maintain at least a substantial portion of the switchable component in the form of wormlike micelles in the water and removal of the dissolved co2 reversibly decreases viscosity of the mixture by disrupting the wormlike micelles and/or converting the wormlike micelles into spherical micelles, and wherein when the switchable component comprises a switchable anionic surfactant the dissolved co2 is present at an amount sufficient to reversibly inhibit formation of wormlike micelles and removal of the dissolved co2 reversibly increases viscosity of the mixture by causing the formation of wormlike micelles..
Queen's University At Kingston


Liquid formulation of long-acting insulin and insulinotropic peptide

The present invention relates to a liquid formulation of a combination of long-acting insulin and insulinotropic peptide, comprising insulin which is a physiologically active peptide, insulinotropic peptide, and albumin-free stabilizer, wherein the stabilizer comprises a buffer, a sugar alcohol, a non-ionic surfactant, and an isotonic agent; and a method for preparing the liquid formulation. The liquid formulation of the present invention does not contain a human serum albumin and potentially toxic factors to the body, and thus it has excellent storage stability for insulin conjugate and insulinotropic peptide conjugate at high concentration, without a risk of viral contamination..
Hanmi Pharm. Co., Ltd.


Solid dosage formulations of an orexin receptor antagonists

The present invention is directed to a pharmaceutical composition comprising the compound suvorexant, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, a concentration-enhancing polymer, and optionally a pharmaceutically acceptable surfactant. The concentration-enhancing polymer is a polymer that forms an amorphous dispersion with suvorexant, that is insoluble or almost completely insoluble in water by (a) dissolving the suvorexant or (b) interacting with the suvorexant in such a way that the suvorexant does not form crystals or crystalline domains in the polymer.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.


Process for preparing a dermatological composition comprising oleosomes

A method is described for producing an oil-in-water emulsion including oil globules, the mean diameter of which is less than 500 nm and each of which is provided with a lamellar liquid crystal coating, and which are dispersed in an aqueous phase. Each oil globule is individually coated with a unilamellar or oligolamellar layer obtained from at least one lipophilic surfactant, at least one hydrophilic surfactant, and at least one separate anionic surfactant, characterized in that the number of steps in the method is no greater than 5, in that the temperatures used during the different steps are no higher than 75° c., and in that the method requires neither the use of a high-pressure homogenizer nor any pre-emulsification step..
Galderma Research & Development


Cleansing agent composition comprising sulfonate-type surfactant and/or sulfate-type anionic surfactant and heterocyclic compound

Wherein r1 and r2 are each independently a hydrogen atom, a methyl group, a hydroxymethyl group, or a hydroxyethyl group, shows high detergency and low irritativeness, can suppress rough skin after washing and drying, and can be preferably used for cosmetic agents.. .


Aqueous alcoholic microbicidal compositions comprising zinc ions

Compositions which impart a microbicidal benefit to treated surfaces which compositions comprise (or in certain preferred embodiments may consist essentially of, or may consist of): a zinc ion source material which releases zinc ions into the treatment composition, preferably a source of zn++ ions; preferably at least from about 20% wt. Of at least one alcohol, which is preferably a lower alkyl monohydric alcohol) and water, optionally one or more further surfactants, further optionally one or more constituents which impart one or more advantageous technical or aesthetic benefits to the compositions, including one or more detersive surfactants; and water, wherein the composition has a ph of at least 4, preferably at least 5, wherein the surface treatment compositions, exhibit a microbicidal or germicidal or antimicrobial effect on treated inanimate surfaces, characterized in exhibiting a microbicidal benefit when tested against one or more challenge microorganisms, according to one or more of the following standardized test protocols: astm e1052 standard test method for efficacy of antimicrobial agents against viruses in suspension, or astm e1053 standard test method to assess virucidal activity of chemicals intended for disinfection of inanimate, nonporous environmental surfaces, or european standard surface test, en13697, or aoac germicidal spray products as disinfectant test method, aoac index.
Reckitt Benckiser Llc


Method for preparing emulsifiable solid agrochemical composition containing inorganic salt

The present invention relates to a method for preparing an emulsifiable solid agrochemical composition which contains an inorganic salt and which can be used as an agrochemical emulsion. The preparation method according to the present invention has the advantage that, because there is no need for a step of heating and evaporating a solvent or water, it is possible to use a surfactant or active ingredient that has a low boiling point or breaks down drastically at a high temperature, and, due to the solid-phase form, it is possible to minimise the amount that sticks to a container as there is no need to use a special synthetic resin or glass bottle that entails high packaging costs.
Kyung Nong Corporation


Water-dispersible plant growth regulating concentrate and processes for making and using same

Water-dispersible plant growth regulating compositions in concentrated suspended particle form, and more particularly to growth regulating compositions comprising a cytokinin, a surfactant, an anti-foam agent, a buffering system, an anti-freeze agent, and an anti-settling system, dispersed in water.. .
Fine Agrochemicals Ltd.


Eyeglass lens and manufacturing the same

An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of manufacturing an eyeglass lens comprising a coating layer on a lens substrate, which comprises forming the coating layer by coating a coating liquid by an ink-jet method on the lens substrate, with the coating liquid which is a water-based coating liquid comprising a solvent having a boiling point of equal to or higher than 200° c. But lower than 290° c., a water-dispersible polyurethane resin, and a surfactant..
Hoya Lens Manufacturing Philippines Inc.


System and optical detection including a composition for the optical detection of particles, comprising water, the particles, a surfactant and a hydrophilic polymer

The composition comprises water, the particles, a surfactant and a hydrophilic polymer, the particles having a diameter preferably smaller than 10 μm, still more preferably smaller than 1 μm, the surfactant having a concentration preferably at least equal to the critical micellar concentration, the hydrophilic polymer having a boiling temperature higher than that of water.. .


Methods for enhancing efficiency of bitumen extraction from oil sands using lipids and lipid by-products as process additives

In a method for enhancing the efficiency of separation of bitumen from oil sands ore, lipids, lipid by-products, and lipid derivatives are used as process additives for ore-water slurry-based bitumen extraction processes or in situ bitumen recovery processes. These additives act as surfactants reducing surface and interfacial tensions, thus promoting breakdown the oil sands ore structure and resultant liberation of bitumen from the ore.
Apex Engineering Inc.


Enzymatic treatment of skin and hide degreasing

The present invention relates to a method of degreasing skins and hides with certain variants of humicola lanuginose lipase. More specifically, the invention relates to a process for enzymatic degreasing of skins and hides with lipase in the absence of surfactant at ph 6-13..
Novozymes A/s


Methods, devices and systems for emulsion/droplet pcr

The present invention relates generally to the use of a class of surfactants for emulsion and droplet polymerase chain reaction (“pcr”) mixtures. The class of surfactants consists of those having the chemical formula r—(och2ch2)n—oh, wherein r is an alkyl group consisting of 12 to 18 carbons and n is 2 to 25.
Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.


Structured, low-water, liquid detergent having particles

The invention relates to a liquid detergent or cleaning agent, comprising a) 5 to 85 wt %, with respect to the entire detergent or cleaning agent, of surfactant, b) 0.1 to 10 wt %, with respect to the entire detergent or cleaning agent, of particles, c) 0.1 to 10 wt %, with respect to the entire detergent or cleaning agent, of pyrogenic silicon dioxide, and d) up to 15 wt %, with respect to the entire detergent or cleaning agent, of water. The liquid detergent or cleaning agent is clear, exhibits no creaming and/or sedimentation of the dispersed capsules, and can be part of water-soluble packagings..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa


Method for bleaching a surface with a mesitylene sulfonate composition

The invention relates to compositions including a hypohalite or hypochlorous acid and a soluble salt of 2,4,6 mesitylene sulfonate. The compositions may include a surfactant, a buffer, or combinations thereof.
The Clorox Company


Liquid mesitylene sulfonate compositions and methods thereof

The invention relates to compositions including a hypohalite or hypochlorous acid and a soluble salt of 2,4,6 mesitylene sulfonate. The compositions may include a surfactant, a buffer, or combinations thereof.
The Clorox Company


Formulation of surfactant to enhance crude oil recovery

A method for improving recovery from an oil-bearing subterranean formation includes the steps of: injecting a surfactant solution into the subterranean formation, wherein the surfactant solution comprises a mixture of fatty acids and salts of the fatty acids with a mild base, whereby oil-water interfacial tension in the formation is reduced; and producing fluids from the formation.. .
Intevep, S.a.


Methods and compositions for use in oil and/or gas wells

Methods and compositions comprising an emulsion or a microemulsion for use in various aspects of the life cycle of an oil and/or gas well are provided. In some embodiments, the emulsion or the microemulsion comprises water, a solvent, and a surfactant, and optionally, one or more additives.
Cesi Chemical, Inc.


Alkyl polyglycoside derivative as biodegradable spacer surfactant

A spacer fluid comprising: (a) water; and (b) an alkyl polyglycoside derivative, wherein the alkyl polyglycoside derivative is selected from the group consisting of sorbitan fatty acids; functionalized sulfonates, functionalized betaines, an inorganic salt of any of the foregoing, and any combination of any of the foregoing. Preferably, the spacer fluid additionally comprises a solid particulate, such as a weighting agent.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Multilayer film, producing same, and aqueous dispersion used for production of same

Disclosed is a multilayer film including a resin layer formed at least on one surface of a biaxially stretched film, the resin layer including an acid-modified polyolefin resin (a), a polyurethane resin (b), a cross-linking agent (c) and an acetylene glycol-based surfactant (d), wherein the cross-linking agent (c) includes a melamine-based cross-linking agent (c1) and/or an oxazoline-based cross-linking agent (c2); the mass ratio ((a)/(b)) between (a) and (b) is 60/40 to 97/3; and the total amount of (c1) and (c2) is 1 to 20 parts by mass, or the amount of (c1) as a single substance and the amount of (c2) as a single substance are each 1 to 20 parts by mass, and the amount of (d) is 5 to 50 parts by mass in relation to 100 parts by mass of the total amount of (a) and (b).. .
Unitika Ltd.


Inks for ink-jet printing

An ink composition comprising: a) 0.2 to 20 parts of one or more glycols selected from the group consisting of ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, propylene glycol or dipropylene glycol; b) 30 to 50 parts of glycerol; c) 0.5 to 10 parts of 2-pyrrolidone; d) 0.5 to 9 parts of colorant; e) 30 to 70 parts of water; f) 0 to 3 parts of surfactant; g) 0 to 5 parts biocide; wherein all parts are by weight. Also ink-sets, printing processes and printed material..
Fujifilm Imaging Colorants, Inc.


Ink, ink cartridge, and image-recording method

An ink contains a pigment dispersed with polymer, a surfactant, a water-soluble organic solvent, and water. The mass ratio of a content of the pigment to a content of the polymer in the ink is more than 3.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Radiation-curable acrylate-based ink-jet printing ink

The disclosed radiation-curable acrylate-based ink-jet ink comprises a pigment, a bifunctional acrylate and, optionally, a trifunctional or multifunctional acrylate, a compound that has an ethylenic double bond and a molecular weight of 90 to 205, and a photoinitiator in the form of an acyl phosphine oxide, and furthermore contains 0.05 to 3.0 wt. % of stabilizer and 0.05 to 1.5 wt.
Hapa Ag

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