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Sulfur patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Sulfur-related patents
 Method for removing sulfur from fiber using a weak base patent thumbnailMethod for removing sulfur from fiber using a weak base
The present invention concerns methods for removing sulfur from a fiber comprising the steps of: a) contacting never-dried sulfur-containing fiber in a yarn with an aqueous base having a pka less than or equal to 11 to release at least a portion of said sulfur, said sulfur comprising, at least in part, sulfate anions and said yarn comprising fiber derived from polymer comprising imidazole groups; and b) rinsing said yarn to remove at least a portion of released sulfur.. .
 Dyed textiles and method of producing the same patent thumbnailDyed textiles and method of producing the same
Slasher machines and rope dyeing machines are the main dyeing machine that is used to continuously dye yarn fabrics for denim using indigo dyes. In denim dyeing, indigo (blue color vat) and some sulfur dyes are mixed together to achieve blue/black/brown color denim fabrics.
 Electrolytes for lithium sulfur cells patent thumbnailElectrolytes for lithium sulfur cells
Disclosed is an additive for an electrochemical cell wherein the additive includes an n—o bond. The additive is most preferably included in a nonaqueous electrolyte of the cell.
 Method for producing tetrahalosilanes patent thumbnailMethod for producing tetrahalosilanes
A method produces tetrahalosilanes (six4) (x=halogen, more particularly cl, f) from processed rock masses including high-viscosity hydrocarbons and sio2 and/or silicates, or from the residue masses obtained in the course of such processing. The masses may be heated in a stream of hydrogen halide, and the (six4) which forms in the course of this heating is captured or distilled off.
 Method of removing sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides in the flue gas patent thumbnailMethod of removing sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides in the flue gas
The present invention discloses a method of removing sulfur oxides and/or nitrogen oxides in a regeneration flue gas emitted from a regenerator of a catalytic cracking plant and recovering the elemental sulfur and an apparatus therefor.. .
 Scr catalyst for removal of nitrogen oxides patent thumbnailScr catalyst for removal of nitrogen oxides
The present invention provides for catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides. The catalysts comprise metal oxide supporters, vanadium, an active material, and antimony, a promoter that acts as a catalyst for reduction of nitrogen oxides, and at the same time, can promote higher sulfur poisoning resistance and low temperature catalytic activity.
 Process for upgrading heavy and highly waxy crude oil without supply of hydrogen patent thumbnailProcess for upgrading heavy and highly waxy crude oil without supply of hydrogen
A continuous process to upgrade heavy crude oil for producing more valuable crude feedstock having high api gravity, low asphaltene content, and high middle distillate yield, low sulfur content, low nitrogen content, and low metal content without external supply of hydrogen and/or catalyst. Heavy crude oil having substantial amount of asphaltene and heavy components is mixed with highly waxy crude oil having large amount of paraffinic components and water to decompose asphaltene compounds and remove sulfur, nitrogen, and metal containing substances under supercritical conditions.
 Fluid heating device patent thumbnailFluid heating device
A fluid heating device for heating chemicals mainly containing sulfuric acid, which is capable of suppressing reduction of heating efficiency even if a fluid mainly containing sulfuric acid is heated, includes a translucent inner tube composed of quartz or the like, a lamp heater disposed in the inner tube, a translucent outer tube disposed outside the inner tube, which is composed of quartz or the like, translucent side plates disposed on both sides of the outer tube, which include quartz or the like, and an amorphous carbon pipe disposed between the outer tube and the inner tube, which functions as a light-absorbing material, wherein the amorphous carbon pipe is disposed so as to be brought into contact with chemicals passing through a space between the outer tube and the inner tube.. .
 Cu/cumn barrier layer and fabricating method thereof patent thumbnailCu/cumn barrier layer and fabricating method thereof
In the present invention, the pure cu film is deposited on the cumn film and the mn atoms are induced to diffuse within the dielectric layer. The barrier properties of this self-forming barrier are sensitive to the thickness, the annealing temperature, the annealing time and the impurity concentration of itself.
 Process and system for treating oil sands produced gases and liquids patent thumbnailProcess and system for treating oil sands produced gases and liquids
The present disclosure provides a process and system for removing at least a portion of organosulfur compounds from an oil sands produced gas and transferring the organosulfur compounds to a bitumen-based liquid. One example of the system includes an absorber to contact the gas with an amount of liquid hydrocarbon sufficient to absorb some of the organosulfur compounds, producing an organosulfur enriched liquid hydrocarbon.
Process of leaching gold
Disclosed is a process of leaching gold that can be inexpensively and efficiently carried out from a mixture containing sulfur and gold, typically from the material containing sulfur and gold that is an intermediate product recovered by the flotation method in the hydrometallurgical method. Specifically, disclosed is a process of leaching gold from the mixture containing elemental sulfur and gold, the process involving combining the mixture containing elemental sulfur and gold and an aqueous solution of hydroxide of one or more of metals of alkali metals and alkaline earth metals, the hydroxides reacting with elemental sulfur to form thiosulfate of alkali and/or alkaline earth metal, and the gold thereby being leached by reaction with the thiosulfate..
Process for preparing aramid copolymer yarn using a halide acid wash
The present invention concerns methods for removing sulfur from yarn comprising the steps of: a) contacting never-dried polymeric yarn with an aqueous base, the polymer comprising imidazole groups and said polymer comprising sulfur atoms characterized as being in the form of sulfate anions; b) contacting the yarn with an aqueous acid comprising a halide; and c) rinsing the yarn.. .
Sulfur acid functionalized latex polymer
The present invention is a process for preparing a multistage polymer by contacting under emulsion polymerization conditions an acrylic monomer, a sulfur acid monomer, and a phosphorous acid monomer as described herein. The present invention is also a composition comprising a nonionic surfactant and a stable aqueous dispersion of polymer particles comprising structural units of butyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, a sodium vinylbenzenesulfonate, and phosphoethyl methacrylate; wherein the polymer particles have a tg of less than 10° c.
Graft polymer, and thermoreversibly cross-linked bitumen/polymer composition containing such a graft polymer
A thermoreversibly cross-linked graft polymer, which may be used in bituminous asphalt, includes: a main polymer chain p consisting of conjugated diene units; at least one side graft g having the following general formula (1): r—(och2ch2)m—s—, where r is a straight or branched saturated hydrocarbon chain having at least 18 carbon atoms, and m is an integer varying from 0 to 20, the graft g being connected to the main polymer chain p via the sulfur atom of formula (1); and at least one graft g′ having the following general formula (4): —s—r′—s—, where r′ is a linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbon grouping having from 2 to 40 carbon atoms, optionally including one or more heteroatoms, the graft g′ being connected to the main polymer chain p via each sulfur atom of formula (4).. .
Grease composition
The invention relates to a fatty composition including at least one basic polyol ester oil, at least one fatty-acid metal soap, at least one fluorinated polymer, and at least one sulfurous fatty acid ester, wherein the amount of active sulfur provided by the sulfurous fatty acid ester relative to the total fatty composition at 150° c. According to the astm d1662 standard is greater than or equal to 0.15 wt %..
Low temperature sulfur tolerant tar removal with concomitant synthesis gas conditioning
A catalyst comprising nio, a metal mixture comprising at least one of moo3 or wo3, a mixture comprising at least one of sio2 and al2o3, and p2o5. In this embodiment the metal sites on the catalyst are sulfided and the catalyst is capable of removing tar from a synthesis gas while performing methanation and water gas shift reactions at a temperature range from 300° c.
Composition for production of contact, contact using same, and process for production of contact
A composition for making a contact includes a nickel-cobalt alloy containing 1% by weight or more to less than 20% by weight of cobalt, and 0.002 part by weight or more to 0.1 part by weight or less of sulfur with respect to 100 parts by weight of the nickel-cobalt alloy. The composition has an average particle size of 0.07 μm or larger to 0.35 μm or smaller..
Lead-carbon battery current collector shielding with ported packets
Provided is an activated carbon lead energy storage/battery containing an improved negative activated electrode packet exhibiting substantially reduced resistance with ported paraffin impregnated expanded graphite foil shielding overlying a cutaway notch in the underlying current collector to permit sulfuric acid electrolyte infiltration.. .
Winemaking method without the admixture of sulphur dioxide, using chitosan-based films
The present invention relates to a winemaking process using the traditional method of vinification except that, after fermentation, a chitosan-based film is placed in contact with the wine and no sulfur dioxide is added. The present invention also relates to a process for preparation of a chitosan-based film by modification of the chitosan with natural compounds, which allows to produce chitosan films stable in acidic medium, with high antioxidant activity, while maintaining the antimicrobial activity.
Substrate, fixing belt with substrate, fixing device with fixing belt, and image forming apparatus
A fixing belt substrate for an image forming apparatus is prepared by an electroforming process. The fixing belt substrate contains nickel of prescribed weight percent, phosphorus of from about 0.4 weight percent or more to about 0.7 weight percent or less, sulfur of from about 0.003 weight percent or more to about 0.02 weight percent or less, and carbon of from about 0.012 weight percent or more to about 0.03 weight percent or less..
Aromatic amine derivative, material for organic electroluminescent element, and organic electroluminescent element
An aromatic amine derivative is represented by a formula (1) below. In the formula (1), r2 to r5, r7 to r9 and r10 are each independently a hydrogen atom or a substituent.
Integrated gas-to-liquid condensate process and apparatus
A process for production of middle distillate fraction from gas-to-liquid (gtl) conversion comprising providing a feed stream comprising natural gas and separating a condensate from the feed stream to produce a condensate stream and a feed stream; processing the feed stream via a fischer-tropsch (ft) reaction to generate a long chain hydrocarbon product stream; processing the product stream via a heavy paraffinic conversion in order to produce a ft product stream; treating the condensate stream with a desulfurization step to generate a condensate product stream; combining the ft product stream with the condensate product stream to provide a distillate feed stream; and performing a distillation step on the distillation feed stream, wherein the processing steps occur substantially concurrently with the treating step and wherein distillation provides for isolation of middle distillate products. Middle distillate fractions and fuel oils/fuel oil blends obtained according to the process are also provided..
Method for manufacturing high purity sulfuric acid
A method for manufacturing high purity sulfuric acid is provided. A mixed solution subsequently undergoes a first preheating step, a second preheating step, a distilling step and an evaporating step to remove peroxide, water, oxygen and insoluble impurities, so as to obtain the first gas containing sulfur trioxide, sulfuric acid and hydrogen oxide.
Method for removing sulfur from fiber using halide acid ion exchange
The present invention concerns methods for removing sulfur from a fiber made from a polymer comprising imidazole groups, said method comprising: a) contacting never-dried sulfate anion-containing polymeric-fiber with an halide-containing acid to displace at least a portion of the sulfate ions with halide anions; and b) rinsing the fiber to remove the displaced sulfate ions.. .
Thifensulfuron hydrolase gene tsme and uses thereof
The present invention relates to the field of applied and environmental microorganism and agriculture. Disclosed are a thifensulfuron hydrolase gene tsme and uses thereof.
Catalyst composite for dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons and method of preparation thereof
The present invention provides a dehydrogenation catalyst composite that is capable of providing a dehydrogenated hydrocarbon product characterized by a bromine number of at least 19. For hydrocarbons.
Catalytic adsorbent for the capture of arsenic and the selective hydrodesulfurization of gasolines
A catalytic adsorbent, comprising at least cobalt and molybdenum deposited on a porous substrate in which the content of cobalt, expressed in terms of coo oxide, is between 11 and 30% by weight relative to the total weight of said adsorbent and the content of molybdenum, expressed in terms of moo3 oxide, is between 3 and 30% by weight relative to the total weight of said adsorbent, is described. This invention also relates to a process for hydrotreatment using said catalytic adsorbent..
Fuel oil base and aviation fuel composition containing same
The aviation fuel oil base of the present invention is obtained by hydrotreating an oil to be treated containing an oxygen-containing hydrocarbon compound derived from an animal or vegetable oils and fat and a sulfur-containing hydrocarbon compound and then hydroisomerizing the resultant hydrotreated oil, wherein a yield of a fraction having a boiling range of 140 to 300° c. Is 70 mass % or more; an isoparaffin content is 80 mass % or more; a content of isoparaffin having 2 or more branches is 17 mass % or more; an aromatic content is less than 0.1 vol %; an olefin content is less than 0.1 vol %; a sulfur content is less than 1 mass ppm; and an oxygen content is less than 0.1 mass %..
Process for the production of chlorinated alkanes
Processes for the production of chlorinated alkanes are provided. The present processes comprise catalyzing the addition of at least two chlorine atoms to an alkane and/or alkene with a catalyst system comprising one or more nonmetallic iodides and/or lower than conventional levels of elemental iodine and at least one lewis acid.
Process for manufacturing haloaryl compounds from mixtures of isomers of dihalodiarylsulfone
A process for the manufacture of a haloaryl compound which comprises contacting a mixture of dihalodiarylsulfone isomers [mixture (m)] with sulfuric acid to provide a mixture of haloarylsulfonic acid isomers [mixture (m1)] and reacting mixture (m1) in the presence of water. The process is independent on the manufacturing process of mixture (m) and is advantageous in that the obtained haloaryl compound can be recycled to the first step of a dihalodiarylsulfone manufacturing process..
Thiosulfinate antioxidants and methods of use thereof
Wherein a is an optionally substituted aliphatic or an optionally substituted aryl, and b is a moiety that stabilizes the partial positive charge at the carbon adjacent the divalent sulfur. The compound of formula x is useful as a reversible antioxidant in a variety of applications.
Pouch comprising a liquid detergent composition
A pouch comprising a water-soluble film and a liquid detergent composition contained within the water-soluble film. The liquid detergent composition comprising: a) an alkanolamine; b) a sulfite; c) a perfume oil comprising aldehyde or ketone; and d) a sulfur-containing pro-perfume compound, delivers improved stability and perfume longevity..
Mixed oxides of transition metals, hydrotreatment catalysts obtained therefrom and preparation process
New sulfide metal catalysts are described, containing ni, mo and w, an element z selected from si, al and mixtures thereof, and possibly an organic residue, obtained by sulfidation of mixed oxide precursors, also new, characterized in that they comprise an amorphous phase and a wolframite iso structural crystalline phase, the crystallinity degree of said mixed oxides being higher than 0 and lower than 100%, preferably higher than 0 and lower than 70%. The catalysts of the invention are useful as hydrotreatment catalysts, and in particular as hydrodesulfurization, hydrodenitrogenation and/or hydrodearomatization catalysts..

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