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Suction Device patents

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Fluid dispensing hair removal device

Fluid dispensing hair removal device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Suction Device-related patents
 Process to maintain large clean recreational bodies of water patent thumbnailProcess to maintain large clean recreational bodies of water
The present invention also discloses a structure to contain large water bodies comprising a system for the removal of impurities and surface oils by means of skimmers and the suction device to clean said structure.. .
 Fluid dispensing hair removal device patent thumbnailFluid dispensing hair removal device
A hair removal device is provided, comprising a handle and a collapsible reservoir suitable for containing a fluid to be dispensed during use of the hair removal device, the hair removal device additionally comprising a container enclosing the collapsible reservoir, a fluid outlet adapted to allow fluid to exit both the collapsible reservoir and the container, an orifice adapted to allow air to flow in or out of the container, and a suction device, adapted to suck fluid out of the collapsible reservoir through fluid outlet, wherein the fluid outlet comprises an applicator. The container can be rigid, deformably rigid, or a combination of both..
 Hydrophobic porous non mechanical valve for  medical suction device patent thumbnailHydrophobic porous non mechanical valve for medical suction device
The present invention provides a porous non mechanical valve which retards or prevents the passage of bodily fluids and is resistant to being occluded or blocked by exposure to the surgical fumes or aerosols encountered during surgical procedures.. .
 Method and device for industrially producing photovoltaic concentrator modules patent thumbnailMethod and device for industrially producing photovoltaic concentrator modules
The invention relates to a device for industrially producing photovoltaic concentrator modules which consist of a module frame, a lens pane comprising a plurality of fresnel lenses, a sensor-carrier pane, and an electric line guide, said device comprising the following features: a) a carriage (30) for retaining a module frame (1) in a tension-free manner by means of clamping elements (31) on the two longitudinal sides and stop elements (37) on the two transverse sides, these clamping elements (31) being adjusted by displacing and rotating a shift rod (32), b) a device (47) for punctually applying acrylic and linearly applying silicone (48) onto the support surfaces of the module frame (1), c) one device for laying the sensor-carrier pane (3) and one for laying the lens pane (2), these panes being conveyed in a tension-free manner using special suction devices (39) and being set down with a centrally-positioned, predetermined contact pressure, d) a device for measuring the position of each pane and for positioning the sensor-carrier pane (3) or lens pane (2), e) a device for finely-adjusting said lens pane (2) relative to cpv sensors (4) of the sensor-carrier pane (3), a voltage being supplied to selected cpv sensors whereupon the light emitted therefrom via the fresnel lenses (5) is sensed and the lens pane (2) is aligned such that the emission from particularly strategically important fresnel lenses (5) is at a maximum, f) a device for curing the applied silicone between the module frame (1) and the pane in question, using a plurality of uv light-emitting elements (40), and g) devices for conveying the workpieces to be processed.. .
 Device for processing containers patent thumbnailDevice for processing containers
An extractor for placement adjacent to a rotor having processing positions in a circumferential area thereof extracts contaminants arising during container processing. The extractor has a hood forming an interior, an extractor channel, baffles, flow channels, and a joint suction channel.
 Washing machine and washing machine thereof patent thumbnailWashing machine and washing machine thereof
A washing machine and washing method thereof comprises an inner tub, an outer tub and solid particles as washing medium. The inner tub, of which the inner wall is provided with lifting ribs protruding inward, rotates under the driving power of a driving device.
 Nasal suction device patent thumbnailNasal suction device
An apparatus comprises a body, a base, and a conduit. The body comprises an absorbent material.
 Hollow box with identification member and device for making the same patent thumbnailHollow box with identification member and device for making the same
A method for making a hollow box includes a step of cutting a plate into identification members; a step of sucking the plate to be attached on a fixed area of a female mold by a suction device; a step of squeezing melting and semi-solidified thermo-plastic material and sealing a lower end of the melting and semi-solidified thermo-plastic material, the melting and semi-solidified thermo-plastic material being expanded by the air introduced therein; a step of clamping the melting and semi-solidified thermo-plastic material by a female mold and a male mold; a step of expanding the melting and semi-solidified thermo-plastic material until the melting and semi-solidified thermo-plastic material contacts against insides of the female and male molds; a step of melting the surface of the identification member which is connected to the hollow box; a step of cooling obtaining the product by separating the female and male molds.. .
 Media suction devices and methods patent thumbnailMedia suction devices and methods
Devices and methods are provided for removing media from a culture vessel that decreases disruption of the interface between the cellular material and media within the vessel such that aspiration and removal of cells or cell clusters along with the media is minimized. In addition, the media fluid turbulence is decreased so as to minimize the activation or disruption of cells and cell clusters..
 Device and method for treating at least one container patent thumbnailDevice and method for treating at least one container
A device for treating at least one container, preferably for filling at least one container with a fill product and/or for reshaping a container, comprising an isolator chamber containing a defined atmosphere, in which the treatment of the container is carried out, and at least one container channel for conveying the container into the isolator chamber or for conveying the container out of the isolator chamber, and a suction device for sucking air out of the container channel and out of the isolator chamber, and a supply air preparation unit for preparing the air to be fed to the isolator chamber, wherein the suction device is connected with the supply air preparation unit in such a manner that at least a portion of the air sucked out of the container channel and/or the isolator chamber is fed to the supply air preparation unit for renewed preparation.. .
Combination clamp, organizing harness and drape clip
A surgical organizing device (10) comprises an integrally formed c-clamp (14) for mounting on an iv pole (12), a central portion (28) and a plurality of open-topped horizontal slots (38, 40, 42) for receiving tubing and/or wires used in surgical procedures. Along bottom side edges of the device, apertures (32,34) permit securing respective chains (60, 62) for attaching a drape clip (64), a second spring clip (70) or the like.
Monitoring method
The invention relates to a method for monitoring an operating status of an anode furnace, wherein the anode furnace is formed from a plurality of heating ducts (12) and furnace chambers, wherein the furnace chambers serve for receiving anodes and the heating ducts serve for controlling the temperature of the furnace chambers, wherein the anode furnace comprises at least one furnace unit (11) having a heating zone (18), a firing zone (19) and a cooling zone (20), wherein a suction device (15) is arranged in the heating zone and a burner device (16) is arranged in the firing zone, wherein, by means of the burner device, combustion air is heated up in the heating ducts of the firing zone, wherein, by means of the suction device, hot air is sucked out of the heating ducts of the heating zone, wherein a suction output of the suction device is determined, and wherein a pressure in the heating duct is measured, wherein a volumetric flow in the heating duct is determined from a ratio of suction output and pressure.. .
Controlled negative pressure apparatus and alarm mechanism
Methods and devices for treatment of damaged tissue are disclosed, including treatment of wounds by employing non-electrically powered, reduced pressure therapy devices. The devices are capable of generating a substantially constant reduced pressure with low tolerance for pressure fluctuations.
Powder or granular material feeding apparatus
A powder or granular material feeding apparatus includes a guide cylinder having a plurality of gas suction holes that guides gas in an interior thereof to an outside, a filter provided on a portion of the guide cylinder where the gas suction holes are formed, a gas feed unit configured to feed inert gas, an auger including a revolving shaft positioned in the guide cylinder and a blade provided on the revolving shaft, and an suction device. The revolving shaft includes a gas feed channel configured to guide the inert gas and a gas feed port configured to allow the inert gas to eject therefrom to cause the powder or granular material to contain the inert gas.
Fill head interface with combination vacuum pressure chamber
A fill head apparatus includes at least one chamber for holding a fluid. The chamber has an outlet for expelling the fluid.
Suction device, suction method, and ejection device
A suction device for an ejection head provided with a nozzle includes a cap capable of sealing a nozzle surface provided with the nozzle, a decompression pump serving as a decompression device, and a suction passage provided between the cap and the decompression pump. The negative pressure level of the suction passage set by the decompression pump are controlled on the basis of a volume of the suction passage such that a liquid with which the ejection head has been filled is sucked out from the nozzle..
Cooling structure of electricity storage device
A cooling structure of an electricity storage device includes a storage cell case, a plurality of storage cells, a plurality of cooling passages, an intake duct, an exhaust duct, a cooling air suction device, and a flow path resistance. The plurality of storage cells are accommodated in the storage cell case.
End effector module
An end effector module includes a palm base and robotic fingers extended from the palm base. Each robotic finger is composed of four joint shafts pivotally coupled with one another, and one of the four joint shafts, namely a start joint shaft, has a driving mechanism for driving a corresponding robotic finger to rotate, and each joint shaft has a driving mechanism to drive a next corresponding joint shaft to turn pivotally and bend with respect to other corresponding joint shafts, so that each robotic finger is module with four degrees of freedom for fine-tuning the position of a suction device installed at an end joint shaft, and the suction device can move along the normal direction of a suction point selected on the surface of a clamped object to achieve the effect of clamping and sucking an object securely without the risk of being loosened easily..
Heavy-load suction cup device
The present invention generally relates to the field of suction cups, and more particularly to a rotatable multi-cup suction device. The heavy-load suction cup device includes a cup body that is directly contactable with an adhered surface.
A microtome has a blade holder on which a blade is mounted, an anti-roll device for supporting a section preparation that has been produced by means of the blade, and a suction device by means of which the section preparation can be picked up by suction and carried off. The suction device has a nozzle, with an adjustably mounted nozzle body, and a suction channel.
Air intake system for cooling air
An air intake system supplies cooling air to at least one heat exchanger and through which the cooling air flows. The air intake system is equipped on the inlet side with a device for removing and shredding components of the cooling air adhering on the inlet-side surface of the sieve.
Device and method for unpacking and feeding flat-folded and upright packaging sleeves
A device for transferring flat-folded and upright packaging sleeves to a further processing unit, in particular a filling machine for liquid or pasty products, wherein in each case a certain number of packaging sleeves are provided in an outer package and wherein the outer packages of the packaging sleeves are opened and removed. At least one gripper element may be disposed on a robot arm for transporting an outer package to a cutting and unpacking station, elements for cutting open and unpacking the packaging sleeves, at least one suction device for vacuuming away the cutting dust resulting from the cutting open and a gripping device for gripping the packaging sleeves released from the outer package and delivering these to the further processing unit are provided..
Suction device
A device for vacuum-lifting workpieces includes a driving assembly, a rotating table, a plurality of suction assemblies mounted on the rotating table spaced from each other, and a vacuum pump. Each suction assembly includes a suction cup.
Vacuum control valve for vacuum drainage system
A valve for a vacuum drainage system includes a valve body having an interior chamber operatively connectable to a suction device and through an outlet to a vacuum source. A movable member having an aperture is secured within the chamber and movable through points between closed and open positions to adjust the open area of the aperture and the fluid flow through the outlet.
Homecare suction device
A homecare suction device includes a main body having a housing. An air pump is mounted in the housing and in communication with an air outlet and an air inlet of the housing.
Devices to equip vehicles with closed circuit television backup system
A mechanism to secure a closed circuit camera to a vehicle includes a securing mechanism and a locking system, wherein locking the locking system provides power to the camera, allowing it to communicate with a monitor within the vehicle to allow a driver to see the camera's transmissions. The communication includes a synchronization protocol, such as bluetooth® ssp, that ensures the camera and monitor are communicating exclusively with one another, avoiding cross-talk or other interference from nearby systems.
Rotatable multi-cup suction device
A rotatable multi-cup suction device includes at least two suction cup assemblies coupled to each other through a rotatable connection assembly and each including a cup body that is in direct contact with an adhered surface of an object. The cup bodies are each provided with a cap positioned thereon to define a cavity with the cup body.
Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method for porous hollow fiber membrane, porous hollow fiber membrane, and manufacturing method thereof
The present invention relates to a defect inspection apparatus including: a container storing a fluid; a passage member that is configured such that a hollow fiber membrane travel passage, which allows the porous hollow fiber membrane to pass therethrough continuously, is formed thereinside and the passage member being disposed in the fluid to thereby fill the passage with the fluid; a restrictor that restricts travel of the porous hollow fiber membrane such that the porous hollow fiber membrane passes through the fluid in the hollow fiber membrane travel passage of the passage member; a fluid suction device that flows the fluid in the hollow fiber membrane travel passage to thereby lower the pressure of the fluid in the hollow fiber membrane travel passage; and an air bubble detector that detects an air bubble that is released into the fluid from a defect of the porous hollow fiber membrane.. .
Anchoring system for swimming pool stairs
The invention provides a staircase arrangement for use within a swimming pool. The staircase arrangement comprises a staircase and at least one suction device.
Self-orienting desiccant holder for use in a suction device
A receptacle for consistently orienting a sterilized surgical instrument for natural grasping by a physician without removing his or her vision from the operational field, wherein the receptacle may also comprise a reservoir and desiccant for maintaining sanitized or sterilized instruments.. .
Oral suction device with ventilation capability
An oral suction device for insertion into an airway of a patient including a first tube and a second tube. The first tube includes a first gas port configured to be coupled to a ventilation source.
Substrate having an electron donating surface with metal particles comprising palladium on said surface
There is disclosed a substrate with an electron donating surface, characterized in having metal particles on said surface, said metal particles comprising palladium and at least one metal selected from the group consisting of gold, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, wherein the amount of said metal particles is from about 0.001 to about 8 μg/cm2. Examples of coated objects include contact lenses, pacemakers, pacemaker electrodes, stents, dental implants, rupture nets, rupture mesh, blood centrifuge equipment, surgical instruments, gloves, blood bags, artificial heart valves, central venous catheters, peripheral venous catheters, vascular ports, haemodialysis equipment, peritoneal dialysis equipment, plasmapheresis devices, inhalation drug delivery devices, vascular grafts, arterial grafts, cardiac assist devices, wound dressings, intermittent catheters, ecg electrodes, peripheral stents, bone replacing implants, orthopaedic implants, orthopaedic devices, tissue replacing implants, intraocular lenses, sutures, needles, drug delivery devices, endotracheal tubes, shunts, drains, suction devices, hearing aid devices, urethral medical devices, and artificial blood vessels..
Suction device for cleaning a nozzle surface of a print head
A suction device is provided for cleaning a nozzle surface of a print head. The suction device comprises a suction surface and a spacer, whereby the spacer is provided with a spacer channel, the spacer channel comprising a spacer opening at an outer surface of the spacer and the spacer channel being operatively coupled to an air flow source.
Mobile electronic device holder
A holder for mounting a mobile electronic device to a vehicle is disclosed which comprises a first suction device for being mounted to a smooth surface in the vehicle by a suction force, a second suction device for being mounted to a smooth surface on the mobile electronic device also by a suction force, and a linking member having a first end attached to the first suction device and a second end attached to the second suction device.. .
Pneumatic engine system with air circulation
A pneumatic engine system uses gas circulation to recycle exhausted air, so as to reduce gas consumption, save energy, protect the environment, operate for a longer duration, and slow down the attenuation of the power output thereof. The pneumatic engine system includes a pneumatic engine, a gas storage device, a transit gas storage tank, and a suction device.
Floating filter module and water treatment apparatus and method using the same
The present invention relates to a floating filter module installed in a water treatment apparatus, such as in a public water treatment plant, a village water supply facility, a public sewage treatment plant, a wastewater treatment plant, or a village sewage treatment plant, in order to remove contamination particles. The floating filter module according to the present invention comprises: a hollow-type sintered filter having a plurality of fine pores which is arranged in wastewater within a water treatment tank in order to separate and filter the contamination particles from the wastewater introduced into the water treatment tank; a floating body connected to the sintered filter, and which floats to the surface of the wastewater within the water treatment tank so as to position the sintered filter at the upper portion of the wastewater in the water treatment tank; a main pipe communicating with an inner space of the sintered filter; a suction device coupled to the main pipe in order to provide a suction force to the sintered filter through the main pipe, thereby suctioning the wastewater in the water treatment tank through the plurality of fine pores and into the sintered filter; and a compressed-air supply apparatus having a compressed-air supply tube communicating with the inner space of the sintered filter through the main tube and an air compressor coupled to the compressed-air supply tube in order to supply compressed air into the inner space of the sintered filter, thereby releasing from the sintered filter the contamination particles that clog the fine pores of the sintered filter..
A submarine is designed for combating oil when submerged. The submarine includes a snout (14, 36) which is conduit-connected to a conduit leading into the submarine.
Floor cleaning apparatus
Floor cleaning apparatus (1) comprising: a) a front portion (16) and a rear portion (17); the rear portion (17) comprising two lateral rear wheels (3); b)a chassis (2); and c) a cleaning unit (4) attached to the chassis (2), wherein the cleaning unit (4) comprises: a first tank (15); a second tank (13); at least one rotatable brush (20), wherein the at least one brush (20) is arranged in the front portion (16) of the cleaning apparatus (1) so as to be contactable with the floor (12) to be cleaned; and a suction device (25) including at least a rear suction unit (7) arranged rearward of the at least one brush (20), and wherein the first tank (15) is attached to the chassis (2) and is configured as a receptacle with its smallest dimension x extending essentially vertically; and the second tank (13) is arranged in the rear portion (17) of the cleaning apparatus (1) and is configured as a receptacle having a smallest dimension z in the forward or rearward travel direction of the cleaning apparatus (1).. .
Floor cleaning apparatus
Floor cleaning apparatus (1) comprising: a) a front portion (16) and a rear portion (17); the rear portion (17) comprising two lateral rear wheels (3); b) a chassis (2) and c) a cleaning unit (4) attached to the chassis (2), wherein the cleaning unit (4) comprises at least one rotatable brush (20) which is arranged in the front portion (16) of the cleaning apparatus (1) so as to be contactable with the floor (12) to be cleaned, a brush housing (22) and a suction device (25) including at least a rear suction unit (7) arranged rearward of the at least one brush (20). The rear suction unit (7) is attached to the brush housing (22) by means of a resilient connecting device (10) allowing the rear suction unit (7) to move laterally with respect to the chassis (2) against an elastic resistance provided by the resilient connecting device (10)..
Rotatable basket extractor
A rotatable basket extractor for use in extracting oil from oleaginous feed material is disclosed. The extractor includes a rotatable rotor that includes a plurality of baskets extending radially outward from a central shaft, and the baskets receive and transport the oleaginous feed material while a motor rotates the baskets between a feed inlet and a feed outlet.
Liquid aspirator for drawing off and sucking up liquids
Liquid aspirator for drawing off and sucking up liquids, having a drawing-off lip (7), having a suction device for sucking up the liquid into a separating space (8) in the housing (1) of the liquid aspirator, having an exhaust-air channel (3), which is subjected to a negative suction pressure and is intended for leading the air out of the separating space (8), having a separating device (13), which is arranged in the separating space (8) and separates the liquid from the water, and having a tank for accommodating the liquid. Complex guidance of the liquid/air stream is avoided in that the housing (1) has a hollow chamber (2) which forms the separating space (8) and the tank, and into which the intake channel (4) opens and from which the exhaust-air channel (3) is guided out of the housing (1); wherein the hollow chamber (2) contains a motor-driven rotor (6) with a rotating impact surface, and the intake channel (4) is designed such that the air/liquid stream is directed for radial direction reversal and acceleration onto the impact surface..
Automatic cleaner
An automatic cleaner includes a casing having a suction port, a suction device disposed in the casing to suction foreign substances through the suction port, a moving device that moves the casing, and a side brush assembly movably installed on the casing. The side brush assembly includes a movable member movably disposed on the casing, a first driving device that generates power for moving the movable member, a brush rotatably mounted on the movable member, and a second driving device that generates power for rotating the brush..
Mist collection device and liquid ejection device
A mist collection device is adapted to collect a mist of liquid generated by ejecting the liquid from a plurality of nozzles in an ejection head, the mist collection device includes a suction section, a tube section, a collection part, an outlet section and a suction device. A suction port is formed in the suction section with the suction port being an opening having a length in an arrangement direction of the nozzles greater than a width in a direction perpendicular to the arrangement direction.
Closed automated suction device and method
A closed automated suction device (casd) is described. The device is designed to overcome the need for manual suction and to facilitate strict asepsis in patients who are endotracheally intubated or tracheostomied.
Adaptive algorithm for thoracic drainage therapy
Devices and to methods for thoracic drainage for a patient having an air fistula. A vacuum is produced in the pleural cavity of the patient by means of a suction device.
Liquid suction device comprising a tip reducing the formation of a suction vortex
A device for suctioning a liquid contained in a vessel, that includes a take-up tube that is received in the vessel such that a bottom end of the section is submerged in the liquid. The bottom end of the take-up tube is extended downward by a rotationally symmetrical tip which has a main substantially vertical axis open downward and which includes an outer radial collar..
Lip suction device and related methods
A lip suction device. A rigid hollow form has an opening at a first end of the rigid hollow form and a cavity therein extending from the first end to a second end of the rigid hollow form.
Cup holder accessory mount
A cup holder accessory mount. The cup holder accessory mount includes a device body.
Wall cleaner structure
A wall cleaner structure hung by a cable and adapted to wash a wall surface includes a frame; a cleaning device for washing the wall surface; a suction device for drawing in a liquid having been used in washing the wall surface; and a collection device for collecting the liquid. The wall cleaner structure washes the wall surface in an automated manner, prevents accidents, and prevents waste liquid from flowing downward across the wall surface or even falling to the ground..
System for venting bad odors from a toilet bowl
The subject matter discloses system for venting bad odors from a toilet bowl comprising an odor suction device integrated with a toilet seat associated with the toilet bowl, adapted to pivotably couple a toilet seat cover to the toilet seat and configured to vent the bad odors emanating from the toilet bowl to a sewage system via a one-way fluid vent system fluidly coupled to said odor suction device. In some cases, the odor suction device comprises a manifold configured to fluidly couple the toilet bowl and said odor suction device and comprising a plurality of fluid flow inlets for venting the bad odors into said odor suction device, and a fluid pump being operative to pump the vented bad odors from said manifold into said one-way fluid vent system..
Backwashing suction device and fabric filtering apparatus using the same
A backwashing suction device, a fabric filtering apparatus using the same, and a process of removing foreign materials attached to filter cloths of the disc-shaped filter pieces are disclosed. The backwashing suction device is separated from the disc-shaped filter pieces, thereby preventing the filter cloths of the disc-shaped filter pieces from being pressed down for a long time by the backwashing suction device.
Method for assembling lens module by using suction device
A method for assembling a lens module includes steps described as follows. A first support device and a second support device are provided.
Method and device for post-operative application of pulsed radiofrequency for prevention of pain and cartilage loss
A pain alleviation method as well as cartilage sparring or repairing method in the intraoperative as well as perioperative time of treatment device are disclosed herein. Pain maybe alleviated by applying a pulsed radio frequency (prf) signal in the intraarticular as well as intrabursal or intracapsular area of a joint, while controlling the fluids in the joint area using suction.
Vacuum device
A vacuum device is provided which forms an autarkic subassembly and includes a vacuum container, a vacuum pump connected to the vacuum container, a vacuum connection for connecting to an external installation, and a control device designed for control of the vacuum pump. The vacuum device serves as a suction device to produce a vacuum in and to suck or draw off gas from this connected installation.
Tool holder for chip suction device and machine tool including the same
A connection portion 22a between a holder side part 14 of a chip suction path 12 and a main body side part 15 of the chip suction hath 12 is formed to have a non-contact structure, resulting in that not only a chip generated at a machining point but also a chip remained so as to be suspended in a machining atmosphere can be sucked and discharged.. .
Portable message panel system
A portable message panel system is provided, comprising at least one message panel, wherein each panel includes a coilable frame member having a folded and an unfolded orientation. A fabric material covers selected portions of the frame member to form the panel, the fabric material held taut within the frame member when assuming the unfolded orientation of the frame member, so that the fabric material extends in a flat planar configuration when the frame member is in its unfolded orientation.
Suction device for a matrix array of pipette tips
A suction device for a matrix array of pipette tips includes a tray configured to hold a liquid dispensed by the pipette tips. The tray includes an open-pore tray bottom.
Image forming apparatus, and sheet feeding device
An image forming apparatus includes an image forming section that forms an image on a recording material, and a feeder that feeds the recording material to the image forming section, wherein the feeder includes a recording material accommodating unit that accommodates recording materials, a suction device that sucks air, forming members that are provided with an opening formed close to the recording materials accommodated in the recording material accommodating unit, and form a negative-pressure space, which has negative pressure due to suction by the suction device, together with the recording material facing the opening, partition members that include edge portions formed close to the opening, are formed so as to extend from the edge portions toward the inside of the negative-pressure space, and partition the negative-pressure space into two or more spaces, and feeding members that feed the recording material pulled toward the forming members when the negative-pressure space has negative pressure.. .
Oral/nasal cannula manifold
An oral/nasal cannula manifold gas sampling and oxygen delivering manifold for sampling exhaled breath of a subject and delivering supplemental oxygen, the cannula including a main body portion having a suction port which is connected with a collection tube to a suction device for sampling the exhaled breath of the subject. A nasal prong upwardly protrudes from the main body portion and is positioned for insertion into a nostril of the subject to collect nasally exhaled breath.
Inkjet printing apparatus
Disclosed is an inkjet printing apparatus including a connection switching device in a housing having external suction ports and an internal suction port being disposed at an equal distance from the center of rotation of a switching section, the external suction ports being connectable to a plurality of lines, the internal suction port being connected to a suction path for sucking the interior of the housing. The connection switching device selectively connects any of the plurality of external suction ports to the suction device by rotating the switching section consequently, when the switching section is connected to the internal suction port, the interior of the housing is sucked, whereby ink is sucked from all the inkjet nozzles..
Device for removing heat from an automated handling device, in particular a handling robot, and use of the device
A device for discharging heat from an automated handling device, in particular from a handling robot, having a structure of the handling device and having at least one heat-generating device, in particular of a drive system, of the handling device. A suction device or positive-pressure device for respectively discharging and delivering air is provided, which device is disposed in operative connection with the at least one heat-generating device..
Adjustable air suction device
The present disclosure relates to an adjustable air suction device, comprising a driving structure, an air suction structure, and a link structure. The driving structure and the air suction structure are disposed on a housing of an electronic device.
Rinser for cleaning containers
A rinser for cleaning containers, includes a linear conveyor path for conveying the containers; lances which are inserted into the containers for supplying at least one cleansing agent; and at least one suction device for sucking off the supplied cleansing agent from the containers. The lances are arranged at a closed cyclic transport path, and the transport path includes a linear section which corresponds to the conveyor path for supplying the cleansing agent..
Sheet feed apparatus and method
A sheet material insert feeder device for feeding sheets of material from a substantially horizontal stack of sheets of material onto a transport track. The sheet material insert feeder device includes a trough with a surface to receive the substantially horizontal stack of sheets of material, the surface including a front end and a back end, a conveyor to move the substantially horizontal stack of sheets of material along the surface, an aperture at the front end of the surface, the aperture housing an insert movable between an upper position and a lower position, a breaker plate near the front end of the surface to support the substantially horizontal stack of sheets of material there against, and a suction device near the front end of the surface to suction and separate a sheet from the substantially horizontal stack of sheets of material..
Apparatus and method for cutting out a vehicle glazing panel
A winder unit for use with a cutting wire in cutting out a vehicle glazing panel, the winder unit having first and second spaced winder spools for winding cutting wire and a suction mount for mounting the unit, wherein the suction mount comprises a single suction device only.. .
Suction device
This object is achieved by the fact that the sensor is designed as an acoustic wave sensor. The acoustic wave sensor is equipped to detect acoustic waves which are generated by the suction element during the operation thereof..
Board separation apparatus and operating method thereof
A board separation apparatus and an operating method thereof are provided. The board separation apparatus includes a board separation machine and a composite board constituted of a plurality of circuit boards and carrier panels.
Method and device for bending sheets
A method for bending a sheet is described. The method includes the following steps: a) at least one sheet is inserted into a pre-bending ring with a movable bending ring holder, the movable bending ring holder is moved into a furnace and the at least one sheet is heated to softening temperature and is pre-bent to 5% to 50% of a final edge bending, b) the at least one sheet is lifted by means of a suction device and is bent further, beyond the bending obtained in the pre-bending ring, c) the at least one sheet is laid down by means of the suction device in a final-bending ring on the movable bending ring holder and is bent to the final edge bending, and an area pre-bending of the at least one sheet is performed by means of thermal irradiation, d) the at least one sheet is lifted out of the final-bending ring by means of a second suction device, pressed against an opposing mould and bent, and the at least one sheet is laid down on the final-bending ring and the at least one sheet is cooled down..
Airtight suction device with air supply function and rotary switch thereof
In an airtight suction device and a rotary switch thereof, the airtight suction device includes a main body having a communication space and a plurality of connectors. These connectors include a suction connector, a respiratory connector, a cleaning connector, and a control valve connector.
Airtight suction device and air supply assembly thereof
An air supply assembly of an airtight suction device includes: a tubular body, an oxygen supply manifold in communication with the tubular body; a scraper fixed in the tubular body; and an air supply unit provided in the tubular body and located between the oxygen supply manifold and the scraper. An airtight suction device can further includes a tubular body, an oxygen supply manifold, a first scraper, a second scraper, and an air supply unit..
Suction device having a rotary switch
A suction device having a rotary switch is provided. A main body of the suction device is provided with a patient-end connector, an oxygen supply connector, a suction connector, a cleaning connector and a connecting portion.

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Suction Device for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Suction Device with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.

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