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System, method and computer readable medium for processing unsolicited electronic mail

Methods and apparatus for a network-agnostic wireless router

Prioritizing radio access types for closed subscriber group cells

Date/App# patent app List of recent Subscriber-related patents
 Technique for providing uninterrupted switched digital video service patent thumbnailnew patent Technique for providing uninterrupted switched digital video service
A request is received from a subscriber of a video content network offering a switched digital video service, to establish a new switched digital video session within a service group of the video content network, which group includes both preferred and standard subscribers and has a plurality of existing sessions. It is determined whether adequate bandwidth is available to establish the new switched digital video session without tearing down any of the existing sessions.
 On-screen program guide with interactive programming recommendations patent thumbnailnew patent On-screen program guide with interactive programming recommendations
A subscriber to a video service generally has available to them an on-screen program guide. The program guide lists programming (e.g., tv shows) that are available to the subscriber for a certain upcoming time period.
 Multi-tenant license enforcement across job requests patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-tenant license enforcement across job requests
Scheduling job request submitted by multiple tenants in a manner that honors multiple software license agreements for the multiple tenants. A queue persistently stores job requests that await scheduling.
 Resource optimization method, ip network system and resource optimization program patent thumbnailnew patent Resource optimization method, ip network system and resource optimization program
There is provided a resource optimization method enabling a stable live migration. An amount of generated traffic that is anticipated to be generated is estimated based on the number of subscribers to be processed by a sip server on a virtual machine (step s1).
 System, method and computer readable medium for processing unsolicited electronic mail patent thumbnailnew patent System, method and computer readable medium for processing unsolicited electronic mail
An internet service provider (isp) is configured to analyze a subscriber's sent e-mail packets to determine a subscriber identity associated with the e-mail packets. A database is then queried to determine a current sending rate of e-mails by the subscriber.
 Monetary transaction system patent thumbnailnew patent Monetary transaction system
Embodiments are directed to monetary transaction system for conducting monetary transactions between transaction system subscribers and other entities. In one scenario, the monetary transaction system includes a mobile device that runs a monetary transaction system application.
 Systems and methods for updating climate control algorithms patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for updating climate control algorithms
A combined business and technical method is described in which a paid subscription service is offered to provide “premium” hvac algorithms for a network-connected, multi-sensing learning thermostat. The users who have chosen to pay for the premium subscription service are provided with at least one additional feature, capability, and/or option that is not provided to unpaid “basic” subscribers of a cloud-based thermostat servicing system that is provided for all thermostat owners.
 Thermal mitigation in dual sim dual active devices patent thumbnailnew patent Thermal mitigation in dual sim dual active devices
A system, a method and an apparatus are described. The apparatus includes a modem that responds to a thermal mitigation request by invoking different levels of thermal mitigation for different concurrently active connections.
 Interface card with multiple subscriber identity modules patent thumbnailnew patent Interface card with multiple subscriber identity modules
An interface card includes a circuit board having an interface unit, a communication operation processing unit mounted on the circuit board, a sim card slot mounted on the circuit board, and a m2m sim mounted on the circuit board. The interface unit is coupled with an interface card slot of an external electronic equipment.
 Group subscriber number management system for a group messaging service patent thumbnailnew patent Group subscriber number management system for a group messaging service
A method for managing group subscriber numbers in a group messaging device reduces the required number of group subscriber numbers used by the messaging service. The required number of group subscriber numbers is equal to the total number of groups in which a user is permitted to be a member and not the total number of groups of users in the system..
new patent Methods and apparatus for a network-agnostic wireless router
Apparatus and methods for a network-agnostic wireless router. In one embodiment, the network-agnostic wireless router is configured to provide an access tunnel (e.g., a so-called “wi-fi pipe”) via a first network (e.g., a wi-fi network), and convert the data payload for transfer over a second network (e.g., a lte network).
new patent Methods, systems and devices for integrating wireless technology into a fiber optic network
The present disclosure relates to a fiber optic network configuration having an optical network terminal located at a subscriber location. The fiber optic network configuration also includes a drop terminal located outside the subscriber location and a wireless transceiver located outside the subscriber location.
new patent Telephone number sharing configuration
A system and a method are disclosed for providing telephone number sharing services to subscribers over public switched telephone network or data network. The disclosed system maintains a bank of reusable caller identifiers (ids).
new patent Prioritizing radio access types for closed subscriber group cells
A network entity may be configured for prioritizing radio access types for csg cells of a wireless communication system by storing priority information defining, for each of one or more types of data traffic (e.g., ip traffic, voice traffic, etc.), a priority ranking of cell types comprising at least one of different wireless technologies and different access control types (e.g., a csg mode, a hybrid mode and an open mode), and indicating the priority information to a mobile device for connecting to cells of a wireless communications system. A corresponding mobile entity may be configured for receiving the priority information as described, and selecting a cell to connect to or camp on based on the priority information..
System and method for network administration and local administration of privacy protection criteria
Cookie files are screened in a client machine, wherein a cookie file includes a cookie file source. A request from a subscriber is received at a server to send a list of untrusted cookie file sources to the client machine.
Systems and methods for distributed authentication of video services
Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for providing distributed authentication of subscribers of a content operator to a content provider. In particular instances, a subscriber of the content operator may visit a website of the content provider and various embodiments of the systems and methods facilitate providing the subscriber with a customized website based on the subscription of the subscriber with the content operator and/or content provider.
Service access authentication method and system
An access authentication system for authenticating a subscriber of a service, the access authentication system comprising an operator access authentication system and one or more private access authentication systems, each private access authentication system being communicatively connectable with the operator access authentication system, the operator access authentication system being adapted to provide one or more authentication functions for facilitating authentication of subscribers of the service based on respective subscriber authentication data items associated with credentials of the subscriber; wherein each private access authentication system is adapted to communicate one or more subscriber authentication data items to said operator access authentication system; and wherein each private access authentication system is further adapted to communicate one or more verification data items indicative of the private access authentication system operating in at least one predetermined state.. .
Domain isolation through virtual network machines
A method and device for communicating information resources between subscriber end stations and nodes belonging to different network domains is described. The device instantiates different virtual network machines for different network domains using separate independently administrable network databases.
System and method for providing a data mall
A system and method for providing content providers with network distribution nodes for distributing content to subscribers of a communications service provider may include maintaining multiple network nodes by the communications service provider, where the network nodes may be in communication with the internet and be configured to enable subscribers of the communications service provider to access and download content over a controlled service provider network without the content having to be communicated over the internet. Multiple respective content service providers may be enabled to store content at the network nodes for subscribers local to each respective network node to download the content.
Robust domain name resolution
A recursive dns nameserver system and related domain name resolution techniques are disclosed. The dns nameservers utilize a local cache having previously retrieved domain name resolution to avoid recursive resolution processes and the attendant dns requests.
Customer-identifying email addresses to enable a medium of communication that supports many service providers
A system comprising one or more transceivers in communication with a vehicle computing system, the one or more transceivers are also in communication with at least one server. The at least one server is configured to receive an email including a subscriber identification and data formatted by a service provider.
Dynamic subscription and message routing on a topic between publishing nodes and subscribing nodes
A system for dynamic message routing on a topic between publishing nodes and subscribing nodes includes a plurality of message queues, at least one topic/node table, a subscribing module, a publishing module, and other modules to send messages between one or more publisher and one or more subscribers. Methods include: a method for publishing a message on a topic, a method for forwarding a message on a topic, a method for subscribing to messages on a topic, a method for automatically removing subscribers, a method for direct publishing of messages, and methods for optimizing message transmission between nodes..
Generating notification from database update
A computer-implemented method for generating a notification from an in-memory database update includes: detecting an in-memory database event that inserts, deletes or modifies a first record in an in-memory database; executing a first database trigger that corresponds to the detected in-memory database event; identifying a first business event definition that is mapped to the executed first database trigger; and generating a first notification that corresponds to the identified first business event definition, the first notification generated for a first subscriber to the identified first business event definition.. .
Method and apparatus for verification of a telephone number
The invention relates to a method and apparatus for verification of a mobile telephone number. The method comprises: storing a mobile telephone number and a corresponding mobile subscriber identity number; receiving a request for verification of the mobile telephone number; sending, in response to the request, an imsi query requesting a mobile subscriber identity number registered in association with the mobile telephone number in an hlr; receiving, in response to the imsi query, the mobile subscriber identity number associated with the mobile telephone number in the hlr; comparing the stored mobile subscriber identity number and the received mobile subscriber identity number, and, if the comparison shows that the received mobile subscriber identity number corresponds to the stored mobile subscriber identity number; initiating the performance of the messaging-or-positioning service in relation to the mobile telephone number..
Methods, systems, and computer program products for mobile network subscriber incentive programs
A number of reward programs can be offered to subscribers of a mobile network as an incentive to use fewer allocated resources, rather than more. For example, in some embodiments, a subscriber may elect to participate in a reward program wherein a portion of the unused resources are used to determine a monetary amount to be returned to the subscriber at, for example, the end of a year.
Fiber optic distribution cables and structures therefor
Fiber optic distribution cables and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The fiber optic distribution cables present one or more optical fibers outward of the protective covering for distribution of the same toward the subscriber.
Apparatus and method to embed searchable information into a file, encryption, transmission, storage and retrieval
A cell phone is disclosed for acquiring information to be transmitted to a receiving facility and for transmitting such thereto. A capture device captures information from an external source.
System and method for serving binary short message service content to different wireless networks
Systems and methods are described for serving binary short message service (sms) content to multiple mobile devices that use different wireless networks to receive data. One implementation involves a method for serving binary sms content to the subscribers of a telematics service provider (tsp) on multiple mobile devices that are provisioned with multiple wireless networks.
Frequency re-use for service and gateway beams
A method is presented for communicating data in a multibeam satellite system utilizing frequency re-use. The method comprises establishing uplink service beams and downlink service beams between a satellite and a plurality of subscriber terminals.
Intelligent connection manager
Methods, devices, and storage media may provide for receiving a request from a subscriber device for a connection service pertaining to a machine-to-machine communication; determining whether the request is a valid request for the connection service; selecting a connection to a target device of the machine-to-machine communication in response to determining that the request is valid; executing a command included in the request to be directed to the target device; receiving a response from the target device; and transmitting the response to the subscriber device of the machine-to-machine communication.. .
Distributing content to subscribers of a communications service provider
A system, method, and server for distributing content. The system includes a number of servers in communication with the internet and configured to provide subscribers of the communications service provider with access to content stored on the number of servers without having to access external networks including the internet.
System and method for correlating network information with subscriber information in a mobile network environment
A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes receiving information for network traffic in a wireless network; correlating the information with a subscriber of a plurality of subscribers; and generating a behavior profile for the subscriber based on the information over a period of time.. .
Method for managing logical connections in a network of distributed stations, as well as a network station
The invention relates to the technical field of domestic networks. A domestic network based on the present upnp-standard allows av connections to be set up between two network subscriber stations—network connections such as these are set up and managed under the control of a network station which is in the form of a control point.
Remote contextual collaboration
A method for remote collaboration includes receiving posting content from a first employee of a company. The posting content includes a multitude of key terms.
Providing customized information for mobile devices and efficiently searching the same
Account information associated with a mobile device is obtained through a mobile wireless communication network from a database of subscriber account records for mobile wireless communication service subscribers. The account information may identify the previous mobile device, the mobile device, and/or length of usage of the mobile device.
Method and a system for interacting and trading among users of online social commercial network
The embodiments herein generally relates to a method for interacting and trading among users of an online social commercial network. A user registers with a web portal and joins to a preferred group of users with a similar interest.
Automated configuration for network appliances
Some embodiments include a method for initially configuring a network appliance. The method can detect, by the network appliance, a subscriber network.
Subscription pricing system, method and computer program product therefor
A method for subscription pricing may include estimating a number of leads to be provided by an entity to a dealer in a dealer network associated with the entity; estimating a price per lead based at least in part on the estimated number of leads; determining a preliminary subscription price for the dealer based on the estimated number of leads and the estimated price per lead; and applying one or more decision rules imposing one or more constraints to the preliminary subscription price to thereby determine a final subscription price for the dealer. The one or more decision rules may be applied depending upon whether the dealer is a potential subscriber member or an existing member of the dealer network associated with the entity..
Electronic alcohol intoxication detection, identification and subscriber notification system
An electronic alcohol intoxication detection, identification and subscriber notification system may include a device that may include an enclosure having an interior housing and an exterior. The enclosure houses components indentifying intoxication level data.
Mobile device having sim card, base station connected thereto, and battery management method thereof
A mobile device is provided. The mobile device includes a battery, a subscriber identification module (sim) card, and a control unit.
Apparatus and method for detecting and storing data from subscriber identity module in a portable terminal
A portable terminal comprising first and second identity modules, the first module serving as a master module, wherein a processor of the portable terminal is arranged: at power up of the portable terminal, to read data from the first module and to store it in a memory; and to access, in the memory, the data from the first module, before data from the second identity module is read into the memory.. .
Methods and devices for reducing interference in heterogeneous communication networks based on inter-cell interference coordination
Devices and methods for reducing interference in a communication network including a first node and a first node coverage area, a second closed subscriber group (csg) node located within the first node coverage area, and one or more user equipment (ue) devices located within the first node coverage area are provided. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving link quality measurement information from the one or more ue devices and determining if a link quality value for a ue device is below a predetermined link quality threshold value and is caused by the second csg node.
Apparatus and method of automatically provisioning a femtocell
A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a device having a processor operable to receive an identifier from a wireless device of a user, to determine information of a femtocell, and to provide the femtocell information to the wireless device. The processor is also operable to determine location data of the femtocell and to identify according to the gateway identifier a subscriber account to verify availability of service for the femtocell.
Transmission of location and directional information associated with mobile communication devices
A method and arrangement for providing location information of a called mobile communication device to a calling party are implemented through a mobile device locator platform disposed in the communication network. A mobile device subscriber to the location service initiates a process where the location of his mobile device is updated on a regular basis and the location information stored in a database on the platform.
Method and system for providing real-time access to mobile commerce purchase confirmation evidence
A method and system are provided for providing a real-time access to mobile commerce payment evidence. The method includes receiving and storing evidence that a mobile handset user has confirmed his intention of making a purchase to be billed to his mobile operator account.
Maximizing end-user's quality of experience within a mobile data plan
Currently existing mechanisms to optimize the quality of experience (qoe) in accordance with user data plans are rather based on user self-managed usage of his mobile user data plan with, for example, help from external applications which continuously evaluate the limits reached. There is thus a need for deployment of intelligence in the network, in order to avoid abrupt downgrades in the qoe for subscribers that go over the monthly quota of their data plan.
Remote-controlled recording
A remote-controlled recording of selected linear media, e.g. A tv program, on a recording device (3) belonging to a first subscriber (subscriber a).
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including total call control for all received calls
All calls terminating to a customer's directory number are intercepted. If caller identification information can be presented, the call is forwarded to a service node for disposition.
Power control in linear precoder design for mimo dsl transmission
An apparatus configured to couple to a plurality of subscriber lines comprising a plurality of transmitters configured to couple to a plurality of physical channels and at least one virtual channel, wherein the number of physical channels equals the number of subscriber lines, a processor configured to compute a precoder matrix to minimize an error value, wherein the error value accounts for an error on each channel subject to a constraint on power for each channel, and a precoder coupled to the processor and configured to use the precoder matrix to jointly process a plurality of data signals to generate a plurality transmit signals for the plurality of physical channels and the at least one virtual channel.. .
Alternate channel for carrying selected message types
A method is implemented by a subscriber unit in a wireless communication for establishing a network session. The subscriber unit encodes an acknowledgment message for transmission on a shared reverse link channel to a base station.
System for presenting media programming guides
A system for presenting media programming guides is disclosed. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media receiver having a controller element to generate a media program guide (mpg) that groups media programs according to a redundancy of media programs and a viewing history of a subscriber of the media receiver.
System and method for utilizing set-top box testing in television distribution network
Novel tools and techniques to enable data to be tested on subscriber set-top boxes. Some solutions can connect a sever with a group of subscriber set-top boxes through a television distribution network.
Playable media delivery capacity exchange method
A network based distribution system and method is disclosed for exchanging capacity between subscribers for distribution of playable media items, such as movies in a digital format. The system allows subscribers to exchange capacity directly between themselves, and/or to have such exchange performed automatically on their behalf..
Methods and arrangement for dispatching requests
Methods and apparatuses for performing domain resolution prior to dispatching a request. A request from an application server (as) is received.
Hybrid distribution method for playable media
A hybrid distribution system and method for distributing/temporarily renting playable media items, such as movies in a digital format. The distribution system includes a first option in which a title is delivered in a ranking order identified by the subscriber and based on an allocation priority associated with the subscriber for such title.
Interactive mobile advertisement banners
In embodiments, the present invention provides a method and system for associating an interactive element with a sponsored content, presenting the sponsored content to a mobile communication facility based at least in part on a relevancy to a mobile subscriber characteristic associated with the mobile communication facility, and allowing a user of the mobile communication facility to engage the interactive element within the sponsored content.. .
Targeted mobile advertising and system therefor
A mobile advertising exchange and method includes a data processing system that receives notification of a potentially ad-triggering event associated with a mobile subscriber, generates an advertising package including filtered mobile subscriber data, transmits the advertising package to an advertising entity, and receives fee from the first advertising entity.. .
Portable terminal on which multiple sims are capable of being mounted, and method of selecting sim therein
A method of selecting a subscriber identity module (sim) in a portable terminal on which multiple sims are capable of being mounted, includes determining whether an application/service that is currently being executed is an application or a service for which security is previously set, selecting a sim that is previously set for security use or a sim that is set for general use, according to a result of the determination, and performing communication.. .
Method for operating femtocell in wireless communication system
A method for operating a femtocell in a wireless communication system comprises the steps of: triggering the switching from the operation mode for providing a service to closed subscriber group (csg) terminals which belong to a specific terminal group and to non-csg terminals which do not belong to the specific terminal group, to the operation mode for providing the service only to said csg terminals; and commanding said non-csg terminals to change the operation mode, and carrying out a handover. The method of the present invention improves efficiency of femtocell operation, and reduces restrictions on terminals disposed in the vicinity of the femtocell.
Provisioning and using wildcarded private identity to register devices for wireless services
Systems and techniques are provided for registering similar subscriber devices in a communication network. A unique private identity (prid) is generated for several user devices associated together under one user account for service through the communication network.
Communication system and method for converging different access technologies
A communication system and a communication method for converging different access technologies are disclosed. The method includes: a convergence terminal accesses a network converging different access technologies, and transmits a traffic request message including a traffic identifier to a convergence access switch via an access network when the convergence terminal is required to perform traffic (201); the convergence access switch acquires an address of traffic server according to the traffic identifier in the received traffic request message, and forwards the traffic request message including the traffic identifier to the traffic server (202); and the traffic server performs information interaction with a home subscriber server (hss), and provides traffic through the network converging different access technologies when it is determined that the traffic server is able to provide the traffic to a user corresponding to the convergence terminal (203).
Implicit registration for multiple identities
A device receives a personal mobile directory number (mdn) associated with an individual subscriber, where the individual subscriber is further associated with one or more subscriber devices. The device receives a corporate mdn assigned to the individual subscriber.
Records exchange system and method therefor
A records exchange system and method comprises a data processing system that receives selected mobile subscriber data for mobile subscribers, filters the data based on data exchange packages that are established pursuant to agreements with third parties, and transmits the filtered data to the third parties.. .
Counter-based limitation of subscriber charging inaccuracy
Disclosed techniques limit or reduce the amount of data for which a subscriber may be charged that may not actually be received at the subscriber's mobile device. A counter may be started when a node has data to be delivered to a mobile device.
System and method for responding to aggressive behavior associated with wireless devices
An embodiment of the invention describes a wireless device comprising a subscriber identity module (sim) further comprising a memory for storing program code for performing a plurality of operations, and a processor for processing the program code to execute the plurality of operations, the operations including receiving over-the-air instructions via a wireless network from a control center to create a rules set in the sim, wherein the rules set defines an acceptable behavior of the wireless device, monitoring requests from a wireless modem of the wireless device for access files stored in the sim, detecting an aggressive behavior of the wireless device based on the rules set, and blocking the wireless modem from generating traffic in the wireless network.. .

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