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Stiffness patents


This page is updated frequently with new Stiffness-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Suspension element for suspending the diaphragm of a loudspeaker driver to the chassis thereof as well as driver and loudspeaker comprising the same patent thumbnailSuspension element for suspending the diaphragm of a loudspeaker driver to the chassis thereof as well as driver and loudspeaker comprising the same
The present invention provides a loudspeaker driver not suffering from high levels of distortion caused by the non-linear stiffness commonly found with drivers that utilize progressive suspension elements. The novel suspension element for suspending the diaphragm of a loudspeaker driver to the chassis thereof has a geometry with two opposing first sections and two opposing second sections, which connect the two first sections.
Genelec Oy

 Nonlinear rolling bearing radial support stiffness patent thumbnailNonlinear rolling bearing radial support stiffness
A bearing support assembly includes a squirrel cage defining a longitudinal axis and having a cylindrical portion defining a bearing seat. The squirrel cage is configured and adapted to provide a first level of radial support stiffness between a housing and a bearing seated in the bearing seat.
United Technologies Corporation

 Processes using staged hydrogen addition patent thumbnailProcesses using staged hydrogen addition
This invention relates to processes using staged hydrogen addition in propylene polymerization. Using this process, broad/bi-modal mwd ipp with excellent stiffness properties and melt flow rates were produced..
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

 Blanks and methods for forming containers having stacking platforms patent thumbnailBlanks and methods for forming containers having stacking platforms
A blank of sheet material for forming a container includes a plurality of side panels and a glue panel coupled together in series along a plurality of generally parallel fold lines. At least one of the generally parallel fold lines has an increased stiffness.
Westrock Shared Services, Llc

 Ram air turbine with composite shaft patent thumbnailRam air turbine with composite shaft
A ram air turbine includes a strut. The strut includes a turbine portion and an opposed vehicle connection portion.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

 Aluminum alloy for vehicle outer panels and  producing the same patent thumbnailAluminum alloy for vehicle outer panels and producing the same
Disclosed herein are an aluminum alloy for vehicle outer panels and a method for producing the aluminum alloy thereby improving elasticity, formability, and dent resistance by maximizing a generation of boride compound to improve stiffness and nvh characteristics. The aluminum alloy for vehicle outer panels includes ti, b, mg, and a balance of the aluminum alloy being al and includes both of an alb2 phase and a tib2 phase as a reinforcing phase.
Hyundai Motor Company

 Vehicles having a cross-vehicle stabilizing structure patent thumbnailVehicles having a cross-vehicle stabilizing structure
Vehicle structures for dissipating energy associated with a collision are described herein. In one embodiment, a vehicle includes a first side support extending in a vehicle longitudinal direction, a second side support extending in the vehicle longitudinal direction and spaced apart from the first side support in a vehicle lateral direction that is transverse to the vehicle longitudinal direction, and a cross-vehicle stabilizing structure extending between the first side support and the second side support, the cross-vehicle stabilizing structure including a first joint portion coupled to the first side support, the first joint portion including a stiffness-reducing portion positioned within a perimeter of the first joint portion, a second joint portion coupled to the second side support, and a cross-vehicle stabilizer portion coupled to the first joint portion and the second joint portion..
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

 Vehicle energy absorbing device patent thumbnailVehicle energy absorbing device
The present invention provides a vehicle energy absorbing device, which comprises a primary energy absorbing box and a secondary energy absorbing box, said primary energy absorbing box having a u-shaped cross section with a bottom and a wall extending therefrom, said secondary energy absorbing box being nested inside said primary energy absorbing box. In the crash of a car with a pedestrian, said secondary energy absorbing box of the vehicle energy absorbing device according to the present invention can provide continuous stiffness when said primary energy absorbing box is nearly collapsed, so as to protect lower legs of pedestrians and reduce harms to legs of pedestrians.
Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automotive Exterior Systems Co., Ltd.

 High stiffness and high access forming tool for incremental sheet forming patent thumbnailHigh stiffness and high access forming tool for incremental sheet forming
An tool for the incremental forming of material sheeting is disclosed. The tool comprises a forming tip, a shank, and an interface adapter positioned between the forming tip and the shank.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Adjustable stiffness catheter patent thumbnailAdjustable stiffness catheter
The present invention relates to a catheter that has adjustable stiffness that enables a user to select the stiffness of at least one region of the catheter during insertion and navigation through a body lumen. A preferred embodiment of the invention works in combination with a guidewire to enable placement of the catheter at a position within the vascular system, for example, to enable treatment of a variety of medical conditions.
Beth Israel Deacones Medical Center, Inc.


Articulation with controllable stiffness and force-measuring device

The subject matter of the invention is an articulation (1) with controllable stiffness and a force-measuring system, comprising a first device (20) that comprises a frame (4) having a curved face and connected to a first motor element (2), the first device (20) regulating the position of the articulation (1), and a second device (22) that regulates the stiffness of the articulation (1) and comprises a thrust element (15), the movement (d) of which determines the pre-compression of a resistive element (11) and thus the stiffness of the articulation (1); the first motor element (2) causes the frame (4) to rotate such that a wheel (8) of the second device (22) rolls on the curved face of the frame (4), causing the resistive element (11) to be compressed (c) via a transmission rod (7) associated with said wheel (8) and with the resistive element (11).. .
Universidad PolitÉcnica De Madrid


Characterizing a downhole environment using stiffness coefficients

A method that includes obtaining log data of a downhole formation, and characterizing the downhole formation by determining stiffness coefficients including c33, c44, c66, c11, c12, and c13. C13 is a function of c33, c44, c66, and at least one of a kerogen volume and a clay volume derived from the log data.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Flexible sunscreen and sunshade assembly provided therewith

A flexible sunscreen is provided intended for use in a sunshade assembly of the type comprising a flexible sunscreen having a central part and two opposed inwardly folded longitudinal edges connected to the central part by means of folding lines, and two opposed longitudinal guides for receiving therein and guiding corresponding ones of the inwardly folded longitudinal edges of the flexible sunscreen, which guides are provided with locking members for engaging an outer end of the inwardly folded longitudinal edges for preventing these edges from moving out of the longitudinal guides. The central part of the flexible sunscreen mainly is manufactured from a first material with a first stiffness wherein of the inwardly folded longitudinal edges and of the parts of the central part adjacent the edges at least part is made of a second material with a second higher stiffness..


Spring strut dome and producing same

Spring strut domes for use with vehicle bodies can be formed by reshaping a semifinished product into a dome element by way of massive forming. In particular, the semifinished product may be reshaped by rolling, forging, upset-forging, and/or pressing.
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag


Electric motor mounting structure

The stiffness in supporting an electric motor is increased in an electric motor mounting structure for mounting an electric motor for driving the wheels on the vehicle body. In an electric motor mounting structure for mounting an electric motor (60) for driving a wheel on a vehicle body (1) formed by combining a plurality of frame members, the electric motor is mounted on one of the frame members (front middle cross member) (43) via a first mount member (front mount member) (71), the one frame member is provided with a receiving hole (101), and at least a part of the first mount member projects into the receiving hole..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Barrel for a bat assembly and ball bat

The present disclosure is directed to a barrel comprising cast metal, composite or plastic for use in a bat assembly; a bat assembly comprising a barrel portion, an end cap and a handle; and a ball bat. The barrel may have uniform wall thickness or may include structural elements disposed on an inner surface to improve stiffness and reduce weight.
Vyatek Sports, Inc.


Catheter with adjustable arcuate distal section

A catheter includes an elongated body, a distal assembly with a shape-memory member defining a generally circular form, and a control handle adapted to actuate a deflection puller wire for deflecting a portion of the elongated body, and a contraction wire for contracting the generally circular form. The generally circular form which carries at least one ring electrode has an off-edge configuration relative to the elongated body such that a longitudinal axis of the elongated body does not intersect the circumference of the circular form and the generally circular form spirals about the longitudinal axis of the elongated body.
Biosense Webster (israel), Ltd.


Method of calculating feature of blood vessel and ultrasound performing the same

Disclosed is an ultrasound apparatus. The ultrasound apparatus includes an ultrasound transceiver that transmits an ultrasound signal to an object and receives an ultrasound echo signal reflected from the object, a controller that detects a change amount of a diameter of a blood vessel of the object, based on the ultrasound echo signal, and a display unit that displays a blood pressure graph showing a blood pressure of the object and an image representing an inflection point in the blood pressure graph, based on the detected change amount of the diameter.
Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.


Fabrication, methods, apparatuses, and systems for ultra-compliant probes for neural and other tissues

Methods, systems and apparatuses of ultra-miniature, ultra-compliant probe arrays that allows for design flexibility to match the stiffness of the tissue it is being applied to, such as the brain tissue, in all three axes (x, y and z), with interconnect cross section smaller than cell dimensions. Stiffness matching requires specific geometric and fabrication approaches, commonly leading to ultra-thin probe wires.
Carnegie Mellon University, A Pennsylvania Non-profit Corporation


System and apparatus comprising a multisensor guidewire for use in interventional cardiology

A system and apparatus comprising a multisensor guidewire for use in interventional cardiology, e.g. For transcatheter valve therapies (tvt), comprises a plurality of optical sensors for direct measurement of cardiovascular parameters, e.g.
Three Rivers Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Optical coherence elastography to assess biomechanics and detect progression of ocular and other tissues degenerative diseases

An excitation force (internal or external) and phase-sensitive optical coherence elastography (oce) system, used in conjunction with a data analyzing algorithm, is capable of measuring and quantifying biomechanical parameters of tissues in situ and in vivo. The method was approbated and demonstrated on an example of the system that combines a pulsed ultrasound system capable of producing an acoustic radiation force on the crystalline lens surface and a phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography (oct) system for measuring the lens displacement caused by the acoustic radiation force.
University Of Houston System


Method of manufacturing a contoured fluid-filled chamber with a tensile member

A fluid-filled chamber may include an upper barrier portion, a lower barrier portion, and a tensile member. An upper tensile layer of the tensile member may be secured to the upper barrier portion, and a lower tensile layer of the tensile member may be secured to the lower barrier portion.
Nike, Inc.


Self-standing tobacco pouch

A self-standing tobacco pouch formed from a pliable sheet material includes a bottom part forming a support foot to stand on a surface, a pouch wall extending from the bottom part to an entrance defined by an entrance rim, a curved or angled elongate shaping member, which is provided near or at a first rim part of the entrance rim to hold the first rim part in a curved or angled configuration. The shaping member has a bending stiffness which is larger than the bending stiffness of the sheet material.
Sluis Cigar Machinery B.v.


Ultrasonic probe as well as electronic apparatus and ultrasonic imaging apparatus

An ultrasonic probe is provided that makes it possible to increase the shock resistance of a board of an ultrasonic device unit. An ultrasonic probe includes a housing.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Self-tuned mass damper and system comprising the same

A simple self-tuned mass damper is hereby proposed for a broadened frequency band and which can be adapted to large and expensive structures as well as small and inexpensive structures alike. The novel self-tuned mass damper includes an auxiliary mass and a non-linear suspension, which is configured to connect the auxiliary mass to a vibrating structure.
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy


Brake mounting bracket apparatus

A brake mounting bracket apparatus that includes a rear body and a front body. The rear body includes an inboard tie bar and a pair of legs that each extend from a lower portion at the inboard tie bar to a terminal end.
Bwi(shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Passive magnetic bearing systems stabilizer/bearing utilizing time-averaging of a periodic magnetic field

A high-stiffness stabilizer/bearings for passive magnetic bearing systems is provide where the key to its operation resides in the fact that when the frequency of variation of the repelling forces of the periodic magnet array is large compared to the reciprocal of the growth time of the unstable motion, the rotating system will feel only the time-averaged value of the force. When the time-averaged value of the force is radially repelling by the choice of the geometry of the periodic magnet array, the earnshaw-related unstable hit motion that would occur at zero rotational speed is suppressed when the system is rotating at operating speeds..
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Side panel assembly for passenger vehicles

A side panel assembly for a passenger vehicle, includes a b-pillar made of fibre-reinforced plastics material, at least one further pillar made of fibre-reinforced plastics material and following in the rear direction, and a side panel made of fibre-reinforced plastics material and defining a portion of the skin of the passenger vehicle. According to the invention, to make it possible for a side panel assembly of this kind to offer high stiffness for absorbing operating and crash loads while being low-weight, to have a high surface quality, and to be economical to produce with short production times, the b-pillar includes a hollow pillar made of metal as a core element..
Leichtbau-zentrum Sachsen Gmbh


Internal combustion engine exhaust system supporting structure

An internal combustion engine exhaust system supporting structure includes a body fastening portion, an exhaust fastening portion, a bracket, and a stay. The body fastening portion is provided on a power plant or a vehicle body located on a side of an exhaust passage extending from an internal combustion engine to a rear of a vehicle so that exhaust emissions flow from the internal combustion engine to the rear of the vehicle.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Braid plating for torsional stiffness

A woven wire braid residing between a polymer inner lumen and a polymer outer lumen transmits control force in a catheter. After braiding the wires, the braid is plated with a metal, such as electroless nickel alloy deposited with a target thickness in a range of 250-1200 micro-inches.
General Metals Corporation, D/b/a Professional Plating Inc.


Spinal fixation member

A system for fixing spinal vertebrae utilizes a spinal rod that has varying properties along its length such that a lower stiffness portion is placed in the cranial or caudal end positions of the spinal rod to address potential adjacent level failure. The spinal rod includes a core member formed of a first material having a first modulus of elasticity and a sheath member formed of a second material having a second modulus of elasticity different from the first modulus of elasticity.
K2m, Inc.


System and dilating and adjusting flexibility in a guiding device

The helical members are configured so that the dilatable tip increases in stiffness when the helical members are tensioned by a resistance to rotation in the winding direction. In some embodiments, application of relative force between coaxial inner and outer tubular members is used to control the dilation, stiffness and drilling of the guiding member..


Suspension for acoustic device

An acoustic device includes a diaphragm, a frame, and a suspension element that couples the diaphragm to the frame such that the diaphragm is movable in a reciprocating manner relative to the frame. The suspension element includes a first surround element and a second surround element that have respective inner landings between which a region proximal to an outer edge of the diaphragm is disposed.
Bose Corporation


Apparatus and cable dynamics suppression via non-linear flexures

Method and apparatus for suppressing cable dynamics in a device towed in water. The apparatus includes at least one section for suppression of motion, wherein the at least one section includes an axial motion suppression section; and the axial motion suppression section comprising equipment for the attenuation of axial vibrations in an electro-mechanical cable.
Sercel, Inc.


Method to determine inertia in a shaft system

A method to determine inertia of components of a rotating shaft system. The shaft system includes a shaft coupling a turbine to drive the rotation and a load to be driven by the rotation.
Rolls-royce Plc


Vibratory flowmeter and meter verification

A vibratory flowmeter (5) for meter verification is provided, including meter electronics (20) configured to vibrate the flowmeter assembly (10) in a primary vibration mode using the first and second drivers (180l, 180r), determine first and second primary mode currents (230) of the first and second drivers (180l, 180r) for the primary vibration mode and determining first and second primary mode response voltages (231) generated by the first and second pickoff sensors (170l, 170r) for the primary vibration mode, generate a meter stiffness value (216) using the first and second primary mode currents (230) and the first and second primary mode response voltages (231), and verify proper operation of the vibratory flowmeter (5) using the meter stiffness value (216).. .
Micro Motion, Inc.


Disk brake

An urging spring (15) urges a friction pad toward the exit side of the rotational direction of a disk when a vehicle equipped with the disk brake runs forward. The urging spring is disposed between a lug portion (11a) of the friction pad and a torque receiving surface (5) of a carrier (2).
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Strut and clip assembly for stiffening a hanger rod

The present invention is a clip for use with a strut that at least partially surrounds a hanger rod for the purpose of providing stiffness to the hanger rod. The clip includes a handle portion, a rod-clamping portion, and a fulcrum spaced away from the handle portion.
Vibration & Seismic Technologies, Llc


Changeable well seal tool

A well seal tool includes a base tubing and a seal element carried on an exterior of the base tubing. The seal element includes a polymer changeable between a compressed state and a sealing state.
Halliburton Energgy Services, Inc.


Hockey skate including a one-piece frame with integral pedestals

A hockey skate includes a fiber-reinforced, composite frame, or an injected plastic frame, including a boot form and integral pedestals that serve as a blade-holder. The pedestals are integral with the bottom of the boot sole and are optionally spaced relatively far apart to provide a long span between them.
Easton Hockey, Inc.


Variable stiffness balloon catheter and related systems and methods

The various embodiments herein relate to balloon catheters, and more specifically to balloon catheters having variable stiffnesses.. .
Qxmedical, Llc


Methods of reducing mammographic breast density and/or breast cancer risk

The present disclosure is directed to generally methods for treating mammographic breast density and/or breast stiffness in a patient in need thereof, such as a premenopausal or perimenopausal patient, comprising the administration of an effective amount of androgenic agent and an effective amount of an aromatase inhibitor. These methods may also be useful in post-menopausal woman..
Chavah Pty Ltd


Radio-frequency printed circuit board and wiring material

(1) a conductor layer is disposed on at least one surface of a dielectric layer, the dielectric layer including an intermediate layer and a pair or more of fluororesin layers disposed on both surfaces of the intermediate layer, in which the ratio of the total average thickness of the intermediate layer to the total average thickness of the fluororesin layers is 0.001 to 30, the relative dielectric constant of the intermediate layer is 1.2 to 10, the coefficient of linear expansion of the intermediate layer is −1×10−4/° c. To 5×10−5/° c., and the adhesive strength between the fluororesin layer and the conductor layer is 300 g/cm or more.


Mems microphone element

A concept is provided which permits the implementation of mems microphone elements having a very good snr, high microphone sensitivity and a large frequency bandwidth. The microphone structure of the mems element is implemented in a layer structure and includes at least one sound pressure-sensitive diaphragm (210), an acoustically permeable counter element (220) and a capacitor system for detecting the diaphragm deflections, the diaphragm (210) and the counter element (220) being situated on top of each other and a distance apart from one another in the layer structure and each bring equipped with at least one electrode of the capacitor system.


Fluid dynamic bearing groove configuration

A fluid dynamic bearing (fdb) includes a groove configuration that includes a pressure-generating groove pattern, and additionally includes a circumferential groove adjacent to the pressure-generating groove pattern and a pumping groove pattern adjacent to the circumferential groove. The circumferential groove may be deeper than the associated pumping and pressure-generating groove patterns and may extend for 360 degrees, and the pumping groove may be positioned at or near the entry to the bearing journal area to help maintain fluid flow direction and minimum pressure.


Stiffness measuring mechanism, rotary timber charger with stiffness measuring mechanism and operation for same

A rotary timber charger having a charging assembly with at least two spaced apart transfer wheels each having at least one timber piece grasping assembly operative to grasp a section of a piece of timber at a grasping position, release the section of the piece of timber at a release position, and retain the section of the piece of timber therebetween. The rotary timber charger also comprises a stiffness measuring mechanism with at least one load application wheel positioned between consecutive transfer wheels and each comprising at least one load application member configured to momentarily apply a load on the piece of timber and at least one surface position measuring assembly measuring a first position and a second position of a measure surface, angularly spaced-apart from one another, with the load being applied in at least one of the first position and the second position of the measure surface..


Method and apparatus of multi-axis resonance fatigue test

A multi-axis resonance fatigue test method and apparatus are provided by considering both stiffness coupling and inertia coupling in a resonance fatigue test that causes a complicated behavior and nonsymmetrical bending of a test article such as a wind turbine blade due to a coupling effect. In the method, a processor of the apparatus calculates a load value by considering a coupling between at least two axes of the test article.



Disclosed herein is a refrigerator which has an improved structure to increase insulating properties. The refrigerator includes a body including an inner casing and an outer casing, a storage compartment formed in the inner casing, an insulator provided between the inner casing and the outer casing to insulate the storage compartment, and a frame unit which is disposed between the adjacent insulators to ensure stiffness of the body and includes at least one coupling surface coupled with at least one of the inner casing and the outer casing..


Vehicle oil pan with active noise reduction control

A vibration and noise abatement reduction method and apparatus for a fluid reservoir containing an automotive fluid and having a bottom wall. At least a portion of the fluid reservoir is formed of or carries a shape memory change material undergoing shape change at a threshold temperature.


Linear ball bearing guideway

A linear ball bearing guideway is provided with six rows of balls disposed between the slider and the rail, so as to improve the overall load capacity. The six rows of balls are symmetrically disposed at two sides of the head portion of the rail, and the three of the six rows of balls at each side are located at different heights.


Methodology and system for wafer-level testing of mems pressure sensors

A method for testing a plurality of pressure sensors on a device wafer includes placing a diaphragm of one of the pressure sensors on the device wafer in proximity to a nozzle of a test system. A pneumatic pressure stimulus is applied to the diaphragm via an outlet of the nozzle and a cavity pressure is measured within a cavity associated with the pressure sensor in response to application of the pneumatic pressure stimulus.


Vehicles having a cross-vehicle stabilizing structure

Vehicle structures for dissipating energy associated with a collision are described herein. In one embodiment, a vehicle includes a first side support extending in a vehicle longitudinal direction, a second side support extending in the vehicle longitudinal direction and spaced apart from the first side support in a vehicle lateral direction that is transverse to the vehicle longitudinal direction, and a cross-vehicle stabilizing structure extending between the first side support and the second side support, the cross-vehicle stabilizing structure including a first joint portion coupled to the first side support, the first joint portion including a stiffness-reducing portion positioned within a perimeter of the first joint portion, a second joint portion coupled to the second side support, and a cross-vehicle stabilizer portion coupled to the first joint portion and the second joint portion..


Acoustic apparatus with diaphragm supported at a discrete number of locations

An acoustic apparatus includes a back plate, a diaphragm, and at least one pillar. The diaphragm and the back plate are disposed in spaced relation to each other.


Techniques for controlling spatial structure of nucleic acid structures based on lattice-free, three dimensional junction coordinates

Techniques for controlling nucleic acid structures include determining, for each junction type, values for parameters indicating ground-state geometry and both translational and rotational stiffness coefficients. Topological design data indicates a number of bases in each helix connected to corresponding junctions.


Offset riser structure for archery bows

An offset riser for an archery bow has an upper end and a lower end each having limb attachment points, wherein a central plane laterally divides the bow through the upper and lower limb attachment points. The riser has a handle portion positioned between the upper end and the lower end and a front strut extending from the upper end to the handle portion, wherein the front strut has a front sight window portion that is offset from the central plane.


Taut inverted catenary mooring system

A taut-inverted-catenary (tic) mooring system may be implemented using only field-proven components. The mooring lines yield a positive uplift force on the anchors in all conditions.


Bimodal metal matrix nanocomposites and methods of making

A bimodal metal nanocomposite of ceramic nanoparticles in a metal or metal alloy matrix has a microstructure showing a first “hard” phase containing the ceramic nanoparticles in the metal or metal alloy matrix, and a second “soft” phase comprising only the metal or metal alloy with few or no ceramic nanoparticles. The stiffness and yield strength of the bimodal metal nanocomposite is significantly increased compared to the metal or metal alloy alone, while the ductility of the metal or metal alloy is retained.


Spinning thickening forming method and spinning thickening forming apparatus

A spinning thickening forming method is a method of, while rotating a plate including a center portion fixed to a fixing jig, increasing a thickness of a peripheral portion of the plate. Specifically, while locally heating the peripheral portion of the plate such that at least a portion of the plate which is adjacent to the fixing jig maintains stiffness, a forming roller is pressed against the peripheral portion of the plate to compress the peripheral portion in at least a direction perpendicular to a thickness direction of the peripheral portion..


Golf club head with flexure

A golf club head including a crown, a sole, a hosel, a face and a flexure. The face is configured to provide varying stiffness while minimizing the change in thickness across the face.


Fasteners having improved comfort

A fastening member has inboard and outboard ends, a panel region, an end region, and a stiffening element. The panel region is disposed adjacent to the inboard end and has first and second layers.


Dual stiffness suspension system

Devices disclosed herein include a housing component, a touch screen, a haptic actuator for moving the touch screen relative to the housing component, and at least one dual stiffness suspension system that couples the touch screen and housing component together such that the touch screen is movable relative to the housing component. The dual stiffness suspension system has a first element of a first stiffness and a second element of a second stiffness which is stiffer than the first stiffness.
Immersion Corporation


Three-axis microelectromechanical systems device with single proof mass

A microelectromechanical systems (mems) device, such as a three-axis mems device can sense acceleration in three orthogonal axes. The mems device includes a single proof mass and suspension spring systems that movably couple the proof mass to a substrate.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Performance improvement of mems devices

A microelectromechanical-systems (mems) device includes a driven mass and has a natural stiffness or damping. An actuator applies force to the mass, movement of which is measured by a sensing capacitor.
Purdue Research Foundation


Driveshaft with two-stage stiffness

A two-stage stiffness driveshaft includes a hollow cylinder defined by a longitudinal axis, a first end, a distal second end, and a hollow cylinder stiffness. The driveshaft also includes an inner shaft extending through the hollow cylinder along the longitudinal axis and defined by a first end, a distal second end, and an inner shaft stiffness.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Differential lateral stiffness armrest

An automobile armrest is described. The armrest allows lateral movement in an outboard direction while resisting inboard movement.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Stiffeners for cast light-metal door headers

Stiffeners are disclosed which can be added to the header section of cast light-metal door panels. The header section casting can be designed for manufacturability, and to meet nominal lateral stiffness specifications while making effective use of material.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


High impact polymer interlayers

Multiple poly(vinyl butyral) layer interlayers that can be used in multiple layer glass panel type applications that require a high level of impact protection, for example in hurricane protection applications or in bullet proof glass applications. This effect is achieved by forming a poly(vinyl butyral) interlayer that has a relatively stiff poly(vinyl butyral) inner layer disposed between two relatively soft outer poly(vinyl butyral) layers, where the stiffness difference is achieved by a plasticizer differential that is achieved at least in substantial part by a residual hydroxyl content difference among the poly(vinyl butyral) layers..
Solutia Inc.


Fixture apparatus

Fixture apparatus and methods of manufacturing fixture apparatus. Fixture apparatus comprising: a first body to at least partially support an object, the first body including a structure having variable stiffness along at least a first axis of the first body..
Rolls-royce Plc


Indolin-2-one or pyrrolo-pyridin/pyrimidin-2-one derivatives

The compounds may be used for the treatment of certain central nervous system disorders which are positive (psychosis) and negative symptoms of schizophrenia, substance abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorders, cognitive impairment, bipolar disorders, mood disorders, major depression, treatment resistant depression, anxiety disorders, alzheimer's disease, autism, parkinson's disease, chronic pain, borderline personality disorder, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue syndrome, stiffness, antiinflammatory effects in arthritis and balance problems.. .


Relative stiffness fasteners

A first fastening member joined to an absorbent article. A second fastening member joined to the absorbent article.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Suture leader

Methods and devices are provided for securing tissue to bone. In general, a suture leader can have leading and trailing ends, and an inner passageway configured to receive a strand of suture therein.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Systems and methods for monitoring the circulatory system

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a user-platform apparatus, such as a bodyweight sensing scale, includes a heart/cardiogram sensor which is used to detect heart and vascular characteristics of a user, and provide a cardiogram output indicative of the detected cardiovascular characteristics. The cardiogram output can be used for various purposes, such as detecting arterial stiffness and/or aging..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Micro pick up array pivot mount design for strain amplification

Systems and methods for aligning a transfer head assembly with a substrate are disclosed. In an embodiment a pivot mount is used for generating a feedback signal in a closed-loop motion control system.
Luxvue Technology Corporation


Compact parallel eccentric rotary actuator

A rotary actuator (101) is provided which includes a crankshaft (103), first and second eccentric gears (121), first and second end plates (123), a first crosslink (117) which is disposed between the first eccentric gear and the first end plate, a second crosslink which is disposed between the second eccentric gear and the second end plate, a stator (113) disposed between the first and second eccentric gears, and a rotor (109). Preferably, the rotary actuator further includes first and second support plates (115) which are disposed concentrically about the crankshaft and which are attached to first and second surfaces of the stator, respectively.


Device for absorbing structure-borne sound

A device for absorbing structure-borne sound comprises at least one torque transmitting flange having two or more layers of materials of different damping capacity and stiffness stacked on each other. At least a portion of the flange has a radially jagged cross-sectional profile including two or more flanks consecutively arranged in radial direction and alternately inclined to the radial direction.
Ellergon Antriebstechnik Gesellschaft M.b.h.


Ureteral stents with waveform interlayers and interstitching

Ureteral stents include a tubular body defining a lumen and have a distal kidney section, a proximal bladder section, and a ureter section between the distal and proximal sections. The tubular body has a first material layer and a stiffening member that extends through at least a portion of a length of the tubular body.
Gyrus Acmi, Inc.


Endoscope apparatus

There is provided an endoscope apparatus in which a forceps elevator can be operated according to the operator's intention even when a treatment tool has large bending stiffness. The forceps elevator is erectably provided in a distal end part of the insertion part of the endoscope apparatus and guides the treatment tool led out from the distal end part.
Fujifilm Corporation


Optimized wireless charging system

A transmission device that includes a fixed support for receiving an electronic appliance. The transmission device has at least one first and one second retaining elements defining between them a receiving space, the second retaining element being movable with respect to the fixed support along a main direction so as to give the possibility of adapting the size of the receiving space.
Faurecia Interieur Industrie


Three-axis microelectromechanical systems devices

The embodiments described herein provide microelectromechanical systems (mems) devices, such as three-axis mems devices that can sense acceleration in three orthogonal axes (e.g., x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis). In general, the embodiments described can provide decoupling between the sense motions of all three axes from each other.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Worm gearing with harmonic drive or strain wave gearing primary

A gear system wherein a harmonic drive or strain wave gearing set is efficiently and effectively coupled to a worm drive, where the harmonic drive or strain wave gearing serves as the input and the worm drive serves as the output. By using the harmonic drive or strain wave gearing set as the primary, a very large reduction ratio is achieved in a right angle package with high torsional stiffness.
Cone Drive Operations, Inc.


Electrostatic stabilizer for a passive magnetic bearing system

Electrostatic stabilizers are provided for passive bearing systems composed of annular magnets having a net positive stiffness against radial displacements and that have a negative stiffness for vertical displacements, resulting in a vertical instability. Further embodiments are shown of a radial electrostatic stabilizer geometry (using circuitry similar to that employed in the vertical stabilizer).
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Aircraft engine case shock mount

The present disclosure relates to shock mounts for turbine engine components. A shock mount may be used to mount an accessory gearbox to an engine case.
United Technologies Corporation


Wingsail with adaptable flexible flap

Wingsail. The wingsail includes a substantially rigid airfoil section having a leading and a trailing edge and a flap is attached to the trailing edge through a torsion fitting having a torsional stiffness along the span of the rigid airfoil section selected to control flap deflection with respect to the rigid airfoil section under aerodynamic loading to control rolling moment of the wingsail..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Vehicle component attachment structure for energy absorption

An attachment bracket for attaching one vehicle component, such as a headlamp housing, to another vehicle component includes a wall with an upper end flange and a rib structure defining stiffness along one axis of the vehicle component and having a buckle portion allowing buckling and deformation of the attachment bracket along at least one perpendicular axis to absorb energy. The rib structure includes at least one rib extending along the wall of the attachment bracket, where the at least one rib includes a shape defining an intermediate buckle portion along the rib.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Headrest supporting structure

A headrest supporting structure is provided with a lower spring and an upper spring, which are located at different positions in the vertical direction of a seat. The structure elastically supports a headrest stay with the springs.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Pneumatic radial tire for a passenger car having ultra fine steel cords for a carcass ply

Disclosed is a pneumatic radial tire for a passenger car having ultra fine steel cords for a carcass ply in which adhesive force between a carcass ply layer and a side wall or a rim flange rubber adjacent to a turn up portion on an outside and a stiffness of the rim flange rubber are larger than a bending stiffness of the carcass ply layer so as to improve durability of a bead part while reducing poor air inletting generated at a carcass turn up portion.. .
Kumho Tire Co., Inc.


Variable stiffness actuator with large range of stiffness

In one embodiment, a selectable-rate spring comprises a flexure bar connected to a rotatable shaft, the flexure bar having at least one arched portion. The selectable-rate spring also includes at least one rotational contactor connectable to a link member, wherein the rotational contactor rotates about an axis while maintaining contact with the arched portion of the flexure bar.
Marquette University


Spring-less multi-position micro-fluidic valve assembly

A springless rotary shear that produces compression forces by utilizing the stiffness properties of polymer seals. The valve is designed to produce an effective spring load, with inherent sealing force, by deflecting polymer elements whose response depends on stiffness that is governed by each component's elastic modulus and geometry.
Idex Health & Science Llc


Teat for an infant feeding bottle

A teat (10) for an infant feeding bottle (1), including a resilient wall (12) defining a central nipple (14a) and an areola (14b) that extend around a central axis (l), said teat being elastically transformable between a distended state in which the nipple defines a global maximum (38) and at least one depressed state that is accessible from the distended state by forcing the nipple at least partially into the areola along the central axis, and in which said wall (12) additionally defines an annular double fold (32) that defines an outer local maximum (34) and an inner local minimum (36), both extending circumferentially around the global maximum, wherein the wall defines a circumferential fold region (30) that, in said at least one depressed state, ranges from the local maximum to the local minimum of the double fold, and wherein said fold region has a rotationally asymmetric stiffness distribution.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Force transmitting frames and motion assistance apparatuses including the same

A force transmitting frame may have a length greater than a width. Stiffnesses of first and second end portions of the force transmitting frame may be greater than a stiffness of a central area of the force transmitting frame in a longitudinal direction of the force transmitting frame.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include an actuation structure, a nosecone fixed to the actuation structure by one or more links and one or more link pins, a housing tube having a first housing tube portion with a first stiffness and a second housing tube portion with a second stiffness, and an optic fiber disposed in the housing tube and the actuation structure. A compression of the actuation structure may be configured to gradually curve the housing tube and the optic fiber.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc


Variable stiffness prosthetic foot

Prosthetic feet that provide for variable and adjustable stiffness are provided. A foot element can include a tongue portion defined or formed by a slot in the foot element that at least partially separates the tongue portion from a remainder of the foot element.
Ossur Hf


Implantable insert sleeve

The present disclosure relates to an insert sleeve (19) designed for being inserted into a through hole (17) of an implant (11), comprising a body (21) with a through hole (23) defining an axial direction (29) for receiving a bone anchoring element (25), in particular a bone screw, said body (21) being made of a material having a first modulus of elasticity and including multiple recesses (27) arranged in circumferential direction around said through hole (23) of said insert sleeve (19) for reducing a stiffness of said insert sleeve (19) in a direction transverse (31, 33) to said axial direction (29). At least one of said recesses (27) is filled with a filler material (41) having a second modulus of elasticity different from said first modulus of elasticity..
Zimmer Gmbh


Article of footwear with customizable stiffness

An article of footwear with customizable stiffness is provided. The article of footwear in the form of a snowboard boot is provided with stiffness elements that are inserted within retaining enclosures disposed on either side of an inner liner of the snowboard boot.
Nike, Inc.

Stiffness topics: Brush Assembly, Electronic Device, Piezoelectric

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