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Stiffness patents

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Composite material comprising uhmwpe and iron ore tailing and use of iron ore tailing in preparation of composite…

Brake shoe for a drum brake

Train suspension system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 System and method for detecting tissue surface properties patent thumbnailSystem and method for detecting tissue surface properties
A system and method for detecting a tissue property. The system comprises a first unit positioned outside a patient body and a second unit positioned inside the patient's body.
 Composite material comprising uhmwpe and iron ore tailing and use of iron ore tailing in preparation of composite material patent thumbnailComposite material comprising uhmwpe and iron ore tailing and use of iron ore tailing in preparation of composite material
The present invention relates to a composite material that comprises a polymeric constituent and iron ore powder. The polymeric constituent of the present invention is preferably uhmwpe.
 Brake shoe for a drum brake patent thumbnailBrake shoe for a drum brake
The invention relates to a brake shoe for a drum brake and a drum brake that includes a supporting unit and a lining unit, wherein the supporting unit comprises a bearing portion for pivotable support and an actuation portion, and wherein the supporting unit has a bending stiffness, which has different values between the bearing portion and the actuation portion.. .
 Train suspension system patent thumbnailTrain suspension system
A suspension system for a train vehicle includes at least one inerter to minimize track wear. Track wear may be measured by direct measures such as wear work, or indirect measures such as yaw stiffness.
 Fiber optic cable with increased directional sensitivity patent thumbnailFiber optic cable with increased directional sensitivity
A distributed acoustic sensor, comprises a housing having a longitudinal bore therethrough, an optical fiber supported in the bore; and an inertial member supported within the bore, wherein the fiber is mechanically coupled to the inertial member. The inertial member may include a weight and may provides isotropic stiffness such that it deforms more readily in a first direction normal to the bore than it does in a second direction that is normal to both the bore and the first direction.
 Fast rig-based physics simulation patent thumbnailFast rig-based physics simulation
A method is disclosed for applying physics-based simulation to an animator provided rig. The disclosure presents equations of motions for simulations performed in the subspace of deformations defined by an animator's rig.
 Rig-based physics simulation patent thumbnailRig-based physics simulation
A method is disclosed for applying physics-based simulation to an animator provided rig. The disclosure presents equations of motions for simulations performed in the subspace of deformations defined by an animator's rig.
 Upright protector patent thumbnailUpright protector
A protector allows for the engagement and protection of a segment of an upright from an impact force by an external object and for absorbing and damping the resulting impact force. The protector comprises a protector body and a shim.
 Resetting semi-passive stiffness damper and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailResetting semi-passive stiffness damper and methods of use thereof
A resetting semi-passive stiffness damper (rspsd) for use in damping movement. Embodiments of such a rspsd include, for example, a pistoned cylinder connected to a grooved rack, and a spring-loaded lever arranged between the rack and a slotted channel above the rack.
 Ethylene-based polymer, polyethylene-based resin composition and use thereof, catalyst component for olefin polymerization, olefin polymerization catalyst containing the component, and method for producing ethylene-based polymer by using the catalyst patent thumbnailEthylene-based polymer, polyethylene-based resin composition and use thereof, catalyst component for olefin polymerization, olefin polymerization catalyst containing the component, and method for producing ethylene-based polymer by using the catalyst
An object of the present invention is to provide a polyethylene-based resin composition excellent in the moldability and at the same time, excellent in the balance between impact strength and stiffness as well as in the transparency, and a molded product and a film, which are obtained by the molding of the polyethylene-based resin composition. The polyethylene-based resin composition of the present invention comprises from 41 to 99 wt % of (a) an ethylene-based polymer satisfying specific conditions and from 1 to 59 wt % of (b) an ethylene-based polymer satisfying specific conditions, wherein mfr of the composition as a whole is from 0.05 to 50 g/10 min and the density is from 0.910 to 0.960 g/cm3..
Process for producing polyester fiber
The polyester fiber prepared according to the present invention has low modulus, high strength, and high contraction. And, the polyester fiber of the present invention may significantly lower stiffness and achieve excellent mechanical properties, thus providing excellent packing property, shape stability and gas barrier effect when used as fabric for an airbag..
Tolerance ring with edge bump difference
A novel tolerance ring includes a hollow cylindrical body defining a longitudinal axis that passes axially through its center. The hollow cylindrical body includes first and second longitudinal edges that define a circumferential gap.
Variable stiffness chassis for ultrathin devices
An information handling system (ihs) chassis includes a chassis base. A center portion of the chassis base comprises at least ninety-five weight percent of a first metal element that is one of aluminum or magnesium.
Mechanical backup bearing arrangement for a magnetic bearing system
The present disclosure describes a mechanical backup bearing system arrangement to work in conjunction with non-contact magnetic bearings and capable of coping with thermal expansions of the bearing components during operations. Expansions or contractions of an inner or outer race of a bearing can be compensated using particular springs providing a low profile and a proper stiffness.
Flexible printed circuit
A flexible printed circuit includes a first insulating substrate layer and a first electrically conductive layer located adjacent to a first side of the insulating substrate layer. The first conductive layer has a first portion that is substantially solid and a second portion having a multiplicity of voids in the first conductive layer in a pattern for providing a lower stiffness in the second portion relative to the first portion, thereby providing more flexibility in the second portion relative to the first portion..
Thermal straps for spacecraft
Negative-stiffness-producing mechanisms can be incorporated with structural devices that are used on spacecraft that provide thermal coupling between a vibrating source and a vibration-sensitive object. Negative-stiffness-producing mechanisms can be associated with a flexible conductive link (fcl) or “thermal strap” or “cold strap” to reduce the positive stiffness of the fcl.
Method and apparatus for testing consistency of frozen beverages
A method and apparatus using sample test container filled with beverage, a penetrator holder, a penetrator and release means is disclosed. In the method a sample, is drawn into the test container and the penetrator dropped into the sample, and a reading of the stiffness of the sample is made based on the depth of penetration of the penetrator onto the sample..
Composite wires for use in medical procedures and associated methods
A composite wire, such as a guide wire, may include a principal section with a relatively large outer diameter, as well as one or more reduced sections with smaller outer diameters. The relatively small outer diameter of each reduced section may be defined by an inner element of the composite wire, while the relatively large outer diameter of the principal section may be defined by one or more outer elements that reside on, and may surround, the inner element.
Attachment for a conductorless wetness detector for an absorbent article
A wetness sensing system for use with an absorbent article includes a holding fixture adapted to be attached to the outer surface of the absorbent article by a consumer, the holding fixture including a first attachment arm having an article-facing side including a first attachment material affixed thereto, and a sensor band including a sensor and having an article-facing side including a second attachment material affixed thereto, wherein the second attachment material has an area and is in a proportion of the area to the weight of the system, and wherein the sensor band has a bending stiffness of less than 30 gf cm̂2/cm. The system also includes a signaling device coupled to the holding fixture and in electrical communication with the sensor, wherein the system is adapted to sense wetness within the article without the use of conductors within the absorbent article..
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition and molded article including the same
A flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition and a molded article including the same are provided. The flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition includes: (a) a thermoplastic resin; (b) a flame retardant; and (c) a filler, wherein the (c) filler has an oil absorption rate of about 0.1 ml/100 g to about 10 ml/100 g as measured in accordance with astm d281.
Substrate connection structure
A substrate connection structure includes: a first substrate having stiffness with a first connector mounted on a front face; a second substrate having stiffness with a second connector detachably attached to the first connector mounted on a front face facing the front face of the first substrate; and a restricting member including a projection portion, the restricting member including a plate-like member and being detachably attachable to the first substrate by being moved along a planar surface of the first substrate, the projection portion projecting from the front face of the first substrate and regulating a position of the second substrate relative to the first substrate in a state in which the restricting member is attached to the first substrate, and limiting a direction in which the second substrate is detached when the second connector mounted on the second substrate is detached from the first connector on the first substrate.. .
Monolithic energy harvesting system, apparatus, and method
An energy harvesting device utilizing a monolithic, mesoscale, single-degree-of-freedom inertial based resonator in which the support structure, beam-spring, and proof mass are a single component without joints, bonds, or fasteners. Frequency tuning features include holes in the proof mass in which mass can be added to change the devices resonance frequency as well as levers which add curvature to the beam-spring system and adjust system stiffness.
Carbon fiber reinforced polyoxymethylene for printer spindles
Polymer compositions containing a polyoxymethylene base polymer that is compounded with a conductive filler. The polymer composition is formulated so as to increase the electrically conductivity of the polymer composition and articles formed therefrom while at the same time having a high enough stiffness via the addition of a conductive filler.
Shock absorber, front fork, and saddle-ride type vehicle
A shock absorber includes a first cylinder portion, a second cylinder portion, a first piston portion arranged in an internal space of the first cylinder portion, a second piston portion arranged in an internal space of the second cylinder portion, a first rod portion connected to the first piston portion, and a second rod portion provided between the first piston portion and the second piston portion. The second rod portion has a stiffness lower than the stiffness of the first rod portion.
Method of establishing the deflection and/or the stiffness of a supporting structure
A method for establishing the deflection and/or the stiffness of a supporting structure which is subjected to a load. The method includes the steps of moving a measurement vehicle along the supporting structure, the vehicle having a loaded axle, a first measuring system being a first versine system and a second measuring system being one of an inertia based system and a second versine system.
Control device for link mechanism
Provided is a control device for a link mechanism capable of preventing a damage of joint mechanisms even in the case of a collision of a movable part against an external object. The control device 30 includes: a characteristic determination unit 34 which determines desired stiffness k_cmd_i of an elastic element 5 of each joint mechanism ji so as to be within a range of first stiffness k1_i wherein the joint maximum elastic energy is equal to or more than joint collision kinetic energy to second stiffness k2_i wherein a first time is equal to or longer than a second time; and a characteristic control unit 35 which controls stiffness k_i of the elastic element 5 of each joint mechanism ji to be the desired stiffness k_cmd_i..
Intraocular lens or lens system to provide monofocal vision at multiple pre-defined focal points
An accommodative intraocular lens is described that provides monofocal vision at multiple pre-defined focal points during accommodation. The intraocular lens includes a lens element having a series of stacked optics that can be formed utilizing multiple different materials, each of which can have a different stiffness.
Mesh enclosed tissue constructs
Described is a heart valve leaflet manufactured from a mesh material. The mesh material may have an ability to capture circulatory/stationary/migratory cells of the body to become biologically active.
Systems and methods for nonlinear elastography
Nonlinear elastography systems and methods are provided. The elastography system includes a data acquisition module, such as an imaging device, and associated system control circuitry.
Polyethylene blend compositions and film
A polymer blend comprising first and second polyethylene copolymers is presented which has good processability, and which when made into film shows good toughness-stiffness balance, reasonable md tear, as well as good optical properties.. .
Rubber compound and tire with component
The invention relates to a rubber composition with a stiffness property promoted by combination of short fibers and resin product of a methylene donor and a methylene acceptor, where at least a portion of the methylene acceptor is comprised of expoxidized phenol formaldehyde, and to a tire with a component comprised of such rubber composition.. .
Container handling and flow system, use thereof and method of handling containers
A container handling and flow system comprising a plurality of base elements (1, 31) for mounting on top of containers and fasteners for locking the base elements on to corner fittings (14) of a container. The base elements are elongate and have a length corresponding to the width of the containers to be handled, said system possibly including base elements of different lengths corresponding to different container standards.
Wearable electronic display
A wearable display apparatus includes a display for providing viewable images. A display support assembly can support the display.
Wrapping an object with a film using a tape for cutting the film
A pressure sensitive adhesive film attached to a surface is cut by pulling a filament from an adhesive tape applied on to the surface through that part of the film over the tape so as to cut the film and to form a cut edge of the film. The filament is a polyester multi-fiber filament of the order of 16 tex which provides a strength to break of the order of 2 pounds force and an extension of the order of 15% under a load of 1.0 pounds force.
Device for regulating stiffness
A device for regulating stiffness has a rotary shaft coupled to the driven member to rotate the driven member, a rotational connection body coupled to the rotary shaft to freely rotate thereon and rotating by a driving power of the driving motor, and an elastic connection body fixed to the rotary shaft and extending in the length direction of the rotary shaft to connect to the rotational connection body, wherein the elastic connection body gives an elastic force in a direction opposite to the rotating direction of the rotational connection body to interrupt free rotation of the rotational connection body with respect to the rotary shaft, and wherein if the rotational connection body rotates by the driving motor, the elastic force of the elastic connection body acts as spring so that the rotating force of the rotational connection body is transmitted to the rotary shaft.. .
Medical balloon devices and methods
A balloon or balloon cover comprising a composite material having a least one expanded fluoropolymer material and an elastomer is provided. The expanded fluoropolymer material can contain serpentine fibrils.
Rotational sensing catheter with self-supporting drive shaft section
An intravascular catheter has a telescope section including telescoped inner and outer tubular catheter members, a sheath having a proximal end anchored to an end of one of the inner and outer catheter members, and an elongated flexible drive member coaxially disposed within and being proximally and distally movable through the sheath. The drive member has a distal portion received in the sheath, and a second, unsheathed portion extending beyond the sheath into the interior of the telescope section.
Transitional region having cuts and a skive for an imaging catheter
An imaging device for imaging a portion of a patient's vasculature with an imaging element may include a proximal portion having a relatively higher stiffness that provides rigidity for pushing the imaging device through a patient's vasculature, and may include a distal portion having a relatively lower stiffness that enables threading through a curved vasculature of the patient. The imaging device also may include a transition region disposed between the proximal portion and the distal portion..
Sulfur-crosslinkable rubberizing mixture
A sulfur-crosslinkable rubberizing mixture for strengthening elements in motor vehicle pneumatic tires comprises 70 to 100 phr (parts by weight, based on 100 parts by weight of total rubbers in the mixture) of natural rubber, up to 30 phr of at least one polybutadiene, 40 to 70 phr of at least one carbon black and a bonding system. Further, motor vehicle pneumatic tires are disclosed that comprise the sulfur-crosslinked rubberizing mixture.
Frequency altering brace for an electric motor
A vibration dampening brace for a motor enables altering the stiffness and reed critical frequency of a combined system of the motor and driven equipment without removal of the motor from a motor stand or support structure. The vibration dampening brace includes a first member configured to engage a portion of a housing of an electrical motor and a second member operatively connected to the first member to stiffen the bending moment of the electrical motor housing, resulting in the housing moving less with the vibrations generated by the combined system of the motor and the driven equipment.
Continuous fiber reinforced biocomposites and polymers
A device for introducing continuous fiber into a product material is provided. The continuous fiber is provided from at least one continuous fiber supply.
Frequency altering brace for an electric motor
A support brace for a motor enables altering the stiffness and reed critical frequency of a motor system without removal of the motor from a motor stand or support structure. The support brace includes a first flange configured to mount to an electrical motor housing, and a second flange configured to mount to a supporting fixture.
Sheath protection
An apparatus and method are disclosed for protecting an outer layer of a flexible pipe. The apparatus includes a protective sleeve body comprising a first end region and a further end region.
Structure to reduce noise and vibration in an engine system
Adding dome-shaped protuberances, or polydomes, to an engine system increases the structural integrity of the engine component to which they are added and allows noise radiated in the engine system to be reduced in certain regions of the frequency spectrum without incurring a significant increase in the mass of the engine part to which they are added, which may result in a longer solidification time during the mold injection process. The size and spatial arrangement of polydomes relative to one another can be further adjusted to reduce noise within the engine system and polydomes may be reinforced with ribs to increase the structural stiffness of plastic engine components.
Integrated wire carrier for electrode array
A method for forming a cochlear electrode array with a plurality of electrodes which are spaced so as to stimulate sites within a cochlea includes shaping a sheet of electrically conductive material to form a support structure and a plurality of electrodes, in which the electrodes are tethered to the support structure at the spacing of the cochlear electrode array. A cochlear lead includes a flexible body that has frictional characteristics that vary about its circumference.
Elastomeric coupling having clamp ring with flanges providing torsional stiffness characteristics
A coupling transmits torque between shafts approximately aligned on a shaft axis. The coupling has a center axis approximately aligned with the shaft axis and a center element formed from an elastomer material.
Gas diffusion layer for fuel cell applications
A gas diffusion layer (gdl) for fuel cell applications that can prevented channels of a bipolar plate from being intruded. The gas diffusion layer is manufactured by cutting a gdl material at a certain angle such that a machine direction of the inherent high stiffness of the gdl material is not in parallel with a major flow field direction of a bipolar plate to prevent the gdl intrusion into the channels of the bipolar plate without modifying an existing method for manufacturing the gas diffusion layer.
Smoothly bendable board
A smoothly bendable board including a middle layer, a first outer layer attached to the middle layer and a second outer layer attached to the middle layer is disclosed. The second outer layer has a lower bending stiffness according to iso 5628 than the first outer layer such that the smoothly bendable board is outwardly bendable only in a direction towards which the second layer faces.
Radial direction controller and magnetic bearing apparatus utilizing same
Provided is a radial direction controller capable of handling changes in negative bearing stiffness according to the mounting orientation. This radial direction controller, which is a magnetic bearing device that lifts and supports a rotating body by electromagnets, is equipped with: a radial control circuit for controlling displacement of the axis of the rotating body in the radial direction; a negative bearing stiffness elimination circuit that is connected in parallel with the radial control circuit and outputs a signal about the negative bearing stiffness; converters that output current values for controlling the electromagnets, based on the output signals from these circuits; filters that extract the dc component from the current values; computing units that compute correction coefficients based on the extracted dc components and the bias current of the electromagnets; and multiplication units that multiply the computed correction coefficients with the signal output from the negative bearing stiffness elimination circuit..
Memory cell that includes a sidewall collar for pillar isolation and methods of forming the same
A method of forming a memory cell is provided. The method includes forming a steering element pillar having a first stiffness and a sidewall, forming a sidewall collar along at least a portion of the sidewall of the steering element pillar, the sidewall collar having a second stiffness, wherein the second stiffness is greater than the first stiffness, and forming a memory element coupled to the steering element pillar.
Coated speaker dome and coated diamond products
The invention relates to a speaker dome comprising: a polycrystalline diamond dome body formed of a material of high stiffness with a young's modulus greater than 50 gpa and having respective inner and outer surfaces; and a coating on at least one side of the dome body, wherein the coating comprises an optically refractive metal compound layer which is semi-transparent and which forms one or more colours via interference of reflected light from front and rear surfaces of the layer. The invention also relates to a diamond component comprising: a diamond body; and a coating on at least one side of the diamond body; wherein the coating comprises at-least two layers including a first layer bonded to the at least one side of the diamond body and a second layer disposed over the first layer, the second layer being an optically refractive metal compound coating which is semi-transparent and which forms one or more colours via interference of reflected light from front and rear surfaces of the second layer..
Tube of radiator
A tube of a radiator includes a tube body, and a reinforcement strip. The tube body has a first curved face and a second curved face.
Article of footwear with adjustable stiffness
An article of footwear with adjustable stiffness is provided. The article of footwear in the form of a snowboard boot is provided with adjustable tensioning systems that are disposed on either side of an inner liner of the snowboard boot.
Article with adjustable stiffness tongue
An article of footwear for snowboarding includes a tongue with adjustable stiffness. The tongue includes a flexible intermediate portion and the flexibility of the intermediate portion can be controlled by a tension control system.
Fatigue-based topology optimization method and tool
A method for performing fatigue-based topology optimization of a structure on a computational device is provided. The method may include receiving first data pertaining to a problem definition of the structure; generating a density filter; generating interpolation schemes for stiffness, volume and fatigue; generating a global fatigue measure; generating an adaptive normalization scheme; generating a regional fatigue measure; generating second data based on the first data, the density filter, the interpolation schemes, the global fatigue measure, the adaptive normalization scheme and the regional fatigue measure, the second data pertaining to an optimized solution to the problem definition; and displaying the optimized solution at an output device..
Mri conditionally safe lead with low-profile conductor for longitudinal expansion
An implantable electrical lead includes a lead body and a multi-layer coil conductor extending within the lead body. The multi-layer coil conductor includes a first coil layer and a second coil layer disposed about the first coil layer.
Systems and methods for variable stiffness tethers
Described herein are devices and methods for guide elements configured with variable stiffness, with one or more flexible portions and one or more stiff portions. The flexible portion is be used as a tensioning element of a cinchable implant to tighten or compress tissues while the stiff portion is used to facilitate the insertion or withdrawal of portions of the implant or instruments acting on the implant.
Torsional couplers
A torsional coupler can be dimensioned for securement between a rotational motion source and a rotational motion target. The torsional coupler can include a first end component and a second end component that can cooperatively interengage one another such that such that rotational motion imparted on the first end component is transmitted to the second end component.
Support for rolling bearings
The present invention relates to a support (1) for rolling bearings, which advantageously finds application, among others, in the technical field of rotary vacuum pumps, such as turbomolecular vacuum pumps. According to the invention, the support for rolling bearings (1) comprises a first inner annular shell (3) made of metal and intended to be mounted on the outer surface of a rolling bearing, a second outer annular shell (5) made of metal, concentric with said first inner annular shell and external thereto and intended to be mounted on the surface of the bearing seat, and an intermediate elastomeric member (7) provided between said inner and outer shells and fixed thereto.
Method of manufacturing a group of bicycles
A method of designing and manufacturing a model of bicycles in such a manner that the size (e.g., diameter) of the head tube bearings and/or the stiffness of the forks varies between frame sizes. The method includes selecting first and lower headset bearing sizes for the first and second frame sizes, respectively, wherein the first lower headset bearing size is different than the second lower headset bearing size.
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
One aspect of the present invention provides a sheet feeding device and an image forming apparatus, in which a sheet can stably be separated and fed irrespective of stiffness of the sheet. A movable wall includes a sheet abutting surface that separates the sheet one by one by abutting on the sheet, which is stacked on a tray and fed by a feeding roller.
Self-jacking scaffold for large cylindrical tanks
An apparatus and method for raising a self-jacking scaffold system including extending a jacking screw and jacking screw bracket axially upward, connecting a jacking screw bracket to an overhead tank bracket for a plurality of scaffold sections coupled to a jacking assembly, detaching a plurality of scaffold mounting brackets from a plurality of tank mounting brackets, raising the continuously coupled plurality of scaffold sections, and reattaching the plurality of scaffold mounting brackets to a plurality of tank mounting brackets. Noting the plurality of scaffold sections is continuously coupled proximate a circumference of a shell tank, the continuously coupled scaffold sections and tank mounting brackets provide stiffness to the tank shell to enable it to resist external loads and can be quickly moved and restored as required during tank construction..
Tire with tread having variable sipe density and round crown
This invention relates generally to tires having treads that have a configuration and/or properties for maintaining hydroplaning performance, dry braking performance and improved wear resistance, and, more specifically, to a tire that has a tread that n has a variable sipe density, i.e a higher sipe density in its central portion and a lower sipe density in its shoulder portions, as well as a round crown with a predetermined inflated profile droop. Another embodiment of the present invention further includes the addition of a member that provides more structural stiffness across the crown of a tire, such that better compromises between hydroplaning, dry braking, and wear performances can be obtained..
Apparatus and method for characterizing adhesive bonding and osseointegration
An apparatus and method is provided for characterizing adhesive bonding using an acoustic wave mems sensor. The sensor can consist of a silicon substrate, a thin aluminium nitride film on top of the substrate and a thin gold film above the aluminium nitride layer.
Bendable catheter arms having varied flexibility
In various embodiments, a catheter comprising an expandable electrode assembly or basket is provided. In specific embodiments, the basket is particularly useful for mapping electrical activity at one or more locations within the heart.
Hockey-stick blade with tailored performance regions
A hockey-stick blade includes a heel region, a toe region spaced longitudinally from the heel region, and a mid-region located between the heel region and the toe region. The toe region includes one or more reinforcing elements, optionally of different lengths, located at different vertical positions within the toe region.
Micro and nano glass balls embedded in a gel presenting micrometer and nanometer scale curvature and stiffness patterns for use in cell and tissue culturing and a method for making same
A substrate for use in culturing cells or tissues. The substrate comprises a gel, one or more microstructures partially embedded within a surface of the gel, the one or more microstructures presenting two different curvatures or presenting two different stiffness values or presenting a combination of different curvatures and different stiffness values, wherein the microstructures are disposed at defined locations within the surface of the gel, and wherein the cells and tissues are cultured on an exposed surface of the microstructures..
Formed member and manufacturing method thereof
A formed member is provided which can be manufactured at a low cost, which has excellent dimensional accuracy, which has excellent axial crushing properties and three-point bending properties, which has excellent bending stiffness and torsional stiffness, and which is suitable for use in a component of an automobile. The formed member (20) has a reinforcing member (35) which is joined by a weld (40) provided on a ridge portion (28).
Porous polyurethane networks and methods of preparation
Nanoporous three-dimensional networks of polyurethane particles, e.g., polyurethane aerogels, and methods of preparation are presented herein. Such nanoporous networks may include polyurethane particles made up of linked polyisocyanate and polyol monomers.
Dynamic electroacoustic transducer
There is provided a dynamic electroacoustic transducer comprising a diaphragm and an oscillator coil which is fixed to the diaphragm in an oscillator coil portion. The diaphragm has a first portion within the oscillator coil portion and a second portion between the oscillator coil portion and an edge of the diaphragm.
Sample holder
A two or three part sample holder for x-ray apparatus has a sample ring 2 and a counter ring. The sample ring 2 has two opposed surfaces and foils 8, 10 one on each surface holding a powder sample 6 within the central hole 4.

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