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Date/App# patent app List of recent Stuffing-related patents
 Stuffed, flavored and packaged olives patent thumbnailStuffed, flavored and packaged olives
The invention relates to olive processing, and includes methods for producing olives, as well as the olives produced thereby. In one aspect, the invention provides compositions directed towards packaged olive preparations having novel and beneficial characteristics, for example, olive preparations that are free of packing liquids such as brine solutions.
 System and method for constructing huggable fabric arms patent thumbnailSystem and method for constructing huggable fabric arms
This disclosure relates to a system and method for constructing huggable fabric arms. Specifically, the huggable fabric arms can comprise a pair of hands comprising a left hand and a right hand, wherein said pair of hands comprises a set of open fingers.
 Mechanical engine driven water pump patent thumbnailMechanical engine driven water pump
A mechanical engine driven water pump is disclosed for converting energy from an input heat source to a reciprocating mechanical output for powering the water pump. The mechanical reciprocating engine comprises an engine bore having an input port and an output port.
 Apparatus for changing an advancement direction of piles of inserts to be stuffed in envelopes patent thumbnailApparatus for changing an advancement direction of piles of inserts to be stuffed in envelopes
An apparatus for changing, in an envelope stuffing machine, an initial advancement direction of piles made up of inserts to be put in envelopes comprises at least a thrust device for pushing a pile in a thrust direction perpendicular or oblique with respect to an initial advancement direction, and at least a connecting device comprising drawing means for transporting piles along a transport pathway at a terminal end of which there is an outlet of the connecting device, the drawing means receiving piles which are supplied in initial advancement direction, the drawing means being curved so that the transport pathway comprises at least an arced tract with a center of curvature on a main axis perpendicular to the initial advancement direction, whereby, upon crossing the arced tract, the piles exhibit an intermediate advancement direction oblique or transverse to the initial advancement direction; the thrust device being downstream of the connecting device so as to receive piles which exit from the connecting device.. .
 Device and method to simulate cooking stuffing in a bird patent thumbnailDevice and method to simulate cooking stuffing in a bird
The present invention provides a device and method for simulating cooking stuffing in a bird, such as a turkey. Stuffing prepared with the device and method of the invention has both the appearance and taste of cooked-in-the-bird stuffing.
 Low latency multiplexing for optical transport networks patent thumbnailLow latency multiplexing for optical transport networks
Techniques for multiplexing and demultiplexing signals for optical transport networks are presented. A network component comprises a multiplexer component that multiplexes a plurality of signals having a first signal format to produce a multiplexed signal in accordance with a second signal format, while maintaining error correction code (ecc) of such signals and without decoding such signals and associated ecc.
 Dynamic buffer for a continuous envelope stuffing system patent thumbnailDynamic buffer for a continuous envelope stuffing system
A dynamic buffer suitable for supplying piles from a cutting station to a continuous stuffing system has two storage levels, upper and lower, each having parking cells arranged in series for receiving, retaining and dispensing the piles. Each cell comprises two consecutive roller-counter-roller pairs, spaced by a distance smaller than a longitudinal extension of the piles, motorized in synchrony, suitable for adheringly gripping and drawing a pile; sensor means designed to detect whether each parking cell is free or occupied by a pile.
 Animal and human related products and methods of manufacturing such patent thumbnailAnimal and human related products and methods of manufacturing such
A stuffed article, for example a toy, flying disk, bed, or etc., and manufacturing methods of such are disclosed which has volume and which upon destruction by an animal will not release stuffing as with most common stuffed toys, flying disks, or beds. The article is made from at least one material such as fabric, canvas, denim, nylon, fleece, rubber, plastic, leather, rawhide, animal parts, fiber (or other pliable material) which, through the article's configuration and manufacturing process is filled with the same type of material used to form the outer layers, multiple layers may be used for increased strength, and specifically the inner cavity contains material which is one and the same type of material as the outer layer(s)..
 Device for filling a thin-walled transport container with notes of value patent thumbnailDevice for filling a thin-walled transport container with notes of value
A device (10) for filling a thin-walled transport container (18) made of flexible material with notes of value is described. For this, the device (10) comprises a supply unit (12), a stacking unit (14) and a receiving unit (16) for receiving the thin-walled transport container (18).
 Corrosion resistant emi shielding assembly for a stuffing tube and a method for making a gasket for use therewith patent thumbnailCorrosion resistant emi shielding assembly for a stuffing tube and a method for making a gasket for use therewith
An elongated, flexible composite gasket member having a knitted wire mesh rope at least partly impregnated with a soft, tacky, flowable, pre-cured polyurethane gel for use in a stuffing tube assembly. The stuffing tube assembly is used in a deck or bulkhead of a ship.
Stuffing tube centering device and method for centering a stuffing tube
A stuffing tube centering device for concentric alignment of the stuffing tube to a casing stick and a corresponding method, and where two oppositely disposed centering members movable towards each other between which the stuffing tube can be held and centered.. .
Wireline apparatus
A wireline apparatus comprises a sheave for accommodating a wireline and a sheave mounting configured for coupling to a wireline stuffing box. The apparatus includes a sensor for measuring at least one of wireline tension and deployed wireline length at the sheave..
Pump deployment via cable
A method can include providing a pump connected to a power cable with a smooth surface; providing a stuffing box with a valve configured to form a seal with the smooth surface of the power cable in a closed state and to form a passage for the pump as connected to the power cable in an open state; providing a lubricator; providing a blow-out protector with a valve configured to form a seal with the smooth surface of the power cable in a closed state and to form a passage for the pump as connected to the power cable in an open state; and controlling the states of the valves while lowering the pump via the power cable through the stuffing box, the lubricator, and the blow-out protector to position the pump into a bore of a well. Various other apparatuses, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed..
Piston assembly transportation and installation apparatus and methods of transporting and installing a piston assembly therewith
A piston assembly transportation and assembly apparatus and methods of transporting and installing a piston assembly therewith are provided. The apparatus maintains a piston assembly in its assembled state during transportation without allowing damage and contamination to the piston assembly.
Two-dimensional run-length limited codec with protection words and method for using same
The invention provides a two-dimensional run-length limited (rll) (1,3) code method and apparatus. The codec comprises an encoder and a decoder comprising a data buffer and grouping module, a two-dimensional code word generating module, a two-dimensional word unit page constructing module, a two-dimensional code word write array module, and a protection word stuffing module.
Method and device for tapping and tracing a conduit
Disclosed are a method and a device for tapping and tracing a conduit that is obstructed from view such as a subterranean pipe. The invention allows the conduit to be traced while the conduit continues to function.
Pillow having a plurality of polygonal units
A pillow having a plurality of polygonal units, includes: a triangular pentahedron unit having a shape of a triangular prism; a one-side inclined square hexahedral unit having a shape of a square pillar; a rectangular hexahedron unit having a shape of a rectangular pillar; a both-side inclined rectangular hexahedron unit having a shape of a rectangular pillar; a rhombic hexahedron unit having a shape of a rhombic pillar; an isosceles-triangular pentahedron unit having a shape of an isosceles triangular prism; and a rectangular panel-shaped hexahedron unit having a shape of a rectangular pillar, whereby the units are sewn together in such a way so as to selectively come into surface contact with each other or be stacked, thus forming one pillow, with the respective units being filled with stuffing.. .
Device and method to simulate cooking stuffing in a bird
The present invention provides a device and method for simulating cooking stuffing in a bird, such as a turkey. Stuffing prepared with the device and method of the invention has both the appearance and taste of cooked-in-the-bird stuffing.
Double clipper
An improved system for stuffing material is described. The clipping system includes a first clipper comprising a clip reel, a clip rail, a punch, and a die, the punch configured to engage a single clip and the die having a set of two depressions configured to engage and bend a pair of legs of the single clip, and further includes a second clipper mounted adjacent the first clipper, the second clipper comprising a second clip reel, a second clip rail, a second punch, and a second die, the second punch configured to engage a pair of clips and the second die having two sets of two depressions configured to engage and bend the legs of the pair of clips..
Inner tube with film
The present invention discloses a type of secure and efficient wheel assembly using fluid or solid stuffing materials so as to minimize the blowout risks, a wheel rim transmission assembly, an energy exchanging arrangement used in transporting system, and a vehicle energy storage system, as well as corresponding methods for manufacturing and preparing such assemblies and arrangements in applications.. .
Novelty furniture and novelty furniture coverings featuring decorative appendages
A novelty furniture covering is provided for use with children's furniture. The device comprises a covering having an elongated body section that is adapted to conform to a given style of furniture.
Environmental friendly method to produce artificial rocks and other items with recycled materials
A method to produce artificial rock which includes the following steps: (1) lay down a piece of plastic film as a working surface. Prepare a mold with plastic bags, used bottles, containers and papers.
Packing assembly for a pump
A header ring for use in a stuffing box comprising an annular body portion of an elastomeric material, an annular radially inward projecting sealing lip portion formed on said body portion and an annular, axially facing pedestal portion formed on said body portion, said pedestal portion defining an annularly extending radially inwardly facing pedestal surface, the sealing lip portion defining an annularly extending, radially inward facing sealing surface, the sealing surface and the pedestal surface forming a juncture, at least a portion of the pedestal portion adjacent the juncture and forming the pedestal surface and at least a portion of the sealing lip portion adjacent the juncture and forming a portion of the sealing surface being comprised of a layer of reinforced elastomeric material bonded to the body portion.. .
Geotextile container
A geotextile container has a bag section, a cover section and a stuffing space. The bag section has a bag cloth, a bag non-woven fabric and a trapezoidal longitudinal section.
Dispensing bath toy
A dispensing bath toy provides a refillable dispensing container within a plush toy. An outer cloth shell in the form of a living thing and has an interior portion enclosing a liquid-wicking stuffing.
Low diffusivity barrier fluid packing system
In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a fluid or liquid barrier packing system which is adapted to minimize voc emissions, while also providing live-loading and continuous load monitoring functions. The components of the packing system (including the liquid barrier) are adapted to be installed in a traditional stuffing box of a valve utilizing a top entry method, and without the necessity of having to inject the liquid through any side ports of the valve.
Method for correcting messages containing bit stuffing
The invention relates to a method for correcting a message the generation of which involves transforming an initial message and inserting bit stuffing into the transformed message, which method comprises providing an observation sequence containing the message to be corrected. A number of path hypotheses are generated via a trellis diagram associated with the transformation.
Bagging assembly
A bagging assembly for bagging bales of fibrous material is disclosed. The bagging assembly incorporates a chute defining a channel for receiving a bale, which is pushed there between by a stuffing assembly.
Apparatuses and methods for bitstream bitstuffing
Examples of methods and apparatuses for inserting and removing stuffing data in a bitstream described. An encoding system may include an encoder configured to receive a video signal and stuffing data.
Decoding method and decoder
The method according to the invention relates to the decoding of a sequence of symbols, the sequence of symbols having been generated by: calculating a crc value for an initial message; combining the initial message and the crc value so as to produce a transformed message; and, encoding the transformed message. The decoding comprises: generating a number of path hypotheses via a trellis diagram corresponding to the trellis diagram of a finite-state machine comprising the encoder and the crc generator, in which the encoder and the crc generator are supplied with the same input.
Convertible stuffed toy
A stuffed toy 11 convertible to another stuffed toy, or a cushion 13. The stuffed toy 11 has a first shape formed by a first shell 35 and a second shape formed by a second shell 41, the shells being joined by a zip fastener 47 to form a contiguous hollow structure when unzipped.
Feeding and cutting structure of stuffing machine
A feeding and cutting structure of stuffing machine includes a hopper assembly and a transmission device. The hopper assembly includes a base having a top to which a plurality of inclined feeding tubes is mounted and a plurality of funnel-like feeding hoppers.
Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing printed circuit board
A printed circuit board includes an inner substrate, a stuffing layer, an adhesive layer and a plurality of second copper trace layer. The inner substrate includes an insulating layer and an copper trace layer formed on a surface of the insulating layer.
Envelopes and methods for their production
An envelope is formed from continuous copp film web by precreasing envelope body (13) and flap (14) fold lines along the web, continuously installing an adhesive tape along the flap portions and pre-cutting relief slots in the web corresponding to the flap side edges (15). The pre-creased web is folded and cut into individual envelopes by hot knife cutting, whereby the presence of the slots prevents the flaps from welding to the side seams even with the flap folded over.
Stuffing box
A stuffing box for a wellhead, the stuffing box comprising: a stationary housing defining a passage for receiving a well tubular; a tubular shaft mounted on the stationary housing for rotation within the passage and defining an inner axial bore adapted to form a static seal around a well tubular in use; and a dynamic pressure seal mounted within an annular cavity defined by respective cylindrical surfaces of the stationary housing and tubular shaft, in which one or both of the respective cylindrical surfaces are tapered to decrease the radial cross sectional area of a seal travel portion of the annular cavity in an axial direction downstream from a well end of the stuffing box.. .
Method and apparatus for injecting packing into stuffing boxes for reciprocating rods
A stuffing box for a polished rod used with a downhole pump uses injectable packing to provide a seal around the polished rod. The stuffing box has a chamber for receiving the packing.
Stuffing box cooling system
A system for cooling packing material utilized for sealing a shaft moving therethrough is described. The packing material held in place by at least one packing cup, wherein a coolant is directed axially through a significant volume of each packing cup close to the packing material.
Stuffing box flow diverter and methods therefor
A stuffing box flow diverter including a body including first, second, and third connector portions. The third connector portion is configured for connection to a stuffing box.
Stuffed article
This stuffed article (1) of the present invention is made of ticking (2a, 2b) filled with a stuffing. The stuffing is a long-fiber wad (8) formed by integrating an effect yarn with a core yarn.
Self-aligning and leak monitoring stuffing box
Disclosed is an improved stuffing box that is adapted to articulate within a housing body to accommodate a polished rod misalignment, maintain compression of a graphite stuffing material, prevent cross contamination of debris through the stuffing box interior and provide a means to monitor for fluid leaks. The device comprises a housing having an internally supported stuffing box, where the stuffing box is supported along an angular seat within the housing that allows reorientation of the box as the polished rod passes therethrough.
Optical head
Disclosed is an optical head, including a hollow micro-pipe and a stuffing member, the micro-pipe having a diameter-extended portion and a diameter-diminishing portion adapted allowing the incident light to transmit from the diameter-extended portion to the diameter-diminishing portion to emerge from its tip, and the stuffing member being disposed inside of the micro-pipe compared to prior techniques. The optical head of the invention is easier to be made, and it has a better focus for achieving optical exposure of sub-wave length focal spot and deep depth of focus..
Stuffing box leak containment apparatus
An apparatus for containing leaks from a stuffing box on a wellhead production assembly is provided. The apparatus comprises a containment vessel consisting of two half shells that are joined below the stuffing box.
Stuffing box for a fluid production well, and associated surface assembly
This stuffing box (46) defines a circulation passage (66) of a cable working line (28), a packer (70), and a back-pressure resistant valve (74). The passage (66) extends between an upstream end (62) of the stuffing box (46), intended to be connected to a well, and a downstream end (64).
Tine control for balers
An agricultural piston bale press includes a pressing piston, a main driving mechanism, an intake device to take in crop material, and a stuffing device. The stuffing device includes a feed passage and a stuffing mechanism that has a tine arm supporting tines that can be moved along a stuffing trajectory, and a drive mechanism for driving the tine arm.
Enhanced pet bed structures, systems and processes
An enhanced pet bed comprises an outer cover having an inner volume, and at least one stuff sack that is preferably porous, for placement within the inner volume of the outer cover. While the inner stuff sack may be filled with a wide variety of stuffing items, the stuff sack is preferably filled with a plurality of items supplied by the owner, and may preferably inherently include a scent that is desirable or comforting to the intended animal, e.g.
Reinforced slope planting structure
A method for slope planting, including the steps of: forming at least one hole in a slope; piercing, by at least one fastener, through a vegetation bag that is ventilative and pervious to water and into the hole in the slope, to fasten the vegetation bag; applying cement or adhesive to the vegetation bag and/or the slope to form a reinforcing layer for combining the vegetation bag with the slope; and filling the vegetation bag with stuffing. The present invention further discloses a slope planting structure as constructed by the method, and a reinforced slope planting structure..
Method for stuffing a monolith with a mounting mat into a housing
A method for stuffing a monolith wrapped with a mounting mat into a housing includes the steps of radially elastically clamping the housing during stuffing at several locations, and compensating for at least one of a housing tolerance and a housing rotation through an elastic deformation of the housing caused by the clamping.. .
Remotely adjustable shaft seal
A shaft seal arrangement includes a stuffing box defining a stuffing box central shaft opening extending around a shaft axis, packing arranged in the stuffing box around the central shaft opening, a packing gland defining a packing gland central shaft opening, and at least one adjuster assembly remotely operable to vary an engagement force between the packing gland and the packing. The adjuster assembly can be arranged around a packing gland stud and include an adjuster piston that is hydraulically operable to advance against the packing gland to vary the engagement force..
Underwater stuffing box and method for running a drill string through the stuffing box
The invention relates to a stuffing box consists of an outer housing, an upper set and a lower set of support plates for a sleeve-shaped, flexible sealing element enclosed by a liquid filled, pressurised annulus the sets of support plates in the top and bottom of the housing respectively have an opening in the middle, exceeding the diameter of the tool joint. The inner sealing element seals radially against the drill string and axially against the support plates with pressure assistance from the annulus between the sealing element and the middle stuffing box housing.
Enhanced bolster structures, systems, and processes
An enhanced bolster, such as connectable to a pet bed, comprises an outer cover having an inner volume, and a mechanism for attachment to a pet bed. The inner volume may be filled directly with stuffing, or may include an inner stuff sack.
Anti-rotation device for wellahead stuffing box
A device for preventing rotation of a stuffing box cap to avoid leakage of contents, the device comprising an upwardly projecting stop member mounted on the stuffing box body which is configured to abut a protuberance on the cap and thereby prevent cap rotation. The stop member is preferably configured to pivot away from the stuffing box cap when cap removal is desired..
Stuffing tube mounting assembly and follower
A stuffing tube mounting assembly and follower includes an elongated member with a tapered portion at one end that fits within a tapered end of a stuffing horn. The stuffing horn is inserted through a bore of a collar.
Cloth stuffed toy and method for producing the same
A cloth stuffed toy has a cloth body and a pu stuffing formed by a polyurethane foam material fully filled in and adhered to the cloth body. A method for producing the cloth stuffed toy has a cloth body preparing step, a polyurethane foam material filling step and a foaming process performing step.

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