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Using social graphs to combat malicious attacks
Detection of user accounts associated with spammer attacks may be performed by constructing a social graph of email users. Biggest connected components (BCC) of the social graph may be used to identify legitimate user accounts, as the majority of the users in the biggest connected components are legitimate users. BCC users...

Stealth detector
The idea for a Stealth Detector was generated by the statement of American military that Stealth technology could never be defeated. The American military stated Stealth technology allows a Stealth plane to send a very small radar signal back to a radar installation, that cannot be interpreted as a plane. So...

Method for dicing wafer stack
A method for dicing a wafer stack having a first wafer and a second wafer stacked under the first wafer includes the steps of cutting the first wafer by a cutting blade to form a first cutting location on the first wafer, then cutting the first wafer by a laser stealth...

System, method, and device for intelligence gathering and position tracking
A mobile communication device that may be used by an investigator to secretly record a suspect and track the investigator's location includes a microphone for detecting sounds, a communication component for transmitting signals or data representative of the sounds to one of the portable computers via the wireless communication network, a...

System and method for stealth tracking
A shipping and tracking system has a number of tracking stations that are geographically distributed. The tracking stations gather information from shipping items processed by the shipping and tracking system. The shipping and tracking system provides an enhanced level of security for selected shipping items. The enhanced level of security for...

Systems and methods for securing media and mobile media communications with private key encryption and multi-factor authentication
Systems and methods protect and secure one-path and/or multi-path data, media, multi-media, simulations, gaming, television and mobile media communications and their fixed or mobile devices over diverse networks with symmetric key rotation, various forms of encryption, and multiple factors of authentication to provide optimal security for the integrity of any media...

Social network stealth and counter messaging
Stealth and counter messaging, in some embodiments in the context of social networking sites, is disclosed. A first user may provide a first, counter-message along with a second, stealth message. When posting the first message, its corresponding identifier as set by the social networking site is recorded in a linked relationship...

Stealth mode for wireless communications device
A device is configured to enter a stealth mode in response to a trigger and/or triggering event. The trigger/triggering event can be a voice command, a depression(s) of a button(s) or pattern of buttons on the device, a keyboard and/or softkey entry, entry of a pattern on the display of the...

Network node for detecting a communication device
There is provided a network node for detecting a communication device (stealth device) in a local network and identifying a type of the detected communication device. According to the embodiments of the present invention, the network node detects a search message sent out by a stealth device, and sends a...

Stealth network node
A method, a network node, and a set of instructions are disclosed. A network interface may have a precedent network address to represent the network node in the network . A processor may recognize an address hop trigger. The processor may change to a successor network address...

Stealth tracking device
A device to track and to provide positioning information for goods susceptible to be stolen, such as objects of value and vehicles, based on a undetectable module which can be activated by a motion-sensor, thereby allowing the disappeared goods to be located instantaneously and inconspicuously and, unperceived by the thief, transmitting...

Software self-checking systems and methods
Software self-checking mechanisms are described for improving software tamper resistance and/or reliability. Redundant tests are performed to detect modifications to a program while it is running. Modifications are recorded or reported. Embodiments of the software self-checking mechanisms can be implemented such that they are relatively stealthy and robust, and so that...

Ammunition delivery system arrowhead and method of use
A device and method introduces the use of conventional ammunitions to the archery/bow hunting industry. The device achieves stealthy delivery of firearm munitions and increases the firepower of standard arrows resulting in deeper penetration into a target. The device consists generally of a containment housing threaded internally on one end for...

Carbon nanotube coatings for visible and ir camouflage
The present invention provides carbon nanotube coated fabric compositions for the purpose tuning the optical properties of fabric, in particular the optical transmittance, absorption, and reflectance in the visible, NIR and mid-IR ranges. The carbon nanotube coated fabrics of the present invention exhibit relatively uniform absorptivity and reflectivity of light across...

Stealth mode for interacting with electronic messages
A stealth mode may be used to interact with electronic messages. A user may enter the stealth mode to interact with electronic messages without making state changes to the messages. While operating in stealth mode, operations (e.g. implicit operations such as reading a message) do not change the state of the...

Wireless communication method and system for transmission authentication at the physical layer
The subject authentication scheme encompasses a large family of authentication systems which may be built over existing transmission systems. By superimposing a carefully designed secret modulation on the waveforms, authentication is added to the signal without requiring additional bandwidth. The authentication information (tag signal) is sent concurrently with data (message signal)....

Network defense system and framework for detecting and geolocating botnet cyber attacks
A network defense system is described that provides network sensor infrastructure and a framework for managing and executing advanced cyber security algorithms specialized for detecting highly-distributed, stealth network attacks. In one example, a system includes a data collection and storage subsystem that provides a central repository to store network traffic data...

Ammunition delivery system arrowhead and method of use
A device and method introduces the use of conventional ammunitions to the archery/bow hunting industry. The device achieves stealthy delivery of firearm munitions and increases the firepower of standard arrows resulting in deeper penetration into a target. The device consists generally of a cylindrical housing threaded internally on one end for...

Method for improving ground travel capability and enhancing stealth in unmanned aerial vehicles
A method for improving ground movement capability and enhancing stealth in unmanned aerial vehicles is provided. The present method comprises providing, in an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with wheels, one or more onboard drive means capable of translating torque through the vehicle wheels and controllable to move the unmanned aerial vehicle...

Stealth network attack monitoring
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for stealth attack monitoring. In one aspect, a method includes monitoring a network for failed connection attempts in the network, wherein each failed internal connection attempt is initiated by a source asset and is an attempt to connect...

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