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Method and system using a cyber id to provide secure transactions

Method for communication and components in a communications network

System for managing media content for a personal television channel

Date/App# patent app List of recent Subscriber-related patents
 Secure workflow and data management facility patent thumbnailSecure workflow and data management facility
Disclosed is a computer program that provides a secure workflow environment through a cloud computing facility, wherein the secure workflow environment may be adapted to (1) provide a plurality of users with a workspace adaptable to provide secure document management and secure communications management, wherein the users comprise at least two classes of user, including a participant and a subscriber, the subscriber having control authority within the workspace that exceeds that of the participant and the participant having control over at least some of the participants own interactions with the workspace, (2) maintain a secure instance of each communication provided by each of the users such that each communication can be managed, (3) maintain a secure instance of each document interaction provided by each user such that each interaction can be managed; and extending the secure workflow environment to the users through a secure network connection.. .
 Method and system using a cyber id to provide secure transactions patent thumbnailMethod and system using a cyber id to provide secure transactions
A method and system for securing a user transaction involving a subscriber unit (“su”) (having a processor, memory, and a display configured to accept user input), a credential information manager (“cim”) (having a processor and memory), and a transaction service provider (“tsp”) (having a processor and memory). A cyber identifier (“cyberid”), a subscriber identifier (“subscriberid”), and subscriber information, each associated with the user, is stored in the cim.
 Method for communication and components in a communications network patent thumbnailMethod for communication and components in a communications network
With a method for communication in a communication network, a subscriber is assigned an authorization level depending on the respective applicable scenario at the time when the authorization level is assigned for that subscriber in that communication network.. .
 System for managing media content for a personal television channel patent thumbnailSystem for managing media content for a personal television channel
A system for presenting media programming guides is disclosed. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media processor can have a controller to transmit to a media source a request to access media content of a personal television (tv) channel composed by a subscriber of a media communication system according to one or more graphical user interface (gui) templates that define a plurality of segments of a presentation area of the personal tv channel and one or more modules that arrange media content of the subscriber in the plurality of segments of a select one of the plurality of gui templates.
 Method and system for remote video monitoring and remote video broadcast patent thumbnailMethod and system for remote video monitoring and remote video broadcast
A method for subscribing users to a video monitoring service and video broadcast service are disclosed. Viewers can login to a secure website run by a server in the cloud to remotely view streamed video images from one or more portable video monitoring devices.
 Per-request control of dns behavior patent thumbnailPer-request control of dns behavior
In various embodiments, a user or subscriber of a domain name system (dns) service that provides various dns resolution options or features, such as misspelling redirection, parental filters, domain blocking, or phishing protection through the dns process, can influence how requests for domain name (dns) information are handled on a per-request basis. The user or subscriber may configure the dns client software of their personal computer or configure their broadband router to provide control information to a dns server with dns resolution options that enables the dns server to resolve dns queries with the dns resolution options on a per-request basis.
 System and method for intermediating between subscriber devices and communication service providers patent thumbnailSystem and method for intermediating between subscriber devices and communication service providers
A system and method are disclosed which may include receiving an activation request from a first subscriber device at a communication convergence platform; identifying a service provider associated the first subscriber device; composing a service activation request compatible with a communication protocol for the identified service provider; and transmitting the service activation request from the platform to the identified service provider.. .
 Configurable electronic media distribution system patent thumbnailConfigurable electronic media distribution system
A method and system for the distribution of electronic media content to employees where the subscriber is presented with a media content library that is key word searchable such that the subscriber can quickly and easily identify media content associated with certain key words. The subscriber's key word searches may also be saved and the subscriber notified when additional media content is available associated with the previously searched key word..
 Method for improving address book of mobile means patent thumbnailMethod for improving address book of mobile means
The invention pertains to the functioning of a mobile communications means and it broadens the method of information search in remote databases connected to telecommunications networks, to broaden the functional capabilities of the address book. According to the proposed method, a mobile communications means is used with built-in subscriber directory, having the capability of connecting to and exchanging data via internet with a remote server providing a search for subscriber contact data contained in a remote database.
 Systems and methods for synchronizing nodes of a robotic system patent thumbnailSystems and methods for synchronizing nodes of a robotic system
A robotic system is provided. The robotic system includes a publishing node including at least one first synchronization database that includes a plurality of attributes, each of the attributes including a tag identifying the attribute and data, a flag associated with each of the attributes, and a subscriber list.
Business and professional network system and method for identifying prospective clients that are unlikely to pay for professional services
A business network system identifies prospective clients having delinquent accounts open with subscribers, including businesses or professionals, of the network system. The business network system associated with software provides entry of subscriber information within a subscriber database storing subscriber registration and client information and networking subscriber information.
Mobile phone based rebate device for redemption at a point of sale terminal
Virtual mobile rewards, gift cards, and/or physical world retailers' loyalty and reward programs are aggregated into a common account accessible and transactional from an internet capable mobile radio device. Subscribers gain access to discounted codes, coupons, rebates, gift cards, and/or limited time offers, on their mobile device for food, travel, lifestyle, electronics, and entertainment products that fit their lifestyle spending habits, enabling users to edit participating retailers, manage separate account balances, and present preferred discounted offers at retailers and apply discount towards purchase of goods..
Method and apparatus for over-the-air activation of neighborhood cordless services
A method for providing local cordless service comprises the steps of receiving subscriber neighborhood zone selection input so that a mobile telephone equipped subscriber may place or receive calls for a fixed rate, for example, per month without having to pay radio frequency air time charges any time they are located within their selected subscribed-to zones. If the subscribed-to zones are adjacent to one another and the mobile subscriber roans from one zone to another, the subscriber may continue their fee call uninterrupted and without paying air time charges.
Mobility management entity having mobile switching center functionality
A mobility management entity (mme) comprises at least one entity or layer having mobile switching center (msc) functionality to support a short messaging service (sms) between a network and a mobile station by employing machine-to-machine (m2m) or machine type communication (mtc) protocols. A first state machine entity or layer that supports relay functions to perform forwarding of sms messages to the mobile station.
Systems and methods for position based services in a mobile device
A method of constructing a position sensitive screensaver on a mobile device comprises acquiring a position for the mobile device, reporting the position, receiving information for selected information categories based on the reported position, and displaying the received information on the mobile device, when the mobile device is idle. The subscriber can preferably control where and how the information is displayed so that the user has relevant information based on where the subscriber is located..
Method and apparatus for controlling system overload in a wireless communication system
The present invention relates to a method for controlling system overload in a wireless communication system. The method comprises: a first step in which a mobility management entity (mme) that has received a tracking region update request message from a first terminal transmits a location update request message to a home subscriber server (hss); a second step in which, if the hss has determined that a system overload has occurred, the hss sets mme-backoff time for preventing the transmission of a request message to the hss, and transmits a location update rejection message including said mme-backoff time to the mme; and a third step in which the mme drives a backoff timer corresponding to said mme-backoff time and rejects a tau update request message from a terminal received prior to the completion of the driving of the backoff timer..
Service creation using mobile device
A method may be performed by a mobile device. The method may include receiving subscriber input for a temporary service account for a user associated with a portable device and creating the temporary service account.
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for optimization of bearer resources for ims roaming
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for optimization of bearer resources for ims roaming are disclosed. According to one aspect a system for optimization of bearer resources for ims roaming includes a home media resource function controller module (hmrfc) for managing local media resources and for selecting a visited media resource function controller module (vmrfc) to provide media resources to a home subscriber that is roaming in the visited network (“visiting subscriber”), and a vmrfc for managing media resources within the visited network and for providing media resources to the visiting subscriber in response to a request to provide media resources to the visiting subscriber..
Determining telecommunication subscriber metrics
Information associated with a communication is gathered at a switching point during the routing process to determine subscriber metric information associated with an active service identifier. The information relates to the originator of the communication and the target.
Link establishment method for multi-wavelength passive optical network system
Provided is a method of establishing a link between service provider equipment and subscriber equipment in a multi-wavelength passive optical network system. The method of establishing a link includes acquiring information about a wavelength plan of allocated wavelengths in the mw pon system; transmitting a first signal wavelength initialization request signal on a first upstream wavelength from physical layer to the service provider equipment; waiting for a response from the service provider equipment for a predetermined time interval after transmitting the first signal wavelength initialization request signal; and in response to failing to receive a response to the first signal-wavelength initialization request signal within the predetermined time interval, transmitting a second signal wavelength initialization request signal on a second upstream wavelength to the service provider equipment after the waiting..
Passive optical network optical network terminal apparatus and configuration method
A method of configuring an optical network terminal, ont, of a wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network, wdm pon. Sequentially setting a transmission wavelength of a tunable optical filter at the ont to one or more wavelengths of a pre-selected plurality of transmission wavelengths until a wavelength is identified for which no downstream optical signal from an optical line terminal of the wdm pon is detected.
Methods and systems for delivery of multiple passive optical network services
A system for delivering multiple passive optical network services is disclosed. The system includes a first optical transmission service comprising a common wavelength pair routed from a source to each of a plurality of subscribers.
Method for identifying the optical network unit power off reason
A passive optical network (pon) component comprising a power switch, a detector configured to monitor the power switch, and a processor configured to receive an interrupt from the detector and transmit a message comprising a first indicator that the pon component has powered down, and a second indicator giving a reason for the power down. A passive optical network (pon) component comprising a processor configured to implement a method comprising receiving an interrupt message from a detector, determining a reason for the interrupt, and transmitting a dying gasp message comprising an indicator of the reason for the interrupt.
Digital subscriber line management using virtual noise calculation
A digital subscriber line management system is provided. It comprises a device for calculating a set of values specifying a virtual noise mask.
Reducing the feedback overhead during crosstalk precoder initialization
An apparatus comprising a receiver coupled to a digital subscriber line (dsl) between an exchange site and a customer premise equipment (cpe) and configured to send a feedback error message to train a precoder coupled to the exchange site, wherein the feedback error message comprises a plurality of error components and an indication of a quantity of bits per error component, a quantization accuracy per error component, or both. Included is a method comprising sending an error feedback message to a dsl crosstalk precoder to train the crosstalk precoder, wherein the error feedback message comprises an error vector and a quantization scaling factor of the error vector..
Method, apparatus, and system for reducing digital subscriber line interference
The present invention provides a method, an apparatus, and a system for reducing digital subscriber line interference. The method includes identifying at least one legacy digital subscriber line in a digital subscriber line dsl legacy line set, obtaining a target power spectral density mask value of the legacy digital subscriber line, and reducing power spectral density of a transmit signal on the legacy digital subscriber line according to the target power spectral density mask value..
Call routing and real-time monitoring
A method and system for providing call routing analytics. A virtual session initiation protocol switch is provided and hosted in an internet cloud-based environment.
Multi-carrier operation for wireless systems
The present disclosure generally relates to an uplink control signal design for wireless system. One example method of a subscriber station (ss) includes performing network entry in a multi-carrier wireless environment using a primary carrier, receiving timing information corresponding to the primary carrier, receiving a first control signaling via the primary carrier, the first control signaling assigning at least one secondary carrier, transmitting uplink data via the secondary carrier using an uplink transmission timing of the secondary carrier, the uplink transmission timing of the secondary carrier being assigned the same as an uplink transmission timing of the primary carrier, and determining an adjustment of the uplink transmission timing or frequency of the secondary carrier..
Spectrum allocation system and method for multi-band wireless rf data communications
A dual band spectrum allocation system and method for wireless data communications uses discrete bands for upstream and downstream data communications. A preferred embodiment uses unlicensed unii bands for license-free data transmissions from a subscriber to a hub, and uses relatively interference free licensed bands for data transmissions from a hub to subscribers, thereby allowing use of greater bandwidth, simplifying system licensing and reducing filtering requirements for subscribers..
Service specific subscriber priority
A communication method manages the allocation of quality of service using a communication network having an application server providing services and user equipment operated by subscriber the method also includes prioritizing a subscriber according to their subscription details for each service provided. The method also includes allocating quality of service for a service provided to user equipment according to the priority of a subscriber operating the respective user equipment..
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing targeted services to telecommunications network subscribers based on information extracted from network signaling and data traffic
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing targeted services to telecommunications network subscribers based on information extracted from network signaling and data traffic are disclosed. According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein includes a method for providing targeted services to telecommunications network subscribers based on information extracted from network signaling and data traffic.
Using a single certificate request to generate credentials with multiple ecqv certificates
A method and apparatus are disclosed for using a single credential request (e.g., registered public key or ecqv certificate) to obtain a plurality of credentials in a secure digital communication system having a plurality of trusted certificate authority ca entities and one or more subscriber entities a. In this way, entity a can be provisioned onto multiple pki networks by leveraging a single registered public key or implicit certificate as a credential request to one or more ca entities to obtain additional credentials, where each additional credential can be used to derive additional public key-private key pairs for the entity a..
Authoring system for iptv network
In an embodiment, a system and method permit an iptv subscriber to display on a channel of an iptv network video data from a subscriber video database. The system may include, in addition to the iptv network and the subscriber database, an iptv server and an iptv set top box.
Implicit certificate scheme
A method of generating a public key in a secure digital communication system, having at least one trusted entity ca and subscriber entities a. For each entity a, the trusted entity selects a unique identity distinguishing the entity a.
Workload prediction for network-based computing
Technologies are generally described for systems and methods effective to efficiently schedule a workload in a cloud computing system. In one example, calendar data is collected from respective sets of devices associated with respective sets of subscribers and a workload to be performed at a specific time or range of time is predicted based in part on an analysis of calendar data.
Adaptive bit rate admission control of a shared resource
An admission control resource tracks identities of multiple clients in a network environment that share use of a network resource to retrieve content at the same or different adaptive bit rates. The admission control resource further monitors status information indicating an ability of each of the multiple clients to retrieve content at the same or different adaptive bit rates over the shared network resource.
Digital media content distribution
A method for distributing digital media content, including the use of a digital performance right key that is unique for a media content and a subscriber of the digital media content distribution service, and apparatuses configured to practice the method or portions thereof, are described herein.. .
Unified media broadcasting and communication system and method
A unified media broadcasting and communication system is provided, comprising one or more servers for storing selected media and communication information managed by subscribers; an administration computer connected to the server for controlling access to the media and communication by subscribers; means for delivering the media and communication information to subscribers; wherein the media and communication information include video, e-learning, webcasts, conferencing, photos, file sharing, forums, articles, and blogs; and wherein the subscribers selectively provide the media and communication information to users.. .
Handicapping services
The instant application discloses, among other things, techniques to allow analysis, predictions, or other observations made by a professional, for example a sports handicapper, a weather forecaster, or a stock analyst, to be obtained by subscribers through various communication options.. .
Industrial automation social media paradigms
An industrial social media platform facilitates sharing of design, maintenance, and operational information relating to a planned or installed industrial control system. The industrial social media platform shares information between personnel involved in the design and testing of the control system, including plant engineers, original equipment manufacturers, system integrators, maintenance personnel, and equipment operators.
Environmental waypoint insertion
The different advantageous embodiments provide a system comprising an environmental waypoint insertion process and a processor unit. The processor unit is configured to run the environmental waypoint insertion process.
Broadcast of automobile related information
Through the present subject matter, mobile devices subscribers may be provided information pertaining to a motor vehicle. The characteristics of the motor vehicle are monitored.
Resources control in a multi sim terminal
There is described the controlling of a multiple subscriber identity arrangement comprising a modem (10), and a control unit (13) associated with the modem. The modem is capable of receiving messages related to at least two subscriber identities, but not simultaneously, and comprises a listening block (11) capable of monitoring at least one signalling channel associated with the second subscriber identity.
Method and device for consolidating location-dependent information in a radio access network
A process for consolidating location-dependent information in a two-way radio system includes determining a geographic location of each subscriber unit in a group of subscriber units active within a radio frequency (rf) coverage area of a base station (bs), determining a single representative geographic location for the group of subscriber units based on their geographic locations, requesting location-dependent information from a content provider using the representative geographic location, and causing the location-dependent information to be broadcast within the rf coverage area.. .
Facilitating multiple subscriber identity support in a wireless device
Facilitating multiple subscriber identity support in a wireless user equipment (ue) device. A ue may include or be coupled to multiple subscriber identity modules (sims).
Neighbor selection for handover in a radio access network
The following methods are disclosed: a method of initiating handover of a user equipment, ue, in a cellular network comprising a plurality of enhanced node bs, enbs, the method comprising: receiving at a source enb, from the ue, a handover measurement report containing a physical cell identifier, pci, of a cell of a neighboring enb; at the source enb, performing a lookup of a neighbor relation relation table to identify a global cell identity and access mode associated with the pci; and using the identified global cell identity and the access mode to determine an enb identity for said neighboring enb. A method of initiating handover of a user equipment, ue, in a cellular net-work comprising a plurality of enhanced node bs, enbs, the method comprising: receiving at a source enb, from the ue, a handover measurement report containing a physical cell identifier, pci, of a cell of a neighboring enb; at the source enb, performing a lookup of a neighbor relation table to identify a plurality of global cell identities associated with the pci, the neighbor relation table also containing, for each such global cell identity, pcis of neighboring cells; selecting the correct global cell identity from said plurality of global cell identities by comparing the pcis of further neighboring enbs cells reported by the ue with the neighboring pcis of each of said plurality of global cell identities; and deriving from the selected correct global cell identity, an enb identity of said neighboring enb.
Device network technology selection and display in multi-technology wireless environments
Radio network technology and display thereof can be managed when multiple services and radio network technologies are available to a multi-technology mobile device. Management relies at least in part on a subscriber profile that comprises a network selection profile constructed through market policy, subscriber policy, and application policy for radio technology utilization.
System and method for terminating communication sessions with roaming mobile devices
A system and method to assist in establishing a communication session to a mobile device having a registered ims session in a visited network, or having both a registered ims session and a circuit-switched session in a visited network. When a mobile device establishes an ims session with an application service in a visited network, the address of the application service and the identity of the mobile device is transmitted to the home location register (hlr) and/or home subscriber server (hss) associated with the mobile device.
Method for selecting a mobile telephony operator so as to allow a subscriber, having a main subscription, to enter into a roaming situation
The invention relates to a method for selecting a mobile telephony operator so as to allow a subscriber, having a main subscription, to enter into a roaming situation, wherein said subscriber is using a mobile terminal. According to the invention, the method involves: i) suggesting the name of at least one alternative operator network, capable of providing roaming service, to the subscriber having a main subscription, said suggestion being accompanied by an indication of the roaming rate charged by said alternative operator network; and ii) after the user selects an alternative operator network, sending an imsi to the mobile terminal, which enables said user to be connected to the alternative operator network so as to benefit from the roaming rate thereof..
Charging systems and methods for telecommunications
Methods in a charging system (20), in a charging node or charging server comprise associating plural telecommunications services (s) with a product (p) and creating a product instance, the product instance being available to a subscriber entity and having a product instance lifecycle. The methods further comprise, upon receiving a service reservation, checking whether the service reservation is for a first reserved service of the plural telecommunication services associated with the product instance and, if so, reserving a fee for the product instance against a payor account.
Subscriber-side device and optical transmission system
An object of the present invention is to provide a subscriber-side device, which can generate accurate time information and can synchronize a time with other device even if a power supply of a portion that receives a downlink signal is in an off state, and to provide an optical transmission system including the same. The subscriber-side device of the present invention corrects and outputs free-running time information, which is generated based on a free-running clock signal, by a time correction value generated based on a frequency deviation between a synchronization clock signal and the free-running clock signal.
Apparatus and method for channel measurement in radio link monitoring in a wireless network
A subscriber station is configured to perform a channel measurement on a communication channel in restricted sub-frames for drx and non-drx modes. The subscriber station includes a receiver configured to receive signals from a base station.
Communication system, method, and apparatus
Provided are a system wherein when setting a tunnel between a user data gateway apparatus and a user data mobility providing apparatus based on a request from a terminal, one common aggregated tunnel is set for a group of terminals (terminal group) including the terminal, based on subscriber information of the terminal.. .
Wireless communication system having mobility-based content delivery
A portable subscriber access unit includes a wireless transceiver and a processor. The processor controls the transceiver, determines a mobility state of the access unit, and determines a data packet content type.
Dynamic vlan ip network entry
Systems and methods for tagging packets in a wireless network are described. The methods can comprise detecting initial entry of subscriber equipment into a wireless network at a first base station and generating a network tag for the subscriber equipment, the network tag associating the subscriber equipment with the first base station.
Communication system, communication method, and communication program
Provided is a communication system capable of releasing a tunnel while securing mobility without securing resources in an sgw or the like. A first node provided in a communication system that provides mobility of packet data using tunneling includes: a tunnel control unit that releases a tunnel and deletes tunnel information; and a management unit that associates and manages an ip address allocated to a terminal to which the tunnel is established and subscriber identification information of the terminal when the tunnel is released and the tunnel information is deleted..
Systems and methods for automatic visualization configuration
Data is formatted based at least in part upon attributes associated with such data. Data attributes can be related to a number of various factors in a data driven architecture such as the source of the data, the data subscriber and the path employed to convey the data from the source to the subscriber.
System for presenting media content
A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a process that monitors consumption of media content of equipment of a user. A tout message associated with a media content item is constructed based on the consumption.
Methods and systems for creating and managing multi participant sessions
A method of creating a multi participant session among a plurality of viewers of media content. The method comprises automatically identifying which media content is currently presented on a plurality of client terminals of a plurality of subscribers, receiving, from a first subscriber, a first selection indicative of a template of a multi participant session object and a second selection indicative of a group from the plurality of subscribers, creating a multi participant session object adapted for simultaneous presentation with the media content according to first and second selections and establishing a multi participant session among at least one member of the group and the first subscriber using the multi participant session object..
Method and device for improving the data transmission security in a serial data transmission having flexible message size
A method is provided for serial data transmission in a bus system having at least two bus subscribers, which exchange messages via the bus, the send access to the bus for each message being assigned to a bus subscriber by the arbitration method according to can standard iso 11898-1; it being decided as a function of a suitable identification (edl) which result from one of the crc calculations started in parallel is used for checking the correct data transmission; for at least one value of the identification an additional condition being checked, and in response to its presence, fixed stuff bit sequences from one or more bits are inserted into the message by the sender, at least into parts of the message.. .
Bus system
The invention relates to a bus system for transmitting data between data processing units (20) in a network, by means of a bus (14) that consists of two signal lines. The signals at said bus (14) are analog signals which lie within a plurality of non-overlapping frequency bands assigned to the individual data processing units (20), and these data processing units (20) use a digital communication protocol to communicate with a signal processor unit (24) that comprises a polyphase filter bank, a d/a converter (26) and a bus-coupling unit (30) being connected downstream of said bank in order to couple the data signal into the bus (14) in a galvanically-isolated manner.
Method for the testing of service applications in a value added server of a communication network
The invention relates to an application server and a method. The application server comprises a resolver which reserves a subscriber number prefix for test target applications.
Method of provisioning network elements
A system and method for provisioning network elements, such as but not limited to the type of network elements used in cable television system to facilitate subscriber access to services. The provisioning may be accomplished without communications between multiple provisioning servers.
Method and apparatus to validate a subscriber line
A method is described of providing validation data associated with a subscriber line of a telecommunication network. The method includes obtaining line data of the subscriber line wherein the line data is suitable for interrogating a line identification database (lidb).
Methods, systems, and products for distributing digital media
Digital media is distributed to a list of subscriber addresses. The digital media is stored in a memory of a client device that is dedicated to content offered by a producer..
Communication network component, communication devices, method for transmitting data and methods for data communication
A communication network component is described including a determiner configured to determine whether a communication device operates a plurality of subscriber identity modules; and a controller configured to control data transmission to the communication device depending on whether the communication device operates a plurality of subscriber identity modules.. .
Telecommunications network
In a cellular telecommunications network that facilitates communication connections for terminals having identification modules that are not associated with a subscriber record or msisdn number, the invention provides a method for temporarily associating unique connection numbers with those terminals, the method comprising at least: providing a pool of unique connection numbers; in response to a request for communication with a device incorporating a token identification module, assigning a selected one of the pooled numbers to the token identification module in a location register; and initiating a reconnection event, thereby providing the assigned number to the device by associating the device with a temporary unique connection number in the location register embodiments described are directed to m2m client terminals with embedded token identification modules.. .
Transmission of mms messages with the conversion of data types and/or data formats
The present invention relates to a method for transmitting data, a subscriber terminal, a computer program product, and a communications system that provides a sender of data or of a message with additional possibilities for sending data with a higher degree of flexibility for the error-free adaptation of every combination of data and data formats to a given communications system and/or provides the sender with an mms user application. To this end, a data type and/or data format conversion (konv) is carried out according to a profile of the recipient (b), whereby a respective reference (lk) to the maintaining of the validity f this reference (lk) is accordingly changes in the data and/or between different data elements of the data type and/or data format conversion (konv)..
Access control of relay node with closed subscriber group
There are provided measures for access control of a relay node with a closed subscriber group, said measures exemplarily comprising retrieval of setting information relating to a closed subscriber group of a base station function of a relay node, said relay node requesting access to a relay-enhanced cellular system via a donor base station, acquisition of setting information relating to a closed subscriber group of the donor base station, and execution of access control of the base station function of the relay node based on the setting information relating to the closed subscriber groups of the base station function of the relay node and the donor base station.. .
Prepaid short messaging
A prepaid messaging solution which uses open networking standards (e.g., tcp/ip) and which supports pre-payment of enhanced internet messaging services. The disclosed prepaid architectures and methods accurately determine if a subscriber has sufficient account balance to deliver a complete short message, prior to delivery of the message.
Records exchange system and method for mobile broadband roaming
A method in support of wireless roaming comprising filtering selected mobile subscriber data for a mobile subscriber based on data exchange packages that are established pursuant to bilateral records exchange agreements, transmitting the filtered data to a wireless networks that provides broadband roaming service to the mobile subscriber, receiving information from a visited network about the mobile subscriber's activity therein, and settling charges between wireless networks that provided service to the subscriber.. .
Mobile communication device with subscriber identity module
In one embodiment, a method of directing calls on a mobile communication device comprises receiving a call at the mobile communication device; determining that the received call is directed to subscriber identity information associated with a short-range enabled communication device; selecting on which of the mobile communication device and the short-range enabled device to answer the call; and directing the call to the selected device.. .
Apparatus and method for controlling functions of a mobile phone via nfc communication with an external rf reader
Disclosed herein is an apparatus for controlling the ringtone, camera, and communication functions of a mobile terminal using a near field communication (nfc) chip module and an external radio frequency (rf) reader. The apparatus includes an nfc chip module, a base band chip, and a usim card.

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