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Streaming patents


This page is updated frequently with new Streaming-related patent applications.

new patent Integrating continuous and sparse streaming data
A sparse streaming system provides a first-class means for sparse metadata to be added to streaming media presentations and to be delivered using an integrated data channel that is cacheable using readily available http-based internet caching infrastructure for increased scalability. The sparse streaming system stores a reference to a sparse track within a continuous track.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent Real-time cloud-based video watermarking systems and methods
A video generation system is configured to provide streaming video as a cloud processed service to viewers over a computing network. In response to a request from a viewer, a video source is configured to provide video and an identifier source is configured to provide an identifier for inclusion in the video.
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc

new patent Synchronized advertisement playback across navigation experiences and transitional states
Systems and methods that effectuate synchronized advertisement playback across navigation experiences and transitional states, are provided. In an aspect, a system includes an advertisement component configured to play a pre-roll media advertisement associated with a first media item prior to playing of the first media item, a request component configured to receive a request play a second media item prior to completion of the pre-roll media advertisement, and a streaming component configured to initiate playing of the second media item in response to the request, wherein the advertisement component is configured to continue to play the pre-roll media advertisement prior to playing of the second media item..
Google Inc.

new patent System for adaptive video switching for variable network conditions
A system for video playback switching in response to changing network conditions. The system includes streaming, from a distribution device such as a server, respective index files for a low bit rate version and a high bit rate version of the video file, to remotely executing instantiations of a low bit rate media player and a high bit rate media.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent System and content streaming and downloading
Systems, methods, architectures, mechanisms or apparatus for streaming content toward client devices, comprising a content delivery system configured to automatically ingest content asset packages and publish identifying data associated with content assets encrypted and stored therein at a content delivery network (cdn), a virtualized digital rights management (drm) platform configured to provide content encryption keys to the content delivery system and to authorized client devices, and a virtualized services platform configured to interact with client devices to authenticate client devices, receive client device content requests, and cause the cdn to transmit requested content to an authorized client device.. .
Charter Communications Operating, Llc

new patent System and methods for providing content to vehicles
Systems and methods are disclosed for delivering programming content to vehicles (e.g., seagoing vessels) in a cost-effective manner. In some embodiments, programming content may be delivered to vehicles over previously deployed networks (e.g., satellite networks), using excess network capacity which may not otherwise be used to deliver data.
Kvh Industries, Inc.

new patent Preloading and switching streaming videos
One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for playing sequential video streams. The technique involves initiating playback of a first video stream within a foreground of a display region and loading at least a portion of a second video stream during the playback of the first video stream.
Autodesk, Inc

new patent Manifest re-assembler for a streaming video channel
A device is configured to receive a playlist identifying content assets to be played on a streaming video channel. Each of the content assets may include segments.
Accenture Global Services Limited

new patent System and biosensor-triggered multimedia collaboration
Embodiments include a system, method, and computer program product for using a biosensor worn by a user to trigger an event and activate a camera worn by the user to begin streaming and/or recording video data. The biosensor trigger also initiates a real time multimedia collaboration session with the user wearing the biosensor and one or more designated parties.
Mutualink, Inc.

new patent System and hybrid wireless video transmission
A system and method provides high-quality video streaming in wireless video communications. The system includes a digital codec, an analog codec, and a power controller.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

new patent

Managing adaptive streaming of data via a communication connection

An example method includes requesting a data stream using a buffer with an initial maximum window size for buffering received data associated with the requested data stream, receiving into the buffer one or more data segments associated with the data stream, removing from the buffer one or more data segments for use by a receiving device, and determining a current window size of the buffer, wherein the current window size is equal to the maximum window size less any data segments which have been received that have not been removed from the buffer. The method further includes comparing the current window size to a predetermined threshold, and in response to determining that the current window size is less than the predetermined threshold, increasing the maximum window size, and initiating a buffer size increase timer having a current timer value and a timer expiration value..
Google Technology Holdings Llc

new patent

Method and transmitting and receiving data in wireless communication system

Provided is a method for sending and receiving, by a first device, data to and from a second device using a bluetooth low energy (ble) technology in a wireless communication system. The method includes establishing a ble connection with the second device, negotiating at least one of a codec parameter related to first audio streaming data or a transfer parameter related to the transmission of the first audio streaming data with the second device through the ble connection, opening a first channel for sending and receiving the first audio streaming data, and establishing an audio stream connection for opening an audio link with the second device through a first channel..
Lg Electronics Inc.

new patent

Handling out of order events

Processing streaming data in accordance with policies that group data by source, enforce a maximum permissible late arrival value for streaming data, a maximum permissible early arrival for data and/or a maximum degree to which data can be out of order and still be compliant with the out of order policy is described. The correct starting point for reading a data stream so as to produce correct output from a given output start time can be enabled using the early arrival policy.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Provision of a lease for streaming content

This application relates to embodiments for providing a content stream to a device from a content server based on a protocol that is established between the device and an account server. The account server can initiate a session with the device and provide the device with a list of channels available for a user account associated with the device.
Apple Inc.

new patent

Apparatus and clustering data in streaming clustering without reducing precision

An apparatus divides a feature value space in which input data points are to be disposed, into a plurality of local regions, and determines a representative point independently for each of one or more local regions each including at least one data point. In a case where a data point is added to a local region in which the representative point is disposed, the apparatus determines a new representative point to which a weight is assigned, based on the added data point and the representative point, and controls the number of clusters by using the new representative point..
Fujitsu Limited

new patent

Dynamic pattern matching over ordered and disordered data streams

Architecture introduces a new pattern operator referred to as called an augmented transition network (atn), which is a streaming adaptation of non-reentrant, fixed-state atns for dynamic patterns. Additional user-defined information is associated with automaton states and is accessible to transitions during execution.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Streaming joins in constrained memory environments

Large amounts of memory can be consumed in streaming joins because events from one stream are held in memory while waiting for matching events from a second stream. Memory needs can be reduced by analyzing the join condition to determine the bounds on the time discrepancy between events in the two streams.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Ownership-agnostic user interface for media content

Listings of media content items can be presented on a user device in an ownership-agnostic matter. For instance, a user device can interact with both a streaming media service and a personal media collection, portions of which might or might not be hosted by the streaming media service.
Apple Inc.

new patent

Social interaction in a media streaming service

A streaming media service can permit artists or other users to create and upload “posts” to the service. Posts can include text, references to content items in the catalog of the streaming media service, and/or non-catalog media content items that are created by the artist and uploaded as part of the post.
Apple Inc.

Cognitive use of multiple regulatory domains

A wireless communication system that concurrently communicates information in multiple regulatory domains to facilitate audio/video media streaming and other high bandwidth operations. One domain may be licensed and the other may be unlicensed.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Methods and apparatus to measure exposure to streaming media

Methods and apparatus to measure exposure to streaming media are disclosed. An example method includes extracting a tag from a first media part, the tag corresponding to a playback position in a second media part, the first and second parts being portions of a first item of media; when playback of the first part is completed, detecting a third media part that is not part of the first item of media; in response to completion of playback of the first part or detecting the third part, storing a first duration of the first part as an offset value; when playback of the third part is completed, detecting the second part; while the second part is being played, looking up the tag when the playback position is traversed, traversal of the playback position being identified based on the offset value; and sending the tag to an entity..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

Rights management and syndication of content

Systems, devices, and methods are described herein for distributing syndicated content or content with one or more distribution restrictions. In one aspect, a method may include assigning a unique id to a plurality of content items, where the unique id of at least one of the content items is associated with one or more property distribution restrictions.
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.

Establishing a streaming presentation of an event

The invention provides a streaming client with a streaming presentation of an event, with said presentation being obtained by dynamically switching between a plurality of media streams which represent different recordings of the event. For that purpose, source data is obtained from a plurality of stream sources.
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

Break state detection for reduced capability devices

Systems, methods, and devices are described herein for placing secondary content into a break of unknown duration in a stream of primary content. In one aspect, the described techniques may include streaming a segment of primary content, for example, by a reduce capability client device, such as a mobile device or tablet.
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.

Break state detection in content management systems

Systems, methods, and devices are described herein for placing secondary content into a break of unknown duration in a stream of primary content. In one aspect the described techniques may include receiving information indicative of a break in streaming of the primary content, such as metadata data that is inserted into the stream of primary content, for example, on a client device.
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.

Techniques to overcome communication lag between terminals performing video mirroring and annotation operations

Techniques are disclosed for overcoming communication lag between interactive operations among devices in a streaming session. According to the techniques, a first device streaming video content to a second device and an annotation is entered to a first frame being displayed at the second device, which is communicated back to the first device.
Apple Inc.

Multimedia streaming synchronization

A multimedia system includes a source device for providing a media stream and a sink device for playing the media stream. The source device encapsulates the media stream into data packets with corresponding timestamps associated with a first wall time, and transmits the data packets to the sink device based on the timestamps and the first wall time.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Streaming zip

A system is described to create and transmit a streamable zip file container. The streamable zip file container contains stream metadata, files, and a central directory.
Apple Inc.

Streaming with coordination of video orientation (cvo)

Technology a client operable to receive streaming content from a server is disclosed. The client can signal a device capability exchange message for transmission to the server.
Intel Corporation

Systems and methods for capture and streaming of video

A system may provide capture and streaming of analog video, from one or more analog cameras to one or more client devices and/or servers, in a single device including capture, packetization, and streaming functionality. The device may receive one or more individual video streams and may convert and encode the streams in accordance with a video compression protocol.
Uss Technologies, Llc

Coordinating metadata

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for coordinating metadata for media streaming content and for sending global metadata to client devices that can be used to request supplemental metadata specific to a media consumption experience.. .
Apple Inc.

Streaming spherical video

A method includes receiving a first video stream at a playback device, the first video stream having a first quality, receiving at least two second video streams at the playback device, the at least two second video streams each corresponding to a portion of the first video stream, the at least two second video streams having a second quality, the second quality being a higher quality as compared to the first quality, playing back the first video stream at the playback device, selecting a third video stream from the at least two second video streams based on a view perspective of a user of the playback device, and playing back the third video stream together with the first video stream at the playback device.. .
Google Inc.

Real-time anomaly mitigation in a cloud-based video streaming system

A method for detect and mitigate anomaly in video streaming platforms is disclosed. In one embodiment, performance data from a set of workers is received at a central telemetry system (cts), where the performance data is indicative of operational status of the set of workers.
Istreamplanet Co

System and method to generate an interactive video on the fly

The present invention provides a method for real-time generation and streaming of at least one interactive context based video according to video template, raw context related data and real time event data. The method comprising the steps of: receiving input data related to an identified template and context related data, receiving real time input of event data, while the subsequent portion of video is still in generation, choosing, updating and generating audible and visual materials, according to the predefined logic of the identified template in relation to real time data event, generating and encoding video frames for pre-defined portion based polling the generated/updated visual materials, generating continuous audio streams/frames for predefined portion of the video based on polling generated or updated audible materials and providing the generated streamable data of the predefined video portion at the external entity side, while the subsequent portion of video is still in generation..
Idomoo Ltd

Method for streaming-optimized medical raytracing

A method and apparatus for streaming-optimized volume rendering of a 3d medical volume is disclosed. View parameters for a 2d projection of the 3d medical volume are set based on a received user input.
Siemens Corporation

Mi2cent live video streaming ppv striker vs. puncher combat sports betting app methodology platform

A wagering method and a system operating on at least one central server enabling betting among mi2cents (m2c) subscribers, the system comprising: at least one computing system; at least one data processor; a platform; a wager at the at least one central server, a first member using a first user interface device in communication with the at least one central server; a means for receiving at the at least one central server at least one response to the wager by at least one of a plurality of m2c subscribers; a means for publishing the at least one response at the least one central server; a percentage payment using m2c methodology; and a means for crediting an account of the first member with a percentage payment that is integrated into m2c live fight promotion events individual combat fight round purse split amounts between two combat fighters; wherein the percentage payment is based on m2c subscriber's bet on a winner of any given fight round before and after the round has ended; wherein the computer comprises a tangible, non-transitory computer readable media comprising machine-readable executable code operable on the at least one central server.. .

Social intelligence architecture using social media message queues

A social intelligence system is presented that streams information from a source, queues the streamed information, analyzes/scores the queued data, and stores the analyzed/scored data in an analysis database. The analyzed/scored data can then be retrieved from the database for post-processing and stored in a client specific database for further reporting.
Nasdaq, Inc.

Determining delay for language translation in video communication

Disclosed are various embodiments for translation of speech in a video messaging application. A segment of streaming video is decoded to separate the visual component from the audio component.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Low latency screen mirroring

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to graphics domain transmission methods that utilize an adaptive compression pipeline to achieve low latency screen mirroring between a source device and a sink device. A source device captures a plurality of graphics domain frames, each of the graphics domain frames including one or more graphics command tokens.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Music streaming for athletic activities

Example embodiments relate to systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media relating to a user interface, that may for example, initiate transmission of a stream of audio data comprising a plurality of audio tracks from a music streaming service, and receive athletic activity data relating to a performance of an athletic activity by a user during an activity time period that includes a plurality of time intervals. For each of the plurality of time intervals, an athletic activity level is determined from the athletic activity data, a target audio track intensity corresponding to the athletic activity level is determined, and a playback of a streamed audio track corresponding to the target audio track intensity is initiated..
Nike, Inc.

Client-side location aware network selection

A mobile device that incorporates the subject disclosure may perform, for example, operations including requesting transport characteristics of a network coupled to a server and to the device according to a trajectory of the device. Data packets are transported to the mobile device according to a dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Data bandwidth optimization

Systems and methods for data bandwidth optimization are disclosed. A server receives, from a computing device, a request to begin a network data session.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Data forwarding in hybrid mesh networks

A system and method are disclosed for forwarding data in hybrid wireless mesh networks. The method includes configuring a number of mesh network nodes as potential relay nodes (prns) in an overlay network associated with a hybrid wireless mesh network, streaming data packets from a source node to a destination node using a native data forwarding algorithm of the hybrid wireless mesh network, dynamically identifying relay nodes (rns) among prns in the overlay network, creating secondary paths for sending data packets towards selected rns in the overlay network, and relaying data packets from rns to the destination node using the overlay network..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Method and system for haptic data encoding and streaming using a multiplexed data stream

A method includes receiving digital content data including audio data and/or video data, generating haptic data using at least some of the received digital content data, encoding the haptic data for efficient transmission over a communication network, multiplexing the encoded haptic data with the received digital content data, embedding information for decoding the encoded haptic data in metadata of the multiplexed data stream, and sending the multiplexed data stream over the communication network. The method may include analyzing the haptic data to determine at least one characteristic of the haptic data, and the encoding the haptic data may include encoding, based on the determined characteristic, the haptic data to meet a pre-defined criteria..
Immersion Corporation

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