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Date/App# patent app List of recent Subscriber-related patents
 Expansion of a stream set and transcoding of http adaptive streaming videos in a mobile network patent thumbnailExpansion of a stream set and transcoding of http adaptive streaming videos in a mobile network
Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for an expansion of a stream set and transcoding of hypertext transfer protocol (http) adaptive streaming videos in a mobile network. A method includes, in a mobile content delivery network (cdn) server residing in a mobile network, maintaining a database of mobile subscriber information for mobile subscribers derived from the mobile network, receiving a mobile client request to download a video stream, ingesting a manifest file from a server in the network originating the requested video, deriving characteristics of a mobile device of the mobile client from mobile subscriber information derived from the database of mobile subscriber information for mobile subscribers derived from the mobile network, expanding a set of streams in the manifest file depending on the derived characteristics of the mobile device, transcoding the set of streams from the server in the network originating the requested video into alternate bit rates suitable for a current mobile network condition, and delivering the set of streams to the mobile client..
 Caption data delivery apparatus and methods patent thumbnailCaption data delivery apparatus and methods
Apparatus and methods for efficiently and flexibly providing caption data (e.g., closed captioning) to subscribers of a content-based network, such as for example internet protocol television (iptv) subscribers. In one exemplary embodiment, the apparatus includes a server performing real-time extraction and encapsulation of caption data, transport of caption data to client devices over the network, and use of one or more applications running on the client devices to decode and display the caption data consistent with the multimedia (audio/video) content with which it is associated.
 Method and apparatus for providing subscriber identity module-based data encryption and remote management of portable storage devices patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for providing subscriber identity module-based data encryption and remote management of portable storage devices
Portable storage devices and methods for remotely managing such portable storage devices are disclosed. For example, a method receives a request from an endpoint device to send a command to a portable storage device.
 Subscription-based dynamic content optimization patent thumbnailSubscription-based dynamic content optimization
Content is received from a content source that is to be converted and provided to a subscriber. The subscriber is then associated with a document object model and rules for transforming the content according to the document object model.
 Providing localized individually customized updates from a social network site to a desktop application patent thumbnailProviding localized individually customized updates from a social network site to a desktop application
A method of providing updates from a social network to a desktop application is provided. An update is created in an application and if the application has permission, it creates an entry in a recent activity queue.
 Method, apparatus, and data processor program product capable of enabling management of athleticism development program data patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and data processor program product capable of enabling management of athleticism development program data
Various aspects of one or more methods, apparatuses and data processor program products capable of enabling management of data associated with an athleticism development program are disclosed herein. These various aspects include maintaining a database including subscriber performance data for a plurality of athleticism development program subscribers and facilitating preparation of a subscriber performance report for a specified one of the plurality of athleticism development program subscribers.
 Method for provisioning subscribers, products, and services in a broadband network patent thumbnailMethod for provisioning subscribers, products, and services in a broadband network
A method for provisioning subscribers, products, and services in a broadband network includes establishing a directory system for storing information about a plurality of subscribers. The directory system includes a subscriber namespace and a device namespace.
 Swapping magazine self mailer arranged by third party irs compliant patent thumbnailSwapping magazine self mailer arranged by third party irs compliant
A system and method for swapping self-mailer inserts and reporting an income with respect to the self-mailer inserts to an irs (internal revenue service). A self-mailer insert having a return address addressed to a third party can be attached with a magazine.
 Compact form factor integrated circuit card and methods patent thumbnailCompact form factor integrated circuit card and methods
A compact form factor integrated circuit card. In one embodiment, a subscriber identity module (sim) card is disclosed.
 Wireless terminal device patent thumbnailWireless terminal device
A wireless terminal device includes a subscriber card holder, a mainboard, a secondary board, and a housing. The mainboard, the secondary board, and the subscriber card holder are located in the housing.
Cell reselection for multiple sim devices
Multi sim modem (10) capable of receiving paging messages related to at least two subscriber identities, characterized in that it comprises a paging configuration block (30) configured to determine whether a collision between paging occasions related to the respective subscriber identities will be systematic or not, and to launch, when collision has been determined to be systematic, a reselection of a new cell for at least one of the at least two subscriber identities.. .
Multi sim management
There is described a multiple subscriber identity arrangement having a modem capable of receiving messages related to either one of at least two subscriber identities, but not simultaneously. The arrangement further comprises a control unit configured to, when the modem performs communication activity associated with a first subscriber identity: determine whether gaps not allocated for the communication activity associated with the first subscriber identity coincide with paging occasions associated with a second subscriber identity; and, if at least one gap not allocated for the communication activity associated with the first subscriber identity coincides with at least one paging occasion associated with the second subscriber identity, cause the modem to switch to the second subscriber identity to read one paging message on a paging channel associated with the second subscriber identity..
Provisioning of network information into a subscriber identity module
A method in a subscriber identity module, a subscriber identity module, a method in a user device and a user device for provisioning of network information is provided. Moreover, a method in a first network node and a first network node for managing network information is provided.
System, method, and apparatus for using alternative numbers for routing voice calls and short messages in a communications network
A system, method and computer-readable medium for allowing the use of an alternative numbering plan for delivering short messages to mobile subscribers using the public mobile telephone network is provided. Users of an enterprise or other closed networks as well as users that are not part of a closed network may send short messages destined to members of an enterprise or closed network from their mobile or other devices associated with their subscription using an alternative enterprise directory number, such as the office number, instead of the mobile number, such that the alternative number will be presented at the destination device as the originating number.
Methods and systems for high capacity wireless broadband delivery
System enhancement(s) are disclosed that can add capabilities, such as, using frequency division multiple access (fdma) and/or time division multiple access (tdma) and/or frequency division duplex (fdd) capabilities along with multi-input multi-output (mimo) antennas and/or global positioning system (gps) synchronization. The use of two radios in both the base-station and the subscriber-station, i.e., customer premises equipment (cpe), e.g., can allow frequency division to be utilized, exploiting higher receive gains at the cpe while not affecting transmissions occurring on the other radio's frequency..
Data transmission coordination over digital subscriber lines
An optical management node comprising a memory comprising instructions, a processor coupled to the memory and configured execute the instructions, wherein executing the instructions causes the processor to schedule data transmissions across an electrical network between a plurality of user terminals and an optoelectrical interface by using time division multiplexing or time division multiple access based on optimization of crosstalk performance of electrical lines of the electrical network, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and configured to transmit schedule information to the optoelectrical interface via an optical network. Also disclosed is a method implemented in a management node comprising scheduling data transmissions with a plurality of user terminals across a digital subscriber line (dsl) network using time division scheduling based on optimization of crosstalk performance of dsl lines of the dsl network, and transmitting schedule information to the user terminals via an optical network..
Fiber optic enclosure with internal cable spool
A fiber optic enclosure assembly includes a housing having an interior region and a bearing mount disposed in the interior region of the housing. A cable spool is connectedly engaged with the bearing mount such that the cable spool selectively rotates within the housing.
Managing sim indications
One aspect provides a method of handling a proactive indication received from a subscriber identity module at a modem, the modem being connected to a terminal equipment via a command interface. The method comprises receiving, at a modem processor, the proactive indication from the subscriber identity module.
Method of handling proactive software toolkit commands and 3gpp modem equipment incorporating the same
A modem and a method of handling a proactive software toolkit command. In one embodiment, the modem includes: (1) a digital interface configured to receive from a subscriber information module a proactive software toolkit command the modem is designated by standard to handle and (2) a command processor coupled to the digital interface and configured to prepare information regarding the command for transmission to terminal equipment coupled to the modem..
Leakage detection in an all-digital cable distribution network
The present document describes a method for detecting a leak in an all-digital cable distribution network comprising a head station for transmitting content to subscribers using channels that are encoded using quadrature amplitude modulation (qam), the method comprising: injecting at the head station, through the cable distribution network and using a direct sequence spread spectrum (dsss) transmitter, a dsss signal of a frequency range not overlapping with an adjacent qam channel; travelling the area where the cable distribution network is deployed, with a dsss receiver tuned to the dsss transmitter at the head station; and upon detecting, at the dsss receiver, a dsss signal leaking through the leak of the cable distribution network, determining the location of leak for repair, or generating a leakage event data package that may be transmitted or stored.. .
Synchronization of communication equipment
Apparatus and methods relating to synchronization of communication equipment are disclosed. Synchronization information received from a bonded communication link can be used to synchronize local and/or remote communication equipment, such as femtocell sites coupled to nodes in a ring network.
Pre-fill retransmission queue
A method of discontinuous transmission data communication in a digital subscriber line (dsl) transceiver unit, the method comprising determining that a number of a plurality of bits available to transmit is enough to fill a data transfer unit (dtu), forming a dtu, by a dtu framer, comprising the plurality of bits, transferring the dtu to a retransmission queue, and determining the dtus from the retransmission queue to be transmitted over a next time period used for transmitting over the dsl subscriber line by the dsl transceiver unit.. .
System and method for correlating security events with subscriber information in a mobile network environment
A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes receiving a subscriber accounting start packet for a subscriber device in a mobile network environment. The method also includes extracting, from the subscriber accounting start packet, subscriber device information and a network address of the subscriber device.
Method, a system and an apparatus for delivering media layers
A system for facilitating access to multiple layer media items over communication network. The system comprises a media database which is used for storing multiple layer media items as independently accessible channels.
Interactive video system
This application discloses a system and method for the delivery of television programming comprising of: a video source connected to a subscriber network to transport a primary video signal; a message source connected to said subscriber network to transport a supplemental video signal; wherein the primary and supplemental video signals are combined to display the primary and supplemental video signals concurrently. In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, the subscriber receives discounts relative to the amount of supplemental video signal that is viewed by the subscriber..
Publishing of an application program interface
A method comprising creating and publishing (h, k) an application program interface (api) enabling access to a dataset from a source data file; determining, by an application, a type of change (e) that has occurred to the source data file; and in dependence at least on a result of said determining, taking at least one action (h, k) relating to permitting subscriber access to the dataset of the changed source data file. The action may comprise permitting subscriber access to the dataset from the changed source data file either: in place of the dataset from the source data file (h), using the api; or by creating and publishing a new api (k).
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for ad-supported wireless offloading
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for advertisement-supported wireless offloading are disclosed. According to one aspect, a system for advertisement-supported wireless offloading includes an offload controller for controlling mobile device offloading, the controller including a network interface for sending and receiving messages in a telecommunications network and a control module for detecting a subscriber offload request, causing an advertisement to be sent to the subscriber's mobile device, determining whether the subscriber did or did not accept the advertisement, and providing a response to the offload request based on whether the subscriber did or did not accept the advertisement..
Method to identify potential workers compensation customers and mapping their location
A system and method of acquiring from databases, potential customers that an insurance producer or software subscriber (user) desires to sell workers compensation insurance, utilizing their potential customers address(es), the potential customers insurance company(ies) names (past and present), their pricing basis, and other information such as industry type(s), classification(s) and rating information. The system also compares user's pricing levels from user's insurance companies with the current/expiring insurance that a potential customer may have.
Intelligent eligibility request and response
Eligibility benefit information associated with a subscriber or dependent may be requested by a provider in an eligibility request, for example, a 270 request. Embodiments may intelligently determine a most appropriate service type code (stc) for a provider's eligibility request based on their location (“where”) and on the provider type (“who”).
Method and apparatus for detecting and measuring for home node-bs
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for a wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) to detect and perform measurements with respect to home node-bs (hnb) and home evolved node-bs (h(e)nb) (collectively “hnb”). The methods may include generating and transmitting a request for a measurement configuration that may include gap allocations to detect and measure a primary scrambling code or a physical cell identity of a target hnb for at least one frequency or radio access technology (rat).
Portable device with subscriber identity cards and method for controlling transmission power thereof
A portable device is provided. The portable device comprises a first wireless module, a second wireless module, a first subscriber identity card coupled to the first wireless module, a second subscriber identity card coupled to the second wireless module and a battery.
Methods and apparatus for delivering electronic identification components over a wireless network
Methods and apparatus enabling programming of electronic identification information of a wireless apparatus. In one embodiment, a previously purchased or deployed wireless apparatus is activated by a cellular network.
Subscriber device unlock
A mobile device includes a memory system and a processor. The memory system stores a local device identifier and the processor receives an unlock command from an unlock system.
Location-based update of subscriber identity information in a wireless device
Location-based subscriber identity update in a wireless user equipment (ue) device. A location of the ue may be determined.
Electronic connector capable of accepting a single subscriber identity mopdule or a memory card
An electronic communications device 102 can be provided with one or more different electronic connectors 104 and 106 for accepting varying data cards 108 or 110. A slot 138 or 140 in the electronic communications device can receive the data cards.
Pon system and subcarrier assigning method
A pon (passive optical network) system, which modulates multiple subcarriers with data of multiple users to output an optical multiplexed signal from a station device, splits the optical multiplexed signal to transmit the split signals to multiple subscriber devices that are provided for each of the users, and demodulates the data of the users at the respective subscriber devices, includes: an obtaining section configured to obtain a transmission characteristic for each of the subcarriers at each of the subscriber devices, by receiving a test signal at the subscriber devices, which is transmitted from the station device; and an assigning section configured to assign one or more of the subcarriers for each of the subscriber devices suited to the transmission characteristics of the assigned subcarriers at each of the subscriber devices.. .
Methods and devices for ota management of subscriber identity modules
Methods and devices in a mobile communications system for over the air management of mobile stations contain a secure identification element such as a subscriber identity module. A standard challenge-response authentication procedure is implemented in a mobile communications system not for its intended authentication purpose, but for providing a mobile station with subscription data.
Method and apparatus for establishing radio communications on a trunked network using an inbound proxy
A method and device enables establishing radio communications on a trunked network using an inbound proxy. The method includes receiving, at a first subscriber device, a control signal from a base station on an outbound control channel of the base station.
Management center for communication system customer premises equipment
Described are systems and methods for a digital subscriber line (dsl) customer premises equipment (cpe) management center (cmc). In one embodiment, the cmc includes a communications interface to receive information from the cpe device regarding operation of the cpe device.
Method and system for piggybacking radio data in ip measurements
A method and system for measuring the performance of the end-to-end mobile subscriber connection is disclosed. Test traffic originating from the network is sent to the mobile device and the mobile device acting as a test traffic reflector includes current radio bearer conditions that may be impacting the end-to-end performance of the subscriber connection within the test traffic that is returned back to the source.
Method for monitoring connectivity by means of subscriber terminal device, and control method therefor
When a communications carrier uses another company's network as a relay network, it is necessary to monitor the health of and to perform maintenance for the lines from end to end in the other company's network as well as the network managed by this carrier. Terminal devices capable of terminating a ccm frame or other oam signal are installed in users bases, and the health is monitored from end to end between the bases.
Configurable digital badge holder
A portable authentication system includes a security module, that may be a smart card, sim (subscriber identity module), usb controller with a secure chip, or similar module capable of storing one or more credentials, and an interface module such as a digital badge holder that is able to communicate with the security module, for instance by providing a smart card communication interface. The portable authentication system may be either a single integrated system or a dual system where the security module can be removed or disconnected from the interface system..
Messaging system for healthcare community
A messaging system for a health care community includes a private network. Electronic medical records are accessible via the private network.
Access through non-3gpp access networks
When setting up communication from a user equipment ue (1), such as for providing ip access for the ue in order to allow it to use some service, information or an indication of at least one network property relating to a first network, e.g. The current access network (3, 3′), is sent to the ue from a node (13) in a second network such as the home network (5) of the subscriber of the ue.
Putting in place a security association of gba type for a terminal in a mobile telecommunications network
A method is provided for putting in place a security association of gba type for a terminal. The method includes the following steps, executed in a network access server, following the receipt of a request for attachment to the network from the terminal: dispatching a request to a subscriber server, receipt of a response including an indication that the user profile associated with the terminal supports the security association of gba type..
Method of resolving subscriber identifiers
A method is provided to resolve subscriber identifiers for implementation of an electronic communication service supported by an electronic communications network, between a first subscriber to a first service provider and a second subscriber to a second service provider. The method includes the following steps: receiving a request for resolution of subscriber identifiers including a primary identifier of the second subscriber and at least one identifier of the service requested by the first subscriber; obtaining at least one secondary identifier of the second subscriber, corresponding to the service requested by the first subscriber, by consulting a subscriber identifier resolution table, this table associating a secondary identifier of a subscriber with a pair {primary identifier of the subscriber; identifier of a service subscribed to by the subscriber}; dispatching a subscriber identifier resolution response including the secondary identifier of the second subscriber, corresponding to the service requested by the first subscriber..
Customizing operating system based on detected carrier
Technology disclosed herein includes a method for loading a carrier specific os onto a computing device depending on what network the computing device is connected to. The computing device detects an identity of a network to which a computing device is connected or is to be connected during a network identification process executed on the computing device.
Data augmentation
A data augmentation machine may form all or part of a data augmentation system that is configured to augment data. The data augmentation machine may be configured (e.g., by one or more software modules) to access data (e.g., by crawling one or more public or private networks), extract metadata based on the data (e.g., from the data and its source), create a link to additional data (e.g., based on the extracted metadata), and augment the extracted metadata (e.g., by storing augmented metadata with the extracted metadata).
Method and system for network-enabled venue booking
Method and system for network-enabled means to book a venue. Via a network, a bidding sub-system is deployed for providing information related to a venue to a subscriber and receiving a bid from the subscriber to book the venue for a future event.
Circuit structure
A circuit structure is utilized in circuit connection in a hand-held mobile communication device. The circuit structure is enabled to interconnect electrically a sim (subscriber identity module) card with a microsd (secure digital) memory card installed in the hand-held mobile communication device to enhance transmission of signal and data therebetween..
Registration and access control in femto cell deployments
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate distributing and/or utilizing a closed subscriber group (csg) identifier (id) that identifies a csg corresponding to a base station and a csg indication that distinguishes between the base station permitting access to members of the csg and permitting access to members and non-members of the csg. For instance, the csg id can uniquely identify the csg corresponding to the base station.
Cognitive radio system and cognitive radio carrier device
A system including a processor; a memory configured to store information on a pool of virtual subscriber identification modules (sims), each of the virtual sims having an associated international mobile subscriber identity (imsi); and a transmitter configured to provide a mobile device with a virtual sim from the pool of virtual sims on an as-needed basis to ensure connectivity. The pool of virtual sims includes sims for one or more regions based at least in part on a subscriber base.
Fixed period wireless access
Various arrangements for temporarily enabling the wireless device for use on a wireless network are presented. A computer system may store a plurality of international mobile subscriber identities (imsis) and, associated with each imsi of the plurality of imsis, an indication of a period of time of a predefined length.
Session processing method and apparatus of machine type communication
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a session processing method and apparatus of machine type communication. The method includes: receiving, by a first network device, a session request message; acquiring, by the first network device, subscription information according to a device parameter; and generating, by the first network device, a policy and charging control rule pcc rule of a subscriber of a ue according to the subscription information, carrying the pcc rule in a session response message, and sending the session response message.
Method of facilitating online and socially networked education between learning institutions
A method is provided of facilitating online education between learning institutions, including the steps of obtaining an e-learning course from a content provider learning institution; obtaining the approval of a subscriber learning institution for students enrolled at such institution to receive academic credit for the successful completion of such e-learning course; enrolling students from such subscriber learning institution in such e-learning course through a website; providing such e-learning course to students of the subscriber learning institution; obtaining an evaluation of the students' performances in the e-learning course from the content provider learning institution; providing said evaluations of the students' performances in such e-learning course to the subscriber learning institution in which the students are enrolled; and providing remuneration to the subscriber learning institution and content provider learning institution.. .
Method, apparatus, and system for reducing line-to-line crosstalk during transmission of digital subscriber line service
A method, an apparatus, and a system for reducing line-to-line crosstalk during transmission of a digital subscriber line service are disclosed, where the method includes: before a service is provisioned, obtaining, by a service provider according to a service transmission rate and a topology scenario parameter that are provided by a service receiving side device, a power spectral density of a line in a process of receiving a service by the service receiving side device; and provisioning, by the service provider, a service for the service receiving side device according to the power spectral density.. .

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