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Stiffness patents

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Medical device for treating a target site

Delivery device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Stiffness-related patents
 Rotational offset oval vertebral rod patent thumbnailRotational offset oval vertebral rod
A flexible connection unit for use in a spinal fixation device is provided. The flexible connection unit includes an elongated member, such as a vertebral rod, having a first end portion and a second end portion opposite each other with a transition portion extending therebetween.
 Medical device for treating a target site patent thumbnailMedical device for treating a target site
Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to medical devices for treating a target site. For example, a medical device comprises a tubular member having a proximal end and a distal end, the tubular member having an expanded preset configuration when deployed at the target site and a reduced configuration for delivery to the target site.
 Delivery device patent thumbnailDelivery device
A device for delivery of material to a biological subject, the device including a base and a number of projections extending from the base, each projection including a tip for penetrating tissue of the biological subject, at least a portion of at least one of the projections being coated with a non-liquid coating including the material. At least the tip of at least one of the coated projections may have a convex effective profile.
 Methods for the integrated treatment of neuromusculoskeletal injuries and conditions patent thumbnailMethods for the integrated treatment of neuromusculoskeletal injuries and conditions
The present invention provides a method and a system that treats neuromusculoskeletal conditions and/or injuries in an integrated and structured manner. Such conditions and/or injuries are not one-dimensional in origin, severity or persistence; they are multi-factorial.
 Devices for determining cell force properties and methods of manufacturing the devices patent thumbnailDevices for determining cell force properties and methods of manufacturing the devices
A device may be configured to allow individual measuring of at least one property of at least one cell, such as measuring a contraction force of a platelet. The device may include a plurality of wells.
 Multi-layer biodegradable device having adjustable drug release profile patent thumbnailMulti-layer biodegradable device having adjustable drug release profile
Methods and apparatus for a biodegradable multi-layer device suitable for medical applications are provided, wherein the device is formed from multiple film-layers configured to have different characteristics from one another such as different release profiles for therapeutic agents, adhesive properties, stiffness properties, and solubility properties. The film-layers may include a solid fibrinogen component.
 Medical device having niobium nitinol alloy patent thumbnailMedical device having niobium nitinol alloy
Guide wire devices and other intra-corporal medical devices fabricated from a ni—ti—nb alloy and methods for their manufacture. The ni—ti alloy includes nickel, titanium, and niobium either up to its solubility limit in ni—ti, or in amounts over 15 atomic percent so as to provide a dual phase alloy.
 Marine streamer having variable stiffness patent thumbnailMarine streamer having variable stiffness
Disclosed are methods and systems for performing marine geophysical surveys that utilize a streamer having variable stiffness. An embodiment discloses a sensor streamer comprising: an outer surface; tension members within the outer surface extending along a length of the sensor streamer; spacers disposed within the outer surface along the length of the sensor streamer; a geophysical sensor disposed in an interior of one of the spacers; and an actuator assembly configured to apply tension to the tension members..
 Top & bottom channel assembly section for vehicle frame and method of making the same patent thumbnailTop & bottom channel assembly section for vehicle frame and method of making the same
A heavy truck frame (18) and a method for manufacturing a heavy truck frame having side-rails (20, 24) with a configuration of a top c-section (30) and a bottom c-section (32) and a vertical insert (34) so as to reduce weight and maintain the stiffness requirements and improve payload. The optimal distances between a top c-section (30) and a bottom c-section (32) can vary according to the part of the frame and vehicle requirements..
 Rimless wheel patent thumbnailRimless wheel
The invention relates to a rimless vehicle wheel comprising a hub and a plurality of cantilevered blades spaced around the hub. Each blade has an inner root extending from the hub, an outer tip, and first and second major blade surfaces extending between the root and tip.
User interface device providing improved load distribution functionality background of the invention
A cushion member for a user interface device is provided. The cushion member is structured to provide a load distribution functionality responsive to the cushion member being donned by the user, wherein at least a portion of the cushion member has a local stiffness of less than or equal to 100 kpa/mm responsive to a stress increase on the cushion member of 1 kpa-15 kpa..
Hockey skate
A hockey skate includes a composite boot form having a rigid lower portion and a less rigid upper portion. The upper portion may be made of a thermoformable material that conforms to the shape of a wearer's foot and ankle.
Scalable common interface plate system (scips)
The present invention provides a low profile, compact, scalable concept end-effector for use in robotic handling applications. The end-effector acts as the interface between multi-degree-of-freedom (dof) manipulator and its base (if applicable), as well as the tools it handles and is compatible with both large manipulator systems such as the shuttle remote manipulator system (srms) and space station remote manipulator system (ssrms) and smaller dexterous manipulators such as the orbital express dexterous manipulator system.
Delivery wire for occlusive device delivery system
A delivery wire assembly for delivery of an occlusive device to a location in a patient's vasculature includes a delivery wire conduit having a proximal tubular portion connected to a distal coil portion, and a conduit lumen extending through the proximal tubular portion and the distal coil portion. The delivery wire assembly also includes a core wire disposed in the conduit lumen and having a distal end coupled to an occlusive device.
Steerable catheter having intermediate stiffness transition zone
A flexible, steerable intravascular catheter includes an elongate flexible shaft having a heterogeneous or multi-zone stiffness profile or structure. A first or distal portion of the catheter shaft may have a substantially constant or distinct stiffness or flexibility, a second, intermediate or transition section is proximal relative to, and less flexible than, the first section, and a third section is proximal relative to, and also less more flexible than, the first section.
Support dressing
A support dressing comprises a conformable material that is capable of conforming to a body part when secured thereto; an adhesive for releasably securing the dressing to said body part; and at least one resilient component that has greater stiffness than the flexible material. It is particularly useful in preventing or reducing undesired torsion, for example, for the neck..
Cardiovascular pulse wave analysis method and system
Factor retrieving is a major approach for pulse wave analysis. Stiffness index and cardiac output are widely used factors for cardiac risk detection.
Electrical machine and a method for controlling stiffness in a stator winding of the electrical machine
An electrical machine is provided. The electrical machine includes a stator having at least one winding, and a mechanical assembly acting on the winding for providing a radial force at the winding for controlling a stiffness of the winding..
Anti-whirl touchdown bearing
Stabilizing techniques are provided that prevent whirl-type instabilities during the operation of magnetically levitated rotating systems. Examples include tensioned foil and tensioned wire based designs, where a restraining force arises from contact between a rotating shaft and the tensioned elements, which elements may be of either metallic or non-metallic composition.
Rapid expansion balloon catheter
A balloon catheter assembly including a catheter, a sleeve, and a balloon. The catheter has a body, an exterior surface, a lumen, a port providing fluid communication between the lumen and the exterior surface, and a coupling mechanism to couple the lumen to an inflation source.
Reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition, and article comprising same
A reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition includes specific amounts of a poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer reaction product, a flame retardant, and a reinforcing filler. The composition exhibits a desirable balance of flame retardancy, heat resistance, and stiffness relative to a corresponding poly(phenylene ether) composition, and it is useful to fabricate articles including fuser holders for electrophotographic copiers..
Reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition, and article comprising same
A reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition includes specific amounts of a poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer reaction product, a flame retardant, and a reinforcing filler. The composition exhibits a desirable balance of flame retardancy, heat resistance, and stiffness relative to a corresponding poly(phenylene ether) composition, and it is useful to fabricate articles including fuser holders for electrophotographic copiers..
One-way exhaust vent
A one-way vent for installation in a panel aperture is described. The vent includes a frame made of a first material, and valve and seal members both made of a second material, which has a lower stiffness than the first material.
Lightweight and rigid structure of battery unit
A battery unit is provided which includes a battery and a storage case in which the battery is mounted. The storage case is made up of a base, a cover, and an intermediate case.
Merged legs and semi-flexible anchoring for mems device
The present invention generally relates to a mems device having a plurality of cantilevers that are coupled together in an anchor region and/or by legs that are coupled in a center area of the cantilever. The legs ensure that each cantilever can move/release from above the rf electrode at the same voltage.
Mitigation of downhole component vibration using electromagnetic vibration reduction
An apparatus for reducing vibration in a downhole component includes: an electrically conductive auxiliary mass attached to the component and configured to vibrate in a direction corresponding to a direction of downhole component vibration and absorb a portion of the downhole component vibration; and a magnetic component configured to generate a magnetic field through the auxiliary mass having a direction at least partially perpendicular to the direction of auxiliary mass vibration, the magnetic field configured to induce a current in the auxiliary mass in response to auxiliary mass vibration. The apparatus has an auxiliary mass vibration frequency tuned relative to a selected natural vibration frequency of the downhole component to reduce vibration of the downhole component, the auxiliary mass vibration frequency based on a magnetic stiffness of the auxiliary mass, the magnetic stiffness based on a strength of the magnetic field and/or a resistance of the auxiliary mass..
Method for performing a mechanical operation in a structure comprising two layers of different stiffness
A method for performing at least one mechanical operation on a structure including at least one first layer stacked onto at least a second layer, the first layer including at least one material with a young's modulus equal to or higher than about 50 gpa and higher than that of at least one material of the second layer, the method including: thinning the first layer, located at least at one area of the structure intended to undergo application of a pressing force upon implementing the mechanical operation; and implementing the mechanical operation including applying the pressing force located on at least one part of the area of the structure.. .
Device and method for localized force sensing
A device and method for operating a capacitive input device configured to sense input objects and their applied force in a sensing region, the device including a pliable component having an input surface and characterized by a bending stiffness, and first and second arrays of sensor electrodes. The input device further includes a third array of sensor electrodes and a spacing layer disposed between the third array.
Adjustable stiffness catheter
The present invention relates to a catheter that has adjustable stiffness that enables a user to select the stiffness of at least one region of the catheter during insertion and navigation through a body lumen. A preferred embodiment of the invention works in combination with a guidewire to enable placement of the catheter at a position within the vascular system, for example, to enable treatment of a variety of medical conditions.
Transcutaneous medical device with variable stiffness
The present invention relates generally to variable stiffness transcutaneous medical devices including a distal portion designed to be more flexible than a proximal portion. The variable stiffness can be provided by a variable pitch in one or more wires of the device, a variable cross-section in one or more wires of the device, and/or a variable hardening and/or softening in one or more wires of the device..
Sound transmission material, sound control plane structure including building use using the sound transmission material, windscreen for microphone, protective grille, sound transmission projection screen, and speaker
A sound transmission, material is made of fibers entangled with each other and has a self-standing property and a high performance sound transmission property, namely the taber stiffness is not less than 5 mn·m, the bending resistance is not less than 100 mn, the porosity is not less than 50%, and the thickness is not more than 3 mm.. .
Ink-jet recording apparatus
An ink-jet recording apparatus includes: a base member; a conveyor unit for conveying a sheet in a first direction; and a recording unit for ejecting ink when opposed to a sheet in a second direction. The base member includes: a first side base portion; a second side base portion; a center base portion located between the first side base portion and the second side base portion in a third direction; first and second side walls extending in the first direction and projecting in the second direction from opposite edge portions of the center base portion in the third direction; and a main board connecting the first side wall and the second side wall and configured to support the conveyor unit and the recording unit.
Ink-jet recording apparatus
An ink-jet recording apparatus includes: a base member a conveyor unit supported by the base member, for conveying a sheet in a conveying direction parallel to a first direction; and a recording unit, supported by the base member for ejecting ink when the recording unit is opposed to the sheet in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction. The base member is divided into a first base portion that supports the conveyor unit and the recording unit, a second base portion contiguous to the first base portion and located downstream of the first base portion in the conveying direction, and a third base portion contiguous to the second base portion and located downstream of the second base portion in the conveying direction.
Attachment collar for elongate elements
The present invention relates to an attachment collar for elongate elements, the collar comprising a belt portion suitable for being fastened on a support, the belt portion being open and defining an inside space suitable for receiving the elongate element. In order to close the belt portion and thus retain the elongate elements in the inside space, the collar firstly an array of gripping elements made of plastics material injected integrally with the belt portion and situated on its outside face, and secondly a tape secured to the belt portion via one of its ends, the inside face of the tape presenting retention means suitable for co-operating with the gripping elements of the belt portion in order to secure the tape and the belt portion together, the belt portion presenting stiffness that is greater than the stiffness of the tape..
Coilable extendible member and methods
The invention provides an extendible member which is configurable between a coiled form and an extended form. The extendible member comprises: a primary member comprising a sheet of material resiliently biased in a slit tube form, wherein the slit tube can be opened out at the slit to assume an open form in which it has a flattened cross section; at least one resilient secondary member having first and second connections to the primary member at respective different circumferential positions on the primary member, wherein in the extended form, the primary member is in its slit tube form and the resiliency of the secondary member causes at least part of the secondary member to displace towards the slit in the primary member to provide torsional and axial stiffness to the primary member, and wherein in the coiled form, the primary member is in its open form and the secondary member conforms to the flattened cross section of the primary member so that primary and secondary member can be co-coiled.
Active material actuation utilizing bi-stable mechanical overload protection
An actuation assembly adapted for driving a load, and protecting against overload conditions, includes an actuator defining a stroke, and an overload protection device including at least one elastic member having a nonlinear force-deflection characteristic defining a limit point and negative stiffness region, drivenly coupled to the actuator opposite the load, and operable to provide a secondary work output path when an overload condition exists.. .
Relative stiffness fasteners
A fastening member has an inboard end and an outboard end and a panel region, an end region, and a fastening element. The panel region has a proximal edge and a distal edge.
Shape-transferring cannula system and method of use
A selectively shapeable medical device comprises an elongate tube, an activation component operatively coupled to the elongate tube, and means for actuating the activation component. The activation component has a first state and a second state different from the first state.
Systems and methods for controlling a magnitude of a sonic boom
A method of controlling a magnitude of a sonic boom caused by off-design-condition operation of a supersonic aircraft at supersonic speeds includes, but is not limited to the step of operating the supersonic aircraft at supersonic speeds and at an off-design-condition. The supersonic aircraft has a pair of swept wings having a plurality of composite plies oriented at an angle such that an axis of greatest stiffness is non-parallel with respect to a rear spar of each wing of the pair of swept wings.
Hydraulic-power steering system with magnetic torque overlay
A hydraulic-power steering system is provided. A power-steering valve controls and varies a level of steering assist.
Tire with tread pattern having pre-selected variations in lug stiffnesses to improve tire noise
A tire is provided having a tire noise pitch sequence based on preferred characteristics of the tire noise generated by tire tread lug stiffness variations. The tire has preferred modulation characteristics and good level characteristics.
Method of arresting fatigue crack growth in metal member, and fatigue crack growth-arrested metal member
In a method of arresting fatigue crack growth in a metal member, a hole is formed beside a tip portion of a fatigue crack with respect to a crack extension direction, in a metal member body, in which the fatigue crack occurs due to an action of applied cyclic tensile stress. Then, a press-fit object being higher in stiffness than the metal member body and larger in external size than the hole is press-fitted into the hole.
Porous cover mat especially suited for use with k-style gutters
A cover mat suitable for use in preventing debris from entering a rain gutter does not require support when positioned in the gutter other than by portions of the rain gutter engaging the cover mat. The cover mat is formed of a nonwoven polyester fiber material that is coated with a stiffening agent, such as a styrene monomer that will add stiffness without significantly affecting the flow of fluids through the porous or liquid permeable fiber mat..
Sole for a shoe
Improved soles for shoes, in particular sports shoes, are described. A sole for a shoe, in particular a sports shoe, is provided that includes a midsole with randomly arranged particles of an expanded material.
Method for assembling an electronic device
An electronic device is provided. The device may include a plate placed behind a screen formed from a window and a display module to provide the screen with additional stiffness (e.g., to resist dropping events).
Tissue-removing catheter including urging mechanism
A tissue-removing catheter includes an elongate catheter body. The catheter body has a jogged portion that applies an urge force against a body lumen wall and urges a portion of the catheter body toward a portion of the body lumen wall.
Methods and devices for diastolic assist
The devices and method described herein allow for therapeutic damage to increase volume in these hyperdynamic hearts to allow improved physiology and ventricular filling and to reduce diastolic filling pressure by making the ventricle less stiff. For example, improving a diastolic heart function in a heart by creating at least one incision in cardiac muscle forming an interior heart wall of the interior chamber where the at least one incision extends into one or more layers of the interior heart wall without puncturing through the interior heart wall and the incision is sufficient to reduce a stiffness of the interior chamber to increase volume of the chamber and reduce diastolic filing pressure..
Composite tube for torque and/or load transmissions and related methods
A composite tube made from a combination fiber and epoxy is disclosed. The tube may be made by filament winding although other materials and processes are suitable.
Hub for a wind turbine
The invention provides a hub for a wind turbine, the hub comprising a continuous shell being assembled from at least two shell parts. To improve stiffness of the hub, a plate element is attached within blade flanges of the assembled hub.
Lighting device
According to one embodiment, a lighting device is provided which includes: a module; a first cover member; and a second cover member. The module has a light emitting body and a frame.
Stiction resistant mems device and method of operation
A mems device (20) includes a movable element (20) suspended above a substrate (22) by a spring member (34) having a spring constant (104). A spring softening voltage (58) is applied to electrodes (24, 26) facing the movable element (20) during a powered mode (100) to decrease the stiffness of the spring member (34) and thereby increase the sensitivity of the movable element (32) to an input stimulus (46).
Baffled fluid tank with stairway access
A tank for transporting fluids on a truck chassis includes a front wall, side walls, a back wall, a top, and a floor. Interior stairs extend from the floor to an opening in the top to allow stair access into the interior with integrated safety handrails on the fill port cover.
A gasket held between opposite flange joint surfaces with a bolt includes a combination of a complex material with a rubber material formed on one or both sides of a steel plate, the complex material having a convex or waveform bead, and a circular metal plate arranged at a bolt portion with a through-hole where a shank of the bolt penetrates and a bearing corresponding portion that corresponds to a bearing of the bolt around the through-hole. The gasket is configured to have the thickness (h3) of the bead provided to the complex material greater than the thickness (h2) of the circular metal plate that is equal to or greater than the thickness (h1) of the complex material.
Magnetorheolocigal fluid-based mount apparatus including rate dip track passage
A magnetorheological fluid-based hydraulic mount apparatus (20, 220) for supporting a vibration source on a base is disclosed. A main fluid passage (104, 304) extends between pumping chamber (64, 264) and receiving chamber (66, 266) for passing the fluid therebetween.
Composite dome connectors for flywheel rim to shaft attachment
A dome connector for a flywheel rim to shaft attachment is provided. The dome connector includes a helically wound composite band that extends from a first port to a second port.
Nut opening device
A culinary nut opening device can include a mount and a tool. The mount can be sized and shaped to securely and removably receive a finger or a thumb of a human user.
Segmented air foam mattress
An air foam mattress system includes a foam top component, and a foundation component including a plurality of segmented, individually wrapped, inflatable air cells allowing for a plurality of pivot points, a segmented perimeter, and individual pressure adjustment of the segments for maximum patient comfort in all articulated-bed positions. In an embodiment, the air cell contains a u-shaped insert providing segmented perimeter sections integral to the air cell.
Magnetorheological medical brace
The magnetorheological (mar) medical brace includes a flexible outer shell that fits around the anatomical area to be braced and a plurality of adjustable straps for securing the shell onto the anatomical area. The shell encases a mar pack filled with magnetorheological fluid or gel.
Golf club fabricated from bulk metallic glasses with high toughness and high stiffness
Golf clubs formed from bulk-solidifying amorphous metals (i.e., metallic glasses) having high elastic modulus and fracture toughness, and to methods of forming the same are provided. Among other components, the golf club materials disclosed enable fabrication of flexural membranes or shells used in golf club heads (drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters) exhibiting enhanced flexural or bending compliance together with the ability to deform plastically and avoid brittle fracture or catastrophic failure when overloaded under bending loads.
Contact lens having peripheral high modulus zones
Soft contact lens having regions of a material forming one or more higher modulus of elasticity zones in the peripheral region of the lenses add stiffness to the contact lenses. This increased stiffness in different zones or regions enable the contact lens to be more easily handled and make it less likely to fold in on itself..
Ultrasonic device, ultrasonic probe, electronic equipment, and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Provided is an ultrasonic device including: an ultrasonic element array substrate having a plurality of ultrasonic elements that each include a piezoelectric body; an acoustic lens secured via an acoustic matching layer to a surface, formed with the ultrasonic elements, of the ultrasonic element array substrate; and a support member secured to a surface, opposite to the surface formed with the ultrasonic elements, of the ultrasonic element array substrate, wherein the support member is formed to have a larger area, in plan view in the thickness direction of the ultrasonic element array substrate, and a higher bending stiffness than the ultrasonic element array substrate, and the acoustic lens is formed to have a lower bending stiffness than the ultrasonic element array substrate. The above-described ultrasonic device further includes an acoustic matching layer filled between the ultrasonic element array substrate and the acoustic lens..
System and method for detecting tissue surface properties
A system and method for detecting a tissue property. The system comprises a first unit positioned outside a patient body and a second unit positioned inside the patient's body.
Composite material comprising uhmwpe and iron ore tailing and use of iron ore tailing in preparation of composite material
The present invention relates to a composite material that comprises a polymeric constituent and iron ore powder. The polymeric constituent of the present invention is preferably uhmwpe.
Brake shoe for a drum brake
The invention relates to a brake shoe for a drum brake and a drum brake that includes a supporting unit and a lining unit, wherein the supporting unit comprises a bearing portion for pivotable support and an actuation portion, and wherein the supporting unit has a bending stiffness, which has different values between the bearing portion and the actuation portion.. .
Train suspension system
A suspension system for a train vehicle includes at least one inerter to minimize track wear. Track wear may be measured by direct measures such as wear work, or indirect measures such as yaw stiffness.
Fiber optic cable with increased directional sensitivity
A distributed acoustic sensor, comprises a housing having a longitudinal bore therethrough, an optical fiber supported in the bore; and an inertial member supported within the bore, wherein the fiber is mechanically coupled to the inertial member. The inertial member may include a weight and may provides isotropic stiffness such that it deforms more readily in a first direction normal to the bore than it does in a second direction that is normal to both the bore and the first direction.
Fast rig-based physics simulation
A method is disclosed for applying physics-based simulation to an animator provided rig. The disclosure presents equations of motions for simulations performed in the subspace of deformations defined by an animator's rig.
Rig-based physics simulation
A method is disclosed for applying physics-based simulation to an animator provided rig. The disclosure presents equations of motions for simulations performed in the subspace of deformations defined by an animator's rig.
Upright protector
A protector allows for the engagement and protection of a segment of an upright from an impact force by an external object and for absorbing and damping the resulting impact force. The protector comprises a protector body and a shim.
Resetting semi-passive stiffness damper and methods of use thereof
A resetting semi-passive stiffness damper (rspsd) for use in damping movement. Embodiments of such a rspsd include, for example, a pistoned cylinder connected to a grooved rack, and a spring-loaded lever arranged between the rack and a slotted channel above the rack.

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