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Storage Device patents


This page is updated frequently with new Storage Device-related patent applications.

 Content delivery network integration for home media client content patent thumbnailContent delivery network integration for home media client content
A device may provide information identifying one or more items of content stored by a home media client. The device may receive a request for content, of the one or more items of content, stored by the home media client.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Image recording apparatus, dynamic image processing apparatus, dynamic image reproduction apparatus, dynamic image recording apparatus, information recording/reproduction apparatus... patent thumbnailImage recording apparatus, dynamic image processing apparatus, dynamic image reproduction apparatus, dynamic image recording apparatus, information recording/reproduction apparatus...
The image recording apparatus according to the present invention is provided with a conversion device that converts an optical image of a subject to an electrical signal, a recording circuit that records the electrical signal achieved through the conversion device in a storage device as image data and a display control circuit that detects an available capacity at the storage device and the length of time that power supply by a source is possible and displays them on a display as available capacity information and remaining power supply time information. The available capacity information indicates the length of available recording time remaining at the available capacity that has been detected..
Nikon Corporation

 Method for optimizing wan traffic patent thumbnailMethod for optimizing wan traffic
A system, computer-readable storage device and method relate to a local stream storage device of a local proxy that caches streams of data transmitted to a remote proxy. The method includes caching, in the local stream storage device4 of the local proxy, a stream of data transmitted over a wide area network to the remote proxy, wherein the stream is stored in a continuous manner, to yield a cached stream.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Browser-based virtual media administration patent thumbnailBrowser-based virtual media administration
An information handling system (ihs) provides graphical user interface (gui)-controlled virtual media between a networked management ihs and a managed ihs. At least one user input component is capable of manipulating and/or interfacing with one or more items on a gui presented on a display device.
Dell Products, L.p.

 System and  flexible holding storage during messaging patent thumbnailSystem and flexible holding storage during messaging
A system and method of flexible holding storage during messaging includes determining one or more properties of a message, the message to be stored in a holding storage area of a messaging system, determining status of one or more candidate holding storage devices, determining one or more storage selection rules, adjusting the one or more storage selection rules based on information associated with the status of the one or more candidate holding storage devices, and selecting a holding storage device for the message from the candidate holding storage devices based on the adjusted storage selection rules and information associated with the properties of the message. The one or more storage selection rules express preferences among the one or more candidate holding storage devices.
Red Hat, Inc.

 Retrieval of data across multiple partitions of a storage device using digital signatures patent thumbnailRetrieval of data across multiple partitions of a storage device using digital signatures
A system and method for exchanging data among partitions of a storage device is disclosed. For example, data stored in a first partition is exchanged with an application included in the first partition or with a second application included in a second partition.
Google Technology Holdings Llc

 Identifying panelists based on input interaction patterns patent thumbnailIdentifying panelists based on input interaction patterns
A panelist identification device for determining an identity of a panelist based on an input interaction pattern of the panelist is provided. Additionally, a method for determining an identity of a panelist based on an input interaction pattern of the panelist is provided.
Google Inc.

 Adaptive event management framework for resource-constrained environments patent thumbnailAdaptive event management framework for resource-constrained environments
Intelligent management of user interface and device sensed events is provided. Discrete events generated through interactions between a user and a machine are monitored, the interaction performed via a user interface associated with an application running on the machine, the discrete events stored by sessions in a storage device local to the machine as event logs.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Reconfigurable circuit, storage device, and electronic device including storage device patent thumbnailReconfigurable circuit, storage device, and electronic device including storage device
A reconfigurable circuit suitable for a redundant circuit of a storage device is provided. A programmable logic element (ple) includes k logic circuits (e.g., xnor circuits), k configuration memories (cm), and another logic circuit (e.g., an and circuit) to which the outputs of the k logic circuits are input.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Improvements in or relating to chain-link converters patent thumbnailImprovements in or relating to chain-link converters
A method of identifying a faulty sub-module of a chain-link converter is provided, wherein the chain-link converter includes a plurality of sub-modules with each sub-module including at least one switching element and an energy storage device which together are selectively operable to provide a voltage source. The method comprises the steps of: measuring a switching characteristic of each sub-module of the chain-link converter; establishing a switching characteristic signature of the chain-link converter; and identifying the or each sub-module with a switching characteristic that deviates from the switching characteristic signature as being a faulty sub-module..
General Electric Technology Gmbh

Power supplier and receiver and mobile device

An arrangement place for a device such as a rectifier and a power storage device is easily secured. At the time of power supply using a resonance phenomenon, a power-receiving device generates a magnetic field space having a lower magnetic field strength than other parts at or around the inner side of the power-receiving module, and this magnetic field space is used as the arrangement place of an electronic component.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Energy storage device

Embodiments of the invention relate to an apparatus comprising a housing having a substantially rectangular shape and including a top side, a bottom side, and a slot that passes from the top side to the bottom side of the housing to secure a mobile input device in an upright configuration. The apparatus further includes an energy storage device disposed within the housing to charge the mobile input device.
Logitech Europe S.a.

Power storage unit and solar power generation unit

Disclosed is a power storage unit which can safely operate over a wide temperature range. The power storage unit includes: a power storage device; a heater for heating the power storage device; a temperature sensor for sensing the temperature of the power storage device; and a control circuit configured to inhibit charge of the power storage device when its temperature is lower than a first temperature or higher than a second temperature.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Conductive carbon, electrode material including said conductive carbon, and electrode using said electrode material

Provided is conductive carbon that gives an electrical storage device having a high energy density. This conductive carbon includes a hydrophilic part, and the contained amount of the hydrophilic part is 10 mass % or more of the entire conductive carbon.
Nippon Chemi-con Corporation

Lithiated transition metal oxides

Process for the fabrication of an electrode structure comprising an electrochemically active material suitable for use in an energy storage device. The method includes electrodepositing the electrochemically active material onto an electrode in electrodeposition bath containing a non-aqueous electrolyte.
Xerion Advanced Battery Corporation

Current interruption device and electricity storage device including same

A current interruption device includes: a first conducting plate 90 configured to be electrically connected to a terminal; and a second conducting plate 88 disposed to face the first conducting plate and configured to be electrically connected to the electrode assembly. A center portion of the first conducting plate 90 and a center portion of the second conducting plate 88 are joined by a first welding portion.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

Modular energy storage system

A modular energy storage system includes a housing, a plurality of energy storage devices, a first door assembly and a second door assembly. The housing includes a first end and a second end.
Younicos Inc.

Nonvolatile storage device, semiconductor element, and capacitor

A nonvolatile storage device of an embodiment includes a first wiring layer extending in a first direction, a second wiring layer extending in a second direction intersecting with the first direction, a conductive layer between the first wiring layer and the second wiring layer at an intersection of the first wiring layer and the second wiring layer, and a resistance change region including at least one of an oxide, a nitride, and an oxynitride in the first wiring layer. The resistance change region exists in the first wiring layer including an interface between the first wiring layer and the conductive layer..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Power storage element, manufacturing method thereof, and power storage device

Disclosed is a power storage element including a positive electrode current collector layer and a negative electrode current collector layer which are arranged on the same plane and can be formed through a simple process. The power storage element further includes a positive electrode active material layer on the positive electrode current collector layer; a negative electrode active material layer on the negative electrode current collector layer; and a solid electrolyte layer in contact with at least the positive electrode active material layer and the negative electrode active material layer.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing method thereof

A semiconductor storage device of the present embodiments includes a substrate, a first semiconductor chip and a sealer. The substrate has wirings.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Memory controller, storage device, and read retry method

According to one embodiment, a temperature of a non-volatile memory or an ambient temperature of the non-volatile memory is acquired. A distribution of a threshold voltage, which is corrected according to the acquired temperature, is acquired from the non-volatile memory.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Semiconductor storage device

The semiconductor storage device includes a plurality of memory modules where a plurality of low power consumption modes can be set and cancelled based on a first and a second control signals. At least a part of memory modules of the plurality of memory modules have a propagation path that propagates an inputted first control signal to a post stage memory module.

Storage device, memory device and semiconductor device

According to one embodiment, a storage device includes a memory device including a memory cell configured to hold data, an output buffer configured to output the data, and a circuit configured to generate a reference voltage; and a controller device including an input buffer. The data from the output buffer is input into one input terminal of the input buffer and the reference voltage from the circuit is input into the other input terminal of the input buffer..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Enlarged substrate for magnetic recording medium

A data storage device having a housing member for a selected one of a 3½ inch form factor hard disc drive (hdd) or a 2½ inch form factor hdd. A spindle motor coupled to the housing member supports a rotatable data recording disc with a plurality of data tracks and an outermost perimeter.
Seagate Technology Llc

Actuator coil temperature estimation using skew values

A computer program product according to one embodiment includes a computer readable storage medium having program instructions embodied therewith, the program instructions executable by a controller of a data storage device to cause the controller to perform a method including, determining, by the controller, a test skew gain of a coil using skew information from a servo subsystem of the controller; comparing, by the controller, the test skew gain to a stored reference gain; and taking an action, by the controller, in response to the comparing of the test skew gain to the reference gain.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Training speech synthesis, speech synthesis apparatus and training training apparatus

According to one embodiment, a training apparatus for speech synthesis includes a storage device and a hardware processor in communication with the storage device. The storage stores an average voice model, training speaker information representing a feature of speech of a training speaker and perception representation information represented by scores of one or more perception representations related to voice quality of the training speaker, the average voice model constructed by utilizing acoustic data extracted from speech waveforms of a plurality of speakers and language data.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Waveform data structure, waveform data storage device, waveform data storing method, waveform data extracting device, waveform data extracting method and electronic musical instrument

A waveform data structure includes a plurality of types of frames having different data sizes. Each of the plurality of types of frames includes an auxiliary information area and a data area.
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Systems and monitoring processing systems

Approaches are provided where data relating to mining processing system performance parameters of a mining processing system is captured and stored in a memory storage device. The data is obtained at disparate time frequencies, and is obtained by one or more of automatically reading sensors or receiving manual input from an operator.
General Electric Company

Tax exemption processing system, management server and settlement apparatus

A tax exemption processing system comprises a reception device, a settlement apparatus, a checkout device and a storage device. The reception device receives information recorded in a certificate for certifying a purchaser who is subject to a tax exemption and generates a tax exemption reception data in which the information recorded in the certificate is associated with a unique purchaser code for identifying the purchaser.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Payment method and apparatus and payment factor processing method and apparatus

This application provides a payment method and apparatus and a payment factor processing method and apparatus. The method includes receiving a payment command; reading, from a first storage device, a first part of payment information corresponding to the payment command, and reading at least one second part of the payment information from a second storage device, where the first part and the second part form the complete payment information.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Managing food inventory via item tracking to reduce food waste

At least one storage device associated with a user and at least one disposal device associated with the user is determined. At least one food item input to the at least one storage device is determined.
International Business Machines Corporation

Prompting context-specific feedback regarding a goal

First information indicating at least a first goal for a first user can be received and stored to a storage device. Electronic communications communicated in at least one social system can be monitored.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems, apparatus, and methods for reporting event data over a network

Apparatus, system and methods for reporting event data over a network, such as reporting e.g. Check-in and check-out times of a buyer's real estate agents visiting listed properties associated with a seller's real estate agent using nfc, qr tags, rfid or other suitable technology is disclosed.

Technologies for object recognition for internet-of-things edge devices

Technologies for edge device object recognition include a server and one or more edge devices in communication over a network. The server maintains an object recognition database that stores images associated with a plurality of objects.
Intel Corporation

Method and securing user operation of and access to a computer system

The present invention provides methods and apparatuses for computer system security. According to certain aspects, embodiments of the invention comprise a portable storage device that, when attached, “unlocks” a computer system, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet computer running a conventional operating system such as windows, thereby creating added security.

Communication device, communication method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

In a communication device according to one embodiment, a bridge processor transmits, through the second communication processor, a first data transfer request having been received at the first communication processor and transmits, through the first communication processor, a first response having been received at the second communication processor. A cache proxy processor transmits a second response including the data through the first communication processor when the data is present in a storage device and when the data is not present, receives a third response including data by proxy from the second communication device and transmits a fourth response including the data through the first communication processor.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Storage device and interrupt generation method thereof

An interrupt generation method of a storage device includes executing a command provided by a host, writing a completion entry in a completion queue of the host upon completing execution of the command, and issuing an interrupt corresponding to the completion entry to the host in response to at least one of a first interrupt generation condition, a second interrupt generation condition, and a third interrupt generation condition being satisfied. The first interrupt generation condition is satisfied when a difference between a tail pointer and a head pointer of the completion queue is equal to a first mismatch value.

Storage device including random access memory devices and nonvolatile memory devices

A storage device includes random access memories, nonvolatile memory devices, a controller configured to control the nonvolatile memory devices, and a driver circuit configured to receive a command and an address from an external device, output a buffer command according to the command and the address, and transmit the command and the address to one of a first channel connected to the random access devices and a second channel connected to the controller according to the command and the address. The storage device further includes a plurality of data buffers configured to communicate with the external device and electrically connect the external device to one of a third channel connected to the random access memory devices and a fourth channel connected to the controller in response to the buffer command.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for managing cache of a data storage device

A data storage device includes a data storage medium having a plurality of data blocks. A cache includes a plurality of cache blocks.
Marvell International Ltd.

Garbage collection in ssd drives

A storage device, such as a nand flash device, includes a controller that maintains a temperature for a plurality of data blocks, the temperature calculated according to a function that increases with a number of valid data objects in the block and recency with which the valid data objects have been accessed. Blocks with the lowest temperature are selected for garbage collection.
Honeycombdata Inc.

Elastic metadata and multiple tray allocation

In some examples, both object data and corresponding metadata are stored on thin provisioned block storage in which blocks for the storage of the object data and the metadata are dynamically provisioned from a shared pool. For instance, the metadata may be stored on the block storage using a tree data structure that may grow proportionally with the corresponding stored object data.
Hitachi Data Systems Corporation

Clustered raid assimilation management

In one embodiment, a node of a cluster is coupled to a storage array of storage devices. The node executes a storage input/output (i/o) stack having a redundant array of independent disks (raid) layer that organizes the storage devices within the storage array as a plurality of raid groups.
Netapp, Inc.

Systems and methods for highly-available file storage with fast online recovery

The storage system includes storage devices which have plural storage blocks. A first node with a first processor memory is configured to store first information which manages states of the storage blocks, and a second node including a second processor and memory is configured to store second information which manages the states of the storage blocks are included in the storage system to handle file operations.
Hitachi Data Systems Corporation

Methods for preserving state across a failure and devices thereof

A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and computing device that determines when a software failure associated with a virtual storage controller has occurred. At least a portion of a transaction log corresponding to the virtual storage controller is stored in a stable storage device, when the determining indicates that the software failure associated with the virtual storage controller has occurred.
Netapp, Inc.

Hybrid backup and recovery management system for database versioning and virtualization with data transformation

A hybrid backup and recovery management system for database versioning and virtualization with data transformation is disclosed. The hybrid backup and recovery management system includes at least one original storage device, at least one target storage device, a database managing sub-system, and a conversion module.
Prophetstor Data Services, Inc.

Efficient data reads from distributed storage systems

A method of distributing data in a distributed storage system includes receiving a file and dividing the received file into chunks. The chunks are data-chunks and non-data chunks.
Google Inc.

Identifying root causes of failures in a deployed distributed application using historical fine grained machine state data

Methods and arrangements for identifying root causes of system failures in a distributed system said method including: utilizing at least one processor to execute computer code that performs the steps of: recording, in a storage device, collected machine state data, wherein the collected machine state data are added to historical machine state data; creating, based on the historical machine state data, a healthy map model; detecting at least one failed machine state in the distributed system; comparing the failed machine state against the healthy map model; identifying, based on the comparison, at least one root cause of the failed machine state; and displaying, on a display device, a ranked list comprising the at least one root cause. Other variants and embodiments are broadly contemplated herein..
International Business Machines Corporation

Preserving read look ahead data in auxiliary latches

A storage device utilizing read look ahead (rla) may utilize auxiliary or spare latches as a rla cache for storing pre-fetch data. The rla may predict the next commands and do a speculative read to the flash using the latches for rla storage.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Method for searching matching key of storage device and server system including the same

A matching key search method of a server system including a storage device, the storage device including a nonvolatile memory device and a buffer memory. The matching key search method includes receiving a search command for a keyword from a host, reading data from a memory area of the memory device corresponding to an address included in the search command and storing the read data in the buffer memory, determining whether the read data matches the keyword, transmitting a result of the determining to the host without transmitting the read data to the host, and generating a matching key table with reference to the result of the determining and storing the generated matching key table in the buffer memory..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Storage system and storage control method

A second virtual volume having a plurality of second virtual areas is a clone of a first virtual volume having a plurality of first virtual areas. A first real area is allocated from a pool of real areas and based on storage devices to the first virtual volume.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Method and apparatus of dynamic parallelism for controlling power consumption of ssds

Embodiments are disclosed for adaptive power reduction for a solid-state storage device to dynamically control power consumption. Aspects of the embodiments include receiving a power limit command from a host; receiving power consumption feedback; using the power limit command and the power consumption feedback to calculate a new degree of parallelism; using the new degree of parallelism to control one or more of: i) processor parallelism, including activation of different numbers of processors, ii) memory parallelism, including memory pool length; and iii) nonvolatile memory parallelism, including activation of different numbers of nonvolatile memory devices..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Optimized data layout for object store system

The present disclosure relates to systems and methods of an optimized data layout in an erasure coded storage system. The system may be realized as a deterministic layout of storage devices in an erasure coded storage system.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

Method of operating data storage device and operating data processing system including same

A method of operating a data storage device performing garbage collection in response to locality information for pages of a data block. The method includes acquiring mapping table information for the plurality of pages, and determining validity of each one of the plurality of pages while scanning mapping tables indicated by mapping table information associated with the plurality of pages..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Memory system

A memory system includes a semiconductor storage device that includes a plurality of blocks, and a controller configured to designate a block of the semiconductor storage device as a partial bad block if, after performing a write operation on the block, status information read from the semiconductor storage device indicates that the write operation failed, and read data that is returned when a read operation is performed on data written pursuant to the write operation has errors that are correctable. The controller is configured to manage a partial bad block differently from a bad block..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Exposing and managing disparate read, write, and erase sizes in data storage devices

An improved interface for managing disparate read, write, and erase sizes and operations in data storage devices is provided. By improving an interface between a storage system driver layer and associated storage devices, performance of data storage is improved, including improving data storage speed and storage media endurance.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Control device and information processing system

A control device includes a memory device and a processor. The memory device is configured to store therein log information obtained by accumulating logs received from an apparatus.
Fujitsu Limited

Data storage device and data maintenance method thereof

The present invention provides a data storage device including a flash memory and a controller. The controller writes the first data sector into a first physical page of the physical pages in response to a write command arranged to write a first data sector into a first logical page, records the mapping relationship of the first logical page and the first physical page in a first large-data-maintenance table and determines whether a small-data-maintenance table has a first data link of the first logical page when one of the large-data-maintenance tables is the first large-data-maintenance table corresponding to the first logical block and the first data sector is less than a predetermined length, and deletes the first data link of the small-data-maintenance table when the small-data-maintenance table has the first data link of the first logical page..
Silicon Motion, Inc.

Extending hardware queues with software queues

A storage device with a memory may implement software queueing that can supplement hardware accelerated queueing mechanisms. A software queue supplementing a hardware queue can extend the size and allow pending operations to proceed even if the hardware queue is saturated.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Reducing read command latency in storage devices

A storage device, such as a nand flash device, includes a controller that assigns host read commands to a high priority queue and all other i/o commands including host write commands to a low priority queue. The controller executes any commands in the high priority queue before executing commands in the low priority queue.
Honeycombdata Inc.

Single point charger

In general, in one aspect, one or more embodiments relate to a peripheral device that includes a single charging terminal configured to couple to an active electrode driven with an alternating current (ac) signal, a diode for rectifying the ac signal from the active electrode to obtain a rectified signal, and a charging circuitry for charging an energy storage device using the rectified signal and a connection between the peripheral device and free space.. .
Synaptics Incorporated

Smart watch with power saving timekeeping only functionality and methods therefor

A smart watch includes a watch casing with a display disposed along the watch casing. One or more processors are operable with the display.
Motorola Mobility Llc

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