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Pseudo-random interval arithmetic sampling techniques in computer graphics
An improved branch-and-bound process of interval arithmetic subdivision in furtherance of computation of rigorous error bounds on integrated digital scene information for two dimensional display is provided. More particularly, a first aspect of the subject process includes pseudo-randomly subdividing an interval domain comprising a set of interval variables in furtherance of...

Electrical shielding cage and system thereof
A shielding cage for receiving a plurality of electronic modules includes a bottom cage portion and a plurality of independent upper cage portions each one of which comprising a top wall and two lateral walls adapted to cooperate with the bottom cage portion. Furthermore, each of said upper cage portions defines...

Hermite gregory patch for watertight tessellation
One embodiment of the present invention sets forth technique for watertight tessellation in a displaced subdivision surface. A subdivision surface is represented as a novel parametric quad patch that is continuous with respect to position (C0) and partial derivatives (C1) along boundaries as well as interior regions. The novel parametric quad...

Method for watertight evaluation of an approximate catmull-clark surface
One embodiment of the present invention sets forth technique for watertight evaluation of Gregory patches for Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces. Each boundary of each patch within a subdivision surface is configured to be owned by one related patch. In general, a given patch may own specific control points for the patch, while...

Apparatus and methods for managing network resources
Apparatus and methods are provided for managing network resources. A central unified services and device management framework is operated to simultaneously manage various types of resources on behalf of multiple organizations. Within the framework, a common management layer provides services (e.g., account management, event logging) common to multiple different services and...

Sample processing unit and sample processing method
An example of the invention is a sample processing unit having, a subdivision/dispensing section including a nozzle needle configured to be able to penetrate a stopper body fitted in a sample container in which a sample can be contained, and configured to subject the sample container or the sample to processing,...

Independent lighting energy interruption system with energy subdivisioning and method
An auxiliary lighting energy interruption system for use with snow plows and like front-mounted vehicle accessories is disclosed which facilitates the interconnection of such systems to the lighting system of a vehicle upon which the vehicle accessory is mounted to provide power to and to control the auxiliary lights with the...

Piezoelectric bimorph switch
The present invention relates to a piezoelectric bimorph switch, specifically a cantilever (single clamped beam) switch, which can be actively opened and closed. Piezoelectric bimorph switch are known from the prior art. Such a switch may be regarded as an actuator. Actuators are regarded as a subdivision of transducers. They are...

Spectral gamut mapping by constrained subdivision of gamut
Color management in which a spectral gamut is determined for spectral gamut mapping by constructing subdivisions of a set of samples spanning the spectral gamut. The samples are designated by specifying device values and are subdivided based on their lightness, chroma and hue under a reference illuminant such that the number...

Method for entropically transcoding a first data stream into a second compressed binary data stream, and corresponding computer program and image recording device
A method for entropic transcoding of a first sequence of binary data of words to transcode into a second compressed sequence of binary data uses a predetermined entropic code involving a variable-length of the encoded words to transcode each word of the first sequence of binary data into a transcoded word....

Rotor blade for a wind turbine, method and manufacturing mold for the production thereof
A rotor blade and a method and a manufacturing mold for the production of a rotor blade for a wind turbine, which extends longitudinally in the operational state from a blade root area to the connection to a rotor hub of the wind turbine and which is divided into at least...

Depiction arrangement
the motif image being, independently of the cell subdivision, split into at least first and second microinformation regions () in which the cells each include different combinations of mapped regions of the partial target images (), and the microinformation regions () being arranged in the shape of specified...

Method for allocating, by a telecommunication device, at least a channel element of a group of channel elements of a channel resource to a destination
The present invention concerns a method for allocating, by a telecommunication device, at least a channel element of a group of channel elements of a channel resource to a destination. Each channel element is a predefined subdivision of the channel resource. The telecommunication device: determines the number of channel elements to...

Method for sampling volume data of an object in an imaging device
A method for sampling volume data of an object in an imaging device is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the method includes creating a voxel dataset of a first volume associated with the object by way of a scanning device and saving the voxel dataset in a main memory; defining...

Subdivision of media streams for channel switching
The invention provides the possibility of fast channel switching by subdividing N media streams, each media stream representing a channel, into a stream bundle containing for each channel a more important part of the media stream comprising the parts of the media stream considered more important in view of a quality...

Flash memory timing pre-characterization
This disclosure provides a method of accurately determining expected transaction times associated with flash memory subdivisions, such as devices, blocks or pages. By performing a test transaction to program each bit of each such unit, the maximum expected programming time of each unit may be determined in advance and used for...

Techniques for 3-d elastic spatial registration of multiple modes of measuring a body
Techniques for registration of multiple measurement modes of a body include receiving first and second data from different modes. Each includes measured values with coordinate values. For two mechanically aligned modes, any non-rigid registration is performed. For some modes, the non-rigid registration includes a coarse transformation and multiple fine scale transformations....

Adaptive sampling region for a region editing tool
Properties of pixels in a digital image are sampled within different subdivisions of an editing tool impression to produce different property distributions. The different subdivisions can automatically alter their size, geometry, and/or location, based on image content within one or more of the subdivisions, in order to encompass a set of...

Dynamic warp subdivision for integrated branch and memory latency divergence tolerance
Dynamic warp subdivision (DWS), which allows a single warp to occupy more than one slot in the scheduler without requiring extra register file space, is described. Independent scheduling entities also allow divergent branch paths to interleave their execution, and allow threads that hit in the cache or otherwise have divergent memory-access...

Signal classification processing method, classification processing device, and encoding system
A signal classification processing method, a classification processing device, and an encoding system are provided. The signal classification processing method includes: obtaining a high band input signal; determining a signal type of the obtained high band input signal according to a time domain characteristic parameter and/or a frequency domain characteristic parameter...

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