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Stiffness patents


This page is updated frequently with new Stiffness-related patent applications.

 In-situ annealing and etch back steps to improve exchange stiffness in cobalt iron boride based perpendicular magnetic anisotropy free layers patent thumbnailIn-situ annealing and etch back steps to improve exchange stiffness in cobalt iron boride based perpendicular magnetic anisotropy free layers
A method for forming a memory device that includes providing a free layer of an alloy of cobalt (co), iron (fe) and boron (b) overlying a reference layer; and forming metal layer comprising a boron (b) sink composition atop the free layer. Boron (b) may be diffused from the free layer to the metal layer comprising the boron sink composition.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Tunable sensing device patent thumbnailTunable sensing device
A tunable sensing device includes a substrate, a deformable dielectric unit and a tunable member. The dielectric unit is disposed on the substrate and is formed with a receiving space.
National Tsing Hua University

 Actuator module for actuating a load patent thumbnailActuator module for actuating a load
The disclosure concerns an actuator module (10) for actuating a load (14). The actuator module (10) comprises a deformable frame (1) and an actuator (2) connected to the deformable frame (1).
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

 Turbine slotted arcuate leaf seal patent thumbnailTurbine slotted arcuate leaf seal
A gas turbine engine arcuate leaf seal assembly includes arcuate leaf seal extending radially and circumferentially between adjacent first and second turbine components. Upper and lower leaf seal portions of leaf seal are in radially spaced apart arcuate upper and lower grooves in the first and second turbine components respectfully.
General Electric Company

 Perforation crack designator patent thumbnailPerforation crack designator
At least one crack designator for a perforating gun, wherein the gun includes a longitudinal direction, a lateral direction, and at least one scallop, wherein each crack designator is capable of redirecting crack growth from the lateral direction to the longitudinal direction of the gun. The designator may be located in one of the scallops, extend from an expected exit hole in the gun to an edge of one of the scallops, and be capable of redirecting crack growth from a lateral direction to a longitudinal direction of the gun.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Orthopedic implants having gradient polymer alloys patent thumbnailOrthopedic implants having gradient polymer alloys
Orthopedic implants having a bone interface member and a water swellable ipn or semi-ipn with a stiffness, hydration, and/or compositional gradient from one side to the other and physically attached to the bone interface member. The invention also includes an orthopedic implant system including an implant that may conform to a bone surface and a joint capsule.

 Thermoplastic polyurethane materials for forming medical devices patent thumbnailThermoplastic polyurethane materials for forming medical devices
Principles and embodiments of the present invention relate generally to thermoplastic polyurethane materials having controlled and improved stiffness and/or flexibility, and methods to prepare them. The thermoplastic polyurethanes described herein having superior stiffness and softening properties may be fabricated into film, tubing, and other forms of medical devices.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

 System for increasing stiffness of a light-duty machine component patent thumbnailSystem for increasing stiffness of a light-duty machine component
A system for increasing stiffness and/or strength of a light-duty machine component having propensity for flexing along an elongated axis is provided. The system includes a pair of receptacles disposed on the machine component, wherein each of the receptacles is located in a spaced apart relation to one another and disposed parallel to the elongated axis.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Tailored panel assembly and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailTailored panel assembly and manufacturing the same
A panel assembly is formed by a plurality of bonds between two sheet materials in a face to face relationship to form a preform. The plurality of bonds define a closed perimeter region between the two sheet materials and an open perimeter region between the two sheet materials.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Transporter and transport method patent thumbnailTransporter and transport method
According to one embodiment, a transporter includes a holder, a joint, an actuator, and a controller. The holder is configured to hold an object.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Interchangeable drive plates for snowboard bindings

A snowboard binding includes a baseplate configured to secure to an upper surface of a snowboard a high back and straps secure to the baseplate. A drive plate is secured to the upper surface of the baseplate and has a stiffness effective to change ride properties of the snowboard.
Mervin Manufacturing, Inc.

Devices and methods for removal of acute blockages from blood vessels

A catheter has an expansile tip that can be delivered in a constricted form. The increased tip diameter facilitates the aspiration and removal of large clot volumes by increasing the area of the catheter tip that applies aspiration to the clot.
Neuravi Limited

Orthopedic insole

An orthopedic insole may include at least one strength layer and at least one shock absorbing layer. In one embodiment, the strength layer may be relatively rigid and includes a heel portion and an arch portion, contoured to fit the plantar or bottom surface of the foot to provide arch support.

Ethylene-a-olefin copolymer and olefin resin composition

[problem] to provide an ethylene-α-olefin copolymer that is highly effective in improving the molding properties of polyolefin resins, improving the balance between impact strength and stiffness, and improving transparency. [solution] provided is an ethylene-α-olefin copolymer having a specific mfr, a specific density, and a specific molecular weight distribution, containing a suitable amount of a long-chain branching structure characterized by a branching index, and having a specific composition distribution structure characterized by solvent fractionation behavior..
Japan Polyethylene Corporation

Indolin-2-one or pyrrolo-pyridin-2-one derivatives

The compounds may be used in the treatment of cns diseases related to positive (psychosis) and negative symptoms of schizophrenia, substance abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorders, cognitive impairment, bipolar disorders, mood disorders, major depression, treatment resistant depression, anxiety disorders, alzheimer's disease, autism, parkinson's disease, chronic pain, borderline personality disorder, neurodegenerative disease, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue syndrome, stiffness, inflammatory disease, asthma, huntington's disease, adhd, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, epilepsy, effects in arthritis, autoimmune disease, viral and fungal infections, cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmology and inflammatory retinal diseases and balance problems.. .

Waterski with improved torsional characteristics

A water ski with improved torsional characteristics delimited on the upper side by the upper surface, on the bottom side by a concave surface and on the sides by curvilinear sidewalls. The ski has a tip at the front side and a tail on the rear side.
Mapple, Deena As Trustee Of The Deena Mapple Trust

Straight cutting oscillating blade

An accessory tool for an oscillating power tool includes a blade portion including a first lateral edge portion, a second lateral edge portion, and a leading edge portion, the leading edge portion defining a cutting edge. A reinforcement structure extends linearly across the blade portion from a first position located on the leading edge portion proximate the first lateral edge portion to a second position located on the second lateral edge portion and spaced apart from the leading edge portion.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Methods and apparatuses for measuring tissue stiffness changes using ultrasound elasticity imaging

A method of evaluating tissue stiffness of a target area includes positioning an ultrasound elasticity imaging apparatus adjacent a surface of an area of tissue where the target area is located and applying a dynamic range of force to the tissue. A plurality of ultrasound beams can be directed at the tissue and a plurality of ultrasound echoes can be acquired from the strained tissue in the target area to calculate an amount of developed strain within the target area..
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Laceless shoe

Described is a shoe upper for a shoe, in particular an athletic shoe, wherein the shoe upper is laceless and comprises: (a.) a lateral portion; (b.) a medial portion; and (c.) at least an elastic intermediate portion between the lateral portion and the medial portion, wherein the stiffness of at least one of the lateral portion and the medial portion is at least 2 times higher than the stiffness of the elastic intermediate portion.. .
Adidas Ag

Elastic bellows and battery cell assemblies including same

A battery pack includes a battery housing and electrochemical cells disposed in the battery housing in a stacked configuration. Elastic members are disposed between adjacent cells of a cell stack.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Elastic plates and battery cell assemblies including same

A battery pack includes a battery housing and electrochemical cells disposed in the battery housing in a stacked configuration. Elastic members are disposed between adjacent cells of a cell stack.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Elastic bladder and battery cell assemblies including same

A battery pack includes a battery housing and electrochemical cells disposed in the battery housing in a stacked configuration. Elastic bladders are disposed between adjacent cells of a cell stack.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Functionalized lead acid battery separators, improved lead acid batteries, and related methods

In accordance with at least selected embodiments, the present application or invention is directed to novel or improved porous membranes or substrates, separator membranes, separators, composites, electrochemical devices, batteries, methods of making such membranes or substrates, separators, and/or batteries, and/or methods of using such membranes or substrates, separators and/or batteries. In accordance with at least certain embodiments, the present application is directed to novel or improved porous membranes having a coating layer, battery separator membranes having a coating layer, separators, energy storage devices, batteries, including lead acid batteries including such separators, methods of making such membranes, separators, and/or batteries, and/or methods of using such membranes, separators and/or batteries.
Daramic Llc

Using anisotropic weaves of materials in input interfaces for a virtual reality system

A control for a virtual reality (vr) system contacting areas of user's body is comprised of one or more materials having different stiffnesses at different positions of the control. In various embodiments, portions of the control contacting an area of the user's body with a relatively limited range of motion comprise stiffly woven material to limit movement of the control.
Oculus Vr, Llc

System and a bushing assembly having radial rubber stopper

The present disclosure is directed to a bushing assembly having a tubular inner metal, a tubular outer metal, a tubular rigid cup disposed over an outer portion of the tubular inner metal, and a tubular pad disposed between the tubular rigid cup and the tubular outer metal. The tubular pad may have a first wall section and a second wall section at least partially circumscribing the first wall section.
The Pullman Company

Bitumen composition

The invention is directed to a bitumen composition, to a paving, to a roofing, to a method for preparing a bitumen composition, to a method for increasing the stiffness of a bitumen composition, to a method of adjusting the physical properties of a bitumen composition, and to the use of a bitumen composition. The bitumen composition of the invention comprises a lignin compound or derivative thereof, wherein 10 wt.
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurweten Schappelijk Onderzoek Tno

Compliant gripper with integrated position and grasping/interaction force sensing for microassembly

A compliant gripper with integrated position and force sensors dedicated to automated micro-assembly tasks. The gripper possesses a larger gripping range with a bidirectional drive, and is capable of detecting grasping force and environmental interaction forces in horizontal and vertical axes.
Universisty Of Macau

Railcar truck roller bearing adapter-pad systems

A railcar truck and adapter pad system for placement between a roller bearing and side frame pedestal roof of a three-piece railcar truck. Many different features of the pad and/or the adapter-pad interface are configured to improve stiffness characteristics to satisfy both curving and high speed performance of the railcar truck..
Nevis Industries Llc

Dietary supplements and methods for treating pain and inflammation

The document provides compositions such as dietary supplements. Such compositions can be used to reduce pain, inflammation, stiffness, and/or discomfort associated with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.
Melaleuca, Inc.

Electrosurgical method and apparatus with varying stiffness capture components

An electrosurgical apparatus and method for cutting and resecting a tissue volume is described. The apparatus includes one or more electrosurgical filaments and capture components deployable by forward extension at or near a forward tip of an elongated shaft of the apparatus to form an elliptical path that defines, with the other capture components, a spheroidal receptacle configured to surround a tissue volume for resection.
Intact Medical Corporation

Posterior functionally dynamic stabilization system

A functionally dynamic stabilization unit and system for treatment of spinal instability are provided. Each unit, and collectively, the system, is configured to control flexion, extension and translation of the affected unstable vertebral area, thereby stabilizing the vertebral segments by restoring normal function.
Paradigm Spine, Llc

Left atrial appendage occluder

An occluder for a left atrial appendage is disclosed comprising a proximal portion comprising a braiding of at least one thread being radially self-expandable in a radial direction, to an expanded state, substantially perpendicular to a surface of inner walls of the left atrial appendage, whereby said braiding is engageable with said inner walls of a proximal end of said left atrial appendage, whereby in said expanded state, said proximal portion has a defined stiffness and resilience to be deformable by, and conformable to, said inner walls, whereby said braiding is configured to form a sealing connection, upon expansion in said radial direction, with said inner walls along a sealing portion of said braiding extending in a longitudinal direction of said occluder, substantially perpendicular to said radial direction. Said occluder comprising further a distal anchoring portion comprising an anchoring wire being radially expandable from a reduced diameter shape to an expanded diameter shape, said anchoring portion having a higher defined stiffness than said proximal portion, and a flexing element connecting said anchoring portion and said proximal portion.
Occlutech Holding Ag

Method and mitigating induced shock and vibration

A method for reducing susceptibility to vibration for a storage device is provided. The method includes running a performance test to the storage device over a predetermined range of vibration frequencies and determining there is a frequency of concern for the storage device.
Dot Hill Systems Corporation

High-stiffness structure for larger aperture telescope

A triangular frame metering structure includes three side beams and three end pieces each connected between two of the side beams. Each end piece top and bottom is configured for connection of support loads, with all support loads connecting to the metering structure at the top or bottom of one of the end pieces.
Raytheon Company

Non-destructive evaluation of cordage products

A method for non-destructively estimating a current physical condition of a cordage product in-service is described. The method involves obtaining sensor data associated with the cordage product while in-service handling a load.
Samson Rope Technologies

System and applying stretch film to a load

A method of wrapping a load with a stretch wrapping system utilizes a system for monitoring film properties, a module in the stretch wrapping systems controller to analyze the data or film properties and further utilize the data to determine, at least in part, appropriate machine settings and or wrapping pattern for the film and execute by providing appropriate machine settings such that effective wrapping of the load and proper use of the film are achieved. The film properties include film stiffness..

Composite sandwich having a high bending stiffness

Embodiments described herein relate to a composite structures or sandwiches that may have a relatively high bending stiffness and may have a relatively light weight as well as related methods of use and fabrication of the composite sandwiches. For example, a composite sandwich may include a core structure sandwiched between a two composite skins..
Bright Lite Structures Llc

Lamination parameter-based optimal design and manufacturing options

A design process that uses lamination parameter inversion to generate a set of baseline layups having desired stiffness properties. Then the underdetermined newton's method can be applied to explore solution manifolds describing alternative designs having similar if not identical stiffness properties.
The Boeing Company

Anisotropic reinforcement of composite structures

Provided are methods of forming composite structure over non-planar base structures and composite tools extending over cavities of the base structures. A tool may be formed from a composite layup cured on a flat mold.
The Boeing Company

Macro-micro integrated compound platform with adjustable dynamic characteristics

The present invention proposes a macro-micro integrated compound platform with adjustable dynamic characteristics. When a macro platform mover and a micro platform mover are driven at the same time, the whole large-scale high-speed motion can be realized; when a motion deviation occurs, a micro motion platform can be driven separately to realize the high-frequency motion deviation compensation, because the micro motion platform has small inertia and zero friction and achieves precision displacement output through elastic deformation.
Guangdong University Of Technology

Flexible supported glove structures

Glove structures may include front and back portions. A knuckle support assembly may be attached to the back portion.
Nike, Inc.

Arrow shaft for bowfishing having carbon fiber core

A pultruded arrow shaft for bow fishing in which a carbon fiber is placed in a core and then surrounded by fiberglass composite and provides comparable stiffness benefits to the arrow shaft as to that provided by outer wrappings or spines of carbon fiber yet with improved resistance to damage from the outer protective fiberglass fibers.. .
Ams, Llc

Monolithic lens mount

A monolithic lens mount is formed by an annular body which is divided through material recesses into an outer mount ring, an inner mount ring and three connection structures which are arranged so as to be offset by 120° relative to one another. The connection structures in each instance form a chain of at least three, preferably five, connection webs which transition into one another and which are constructed as radial connection webs and axial connection webs.
Jenoptik Optical Systems Gmbh

Axle assembly

An axle housing for an axle assembly of a vehicle includes a pinion portion and a differential portion. The differential portion rotatably supports a differential gear assembly.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Active airbearing device

The present invention discloses an active airbearing device, including a airbearing body, a gas film active adjusting unit, a support body detection unit and a drive control unit, wherein the support body detection device measures a state of airbearing, the drive control system generates a control signal according to a detection signal, drives and controls the gas film active adjusting device to generate an active action, and dynamically adjusts the form of gas films on a airbearing surface, so as to dynamically adjust pressure distribution of gaps between the gas films of the airbearing device, thereby improving dynamic stiffness characteristics of the airbearing. Through the present invention, the dynamic stiffness characteristics of the airbearing can be improved significantly, and the purpose of stabilizing the airbearing is achieved; in addition, the active airbearing device according to the present invention also has the characteristics of a compact structure, convenient operation and control, and high precision, and thus is especially suitable for occasions such as ultra-precision machining or high speed spindle which has high requirements for dynamic stiffness of support..
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

Stimulus-responsive supramolecular glasses

Supramolecular polymers or materials that exhibit high stiffness and can efficiently be healed. The supramolecular materials polymer is based on monomers having three or more same or different binding sites that permit non-covalent, directional interactions between multiple monomer molecules.
Adolphe Merkle Institute, University Of Fribourg

Deployable root stiffness mechanism for tubular slit booms and increasing the bending and torsional stiffness of a tubular slit boom

A deployable root stiffness mechanism and method increases the bending and torsional stiffness and strength of a tubular slit boom while allowing the slit boom to be flattened and rolled to a compact stowage volume. The slit booms may be flattened and rolled into a compact cylindrical stowage volume and once released, elastically and immediately deploy from the rolled stowed configuration to the final structural tube shape.
Deployable Space Systems, Inc.

Blow molded load floors

A load floor for a vehicle includes a carpet having a tuft attached to a backing, a plurality of inserts attached to a second side of the backing, a top surface fused to the carpet and encapsulating the inserts, and a bottom surface fused to the encapsulated inserts. The inserts may be varied in material, shape, thickness, and spacing to provide a tunable stiffness.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Optimized rim for robust pneumatic bicycle wheel functionality

A bicycle wheel rim design with high safety margin and optimized strength-to-weight is described. The rim provides a tire bead supporting platform which defines a circumferential bead seat with minimum bead seat diameter equal to the standard tire bead diameter defined for a particular size of tire.

Method of making a composite laminate having a damping interlayer

Composite laminates used in structural applications include an interlayer of soft material that provides damping action to reduce noise and vibration. The interlayer may comprise a viscoelastic material which deforms under stress caused by shock, noise or vibration.
The Boeing Company

Composite structure exhibiting energy absorption and/or including a defect free surface

Embodiments described herein relate to a composite structures or sandwiches that may have a relatively high bending stiffness and may have a relatively light weight as well as related methods of use and fabrication of the composite sandwiches. For example, a composite sandwich may include a core structure sandwiched between a two composite skins..
Bright Lite Structures Llc

Curved high temperature alloy sandwich panel with a truss core and fabrication method

A lightweight sandwich panel structure with a complex shape and curvature, and a method to fabricate such a panel out of high temperature alloys. Embodiments of a micro-truss core structure that offer high specific strength and stiffness while allowing for curvature, and methods for depositing multiple layers of metals that can be interdiffused into complex alloys, are provided.
Hrl Laboratories, Llc

Balloon catheters and methods for treating paranasal sinuses

A set of sinus balloon catheters are provided for treating a patient's paranasal sinus system, including dilating prepared openings, and natural ostia and ducts and excising sinus cavities. These include a balloon catheter with a bend placing a distal segment at 90° to a proximal segment and a balloon catheter which is substantially straight.
Acclarent, Inc.

Creped prebiotic tissue

The invention relates to creped prebiotic tissue products. The tissue products comprise prebiotics in sufficiently high amounts to have a prebiotic effect in use, without negatively affecting tissue product properties, such as tensile strength, stiffness or softness.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

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