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Stiffness patents

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Steerable laser probe

Katalyst Surgical

Steerable laser probe

Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same

Hyundai Motor

Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Hybrid anchor patent thumbnailHybrid anchor
Some materials used to make anchors for soft tissue repair, for example, have beneficial properties, including stiffness, bioabsorbability, and osteoconductivity. These materials, however, are not flexible and are challenging to make flexible wings out of for winged anchors.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.
 Steerable laser probe patent thumbnailSteerable laser probe
A steerable laser probe may include a handle, an actuation mechanism of the handle, an optic fiber, and a housing tube. The housing tube may include a first housing tube portion having a first stiffness and a second housing tube portion having a second stiffness.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc
 Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailLow specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and manufacturing the same
Disclosed is a sandwich type steel sheet having low specific gravity and high stiffness which may be applied to an exterior plate of a vehicle and the like, which require excellent strength, dent resistance and the like. Further, a method of manufacturing the sandwich type steel sheet having a low specific gravity and high stiffness is also disclosed.
Hyundai Motor Company
 Personal care compositions including narrow molecular weight range copolymers patent thumbnailPersonal care compositions including narrow molecular weight range copolymers
Personal care compositions including one or more narrow molecular weight range copolymers have certain weight average molecular weights that provide low viscosity profiles and improved spray performance while also providing improved shampoo removability, hold, stiffness and feel compared to un-fractionated copolymers.. .
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.
 Prevention of myocardial infarction induced ventricular expansion and remodeling patent thumbnailPrevention of myocardial infarction induced ventricular expansion and remodeling
A method for direct therapeutic treatment of myocardial tissue in a localized region of a heart having a pathological condition. The method includes identifying a target region of the myocardium and applying material directly and substantially only to at least a portion of the myocardial tissue of the target region.
Cormend Technologies, Llc
 Suspension for acoustic device patent thumbnailSuspension for acoustic device
An apparatus includes a suspension element coupling a first rigid element to a second rigid element such that the first rigid element is movable in a reciprocating manner relative to the second rigid element. The suspension element includes radial features, some of which may have radial segments of opposite concavity.
Bose Corporation
 Composite material suitable for a morphing skin patent thumbnailComposite material suitable for a morphing skin
A morphing skin for an air vehicle structure, the skin being formed by a composite material which includes: a multiplicity of fibres, a matrix incorporating the fibres, and a thermo-sensitive material, such as a thermo-plastic. The thermo-sensitive material can be reversibly transitionable in response to a change in temperature, between (i) an ambient temperature mode in which the thermo-sensitive material is capable of transferring loads in the composite material, and (ii) a heated mode in which the ability of the thermo-sensitive material to transfer the loads is reduced.
Mbda Uk Limited
 Composite diaphragm patent thumbnailComposite diaphragm
Provided is a composite diaphragm which includes a base layer and at least a graphyne including layer. The base layer has a central portion and a peripheral portion disposed at the periphery of the central portion.
Merry Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.
 Surround with variations of concavity patent thumbnailSurround with variations of concavity
An acoustic device includes a resilient surround having a proportionately unequal distribution of half roll and inverted half roll segments. Half roll segments may be sized and located to provide additional clearance for internal components.
Bose Corporation
 Respirator having noncircular centroid-mounted exhalation valve patent thumbnailRespirator having noncircular centroid-mounted exhalation valve
A respirator 10 that has a mask body 12 and a harness 16 has an exhalation valve 23 that includes a valve seat 36 and a flexible flap 42. The valve seat 36 has an orifice 38 and has a noncircular seal surface 40 surrounding the orifice 38.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Bubble size determination based on bubble stiffness

Apparatus is provided comprising a signal processing module configured with at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code, the at least one memory and computer program code configured, with the at least one processor, to cause the apparatus at least to: receive signaling containing information about a stiffness of a concrete mixture; and determine an average bubble size of gas contained in the concrete mixture, based at least partly on the signaling received. The signal processing module may be configured to provide corresponding signaling containing information about the average bubble size of gas contained in the concrete mixture.
Cidra Corporate Services Inc.

Ureteral stents with waveform interlayers and interstitching

Ureteral stents include a tubular body defining a lumen and have a distal kidney section, a proximal bladder section, and a ureter section between the distal and proximal sections. The tubular body has a first material layer and a stiffening member that extends through at least a portion of a length of the tubular body.

Arrow having multiple exterior diameters and multiple interior diameters

A cylindrical carbon fiber arrow shaft formed with an exterior surface having single or multiple outside diameters and formed with an axial bore having multiple interior diameters. In a preferred embodiment, the exterior surface of the arrow shaft has an increased external diameter at the nock end and tapers to a smaller external diameter at the tip end.

Torsional vibration damping device

Providing a torsional vibration damping device capable of increasing torsional stiffness without increasing elastic members in the radius direction. In the torsional vibration damping device 1, a spring seat 16 for holding an end portion 4a of a coil spring 4 is provided between the other end 19b of an arm member 19 and the coil spring 4, and the spring seat 16 which contacts the other end 19b of the arm member 19 is constituted of a tapered face 16a..

Plunger pump, plunger, and manufacturing plunger pump

A plunger pump includes a pump fluid end having a fluid chamber and a suction bore, discharge bore, and plunger bore in communication with the fluid chamber. A plunger is arranged to reciprocate into and out of the fluid chamber through the plunger bore.

Tunable vibration dampers

In one aspect, a tunable vibration damper may include a housing and a damper stack disposed within the housing. The damper stack may be formed from a viscoelastic material and may have a vertical stiffness and a horizontal stiffness.

Apparatus for generating mechanical oscillations and a determining the resonance frequency of such apparatus

A device for generating mechanical oscillations is provided. The device has a first mass, a second mass, and a piezoelectric excitation system mechanically coupling the first mass and the second mass to one another, with the piezoelectric excitation system having a stiffness.

Forged hollow axle and making the same

A forged hollow axle, particularly a steerable axle, is designed for a commercial vehicle. The axle has a main longitudinal extension in a y-direction, a width in an x-direction and a height in a z-direction and is composed of at least two half shells fixedly joined at an interface which extends along its longitudinal extension.

Pneumatic tire

The present invention relates to a pneumatic tire of which the stiffness of tread blocks is improved in a circumferential direction. According to embodiments of the present invention, second grooves are formed to have a depth larger than the depth of a first groove so that the volume of the first blocks is similar to the volume of the second blocks and the stiffness of the first blocks is similar to the stiffness of the second blocks.

Stiffness measurement

A calculating device of the stiffness measurement device pressurizes an object to be measured with a predetermined pressure and the stiffness of the object to be measured in the squeal frequency band is calculated based on an inclination of a stress-displacement performance curve immediately after a start of depressurization after the pressurization. According to this device, there is no need to oscillate the object with a high frequency band and there is no need to enhance the stiffness of the housing of the measurement device, which leads to a downsizing of the device.

Robot system controlling method, robot system, and control quadrupedal robot

An object of the present invention is to provide a robot system controlling method and robot system which perform link angle control and joint stiffness control through feedback control.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Impedance parameter power control for lower limb assistive device

Systems and methods are described that relate to the control of a powered lower limb assistive device with one or more joints, where a controller of the assistive device is configured to receive one or more user-generated signals, determine control information using information in the one or more user-generated signals, select one or more joint impedance parameters of the assistive device for adjustment, and, for a mode and state of the assistive device, adjust the selected joint impedance parameters as a function of the control information. Additionally, systems and methods are described that relate to the control of such an assistive device, where a controller of the assistive device is configured to receive one or more user-generated signals containing information about the ankle angle of the assistive device, and adjust the stiffness of the ankle joint of the assistive device as a function of the ankle angle..
Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago

Prosthetic, orthotic or exoskeleton device

A time-dependent decay behavior is incorporated into one or more joint actuator control parameters during operation of a lower-extremity, prosthetic, orthotic or exoskeleton device. These parameters may include joint equilibrium joint impedance (e.g., stiffness, damping) and/or joint torque components (e.g., gain, exponent).
Iwalk, Inc.

Active ankle foot orthosis

An active ankle foot orthosis (aafo) is provided where the impedance of an orthotic joint is modulated throughout the walking cycle to treat ankle foot gait pathology, such as drop foot gait. During controlled plantar flexion, a biomimetic torsional spring control is applied where orthotic joint stiffness is actively adjusted to minimize forefoot collisions with the ground.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Looped wire catheter and method

A catheter includes a catheter body defining first and second lumens, and a wire having first and second segments each with a greater stiffness, and a middle segment with a lesser stiffness. The wire is in an elastically deformed access state where the middle segment extends from an opening to the first lumen to an opening to the second lumen and forms a smaller loop.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Absorbent article with waistband

A disposable absorbent article is disclosed that includes a first waist region, a second waist region, a crotch region disposed between the first waist region and second waist region, a waist edge in the first waist region, at least one waistband in the first waist region adjacent the waist edge, and at least one fastener in the second waist region, wherein the first waist region has a resiliency of greater than about 5 mj and a stiffness of less than about 10 n.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company

Systems and methods of adjusting a rotating gantry system

A gantry wheel adjustment system and method to adjust a gantry wheel of a proton treatment system, including an estimation unit to estimate a bearing adjustment value for each of the adjustable bearings based on a stiffness parameter of each adjustable bearing, the stiffness parameter being a function of a force applied at each adjustable bearing and a deflection of the gantry wheel associated with the force applied at each adjustable bearing, the bearing adjustment value corresponding to a nominal position value for each adjustable bearing to compensate for gantry wheel flexing when the gantry wheel is rotated from a first angular position to a second angular position, the adjustable bearings being configured to support the gantry wheel on the bearing surface and maintain the proton beam at the isocenter of the gantry wheel during gantry wheel rotation.. .
Pronova Solutions, Llc

Hockey stick or other sports implement

A hockey stick or other sports implement for a player. The hockey stick or other sports implement may comprise a taping guide for guiding application of tape on the hockey stick or sports implement.
Bauer Hockey Inc.

Variable negative stiffness actuation

An actuator includes an effective stiffness. The effective stiffness is based at least in part on non-linear deflection characteristics of buckling.
Sabanci University

Buffer ring

A buffer ring includes an annular body portion 11 that makes close contact with a side wall face 131b of an annular groove 131; an inner peripheral lip 12 that extends toward a sealed fluid side o from an inner peripheral end portion of the body portion 11; and an outer peripheral lip 13 that extends toward the sealed fluid side o from an outer peripheral end portion of the body portion 11 and having an outer peripheral end portion making close contact with a groove bottom face 131a of the annular groove 131, the outer peripheral lip 13 being lower in stiffness than the inner peripheral lip 12, wherein a plurality of protrusions 14 that make close contact with the groove bottom face 131a of the annular groove 131 are provided on an outer peripheral face of the body portion 11 at intervals in a circumferential direction.. .
Nok Corporation

Compact vertical-motion isolator

A vertical-motion vibration isolator utilizes negative-stiffness-producing mechanism which includes a plurality of compressed flexures, each having a particular length in the compressed direction of the flexure and being oriented in a horizontal direction, wherein the plurality of compressed flexures are positioned relative to each other such that the length of each compressed flexure substantially overlaps the length of each of the other compressed flexures. At least some of the plurality of compressed flexures can be positioned in a stacked arrangement.
Minus K. Technology, Inc.

Drive link for tiltrotor rotor system

According to one embodiment, a drive link includes a first bearing housing, a second bearing housing, and a central portion coupled between the first bearing housing and the second bearing housing. The central portion has less torsional stiffness than the first and second bearing housings such that the central portion twists in response to cocking of the first bearing housing relative to the second bearing housing..
Bell Hellicopter Textron Inc.

Core intended to be used as a support for a roll of paper

A core intended to be used as a support for a roll of paper, especially toilet paper, is formed by winding at least one strip made of tissue, the strip being impregnated, at least locally, with starch so as to improve its stiffness. Thus configured, a core is provided having both a mechanical strength suitable for the envisaged use and a greatly improved ability to disintegrate relative to a cardboard core so as to allow it to be able to be disposed of directly in a toilet bowl without risk of blocking the soil pipe..
Sca Tissue France

Rotary vibration damping arrangement

A torsional vibration damping arrangement, comprises at least one deflection mass pendulum unit with a rotatable carrier, a deflection mass, a deformable restoring element, a supporting element which provides the carrier supporting region, wherein a distance between the carrier supporting region and the deflection mass supporting region can be varied through movement of the supporting element at the carrier, and the supporting element is preloaded in direction of a radially inner base position and is displaceable radially outward against the preloading under centrifugal force action wherein that a radial distance of the supporting element from the base position increases degressively with increasing centrifugal force action at least in one rotational speed range and/or in that a spring stiffness of the restoring element increases progressively at least in one rotational speed range through centrifugal force-induced displacement of the supporting element.. .
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

Method to mitigate bit induced vibrations by intentionally modifying mode shapes of drill strings by mass or stiffness changes

A method for reducing drill tubular vibrations includes: constructing a mathematical model the drill tubular having mass distribution, material stiffness and material damping; constructing an equation of motion of the drill tubular in one of a time domain and frequency domain; transforming the equation of motion into a modal domain equation of motion to provide a mode shape of the drill tubular at an eigenfrequency, the mode shape providing an amplitude at a position along the drill tubular; comparing the amplitude at the position along the drill tubular to a threshold amplitude value; modifying at least one of the mass distribution, material stiffness and material damping if the amplitude exceeds the threshold value; and iterating the above step until at least one of the amplitude of the latest mode shape at the position is less than or equal to the threshold amplitude value and a predetermined constraint limits the modifying.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Method and multilayer shear band reinforcement

A method is provided for reinforcement of a multiple layer shear band as may be used in a non-pneumatic tire. More particularly, a method of improving the performance characteristics (such as e.g., increasing the bending stiffness) of a shear band without increasing its thickness or to reducing the thickness of a shear band while maintaining its performance characteristics and to shear bands constructed according to such method is provided as well as shear bands constructed according to such method..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Systems and methods for spinal stabilization

Spinal stabilization systems are disclosed having spanning portions extending between and securable to pedicle screw assemblies, the spanning portions have stiffness characteristics that may be variable or selectively adjustable, and/or have non-linear behavior with respect to force versus distortion. Additionally, the systems may utilize a plurality of spanning portions in which two or more of the spanning portions have different stiffness characteristics..

Flexible catheter shaft and manufacture

The present disclosure provides a strong, flexible catheter shaft for use in a catheter system. The flexible catheter shaft includes a nitinol tube having one or more sets of cuts therein in combination with one or more outer jacket layers.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Flexible catheter shaft and manufacture

The present disclosure provides a strong, flexible catheter shaft for use in a catheter system. The flexible catheter shaft includes a braided polyimide tube including one or more outer layers of material of varying flexibility.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Neural electrode system with a carrier having a tape spring-type shape

A neural probe comprising an array of stimulation and/or recording electrodes supported on a tape spring-type carrier is described. The neural probe comprising the tape spring-type carrier is used to insert flexible electrode arrays straight into tissue, or to insert them off-axis from the initial penetration of a guide tube.
Neuronexus Technologies, Inc.

Processes using staged hydrogen addition

This invention relates to processes using staged hydrogen addition in propylene polymerization. Using this process, broad/bi-modal mwd ipp with excellent stiffness properties and melt flow rates were produced..
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

Secondary batteries and methods of manufacturing the same

Provided is a secondary battery. The secondary battery includes: an electrode assembly including a positive electrode plate, a separator, and a negative electrode plate wound around a first axis extending in a first direction, having a thickness in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction and a length in a third direction perpendicular to the first direction and the second direction, and having a curvature with respect to the first axis while the length is greater than the thickness; an electrode case including a body and a cover having a curvature corresponding to the curvature of the electrode assembly and having different stiffnesses; and a first electrode tab and a second electrode tab connected respectively to the positive electrode plate and the negative electrode plate and protruding from the electrode assembly in a direction perpendicular to the first direction..
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Air pressure bearing

An air pressure bearing including a bearing including an outer bearing race and inner bearing race with a bearing gap therebetween, mounted between an outer race support ring and inner race support structure. Pressurized air is monitored, for example air pressure and flow rate, and supplied to the bearing and exhausted from the bearing.
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Omnidirectional deployable multichannel neural electrode system

A neural probe system having a single guide tube that is inserted into neural tissue and from which a number of neural probes can be deployed is described. Each probe is deployable into tissue along a desired trajectory.
Neuronexus Technologies, Inc.

Coated paper having a coating structure with controlled distribution of latex and preparing the same

Disclosed is coated paper having a coating structure in which styrene-butadiene latex distribution of a paper coating layer is controlled in order to reduce fold cracking of the coated paper and a method for manufacturing the same. The coated paper in which different types of latexes are separately applied to two coating layers exhibits considerably improved stiffness and reduced fold crack, as compared to the existing coated paper..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Composite optical materials for mechanical deformation

A composite optical device has a layer of a composite optical material mounted on a substrate. The layer of composite optical material has substantially uniform thickness.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E. V.

Aircraft wheel bearing arrangement

A bearing arrangement for an aircraft landing gear wheel is provided that effectively supports the wheel on an axle while maximizing internal wheel volume available for mounting non-engine drive means used to power the wheel and/or brakes or other structures within the maximized wheel volume. The bearing arrangement is preferably employed with a two-part aircraft wheel mounted on a landing gear axle and includes bearing structures located only on wheel sections adjacent to the axle.
Borealis Technical Limited

Sliding headliner for a motor vehicle

A sliding headliner for a motor vehicle that is movably guided on guides on both sides and that comprises a flexible shading element, whereby the invention provides that the shading element is tightened by two side profile strips of the sliding headliner, which strips are movably guided on the two guides, that each guide has a front guide section and a rear guide section, that the two side profile strips are held at a distance from one another by the rear guide sections under tightening of the shading element in the transverse direction and are guided in a non-tightened manner in the transverse direction by the front guide sections, and that the side profile strips are held at a distance from one another in the transverse direction on the front guide sections by their own bending stiffness and/or by a cross bow.. .
Webasto Se

Tire apex structure

A vehicle tire having an apex component that is made of a plurality of elastomeric strips containing reinforcement fibers that are aligned substantially parallel to each other in a controlled angle of orientation within the strip wherein the orientation is selected such that it increases the stiffness of the apex component.. .
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

High-pressure tube comprising several co-extruded layers

A high-pressure tube comprises several co-extruded layers which include a reinforcing inner layer. Said reinforcing inner layer exhibits a mixture of a block copolymer and a homopolymer.
Raumedic Ag

Concentrating solar cell module panel having stiffness and concentrating photovoltaic generation system comprising same

Disclosed is a concentrating solar cell module panel includes: a frame including a side plate and a base plate; carriers that are provided on the base plate at position spaced apart from each other at regular intervals, and each of which is provided with a solar cell; and a lens plate that is provided on an upper end of the frame and concentrates incident light on each of the solar cells. The side plate includes a transverse plate and a longitudinal plate longer than the transverse plate.
Anycasting Co., Ltd.

Laundry treating appliance

A laundry treating appliance may include a tub and a basket located at least partially within the tub and at least partially defining a laundry treating chamber. A drive system may operatively couple the tub to the basket and may be operative to rotate the basket about a rotational axis.
Whirlpool Corporation

Label assembly and dispensing low-stiffness labels

A label assembly having a first configuration comprising a facestock layer having an upper surface and a lower surface, an adhesive layer having an upper surface and a lower surface, the upper surface of the adhesive disposed adjacent to the lower surface of the facestock layer, a tack varnish layer overlying the upper surface of the facestock, a liner assembly comprising a release liner overlying the adhesive layer, the release liner comprising a liner layer having an upper surface and a lower surface, the upper surface comprising a release coating layer, the release coating layer being disposed adjacent to the adhesive layer, and a tack coating layer overlying the lower surface of the liner layer.. .
Avery Dennison Corporation

Global airframe health characterization

According to one aspect, a controller, including a processor, sets an initial vibration frequency to be applied to an airframe. The controller commands one or more force generators to apply a vibratory load to the airframe at the initial vibration frequency.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Method and system for ranking instruments

A system including or receiving information regarding the geometry of a patient can be used to identify possible or appropriate instruments for a patient. Instruments can include pacing and defibrillation leads.
Medtronic, Inc.

Active space telescope with suspended mirror

An active space telescope intended to be mounted on a satellite and comprising at least one mirror, a mechanism for servo-controlling the mirror according to at least three degrees of freedom which comprises actuators and a support fixed to the actuators, an interface for fixing the mirror to the servo-control mechanism. The interface is a suspension system of predetermined stiffness which allows dynamic displacements of the mirror relative to the servo-control mechanism, and the telescope comprises means for limiting these dynamic displacements in the form of elastic abutments and means of cooperation with these elastic abutments..


The present invention relates to a sealing element (100) of an axial turbomachine for the sealing of regions at or in at least two static components of the turbomachine, wherein the components can be moved axially relative to one another. The sealing element (100) has a first radial region (1) with a first stiffness or rigidity and a second radial region (5) with a second stiffness or rigidity, wherein the first stiffness and the second stiffness are different from one another, and the sealing element (100) is configured as segmented in the peripheral direction of the turbomachine..
Mtu Aero Engines Ag

Variable stiffness downhole tool housing

Various systems and methods for implementing and using a variable stiffness downhole tool housing include cylindrical segments positioned along a common axis, with a pair of segments each coupled to a bulkhead and positioned at either axial end of the tool housing. The housing also includes a flexible cylindrical sleeve, positioned along the common axis between two of the plurality of cylindrical segments, that includes a first and second region with an outer diameter no larger than a common segment inner diameter and a third region located between the first and second regions and with an outer diameter no larger than a common segment outer diameter (the first and second regions each at least partially inserted into an end of one segment).
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Deployable truss with orthogonally-hinged primary chords

A deployable truss with modified primary orthogonal joints. The construction of these joints causes the center-hinged primary chords on opposite sides of a truss bay to fold inward in a plane orthogonal to the folding planes of the side diagonals while the two secondary chords fold in planes orthogonal to the plane of the in-folding primary chords.
Cpi Technologies, Llc

Method for short drop adjustment in a frameless glass vehicle window system

A method for controlling movement of a window glass (12) in a vehicle using an electric motor (26) associated with a drive mechanism (1,2,3,4) through a cable (50), said method comprising the steps: determining an actual position (x2) of the window glass (12) based on the movement of the motor (26), determining a cable stiffness (s2), determining a position lag (400) of the window glass (12) based on the determined actual position (x2) of the window glass (12), a predetermined position (z2) of the window glass (12) and the cable stiffness (s2); and continuously correcting the position of the window glass (12) based on the determined position lag (400).. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Foot, ankle and lower extremity compression and fixation system and related uses

In general, various embodiments of the present invention comprise an external fixation device, an internal fixation device, and a lower extremity stabilizer. The external fixation device is connected to the lower extremity stabilizer and the external fixation device is adjustably connected to the internal fixation device.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Refractory article

A refractory article having a support structure including a first plurality of posts coupled by a first member; and a second plurality of posts substantially parallel with the first plurality of posts, the second plurality of posts coupled by a second member, wherein the support structure has a height, h, and wherein the first and second members are positioned between 0.3h and 0.7h. In another aspect, the support structure has a height to width ratio of at least 1.5, a stiffness factor of no greater than 100 mm, and a solid to open volume ratio of no greater than 5%.
Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

Fuel cell stack with enhanced freeze-thaw durability

The present invention provides a fuel cell stack with enhanced freeze-thaw durability. In particular, the fuel cell stack includes a gas diffusion layer between a membrane-electrode assembly and a bipolar plate.
Kia Motors Corporation

Barbed tape and deploying a barbed tape

Some embodiments are directed to a barbed tape formed from a planar strip of flexible material and including a plurality of barbs disposed therealong, the barbs being sufficiently resilient so as to impede, by entanglement with or otherwise, the passage of an object therepast. In some aspects, the tape incorporates a crease in a central portion thereof, which acts to provide stiffness to the tape.
Qinetiq Limited

Earpiece positioning and retaining

A positioning and retaining structure for an in-ear earpiece. An outer leg and an inner leg are attached to each other at an attachment end and attached to a body of the earpiece at the other end.
Bose Corporation

Steerable medical devices, systems, and methods of use

Steerable medical devices and methods of use. In some embodiments the steerable medical devices include a steerable portion with a stiffness that varies in the steerable portion..

Multi-layer membrane capsule for preparing a beverage

A system, method and capsule are usable for preparing a predetermined quantity of beverage suitable for consumption using an extractable product. The system includes an exchangeable capsule, and an apparatus including a receptacle for holding the exchangeable capsule, and a fluid dispensing device for supplying a fluid to the exchangeable capsule.
Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.v.

Deepwater jacket design method

A new jacket design method is disclosed, especially for deepwater water heavy jacket applications. The method utilizes a special type of air bags, called ship launching air bags (slab), to provide low cost temporary buoyancy used for jacket installation purpose only.
China National Offshore Oil Corp

Pitch bearing

A pitch bearing for connecting first and second articles is provided. The first article includes a first curved outer surface and the second article includes a second curved outer surface opposite the first curved outer surface.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

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