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Streaming patents

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Device for data routing in networks

Device for data routing in networks

Mimik Technology

Transcoding system and method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Streaming-related patents
 Streaming music using authentication information patent thumbnailnew patent Streaming music using authentication information
Systems and methods are provided for assisting a user with setting up an audio system with audio content services the user is already registered with. One method may involve receiving a list of a plurality of audio services supported by an audio system, selecting an audio service from the list of plurality of audio services, and determining whether a computing device application corresponding to the audio service is present on a computing device operated by the user and associated with the audio system.
Sonos, Inc.
 Streaming video to cellular phones patent thumbnailnew patent Streaming video to cellular phones
A method, system, and computer program product for deploying data to a web server for streaming video to a mobile device. The method can include receiving a request for streaming video from a mobile device upon the resolving of the request by a dns.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Method and system for creating video channels for delivery of content from multiple platforms patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for creating video channels for delivery of content from multiple platforms
A system for managing delivery of content from multiple platforms maintains data for various video channels. Some of the video channels are television channels, while others are over-the-top (ott) video content sources such as video streaming websites.
Aiotv, Inc.
 Testing a software interface for a streaming hardware device patent thumbnailnew patent Testing a software interface for a streaming hardware device
Embodiments of the disclosure relate to testing a software interface for a streaming hardware device through simulation. Methods include receiving, by a processor, a data manipulation request and a data segment associated with the data manipulation request and generating, by the software interface, an input data stream comprising control information and the data segment.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Transcoding system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Transcoding system and method
A method of providing streaming content to a user device is provided, including: providing a gateway having a transcoder, having a single encoder and a single decoder, the transcoder configured to adapt the streaming content to a plurality of bit rates; the user device requesting the content at a bit rate from said gateway; the gateway instructing the transcoder to provide the content at the bit rate; the user device requesting the content at a second bit rate from said gateway; the gateway instructing the transcoder to provide the content at the second bit rate; and the transcoder transcoding the content at the second bit rate.. .
Mimik Technology Inc.
 Method, terminal, and system for reproducing content patent thumbnailnew patent Method, terminal, and system for reproducing content
A method of reproducing content is provided. The method includes, when a sync terminal reproduces content by receiving the content from a source terminal via a certain network, reproducing the content in a mirroring mode during a certain time, buffering image data corresponding to the content to be reproduced after the certain time, during the certain time, and reproducing the content in a streaming mode after the certain time by using the buffered image data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Internet video streaming system patent thumbnailnew patent Internet video streaming system
The present invention is an internet video streaming system. Users create video and upload the video to a remote computer system.
 Systems and methods of enabling integrated activity scheduling, sharing and real-time social connectivity through an event-sharing platform patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods of enabling integrated activity scheduling, sharing and real-time social connectivity through an event-sharing platform
Embodiments herein provide for an interactive event-scheduling platform (esp), wherein locating activities via location data, notifying and alerting of them via real-time feeds and encouraging interaction through a full-service social media suite (sms), enhanced with live streaming and “always-on” connectivity, could provide a fresh experience for users and hosts. A real-time data procuring system and method may solve problems with stale or incomplete activity data within a geographic area, bridge gaps between users and hosts by shortening time periods—from activity announcement, to discovery, to launch, to response—create buzz, maximize venue attendance, boost sales and ensure promotional success.
 Electronic book streaming service patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic book streaming service
In one example embodiment, a server includes a content transmitter configured to transmit e-book content to an end device that displays e-book content; a compiler configured to analyze e-book reading patterns on the end device; a session manager configured to: divide the e-book content into a plurality of reading sessions, and determine a stopping point for a current one of the reading sessions, based on past reading pattern data included in the reading patterns of the end device; and a charge manager configured to charge a fee for the current reading session, when the current reading session reaches the determined stopping point.. .
Kt Corporation
 Computer controlled commercial transactional patent thumbnailnew patent Computer controlled commercial transactional
An independently operated computer-controlled transactional method and system for facilitating sales, rentals, promotion, streaming content, bartering and exchange of digital and/or physical products and/or services between a property owner and one or more web stores is described. It embodies business methods that are necessary to conduct commerce on a local, regional and international level over the internet or computer networks that are interconnected through communication links, by packaging, warehousing and delivering digital and/or physical products and/or services of an owner of such products and/or services and parties distributing to end users..
Osmora Technologies Inc.
new patent

Photon induced acoustic streaming device and method

A device and method of using a device for photon-induced endodontic and periodontic applications includes a power source, a trigger coupled to the power source and circuit elements initiated by the trigger. The circuit elements include a timing circuit and a driver.
American Eagle Instruments, Inc.
new patent

Interactive projection effect and entertainment system

Various embodiments herein include systems, methods, and software for an entertainment projection device. In addition to projecting entertainment content, the projection device includes a camera for capturing user motion and a graphical display that is arranged to be altered in response to detection of user motion as captured by the camera.
Lumo Play, Inc.
new patent

Device for data routing in networks

An integrated security system integrates broadband and mobile access and control with conventional security systems and premise devices to provide a tri-mode security network having remote connectivity and access. The integrated security system delivers remote premise monitoring and control functionality to conventional monitored premise protection and complements existing premise protection equipment.

Media content streaming service

In one example embodiment, a server includes a receiver configured to receive, from a first device having rights to use or play first media content, characteristics of the first device or a user of the first device; a group manager configured to add the first device into a content sharing group having a second device, based on the characteristics of the first device or the user of the first device; a content list manager configured to transmit, to the first device, a group content list that includes second media content that the second device has rights to play; and a streaming transmitter configured to stream the second media content to the first device.. .
Kt Corporation

System and a method adapted to display epg media content from the world wide web

The invention relates to a system, a method of a remote control adapted to display media content from the world wide web. This is accomplished by utilizing a smart-phone as a remote control by an application program, and transmitting the media content through a backend system utilizing wi-fi adapters to transmit streaming media to for instance a hdmi tv.
Magine Holding Ab

Upgrade of software images based on streaming technique

Releasing a portion of mass memory, relocating memory blocks stored in boot locations of the target software image to the released portion, storing the boot blocks into corresponding boot locations, booting the data-processing entity from the boot blocks in the corresponding boot locations thereby loading a streaming function, and serving each request of reading a selected memory block of the target software image by the streaming function, the streaming function downloading the selected memory block from the external source and storing the selected memory block into the released portion when the selected memory block is not available in the mass memory, or retrieving the selected memory block from the mass memory otherwise.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for generating media information, terminal, server, and ahs system

The present invention discloses a method for generating media information, a terminal, a server, and an adaptive streaming system. Media code streams of m types of code rate, which are generated by an ahs system, are divided into h groups, and tracing codes are separately embedded into code stream segments of each group.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for modeling quality of service for streaming media

A monitoring device includes a video buffer model and a user model. The video buffer model monitors a media program streaming across a network to a media client for perceivable transmission impairments.
Avvasi Inc.

Load based target alteration in streaming environments

A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes receiving, at a virtual server, a request for video content from a client device; identifying a policy for a set of transform sessions; accessing a resource monitor in order to evaluate current load conditions associated with the virtual server; and determining an action to take based on the current load conditions.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method and streaming metadata between devices using javascript and html5

Techniques and configurations for streaming metadata between devices are disclosed herein. In one example embodiment, streaming textual data, for example subtitles or closed caption data, are provided from a consumer television or set top box (stb) platform to a tablet computer platform.

Internet streaming and dynamic reconfiguration of user displays

Internet streaming from broadcast radio or television stations is described wherein triggers for dynamic content from internal or external systems cause an encoder system to generate command messages, and to optionally synchronize those command messages with any delays associated with the triggering events. Command messages are delivered through a streaming media distribution system to client media players which obtain or present the dynamic content, in association with any desired configuration changes to the appearance of the media player or the method or manner in which the dynamic content is presented..

Method and system for high performance integration, processing and searching of structured and unstructured data using coprocessors

Disclosed herein is a method and system for integrating an enterprise's structured and unstructured data to provide users and enterprise applications with efficient and intelligent access to that data. In accordance with exemplary embodiments, the generation of metadata indexes about unstructured data can be hardware-accelerated by processing streaming unstructured data through a reconfigurable logic device to generate the metadata about the unstructured data for the index..
Ip Reservoir, Llc

Method and controlling the transmission of streaming content in a wireless communication network

This disclosure provides example details for a method and apparatus for controlling the transmission of streaming content from a wireless communication network to a wireless device, including temporarily increasing the size of a buffer used at the device for streaming content buffering and correspondingly initiating a transmission burst of the streaming content towards the device. These operations are undertaken responsive to determining that there is an expectation that a required qos will be violated with respect to the device and among their several advantages, they lessen the likelihood that the expected qos violation will disrupt streaming content playback at the device..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Network system apparatus and use adapted for visual neural networking with multi-channel multiplexed streaming medical imagery and packetized clinical informatics

The invention enables networked teams to recursively annotate and tag, encapsulate and share multi-channel multiplexed streaming medical imagery, including networked televisual communications with streaming imagery data from heterogeneous spatial and temporal sources, locations, modalities and scales. The invention acquires both live and archived streaming imagery data from network-connected medical devices, cameras, signals and sensors.

System for selectively displaying information in a secured manner and method thereof

A communication system comprising a controlling server coupled to a controlled server via a socket communication channel to stream sensitive information to a desktop computer for viewing in a secured manner. The streamed information is not stored at the desktop.

System and maintaining integrity of audio data in a multiplexed audio/video stream over a low-latency network connection

A system and method for allowing streaming audio to be transmitted in advance of streaming video in a data stream without synchliionization errors, in order to minimize audio discontinuities, even where video transmission may become degraded.. .
Tooyah, Inc.

Communication apparatus that performs streaming distribution, controlling communication apparatus, reproduction apparatus, controlling reproduction apparatus, and storage medium

A communication apparatus capable of switching between videos to be each displayed on a reproduction apparatus based on video data subjected to streaming distribution, on a distributor side. A camera registers management information of a plurality of cameras capable of distributing images to a pc by streaming distribution in a camera management table.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Real-time data visualization of streaming data

In certain implementations, a first data element set associated with a first attribute may be provided on a user interface. Individual first data elements of the first data element set may each represent a first value associated with the first attribute.
Zoomdata, Inc.

Hardware streaming unit

A processor having a streaming unit is disclosed. In one embodiment, a processor includes one or more execution units configured to execute instructions of a processor instruction set.
Oracle International Corporation

Flexible configuration hardware streaming unit

A processor having a streaming unit is disclosed. In one embodiment, a processor includes a streaming unit configured to load one or more input data streams from a memory coupled to the processor.
Oracle International Corporation

Managing adaptive streaming of data via a communication connection

An example method includes requesting a data stream using a buffer with an initial maximum window size for buffering received data associated with the requested data stream, receiving into the buffer one or more data segments associated with the data stream, removing from the buffer one or more data segments for use by a receiving device, and determining a current window size of the buffer, wherein the current window size is equal to the maximum window size less any data segments which have been received that have not been removed from the buffer. The method further includes comparing the current window size to a predetermined threshold, and in response to determining that the current window size is less than the predetermined threshold, increasing the maximum window size, and initiating a buffer size increase timer having a current timer value and a timer expiration value..
Motorola Mobility Llc

Easy radio station network

A method and system for providing a digital platform including interactive tools to a plurality of consumers to enable a consumer to be a broadcaster of content, via streaming, by hosting a personal radio station of the consumer and simultaneously to be a consumer of content broadcasted, via streaming, by other consumers are disclosed. The content can include music, video, graphics, photographs, slide show, audio and other multimedia content..
Live365, Inc.

Method and system for playing multicast over-the-top (ott) content streams

A method and system for multicast transmission of ott streams to players that do not support multicast format are provided. The method includes establishing a transmission control protocol (tcp) connection with a media player; establishing a user datagram protocol (udp) connection with a multicast delivery server (mds); receiving an ott content stream in a multicast streaming format via the udp connection; reformatting the received multicast ott content stream into a unicast stream; and delivering the unicast stream via the tcp connection to the media player, wherein the unicast stream is a streaming format supported by the media player..
Imvision Software Technologies Ltd.

Real-time data visualization of streaming data

In certain implementations, a first data element set associated with a first attribute may be provided on a user interface. Individual first data elements of the first data element set may each represent a first value associated with the first attribute.
Zoomdata, Inc.

Delay in video for language translation

Disclosed are various embodiments for translation of speech in a video messaging application. A segment of streaming video is decoded to separate the visual component from the audio component.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Method and using plc-based sensor units for communication and streaming media delivery, and for monitoring and control of power usage of connected appliances

A group of sensors use power line communication (plc) technology to collect power usage information and enable power management and control, as well as provide local area networking. The sensors include an intelligent master sensor and one or more slave devices, such as a communication and power management sensor and a power control switch sensor.

Interoperability and communications system dynamic media proxy based on capability negotiation

A system and methodology to facilitate communication between non-compatible communication devices by utilization of a dynamic media proxy is provided. Information associated with an endpoint, such as, media capabilities, identity and system resource information is collected.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Streaming one time pad cipher using rotating ports for data encryption

A streaming one time pad cipher using rotating ports for data encryption uses a one time pad (otp) and an exclusive or (xor) (or other cipher) with a public key channel to encrypt and decrypt otp data. There is no method in cryptography to thwart the otp/xor method and it is proven impossible to crack.
Introspective Power, Inc.

Drm content stream transmission apparatus, method, and transmission and reception system

A content stream transmission apparatus with reverse traceability comprises a pattern insertion unit dividing the original content in units of segments and inserting at least two patterns to each segment and creating at least two pattern contents; an encryption unit encrypting the at least two pattern contents; a content selection unit selecting one of the at least two pattern contents based on user identification information; and a transmission unit transmitting the selected pattern content to a user device. Therefore, as copyright and leakage tracking information are enabled to be inserted into the contents in real-time, the present invention not only provides security-enhanced contents but also services real-time content streaming services..
Markany Inc.

Entertainment environment remote control and audio/video streaming method and system

A remote control and streaming interface for an entertainment environment. The system includes an infrared (ir) transmitter panel holding a plurality of ir leds formed in an led array.
Flyover Innovations, Llc

Sampling device and sampling method

A sampling device includes: an obtainer that obtains a streaming audio waveform; a detector that detects a tap by a user; a designator that designates a sampling start point on the obtained audio waveform when at least a single tap has been detected by the detector, the designating being performed on the basis of one tap among a plurality of the taps when the plurality of taps are detected; a calculator that calculates a sampling duration on the basis of time intervals between the respective taps when the plurality of taps are detected, the calculating being performed from the sampling start point to a subsequent tap that is performed after the one tap; and a waveform sampler that samples the obtained audio waveform, the sampling starting from the designated sampling start point and ending in accordance with the calculated sampling duration.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Internal combustion engine increasing the temperature in at least one part of the internal combustion engine system

An internal combustion engine system includes a cylinder block with a plurality of cylinders, a gas intake manifold for providing at least air to the cylinder block and an exhaust gas manifold for exiting the exhaust gas from the cylinder block, wherein the exhaust gas manifold includes at least a main exhaust gas outlet and a waste gate exhaust gas outlet, wherein the main exhaust gas outlet is connected to a main exhaust gas pipe for guiding the exhaust gas to a main exhaust gas after treatment system and the waste gate exhaust gas outlet is connected to a waste gate exhaust gas pipe, and wherein the waste gate exhaust gas pipe is reconnected to the main exhaust gas pipe upstream of the main exhaust gas after treatment system and includes at least one waste gate exhaust gas after treatment unit, such as an oxidation catalyst such as a diesel oxidation catalyst, for catalytically treating the exhaust gas streaming through the waste gate exhaust gas pipe, and to a method for increasing the temperature in an internal combustion engine system.. .
Volvo Technology Corporation

Streaming fibre channel network devices

A system and method are disclosed for processing commands to network target devices through a scsi router in a fibre channel network having a plurality of fibre channel hosts. The system may be configured to receive a command, and determine that the command requires a transfer of data larger than a threshold size.
Kip Cr P1 Lp

Apparatus, system, and adaptive-rate shifting of streaming content

An apparatus for adaptive-rate shifting of streaming content includes an agent controller module configured to simultaneously request at least portions of a plurality of streamlets. The agent controller module is further configured to continuously monitor streamlet requests and subsequent responses, and accordingly request higher or lower quality streamlets.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Method and controlling traffic using adaptive streaming in multi-media content transmission system

The present invention proposes a method for network operators to control traffic between a server and a client so that client-induced traffic preemption may be prevented. The present invention comprises the processes of: an operator determining a network status, the network in which a server is streaming content via a multi-media transmission system; in accordance with the status of the network, determining whether to modify the meta data by considering a set of predetermined conditions; and transmitting to a terminal data reflecting the modification decision..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Methods and systems for video quota management

A method of providing streaming media content to a subscriber mobile device includes providing a time-denominated media quota associated with the subscriber mobile device; in response to a request for the streaming media content from the subscriber mobile device, providing the streaming media content to the subscriber mobile device through a mobile data network; determining a media duration associated with the streaming media content; and applying the media duration associated with the streaming media content to the time-denominated media quota.. .
Avvasi Inc.

System and the automated handling of documents related to private investigations

Disclosed is a system and method for generating, distributing, and accessing private investigation related documents. The system is operated by a host and utilized by a number of different entities that are involved in preparing and distributing private investigated related documents.
Santarlas Global, Llc

Automated earpiece cache management

Many types of earpiece include a memory to which media items stored on a second device, such as music, audiobooks, and podcasts, may be transferred as requested by a user. However, it may be advantageous to configure the earpiece and/or the to fill the memory automatically with media items of predicted interest to the user in the manner of a cache.

Integrated digitizer system with streaming interface

A digitizer system (ds) may include one or more input channels to receive sample data, and an acquisition state machine (asm) to organize the sample data into one or more acquisition records according to events of interest, and generate framing information corresponding to the one or more acquisition records. The events of interest may be identified by a trigger circuit in the ds, and relayed to the asm for organizing the sample data.
National Instruments Corporation

Range control for wireless hearing assistance device systems

Disclosed herein, among other things, are apparatus and methods for wireless hearing assistance devices and in particular to a controllable range control for wireless hearing assistance device systems. An advertisement is used to allow the receiver to quickly receive streaming information, thus conserving power.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

Music player watch with hearing aid remote control

Described herein are devices and methods for enabling a hearing aid user to control the operation of the hearing aid and also select an audio source for streaming audio information such as music directly to the hearing aid. In one embodiment, these functionalities are combined into a single wrist-worn remote device that may also function as a watch..
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

Preventing playback of streaming video if ads are removed

A digitally signed manifest file includes metadata that specifies whether a policy regarding the digital signature should be enforced. The policy is then used to generate additional metadata associated with the program and ad content of the video stream.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

System and spatial adaptation in adaptive streaming

Systems, methods, and devices for spatial adaptation with dynamic adaptive streaming are disclosed. In an embodiment, systems, methods and devices are disclosed for signaling a spatial relationship of one or more tiles in a tiled presentation with an attribute in a media presentation description.
Futurewei Technologies Inc:

System for seamlessly switching between a cloud-rendered application and a full-screen video sourced from a content server

A system and method for seamlessly integrating efficient digital content media streaming with a flexible browsing interface for display on a viewing device. The invention relates to rendering an interface in a remote interface display on a remote server and streaming that remote interface display as a data stream to an appliance coupled to a viewing device.

Media streaming in mobile networks with improved efficiency

The invention relates to a mobile telecommunication device (22) comprising: a receiver (40) for receiving content data via a mobile telecommunication network; a play-out buffer (41) for holding downloaded but yet un-played content data; a media reader (42) for reading content data at a media rate from the play-out buffer and for sending content to a display or speaker for rendering; a segment request controller (46) for sending media segment requests to a remote server; a buffer fill monitor (45) for checking a fill level of the play-out buffer, continuously or at least at the end of a media segment download. The segment request controller (46) is configured switch between a state of continuously requesting media segments and a state of not requesting any media segments.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Mobile device streaming media application

A system and process for coordinating streaming content or messages is provided. A network-connected server maintains a database containing media content-related data, such as the text of a message, accompanying media, time of airing, payment and related comments.

System and effectively controlling client behavior in adaptive streaming

The present invention teaches new solutions based on an alternative approach to controlling client behavior in adaptive streaming applications, namely, server managed adaptive streaming. In this approach, the client makes requests for streaming content and provides extra information about its behaviors, and the server verifies the information to determine if the requests can be granted.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

System and network-assisted adaptive streaming

A system, method and device are configured to guarantee bandwidth to adaptive streaming clients through negotiation with a network unit to achieve better quality of services in adaptive streaming that utilizes network bandwidth conditions more accurately than based on client estimations.. .
Futurewei Technologies Inc.

Method and system for concurrent web based multi-task support

Supporting of web multitasking via a single web browser is important, especially for small sized communication device where a displayed web browser screen is a precious resource. The supporting of the web multitasking improves efficiency for use of the web browser resources for daily works, for example, while a person accessing a streaming video in a storage space across world wide web, the person also needs to handle an emergent incoming email.

Streaming media content

A method for serving a media stream to a client device includes transmitting a media stream encoded at a first bitrate to a client device and receiving one or more control messages from the client device. Each control message indicates a player state of a media player of the client device at a time corresponding to the control message and a buffer state of a buffer of the client device at the time.
Google Inc.

Packet transmission protocol supporting downloading and streaming

A method and apparatus generate and process transport packets. A method of processing a transport packet at receiving entity includes identifying, in response to receiving the transport packet, a payload type based on a field indicating the payload type in a packet header for the transport packet.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

System and dynamic and automatic synchronization and manipulation of real-time and on-line streaming media

The present invention relates generally to a system that creates a real-time collaboration and synchronization of multiple, disparate media components, and more particularly to a system that creates dynamic relations and includes notations and annotations in text, audio, video, bookmark, and marked area without affecting the integrity of the original media source making it possible to later search any of these components independently using regular text search or further phonetic and image recognition searches.. .
Cut2it, Inc.

System and process for increasing convergence of potential donors to actual donors of projects seeking crowdfunding

A system and process for increasing convergence of potential donors to actual donors of projects seeking crowdfunding is disclosed. In some embodiments, the system connects streaming video conversations, individual personal profiles, and fundable project descriptions to provide a potential project donor with a set of in-depth contextually relevant information resources related to a project seeking crowdfunding.

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