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Sugars patents


This page is updated frequently with new Sugars-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sugars-related patents
 Process for the isolation of lignin from black liquor and modification of the lignin for plastic applications patent thumbnailProcess for the isolation of lignin from black liquor and modification of the lignin for plastic applications
A process for the isolation of lignin from black liquor and modification of lignin for use in many plastic applications is disclosed. The isolation of lignin consists of removing all of the non-lignin components from black liquor solution.
Organic Chemical Llc

 Cellulosic enzyme recycling from separation of saccharified biomass patent thumbnailCellulosic enzyme recycling from separation of saccharified biomass
The present disclosure provides methods for generating sugars from a cellulosic biomass. The methods combine treatment of the biomass using a high-shear milling device and saccharification of the biomass to partially hydrolyze the biomass.
Edeniq, Inc.

 Improved sweetener patent thumbnailImproved sweetener
A low or zero calorie sweetener composition with sweetness synergy, providing a reduction in off-taste and a desirable temporal profile. The sweetener composition is suitable for use as a substitute for high calorie sugars.
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Llc

 Tomato-derived thickening agent patent thumbnailTomato-derived thickening agent
The present invention provides a tomato-derived thickening agent, said agent being characterized in that, on a dry weight basis, it contains: 0.1-3 wt. % of lycopene; 14-34 wt.
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

 Complete oxidation of sugars to electricity by using cell-free synthetic enzymatic pathways patent thumbnailComplete oxidation of sugars to electricity by using cell-free synthetic enzymatic pathways
The present invention is in the field of bioelectricity. The present invention provides energy generating systems, methods, and devices that are capable of converting chemical energy stored in sugars into useful electricity..

 Methods for the electrolytic decarboxylation of sugars patent thumbnailMethods for the electrolytic decarboxylation of sugars
Methods for decarboxylating carbohydrate acids in a divided electrochemical cell are disclosed using a cation membrane. The improved methods are more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional methods..
Dynamic Food Ingredients Corporation

 Sweetener patent thumbnailSweetener
A low calorie sweetener composition with sweetness synergy, providing a reduction in off-taste and a desirable temporal profile. The sweetener composition comprises allulose, fructose and sucralose.
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Llc

 Pretreatment and fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass patent thumbnailPretreatment and fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass
Method and apparatus for enhanced production of sugars and lignin via fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass through ionic liquid pretreatment and mild alkaline treatment. The resulting biomass is easily fractionated and amenable to efficient and rapid enzymatic hydrolysis or acid hydrolysis and catalytic conversion to valuable products with high recovery of the enzymes used in the hydrolysis..
Suganit Systems, Inc.

 Universal biomass refinery patent thumbnailUniversal biomass refinery
The invention is directed to a process for refining prepared biomass to produce hemicellulose hydrolyzates, cellulose of sugars involving the perforate at least a portion of the cells of the prepared biomass prior to hydrolyzing the biomass, reclaiming the catalysts used in hydrolysis, and drying the hydrolysis using reclaimed heat from previous steps in the process.. .

 Variant alpha-amylases from bacillus subtilis and methods of use, thereof patent thumbnailVariant alpha-amylases from bacillus subtilis and methods of use, thereof
Alpha-amylases from bacillus subtilis (amye), variants thereof, nucleic acids encoding the same, and host cells comprising the nucleic acids are provided. Methods of using amye or variants thereof are disclosed, including liquefaction and/or saccharification of starch.
Danisco Us Inc.


Process for making hmf from sugars with reduced byproduct formation, and improved stability hmf compositions

Disclosed is a process for making hmf′ or a derivative of hmf by dehydrating one or more hexose sugars in a reduced oxygen environment, in another, related aspect, a method for improving the stability and resistance to degradation of an hmf product involves adding one or more antioxidants to the hmf product.. .
Archer Daniels Midland Company


Oligosaccharide compositions and methods for producing thereof

Described herein are methods for the production of oligosaccharides, including functionalized oligosaccharides, from one or more sugars, such as one or more monosaccharides, using polymeric and solid-supported catalysts containing acidic and ionic groups. Also provided are the oligosaccharide compositions, including functionalized oligosaccharide compositions, obtained using the methods..
Midori Usa, Inc.


Methods for detoxifying a lignocellulosic hydrolysate

The present disclosure relates to methods for detoxifying a hydrolysate obtained from a lignocellulosic biomass and methods of producing ethanol from the detoxified hydrolysate. The present methods provide detoxified hydrolysates in which the quantity of compounds that are deleterious to fermenting microorganisms are substantially reduced relative to the starting hydrolysate and in which the amount of fermentable sugars loss is minimal..
Bp Corporation North America Inc.


Biomass processing using ionic liquids

Without limitation, the disclosure provides processes for (a) dissolving biomass in ionic liquids, (b) deconstructing cellulose, hemicellulose and/or lignin into derivatives including fermentable sugars, (c) separating the biomass derivatives from the ionic liquid, and (d) converting the biomass derivatives to useful fuels or chemicals, either dissolved within or separated from the ionic liquid. It should be understood that processes described herein can be used in isolation or in combination with each other..
Hyrax Energy, Inc.


Combination of tumor-associated surface protein antigens and tumor-associated sugars in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer

The invention relates to a kit for the combined use for the treatment of cancer patients, which set comprises an antigen of a cellular surface protein, or an antibody directed against the cellular surface protein, and an antigen of an aberrant glycosylation, or an antibody directed against the aberrant glycosylation. This kit is destined both for the immunotherapeutic and the diagnostic application.
Meridian Biopharmaceuticals Gmbh


Antibacterial compounds

Provided are iminosugars having antibacterial properties and methods of treating and/or preventing bacterial infections with such iminosugars. The present disclosure relates to antibacterial compounds and, in particular, to iminosugars having antibacterial activity.
Unither Virology, Llc


Compositions and methods for stabilizing cyclopropene in solutions

This invention is based on surprising results that certain concentrations of certain sugars stabilize cyclopropene formulation in aqueous solutions. Provided are compositions comprising an aqueous solution of at least one cyclopropene and at least one sugar.
Agrofresh Inc.


Method and treatment of biomass substrates

A system or method for the treatment of biomass comprising mixing a biomass with an ionic liquid (il) to swell the biomass and electromagnetic (em) heating, preferably radio frequency (rf) heating or infrared (ir) heating, said biomass. Additionally, a method of acidolysis of biomass comprising mixing biomass in an ionic liquid (il) to swell the biomass; adding an acid, to lower the ph of the biomass below ph 7; applying radio frequency (rf) heating or infrared (ir) heating to the biomass to heat to a target temperature range; applying ultrasonic heating, electromagnetic (em) heating, convective heating, conductive heating or combinations thereof, to the biomass to maintain the biomass at a target temperature range; washing the treated biomass; and recovering sugars and release lignin..
Suganit Systems, Inc


Stable glucagon formulations

Stabilized formulations containing a peptide, such as a glucagon, are described herein. The formulations are in the form of a solution or suspension, which exhibit ttle or no chemical degradation and/or aggregation of the peptide over an extended period of time.
Perosphere Inc.


Use of a composition comprising avocado perseose in the protection of epidermal stem cells

The invention concerns a use of c7 sugars and derivatives of formula (i), called avocado perseose, which have, inter alia, a protective activity to epidermal skin cells. These c7 sugars and derivatives are capable of maintaining the expression of markers of adult stem cells, in particular basal stem cells.
Laboratoires Expanscience


Processing biomass

Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful intermediates and products, such as energy, fuels, foods or materials. Two or more sugars can be produced and these can be further processed and purified.
Xyleco, Inc.


Regeneration of catalyst for hydrogenation of sugars

A process for regenerating catalysts that have been deactivated or poisoned during hydrogenation of biomass, sugars and polysaccharides is described, in which polymerized species that have agglomerated to catalyst surfaces can be removed by means of washing the catalyst with hot water at subcritical temperatures. A feature of the process can regenerate the catalysts in situ, which allows the process to be adapted for used in continuous throughput reactor systems.
Archer Daniels Midland Co


Continuous processes for hydrolyzing hemicelluloses from lignocellulosic materials with cleaning system

A continuous process for producing hemicellulose sugars from a biomass extraction liquor is provided. A system is configured for continuously producing hemicellulose sugars and/or hemicellulose derivatives from a biomass extraction liquor, the system comprising at least a first hydrolysis reactor and a second hydrolysis reactor.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc


Methods for removing residual solids from enzymatic hydrolysate to make purified fermentable sugar syrup

The invention provides a method for purifying a biomass hydrolysate comprising sugars and suspended particles, comprising centrifuging the biomass hydrolysate, thermally treating the centrifuged hydrolysate to chemically or physically agglomerate the suspended particles, and filtering the thermally treated hydrolysate to remove agglomerated suspended particles, thereby generating a purified hydrolysate (sugar syrup). The sequence of steps may be varied.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc


Synthesis of fuels and chemicals from sugars

Methods to synthesize useful alcohol and aromatic hydrocarbon products from sorbitol derived from sugars are described. Sorbitol is dehydrated to form furans such as 2-acetylfuran which is hydrogenated to form hexanols, ethyl tetrahydrofuran, etc useful as fuels and chemicals for industry and commerce.
Pioneer Energy Inc


Liquid composition for electronic cigarettes

The liquid composition for electronic cigarettes includes water, a natural glycol, glycerol, natural flavorings and possibly nicotine. The natural glycol is composed of 1,3-propanediol, obtained through bioprocessing of corn sugars..
Sino Business Limited


Shelf-stable, brownie product

A shelf stable, brownie product. The brownie avoids off tastes and staling, due to reducing the likelihood of recrystallization of sugars and oils, but managing the moisture in the brownie, the fat level, the protein level, and the level and type of sweetener used..
General Mills, Inc.


Advanced auger and filtration system for the saccharification of biomass

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for generating sugars from biomass. The methods and systems provide increased yields of carbohydrates and fermentable sugars by combining enzyme recycling with removal of saccharification enzyme inhibitors and increased solids loading..
Edeniq, Inc.


Compositions and methods for preventing and recovery from detrimental effects of alcohol consumption

Disclosed are compositions, devices, and methods to prevent and recover from detrimental effects of alcohol consumption, including significant undesirable symptoms of a hangover consciously felt by the alcohol consumer, as well as those that may not be consciously experienced. The present technology comprehensively targets multiple negative effects of hangovers.
Thriveplus Llc


Palatability enhancer

Provided herein is a method of preparing a palatability enhancer for a food composition comprising combining an animal fat source and one or more agents in an aqueous solution to form a mixture, wherein said agents are selected from amino acids, sugars, vitamins, vegetable oils, flavorants and flavour precursors, heating the mixture at a pressure of 110 kpa to 800 kpa, obtaining a palatability enhancer from the mixture, wherein the palatability enhancer comprises animal fat in an amount of at least 80 wt %. Further provided is a method of enhancing the palatablity of a food composition..
Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.


Salt-composition for supplementing a mineral balance in the aquaristic area, ready for use solution of said salt-composition, use of said salt-composition, and aquaristic ornamental stone obtained by said use

A salt-composition for stabilising the carbonate balance in the aquaristic area is suggested, in which the salts stabilise with major components with at least 10 weightpercent via formates the carbonate balance. The salts contain no fatties, proteins or sugars and stabilise the carbonate balance individually, being essentially disconnected from biochemical metabolism-cycles.
Aq Marketing Ag


Novel alkylated imino sugars exhibiting glucosidase inhibition and their use

Pharmaceutical compositions of the invention comprise alkylated imino sugars derivatives having a disease-modifying action in the treatment of diseases associated with glucosidase activity that include viral hemorrhagic fevers, and any other diseases involving glucosidase activity.. .
Drexel University


Cholesterol-lowering compounds in combination with lipid metabolism-altering compounds of non-absorbable sugars, compounds that convert nh3 to nh4+, or hydrogen-generating compounds for the treatment of high cholesterol and inflammation

A composition for treating high cholesterol, including synergistically effective amounts of a cholesterol-lowering agent and a lipid metabolism-altering compound chosen from a non-absorbable sugar, a compound that converts nh3 to nh4+, a hydrogen-generating compound, and combinations thereof. A composition for treating high cholesterol, including synergistically effective amounts of a statin chosen from atorvastatin, cerivastatin, fluvastain, lovastatin, mevastatin, pitavastatin, pravastatin, rosuvastatin, and simvastatin, and lactulose.


Liquid refreshment for consumption post athletic activity

This liquid refreshment designed to replace key nourishment elements after rigorous physical activity can be used for a wide variety of nutritional needs. Our refreshment does not contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, added sugars, and foods from concentrate.


Process for the production of solutions of sugars and alcohols from lignocellulosic biomass with complementary treatment of solid residue with a hydrated inorganic salt

The present invention describes a process for the production of solutions of sugars and alcohols from lignocellulosic biomass, comprising a pre-treatment, a step for enzymatic hydrolysis and alcoholic fermentation, a step for extraction of the alcohol produced, a step for separation of the solid residue, an optional step for washing and drying, followed by a step for digestion of the solid residue in a medium comprising at least one hydrated inorganic salt with formula mxn.n′h2o, in which m is a metal selected from groups 1 to 13 of the periodic classification, x is an anion and n is a whole number in the range 1 to 6 and n′ is in the range 0.5 to 12, in order to obtain a solid fraction and a liquid fraction, said solid fraction then being separated and undergoing either an enzymatic hydrolysis step or steps for enzymatic hydrolysis and alcoholic fermentation.. .
Ifp Energies Nouvelles


Integrated biorefinery

This invention relates to the operation of a biorefinery for manufacturing either biofuels or renewable chemical feedstock using lignocellulosic biomass as a source of carbon. The present invention provides a cost-effective process for pretreating lignocellulosic biomass in the recovery of fermentable sugars.
Myriant Corporation


Cellulose-degrading enzyme composition comprising gh16

The present invention relates to a cellulose-degrading enzyme composition comprising one or more cellobiohydrolase and/or endoglucanase enzyme, and an effective amount of an isolated gh16 polypeptide, where the presence of the isolated gh16 polypeptide in the enzyme composition increases the rate or extent of degradation of a cellulosic substrate compared to an equivalent dosage of a corresponding cellulose-degrading enzyme composition lacking the at least one isolated gh16 polypeptide. The present invention also relates to a method for producing fermentable sugars from a cellulosic substrate using the above cellulose-degrading enzyme composition and to genetically modified microbes for produced the above cellulose-degrading enzyme composition..
Iogen Energy Corporation


Method for obtaining biofuel from lignocellulosic and/or amylaceous biomass

A method for obtaining biofuel from lignocellulosic and/or amylaceous biomass through fermentation in at least one step by using a consortium of microorganisms in order to obtain sugars that later will be converted into alcohols by using environmentally friendly and economically viable methods, as opposed to conventional acid and enzymatic hydrolysis.. .
Braerg - Groupo Brasileiro De Pesquisas Especializadas Ltda


Sorbent and process for removing fermentation inhibitors

The invention pertains to, for example, an improved sorbent and process for removing fermentation inhibitors such as furfural and/or hmf in microbial processes utilizing fermentable sugars obtained from biomass including, for example, in the production of bioalcohols. The sorbent is capable of separating one or more inhibitors from monosaccharides and is characterized by: (1) a ksugar partition coefficient of less than about 5 and (2) one or more of the following characteristics: (a) a furfural sorption capacity of at least about 200 mg/g sorbent at a furfural solution concentration of 2.5 grams per liter of water; (b) an mt/m∞ of at least about 0.9 at 7.5 sec1/2; and (c) a kfurfural partition coefficient of greater than about 3000..
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Geopolymer activator composition and geopolymer binder, paste and concrete prepared therewith

The present invention relates to geopolymer compositions comprising additives selected from sugars and derivatives thereof and/or organic acids and salts thereof. The geopolymer compositions of the present invention have sufficient strength to be used for construction purposes.
Pqa B.v.


Compositions and methods for reduced carbohydrates and increased erythritol in beverages

The present invention provides novel compositions and methods for naturally decreasing carbohydrates and calories, while increasing erythritol, in beverages. The method includes fermenting beverages, such as fruit juices with a microorganism capable of metabolizing sugars into sugar alcohol(s) such as erythritol, to produce a fermented beverage having reduced carbohydrates, and therefore reduced calories, and increased erythritol as compared to an unfermented equivalent beverage..
Chr. Hansen A/s


Method to produce water-soluble sugars from biomass using solvents containing lactones

A process to produce an aqueous solution of carbohydrates that contains c6-sugar-containing oligomers, c6 sugar monomers, c5-sugar-containing oligomers, c5 sugar monomers, or any combination thereof is presented. The process includes the steps of reacting biomass or a biomass-derived reactant with a solvent system including a lactone and water, and an acid catalyst.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Batch feed process for fermenting sugars

A batch fermentation process ferments a starch hydrolysate containing 80-98 weight percent of glucose based on total carbohydrate and 0.3-5% weight percent of isomaltose based on total carbohydrate to a fermentation product. A fermentation broth is formed containing a first portion of a total amount of the starch hydrolysate so that the fermentation broth has an initial glucose concentration of at least about 50 g/l.
Cargill, Incorporated


Methods and systems for methylotrophic production of organic compounds

The present disclosure identifies pathways, mechanisms, systems and methods to confer production of carbon-based products of interest, such as sugars, alcohols, chemicals, amino acids, polymers, fatty acids and their derivatives, hydrocarbons, isoprenoids, and intermediates thereof, in engineered and/or evolved methylotrophs such that these organisms efficiently convert c1 compounds, such as formate, formic acid, formaldehyde or methanol, to organic carbon-based products of interest, and in particular the use of organisms for the commercial production of various carbon-based products of interest.. .
Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc


Metal oxide-stabilized zirconium oxide ceramic materials

The present disclosure relates generally to ceramic materials suitable for use as catalyst support materials, catalysts using such materials and methods for using them, such as methods for converting sugars, sugar alcohols, glycerol, and bio-renewable organic acids to commercially-valuable chemicals and intermediates. One aspect of the invention is a ceramic material including zirconium oxide and one or more metal oxides selected from nickel oxide, copper oxide, cobalt oxide, iron oxide and zinc oxide, the ceramic material being at least about 50 wt.
Clariant Corporation


Process for enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic material and fermentation of sugars

Wherein before and/or during the enzymatic hydrolysis oxygen is added to the ligno-cellulosic material.. .


Zeolitic adsorbents, their process of preparation and their uses

These adsorbents have applications in the separation of fractions of aromatic c8 isomers and in particular xylenes, in the separation of substituted toluene isomers, such as nitrotoluene, diethyltoluene or toluenediamine, in the separation of cresols and in the separation of polyhydric alcohols, such as sugars.. .


Methods and compositions for improving sugar transport, mixed sugar fermentation, and production of biofuels

The present disclosure relates to host cells containing a recombinant polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide where the polypeptide transports cellodextrin into the cell. The present disclosure further relates to methods of increasing transport of cellodextrin into a cell, methods of increasing growth of a cell on a medium containing cellodextrin, methods of co-fermenting cellulose-derived and hemicellulose-derived sugars, and methods of making hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon derivatives by providing a host cell containing a recombinant polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide where the polypeptide transports cellodextrin into the cell.
Bp Corporation North America Inc.


Process for enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic material and fermentation of sugars

Wherein during part of the time of the enzymatic hydrolysis, oxygen is added to the ligno-cellulosic material and during part of the time of the enzymatic hydrolysis less oxygen is added to the ligno-cellulosic material compared to the other part of the time of the enzymatic hydrolysis, preferably no oxygen is added to the ligno-cellulosic material.. .


Modified bacteria for the production of bioalcohol

The present invention provides a modified bacterial strain capable of fermenting both hexose and pentose sugars for production of bioalcohol wherein a promoter of pyruvate dehydrogenase operon (pdh) is replaced with a promoter of a gene that is expressed under anaerobic conditions. The present invention further provides a method of obtaining modified bacterial strain capable of fermenting both hexose and pentose sugar for production of bioalcohol.
International Centre For Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology (icgeb)


Differentiation of human fibroblast cells

The present invention is based in part on methods of differentiating fibroblast cells into adipocytes, osteocytes and chondrocytes. Additionally, the present invention provides agents and kits useful for differentiating fibroblast cells in adipocytes, osteocytes and chondrocytes.
International Stem Cell Corporation


Highly efficient production of lactic acid from hemicellulose sugars by newly isolated thermophilic bacillus coagulans strains

The present invention relates to newly isolated bacillus coagulans strains c106, ji 12 and wcplo-4, cost effective methods for producing lactic acid using the strains as well as seed inoculums and kits comprising the strains. Optically pure l-lactic acid was produced from xylose or glucose at high product titers (>200 g/l) and productivities (4.2 g/l/h on xylose and 4.6 g/l/h on glucose) at 50° c.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research


Medium for yeasts

In order to provide a culture medium eliminating variation by lot of component concentrations, the present invention provides a culture medium, and preferably a chemical-synthetic culture medium, imparting a proliferation ability to yeast that is equivalent to or greater than that of a ypd culture medium. A culture medium is provided which includes sugars as a carbon source capable of being assimilated by yeast; amino acids as a nitrogen source; vitamins; inositol; zinc ion (zn2+); potassium ion (k+), and magnesium ion (mg2+), and in which inositol concentration is between 50 and 10,000 mg/l..
Kohjin Life Sciences Co., Ltd.


Process and system for preparation of esters of levulinic acid

A process for converting sugars to esters of levulinic acid comprises mixing alcohol and glycerol with a feed stock comprising one or more sugars to create a reaction mixture of alcohol, glycerol and the feedstock is disclosed. The reaction mixture is contacted with an acid catalyst.
Praj Industries Limited


Process for the isolation of levulinic acid and formic acid

The invention provides a process for the isolation of levulinic acid and formic acid from a composition comprising formic acid and levulinic acid, said process comprising a solid-liquid separation step, a vapor removal step, and a solvent-solvent extraction step, wherein a vapor condensate vapor and/or an aqueous phase from the solvent extraction is used to wash the solid fraction. Washing with vapor condensate results in higher levulinic acid yields (higher levulinic acid recovery) as compared to washing with normal water.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.


Method for obtaining sugar derivatives

A process for converting a sugar from a hemicellulose-containing material into the form of a compound having at least one ionic binding site, which is characterized in that the hemicellulose-containing material is hydrolyzed enzymatically or non-enzymatically and the obtained hydrolysate is subjected to a conversion involving at least one enzymatic step, wherein sugars are released and the released sugars are converted into compounds having at least one ionic binding site, and the use of such a process.. .


Stabilized antibody-containing formulations

The present invention relates to antibody-containing lyophilized formulations free from reducing sugars, non-reducing sugars, sugar alcohols or polysaccharides as excipients and including one or more amino acid selected from the group consisting of arginine, histidine, lysine, serine, proline, glycine, alanine and threonine or a salt thereof.. .


Microwave assisted synthesis of dehydrated sugar derivatives hydroxymethylfurfural, levulinic acid, anhydrosugar alcohols, and ethers thereof

Methods for the production of dehydrated sugars and derivatives of dehydrated sugars using microwave (mw) irradiation and methods of purifying the same are described. The dehydrated sugars derivatives include 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural (hmf) and anhydrosugar alcohols such as sorbitans and isosorbide.


Integration of non-woody biorefining at pulp and paper plants

In some variations, a process is provided for producing a pulp product at a biorefinery site, comprising: converting a woody cellulosic material to a first pulp stream; converting a non-woody cellulosic material to a second pulp stream; blending the second pulp stream into the first pulp stream; and recovering or further processing the blended pulp stream as a pulp product. Biorefinery site infrastructure may be shared between the woody and non-woody lines.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc


Enzyme loading, cellulose hydrolysis, and inhibition of cellobiohydrolases using liquid hot water pretreatment

Disclosed herein are methods for extracting sugars from cellulose-containing sources to achieve high glucose yields while greatly reducing the amount of cellulase enzyme needed.. .
Purdue Research Foundation


Production of fermentable biomass sugars using high-solids enzymatic hydrolysis

In some variations, this invention provides a process for producing fermentable sugars from cellulosic biomass, comprising: extracting biomass with steam or hot water to produce an extract liquor containing hemicellulose oligomers, dissolved lignin, and cellulose-rich solids; separating and washing the cellulose-rich solids; removing a portion of glucan contained in the washed cellulose-rich solids as glucose oligomers using a liquefaction-focused blend of enzymes; co-hydrolyzing glucose oligomers and hemicellulose oligomers, with enzymes or an acid catalyst, to produce glucose and hemicellulose monomers; and recovering the glucose and hemicellulose monomers as fermentable sugars. The liquefaction-focused blend of enzymes contains endoglucanases and exoglucanases.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc


Antibody toxin conjugates

The present invention provides conjugates formed between toxins and sugars and toxins and peptides, such as antibodies. In an exemplary embodiment, a toxin-sugar construct is conjugated to an antibody through an intact glycosyl linking group..
Novo Nordisk A/s


Pet beverage and container

An aqueous beverage for a dog made from fruit, vegetable, and/or meat juices combined with premeasured quantities of electrolytes. In some embodiments, the beverage includes premeasured quantities of sugars and/or water soluble vitamins and minerals.


Gender, viability and/or developmental stage determination of avian embryos in ovo

The present invention relates to a process for the non-destructive determination of gender, developmental stage and/or viability of an avian embryo in an egg, comprising (a) detecting at least a first developmental marker compound selected from sugars and/or amino acids, precursors and metabolites thereof in an egg at a time period of from the beginning of the incubation of the egg until the hatching; (b) measuring the amount of the at least first detected developmental marker compound, and (c) comparing the amount to a base line established for male and female, developmental stage of the embryo, and/or alive and deceased or non-developed embryo, to determine whether the embryo is viable, male and/or female, and/or the developmental stage of the embryo.. .
In Ovo B.v.


Enzymatic hydrolysis of old corrugated cardboard (occ) fines from recycled linerboard mill waste rejects

A significant fraction of short fibers (fines) is produced while recycling old corrugated containerboards (occ), which are usually rejected as solid waste stream, requiring landfilling and posing environmental problems. The major component of these fines rejects are primarily cellulose that can be hydrolyzed into sugars for possible fermentation into biofuels, bioplastics or other sugar based products.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York


Glycerol linked pegylated sugars and glycopeptides

The present invention provides conjugates between peptides and peg moieties through glycerol linkers.. .
Novo Nordisk A/s


Peyer's patch activator

The present invention provides a peyer's patch activator containing a polysaccharide obtained from sugar cane as an active ingredient, wherein the polysaccharide contains α-glucan as a main component and has a peak molecular weight within a range of 720,000 to 1,080,000, with a proportion of glucose in all component sugars being 80% or more, and proportions of nonreducing terminal glucose and α-1,6-linked glucose being 20 to 30% and 15 to 25%, respectively.. .
Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd.


Method for increasing the activity of lysosomal enzymes

Method for enhancing in a mammalian cell the activity of an enzyme associated with gaucher disease by administering a competitive inhibitor of glucocerebrosidase in an amount effective to enhance the activity of the enzyme. Preferred compounds for use in the method are imino sugars and related compounds.
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Of New York University


Amylases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them

In one aspect, the invention is directed to polypeptides having an amylase activity, polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, and methods for making and using these polynucleotides and polypeptides. In one aspect, the polypeptides of the invention can be used as amylases, for example, alpha amylases, to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch into sugars..
Basf Enzymes Llc


Synthesis of deuterated ribo nucleosides, n-protected phosphoramidites and oligonucleotides

The present invention is directed towards the synthesis of high purity deuterated sugars, deuterated phosphoramidites, deuterated nucleobases, deuterated nucleosides, deuterated oligonucleotides, and deuterated rna's of defined sequences which can exhibit biochemically useful and biologically valuable properties, thus having potential for therapeutic uses.. .
Ased, Llc


Method for synthesising 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)furan and 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)tetrahydrofuran by selective hydrogenation of furan-2,5-dialdehyde

A method for selective hydrogenation of furan-2,5-dialdehyde (dff) into 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)furan (dhmf) and into 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)tetrahydrofuran (dhmthf). In relation to the prior art, which uses c6 sugars or 5-hydroxymethyl furaldehyde (5-hmf) as raw materials, the method can be performed at low temperatures (lower than 120° c., preferably 80° c.), while consuming low amounts of catalyst relative to the initial reagent (in particular less than 5%, preferably less than 2% relative to the weight of the reagent).
Roquette Freres


Conversion of oligomeric starch, cellulose, or sugars to hydrocarbons

The present invention is directed to the one step selective conversion of starch, cellulose, or glucose to molecules containing 7 to 26 contiguous carbon atoms. The invention is also directed to the conversion of those intermediates to saturated hydrocarbons.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc


Test for hemolytic potential of pharmaceutical products and formulations for risk minimization

A non-hemolytic acidic composition comprising an immunoglobulin selected from immunoglobulin a, immunoglobulin g or immunoglobulin m at a ph value in the range of 4.65 to 5.7 comprising one or more excipients selected from amino acids, sugars and sugar alcohols in a concentration range of 100-350 mmol/l, in particular 200-350 mmol/l, characterized in that it displays an optical density (od) in the range of 0.14 to −0.1 when the od is determined in a spectrophotometer at 414 nm at a film thickness of 0.825 mm; and its use in an assay for determination of the hemolytic potential of intravenously applied pharmaceuticals and compositions and preparations displaying a reduced potential of hemolysis when being applied intravenously.. .
Octapharma Ag


Anti-dandruff sugars

The invention relates to the cosmetic use of at least one compounds according to the following formula (i), as an anti-dandruff agent or for preventing and/or treating scalp dandruff: where “sugar” denotes a monosaccharide residue chosen from rhamnose, xylose, fucose, mannose, lyxose, and arabinose; where r, substituting the anomeric oxygen in the sugar (represented by “o” in formula (i)), denotes a radical comprising 6 to 38 carbon atoms chosen from: —a linear or branched, saturated alkyl radical; —a linear or branched, alkenyl radical; said linear or branched saturated alkyl radical being optionally substituted by at least one oh and/or nh2 function; —if “sugar” denotes a mannose residue, r denotes a linear c6-c38 alkyl radical, substituted by at least one oh function or an nh2 function; and the salts and solvates and/or optical isomers thereof, alone or in a mixture, particularly racemic forms. The invention also relates to compounds according to formula (i), and cosmetic compositions containing same..


Composition for suppressing expression of target gene

An object of the present invention is to provide a composition for suppressing expression of a target gene, and the like. A composition comprising an rna-encapsulated liposome, wherein the rna contains a sequence consisting of 15 to 30 contiguous bases of a target gene mrna (hereinafter, sequence x) and a base sequence (hereinafter, complementary sequence x′) complementary to the sequence x, 1 to 90% of all sugars binding to the bases of the sequence x and the complementary sequence x′ being ribose substituted by a modifying group at 2′ position, and the lipid particle being capable of reaching a tissue or an organ containing an expression site of the target gene is provide..
Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.


Method for isolating lignin from a biomass and products provided therefrom

The process includes pretreating the biomass to provide a fluidized biomass. The fluidized biomass is then subjected to high frequency pulses and shear forces without denaturing/degrading the individual components of the biomass.


Antibodies with simultaneous subsite specificities to protein and lipid epitopes

Antibodies and method of making antibodies, either monoclonal or polyclonal wherein said antibodies have dual or multi-specific binding capacity to more than one type of antigenic epitope. The antibodies have simultaneous or independent recognition subsites to each of the epitopes.
United States Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Methods and compositions for enzyme-mediated site-specific radiolabeling of glycoproteins

Provided herein are methods, compositions and kits for use in the site-specific labeling of glycoproteins comprising a combination of enzyme-mediated incorporation of modified sugars comprising a chemical handle and cycloaddition chemistry with a labeling molecule comprising a reactive group, a metal ion chelator, and/or a fluorophore.. .
Life Technologies Corporation


Ethanol production, use, and waste recovery using aquatic plants

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods for ethanol production, use, and waste recovery using aquatic plants. In certain embodiments, systems and methods are disclosed for reuse and further processing of waste alcohols, sugars, organic acids and/or byproducts produced by conversion of corn, other grains, or other biomass materials of use in biofuel production methods..
Aquatech Bioenergy Llc


Method and treatment of biomass substrates

A system and method for the treatment of biomass comprising mixing a biomass with an ionic liquid (il) to swell the biomass and electromagnetic (em) heating, preferably radiofrequency (rf) heating, said biomass. Additionally, a method of acidolysis of biomass comprising mixing biomass in an ionic liquid (il) to swell the biomass; adding an acid, to lower the ph of the biomass below ph 7; applying radio frequency (rf) heating to the biomass to heat to a target temperature range; applying ultrasonic heating, electromagnetic (em) heating, convective heating, conductive heating, or combinations thereof, to the biomass to maintain the biomass at a target temperature range; washing the treated biomass; and recovering sugars and released lignin..
Suganit Systems, Inc.


Method for obtaining 1-kestose

The present invention discloses an industrial scale method to obtain 1-kestose by the use of a recombinant fructosyltransferase (ftf), isolated from festuca arundinacea, expressed constitutively in a non-saccharolytic yeast. In this invention, the recombinant ftf type sucrose:sucrose 1-fructosyltransferase (1-sstrec) is produced constitutively, stable and at high yield, both in the culture supernatant and in intact cells of the host pichia pastoris.
Centro De Ingenieria Genetica Y Biotecnologia


Processes for producing lignin-coated hydrophobic cellulose, and compositions and products produced therefrom

Processes disclosed are capable of converting biomass into high-crystallinity, hydrophobic cellulose. In some variations, the process includes fractionating biomass with an acid (such as sulfur dioxide), a solvent (such as ethanol), and water, to generate cellulose-rich solids and a liquid containing hemicellulose and lignin; and depositing lignin onto cellulose fibers to produce lignin-coated cellulose materials (such as dissolving pulp).
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc


Novel neisseria gonorrhoeae therapeutic based on cmp-nonulosonate sugars

N. Gonorrhoeae has become resistant to almost every conventional antibiotic.
National Research Council Of Canada


Isomerisation of c4-c6 aldoses with zeolites

The present invention relates to isomerization of c4-c6 aldoses to their corresponding c4-c6 ketoses. In particular, the invention concerns isomerization of c4-c6 aldoses over solid zeolite catalysts free of any metals other than aluminum, in the presence of suitable solvent(s) at suitable elevated temperatures.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Role of dh44 and homologs in calorie sensing

Provided are methods for identifying drosophila melanogaster mutants which have mutations affecting calorie sensing behavior. Also provided are methods for identifying agents that can interfere with calorie sensing behavior in d.
New York University


Dietary compositions comprising capsules obtained by coacervation without the use of toxic cross-linking agents

Method for preparing double-walled capsules includes: a) dispersing a lipophilic active principle in an aqueous solution containing at least one anionic and at least one cationic polymer; b) adjusting the ph so that the positive charges of the cationic polymer balance the negative charges of the anionic polymer to induce coacervation; c) adsorbing resulting coacervate droplets on the surface of the active principle to form capsules; d) introducing a solution of anionic polymers into the reaction medium obtained in step (c); e) introducing the resulting mixture into a unit forming drops; f) mixing the resulting drops with a solution of divalent salts and forming the double-walled capsules. The method uses no cross-linking agents and the nutritional active principle is selected from among bioactive lipids, salts of trace elements, liposoluble vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics, proteins and/or concentrates of milk proteins, vegetable or animal enzymes, peptides and amino acids, sugars, flavour enhancers..
Societe D'exploitation De Produits Pur Les Industries Chimiques Seppic


Process for producing alcohol by fermentation of sugars

A process for increasing a production of alcohol by fermenting sugars may include applying a direct current electrical field to a fermentation broth, which occurs before the fermentation broth inoculates with a concentration of yeasts; and controlling a ph value of said fermentation broth to maintain the ph value with a specific range.. .
Advel Technologia E Comércia Ltda.


Plant extract, compositions containing same, extraction and uses thereof

An extract from leaves of mulberry is disclosed. The extract has an ic50 value sufficient to inhibit α-glucosidase i.
Botanic Century (beijing Co., Ltd.)


Iminosugars and methods of treating viral diseases

Provided are methods of treating or preventing viral infections caused by or associated with a dengue virus using iminosugars.. .
The Chancellor, Masters And Scholars Of The University Of Oxford


Methods and systems for producing sugars from carbohydrate-rich substrates

A method for producing sugars from lignocellulosic biomass is provided. Lignocellulosic biomass is composed of lignocellulosic fibers which are hollow and primarily contain cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.


Icing composition comprising mannitol particles for bakery products

The invention relates to an icing composition that consists of: 30-75 wt. % of fine carbohydrate particles containing at least 90 wt.
Csm Nederland B.v.


Engineered plant biomass for biodiesel and bioethanol production

The disclosure encompassed herein relates, in part, to a method for increasing energy density of plant biomass that can be used for production of renewable fuel, such as biodiesel oil and/or ethanol. In an aspect, genetic engineering for enhanced sugar accumulation can be achieved by overexpressing a bacterial enzyme sucrose isomerase.
Tyton Biosciences


Use of novel monosaccharide-like glycylated sugar alcohol compositions for designing and developing anti-diabetic drugs

This invention is related to a novel sugar-like chemical composition and its use for diabetes therapy. Particularly, the present invention teaches the use of monosaccharide-like glycylated sugar alcohol compounds to block or reduce sugar absorption in diabetes patients, so as to prevent the risk of hyperglycemia symptoms.


Nanocellulose production using lignosulfonic acid

Processes disclosed are capable of converting biomass into high-crystallinity nanocellulose with low mechanical energy input. In some variations, the process includes fractionating biomass with lignosulfonic acids, to generate cellulose-rich solids; and mechanically treating the cellulose-rich solids to form nanofibrils and/or nanocrystals.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc


Process for enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic material and fermentation of sugars

Wherein before and/or during the enzymatic hydrolysis oxygen is added to the ligno-cellulosic material.. .


Methods for increasing starch content in plants

Methods and compositions for increasing the starch content in green tissues of a plant are provided. The method comprises down-regulating me activity of starch degradation enzymes in a plant.
Agrivida, Inc.


Hydroxytrosol containing extract obtained from olives and solids containing residues of olive oil extraction

Hydroxytyrosol extracted from olives and/or from the solid residues of olives after the extraction of olive oil, by acid hydrolysis and purification on resin columns eluted with water contains hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol, is free from sugars, has a residual content of benzo[a]pyrene that is less than 2 microg/kg (weight bap/weight of extract as dry matter), containing a weight ratio of hydroxytyrosol to hydroxymethylfurfural of between 45:1 and 10000:1, and the content of hydroxytyrosol in the extract is at least 0.5% (w/w) with purity of at least 40% (by hplc 280 nm).. .
Probelte Pharma, S.a.


Botanical extracts from oil palm vegetation liquor for cosmeceutical applications

A cosmeceutical composition comprising phenolic compounds, fruit acids and sugars, extracted from the vegetation liquor of the palm oil milling process has been suggested. This composition is rich in antioxidants, and significantly improves skin health, including preventing aging of skin..
Malaysian Palm Oil Board


Green tea beverage packed in container and manufacturing same

A green tea beverage is packed in a container, which makes it possible to sense a deep aroma passing through the nasal cavity when the beverage is drunk cold, in particular even when time has passed since the container was opened and the beverage temperature has increased and become lukewarm, by adjusting the ratio (sss/ss) of the concentration of settleable suspended solids (sss) to the concentration of suspended solids (ss) in the green tea beverage to 0.07 to 0.48 and adjusting the ratio (sucrose/sugars) of the concentration of sucrose to the concentration of sugars, which is the sum of the concentration of monosaccharide and the concentration of disaccharide, to 0.74 to 0.94.. .
Ito En, Ltd.

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