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     Nanostructured carbon electrode, methods of fabricating and applications of the same patent thumbnailNanostructured carbon electrode, methods of fabricating and applications of the same
    Nanostructured carbon electrode usable for electrochemical devices and methods of fabricating the same. The method of fabricating a nanostructured carbon electrode includes providing a carbon material of polyaromatic hydrocarbon (pah), mixing the carbon material of pah with a surfactant in a solution to form a suspension thereof; depositing the suspension onto a substrate to form a layered structure; and sintering the layered structure at a temperature for a period of time to form a nanostructured carbon electrode having a film of pah..
    Northwestern University

     Method of delinting cotton seeds patent thumbnailMethod of delinting cotton seeds
    A method of delinting cotton seeds with an alkanesulfonic acid comprises the steps of applying the alkanesulfonic acid to surfaces of linted cotton seeds, optionally heating the linted cotton seeds, and applying mechanical force to the surfaces of the linted cotton seeds. A composition for delinting cotton seeds comprises an alkanesulfonic acid (e.g.
    Basf Se

     Electroplating apparatus, electroplating method, and  manufacturing semiconductor device patent thumbnailElectroplating apparatus, electroplating method, and manufacturing semiconductor device
    According to an embodiment, an anode portion and a cathode portion are arranged in a reaction tank so as to opposite to each other with a distance provided. A plating solution which contains at least metal ions for plating, an electrolyte and a surfactant is provided in the reaction tank.
    Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

     Soap comprising biosurfactants patent thumbnailSoap comprising biosurfactants
    A soap, in particular a bar of soap, includes fatty acid soaps and biosurfactants as main components. A soap can thus be provided that has excellent foaming performance, good dermatological compatibility and a good feeling on the skin, the ingredients of which can be largely or exclusively based on renewable raw materials and which are easily biodegradable..
    Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

     Additive concentrates for the formulation of lubricating oil compositions patent thumbnailAdditive concentrates for the formulation of lubricating oil compositions
    A lubricant additive concentrate containing 30 to 80 mass % oil of lubricating viscosity and from 20 to 70 mass % of additive; wherein from 30 to 90 mass % of the additive is (i) hybrid overbased colloidal detergent derived from sulfonate surfactant and hydroxybenzoate surfactant; and (ii) polyalkenyl succinimide dispersant derived from a polyalkene having a number average molecular weight (mn) of from 1300 to 2500 daltons, and wherein the mass ratio of polyalkenyl succinimide dispersant (ii) to hybrid overbased colloidal detergent (i) in the lubricant additive is from 25:1 to 1:1.. .
    Infineum International Limited

     Methods and compositions for use in oil and/or gas wells patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for use in oil and/or gas wells
    Methods and compositions (e.g., comprising an emulsion or a microemulsion) for use in various aspects of the life cycle of an oil and/or gas well are provided. In some embodiments, an emulsion or the microemulsion comprises water, a solvent, and a surfactant, and optionally, one or more additives.
    Flotek Chemistry, Llc

     Method for producing organopolysiloxane emulsion composition, and emulsion composition patent thumbnailMethod for producing organopolysiloxane emulsion composition, and emulsion composition
    Provided is a method for producing an organopolysiloxane emulsion composition which contains an organopolysiloxane having a trialkyl group at a terminal thereof and having a viscosity of 50,000 mm2/s or more at 25° c., within a shorter time compared with the conventional methods. A method for producing an emulsion composition which contains an organopolysiloxane having a viscosity of 50,000 mm2/s or more at 25° c.
    Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

     Agglomerated rubber particles and  preparing patent thumbnailAgglomerated rubber particles and preparing
    A synthetic latex composition, comprising rubber particles, natural surfactants, a novel acid stable surfactant and water for use in agglomeration processes. The invention is also directed to a reproducible method for preparing agglomerated latex particles to control and achieve particle size targets within a specified range and distribution, by utilizing the inventive latex composition and process conditions, but without the use of elevated temperature, pressurization or mechanical agitation of prior art processes..
    Emerald Specialty Polymers, Llc

     Polymers including a methylene beta-ketoester and products formed therefrom patent thumbnailPolymers including a methylene beta-ketoester and products formed therefrom
    The present invention provides methylene beta-ketoester monomers, methods for producing the same, and compositions and products formed therefrom. In the method for producing the methylene beta-ketoesters of the invention, a beta-ketoester is reacted with a source of formaldehyde in a modified knoevenagel reaction optionally in the presence of an acidic or basic catalyst, and optionally in the presence of an acidic or non-acidic solvent, to form reaction complex.
    Sirrus, Inc.

     Aqueous polymerization of perfluoromonomer using hydrocarbon surfactant patent thumbnailAqueous polymerization of perfluoromonomer using hydrocarbon surfactant
    A process is provided for the polymerization of fluoromonomer to an dispersion of fluoropolymer particles in an aqueous medium in a polymerization reactor, by (a) providing the aqueous medium in the reactor, (b) adding the fluoromonomer to the reactor, (c) adding initiator to the aqueous medium, the combination of steps (b) and (c) being carried out essentially free of hydrocarbon-containing surfactant and resulting in the kickoff of the polymerization of the fluoromonomer, and (d) metering hydrocarbon-containing surfactant into the aqueous medium after the kickoff of polymerization, e.g. After the concentration of the fluoropolymer in the aqueous medium is at least 0.6 wt %, the metering being at a rate reducing the telogenic activity of said surfactant while maintaining surface activity..
    The Chemours Company Fc, Llc

    Surfactant-enabled transition metal-catalyzed chemistry

    In one embodiment, the present application discloses mixtures comprising (a) water in an amount of at least 1% wt/wt of the mixture; (b) a transition metal catalyst; and (c) one or more solubilizing agents; and methods for using such mixtures for performing transition metal mediated bond formation reactions.. .
    Mycell Technologies, Llc

    Shape-controlled cement hydrate synthesis and self-assembly

    In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of forming calcium-silicate-hydrate particles by mixing a calcium source with a silicate source. In some embodiments, the mixing comprises sonication.
    William Marsh Rice University

    Post-consumer scrap film recycling system and process

    A system for processing a supply of post-consumer scrap linear low density or low density polyethylene film into near-virgin quality blown film product. The system includes tearing the supply of film in a shredder, wherein the surface area of the film is exposed, including delaminating the film.
    Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc.

    Surfactant-free hiv protease inhibitor composition and manufacturing thereof

    Disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions, e.g., in the form of tablets, containing a therapeutically effective amount of an hiv protease inhibitor, e.g., ritonavir, a pharmaceutically acceptable aqueous-soluble polymer, and an erosion-enhancing agent having a particle size distribution in the range of about 1 μm to about 350 μm, wherein the composition is substantially free or free of surfactant. Methods of making the compositions, and methods of using them to treat hiv infection are also provided..
    Kashiv Pharma, Llc

    Exfoliant with biosurfactants

    Exfoliants, i.e. Cosmetic cleansers, include an abrasive component.
    Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

    Cleansing agents containing biosurfactants and having prebiotic activity

    Cosmetic cleansing agents include biosurfactants and have prebiotic activity. The prebiotic effect is produced by combining biosurfactants with anionic surfactants.
    Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

    Polyphenol/flavonoid compositions and methods of formulating oral hygienic products

    Microemulsions and soluble alkali metal salts of relatively insoluble aglycone polyphenols within oral hygienic products are disclosed for treating oral inflammatory disorders. The formulations can act as a bactericide or bacteriostat.
    Vizuri Health Sciences Llc

    Cleaning compositions comprising biosurfactants in a foam dispenser

    A cleaning agent, in particular a cosmetic cleaning agent, includes a surfactant content that is largely or only composed of biosurfactants, in combination with a foam dispenser.. .
    Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

    Sulfate-free cosmetic cleansing agents comprising biosurfactants

    A sulfate surfactant-free cosmetic cleansing agent includes biosurfactants in combination with acyl lactylates as the surfactants. The cosmetic cleansing agent has an outstanding washing and foaming behavior..
    Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

    Peg-free cosmetic cleansing agents comprising biosurfactants

    A cosmetic cleansing agent includes biosurfactants, serving as the surfactants, in combination with an anionic surfactant and a thickener. The cosmetic cleansing agent in total includes less than 0.1 wt.
    Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

    Improved turfgrass fungicide formulation with pigment

    Oil-in-water fungicidal formulations are prepared having pigment dispersed therein, the pigment being stable within the oil-in-water emulsion as a result of the addition of suitable silicone surfactants and suitable emulsifiers. The formulations can be prepared either as a 2-pack formulation or as a single formulation.
    Suncor Energy Inc.

    Binder for battery electrodes, and electrode and battery using same

    Provided is a binder for battery electrodes which includes a polymer including: structural units (1) derived from a (meth)acrylate monomer (a) having a hydroxyl group; structural units (2) derived from a polyfunctional (meth)acrylate monomer (b); and structural units (3) derived from a reactive surfactant (c). This binder is used to prepare electrodes, and produce batteries such as lithium ion secondary batteries.
    Osaka Soda Co., Ltd.

    Water soluble laundry capsule comprising reduced levels of fines in hedp

    The present invention relates to a multi-compartment water soluble laundry detergent capsule formed from water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol film and a method of preparing a component of the capsule wherein the capsule comprises: i) a first compartment for holding solid material comprising hedp sequestrant or a salt thereof; and ii) a second compartment for holding liquid material comprising an aqueous liquid laundry detergent comprising: surfactant, enzymes and hydrotrope wherein: a) the hedp is present in the capsule in the form of loose packed granules and comprises at least 25% by weight of the solid material in the first compartment; and b) wherein the hedp further comprises 1.5% by weight or less of fines particles with a particle of less than 180 microns and 3.0% by weight or less of fines particles with a particle size of less than 355 microns.. .
    Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

    Detergents for cold-water cleaning

    Detergents useful for cold-water cleaning and mid-chain headgroup and alkylene-bridged surfactants useful therein are disclosed. The mid-chain headgroup surfactant has a c14-c30 alkyl chain and a polar group bonded to a central zone carbon of the alkyl chain.
    Stepan Company

    Cleaning compositions containing cationic polymers in an aes-enriched surfactant system, and methods of making and using same

    The present invention relates to cleaning composition, preferably a laundry detergent composition, comprising a cationic polymer in an aes-enriched surfactant system for enhanced suds reduction or removal during the rinse cycle with little or no impact on suds volume during the wash cycle.. .
    The Procter & Gamble Company

    Composition comprising internal olefin sulfonate and alkoxylated alcohol or derivative and use thereof in enhanced oil recovery

    A surfactant composition, which comprises (i) an internal olefin sulfonate and (ii) an alkoxylated alcohol and/or alkoxylated alcohol derivative, wherein the alkoxylated alcohol and/or alkoxylated alcohol derivative is a compound of the formula (i) r—o—[po]x[eo]y—x wherein r is a hydrocarbyl group which has a weight average carbon number of from 5 to 32, po is a propylene oxide group, eo is an ethylene oxide group, x is the number of propylene oxide groups and is of from 0 to 40, y is the number of ethylene oxide groups and is of from 0 to 50, and the sum of x and y is of from 5 to 60; and wherein x is selected from the group consisting of: (i) a hydrogen atom; (ii) a group comprising a carboxylate moiety; (iii) a group comprising a sulfate moiety; and (iv) a group comprising a sulfonate moiety.. .
    Shell Oil Company

    Pigment-based inkjet inks

    The present disclosure is drawn to inkjet inks and related methods. The inkjet ink includes water, from 5 wt % to 50 wt % of an organic solvent system, from 2 wt % to 9 wt % pigment solids, from 0.1 wt % to 3 wt % polyurethane binder, and from 0.4 wt % to 1.5 wt % of an oleyl or stearyl type polyoxyethylene glycol ether surfactant..
    Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

    Ink composition, ink set, and black ink set

    Disclosed herein is an ink composition, including: a pigment; acetylenediol having an hlb of less than 4; and an anionic surfactant, in which the mass ratio of the acetylene diol to the anionic surfactant is 0.30 to 4.0.. .
    Seiko Epson Corporation

    Catalysts for polyurethane foam polyol premixes containing halogenated olefin blowing agents

    The invention provides polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams and methods for the preparation thereof. More particularly, the invention relates to closed-celled, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams and methods for their preparation.
    Honeywell International Inc.

    Method for producing water dispersible cuo nanostructures

    A method for producing water dispersible cuo nanostructures includes mixing copper nitrate with an ammonia solution. The copper nitrate and ammonia solution can be treated with ultrasound at room temperature.
    King Abdulaziz University

    Surfactant based small molecules for reducing aluminosilicate scale in the bayer process

    The invention provides methods and compositions for inhibiting the accumulation of dsp scale in the liquor circuit of bayer process equipment. The method includes adding one or more gps-surfactant based small molecules to the liquor fluid circuit.
    Nalco Company

    Tire puncture sealing agent

    An object of the present invention is to provide a tire puncture sealing agent that has excellent freeze resistance and that also exhibits excellent sealing properties even in a small liquid amount. The tire puncture sealing agent of the present invention contains: a rubber latex and/or a resin emulsion; a glycol ether represented by formula (1) below; and a surfactant.
    The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

    Selective nitride slurries with improved stability and improved polishing characteristics

    The invention provides a chemical-mechanical polishing composition comprising, consisting essentially of, or consisting of (a) about 0.01 wt. % to about 1 wt.
    Cabot Microelectronics Corporation

    Methods for making low remnant free formaldehyde microcapsules and microcapsules made by same

    Methods for producing microcapsules begin by preparing an emulsion of a surfactant, core material, and water, followed by the addition of a crosslinking agent and a melamine formaldehyde prepolymer, which is subsequently polymerized. The crosslinking agent is added before the melamine formaldehyde prepolymer, with a first addition or a second addition of a melamine formaldehyde prepolymer, or is divided for addition with both a first addition and a second addition of melamine formaldehyde prepolymer.
    Microtek Laboratories, Inc.

    Isothiocyanate functional surfactants, formulations incorporating the same, and associated methods of use

    Wherein x includes an integer ranging from approximately 1 to approximately 25, and wherein y includes an integer ranging from approximately 6 to approximately 25.. .

    Bacteriophage treatment for reducing and preventing bacterial contamination

    A system and method for reducing or preventing bacterial contamination in food includes application of a bacteriophage treatment to any type of food product at any stage of processing the food product. The bacteriophage treatment may also be applied to non-food surfaces and water systems, which may be susceptible to bacterial contamination and subsequent spread of bacteria.
    Ecolab Usa Inc.

    Immunochromatographic analysis kit, immunochromatographic analysis device, and immunochromatographic analysis method

    An object is to provide an immunochromatographic analysis kit, with which detection with high sensitivity is realized even in the case of a blood analyte containing saliva collected from the inside of an oral cavity, and an immunochromatographic analysis can be performed without pain or stress. The above object was achieved by an immunochromatographic analysis kit wherein an alkyl glucoside and an anionic surfactant are included in at least one of an analyte dilution solution and a part upstream in the development direction of a detection part..
    Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.

    Fabric pretreatment for digital printing

    An aqueous polymer dispersion with nonionic colloidal stabilization, polyvalent metal ion, coagulating acid, and an optional mono or polyhydric alcohols and/or alkylene-oxide oligomers (humectants or surface tension modifiers), and optional surfactant are disclosed for use as pretreatment for substrates such as textiles and garments.. .
    Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

    Additive for high-purity copper electrolytic refining and producing high-purity copper

    The present invention provides an additive for high-purity copper electrolytic refining and a method of producing high-purity copper using the additive. The additive of the present invention for high-purity copper electrolytic refining can be added to a copper electrolyte in electrolytic refining for producing high-purity copper.
    Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

    Cleaning composition that provides residual benefits

    A composition for use on a hard surface. The composition has: (i) at least 7.5 wt.
    S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

    High-performance eco-friendly non-emulsifier

    A method for demulsifying an emulsion of oil and water including the step of contacting the emulsion with a composition that includes an amphoteric surfactant and a solvent. Demulsifying compositions are also provided..
    Rhodia Operations

    Method of improving mobility of heavy crude oils in subterranean reservoirs

    A method for improving mobility of heavy crude oil in a subterranean reservoir is provided. A fluid formulation can be introduced into the reservoir, the fluid formulation comprising water and a surfactant, and optional co-solvents.
    Baker Hughes Incorporated

    Oil recovery compositions and methods thereof

    Asphaltene formation in a hydrocarbon-bearing zone is mitigated with the injection of nanoparticles. In one embodiment, a method of mitigating asphaltene formation comprises: providing an injection fluid comprising water, foam, carbon dioxide, natural gas, methane, ethane, nitrogen, propane, butane, flue gas, exhaust gas, steam, alkali, polymer, surfactant, or any combination thereof; providing nanoparticles, wherein the nanoparticles comprise nickel oxide, alumina, silica, silicate based, iron oxide (fe3o4), impregnated nickel on alumina, synthetic clay, iron zinc sulfide, magnetite, iron octanoate, or any combination thereof; injecting a combination of the injection fluid and the nanoparticles into a hydrocarbon-bearing zone, wherein the nanoparticles are injected such that asphaltene formation is reduced compared to injection without the nanoparticles; and recovering fluids produced from the hydrocarbon-bearing zone, the fluids having a reduced concentration of asphaltenes compared to injection without the nanoparticles..
    Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

    Controlled-release chemical particulate composition for well treatment

    The present disclosure relates to a composition comprising an active chemical agent adsorbed into a non-water-soluble carrier composed, at least in part, of corn grit. The present composition is useful for inhibiting scale or other undesirable formations.
    Pfp Technology, Llp

    Biodegradable fire resistant foam

    The instant invention is a fire protectant composition comprising water, a surfactant, a water-soluble polymer, casein, and a calcium salt. The compositions can be applied to materials such as wood in advance of a fire, and after application, the compositions are capable of retaining their fire protectant capacities for days, weeks or even months.
    Multi, Inc.

    Lung-targeting nanobodies against human pulmonary surfactant protein a and a producing the same

    The present invention relates to the field of biochemistry and pharmaceutical technologies. The present invention provides nanobodies that bind to human pulmonary surfactant protein a (sp-a) as well as the preparing methods and use of the same.
    Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital

    Process for extracting a surfactant using a boronic acid modified material

    A process for extracting a surfactant from a mixture using a boronic acid modified material.. .

    Inorganic nanoparticle dispersion liquid and producing same

    The objective of the present invention is to provide an inorganic nanoparticle dispersion liquid in which an amount of a surfactant is reduced or in which an inorganic nanoparticle is dispersed with improved dispersion stability, and a production method thereof. The method for producing an inorganic nanoparticle dispersion liquid according to the present invention is characterized in comprising the steps of mixing an inorganic nanoparticle, a cyclic lipopeptide biosurfactant and a medium, and dispersing the inorganic nanoparticle in the medium..
    Kaneka Corporation

    Methods and systems for inhibiting crystalline buildup in a flue gas desulfurization unit

    Methods and systems for inhibiting buildup of crystalline materials in a flue gas desulfurization (fgd) unit. Crystalline materials can accumulate in fgd units as a byproduct of chemical desulfurization processes and can adversely impact fgd unit function.
    Big Monkey Services, Llc

    Fire extinguishing compositions

    A fire extinguishing concentrate contains water, a first surfactant which is an anionic surfactant, a second surfactant which is an amphoteric surfactant, a third surfactant which is selected from an anionic surfactant and an amphoteric surfactant, the third surfactant being different from the first and second surfactants, and water, along with optional ingredients. The concentrate may be combined with water to provide a fire extinguishing composition that may be applied to a fire for a time and in an amount effective to extinguish the fire..
    Hydrant International Trading Co., Ltd.

    Treating infection

    The present invention relates to surfactant protein d (sp-d) or nucleic acids encoding sp-d or variants thereof such as surfactant protein a or mannan binding lectin for use in the treatment and/or prevention of a parasitic infection. Methods for determining the presence of a parasitic infection by determining levels of sp-d in a sample are also disclosed.
    University Of Cape Town

    Composition comprising an anionic-ampholytic polymer association

    Disclosed are compositions for washing, cleansing, and/or conditioning keratinous substrates, comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium: a) at least one anionic film-forming polymer chosen from polymers and copolymers of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, and/or mixtures thereof; b) at least one ampholytic polymer having at least one acrylic acid moiety and a cationic charge density ranging from greater than 1 meq/g up to about 3.5 meq/g; and c) at least one surfactant base; wherein the at least one anionic film-forming polymer and the at least one ampholytic polymer form an association; and wherein the ph of the composition ranges from about 5 to about 7. Also disclosed are processes for washing, cleansing, and/or conditioning keratin substrates using the composition, and processes for imparting volume to the hair..

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