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Stimulator-related patent applications - as published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Lipid a mimics, methods of preparation, and uses thereof
Immunovaccine Technologies Inc.
January 11, 2018 - N°20180009833

The invention provides lipid a mimics in which one or both of the sugar residues of a natural lipid a disaccharide backbone has been replaced with an aromatic group. These lipid a mimics may further differ from a natural lipid a molecule with respect to other structural characteristics, such as, a different number of phosphate groups present, changes in the ...
Photon enhanced biological scaffolding
January 11, 2018 - N°20180008836

Provided herein are biocompatible scaffolds engineered to convey growth stimulatory light to cells and augment their growth on the scaffolds both in vitro and in vivo. Also provide are methods of modifying biocompatible transparent waveguides to control delivery of light from the waveguide material.
Biostimulator circuit with flying cell
Pacesetter, Inc.
January 11, 2018 - N°20180008833

A leadless cardiac pacemaker is provided which can include any number of features. In one embodiment, the pacemaker can include a tip electrode, pacing electronics disposed on a p-type substrate in an electronics housing, the pacing electronics being electrically connected to the tip electrode, an energy source disposed in a cell housing, the energy source comprising a negative terminal electrically ...
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Stimulator Patent Applications
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Unwrapped 2d view of a stimulation lead with complex electrode array geometry
Medtronic, Inc.
January 11, 2018 - N°20180008820

The disclosure is directed to programming implantable stimulators to deliver stimulation energy via one or more implantable leads having complex electrode array geometries. The disclosure also contemplates guided programming to select electrode combinations and parameter values to support efficacy. The techniques may be applied to a programming interface associated with a clinician programmer, a patient programmer, or both. A user ...
Laser sensor stimulator
Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force
January 04, 2018 - N°20180007761

A laser sensor stimulator integrates laser units, an inertial measurement unit, a control unit, and ergonomic, modular design with gps data feeds into a portable system that can be used to test energy sensors and warning devices and includes a user interface facilitates tracking and acquisition of items of interest by the laser sensor stimulator.
Adaptive stimulation system
January 04, 2018 - N°20180003009

Adaptive stimulation systems combine impulse-generated swept-frequency stimulation vibration with cyclically-varying hydraulic pressure to provide adaptive down-hole stimulation. Swept-frequency stimulation vibration arises from cyclical shifts of the power spectral density (psd) of each stimulator's fluid interface vibration (via closed-loop control of the rebound cycle time and/or the fluid interface's effective elastic modulus). Psd's are adjusted for resonance excitation and fracturing ...
Stimulator Patent Pack
Download 348+ patent application PDFs
Stimulator Patent Applications
Download 348+ Stimulator-related PDFs
For professional research & prior art discovery
  • 348+ full patent PDF documents of Stimulator-related inventions.
  • Exact USPTO filing data with full-text, images, drawings & claims.
  • Index pages: Table View and Image-Grid View layouts. All images in each PDF.
Apparatus and method for reminding, prompting, or alerting a patient with an implanted stimulator
Setpoint Medical Corporation
January 04, 2018 - N°20180001096

An implanted stimulator can deliver a patient-detectable electrical stimulation to remind or prompt a patient to interact with an implanted therapeutic device (e. G., neurostimulator) when a prompting event occurs. For example, the apparatuses and methods described herein may be configured to apply a prompting patient-detectable electrical vagus nerve stimulation to remind a patient that it is time to administer ...
Display of region of activation in neurostimulation programming screen
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation
January 04, 2018 - N°20180001092

A system for use with a neurostimulator coupled to one or more electrodes implanted adjacent neural tissue of a patient. The system comprises a user input device configured for allowing a user to select different nerve fiber diameters and to select a set of stimulation parameters. The system further comprises processing circuitry configured estimating regions of activation within the neural ...
Implantable neurostimulator-implemented method for managing techyarrhythmia through vagus nerve stimulation
Cyberonics, Inc.
January 04, 2018 - N°20180001091

An implantable neurostimulator-implemented method for managing tachyarrhythmias through vagus nerve stimulation is provided. An implantable neurostimulator, including a pulse generator, is configured to deliver electrical therapeutic stimulation in a manner that results in creation and propagation (in both afferent and efferent directions) of action potentials within neuronal fibers of a patient's cervical vagus nerve. Operating modes of the pulse generator ...
Implantable electro-medical device programmable for improved operational life
Endostim, Inc.
January 04, 2018 - N°20180001087

A device for electrically stimulating one or more anatomical target sites in a patient and for use in the treatment of a plurality of biological conditions of the patient. The device has a pulse generator providing electrical stimulation to the anatomical target sites; a power source for powering the pulse generator; stimulator electrodes connected to the pulse generator for stimulating ...
Virus vectors expressing multiple epitopes of tumor associated antigens for inducing antitumor immunity
New York University
January 04, 2018 - N°20180000912

Provided are polynucleotides and viral vectors, particularly, alphavirus vectors such as sindbis viral vectors, which encode multiple, e. G., two or more, epitopes of at least one tumor associated antigen in which each epitope is separated by a processing or enzyme cleavage site. The multiple epitopes of the two or more tumor associated antigens encoded by the described polynucleotides and ...
Method for the treatment of malignancies
Oncosec Medical Incorporated
January 04, 2018 - N°20180000895

The present invention provides for the intratumoral delivery of immunomodulators. In particular, it provides delivery of co-stimulatory molecules using intratumoral electroporation. The present invention provides a method for the treatment of malignancies, wherein the administration of a plasmid encoding for a therapeutic costimulatory protein, in combination with electroporation has a therapeutic effect on primary tumors as well as distant tumors ...
Compositions and methods for delivering lypophilic agents to dental pulp and for enhancing dentin production
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
January 04, 2018 - N°20180000893

Methods and compositions are provided for enhancing dentin production, and for delivering a lipophilic agent to pulp tissue of a tooth of an individual. In some cases, a subject method includes a step of administering to the pulp of a tooth of an individual, a wnt stimulating composition that includes a wnt stimulator agent, at a dose sufficient to enhance ...
Stimulator Patent Pack
Download 348+ patent application PDFs
Stimulator Patent Applications
Download 348+ Stimulator-related PDFs
For professional research & prior art discovery
  • 348+ full patent PDF documents of Stimulator-related inventions.
  • Exact USPTO filing data with full-text, images, drawings & claims.
  • Index pages: Table View and Image-Grid View layouts. All images in each PDF.
Contact lens for increasing tear production
Oculeve, Inc.
December 28, 2017 - N°20170368359

Described here are devices, systems, and methods for increasing tear production by stimulating the cornea, conjunctiva, and/or subconjunctiva. In some variations, the devices may be in the form of a contact lens. The contact lens may comprise a lens body and a stimulator chip, where the stimulator chip is embedded in the lens body. An external power source wirelessly ...
Fractionalized stimulation pulses in an implantable stimulator device
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation
December 28, 2017 - N°20170368355

A method for configuring stimulation pulses in an implantable stimulator device having a plurality of electrodes is disclosed, which method is particularly useful in adjusting the electrodes by current steering during initialization of the device. In one aspect, a set of ideal pulses for patient therapy is determined, in which at least two of the ideal pulses are of the ...
Measuring the "on-skin" time of a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (tens) device in order to ...
Neurometrix, Inc.
December 28, 2017 - N°20170368345

Apparatus for providing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (tens) therapy to a user, the apparatus comprising: a stimulation unit for electrically stimulating at least one nerve of the user; an electrode array connectable to the stimulation unit, the electrode array comprising a plurality of electrodes for electrical stimulation of the at least one nerve of the user; a monitoring unit electrically ...
Retropubic implantation of a microstimulator for genital nerves stimulation
December 28, 2017 - N°20170368340

A method for implanting a stimulator for genital nerves stimulation, including approaching the genital nerves of a patient, defined as the dorsal nerve of the penis/clitoris (dnp), the cavernous nerve (cn) or both the dnp and cn, ventrally by way of the retropubic space to implant a stimulator to contact the genital nerves in this location; and controlling the ...
Polymer formulations for nasolacrimal stimulation
Oculeve, Inc.
December 28, 2017 - N°20170368333

Described herein are polymer formulations for facilitating electrical stimulation of nasal or sinus tissue. The polymer formulations may be hydrogels that are prepared by a uv cross-linking process. The hydrogels may be included as a component of nasal stimulator devices that electrically stimulate the lacrimal gland to improve tear production and treat dry eye. Additionally, devices and methods for manufacturing ...
Nasal stimulation devices and methods
Oculeve, Inc.
December 28, 2017 - N°20170368332

Described here are devices, systems, and methods for treating one or more conditions (such as dry eye) or improving ocular health by providing stimulation to nasal or sinus tissue. Generally, the devices may be handheld or implantable. In some variations, the handheld devices may have a stimulator body and a stimulator probe having one or more nasal insertion prongs. When ...
Compositions and methods for modulating il-10 immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory properties
December 28, 2017 - N°20170368144

Wherein the first monomer subunit, the second monomer subunit or both the first and second monomer subunits may be independently selected from: an unsubstituted il-10 monomer subunit; or a substituted il-10 monomer subunit comprising at least one amino acid substitution; and wherein linker is any amino acid linker of at least 1-100 amino acids in length.
Sexual appliances providing improved stimulation of grafenberg area
December 28, 2017 - N°20170367925

Handheld sexual appliances are disclosed herein, providing improved stimulators for stimulation of the grafenberg area or g-spot of the female. The appliances generally comprise an elongate body having embodiments for stimulating the grafenberg area comprising one or more of a mechanical finger that oscillates in an ovoid motion protruding from the dorsal surface of the elongated body. In some embodiments, ...