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Watertight door system
A watertight door system that provides for subdivision of cargo holds, and having a door frame assembly with a sliding door. Conveyor support stringers are movably connected to the sliding door and conveyor idlers are movably connected to and the conveyor support stringers. A linear actuator associated with the door frame...

Generating vector displacement maps using parameterized sculpted meshes
A method and apparatus are provided for generating vector displacement maps, often in an interactive manner. Given a set of objects to be animated or imaged, they can be each represented by one or more faces. In a subdivision process, faces might be represented by polygons through a method of repeated...

Methods and apparatus for concealing corrupted blocks of video data
Corrupted subdivision s of streaming data are concealed using a matching subdivision in a previously reconstructed reference picture. The matching subdivision is located by applying a recovered motion vector to a co-located subdivision in the reference picture for which motion vector information has been lost. The recovered motion vector is obtained...

Microscope and method for detecting sample light
Microscope and method for detecting sample light, having at least one illuminating beam which is partially phase-modulated with a modulation frequency along the cross section thereof and a microscope objective for intensity-modulated focusing of the illuminating beam into a sample. The microscope has a detection beam path that has at least...

Systems and/or methods for paging control including selective paging element display according to a binary subdivision and/or a serial progressive display approach
Certain exemplary embodiments disclosed herein relate to paging systems and methods that help users navigate through large or small datasets. For example, in certain exemplary embodiments, paging control elements are provided according to either a binary subdivision approach or a serial progressive approach. Paging control elements are displayed according to either...

Inheritance in sample array multitree subdivision
A better compromise between encoding complexity and achievable rate distortion ratio, and/or to achieve a better rate distortion ratio is achieved by using multitree sub-divisioning not only in order to subdivide a continuous area, namely the sample array, into leaf regions, but using the intermediate regions also to share coding parameters...

Image sensor and method of capturing an image
A better compromise between the dynamic range, the spatial resolution, the implementation outlay and the image quality is achieved if different subdivisions of the exposure interval into accumulation intervals are performed for different pixel sensors or pixels. In the event of more than one accumulation interval per exposure interval, the values...

Footwear with improved tightening of upper
An article of footwear, such as a boot, including an outer sole assembly and an upper, the boot extending lengthwise from a heel to a tip, widthwise between a lateral portion and a medial portion, and heightwise from the outer sole assembly to an upper end, the boot having an opening...

Impedance compensation for a differential pair of conductive paths
Methods, apparatus, and products for impedance compensation for a differential pair of conductive paths, including: determining the differential impedance and conductor geometry for the differential pair of conductive paths; determining the path length differential between the conductive paths in the differential pair of conductive paths; determining a centerline path to follow...

Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same to have tft's with pixel electrodes integrally extending from one of the source/drain electrodes
A liquid crystal display (LCD) includes thin film transistors (TFTs) each having spaced apart source/drain electrodes and an oxide-type semiconductive film disposed over and between the source/drain electrodes to define an active layer. Each of the source/drain electrodes includes a portion of a subdivided transparent conductive layer where one subdivision of...

Expander to enable virtual storage units corresponding to subdivisions within a physical storage unit
In at least some embodiments, an expander includes control logic to manage temporary connections and resource allocation between a storage access request initiator and a plurality of physical storage units, and to enable virtual storage units corresponding to subdivisions within at least one of the physical storage units by emulating a...

Video compression for high efficiency video coding
Encoding methods directed to making coding decisions and estimating coding parameters including searching for optimal angular prediction in intra-prediction mode; choosing the best intra block subdivision; and providing motion estimation for tree-structured inter coding. The methods are targeted to HEVC specifications of video compression, however, may be used with other video...

Reducing write amplification in a cache with flash memory used as a write cache
Embodiments of the invention are directed to reducing write amplification in a cache with flash memory used as a write cache. An embodiment of the invention includes partitioning at least one flash memory device in the cache into a plurality of logical partitions. Each of the plurality of logical partitions is...

Biologic storage bag modifications facilitating sample extraction and unit subdivision
A storage bag for containing biologic content having a first chamber operable to contain the biologic content, a second chamber separate from the first chamber, and a first fluidic seal system disposed between the first chamber and the second chamber. The first fluidic seal system is positionable between a first position...

Box-frame housing and a method of manufacture
A box-frame housing for the installation of electronic modules has frame elements and side walls and provides a subdivision into sub-regions, which are limited by dividing walls. The frame elements and the side walls and dividing walls provide at least one recess and/or at least one edge projection. A projection engages...

Footwear with improved tightening of upper
An article of footwear, or shoe, including an outer sole assembly and an upper, the upper including a vamp extending lengthwise from a rear zone to a front zone, widthwise between a lateral portion and a medial portion, and heightwise from the outer sole assembly to an apex, the shoe including...

Computer-implemented profitability optimization process
The present invention relates to a method for rigorous decomposition of a business entity's income statement into a multi-dimensional profitability model and a subsequent dissemination of granular profitability information to all levels of the organization. By decomposing the business's income statement into fully-loaded components and assigning employees to be accountable for...

Subscriber portfolio management system
A subscriber portfolio model is created by forming mutually exclusive and completely exhaustive groups of subscribers in a way that maximizes the intra-group similarity and inter-group dissimilarity of the value of a target attribute among subscribers in the groups. The subscriber groups thus generated are self-descriptive, as the groups are defined...

Process and apparatus for producing a multilayered panel of material for subdivision into beam-shaped products and a panel of material
A process and apparatus for producing a multilayered panel of material. In a first step an oriented single-layered mat is formed in a forming station from resinated particulate longitudinally orientable in machine direction, the single-layered mat is compressed in a continuous working press to form an oriented single-layered panel strand, the...

Method of generating a cluster housing layout from boundary data of a plot of land
A method of generating a cluster housing layout from boundary data of a plot of land, the method including generating boundary lines for subdivision of the plot of land from the boundary data of the plot, subdividing the plot of land with subdivision lines which extend from the boundary lines and...

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