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Stiffness patents

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Endoscope having flexible tube


Endoscope having flexible tube

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Computationally efficient nonlinear structural analysis patent thumbnailnew patent Computationally efficient nonlinear structural analysis
Seismic displacement demands for design of a bridge frame structure are typically determined from linear-elastic analysis (lea), which are often incorrect, and compared to displacement capacity from a nonlinear pushover analysis. Nonlinear time-history analysis (ntha) provides the most realistic assessment of displacement demands because it properly models the physics of the dynamic problem, wherein stiffness of the bridge varies over time.
San Diego State University Research Foundation
 Endoscope having flexible tube patent thumbnailnew patent Endoscope having flexible tube
In an endoscope, a flexible device of an elongated tube has a variable stiffness device. The variable stiffness device includes a movable control wire and a coil spring, to which compression force is applied to change stiffness.
Fujifilm Corporation
 Mesh pouches for implantable medical devices patent thumbnailnew patent Mesh pouches for implantable medical devices
Biodegradable polymer-coated surgical meshes formed into pouches are described for use with cardiac rhythm management devices (crms) and other implantable medical devices. Such meshes are formed into a receptacle, e.g., a pouch or other covering, capable of encasing, surrounding and/or holding the cardiac rhythm management device or other implantable medical device for the purpose of securing it in position, inhibiting or reducing bacterial growth, providing pain relief and/or inhibiting scarring or fibrosis on or around the crm or other implantable medical device.
Tyrx, Inc.
 Permanent magnet rotor shaft assembly and method patent thumbnailnew patent Permanent magnet rotor shaft assembly and method
A permanent magnet rotor shaft assembly for a high speed electrical machine provides a permanent magnet cylindrical core having a longitudinal axis, the cylindrical core being axially compressed by first and second end shafts and being radially compressed by a sleeve made of a non-magnetic high strength metal. At least one of the first and second end shafts includes, facing the cylindrical core, a central shoulder head that cooperates with a mating central recess made in a central portion of a front face of the cylindrical core.
Skf Magnetic Mechatronics
 Shielded implantable medical lead with reduced torsional stiffness patent thumbnailnew patent Shielded implantable medical lead with reduced torsional stiffness
Shields within implantable leads increase the torsional stiffness of the leads. The torsional stiffness may be reduced by cutting the shield axially to break the circumferential mechanical continuity of the shield.
Medtronic, Inc.
 Method and  measuring charge and size of single objects in a fluid patent thumbnailMethod and measuring charge and size of single objects in a fluid
In a method for determining charge and/or size of an object (15) suspended in a fluid, the object (15) is introduced, together with the fluid, into an electrostatic trap (1) defining an electrostatic confining potential. The thermal motion of the object (15) in the fluid is observed under influence of the confining potential, and charge and/or size are determined from the observed thermal motion.
Universitat Zurich
 Contoured joint brace with support stiffness insert patent thumbnailContoured joint brace with support stiffness insert
A method and an article of manufacture are disclosed for supporting joints including a contoured brace having a support stiffness insert (ssi) configured to be inserted into a cavity within the joint brace. In various embodiments, the contours of the brace fit the curves of the body to increase support, mobility and comfort.
 Board-to-board connector patent thumbnailBoard-to-board connector
A first connector is equipped with a first terminal, a first housing and a first reinforcing bracket. The he first reinforcing bracket is equipped with a band-like first main body portion extending in the lateral direction of the first housing.
Molex Incorporated
 Tunable progressive cavity pump patent thumbnailTunable progressive cavity pump
A well pump assembly includes a progressive cavity pump having a stator with an elastomeric inner portion. The stator has an axial cavity with internal lobes; a rotor with external lobes positioned within the axial cavity.
Baker Hughes Incorporated
 Earpiece positioning and retaining patent thumbnailEarpiece positioning and retaining
A positioning and retaining structure for an in-ear earpiece. An outer leg and an inner leg are attached to each other at an attachment end and attached to a body of the earpiece at the other end.
Bose Corporation

Earpiece positioning and retaining

A positioning and retaining structure for an in-ear earpiece. An outer leg and an inner leg are attached to each other at an attachment end and attached to a body of the earpiece at the other end.
Bose Corporation

Single degree of freedom vibration isolating device of linear motor and motion control method thereof

A single degree of freedom vibration isolating device of a linear motor and a motion control method thereof. The vibration isolating device comprises a balance block, an anti-drifting driving unit, and a control unit.
Tsinghua University

Self-adjusting seat stiffness system

A self-adjusting seat stiffness system that uses a tension member and tensioning device to maintain or increase tension in a seat component during a perceived vehicle dynamic event. The system may use an inertial latching spool for the tensioning device as an example of a way to maintain tension at a target acceleration of the spool by locking up the tension member, or may have a controller to control the tensioning member to provide variable tensions depending on varying perceived vehicle parameters.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Memory cells, methods of fabrication, and semiconductor devices

A magnetic cell includes an attracter material proximate to a magnetic region (e.g., a free region). The attracter material is formulated to have a higher chemical affinity for a diffusible species of a magnetic material, from which the magnetic region is formed, compared to a chemical affinity between the diffusible species and at least another species of the magnetic material.
Micron Technology

Compositions and methods for joint health

The present disclosure provides mixtures of prenylated flavonoids, stilbenes, or both with flavans or curcuminoids or both capable of modulating joint inflammation, joint pain, joint stiffness, cartilage degradation, or improving mobility, range of motion, flexibility, joint physical function, or any combination thereof. Such a mixture of prenylated flavonoids, stilbenes, or both with flavans or curcuminoids or both can optionally be used in combination with other joint management agents, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents/analgesics, cox/lox inhibiting agents, glucosamine compounds, neuropathic pain relief agents, or the like..
Unigen, Inc.

Damper pulley assembly of vehicle

A damper pulley assembly of vehicle may include a crankshaft rotating by a power transmitted from an engine, a hub including a hub body formed cylindrical hollow shape so that the crankshaft is inserted and a hub ring protruded outside of the hub body, a pulley coupled outside of the hub ring, a combining ring formed cylindrical hollow shape so as to be coupled outside of the hub body, and an oil seal provided between outside of the combining ring and inside of the cylinder block and preventing leakage of engine oil of the cylinder block, wherein the hub is made of low density material compared to the pulley, and the combining ring is made of high stiffness compared to the hub.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Micro and nano scale structures disposed in a material so as to present micrometer and nanometer scale curvature and stiffness patterns for use in cell and tissue culturing and in other surface and interface applications

A structure for use in cell and tissue culturing and in other surface and interface applications. The structure comprises a first material layer defining one or more surface features therein disposed randomly or in a pattern, the one or more surface features having the same or different sizes and cross sectional shapes, a second material layer disposed in or on the one or more surface features, a microstructure disposed in or on the one or more surface features and at least partially embedded and immobile within the second material layer, the microstructure presenting a curvature and a stiffness value and protruding above an upper surface of the second material, a size of the microstructure between 1 nanometer and 10 millimeters, and the structure for use in cell and tissue culturing and in other surface and interface applications wherein a cell grows on the microstructure..

Superimposed composite interior component

A laminated composite interior component, including: a first member that has a predetermined mating surface; and a second member made of an elastically deformable resin material, the second member having a plate-like portion that is substantially parallel to the mating surface and that has multiple protrusions which are formed integrally with plate-like portion and which protrude toward the mating surface such that a space is formed between the mating surface and the plate-like portion, the second member being arranged so as to be laminated on the first member with the protrusions in contact with the mating surface, cushioning characteristics being imparted to the laminated composite interior component when distal ends of the protrusions are pressed against the mating surface and elastically deformed, the laminated composite interior component being configured such that the multiple protrusions have the same shape, the plate-like portion is dotted with the multiple protrusions, bending stiffness of each of the protrusions against a compression load is anisotropic around an axis of the protrusion, and each of the multiple protrusions is configured to be bent and deformed in a specific direction about its axis, and the multiple protrusions are arranged at such locations as to constitute respective sides of each of multiple polygons so that there is formed a lattice pattern in which each of the sides of each of the multiple polygons overlaps with a corresponding one of the sides of an adjacent one of the polygons.. .
Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Apparatus, system, and providing fabric-elastomer composites as pneumatic actuators

Soft pneumatic actuators based on composites consisting of elastomers with embedded sheet or fiber structures (e.g., paper or fabric) that are flexible but not extensible are described. On pneumatic inflation, these actuators move anisotropically, based on the motions accessible by their composite structures.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Flexible impact protection

Disclosed is a flexible impact protection member for mounting to a first member to protect either or both the first member and a second member that impacts thereon. The protection member has a several mobile portions, each being mounted end on end to each other.
Ag-tech Industries Limited

Electrically variable suspension

A variable stiffness spring is provided that includes a dielectric diaphragm having a biaxially pre-strained film, where the dielectric diaphragm includes an out-of-plane stiffness at zero voltage, a first electrode disposed on a first side of the dielectric diaphragm and a second electrode disposed on a second side of the dielectric diaphragm, where the out-of-plain stiffness is relaxed by an applied voltage between the first electrode and the second electrode.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junio University

Fluid injection valve

A fluid injection valve includes a fluid inlet tube with a recess and a valve body including a central longitudinal axis. The valve body includes a cavity with a fluid outlet portion.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Plunger for pneumatic dispenser

A plunger is fittable within a cylinder of a pneumatic dispenser that discharges a viscous material. The plunger has a first portion located at the front, and a second portion located at the rear.
Kaga Works Co., Ltd.

Paperboards having improved bending stiffness and making same

Paperboards having improved md and cd bending stiffness by including a paperboard binder coalescing agent to cause starch paperboard binder to coat at least some of the paperboard fibers. Also a method for preparing these improved bending stiffness paperboards by combining with an untreated paperboard fiber stream a treated paperboard fiber stream where at least some/at least a portion of the paperboard fibers are coated with a starch paperboard binder due to the coalescing action of a paperboard binder coalescing agent..
International Paper Company

Thrust reverser with a deployment-controlled blocking flap

A thrust reverser device for a turbojet engine nacelle includes a mobile cowl movably mounted to translate between a closed position which the mobile cowl covers grids deflecting some of the air flow of the turbojet engine and an open position in which it opens a passage and uncovers the grids. The mobile cowl is associated with a blocking flap to pivot between a retracted position and a blocking position corresponding to the open position of the mobile cowl.

Arrangement and the synchronous determination of the shear modulus and of the poisson's number on samples of elastically isotropic and anisotropic materials

The invention relates to an arrangement and to a method for the synchronous determination of the shear modulus and of the poisson's number on samples of elastically isotropic and anisotropic materials. In the arrangement, an indenter is movable in parallel with its longitudinal axis (a) in the direction of the surface of a sample such that a force action is exerted on the material by its tip.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Delivery of medical devices

A stent delivery system can include a core member, an introducer sheath, and a microcatheter. The core member can have a first section and a second section distal to the first section.
Covidien Lp

Delivery of medical devices

A stent delivery system can include a core member and a stent. The stent can be carried by an intermediate portion of the core member.
Covidien Lp

Flow divider for sheet flow water ride

The invention relates to a flow divider for a sheet flow water ride having an inclined ride surface capable of dividing it into two or more sections, wherein more than one rider can then safely ride on the water ride at the same time. The water ride can include an inclined ride surface on which a sheet flow of water is propelled that can conform to the contours of the ride surface.
Surf Park Pte, Ltd.

Light-weight, high stiffness glass laminate structure

A laminate structure having a first chemically strengthened glass layer, a second chemically strengthened glass layer, and a polymer interlayer structure intermediate the first and second glass layers. The polymer interlayer structure can include a first polymeric layer adjacent to the first glass layer, a second polymeric layer adjacent to the second glass layer, and a polymeric rigid core intermediate the first and second polymeric layers..
Corning Incorporated

Methods for treatment of cervical insufficiency

Methods, compositions, devices and kits for increasing mechanical stiffness of an incompetent or a dilated biological tissue in a subject are provided herein. The methods described herein involve placing (e.g., injecting) a silk fibroin-based composition into at least a portion of an incompetent or dilated tissue of a subject.
Tufts Medical Center

Bearing seat for a ball joint and a ball joint

A bearing seat for a ball joint which simplifies the process of joining a housing and a bearing seat and makes it easy to guarantee the stiffness necessary for a ball joint as a whole by making it easy to fill the interior of an undercut groove with a softened or molten material and a ball joint having this bearing seat for a ball joint are provided. The ball joint 100 has a bearing seat in the form of a ball seat 130 which receives a ball portion 113 of a ball stud 110 inside a cast housing 120 so that the ball portion 113 can slidably rotate.

Uncoated recording media

An uncoated recording medium includes a blend of hardwood fibers and softwood fibers. The total fiber content is at least 80 wt % of a total wt % of the uncoated recording medium.
Hewlett-packard Deveolopment Company, L.p.

Brake control apparatus

When a driving force of a drive motor (21) becomes a maximum driving force even in the case where a brake pedal (5) is depressed by a large amount while a vehicle is in a stopped state, a second ecu (33) outputs a valve-closing command to a boost control valve (40, 40′) of an esc (31) for a left front wheel (fl; front wheel 1l) and a right front wheel (fr; front wheel 1r). In this manner, a hydraulic pressure flowing from a master cylinder (8) through the esc (31) to each wheel side is not supplied to wheel cylinders (3l, 3r) for the front wheels (1l, 1r) but is supplied only to wheel cylinders (4l, 4r) for rear wheels (2l, 2r).
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Ultra fine pitch pop coreless package

A bottom package for a pop (package-on-package) may be formed with a reinforcement layer supporting a thin or coreless substrate. The reinforcement layer may provide stiffness and rigidity to the substrate to increase the stiffness and rigidity of the bottom package and provide better handling of the substrate.
Apple Inc.

Mems 2d air amplifier ion focusing device and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention relates to the field of micro electro mechanical system (mems), and particularly relates to a mems device of a two-dimensional (2d) air amplifier for electro spray ion focusing. It mainly includes original gas inlets, a gap structure, a wall structure and a center focusing groove in the axis of air amplifier.
Dalian University Of Technology

Vehicle front structure

A vehicle front structure includes: a power unit provided on a front part of a vehicle; a front side member which is arranged outside the power unit in a vehicle width direction and which extends in a vehicle longitudinal direction; and a load receiving portion which is provided on a side portion on a front side member side of the power unit and which is located inside the front side member in a vehicle width direction while stiffness thereof in the vehicle width direction is higher than other location of the side portion.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Tire wear state estimation system utilizing cornering stiffness and method

A tire wear state estimation system includes as inputs an axle force estimation, a measured tire inflation pressure; a tire load estimation; a tire cornering stiffness estimation; and a tire identification by which a specific tire-based correlation model correlates tire inflation pressure, the tire load estimation, the tire cornering stiffness estimation, and the vehicle-based sensor axle force estimation.. .
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Sensor and continuous health monitoring

An optical proximity sensor assembly includes an optical proximity sensor with an ir led emitting light having an infrared wavelength, an ir photo detector sensitive to the infrared wavelength, an optical barrier blocking direct light rays from the led to the ir photo detector and permitting reflected light rays to reach the at least one photo detector; and an electronic integrated circuit with an amplifier for amplifying a signal detected by the photo detector, an analog to digital converter, led drivers, noise reduction and ambient light cancellation circuitry, and a digital interface for communication with a microcontroller. The optical proximity sensor is accommodated on a wearable carrier.
Wayne State University

Variable stiffness film, variable stiffness flexible display, and manufacturing the variable stiffness film

A variable stiffness film, a variable stiffness flexible display, and a manufacturing method thereof may include a lower electrode, a variable fluid, and an upper electrode. A polymer layer may be formed on the lower electrode, and a variable fluid receiving portion is patterned on the polymer layer.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Disk drive suspension

A slider and microactuator elements are arranged on a gimbal portion of a flexure. A conducting member includes tongue conductive circuit portions, and unsupported conductive circuit portions which do not overlap with a metal base.
Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

Deformable membrane assemblies

The present invention provides a deformable membrane assembly 1 comprising an elastic membrane 8 that is held under tension around its edge by a bendable membrane supporting member 2,10, a body of fluid in contact with one face of the membrane, the pressure of the fluid being controllable for adjusting the shape of the membrane, and one or more bending controllers 24 acting on the supporting member 2, 10 to control the bending of the supporting member in response to loading through tension in the membrane. The bending stiffness of the membrane-supporting member 2, 10 varies round its extent to control the profile of the edge of the membrane 8; etc.
Adlens Ltd.

Vehicle body with structural component

The present disclosure relates to a front structure of a vehicle body having a wheel installation strut and a side member which flanks an interior defined by the front car. The side member has a convex surface, by means of which it is fastened to an end of the wheel installation strut in multiple points.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Substrate for additive manufacturing

A substrate for an additive manufacturing process, the substrate having a build surface for fusing to a part being formed on the substrate by the additive manufacturing process, wherein the substrate is configured to provide relatively high stiffness in a direction substantially perpendicular to the build surface, whilst having a low longitudinal stiffness in the plane of the build surface. Also, a method of forming the substrate, a system including the substrate, and use of the system for creating a part by an additive manufacturing process..
Airbusgroup Limited

Vehicle powertrain mounting system and designing same

A powertrain mounting system for a vehicle powertrain includes a first powertrain mount that exhibits a first gradual rate of change of static stiffness when under load. The mounting system also includes a second powertrain mount that exhibits a second gradual rate of change of static stiffness when under load.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Uncoupling element

In an uncoupling element for uncoupling vibrations of the turbocharger of an internal combustion engine from an exhaust system with a bellows, provisions are made, especially for achieving a lower stiffness with short overall length, for the bellows to be a diaphragm bellows.. .
Boa Balg- Und Kompensatoren-technologie Gmbh

Model-based neuromechanical controller for a robotic leg

A model-based neuromechanical controller for a robotic limb having at least one joint includes a finite state machine configured to receive feedback data relating to the state of the robotic limb and to determine the state of the robotic limb, a muscle model processor configured to receive state information from the finite state machine and, using muscle geometry and reflex architecture information and a neuromuscular model, to determine at least one desired joint torque or stiffness command to be sent to the robotic limb, and a joint command processor configured to command the biomimetic torques and stiffnesses determined by the muscle model processor at the robotic limb joint. The feedback data is preferably provided by at least one sensor mounted at each joint of the robotic limb.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Archery arrow having improved flight characteristics

The archery arrow having improved flight characteristics of the present invention is designed to improve the accuracy of the arrow which is equipped with a dampening medium within the central bore of the arrow shaft. The dampening materials in an embodiment may include, but not be limited to, silicon, epoxies or urethanes and selection of various dampening materials may provide for varying degrees of stiffness.
Aldila Golf Corp.

Hydraulic coupling

A hydraulic coupling is specified, particularly for fuel injectors, which has a housing pot having a pot bottom and a lateral pot surface, a piston guided axially displaceably in the housing pot, a fluid-filled coupling gap that is provided between the piston and the pot bottom, diaphragm situated on the outer side of the housing pot facing away from the piston, a compensation chamber that is bordered by the diaphragm and flow-connected to the coupling gap, and a spring element acting upon the diaphragm with an axially directed spring force. In order to achieve a low overall stiffness of the hydraulic coupling at the required specified coupling force, the spring element is developed as a spring bracket fixed to the housing pot, which lies against the diaphragm with axial prestressing in the region of the pot bottom..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Packaging construction and manufacturing said packaging construction

A packaging construction being formed by multi-layer board material includes a middle layer, a first outer layer attached to the middle layer and a second outer layer attached to the middle layer. The packaging construction defines a bottom side, a top side, and a plurality of side panels joining the bottom side and the top side so as to form a closed structure.
Sca Forest Products Ab

Inertia wheel architecture for storing energy

An inertia wheel including a storage ring and a hub connecting the storage ring to a rotation shaft of the wheel, the hub including a central part forming a hub body for connecting to the shaft, a peripheral part forming a rim for connecting to the storage ring and an intermediate part formed by a disk between the hub body and the rim. The hub is made from a composite material and includes a module having a stiffness that decreases from the hub body to the rim.

Method and system for fabricating a non load bearing partition wall

The embodiments herein disclose a method and system for fabricating a non load bearing partition wall with an internal cavity having partition. The non load bearing partition wall comprises at-least two pre-cast concrete panels arranged in back to back fashion.

Method and system of non-destructive testing for composites

Method and system are disclosed for characterizing and quantifying composite laminate structures. The method and system take a composite laminate of unknown ply stack composition and sequence and determine various information about the individual plies, such as ply stack, orientation, microstructure, and type.
Baylor University

Articles including expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membranes with serpentine fibrils and having a discontinuous fluoropolymer layer thereon

Articles comprising an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membrane having serpentine fibrils and having a discontinuous coating of a fluoropolymer thereon are provided. The fluoropolymer may be located at least partially in the pores of the expanded fluoropolymer membrane.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Method and providing a relative location indication during a surgical procedure

An orthopedic guidewire includes an elongate guidewire body having longitudinally spaced proximal and distal guidewire ends. An engaging feature is located at the distal guidewire end and is configured to selectively engage a bone surface.
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Hockey-stick blade with tailored performance regions

A hockey-stick includes a blade and a shaft. The blade includes a heel region, a toe region spaced longitudinally from the heel region, and a mid-region located between the heel region and the toe region.
Easton Sports, Inc.

The printed circuit board and the manufacturing the same

A printed circuit board includes: a core insulating layer including a glass fiber; a first insulating layer on an upper portion or a lower portion of the core insulating layer, the first insulating layer including a first circuit pattern groove; a first circuit pattern filling the first circuit pattern groove of the first insulating layer; a second insulating layer covering the first circuit pattern and including a second circuit pattern groove at a top surface thereof; and a second circuit pattern filling the second circuit pattern groove of the second insulating layer, wherein the first insulating layer includes a resin material and a filler distributed in the resin material. Accordingly, a total thickness of the pcb can be thinly formed while maintaining the stiffness by separately forming a thin insulating layer without a glass fiber for the buried pattern on the core insulating layer..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Cooling device and access door

An access door (1) for use in a cooling device for keeping products chilled and displaying them, in particular food and/or beverages, includes an at least substantially transparent multiple-walled construction. The multi-walled construction includes an at least substantially plate-shaped first wall (2) and an at least substantially plane-parallel second wall (3).
Polyplastic Groep B.v.

Article of footwear with a midsole structure

An article of footwear is disclosed that includes an upper and a midsole. A first midsole impact force attenuation structure or system is arranged at least within the toe region of the midsole.
Nike, Inc.

Enhanced crosswind compensation

A device may estimate crosswind by a vehicle controller according to driver steering inputs indicative of driver intention and crosswind disturbance inputs indicative of a potential crosswind condition. The device may, if the estimated crosswind exceeds a predetermined threshold, utilize the vehicle controller to correct the crosswind condition to reduce vehicle control demand on the driver, the automatic correction including at least one of a steering angle adjustment and suspension stiffness adjustment..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Variable stiffness stent

A stent has one or more redundant crests for a ring. The redundant crest is located at a y-crown for a peak-to-valley type stent pattern in one example.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

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