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Stiffness patents


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 Earpiece positioning and retaining patent thumbnailEarpiece positioning and retaining
A positioning and retaining structure for an in-ear earpiece. An outer leg and an inner leg are attached to each other at an attachment end and attached to a body of the earpiece at the other end.
Bose Corporation

 Method for determining mechanical properties of a material patent thumbnailMethod for determining mechanical properties of a material
A tool having at least one vibration sensor and at least one standoff is disposed in a contact with a material and the at least one standoff of the tool is pushed into the material. Vibration is excited by the at least one vibration source and at least one coupling frequency of the tool is measured by the at least one vibration sensor.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Cationic latex fixative for ink applications patent thumbnailCationic latex fixative for ink applications
A cationic latex fixative for ink applications is provided. The cationic latex fixative derived from a combination of a cationic monomer, a nonionic monomer that provides softness to the latex, and a nonionic monomer that provide stiffness to the latex.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 Polyamide resin composition and article produced therefrom patent thumbnailPolyamide resin composition and article produced therefrom
A polyamide resin composition and a molded article manufactured using the same. The polyamide resin composition includes: a base resin comprising an aliphatic polyamide resin having a terminal amine group concentration of about 0.1 μeq/g to about 45 μeq/g and including a repeat unit represented by the following formula 1 wherein a is an integer from 4 to 10, and b is an integer from 6 to 12 and an aromatic polyamide resin including a repeat unit represented by the following formula 2 wherein c is an integer from 6 to 12; and inorganic fillers.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

 Thermoset nanocomposite particles, processing for their production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications patent thumbnailThermoset nanocomposite particles, processing for their production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications
Use of two different methods, either each by itself or in combination, to enhance the stiffness, strength, maximum possible use temperature, and environmental resistance of thermoset polymer particles is disclosed. One method is the application of post-polymerization process steps (and especially heat treatment) to advance the curing reaction and to thus obtain a more densely crosslinked polymer network.
Sun Drilling Products Corporation

 Segmented shape-compliant wear pad for telescoping boom assembly patent thumbnailSegmented shape-compliant wear pad for telescoping boom assembly
A construction vehicle includes a telescoping boom assembly that includes a first section and at least a second section configured to nest within and to extend from the first section. At least one wear pad is positioned between the first section and the second section.
Manitowoc Crane Companies, Llc

 Impact wrench having dynamically tuned drive components and method thereof patent thumbnailImpact wrench having dynamically tuned drive components and method thereof
The present invention provides methods and systems an impact wrench having dynamically tuned drive components, such as an anvil/socket combination, and related methodology for dynamically tuning the drive components in view of inertia displacement, as well as stiffness between coupled components, and with regard to impact timing associated with clearance gaps between the component parts.. .
Ingersoll-rand Company

 Filtration device for the filtration of a liquid metal or an alloy thereof, and a filtration method using said filtration device patent thumbnailFiltration device for the filtration of a liquid metal or an alloy thereof, and a filtration method using said filtration device
Filtration devices are provided with original structural features to allow a better stiffness of the same and prevent the possibility of being distorted and/or driven under the pressure of a flux of liquid metal or an alloy thereof which is passing there through. Said features may consist of a ridge portion extending the periphery of a filtration device, a rim portion provided in double-basket filtration devices, or a particular <<m>> shape filtration device..
Les Produits Industriels De Haute Temperature Pyrotek Inc.

 Multi-purpose fitness device patent thumbnailMulti-purpose fitness device
The multi-purpose fitness device is provided in a comfortable posture such as being seated, face up or face down, to generate twisting of various body sites, loosen muscle stiffness in hypokinetic people, and promote blood circulation intermixed with muscle training, for recovery, maintenance and promotion of health. Dieting, rehabilitation, massage, stretching, cellulite prevention, and metabolic syndrome-preventoin exercise are addressed.

 Interventional medical systems, catheters, and methods patent thumbnailInterventional medical systems, catheters, and methods
A device receptacle of a catheter resides in a sidewall thereof, which includes a proximal section, a central section extending distally from the proximal section, and a distal section extending distally from the central section. A length of the central section is approximately 30% of an overall length of the sidewall; the proximal and distal sections have approximately the same stiffness; and a stiffness of the central section, formed from a polymer material without any structural reinforcement or any other member embedded therein, is significantly less than that of the proximal and distal sections.
Medtronic, Inc.

Kink-resistant guidewire with improved rigidity

A guidewire, methods of manufacture, and methods of use is described. The guidewire may include a core having one or more preformed ribs along a portion thereof.
C. R. Bard, Inc.

Fixing member and absorbent article

A fixing member including a sheet-like base member 21 and a surface fastener 30 provided on the base member 21 is disclosed. The surface fastener 30 covers a surface of the base member 21 at a position separated from a tip end 21e1 of the base member 21 in a wrap-around direction, and minimum bending stiffness of the fixing member 20 as determined via a bending test using a gurley tester being 150 mgf or less when measured using a test piece cut from a portion where the surface fastener 30 is provided.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Apparatus and dynamic vertebral stabilization

A posterior vertebral stabilizer has a resilient member such as a linear spring, which operates in tension and compression. The resilient member may be kept straight by a stabilization rod extending through the spring, or by a telescoping assembly that encases the resilient member.
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc

Mechanical hair puller having adjustable spring stiffness

A mechanical hair puller has a plunger, a housing and a spring. The housing has a spring receiving portion, a finger rest and a stopper.

Customizable component insole system

This invention provides for individualized adjustment to a user's specific needs through the use of multiple variable size, thickness and rigidity components that can be placed or integrated into an insole. The current invention is an insole that incorporates, but is not limited to: (1) a base layer with various depressions, (2) a metatarsal dome, (3) a first metatarsal head pad, (2) a forefoot wedge to create a pronation moment around the midfoot joint, (3) a heel cushion, (4) a heel lift to raise the heel area of the foot, (5) a rearfoot wedge to increase the supination moments around the subtalar joint, and (6) an arch support of a specific stiffness or with varying stiffness..
Implus Footcare, Llc

Monitoring vessel mooring

The present disclosure provides a system and method of monitoring a mooring system for a floating vessel using the time of the natural period independent of environmental conditions. The natural period can be calculated and/or established experientially over time by measuring movement of the vessel to establish the natural period at given geographical positions of a secure and intact mooring system.
Technip France

Archery arrow having improved flight characteristics

The archery arrow having improved flight characteristics of the present invention is designed to improve the accuracy of the arrow which is equipped with a dampening medium within the central bore of the arrow shaft. The dampening materials in an embodiment may include, but not be limited to, silicon, epoxies or urethanes and selection of various dampening materials may provide for varying degrees of stiffness.
Aldila Golf Corp.

Component mount

A component mount is disclosed having two parallel compressible load paths interposed between first and second attachment members and a coupling mechanism. When a force above a predefined level is predicted to be transferred, the coupling mechanism is engaged so that both of the compressible load paths act in parallel to transfer the force between the first and second attachment members, and when the predicted level of the force to be transferred is below the predefined level, the coupling mechanism is disengaged and the force is transmitted through only the first compressible load path.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Power transmission belt

This disclosure describes systems and methods which utilize organoclays compounded with zinc acrylates to improve the performance of drive belts. In performing research on organoclays, the inventors created formulations and methods of compatibilizing organoclays with metal salts of α-β-unsaturated organic acids and incorporating the compatibilized organoclays into the belt compound so that the planar organoclay particles are substantially aligned with the longitudinal plane of the belt.
Gates Corporation

Three dimensional lattice weaves with tailored damping properties

The present invention is directed to three dimensional weaves composed of wires or yarns that offer the potential for damping not achievable with solid materials, including high temperature damping. Three damping mechanisms have been identified: (1) internal material damping, (2) frictional energy dissipation (coulomb damping), and (3) inertial damping (tuned mass damping).
The Johns Hopkins University

Micromechanical elastic properties solver

This disclosure describes a novel method for predicting continuous wellbore mechanical properties such as static elastic stiffness and failure strength, where the properties solutions are deterministic and based on mechanical theory. It has at least three immediate applications: (a) continuous plots of mechanical properties vs.
Conocophillips Company

Estimating casing wear using models incorporating bending stiffness

An illustrative method for estimating casing wear, including estimating, as a function of position along a casing string, a side force of a tubular string against the casing string, wherein said estimating accounts for a bending stiffness of the tubular string. The method further including determining, based at least in part on the side force, a casing string wear volume as a function of position along the casing string, and presenting the casing string wear volume to a user..
Landmark Graphics Corporation

Flexible tool housing

A flexible reamer housing includes a tubular central portion including a tool bay with an aperture to allow a reamer cutter arm within the tool bay to move radially outward through the aperture, and tubular first and second auxiliary portions arranged toward opposite ends of the central portion. The first and second auxiliary portions each include a first stiffness that is less than a second stiffness of the central portion..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Sheet packaging material for producing sealed packages of pourable food products

A sheet packaging material includes fold lines along which the sheet packaging material is foldable to form a sealed package containing a pourable food product. The packaging material comprises at least one base layer that imparts stiffness, at least one lamination layer applied to and covering the base layer; and a removable portion which, in use, is partly detachable from a remainder of the sheet packaging material and foldable at a folding zone to free a pour opening by which to pour the food product from the package.
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

Occupant restraint actuated dynamically stiffening a motor vehicle seat back

An apparatus for dynamically stiffening a vehicle seat back may include a vehicle seat including a seat bottom mountable within a vehicle, a seat back extending upwardly away from the seat bottom, and a bight defined at a forward-facing interface between the seat bottom and the seat back, an occupant restraint harness coupled to the vehicle seat and engaging a top end of the seat back, and a seat back stiffening apparatus having a seat back stiffening member and an actuator coupled to the occupant restraint harness adjacent to or near the bight of the vehicle seat. The actuator may be responsive to a first force applied thereto by the occupant restraint harness in excess of a first threshold force to deploy the seat back stiffening member to couple to and between the seat bottom and the seat back to add stiffness to the seat back frame..
Indiana Mills & Manufacturing, Inc.

Ball glove

A ball glove has a hollow zone at a ball impact zone. The hollow zone accommodates a drop-in assembly to provide adequate protection to the wearer of the ball glove without imparting stiffness to the crotch area or the ball impact zone of the ball glove.
Trion Corporation

Therapeutic roller

A thermally active roller apparatus, which includes a core; an intermediate compliant layer disposed about the core; a cover disposed about the intermediate compliant layer; and a heating element. Included is a thermally active roller apparatus in which the compliant layer may be formed from two or more portions having different stiffnesses.
Medrock, Inc.

Rotatable swing arm stabilizer assembly for folding wheelchairs

A swing arm assembly for a foldable wheelchair consisting of a camber tube and adapters is disclosed. The adapters mount to the frame of the wheelchair and receive the ends of the camber tube.

Endoscope apparatus

An endoscope apparatus includes an endoscope including a flexible insertion tube and a curved-shape detection sensor. The sensor includes an optical fiber that transmits detection light and a sensing part provided in at least a part of the optical fiber, and detects a curved shape of the insertion tube based on a change in characteristics of the detection light passed through the sensing part in accordance with a change in the curved shape of the optical fiber when the optical fiber curves.
Olympus Corporation

Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include a handle, an actuation mechanism of the handle, an optic fiber, and a housing tube. The housing tube may include a first housing tube portion having a first stiffness and a second housing tube portion having a second stiffness.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc

System, measurement of muscle stiffness

A system, an apparatus, and a method for measuring muscle stiffness in a predetermined joint of an individual are provided. The system and apparatus comprises a measuring unit and a processing unit.
KØbenhavns Universitet

Method and endoscope stiffening

A stiffener for an endoscope may comprise a rod and a handle. The rod may be configured so that disposing the rod within the channel increases the stiffness of the endoscope shaft.
Risen Star Industries, Llc

Ignition coil for internal combustion engine

An ignition coil for an, internal combustion engine includes an annular elastic seal which is tightly attached to a high-voltage tower and a plug installed in the high-voltage tower to be conductible with a spark plug. The elastic seal hermetically seals a gap between the high-voltage tower and the plug and also functions as a buffer to absorb stress, as exerted from the plug on a case of the ignition coil.
Denso Corporation

Carbon fiber/ceramic chassis

A chassis defines a system housing that houses a processing system and a display system. A chassis wall provided on the chassis includes a first carbon fiber layer that provides an outer surface of the chassis that is located opposite the chassis wall from the housing and a ceramic layer that is bonded to the first carbon fiber layer and located opposite the first carbon fiber layer from the outer surface.
Dell Products L.p.

Reciprocating compressor

A reciprocating compressor is provided for which natural frequencies of a front side support spring and a rear side support spring are formed to be different such that a natural frequency of one support spring is lower than an operating frequency and a natural frequency of the other support spring is higher than the operating frequency, whereby both support springs may resonate in mutually opposite directions to form an antiphase, and thus, compressor vibrations may be effectively reduced without reducing a stiffness of both support springs.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Methods of reducing mammographic breast density and/or breast cancer risk

The present disclosure is directed to generally methods for treating mammographic breast density and/or breast stiffness in a patient in need thereof, such as a premenopausal or perimenopausal patient, comprising the administration of an effective amount of androgenic agent and an effective amount of an aromatase inhibitor. These methods may also be useful in post-menopausal woman..
Chavah Pty Ltd

Methods, devices, and manufacture of the devices for musculoskeletal reconstructive surgery

A device used in conjunction with fixation hardware to provide a two-stage process to address the competing needs of immobilization and re-establishment of normal stress-strain trajectories in grafted bone. A method of determining a patient-specific stress/strain pattern that utilizes a model based on 3d ct data of the relevant structures and cross-sectional data of the three major chewing muscles.
The University Of Toledo

Ultrasonic imaging system

An existing ultrasonic diagnostic device is used to obtain a color flow image of a target object whose stiffness is to be measured. At this time, a vibration exciter applies a micro vibration with a frequency of n/4 (n represents an odd number equal to or larger than 1) to the target object with respect to a burst frequency of an ultrasonic pulse to generate a shear elastic wave.
National University Corporation Gunma University

Orthopedic pillows for supine sleepers

Embodiments of an orthopedic pillow are provided for supporting the head of a sleeper in a supine position. In one embodiment, the orthopedic pillow includes a base having a centerline, a primary head support surface provided on the base, and laterally-opposed side rails extending upwardly from the base and flanking the primary head support surface.

Method for designing containers

A method comprises steps of: providing an initial package design, providing an initial package-handling element design, modeling the interaction of the package and the package-handling element, and altering one of the package design or the package-handling element design according to the results of the model. Wherein the initial package-handling element design comprises at least one item selected from the group consisting of: a motion transfer component comprising a combination of discrete geometrically defined elements, package guide rails, package guide rail supports, vacuum conveying components, and combinations thereof.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Coupling device for seismic sensors

A coupling device is provided for a sensor unit having at least one sensor located within a housing. The coupling device includes at least one supporting portion, wherein the supporting portion is configured for maintaining the sensor unit in a stable position, with the coupling device either resting on or being buried into the ground, and at least one rod, arranged in a plane which is essentially perpendicular to a peripheral surface of the supporting portion and linked to the supporting portion.

Tire sensor-based vehicle state estimation system and method

A vehicle state estimation system and method uses an observer model to make cornering stiffness estimates from tire-based sensor data and vehicle-based sensor data throughout transient and non-transient operational maneuvers of a vehicle. A cornering stiffness identifier extracts transient-state cornering stiffness estimates from the cornering stiffness estimates made by the observer model and extracts from the transient-state cornering stiffness estimates an optimal transient-state cornering stiffness estimate having a substantially highest confidence measure for use by a vehicle control system..
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Gasket with compression and rotation control

A multifunctional gasket with compression and rotation control comprises annular sealing element(s) with specific stiffness, geometry, tightness and compressibility properties and uniquely shaped compression element(s) with variable thickness and specific mechanical properties. The gasket is designed to seal under static and dynamic fluid pressure loading for a wide range of sizes and with severe thermal differential temperatures and static and dynamic external loads.

High flow polyolefin composition with high stiffness and puncture resistance

The present invention relates to a polyolefin composition comprising two heterophasic propylene copolymers which differ in the intrinsic viscosity of their xylene soluble fractions, the heterophasic propylene copolymer mit with the lower intrinsic viscosity is present up to 10 wt.-% in the polyolefin composition.. .
Borealis Ag

Elevator tension member stiffness estimation and monitoring

A system for determining stiffness of an elevator system tension member includes a landing floor indicator to transmit a landing floor signal of an elevator car to a stiffness estimator, and a car position encoder to transmit a car position signal of the elevator car in a hoistway to the stiffness estimator. A machine position encoder transmits a machine position signal to the stiffness estimator.
Otis Elevator Company

Method of manufacturing an elongated article, elongated article, obtainable by the method, and weight distributing system, adapted to be provided in an inner cavity of the elongated article

The invention relates to a method of manufacturing an elongated article having a shaft and a functional head section. The method includes the steps of providing a dimensionally stable core mandrel; overlaying first reinforcing fibers onto the core mandrel to form one or more first wall parts; providing at least one shaping element to the overlaid core mandrel; overlaying second reinforcing fibers onto the core mandrel and the at least one shaping element to form one or more second wall parts; and providing a matrix material and consolidating the matrix material.
Wesp Holding B.v.

Steerable laser probe

A steerable laser probe may include a handle, an actuation lever, an optic fiber, and a housing tube. The housing tube may have a first housing tube portion having a first stiffness and a second housing tube portion having a second stiffness.
Katalyst Surgical, Llc

Direct fabrication of attachment templates with adhesive

Systems, methods, and devices for producing orthodontic appliances are provided. In one aspect, an orthodontic appliance comprises an outer shell comprising a plurality of cavities shaped to receive the patient's teeth and generate one or more of a force or a torque in response to the appliance being worn on the patient's teeth.
Align Technology, Inc.

Multi-material aligners

Systems, methods, and devices for producing orthodontic appliances are provided. In one aspect, an orthodontic appliance comprises an outer shell comprising a plurality of cavities shaped to receive the patient's teeth and generate one or more of a force or a torque in response to the appliance being worn on the patient's teeth.
Align Technology, Inc.

Variable flexibility snare

Variable size snare devices include devices which can be reliably and predictably opened to the required size, can be reliably and predictably opened to the required shape, and can provide visual cues indicative of the size of the deployed snare loop. The snare devices also include variable stiffness levels wherein the devices comprise shape memory alloys such that the stiffness of the snare loop can be controlled for desirable effect..

Retractor and retractor blade

A retractor blade and a retractor blade kit are provided. The retractor blade has a proximal end, a distal end, and a toe-out mechanism between the proximal end and the distal end.
Alphatec Spine, Inc.

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