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This page is updated frequently with new Streaming-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Streaming-related patents
 System and  compressing video for streaming video game content to remote clients patent thumbnailnew patent System and compressing video for streaming video game content to remote clients
Computer-implemented methods for hosting online video games, performing video compression, and streaming video for video games are provided. One method includes receiving a request from a user for playing a low latency video game.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc

 Live streaming-tv content, acquisition, transformation, encryption, and distribution system, and  its use patent thumbnailnew patent Live streaming-tv content, acquisition, transformation, encryption, and distribution system, and its use
A system for delivering audio and video to one or more users comprising a video/audio receiver, an encoder process/encoder machine operationally associated with the video/audio receiver, an uploader process/machine operationally associated with the encoder process/encoder machine, a content delivery network (cdn) operationally associated with the uploader process/machine and one or more client/subscriber machines operationally associated with the cdn.. .

 System and  aggregated multimedia content streaming patent thumbnailnew patent System and aggregated multimedia content streaming
The present invention provides a system and method which aggregates disparate multimedia sources into a plurality of utility services or channels, which are accessible to a plurality of networked computing devices without the utilization of a web browser or a set-top box. Such system of distribution would enable a seamless experience to view multimedia broadcasts by navigating through channels displaying media content in full screen, including high definition video and high fidelity audio, thereby emulating the experience provided by traditional broadcast television, cable or satellite.
Openvision Networks, Inc.

 Adaptive video streaming patent thumbnailnew patent Adaptive video streaming
A method, system and apparatus for image capture, analysis and transmission are provided. A link aggregation method involves identifying controller network ports to a source connected to the same subnetwork; producing packets associating corresponding controller network ports selected by the source cpu for substantially uniform selection; and transmitting the packets to their corresponding network ports.
Avigilon Corporation

 Automatic and adaptive selection of profiles for adaptive bit rate streaming patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic and adaptive selection of profiles for adaptive bit rate streaming
Disclosed are methods and systems for a transcoding device to provide sets of video streams or profiles having different encoding parameters for transmitting the sets of video streams to a media device. In an embodiment, a method for transmitting video streams for a media program from a transcoding device to a media device includes receiving, by the transcoding device, video data; generating, by the transcoding device, a plurality of profiles from the video data, each profile representing a video stream; performing analysis on the generated plurality of profiles to identify similar profiles; reducing the number of profiles to provide a distinct set of profiles; and transmitting the distinct set of profiles from the transcoding device to the media device..
Arris Enterprises, Inc.

 Real-time visual customer support enablement system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time visual customer support enablement system and method
Disclosed is a system and method for providing real-time visual customer support. In one embodiment, the present system is configured to enhance native phone communication by simultaneously being able to deliver one-way real-time visual streaming from the end consumer.
Livegenic Inc.

 Capturing images of active subjects patent thumbnailnew patent Capturing images of active subjects
Techniques for capture of images of active subjects are described herein. In one or more implementations, a wearable device is configured to collect data regarding action of a subject associated with the wearable device during an activity.
Google Technology Holdings Llc

 Computer-based streaming voice data contact information extraction patent thumbnailnew patent Computer-based streaming voice data contact information extraction
Embodiments relate to extracting contact information from streaming voice data. An aspect includes a speech recognition module configured to transcribe a stream of voice data representing at least a portion of a telephone conversation into text data; a contact information extraction module configured to extract contact information from the text data; and a transceiver configured to send at least a portion of the contact information to a recipient calling device..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Method and system for coordinating stream processing at a video streaming platform patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for coordinating stream processing at a video streaming platform
A method implemented in an electronic device serving as a worker processing video and audio streams of a streaming platform system is disclosed. The method includes the electronic device requesting a task group from an orchestrator of the streaming platform system, where the orchestrator manages video and audio stream processing of the streaming platform system.
Istreamplanet Co.

 Methods and apparatus to determine an end time of streaming media patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and apparatus to determine an end time of streaming media
Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture to determine an end time of streaming media are disclosed. An example method includes analyzing bandwidth usage data corresponding to bandwidth usage associated with streaming media, and determining an end time of the media based on the bandwidth usage data..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

new patent

Method and system for ensuring reliability of unicast video streaming at a video streaming platform

A method implemented in an electronic device serving as a stream distributor distributing unicast video and audio streams of a streaming platform system is disclosed. The stream distributor receives a unicast data flow containing data of a video and audio stream from a load balancer, the unicast data flow being transmitted in user datagram protocol (udp) packets.
Istreamplanet Co.

new patent

Adaptive centralized collection of performance management data using a metamodel

A method is provided for obtaining performance measurements via metamodels streamed from multiple types and models of network devices connected to a network. The method comprises installing a generic collection agent on a server connected to the network, retrieving the metamodels from the network devices by the collection agent, storing the metamodels in a collection of metamodels on the server to be accessed by the collection agent and the network devices, analyzing the metamodels to provide the network devices with addressing information, streaming the performance measurements from the network devices to the collection agent using the addressing information, and analyzing and storing the performance measurements for later use..
Accedian Networks Inc.

new patent

Systems and methods for clipping video segments

Systems and methods for streaming video, interacting with video content, and sharing video content are disclosed herein. Other embodiments are also disclosed herein..
Didja, Inc.

new patent

Enhancing audio using a mobile device

Embodiments disclosed herein enable detection and improvement of the quality of the audio signal using a mobile device by determining the loss in the audio signal and enhancing audio by streaming the remainder portion of audio. Embodiments disclosed herein enable an improvement in the sound quality rendered by rendering devices by emitting an test audio signal from the source device, measuring the test audio signal using microphones, detecting variation in the frequency response, loudness and timing characteristics using impulse responses and correcting for them.
Snap Networks Pvt Ltd

new patent

Support actual and virtual sql dataflow by streaming infrastructure

A method includes binding a stationed operator to a database query engine, wherein the stationed operator comprises system utilities and an open executor to execute user-supplied application logic. The method further includes receiving an unbounded input stream of input tuples by the stationed operator, the stream of input tuples comprising a succession of chunks.

new patent

Rules based playlist generation

Multiple playlists can be generated for broadcast or streaming. An aggregate difference representing a difference between the aggregate playout length of the multiple playlists and a target playout length can be determined.
Iheartmedia Management Services, Inc.

new patent

Method and system for a graph based video streaming platform

A method implemented in an electronic device serving as an orchestrator managing video and audio stream processing of a streaming platform system is disclosed. The method includes the electronic device receiving a request to process a video source and creating a task graph based on the request, where the task graph is a directed acyclic graph of tasks for processing the video source, where each node of the task graph represents a processing task, and where each edge of the task graph represents a data flow across two processing tasks and corresponding input and output of each processing task.
Istreamplanet Co.

new patent

Direct streaming for wireless display

A source device comprises a memory to store video data and one or more processors, wherein the one or more processors are configured to obtain encoded video data for a frame of video data; output, via a display interface for the source device and for display at a display device, a predefined frame for the frame of video data; and send, to a sink device via a wireless communication channel, the encoded video data for display at a display device associated with the sink device.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

new patent

Hosting and broadcasting virtual events using streaming interactive video

Methods for hosting and operating a twitch service and systems are provided. One method includes running a twitch video game or real-time application at a hosting service center.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc


Methods and techniques for adaptive search

A user may establish a reservation for content that is not currently available to the user via a group of sources, including broadcast, streaming, and/or download sources. For example the a user may establish a reservation to record a broadcast of specific content that is currently not scheduled for broadcast.
Tivo Inc.


Arrangements and method thereof for channel change during streaming

According to embodiments of the present invention, the user-to-user delay and the zapping delay are reduced by a network element which is configured to provide at least one segment that is a shorter version of the actual segment and where the shorter version of the actual segment begins with a key frame or contains key frames only. By providing the at least one segment being a shorter version of the actual segment, wherein a key frame is inserted in the beginning of the segment, the delay, when zapping to a new channel, can be reduced, since a key frame will be accessible with a reduced time delay.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Portable broadcast system accommodating multiple remote users for digital audio/video transmission via wired or wireless ip or 3g/4g networks

A system for simultaneously distributing program content originating from hundreds of remote multicast transmit units to a global network such as the internet, and configured to receive at a host multicast receiver/server the transmitted program content segments from each of the remote multicast transmit units in real time, at full bandwidth and minimum latency. A command center station coupled to a first output of the multicast receiver/server for distribution of the program content segments via a satellite broadcast network interface to one or more affiliated stations and a second output of the multicast receiver/server via a third party network interface for streaming distribution to the affiliated stations..


Method for transmitting media data and virtual desktop server

Disclosed is a method for transmitting media data, comprises: acquiring streaming media data of a media file that a terminal requests to play; when it is determined that the terminal supports a media format of the streaming media data, sending the streaming media data to the terminal, and the terminal playing the streaming media data; when it is determined that the terminal does not support the media format of the streaming media data requested to be played, converting the media format of the streaming media data into a media format supported by the terminal; and sending the converted streaming media data to the terminal, and the terminal directly playing the converted streaming media data. Also disclosed is a virtual desktop server.
Zte Corporation


Streaming playback and dynamic ad insertion

There is provided a system and method for dynamically generated client side streaming playlists. There is provided a method comprising receiving a request to stream a video asset for playback, retrieving, from a network, a video asset playlist corresponding to the video asset and an ad campaign playlist, generating a consolidated video playlist including the video asset playlist and the ad campaign playlist, and processing the consolidated video playlist using a media playback framework to stream a plurality of video files from the network for decoding and output to a display.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


On-demand load balancer and virtual live slicer server farm for program ingest

A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium to receive a request for an on-demand streaming service from a program source device, wherein the on-demand streaming service provides on-demand publishing of programs originating from program source devices, and wherein the publishing includes streaming of the programs via the internet to users; obtain configuration data based on the request; spin up a live slicer server based on the request; transmit the configuration data to the live slicer server; and transmit a network address of the live slicer server to the program source device.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


System and surgical telementoring

Apparatus and method for receiving and transmitting streaming live imagery data and audio signals in real time is provided. Imagery data and audio signals are acquired through a telestreamer input device and streamed to one or more remote recipients, allowing remote operators to electronically collaborate by telestrating, annotating, and sketching image overlays.
Skysurgery Llc


Method and system for caching streaming multimedia on the internet

An apparatus and method to enhance existing caches in a network to better support streaming media storage and distribution. Helper machines are used inside the network to implement several methods which support streaming media including segmentation of streaming media objects into smaller units, cooperation of helper machines, and novel placement and replacement policies for segments of media objects..
Sound View Innovations, Llc


Residential cache appliance utilizing a social network

Embodiments are disclosed for managing a distributed data center. The managing can include receiving content interaction history associated with a first social networking account of a social networking system at a content distribution system; maintaining a cache map of available cache appliances to implement a distributed cache store; selecting a content item to push to a residential cache appliance based on the content interaction history, wherein pushing the content item includes updating the cache map to associate a network address of the residential cache appliance with an identifier of the content item; and providing a content distribution service configured to redirect a content streaming request for the content item to the residential cache appliance when the content item is determined to be available in the distributed cache store according to the cache map..
Facebook, Inc.


Reducing size of diagnostic data downloads

Aspects are related to reducing size of diagnostic data downloads. To reduce the size, format and content are read from a diagnostic data file so that pre-defined priority rules may be applied to the diagnostic data file and/or a subset of the diagnostic data file utilizing the format or the content.
International Business Machines Corporation


System and using a streaming protocol

An initialization vector (iv) is employed to decrypt a block of a stream that has been encrypted with cypher block chaining (cbc) encryption, without requiring decryption of previous blocks within the stream. For example, a listener who accesses a distribution point to retrieve encrypted content authenticates himself to an application server that regulates access to encrypted content on the distribution point, and responsively receives a key.
Aol Inc.


Systems and methods for streaming video games using gpu command streams

Systems and methods for gpu command streaming in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for receiving and processing an encoded gpu command stream includes obtaining an encoded gpu command stream from at least one hosting server system using a rendering system, decoding the encoded gpu command stream into a decoded gpu command stream using the rendering system, obtaining a set of high density assets using the rendering system, mapping a first set of runtime generated identifiers to a second set of runtime generated identifiers using the rendering system so that the second set of runtime generated identifiers is correctly associated with the set of gpu commands, and producing a set of images using the rendering system by processing the decoded gpu command stream and the set of high density assets using a processor..
Sonic Ip, Inc.


Speculative data processing of streaming data

In an embodiment, a method comprises receiving a plurality of source data records from one or more source computers, wherein one or more first source data records are associated with a first source transaction and one or more second source data records are associated with a second source transaction; generating a first derived transaction comprising one or more first derived records based on the plurality of source data records; generating a first transaction mapping between the first derived transaction and the first source transaction; generating a second transaction mapping between the first derived transaction and the second source transaction; determining that the first derived transaction has ended, and in response, committing first derived transaction including the one or more first derived records to a persistent storage; receiving a first ending punctuation associated with the first source transaction, and in response, committing the first source transaction including the one or more first source data records associated with the first source transaction to the persistent storage; after committing the first derived transaction, determining that the second source transaction failed, and in response: determining that the first derived transaction should be regenerated based on the second transaction mapping, and in response, regenerating the first derived transaction.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Rainbow event drop detection system

In one embodiment, data received from one or more streaming data sources may be monitored by one or more devices. A rate of change in flow of the data received from the one or more streaming data sources may be ascertained.
Yahoo! Inc.


Method and system for profiling virtual application resource utilization patterns

A method and system for profiling execution of an application implemented by an application file comprising a plurality of data blocks. The application is executed in response to an execute command from a management process.
Code Systems Corporation


Virtual high definition video player

A video service is provided by one or more servers which communicate directly with one more clients over a network. The service may provide digital optical disc data storage formatted video, such as for example a blu-ray format video, and allows blu-ray video to be streamed to a client device over the network.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc


Segment routing support in mpeg dash

According to one aspect, a method includes identifying a request for a piece of content, and obtaining a moving picture expert group (mpeg) dynamic adaptive streaming over http (dash) manifest after identifying the request for the piece of content. The method also includes identifying at least one location at which the piece of content is located using the dash manifest, wherein the at least one location at which the piece of content is located is a location from which the piece of content is arranged to be fetched..
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Streamloading content, such as video content for example, by both downloading enhancement layers of the content and streaming a base layer of the content

Video streaming applications are a major contributor to the recent dramatic rise of data traffic in cellular networks. Mobile users in a cellular network often experience fluctuating data rates, which might affect the quality of video they view in a streaming service.


Systems and methods for automated real-time internet streaming and broadcasting

A real-time internet streaming system and method includes a scheduling server that receives queries from media streaming devices and determines if any scheduled events associated with a particular media streaming devices is an active scheduled event by comparing the scheduled events with time and date information. When there is an active scheduled event the scheduling server sends a response to the media streaming device to stream a media stream to a media server.
Maximum Media Llc


System and networked video capture, backup, and serving

Transparent backup and archiving of video data for one or more video management systems is provided by capturing such data from at least one network used by the vms(s) using packet capture by one or more taps and associated streaming video capture and replay system (svcrs) and without requiring cooperation from or modification to any vms. By noting the source and destination of data packets, as well as aspects of the content, such as the data type, format, or protocol used, the nature of the devices sending or receiving the data packets can also be determined.
Videonext Federal, Inc.


Streaming music using authentication information

Techniques provided herein may facilitate registering audio content services with an audio system. An example technique involves a computing device receiving via a control interface for controlling an audio system, an input to register an audio content service with the audio system, where an audio content service application corresponding to the audio content service is installed on the computing device.
Sonos, Inc.


Streaming music using authentication information

Techniques provided herein may facilitate set-up of an audio system with audio content services that have been previously registered on a second system. An example technique involves a computing device maintaining data representing a list of audio services from which an audio system can receive streaming music and data indicating that a first audio service is registered with the audio system.
Sonos, Inc.


Method and enabling delivery of media content

Methods and systems for enabling delivery of media content are provided herein. In some embodiments a method for enabling delivery of media content, comprises receiving a first message from a user device associated with a first subscriber of a telephony service provider to establish a real time communication session with a content service, wherein the first message includes a first subscriber identifier and information identifying the content to be streamed, determining that the first subscriber is authorized to access the content, and sending a second message directed to a second subscriber identifier associated with the content service to establish the real time communication session between the user device and the content service, wherein the real time communication session is established to begin streaming the content..
Vonage Network Llc


Offloading projection of fixed and variable length database columns

In some embodiments, a query recipient is configured to determine that a database query warrants a first projection operation to project a plurality of input rows to a plurality of projected rows. Each of the input rows has one or more variable-length columns.
International Business Machines Corporation


Methods and performing real-time analytics based on multiple types of streamed data

streaming data from a plurality of streaming data sources can be received. The streaming data may not be stored in persistent storage.
Illumina Consulting Group, Inc.


Cognitive use of multiple regulatory domains

A wireless communication system that concurrently communicates information in multiple regulatory domains to facilitate audio/video media streaming and other high bandwidth operations. One domain may be licensed and the other may be unlicensed.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


System and video streaming in a dynamic network using wireless communication devices

A short-range wireless network is established by direct communication between wireless devices and wireless access points. A wireless communication device provides initial registration information to a network and becomes a registered device.
Mobilitie, Llc


Video compression reducing the effects of packet loss over a communication channel

Methods for hosting low-latency streaming interactive audio/video (a/v) include executing one or more video games or applications on a server communicatively coupled to a data network. Packet streams are received from a plurality of users and routed to the one or more video games.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc


Camera feed distribution from event venue virtual seat cameras

Event venues may be set up to include multiple cameras, each camera providing a video feed providing a view from a different location in an eventgoer seating area of the event venue. The cameras may all feed into a central event venue controller system, which may then interact with mobile devices of users requesting streaming video feeds of an event taking place in the event venue.
Prosports Technologies, Llc


Adaptive bitrate streaming for wireless video

Techniques related to adaptive bitrate streaming for wireless video are discussed. Such techniques may include determining candidate bitrates for encoding segments of a source video.


Quality of experience aware multimedia adaptive streaming

Technology to provide quality of experience aware multimedia streaming is disclosed. In an example, a server operable to provide hyper-text transfer protocol (http) adaptive streaming, can include computer circuitry configured to: determine a bandwidth available to the server for transmitting http adaptive streaming content to a plurality of clients; receive http requests from the plurality of clients for representations offered by the server in a manifest file for the http adaptive streaming; and calculate an availability of each representation that is offered in the manifest file for the server.


Multi-streaming multimedia data

A method for multi-streaming multimedia content data over a network to affiliated client devices is provided. A manifest including a list of universal resource indicators (uris) for different segments of multimedia content data for selected primary multimedia content and a list of uris for different segments of multimedia content data for at least one alternate multimedia content related to and different from the selected primary multimedia content is built and made available for download over the network with a transfer protocol.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Methods and transmitting multimedia files in a data network

In one implementation a method of transmitting a multimedia file over a data network is provided that involves receiving from a device in a data network a first message in a first protocol that request first data associated with the multimedia file, the first data being useable by the device to establish a streaming session that involves a transmission of the multimedia file. The first message includes identifying data of a referring site.
Zaron Remote Llc


Method of video streaming, corresponding device and system

Video is provided in chunks to a player. Some chunks need to be computed because they are targeted to a particular user.
Thomson Licensing


Method and inter-user equipment transfer of streaming media

Techniques for inter-user equipment (ue) transfer (iut) are disclosed. An application server may receive an iut request for transfer of a media session toward at least one initial ue such that the media session is to be played by at least two target ues.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Predictive food logging

A method of predicting food items consumed by a user of a food-logging application is disclosed. Loggings of consumptions of food items are received.
Worksmart Labs, Inc.


General and automatic approach to incrementally computing sliding window aggregates in streaming applications

A method of incrementally computing an aggregate function of a sliding window in a streaming application includes receiving a plurality of data tuples in the sliding window, extracting at least one data tuple from the sliding window, and storing the at least one extracted data tuple in a data structure in a memory. The data structure is a balanced tree and the at least one data tuple is stored in leaf nodes of the balanced tree.
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems and methods for reliably storing data using liquid distributed storage

Embodiments provide methodologies for reliably storing data within a storage system using liquid distributed storage control. Such liquid distributed storage control operates to compress repair bandwidth utilized within a storage system for data repair processing to the point of operating in a liquid regime.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems and methods for reliably storing data using liquid distributed storage

Embodiments provide methodologies for reliably storing data within a storage system using liquid distributed storage control. Such liquid distributed storage control operates to compress repair bandwidth utilized within a storage system for data repair processing to the point of operating in a liquid regime.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems and mehtods for reliably storing data using liquid distributed storage

Embodiments provide methodologies for reliably storing data within a storage system using liquid distributed storage control. Such liquid distributed storage control operates to compress repair bandwidth utilized within a storage system for data repair processing to the point of operating in a liquid regime.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Sports scorekeeping system with integrated scoreboard and automatic entertainment system

An on-demand sports video streaming service generates live broadcasts of sporting events with an automated video capture system. Multiple cameras automatically which track game play are controlled to create a combined output.
Maxx Holdings, Inc.


Self-adapting signal communicating system

A wireless signal communication system controls wireless signal transmission levels in response to detection of attenuation characteristics of a medium in a line of sight of the wireless signals. In one form, the system performs real time detection of moveable objects in a line of sight of sub-terahertz electromagnetic waves delivered to data streaming, charging, and other systems.
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.


Method for selecting and displaying television programs transmitted through an internet network, and related apparatus and system

A method is described for selecting and displaying, on or through a television signal receiver apparatus (1) capable of connecting to internet (10) and of pointing to url's (21), television programs (19) transmitted through an internet network (10), said method comprises the step of associating at least one url (21), or uniform resource locator, corresponding to streaming audio/video of a specific television program (19), with the same television program (19) of an epg (17), or electronic program guide, received by said apparatus (1) via television broadcast, and wherein said association requires that said url (21) be stored into a memory-type processing circuit (8) of the apparatus (1) to create a link between said specific television program (19) received through said internet network (10) and the same specific television program (19) of said epg (17) received by said television receiver apparatus (1) via television broadcast.. .
Saronikos Trading And Services, Unipessoal Lda


Live streaming broadcast service with artist and fan competitive reward system

A server for live stream broadcasting of video comprises a network interface for receiving the video stream of a live event substantially simultaneously with the recording of the video stream to a server; and a processor for converting the video stream into a plurality of multicast video streams, each suitable for viewing by one of a plurality of computing devices. The network interface for simultaneously retransmitting the plurality of multicast video streams to the plurality of computing devices, and transmitting an announcement that the multicast video streams are available for viewing to a plurality of mobile devices.
Anthem Digital Media, Inc.


System and pushing live media content in an adaptive streaming environment

A system and method for pushing live media to a client device in an adaptive streaming environment. In one aspect, a media server configured to transmit live media includes a storage unit for storing media segments of a live media programming stream, wherein the media segments are encoded at multiple bitrates identified in respective media presentation data structures associated therewith.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Client behavior control in adaptive streaming

A content source comprising a processor configured to generate a media presentation description (mpd) file, wherein the mpd file designates a dependent media content part to be assigned to at least one depended media content part, and wherein the mpd file indicates the dependent media content part is to be accessed by a client device when an access condition for the dependent media content part is satisfied, and a transmitter operably coupled to the processor and configured to transmit the mpd file to at least one of a content server, a control server, and the client device.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


System and creating and managing geofeeds

The disclosure relates to systems and methods of burning, snapshotting, streaming and curating geofeeds, each geofeed including a plurality of geofeed content items that are aggregated from a plurality of content providers using respective requests formatted specifically for individual ones of the plurality of content providers, where each individual set of a plurality of content is relevant to one or more geographically definable locations. Archives of a geofeed may be generated by burning portions or all of the geofeed content items and/or generating snapshots of geofeeds at different times.
Geofeedia, Inc.


Signaling and handling of forensic marking for adaptive streaming

A client device comprising a transmitter configured to transmit a client identifier and a media presentation description (mpd) request to a content server, and a processor operably coupled to a memory and the transmitter, wherein the memory comprises computer executable instructions stored in a non-transitory computer readable medium such that when executed by the processor causes the processor to receive an mpd file following transmission of the client identifier and the mpd request, wherein the mpd file assigns a base segment to at least two variant segments, transmit a segment request to the content server following receipt of the mpd file, and receive the base segment and one of the at least two variant segments from the content server following transmission of the segment request, wherein the one of the at least two variant segments corresponds to the client identifier.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Distributed stream processing in the cloud

A low-latency cloud-scale computation environment includes a query language, optimization, scheduling, fault tolerance and fault recovery. An event model can be used to extend a declarative query language so that temporal analysis of event of an event stream can be performed.
Microsoft Corporation


System and secure digital content delivery

A system for the secure delivery of digital content related to the purchase of a physical product is presented. A unique digital key and pin is used to access digital content featuring the artist.
Barabajagal, Llc


Application for enhancing a multimedia usage on an electronic device

The present invention relates to implementing an application that enhances the multimedia usage by allowing the consumer to record a video seamlessly without interrupting the streaming of an audio file that is played either in the foreground or in the background on an electronic device. Further, the application allows the user to synchronize the recorded video file with an audio file and merge a plurality video files that are recorded.


System and reducing transmission bandwidth required for visibility-event streaming of interactive and non-interactive content

In an exemplary embodiment, a computer-implemented method determines a set of mesh polygons or fragments of the mesh polygons visible from a navigation cell. The method includes determining a composite view frustum containing predetermined view frusta and determining mesh polygons contained in the composite view frustum.


Suggested application download

An example implementation involves a controller device detecting a first input in a control interface of a first application. Based on the first input, the controller device sends over a local area network (lan) to a media playback system, a command that instructs the media playback system to play back media provided by a first streaming audio service.
Sonos, Inc.


Realtime processing of streaming data

The invention described here is intended for enhancing the technology domain of real-time and high-performance distributed computing. This invention provides a connotative and intuitive grammar that allows users to define how data is to be automatically encoded/decoded for transport between computing systems.
Fisheye Products, Llc


Method and system for building a streaming model

A method of constructing a plurality of downloadable files from an application file and a plurality of transcripts. The application file stores data blocks and implements an application.
Code Systems Corporation


Eco-acoustic theatre

An eco-acoustic theatre is a truncated-spherical architectural structure appropriate for listening three-dimensional reconstructions of authentic natural soundscapes and eco-acoustic compositions. It is comprised of: a support structure that holds an external soundproof covering and an internal sound absorbing paneling; terraces of cylindrical concentric steps with decreasing or increasing diameter going upwards, built on grating; an annular screen placed onto the internal surface as to surround the terraces; loudspeakers embedded inside the support structure which convey distinct sound signals towards the terraces to reconstruct three-dimensional soundfields of acoustic ecosystems of primary rainforests (recorded or in streaming); projectors fixed to the said support structure to cast towards the said screen a real-time spectrogram of the average sound signal emitted by the loudspeakers..


Identification of call participants

In an example, an audio stream such as a voice call or live-streaming service may have mixed therein a user identification, which may identify the user as an authorized participant in the audio stream. For example, a user may identify himself to a smart phone, and then initiate a call with his bank.
Mcafee, Inc.


Contextual remote control interface

Embodiments of the present invention provide a contextual remote control interface, which is a companion application that allows a user to use a companion device to control experiences generated by an application running on a primary device. Web browsers, games, and streaming media applications are examples of applications running on a primary device that may be controlled using the companion device.
Microsoft Corporation


Dynamic stitching module and protocol for personalized and targeted content streaming

A system for dynamically rendering streaming content is provided. It includes a protocol and a dynamic stitching module to provide a personalized and targeted delivery of play list items responsive to a request made by a player.
Codeshop Bv


Recording a videoconference using separate video

A videoconference may be initiated between a plurality of endpoints. At least one of the endpoints may be coupled to a recording server, which may be configured to record the videoconference.
Lifesize Communications, Inc.


Cache manifest for efficient peer assisted streaming

A method for delivering content in a communication network includes receiving, by a cache, a request message requesting content to be served. The method includes storing multiple cache manifests corresponding to indicating content and capabilities of a plurality of caches.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Specifying client behavior and sessions in dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol (dash)

An apparatus comprises a receiver configured to receive a request for an adaptive streaming media presentation description (mpd), a processor coupled to the receiver and configured to generate the mpd, wherein the mpd indicates an event, and wherein the event is time-related auxiliary information, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and configured to transmit the mpd. A method comprises receiving a request for an adaptive streaming media presentation description (mpd), generating the mpd, wherein the mpd indicates an event, and wherein the event is time-related auxiliary information, and transmitting the mpd.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Server side adaptive bit rate control for http streaming clients

Methods and systems are described for adaptively transmitting streaming data to a client. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving, in a server, a request for a data asset from the client, transcoding at least an segment of the data asset according to initial transcoding parameters, transmitting a first fragment of the transcoded segment of the data asset from the server to the client over a communication channel, generating an estimate of a bandwidth of the communications channel at least in part from information acknowledging reception of at least the first fragment of the transcoded segment of the data asset by the client, generating adaptive transcoding parameters at least in part from an estimate of a bandwidth of the communications channel, the estimate generated at the server, transcoding a further segment of the data asset according to the adaptive transcoding parameters, and transmitting the further segment of the data asset..
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Adaptive data segment delivery arbitration for bandwidth optimization

Systems, devices and processes are described to adapt segment requests placed by an autonomous media player during media streaming to compensate for fluctuations in the bandwidth consumed by the requested segments due to variances in the underlying video content. By providing predictive data about the bandwidth consumption of upcoming video segments, client devices can adapt requests for future segments accordingly.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Multiprotocol multicast streaming proxy

Multiprotocol multicast streaming proxy techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a response is sent by a proxy service for receipt by a client device responsive to receipt of a request from the client device to obtain streaming data from a service provider via a network.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


P2p streaming support

The present invention relates to methods and arrangements to optimize load transportation between a p2p live streaming network and an access network. The method comprises steps like: a peer in the access network selects a live channel to use; a request comprising information of the selected channel is sent from the access network to the streaming network; a converter node connecting the p2p live streaming network and the access network detects that a number of peers in the access network using the selected channel has reached a predetermined threshold value (t); and chunks that are parts of the selected channel arriving from peers in the streaming network are converted in the converter node from p2p format to multicast format..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Upload and download streaming encryption to/from a cloud-based platform

Embodiments of the present disclosure include systems and methods for upload and/or download streaming encryption to/from an online service, or cloud-based platform or environment. The encryption process includes the following parts: upload encryption, download decryption, and a central piece of infrastructure called the interval key server (iks).
Box, Inc.


System and method to use a cloud-based platform supported by an api to authenticate remote users and to provide pki- and pmi- based distributed locking of content and distributed unlocking of protected content

Through use of an api such entities may optionally use their own public key infrastructure (pki) and privilege management infrastructure (pmi) components (such as: registration authority, ra; certification authority, ca; hardware security module, hsm) and access through a provided api to a platform which integrates its own pki and pmi and attribute authority (aa) or alternatively, a platform (via an api interface to an entity) can provide all pki and pmi needs and functions. As an alternative to a platform being located in the cloud, a platform could be located elsewhere, such as within the network domain of an entity.


Streaming display data from a mobile device using backscatter communications

A method of wirelessly communicating a screen image between a mobile device and a base station coupled to a display terminal includes establishing a wireless display session between the mobile device and the base station. Electromagnetic (“em”) radiation emitted from the base station is incident upon an antenna of the mobile device.
Google Inc.


Music streaming using supported services

An example method includes sending a first message from a media playback system to a curating service server where the first message includes an indication of a service provider that is accessible to the media playback system. The example method further includes the media playback system receiving a message from the curating service server, where the message includes a media item identifier.
Sonos, Inc.


Determining delay for language translation in video communication

Disclosed are various embodiments for translation of speech in a video messaging application. A segment of streaming video is decoded to separate the visual component from the audio component.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Methods and apparatuses for automated testing of streaming applications using mapreduce-like middleware

A method for automated parallel testing of a software application using value replication is disclosed. An example embodiment may include marking at least one event in the software application with a primary marker that includes a primary marker label and a primary marker configuration value.
Google Inc.

Streaming topics: Wireless Communication Network, Video Streaming, Network Architecture, Video Quality Metrics, Scheduling, Objective Function

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