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Biologic storage bag modifications facilitating sample extraction and unit subdivision
A storage bag for containing biologic content having a first chamber operable to contain the biologic content, a second chamber separate from the first chamber, and a first fluidic seal system disposed between the first chamber and the second chamber. The first fluidic seal system is positionable between a first position...

Box-frame housing and a method of manufacture
A box-frame housing for the installation of electronic modules has frame elements and side walls and provides a subdivision into sub-regions, which are limited by dividing walls. The frame elements and the side walls and dividing walls provide at least one recess and/or at least one edge projection. A projection engages...

Footwear with improved tightening of upper
An article of footwear, or shoe, including an outer sole assembly and an upper, the upper including a vamp extending lengthwise from a rear zone to a front zone, widthwise between a lateral portion and a medial portion, and heightwise from the outer sole assembly to an apex, the shoe including...

Computer-implemented profitability optimization process
The present invention relates to a method for rigorous decomposition of a business entity's income statement into a multi-dimensional profitability model and a subsequent dissemination of granular profitability information to all levels of the organization. By decomposing the business's income statement into fully-loaded components and assigning employees to be accountable for...

Subscriber portfolio management system
A subscriber portfolio model is created by forming mutually exclusive and completely exhaustive groups of subscribers in a way that maximizes the intra-group similarity and inter-group dissimilarity of the value of a target attribute among subscribers in the groups. The subscriber groups thus generated are self-descriptive, as the groups are defined...

Process and apparatus for producing a multilayered panel of material for subdivision into beam-shaped products and a panel of material
A process and apparatus for producing a multilayered panel of material. In a first step an oriented single-layered mat is formed in a forming station from resinated particulate longitudinally orientable in machine direction, the single-layered mat is compressed in a continuous working press to form an oriented single-layered panel strand, the...

Method of generating a cluster housing layout from boundary data of a plot of land
A method of generating a cluster housing layout from boundary data of a plot of land, the method including generating boundary lines for subdivision of the plot of land from the boundary data of the plot, subdividing the plot of land with subdivision lines which extend from the boundary lines and...

Measurement of spacing fluctuation by hdi sensor
is calculated for each step and is averaged over each rotation of the disk during the step. Ratio=(Max. amplitude)/(RMS amplitude) A method for determining the surface distortions of a disk in a spin-stand or single or multiple disk hard disk drive (HDD) utilizing a DFH type write head. A stepwise power curve is...

Method and apparatus for measuring the refractive index of air based on the laser synthetic wavelength interferometry
The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for measuring the refractive index of air based on the laser synthetic wavelength interferometry, wherein a laser synthetic wavelength interferometer comprises a dual-frequency laser, a beamsplitter, a first polarizing beamsplitter, a second polarizing beamsplitter, a first corner-cube retroreflector and a second corner-cube...

Picture coding supporting block partitioning and block merging
A further coding efficiency increase may be achieved if for a current block of a picture, for which the bit stream signals one of supported partitioning patterns, a reversal of the partitioning by block merging is avoided. In particular, if the signaled one of the supported partitioning patterns specifies a subdivision...

Dividable galenical form allowing modified release of the active ingredient
Dividable galenical form for the modified release of active ingredient, wherein the non-subdivided galenical form and a portion of said form obtained by subdivision have identical dissolution profiles....

Designing a 3d modeled object
Such a method improves the design of a 3D modeled object modeled by a subdivision surface. It is provided a computer-implemented method for designing a 3D modeled object. The method comprises providing a base mesh controlling a subdivision surface. The subdivision surface models the 3D modeled object. The method also comprises providing...

Methods and devices for 3d object protection using surface subdivision
A method of protecting a graphical object represented by a list of vertices and a list of surfaces, each surface being defined by a number N vertices. A device selects a surface S with N vertices; computes a new vertex d using a random or pseudo-random function; inserts the new vertex...

Encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses with multiple image block division manners
An encoding method with multiple image block division manners is disclosed, including: determining a division manner and a division direction of an image block; dividing the image block to obtain image subblocks sequentially arranged horizontally or vertically; determining whether the image subblocks need subdivision, and if subdivision is not needed, predicting...

Memory pre-characterization
This disclosure provides a method of accurately determining expected transaction times associated with flash memory subdivisions, such as devices, blocks or pages. By performing a test transaction to program each bit of each such unit, the maximum expected programming time of each unit may be determined in advance and used for...

Method for encoding a mesh model, encoded mesh model and method for decoding a mesh model
Many 3D mesh models have a large number of small connected components that are repeated in various positions, scales and orientations. The respective positions are defined by the position of at least one reference point per component. For an enhanced encoding of the positions of the respective reference points, a given...

Methods and systems for creating and using a location identification grid
A method and system for generating a location identification grid and for using a location identification grid. The location identification grid can include a first geographic area that correspond to a pre-existing area. This pre-existing area can correspond to a postal code such as a zip code, a telephone code such...

Dynamically allocating network addresses
Disclosed are various embodiments for dynamically allocating network addresses to devices based on demand. A first network address allocation is initially assigned to a subdivision of a network including multiple computing devices. A router for the subdivision is configured to implement the first network address allocation. Data indicating a reconfiguration of...

Apparatus and method for scheduling of ray tracing
A graphic processing apparatus and method for processing ray tracing may include a plurality of traversal units to process traversal of a ray. A management unit of the graphics processing apparatus may distribute data of the ray processed by the graphics processing apparatus to the plurality of traversal units. Each of...

Apparatus and method for providing a wireless, portable, and/or handheld, device with safety features
An apparatus, including a processing device, a camera for obtaining a view, a picture, or video, a display device for displaying information, the view, picture, or video obtained by the camera, and a global positioning system for determining a position or a location of the apparatus. The global positioning system determines...

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