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Stiffness patents


This page is updated frequently with new Stiffness-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Dual stiffness suspension system patent thumbnailDual stiffness suspension system
Devices disclosed herein include a housing component, a touch screen, a haptic actuator for moving the touch screen relative to the housing component, and at least one dual stiffness suspension system that couples the touch screen and housing component together such that the touch screen is movable relative to the housing component. The dual stiffness suspension system has a first element of a first stiffness and a second element of a second stiffness which is stiffer than the first stiffness.
Immersion Corporation

 Three-axis microelectromechanical systems device with single proof mass patent thumbnailThree-axis microelectromechanical systems device with single proof mass
A microelectromechanical systems (mems) device, such as a three-axis mems device can sense acceleration in three orthogonal axes. The mems device includes a single proof mass and suspension spring systems that movably couple the proof mass to a substrate.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

 Performance improvement of mems devices patent thumbnailPerformance improvement of mems devices
A microelectromechanical-systems (mems) device includes a driven mass and has a natural stiffness or damping. An actuator applies force to the mass, movement of which is measured by a sensing capacitor.
Purdue Research Foundation

 Driveshaft with two-stage stiffness patent thumbnailDriveshaft with two-stage stiffness
A two-stage stiffness driveshaft includes a hollow cylinder defined by a longitudinal axis, a first end, a distal second end, and a hollow cylinder stiffness. The driveshaft also includes an inner shaft extending through the hollow cylinder along the longitudinal axis and defined by a first end, a distal second end, and an inner shaft stiffness.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Differential lateral stiffness armrest patent thumbnailDifferential lateral stiffness armrest
An automobile armrest is described. The armrest allows lateral movement in an outboard direction while resisting inboard movement.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Stiffeners for cast light-metal door headers patent thumbnailStiffeners for cast light-metal door headers
Stiffeners are disclosed which can be added to the header section of cast light-metal door panels. The header section casting can be designed for manufacturability, and to meet nominal lateral stiffness specifications while making effective use of material.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 High impact polymer interlayers patent thumbnailHigh impact polymer interlayers
Multiple poly(vinyl butyral) layer interlayers that can be used in multiple layer glass panel type applications that require a high level of impact protection, for example in hurricane protection applications or in bullet proof glass applications. This effect is achieved by forming a poly(vinyl butyral) interlayer that has a relatively stiff poly(vinyl butyral) inner layer disposed between two relatively soft outer poly(vinyl butyral) layers, where the stiffness difference is achieved by a plasticizer differential that is achieved at least in substantial part by a residual hydroxyl content difference among the poly(vinyl butyral) layers..
Solutia Inc.

 Fixture apparatus patent thumbnailFixture apparatus
Fixture apparatus and methods of manufacturing fixture apparatus. Fixture apparatus comprising: a first body to at least partially support an object, the first body including a structure having variable stiffness along at least a first axis of the first body..
Rolls-royce Plc

 Indolin-2-one or pyrrolo-pyridin/pyrimidin-2-one derivatives patent thumbnailIndolin-2-one or pyrrolo-pyridin/pyrimidin-2-one derivatives
The compounds may be used for the treatment of certain central nervous system disorders which are positive (psychosis) and negative symptoms of schizophrenia, substance abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorders, cognitive impairment, bipolar disorders, mood disorders, major depression, treatment resistant depression, anxiety disorders, alzheimer's disease, autism, parkinson's disease, chronic pain, borderline personality disorder, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue syndrome, stiffness, antiinflammatory effects in arthritis and balance problems.. .

 Relative stiffness fasteners patent thumbnailRelative stiffness fasteners
A first fastening member joined to an absorbent article. A second fastening member joined to the absorbent article.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Suture leader

Methods and devices are provided for securing tissue to bone. In general, a suture leader can have leading and trailing ends, and an inner passageway configured to receive a strand of suture therein.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Systems and methods for monitoring the circulatory system

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a user-platform apparatus, such as a bodyweight sensing scale, includes a heart/cardiogram sensor which is used to detect heart and vascular characteristics of a user, and provide a cardiogram output indicative of the detected cardiovascular characteristics. The cardiogram output can be used for various purposes, such as detecting arterial stiffness and/or aging..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Micro pick up array pivot mount design for strain amplification

Systems and methods for aligning a transfer head assembly with a substrate are disclosed. In an embodiment a pivot mount is used for generating a feedback signal in a closed-loop motion control system.
Luxvue Technology Corporation


Compact parallel eccentric rotary actuator

A rotary actuator (101) is provided which includes a crankshaft (103), first and second eccentric gears (121), first and second end plates (123), a first crosslink (117) which is disposed between the first eccentric gear and the first end plate, a second crosslink which is disposed between the second eccentric gear and the second end plate, a stator (113) disposed between the first and second eccentric gears, and a rotor (109). Preferably, the rotary actuator further includes first and second support plates (115) which are disposed concentrically about the crankshaft and which are attached to first and second surfaces of the stator, respectively.


Device for absorbing structure-borne sound

A device for absorbing structure-borne sound comprises at least one torque transmitting flange having two or more layers of materials of different damping capacity and stiffness stacked on each other. At least a portion of the flange has a radially jagged cross-sectional profile including two or more flanks consecutively arranged in radial direction and alternately inclined to the radial direction.
Ellergon Antriebstechnik Gesellschaft M.b.h.


Ureteral stents with waveform interlayers and interstitching

Ureteral stents include a tubular body defining a lumen and have a distal kidney section, a proximal bladder section, and a ureter section between the distal and proximal sections. The tubular body has a first material layer and a stiffening member that extends through at least a portion of a length of the tubular body.
Gyrus Acmi, Inc.


Endoscope apparatus

There is provided an endoscope apparatus in which a forceps elevator can be operated according to the operator's intention even when a treatment tool has large bending stiffness. The forceps elevator is erectably provided in a distal end part of the insertion part of the endoscope apparatus and guides the treatment tool led out from the distal end part.
Fujifilm Corporation


Optimized wireless charging system

A transmission device that includes a fixed support for receiving an electronic appliance. The transmission device has at least one first and one second retaining elements defining between them a receiving space, the second retaining element being movable with respect to the fixed support along a main direction so as to give the possibility of adapting the size of the receiving space.
Faurecia Interieur Industrie


Three-axis microelectromechanical systems devices

The embodiments described herein provide microelectromechanical systems (mems) devices, such as three-axis mems devices that can sense acceleration in three orthogonal axes (e.g., x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis). In general, the embodiments described can provide decoupling between the sense motions of all three axes from each other.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Worm gearing with harmonic drive or strain wave gearing primary

A gear system wherein a harmonic drive or strain wave gearing set is efficiently and effectively coupled to a worm drive, where the harmonic drive or strain wave gearing serves as the input and the worm drive serves as the output. By using the harmonic drive or strain wave gearing set as the primary, a very large reduction ratio is achieved in a right angle package with high torsional stiffness.
Cone Drive Operations, Inc.


Electrostatic stabilizer for a passive magnetic bearing system

Electrostatic stabilizers are provided for passive bearing systems composed of annular magnets having a net positive stiffness against radial displacements and that have a negative stiffness for vertical displacements, resulting in a vertical instability. Further embodiments are shown of a radial electrostatic stabilizer geometry (using circuitry similar to that employed in the vertical stabilizer).
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Aircraft engine case shock mount

The present disclosure relates to shock mounts for turbine engine components. A shock mount may be used to mount an accessory gearbox to an engine case.
United Technologies Corporation


Wingsail with adaptable flexible flap

Wingsail. The wingsail includes a substantially rigid airfoil section having a leading and a trailing edge and a flap is attached to the trailing edge through a torsion fitting having a torsional stiffness along the span of the rigid airfoil section selected to control flap deflection with respect to the rigid airfoil section under aerodynamic loading to control rolling moment of the wingsail..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Vehicle component attachment structure for energy absorption

An attachment bracket for attaching one vehicle component, such as a headlamp housing, to another vehicle component includes a wall with an upper end flange and a rib structure defining stiffness along one axis of the vehicle component and having a buckle portion allowing buckling and deformation of the attachment bracket along at least one perpendicular axis to absorb energy. The rib structure includes at least one rib extending along the wall of the attachment bracket, where the at least one rib includes a shape defining an intermediate buckle portion along the rib.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Headrest supporting structure

A headrest supporting structure is provided with a lower spring and an upper spring, which are located at different positions in the vertical direction of a seat. The structure elastically supports a headrest stay with the springs.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Pneumatic radial tire for a passenger car having ultra fine steel cords for a carcass ply

Disclosed is a pneumatic radial tire for a passenger car having ultra fine steel cords for a carcass ply in which adhesive force between a carcass ply layer and a side wall or a rim flange rubber adjacent to a turn up portion on an outside and a stiffness of the rim flange rubber are larger than a bending stiffness of the carcass ply layer so as to improve durability of a bead part while reducing poor air inletting generated at a carcass turn up portion.. .
Kumho Tire Co., Inc.


Variable stiffness actuator with large range of stiffness

In one embodiment, a selectable-rate spring comprises a flexure bar connected to a rotatable shaft, the flexure bar having at least one arched portion. The selectable-rate spring also includes at least one rotational contactor connectable to a link member, wherein the rotational contactor rotates about an axis while maintaining contact with the arched portion of the flexure bar.
Marquette University


Spring-less multi-position micro-fluidic valve assembly

A springless rotary shear that produces compression forces by utilizing the stiffness properties of polymer seals. The valve is designed to produce an effective spring load, with inherent sealing force, by deflecting polymer elements whose response depends on stiffness that is governed by each component's elastic modulus and geometry.
Idex Health & Science Llc


Teat for an infant feeding bottle

A teat (10) for an infant feeding bottle (1), including a resilient wall (12) defining a central nipple (14a) and an areola (14b) that extend around a central axis (l), said teat being elastically transformable between a distended state in which the nipple defines a global maximum (38) and at least one depressed state that is accessible from the distended state by forcing the nipple at least partially into the areola along the central axis, and in which said wall (12) additionally defines an annular double fold (32) that defines an outer local maximum (34) and an inner local minimum (36), both extending circumferentially around the global maximum, wherein the wall defines a circumferential fold region (30) that, in said at least one depressed state, ranges from the local maximum to the local minimum of the double fold, and wherein said fold region has a rotationally asymmetric stiffness distribution.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Force transmitting frames and motion assistance apparatuses including the same

A force transmitting frame may have a length greater than a width. Stiffnesses of first and second end portions of the force transmitting frame may be greater than a stiffness of a central area of the force transmitting frame in a longitudinal direction of the force transmitting frame.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include an actuation structure, a nosecone fixed to the actuation structure by one or more links and one or more link pins, a housing tube having a first housing tube portion with a first stiffness and a second housing tube portion with a second stiffness, and an optic fiber disposed in the housing tube and the actuation structure. A compression of the actuation structure may be configured to gradually curve the housing tube and the optic fiber.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc


Variable stiffness prosthetic foot

Prosthetic feet that provide for variable and adjustable stiffness are provided. A foot element can include a tongue portion defined or formed by a slot in the foot element that at least partially separates the tongue portion from a remainder of the foot element.
Ossur Hf


Implantable insert sleeve

The present disclosure relates to an insert sleeve (19) designed for being inserted into a through hole (17) of an implant (11), comprising a body (21) with a through hole (23) defining an axial direction (29) for receiving a bone anchoring element (25), in particular a bone screw, said body (21) being made of a material having a first modulus of elasticity and including multiple recesses (27) arranged in circumferential direction around said through hole (23) of said insert sleeve (19) for reducing a stiffness of said insert sleeve (19) in a direction transverse (31, 33) to said axial direction (29). At least one of said recesses (27) is filled with a filler material (41) having a second modulus of elasticity different from said first modulus of elasticity..
Zimmer Gmbh


Article of footwear with customizable stiffness

An article of footwear with customizable stiffness is provided. The article of footwear in the form of a snowboard boot is provided with stiffness elements that are inserted within retaining enclosures disposed on either side of an inner liner of the snowboard boot.
Nike, Inc.


Small diameter high straightness arrow and manufacture for the same

The small diameter high straightness arrow made by the process of present invention is designed to improve the stiffness and straightness of the small diameter archery arrows. A chamber and a mandrel are made of dissimilar metals.
Aldila Golf Corp.


Turbine exhaust cylinder / turbine exhaust manifold bolted stiffening ribs

Disclosed are a casing arrangement and a method to reduce critical panel mode response in a gas turbine casing. The casing arrangement includes a turbine exhaust cylinder connected to a turbine exhaust manifold establishing a fluid flow path, the fluid flow path including an inner and an outer flow path.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Motor vehicle rear axle with elastic mounting

A rear axle arrangement for a motor vehicle is disclosed having two independent wheel suspension systems with in each case at least two links and a wheel support. The links producing a connection between the vehicle body and the wheel support and being coupled at their ends in a relatively movable manner via elastic bearings.
Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh


Vascular microcatheter

There is provided a microcatheter with a tapering wall thickness shaft having varying stiffness/flexibility along its length from proximal end near the medical practitioner to the distal end near the target site in the patient, such as with at least three segments. The shaft is prepared of a thermoplastic material having varying composition along its length.
Callisyn Biomedical, Inc.


Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include a handle having a handle distal end and a handle proximal end, an actuation control of the handle, a housing tube having a housing tube distal end and a housing tube proximal end, a first housing tube portion having a first stiffness, a second housing tube portion having a second stiffness, an optic fiber disposed within an inner portion of the handle and the housing tube, and a cable disposed within the housing tube and the actuation control. A rotation of the actuation control may be configured to gradually curve the housing tube and the optic fiber.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc


Housing features of an electronic device

An enclosure and a method for forming an enclosure are disclosed. The enclosure may be formed from metal, such as aluminum, and further include a non-metal portion allowing for transmission and receipt of electromagnetic waves.
Apple Inc.


Electronic key

An electronic key having the following features. The electronic key has a key housing and a switch housing in the key housing.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Motor drive device

A motor drive device (2) of the present invention includes a command response setting unit (22), a position and speed controller (23), a load characteristic compensator (24), a servo adjuster (6), a command response setting function (221), a stiffness setting function (231), an evaluation indicator measuring function (27), and a storage (28). The servo adjuster (6) stores a plurality of command response indicators (61) and a plurality of stiffness indicators (62).
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Optically diffusive plastic having high stiffness

An optically diffusive plastic can comprise 40 to 94.9 mass % of a polymer resin matrix; 5 to 50 mass % of a glass filler; and 0.1 to 10 mass % of a light diffusing component; wherein the difference between refractive index of the polymer resin matrix and refractive index of the glass filler is less than or equal to 0.02; wherein a 1 millimeter (mm) thick sample of the optically diffusive plastic comprises a dld value of greater than or equal to 1 degree (°) as measured by goniophotometry; wherein the 1 mm thick sample comprises a total transmittance of greater than or equal to 40% for incident light having a wavelength of 360 nanometers (nm) to 750 nm in air; and wherein a 3.2 mm thick sample of the optically diffusive plastic comprises a flexural modulus, measured at 23° c., of greater than or equal to 2,500 megapascal (mpa).. .
Sabic Global Technologies B. V.


Torque transmission device for a motor vehicle

A torque transmission device for a motor vehicle, having a torque input element (7), a torque output element (24), and at least two elastic members (10a, 10b) mounted between the torque input and output elements (7, 24) and counteracting rotation of input and output elements with respect to one another. The elastic members (10a, 10b) are arranged serially by means of a phasing member (30) so that the elastic members (10a, 10b) deform in phase with one another.
Valeo Embrayages


Self-jacking scaffold for large cylindrical tanks

An apparatus and method for raising a self-jacking scaffold system including extending a jacking screw and jacking screw bracket axially upward, connecting a jacking screw bracket to an overhead tank bracket for a plurality of scaffold sections coupled to a jacking assembly, detaching a plurality of scaffold mounting brackets from a plurality of tank mounting brackets, raising the continuously coupled plurality of scaffold sections, and reattaching the plurality of scaffold mounting brackets to a plurality of tank mounting brackets. Noting the plurality of scaffold sections is continuously coupled proximate a circumference of a shell tank, the continuously coupled scaffold sections and tank mounting brackets provide stiffness to the tank shell to enable it to resist external loads and can be quickly moved and restored as required during tank construction..
Om Engineering


Twist beam with joined inner and outer parts

A twist beam (22) for a rear suspension assembly (20) includes an outer beam part (24) and an inner beam part (26) each stamped from a sheet of steel or steel alloy. The beam parts (24, 26) both present an inverted u-shaped cross-section.
Magna International Inc.


Constrained microlayer cellular material with high stiffness and damping

Composite materials with high damping and high stiffness at relatively low density. These materials include three-dimensional structures of interconnected ligaments, which have multiple concentric layers alternating between stiff constraining layers and soft damping layers, so that bulk deformation of the structure results in high local shear strain and correspondingly high bulk damping..
Hrl Laboratories, Llc


Golf club head with sound tuning element

The invention generally relates to golf clubs with sound tuning features. In certain aspects, the invention provides a flanged rib structure configured to provide improved sound tuning characteristics for a golf club head, particularly a hollow-bodied golf club head.
Cobra Golf Incorporated


Compositions and methods for joint health

The present disclosure provides mixtures of prenylated flavonoids, stilbenes, or both with flavans or curcuminoids or both capable of modulating joint inflammation, joint pain, joint stiffness, cartilage degradation, or improving mobility, range of motion, flexibility, joint physical function, or any combination thereof. Such a mixture of prenylated flavonoids, stilbenes, or both with flavans or curcuminoids or both can optionally be used in combination with other joint management agents, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents/analgesics, cox/lox inhibiting agents, glucosamine compounds, neuropathic pain relief agents, or the like..
Unigen, Inc.


Foot prosthesis with resilient multi-axial ankle

The present foot prosthesis includes various structural features that provide the foot with advantageous rollover properties. In certain embodiments, the foot guides rollover toward the medial side.
Össur Hf


Variable-mechanical-impedance artificial legs

In one aspect, the invention provides methods and apparatus facilitating an adjustable-stiffness prosthesis or orthosis (including approximations to arbitrarily definable non-linear spring functions). Spring rates may be varied under no-load conditions during a walking gate cycle to minimize power consumption.


Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include a handle having a handle, a housing sleeve, a first portion of the housing sleeve having a first stiffness, a second portion of the housing sleeve having a second stiffness, an actuation control of the handle, an optic fiber disposed in an inner bore of the handle and the housing sleeve, and a shape memory wire having a pre-formed curve. An actuation of the actuation control may be configured to gradually curve the housing sleeve and the optic fiber.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc


Edible 3d printer filament

The present invention relates to an edible 3d printer filament that incorporates an active ingredient such as an oil extract for taste, odor or medicinal benefit, and which is capable of retaining this benefit, despite the repeated thermal extrusion involved in 3d printing. The filament is made by mixing the active ingredient extraction with polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp), starch, and super disintegrant, and spray drying the result to a powderized form.


Power generator

A power generator 1 includes a magnetostrictive rod 2 through which lines of magnetic force pass in an axial direction thereof, a beam portion 73 having a function of causing stress in the magnetostrictive rod 2, and a coil 3 provided so that the lines of magnetic force pass inside the coil 3 in an axial direction of the coil 3. A space between the magnetostrictive rod 2 and the beam portion 73 at the other end of the magnetostrictive rod 2 is smaller than that at one end of the magnetostrictive rod 2 in a side view of the power generator 1.
Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.


Carbon fiber guitar

A stringed musical instrument has a molded sound box and neck where the sound box is formed of between 20% to 60% carbon fibers, or other suitable fibers, and a polymeric resin or binder. The composition of materials utilized in the sound box is selected to increase stiffness and to control the tone of the instrument.
Mcp Ip, Llc


Gear apparatus and image forming apparatus

One or more exemplary embodiments provide a gear apparatus. The gear apparatus includes a gear including a shaft hole, a reinforcing member that has a higher stiffness in comparison to the gear, and a rotation shaft that is inserted into the shaft hole through the reinforcing member.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Drivetrain assembly for a wind turbine

The present disclosure is directed to a drivetrain assembly for a wind turbine. The drivetrain assembly includes a gearbox having a ring gear, an annular torque support, and at least one flexible component configured therebetween.
General Electric Company


Nanomodified backbones for polyimides with difunctional and mixed-functionality endcaps

Polyimides containing a backbone with at least one nanoparticle component and made from oligomers having endcaps that are difunctional or a mix of di- and monofunctionality are provided. The endcaps may be nadic or phenylethynyl.
The Boeing Company


Nanomodified backbones for polyimides with difunctional and mixed-functionality endcaps

Polyimides containing a backbone with at least one nanoparticle component and made from oligomers having endcaps that are difunctional or a mix of di- and monofunctionality are provided. The endcaps may be nadic or phenylethynyl.
The Boeing Company


Propylene copolymer with high impact proporties

Monophasic propylene copolymer with high stiffness and impact resistance.. .
Borealis Ag


Microtruss replacing structural foam in body structural application

A vehicle structural member, such as a rocker panel, including a micro-truss core. The structural member includes specially configured and opposing outer panels that are welded together to define a channel therein, where the micro-truss core is placed in one of the panels or is fabricated to one of the panels during the micro-truss fabrication process before the panels are secured together.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Deployable vehicle hood extender for pedestrian protection

A pedestrian protection apparatus for use with a motor vehicle having a windshield, a cowl and an engine hood is provided. The apparatus includes a deployable hood extender, movable between a stowed position within or beneath the hood and a deployed position, wherein the hood extender substantially overlaps the cowl or an area of increased component stiffness rearward of the vehicle hood and beneath at least a portion of the windshield.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Balloon catheters and methods for treating paranasal sinuses

A set of sinus balloon catheters are provided for treating a patient's paranasal sinus system, including dilating prepared openings, and natural ostia and ducts and excising sinus cavities. These include a balloon catheter with a bend placing a distal segment at 90° to a proximal segment and a balloon catheter which is substantially straight.
Acclarent, Inc.


Systems and methods for establishing the stiffness of a bone using mechanical response tissue analysis

Parametric model based computer implemented methods for determining the stiffness of a bone, systems for estimating the stiffness of a bone in vivo, and methods for determining the stiffness of a bone. The computer implemented methods include determining a complex compliance frequency response function y(f) and an associated complex stiffness frequency response function h(f) and fitting a parametric mathematical model to y(f) and to h(f).
Ohio University


Systems and methods for varying stiffness of an endoscopic insertion tube

The specification describes endoscopes that enable varying stiffness of an insertion portion in an endoscope assembly. In one example, an actuator operates either a spring or a flexible tube to vary stiffness of the insertion portion.
Endochoice, Inc.


Enclosure stiffener for electronic device

An electronic device can include a processor, output device(s) coupled thereto, and an outer housing or enclosure containing these and other electronic and/or optical items. The enclosure can include a substantially thin contoured component having an external surface exposed to a user and an internal surface.
Apple Inc.


Flexible support structure for a geared architecture gas turbine engine

A gas turbine engine according to an example of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a fan shaft configured to drive a fan, a support configured to support at least a portion of the fan shaft, the support defining a support transverse stiffness and a support lateral stiffness, a gear system coupled to the fan shaft, and a flexible support configured to at least partially support the gear system. The flexible support defines a flexible support transverse stiffness with respect to the support transverse stiffness and a flexible support lateral stiffness with respect to the support lateral stiffness.
United Technologies Corporation


Polymers with improved escr for blow molding applications

Disclosed herein are ethylene-based polymers having a higher molecular weight component and a lower molecular weight component, and characterized by a density greater than 0.945 g/cm3, a melt index less than 1.5 g/10 min, and a ratio of high load melt index to melt index ranging from 40 to 175. These polymers have the processability of chromium-based resins, but with improved stiffness and stress crack resistance, and can be used in blow molding and other end-use applications..
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp


Hat stringer closeout fitting and making same

A closeout fitting for a hat stringer includes a cover that has a fitting surface. The fitting surface is substantially complementary to at least a portion of an outer surface of the hat stringer.
The Boeing Company


A fibre preform for laying on a curved surface of a mould

A method for making a root section (7) of a wind turbine blade (5), the method comprising: providing a fibre preform (14) comprising the steps of: providing at least one first ply of dry reinforcing material (15); placing a stiffening strip (25) on the at least one first ply of dry reinforcing material; placing at least one second ply of dry reinforcing material on the stiffening strip to form a stack; and binding the stack together along binding rows (16); the method further comprising placing the fibre preform on a curved mould surface such that the binding rows and the stiffening strip are orientated in a chordwise direction; wherein the stiffening strip has a stiffness such that the stack is self-supporting so that the stack does not buckle when laid on the curved mould surface.. .
Vestas Wind Systems A/s


Low profile knee brace and using same

A low profile, lightweight hinged knee brace is provided for use in providing support to individuals having injuries to their ligaments. The brace includes an upper component that can be formed to fit the thigh of a wearer.
Djo, Llc


Attachment for electrosurgical system

An electrosurgical scalpel for a gas-assisted electrosurgical system. The electrosurgical scalpel has a dielectric portion and a conductive portion.


Portable water travel bottle for use to provide water to dogs in automobiles and other locations remote from home

A portable travel mug and water bowl combination which is used to retain water and dispense water for a dog to consume and thereafter enable the unconsumed water to be returned to the travel mug. The water bottle contains an upper section, a lower section and an interior recessed section which enables the bottle to be compressed to squeeze water out of the bottle through a straw into the dog bowl and at the same time provide a sufficient stiffness so that the shape of the bottle will not deform.


Actuator structure and method

An electromechanical polymer (emp) transducer may include (a) one or more emp layers each having a first operating characteristic; and (b) one or more emp layers each having a second operating characteristic different from the first operating characteristic. The emp transducer may include at least two emp layers that are activated independently, and one or more emp layers being configured to be a sensing layer.
Novasentis, Inc.


Methods and monitoring interactions between particles and molecules using nanophotonic trapping

A method for characterizing an interaction between a first particle and a second particle is provided. The method includes the steps of: (i) providing an optical trap system including a photonics-based trap, a light source, and a camera; (ii) optically trapping, using the photonics-based trap, the first particle; (iii) obtaining a first measurement of a trap stiffness of the photonics-based trap; (iv) introducing the second particle to the optically trapped particle; (v) incubating the first and second particles under conditions suitable for an interaction between the first and second particles; (vi) obtaining a second measurement of the trap stiffness of the photonics-based trap after the incubation; and (vii) determining, using the first measurement of trap stiffness and the second measurement of trap stiffness, a property of the interaction between the first particle and the second particle..
Cornell University


Damped propshaft assembly and tuned damper for a damped propshaft assembly

A damped propshaft assembly with a hollow shaft and a tuned damper, which is received in the hollow shaft and includes a liner and a damping member. The liner's mass and stiffness are tuned to attenuate one or more of a bending mode vibration and a torsion mode vibration that occurs at a first predetermined frequency.
American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.


Continuous strand hoop reinforcement for concrete foundations

A post-tensioned continuous strand hoop reinforcement for concrete foundations is provided. The post-tensioned continuous strand hoop reinforcement compresses the concrete to prevent cracking and significantly reduces foundation deflection and distortion which increases rotational stiffness in anchor caps, spread foundations, and like foundation configurations..


Method for producing a control element and control element

A method produces a control element having a touch-enabled surface, in which a paste-like material is applied on a carrier plate. At least one raised structure element is formed by the paste-like material on the carrier plate.
Audi Ag


Bonded and tailorable composite assembly

An all-composite assembly such as a composite laminate aircraft empennage has vertical and horizontal stabilizers with differing sets of interlaminar fracture toughnesses and differing stiffnesses to improve flight characteristics. Composite laminate skins are bonded to unitized and stiffened understructure to reduce weight and improve damage containment..
The Boeing Company


Hybrid component for a motor vehicle comprising an internal, unsprayed metal grid having a rhomboid pattern

A hybrid component for a vehicle includes at least one metal element and a plastic element. The plastic element at least sectionally encloses the at least one metal element, and at least sectionally forms a form-fit with the at least one metal element.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Progressive stiffness structural-acoustic sandwich panel

A sandwich material having both structural strength and significant acoustic attenuation. In one embodiment, a sandwich is composed of an architected core secured between two facesheets, with a compliant layer forming the connection between the core and the facesheets.
Hrl Laboratories, Llc


System for reconstructing surface motion in an optical elastography system

A method for an optical elastography system converts digital images of an actuated breast into a description of surface motion. The surface motion can subsequently be used to ascertain whether the breast has regions of abnormal stiffness, e.g., indicating a significant likelihood of breast cancer.
Tiro Lifesciences Limited


Double tray system for seed sowing or seedling transplantation

Thermoformed double tray system for cultivation of plants including a top tray which is stacked with a bottom tray. The top tray has cells for receiving a substrate.


Mechanische stabilisierung und elektrische sowie hydraulische adaptierung eines silizium chips durch keramiken

A pressure difference sensor includes a pressure difference measuring cell, which has a measuring cell platform with pressure contactable measuring chambers in its interior, a first mounting surface and a second mounting surface. The mounting surfaces have a variable separation under pressure loading of the measuring chambers.
Endress+hauser Gmbh+co. Kg


Designs and processes for using discrete stiffeners to create light, stiff and strong automotive structures

A technique for providing localized stiffening of a vehicle trim panel, especially for high curvature areas. The vehicle trim panel includes an outer panel having an outer show surface and an inner surface.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Layering technique for an adjustable, repairable variable stiffness prosthetic foot

A modular prosthetic foot includes a keel section and in some cases, an optional heel section. The keel section may also include an optional toe section.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Shoe sole

Described are soles for shoes, and shoes with such soles. The sole includes a first partial region and a second partial region, a cushioning element, and a protection element.
Adidas Ag


Actuator device and converting rotational input to axial output with rotary flexure mechanism

An actuator device includes a motor and a reduction device operatively coupled to the motor and oriented about a central axis, the reduction device configured to modify an input angle of rotation provided by the motor to an output angle of rotation. Further included is a rotary flexure mechanism that includes a rotary flexure operatively coupled to an output portion of the reduction device.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Servo motor controller having self-measuring function and self-monitoring function of mechanical stiffness

A servo motor controller includes a speed command generating unit for generating a speed command value of the servo motor, a speed detecting unit that detects a speed of the servo motor, a torque command generating unit for generating a torque command value, a sine wave generating unit for generating a sinusoidal disturbance value, a frequency response calculating unit for calculating a frequency response when the sinusoidal disturbance value has been input to a speed control loop, a resonance frequency detecting unit for detecting a resonance frequency at which a gain is maximized, a resonance frequency storing unit for storing the resonance frequency, at least one filter for attenuating a specific frequency band component included in the torque command value, and a resonance frequency comparing unit for measuring stiffness of a machine tool based on the resonance frequency and adjusts the filter with respect to the resonance frequency.. .
Fanuc Corporation


A transparent optical device element

The present invention relates to transparent optical device elements comprising a deformable lens body and to a method for changing the refractive index (ri) of a deformable lens body. The deformable lens body of the invention has an improved mechanical stability, a high refractive index, an optimal degree of stiffness and sheer modulus for use as optical lens..
Polight As


Electric power steering isolator

Electric power steering systems and a method for controlling an electric power steering system are provided. The method, for example, includes, but is not limited to, determining, by a controller, a speed of a vehicle based upon data from a sensor, and adjusting, by the controller, a stiffness of an isolator in an electric power steering system via at least one piezoelectric device embedded in the isolator based upon the determined speed of the vehicle..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Negative stiffness honeycomb material

A honeycomb structure having high levels of recoverable energy absorption is provided. The honeycomb structure achieves high levels of recoverable energy absorption by incorporating cells that exhibit negative stiffness.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Driveshaft assembly

A drive shaft assembly is formed from two concentrically arranged driveshafts fastened together near to one end of the driveshaft assembly so as to prevent relative rotation therebetween and connectable together near to an opposite end via a torque sensitive drivable connection. The torsional stiffness of the driveshaft assembly is primarily dependent upon whether one or both driveshafts are arranged to transmit torque.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Deployable semi-rigid body contact restraint member with integral flexible expansion member

A hybrid expandable restraint volume enclosure system incorporating at least one deployable semi-rigid human body reaction surface is provided. One or more walls of the expanding volume are substantially pliable, attaching at one end to a mounting base that is attachable to a structural member of a vehicle and another end attached to a semi-rigid deployable reaction surface.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Composite flange with three-dimensional weave architecture

According to various embodiments, a carbon fiber structure is presented. The carbon fiber structure may address loads presented to an engine component in various directions.
United Technologies Corporation


Methods for solid phase processing of tubes and medical devices made from the processed tubes

A polymer tube is processed using a solid phase process for improving mechanical characteristics of the tube, including radial strength and stiffness. The tube is made into a scaffold possessing improved mechanical and use characteristics, such as a reduced crimped profile and improved deliverability..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Hot-stamping tailor-welded blanks of aluminum sheet

Forming a tailor-welded blank (twb) having aluminum sheets includes various elements. For example, a hot-stamping methodology is applied to a welded blank for meeting load and stiffness requirements in tandem to weight efficiency.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Methods and apparatuses for amniotic fluid collection and isolation of cells

Disclosed herein are methods and apparatuses for the safe, high-yield collection of sterile amniotic fluid. The apparatus are configured to allow sufficient flexibility for the device to gain access to all areas of the amniotic cavity, to allow sufficient stiffness for the amniotic fluid collection device to puncture the amniotic and chorionic membranes, yet allow sufficient suppleness to pose no significant risk of maternal or fetal harm.


System and determining arterial compliance and stiffness

A system and method for calculating the arterial compliance, stiffness, and arterial flow and resistance indices for any artery in issue of a subject having a blood pressure monitoring device configured to calculate systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings for an artery of the subject, a blood flow velocity monitoring device configured to calculate the velocity of blood flowing within the artery of the subject at a peak point of a systolic phase of contraction of the subject's heart muscle, peak-systolic velocity, and the velocity of blood flowing within the artery of the subject at an end point of a diastolic phase of the subject's heart muscle, end-diastolic velocity, and a central processing unit comprising a computer readable program embodied within the central processing unit configured to calculate the arterial compliance, stiffness, and arterial flow and resistance indices as a function of the area of the artery under initial systolic and end diastolic pressure, the area of the artery generating arterial elastic recoil pressure for continuous flow during the systolic and diastolic phases, peak-systolic and end-diastolic arterial flow velocities, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure.. .


Encased asymmetric coil innersprings with alternating coil spring orientations

Encased coil innersprings with alternating spring coil orientations utilize a common coil configuration and a uniform encasement or pocket configuration, and wherein the coils have an asymmetrical configuration and the vertical end-up orientation of the coils that is alternated or otherwise varied. Selected coils in different areas or patterns in the array of pocketed coils that form the spring core are inverted, relative to a support surface of the spring core, within the individual pockets.
Sealy Technology, Llc

Stiffness topics: Brush Assembly, Electronic Device, Piezoelectric

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