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Stiffness patents


This page is updated frequently with new Stiffness-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Actuator device and  converting rotational input to axial output with rotary flexure mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Actuator device and converting rotational input to axial output with rotary flexure mechanism
An actuator device includes a motor and a reduction device operatively coupled to the motor and oriented about a central axis, the reduction device configured to modify an input angle of rotation provided by the motor to an output angle of rotation. Further included is a rotary flexure mechanism that includes a rotary flexure operatively coupled to an output portion of the reduction device.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

 Servo motor controller having self-measuring function and self-monitoring function of mechanical stiffness patent thumbnailnew patent Servo motor controller having self-measuring function and self-monitoring function of mechanical stiffness
A servo motor controller includes a speed command generating unit for generating a speed command value of the servo motor, a speed detecting unit that detects a speed of the servo motor, a torque command generating unit for generating a torque command value, a sine wave generating unit for generating a sinusoidal disturbance value, a frequency response calculating unit for calculating a frequency response when the sinusoidal disturbance value has been input to a speed control loop, a resonance frequency detecting unit for detecting a resonance frequency at which a gain is maximized, a resonance frequency storing unit for storing the resonance frequency, at least one filter for attenuating a specific frequency band component included in the torque command value, and a resonance frequency comparing unit for measuring stiffness of a machine tool based on the resonance frequency and adjusts the filter with respect to the resonance frequency.. .
Fanuc Corporation

 A transparent optical device element patent thumbnailnew patent A transparent optical device element
The present invention relates to transparent optical device elements comprising a deformable lens body and to a method for changing the refractive index (ri) of a deformable lens body. The deformable lens body of the invention has an improved mechanical stability, a high refractive index, an optimal degree of stiffness and sheer modulus for use as optical lens..
Polight As

 Electric power steering isolator patent thumbnailnew patent Electric power steering isolator
Electric power steering systems and a method for controlling an electric power steering system are provided. The method, for example, includes, but is not limited to, determining, by a controller, a speed of a vehicle based upon data from a sensor, and adjusting, by the controller, a stiffness of an isolator in an electric power steering system via at least one piezoelectric device embedded in the isolator based upon the determined speed of the vehicle..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Negative stiffness honeycomb material patent thumbnailnew patent Negative stiffness honeycomb material
A honeycomb structure having high levels of recoverable energy absorption is provided. The honeycomb structure achieves high levels of recoverable energy absorption by incorporating cells that exhibit negative stiffness.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

 Driveshaft assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Driveshaft assembly
A drive shaft assembly is formed from two concentrically arranged driveshafts fastened together near to one end of the driveshaft assembly so as to prevent relative rotation therebetween and connectable together near to an opposite end via a torque sensitive drivable connection. The torsional stiffness of the driveshaft assembly is primarily dependent upon whether one or both driveshafts are arranged to transmit torque.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Deployable semi-rigid body contact restraint member with integral flexible expansion member patent thumbnailnew patent Deployable semi-rigid body contact restraint member with integral flexible expansion member
A hybrid expandable restraint volume enclosure system incorporating at least one deployable semi-rigid human body reaction surface is provided. One or more walls of the expanding volume are substantially pliable, attaching at one end to a mounting base that is attachable to a structural member of a vehicle and another end attached to a semi-rigid deployable reaction surface.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Composite flange with three-dimensional weave architecture patent thumbnailnew patent Composite flange with three-dimensional weave architecture
According to various embodiments, a carbon fiber structure is presented. The carbon fiber structure may address loads presented to an engine component in various directions.
United Technologies Corporation

 Methods for solid phase processing of tubes and medical devices made from the processed tubes patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for solid phase processing of tubes and medical devices made from the processed tubes
A polymer tube is processed using a solid phase process for improving mechanical characteristics of the tube, including radial strength and stiffness. The tube is made into a scaffold possessing improved mechanical and use characteristics, such as a reduced crimped profile and improved deliverability..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

 Hot-stamping tailor-welded blanks of aluminum sheet patent thumbnailnew patent Hot-stamping tailor-welded blanks of aluminum sheet
Forming a tailor-welded blank (twb) having aluminum sheets includes various elements. For example, a hot-stamping methodology is applied to a welded blank for meeting load and stiffness requirements in tandem to weight efficiency.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

new patent

Methods and apparatuses for amniotic fluid collection and isolation of cells

Disclosed herein are methods and apparatuses for the safe, high-yield collection of sterile amniotic fluid. The apparatus are configured to allow sufficient flexibility for the device to gain access to all areas of the amniotic cavity, to allow sufficient stiffness for the amniotic fluid collection device to puncture the amniotic and chorionic membranes, yet allow sufficient suppleness to pose no significant risk of maternal or fetal harm.

new patent

System and determining arterial compliance and stiffness

A system and method for calculating the arterial compliance, stiffness, and arterial flow and resistance indices for any artery in issue of a subject having a blood pressure monitoring device configured to calculate systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings for an artery of the subject, a blood flow velocity monitoring device configured to calculate the velocity of blood flowing within the artery of the subject at a peak point of a systolic phase of contraction of the subject's heart muscle, peak-systolic velocity, and the velocity of blood flowing within the artery of the subject at an end point of a diastolic phase of the subject's heart muscle, end-diastolic velocity, and a central processing unit comprising a computer readable program embodied within the central processing unit configured to calculate the arterial compliance, stiffness, and arterial flow and resistance indices as a function of the area of the artery under initial systolic and end diastolic pressure, the area of the artery generating arterial elastic recoil pressure for continuous flow during the systolic and diastolic phases, peak-systolic and end-diastolic arterial flow velocities, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure.. .

new patent

Encased asymmetric coil innersprings with alternating coil spring orientations

Encased coil innersprings with alternating spring coil orientations utilize a common coil configuration and a uniform encasement or pocket configuration, and wherein the coils have an asymmetrical configuration and the vertical end-up orientation of the coils that is alternated or otherwise varied. Selected coils in different areas or patterns in the array of pocketed coils that form the spring core are inverted, relative to a support surface of the spring core, within the individual pockets.
Sealy Technology, Llc


Torque transmission device, actuator and robot

The invention relates to a torque transmission device (3), the stiffness of which can be variably adjusted, to an actuator (1) having such a torque transmission device (3), and to a robot (26). The torque transmission device (3) according to the invention has an inner ring (5), an outer ring (4) that is arranged as to be rotatable to the inner ring (5) from a neutral position (25) in a positive rotational direction (17) or a negative rotational direction (18) to the inner ring, at least one pair of receiving bellows (9, 10), comprising a positive receiving bellows (9) and a negative receiving bellows (10), at least one gas pressure spring (13), and an adjusting unit connected to the at least one gas pressure spring (13).
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Method of fabricating carbon nanotube sheet scrolled fiber reinforced polymer composites and compositions and uses thereof

A novel method of fabricating carbon nanotube sheet scrolled fiber and fiber tows (carbon, graphite, glass, natural polymer, synthetic polymer, metallic, silicon carbide, kevlar, etc.) in composites with improved interfacial shear strength, compressive strength, yield strength, stiffness and toughness has been reported. Single or multiple layers of carbon nanotube sheet, with a bias/wrapping angle of 0° and 90°, has been scrolled around single fiber and fibers tows to improve the above mentioned mechanical properties of the matrix surrounding the fiber.
The Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Reclosable packaging with a handle, and methods and devices for making such packaging

A reclosable pour-spout packaging, such as a bag, has a top handle and can be manufactured on a form-fill-seal machine. A reclosable structure can reversibly close and open the interior of the packaging.
Nestec Sa


Cast aluminum wheel

A cast aluminum wheel includes a rim element having an annular configuration defining an axis and a central element extending radially outwardly between the axis and the rim element. The rim element includes a wall extending circumferentially around the axis between a proximal bead and a distal bead.
Superior Industries International, Inc.


Optical force transducer

Force transducer (10) include two structural members (11, 12) spaced apart to define a gap (101) and being linked to each other. Optical fibres (13) are to the members and are freely suspended in the gap.
Universite De Mons



A micro-speaker includes a speaker monomer, a housing and a waterproof membrane. The housing accommodates the speaker monomer and has an opening to output a sound generated by the speaker monomer.
Htc Corporation


Frame and electronic device having the same

A frame to be assembled to a housing of an electronic device is provided. The frame includes a first material portion and a second material portion.
Htc Corporation


Process for the production of polymer modified bitumen using nitrogen rich polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon

The present invention relates to a polymer modified bitumen composition comprising a petroleum vacuum residue, a nitrogen rich polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and a functionalized polymer having enhanced softening point, good antistripping effect, enhanced elastic recovery higher performance grade and low temperature creep stiffness effect. The present invention also relates to processes for the preparation of polymer modified bitumen composition..
Indian Oil Corporation Limited


Reinforced polymer composites from recycled plastic

The reinforced polymer composites from recycled plastic are polymer blends made from recycled polymers that are reinforced with glass fibers and mica. In particular, the reinforced polymer composites are blends of recycled low-density polyethylene (ldpe), high-density polyethylene (hdpe), and polypropylene (pp) with a mica filler that are reinforced with glass fibers, where the low-density polyethylene forms between 30 wt % and 35 wt % of the composite, the high-density polyethylene forms between 15 wt % and 17.5 wt % of the composite, the polypropylene forms between 15 wt % and 17.5 wt % of the composite, the glass fibers form between 15 wt % and 40 wt % of the composite, and the mica forms up to 15 wt % of the structural element.
The University Of Sheffield


Tire with tread pattern including sub-surface stiffness tuning and method

A tire has an axis of rotation and a tread pattern that includes a plurality of tread blocks having differing circumferential shear stiffness values. The tread pattern also includes a plurality of sub-surface features that are operatively associated with at least some of the tread blocks.
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, Llc


Variable stiffness flexure

An intrauterine device includes a central support member, first and second internal flexures and first and second external flexures. The first and second internal flexures each include a first section having a first stiffness, a second section having a second stiffness, and third section having a third stiffness, wherein the second stiffness is more flexible than the first and third stiffness and wherein the first section of each internal flexure is coupled to the central support member.
Hologic, Inc.


Palpation evaluation or diagnosis device, system and method

A physical therapy or palpation evaluation or diagnosis device, system, and method for evaluating the condition of a patient's body, for example, the spine and/or soft tissue. The physical therapist currently uses palpation to subjectively evaluate the condition of the spine, soft tissue and/or muscle of the patient.


Annular combustion chamber wall arrangement

An annular combustion chamber wall arrangement includes an annular wall and a plurality of tiles and each tile is secured to and is spaced from a further annular wall. The first surface of each tile faces the annular wall and the second surface of each tile faces away from the annular wall.
Rolls-royce Plc


Shock absorber

A space between an inner surface of a cover and a housing is set to be wider on a spaced-apart side from a cylinder than on a cylinder side. Therefore, the cover is generally integrated with the housing at the moment that the cylinder side abuts against the housing, which can improve a stiffness.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Shaft stiffness

A method to determine shaft stiffness of a rotating shaft, the shaft coupling a turbine to drive the rotation and a load to be driven by the rotation. For a given operational temperature and rotational speed of the shaft, the method including steps to determine polar moments of inertia of the load and the turbine.
Rolls-royce Plc


Washing machine and controlling the same

A washing machine includes: a tub configured to accommodate wash water therein; a rotary tub rotatably mounted in the tub; a pulsator rotatably arranged below the rotary tub, configured to form a water current; a motor configured to provide driving power to the pulsator; and a floater configured to ascend or descend in response to a water level of the wash water in such a manner that the pulsator and the rotary tub interact with each other or the interaction therebetween is released. The pulsator includes a reinforcement rib protruding from a bottom surface of the pulsator to reinforce stiffness.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Dual-rate jounce bumper

A dual-rate jounce bumper limits jounce travel between a first component and a second component of a vehicle. The second component is spaced from and moveable toward the first component along a jounce axis.
Basf Se


Carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic-resin composite material and molded body using the same

The invention is intended to obtain a composite material suitable for mass production or the like by shortening the molding time while obtaining the advantages of the composite materials described above, and intended to provide a composite material which has a short molding time by the use of a thermoplastic resin as a matrix and is excellent in balance among stiffness, strength, and thermal conductivity. A carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic-resin composite material comprising: a layer (i) containing a carbon fiber (a) aligned in one direction and a thermoplastic resin (c-1); and a layer (ii) containing a carbon fiber (b) aligned in one direction and a thermoplastic resin (c-2), wherein the carbon fiber (a) has a higher elastic modulus than the carbon fiber (b)..
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Method of altering vascular permeability and uses thereof

Provided here are methods of modulating vascular permeability by changing the mechanical properties of extracellular matrices (ecm) and methods of treatment of diseases, conditions and symptoms related to vascular permeability such as pulmonary edema and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards). The modulation can be increasing or decreasing vascular permeability.
Children's Medical Center Corporation


Prosthetic sport feet

Various features for improving the performance of prosthetic sport feet are provided. Prosthetic sport feet according to the present disclosure can be designed to improve performance in board sport activities, for example, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, and the like.
Össur Hf


Earpiece positioning and retaining

A retaining member for an earphone includes an outer layer of a first material surrounding an inner core of a second material. The retaining member extends from the earphone, and is curved to generally match the shape the antihelix of a human ear.
Bose Corporation


Working light

The present invention discloses a working light, comprising a base, an illumination member and a switch control, a battery is arranged inside said base to supply power to said illumination member, said base is connected to said illumination member by a connection portion, said base and said illumination member are respectively connected to said connection portion by the same connection structures. By this arrangement, said base cannot be connected to said illumination member directly, users would not make mounting errors in use.
Hangzhou Great Star Industrial Co., Ltd.


Gasket with compression and rotation control

A multifunctional gasket with compression and rotation control comprises annular sealing element(s) with specific stiffness, geometry, tightness and compressibility properties and uniquely shaped compression element(s) with variable thickness and specific mechanical properties. The gasket is designed to seal under static and dynamic fluid pressure loading for a wide range of sizes and with severe thermal differential temperatures and static and dynamic external loads.


Gas turbine engine component

The invention concerns a gas turbine engine component (37) comprising an outer ring structure (10), an inner ring structure (20) and a plurality of circumferentially spaced radial elements (15) for transferring loads between the inner ring structure (20) and the outer ring structure (10), wherein the outer ring structure (10) comprises a circular ring member (11) for withstanding an internal pressure during operation of the gas turbine engine. The invention is characterized in that the outer ring structure (10) comprises a first set of circumferentially distributed and substantially straight reinforcement ribs (16) for achieving radial stiffness, wherein the reinforcement ribs (16) form sides in a polygonal shape and wherein each of said reinforcement ribs (16) extends between two adjacent radial elements (15).
Gkn Aerospace Sweden Ab


Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced composite material

An epoxy resin composition according to the present invention comprises an epoxy compound (a), a block copolymer (b) and a curing agent (c), wherein the block copolymer (b) is composed of a polymer block (a) comprising a (meth)acrylic polymer and a polymer block (b) comprising an acrylic polymer that is different from the polymer block (a), said epoxy resin composition having such a property that a cured resin product produced by curing the epoxy resin composition forms a microphase-separated structure. A cured product of the epoxy resin composition forms a highly ordered phase structure, and therefore has excellent toughness and stiffness..
Toray Industries, Inc.


Method for preparing a hydrogel matrix by photopolymerization

The invention relates to a method for preparing a hydrogel type matrix comprising at least two contiguous zones with distinct stiffnesses, comprising a step to photopolymerize a solution comprising one or several polymerizable compounds and a photopolymerization initiator, by application of light onto the entire solution and at a different intensity in at least two zones of the solution, as a result of which a hydrogel matrix is obtained comprising at least two contiguous zones with distinct stiffnesses, characterized in that the photopolymerization step is done in the presence of a polymerization catalyst.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Foams made of amorphous hollow spheres and methods of manufacture thereof

Novel cellular solids and foams from amorphous materials with a glass transition temperature (tg) and methods of forming such materials are provided. In particular, foams are formed by expanding or compressing hollow spheres made of a high strength amorphous material, which is defined as a material having high strength characteristics, but also possessing a glass transition within a confined space.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Belt-on-belt drives for steeply-sloped portions of long conveyors

A conveyor system, at least a portion of which may traverse a continuous slope sufficiently steep such that tensile forces associated with overcoming the effects of the slope are several times larger per unit length of run than tensile forces per unit length of run due to main frictional resistance of the conveyor system, may include a belt-on-belt drive. The belt-on-belt drive may include at least one internal belt configured to operably engage the carry belt of the conveyor system so as to frictionally drive the carry belt over the sloped run.
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (usa), Inc.


Electric braking system for vehicle

When a braking operation amount is reduced, a stiffness value representing a ratio of variation in actual pressing force of a friction member to a variation in actual position of an electric motor are sequentially computed. The actual position when the stiffness value changes from being higher than or equal to a predetermined value to being lower than the predetermined value is stored as a candidate position.
Advis Co., Ltd.


Stiffness enhanced tread

A pneumatic tire includes a tread base comprised of a first material, a tread cap comprised of a second material, and a plurality of plugs comprised of a third material. The tread cap is disposed radially outward of the tread base and in operational contact with a ground surface.
Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.


Vehicle wheel for passenger cars

Vehicle wheel comprising a rim part and a disc part formed from a one-piece sheet metal blank and including a central portion with bolt holes and a plurality of radially extending spoke arrangements merging into a disc edge delimiting together with the spoke arrangements ventilation apertures which extend over the region between the edge webs and the disc edge. In order to create steel wheels with four-hole fixing in which high strength and stiffness are achieved the number of spoke arrangements and of bolt holes is four and these are in each case arranged mirror-symmetrically with respect to a common radial line, with the width of each spoke arrangement narrowing radially towards the outside and each ventilation aperture extending in the circumferential direction over an arc length of more than ⅙ of the circumference of the disc part.
Maxion Wheels Germany Holding Gmbh


Single polymer film structures for use in stand-up-pouches

The present invention relates to film structure suitable for use in stand up pouches comprising all polyethylene material. The film structure can be a monolayer film or a multilayer film structure having specific requirements for each layer.
Dow Brasil S.a.


Foams made of amorphous hollow spheres and methods of manufacture thereof

Novel cellular solids and foams from amorphous materials with a glass transition temperature (tg) and methods of forming such materials are provided. In particular, foams are formed by expanding or compressing hollow spheres made of a high strength amorphous material, which is defined as a material having high strength characteristics, but also possessing a glass transition within a confined space.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Tool and using surgical endoscope with spiral lumens

An embodiment of the present invention provides for an elongated medical device with a hypotube backbone running through the device, and a spiral lumen spiraled around the backbone along the length of the backbone. The backbone may be formed from a nitinol alloy for increased bendability without compromising axial stiffness.
Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc.


Prosthetic foot with hybrid layup

A prosthetic foot has a plate-like foot member with a core section substantially defined by one or more layers comprising a first material fiber, an upper section disposed above the core section, the upper section substantially defined by one or more layers comprising a second material fiber, and a lower section disposed below the core section, the lower section substantially defined by one or more layers comprising a third material fiber, where the upper, lower and core sections together define a total thickness of the plate-like elongate foot member. An idealized ratio of the cross sectional area of each section can be determined such that under an applied load provided to the hybrid layup, the ratio of maximum stress of a given section over the flexural strength of that given section is approximately equal for all sections of the hybrid layup.
Össur Hf


Intravascular pressure drop derived arterial stiffness and reduction of common mode pressure effect

In some embodiments, a method and/or device are disclosed for measuring a pressure drop over a portion of a body lumen. Optionally, the pressure drop for two different flow conditions may be used to find the stiffness of the lumen.
Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.


Positioner of probe card and probe head of probe card

A positioner and a probe head of a probe card are provided. The positioner has a main opening, a first sub-opening, a second sub-opening, a third sub-opening, a fourth sub-opening, a first positioning portion, a second positioning portion, a first elastic portion and a second elastic portion.
Mpi Corporation


Method and system for non-destructive testing of curved composites

Embodiments are disclosed for characterizing and quantifying composite laminate structures, including structures with surfaces that are curved in two and three dimensions. The embodiments take a composite laminate of unknown ply stack composition and sequence and determine various information about the individual plies, such as ply stack, orientation, microstructure, and type.
Baylor University


Mems angular inertial sensor operating in tuning fork mode

A vibrating inertial sensor is provided, micro machined in a plane thin wafer, allowing the measurement of an angular position or of an angular speed. The sensor comprises two vibrating masses suspended by springs with identical stiffness in x and y and coupled together by identical stiffness springs in x and y, and at least excitation transducers and detection transducers disposed on at least one of the masses.


Flexible coupling for geared turbine engine

A gas turbine engine includes a fan shaft arranged along an engine central axis, a frame supporting the fan shaft, a gear system rotatably coupled with the fan shaft, and a flexible coupling at least partially supporting the gear system. The flexible coupling defines, with respect to the engine central axis, a torsional stiffness ts and a lateral stiffness ls such that a ratio of ts/ls is greater than or equal to about 2.0 to reduce loads on the gear system from misalignment of the gear system with respect to the engine central axis..
United Technologies Corporation


Fan disc

A fan disc is provided for supporting fan blades of a gas turbine engine. The fan disc has a disc body having axially extending slots for receiving, in use, dovetail root fixings of a circumferential row of fan blades.
Rolls-royce Plc


Fatigue resistant foundation

A fatigue resistant gravity based spread footing under heavy multi-axial cyclical loading of a wind tower. The foundation having a central vertical pedestal, a substantially horizontal continuous bottom support slab, a plurality of radial reinforcing ribs extending radially outward from the pedestal.


Microstructured high-temperature hybrid material, its composite material and making

This invention provides a hybrid material that exhibits strength, stiffness and ability to resist high temperatures. This hybrid material essentially consists of component a and component b.


Optimized vibration absorber

A tuned or tunable boring tool includes a boring bar defining an elongated cavity therein. A distal end of the boring bar is configured to support a tool or cutting insert.
Kennametal Inc.


Golf ball resin composition and golf ball

An object of the present invention is to provide a golf ball exhibiting an excellent shot feeling and resilience, and a constituent material thereof. The present invention provides a golf ball resin composition having a bending stiffness (m3-12) ranging from 300 kgf/cm2 to 24,000 kgf/cm2 at a bending angle from 3° to 12°, a ratio (m3-12/m24-30) of the bending stiffness (m3-12) at the bending angle from 3° to 12° to a bending stiffness (m24-30) at a bending angle from 24° to 30° ranging from 0.20 to 2.00, and a slab hardness ranging from 30 to 65 in shore d hardness..
Dunlop Sports Co., Ltd.


Monofilament, surgical mesh having improved flexibility and blocompatlbillty, and process for preparing the same

The present invention relates to a monofilament with a segmented pie structure formed by conjugated spinning of degradable polymers and non-degradable polymers, a hernia mesh having improved flexibility and biocompatibility, and a preparation method of the monofilament. More specifically, the hernia mesh of the present invention having improved flexibility and biocompatibility is prepared using the monofilament obtained by conjugated spinning of degradable polymers and non-degradable polymers into a segmented pie form, to control it to be gradually degraded in the body, whereby the stiffness of the early stage is removed, and thereby the foreign body sensation is also removed..
Sanyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation


Dispensing device comprising an aqueous composition in gel or thick cream form

The present invention relates to a dispensing device comprising: a) a container comprising a deformable wall, and b) a composition stored in the container, and comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium: i) at least one aqueous phase, and ii) optionally at least one oily phase, iii) at least one structuring agent; the said composition having a stiffness modulus g*>5000 pa, and c) a dispensing head closing off the container and comprising an application wall defining at least one product dispensing orifice which is a slit. The present invention also relates to a cosmetic process for treating and/or caring for human keratin materials, characterized in that it consists in applying to the surface of the keratin material a composition dispensed via the device as defined previously.


Shield member and manufacturing the same

A shield member (1) includes a flexible main body part (11) surrounding electrical wire connected to a device in a shield case; and a flange part (12) provided at a shield-case-side terminal part of the main body part (11) so as to be integral with the main body part (11), facing a wall surface of the shield case. The stiffness of the flange part (12) is higher than that of the main body part (11)..
Yazaki Corporation


Micro lead frame structure having reinforcing portions and method

In one embodiment, a micro lead frame structure includes one or more stiffness reinforcing structures formed on leads and/or connecting structures. The stiffness reinforcing structures can be formed by leaving predetermined portions of the micro lead frame at full thickness including, for example, portions of an inner lead, portions of an outer lead, and portions of a connecting bar, combinations thereof, and other structures.
Amkor Technology, Inc.


Flexible seals for process control valves

Flexible seals for process control valves are disclosed. An example disclosed seal includes a seal for use with a butterfly valve.
Fisher Controls International Llc


Negative stiffness system for gravity compensation of micropositioner

A negative stiffness system for gravity compensation of a micropositioner of wafer table in lithography machine, characterized in that, the negative stiffness system includes at least three sets of quasi-zero stiffness units, each of the sets of quasi-zero stiffness units comprises a pair of negative stiffness springs and a positive stiffness spring, the positive stiffness spring is vertically positioned, the pair of negative stiffness springs are obliquely and symmetrically positioned at two sides of the positive stiffness spring, upper ends 20 of the negative stiffness springs and the positive stiffness spring are connected together and fixed to the bottom surface of a rotor of the micropositioner, and lower ends of the negative stiffness springs and the positive stiffness spring are connected to a base, respectively. The system reduces the stiffness in vertical direction and prevents the influence of permanent magnet on its surroundings, while improving the bearing capacity..
Tsinghua University


Device for mechanically adjusting vibration behavior of a machine element

The invention relates to a device (10) for mechanically adjusting a vibration behaviour of a machine element, wherein the device can be coupled to the machine element or is designed as a part of the machine element, the device comprises an adjustment section (11) for the adjustment and a cavity (12) arranged in the adjustment section, and a specified insertion apparatus (20) can be variably inserted into the cavity in such a way that the stiffness of the adjustment section can be changed. Thus the vibration behaviour of the machine element can also be varied..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Element with variable stiffness controlled by negative pressure

Element with variable stiffness controlled by negative pressure, the element including a gas-tight envelope, a plurality of flexible layers in the envelope, each layer having a first surface and a second surface, and, a valve adapted to evacuate the interior of the envelope, where the first and second surfaces of two adjacent layers have a friction coefficient between each other which is higher than 0.5, the first and second surfaces of two adjacent layers have adhesion properties, such that a normal force per unit area of below 0.07 n/mm2 is required to separate them and/or the energy per unit area required to separate them in normal direction is below 6.7 j/m2.. .
Textia Innovative Solutions, S.l.


High stiffness suction cup device

A suction cup attachment device adapted to provide a high stiffness mounting support. The suction cup is restrained around its rim and pulled via a piston attached to its center.
Daymen Us, Inc.


Thin-walled reinforcement lattice structure for hollow cmc buckets

A hollow ceramic matrix composite (cmc) turbine bucket with an internal reinforcement lattice structure has improved vibration properties and stiffness. The lattice structure is formed of thin-walled plies made of cmc.


Reinforced thermoplastic compound with chemical resistance

Disclosed herein are blended thermoplastic compositions comprising at least one polycarbonate component, at least one polybutylene component, at least one polyester ether elastomer component, at least one poly(ethylene-co-ethylacrylate) component, at least one ethylene/alkyl acrylate/glycidyl methacrylate terpolymer component, and at least one glass fiber component. The thermal blended polycarbonate compositions can optionally further comprise a transesterification quenching agent and/or epoxy hydrostabilizer agent.
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.


Tyre high-stiffness compound

A structural tyre component compound having a cross-linkable, unsaturated-chain polymer base, a reinforcing filler, and curing agents. The compound is composed of a mixture of reinforcing resins, in turn composed of (a) a methylene acceptor resin combined with a methylene donor compound, and (b) a hydrazide-derived resin.
Bridgestone Corporation


Optimized core for a structural assembly

The present application relates a core member for a core-stiffened structural assembly. The core member includes a plurality of cell members oriented a direction to provide a tailored stiffness in a certain direction.
Textron Innovations Inc.


3d printing method that enables arraying horizontal filaments without support

To avoid filament drop, force that pushes the newly extruded filament to the neighboring filament is generated, and filament drop is avoided. To do so, compression or extension power is generated by controlling the filament cross section by controlling the filament cross-section (i.e., the extrusion amount) and stiffness of the filament is controlled by controlling the temperature or light..


Remotely operated manipulator

Provided is a remotely operated manipulator which can be applied to a space which is wider on a back side than at an opening part, which has a simple structure, high stiffness, and high reliability. The remotely operated manipulator of the present invention includes: a circular base fixed to a wall surface; a beam which rotates on the circular base; a trolley which moves on the beam; and a mast which is raised and lowered with respect to the trolley and is mounted with a tool unit at a tip.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Medico-surgical viewing devices

A video viewing device 10, such as for use in inserting medical tubes 3, has an outer bendable sleeve 80 and an inner assembly comprising an electrical assembly 20 of a camera 11, cable 13 and connector 14 secured in a channel-shape support member 40. The inner assembly 20, 40 is threaded along the outer sleeve 80 so that the camera 11 is positioned at one end 12 and the connector 14 at its opposite end.
Smiths Medical International Limited


Elastic-coated orthodontic appliance

Improved orthodontic appliances, along with related systems and methods, are provided. In one aspect, an orthodontic appliance can include a shell having a plurality of cavities shaped to receive a patient's teeth and comprising an interior surface and an exterior surface, and an elastic coating covering at least a portion of one or more of the interior surface or exterior surface of the shell.
Align Technology, Inc.


Aligners with elastic layer

Improved orthodontic appliances, as well as related systems and methods, are provided. In one aspect, an orthodontic appliance can include a shell having a plurality of cavities shaped to receive a patient's teeth.
Align Technology, Inc.


System for measurement of cardiovascular health

A system that continuously monitors cardiovascular health using an electrocardiography (ecg) source synchronized to an optical (ppg) source, without requiring invasive techniques or ongoing, large-scale external scanning procedures. The system includes an ecg signal source with electrodes contacting the skin, which generates a first set of information, and a watch-like device, worn on a limb such as an arm or a wrist, having a reflectance-based ppg signal source that generates a second set of information.
Cnv Systems Ltd.


Optical post mount system and use

An optical mount system that may be adjusted by a variety of devices and methods. In some cases, a post collar assembly may be configured to engage a collar coupling surface of a post holder body such that the post collar engages the collar coupling surface in indexed and predetermined angular positions.
Newport Corporation


System and determining a modulus of resilience

The disclosure relates to a system and method for determining a modulus of resilience of a work material during a compaction operation. The system includes a processor configured to determine a work material stiffness based on a force applied to the work material and a displacement of the work material.
Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.


Foil bearing assembly

The bearing assembly comprises a radial foil bearing and an axial foil bearing, a control bearing preload device for controlling stiffness of the bearing under normal operating conditions, an electromagnetic unloading device for decreasing amplitude of rotor oscillations and an unloading means for increasing the ultimate bearing load without damaging bump foils. The radial foil bearing comprises a bushing 6 providing accommodating bearing misalignment with respect to the journal, an elastic member in the form of an elastic damping unit for increasing damping, which consists of a bump foil 20 and two smooth foils 16 and 22.


Variable stiffness bracing device

The present invention relates to a variable stiffness bracing device comprising: a rectangular frame (100) having a solid quarter cylinder (101) at each angle of the rectangular frame (100); a pair of leaf spring (200) attached at each end of the rectangular frame (100) at the solid quarter cylinder (101); a steel rail (300) fixed on top middle of the rectangular frame (100); a core (400) fixed at the tip of each leaf spring (200), the core (400) is slidable along the steel rail (300); a cubic core (500) located in the middle of the core (400); and a rod cable (600) passes through each end of the rectangular frame (100) and the core (400) and ended at the cubic core (500) located in the middle of the core (400). The above provision is advantageous as the present invention deploys wholly mechanical in retrofitting and rehabilitation of structures..
Universiti Putra Malaysia


Self-healing system comprising logitudinal nano/microstructures and production thereof

A self-healing system of nano/microstructures comprising a first type 1 and a second type 2 of longitudinal nano/microstructures each having an outer surface 100, each having a core 10, 11 and a polymeric first layer 20, 21 coaxially surrounding said core 10, 11 and at least one of said longitudinal nano/microstructure comprising a catalyst 101, wherein the core 10 of said first type nano/microstructures 1 comprises an epoxy resin, and the core 11 of said second type nano/microstructures 2 comprises a hardener, each of said first and second type nano/microstructures further comprise a second layer 30, 31 coaxially surrounding said first layer 20, 21 wherein the stiffness of said second layer 30, 31 is higher than the stiffness of said first layer 20, 21, and said hardener reacts with said epoxy resin when said first layer 20, 21 and second layer 30, 31 of said first and second type of nano/microstructures 1, 2 rupture upon a mechanical damage. A self-healing composite structure comprising said system is further provided.
Sabanci Universitesi


Bowling practice device

A bowling practice device which allows individuals a means by which to practice those techniques required to improve their bowling abilities is disclosed. The bowling practice device comprises an inflatable frame that houses a separate floor piece, panel pieces and a rear wall which once inserted and placed interiorly within the inflatable frame add the appropriate stiffness and structure for placement of a targeting cushion.


Ball bat with an external wall in the barrel region

A ball bat includes a handle and a main barrel. An external wall or sleeve is positioned around the main barrel and separated from the main barrel by a gap.
Easton Baseball / Softball Inc.


Golf club heads with frequency modulation devices and related methods

A golf club head including a strikeplate including a strikeplate stiffness, a strikeface, and backface opposite the strikeface. The head also includes a modulation mechanism at the backface, a plurality of frequency modulators, and a plurality of anti-stiffening features interspersed between the plurality of frequency modulators.
Karsten Manufacturing Corporation


Cable structures with multi-material extruded strain reliefs and making the same

Cable structures with multi-material extruded strain reliefs and systems and methods for making the same are provided. In some embodiments, a cable structure may include at least two materials simultaneously extruded through a die and about a conductor.
Apple Inc.


Torque damper apparatus

In some embodiments, a torque damper apparatus can achieve reduced stiffness as well as sufficient vibration absorbing property while increasing the dampening ratio of the torque variation. In some embodiments, a torque damper apparatus comprises an input member to which an engine torque is inputted; damper springs able to absorb variation of torque inputted from the input member; and/or a driving power of the engine configured to be transmitted to an output shaft of a vehicle via the input member and the damper springs.
Kabushiki Kaisha F.c.c.


Negative stiffness apparatus

A negative stiffness apparatus includes a fluid filled bellows interposed between a first surface and a second surface wherein the bellows and the first and second surfaces have an orientation of substantial equilibrium between the first and second surfaces. The bellows and the first and second surfaces include other orientations wherein the first and second surfaces are displaced from the orientation of substantial equilibrium and the bellows exerts a displacement force to urge the first and second surfaces further away from the orientation of substantial equilibrium.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Stiffness controlled abradeable seal system with max phase materials and methods of making same

A stiffness controlled abradeable seal system for a gas turbine engine includes a cantilevered arm that supports one of a rotating seal surface and a static seal surface, a stiffness of the cantilevered arm controlled to achieve a desired operational temperature at a seal interface.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Thermoset nanocomposite particles, processing for their production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications

Use of two different methods, either each by itself or in combination, to enhance the stiffness, strength, maximum possible use temperature, and environmental resistance of thermoset polymer particles is disclosed. One method is the application of post-polymerization process steps (and especially heat treatment) to advance the curing reaction and to thus obtain a more densely crosslinked polymer network.
Sun Drilling Products Corporation


Rubber composition comprising a highly saturated diene elastomer

This rubber composition enables a satisfactory degree of stiffness to be reached while maintaining hysteresis properties acceptable for use in the manufacture of tires for running vehicles.. .


Polyethylene compositions and closures made from them

A dual reactor solution process gives high density polyethylene compositions containing a first ethylene copolymer and a second ethylene copolymer and which have good processability, stiffness, and environmental stress crack resistance. The polyethylene compositions are suitable for compression molding or injection molding applications and are particularly useful in the manufacture of caps and closures for bottles..
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Cementitious composite

An improved, composite textile that can become rigid or semi-rigid by e.g., applying a liquid is provided. The composite can include a high loft non-woven layer having bulking fibers and a binding material; a cured rigid or semi-rigid solid located in the high loft non-woven; a filter layer on a first face of the high loft non-woven layer; and a liquid barrier layer on a second face of the high loft non-woven layer.
Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd.


Soft tissue anchors and implantation techniques

A tissue anchor (20) comprises a helical tissue-coupling element (30) disposed about a longitudinal axis (32) thereof and having a distal tissue-penetrating tip (34). The helical tissue-coupling element (30) has: a first axial stiffness along a first axial portion (60) of the helical tissue-coupling element (30); a second axial stiffness along a second axial portion (62) of the helical tissue-coupling element (30) more distal than the first axial portion (60), which second axial stiffness is greater than the first axial stiffness; and a third axial stiffness along a third axial portion (64) more distal than the second axial portion (62), which third axial stiffness is less than the second axial stiffness.
4 Tech Inc.


Spinal stabilization

Spinal stabilization systems are disclosed having spanning portions extending between and securable to pedicle screw assemblies, the spanning portions have stiffness characteristics that may be variable or selectively adjustable, and/or have non-linear behavior with respect to force versus distortion. Additionally, the systems may utilize a plurality of spanning portions in which two or more of the spanning portions have different stiffness characteristics..


Integrated multimodality intravascular imaging system that combines optical coherence tomography, ultrasound imaging, and acoustic radiation force optical coherence elastography

A method of using an integrated intraluminal imaging system includes an optical coherence tomography interferometer (oct), an ultrasound subsystem (us) and a phase resolved acoustic radiation force optical coherence elastography subsystem (pr-raf-oce). The steps include performing oct to generate a returned optical signal, performing us imaging to generate a returned ultrasound signal, performing pr-arf-oce to generate a returned pr-arf-oce signal by generating a amplitude modulated ultrasound beam or chirped amplitude modulated ultrasound beam to frequency sweep the acoustic radiation force, measuring the arf induced tissue displacement using phase resolved oct method, and the frequency dependence of the pr-arf-oce signal, processing the returned optical signal, the returned ultrasound signal and the measured frequency dependence of the returned pr-arf-oce optical coherence elastographic signal to quantitatively measure the mechanical properties of the identified tissues with both spectral and spatial resolution using enhanced materials response at mechanically resonant frequencies to distinguish tissues with varying stiffness, to identify tissues with different biomechanical properties and to measure structural and mechanical properties simultaneously..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Batting helmet having localized impact protection

A batting helmet having localized impact protection comprises a rigid shell with a padded inner core affixed therein. Localized impact protection comprises additional padding attached to the inner core, increased thickness of the rigid shell, increased stiffness of the rigid shell, and additional padding attached to the rigid shell, alone or in combination, positioned in various regions of the helmet..
Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc.


Vibration damper for a sensor unit and sensor arrangement for a motor vehicle

A vibration damper for a sensor unit comprises an elastic damping element including a central plate, a plurality of damping fingers joined at a first end to the central plate, and a plurality of fastening surfaces. At least two fastening surfaces of the plurality of fastening surfaces are disposed at a distance from each other in a first spatial direction.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Flexible support structure for a geared architecture gas turbine engine

A gas turbine engine includes a fan shaft and a support which supports the fan shaft. The support defines at least one of a support transverse and a support lateral stiffness.
United Technologies Corporation


Fishing rod with enhanced tactile response

A method and structure for providing improved tactile response in fiber reinforced polymer composite materials is disclosed. The effect is achieved by jacketing the reinforcing carbon fiber with a thin coating of non-carbide forming metal, such as nickel.


Aircraft door and aircraft comprising such an aircraft door

An aircraft door includes an outer shell with an exterior and an interior, a stiffening structure arranged on the interior of the outer shell, and at least one door seal arranged on the interior of the outer shell. The door seal is circumferential in an edge region.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

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