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Stiffness patents

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Facilitating the assembly of goods by temporarily altering attributes of flexible component materials


Facilitating the assembly of goods by temporarily altering attributes of flexible component materials

Payload ejection system

MacdonaldDettwiler And Associates

Payload ejection system

Payload ejection system

Schaudt Mikrosa

Damping device for a spindle of a grinding machine and grinding machine comprising a damping device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Method for monitoring a sealing element patent thumbnailMethod for monitoring a sealing element
Embodiments of a method for monitoring an annular packer are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method for monitoring a sealing element of a blowout preventer may include providing a fluid to a chamber disposed within a blowout preventer to actuate a piston disposed within the chamber, wherein the actuation of the piston causes a reduction of an inner diameter of a sealing element; measuring one or more parameters of the fluid via a sensor; receiving data relating to the one or more parameters from the sensor; determining a stiffness of the sealing element utilizing the data relating to the one or more parameters; and determining an amount of degradation of the sealing element by comparing the determined stiffness of the sealing element to a known data profile..
General Electric Company

 Facilitating the assembly of goods by temporarily altering attributes of flexible component materials patent thumbnailFacilitating the assembly of goods by temporarily altering attributes of flexible component materials
The invention aims to improve the manufacture of flexible goods, such as garments, through the temporary modification of the physical properties of the components to be assembled, facilitating their handling and manipulation later on in the manufacturing process. Attributes that can be affected by this process are the stiffness of the material, the presence of mechanical or physical markings, the density of the material, the air or fluid permeability of the material, the responsiveness of the material to magnetic fields, or the adhesive nature of the material..
Sewbo, Inc.

 Payload ejection system patent thumbnailPayload ejection system
There is disclosed a payload ejection system (pes) able to store any set of payloads for launch and eject that set of payloads at a controlled speed with a low tumble rate while accommodating any offset centre of mass within a restricted volume. The need for ballasting or balancing is eliminated thus freeing up the design space for these payloads.
Macdonald, Dettwiler And Associates Inc.

 Damping device for a spindle of a grinding machine and grinding machine comprising a damping device patent thumbnailDamping device for a spindle of a grinding machine and grinding machine comprising a damping device
The present disclosure relates to a grinding machine. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to a centerless grinding machine comprising a damping device.
Schaudt Mikrosa Gmbh

 Cannula assembly patent thumbnailCannula assembly
Cannula assemblies and methods of manufacturing cannula assemblies are provided. The cannula assembly includes a cannula and a pigtail extension coupled to the cannula.
Abiomed, Inc.

 Absorbent article with increased comfortability patent thumbnailAbsorbent article with increased comfortability
An absorbent product with a plane extension having a longitudinal direction, a transverse direction and a thickness direction, includes an absorption body. The absorption body includes, in its thickness direction, a liquid-receiving, open-cell foam layer and a liquid-absorbent fibrous layer.
Sca Hygiene Products Ab

 Absorbent article with increased comfortability patent thumbnailAbsorbent article with increased comfortability
An absorbent product with a plane extension a longitudinal direction, a transverse direction and a thickness direction is described. The product includes an absorption body, which includes, in its thickness direction, a liquid-receiving, open-cell foam layer and a liquid-absorbent fibrous layer.
Sca Hygiene Products Ab

 Steerable laser probe patent thumbnailSteerable laser probe
A steerable laser probe may include a handle, an actuation lever, an optic fiber, and a housing tube. The housing tube may have a first housing tube portion having a first stiffness and a second housing tube portion having a second stiffness.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc

 Wave-shaped temple insert patent thumbnailWave-shaped temple insert
An example embodiment includes eyewear. The eyewear includes a lens, a brow piece, and two temple assemblies.
Advanced Eye Protection Ip Holding

 Self-aligning shaft assembly patent thumbnailSelf-aligning shaft assembly
A working end of a rotary shaft extends through a bearing supported at a distal end of a cantilever housing, the shaft's working end being subjected to transverse loading. The bending stiffness of the system is matched so that the angular deflection of the shaft and supporting cantilever housing are coordinated to minimize angular misalignment at the bearing.
Advantage Products Inc.


Multi-ply finger seal

A multi-ply finger seal with a first ply that is subject to a first amount of deflection during operation of the gas turbine engine and a second ply that is subject to a second amount of deflection during operation of the gas turbine engine. The first amount of deflection of the first ply differs from the second amount of deflection of the second ply.
United Technologies Corporation


Low stiffness flexure

A flexure includes a support first end connected to a first frame; a support second end connected to a second frame; and a buckled section connecting the first support end to the second support end. The length of the flexure is substantially greater than its width, and the width of the flexure is substantially greater than its thickness.
Mems Drive, Inc.


Adjustable stiffness morphable manipulator

Compliant manipulators are provided, in which the manipulators include a plurality of slideably interlocked filaments each having a proximate end and a distal end. The interlocked filaments can be formed from a flexible material.
The Johns Hopkins University


Facial muscle trainer

A facial muscle trainer for training the facial muscles of a person, having a c-shaped clamp with two legs, which are joined by a joint piece, as well as two bite surfaces being arranged at the ends of the legs, characterized in that the facial muscle trainer has at least one rib at at least one of the two legs running along the longitudinal direction of the leg, increasing the stiffness of the leg.. .


Variable stiffness multilayer catheter tubing

A catheter body having a variable stiffness along its longitudinal length and a method for manufacturing same is disclosed wherein an inner layer having an uninterrupted length serves as a backbone for segments of coextrusion of, e.g., pebax or nylon and a tie layer which are then bonded to the backbone to create a multi-stiffness catheter body.. .
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Implant system and securing element for an implant system

A fixing element for an implant system includes at least two fixing elements that are fixable to bone parts or the like and at least one connecting element that is fixable to the at least two fixing elements. The fixing element includes a distal end fixing part having a fixing section and a seating part which is connected to the fixing part.
Aesculap Ag


Clip for securing a wearable item

A securing apparatus may be configured to secure a wearable item to any one of a variety of different graspable articles, in a suitable manner. The securing apparatus may include a securing portion, having multiple securing members.
Fitlinxx, Inc.


Variable stiffness chassis for ultrathin devices

An information handling system (ihs) chassis includes a chassis base. A center portion of the chassis base comprises at least ninety-five weight percent of a first metal element that is one of aluminum or magnesium.
Dell Products L.p.


Quick release bite mount

The quick release bite mount comprises a quick release coupler portion and a malleable overmold that allows a user to bite down on the mount when a user holds the mount with a mouth. The overmold part of the mount can be a material such as rubber, plastic, or gel based structure.
Gopro, Inc.


Energy for all seasons

A pmiisp affects thermal, static and dynamic loads and displacements symmetry in symmetry plane; confining structures electromagnetic fluid electromagnetic devices affect displacements in that plane and/or movements comprising vectorial sum in that plane with only infinitesimal other movements; axial displacements governing expansion and contraction electromagnetic device, in such plane, spawns high energy piping composite construction only preferred stressing, which by dissipating yields the pmiisp mechanical and thermal optimal efficiencies operational longevity; structures of the devices and confined fluid stiffness—elastic, shear, and bulk moduli spawned by power input into electromagnets—preclude other displacements; number of the planes is elective; and high energy piping optimally horizontal routings and condenser units cooling water optimum conservation orient the planes of symmetry and cooling water gravity flow means for flooding of annex and containment building portions up to the reactor vessel head set the pmiisp elevations.. .


Cast dual wall bulkhead with integral oil drain

Systems and methods are provided for a cylinder block having one or more bulkheads. The bulkheads provide a dual-wall structure that may enhance the stiffness of the cylinder block in bending and torsion.
Cummins Ip, Inc.


Rubber composition containing a highly saturated diene elastomer

This rubber composition enables a satisfactory degree of stiffness to be achieved while maintaining acceptable hysteresis properties, or even improving them, for use in the manufacture of tires for motor vehicles.. .


Ethylene copolymer compositions, film and polymerization processes

Ethylene copolymers having a relatively high melt flow ratio and a multimodal profile in a temperature rising elution fractionation (tref) plot are disclosed. The copolymers can be made into film having good dart impact values and good stiffness properties under decreased extruder pressures..
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Longitudinal guide for a motor vehicle seat

A longitudinal guide for vehicle seats, comprising a lower rail, an upper rail supported thereon to be displaceable in a longitudinal direction, wherein each upper rail and lower rail has an l-shaped region, if viewed in profile, formed by a base leg and an l-leg projecting from the base leg substantially perpendicularly, and two end regions respectively connected to the l-shaped region. Each elongate rail includes a first bearing area and a second bearing area for guiding means, which are biased to each other and formed by opposite end portions of the respective upper rail and portions of the associated lower rail.
Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kg, Coburg


Variable stiffness guidewire

This invention includes a highly torqueable, pushable guidewire with a relatively stiff proximal (preferably in one embodiment), stainless steel (ss) section and kink resistant nitinol medial to distal section attached to a shapeable ss, in one embodiment, (such as a ss ribbon) distal tip. The very distal ss tip will have the ability to be shaped by the end user in order to facilitate entry into the chosen vessels..
Lake Regional Manufacturing, Inc.


Absorbent article

A folded absorbent product includes at least one fold in the transverse direction of the product and an absorption body. The absorption body includes, in its thickness direction, a liquid-receiving, flexible foam layer and a liquid-absorbent fibrous layer.
Sca Hygiene Products Ab


Anastomosis devices

Implantable medical devices for connecting tissue layers, such as for connecting a gallbladder and a portion of a gastrointestinal tract to create an anastomosis, include a tubular structure having a plurality of apposition portions, a central region, and a covering material. The devices are endoscopically deployable and may include flange members having hinge members or variable properties such as length, angle, shape, material stiffness, and wire diameter..
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.


Method for representing tissue stiffness

A method and system for analyzing stiffness in a volume of tissue, the method including: emitting acoustic waveforms toward the volume of tissue with an array of ultrasound transmitters; detecting, with an array of ultrasound receivers, a set of acoustic signals derived from acoustic waveforms transmitted through the volume of tissue; generating, from the set of acoustic signals, a sound speed map and an acoustic attenuation map of a region of the volume of tissue, generating a stiffness map derived from combination of a set of sound speed parameter values of the sound speed map and a corresponding set of acoustic attenuation parameter values of the acoustic attenuation map, the stiffness map representing the distribution of the stiffness parameter across the region; and at a display in communication with the computer processor, rendering a stiffness image of the volume of tissue, based upon the stiffness map.. .
Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc.


Slot insulating paper

A slot insulating paper (12) is arranged in a slot (18) of a core (10) of an electric motor or generator. In a state where the slot insulating paper (12) is spread in a sheet shape, a region (high stiffness portion (36)) that is part of the slot insulating paper (12) is a breakage resistance portion having a higher resistance against breakage than the other region (ordinary portion (38)).
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for manufacturing compound diaphragm

The present disclosure provides diaphragm and a method for manufacturing the same. The diaphragm includes a first macromolecular material layer, a graphene layer, a glue layer and a second macromolecular material layer in sequence.
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.


Improvements in or relating to deformable non-round membrane assemblies

A deformable membrane assembly comprises an at least partially flexible fluid-filled envelope, one wall of which is formed by an elastic membrane that is held around its edge by a resiliently bendable supporting ring, a fixed support for the envelope and selectively operable means for causing relative movement between the supporting ring and the support for adjusting the pressure of the fluid in the envelope, thereby to cause the membrane to deform. The bending stiffness of the ring varies round the ring such that upon deformation of the membrane the ring bends variably to control the shape of the membrane to a predefined form.
Adlens Ltd.


Torque bar and methods for making

A torque bar manufactured by an additive manufacturing process is provided. The torque bar may include a torque bar body made of more than one metallic material.
Goodrich Corporation


Reamer shoe attachment for flexible casing shoe

A drillable reamer shoe having a reamer body and a nose section having a metallic cage containing a plurality of ceramic inserts made from silicon nitride or aluminum oxide. The drillable reamer shoe is positioned on an end of a flexible wellbore casing guide comprising a tubular body having a stiffness lower than a wellbore casing..
Wwt North America Holdings, Inc.


Transparent thin wall packaging material with improved stiffness and flowability

Heterophasic polypropylene resin having an mfr (2.16 kg, 230° c.) of more than 27 g/10 min, determined according iso 1133 comprising a propylene homo- or copolymer matrix (a) and an ethylene-propylene rubber phase (b) dispersed within the matrix, wherein the heterophasic polypropylene resin has a fraction insoluble in p-xylene at 25° c. (xcu) in an amount of 75 to 85 wt.-% with a weight average molecular weight of 110 to 190 kg/mol measured by gpc analysis according to iso 16014-1, and 4, the fraction insoluble in p-xylene at 25° c.
Borealis Ag


Sheet metal guide rail for an elevator system

A guide rail for an elevator car in a hoistway includes a base connectable with a wall of the hoistway. A web portion is connected to and extends from the base to a rail tip.
Otis Elevator Company


Guidewires with variable rigidity

Guidewires are disclosed being configured to achieve variable rigidity to facilitate percutaneous exploration and the traversal of overlying elements such as catheters, for instance in performing the seldinger technique. Embodiments of guidewires comprise sheaths and cores configured to be tightened together to achieve stiffness of the guidewire.


Guidewires with variable rigidity

Guidewires are disclosed being configured to achieve variable rigidity to facilitate percutaneous exploration and the traversal of overlying elements such as catheters, for instance in performing the seldinger technique. Embodiments of guidewires comprise sheaths and cores configured to be tightened together to achieve stiffness of the guidewire.


Stent indwelling device

A stent indwelling device includes a guide catheter and a pusher catheter. The guide catheter includes: a core section; an outer layer section surrounding an outer circumference of the core section; a stent protection section disposed between the core section and the outer layer section, being longer than a dimension of a tube stent, having stiffness resisting compression inward in a radial direction perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the guide catheter, and having flexibility in a direction in which the guide catheter is curved; and a stopper configured to allow expansion of the stent protection section in a direction along the longitudinal axis and restrict movement of the stent protection section in the direction with respect to the core section..
Olympus Corporation


Multi-lumen device with non collapsable minor lumen

A method of producing a multi-lumen elongate body for a medical device. Unlike known methods requiring a solid core of material inserted into each lumen to maintain patency of the lumens during manufacture, the present method obviates the need for a solid core within one or more minor lumens, which saves cost and production complexity.
Medtronic Ablation Frontiers Llc


Apparatus for inserting surgical thread, and surgical procedure kit for inserting surgical thread comprising same

A medical thread insertion surgery kit includes an insertion path forming unit which includes a pipe member comprising a pipe that is hollow and forms a path through which a medical thread is to be inserted and a support member comprising a support rod that is inserted into the pipe of the pipe member and has stiffness greater than stiffness of the pipe member; a medical thread supply unit which supplies a medical thread through the pipe member after the support member is removed from the insertion path forming unit; and a push unit that is slidable in the pipe of the pipe member and pushes the medical thread through the pipe of the pipe member.. .
Y.jacobs Medical Inc.


Interchangeable chassis for cleated footwear

An article of footwear including cleat sets and/or cleat members can include provisions for maximizing traction between a chassis and multiple types of ground surfaces. In some embodiments, a chassis can include cleat sets and/or cleat members disposed in different locations to achieve maximum traction on multiple types of surfaces.
Nike, Inc.


Concentrating solar cell module panel having stiffness and concentrating photovoltaic generation system comprising same

Disclosed is a concentrated photovoltaic module including a heat pipe. The concentrated photovoltaic module includes: a frame that is configured to have a side surface plate and a lower plate; a carrier which is provided with the solar cell; a lens plate that is provided on the frame to concentrate incident light into the solar cell; a carrier frame that is provided on the lower plate, a plurality of the carriers being provided thereon at predetermined intervals; a wire which connects the carriers with each other; and a wire cover that is provided in the lower plate to cover the wire and is coupled with the lower plate in a state in which the carrier frame is fixed..
Anycasting Co., Ltd.


Gearless drive for a rotating electrical machine

A gearless drive for a rotating electrical machine comprises a rotor in the form of a hollow rotatable body and having an axis of rotation and a stator surrounding the rotor. A plurality of pole bodies are independently mounted circumferentially around the rotor by a pole mounting arrangement.
Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd


Method of multislice mr elastography with multiband acquisition

A method for performing multi-slice mr elastography on an anatomical region of interest associated with a patient includes inducing shear waves at a shear wave frequency value (e.g., between 25-500 hz) in the anatomical region of interest using an external driver. Next, the anatomical region of interest is imaged during a single patient breath-hold using an mri acquisition process.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.


Damped propshaft assembly and fabricating a damped propshaft assembly

A damped propshaft assembly with a hollow shaft and a tuned damper, which is received in the hollow shaft and includes a liner and a damping member. The liner's mass and stiffness are tuned to attenuate one or more of a bending mode vibration and a torsion mode vibration that occurs at a first predetermined frequency.
American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.


Scratch and fingerprint resistant anti-reflective films for use on display windows of electronic devices and other related technology

A scratch-resistant anti-reflective film in accordance with a particular embodiment includes an anti-reflective stack and a protective layer overlying the anti-reflective stack. The anti-reflective stack has at least six stack layers of alternating higher and lower refractive indexes.
General Plasma, Inc.


High stiffness polypropylene compositions

Heterophasic polypropylene composition comprising a propylene homo- or random copolymer matrix phase (a), and an ethylene-propylene copolymer rubber phase (b) dispersed within the matrix phase, the heterophasic polypropylene composition including a fraction soluble in pxylene at 25° c. (xcs fraction) which is present in the resin in an amount of 4 to 14 wt.-%, and a fraction insoluble in p-xylene at 25° c.
Borealis Ag


Multifunctional 21-in-1 opener

“multifunctional opener 21 in 1”. Beverage can seal opener produced in plastics, elastomers, silicones, rubbers and other polymers shaped as elliptical elongated tubes (3), figs.


Knuckle and bushing assembly

A suspension coupling for use in a vehicle suspension system the suspension coupling including a knuckle and bushing assembly wherein the knuckle member is a cast aluminum piece having a passage for receiving a two-piece bushing having a formed, metal inner member and a molded, elastomeric outer member having extension members at each end. The bushing member is press-fit into the knuckle member and exhibits higher stiffness in the radial and axial directions and lower stiffness in the torsional and conical directions..
Diversified Machine, Inc.


Article of apparel with dynamic padding system

An article of apparel includes a padding system that dynamically changes configuration in response to an impending impact. The padding system may change from a state that has a high flexibility and offers low protection from impact to a state that has a low flexibility and offers increase protection from impact.
Nike, Inc.


Article of footwear with dynamic support

An article of footwear with a dynamic support system that controls arrays of tiles in the upper of the footwear to adjust the level of support provided in different regions of the upper. Sensors in the sole of the footwear, in the upper of the footwear and/or in an article worn by the wearer of the footwear measure the level of stress or other characteristics and provide input to one or more microprocessors that control motors located in the sole or in the upper of the footwear.
Nike, Inc.


Pet urine collection device

A pet urine collection device, configured so that, when a dog discharges urine against a wall surface, a first panel laid on a floor surface is not soiled with urine over a wide range in a front-back direction. The pet urine collection device includes a first panel adapted to be laid on a floor surface and a flexible second panel joined with the first panel along a join line and adapted to be attached to a wall surface.
Unicharm Corporation


Media stiffness sensor assembly for an imaging device

A media stiffness sensor assembly for an imaging device. The assembly comprises a translation mechanism coupled to a contact member, a drive mechanism coupled to the translation mechanism and a position sensor for providing a signal indicative of the position of the contact member.


Machine tool design method and machine tool design system

A machine tool design method includes: receiving a finite element model of tool-spindle system including a cutting tool, a working spindle speed range, and a target cutting depth; providing a simplified finite element model of main frames of machine tool and initializing its configuration parameters including an equivalent stiffness and an equivalent mass; combining the simplified finite element model of main frames of machine tool with the finite element model of tool-spindle system to construct an equivalent machine tool model; according to a response of the configuration parameters, proceeding a cutting stability prediction of the equivalent machine tool model, and computing an objective function value based on a predicted result; and determining whether the objective function value meets a preset design requirement, if yes, employing the configuration parameters to be references to design a machine tool, if not, updating the configuration parameters and proceeding the cutting stability prediction again.. .


Method and measuring dynamic panel stiffness of outer panel for automobile parts

A method of measuring panel stiffness of an automobile part outer panel by pushing an indenter onto a surface of the panel in a pushing direction intersecting the surface under a load to deform the panel and measuring deformation of the panel includes arranging grids in a lattice form to a surface of a site of the panel; arranging markers previously knowing three-dimensional position information on a periphery of the site; pushing the indenter onto the surface of the site under the load and moving the indenter in a direction perpendicular to the pushing direction, during which the grids on the surface deformed by loading of the indenter are simultaneously and repeatedly shot from plural positions by plural cameras; and calculating position information of the grids corresponding to the markers based on the image data to measure change in deformation of the panel associated with movement of the indenter.. .


Method and device for ascertaining the total mass of an electrically drivable vehicle

A method for ascertaining the total mass of an electrically drivable vehicle includes: ascertaining, for a purely electrically driven vehicle, a total mass of the vehicle on the basis of newton's second law, taking into account a slope and a travel speed of the vehicle. As an alternative or in addition, a compression travel within a subassembly of the occupied vehicle is measured, and the total mass of the vehicle is inferred from a predefined or previously ascertained stiffness of the compression travel, taking into account a current weight distribution..


Thermoset nanocomposite particles, processing for thier production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications

Use of two different methods, either each by itself or in combination, to enhance the stiffness, strength, maximum possible use temperature, and environmental resistance of thermoset polymer particles is disclosed. One method is the application of post-polymerization process steps (and especially heat treatment) to advance the curing reaction and to thus obtain a more densely crosslinked polymer network.


Vehicle control device

In a vehicle control device, a slip ratio in which front and rear wheels are averaged, and a braking force in which the front and rear wheels are averaged, can be calculated. The vehicle control device is provided with: friction braking devices placed on each wheel; a motor that acts as a regenerative braking mechanism and is placed on the rear wheels; a vehicle slip stiffness calculation unit; a front and rear braking force ratio calculation unit; a vehicle slip stiffness correction unit; and a regenerative braking arithmetic unit.


Tire bead for aircraft

Aircraft tire (1) comprising two beads (2). In each bead (2) portion (8) comprises surface layer (9) in contact with rim (3) via radially interior bead face (4) and having a shear stiffness k1.


Robotic exoskeleton with adaptive viscous user coupling

A system for preventing discomfort to a user of a robotic exoskeleton (200) determines the existence of an exoskeleton operating condition which has the potential to cause at least one of a discomfort or an injury to a user (204) when the exoskeleton is being worn by the user. Responsive to the determining, an exoskeleton control system (224) selectively controls at least one viscous coupling (208, 210) disposed at an interface location (201, 203) of the exoskeleton where a physical interaction occurs between a portion of the user and a portion of the exoskeleton when the exoskeleton is in use.


Preformed guidewire

A preformed guidewire particularly well-suited for use in percutaneous medical procedures, such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement, includes an inner corewire of discontinuous, tapered stiffness that is surrounded along a portion of its length by a flexible, outer casing of uniform cross-section, such as a tightly wound, stainless steel, spring coil wire. The inner corewire is constructed of a shape-memory material, such as a nickel-titanium alloy, that is preformed into an encircled s-shaped configuration in its atraumatic distal region.


Apparatus and monitoring respiration volumes and synchronization of triggering in mechanical ventilation by measuring the local curvature of the torso surface

The invention is related to a device and method for monitoring respiration, movements in mechanical ventilation in order to provide a non-pneumatic triggering variable for achieving patient-ventilator asynchrony and continuous measurement of tidal volumes. The method is based on measuring the curvature of the patient's torso surface using a single lpg (long period grating) fiber-optic sensor attached to a surface of the torso in an area having high stiffness of the underlying tissue, such as the area of the lower ribs close to the sternum..


Hearing aid comprising a flexible connection member

A hearing aid device configured to be inserted into the ear canal of a hearing aid user. The hearing aid includes a receiver, a hearing instrument body, and a connection member extending between the hearing instrument body and the receiver.


Inductive device limiting acoustic oscillations

An inductive device including a winding in which a ferromagnetic body including gaps is inserted, the winding being held in a metal casing, and in which a thermally conductive film is placed between the ferromagnetic body and a base of the metal casing, the film having a stiffness lower than that of a synthetic resin. .


Heat management in electronics packaging

An electronics packaging system includes an insulator that electrically insulates a heat sink from electrical leads. An interface between the insulator and the heat sink includes a stress reliever constructed such that a stiffness of the interface is greater than the stiffness of the interface without the stress reliever..


Photo-masks for lithography

A photo-mask for use in extreme ultraviolet (euv) lithography, in which the photo-mask has low coefficient of thermal expansion and high specific stiffness.. .


Model-based longitudinal stiffness estimation system and method

A tire-based system and method for estimating longitudinal stiffness between a tire and a road surface includes a longitudinal stiffness adaptation model for calculating longitudinal stiffness between a tire and a road surface from a plurality of scaling factors including the load level, the measured air cavity pressure of the one tire, and the measured temperature of the one tire compensated by a wear state estimation of the one tire. The wear state is obtained from a vehicle-measured vertical mode shift of the tire..


Thin heat transfer device for thermal management

A thin design heat transfer device for thermal management is described herein. The heat transfer device uses a cold plate that is independent or “floating” relative to a spring mechanism employed to generate contact pressure with a heat-generating device.


Multiple natural frequency coupling apparatus

A multiple natural frequency coupling apparatus for connecting a rotatable driving member to a rotatable driven member of a drive line. The coupling apparatus of the present invention provides a substantially cylindrical housing having a longitudinal axis with a substantially cylindrical outer shaft coaxially aligned with and connected to the housing.


Pyramid waffle core structure and fabrication

A structural core and associated method of forming such structure is disclosed. The structure includes a single layer of at least two rows of hollow pyramid-like structures.


Polyethylene blend compositions and film

A polymer blend comprising first and second polyethylene copolymers is presented which has good processability, and which when made into film shows good toughness-stiffness balance, reasonable md tear, as well as good optical properties.. .


Tunable surface topography through particle-enhanced soft composites

Composite material. The material included a matrix of a deformable material having a first stiffness and particles having a second stiffness different from the first stiffness are embedded near a surface of the matrix wherein a deformation of the matrix induces a change in topography of the surface.


Tire inner liner

The use of such a composition in the inner liner of the tire, including graphite and a non-reinforcing filler of chalk type, makes it possible to notably improve the airtightness properties with respect to a control composition which comprises only graphite and which already performs very well in this aspect, but also with respect to a control composition conventionally used in the inner liners of tires, while maintaining a good level of the stiffness and processability properties as the conventional control compositions.. .


Road surface friction and surface type estimation system and method

A tire-based system and method for estimating road surface friction includes a model-based longitudinal stiffness estimation generator using tire-based parameter inputs and vehicle-based parameter inputs; an actual longitudinal stiffness estimation generator using real-time vehicle-based parameter inputs; and a tire road friction estimation generator for deriving a tire road friction estimation from a comparative analysis between the actual longitudinal stiffness estimation and the model-based longitudinal stiffness estimation. A road surface classifier algorithm is employed to generate a road surface type analysis from the road friction estimation, an ambient air temperature measurement, and an ambient air moisture measurement..


Composite microstructures

Techniques for manufacturing composite microstructures may be realized as a three-dimensional structural component including first and second flat structural regions and a joint region connecting the first and second flat structural regions. The first, second, and joint regions can all include an integral flexible layer comprising a first flexible material that is fiber-reinforced and has a tear resistance greater than 10 n.


Industrial robot arm

An articulated robot arm or the like comprising a base, an upper section which is pivotally secured to the base at a shoulder joint, one or more middle sections pivotally secured to the upper section at an elbow joint, a lower section pivotally secured to the middle section at an wrist joint and a final section pivotally secured to the lower section. A main arm folding apparatus comprising an upper timing linkage, one or more middle timing linkages and lower timing linkage.


Rotary cutting tool with increased stiffness and assembling same

A rotary cutting tool includes a cutter body having a head, a shank, and a cavity extending along a central, longitudinal axis of the cutter body. The head includes at least one cutting insert mounted in a pocket adjacent to a chip groove.


Muscle treatment composition and method making same

A topical treatment composition for treating muscle cramps, muscle stiffness, muscle pain or muscle spasms. The treatment composition includes a middle (mid) chain fatty acid (mcfa).


Vascular implant retrieval method, retrieval assembly and tool for same

A method of retrieving a vascular implant from a patient includes winding a distal segment of a retrieval tool about a vascular implant, at least in part by rotating a proximal segment of the retrieval tool, coupling the retrieval tool with the vascular implant and removing the vascular implant and the retrieval tool from the patient. The retrieval tool may include a wire having proximal, middle and distal segments.


Oral tool

An oral tool having a series of differently sized spherical members ranging from small to large that can be removably attached to a rod member via a screwing mechanism, wherein the device is adapted to be inserted into one's mouth to be used in sequential order in a gradual manner over time in order to effectuate incremental improvements in one's jaw, mouth, and facial muscles and/or areas to relieve pain and injury thereof. In use, one can initially utilize the smallest sized spherical member and gradually increase to the next increasing size spherical member until the largest sized spherical member can be utilized.


Tube and steerable introduction element comprising the tube

The invention relates to a tube (2) and a steerable introduction element like a catheter, an endoscope or a sheath comprising the tube. The tube comprises a composite material including a shape memory alloy material (12) and a non-shape-memory polymer material (22).


Display device attachment fitting and display device attachment jig

An attachment fitting 12 comprises a frame body 12a, a fitting component 12b, and fixing bolts 17. The frame body 12a is externally the same size as a display device 11, and is attached to a wall surface 15, and has stiffness property enough to support the weight of the display device 11.


Supporting element for shoes

Described are supporting elements for a shoe, in particular for soccer shoes or american football shoes, as well as a sole and a shoe with a supporting element. The supporting element includes a first bending stiffness for bendings from an initial unbent state up to an upper end of a threshold angle range, and a second bending stiffness for bendings beyond the upper end of the threshold angle range, wherein the second bending stiffness is greater than the first bending stiffness..


Apparatus and providing an acoustic signal

An apparatus and method wherein the apparatus comprises: a diaphragm wherein the diaphragm is configured into a corrugated arrangement comprising a plurality of folds; a plurality of bias electrodes where the bias electrodes are provided between folds of the diaphragm; and an input configured to provide at least one control signal to the diaphragm to cause movement of the diaphragm to generate an acoustic signal; wherein the diaphragm is configured such that bending stiffness of the diaphragm provides a restoring force to the diaphragm which causes the diaphragm to return to a neutral position when no control signal is applied.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy


Battery pack for electric vehicle

A battery pack comprises a plurality of batteries which store electric power for activating an electric utility vehicle; a battery case which accommodates the plurality of batteries therein; and an external frame unit which is provided on an outer surface of the battery case and supports the batteries from below, wherein the external frame unit includes a lower support section placed on a lower surface of the battery case, an upper support section placed on an upper surface of the battery case, and a coupling section which couples the lower support section and the upper support section to each other. This allows the battery case to ensure a required stiffness while providing insulation between the batteries and an outside of the batteries, without increasing a thickness of the battery case..
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Reduced stiffness micro-mechanical structure

Apparatuses and method are described to create a reduced stiffness microstructure (rsm). A rsm is made by forming a first buckled membrane along a first buckling direction and forming a second buckled membrane along a second buckling direction.
Duality Reality Energy, Llc


Detection of a change in the cross-sectional area of a fluid tube in a vibrating meter by determining a lateral mode stiffness

A method for determining a lateral mode stiffness of one or more fluid tubes (103a, 103b) in a vibrating meter (5) is provided. The method comprises a step of vibrating at least one of the one or more fluid tubes (103a, 103b) in a drive mode vibration.
Micro Motion, Inc.


Dishwasher comprising a locking mechanism

The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) wherein the stiffness level of the stress means (7) is provided to be kept at different values by means of the adjustment means (8) during the washing cycle, the locking mechanism (4) is provided to remain locked completely by adjusting the stiffness level of the stress means (7) by means of the adjustment means (8) depending on the requirement at the respective stage of the washing cycle, the stiffness level is adjusted to the lowest value before or after the washing process for easily opening the door (3) and the locking mechanism (4) is provided not to open easily in order to prevent escape of steam from inside the body (2) during the washing process by adjusting the stiffness level of the stress means (7) by means of the adjustment means (8).. .
Acrelik Anonim Sirketi


Polymer mixtures with optimized toughness/stiffness ratio and optical properties

The invention relates to a polymer mixture made of styrene/nitrile monomer copolymers and of graft copolymers based on acrylate rubbers, and also to thermoplastic moulding compositions and mouldings produced therefrom and use of these.. .
Styrolution Europe Gmbh


Methods and systems relating to enhancing material toughness

Highly mineralized natural materials often boast unusual combinations of stiffness, strength and toughness currently unmatched by today's engineering materials. Beneficially, according to the embodiments of the invention, these unusual combinations can be introduced into ceramics, glasses, and crystal materials, for example by the introduction of patterns of weaker interfaces with simple or intricate architectures, which channel propagating cracks into toughening configurations.
The Royal Institute For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University


Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire, while achieving excellent drainage performance by projections and depressions formed in a circumferential groove, can reduce road noise by making the circumferential stiffness of a land portion uniform even in the presence of such projections and depressions. A plurality of protuberances are arranged in at least one circumferential groove at intervals in the tread circumferential direction, the protuberances being raised from the inner surface of the circumferential groove and extending from the groove bottom of the circumferential groove to at least one groove wall surface in the tread width direction.
Bridgestone Corporation


Golf club head or other ball striking device having impact-influencing body features

A ball striking device has a face with a striking surface and a body extending rearwardly from the outer periphery of the face. A channel extends across at least a portion of the sole, and includes a trough defined between front and rear edges and extending in a heel-toe direction.
Nike, Inc.


Ossicular prosthesis having a longitudinally perforated bight

A passive ossicular prosthesis has a sound-conducting prosthesis body with a first coupling element for mechanical connection to the incus, malleus, or an actuator end piece of an active hearing aid at one end. The bight is made of a strip-shaped metallic material, partially open toward the outside via a gap-type opening and is intraoperatively crimped in the middle ear for permanent attachment.
Heinz Kurz Gmbh Medizintechnik


Device and localized force sensing

A device and method for operating a capacitive touch screen input device configured to sense input objects and their applied force in a sensing region, the device including a pliable component having an input surface and characterized by a bending stiffness, and first and second arrays of sensor electrodes. The input device further includes a third array of sensor electrodes and a spacing layer disposed between the third array.
Synaptics Incorporated


Expansion compensator with multiple layers with differing stiffness

An expansion compensator having a longitudinal axis, and having an elongate metal conduit with first and second spaced apart ends and an expansion/contraction section, an inner plastic liner positioned interior of the elongate metal conduit and having an expansion/contraction section and an interior volume extending from the first end to the second end, wherein each of the elongate metal conduit and the inner plastic liner have a stiffness along the longitudinal axis, and the stiffness of the elongate metal conduit is greater than the stiffness of the inner plastic liner.. .
G.b.d. Corp.


Porous polyurethane networks and methods of preparation

Nanoporous three-dimensional networks of polyurethane particles, e.g., polyurethane aerogels, and methods of preparation are presented herein. Such nanoporous networks may include polyurethane particles made up of linked polyisocyanate and polyol monomers.
Aerogel Technologies, Llc


Bending strain relief assembly for marine cables incorporating at least one elongated stiffness member

The present disclosure relates to a bending strain relief (bsr) assembly that limits the bending strain and radius of a marine cable. The bsr assembly includes a coupler attached to first and second elongated bsr members, each bsr member having first and second ends distally spaced from the first end.
Pmi Industries, Inc.


Collision sensing and energy absorbing apparatus

An apparatus includes an enclosed body defining a chamber therein. The body includes a rearward portion, a forward portion opposite the rearward portion and a first portion extending between the rearward and forward portions.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Method for manufacturing fiber-reinforced resin materials

Provided is a method for manufacturing fiber-reinforced resin materials capable of increasing the stiffness and the strength such as shock resistance by a simple method while suppressing an increase in the product weight. A continuous fiber member 5 including a plurality of continuous fibers is placed at at least a part of a fiber-reinforced resin member 3 including fiber materials 2 mixed into matrix resin 1, followed by pressing, thus impregnating gaps between the continuous fibers making up the continuous fiber member 5 with the matrix resin 1 of the fiber-reinforced resin member 3 liquefied or softened for integration..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Self-cleaning intake screen

A self-cleaning screen that automatically cleans both the inside and outside surfaces of the cylindrical screen using only the rotation of the cylindrical screen itself. This self-cleaning ability is accomplished by using a fixed brush on the exterior surface of the screen, and a freely rotating brush on the interior surface of the screen, where the freely rotating brush is driven by the movement of the screen itself.
Intake Screens, Inc.


Tapered scaffolds

A stent or scaffold has a tapered end or ends. The scaffold is made using an additive manufacturing technique such as stereolithography (sla).
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Prosthetic intervertebral disc.

Prosthetic intervertebral discs, systems including such prosthetic intervertebral discs, and methods for using the same are described. The subject prosthetic discs include upper and lower endplates separated by a compressible core member.


Electrode arrays

Electrode arrays have a plurality of electrodes. These arrays may have any combination of the following improvements.
Lkc Technologies Inc.

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