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Stiffness patents


This page is updated frequently with new Stiffness-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Rotary drive device and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Rotary drive device and image forming apparatus
A rotary drive device includes a drive motor and drive transmission portion, which transmits a rotational drive force of the motor to a driven rotor and includes three or more drive transmission members. A high stiffness member is attached to a low-stiffness drive transmission member, which is one, lower in stiffness, of two of the drive transmission members, to increase stiffness of the low-stiffness drive transmission member.
Ricoh Company, Limited

 Octohedral frame and tripod for rotating equipment patent thumbnailnew patent Octohedral frame and tripod for rotating equipment
An apparatus is disclosed for rotating equipment, like solar panels, about an axis. Tension and compression members, in a rigid structure, are employed in the apparatus to minimize weight and to maximize stiffness.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona

 Driveshaft with two-stage stiffness patent thumbnailnew patent Driveshaft with two-stage stiffness
A two-stage stiffness driveshaft includes a hollow cylinder having first and second ends and a hollow cylinder stiffness. An inner shaft having first and second ends and an inner shaft stiffness extends through the hollow cylinder.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Bush for filling the space in a sleeve for use in flexo-printing, sleeve and  manufacturing such a bush and sleeve patent thumbnailnew patent Bush for filling the space in a sleeve for use in flexo-printing, sleeve and manufacturing such a bush and sleeve
The invention relates to a bush for filling the space between a base jacket and an outer jacket of a cylinder for use in flexo-printing, the cylinder being a sleeve or anilox roller, wherein the bush is manufactured by means of 3-d printing. A bush manufactured by means of 3-d printing can be manufactured in lighter form and with a greater bending stiffness than prior art foam bushes.
Color Control B.v.

 Compressible fan blade with root spacer patent thumbnailnew patent Compressible fan blade with root spacer
A spacer for use in a hub and blade assembly of a gas turbine engine including a first layer of a first material forming the spacer body having an elongate shape. The first material has a first stiffness.
United Technologies Corporation

 Sanitary tissue products patent thumbnailnew patent Sanitary tissue products
Sanitary tissue products employing fibrous structures that exhibit novel compressibility properties alone and in combination with plate stiffness properties and methods for making same.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company

 Dynamic pitch adjustment devices, systems, and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic pitch adjustment devices, systems, and methods
Vibration control systems, devices, and methods are provided for a rotary wing aircraft having a rotor including a plurality of blades (20) each attached to a hub (10) at its root end and capable of pitching with respect to the hub (10). The systems, devices, and methods include a blade pitch adjuster (100) that is passively adjustable in response to aerodynamic loading on the plurality of blades (20) to adjust a pitch of one of the plurality of blades (20) with respect to the hub (10) based on a frequency of the aerodynamic loading.
Lord Corporation

 Systems and methods for varying elastic modulus appliances patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for varying elastic modulus appliances
The present invention provides improved devices, systems and methods for repositioning teeth from an initial tooth arrangement to a final tooth arrangement. Repositioning is accomplished with a system comprising a series of polymeric shell appliances configured to receive the teeth and incrementally reposition individual teeth in a series of successive steps.
Align Technology, Inc.

 Ice hockey runner-blade assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Ice hockey runner-blade assembly
A customizable hockey skate includes a removable runner-blade assembly such that a runner-blade assembly having a first stiffness may be readily replaced with a runner-blade assembly having a second stiffness. The runner-blade assembly may be removably attached to first and second cups that are optionally removably attached to the sole of a skate boot.
Bauer Hockey, Inc.

 Device for implantation or insertion into the human body with changeable stiffness patent thumbnailnew patent Device for implantation or insertion into the human body with changeable stiffness
A device for implantation or insertion into the human body, and to a set with the device and a stylet. In order to be able to change the flexibility of the device, the device includes a pair of stiffening elements that can be affixed to and detached from each other..
Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

new patent

Method of injecting a keratin-based material into a target region of the heart

A method for direct therapeutic treatment of myocardial tissue in a localized region of a heart having a pathological condition. The method includes identifying at least one target region of the myocardium of the heart to be treated; and injecting a keratin-based material that travels to at least one target region to at least one of stiffen, restrain, or constrain the myocardial tissue of the target region.
Cormend Technologies, Llc

new patent

Multilayered bone graft and making same

A synthetic bone graft is described which is adapted to be received within a bone defect and which is structurally load-bearing. The bone graft comprises an entirely synthetic graft body corresponding in shape and size to the bone defect.
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning/mcgill University

new patent

Spinal rods and methods

A spinal rod is provided that includes an elongate body having first and second ends, a length and an outside diameter. The outside diameter is substantially the same size over an entirety of the length of the elongate body.
Spinecraft, Llc


Highly elastic physically cross-linked binder induced by reversible acid-base interaction for high performance silicon anode

Provided is a highly elastic physically cross-linked binder induced by reversible acid-base interaction for high performance silicon anode, and more particularly to a highly elastic physically cross-linked binder induced by reversible acid-base interaction for high performance silicon anode, in which the binder has excellent stiffness and elasticity. To this end, the polymer binder that is physically crosslinked with a crosslinking agent by acid-base interaction may include a crosslinking agent that is physically bound with the binder for silicon anode by reversible acid-base interaction with the binder for silicon anode..
Incheon University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation


System of forming with exterior applied finish panels

A system used to form poured walls or structures with a finished surface which may be smooth, various pattern surfaces such as brick or stone or applying thin material, such as thin brick and thin stone, using exterior applied finish panels which are attached by attaching means, grapple catches, to the exterior face of a concrete/cementous material flow through lattice grid form as one or both forming surfaces in a concrete/cementous pour. When the forms are poured concrete/cementous material flows through the lattice grid panel and flows up to the interior forming face of the exterior applied finish panel.


Sanitary tissue products and methods for making same

Sanitary tissue products employing 3d patterned fibrous structure plies having a surface comprising a novel three-dimensional (3d) pattern such that the 3d patterned fibrous structures and/or sanitary tissue products employing the fibrous structures exhibit novel cushiness as evidenced by compressibility of the fibrous structures and/or sanitary tissue products, novel flexibility as evidenced by plate stiffness of the fibrous structures and/or sanitary tissue products, and/or surface smoothness as evidenced by slip stick coefficient of friction of the fibrous structures and/or sanitary tissue products, and methods for making same, are provided.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company


Winding shaft

The invention relates to a shaft axle for winding up a material web, particularly plastic films, namely particularly stretch films. In order to provide a shaft axle with a strength and stiffness as high as possible, a shaft axle is provided showing a shaft body, which is made largely from fiber-reinforced plastic to yield bending stiffness as high as possible, and cavities, provided along the exterior perimeter of the shaft body, with the cavities being limited in the radial interior direction by a layer of fiber-reinforced plastic and allowing tension bars to expand from the cavities radially towards the outside..
Windmoeller & Hoelscher Kg


Methods and integrating rotary actuators in flight control systems

Methods and apparatus for reacting rotary actuator and control surface loads into a wing structure using reaction links. The apparatus incorporates a structural interface feature that can facilitate a change of the component(s) in the load loop, such as the path connecting a control surface to a fixed aircraft structure via a rotary actuator.
The Boeing Company


Vehicle side curtain airbag device having front protection function

A vehicle side curtain airbag device having front protection function, comprising a side airbag (1) and an auxiliary airbag (2) connected to one side surface of the side airbag (1) and arranged in a left/right transverse direction after being expanded; a dividing hole membrane (3) is disposed between the side airbag (1) and the auxiliary airbag (2); the dividing hole membrane (3) is ensured to he opened only when the internal pressure of the side airbag (1) reaches a certain value, thus realizing self-adaptive opening threshold adjustment, controlling the instant of inflation and inflation speed of the auxiliary airbag (2), and adjusting the stiffness of the auxiliary airbag (2). When a vehicle has a collision, the device protects the head and neck of a passenger in both side collision and front collision traffic accidents, thus effectively absorbing the collision impact energy of the passenger, and reducing injury to the passenger..
Yanfeng Kss (shanghai) Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd.


Door module for vehicle

Disclosed herein is a door module for a vehicle, which is mounted in a door panel of a vehicle door. The door module may include: a stiffened plate including base plates formed at positions where one or more hardware parts related to the vehicle door are mounted and a connection plate for connecting the base plates, wherein the base plates and the connection plate are integrally formed; and a resin panel covering an opening of the door panel, and formed by over-molding resin onto the stiffened plate, wherein the stiffened plate is formed of a material having higher stiffness than the resin..
Seoyon E-hwa Co., Ltd.


Stand up pouch

A recyclable stand up pouch (sup) is prepared using a polyethylene structure having a first web and a second web. Each of the first web and second web contains at least one layer of high density polyethylene (hdpe) to provide stiffness.
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Robot device, robot control method, program, and recording medium

A joint torque computing unit computes a joint torque t1 of a joint necessary to move a joint angle to a target joint angle. A summing unit obtains a sum value u1 indicating the sum of generated forces generated at actuators, from a target stiffness.


Device tracking using longitudinal encoding

A method for reconstructing 3d shape of a longitudinal device using an optical fiber with optical shape sensing (oss) properties, e.g. Bragg gratings.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Medical device with contact force sensing tip

Medical devices for diagnosis or treatment of tissue in a body. Representative devices include an elongate shaft having a proximal portion and a distal portion configured for movement relative to the proximal portion.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.


Endoscope system

There is provided an endoscope system which can secure appropriate bending stiffness of an insertion portion while maintaining the slide length of an endoscope insertion portion. According to one aspect of one of the present invention, in an endoscope system including an endoscope and an insertion assisting tool in which the endoscope is inserted and which assists the insertion of an endoscope insertion portion into a body, a flexible portion of the endoscope insertion portion includes a projection region which projects from the distal end opening of a tube body when the endoscope insertion portion is located in the distal end position in a movable range with respect to the tube body of the insertion assisting tool, and the projection region includes a bending stiffness change portion in which bending stiffness increases from a first position on the distal end side to a second position on the proximal end side..
Fujifilm Corporation


Rolling bearing and suspension automobile

Provided are a rolling bearing and a suspension apparatus for an automobile enhanced in stiffness. To do so, in a rolling bearing and a suspension apparatus for an automobile according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, an upper cover's upward surface in contact with an upper case and an upper cover's peripheral surface in contact with the upper case are orthogonal to each other, and a length of the upward surface in a radial direction is longer than a length of the peripheral surface in a vertical direction..
Hyndai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Device for detecting the replacement state of wear of a high-strength fiber rope during use in lifting gear

The present invention relates generally to hoists such as cranes which instead of steel wire ropes use high-strength fibre ropes. The invention relates in particular to an arrangement for detecting the discard state of a high-strength fibre rope when used on such hoists, with a means for detecting at least one rope parameter and an evaluation unit for evaluating the rope parameter, and providing a discard signal depending upon the evaluation of the rope parameters.
Liebherr-components Biberach Gmbh


Subframe for a motor vehicle axle and producing a subframe

The invention relates to a subprime (1) for a motor vehicle axle. According to the invention, in order to provide a subframe in which both stiffness and weight are optimised, the subframe comprises: a base member (2) having an upper shell (3), a lower shell (4), which is connected lathe upper shell (3), and a connection point (5) formed on one of the shells (3, 4) for a pendulum bearing of a pendulum bar, a cross-member (10), which extends in a transverse direction and which is joined to the base member (2) and connected to the base member, said cross-member having mounts (14) for longitudinal members of the motor vehicle; and a stiffening element (30), which is connected to at least one shell (3, 4) in the region or the connection point.
Kirchhoff Automotive Deutschland Gmbh


Flexible tooling

A flexible manufacturing tool is provided. The tool includes a multi-layer generally planar sheet of material defining a tool surface thereon, means such as spaced jacks to controllably deform the sheet by applying out-of-plane deforming forces to the sheet and means selectively to increase and decrease interlayer shear or frictional forces whereby to vary the flexural stiffness of the sheet.
Bae Systems Plc


Method and system for determination of at least one property of a manipulator

A method and system for determining at least one property associated with a selected axis of a manipulator (2). The elasticity of the links (4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14) and joints (3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12) of a manipulator (2) can be modeled and the resulting compliance can be determined.
Cognibotics Ab


Variable stiffness catheter

A variable stiffness catheter having two concentric coils. A first coil is fixed with relation to the body of the catheter and a second coil is able to rotate in the space between adjacent turns of the first coil.
Cook Medical Technologies, Llc


Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include a handle having a handle distal end and a handle proximal end, an auto-fixing actuation control, a flexible housing tube having a flexible housing tube distal end and a flexible housing tube proximal end, a first flexible housing tube portion having a first stiffness, and an optic fiber disposed within an inner bore of the handle and the flexible housing tube. An actuation of the auto-fixing actuation control may gradually curve the flexible housing tube.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc


Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include a handle having a handle distal end and a handle proximal end, an auto-fixing actuation control, a housing tube having a housing tube distal end and a housing tube proximal end, a first housing tube portion having a first stiffness, a second housing tube portion having a second stiffness, and an optic fiber disposed within an inner bore of the handle and the housing tube. An actuation of the auto-fixing actuation control may gradually curve the housing tube.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc


Device for detecting the replacement state of wear of a high-strength fiber rope during use in lifting gear

The present invention relates generally to hoists such as cranes which instead of steel wire ropes use high-strength fibre ropes. The invention relates in particular to an arrangement for detecting the discard state of a high-strength fibre rope when used on such hoists, with a means for detecting at least one rope parameter and an evaluation unit for evaluating the rope parameter, and providing a discard signal depending upon the evaluation of the rope parameter.
Liebherr-components Biberach Gmbh


Device for providing a liquid additive

A device for providing a liquid additive for exhaust-gas purification, having at least one duct for conducting the liquid additive, the duct having a duct wall which has a first stiffness. There is inserted into the duct an insert component (5) that extends at least in sections along the duct, wherein the insert component is composed of a solid material..
Emitec Gesellschaft FÜr Emissionstechnologie Mbh


Feather seal

The present disclosure includes feather seals for use in gas turbine engines. The feather seals may be used in stationary components such as vanes or blade outer air seals.
United Technologies Corporation


Sheet discharging apparatus and image forming apparatus

A sheet discharging apparatus includes an apparatus body, a discharge unit discharging a sheet out of the apparatus body, and a sheet stacking portion including a stacking surface on which the sheet discharged by the discharge unit is stacked. A sheet processing device processing the sheet discharged by the discharge unit can be mounted on the sheet stacking portion.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Automobile vehicle body structure

In an automobile vehicle body structure, a steering hanger is formed from a metal pipe on one side in a vehicle width direction and a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic cfrp pipe on the other side in the vehicle width direction, and a steering column is supported on the metal pipe, for ensuring the strength with which the steering column is supported while minimizing any increase in the weight of the steering hanger. The metal pipe is connected to a cfrp linking member connecting an upper part of a dash panel lower and a center tunnel.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Valve apparatus and washer apparatus

An object of the present invention is to provide a valve apparatus capable of keeping a holding state of a valve body. The valve apparatus 14 is adapted to supply cleaning fluid by switching between a first flow channel 54 and a second flow channel 55, the valve apparatus 14 being provided with: a first fluid pipe 44 having a first flow channel 54; a second fluid pipe 45 coaxially aligned with the first fluid pipe 44, the second fluid pipe 45 having a second flow channel 55; a housing 86 provided with a first valve chamber 37 and a second valve chamber 38; a partition wall 49 disposed between the first flow channel 44 and the second flow channel 55 in the housing 86; and a rib 46 provided to the housing 86 to support the partition wall 49, wherein the partition wall 49 has: a film-like valve body 50 which is elastically deformed by pressure of the first valve chamber 37 and the second valve chamber 38 so as to open one of the first flow channel 44 and the second flow channel 55 and close the other of the first flow channel 54 and the second flow channel 55; and a frame 51 attached along an outer circumference of the valve body 50 and supported by the rib 56, wherein the frame 51 is higher in stiffness than the valve body 50..
Mitsuba Corporation


Atraumatic tip geometry for indwelling devices

An indwelling device for insertion in a biological tubular structure comprising an elongated device having a body and opposing ends. The body has a bending stiffness transverse to a longitudinal axis that is greater than a stiffness of the biological tubular structure.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include a handle, an actuation mechanism of the handle, an optic fiber, and a housing tube. The housing tube may include a first housing tube portion having a first stiffness and a second housing tube portion having a second stiffness.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc


Motor controlling suppressing vibrations

A motor control apparatus of the present invention is a motor control apparatus for compensating elastic deformation between a servo motor and a driven part, driven by the servo motor, which includes a position command generator for generating a position command of the motor, a compensation filter for compensating the position command generated by the position command generator and a servo control unit for controlling the movement of the motor based on a position command after compensation, i.e., the compensated position command by the compensation filter, and is constructed such that the compensation filter includes a filter f(s) having an inertia jl of the driven part, a stiffness coefficient k of an elastically deformable part and a damping coefficient c of the elastically deformable part as the elements of filter coefficients.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Fiber optic connector with strain relief assembly

A fiber optic connector includes a ferrule, a ferrule holder from which the ferrule extends, a housing in which the ferrule holder is received, and a connector body coupled to the housing. The connector body is configured to retain the ferrule holder within the housing.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Pneumatically tuned vehicle powertrain mounts

A system for securing a powertrain component to a body structure of a vehicle may include first and second mounts each having a base and a first elastomeric barrier secured to and extending from the base defining an air filled chamber, and a connector coupling the air filled chambers, the connector sized to provide an associated air volume that reduces stiffness of the first elastomeric barrier at an excitation frequency corresponding to a target engine speed. The air filled chambers may be hermetically sealed and pressurized above atmospheric pressure.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Damper disk assembly

A damper disc assembly includes first and second input plates, an output unit, a high stiffness damper unit, and first and second low stiffness damper units. The output unit includes an input-side member and an output-side member disposed rotatably relative to each other.
Exedy Corporation


Lattice materials and structures and related methods thereof

A method for treating substrates or components; and substrates or components that have been treated by the associated method. The treatment may be applied to any iron or steel based alloy to create a treated layer that increases the strength of the substrate or component.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation


Nanomodified backbones for polyimides with difunctional and mixed-functionality endcaps

Polyimides containing a backbone with at least one nanoparticle component and made from oligomers having endcaps that are difunctional or a mix of di- and monofunctionality are provided. The endcaps may be nadic or phenylethynyl.
The Boeing Company


Main spindle device for machine tool and machine tool

The main spindle device for a machine tool is provided with: a bearing for rotatably supporting the main spindle; a bearing case for holding the bearing; a housing inside which the bearing case is disposed; and a stiffness-switching device, which supports the bearing case with respect to the housing and is able to switch the stiffness of the bearing case support between multiple levels. When the stiffness-switching device is supporting the bearing case at a low stiffness, the main spindle device is formed so that the bearing case slides with respect to the housing.
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.


Over-molded goggle frame

A goggle frame having a stiff first frame member and a flexible second frame member over-molded onto the stiff first frame member. The stiffness of the first frame member allows a goggle lens to be mounted to the first frame member and for the first frame member to control deflection or distortion of the goggle lens.
Spy Optic Inc.


Zoned suspension seating structure

A body support structure includes a backrest and a seat connected to the backrest. A suspension material is connected to the backrest or the seat.
Herman Miller, Inc.


High strength carbon nanotube plasma-treated fibers & methods of making

Carbon nanotubes have excellent mechanical properties such as low density, high stiffness, and exceptional strength making them ideal candidates for reinforcement material in a wide range of high-performance composites. Fibers with increased tensile strengths are produced by employing plasma treatment under various conditions.


Hydraulic braking system

Vibrations of a hydraulic pressure in an upstream portion due to operations of a slip control device during anti-lock control are transmitted to a control pressure chamber via a pressurizing piston of a master cylinder and a control piston of a regulator. During anti-lock control, in contrast, a pressure-increase linear valve and a pressure-reduction linear valve are opened, allowing change in volume of the control pressure chamber, resulting in reduction in stiffness.
Advics Co., Ltd.


Shaving device with improved contour following

A shaving head includes at least one cutting unit in which an external cutting member is subjected to a shaving action. The external cutting member is suspended relative to a holder of the shaving head through suspension means.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Ligament assembly

A ligament assembly (2) comprising a resilient element (20) connected to a bone anchor (4) and a ligament (18), the resilient element (20) acting m a cantilever and resisting toads transmitted between the bone anchor (4) and the ligament (18) by virtue of the resistance to bending of the resilient element. The ligament (18) may comprise an artificial ligament (18) which is adapted to replace a human or animal ligament.
Biomet Uk Healthcare Limited


Surgical implant for treating pelvic organ prolapse conditions

An implant including a vaginal portion having a length, width, first and second ends with a central region positioned therebetween, and a sacral portion having a length, width, first end and second end. The first end of the sacral portion is coupled to the central region of the vaginal portion so that the width of the first end extends substantially perpendicularly to the length of the vaginal portion.
Ethicon, Inc.


Lever system

A lever system for actuating at least one clutch, comprising at least one pivotable lever that has a certain bending stiffness. The lever has at least one flexurally elastic zone which is designed and/or arranged in such a way that the bending stiffness of the lever varies in accordance with an actuation path of the clutch..
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Adjustment changing the compression ratio in a combustion engine

The invention relates to an adjustment apparatus (1) for changing the compression ratio in an internal combustion engine, comprising a driving means (2), at least one transmission (5) connected downstream of the driving means (2) and a drive shaft (7) connected downstream of the transmission (5), wherein the transmission (5) has at least two different transmission stiffness progressions between nominal load limits of 0 and 100%.. .
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


A rubber part for incorporation into a brick or masonry wall in a reinforced concrete frame to protect against damage caused by seismic activity

A rubber part for use as a structural component for incorporation into a brick or masonry wall structure in a reinforced concrete frame, to be located within the plane of the wall, has a length x and a stiffness along its length of sx, a width y and a stiffness across its width of sy, and a thickness z and a stiffness across its thickness of sz, the stiffness of the part being anisotropic with sy>sx. The part is adapted such that, when in use, it is capable of controlling vibrations of the wall caused by seismic activity and also of having a damping effect thereby increasing the energy dissipation capacity of the structure.
Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre


Deployable truss with orthogonally-hinged primary chords

A deployable truss with modified primary orthogonal joints. The construction of these joints causes the center-hinged primary chords on opposite sides of a truss bay to fold inward in a plane orthogonal to the folding planes of the side diagonals while the two secondary chords fold in planes orthogonal to the plane of the in-folding primary chords.
Cpi Technologies, Llc


Railroad tie and railroad comprising such a railroad tie

A railroad tie (1) is manufactured from at least plastic (2), wherein an elongated reinforcing structure (3) is embedded in the plastic. The reinforcing structure in the longitudinal tie direction (l) is extending at least from and including at least a part of one (15) of the two rail supporting longitudinal tie segments up to and including at least a part of the other (16) of the two rail supporting longitudinal tie segments of the railroad tie.
Lankhorst Engineered Products B.v.


Propylene-based compositions of enhanced appearance and excellent mold flowability

The present invention relates to a class of impact copolymer polypropylene (icp) compositions exhibiting the advantageous combination of excellent tiger (flow) marking performance in large/long molded parts, very low gels count and exceptional mold flowability (high mfr) despite the high viscosity ratio (e.g., >4) between rubber and propylene based matrix phases. Furthermore, it has been surprisingly found that the inventive compositions are associated with a low gels count even when using a quite coarse mesh wire screen, e.g., 60 mesh wire screen, independent of screw type e.g., twin or single screw.
Braskem America, Inc.


High flow polyolefin composition with high stiffness and toughness

The present invention relates to a polyolefin composition comprising two heterophasic propylene copolymers which differ in the melt flow rate.. .
Borealis Ag


Method for reducing dynamic loads of cranes

A method and related device for reducing resonant vibrations and dynamic loads of cranes, where vertical motion of a pay load is controlled by a boom winch and a hoist winch. In an embodiment, the method includes determining resonance frequencies of the crane boom and pay load from inertia data of the boom and stiffness on at least the boom and hoist ropes, the resonance frequencies including a first frequency and a lower second frequency.
National Oilwell Varco Norway As


Radial tire having a lightweight belt structure

A radial tire, notably for a passenger vehicle or van, with a lightened belt structure (10) comprises a multilayer composite laminate (10a, 10b, 10c) of specific construction, with a first layer (10a) of rubber (c1) reinforced with preferably weakly heat-shrinkable circumferential textile monofilaments (110), for example, made of nylon or of polyester, this first layer radially (in the direction z) surmounting two other layers (10b, 10c) of rubber (c2, c3, respectively) reinforced with monofilaments (120, 130) of high tensile steel. This multilayer composite laminate allows the weight and rolling resistance of the tires to be reduced without impairing the cornering stiffness and, therefore, road holding and handling, while at the same time offering equivalent running endurance..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Rehabilitation system with stiffness measurement

A rehabilitation system with stiffness measurement on a body part to be rehabilitated is disclosed. The rehabilitation system includes a rehabilitation unit and a processor.
National Tsing Hua University


Instrument shaft for computer-assisted surgical system

A shaft for a surgical instrument comprises an outer tube having a proximal end and a distal end, a central lumen extending through the outer tube, and a plurality of stiffening rods positioned around the central lumen. The plurality of stiffening rods may comprise a nonconductive material.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Flexible electronic device

According to embodiments of the disclosure, a flexible electronic device is provided. The flexible electronic device includes a flexible substrate, at least one component and at least one stress buffer.


Deformable haptic wearables with variable physical properties

A haptically-enabled device has an interface for receiving an instruction to provide haptic information. The device includes a tangible element with a physical property including length, stiffness, or texture.


Sensor for detecting pressure waves in a liquid

An optical pressure sensor device (1) comprises: a chamber (2) filled with pressure transfer medium and having at least one window (4) transparent to pressure waves; an optical fibre (7) with a fibre bragg grating (8); a first pressure-sensitive mounting assembly (100) arranged within the chamber, holding the optical fibre; a second pressure-sensitive mounting assembly (200) arranged within the chamber, holding the optical fibre. The first pressure-sensitive mounting assembly, the second pressure-elm.) sensitive mounting assembly, and a static pressure compensation assembly (300) comprise pairs of bellows arranged on opposite sides of the fibre (7).


Lubricating structure for vehicle drive system

A partition member including a bearing portion that supports a bearing for a first drive gear and a bearing for a second driven gear includes a partition wall portion. In the partition wall portion, a scoop-up wall that scoops up lubricating oil in cooperation with at least one of a first driven gear and the second driven gear is provided near the at least one of the first driven gear and the second driven gear, and a rib for reinforcing stiffness of the bearing portion is provided on a back face of the scoop-up wall..


Torsional vibration damper assembly with speed-dependent characteristics

A torsional vibration damping arrangement for a drivetrain of a vehicle includes a carrier arrangement that is rotatable around an axis of rotation, a deflection mass movable in a circumferential direction relative to the carrier arrangement, and at least one radially extending, elastically deformable restoring element by which the carrier arrangement and the deflection mass are coupled to be rotatable relative to one another. A supporting element is associated with the restoring element and movable radially relative to the restoring element by which the restoring element is supported in circumferential direction with respect to the carrier arrangement at a radial position of the supporting element.


Method and apparatus of determining stiffness coefficients of formation

The present invention proposes a method and apparatus of determining stiffness coefficients of formation. In some embodiments, the invention includes setting up a relation of stiffness coefficients of formation c11 and c33, c44, c66; computing clay content of formation along depth continuously; computing the stiffness coefficient of formation c33 along depth continuously; computing the stiffness coefficient of formation c44 along depth continuously; and depending on the calculations above, the relation of stiffness coefficients of formation c11 and c33, c44, c66, and a relation of an anisotropy coefficient of the p-wave of the formation and its clay content or a relation of an anisotropy coefficient of the s-wave of the formation and its clay content, computing the stiffness coefficients of formation c11 and c66 along depth continuously..


High flow polyolefin composition with high stiffness and toughness

The present invention relates to a polyolefin composition comprising two heterophasic propylene copolymers which differ in the intrinsic viscosity of their xylene soluble fractions.. .


System and dynamic motorcycle frame

A motorcycle having a motorcycle frame that includes one or more frame members with an adjustable mechanism for increasing or decreasing the stiffness of the frame member. By adjusting the stiffness of one or more frame members, the overall stiffness of the motorcycle frame may be increased or decreased.


Bicycle steerer tube with variant stiffness

A bicycle steerer tube is adapted to reside in a plane of travel of the bicycle. A thickness at a point on the wall of the steerer tube body in a lower section thereof varies as a function of the cross-sectional angle of the point to the plane of travel, with the wall thickness being at a maximum in the plane of travel.


Airbag fabrics woven from slit-film polymeric tapes

Disclosed herein is the preparation of woven fabrics suitable for use in manufacturing vehicle airbags. Such fabrics are woven from a plurality of polymeric, e.g., polyamide, warp and weft tapes which have preferably been slitted, preferably in the machine direction, from a thermoplastic polymer film, and preferably from such a film which has been drawn at least in the machine direction.


Feedback by modifying stiffness

A system for modifying a stiffness of at least a portion of a vehicle component includes one or more devices coupled to the vehicle component and a processor coupled to the one or more devices. The processor is configured to determine that a software application has switched from a first mode to a second mode and cause the one or more devices to modify the stiffness of the at least a portion of the vehicle component from a first stiffness associated with the first mode to a second stiffness associated with the second mode..


Magnetically-levitated blood pump with optimization method enabling miniaturization

A magnetically-levitated blood pump with an optimization method that enables miniaturization and supercritical operation. The blood pump includes an optimized annular blood gap that increases blood flow and also provides a reduction in bearing stiffness among the permanent magnet bearings.


Elastic force generating device

A joint power generating device (8) has a multilayer structure constituted by alternately stacking an elastic member (41), which incorporates a hermetically sealed air chamber, and a partition plate (42) with high stiffness, an elastic structure (31), which has a through hole (43) formed therein, and a flexible lengthy member (32) inserted in the through hole (43). The joint power generating device (8) is configured to transmit a force between the lengthy member (32) and the elastic structure (31) such that the force for compressing the elastic structure (31) increases as the tension on the lengthy member (32) increases..


Magnetorheological medical brace

The magnetorheological (mar) medical brace includes a flexible outer shell that fits around the anatomical area to be braced and a plurality of adjustable straps for securing the shell onto the anatomical area. The shell encases a mar pack filled with magnetorheological fluid or gel.


Spinneret for manufacture of melt blown nonwoven fabric

A bimodal spinneret system including the bimodal spinneret and method for making a surgical buttress having improved characteristics are disclosed. The bimodal spinneret includes at least a distribution of hole diameters to create fibers with a more heterogeneous shear history and die swell.


Basket catheter with improved spine flexibility

A catheter with basket-shaped electrode assembly with spines configured for hyper-flexing in a predetermined, predictable manner when a compressive force acts on the assembly from either its distal end or its proximal end. At least one spine has at least one region of greater (or hyper) flexibility that allows the electrode assembly to deform, for example, compress, for absorbing and dampening excessive force that may otherwise cause damage or injury to tissue wall in contact with the assembly, without compromising the structure and stiffness of the remaining regions of the spine, including its distal and proximal regions.


Laser-assisted guidewire having a variable stiffness shaft

Embodiments of the present invention comprise a fiber optic guidewire having a hypotube with a plurality of openings that provide variable stiffness and tracking characteristics between at least one proximal segment and one distal segment of the guidewire. In some embodiments, the guidewire further comprises a mandrel disposed within the hypotube, the mandrel cooperating with the optical fibers to permit the distal end of the hypotube to be shaped as desired by a user.


Footwear having a filled flex-frame midsole

An article of footwear may include a midsole having a flex-frame defining a plurality of cells. Some or all of the cells may be substantially filled with a foam material.


Linear vibrator

A linear vibrator includes a stator having a housing including a receiving space; a moveable unit received in the receiving space; an elastic member having one end connecting to the moveable unit and another end connecting to the stator for suspending the moveable unit in the receiving space; and a cushion arranged between the moveable unit and the housing, the cushion comprising a plurality of parts having different stiffness.. .


Three-dimensional transglutaminase-crosslinked hydrogel for tumor engineering

Development of a physiologically relevant 3d model system for cancer research and drug development represents quite a challenge. We have adopted a 3d culture system based on a transglutaminase-crosslinked gelatin gel (col-tgel) to mimic tumor 3d microenvironment.


Sensor array packaging solution

A gigahertz sensor array packaging solution for harsh operating environments is disclosed. The sensor array packaging system includes a structural core body comprising sensor mounting features on a surface thereof and an alignment through hole extending from the surface to a backside thereof which incorporates finned features providing cooling and stiffness.


Led tube lamp

An led tube lamp includes a lamp tube, which includes a light transmissive portion, a reinforcing portion and an end cap, and an led light assembly, which includes an led light source and an led light strip. The light transmissive portion is fixedly connected to the reinforcing portion.


Device for controlling stiffness and damping of locomotive carbodies

A device for damping vibrations between a pair of sub-structural components of a carbody in a locomotive is disclosed. The sub-structural components are supported on a single undercarriage frame.


Puck system

A puck system achieves adjustable stance in three degrees of freedom—foot placement, foot angulation, and crosswise centering—on a snow gliding board. The puck system includes pairs of puck assemblies for each rider's foot.


Weight acceptance control orthosis

In certain aspects, the present invention is a purely mechanical stance control orthosis, or stated differently, a weight acceptance control orthosis, as it stabilizes the impaired knee joint during the first 40% of the gait cycles termed as the weight acceptance phase. The device employs a tri-stable fixture to lock/unlock a friction-based latch to provide two levels of stiffness.


Methods for operating a selective stiffening catheter

A method for delivering rf energy to living tissue includes the steps of extending a guidewire to a tissue treatment site in a body. A controllable stiffness catheter is provided with a stiffness device having non-metallic properties and a temperature-changing device.


Methods and devices for puncturing tissue

Novel and unique medical devices and associated methods are disclosed, for facilitating efficient and repeatable puncture of a tissue site while allowing vascular access from various access sites of a patient's body. Disclosed medical devices include dilators and wires usable alone or in combination and configured to facilitate tissue access and puncture at various anatomical locations from desired access sites.


Flexible device and fabrication flexible device

According to embodiments of the disclosure, a flexible device and a fabrication method thereof are provided. The flexible device has a first area and a second area, and the stiffness of a portion of the first area is greater than the stiffness of the second area.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Ultra fine pitch pop coreless package

A bottom package for a pop (package-on-package) may be formed with a reinforcement layer supporting a thin or coreless substrate. The reinforcement layer may provide stiffness and rigidity to the substrate to increase the stiffness and rigidity of the bottom package and provide better handling of the substrate.
Apple Inc.


Friction-damping energy absorber

A friction-damping energy absorber has at least one core post, two supporting boards, multiple first material layers, and multiple second material layers. The at least one core post has multiple sliding sheets stacked with each other.


Wind turbine blade having a bond line adjacent a sandwich panel of the blade

A wind turbine blade and an associated method of manufacture is described, wherein a structural bond line of the blade is positioned to be adjacent to a sandwich panel construction of the blade. By locating the structural bond line nest to a sandwich region of the blade, the buckling strength of the joint is improved and the risk of crack initiation in the adhesive joint is reduced considerably.
Lm Wp Patent Holding A/s


System and determining ground stiffness

A compactor is disclosed that has at least one roller drum configured to compact a work material. The compactor also has a memory storing a calibration system.
Caterpillar Inc.


Multilayer polymeric sheets and light weight laminates produced therefrom

A multilayer polymeric sheet comprising three layers is provided. The two outer layers of the multilayer polymeric sheet comprise an ionomeric composition and are positioned on either side of the inner layer of the multilayer polymeric sheet, which comprises an ethylene vinyl acetate (eva) composition.
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Surgical instrument

A surgical instrument has a pre-tensioned pair of flexible links comprising a first flexible link strand and a counter-rotating second flexible link strand for actuating a degree of freedom of the instrument, in particular an end effector, in opposite senses, by an input assembly. The first flexible link strand has a higher tensile stiffness than the second flexible link strand..
Kuka Roboter Gmbh


Methods and devices for threading sutures

Methods and devices are provided for anchoring suture to bone. In one embodiment, an elongate weave of fibers can be provided having a first portion with a first pick count and a second portion with a second pick count that is greater than the first pick count.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and operating the same

Disclosed is an ultrasound diagnostic method for an object having a tubular shape. The ultrasound diagnostic method includes acquiring ultrasound volume data of the object, generating a first ultrasound image which is obtained by imaging a surface of the object, based on the ultrasound volume data, generating a second ultrasound image which is obtained by imaging at least one selected from blood flow, stiffness, a thickness of a wall, and contrast agent augmentation of an inside of the object included in the first ultrasound image, based on the ultrasound volume data, and displaying the first ultrasound image and the second ultrasound image..
Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

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