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Stiffness patents

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Method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens, a method of determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic,…


Method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens, a method of determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic,…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Disposable diaper patent thumbnailnew patent Disposable diaper
The disposable diaper according to the present invention includes a base sheet (12) made of nonwoven fabric and a hook sheet (110) provided with a plurality of engagement hooks. A kes bending stiffness value in a fastening tape existent region (shs) is equal to or less than 1.64 gf·cm2/cm, the height of the engagement hook is between 60 and 200 μm; and the color difference (Δe) between the hook sheet existent region (shs) on the inner side of a fastening tape (100) and side flaps (50) adjacent to the fastening tape (100) is 6.5 or more, when the color difference of l* is Δl*, the color difference of a* is Δa*, and the color difference of b* is Δb* according to the l*a*b* color coordinate system..
Unicharm Corporation
 Bodily implant patent thumbnailnew patent Bodily implant
In one embodiment, an implant includes a body member, a first arm member and a second arm member. The body member is formed of a first material and has a first side portion and a second side portion.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.
 Flame retardant pallet patent thumbnailnew patent Flame retardant pallet
A flame retardant pallet that includes at least one structural component formed from a polymeric composite material. The polymeric composite material includes 35 weight percent (wt.
Cip Binani, Inc.
 Method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens, a  determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic, an  measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens and an  determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic patent thumbnailnew patent Method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens, a determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic, an measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens and an determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic
The present invention provides a method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens and an apparatus for measuring the elasticity of the crystalline lens for measuring stiffness of the crystalline lens 1, wherein the crystalline lens 1 is irradiated with pulse laser light to generate photoelastic waves from the crystalline lens 1, and the photoelastic waves from the crystalline lens 1 are measured.. .
 Fittings having arcuate stiffness ribs patent thumbnailnew patent Fittings having arcuate stiffness ribs
Fittings, including elbow fittings and tee fittings have bodies that surround a central space and define openings to receive pipe elements. Ribs surround the openings, and gaps are positioned between the ribs to permit deformation of the body when ends of the body in facing relation are brought together.
Victaulic Company
 Tlp pontoon patent thumbnailTlp pontoon
A tlp design with improved motion characteristics and that is drawn to a means of reducing the required tendon stiffness and thereby reducing the overall cost of deepwater tlps. The invention reduces the hydrodynamic added mass of the tlp hull.
Floatec, Llc
 Partitioned hybrid substrate for radio frequency applications patent thumbnailPartitioned hybrid substrate for radio frequency applications
The presently claimed invention is to provide a package for compact rf signal system, and a method to form the package thereof in order to miniaturize the size of package, improve signal integrity, and reduce manufacturing cost. The package comprises a hybrid substrate with a sandwiched structure, in which the hybrid substrate comprises an upper layer and a lower layer with different dielectric properties being separated by an interposer for improving electrical isolation and mechanical stiffness.
Hong Kong Applied Science And Technology Research Institute Company Limited
 Control device with haptic feedback patent thumbnailControl device with haptic feedback
The present invention relates to a control device (1) with haptic feedback; comprising a sensitive control surface (3) on which an actuator (9) is fixed, said control surface (3) being connected to a support (5) in the area of at least two connection zones (7), each connection zone (7) comprising at least one damper (70) placed between the control surface (3) and the support (5), said connection zones (7) defining a proximal suspension of said control surface (3) with respect to said support (5) in the area of a connection zone (7) near the actuator (9) and a distal suspension of said control surface (3) with respect to the support (5) in the area of a connection zone (7) distant from the actuator, the stiffness of the proximal suspension being less than the stillness of the distal suspension.. .
 Multidirectional vibration generator using single vibrator and  the same patent thumbnailMultidirectional vibration generator using single vibrator and the same
Disclosed is a vibration generating method includes providing a vibration generating device which receives a driving power and generates a vibration, and controlling vibration of a vibrator of the vibration generating device, wherein the vibration of the vibrator is controlled by systematizing an inertia matrix and a stiffness matrix of the vibrator, and wherein the inertia matrix and the stiffness matrix simultaneously satisfy diagonalization. A vibration generating device using this method is also disclosed..
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology
 Support module for lithography system patent thumbnailSupport module for lithography system
The invention relates to a support structure and support module, for instance for use in a lithography system, comprising a frame and a support for supporting a load, wherein said support is moveable relative to said frame, said support structure further comprising a force compensation spring assembly connecting said support to said frame for at least partially supporting said support and/or said load, wherein said force compensation spring assembly comprises a first spring having a negative stiffness characteristic over a predefined range of motion of said spring, and a second spring having a positive stiffness.. .
Mapper Lithography Ip B.v.

Tyre with lightened belt structure

A radial tyre, which is useable for a passenger vehicle or a van, has a crown reinforcement or belt having a lightened belt structure. The lightened belt structure is constructed of a multilayer composite laminate that includes a first layer of rubber that radially surmounts, in a direction z, two other layers of rubber.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Adjustable variable stiffness medical device and methods of use

A transluminal device may include an elongate section extending between a proximal end and a distal end of the device. The elongate section may be configured to be inserted into a body cavity.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Thermoset nanocomposite particles, processing for thier production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications

Use of two different methods, either each by itself or in combination, to enhance the stiffness, strength, maximum possible use temperature, and environmental resistance of thermoset polymer particles is disclosed. One method is the application of post-polymerization process steps (and especially heat treatment) to advance the curing reaction and to thus obtain a more densely crosslinked polymer network.
Sun Drilling Products Corporation

Lacrosse head

A lacrosse head including a sidewall having upper and lower rails and an optional cross member. At least one of the upper and lower rails and cross member are cored out to define a recess.
Warrior Sports, Inc.

Polypropylene-based resin composition and foam sheet

Provided is a polypropylene-based resin composition which gives uniform and fine cells and from which a foamed sheet and thermoform excellent in appearance, thermoformability, impact resistance, lightness, stiffness, heat resistance, heat insulating properties, oil resistance and the like can be produced. A polypropylene-based resin composition comprising (x) 5 to 99% by weight of a polypropylene resin having a structure with long chain branches, and (y) 1 to 95% by weight of a propylene-based block copolymer produced by sequential polymerization, which block copolymer comprises (y-1) a propylene (co)polymer and (y-2) a propylene-ethylene copolymer, said resin (x) having properties (x-i) to (x-iv) and said block copolymer (y) having properties (y-i) to (y-v), and the like..
Japan Polypropylene Corporation

Automotive muffler

In a muffler comprising a shell formed by joining a pair of shell halves each including a bottom wall and a side wall and defining an opening opposite to the bottom wall, the shell halves being joined to each other at the openings thereof, the muffler further comprising an inlet pipe for introducing exhaust gas into the shell and an outlet pipe for expelling exhaust gas from inside the shell, a depth of one of the shell halves is greater than a depth of the other shell half, and the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe are connected to the side wall of the one shell half so that the overall plane stiffness of the shell is well balanced and maximized. Therefore, without adding any reinforcement or increasing the wall thickness of the shell, the acoustic emission from the muffler can be minimized..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

High stiffness tool for expanding a wellbore

A downhole tool may be used to enlarge and widen a wellbore. The downhole tool may include a reamer with a mandrel that includes a rib extending radially outward from a cylindrical body of the mandrel.
Smith International, Inc.

Tyre with lightened belt structure

Radial tyre, notably, for a passenger vehicle or van, with a lightened belt structure (10) comprising a multilayer composite laminate (10a, 10b, 10c) of specific construction with a first layer (10a) of rubber (c1) comprising heat-shrinkable textile circumferential reinforcers (110) made of polyester, for example pet or pen, this first layer radially (in the direction z) surmounting two other layers (10b, 10c) of rubber (c2, c3 respectively) reinforced with monofilaments (120, 130) of high tensile steel; this multilayer composite laminate allows the weight and rolling resistance of the tyres to be reduced without impairing the cornering stiffness and, therefore, road holding and handling, while at the same time offering running endurance that is at least equivalent if not better.. .
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Foot support structure and shoe assembly

A foot support structure for a shoe includes a toe box, a connection member facilitating adjustable connection of the toe box to a cooperable connection member on a separate shank portion of a shoe, an opening defined by a peripheral edge of the toe box portion, and a toe box liner lining the inner surface of the toe box portion. The toe box and toe box liner are each moulded from a thermoplastic polymer material and the toe box liner extends beyond the peripheral edge of the toe box at its opposing lateral sides to form foot-supporting side wings; and wherein the thermoplastic polymer material of the toe box has a greater stiffness than that of the toe box liner..
Inspire Future Of Dance Limited

Wearable absorbent article with robust feeling waistband structure

A disposable diaper having front and rear augmented waistband zones having a specified size and stiffness is disclosed. For relatively thinner, less bulky diapers of currently marketed designs, providing augmented waistband zones is believed to reduce mental and physical effort for the caregiver in application of the diaper.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Polypropylene-based resin composition and foam sheet

Provided is a polypropylene-based resin composition which gives uniform and fine cells and from which a foamed sheet and thermoform excellent in appearance, thermoformability, impact resistance, lightness, stiffness, heat resistance, heat insulating properties, oil resistance and the like can be produced. A polypropylene-based resin composition comprising (x) 5 to 99% by weight of a polypropylene resin having a structure with long chain branches, and (y) 1 to 95% by weight of a propylene-based block copolymer produced by sequential polymerization, which block copolymer comprises (y-1) a propylene (co)polymer and (y-2) a propylene-ethylene copolymer, said resin (x) having properties (x-i) to (x-iv) and said block copolymer (y) having properties (y-i) to (y-v), and the like..
Japan Polypropylene Corporation

Set of rolling bearings and corresponding rotary machine

This set of roller bearings, which is a grounding bearing for a rotary machine, comprises a first-angular contact rolling bearing having a first outer race, a first inner race and first rolling elements, a second angular-contact rolling bearing having a second outer race, a second inner race and second rolling elements, a mount in which the first angular-contact rolling bearing and the second angular-contact rolling bearing are mounted. The first outer race and the second outer race are arranged in the mount either directly one beside the other or via the interposition of an intermediate member, the axial stiffness of which is greater than that of the mount and than those of the first and second outer races.
Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Limited

Cross member for a frame of a vehicle as well as frame for a vehicle

A cross member for a frame of a vehicle. The cross member provides a particularly high stiffness of the frame and has a particularly low weight.
Daimler Ag

Adjustable surfing fin

The invention is a fm for surfboards with a variable stiffness function. This is accomplished by means of a central disc that can be rotated to give different degrees of mechanical support to the fin when rotated to different angles, thus providing variable flexibility..

Negative stiffness device and method

Negative stiffness systems and methods for seismic protection of a structure is described. A system can include a negative stiffness device having a first linkage pivotably connected to an anchor frame at a first pivot point and pivotably connected the movement frame at a second pivot point.
Taylor Devices, Inc.

Method and system for thermomechanically decoupling heatsink

A method of mounting a heat sink includes providing a heat sink having a plurality of mounting points, and attaching a plurality of mounting members to the heat sink at the plurality of mounting points, respectively, at least one of a combination of a mounting point of the mounting points and a mounting member of the mounting members being configured so as to have a stiffness in a thermally-induced expansion direction of the heat sink at the respective mounting point which is less than a stiffness in an other direction at the respective mounting point.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for automatically setting controller bandwidth

Robustly stabilizing controller bandwidth for a controlled mechanical system is determined as a function of the system's estimated inertia and dominant system parameters that define constraints on the bandwidth. In one or more embodiments, a bandwidth model is derived that defines a relationship between robustly stabilizing controller bandwidth and system gain over a range of reasonable system uncertainties.
Linestream Technologies

Variable stiffness catheter

A device and method for inserting a variable stiffness catheter into a subject with a catheter body being in relatively stiff state at a first temperature and a more flexible state at a second temperature. A temperature sensitive polymer is incorporated into the catheter that varies in stiffness depending on the temperature.

Composite structure, aircraft wing and aircraft fuselage including composite structure, and manufacturing composite structure

A composite structure (3) formed of a composite member which extends in one direction, includes holes (5), and is made of fiber reinforced plastics. A tensile load and/or a compressive load are applied to the composite structure (3) in the one direction.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Vehicle seat and manufacturing the same

There is provided a method of manufacturing a vehicle seat configured by covering a seat cover on a sitting surface side of a seat frame via a seat pad and by covering a non-sitting surface side of the seat frame with a carpet, the vehicle seat including an end fixing part having a groove into which both ends of the seat cover and the carpet are to be inserted and fixed. The method includes fixing, to the end of the seat cover, an insertion member having stiffness, which can be inserted and fixed in the groove integrally with the seat cover, arranging the carpet such that the end thereof covers an entrance of the groove, and inserting the insertion member into the groove to thus push and fix the end of the carpet in the groove while the end of the carpet abuts on the insertion member..
Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

Rear shock absorber mounting structure for vehicle

A rear shock absorber mounting structure for a vehicle includes a rear shock absorber upper cover which may be mounted on a wheel housing and on which a rear shock absorber may be engaged and supported, an inner dual rail member which may be mounted on an inner surface of the wheel housing, which may be oriented toward a vehicle interior along a width direction of a vehicle, and an outer dual rail member which may be mounted on an outer surface of the wheel housing, which may be oriented toward an outside of the vehicle interior along the width direction of the vehicle, and thereby, the rear shock absorber mounting structure may be configured by a simple structure, and mounting stiffness of the rear shock absorber may be increased.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Vehicle suspension device

A vehicle suspension device includes a suspension device main body configured to support a wheel of a vehicle to a vehicle body of the vehicle; a varying device configured to cause an upper connecting portion stiffness and a lower connecting portion stiffness to be variable, the upper connecting portion stiffness being a stiffness between a vertically upper portion of the suspension device main body and the vehicle body, and the lower connecting portion stiffness being a stiffness between a vertically lower portion of the suspension device main body and the vehicle body; and a control device configured to control the varying device at a time of braking of the vehicle to perform control which causes the upper connecting portion stiffness to be relatively decreased and causes the lower connecting portion stiffness to be relatively increased, compared to at a time of non-braking of the vehicle.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Active vibration isolation device based on electromagnetic and aerostatic floatation

This invention relates to an active vibration isolation installation based on electromagnetic and aerostatic floatation which is essential for the super-precision measurement and manufacture. It mainly consists of an isolation platform, an intermediate sleeve and a base.
Harbin Institute Of Technology

Medical tubes and methods of manufacture

This invention relates to a medical tube comprises an elongate conduit having a first opening, a second opening, a longitudinal axis, a lumen extending between the first opening and the second opening along the longitudinal axis, and a corrugated wall, formed from an extruded material, extending between the first opening and the second opening and surrounding the lumen. The wall is stiffer in a first length of the conduit adjacent the first opening than in a second length of the conduit adjacent the second opening.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

Rf energy delivery system and method

Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the ablation of tissue. A steerable ablation catheter can include one or more ablation elements at its distal end and one or more ablation elements fixedly attached to its shaft.
Medtronic Ablation Frontiers Llc

Engineered aggregates for metamaterials

Materials and methods for implementing engineered aggregates in metamaterials are provided. The engineered aggregates may be tuned to oscillate resonantly under the influence of an external force improving the dynamic performance of the metamaterial by impeding dynamic excitation.
California Institute Of Technology

Vacuum-grooved membrane abrasive polishing wafer workholder

Hard-material, flat-surfaced workpieces such as semiconductor wafers or sapphire disks are attached with vacuum to the flexible elastomeric membrane of a wafer carrier that allows one surface of the workpiece to be in conformal abrading contact with a moving flat-surfaced abrasive. The elastomeric membrane external wafer attachment surface has a pattern of recessed vacuum grooves and vacuum is supplied to the grooves to firmly attach the rigid-material silicon wafer in flat-surfaced contact with the membrane.

High-modulus superelastic alloy wire for medical and dental purposes

A wire used in the medical field for guiding purposes, as well as in other fields, such as in the field of orthodontics for teeth aligning purposes. The wire, when prepared for use in such applications, exhibits an innovative blend of advantageous properties, including enhanced kink resistance over stainless steel wires and enhanced stiffness over nitinol wires, which enhance its use as a medical guidewire or stylet, and further, as an arch wire in orthodontia applications..
Neometrics, Inc.

D, l-cyclic peptide nanotube reinforcing agents

The disclosed subject matter can provide a nanotube-reinforced polymer composite material comprising a plurality of nanotubes, each nanotube being formed of a plurality of cyclic peptide molecules, disposed within a polymer matrix, such as a biodegradable polymer matrix. A cyclic polymer, such as a cyclic 8-mer, composed of amino acid residues of alternating absolute configurations (d/l, r/s), can self-assemble into nanotubes useful for preparation of the composite polymer material of the invention.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Elastic attachment assembly and reducing positional variation and increasing stiffness

An elastic attachment assembly is provided. The elastic attachment assembly includes a first component having a base outer surface.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Front floor panel

A front floor panel for an automotive body as a lightweight sheet can be reliably press-formed without a press forming loads becoming excessively large, can have desired stiffness, and noise and vibration characteristics for all directions since there is little stiffness anisotropy. The front floor panel includes a floor tunnel formed in a center in an automotive width direction to be oriented to a longitudinal direction, upright flanges disposed left and right formed at a left and right end portions in the automotive width direction to be joined to side sills, and a left and right plane portions formed between the upright flanges disposed left and right and a left and right longitudinal wall portions of the floor tunnel.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Plastic hose with antistatic/dissipative properties

A plastic hose with antistatic properties, comprising: a hose wall of plastic and a reinforcement of plastic, wherein the reinforcement has a higher stiffness than the hose wall. The equalizing of charge concentrations within the hose and the conduction of electrical charges away from the hose is to be ensured by means of an inner layer of an antistatic/dissipative or electrically conducting plastic..
Norres Beteiligungs-gmbh

Method and specimen for testing handling in tires

This invention is directed to test devices and methods using subscale cylindrical laminates formed from general rubber composite plies as surrogates for full-size tires to predict how changes in the tire construction would impact tire cornering stiffness of the full-size tires.. .
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Viscoelastic silicone rubber compositions

This invention relates to viscoelastic silicone rubber compositions that are the products of the reaction of: (a) a silanol-terminated polyorganosiloxane base; (b) a boron-containing crosslinking agent; and (c) a siloxane bond-forming crosslinking agent. In a viscoelastic silicone rubber composition of the invention some of the crosslinks, the siloxane crosslinks, are permanent and others of the crosslinks, the boron-containing crosslinks, are temporary.

Fitness apparatus

A fitness apparatus includes a first frame, a second frame, a nose part, a linear elastic element, and a lever. The second frame and the nose part are coaxially and pivotally connected to the first frame.

Adjustable eyeglasses cord

An adjustable eyeglasses cord structure is provided, which mainly comprises two temple sleeves, two spherical plugs, two retaining buckles and a cord. The open end of each temple sleeve has an accommodation space for receiving the temple and the tail end has a spherical chamber corresponding to the spherical plug.

Variable thickness roll formed beam

A bumper reinforcement beam provides improved bending stiffness and strength, while reducing weight and maintaining functional bending impact strength. The illustrated beam is roll formed and includes a b-shaped cross section with upper and lower tubular sections sharing a common horizontal wall.

Tracheostomy tubes

A fenestrated tracheostomy tube has a shaft (1) made of a silicone or other soft material. The fenestrated region (10) located in the trachea (20) has two rows of several openings (11) along the centre line of the tube.

Segmental ureteral stent

Ureteral stents assembled from multiple segments and methods for using the same in body lumens are described. The ureteral stents optionally include multiple segments having different compositions or characteristics, such as radiopacity, stiffness or flexibility, and loading with therapeutic agents..

Electrosurgical pencil with a smoke evaporation tube

An electrosurgical pencil for cutting tissue during surgery by application of electrical energy supplied from a generator. A tube is provided for evacuation of smoke from the site of surgery.

Silyl-protected nitrogen-containing cyclic compounds and making method

Silyl-protected nitrogen-containing cyclic compounds having formula (1) are provided wherein r1, r2 and r3 each are a monovalent hydrocarbon group, r4 and r5 each are a divalent hydrocarbon group, r6, r7 and r8 each are h or a monovalent hydrocarbon group. A is —c(o)or9 or —c≡n, r9 is a monovalent hydrocarbon group, and a is 0 or 1.

Liquid cosmetic

A liquid cosmetic which minimizes stickiness or stiffness caused by the incorporation of a large amount of a moisturizing agent is provided. This liquid cosmetic contains 10 to 40% by mass of a moisturizing agent (a), 0.01 to 3% by mass of an oil (b), 0.01 to 5% by mass of a hydrophilic surfactant (c), and 0.001 to 0.3% by mass polyacrylic acid or a metal salt thereof (d), and wherein an average emulsified particle size is 500nm or smaller.

Rotor blade assembly having a stiffening root insert

A rotor blade assembly for a wind turbine having a rigid root insert is disclosed. The rotor blade assembly includes a blade root section having an end face with a substantially annular cross-section defined by an outer sidewall surface and an inner sidewall surface.

Blade bearing with support structure having non-uniform stiffness and method manufacture

A blade bearing for mounting a blade of a wind turbine to a hub of the wind turbine comprises inner and outer rings arranged next to each other. One of the inner and outer rings is configured to mount to the blade, and the other is configured to mount to the hub.

Stabilizer for microphone diaphragm

A stabilizer for use in stabilizing a diaphragm of an audio device, such as a microphone transducer or a speaker driver. The stabilizer is configured to be attached to the diaphragm to provide stability to the diaphragm, which may be in the form of one or more of counteraction to asymmetric movement about the center of mass of the voice coil; counteraction to rotation in a direction perpendicular to the desired axial motion of the diaphragm; and additional nonlinear stiffness for mechanical limiting of the diaphragm in the axial direction, which may assist in preventing large excursions of the diaphragm from atypical sources, such as drop, shock, etc..

Hydro-form bonded bolster

A vehicle front end load bearing bolster is provided with improved structural performance and a lower component weight, while also minimizing material, tooling, and production costs. The front end assembly is formed with a hydro-formed cross car reinforcement tube secured or bonded with mechanical fasteners and room temperature adhesive to a bolster, thereby improving stress distribution and increasing cross car system stiffness.

High-current switch

Disclosed is a high-current switch comprising a first fixed contact, a second fixed contact spaced apart from the first fixed contact, and at least one contact bridge that is movable relative to the two fixed contacts and an advancing device for transferring the contact bridge from an open position, in which the two fixed contacts are not connected to one another, to a closed position, in which the contact bridge electrically connects the two fixed contacts to one another. The advancing device is configured such that it is non-resilient, the stiffness of the contact bridge and of the advancing device corresponding to a value of at least 50,000 knmm2 in the direction of the pressing force, and the lowest natural frequency of the system, which consists of the contact bridge and the advancing device, being higher than 2,000 hz in the direction of the pressing force..

All electric piezoelectric finger sensor (pefs) for soft material stiffness measurement

A pefs (piezoelectric finger sensor) acts as an “electronic finger” capable of accurately and non-destructively measuring both the young's compression modulus and shear modulus of tissues with gentle touches to the surface. The pefs measures both the young's compression modulus and shear modulus variations in tissue generating a less than one-millimeter spatial resolution up to a depth of several centimeters.

Methods and systems for material fixation

A soft tissue fixation system, most typically applicable to orthopedic joint repairs, such as anterior cruciate ligament (acl) knee repair procedures, comprises an implant which is placeable in a tunnel disposed in a portion of bone, wherein the tunnel is defined by walls comprised of bone. A first member is deployable outwardly to engage the tunnel walls for anchoring the implant in place in the tunnel, and a second member is deployable outwardly to engage tissue material to be fixed within the tunnel.

Guide wire for use with cardiovascular lesions

A guide wire includes elements in a telescoping arrangement which impart stiffness to the guide wire for maneuverability in the tortious cardiac vessels. This arrangement also creates engagements between an inner shaft and the tip, that when released, result in a tip which can move outward with forces sufficient to penetrate a lesion in the coronary vessels..

Catheter guide wire

A catheter guidewire for facilitating introduction of a flexible catheter into the human body (e.g., into the bladder) has a proximal end having a first stiffness which is sufficient to facilitate guidance of a stiff plastic expansion sheath through the tissue. A distal end of the guide wire has a second stiffness, substantially less than the first stiffness, to avoid damage to internal walls of the bladder.

Gel-side cushion

An orthopedic device for correcting malpositions of toes comprises a flexible splint extending along the foot's inner side. A corrective force towards the inner side of the foot can be exerted on the big toe by the flexible splint for medializing the big toe.

Polyester resin composition having good yellowing resistance and impact resistance

The polyester resin composition of the present invention is characterized by comprising: (a) 100 parts by weight of a high heat resistant polyester resin having a main chain formed by a structure derived from aromatic dicarboxylic acid and alicyclic diol, wherein the melting point of the high heat resistant polyester resin is 200° c. Or more; (b) 0.1 to 80 parts by weight of white pigment; and (c) 1 to 40 parts by weight of polyolefin copolymer.

Biocomposite material

A biocomposite material (1) and methods of production thereof are described. The biocomposite material (1) exhibits a physical stiffness, strength and toughness comparable to known glass fibre composites while its composition makes it inherently impermeable to water.

Systems and methods for varying elastic modulus appliances

The present invention provides improved devices, systems and methods for repositioning teeth from an initial tooth arrangement to a final tooth arrangement. Repositioning is accomplished with a system comprising a series of polymeric shell appliances configured to receive the teeth and incrementally reposition individual teeth in a series of successive steps.

Method for producing a fermented milk product

The present invention relates to a method for producing a fermented milk product with enhanced gel stiffness.. .

Substrate processing apparatus

The invention relates to a substrate processing apparatus (10) comprising a support frame (60), a radiation projection system (20) for projecting radiation onto a substrate to be processed, a substrate support structure (30) for supporting the substrate, and a fluid transfer system (150). The radiation projection system comprises a cooling arrangement (130) and is supported by and vibrationally decoupled from the support frame such that vibrations of the support frame above a predetermined maximum frequency are substantially decoupled from the radiation projection system.

Method for evaluating spline parameters for smooth curve sampling

A computer implemented method and apparatus for reproducing an input curve on a mobile device comprising detecting the input curve, sampling the input curve into a discrete set of vertices, performing a normalized dot product of an edge leading into each one of the discrete set of vertices and a tangent to an edge leading from each one of the discrete set of vertices, setting one or more spline stiffness parameter based on the normalized dot product corresponding to each vertex; and converting the sampled input curve into one or more spline patch with the set spline stiffness parameter corresponding to each vertex.. .

Adaptive mirror for a laser processing device

An adaptive mirror for a laser processing apparatus has a housing and a pressure chamber which is arranged in the housing and can be connected to a pressure source. A mirror substrate, which delimits the pressure chamber, is fixedly clamped in the housing.

Power steering system

A power steering system includes an eps and a hps. At normal times, an assist force required by a steering system is computed based on a steering torque and a vehicle speed, and the required assist force is generated by the eps and the hps.

Dynamic trunk leaning support

A device is provided for supporting a portion of the upper body during forward lean. The device comprises a two pillars anchored to the ground or a stable platform.

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