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 Heater frame for a fuser assembly and methods of using same patent thumbnailHeater frame for a fuser assembly and methods of using same
A fuser assembly including a heat transfer member and a backup member disposed relative each other for forming a fusing nip, the heat transfer member comprising: a heater member, a housing to which the heater member is attached; a frame connected to the housing; and a rotatable endless belt disposed around the heater member, housing, and frame, wherein a the frame includes a plurality of cutout geometries disposed along a length thereof for tuning a stiffness thereof, and wherein the stiffness of the frame is about 350 n/mm to about 750 n/mm.. .
Lexmark International, Inc.

 Microelectronic test device including a probe card having an interposer patent thumbnailMicroelectronic test device including a probe card having an interposer
A microelectronic test device comprising an organic substrate, a probe holder, and an interposer disposed between the organic substrate and the probe holder, wherein the interposer has a coefficient of thermal expansion that is less than a coefficient of thermal expansion of the organic substrate. The interposer may effectively decouple the organic substrate from probes in the probe holder, which may substantially reduce or eliminate probe misalignment due to the coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch between the organic substrate and other components of the microelectronic test device and to provide require stiffness to the organic substrate..
Intel Corporation

 Interlocking weave for high performance fabrics patent thumbnailInterlocking weave for high performance fabrics
A weave pattern and method for weaving that provides stability to high performance fabrics, such as fabrics used for life protection and composite use, is provided. An additional set of yarn may be added in the warp direction, such that there are two sets of warp yarns per fill yarn alternating throughout the structure of the fabric.

 Bonded and tailorable composite assembly patent thumbnailBonded and tailorable composite assembly
An all-composite assembly such as a composite laminate aircraft empennage has vertical and horizontal stabilizers with differing sets of interlaminar fracture toughnesses and differing stiffnesses to improve flight characteristics. Composite laminate skins are bonded to unitized and stiffened understructure to reduce weight and improve damage containment..
The Boeing Company

 Expandable sheath with elastomeric cross sectional portions patent thumbnailExpandable sheath with elastomeric cross sectional portions
An expandable introducer sheath for passage of implant delivery catheters, such as catheters for delivery of prosthetic heart valves. The expandable sheath balances the amounts, shapes and positions of various stiff and elastic structures in the sheath to selectively program the expandability and buckling stiffness of the sheath.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

 Soft tissue tensioning and fixation device patent thumbnailSoft tissue tensioning and fixation device
An improved device provides a cost-effective, time-effective way to stably and reliably affix soft tissues (e.g., tendon or ligament) to the surface of anatomical structures with comparable or greater strength and stiffness (e.g., bone). The device does not require specialized procedures or tools.
Board Of Supervisors Of Louisiana State University And Agricultural And Mechanical College

 Integrated circuit package configurations to reduce stiffness patent thumbnailIntegrated circuit package configurations to reduce stiffness
Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards an integrated circuit (ic) package including a die having a first side and a second side disposed opposite to the first side. The ic package may further include an encapsulation material encapsulating at least a portion of the die and having a first surface that is adjacent to the first side of the die and a second surface disposed opposite to the first surface.
Intel Ip Corporation

 Geometric multigrid on incomplete linear octrees for simulating deformable animated characters patent thumbnailGeometric multigrid on incomplete linear octrees for simulating deformable animated characters
A method and system for simulation of deformation of elastic materials are disclosed herein. A matrix-free geometric multigrid method utilizing a direct coarse grid discretization is presented for the solution of linear systems resulting from an octree discretization of the equations of corotational linear elasticity.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

 Predicting semiconductor package warpage patent thumbnailPredicting semiconductor package warpage
A method for predicting the electrical functionality of a semiconductor package, the method includes performing a first stiffness test for a first semiconductor package, receiving failure data for the first semiconductor package, the failure data includes results of an electrical test performed after the first semiconductor package is assembled on a printed circuit board, generating a database comprising results of the first stiffness test as a function of the failure data for the first semiconductor package, performing a second stiffness test for a second semiconductor package, identifying a unique result from the results of the first stiffness test in the database, the unique result aligns with a result of the second stiffness test, and predicting a failure data for the second semiconductor package based on the failure data for the first semiconductor package which corresponds to the unique result of the first stiffness test identified in the database.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Nonlinear mass sensors based on electronic feedback and methods of using the same patent thumbnailNonlinear mass sensors based on electronic feedback and methods of using the same
A device and method for sensing including a sensor having a functional surface layer located to interact with a material to be sensed, the sensor having an output that produces a signal responsive one or more of inertia, stiffness, acceleration, pressure, radiation, chemical compounds, and biological compounds; and further including electronics including: an input coupled to the sensor to receive a first signal therefrom; and a non-linearity provider that applies one or more non-linear operations to the input signal to generate a non-linear second signal.. .
Purdue Research Foundation

Flexible cold plate with enhanced flexibility

An apparatus for cooling an electronic component has a planar top member of a thermal energy conductive material and a parallel planar bottom member of the material, the planar bottom member including a surface having regions configured for heat exchange contact with the electronic component. The joined planar top and bottom members have a sidewall structure of reduced height (and generally the height of the cold plate) between active areas in order to improve flexibility.
International Business Machines Corporation

Workflow for determining stresses and/or mechanical properties in anisotropic formations

A method, apparatus, and program product estimate anisotropic properties of an anisotropic formation based at least in part on determinations of a deviation of a wellbore associated with the anisotropic formation and an availability of non-sonic measurement data associated with the anisotropic formation. The determinations are used in the selection of at least one computer-implemented model that in turn may be applied to determine one or more unknown elastic constants for an elastic stiffness matrix..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Satellite frame and making a satellite

A satellite frame includes a one-piece integrated body defining a plurality of sides for attaching satellite components thereto. Use of the single integrated satellite body minimizes the amount of fasteners and alignment equipment and processes.
Worldvu Satellites Limited

Load bearing tonneau structure

A system and method for providing a folding load bearing hard tonneau cover which includes a hinge/connection element using a novel friction stir welding method to weatherproof the bed contents, wherein each folding section is constructed using friction stir welds for strength, stiffness and visual appeal, wherein the system does not rely on attached bed rails to support and lock the cover because loads are reacted on the bed caps, wherein a spring loaded latching system has the strength to react the moments generated by heavy loads on top of the cover, wherein installation does not require modification to the bed, and wherein the tonneau cover may carry heavy loads on top that are easy to secure, while still allowing a cover that folds open.. .

Louver and air vent having at least one louver

Provided is a louver, which in particular has an elongated form, and to an air vent having at least one louver. The louver has a front region that takes up an entire longitudinal direction and a back region, wherein the front region and the back region are made of materials that differ in mechanical properties.
Dr. Schneider Kunststoffwerke Gmbh

Robot control apparatus, robot system, and robot control method

In order to stabilize control of a driving section, a robot control apparatus includes a control section that acquires a driving position of the driving section that drives a robot and an operation force that is a force operating on the robot, and performs first control of the driving section based on the driving position and second control of the driving section based on the operation force; and a changing section that changes a size of servo stiffness of the robot that is realized by the control of the control section.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include a handle, and inner bore of the handle, an actuation structure of the handle, a housing tube, and an optic fiber disposed within the inner bore of the handle and the housing tube. The housing tube may include a first housing tube portion having a first stiffness and a second housing tube portion having a second stiffness.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc

Flexible stent

The present invention is directed to a flexible expandable stent for implantation in a body lumen, such as a coronary artery. The stent generally includes a series of metallic cylindrical rings longitudinally aligned on a common axis of the stent and interconnected by a series of links which be polymeric or metallic.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Systems and methods for orthodontic archwires for malocclusions

A method and system for optimizing stiffness of an orthodontic archwire for a tooth malocclusion of a patient with a computer system, the method including: constructing a model of a patient's teeth in the computer system; inputting material properties of the archwire to the computer system; and determining an adjusted stiffness of a first section of the orthodontic archwire, the first section associated with the tooth malocclusion of the patient. In some cases, the adjusted stiffness may be determined based on different variables associated with the patient's teeth, which may include at least one of interbracket distance, malocclusion magnitude, bracket slot size, wire size, teeth size or extent of stiffness modification of the archwire..
Smarter Alloys Inc.

Microsurgical tool for robotic applications

The disclosed technology includes improved microsurgical tools providing multiple degrees of freedom at the wrist level, including roll, pitch, and grasp dofs, a tight articulation bending radius, low radial offset, and improved stiffness. Some implementations include an end effector platform moveable along a fixed trajectory on a fictional axle so as not to interfere with a central-axis aligned working channel; a crossed-arm mechanical linkage for articulating an end-effector platform throughout a pitch dof with an amplified pitch angle; and a partial pulley system to articulate the arms while maximizing pulley radius to shaft diameter, and permitting a constant transmission efficiency to the arms throughout the range of articulation.
Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc.

Sensor guide wire having a proximal tube with improved torque performance and maintained low bending stiffness

A sensor guide wire for an intravascular measurement of a physiological variable in a living body includes a sensor element configured to measure the physiological variable, and a proximal tube comprising a first material having a first young's modulus and a second material having a second young's modulus. The second young's modulus is higher than the first young's modulus.
St. Jude Medical Coordination Center Bvba

Portable electronic device with cover glass protection

A portable electronic device includes a device body containing a plurality of device structures, one of which is a display module. A cover glass is disposed at an opening of the device body such that at least one of the plurality of device structures underlies the cover glass.
Corning Incorporated

Shrink label and producing same

The shrink label of the present invention provides a shrink label having high stiffness. The shrink label of the present invention is a shrink label comprising a shrink film, wherein the shrink film comprises a base layer part and surface layers disposed on both sides of the base layer part, the surface layers each contain not less than 50% by weight of a polyester resin, and the base layer part comprises 5 to 65 layers as layers, wherein the layers comprise at least a layer containing not less than 50% by weight of a polystyrene resin (layer a)..
Fuji Seal International, Inc.

Fiber-optic sensor assembly

A fiber-optic force and displacement sensor includes a mirror comprising a plurality of sectors extending from a center point to a peripheral edge. Each of the sectors has a high reflectance corresponding to only one of a plurality of single wavelength light beams having different wavelengths transmitted from a laser light source.
Kettering University

Skin stiffness characteristics and loft control production system and method with variable moisture content in input fiberglass media

A heating system is provided having a plurality of heated zones, with at least a first zone and a second zone. The first zone receives variable input moisture fiberglass over a first conveyor system and comprises a first compression system above the first conveyor system.

Glass-fibre reinforced polycarbonate composition

Provided are glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate compositions with high stiffness and with improved thermal and rheological behavior in combination with improved flame-retardancy properties. Said compositions can be used to produce mouldings, especially those thin-walled housing parts or switch boxes with a wall thickness from 1.0 mm to 0.75 mm in the ee and it sectors, while still meet the requirements for the fire-protection classification ul 94 vi, preferably v0..
Covestro Deutschland Ag

Non-pneumatic wheel with reduced lateral stiffness

A tension-based non-pneumatic structurally supported wheel with reduced lateral stiffness having a compliant tread band and a plurality of web spokes for bearing the load in tension extending transversely across and inward from a compliant tread band for attachment to a hub. The web spokes have an increasing draft angle and decreasing width as they extend from the compliant tread band to the hub reducing the lateral stiffness of the wheel thereby reducing steering force feedback to the steering mechanism..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

A joining wind turbine blade shells

A method of manufacturing a wind turbine blade is described, the blade being formed from at least a pair of blade shells being joined together. For at least a portion of the wind turbine blade, the blade shells are joined by an overlamination applied between the edges of the blade shells, thereby substantially reducing or eliminating the need for a structural adhesive to join the blade shells, particularly in the area of the leading edge of the blade or the root region of the blade trailing edge.
Lm Wp Patent Holding A/s

Flexible tools and machining objects

A flexible tool comprising: a plurality of rigid members spaced along a longitudinal axis; a plurality of flexible members extending between the plurality of rigid members and being arranged to enable the plurality of rigid members to diverge from the longitudinal axis and define a work volume for the flexible tool, at least some of the plurality of flexible members being unevenly spaced around the longitudinal axis, and/or a physical characteristic of at least some of the plurality of flexible members varying along the longitudinal axis, to cause the work volume and/or stiffness of the flexible tool to be asymmetric relative to the longitudinal axis.. .
Rolls-royce Plc

Machine tools

A machine tool comprising: a first body; a first leg, a second leg, and a third leg coupled to the first body via first joints and configured to support at least the first body; a second body including a tool holder; a fourth leg, a fifth leg, and a sixth leg coupled to the second body via second joints and configured to support at least the second body; and a first actuator coupled to the first body and to the second body, the first actuator being configured to cause rotational motion between the first body and the second body to enable a change in walking direction of the machine tool and/or to enable a change in machining stiffness and a change in work volume of the machine tool.. .
Rolls-royce Plc

Stiff core golf ball and methods of making same

A golf ball is provided that has a spherical core exhibiting a stiffness from 400 mpa to 200 gpa. The stiffness of the core may be controlled by adjusting the materials of construction and the ratio of the materials.
Oncore Golf Technology, Inc.

Prevention of myocardial infarction induced ventricular expansion and remodeling

A method for direct therapeutic treatment of myocardial tissue in a localized region of a heart having a pathological condition. The method includes identifying a target region of the myocardium and applying material directly and substantially only to at least a portion of the myocardial tissue of the target region.
Cormend Technologies, Llc

Interdental brush

A built-in interdental brush of the present application uses a structure in which an interdental brush is built in a bended tube of a guide head of a delivery component, after a working part of the interdental brush made of elastic material is aligned to a tooth clearance, a sliding mechanism on the delivery component is pushed to drive the working part of the interdental brush automatically bend along curvature of the bended tube, the working part of the interdental brush is aligned to the tooth clearance and pushed into the tooth clearance, and by pushing and pulling a sliding block on the sliding mechanism of the delivery component, the working part of the interdental brush moves back and forth in the tooth clearance to clean the tooth clearance. Because the delivery component has good stiffness, after an outlet of the bended tube of the guide head of the delivery component is aligned to the tooth clearance, the pushed out interdental brush directly enters the tooth clearance, and because the outlet of the bended tube of the guide head of the delivery component is almost close to the tooth clearance; therefore, the interdental brush is hard to be bended and controllability of the interdental brush is significantly improved, avoiding that when the interdental brush of the prior art is used to clean a clearance between molars, the interdental brush easily bends and hurts the gum.

Medical device with contact force sensing tip

A medical device for diagnosis or treatment of tissue in a body is provided. The device includes an elongate, tubular shaft configured to be received within the body.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Bend stiffener

A bend stiffener 4 comprising a plurality of beams 5a-g arranged to be disposed around a tubular member 2. A support is provided for connecting the bend stiffener 4 to the tubular member 2.
Statoil Petroleum As

Polyethylene compositions and closures made from them

A dual reactor solution process gives high density polyethylene compositions containing a first ethylene copolymer and a second ethylene copolymer and which have good processability, stiffness, and environmental stress crack resistance. The polyethylene compositions are suitable for compression molding or injection molding applications and are particularly useful in the manufacture of caps and closures for bottles..
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

Impact transmission structure

The present disclosure provides a vehicle including a frame having a side sill reinforcement, the side sill reinforcement running along a length of a side of the frame, and an impact transmission structure mounted to and extending laterally outward from an exterior surface of the side sill reinforcement, the impact transmission structure having a stiffness approximately equal to a stiffness of the side sill reinforcement and being configured to communicate an impact force resulting from a side impact into the vehicle into the frame and not absorb the impact force.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

System and method utilizing detected load for vehicle handling

A method of controlling drivability of a vehicle detects an overall load acting on the vehicle. A mass of the vehicle or an estimate thereof is obtained.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

Rollable, self-adhesive dry erase sheet assembly and use

A dry erase sheet assembly comprising: (a) a writing member having a front major surface and a rear major surface wherein the front major surface is capable of being used as a dry erase surface; (b) a support member having a low deflection stiffness rating; (c) a pressure sensitive adhesive disposed on the rear major surface of the support member; and (d) a removable liner on the rear surface of the adhesive; wherein the sheet assembly is capable of being wound upon itself into roll configuration without disruption and the sheet assembly has a low curl memory rating. Also a method of using such sheet assemblies..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Stiffness adjustable catheter

Adjustable catheter including an elongate tubular shaft having a proximal portion, a distal portion, and a length therebetween. The elongate tubular shaft has a guidewire lumen defined therein extending along at least the distal portion of elongate tubular member and further has at least one pressure lumen defined therein extending along at least a section of the length of the elongate tubular shaft.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Lightweight, stiff in compression, connecting rod for a reciprocating piston engine

A connecting rod is provided for a reciprocating piston engine. The connecting rod includes a body having an embedded structural tube for increasing the stiffness of the connecting rod..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Non-linear bumper bearings

A bumper bearing assembly includes a bearing housing having a level of radial spring stiffness, wherein the bearing housing defines a bearing seat. A bumper bearing is connected to the bearing housing by a spring having a level of radial spring stiffness lower than that of the bearing housing.
United Technologies Corporation

Soil improvement foundation isolation and load spreading systems and methods

Systems and methods for soil improvement foundation isolation and load spreading are provided. The systems and methods provided herein relate to isolation of structural foundations from soil improvement elements and distributing stress from high stiffness elements to lower stiffness materials.
Ingios Geotechnics, Inc.

Thermoset nanocomposite particles, processing for their production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications

Use of two different methods, either each by itself or in combination, to enhance the stiffness, strength, maximum possible use temperature, and environmental resistance of thermoset polymer particles is disclosed. One method is the application of post-polymerization process steps (and especially heat treatment) to advance the curing reaction and to thus obtain a more densely crosslinked polymer network.
Sun Drilling Products Corporation

Rubber composition comprising a diene elastomer bearing imidazole functional groups randomly distributed along the chain

A rubber composition comprises a reinforcing filler and a diene elastomer bearing imidazole functional groups along the chain which are randomly distributed along the chain. Such a composition exhibits an improved compromise in certain properties such as stiffness in the cured state and hysteresis..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Vehicle body frame structure of straddle-type vehicle

A vehicle body frame structure is applied to a straddle-type vehicle in which a driving power transmission mechanism which transmits rotational power of a driving source to a rear wheel is placed on a first side in a vehicle width direction with respect to a center line of a vehicle body. The structure comprises a head pipe; and a pair of main frames extending rearward and outward in the vehicle width direction from the head pipe such that the main frames are spaced apart in the vehicle width direction.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Vehicle body frame structure of straddle-type vehicle

Provided is a vehicle body frame structure which can reduce a burden in assembly of a straddle-type vehicle. The structure comprises a head pipe; and a pair of main frames extending rearward from the head pipe and outward in a vehicle width direction such that the main frames are spaced apart from each other in the vehicle width direction.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Rubber composition comprising a 1,3-dipolar compound additive bearing an imidazole functional group

A rubber composition is based on at least one diene elastomer, a reinforcing filler and a 1,3-dipolar compound bearing an imidazole functional group. Such a composition exhibits an improved compromise in certain properties such as stiffness in the cured state and hysteresis..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Improved the administration of a pulmonary surfactant by atomization

The system allows optimizing the dispensing of aerosol medicaments. In particular the system allows the administration of an exogenous pulmonary surfactant to very young patients (e.g.
Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.

Fasteners having improved comfort

A fastening member has inboard and outboard ends, a panel region, an end region, and a stiffening element. The panel region is disposed adjacent to the inboard end and has first and second layers.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Methods, devices, and compositions for treating abdominal aortic aneurysms

Methods, compositions, and devices for treating a vascular aneurysm, including an abdominal aortic aneurysm, are disclosed. In particular, the various embodiments relate to a method of treating an abdominal aortic aneurysm by increasing the mechanical stiffness of an aortic segment adjacent to the abdominal aortic aneurysm in a subject.
Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Rf energy delivery system and method

Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the ablation of tissue. A steerable ablation catheter can include one or more ablation elements at its distal end and one or more ablation elements fixedly attached to its shaft.
Medtronic Ablation Frontiers Llc

Fasteners and fastener delivery devices for affixing sheet-like materials to bone or tissue

A fastener for attaching a sheet-like implant to tissue or bone may be provided with a first arm having a proximal end and a distal end, a second aim having a proximal end and a distal end, and a bridge extending therebetween. Each of the first and second arms include a trunk portion defining at least a portion thereof, the trunk portion having a lateral extent larger than a lateral extent of the bridge or non-trunk portion of the arm adjacent thereto and can be mounted eccentrically to the bridge or non-trunk portion of the arm adjacent thereto such that the staple includes a first change in lateral stiffness disposed proximate the bridge or non-trunk portion of the arm abutment with the trunk.
Rotation Medical, Inc.

Detection of disease using gesture writing bio-markers

A method, system and apparatus for detecting a disorder of the central nervous system, comprises: recording an emg from muscle groups on left and right hands of patient; separating a gesture writing action into time intervals of postural and writing activity; recording emg activity from the same muscle groups during a resting time period; determining a plurality of indicators, comprising: identifying tremor peaks in emg spectral density; determining muscle tone like stiffness from emg spectral density determining muscle weakness from emg intensities; determining patterns of correlation waves; determining a delay from when a subject started writing after hearing an audio signal; determining the time of writing activity, when a pen is touching a tablet; determining the heights and shapes of characters from pen traces on a tablet; and assigning a point value to every indicator and calculating a combined score based on the point values.. .

Asymmetric piston

Exemplary pistons and methods of making the same are disclosed. An exemplary piston may include a crown defining a combustion bowl and a ring land extending circumferentially around the combustion bowl.
Mahle International Gmbh

Railcar truck roller bearing adapter pad systems

A railcar truck and adapter pad system for placement between a roller bearing and side frame pedestal roof of a three-piece railcar truck. Many different features of the pad and/or the adapter-pad interface are configured to improve stiffness characteristics to satisfy both curving and high speed performance of the railcar truck..
Nevis Industries Llc

Printed material, information processing apparatus, and plot diagram creation method

A user is able to intuitively understand differences in shaft characteristics relating to the distribution of shaft stiffness values between a plurality of types of shafts. A printed material on which is printed a plot diagram is provided.
Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

Determining material stiffness using multiple aperture ultrasound

Changes in tissue stiffness have long been associated with disease. Systems and methods for determining the stiffness of tissues using ultrasonography may include a device for inducing a propagating shear wave in tissue and tracking the speed of propagation, which is directly related to tissue stiffness and density.

Stabilizing element for a shoe

Described is a stabilizing element (10) for a shoe sole, in particular for a mountaineering shoe, comprising: (a) a first plate (11), comprising at least one opening (12); (b) a second plate (13) arranged at least partially in the opening (12); and (c) a third plate (14) arranged at least partially in the opening (12) and arranged at least partially above the second plate (13), wherein the third plate (14) comprises a substantially higher bending stiffness than the second plate (13).. .
Adidas Ag

Motorcycle engine mount having improved stiffness

A motorcycle engine mount having improved stiffness. The device is a bolt-in replacement for the original equipment manufacturer engine mounts for fxd_series harley davidson motorcycles.

Reinforced microplate

A reinforced microplate has reinforcing members that enhance stiffness and minimize deformation of the microplate, especially thermally-induced deformation. The reinforcing members include dots, ribs or struts that are integrally formed on a bottom surface of the microplate.
Corning Incorporated

Sealing cushion for a patient interface

The present invention relates to a sealing cushion (24) for a patient interface (16), wherein the cushion (24) comprises a nose bridge contacting area (40) that is configured to contact a nose bridge of a patient (12) during use of the cushion (24), wherein the nose bridge contacting area (40) comprises a material having a secant stiffness of less than 0.45 n/mm at a material strain between 0.1 and 1, wherein the secant stiffness is defined as tensile force applied to the material per unit width of the material divided by the material strain, wherein the material strain denotes a ratio of material extension in length per unit of original length of the material.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Containment curtains as well as systems and apparatuses including same

Curtains are provided which have fastener/s and, in some cases, strut/s arranged along a screen. The strut/s extend to elevation/s below and/or above the fastener/s.
Xenex Disinfection Services Llc.

Creped prebiotic tissue

The invention relates to creped prebiotic tissue products. The tissue products comprise prebiotics in sufficiently high amounts to have a prebiotic effect in use, without negatively affecting tissue product properties, such as tensile strength, stiffness or softness.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

Variable stiffness aspiration needle

A needle for collecting a tissue samples includes a needle body extending along a longitudinal axis from a proximal end to a distal end including a sharp tip for penetrating a target tissue. The needle body includes a channel extending therethrough for collecting a tissue sample therein when the distal end is inserted into the target tissue.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Containment curtains as well as systems and apparatuses including same

Curtains are provided which have fastener/s and, in some cases, strut/s arranged along a screen. The strut/s extend to elevation/s below and/or above the fastener/s.
Xenex Disinfection Services Llc.

A sealing device for garments

The present inventive concept relates to a sealing device (1) for garments to sealingly connect an annular layer (3) and a wearable layer (5) to the sealing device (1). The sealing device (1) comprises an annular base (10) having an inner annular wall portion (12) and an outer annular wall portion (14), a recess (30) at least partly defined by the inner annular wall portion (12) and the outer annular wall portion (14), and an annular sealing surface (40) for circumferentially and sealingly connecting the annular layer (3) to the annular base (10).
Si Tech Ab

Systems and methods for releasing detachable firearm magazines

The present invention provides a firearm bullet button magazine release tool assembly with a tool tip and a stabilizing base. The tool tip is configured to activate a firearm magazine release assembly thereby releasing a detachable magazine.

Mounting assemblies and systems including same

A mounting assembly (200) includes first and second mounting components (108, 112) that are displaceable relative to one another. At least one positive-stiffness biasing element (236) exhibiting a positive-stiffness spring rate is operatively disposed between the first and second mounting components.
Firestone Industrial Products Company, Llc

Low coarseness southern softwood pulps

Pulp sheets produced from southern pine fibers are disclosed. Embodiments in which the fibers have a fiber length to coarseness ratio equal to or greater than 0.11, with fiber length (lwafl) in mm and coarseness in mg/100 m, are found to impart stiffness properties to tissue grade handsheets made therefrom comparable to those achieved using of standard nbsk.
Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

Ethylene-based polymer, polyethylene-based resin composition and use thereof, catalyst component for olefin polymerization, olefin polymerization catalyst containing the component, and producing ethylene-based polymer by using the catalyst

An object of the present invention is to provide a polyethylene-based resin composition excellent in the moldability and at the same time, excellent in the balance between impact strength and stiffness as well as in the transparency, and a molded product and a film, which are obtained by the molding of the polyethylene-based resin composition. The polyethylene-based resin composition of the present invention comprises from 41 to 99 wt % of (a) an ethylene-based polymer satisfying specific conditions and from 1 to 59 wt/of (b) an ethylene-based polymer satisfying specific conditions, wherein mfr of the composition as a whole is from 0.05 to 50 g/10 min and the density is from 0.910 to 0.960 g/cm3..
Japan Polyethylene Corporation

Method, arrangement and system for estimating vehicle cornering stiffness

A method, arrangement and system are described for estimating one or more vehicle cornering stiffness parameters (cf, cr) in a linear vehicle operating region. The method includes reading sensor data representative of at least vehicle (1) longitudinal velocity (vx), vehicle lateral acceleration (ay), vehicle yaw rate (ωz) and vehicle steering angle (δ), determining from the read sensor data if the cornering stiffness parameters (cf, cr) are observable, and if so providing an estimate of the cornering stiffness parameters (cf, cr) using a bicycle model that includes a model of tire relaxation dynamics..
Volvo Car Corporation

A low back pressure penetrating arc welding apparatus and method

A low-back-pressure penetrating arc welding apparatus and a welding method using the same are disclosed. Through vacuuming a central vacuum chamber of a low-back-pressure protection device by a suction device, a plume of a penetrating arc located in the central vacuum chamber, as well as a back side of a keyhole molten pool, are maintained in a negative-pressure vacuum state relative to an argon gas ambience.
Beijing University Of Technology

Variable stiffness treadmill system

A variable stiffness treadmill system having a variable stiffness mechanism, a split-belt treadmill, a counterweight system, and a body weight support for supporting an individual and varying the stiffness below the individual on the treadmill for research and rehabilitation.. .
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Rotary drive device and image forming apparatus

A rotary drive device includes a drive motor and drive transmission portion, which transmits a rotational drive force of the motor to a driven rotor and includes three or more drive transmission members. A high stiffness member is attached to a low-stiffness drive transmission member, which is one, lower in stiffness, of two of the drive transmission members, to increase stiffness of the low-stiffness drive transmission member.
Ricoh Company, Limited

Octohedral frame and tripod for rotating equipment

An apparatus is disclosed for rotating equipment, like solar panels, about an axis. Tension and compression members, in a rigid structure, are employed in the apparatus to minimize weight and to maximize stiffness.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona

Driveshaft with two-stage stiffness

A two-stage stiffness driveshaft includes a hollow cylinder having first and second ends and a hollow cylinder stiffness. An inner shaft having first and second ends and an inner shaft stiffness extends through the hollow cylinder.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Bush for filling the space in a sleeve for use in flexo-printing, sleeve and manufacturing such a bush and sleeve

The invention relates to a bush for filling the space between a base jacket and an outer jacket of a cylinder for use in flexo-printing, the cylinder being a sleeve or anilox roller, wherein the bush is manufactured by means of 3-d printing. A bush manufactured by means of 3-d printing can be manufactured in lighter form and with a greater bending stiffness than prior art foam bushes.
Color Control B.v.

Compressible fan blade with root spacer

A spacer for use in a hub and blade assembly of a gas turbine engine including a first layer of a first material forming the spacer body having an elongate shape. The first material has a first stiffness.
United Technologies Corporation

Sanitary tissue products

Sanitary tissue products employing fibrous structures that exhibit novel compressibility properties alone and in combination with plate stiffness properties and methods for making same.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company

Dynamic pitch adjustment devices, systems, and methods

Vibration control systems, devices, and methods are provided for a rotary wing aircraft having a rotor including a plurality of blades (20) each attached to a hub (10) at its root end and capable of pitching with respect to the hub (10). The systems, devices, and methods include a blade pitch adjuster (100) that is passively adjustable in response to aerodynamic loading on the plurality of blades (20) to adjust a pitch of one of the plurality of blades (20) with respect to the hub (10) based on a frequency of the aerodynamic loading.
Lord Corporation

Systems and methods for varying elastic modulus appliances

The present invention provides improved devices, systems and methods for repositioning teeth from an initial tooth arrangement to a final tooth arrangement. Repositioning is accomplished with a system comprising a series of polymeric shell appliances configured to receive the teeth and incrementally reposition individual teeth in a series of successive steps.
Align Technology, Inc.

Ice hockey runner-blade assembly

A customizable hockey skate includes a removable runner-blade assembly such that a runner-blade assembly having a first stiffness may be readily replaced with a runner-blade assembly having a second stiffness. The runner-blade assembly may be removably attached to first and second cups that are optionally removably attached to the sole of a skate boot.
Bauer Hockey, Inc.

Device for implantation or insertion into the human body with changeable stiffness

A device for implantation or insertion into the human body, and to a set with the device and a stylet. In order to be able to change the flexibility of the device, the device includes a pair of stiffening elements that can be affixed to and detached from each other..
Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

Method of injecting a keratin-based material into a target region of the heart

A method for direct therapeutic treatment of myocardial tissue in a localized region of a heart having a pathological condition. The method includes identifying at least one target region of the myocardium of the heart to be treated; and injecting a keratin-based material that travels to at least one target region to at least one of stiffen, restrain, or constrain the myocardial tissue of the target region.
Cormend Technologies, Llc

Multilayered bone graft and making same

A synthetic bone graft is described which is adapted to be received within a bone defect and which is structurally load-bearing. The bone graft comprises an entirely synthetic graft body corresponding in shape and size to the bone defect.
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning/mcgill University

Spinal rods and methods

A spinal rod is provided that includes an elongate body having first and second ends, a length and an outside diameter. The outside diameter is substantially the same size over an entirety of the length of the elongate body.
Spinecraft, Llc

Highly elastic physically cross-linked binder induced by reversible acid-base interaction for high performance silicon anode

Provided is a highly elastic physically cross-linked binder induced by reversible acid-base interaction for high performance silicon anode, and more particularly to a highly elastic physically cross-linked binder induced by reversible acid-base interaction for high performance silicon anode, in which the binder has excellent stiffness and elasticity. To this end, the polymer binder that is physically crosslinked with a crosslinking agent by acid-base interaction may include a crosslinking agent that is physically bound with the binder for silicon anode by reversible acid-base interaction with the binder for silicon anode..
Incheon University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation

System of forming with exterior applied finish panels

A system used to form poured walls or structures with a finished surface which may be smooth, various pattern surfaces such as brick or stone or applying thin material, such as thin brick and thin stone, using exterior applied finish panels which are attached by attaching means, grapple catches, to the exterior face of a concrete/cementous material flow through lattice grid form as one or both forming surfaces in a concrete/cementous pour. When the forms are poured concrete/cementous material flows through the lattice grid panel and flows up to the interior forming face of the exterior applied finish panel.

Sanitary tissue products and methods for making same

Sanitary tissue products employing 3d patterned fibrous structure plies having a surface comprising a novel three-dimensional (3d) pattern such that the 3d patterned fibrous structures and/or sanitary tissue products employing the fibrous structures exhibit novel cushiness as evidenced by compressibility of the fibrous structures and/or sanitary tissue products, novel flexibility as evidenced by plate stiffness of the fibrous structures and/or sanitary tissue products, and/or surface smoothness as evidenced by slip stick coefficient of friction of the fibrous structures and/or sanitary tissue products, and methods for making same, are provided.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company

Winding shaft

The invention relates to a shaft axle for winding up a material web, particularly plastic films, namely particularly stretch films. In order to provide a shaft axle with a strength and stiffness as high as possible, a shaft axle is provided showing a shaft body, which is made largely from fiber-reinforced plastic to yield bending stiffness as high as possible, and cavities, provided along the exterior perimeter of the shaft body, with the cavities being limited in the radial interior direction by a layer of fiber-reinforced plastic and allowing tension bars to expand from the cavities radially towards the outside..
Windmoeller & Hoelscher Kg

Methods and integrating rotary actuators in flight control systems

Methods and apparatus for reacting rotary actuator and control surface loads into a wing structure using reaction links. The apparatus incorporates a structural interface feature that can facilitate a change of the component(s) in the load loop, such as the path connecting a control surface to a fixed aircraft structure via a rotary actuator.
The Boeing Company

Vehicle side curtain airbag device having front protection function

A vehicle side curtain airbag device having front protection function, comprising a side airbag (1) and an auxiliary airbag (2) connected to one side surface of the side airbag (1) and arranged in a left/right transverse direction after being expanded; a dividing hole membrane (3) is disposed between the side airbag (1) and the auxiliary airbag (2); the dividing hole membrane (3) is ensured to he opened only when the internal pressure of the side airbag (1) reaches a certain value, thus realizing self-adaptive opening threshold adjustment, controlling the instant of inflation and inflation speed of the auxiliary airbag (2), and adjusting the stiffness of the auxiliary airbag (2). When a vehicle has a collision, the device protects the head and neck of a passenger in both side collision and front collision traffic accidents, thus effectively absorbing the collision impact energy of the passenger, and reducing injury to the passenger..
Yanfeng Kss (shanghai) Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd.

Door module for vehicle

Disclosed herein is a door module for a vehicle, which is mounted in a door panel of a vehicle door. The door module may include: a stiffened plate including base plates formed at positions where one or more hardware parts related to the vehicle door are mounted and a connection plate for connecting the base plates, wherein the base plates and the connection plate are integrally formed; and a resin panel covering an opening of the door panel, and formed by over-molding resin onto the stiffened plate, wherein the stiffened plate is formed of a material having higher stiffness than the resin..
Seoyon E-hwa Co., Ltd.

Stand up pouch

A recyclable stand up pouch (sup) is prepared using a polyethylene structure having a first web and a second web. Each of the first web and second web contains at least one layer of high density polyethylene (hdpe) to provide stiffness.
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

Robot device, robot control method, program, and recording medium

A joint torque computing unit computes a joint torque t1 of a joint necessary to move a joint angle to a target joint angle. A summing unit obtains a sum value u1 indicating the sum of generated forces generated at actuators, from a target stiffness.

Device tracking using longitudinal encoding

A method for reconstructing 3d shape of a longitudinal device using an optical fiber with optical shape sensing (oss) properties, e.g. Bragg gratings.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Medical device with contact force sensing tip

Medical devices for diagnosis or treatment of tissue in a body. Representative devices include an elongate shaft having a proximal portion and a distal portion configured for movement relative to the proximal portion.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Endoscope system

There is provided an endoscope system which can secure appropriate bending stiffness of an insertion portion while maintaining the slide length of an endoscope insertion portion. According to one aspect of one of the present invention, in an endoscope system including an endoscope and an insertion assisting tool in which the endoscope is inserted and which assists the insertion of an endoscope insertion portion into a body, a flexible portion of the endoscope insertion portion includes a projection region which projects from the distal end opening of a tube body when the endoscope insertion portion is located in the distal end position in a movable range with respect to the tube body of the insertion assisting tool, and the projection region includes a bending stiffness change portion in which bending stiffness increases from a first position on the distal end side to a second position on the proximal end side..
Fujifilm Corporation

Rolling bearing and suspension automobile

Provided are a rolling bearing and a suspension apparatus for an automobile enhanced in stiffness. To do so, in a rolling bearing and a suspension apparatus for an automobile according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, an upper cover's upward surface in contact with an upper case and an upper cover's peripheral surface in contact with the upper case are orthogonal to each other, and a length of the upward surface in a radial direction is longer than a length of the peripheral surface in a vertical direction..
Hyndai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Device for detecting the replacement state of wear of a high-strength fiber rope during use in lifting gear

The present invention relates generally to hoists such as cranes which instead of steel wire ropes use high-strength fibre ropes. The invention relates in particular to an arrangement for detecting the discard state of a high-strength fibre rope when used on such hoists, with a means for detecting at least one rope parameter and an evaluation unit for evaluating the rope parameter, and providing a discard signal depending upon the evaluation of the rope parameters.
Liebherr-components Biberach Gmbh

Subframe for a motor vehicle axle and producing a subframe

The invention relates to a subprime (1) for a motor vehicle axle. According to the invention, in order to provide a subframe in which both stiffness and weight are optimised, the subframe comprises: a base member (2) having an upper shell (3), a lower shell (4), which is connected lathe upper shell (3), and a connection point (5) formed on one of the shells (3, 4) for a pendulum bearing of a pendulum bar, a cross-member (10), which extends in a transverse direction and which is joined to the base member (2) and connected to the base member, said cross-member having mounts (14) for longitudinal members of the motor vehicle; and a stiffening element (30), which is connected to at least one shell (3, 4) in the region or the connection point.
Kirchhoff Automotive Deutschland Gmbh

Flexible tooling

A flexible manufacturing tool is provided. The tool includes a multi-layer generally planar sheet of material defining a tool surface thereon, means such as spaced jacks to controllably deform the sheet by applying out-of-plane deforming forces to the sheet and means selectively to increase and decrease interlayer shear or frictional forces whereby to vary the flexural stiffness of the sheet.
Bae Systems Plc

Method and system for determination of at least one property of a manipulator

A method and system for determining at least one property associated with a selected axis of a manipulator (2). The elasticity of the links (4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14) and joints (3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12) of a manipulator (2) can be modeled and the resulting compliance can be determined.
Cognibotics Ab

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