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Starch patents

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Healthy layered cookie

Date/App# patent app List of recent Starch-related patents
 Starch-based microparticles for the release of agents disposed therein patent thumbnailStarch-based microparticles for the release of agents disposed therein
The invention provides starch-based microparticles with high loading capacity for the stabilization and/or controlled release of one or more agents, for example, a pharmaceutical, a taste masking agent, a flavoring agent, or a combination thereof, disposed within the microparticles, and to methods of making and using such microparticles.. .
 Healthy layered cookie patent thumbnailHealthy layered cookie
The disclosure concerns a method for producing a layered cookie comprising at least one biscuit and a filling, the layered cookie containing 10 wt % to 25 wt % fat and 15 wt % to 40 wt % sugar, wherein the slowly-digestible-starch-over-total-available-starch ratio of the layered cookie is at least 31 wt %, the method including: forming a dough comprising a cereal flour, fat, sugar and at most 8 wt % added water relative to the total weight of the dough; moulding the dough into the shape of a biscuit; baking the biscuit; and assembling the biscuit with a filling to form a layered cookie; wherein the cereal flour comprises refined cereal flour, in an amount of at least 21 wt % over the total weight of the dough, with a water absorption under 55% as measured by brabender® farinograph®.. .
 Production of food and beverage products from barley grain patent thumbnailProduction of food and beverage products from barley grain
The present invention provides a process for producing a food ingredient or beverage ingredient. The present invention also provides a process for producing food product or beverage product.
 Coating composition comprising a cellulose ether and starch patent thumbnailCoating composition comprising a cellulose ether and starch
Abstract: a coating composition comprising a) a cellulose ether, and b) a water-dispersible starch which has, when measured as a 15 wt.-% dispersion in water at 25° c., a number average particle size of from 0.01 to 2 micrometers and a viscosity of not more than 2000 mpa·s, wherein the weight ratio between the cellulose ether and the water-dispersible starch is from 1:2 to 20:1, is useful for efficiently coating dosage forms with a low moisture permeability.. .
 Ultrasonic couplant spray patent thumbnailUltrasonic couplant spray
The application discloses the use of an aqueous composition comprising a thickener, and an antiseptic compound or a pharmaceutical acceptable salt thereof as an ultrasonic couplant spray. An ultrasonic couplant spray comprising starch, and an antiseptic compound or a pharmaceutical acceptable salt thereof is also disclosed.
 Pharmaceutical composition for treating premature ejaculation and method for treating premature ejaculation patent thumbnailPharmaceutical composition for treating premature ejaculation and method for treating premature ejaculation
The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for treating, preventing or improving premature ejaculation, which is taken on demand prior to sexual activity, the composition comprising clomipramine hydrochloride in an amount of 14 to 16 mg, preferably about 15 mg, as an active ingredient. More preferably, the composition of the present invention further comprises pregelatinized starch and sodium starch glycolate.
 Alpha-amylase mutants patent thumbnailAlpha-amylase mutants
The invention relates to a novel termamyl-like alpha-amylase, and termamyl-like alpha-amylases comprising mutations in two, three, four, five or six regions/positions. The variants have increased thermostability at acidic ph and/or at low ca2+ concentrations (relative to the parent).
 Method for producing gamma-cyclodextrin by simultaneous use of gamma-cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase and isoamylase patent thumbnailMethod for producing gamma-cyclodextrin by simultaneous use of gamma-cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase and isoamylase
The present invention provides a method for the production of γ-cd, comprising making a starch slurry, incubating with γ-cgtase and isoamylase simultaneously for γ-cd production, forming a complex of γ-cd and an organic complexant, and purifying γ-cd from the complexant. The present invention provides a simple and cost-effective method for producing high purity γ-cd, which has a short production cycle, a high conversion rate, and is adaptable to large-scale industrial production..
 Stretch film product patent thumbnailStretch film product
Provided is a stretch film product with which the film itself has consistent stretchability (elasticity) and the entire film can be subjected to waste treatment by biodegradation without being incinerated at the time of waste disposal. The stretch film product has a layer adhered on at least one surface of a base film.
 Acerola cherry powder and a method for producing the same patent thumbnailAcerola cherry powder and a method for producing the same
The present invention relates to a powder of acerola cherry fruit and a manufacturing method therefore. Said powder comprises at least 51-60 mass percent of acerola cherry-juice solids and 40-49 mass percent of oxidized starch.
Potabilisation method
A potabilisation method of a water to be treated, containing a coagulation-flocculation step wherein the step includes: a) a step of adding a liquid composition including a solubilized cationic starch to the aqueous solution to be treated; b) a step of adding one or several metal salts selected from ferric salts and aluminum salts to the aqueous solution to be treated; steps a) and b) being carried out in any order and being carried out either separately, simultaneously or using a liquid composition including both the solubilized cationic starch and the metal salt, the steps a) and b) being followed: c) by a step of stirring the supplemented aqueous solution; d) by a step of separating the coagulated solids by sedimentation or floatation; e) by a step of recovering a purified water; the liquid composition including cationic starch having a viscosity, measured according to test a, higher than 1000 mpa·s.. .
Projectile pet food
An edible animal food projectile is provided. The projectile is compatible for being launched from a launching apparatus such as a toy gun or the like.
Methods for improving the flowability of asphalt particles
The flowability of asphalt particles may be improved by mixing the particles with comprises further compound comprises portland cement, calcium aluminate cement, fly ash, blast furnace slag, lime/silica blends, silica, ground limestone, cement kiln dust, chemically bonded phosphate ceramics, zeolites, geopolymers, cellulose, starch, calcium carbonate, colloidal silica, aluminosilicates, and combinations thereof. Treating the asphalt particles with at least one of these compounds inhibits caking during storage and enhances transportability..
Use of a combination of secondary paraffin sulfonate and amylase for increasing the cleaning capacity of liquid detergents
An improvement for boosting the cleaning capacity of liquid washing compositions provides for the use of a combination of one or more secondary paraffinsulfonates having 8 to 22 carbon atoms and amylase for increasing the cleaning capacity of the liquid washing compositions with respect to starch-containing stains on textiles. In accordance with the invention, it is possible to lower the amount of liquid washing composition with comparable cleaning performance, which brings environmental advantages.
Palatable suspending vehicle for pharmaceutical ingredients
The invention relates to a liquid vehicle that can be used to create suspensions and/or solutions of liquid or powdered medications. The vehicle is thixotropic and has improved stability and rheologic characteristics.
Processes for fractionating whole plants to produce fermentable sugars and co-products
The invention provides processes for producing fermentable sugars from whole biomass that includes cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and non-lignocellulosic sugars. Some variations fractionate the whole feedstock in the presence of sulfur dioxide, a solvent for lignin, and water, to produce a liquor containing hemicellulose, cellulose-rich solids, lignin, and the non-lignocellulosic sugars.
Light weight gypsum board
The invention generally provides gypsum-containing slurries including stucco, naphthalenesulfonate dispersant, and pregelatinized starch. The naphthalenesulfonate dispersant is present in an amount of about 0.1%-3.0% by weight based on the weight of dry stucco.
Modified starch, preparation method and use of the same, and drilling fluid
The present invention provides a modified starch, preparation method and use of the same, also provides a drilling fluid comprising the modified starch which contains bi-substituted starch structural units and tri-substituted starch structural units, wherein, the tri-substituted starch structural units are represented by the following formula (1), the bi-substituted starch structural units are the structural units represented by the following formula (2) and/or the structural units represented by the following formula (3), and the total content of the bi-substituted starch structural units and tri-substituted starch structural units accounts for 20 wt % or more of the modified starch, preferably 20-30 wt %, the weight-average molecular weight of the etherified starch is 50,000-600,000, preferably 80,000-580,000, wherein, r1, r2, and r3 are c1-c5 alkylene respectively, and m1, m2, and m3 are h, alkali metal element, or alkaline earth metal element respectively.. .
Biodegradable suspension forming compositions
A fire suppression composition includes starch, a pseudo-plastic, high yield, suspending agent, and agglomerating material.. .
Method of increasing paper surface strength by using acrylic acid/acrylamide copolymer in a size press formulation containing starch
The invention provides methods and compositions for increasing the strengthening effect of a starch coating on paper. The method involves contacting the starch with a synthetic polymer before the starch is cooked.
Hay-based logs and method of making the same
A hay-based log formed of a combination of pieces of hay and a binding agent. The hay pieces and the binding agent are compressed together into a solid shape.
Slowly digesting starch and fermentable fiber
Compositions which provide slowly digestible starch and a source of fermentable dietary fiber. Microparticles in which starch is entrapped in a crosslinked matrix to provide dietary benefit.
Expression of granular starch hydrolyzing enzyme in trichoderma
The present invention relates to filamentous fungal host cells and particularly trichoderma host cells useful for the production of heterologous granular starch hydrolyzing enzymes having glucoamylase activity.. .
Process for conversion of granular starch to ethanol
The present invention concerns a method of producing glucose from a granular starch substrate comprising, contacting a slurry comprising granular starch obtained from plant material with an alpha-amylase at a temperature below the starch gelatinization temperature of the granular starch to produce oligosaccharides and hydrolyzing the oligosaccharides to produce a mash comprising at least 20% glucose and further comprising fermenting the mash to obtain ethanol.. .
Stable thickener formulations
Stable thickener formulations and nutritional compositions having the stable thickener formulations are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a stable thickener formulation comprising from about 0.015% to about 0.05% by weight of carrageenan and from about 1.2% to about 4.0% by weight of starch.
Strain of lactobacillus buchneri a, composition, a multi-component preparation for starch-rich plant preservation, their use and a method for plant preservation
The object of the invention is a new strain of lactobacillus buchneri a deposited in the collection of industrial microorganisms in the institute of agricultural and food biotechnology in warsaw, under the number kkp 2047 p. The invention also concerns composition and a multi-component preparation for starch-rich plant preservation comprising this new strain, uses thereof and the method of silage production or starch-rich plant preservation..
Hemostatic agent and method
One aspect of the invention is a method of treating a wound to clot blood. A sponge material is applied to the wound.
Renewable diesel and jet fuel from microbial sources
The invention provides methods of manufacturing alkanes from triglyceride oils produced through fermentation of oil-bearing microbes. The processes provided herein can utilize a variety of carbohydrate feedstocks including cane bagasse, sugar beet pulp, corn stover, glycerol, corn starch, sorghum, molasses, waste glycerol, and other renewable materials.
No sugar confectioners blend composition
Disclosed is a no-sugar sweetener composition containing a sugar alcohol such as xylitol, a high intensity sweetener such as sucralose, a starch, and a carbohydrate carrier such as maltodextrin. The sweetener composition, which has fewer calories than sugar or confectioners sugar, has the same look, taste, texture, and flowability of confectioners sugar and can be used in a variety of no-sugar food products such as cookies, cakes, icings and the like..
Compositions for use in the wet-end of papermaking
A composition for use as a strengthening agent in the wet-end of papermaking which comprises a surface modified non-wood plant fiber and a starch component.. .
Palatable nutritional composition comprising a nucleotide and/or a nucleoside and a taste masking agent
The present invention relates to the use of a taste masking agent selected from the group of starch; cellulose; xanthan gum; gellan gum; alginate; galactomannans such as fenugreek, guar gum, tara gum, locust bean gum, and cassia gum; gum karaya; gum tragacanth; carrageenan; and mixture thereof, for improving one or more of mouth feel, taste, aftertaste and smell of a liquid aqueous nutritional composition comprising a nucleoside and/or a nucleotide. It also relates to a nutritional composition comprising an unsavoury nucleoside and/or nucleotide component, having improved sensory characteristics such as improved mouth feel, taste, aftertaste and smell.
Methods of combined bioprocessing and related microorganisms, thermophilic and/or acidophilic enzymes, and nucleic acids encoding said enzymes
A genetically modified organism comprising: at least one nucleic acid sequence and/or at least one recombinant nucleic acid isolated from alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius and encoding a polypeptide involved in at least partially degrading, cleaving, transporting, metabolizing, or removing polysaccharides, cellulose, lignocellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, starch, sugars, sugar oligomers, carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, chitin, heteroxylans, glycosides, xylan-, glucan-, galactan-, or mannan-decorating groups; and at least one nucleic acid sequence and/or at least one recombinant nucleic acid encoding a polypeptide involved in fermenting sugar molecules to a product. Additionally, enzymatic and/or proteinaceous extracts may be isolated from one or more genetically modified organisms.
Nutrition-balancing containers and method of use
A four step system for weight loss in a person who is overweight or obese by introducing protein, vegetable, and starch (carbohydrate) in specific ratios to promote fat utilization and weight loss from fat composition of the person's entire body. The system utilizes portion control meal plates for weight loss in an overweight or obese person that have different protein, vegetable, and starch (carbohydrate) intake portions..
Flying splices tape
A flying splices tape comprising a tape body which is used in bonding two laminate sheets and further comprises a first viscose layer, a carrier layer, a split layer based on starch, and a second viscose layer sequentially stacked. As such, the present invention of a flying splices tape which depends on water-soluble viscose layers as environment-friendly media features simplified structure and truly stable effect, facilitating manufacture conforming to economic efficiency, making sure of quality, and promoting market competitiveness..

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