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Stiffness patents

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Head support for a pushchair

Head support for a pushchair

New poly-amic acid, photo-sensitive resin composition, dry film, and circuit board

Repair method of repair target portion, and repaired product obtained from repairing

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Robot device, robot control method, program, recording medium, and control device patent thumbnailRobot device, robot control method, program, recording medium, and control device
A joint torque computing unit computes joint torque t1 necessary to set a joint angle θ of a joint to a target joint angle ra. A summing unit obtains a sum value u1 representing a sum of generated force command values ue1 and uf1 as to mono-articular driving actuators, based on target stiffness rs of the joint.
 Head support for a pushchair patent thumbnailHead support for a pushchair
A head support for a pushchair comprises a support section, a seat connection section and a back support. The support section forms a u-shape and comprises an armature, comprising sides, that provides stiffness to the support section.
 New poly-amic acid, photo-sensitive resin composition, dry film, and circuit board patent thumbnailNew poly-amic acid, photo-sensitive resin composition, dry film, and circuit board
The present invention relates to a novel polyamic acid introduced with an imidazolyl group in the polymer chain, a photosensitive resin composition including the polyamic acid and that is capable of providing a photosensitive material that satisfies the characteristics of an excellent bending property and low stiffness and also exhibits excellent heat resistance and coating resistance, a dry film obtained from the photosensitive resin composition, and a circuit board including the dry film.. .
 Repair method of repair target portion, and repaired product obtained from repairing patent thumbnailRepair method of repair target portion, and repaired product obtained from repairing
The present invention relates to a repair method using a pre-cured repairing patch, and a repaired product obtained from repairing using the repairing patch, and the present invention securely bonds a repairing patch, where an out-of-plane stiffness is required, to a repair target. In order to cover a repair target portion 23 formed in an outer panel 2 with a repairing patch 30, and bond the repairing patch 30 to a repair target, repairing plates 31, 32 that are formed of fibers and thermosetting resin, and pre-cured before repairing are used as the repairing patch 30, and a laminating step s4 of laminating the repairing plates 31, 32, and a bonding step s7 of bonding the repairing plates 31, 32 to each other are performed..
 Temperature drift compensation of mems resonators patent thumbnailTemperature drift compensation of mems resonators
A resonator device comprising a piezoelectric material and at least one electrode, the device also provided with a material with a positive coefficient of stiffness, wherein the material is disposed in the device as an electrode or as a separate layer adjacent the piezoelectric material formed as one or more layers in the device. The material that performs the temperature compensating function is selected from the group consisting of ferromagnetic metal alloys, shape-memory metal alloys, and polymers, wherein the selected material has a temperature coefficient that varies with the relative amounts of the individual constituents of the compositions and wherein the composition is selected to provide the material with the positive coefficient of stiffness..
 Electric supply structure patent thumbnailElectric supply structure
An electric supply structure includes a body including plural shaft support portions, a housing being joined with the body, a motor being positioned between the body and the housing, being restricted from moving in an axial direction of a motor shaft by the shaft support portion and being rotatably supported about the motor shaft, a terminal being connected to the motor, and a connector being provided with an insertion hole. The terminal includes a bus bar portion movably mounted to the body, a motor-side terminal portion being fixed on the motor so as to supply electricity and a connector-side terminal portion being positioned to be inserted into the insertion hole.
 Conveyance seat patent thumbnailConveyance seat
A conveyance seat includes: a seating sensor structure including a pressure-sensing portion that is used to detect a pressure, the seating sensor structure being arranged inside a seat pad of the conveyance seat through integral foam-molding. The seating sensor structure is formed by laminating the pressure-sensing portion, a second sheet-shaped member and a first sheet-shaped member in this order from a seating face side.
 Method for optimizing the tolerancing of a set of flexible parts subjected to forces patent thumbnailMethod for optimizing the tolerancing of a set of flexible parts subjected to forces
A method for optimizing the tolerancing of a set of flexible parts subjected to forces. At the design phase, an optimum tolerancing for flexible parts is defined according to the assembly process plan and the desired functional requirements.
 Robotics apparatus, robot control method, program, and recording medium patent thumbnailRobotics apparatus, robot control method, program, and recording medium
The robotics apparatus includes an f1-actuator for driving a first link, an f2-actuator for driving a second link, an actuator for simultaneously driving both links, and a cpu for controlling those actuators. The cpu sets a driving-force command value to an e3-actuator to a predetermined set value.
 Composite micro-electro-mechanical-system apparatus and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailComposite micro-electro-mechanical-system apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
A mems apparatus comprising composite vibrating unit and the manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The vibrating unit includes a stiffness element on which a first material is disposed.
Fuel injection system having a fuel-carrying component, a fuel injector and a suspension
A suspension for fuel injection systems is used for connecting a fuel injector to a fuel-carrying component. A connecting body having a receiving space is provided for this purpose.
Cushion with selectively variable softness/stiffness
A cushion (16) for use with a mask (10) in delivering a flow of breathing gas to a user includes a first portion adapted to contact a surface of a user, a second portion adapted to be coupled to a mask shell (18), and a wall portion extending between the first portion and the second portion. The wall portion includes a chamber formed therein, the chamber having one of an electro-rheological fluid or a magneto-rheological fluid disposed therein.
Supporting device for gas turbine and gas turbine with the same
A supporting device for a gas turbine includes a base frame; a fixing member installed on the base frame so as to support one end of a gas turbine; and an absorbing member installed on the base frame so as to support the other end of the gas turbine. The absorbing member having lower stiffness than the fixing member so as to deform in first and second directions when the gas turbine thermally expands..
Electric power assisted steering systems
A vehicle comprising an electric power assist steering (epas) system, wherein the epas system is configured to receive a detected value of steering wheel angle and/or steering wheel angular velocity and wherein the epas system is configured to improve the accuracy of the detected value of steering wheel angle and/or steering wheel angular velocity by compensating for any one or more of an angular phasing of the joint between any two linked components of the steering mechanism and the effect on steering wheel angle of the deflection across a torque sensor at least substantially due to the stiffness of that torque sensor.. .
Magnetically controlled stiffness of materials
A system and method for the use of magneto-rheological fluids (mrf) and magnetically controlled elastomers (mce) for use in fluid control and distribution apparatus which are responsive to control by a magnetic field are disclosed.. .
Methods and apparatus for an adjustable stiffness catheter
Apparatus and methods for an endovascular catheter that can be inserted within tortuous body anatomies and then selectively stiffened and fixed in place. In a particular embodiment, this stiffness is reversible.
Nerve block system with curved introducer and methods of use
Disclosed herein is a nerve block system comprising a nerve block needle and a curved introducer. Also disclosed are components of and methods of use of the nerve block system.
Catheter stiffness adjustment system and method
A catheter stiffener adjustment system including a first member with an outer diameter and having at least three first segments with at least one joint enabling the segments to bend relative to each other, and a second member having an inner diameter defining a passageway through which the first member is movable relative to the second member. The second member has at least three second segments with at least one joint enabling the segments to bend relative to each other.
Stress shield and infection control for a skin-implant interface
Embodiments for superficial tissue compliance modulation and negative pressure wound therapy for stabilization of a chronic percutaneous implant are disclosed. An external cap is coupled to a compliance gradient of progressively decreasing stiffness.
Friction-based orthotic impedence modulation device
The present invention relates to an impedance modulation device for an orthotic application. The device includes a high-stiffness loading spring, a low-stiffness return spring, a shaft having an output connector, and an engagement mechanism.
Intravascular devices, systems, and methods
Intravascular devices, systems, and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, the intravascular devices include at least one electronic, optical, or electro-optical component positioned within a distal portion of the device and one or more connectors positioned at a distal portion of the device.
Flexible driveshafts with bi-directionally balanced torsional stiffness properties
This document provides flexible driveshaft devices. For example, this document provides flexible driveshaft devices that have bi-directionally balanced torsional stiffness properties.
Systems and methods for predicting impact of a catheter on curvature of a vessel
The invention generally relates to systems and methods for predicting impact of a catheter on curvature of a vessel. In certain aspects, the invention provides a system for predicting impact of a catheter on curvature of a vessel.
Constitution of environment-friendly glass for tft-lcd
A constitution of environment-friendly glass for tft-lcd is provided, which is employed in thin film transistor liquid crystal display, the constituents consist, expressed in terms of weight % on the oxide basis, of from 59 to 63 wt. % of sio2; from 13 to 17 wt.
Programmable haptic peripheral
A system includes a host computer, a processor, and a haptic peripheral. The haptic peripheral includes a manipulandum movable in at least one degree of freedom, an inertial haptic output device, and a haptic output device.
Dongle with shape memory
A dongle couples an electrophysiologic catheter and a navigational system, including a patient interface unit (piu). The dongle permits hardware normally carried on catheter control handle to be relocated onto the dongle to render catheter “greener” and less costly to manufacture use.
Protective mid-cover textiles
A new class of protective fabrics having good ballistic and fragmentary protection also provide wearable drape, softness, and moisture transport, as well as good uv and abrasion resistance and color acceptance, making them comfortable to wear as garment fabrics. The protective fabrics are constructed from yarns having at least 20% ballistic fibers with greater than 12 gpd tenacity.
Constrained microlayer cellular material with high stiffness and damping
Composite materials with high damping and high stiffness at relatively low density. These materials include three-dimensional structures of interconnected ligaments, which have multiple concentric layers alternating between stiff constraining layers and soft damping layers, so that bulk deformation of the structure results in high local shear strain and correspondingly high bulk damping..
Efficient wind turbine blade design and associated manufacturing methods using rectangular spars and segmented shear web
A wind turbine blade internal structure system is disclosed herein. A representative system includes span wise spar elements, thru thickness web elements, and an aerodynamic shell.
Beam accelerometer
Methods and devices are disclosed for measuring low levels of acceleration caused by low frequency seismic waves. For example, an omnidirectional beam accelerometer configured to measure low frequency waves is disclosed.
Electrostatic stabilizer for a passive magnetic bearing system
Electrostatic stabilizers are provided for passive bearing systems composed of annular magnets having a net positive stiffness against radial displacements and that have a negative stiffness for vertical displacements, resulting in a vertical instability. Further embodiments are shown of a radial electrostatic stabilizer geometry (using circuitry similar to that employed in the vertical stabilizer).
Side impact upper leg pusher
Side structure for a motor vehicle includes an upper leg pusher located immediately outboard of a panel adjacent to a seat and inboard of a structural member such as a side impact beam. The upper leg pusher has a lower-stiffness portion adjacent to the rear section of the panel and aligned with an upper thigh position of the seat, and a higher-stiffness portion adjacent to the forward section of the panel, which is offset outboard relative to the rear section.
Curtain airbag assembly with a reinforced region
An inflatable curtain airbag system can include a first inflatable curtain airbag, a second inflatable curtain airbag, and a reinforced region. In some arrangements, the reinforced region may include a region where a portion of the first inflatable curtain airbag overlaps a portion of the second inflatable curtain airbag.
Rib-stiffened sports board
A sports board has a board body having a top surface and an opposed bottom surface, a binding attachment structure formed on or in the board body, and a plurality of ribs collectively having longitudinal portions and transverse portions each having a thickness and a height that are predetermined to provide the sports board with a preselected longitudinal, transverse, and torsional stiffness desirable for sliding on the snow.. .
Methods and mechanisms for the adjustment of stiffness in various equipment and devices
A device with stiffness adjustment has a housing having a plurality of passageways, each defining an axis. The device has a plurality of stiffness devices each having a plurality of flat springs elongated in the direction of the passageway axis.
Visco-elastic support with added dynamic stiffness
A visco-elastic damping assembly includes a mount housing having first and second ends and a hollow interior. A piston assembly disposed within the mount housing includes axially opposed first and second piston rod ends in which the first piston rod end is defined by a first diameter and the second piston rod end is defined by a second diameter substantially larger than the first diameter.
Headband variable stiffness
A method and apparatus are provided for allowing a user to change the stiffness of their headband, thus changing the clamping force of the headset. The section properties of the headband equivalent spring, which is a cantilevered beam, are changed by engaging a secondary spring, which is also a shorter cantilevered beam.
Pneumatic tire with improved crown durability
The invention is directed to pneumatic tires for heavy vehicle service that include a carcass, a tread disposed radially outward of the carcass, a sidewall intersecting the tread at a shoulder, and a belt reinforcing structure positioned radially between the carcass and the tread. The belt reinforcing structure includes four belt layers, each layer reinforced by parallel cords the four belts characterized by their cord orientation and angles.
Cushion for patient interface with localized region of reduced stiffness
An improved resilient cushion of a patient interface is structured to engage the face of a patient and includes a deformable bellows portion having a pair of deformable elements. One of the deformable elements has an indentation formed therein that provides a localized region of reduced stiffness and which results in an improved fit on the face of the patient..
Apparatus for applying a coating to the surface of cylindrical articles
The invention relates to apparatuses for treating the outside surface of cylindrical articles, and can be used for applying liquid substances to the surface of such articles. The apparatus for applying a coating additionally comprises a roller rotation actuator, a carriage and at least two arcuate brackets movably joined to the carriage.
Barge mounted floating power plant
According to an embodiment of the disclosure, a vessel includes a hull structure, a foundation, a plurality of springs, and plurality of hydraulic jacks. The hull structure is configured to float on water.
Method to carry out accurate finite element analysis over a tangled mesh
A method is provided for carrying out finite element analysis. The method includes the step of meshing a domain under a field with a plurality of finite elements.
Continuous strand hoop reinforcement for concrete foundations
A post-tensioned continuous strand hoop reinforcement for concrete foundations is provided. The post-tensioned continuous strand hoop reinforcement compresses the concrete to prevent cracking and significantly reduces foundation deflection and distortion which increases rotational stiffness in anchor caps, spread foundations, and like foundation configurations..
Systems and methods for gravitational load support
A load support device includes a first link coupled to a load. A second link is configured to couple to footwear.
Rotational offset oval vertebral rod
A flexible connection unit for use in a spinal fixation device is provided. The flexible connection unit includes an elongated member, such as a vertebral rod, having a first end portion and a second end portion opposite each other with a transition portion extending therebetween.
Medical device for treating a target site
Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to medical devices for treating a target site. For example, a medical device comprises a tubular member having a proximal end and a distal end, the tubular member having an expanded preset configuration when deployed at the target site and a reduced configuration for delivery to the target site.
Delivery device
A device for delivery of material to a biological subject, the device including a base and a number of projections extending from the base, each projection including a tip for penetrating tissue of the biological subject, at least a portion of at least one of the projections being coated with a non-liquid coating including the material. At least the tip of at least one of the coated projections may have a convex effective profile.
Methods for the integrated treatment of neuromusculoskeletal injuries and conditions
The present invention provides a method and a system that treats neuromusculoskeletal conditions and/or injuries in an integrated and structured manner. Such conditions and/or injuries are not one-dimensional in origin, severity or persistence; they are multi-factorial.
Devices for determining cell force properties and methods of manufacturing the devices
A device may be configured to allow individual measuring of at least one property of at least one cell, such as measuring a contraction force of a platelet. The device may include a plurality of wells.
Multi-layer biodegradable device having adjustable drug release profile
Methods and apparatus for a biodegradable multi-layer device suitable for medical applications are provided, wherein the device is formed from multiple film-layers configured to have different characteristics from one another such as different release profiles for therapeutic agents, adhesive properties, stiffness properties, and solubility properties. The film-layers may include a solid fibrinogen component.
Medical device having niobium nitinol alloy
Guide wire devices and other intra-corporal medical devices fabricated from a ni—ti—nb alloy and methods for their manufacture. The ni—ti alloy includes nickel, titanium, and niobium either up to its solubility limit in ni—ti, or in amounts over 15 atomic percent so as to provide a dual phase alloy.
Marine streamer having variable stiffness
Disclosed are methods and systems for performing marine geophysical surveys that utilize a streamer having variable stiffness. An embodiment discloses a sensor streamer comprising: an outer surface; tension members within the outer surface extending along a length of the sensor streamer; spacers disposed within the outer surface along the length of the sensor streamer; a geophysical sensor disposed in an interior of one of the spacers; and an actuator assembly configured to apply tension to the tension members..
Top & bottom channel assembly section for vehicle frame and method of making the same
A heavy truck frame (18) and a method for manufacturing a heavy truck frame having side-rails (20, 24) with a configuration of a top c-section (30) and a bottom c-section (32) and a vertical insert (34) so as to reduce weight and maintain the stiffness requirements and improve payload. The optimal distances between a top c-section (30) and a bottom c-section (32) can vary according to the part of the frame and vehicle requirements..
Rimless wheel
The invention relates to a rimless vehicle wheel comprising a hub and a plurality of cantilevered blades spaced around the hub. Each blade has an inner root extending from the hub, an outer tip, and first and second major blade surfaces extending between the root and tip.
User interface device providing improved load distribution functionality background of the invention
A cushion member for a user interface device is provided. The cushion member is structured to provide a load distribution functionality responsive to the cushion member being donned by the user, wherein at least a portion of the cushion member has a local stiffness of less than or equal to 100 kpa/mm responsive to a stress increase on the cushion member of 1 kpa-15 kpa..
Hockey skate
A hockey skate includes a composite boot form having a rigid lower portion and a less rigid upper portion. The upper portion may be made of a thermoformable material that conforms to the shape of a wearer's foot and ankle.
Scalable common interface plate system (scips)
The present invention provides a low profile, compact, scalable concept end-effector for use in robotic handling applications. The end-effector acts as the interface between multi-degree-of-freedom (dof) manipulator and its base (if applicable), as well as the tools it handles and is compatible with both large manipulator systems such as the shuttle remote manipulator system (srms) and space station remote manipulator system (ssrms) and smaller dexterous manipulators such as the orbital express dexterous manipulator system.
Delivery wire for occlusive device delivery system
A delivery wire assembly for delivery of an occlusive device to a location in a patient's vasculature includes a delivery wire conduit having a proximal tubular portion connected to a distal coil portion, and a conduit lumen extending through the proximal tubular portion and the distal coil portion. The delivery wire assembly also includes a core wire disposed in the conduit lumen and having a distal end coupled to an occlusive device.
Steerable catheter having intermediate stiffness transition zone
A flexible, steerable intravascular catheter includes an elongate flexible shaft having a heterogeneous or multi-zone stiffness profile or structure. A first or distal portion of the catheter shaft may have a substantially constant or distinct stiffness or flexibility, a second, intermediate or transition section is proximal relative to, and less flexible than, the first section, and a third section is proximal relative to, and also less more flexible than, the first section.
Support dressing
A support dressing comprises a conformable material that is capable of conforming to a body part when secured thereto; an adhesive for releasably securing the dressing to said body part; and at least one resilient component that has greater stiffness than the flexible material. It is particularly useful in preventing or reducing undesired torsion, for example, for the neck..
Cardiovascular pulse wave analysis method and system
Factor retrieving is a major approach for pulse wave analysis. Stiffness index and cardiac output are widely used factors for cardiac risk detection.
Electrical machine and a method for controlling stiffness in a stator winding of the electrical machine
An electrical machine is provided. The electrical machine includes a stator having at least one winding, and a mechanical assembly acting on the winding for providing a radial force at the winding for controlling a stiffness of the winding..
Anti-whirl touchdown bearing
Stabilizing techniques are provided that prevent whirl-type instabilities during the operation of magnetically levitated rotating systems. Examples include tensioned foil and tensioned wire based designs, where a restraining force arises from contact between a rotating shaft and the tensioned elements, which elements may be of either metallic or non-metallic composition.
Rapid expansion balloon catheter
A balloon catheter assembly including a catheter, a sleeve, and a balloon. The catheter has a body, an exterior surface, a lumen, a port providing fluid communication between the lumen and the exterior surface, and a coupling mechanism to couple the lumen to an inflation source.
Reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition, and article comprising same
A reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition includes specific amounts of a poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer reaction product, a flame retardant, and a reinforcing filler. The composition exhibits a desirable balance of flame retardancy, heat resistance, and stiffness relative to a corresponding poly(phenylene ether) composition, and it is useful to fabricate articles including fuser holders for electrophotographic copiers..
Reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition, and article comprising same
A reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition includes specific amounts of a poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer reaction product, a flame retardant, and a reinforcing filler. The composition exhibits a desirable balance of flame retardancy, heat resistance, and stiffness relative to a corresponding poly(phenylene ether) composition, and it is useful to fabricate articles including fuser holders for electrophotographic copiers..

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