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Wireless communication method and system for transmission authentication at the physical layer
The subject authentication scheme encompasses a large family of authentication systems which may be built over existing transmission systems. By superimposing a carefully designed secret modulation on the waveforms, authentication is added to the signal without requiring additional bandwidth. The authentication information (tag signal) is sent concurrently with data (message signal)....

Network defense system and framework for detecting and geolocating botnet cyber attacks
A network defense system is described that provides network sensor infrastructure and a framework for managing and executing advanced cyber security algorithms specialized for detecting highly-distributed, stealth network attacks. In one example, a system includes a data collection and storage subsystem that provides a central repository to store network traffic data...

Ammunition delivery system arrowhead and method of use
A device and method introduces the use of conventional ammunitions to the archery/bow hunting industry. The device achieves stealthy delivery of firearm munitions and increases the firepower of standard arrows resulting in deeper penetration into a target. The device consists generally of a cylindrical housing threaded internally on one end for...

Method for improving ground travel capability and enhancing stealth in unmanned aerial vehicles
A method for improving ground movement capability and enhancing stealth in unmanned aerial vehicles is provided. The present method comprises providing, in an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with wheels, one or more onboard drive means capable of translating torque through the vehicle wheels and controllable to move the unmanned aerial vehicle...

Stealth network attack monitoring
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for stealth attack monitoring. In one aspect, a method includes monitoring a network for failed connection attempts in the network, wherein each failed internal connection attempt is initiated by a source asset and is an attempt to connect...

System, method, and device for intelligence gathering and position tracking
A mobile communication device that may be used by an investigator to secretly record a suspect and track the investigator's location includes a microphone for detecting sounds, a communication component for transmitting signals or data representative of the sounds to one of the portable computers via the wireless communication network, a...

Active adaptive thermal stealth system
The present invention relates to a thermal vision countermeasure system to enable concealment of objects from identification by thermal imaging night vision systems, including a screen made of thermoelectric modules, disposed between the target object and an IR detector. The screen, formed of at least one thermoelectric unit, is coupled to...

Stealth network attack monitoring
A particular failed connection attempt initiated by a particular source asset in a network is identified and subsequent failed connection attempts initiated by the particular source asset in the network during a time period are tracked. A low frequency sequence of failed connection attempts involving the particular source asset is detected...

Stealth mode vehicle operation
Embodiments of a system and method for controlling illumination in a vehicle passenger compartment are disclosed. In one aspect, a display system for a motor vehicle passenger compartment, comprises: at least one indicia visible to an operator of the vehicle and configured to indicate a vehicle operating condition; an indicia light...

Vertical axis wind turbine with cambered airfoil blades
A wind turbine having blades that rotate in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis. A single output shaft is directly connected by one-way bearings to the driven shaft of a permanent magnet generator. This eliminates the need for a gearbox and also eliminates the need for inverters. Friction losses are...

Stealth packet switching
Stealth packets, network elements, and networks may be further enhanced with encryption techniques by encrypting various parts of, or the entire packet structure itself, for example, headers, preambles, payload, and/or other packet elements. Using encryption to modify the packet structure itself adds an entirely new level of encryption complexity, thus making...

Systems and processes for employment job centers
An employment server in communication over an Internet with a plurality of job candidates and with a plurality of businesses and related methods are disclosed. The web site stores and provides upon request a plurality of job candidate web pages, each have a set of job qualifications. It also stores and...

Anterior spine array clamp
An apparatus that connects an imaging treatment guidance system (ITGS) to a fixed location in a patient. One example of an ITGS is the Medtronic StealthStation® Treatment Guidance System used in the O-arm™ Surgical Imaging System. The apparatus is fixed relative to a patient at a proximal end, and supports the...

System, method, and device for intelligence gathering and position tracking
A mobile communication device that may be used by an investigator to secretly record a suspect and track the investigator's location includes a microphone for detecting sounds, a communication component for transmitting signals or data representative of the sounds to one of the portable computers via the wireless communication network, a...

Chip having backside metal and method for manufacturing same
A method for manufacturing a plurality of chips comprises the step of providing a wafer comprising a plurality of chip areas separated by one or more dicing lines, wherein the chip areas are arranged on a first main surface, the step of providing a laser absorption layer on a second main...

The surface structure of windmill rotors for special circumstances
The present invention relates to an improvement of windmill rotors—more specifically rotors that have been designed to be used in cold and wet climate, such as northern sea areas. This can be achieved by incorporating an electrically conducting layer on or in the surface of a windmill blade. The same coating...

Spectral and temporal stealthy fiber optic communication using sampling and phase encoding detection system
A method for providing spectral and temporal stealthy information transmitted over an optical communication channel, according to which, at the transmitting side, the power spectral density of a pulse sequence bearing the information is reduced by encrypting the temporal phase of the pulse sequence. The power of the pulse sequence is...

High die strength semiconductor wafer processing method and system
Embodiments of methods and systems for processing a semiconductor wafer are described. In one embodiment, a method for processing a semiconductor wafer involves performing laser stealth dicing on the semiconductor wafer to form a stealth dicing layer within the semiconductor wafer and after performing laser stealth dicing, cleaning the semiconductor wafer...

Stealth appliance between a storage controller and a disk array
A stealth appliance may be coupled between a storage controller and a disk array. The stealth appliance may be configured to receive a request from the storage controller encrypted with a first community-of-interest (COI) key, to decrypt the request with the first COI key, to encrypt the request with a second...

Printing structure of medium surface on which dot pattern is formed by printing, printing method, and its reading method
With the aim of realizing an easy and inexpensive method of realizing a “stealth” dot pattern, whose presence on a medium surface is not visually recognizable, merely through minor improvements in the existing printing technology, the present invention provides dots which form a dot pattern by printing these dots using an...

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