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Strawberry patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Strawberry-related patents
 Split funnel head strawberry leaf stem core extractor tool patent thumbnailSplit funnel head strawberry leaf stem core extractor tool
A one piece tool for removing the leaves, stem and core from different sizes and shapes of strawberries. The handle portion is comprised of grooved straight arms connected by a resilient hinge bend for ease of cleaning.
 Composition for maintaining bone health and for treating osteoarthritis and osteoarthrosis of the joints patent thumbnailComposition for maintaining bone health and for treating osteoarthritis and osteoarthrosis of the joints
The claimed invention relates to a composition for preventing, treating and alleviating connective tissue diseases. The composition contains the following components: a plant, drone brood, quercetin, dihydroquercetin, and rutin.
 Strawberry box cart with worker support patent thumbnailStrawberry box cart with worker support
A strawberry box cart. The strawberry box cart includes a cart surface, where the cart surface is configured to support a strawberry box.
 Slicer patent thumbnailSlicer
A strawberry huller includes a blade that is attached to a housing, with a plunger configured to rotate the blade with respect to the housing. After the blade is inserted into the strawberry the plunger is pressed, causing the blade to rotate about the stem.
 Topical compositions containing white strawberry extract patent thumbnailTopical compositions containing white strawberry extract
Topical skin care composition comprising an extract of white strawberry and at least one additional skin care active.. .
 Agent for preventing bacterial wilt disease, and  preventing bacterial wilt disease patent thumbnailAgent for preventing bacterial wilt disease, and preventing bacterial wilt disease
Provided are: an agent for preventing bacterial wilt disease, which agent can prevent the development of bacterial wilt disease caused by various different bacterial wilt disease strains, that is, the development of bacterial wilt disease in various different plant varieties; and a method for preventing bacterial wilt disease utilizing the agent for preventing bacterial wilt disease. The agent for preventing bacterial wilt disease comprises as an active ingredient a wilt bacterium (ralstonia solanacearum) infected with the φrsm1-type filamentous phage and/or the φrsm3-type filamentous phage.
 Anti-allergic substance, anti-allergic agent, and food patent thumbnailAnti-allergic substance, anti-allergic agent, and food
This invention provides an anti-allergic substance that effectively inhibits allergic symptoms by inhibiting production of the ige antibody associated with the development of allergies. Anti-allergic substances, pharmaceutical products (i.e., anti-allergic agents), and food (i.e., food with health-promoting benefits) containing strawberry-derived glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate do not cause side effects such as those caused by steroids, and such substances can be consumed through daily meals and can alleviate allergic symptoms..
 Dryer apparatus patent thumbnailDryer apparatus
An apparatus for drying produce and small parts or pieces utilizing a fluid flow, typically air, through passages in a treatment member, and that is well suited for use in association with the drying of small fruit (i.e. Blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, etc.).
 Aroma specialty plate patent thumbnailAroma specialty plate
The invention provides ceramic adornments for dessert dishes that are infused with a temperature activated scent to match the food item placed on the plate. Aromatic adornments attach directly to the surface of a companion plate and include a wide variety of fruit based shapes such as strawberry, lemon, apple and orange, and each ceramic piece is infused with a scent germane to the fruit it depicts.
 Non-cooked nutritional honey composition patent thumbnailNon-cooked nutritional honey composition
A process for the preparation of chewable honey without loss of its nutritional values and a honey chew bar obtained through such process, said chewable honey bar providing sustained energy to the consumer without loss of nutritional values and flavour of natural honey. During the process, an additional flavour may be added, comprising of additives, natural flavour, artificial flavour and nature identical flavour for example being selected of strawberry, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, rose, cloves or any other such flavor to the honey..

Package and kitchen cleaning composition

The present invention is a package of a kitchen cleaning composition that includes a base package with a front portion, a top edge and a bottom edge, where the top edge can be torn or ripped by hand to open the base package providing access to the kitchen cleaning composition and the bottom edge is sealed but is tearable to open the base package and the kitchen cleaning composition that is utilized to clean and sanitize a garbage disposal that consists of dried grapefruit peel and a plurality of fragrances that include lemon, lime, orange, grape, strawberry, coconut, watermelon, cantaloupe, peach, peppermint, cinnamon, pine, citrus, lilac, vanilla, flowers, licorice or cherry natural or artificial fragrance.. .

Therapeutic compositions and methods for treating cell dysplasia using extracts from raspberry and strawberry

Isolated fruit extracts and components along with a method for treating or preventing a disease or condition by providing a fruit extract fraction having a therapeutically effective amount of activity in modulating undesired signal transduction activity useful for reducing the frequency, duration or severity of a disease or condition in a subject. The fruit extracts are preferably derived from a plant of one or more of the genera fragaria or rubus.

Computer vision and machine learning software for grading and sorting plants

The present invention encompasses software that brings together computer vision and machine learning algorithms that can evaluate and sort plants into desired categories. While one embodiment of the present invention is directed toward strawberry plants, the software engine described is not specifically designed for strawberry plants but can be used for many different types of plants that require sophisticated quality sorting.

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Strawberry topics: Strawberry, Peppermint, Watermelon, Fragrances, Therapeutical, Signal Transduction, Machine Learning, Computer Vision

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