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Sugars patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Sugars-related patents
 Process for the production of organic compounds from plant species patent thumbnailnew patent Process for the production of organic compounds from plant species
This invention relates to a process for the production of fermentable c5-c6 sugars from oleaginous herbaceous plants comprising the steps of: a) mechanically separating the seeds from the above-ground lignocellulose biomass and breaking-up said lignocellulose biomass; b) placing the above-ground lignocellulose biomass in contact with a basic aqueous solution so as to obtain a paste containing from 10 to 50% by weight of the said lignocellulose biomass at temperature of between 10 and 95° c. For a time of between 1 minute and 24 hours; c) separating out the paste obtained in step b) in a solid fraction containing essentially hemicellulose and cellulose; in a liquid fraction containing lignin and extractables; d) subjecting the said solid fraction containing essentially hemicellulose and cellulose to enzyme hydrolysis..
Novamont S.p.a.
 Separation process of oil and sugars from biomass patent thumbnailSeparation process of oil and sugars from biomass
Process for recovery and separation of sugars and oil from plants where the stems and leaves of such plants have substantial levels of both sugars and oils.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois
 Shelf-stable cooking aid and a process for its preparation patent thumbnailShelf-stable cooking aid and a process for its preparation
The invention concerns a shelf-stable concentrate cooking aid comprising a reduced amount of natural msg, imp and gmp between 10 and 20% in weight of natural food derived acids and sugars and between 20 and 45% of naturally derived macromolecules.. .
Nestec S.a.
 Systems and methods for producing fermented milk replacer and methods of feeding same to animals patent thumbnailSystems and methods for producing fermented milk replacer and methods of feeding same to animals
Young animals such as calves may be fed milk replacers containing soy having been preserved through treatment with acid-producing bacteria that reduces a ph of the milk replacer through microbial digestion of sugars present in soy to thereby produce a fermented milk replacer. The milk replacer is edible for at least 48 hours and its digestibility in the young animals is increased due to the microbial digestion of sugars in the soy that are otherwise indigestible in the gut of the young animals.
Purina Animal Nutrition Llc
 Hair straightening method involving reducing sugars patent thumbnailHair straightening method involving reducing sugars
A hair straightening and/or hair relaxing method comprising: applying a hair care composition to hair, wherein the composition comprises a sugar, a buffering agent and a cosmetically acceptable carrier; and wherein, where the composition is heated to a temperature of at least 100° c., the composition comprises from about 6% to about 20% reducing sugar; hair drying; providing a hair straightening appliance at a temperature of from about 100° c. To about 280° c.
The Procter & Gamble Company
 Thermostable c. bescii enzymes patent thumbnailThermostable c. bescii enzymes
The disclosure provides thermostable enzymes isolated from caldicellulosiruptor bescii and fragments thereof useful for the degradation of cellulose and/or hemicellulose, including thermostable cellulases and hemicellulases. The disclosure further provides nucleic acids encoding the thermostable enzymes of the disclosure.
The Board Pf Trustees Of The University Of Illinois
 Tower display and dispenser of shaped stacked sugars patent thumbnailTower display and dispenser of shaped stacked sugars
The tower display and dispenser of shaped stacked sugars is a food and beverage apparatus that serves to provide a more elegant and functional way to store, display, and consume sugars in coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and other such items. The invention consists of an acrylic display of base, cover, and dispenser enclosing custom-molded sugars with holes in their respective centers so can be securely stacked.
 Methods for treating lignocellulosic materials patent thumbnailMethods for treating lignocellulosic materials
The present invention relates to methods of processing lignocellulosic material to obtain hemicellulose sugars, cellulose sugars, lignin, cellulose and other high-value products. Also provided are hemicellulose sugars, cellulose sugars, lignin, cellulose, and other high-value products..
Virdia, Inc.
 Therapeutic burn gel patent thumbnailTherapeutic burn gel
Therapeutic radiation burn gel is an invention that promotes the healing of radiated skin. It works by softening the layers of necrotic tissue which form (in the skin) post radiation.
 Processes and  refining sugarcane to produce sugars, biofuels, and/or biochemicals patent thumbnailProcesses and refining sugarcane to produce sugars, biofuels, and/or biochemicals
Conventionally, sugarcane processing avoids leaving residual sucrose in the bagasse, since the bagasse will be burned and the value of the sucrose would be lost. However, when coupled with a green power+® process to extract hemicelluloses, sucrose may also be extracted and recovered from the bagasse.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc

Process for the stepwise treatment of lignocellulosic material to produce reactive chemical feedstocks

A method for the fractionation of lignocellulosic materials into reactive chemical feedstock in a batch or semi continuous process by the stepwise treatment with aqueous aliphatic alcohols in the presence of sulfur dioxide or acid. Lignocellulosic material is fractionated in a fashion that cellulose is removed as pulp, or converted to esterified cellulose, cooking chemicals are reused, lignin is separated in the forms of reactive native lignin and reactive lignosulfonates and hemicelluloses are converted into fermentable sugars, while fermentation inhibitors are removed.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc

Fermentation process for converging cellulosic sugars to ethanol

Methods using yeast, enzymes and bacteria to increase ethanol production rates from cellulosic sugars via multiple coupled fermentation processes.. .
Clemson University

Apparatus and continuous fermentation

A hybrid continuous fermentation system and related process for fermenting sugars to produce alcohol containing liquors. The system includes a fermentor arranged with a packed bed region and a fluidized bed region.

Electrolyte purgatives

The invention provides compositions for use in purgatives, for use as purgatives, and to methods for inducing purgation of the colon. In alternative embodiments, the invention provides compositions, e.g., a purgative, comprising: a water-soluble sodium salt (especially sodium sulphate), a water-soluble potassium salt (especially potassium sulphate), and a water-soluble magnesium salt (especially magnesium sulphate); and, compositions further comprising: a bisoxatin, or a detergent stool softening agent (such as sodium picosulphate) and/or a water-soluble sugar (such as xylose or equivalent); or, compositions having these ingredients at different amounts, but at equivalent proportions.

Method for producing levulinic acid from lignocellulosic biomass

A method for producing levulinic acid from lignocellulosic biomass comprising hemicellulose including one or more six carbon chain compound precursors comprises the steps of hydrolyzing the lignocellulosic biomass to form a first phase comprising partially hydrolyzed lignocellulosic biomass including cellulose and lignin and a second phase comprising one or more five carbon chain sugars and one or more six carbon chain sugars from degradation of the hemicellulose, separating the first phase from the second phase, and converting at least a portion of the one or more six carbon chain sugars to levulinic acid.. .
Georgia-pacific Llc

Conversion of cellulose into simple sugars

Cellulose may be converted into simple sugars such as glucose by contacting the cellulose with a compound effective to catalytically cleave the ether bonds of the cellulose. The compound may be a vitamin, a porphyrin, flavins, pyridoxal-containing molecules, and/or a compound containing at least one ylide functional group.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Liquid / liquid separation of lignocellulosic biomass to produce sugar syrups and lignin fractions

A process for production of c5 and c6 sugar enriched syrups from lignocellulosic biomass and fermentation products therefrom is described. A lignocellulosic biomass is treated with acetic acid with washing thereof with a c1-c2 acid-miscible organic solvent, (e.g., ethyl acetate).
Archer Daniels Midland Company

Recombinant c1 beta-glucosidase for production of sugars from cellulosic biomass

The invention relates to expression of a recombinant c1 β-glucosidase. The invention also provides methods for producing a fermentable sugar from cellobiose by contacting cellobiose with a recombinant host cell comprising a polynucleotide sequence encoding c1 β-glucosidase, operably linked to heterologous promoter, under conditions in which β-glucosidase is expressed and secreted by the cell and the cellobiose is enzymatically converted by said β-glucosidase to glucose.
Codexis, Inc.

Glycoconjugates and use thereof as vaccine against shigella flexneri serotype 3a and x

The present invention relates to compounds derived from sugars which reproduce the epitopes of shigella flexneri serotypes 3a and x and to the use thereof for the preparation of vaccine compositions. More specifically, the subject matter of the present invention relates to novel glycoconjugated compounds comprising oligosaccharides or polysaccharides described hereinafter, to the method for synthesizing these oligosaccharides or polysaccharides and glycoconjugates, to derivatives of these oligosaccharides or polysaccharides, to compositions containing same, and also to the use of the glycoconjugates for vaccination purposes.
Universite Paris Descartes

Sugar compositions

A sugar composition comprising at least 40% dissolved solids in an aqueous solution having a viscosity at least 10% lower than a 42 de (dextrose equivalents) reference solution with a same dissolved solids concentration at a given temperature. Another sugar composition comprising at least 30% glucose relative to total sugars, at least 10% mannose relative to total sugars, at least 5% xylose relative to total sugars, and less than 0.25% ash.
Virdia Ltd

Isolation water insoluble components of a biomass and products provided therefrom

The process includes pretreating the biomass with a first basic solution such as sodium hydroxide and mechanically altering the fibers to provide a fluidized biomass. The fluidized biomass is then subjected to high frequency pulses and shear forces without denaturing the individual components of the biomass.

Dietary supplement comprising amino acids in a palatable liquid formulation that promotes restful sleep, recovery from stress and exercise and strengthens the immune system

A palatable, single serving dietary supplement of amino acids that may be taken as a nutritional aid to improve health and well-being by promoting higher quality sleep, enhancing repair of muscular tissue after strenuous exercise in part through boosting the natural production of human growth hormone, enhancing the immune system, improve gut barrier function, aiding in responses to upper respiratory viral pathogens, reversing side effects from the over use of nutritional energy drinks with stimulants and simple sugars and reverse the side effects of excess signaling through the cortisol pathway resulting from chronic environmental stress.. .
North Health Essentials, Llc

Compositions, methods, and plant genes for the improved production of fermentable sugars for biofuel production

Described herein are compositions comprising at least one auxin transport inhibitor for pre-treating a plant or seed to increase saccharification, or saccharide release by hydrolysis, the at least one auxin transport inhibitor being in an amount effective to increase sugar release from a plant tissue by hydrolysis. Also described are plant mutations, and methods to screen for such plant mutations, having an improved sugar release phenotype.
The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto

Ice cream with a low sugar content comprising prebiotics partly or totally fermented by probiotics and making the ice cream

The invention relates to a process for formulating an ice cream wherein a high percentage of the added sugars (from 0% to 20%) is substituted for complex sugar substances known as prebiotics which, after pasteurization, can be partly or totally fermented by probiotic bacteria of the genera bifidobacterium, lactobacillus and streptococcus, or hydrolyzed by enzymes to obtain a partly fermented ice cream with a low sugar content and containing a high number (>106/ml) of live probiotic bacteria. The different prebiotics are used as individual ingredients or in mixtures and in diverse concentrations.
Ali S.p.a.-carpigiani Group

Orally disintegrating tablet containing bitterness-masking granules

Disclosed is a tablet containing anhydrous calcium hydrogen phosphate, granules (a) which contain sugars, and granules (b) which contain nuclear particles having a diameter of 10-500 μm, medicine and a film coating, and which have a particle diameter of 700 μm or less. The present invention enables tablet-making difficulties during the manufacture of the tablet to be suppressed.
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

Process for ambient temperature fractionation and extraction of various biomasses

The present invention provides a process for fractionating biomass into its individual components. The process includes pretreating a biomass which may include mechanically altering the fibers and/or contacting the biomass with a solvent to provide a fluidized biomass.

Composition of lignin pellets and system for producing the same

A system for treating biomass for the production of a composition of lignin pellets is disclosed. Pellets comprising at least 50 percent lignin by dry weight is disclosed.
Poet Research Incorporated

Methods and systems for chemoautotrophic production of organic compounds

The present disclosure identifies pathways, mechanisms, systems and methods to confer chemoautotrophic production of carbon-based products of interest, such as sugars, alcohols, chemicals, amino acids, polymers, fatty acids and their derivatives, hydrocarbons, isoprenoids, and intermediates thereof, in organisms such that these organisms efficiently convert inorganic carbon to organic carbon-based products of interest using inorganic energy, such as formate, and in particular the use of organisms for the commercial production of various carbon-based products of interest.. .
Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc.

Manganese oxide-stabilized zirconia catalyst support materials

The present disclosure relates generally to catalyst support materials, catalysts and methods for using them, such as methods for converting sugars, sugar alcohols, glycerol, and bio-renewable organic acids to commercially-valuable chemicals and intermediates. One aspect of the invention is catalyst support material including zro2 and one or more oxides of manganese (mnox), the catalyst support material being at least about 50 wt % zro2 and mnox.
Clariant Corporation

Kluyveromyces lactis yeast strain and methods for the production of sugars, ethanol, beta-galactosidase and biomass

The present invention is a kluyveromyces lactis yeast strain comprising the sequence identified by seq id no: 1, and methods for the production of sugars (glucose and galactose), ethanol, β-galactosidase and biomass, in which said kluyveromyces lactis yeast strain is cultured in the presence of a lactose-containing medium. The lactose-containing medium may be milk, whey, whey resulting from the preparation of butter, whey resulting after casein precipitation, milk permeate, whey permeate, acid whey and ypl culture medium..
Queizuar, S.l.

Transformed cells that ferment pentose sugars and methods of their use

The present invention relates to host cells transformed with a nucleic acid sequence encoding a eukaryotic xylose isomerase obtainable from an anaerobic fungus. When expressed, the sequence encoding the xylose isomerase confers to the host cell the ability to convert xylose to xylulose which may be further metabolized by the host cell.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Process for making a shelf-stable milk based beverage concentrate

A concentrate, system and low-temperature process for preparing a shelf-stable milk concentrate that does not require ultra-high temperature thermal processing for control of the microbiology of the product is disclosed herein. The method preferably incorporates aseptic technology and the enzymatic reduction of lactose to control water activity.
Dairyvative Technologies, Llc

Stable, durable granules with active agents

A stable, durable granule for feed compositions has a core, at least one active agent; and at least one coating. The active agent of the granule retains at least 50% activity, at least 60% activity, at least 70% activity, at least 80% activity after conditions selected from one or more of a) a feed pelleting process, b) a steam-heated feed pretreatment process, c) storage, d) storage as an ingredient in an unpelleted mixture, and e) storage as an ingredient in a feed base mix or a feed premix comprising at least one compound selected from trace minerals, organic acids, reducing sugars, vitamins, choline chloride, and compounds which result in an acidic or a basic feed base mix or feed premix..
Danisco Us Inc.

Sugar compositions

A sugar composition comprising at least 40% dissolved solids in an aqueous solution having a viscosity at least 10% lower than a 42 de (dextrose equivalents) reference solution with a same dissolved solids concentration at a given temperature. Another sugar composition comprising at least 30% glucose relative to total sugars, at least 10% mannose relative to total sugars, at least 5% xylose relative to total sugars, and less than 0.25% ash.
Virdia Ltd.

Sugar compositions

A sugar composition comprising at least 40% dissolved solids in an aqueous solution having a viscosity at least 10% lower than a 42 de (dextrose equivalents) reference solution with a same dissolved solids concentration at a given temperature. Another sugar composition comprising at least 30% glucose relative to total sugars, at least 10% mannose relative to total sugars, at least 5% xylose relative to total sugars, and less than 0.25% ash.
Virdia Ltd

Methods and compositions for improving sugar transport, mixed sugar fermentation, and production of biofuels

The present disclosure relates to host cells containing a recombinant polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide where the polypeptide transports cellodextrin into the cell. The present disclosure further relates to methods of increasing transport of cellodextrin into a cell, methods of increasing growth of a cell on a medium containing cellodextrin, methods of co-fermenting cellulose-derived and hemicellulose-derived sugars, and methods of making hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon derivatives by providing a host cell containing a recombinant polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide where the polypeptide transports cellodextrin into the cell.
Bp Corporation North America Inc.

Gh61 glycoside hydrolase protein variants and cofactors that enhance gh61 activity

The present invention provides various gh61 protein variants comprising various amino acid substitutions. The gh61 protein variants have an improved ability to synergize with cellulase enzymes, thereby increasing the yield of fermentable sugars obtained by saccharification of biomass.
Codexis, Inc.

Carbohydrate based binder system and its production

The present invention relates to an aqueous carbohydrate based binder composition, comprising a carbohydrate component and an amine component, wherein the carbohydrate component comprises one or more pentose sugars, as well as to a method of its production.. .
Knauf Insulation

Pharmaceutical or dietary compositions based on short-chain fatty acids and complex sugars, for intestinal disorders

Pharmaceutical or dietary composition containing, as active ingredients, at least one short-chain fatty acid or salt, ester and/or amide thereof, in combination with a complex sugar and/or dietary fibre. The complex sugar and/or dietary fibre is selected from inulin, pectin, dextrin, maltodextrin or derivatives thereof and with one or more pharmacologically acceptable excipients.
Cosmo Technologies Ltd.

Processes for making sugar and/or sugar alcohol dehydration products

A process is disclosed for making dehydration products from an aqueous sugars solution including pentoses, hexoses or both, for example, an aqueous high fructose corn syrup solution, or from an aqueous solution of one or more of the alcohols of such pentoses and hexoses, for example, from an aqueous sorbitol solution, by an acid-catalyzed dehydration using substituted sulfonic acids solubilized in the aqueous sugars or sugar alcohols solution.. .
Archer Daniels Midland Company

Processes for producing biomass pellets and sugars

In this disclosure, a process for producing biomass pellets and sugars from cellulosic biomass is provided, comprising: extracting the feedstock with steam and/or hot water and optionally with an acid catalyst, to produce cellulose-rich solids and an extract liquor containing hemicellulosic oligomers and lignin; separating the cellulose-rich solids from the extract liquor; filtering the extract liquor to remove at least some of the lignin, thereby generating a filter permeate comprising cleaned extract liquor containing the hemicellulosic oligomers and a filter retentate comprising a lignin-rich stream; hydrolyzing the hemicellulosic oligomers in the cleaned extract liquor with an acid or enzymes, to generate hemicellulosic monomers which are recovered; and pelletizing the cellulose-rich solids to form biomass pellets, wherein the pelletizing utilizes at least some of the lignin-rich stream as a binder or binder component.. .
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc

Compositions and methods for the stability of reactive amino acids in a food matrix

The present disclosure provides products and methods that provide for the stability of functional amino acids in food matrices. In a general embodiment, the products include either a source of beta-glucans or a source of protein low in reducing sugars, in combination with a functional amino acid in a binder having low amounts of or being substantially free of reducing sugars.
Nestec S.a.

Reducing sugar-based sulfide scavengers and methods of use in subterranean operations

Improved methods and additives for eliminating or reducing concentrations of hydrogen sulfide or soluble sulfide ions for use in subterranean formations and fluids are provided. In one embodiment, the methods comprise: providing a treatment fluid comprising a base liquid and a sulfide scavenging additive comprising one or more reducing sugars; introducing the treatment fluid into at least a portion of a subterranean formation; and allowing at least a portion of the sulfide scavenging additive to interact with hydrogen sulfide or sulfide ions present in the treatment fluid to produce a precipitate comprising one or more sulfur species..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Glk genes for improved fruit quality

The present invention provides methods for improving fruit quality in plants that have low or reduced levels of golden2-like (glk) activity in the green fruit (e.g., cultivated tomato). The methods involve introgressing genes encoding functional glks into the plant so that they are expressed in the green fruit of the plant and thereby increase chloroplast biogenesis in the fruit.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Heat stable, fe dependent alcohol dehydrogenase for aldehyde detoxification

The present invention relates to microorganisms and polypeptides for detoxifying aldehydes associated with industrial fermentations. In particular, a heat-stable, nadph- and iron-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase was cloned from thermoanaerobacter pseudethanolicus 39e and displayed activity against a number of aldehydes including inhibitory compounds that are produced during the dilute-acid pretreatment process of lignocellulosic biomass before fermentation to biofuels.
Ut-battelle, Llc

Pentose fermenting microorganisms

The invention provides a microbial eukaryotic cell capable of utilizing c5 sugars, in particular xylose. Another objective of the invention is to provide an improved protein sequence to enable eukaryotic cells to degrade c5 sugars.
Clariant Produkte (deutschland) Gmbh

Dry food product containing live probiotic

The disclosure relates to a probiotic delivery system that can be consumed as a snack-food or added to a food product. In particular, the disclosure describes a crisp and tasty treat that comprises viable probiotic microorganisms preserved in a vacuum dried matrix of sugars, proteins, and polysaccharides.
Advanced Bionutrition Corporation

Plant-based inhibitors of ketohexokinase for the support of weight management

A composition for inhibiting ketohexokinase, for example, ketohexokinase-c (khk-c) activity, may include a plant extract exhibiting at least ic50 (i.e., 50% khk-c inhibition at a concentration in the range of from about 0.1 μg/ml to about 1000 μg/ml. The composition may be in a form suitable for oral ingestion.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado

Biological conversion of biomass-derived sugars to value added chemicals

A method of growing a microorganism by culturing the microorganism in a an aqueous solution of carbohydrates containing c6-sugar monomers or c5-sugar monomers, wherein the aqueous solution of carbohydrates is made by reacting biomass or a biomass-derived reactant with a solvent system including a lactone and water, and an acid catalyst. The reaction yields a product mixture containing water-soluble c6-sugar-containing oligomers, c6-sugar monomers, c5-sugar-containing oligomers, c5-sugar monomers, or any combination thereof.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Endoglucanase 1b (eg1b) variants

The present invention provides endoglucanase 1b (eg1b) variants suitable for use in saccharification reactions. The present application further provides genetically modified fungal organisms that produce eg1b variants, as well as enzyme mixtures exhibiting enhanced hydrolysis of cellulosic material to fermentable sugars, enzyme mixtures produced by the genetically modified fungal organisms, and methods for producing fermentable sugars from cellulose using such enzyme mixtures..
Codexis, Inc.

Production of sugars and co-products from cellulosic waste streams

This disclosure provides a business method and system for generating sugars and recycling a non-biomass component from a waste stream. In some embodiments, a waste stream comprising cellulose and a non-biomass component is saccharified to produce glucose, followed by recovery of the glucose and non-biomass component, which may be recycled to another site associated with production of a cellulose-containing product that contains the non-biomass component.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc

Production of fuel from chemicals derived from biomass

Hydrocarbons may be formed from six carbon sugars. This process involves obtaining a quantity of a hexose sugar.

Modified binder compositions

The invention relates to an aldehyde based resin composition that has an ultralow formaldehyde (ulf) emission both on curing and from the final cured product and to the use thereof as a binder or adhesive for the manufacture of mineral wool (glass fibre and stone fibre) products, non-woven materials, wooden boards, plywood, coated materials and/or impregnated material products. The invention further relates to a process for the manufacture of the resin composition, to a sizing composition for use in mineral wool applications, to a sizing composition for use in saturation or impregnation applications, and to a curable aqueous composition for use in board and wood applications, comprising the aldehyde resin composition according to the invention.

Integrated biorefineries for production of sugars, fermentation products, and coproducts

Processes are described for fractionating lignocellulosic biomass into cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, comprising fractionating lignocellulosic biomass in the presence of a solvent for lignin (such as ethanol), a hydrolysis catalyst (such as sulfur dioxide), and water, to produce a liquor containing hemicellulose, cellulose-rich solids, and lignin; hydrolyzing the hemicellulose to produce hemicellulosic monomers; saccharifying the cellulose-rich solids to produce glucose; recovering the hemicellulosic monomers and the glucose, separately or in a combined stream, as fermentable sugars; and fermenting the fermentable sugars to a fermentation product having a higher normal boiling point than water. Process integration of mass and/or energy is disclosed in many specific embodiments.

Cell-based production of nonulosonates

The present invention relates to the the cell-based production of bacterial nonulosonates and their biosynthetic precursors. Specifically, the present invention provides recombinant cells for the production of pseudaminic acid, legionaminic acid, udp-2,4-diacetamido-2,4,6-trideoxy-□-l-altropyranose, and udp-2,4-diacetamido-2,4,6-trideoxy-□-d-glucopyranose.

Sushi rice capable of being frozen and then conventionally thawed

The present invention relates to a method for making rice capable of being frozen and then defrosted by conventional means rather than microwaved to defrost. The product includes cooked sushi rice kernels that have been coated with trehalose such that the total sugars consist of between 9% and about 60% trehalose..

Method of forming fertilizer

A system and method of forming high nutritional fertilizer form swine feces in a reservoir underneath a swine facility. A pump system has a pump that conveys the feces to a remote location where the swine feces first goes through a filter and then into a treatment tank.

Novel sugar alcohol-based compositions for delivering nucleic acid-based drugs in vivo and in vitro

This invention relates to a composition and its use for formulating nucleic acid-based drugs/vaccines with sugar alcohol compositions into complexes for both in-vitro and in-vivo delivery. Particularly, the present invention includes the ingredients and processes necessary for formulating therapeutic and pharmaceutical nucleic acid compositions, such as mirna, microrna precursors, shrnas, sirnas, ribozymes, antisense rnas/dnas, rna-dna hybrids and dna vectors/vaccines, with glycylated sugar alcohols/sugars into delivery complexes, which can then be absorbed by cells in vivo and in vitro via active endocytosis.

Use of bacillus composition for increasing the amount of available sugars in animal feed

Described are methods for assaying whether a bacillus composition comprising at least one bacillus strain is capable of increasing the amount of available sugar from animal feed comprising non-starch polysaccharides (nsp). Also described are methods for increasing the amount of available sugar from animal feed comprising non-starch polysaccharides (nsp), comprising adding to the animal feed a bacillus composition comprising at least one bacillus strain, which compositions produces 120 hexose equivalents (μmol/ml) or more when measured by the method described herein.

Antioxidant ingredient with low calorie content, obtaining same and use thereof

The present invention relates to an antioxidant ingredient with low calorie content obtainable by a process that comprises the following steps: (a) selecting as raw material at least one fruit and/or plant material with high antioxidant content, greater than 6 g/100 g dry matter; (b) obtaining juice and pulp by means of grinding, squeezing and/or pressing the raw material; (c) extracting sugars from the pulp obtained in the preceding step in order to produce a pulp with low calorie content; (d) dehydrating the pulp by means of a method selected from air drying, low-temperature drying with application of vacuum and/or freeze-drying; and (e) milling the pulp in order to produce the antioxidant ingredient with low calorie content. Likewise, the invention relates to the process for obtaining said ingredient and to the use thereof for the production of functional foods..

Process for commercial production of concentrated sugary syrup with low energy requirement

The invention provides a progressive freeze-concentration process for the commercial production of sugar, particularly maple, syrup including the steps of exposure of collected raw sugar solutions and maple sap on-site to a predominantly or relatively naturally occurring cold surface, gradually cooling the sap to a temperature sufficient to commence freezing of a water ice, continuing the cooling and freezing to form a solid body of water ice and a liquid component separate from the solid body containing first sugars, continuing the cooling and freezing until the first sugars containing liquid component reaches a substantially thickened or gel consistency, and thirdly, separation of the first sugars containing liquid component from the said solid body.. .

Method for obtaining an extract rich in ellagic acid tannins from fruits that contain these compounds, and resulting extract

A biotechnology process that employs membrane technology for obtaining an extract rich in tannins of ellagic acid from blackberries (rubus spp.) and from other fruits that contain these compounds, as well as to the extract obtained using this method. The method is essentially based on baromembrane technologies that allow mechanical separation and effective fractionation between the polyphenol compounds, by interactions between the physico-chemical properties thereof, the material of the membrane and the molar mass of same, thereby allowing enrichment of a fraction of the natural extract with ellagic acid tannins and modification of the content thereof in terms of anthocyanins and other compounds such as sugars and acids..

Biocatalysts with enhanced inhibitor tolerance

Disclosed herein are biocatalysts for the production of biofuels, including microorganisms that contain genetic modifications conferring tolerance to growth and fermentation inhibitors found in many cellulosic feedstocks. Methods of converting cellulose-containing materials to fuels and chemicals, as well as methods of fermenting sugars to fuels and chemicals, using these biocatalysts are also disclosed..

Whole cane storage and handling system and method

A whole cane sweet sorghum storage and handling system and method is described. The system and method places leaf-stripped whole cane stalks onto a storage pile which is ventilated to control conditions that prevent the deterioration of sugars in storage, which allows the production of sweet sorghum to ethanol after the harvesting season.

Production of fuel from chemicals derived from biomass

Hydrocarbons may be formed from six carbon sugars. This process involves obtaining a quantity of a hexose sugar.

Sweetener compositions and methods of making same

A natural sweetener composition comprises a blend of stevioside extract and rebaudioside a extract, wherein the ratio of rebaudioside a extract to stevioside extract is between about 12:1 to about 1:12 and the purity of both extracts is from about 60% to about 97.5%. The sweetener composition may further include sweet sugars and non-natural sugars..

Green process to hydrolyze carbohydrates from tobacco biomass using subcritical water

Processes for recovering sugars and nicotine from a tobacco biomass include feeding a biomass of tobacco plants and subcritical water to a reactor, hydrolyzing the biomass of tobacco plants with the subcritical water at a temperature between about 150° c. And 305° c.

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