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Active sonar apparatuses and methods
An active sonar detection system may include a transmitter, which may project into the transmissive medium signals of any frequency, amplitude or phase using one or more transducers. A transmit beamformer to provide transmission directionality may also be included. Generated transmit waveforms may have different temporal and frequency spectra that are...

System, method, and device for intelligence gathering and position tracking
A mobile communication device that may be used by an investigator to secretly record a suspect and track the investigator's location includes a microphone for detecting sounds, a communication component for transmitting signals or data representative of the sounds to one of the portable computers via the wireless communication network, a...

Handbag accessory including stealth pet lash
Handbags useful for carrying and containing various and sundry items typically carried in handbags are provided with added capability of functioning as a pet leash. A tether suitable as a leash is attached to a handbag as provided herein, ensuring a pet-owning user is never without a leash for their pet...

Nanotherapeutic colloidal metal compositions and methods
The present invention comprises compositions and methods for delivery systems of agents, including therapeutic compounds, pharmaceutical agents, drugs, detection agents, nucleic acid sequences and biological factors. In general, the nanotherapeutic compositions of the present invention comprise a platform comprising a colloidal metal, a targeting ligand such a tumor necrosis factor, a...

Communication apparatus
A CR/CMP layer sets up isochronous channels, the number of which is that of data streams to be transferred, and sets channel numbers associated with the isochronous channels in IT packet processing units of IT processing units of bus control LSI units connected to data streams of AV devices. The IT...

Stealth message transmission in a network
Embodiments of the invention include methods of transmitting a hidden message within a secured primary data transmission. In one embodiment, a method involves transmitting a primary data transmission over a computer network from a source host to a receiving host. Intentionally-corrupted packets are introduced within the primary data transmission in a...

Stealth detection
Use phase array laser or hybrid phase array to detect stealth object such as stealth airplane, ship, and low fly object that conventional radar cannot detect....

Semiconductor device manufacturing method comprising a metal pattern and laser modified regions in a cutting region
To divide a semiconductor wafer by stealth dicing, a test pad in a cutting region and an alignment target are collectively arranged along one side in a width direction of the cutting region, and a laser beam for forming a modified region is irradiated to a position away in plane from...

Laser machining and scribing systems and methods
A laser machining system may include an opposite side camera to provide workpiece alignment from an opposite side of the system (i.e., the side opposite the laser machining process). The opposite side camera may be used with an air bearing positioning stage, and a portion of the stage and/or the opposite...

Adhesive sheet for a stealth dicing and a production method of a semiconductor wafer device
An adhesive sheet is provided enabling to efficiently produce the very small size semiconductor chip by a stealth dicing method. An adhesive sheet for a stealth dicing includes a substrate and an adhesive layer formed on one side of the substrate, wherein a Young's modulus of the adhesive sheet at 23°...

Photoluminescent compositions, methods of manufacture and novel uses
A novel marking system is provided. The marking includes photoluminescent materials and provides for shifting of excitation energy. The marking provides flexibility for identification and tracking, both in stealth and non-stealth appearances....

Adhesive composition for stealth dicing of semiconductor, adhesive film, and semiconductor device including the adhesive film
An adhesive composition for stealth dicing of a semiconductor, an adhesive film, and a semiconductor device including the adhesive film, the adhesive composition including a polymer resin, the polymer resin having a glass transition temperature of about 5° C. to about 35° C., an epoxy resin, the epoxy resin including a...

Print structure, printing method and reading method for medium surface with print-formed dot pattern
With the aim of realizing an easy and inexpensive method of realizing a “stealth” dot pattern, whose presence on a medium surface is not visually recognizable, merely through minor improvements in the existing printing technology, the present invention provides dots which form a dot pattern by printing these dots using an...

Principle for the integration of missile-based weapon systems on a fixed ramp for stealth surface vessels in order to counter asymmetric threats
Device for launching missiles from a ship, includes at least one missile launch ramp, includes a ditch delimited by side walls of which at least two constitute bulwarks which extend around the periphery of the ship, the ditch being open above the exterior deck of the ship, in that the launch...

Lipids, lipid compositions, and methods of using them
Also provided are processes for making such compounds, compositions, and formulations, plus methods and uses of such compounds, compositions, and formulations to deliver biologically active agents to cells and/or tissues. The invention also relates to compositions and uses for stealth lipids of formula (XI). Disclosed are formulation and optimization protocols for delivery of...

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