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Sulfur patents


This page is updated frequently with new Sulfur-related patent applications.

new patent Organic transistor, compound, organic semiconductor material for non-light-emitting organic semiconductor device, material for organic transistor, coating solution for non-light-emitting organic semiconductor device, manufacturing organic transistor, manufacturing organic semiconductor film, organic semiconductor film for non-light-emitting organic semiconductor device, and synthesizing organic semiconductor material
(x represents an oxygen, sulfur, selenium, or tellurium atom or nr5; y and z each represents cr6, an oxygen, sulfur, selenium, or nitrogen atom, or nr7; a ring containing y and z is an aromatic heterocycle; any one of r1 and r2 and the aromatic heterocycle containing y and z or any one of r3 and r4 and a benzene ring may be bonded to each other through a specific divalent linking group; r1, r2, and r5 to r8 each represent a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, an alkenyl group, an alkynyl group, an aryl group, or a heteroaryl group; r3 and r4 each represent an alkyl group, an alkenyl group, an alkynyl group, an aryl group, or heteroaryl group; and each of m and n is an integer of 0 to 2.). .

new patent Crystal growth control agent, forming p-type semiconductor microparticles or p-type semiconductor microparticle film, composition for forming hole transport layer, and solar cell
First, there is provided a crystal growth control agent which is capable of suppressing an increase in a crystal size of a p-type semiconductor, and performing chemical modification on a surface of p-type semiconductor microparticle. Second, there is provided a composition for forming a hole transport layer which is capable of prompting crystallization and fine pulverization of the p-type semiconductor and performing the chemical modification on the surface of the p-type semiconductor microparticle even in the case where an organic salt (an ionic liquid) containing an anion other than the thiocyanate ion is used.
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

new patent Fracability measurement method and system
A method for estimating a fracability index for a geological location includes determining a fabric metric and a mineralogical composition metric for a geological sample extracted from a geological location and estimating a fracability index for the geological location from the fabric metric and the mineralogical composition metric. The fabric metric may be a grain related measurement such as grain size or angularity, or a pore-space related measurement such as pore area, diameter, aspect ratio, and circumference, or statistics associated with such measurements.
Cgg Services Sa

new patent Complex cleaning system for heat exchanger
The purpose of the present disclosure is to solve the problems of a difficult operation or occurrence of corrosion damage to equipment caused by the attachment of ammonium sulfate salt, which is generated when unreacted ammonia (nh3 slip) and sulfur trioxide (so3) in exhaust gas are bonded with each other when a selective catalytic reduction (scr) is used to eliminate nitrogen oxides that are contained in the exhaust gas generated during the combustion of a boiler or the like, to a heat exchanger of an air preheater (aph) or the like installed at the rear of an scr device and blocks a passage of the exhaust gas such that the pressure inside the boiler is increased. To this end, a dry ice cleaning device is installed at the front of an exhaust gas inlet in an air preheater such that the blocking of a heat exchanger caused by ammonium sulfate salt or the like is removed by spraying dry ice pellets, and at the same time, high-temperature steam spraying device is installed at a cold end of the air preheater so as to spray the steam in the same direction as that of air supplied to a boiler, thereby removing contaminants more effectively.
Hanmo Corporation (guro-dong, Kolon Digital Tower Billant 1115-ho, 1116-ho)

new patent Copolymer fibers and yarns and processes for making same
The present invention concerns methods for obtaining high-tenacity aramid yarn, wherein the yarn is made of a copolymer obtained from a mixture of monomers comprising 5-(6)-amino-2-(p-aminophenyl)benzimidazole, an aromatic para-diamine, and an aromatic para-diacid; the method comprising: a) spinning said copolymer from an inorganic acid solvent to produce the aramid yarn; b) washing said yarn with a basic aqueous solution for at least 5 seconds; and c) heating said yarn; wherein the yarn is heated in at least two process steps, characterized in that (i) in a first step the yarn is heated at a temperature of 200 to 360° c. At a tension of at least 0.2 cn/dtex, followed by (ii) a second step wherein the yarn is heated at a temperature of 370 to 500° c.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

new patent Process for recovering alkali metals and sulfur from alkali metal sulfides and polysulfides
Alkali metals and sulfur may be recovered from alkali monosulfide and polysulfides in an electrolytic process that utilizes an electrolytic cell having an alkali ion conductive membrane. An anolyte includes an alkali monosulfide, an alkali polysulfide, or a mixture thereof and a solvent that dissolves elemental sulfur.
Ceramatec, Inc.

new patent Spheroidal graphite cast iron for an engine exhaust system
A spheroidal graphite cast iron for a component of an engine exhaust system includes carbon ranging from about 3.0 wt % to about 3.4 wt %, silicon ranging from about 4.2 wt % to about 4.5 wt %, manganese ranging from about 0.1 wt % to about 0.3 wt %, sulfur ranging from about 0.002 wt % to about 0.01 wt %, phosphorous in a range equal to or less than about 0.05 wt %, magnesium ranging from about 0.035 wt % to about 0.055 wt %, molybdenum ranging from about 0.9 wt % to about 1.2 wt %, nickel ranging from about 0.2 wt % to about 0.5 wt %, vanadium ranging from about 0.4 wt % to about 0.6 wt %, niobium ranging from about 0.1 wt % to about 0.4 wt %, cerium ranging from about 0.005 wt % to about 0.01 wt %, aluminum ranging from about 0.003 wt % to about 0.007 wt %, and a remainder of iron.. .
Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

new patent Method for increasing the solubility of methionine by mineral addition and acid treatment
The present invention relates to a method for enhancing the solubility of methionine. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method for increasing the solubility of methionine, in which mineral and sulfuric acid are added at an appropriate ratio to enhance the methionine solubility, thereby overcoming the problem of low solubility of methionine in water..
Cj Cheiljedang Corporation

new patent Method for high efficiency protein delivery into plastids
The present invention provides a recombinant dna molecule encoding a fusion protein, comprising a first dna sequence encoding a high-efficiency transit peptide operably linked to a second dna sequence encoding a passenger protein, wherein the high-efficiency transit peptide is selected from the group consisting of transit peptides of the precursors of translocon at the inner envelope membrane of chloroplasts 40 kd (prtic40), chaperonin 10-2 (prcpn10-2), fibrillin 1b (prfibrillin), atp sulfurylase 1 (praps1), atp sulfurylase 3 (praps3), 5′-adenylylsulfate reductase 3 (prapr3), stromal ascorbate peroxidase (prsapx), prtic40-e2a (a prtic40 variant), prcpn10-1-Δc7c37s (a chaperonin 10-1 variant), a functional fragment of any of the transit peptides and an equivalent thereof. And the present invention also provides a method of high efficiency delivery of a protein into plastids using the high-efficiency transit peptides..
Academia Sinica

new patent Method for preparing a sulfurized alkaline earth metal dodecylphenate
An overbased sulfurized alkaline earth metal alkylphenate is prepared by reacting an alkylphenol with an alkaline earth metal hydroxide or an alkaline earth metal oxide and sulfur in the presence of an alkylene glycol or dialkylene glycol, or ether thereof and in the presence of an oil of lubricating viscosity, and optionally further reacting the product thereof with carbon dioxide; thereby forming a sulfurized alkaline earth metal alkylphenate composition in oil. The composition is heated and subjected to steam stripping followed by filtration.
The Lubrizol Corporation

new patent

Production of low sulfur gasoline

Systems and methods are provided for producing naphtha boiling range fractions having a reduced or minimized amount of sulfur and an increased and/or desirable octane rating and suitable for incorporation into a naphtha fuel product. A naphtha boiling range feed can be separated to form a lower boiling portion and a higher boiling portion.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

new patent

Processing stabilizer

[r1, r2, r4 and r5 each represent a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, a cycloalkyl group, an alkylcycloalkyl group, an aralkyl group or a phenyl group; r3 represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group; x represents a single bond, a sulfur atom or a >ch—r6 group; a represents an alkylene group or a *—c(═o)—r7— group; one of y and z represents a hydroxyl group, an alkoxy group or an aralkyloxy group, and the other represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group.]. .

new patent

Method for producing polymerizable compound

A step (1) that reacts a compound represented by a formula (ii) with 2,5-dihydroxybenzaldehyde in an organic solvent in the presence of a base to obtain a reaction mixture including a compound represented by a formula (iii); and a step (2) that adds a compound represented by a formula (iv) and an acidic aqueous solution to the reaction mixture obtained by the step (1) to effect a reaction, wherein a represents a hydrogen atom, a methyl group or the like, l represents a leaving group, n represents an integer from 1 to 20, x represents an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom, —c(r1)(r2)— or the like, r represents a hydrogen atom, an organic group or the like, and each of rx represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom or the like. According to the present invention, provided is a method for producing a polymerizable compound represented by a formula (i) at high purity and at high yield..

new patent

Method for slicing workpiece and processing liquid

The present invention is a method for slicing a workpiece, including: forming a wire row by a wire spirally wound between a plurality of wire guides and traveling in an axial direction, and pressing a workpiece against the wire row while supplying a processing liquid containing abrasive grains to a contact portion between the workpiece and the wire, wherein a used portion of the abrasive grains are subjected to a treatment with a mixed liquid of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, and the abrasive grains subjected to the treatment are reused for the slicing of a workpiece. This makes it possible to slice a workpiece with suppressing contamination of a wafer with metal impurities when abrasive grains are reused in slicing a workpiece by use of a wire saw..
Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

new patent

A the high-throughput preparation of carbon nanotube hollow fiber membranes

The invention, belonging to the field of membrane technology, presents a method for the high-throughput preparation of carbon nanotube hollow fiber membranes. This method contains three major steps.
Dalian University Of Technology

new patent

Purification process for partly-hydrolyzed cellulose

A method of recovering purified partly-hydrolyzed cellulose particles from a composition comprising agglomerated partly-hydrolyzed cellulose particles and an acid, using electrodialysis. The invention addresses the problem of reducing the acid to very low levels while avoiding the high capital and operating costs, high water usage and large filtration surface area or dilution time requirements of the prior art processes.
Noram Engineering And Constructors Ltd.

Open framework composites, methods for producing and using such composites

Provided herein are composites made up of open frameworks encapsulating sulfur, silicon and tin, and mechanochemical methods of producing such composites. Such open frameworks may include metal-organic frameworks (mofs), including for example zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (zifs), and covalent organic frameworks (cofs).
Nivo Systems, Inc.

Methods for assessing biospecimen integrity

Methods for quantifying biospecimen sample integrity using markers of oxidation (fig. 1).
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Well plate

The present invention includes an apparatus for preparing samples for measurement by x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. The apparatus comprises a plate having one or more holes passing through the plate.
Icagen, Inc.

Control system and control internal combustion engine

A control system for an engine includes a limiting current gas sensor includes a pumping cell arranged in the exhaust passage of the engine and an ecu. The ecu is configured to: execute step-up operation for increasing a voltage applied between a pair of electrodes of the pumping cell from a first voltage to a second voltage, then, execute step-down operation for reducing the applied voltage from the second voltage to a third voltage within a second period; acquire an air-fuel ratio of the exhaust gas multiple times within a first period from a start of the step-up operation to a start of the step-down operation; acquire a first waveform characteristic value indicating a characteristic of a waveform of current within the second period; and estimate an actual concentration of sulfur in fuel by using the first waveform characteristic value and the acquired air-fuel ratios..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Localized excess protons and methods of making and using same

Localized excess protons are created with an open-circuit water electrolysis process using a pair of anode and cathode electrodes for a special excess proton production and proton-utilization system to treat a substrate material plate/film by forming and using an excess protons-substrate-hydroxyl anions capacitor-like system. The technology enables protonation and/or proton-driven oxidation of plate/film and/or membrane materials in a pure water environment.

Secondary material for steel refining

A secondary material for steel refining is to be supplied to a molten iron together with a lime so as to promote a desulfurization reaction in the molten iron. The secondary material for steel refining contains aluminum nitride in an amount of 20 wt % or more in terms of weight percentage..
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho ( Kobe Steel, Ltd. )

Composition and preventing or reducing engine knock and pre-ignition in high compression spark ignition engines

A method for preventing or reducing engine knock or pre-ignition in a high compression spark ignition engine lubricated with a lubricating oil by using as the lubricating oil a formulated oil. The formulated oil has a composition that contains (i) a lubricating oil base stock comprising at least one branched ester having at least about 15% of the total carbons in the form of methyl groups, and (ii) at least one ashless antiwear additive selected from a phosphorus-containing ashless antiwear additive, a sulfur-containing ashless antiwear additive, and a phosphorus/sulfur-containing ashless antiwear additive.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

Group iii-v/zinc chalcogenide alloyed semiconductor quantum dots

A scalable method for the manufacture of narrow, bright, monodisperse, photo-luminescent quantum dots prepared in the presence of a group ii-vi molecular seeding cluster fabricated in situ from a zinc salt and a thiol or selenol compound. Exemplary quantum dots have a core containing indium, phosphorus, zinc and either sulfur or selenium..
Nanoco Technologies, Ltd.

Dispersion containing metal oxide particles

The present invention provides a material that has a good compatibility with monomers and can be used as dispersing agent even after a period of not shorter than one week since the preparation of the dispersion. The dispersion of the present invention comprising metal oxide particles with an average primary particle diameter of not more than 50 nm; an organic acid; a dispersion medium; and an organophosphorus compound represented by formula (1) or an organosulfur compound represented by formula (2)..
Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.

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