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System for a blood analyte sensor

Date/App# patent app List of recent Startup-related patents
 Methods, systems and devices for activity tracking device data synchronization with computing devices patent thumbnailnew patent Methods, systems and devices for activity tracking device data synchronization with computing devices
Methods, devices and system are provided. One method includes capturing activity data associated with activity of a user via a device.
 Avionics method and device for monitoring a turbomachine at startup patent thumbnailnew patent Avionics method and device for monitoring a turbomachine at startup
A recognition training step, based on the associations, to enable a thermal context of the turbine engine to be used to recognize the presence of a rotor thermal unbalance to be taken into account in order to avoid contacts between the rotor and the stator on starting.. .
 System for a blood analyte sensor patent thumbnailnew patent System for a blood analyte sensor
The present invention provides a blood parameter sensing system that may include a sensor, a blood access system, a flow controller and a monitor system. The blood access system may include a blood draw member having an internal configuration adapted to avoid clotting without the use of anticoagulants and under a range of flow profiles, including small volume blood draws.
 Startup circuit and method for ac-dc converters patent thumbnailnew patent Startup circuit and method for ac-dc converters
An ac-dc power converter includes a rectifying unit for generating a rectified voltage, an output stage for converting the rectified voltage into a dc voltage for a load, a controller for controlling the output stage, and a start-up circuit. The start-up circuit includes a start-up voltage generator coupled to the rectifying unit and configured to generate a start-up voltage from the rectified voltage and to output the start-up voltage to the controller to provide power for operation of the controller before the output stage starts outputting power.
 Voltage conversion and charging from low bipolar input voltage patent thumbnailnew patent Voltage conversion and charging from low bipolar input voltage
A circuit includes a transformer configured with a primary winding and a secondary winding that are driven from a voltage supplied by a thermoelectric generator (teg). The circuit includes a bipolar startup stage (bss) coupled to the transformer to generate an intermediate voltage.
 Scroll compressor differential pressure control during compressor startup transitions patent thumbnailnew patent Scroll compressor differential pressure control during compressor startup transitions
A method including: determining a cooling value; and comparing the cooling value to an activation point of a lead compressor. The lead compressor is in a tandem set of scroll compressors of a cooling system.
 Hybrid vehicle and control method of hybrid vehicle patent thumbnailHybrid vehicle and control method of hybrid vehicle
A hybrid vehicle includes an engine, a motor generator capable of controlling the revolution speed of the engine, and an ecu configured to control ignition timing of the engine. The ecu modifies, in the case where the revolution speed of the engine is not controlled by the motor generator, the ignition timing for startup of the engine to a further timing advancing side, as compared to the case where the revolution speed of the engine is controlled by the motor generator..
 Node device, and control method and control program thereof patent thumbnailNode device, and control method and control program thereof
Provided is a node device in an optical communication system in which a plurality of node devices are connected by a plurality of optical fibers, including: at least a first optical transceiver that consumes a first power consumption amount during standby; at least a second optical transceiver that consumes a second power consumption amount greater than the first power consumption amount during standby; and a power consumption control unit that preferentially selects the second optical transceiver as an optical transceiver to be maintained by the node device, the second optical transceiver being in a fast startup standby mode in which startup time from a standby state is shorter than allowable time of interruption time of a communication service in the optical communication system.. .
 Gas turbine engine with compressor inlet guide vane positioned for starting patent thumbnailGas turbine engine with compressor inlet guide vane positioned for starting
A gas turbine engine includes a compressor section, the compressor section including a variable inlet guide vane which is movable between distinct angles to control the airflow approaching the compressor section. A control is programmed to position the vane at startup of the engine to direct airflow across the compressor section.
 Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine patent thumbnailControl apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
A control apparatus and a control method for an internal combustion engine in a vehicle in which a battery and the internal combustion engine are mounted estimate a temperature of the internal combustion engine based on battery voltage. The control apparatus estimates water temperature tws, at the time of starting up the internal combustion engine, based on battery voltage vb before starting the startup of the internal combustion engine or minimum value vbmin of battery voltage vb during cranking.
Air cooling system and method for a heat recovery steam generator inlet
The air cooling system and method for a heat recovery steam generator (hrsg) inlet provides a combined cycle power plant utilizing a powerful fan coupled to ductwork connected to pipes that enter the hrsg inlet duct coupled to an exhaust duct of a combustion turbine (ct) for lowering the temperature of the ct exhaust gas provided to the heat recovery steam generator by the ct. The cool air injection system is utilized during low load operation or startup of the ct to ensure that spray water from an inter-stage desuperheater in an hrsg is fully evaporated prior to entering the downstream superheater or reheater.
Motor cap for a compressor
A motor cap has a plurality of holes in the top of the cap for the entry of refrigerant into the suction plenum. The holes are sized and located to create a tortuous path for a stream of refrigerant to enter the compression chamber.
Startup boot cycle testing of a mobile device at diminished power supply current
A startup boot cycle test system for testing a mobile multi-function device under test (dut) that has a power manager and a main system processor is described. The system includes an external power source and a tester device.
Clean startup and power saving in pulsed enabling of ldo
Circuits and methods to achieve a clean start-up process and power saving of pulsed enabled electronic devices having an output capacitor and components requiring biasing during normal operating conditions are disclosed. These electronic devices could be e.g.
Methods for reducing wear on components of a heat engine system at startup
Provided herein are heat engine systems and methods for starting such systems and generating electricity while avoiding damage to one or more system components. A provided heat engine system maintains a working fluid (e.g., sc-co2) within the low pressure side of a working fluid circuit in a liquid-type state, such as a supercritical state, during a startup procedure.
Storage device out-of-space handling
Described embodiments detect an impending out-of-space (oos) condition of a media. On startup, a media controller determines whether an impending oos indicator is set from a previous startup.
Memory system
A memory system includes a volatile first storing unit, a nonvolatile second storing unit, and a controller. The controller performs data transfer, stores management information including a storage position of the data stored in the second storing unit into the first storing unit, and performs data management while updating the management information.
Engine startup system
In the course of starting up an engine during electric travel node, this engine startup system performs a semi-engagement operation (s2) of engaging the clutch while making same slip in order to crank the engine, and then performs a disengagement operation (s4, s5) of disengaging the clutch after starting to crank the engine. The timing for starting the disengagement operation of the clutch is varied depending on the driving force required..
Adhesive melter having pump mounted into heated housing
A melter includes a heater unit for melting adhesive, a reservoir for receiving melted adhesive from the heater unit, and a pump in fluid communication with the reservoir and located within a heated housing. The heated housing heats the pump during startup and regular operation of the adhesive melter, thereby reducing delays in operation caused by slow warming of adhesive within the pump.
Hydraulically-actuated fuel delivery timing advance mechanism for diesel engines with mechanical fuel injection pumps
A variable timing apparatus, for an internal combustion diesel engine equipped with a conventional mechanical fuel injection pump, includes a tubular extender having a front flange bolted to the normal injection pump mount and a rear mounting flange bolted to the injector pump. The tubular extender houses a timing drive shaft has a first end directly coupled to the engine's timing drive and a second free end equipped with a plurality of helical splines.
Gasifier having at least one charge transfer electrode and methods of use thereof
Gasifiers that may be used for gasifying hydrocarbon-containing materials are disclosed. Methods for use of such gasifiers are also disclosed.
Pneumatic thrust combined cycle power generator
A pneumatic thrust combined cycle power generator comprises a startup air compressor operated together with a high-pressure gas regulator to fill a high-pressure gas into a pneumatic motor and start operating a transmission bearing, such that the transmission bearing can drive a high power generation motor to produce a power generation effect and provide a power supply. The transmission bearing of the pneumatic motor can be operated with a driven gear and a transmission belt to drive a high-pressure gas recycle air compressor to operate, so as to return the high-pressure gas to the startup air compressor through a high-pressure gas recycle channel and achieve a combined cycle effect of using the high-pressure gas..
Switching power supply
In some aspects of the invention, a switching power supply can include a control circuit that conducts feedback control of a pulse width of a driving signal for switching the switching element according to an output voltage and settle the output voltage to a specified voltage level; a frequency reducing circuit that is disposed in the control circuit and reduces a frequency of the driving signal for switching the switching element upon detection of an overload state and limits an output current; and an initial state setting circuit that sets the control circuit to an overload detecting state for a predetermined period of time in a startup period of the control circuit. The initial state setting circuit can pull down a control voltage for a soft start signal for soft starting to the ground potential to inhibit generation of the driving signal and pulls up a feedback voltage signal..
Startup method and apparatus, startup-acceptance method and apparatus, and mutual-startup method and system
The present invention provides startup method and apparatus, startup-acceptance method and apparatus, and mutual-startup method and system. The startup method includes steps of: receiving an instruction of a user terminal to start up a second application; obtaining a login-status information of the user terminal in a first application; generating a first startup command for starting up the second application; and starting up the second application through the first startup command, delivering the login-status information of the user terminal in the first application to the second application and thereby automatically logging the user terminal into the second application..
Personalized standby and transition screens
Methods, system, and set-top box are provided. A method for personalizing a home screen of an electronic device includes entering a standby mode of the electronic device, loading modules based on personalization indicators, retrieving content that is associated with the modules, and generating a video signal while the electronic device is in one of the standby mode and a startup mode.
Method and system for speeding up computer program
A method and system for speeding up a computer program is provided. The method includes: determining a critical file and a non-critical file; storing the non-critical file in a first storage device, and storing the critical file in a second storage device, wherein data accessing speed of the second storage device is faster than that of the first storage device; and receiving a file operation for accessing the critical file, redirecting the file operation to the second storage device, accessing the critical file stored in the second storage device.
Test device for testing startup function of electronic device
A test device for testing an electronic device, includes an alternating current (ac) input port used to connect to an ac power source. An ac output port used to connect to a power port of the electronic device, a switch unit connected between the ac input port and the ac output port, a first usb port, a startup control unit, and a power on maintaining unit.
Control device for hybrid vehicle
A control device for a hybrid vehicle has an engine, a motor configured to output a driving force of the vehicle and performing a startup of the engine, a first engagement element interposed between the engine and the motor that selectively connects and releases the engine and the motor, a second engagement element interposed between the motor and a driving wheel that selectively engages and releases the motor and the driving wheel, a driving force transmission system load detecting device that either detects or estimates a load of the driving force transmission system, and an engine/motor slip drive control unit that slip engages the first engagement element with the engine maintaining in rotating state at a predetermined rotation speed, and slip engages the second engagement element with the motor at a rotation speed lower than the predetermined rotation speed.. .
Startup/shutdown hydrogen injection system for boiling water reactors (bwrs), and method thereof
A system and a method for injecting hydrogen into boiling water reactor (bwr) reactor support systems in operation during reactor startup and/or shutdown to mitigate inter-granular stress corrosion cracking (igscc). The system may provide hydrogen at variable pressures (including relatively higher pressures) that match changing operating pressures of the reactor supports systems as the reactor cycles through startup and shutdown modes..
Image display device and method of starting thereof
Disclosed is an image display device capable of starting in accordance with a preference of a user, and starting method thereof. According to an embodiment, an image display device includes a control section and a storage section.
Systems and methods for dimming of a light source
In embodiments, improved capabilities are described for dimming performance of lighting methods and systems, such as the improvement of dimming led lamps that are dimmed from standard external dimming devices. Methods and systems for improving dimming performance include a fast startup override facility for overriding a default dimming function of the lamp's electronics through forcing the lamp electronics to operate with a higher than normal duty cycle to ensure the lamp electronics can deliver higher than normal power to an led module during a dimming current level startup condition.
Method and system of welding with auto-determined startup parameters
A method and system to determine optimum operating parameters for the startup phase of a welding-type process based on user-desired operating parameters of the post-startup or welding phase of the welding-type process are disclosed. While applicable to a number of welding-type processes, the method and system are particularly configured to determine an optimum wire feed speed for gas metal arc welding of aluminum using pulse spray transfer..
Brake control device for a vehicle
A brake control device for a vehicle has a master cylinder that converts an operating force of a brake pedal to a fluid pressure, a wheel cylinder installed in each wheel of the vehicle that generates a braking force by a fluid pressure introduced in each wheel, an introduction section that introduces the fluid pressure generated by the master cylinder, a first switching valve disposed in a fluid passage connecting the master cylinder and the wheel cylinder, and closes at system startup and opens at system non-startup/failure, a second switching valve disposed in a branch fluid passage connecting the master cylinder and the introduction section and opens at the system startup and closes at the system non-startup/failure, and a brake controller. When the system is started after the depression operation of the brake pedal, the brake controller closes the second switching valve..
Information processing apparatus operable in power saving mode and method for controlling the same
In an information processing apparatus operable in a power saving mode, a sub cpu reads out initial screen data pre-stored in a nonvolatile memory, and displays it on a display screen when the information processing apparatus returns from the power saving mode. Further, the sub cpu detects coordinate data of an area touched by a user on the initial screen, and stores it into the nonvolatile memory.
Systems and methods for fuel control during cold starts
A cold start control system for a vehicle having a spark ignition direct injection (sidi) engine includes a startup control module and a fuel actuator module. The startup control module sets a mode of operation to a cold start mode.
Integrated system for media playback during startup
A system and method are provided for playing a media stream while a media system starts up. Media hardware, such as a display controller, may play media.
Auto-resettable seismic sensor for evcs
An evcs equipped with an accelerometer to detect seismic events. Upon sensing a catastrophic environmental event, the evcs is automatically disconnected from the main utility power source.
Methods and apparatus for dynamically adjusting a power level of an electronic device
Methods and apparatus for dynamically adjusting a power level of an electronic device (100) are disclosed. In an embodiment, an electronic device (100) receives a usage pattern of the electronic device (100) (e.g., typically used 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays).
Control device and control method for hybrid vehicle
A hybrid vehicle has a first running mode with an engine stopped and a second running mode with the engine operating. An ecu monitors information related to the frequency of intermittent startup of the engine in response to the startup and stoppage of the engine during vehicle running.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes an image bearing member to bear a latent image on a surface thereof, a developing device to develop the latent image with toner, an intermediate transfer member, a secondary transfer member, a cleaning device, and a main body. The cleaning device cleans the secondary transfer member for a predetermined time period t1 during a startup operation after printing is completed normally before subsequent printing.
Signal processor and communication device
A signal processor includes a period detection section which detects that a period is currently used for communication of a frame; a pattern detection section which detects, from the received signal, a first signal pattern by which the end of communication of the frame is recognized; and an output processing section which outputs the received signal to a controller; configured to instruct, upon detection of the first signal pattern in the period being currently used for communication of a frame, the controller to halt startup of communication action of the next frame, until the period being currently used for communication of a frame comes to the end, to thereby reduce an event such that frames are transmitted from a plurality of communication devices simultaneously, and to thereby allow the communication action for the next frame to proceed correctly.. .
Bicmos current reference circuit
A bicmos current reference circuit includes a reference core, a startup circuit, and a reference current output circuit. The reference core contains a current mirror, a positive temperature coefficient current generator, and a negative temperature coefficient current generator.
Method for smooth motor startup
A method of conducting smooth motor startup is provided and includes operating a motor in an open loop control scheme at startup, operating the motor in a closed loop sensorless control scheme at a time after startup and transitioning between the open loop control scheme and the closed loop control scheme by reducing a difference between an estimated rotor angle of the motor and a commanded ramping angle of the motor.. .
Startup control method, grid interconnection apparatus, and controller
A startup control method of controlling startup of a pv pcs 150 configured to perform interconnected operation in which a pv 100 is interconnected to a grid 10 to supply power to a load 400: supplies power from independent operation output of the pv pcs 150 to a storage pcs 250 by an independent operation that does not interconnect the pv 100 to the grid 10 before starting the interconnected operation; measures the output power amount of the pv 100 or the pv pcs 150 when the power is supplied to the storage pcs 250; and stops the independent operation to start the interconnected operation when the measured output power amount is larger than a predetermined amount.. .
Startup logic for refrigeration system
A refrigeration system (10) includes a compressor (20) having a first stage (20a) and a second stage (20b); a heat rejecting heat exchanger (40) having a fan (44) drawing ambient fluid over the heat rejecting heat exchanger, the heat rejecting heat exchanger including an inter-cooler (43) and a gas cooler(41), the intercooler coupled to an outlet of the first stage and the gas cooler coupled to an outlet of the second stage;, an unload valve (93) coupled to an outlet of the intercooler and a suction port of the first stage; a flash tank (70) coupled to an outlet of the gas cooler; a primary expansion device (55) coupled to an outlet of the flash tank; a heat absorbing heat exchanger (50) coupled to an outlet of the primary expansion device, an outlet of the heat absorbing heat exchanger coupled to the suction port of the first stage; and a controller (100) for executing a startup process.. .
Startup control circuit in voltage regulators and related circuits
Aspects of the present disclosure are directed towards apparatus useful for controlling low drop out linear regulators during startup. A voltage regulator device can generate a regulated output voltage from an input voltage and in response to a reference voltage that has, during a startup period, a delayed ramp up relative to a corresponding ramp up of the input voltage.
Magnetic bearing systems and methods of controlling the same
A magnetic bearing system includes a first electromagnet, a second electromagnet opposing the first electromagnet, and a rotor positioned between the first and second electromagnets. The first and second electromagnets are configured to apply a magnetic force.
Air conditioner for vehicle
An air conditioner for a vehicle having an electric motor for traveling and an internal combustion engine as driving sources for outputting a driving force for causing the vehicle to travel, the air conditioner including: a heating section that heats blown air to be blown into a vehicle interior by using a coolant of the internal combustion engine as a heat source; a request signal output section that outputs a request signal to a driving force control section in heating the vehicle interior, the driving force control section controlling an operation of the internal combustion engine, the request signal causing the internal combustion engine to operate until a temperature of the coolant reaches an upper limit temperature; and a suppression section for suppressing output of the request signal from the request signal output section until a predetermined condition is satisfied after startup of the vehicle.. .
Turbine bucket shroud arrangement and method of controlling turbine bucket interaction with an adjacent turbine bucket
A turbine bucket shroud arrangement for a turbine system includes a contact region of a tip shroud, wherein the contact region is in close proximity to an adjacent tip shroud. Also included is a negative thermal expansion material disposed proximate the contact region, the contact region comprising a first volume during a startup condition and a shutdown condition of the turbine system and a second volume during a steady state condition of the turbine system, wherein the second volume is less than the first volume..
Switch mode power supply and method for operating the switch mode power supply
A switch mode power supply and method for operating the power supply and to the use of the same, wherein the switch mode power supply comprises a control for controlling a control element and is connected to a dc link of the converter, the switch mode power supply comprises a startup-delay such that control of the switch element is blocked until a predetermined start delay duration (t) has lapsed, where the start delay duration (t) is longer than the time span between dc link charging.. .
Lathe center
A lathe center can include a boss formed in a cavity of a work end of a work piece, such as a shaft. The boss has a height as measured from an end wall of the cavity.
Methods, data storage devices and systems for fragmented firmware table rebuild in a solid state drive
A data storage device comprises a plurality of non-volatile memory devices configured to store a plurality of physical pages; a controller coupled to the plurality of memory devices that is configured to program data to and read data from the plurality of memory devices. A volatile memory may be coupled to the controller and may be configured to store a firmware table comprising a plurality of firmware table entries.
Control device for hybrid vehicle
In the control system for a hybrid vehicle, in response to an engine startup request, upon engagement of a clutch between a motor generator and a drive wheel and startup of the engine by the motor generator, engine startup is allowed when the engine startup request is present and the absolute value of the motor/generator output torque assumes a predetermined value or less.. .
System and apparatus for enhancing exhaust aftertreatment startup emissions control
An aftertreatment system including a method which provides a selective catalytic reduction (scr) catalyst disposed in an exhaust stream of an engine; determines that an ammonia pre-load condition for the scr catalyst is present; determines a first amount of ammonia pre-load in response to the ammonia pre-load condition; injects an amount of ammonia or urea into the exhaust stream in response to the first amount of ammonia; and adsorbs a second amount of ammonia onto the scr catalyst in response to injecting an amount of ammonia or urea, where the second amount of ammonia is either the injected amount of ammonia or an amount of ammonia resulting from hydrolysis from the injected amount of urea.. .
Antivirus system and method for removable media devices
A removable media device, which may be a usb attached device or other type of removable media device, includes a software program located on the device which upon startup or access, the software program scans one or more of electronic files stored on the removable media device and electronic files being transferred to or from the electronic media device and to or from a host computing system for the detection of viruses therein. The software program is further configured to block the transfer of detected virus-containing electronic files and to disallow the copy or writing of files to or from the removable media device to or from a host computing system that can not be scanned.
Method and device, terminal and computer readable medium for accelerating startup of operating system
Described are an operating system startup acceleration method and device, a terminal and a computer readable medium. The method comprises: acquiring prefetch information corresponding to at least one process to be accelerated in a procedure of operating system startup, wherein the prefetch information comprises a file path, a shift value and a length value of a data block required by the process to be accelerated; and reading a corresponding data block into a system cache according to the acquired prefetch information, and completing a startup procedure of the process to be accelerated using the data block in the system cache..
System and method for funding companies
A system and method for funding investment seeking companies (iscs), e.g., startup companies, by a funding company is disclosed. For each of the iscs, in exchange for private equity therein, the funding company issues a corresponding publicly tradable class of its own stock substantially based on the performance of the isc.
System and method for controlling fuel injection when an engine is automatically started to decrease an engine startup period
A system according to the principles of the present disclosure includes a stop-start module and a fuel control module. The stop-start module stops an engine and thereby interrupts an engine cycle when a driver depresses a brake pedal while an ignition system is on and the engine is idling.
Method of determining a steering angle in a motor vehicle
A method for determining a steering angle of a steering shaft in a motor vehicle is disclosed. The method uses a rotation sensor associated with an electric motor of a power steering system to determine the relative steering angle of the steering column.
System and method for enabling energy efficiency over ethernet links in consideration of optical network transport equipment
A system and method for enabling energy efficiency over ethernet links in consideration of optical transport network (otn) equipment. It is a feature of the present invention that a secondary startup condition can be provided whereby the energy efficiency ethernet operation in a link partner is conditionally enabled upon a transmission by the link partner of an initiation signal (e.g., reserved or unused code group) that would be semi-acceptable to a legacy physical coding sublayer (pcs) in otn equipment and a receipt by the link partner of valid energy efficient ethernet signaling..
Startup apparatus for power supply
A startup apparatus for a power supply includes an enclosure base, an enclosure cover slidably and pivotably mounted on the enclosure base, a trigger member slidably mounted in the enclosure base, and a power supply switch installed in the enclosure base. The enclosure cover is pushed forward relative to the enclosure base to trigger the trigger member to cause the power supply switch to output power-on instructions to a circuit board in the enclosure base.
Mercury-free metal halide lamp for vehicle and metal halide lamp device
A mercury-free metal halide lamp for a vehicle according to an embodiment includes an airtight vessel 1 provided with a light-emitting part 11 with a discharge space 111 inside, a metal halide 2 and a rare gas sealed in the discharge space 111, and a pair of electrodes 32 disposed so that the tip ends of the respective electrodes 32 face each other in the discharge space 111. The electrodes 32 and the discharge space 111 do not contain thorium.
Data processing method and data processing system
A data processing method that is executed by a data processing system includes determining whether an application whose startup is requested by a first data processing apparatus among a plurality of data processing apparatuses, belongs to a predetermined group; determining whether a second data processing apparatus among the data processing apparatuses has started up the application, when the application belongs to the predetermined group; and aborting startup of the application by the first data processing apparatus, when the second data processing apparatus has started up the application.. .
Method, apparatus, and mobile terminal for operation interface management
A method for operation interface management includes: receiving an operation interface invoking instruction input by a user, and generating an operation interface corresponding to the operation interface invoking instruction; and receiving a function item startup instruction input by the user and according to the operation interface, and starting up a function item specified by the function item startup instruction. In the present invention, as long as the user inputs the operation interface invoking instruction, the corresponding operation interface may be generated, and a corresponding function item startup instruction may be input according to the operation interface, so that a target function item may be started up quickly, accurately, and efficiently.
Device with power control feature involving backup power reservoir circuit
Power-backup capabilities are provided by implementing a variety of different methods, systems and devices. According to one such implementation, an energy storage device such as a capacitive storage circuit is powered relative to the powering of one or more additional circuits from a common power supply to limit the draw upon the power supply.
Control terminal and control method
A control terminal has access to a storage apparatus storing a first processing period for execution of an application by sequential processing and a second processing period for execution of the application by parallel processing; and includes a processor configured to transmit an execution request for the application to a request terminal upon accepting a startup instruction for the application; receive a response to the execution request; determine whether a sum of the second processing period and a difference of a reception time of the response and a transmission time of the execution request, is at least the first processing period; and execute the application by sequential processing by the control terminal when the sum is at least equal to the first processing period, and execute the application by parallel processing using the control terminal and the request terminal when the sum is less than the first processing period.. .
Dependency-based startup in a multi-modality medical system
A dependency-based startup method in a multi-modality medical processing system that includes receiving initialization information about a plurality of executable components to be started, the plurality of executable components including an executable modality component configured to communicate with a medical device communicatively coupled to the multi-modality medical processing system. The method also includes receiving dependency information about the executable modality component, the dependency information identifying one or more of the executable components upon which the executable modality component depends and transforming the initialization information and the dependency information into a dependency map that represents the dependencies between the plurality of executable components.
Systems and methods for enhancing fuel cell vehicle startup
Methods and systems for enhancing the performance of fuel cells in fuel cell vehicles. Some embodiments comprise a current control module for controlling the application of a load to the fuel cell and a voltage monitoring module for monitoring one or more voltages within the fuel cell.
Fuel cell device
A fuel cell includes a fuel cell, auxiliaries, a storage battery, an auxiliary power switching unit and a controlling device. The fuel cell is connected to a system power supply.

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