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Stiffness patents

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Battery pack for electric vehicle

Kawasaki Jukogyo

Battery pack for electric vehicle

Reduced stiffness micro-mechanical structure

Duality Reality Energy

Reduced stiffness micro-mechanical structure

Reduced stiffness micro-mechanical structure

Micro Motion

Detection of a change in the cross-sectional area of a fluid tube in a vibrating meter by determining a lateral mode…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Apparatus and  providing an acoustic signal patent thumbnailApparatus and providing an acoustic signal
An apparatus and method wherein the apparatus comprises: a diaphragm wherein the diaphragm is configured into a corrugated arrangement comprising a plurality of folds; a plurality of bias electrodes where the bias electrodes are provided between folds of the diaphragm; and an input configured to provide at least one control signal to the diaphragm to cause movement of the diaphragm to generate an acoustic signal; wherein the diaphragm is configured such that bending stiffness of the diaphragm provides a restoring force to the diaphragm which causes the diaphragm to return to a neutral position when no control signal is applied.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Battery pack for electric vehicle patent thumbnailBattery pack for electric vehicle
A battery pack comprises a plurality of batteries which store electric power for activating an electric utility vehicle; a battery case which accommodates the plurality of batteries therein; and an external frame unit which is provided on an outer surface of the battery case and supports the batteries from below, wherein the external frame unit includes a lower support section placed on a lower surface of the battery case, an upper support section placed on an upper surface of the battery case, and a coupling section which couples the lower support section and the upper support section to each other. This allows the battery case to ensure a required stiffness while providing insulation between the batteries and an outside of the batteries, without increasing a thickness of the battery case..
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Reduced stiffness micro-mechanical structure patent thumbnailReduced stiffness micro-mechanical structure
Apparatuses and method are described to create a reduced stiffness microstructure (rsm). A rsm is made by forming a first buckled membrane along a first buckling direction and forming a second buckled membrane along a second buckling direction.
Duality Reality Energy, Llc

 Detection of a change in the cross-sectional area of a fluid tube in a vibrating meter by determining a lateral mode stiffness patent thumbnailDetection of a change in the cross-sectional area of a fluid tube in a vibrating meter by determining a lateral mode stiffness
A method for determining a lateral mode stiffness of one or more fluid tubes (103a, 103b) in a vibrating meter (5) is provided. The method comprises a step of vibrating at least one of the one or more fluid tubes (103a, 103b) in a drive mode vibration.
Micro Motion, Inc.

 Dishwasher comprising a locking mechanism patent thumbnailDishwasher comprising a locking mechanism
The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) wherein the stiffness level of the stress means (7) is provided to be kept at different values by means of the adjustment means (8) during the washing cycle, the locking mechanism (4) is provided to remain locked completely by adjusting the stiffness level of the stress means (7) by means of the adjustment means (8) depending on the requirement at the respective stage of the washing cycle, the stiffness level is adjusted to the lowest value before or after the washing process for easily opening the door (3) and the locking mechanism (4) is provided not to open easily in order to prevent escape of steam from inside the body (2) during the washing process by adjusting the stiffness level of the stress means (7) by means of the adjustment means (8).. .
Acrelik Anonim Sirketi

 Polymer mixtures with optimized toughness/stiffness ratio and optical properties patent thumbnailPolymer mixtures with optimized toughness/stiffness ratio and optical properties
The invention relates to a polymer mixture made of styrene/nitrile monomer copolymers and of graft copolymers based on acrylate rubbers, and also to thermoplastic moulding compositions and mouldings produced therefrom and use of these.. .
Styrolution Europe Gmbh

 Methods and systems relating to enhancing material toughness patent thumbnailMethods and systems relating to enhancing material toughness
Highly mineralized natural materials often boast unusual combinations of stiffness, strength and toughness currently unmatched by today's engineering materials. Beneficially, according to the embodiments of the invention, these unusual combinations can be introduced into ceramics, glasses, and crystal materials, for example by the introduction of patterns of weaker interfaces with simple or intricate architectures, which channel propagating cracks into toughening configurations.
The Royal Institute For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University

 Pneumatic tire patent thumbnailPneumatic tire
A pneumatic tire, while achieving excellent drainage performance by projections and depressions formed in a circumferential groove, can reduce road noise by making the circumferential stiffness of a land portion uniform even in the presence of such projections and depressions. A plurality of protuberances are arranged in at least one circumferential groove at intervals in the tread circumferential direction, the protuberances being raised from the inner surface of the circumferential groove and extending from the groove bottom of the circumferential groove to at least one groove wall surface in the tread width direction.
Bridgestone Corporation

 Golf club head or other ball striking device having impact-influencing body features patent thumbnailGolf club head or other ball striking device having impact-influencing body features
A ball striking device has a face with a striking surface and a body extending rearwardly from the outer periphery of the face. A channel extends across at least a portion of the sole, and includes a trough defined between front and rear edges and extending in a heel-toe direction.
Nike, Inc.

 Ossicular prosthesis having a longitudinally perforated bight patent thumbnailOssicular prosthesis having a longitudinally perforated bight
A passive ossicular prosthesis has a sound-conducting prosthesis body with a first coupling element for mechanical connection to the incus, malleus, or an actuator end piece of an active hearing aid at one end. The bight is made of a strip-shaped metallic material, partially open toward the outside via a gap-type opening and is intraoperatively crimped in the middle ear for permanent attachment.
Heinz Kurz Gmbh Medizintechnik


Device and localized force sensing

A device and method for operating a capacitive touch screen input device configured to sense input objects and their applied force in a sensing region, the device including a pliable component having an input surface and characterized by a bending stiffness, and first and second arrays of sensor electrodes. The input device further includes a third array of sensor electrodes and a spacing layer disposed between the third array.
Synaptics Incorporated


Expansion compensator with multiple layers with differing stiffness

An expansion compensator having a longitudinal axis, and having an elongate metal conduit with first and second spaced apart ends and an expansion/contraction section, an inner plastic liner positioned interior of the elongate metal conduit and having an expansion/contraction section and an interior volume extending from the first end to the second end, wherein each of the elongate metal conduit and the inner plastic liner have a stiffness along the longitudinal axis, and the stiffness of the elongate metal conduit is greater than the stiffness of the inner plastic liner.. .
G.b.d. Corp.


Porous polyurethane networks and methods of preparation

Nanoporous three-dimensional networks of polyurethane particles, e.g., polyurethane aerogels, and methods of preparation are presented herein. Such nanoporous networks may include polyurethane particles made up of linked polyisocyanate and polyol monomers.
Aerogel Technologies, Llc


Bending strain relief assembly for marine cables incorporating at least one elongated stiffness member

The present disclosure relates to a bending strain relief (bsr) assembly that limits the bending strain and radius of a marine cable. The bsr assembly includes a coupler attached to first and second elongated bsr members, each bsr member having first and second ends distally spaced from the first end.
Pmi Industries, Inc.


Collision sensing and energy absorbing apparatus

An apparatus includes an enclosed body defining a chamber therein. The body includes a rearward portion, a forward portion opposite the rearward portion and a first portion extending between the rearward and forward portions.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Method for manufacturing fiber-reinforced resin materials

Provided is a method for manufacturing fiber-reinforced resin materials capable of increasing the stiffness and the strength such as shock resistance by a simple method while suppressing an increase in the product weight. A continuous fiber member 5 including a plurality of continuous fibers is placed at at least a part of a fiber-reinforced resin member 3 including fiber materials 2 mixed into matrix resin 1, followed by pressing, thus impregnating gaps between the continuous fibers making up the continuous fiber member 5 with the matrix resin 1 of the fiber-reinforced resin member 3 liquefied or softened for integration..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Self-cleaning intake screen

A self-cleaning screen that automatically cleans both the inside and outside surfaces of the cylindrical screen using only the rotation of the cylindrical screen itself. This self-cleaning ability is accomplished by using a fixed brush on the exterior surface of the screen, and a freely rotating brush on the interior surface of the screen, where the freely rotating brush is driven by the movement of the screen itself.
Intake Screens, Inc.


Tapered scaffolds

A stent or scaffold has a tapered end or ends. The scaffold is made using an additive manufacturing technique such as stereolithography (sla).
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Prosthetic intervertebral disc.

Prosthetic intervertebral discs, systems including such prosthetic intervertebral discs, and methods for using the same are described. The subject prosthetic discs include upper and lower endplates separated by a compressible core member.


Electrode arrays

Electrode arrays have a plurality of electrodes. These arrays may have any combination of the following improvements.
Lkc Technologies Inc.


Apparatus for detecting spring stiffness

The present invention discloses an apparatus for detecting spring stiffness which comprises a universal material testing machine, a loading beam of the universal material testing machine, a fixing rod of bracket for belleville spring deformation detection, a movable clamping rod of bracket for belleville spring deformation detection, a dial gauge, etc.. .
Citic Dicastal Co., Ltd.


Magnetically suspended vibration isolator with zero stiffness whose angle degree of freedom is decoupled with a joint ball bearing

A magnetically suspended vibration isolator with zero stiffness whose angle degree of freedom is decoupled with a joint ball bearing has a main body, in which a sleeve and a lower mounting plate are supported with a magnetically suspended thrust bearing, a piston cylinder and the sleeve are lubricated and supported with a cylinder air bearing surface, and the angle degree of freedom between a upper mounting plate and the lower mounting plate is decoupled with a joint ball bearing; a position close-loop control system comprising voice coil motors, displacement sensors, limit switches, a controller and a driver is introduced, and the relative position between the upper mounting plate and the lower mounting plate is precisely controlled.. .
Harbin Institute Of Technology


Washer intended for use in a screwed assembly and assembly using the washer

A washer, intended to be used in a screwed assembly, comprises two opposing faces, the washer being intended to be compressed between its two faces in the assembly. The washer comprises two materials both extending from one face to the other.


Polymers with improved escr for blow molding applications

Disclosed herein are ethylene-based polymers having a higher molecular weight component and a lower molecular weight component, and characterized by a density greater than 0.945 g/cm3, a melt index less than 1.5 g/10 min, and a ratio of high load melt index to melt index ranging from 40 to 175. These polymers have the processability of chromium-based resins, but with improved stiffness and stress crack resistance, and can be used in blow molding and other end-use applications..
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp


Chassis link for a motor vehicle

The invention relates to a chassis link including a single-shell sheet metal main body, on which a plurality of bearing regions are formed for attaching bearing elements by which the main body can be connected to the bodywork and to a movable part of a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle. The main body includes two arms which merge into one another and define a main-body plane and a concave edge region of the main body.
Autotech Engineering Deutschland Gmbh


Control robot apparatus and robot apparatus

A control method of a robot apparatus, the robot apparatus including a link and a pair of actuators, obtaining each driving force command value of each of the actuators, and controlling each of the actuators, the control method including: a torque command value calculation step of using the target stiffness, the target trajectory, angular velocity of the target trajectory, and angular acceleration of the target trajectory to calculate a torque command value; a determination step of determining whether each of the driving force command values is a value 0 or greater; a change step of performing at least one of a change of increasing the target stiffness and a change of reducing the angular acceleration; and a driving force command value calculation step of using the target stiffness and the torque command value to calculate each of the driving force command values.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


"boring bar with improved stiffness"

A tunable or tuned boring bar having increased stiffness is provided. Increasing the stiffness of the bar increases the natural frequency, thereby reducing directional deformation of the bar during use.
Kennametal Inc.


Unstable rowing simulator

Lever-type rowing machine, whose main rigging dimensions meet the corresponding parameters of sweep rowing or sculling boat is mounted to the base frame by using front and rear elastic suspension so that the simulator makes it possible to rotate (tilt) about its transverse and longitudinal axes and move vertically, thus making it possible to simulate the boat swings on the transverse and longitudinal axes and movement in the vertical direction. In addition, the simulator has passive and active stabilization systems, enabling the athlete to maintain a balance, and stiffness of its front and rear suspension and stabilizer system can be adjusted depending on the weight and balancing ability of user.
Uab "abili"


Variable stiffness catheter

A variable stiffness catheter having two concentric coils. A first coil is fixed with relation to the body of the catheter and a second coil is able to rotate in the space between adjacent turns of the first coil.


Sanitary napkins capable of taking complex three-dimensional shape in use

A catamenial device. The device comprises a topsheet having a body facing surface, a backsheet joined to said topsheet, and an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, wherein the absorbent core comprises three zones differing in stiffness, at least one of the zones comprising laterally-oriented portions where material from the core has been removed, the portions defining slots..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Multi-vector traction device for the lumbar spine

Some embodiments of the present disclosure include a traction device for relieving lower back pain and stiffness and reducing lumbar spine intervertebral disc displacement. The device may include a sliding spine assembly attached to a head rest pad, a torso pad, and a hip pad, an adjustable length vector bar extending outwardly from the spine assembly, wherein the vector bar is rotatably attached to the sliding spine assembly such that the vector bar is configured to move in a plurality of vectors, a cross bar foot brace tube attached to the vector bar; a foot rest positioned on the foot brace tube, a belt positioned proximate to the torso pad, and a strap assembly attached to the foot brace tube or the distal end of the vector bar, the strap assembly configured to attach to the belt and apply traction to a user's back..


Diaphragms for loudspeaker drive units or microphones

A diaphragm for a loudspeaker drive unit or for a microphone includes a rigid dome-shaped member having a thickness that varies from a first thicker thickness at a first location at the periphery of the dome-shaped member to a second thinner thickness at a second location, which is nearer to the centre of the dome-shaped member. There is a step-wise change in thickness at a location between the first location and the second location.
B&w Group Ltd


Composite diaphragm

A composite diaphragm is provided to include a base layer and a micro-nanometer ceramic layer disposed on the surface of the base layer. The micro-nanometer ceramic is a structural material that has great stiffness and toughness, such that the composite diaphragm made of micro-nanometer ceramic manifests characteristics of high stiffness, high toughness, and great ductility.
Merry Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.


Fluid loss well treatment

A well treatment for treating a well includes discrete stop loss elements to seal a fluid loss opening of a well. The discrete stop loss elements include polymer resistive to deformation with an initial stiffness in response to an initial strain rate of the polymer to produce a specified initial pressure signal and deformable with a subsequent, lower stiffness in response to a subsequent, lower strain rate of the polymer to produce a subsequent, different specified pressure signal..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Ethylene copolymers, film and polymerization process

Ethylene copolymers having a relatively high melt flow ratio and a multimodal profile in a temperature rising elution fractionation (tref) plot are disclosed. The copolymers can be made into film having good dart impact values and good stiffness properties under decreased extruder pressures..
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a..


Hydroplaning performance for a tire

This invention relates generally to an improved design that provides better hydroplaning performance for a tire, and, more specifically, to a tire that has a variable pressure shear band located below its tread that provides increased structural stiffness to the tire, helping the tire to resist deformation when the tire encounters water, thereby decreasing the tendency of the tire to hydroplane. Advantageously, the variable pressure shear band can improve the hydroplaning performance and rolling resistance simultaneously without degrading wear performance..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Airless and runflat tire structures, components and assembly techniques

An auxetic wheel according to the invention comprises a line defining an axis of rotation; and a plurality of concentric rings of unit cells surrounding the axis, each unit cell being constructed of a plurality of members defining a negative poisson's ratio (npr) structure. The outermost ring of unit cells is arranged to facilitate rolling terrain contact, such that the stiffness of the structure in the localized region of loading due to terrain contact increases as the wheel rotates.
Mkp Structural Design Associates, Inc.


Hockey-stick blade with tailored performance regions

A hockey-stick blade includes a heel region, a toe region spaced longitudinally from the heel region, and a mid-region located between the heel region and the toe region. The toe region includes one or more reinforcing elements, optionally of different lengths, located at different vertical positions within the toe region.
Easton Hockey, Inc.


Bone fixation

Disclosed bone screws include a slotted tip. The slotted design of the tip partially obviates the need for precision while implanting the bone screw.
Coorstek Medical Llc D/b/a Imds


Reluctance transducer

A reluctance transducer includes a soft ferromagnetic yoke and a soft ferromagnetic core element, which is movable relative to the yoke. Two permanent magnets bear the core element.
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk On-derzoek Tno


Limiter with increased stiffness

A device including a first axial portion, a second axial portion, and a radial portion is disclosed. A portion of the second axial portion is configured to connect to a hub.
Seagate Technology Llc


Musical string with high modulus fiber winding

A string for a musical instrument, comprising a liquid crystal aromatic polyester fiber. Incorporating a synthetic material having a high modulus of elasticity into a musical instrument string substantially increases the torsional stiffness of the string without causing undesirable property changes such as increasing bending stiffness.
D'addario & Company, Inc.


Exposed glass article with enhanced stiffness for portable electronic device housing

A transparent article, such as a transparent cover, for use as a cover glass for an electronic device, as well as methods for producing transparent articles, are disclosed. The transparent article can form a part of a housing of the portable electronic device and can provide an outer surface for a portion of the housing.
Apple Inc.


Belt tension calculating program, belt natural frequency calculating program, for calculating belt tension, and for calculating belt natural frequency

A more accurate tension of a belt or a more accurate target natural frequency of the belt when the belt tension is adjusted is determined. A method for calculating a belt tension includes receiving a natural frequency of a belt and a span; performing calculation for determining a tension of the belt using a predetermined expression, based on the natural frequency, the span, and a unit mass of the belt read from a memory; and displaying the tension on a display, wherein in a case where the span is within a predetermined range corresponding to the belt, the predetermined expression is corrected so that an error caused by a bending stiffness of the belt is reduced..
Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Tensioner with multiple spring rates

In a first aspect, a tensioner is provided which includes: an arm, including a pivot mount; a pulley rotatably mounted to the arm; and a strut pivotally connected to the arm. The strut includes: a base, having a pivot mount; a first body moveable relative to the base; a first resilient element connected between the base and the first body, the first resilient element having a first stiffness coefficient; a second body moveable relative to the first body, the second body having a pivot mount; a second resilient element connected between the first body and the second body, the second resilient element having a second stiffness coefficient that is lower than the first stiffness coefficient; and an actuator, connected to the base and first body, for selectively moving the first body towards the base and compressing the first resilient element..
Litens Automotive Partnership


Bearing support stiffness control

A bearing support bracket for supporting the bearing assembly includes individually adjustable features for defining and enabling a desired stiffness.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Splitboard bindings

Splitboard boot bindings for backcountry splitboarding. Each of a pair of soft-boot bindings is provided with an integral boot binding lower that conjoins the two halves of a splitboard without the additional weight or height of an adaptor mounting plate, upper binding baseplate or “tray”, and extra fasteners of the prior art.


Prosthetic and orthotic devices having magnetorheological elastomer spring with controllable stiffness

A prosthetic or orthotic device includes a body configured to support at least a portion of a human limb of a user wearing the prosthetic or orthotic device. The device can also include a shock absorption member coupled to the body.
Össur Hf


Electronic device and manufacturing housing of the electronic device

An electronic device includes an inner case, at least one radiator disposed on a surface of the inner case, and an outer case integrally formed on the surface of the inner case, in which the outer case at least partially conceals the radiator. A method for manufacturing a housing of an electronic device includes molding an inner member by injecting resin into an injection mold, extracting the inner member from the mold, forming or disposing a conductive pattern on a surface of the inner member, inserting the inner member comprising the conductive pattern into another injection mold, and molding a periphery member that encloses at least a portion of the inner member by injecting resin to the other injection mold, wherein rigidity or stiffness of the inner member is higher than that of the periphery member.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Integrated circuit package configurations to reduce stiffness

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards an integrated circuit (ic) package including a die having a first side and a second side disposed opposite to the first side. The ic package may further include an encapsulation material encapsulating at least a portion of the die and having a first surface that is adjacent to the first side of the die and a second surface disposed opposite to the first surface.


Apparatus, systems, and methods for actuating pressurizable chambers

A pneumatic controller for controllably providing pressurized gas to a target location is disclosed. The pneumatic controller can include an elastomeric manifold comprising a body and a first membrane coupled to a lower portion of the body.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Damper device

A flywheel assembly includes a first rotary member, a second rotary member, a first coil spring, a second coil spring, an intermediate plate, a first stopper mechanism and a first contact relief member. The first coil spring is configured to be compressed between the first rotary member and the second rotary member.
Exedy Corporation


Pad clip with nonlinear stiffness

A pad clip comprising: two opposing legs separated by a gap, the two opposing legs comprising: (i) a projection arm including: (a) an upper portion, (b) a lower portion, and (c) a face portion connecting the upper portion and the lower portion together; (ii) a connection arm; and (iii) an abutment arm extending between and connecting the projection arm and the connection arm; wherein the lower portion of the projection arm, the connection arm, or both include an arcuate segment that extends the lower portion, the connection arm, or both towards each other so that when the pad clip is installed in a support bracket a space is formed between the arcuate segment and the support bracket.. .
Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.


Unitary bathroom

The present invention is directed to a unitary bathroom which includes an upper back panel, a lower back panel, a base, and side panels all of which are formed by aluminum honeycomb composite boards or paper honeycomb composite boards. The invention also relate to connection among above the upper back panel, lower back panel, base, side panels and ceiling.
Guangzhou Honlley Composite Material Co., Ltd.


Pneumatic load-transfer mating an integrated deck with a pre-installed platform substructure

A new pneumatic load transfer and shock absorbing system is disclosed. The pneumatic system includes a layer of air-bags to perform two basic functions during a floatover installation operation: 1) lifting the platform deck from the support to create additional air gaps at the mating surfaces, and the heave motions of the lifted platform deck may be reduced; 2) performing as a shock absorbing device with variable vertical stiffness easily controlled by the air-bag internal air pressure during the mating operation and the separation operation..
China National Offshore Oil Corp.


Rejuvenation of reclaimed asphalt

Asphalt compositions comprising reclaimed asphalt and an ester-functional rejuvenating agent derived from tall oil are disclosed. Rejuvenated binder compositions are also included.
Arizona Chemical Company, Llc


Pylon shape with geared turbofan for structural stiffness

A gas turbine includes a mounting structure for mounting the engine to a pylon. A propulsor section includes a fan having a fan diameter.
United Technologies Corporation


Methods and selective stiffness of vehicle suspension

A suspension assembly including a core member; and a skin member bonded on said core member. The skin member having a higher strength than the core member..
Fox Factory, Inc.


Control robot apparatus and robot apparatus

A control method of a robot apparatus, the robot apparatus including a link and a pair of actuators, obtaining each driving force command value of each of the actuators, and controlling each of the actuators, the control method including: a torque command value computation step; a change computation step of computing a difference between the joint stiffness command value and a value and performing a computation of subtracting a value from the joint stiffness command value; an iterative step of iterating the computations of the torque command value computation step and the change computation step until the difference converges to a value equal to or smaller than a predetermined value; and a driving force command value computation step to compute each of the driving force command values when the difference is converged to a value equal to or smaller than the predetermined value.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Absorbent article

The present invention addresses the problem of, in an absorbent article, maintaining at a certain level or lower the difference between the dry flexural rigidity and wet flexural rigidity [(dry flexural rigidity)−(wet flexural rigidity)] at a bonding part. To solve this problem, provided is a sanitary napkin which comprises a top sheet, a back sheet, an absorbent body that is interposed between the top sheet and the back sheet and a compressed part that unites the top sheet and the absorbent body in the thickness direction, wherein: the absorbent body contains a cellulose-based water absorbing fiber and a thermoplastic resin fiber, said thermoplastic resin fiber containing as a monomer component an unsaturated carboxylic acid, an unsaturated carboxylic acid anhydride or a mixture thereof; and the difference between the dry gurley stiffness and wet gurley stiffness of the compressed part is maintained at 2.5 mn/12.5 mm or lower..
Unicharm Corporation


Implantable devices for musculoskeletal repair and regeneration

This application describes an implantable device for tissue repair comprising at least two fabrics with interconnecting spacer elements transversing, connecting, and separating the fabrics, forming the device. Some embodiments have fixation points which can be an extension of at least one of the fabrics.


Cord for vertebral fixation having multiple stiffness phases

A dynamic stabilization system for stabilizing a vertebral segment of a spine. The system includes a first vertebral anchor, a second vertebral anchor and a cord.
Zimmer Gmbh


Load support structure

A body support structure includes a frame and a membrane attached to the frame. The membrane includes elastomeric filaments.
Herman Miller, Inc.


Bending testing

Apparatus and methods related to bending testing are described. For example, some embodiments may contain a clamp with pivot pin, pellet, tensioning device, and supporting platform, which can be used for testing the bending characteristics, such as bending stiffness, of a testing sample, which can be slender structures such as umbilicals, flexibles, and rigid pipes..
Dmar Engineering, Inc.


Disc brake vibration estimation method and disc brake vibration estimation device

A disc brake vibration estimation method includes a step of obtaining input physical amounts that are physical amounts about the disc rotor and the pad , a step of estimating a vibration of the disc brake in an in-plane direction which is a circumferential direction of the disc rotor according to the obtained input physical amounts and a fluctuation in contact stiffness between the disc rotor and the pad, and a step of making a determination at least about squeal of the disc brake in the in-plane direction according to a displacement or a value derived from the displacement after a prescribed period from a start of estimation after the vibration of the disc brake is estimated.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Filled thermoplastic polyolefin composition for use in vehicle sound-deadening applications

The present invention relates to filled thermoplastic polyolefin compositions useful e.g., as sound-deadening sheeting for formed automotive applications comprising one or more linear ethylene polymer and/or substantially linear polymer, a plasticizer, and a filler, preferably calcium carbonate. Said composition demonstrates a good balance of heat properties and stiffness such that it is particularly suitable for sheet extrusion and thermoforming articles therefrom..
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Tire wear state estimation system utilizing cornering stiffness and method

A tire wear state estimation system includes as inputs an axle force estimation, a measured tire inflation pressure; a tire load estimation; a tire cornering stiffness estimation; and a tire identification by which a specific tire-based correlation model correlates tire inflation pressure, the tire load estimation, the tire cornering stiffness estimation, and the vehicle-based sensor axle force estimation.. .
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


Fluid cartridge label stiffener

An apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a fluid cartridge and a label stiffener applied to the fluid cartridge to provide stiffness to enable fluid within the fluid cartridge to empty under pressure..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Cochlear implant

A device for implantation into a scalia tympani of a cochlea is disclosed. The device comprises blocks and compliant elements interconnecting the blocks with one of the compliant elements disposed between each pair of adjacent blocks.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Guide wire core wire made from a substantially titanium-free alloy for enhanced guide wire steering response

Guide wire devices and methods for their manufacture. Guide wire devices include an elongate guide wire member that includes at least one section fabricated from a substantially titanium-free co—ni—cr—mo alloy.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.


Vehicle vibration and noise reduction system

Provided is a vehicle vibration and noise reduction system that allows the stiffness of the suspension system to be varied while ensuring a favorable noise canceling performance under all conditions. A variable elastic member (4) is incorporated in a vehicle suspension system, and a noise control unit (56) causes a canceling sound to be emitted from a loudspeaker (32) according to a reference signal obtained from a strain sensor (31) provided on the variable elastic member and an error signal obtained from a noise detection unit (33) for detecting noises in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Hydraulic cylinder made of hybrid composite laminate, in particular for high-power applications

A hydraulic cylinder, in particular for high-power applications, comprising a first element, provided, in turn, with an outer sleeve, which is provided with a symmetry axis; and a second element provided with a piston accommodated inside said outer lining of said outer sleeve mobile along the symmetry axis between a first extreme lower limit stop position and a second extreme upper limit stop position; and a rod stiffly connected to the piston; wherein at least one element of either said first or said second elements are at least partially made of a hybrid composite laminate provided with fibers made to differentiate performance in terms of stiffness and strength of said at least one element of either said first or said second element.. .
Ri-ba Composites - S.r.l. Con Unico Socio


Elastic self-aligning bearing

A teeter bearing, preferably for use in wind turbines, which is built up from elastic, in particular conical multilayered spring elements, which can optionally be varied in their stiffness behaviour by hydraulic devices and are arranged constructively in the region of the rotor hub so that they are consequently highly suitable both for adjustment of the rotor blades and also for reduction of undesired forces transmitted to the turbine through the rotor blades. In particular, the teeter bearings are suitable for use in one- and two-bladed rotor wind turbines..
Esm Energie-und Schwingungstechnik Mitsch Gmbh


Manufacture of wind turbine blades

A structural shell for a wind turbine blade is formed from one or more elongate reinforcing members, each in the form of a stack (3) of pultruded fibrous composite strips positioned between two layers of structural foam (4). The foam layers (4) have a thickness which is greater than that of the stack (3).
Vestas Wind Systems A/s


Self-supporting bi-directional corrugated mesh leaf preclusion device

A roof gutter for the purpose of keeping small debris out of the gutter and allowing rainwater to pass into the gutter. The covering is comprised of a water permeable, weather resistant mesh having apertures of a pre-determined size for passing water, the mesh sized to substantially cover a rain gutter; corrugations formed in the mesh, providing a planar stiffness to the mesh causing the mesh to be self-supporting over a gutter; a debris collection first trough disposed along a longitudinal axis of the mesh, formed by making at least two bends in the mesh, the first trough located between a longitudinal midline of the mesh and a front gutter end of the mesh, wherein the gutter debris preclusion device, when attached directly or indirectly to a gutter does not require a separate support mechanism to keep the mesh substantially planar over the gutter..
Gutterglove, Inc.


Foundation with slab, pedestal and ribs for columns and towers

A fatigue resistant gravity based spread footing under heavy multi-axial cyclical loading of a wind tower. The foundation having a central vertical pedestal, a substantially horizontal continuous bottom support slab with a stiffened perimeter, a plurality of radial reinforcing ribs extending radially outward from the pedestal.


Manufacture and use of a composite structure containing precipitated carbonate

A precipitated carbonate polysaccharide structure which, when used as a filler, improves the structural strength of paper or board, or gypsum boards, plastics or gums, among others, as well as the stiffness level and optical properties (brightness and opacity) of the paper or board, together or separately with other fillers; carbonates, in particular. The invention further improves the setting of printing ink on the surface of the paper or board.
Nordkalk Oy Ab



This disclosure is related to hydrophones, for example hydrophones that may be used in marine seismic surveying, permanent reservoir monitoring, downhole acoustic monitoring in a wellbore, and/or various other applications. Some embodiments of a hydrophone according to this disclosure are constructed such that a longitudinal stiffness of the hydrophone is greater than a circumferential stiffness of the hydrophone.
Pgs Geophysical As


Torsional and lateral stiffness measurement

A method for determining a spring constant/rigidity of a cantilever of a known shape, the method involving: measuring a resonance frequency of the cantilever in a plurality of static equilibrium positions in which the shape of the cantilever is different and determining a spring constant and/or rigidity of the cantilever using the measured frequencies. The resonance frequency may be at least one of a torsional and lateral resonance frequency..
University Court Of The University Of St Andrews


Magnetically suspended and plane-drove vibration isolator

A magnetically suspended and plane-drove vibration isolator with zero stiffness comprises an upper mounting plate, a lower mounting plate and a main body. A sleeve of the main body is lubricated and supported against the lower mounting plate by a magnetically suspended planar motor.
Harbin Institute Of Technology


Vibration isolator with zero stiffness whose angle degree of freedom is decoupled with spherical air bearing

A vibration isolator with zero stiffness whose angle degree of freedom is decoupled with a spherical air bearing has a main body, in which a sleeve and a lower mounting plate, a piston cylinder and the sleeve are both lubricated and supported with air bearing surfaces respectively, and the angle degree of freedom between a upper mounting plate and the lower mounting plate is decoupled with a spherical air bearing; a position close-loop control system comprising voice coil motors, displacement sensors, limit switches, a controller and a driver is introduced, and the relative position between the upper mounting plate and the lower mounting plate is precisely controlled.. .
Harbin Institute Of Technology


Shaft collar

In one embodiment there is provided a shaft collar having a two component structure defined by a first component having a central bore for receipt of a shaft or axle and a second component positioned partially within the first component. The second component also having a relatively harder stiffness than the first component.
Innovation First, Inc.


Linear motion guide unit

A sleeve fits in a through-hole in a carriage to provide a return passage which makes sure of both the flexibility and the stiffness of the sleeve. The sleeve is constituted with fore and aft circular ends, a pair of columns and a pair of flexible columns lying lengthwise between the fore and aft circular ends to guide the roller, lengthwise slits lying between the flexible columns and the columns, and complementary ends made on the terminals of the fore and aft circular ends.
Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd.


Optimized pattern of a damping layer for wall, floor, and ceiling constructions

An acoustic damping article includes a substrate, wherein the substrate has a surface area s. The acoustic composition further includes a polymer resin.
Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Chaineux


Ferritic lightweight high-strength steel sheet having excellent stiffness and ductility, and manufacturing the same

Provided is a ferritic lightweight high-strength steel sheet having excellent stiffness and ductility and a method of manufacturing the same. The steel sheet including 0.02 wt % to 0.1 wt % of carbon (c), 4 wt % to 15 wt % of manganese (mn), 4 wt % to 10 wt % of aluminum (al), 2.0 wt % or less (excluding 0) of silicon (si), 0.01 wt % to 0.3 wt % of titanium (ti), 0.005 wt % to 0.2 wt % of antimony (sb), and iron (fe) as well as unavoidable impurities as a remainder, and having a value of 0.25×ti/c ranging from 0.17 to 1.0 and a value of mn/al×log(c×ti×10000) ranging from 1.0 to 10..


Softening process and system for roll goods

A method and system for softening a high-density leather finished roll good and other stiff high density roll goods may include adjusting a first horizontal distance between a first impact grid and a first tunnel opening and adjusting a second horizontal distance between a second impact grid and a second tunnel opening based on the stiffness of the roll good. The method also may include introducing the roll good in a first direction through the air tunnel until the roll good hits the second impact grid, and introducing the roll good in an opposite direction through the air tunnel until the roll good hits the first impact grid.


Plastic container produced in an extrusion blow molding method, in particular plastic bottle

An extrusion blow-molded plastic container, for example, a plastic bottle, is described which has a container body having a longitudinal axis, a longitudinal end sealed by a container bottom, another longitudinal end adjoining a container neck provided with a pour opening, and a container shoulder. The container body has at least one deformable section which is made flat and which extends over a large part of an axial length of the container body and in the peripheral direction.
Alpla Werke Alwin Lehner Gmbh & Co. Kg


Posterior functionally dynamic stabilization system

A functionally dynamic stabilization unit and system for treatment of spinal instability are provided. Each unit, and collectively, the system, is configured to control flexion, extension and translation of the affected unstable vertebral area, thereby stabilizing the vertebral segments by restoring normal function.
Paradigm Spine, Llc


Device for traversing vessel occlusions and use

An apparatus, system and method for re-canalization or opening a passage through an occlusion in a blood vessel is provided. The apparatus and method, which are appropriate for cardiovascular and peripheral vessels, use a pulling member and a spring member, for example a compression spring, to oscillate a drilling component.
Oscillon Ltd.


Method and device for monitoring the state of rotor blades

A method for state monitoring of a rotor blade of a wind turbine is described. The method comprises: measuring an acceleration of the rotor blade with a first signal, wherein the acceleration is measured at a first position at a predetermined distance from the rotor blade root in at least one direction comprising a first directional component orthogonal to the axis of the rotor blade, measuring a strain of the rotor blade with a second signal, wherein the strain is measured at a second position disposed in the area of the first position to the rotor blade root, determining a first positional change at the first position on the basis of the acceleration, determining a first value corresponding to the rotor blade stiffness or to the rotor blade elasticity by means of calculation on the basis of the first positional change and the strain, and determining the rotor blade state from the first value..
Technische UniversitÄt MÜnchen


Device and process to measure ground stiffness from compactors

This disclosure describes a system and method to calculate a ground stiffness value. The system includes at least one sensor configured to sense at least one of a vertical acceleration, vertical displacement, and a force of a compactor component and a processor configured to calculate a force at a drum-ground interface in response to the at least one sensor and further configured to calculate a drum displacement in response to the at least one sensor.
Caterpillar Inc.


High yield and enhanced performance fiber

A method of wood pulping having a significantly increased yield is disclosed. Wood chips are chemically pulped to a high kappa number, providing a first accepts component and a first rejects component.
Meadwestvaco Corporation


Fiber blend having high yield and enhanced pulp performance and making same

The present disclosure relates to producing paper or paperboard having improved stiffness and strength, compared to the conventional paperboard at the same basis weight. It also discloses a method of wood pulping having a significantly increased yield and providing fiber pulps with enhanced properties such as strength and stiffness.
Meadwestvaco Corporation

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