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Staging patents


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 Method for denominating move groups of applications patent thumbnailMethod for denominating move groups of applications
A method of staging a move group of applications of a network is provided and includes the step of developing a reference base of applications via monitoring traffic flow between devices of the network on which applications are executed or accessing information about such applications. The method further includes the step of classifying each such selected application as a member of one of the classification sub-sets with regard to applications of the reference application base.

 Interleaved all-level programming of non-volatile memory patent thumbnailInterleaved all-level programming of non-volatile memory
Techniques are disclosed for programming memory devices such as solid-state drives. In an embodiment, a memory controller is configured to execute a programming sequence that interleaves coarse and fine tuning steps for neighboring word lines.
Intel Corporation

 Test of the execution of workloads in a computing system patent thumbnailTest of the execution of workloads in a computing system
Testing execution of workloads in a computing system is provided. The testing includes: providing a definition of one or more workloads for each one of a plurality of users of the computing system, mapping each production computing machine of each test workload on a staging computing machine of a staging environment common to the users, mirroring the production computing machine, executing each work unit of each test workload on the corresponding staging computing machine, and determining a test result of an execution of each test workload according to an execution result of one or more executions of the work units of the test workload..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Pathologic staging compression apparatus and methods patent thumbnailPathologic staging compression apparatus and methods
A filtration assembly for separating solids from liquids contained in a sample, and a method for preparing such a sample are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, the filtration assembly includes an inner element (100) with proximal and distal ends (102,103) and a sample (200) disposed therein.
Parker Isaac Instruments, Llc

 Tracking and processing requests between staff members patent thumbnailTracking and processing requests between staff members
Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for receiving staff requests use a request management system. An embodiment operates by receiving a staff request associated with a customer request at the electronic request management system from a mobile device utilized by a first staff member, assigning the staff request to a staging queue defined in the electronic request management system based at least in part on the request type and the location of the customer, selecting the staff request from the staging queue for fulfillment by a second staff member based at least in a part on a geolocation of a mobile device utilized by the second staff member, and providing the staff request from the staging queue to the mobile device utilized by the second staff member for fulfillment by the second staff member..
Monscierge, Inc.

 Annotation and assessment of images patent thumbnailAnnotation and assessment of images
Annotations of medical images may be generated using one or more lexicons so that terminology is consistent across multiple exams, users, facilities, etc. Measurements of lesions may be provided using a bilinear measurement tool that allows easier bilinear measurements.
D.r. Systems, Inc.

 Differential staging of devices in bulk enrollment patent thumbnailDifferential staging of devices in bulk enrollment
Disclosed are various examples for differential staging of devices in bulk enrollment. In one example, a computing environment can detect a network connection event where a client device establishes a connection with a network device that is communicatively coupled to the computing environment.
Airwatch Llc

 Fuel staging patent thumbnailFuel staging
A fuel injector includes a feed arm with an inlet end and a nozzle body extending from the feed arm at an end opposite the inlet end. The nozzle body defines a prefilming chamber that opens into an annular outlet orifice for issuing a spray therefrom.
Delavan Inc

 Functional imaging of photoreceptors in the retina by rhodopsin mapping patent thumbnailFunctional imaging of photoreceptors in the retina by rhodopsin mapping
The subject invention provides novel apparatuses and methods for assessing the structure and function of photoreceptors in retina. In a specific embodiment, the assessment is accomplished by imaging rhodopsin, pigmented protein responsible for initiating vision acquisition of the eye, in living subjects.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

 Rail car terminal facility staging patent thumbnailRail car terminal facility staging
Bulk goods are transported on a rail network to a terminal which includes a loading with a metering device for measuring an amount of the bulk goods loaded or unloaded. At the terminal there is a control hub connecting to a plurality of portable hand held field computers and a communication system for communication with the rail network to obtain a car location message (clm), a way bill and mechanical data for each of the railcars.

Stale data detection

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for detecting stale data and/or changed data. For example, a bitmap file may be maintained and mapped to an inofile describing various states of files of a file system.
Netapp Inc.

Multi-sheet spherical ice making

An ice maker is provided herein that includes an evaporator plate. A first side of the evaporator plate is adapted to form a first clear ice sheet and a second side of the evaporator plate is adapted to form a second clear ice sheet.
Whirlpool Corporation

Work station for medical dose preparation system

Embodiments of work stations for use in medical dose preparation management system. A work station may include a camera stand.
Baxter Corporation Englewood

Computer device and controlling access to a printer

Content files are isolated in a sandbox as a content isolation environment formed by a secondary user account. Printing is controlled by an agent via a staging file of a secure file type.
Avecto Limited

Kit for monitoring, detecting and staging gvhd

D. Administering an effective amount of at least one immunosuppressant or steroid or a combination thereof to the diagnosed mammal..

Pressure staging for wellhead stack assembly

A wellhead stack assembly is provided that includes pressure restriction devices. The pressure restriction devices are staged such that each pressure restriction device is coupled to another pressure restriction device for cascading pressure differentials across the pressure restriction devices.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Systems and methods for geo-staging of sensor data through distributed global (cloud) architecture

There is disclosed a method of staging real-time data in proximity to a mobile device. The method includes determining a geographic location associated with the mobile device and identifying a storage device located in proximity to the determined geographic location.
Fedex Corporate Services, Inc.

Method and money transfer

A method of staging a transaction includes receiving transaction information at an automated terminal. A staging record is generated for the transaction, responsive to the transaction information received.
Moneygram International, Inc.

System and detecting, collecting, analyzing, and communicating event related information

A system and method involves detecting operational social disruptive events on a global scale, assigning disease event staging and warnings to express data in more simplistic terms, modeling data in conjunction with linguistics analysis to establish responsive actions, generating visualization and modeling capabilities for communicating information, and modeling disease propagation for containment and forecasting purposes.. .
Georgetown University

Reconstruction of dense tree volume metadata state across crash recovery

Embodiments herein are directed to efficient crash recovery of persistent metadata managed by a volume layer of a storage input/output (i/o) stack executing on one or more nodes of a cluster. Volume metadata managed by the volume layer is organized as a multi-level dense tree, wherein each level of the dense tree includes volume metadata entries for storing the volume metadata.
Netapp, Inc.

Cavity staging in a combustor

A combustor assembly including a combustor liner defining therein a combustion chamber for the downstream flow of a main fluid. At least two annular trapped vortex cavities are located on the combustor liner and staged axially spaced apart.
General Electric Company

System and collecting, storing, and securing data

A computer system for collecting, securing, storing, retrieving, and disposing data includes an input that receives data from one or more data capture devices, a staging server, a data storage system, and a presentation system. The data capture devices may capture data and transmit it to the staging server via the input.

Gas turbine control system

Gas turbine combustion systems and fuel cartridge assemblies are provided. An exemplary combustion system may comprise a combustor including a cylindrical combustion liner, a flow sleeve, a main mixer, a radial inflow swirler, a combustor dome, and a fuel cartridge assembly.

Hardware apparatuses and methods for distributed durable and atomic transactions in non-volatile memory

Hardware apparatuses and methods for distributed durable and atomic transactions in non-volatile memory are described. In one embodiment, a hardware apparatus includes a hardware processor, a plurality of hardware memory controllers for each of a plurality of non-volatile data storage devices, and a plurality of staging buffers with a staging buffer for each of the plurality of hardware memory controllers, wherein each of the plurality of hardware memory controllers are to: write data of a data set that is to be written to the plurality of non-volatile data storage devices to their staging buffer, send confirmation to the hardware processor that the data is written to their staging buffer, and write the data from their staging buffer to their non-volatile data storage device on receipt of a commit command..
Intel Corporation

Methods apparatuses and systems for detecting and quantifying phosphoproteins

Embodiments herein provide methods, apparatuses, and systems for detecting, monitoring, measuring, and/or characterizing the activity of phosphoproteins such as tyrosine kinases (tks) and downstream proteins in tk signal transduction pathways (e.g., tk pathway proteins). In various embodiments, the methods, apparatuses, and systems may use nanoparticles, such as quantum dots (qd), to detect and/or characterize the abnormally overactive tk signaling pathways that underlie tumorgenesis and tumor progression.
Oregon Health & Science University

Identifying usage of code

As disclosed herein a method, executed by a computer, includes receiving a deployed computer application to be staged, where the deployed computer application includes monitored items corresponding to a downloaded code package, verifying the integrity of the downloaded code package included in the deployed computer application, and staging the deployed computer application to provide a staged computer application. The method further includes monitoring the staged computer application for usage of monitored items corresponding to the downloaded code package and billing a customer according to usage of the monitored items.
International Business Machines Corporation

Persistent memory controller based atomicity assurance

According to an example, pm controller based atomicity assurance may include receiving data that is related to an application for storage in a pm. Pm controller based atomicity assurance may further include receiving an indication of an atomic transaction that is related to the data, and receiving an indication to generate a cp that is related to the atomic transaction.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Payment system to facilitate transactions

Disclosed herein are systems and method for facilitating transactions between a merchant-partner and a customer. In general, the systems and methods include: (a) staging a transaction between the merchant-partner and the customer; (b) tokenizing the transaction by linking one or more transaction instructions to a token id; (c) providing the customer with the token id, wherein the customer can then present the token id and a payment to a point-of-sale terminal; (d) receiving confirmation that the customer has presented, to a point-of-sale terminal, the token id and a payment in accordance with the one or more transaction instructions; (e) notifying the merchant-partner that the customer provided the payment to the point-of-sale terminal; and (f) settling the transaction between the point-of-sale terminal and the merchant-partner..
Paynearme, Inc.

Method and apparatus to concentrate and detect an analyte in a sample

Devices and methods for detecting the presence or absence and/or one or more characteristics of analytes are disclosed. Embodiments of the disclosed devices include an actuator having a staging reservoir which can be operably connected with an electrophoresis assembly.
Headway Technologies, Inc.

Process for preparing polymer encapsulated tio2 particles

The present invention relates to a process for preparing an aqueous dispersion of polymer encapsulated tio2 particles, comprising a multistage polymerization steps that includes a relatively large amount of low tg first monomers and a relatively small amount of high tg second monomers that comprise a relatively high concentration of an acid monomer. The dispersion of encapsulated tio2 particles shows significantly improved freeze-thaw stability as compared with prior art processes that do not include staging with the second monomers described herein..
Rohm And Haas Company

Checks for software extensions

Software extensions for applications of an enterprise system may be developed in a test system. An adaptation transport module accesses, in the test system, a collection of adaptation objects where each adaptation object includes a semantic representation of a software extension for an application of an enterprise system and at least one associated software object.
Sap Se

Systems, methods, and facilitating claims processing

Systems, apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture provide for facilitating upload of one or more electronic files from a user device to a remote server. In some embodiments, a background upload process manages connectivity of the user device to the remote server and staging file uploads in a disconnected mode for automatic processing when connectivity is restored..
The Travelers Indemnity Company

Control system for exhaust gas fan system

Systems and methods for controlling an exhaust gas fan system. The control system may control one or more components of the exhaust system to optimize system performance and improve energy efficiency.
Mpc Inc.

Ovol1 as a new marker for moderate to severe acne

The invention relates to the identification of the ovo-like zinc finger 1 (ovol1) as a new biomarker of moderate to severe acne. The invention also relates to products and methods for detecting, diagnosing, staging, treating or monitoring the course of acne in a human subject..
Galderma Research & Development

Non-invasive diagnostic agents of cancer and methods of diagnosing cancer, especially leukemia and lymphoma

The present invention is directed to novel non-invasive diagnostic tools to image cancers, especially, leukemia and non-hodgkin's lymphomas (nhl) with minimal toxicity in vivo. The present invention represents a clear advance in the art which presently relies on tissue biopsy for diagnoses of these cancers.

Systems and methods for diagnosing sleep

Systems and methods for sleep stage determination are disclosed. Example systems disclosed herein includes a complexity module operable to measure the complexity of regularities in an eeg channel, and a stager operable to output at least one corresponding sleep stage.

Apparatus, system, and adaptive-rate shifting of streaming content

An apparatus for adaptive-rate shifting of streaming content, includes an agent controller module configured to simultaneously request at least portions of a plurality of streamlets. The agent controller module is farther configured to continuously monitor streamlet requests and subsequent responses, and accordingly request higher or lower quality streamlets.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Selective monitor control

Reducing energy usage by a monitor includes a map manager between a monitor interface and a processor that divides a display area of a monitor into areas and stores display information in a staging area. The map manager distinguishes an active window selected by a user from the remainder inactive, unselected areas of a display, and further determines a used subset of areas within the active window distinguished from the remainder unused areas as a function of a user preference.
International Business Machines Corporation

Computation of destage tasks based on ranks with write operations

Various embodiments provide methods, systems, and computer program products for destaging storage tracks from cache in at least one host, by a processor device. One method comprises monitoring the cache for write operations from the at least one host, and destaging storage tracks from the cache based upon a threshold of at least one of a frequency of track usage, a total cache size, and a number of ranks with write operations..
International Business Machines Corporation

Support assembly and components

A support assembly for constructing and staging a pipeline for installation in a trench. The support assembly includes one or more stacks of support segments.
Company Black Llc

Support unit

A method of making a pipeline, including providing a beam or support segment having a biodegradable core made from cellulose fiber, providing pipeline segments or sections, supporting aligned ends of the pipeline segments or sections above a surface using the beam or support segment; and connecting the supported aligned ends of the pipeline segments or sections together to form the pipeline, and a support segment for constructing and staging a pipeline.. .
Company Black Llc

Ap5b1 as a new marker for moderate to severe acne

The invention relates to the identification of adaptor-related protein complex 5, subunit 1 (ap5b1) as a biomarker of moderate to severe acne. The invention also relates to products and methods for detecting, diagnosing, staging, treating or monitoring the course of acne in a human subject..
Galderma Research & Development

Medical tray assembly

A staging tray has a bracket with a hook and a bumper. The hook and bumper are configured to be removably engaged with a lipped tray.

Chemically minimized system for time reduced application of eyelash extensions

A system for the professional preparation and implementation of eyelash and hair extension application which may include the use of chemically reduced bonding agents such as cyanoacrylate based adhesive, non-adhesive bonding gel, micro-fiber skin protection strips and staging pallets, brushless micro-applicators and tweezers including an affixed uv light source.. .

Electric motor assisted airblast injector

An electric motor assisted airblast injector design for gas turbines is disclosed. The electric motor assisted airblast injector assembly consists of an airblast injector, a high speed electric motor and a compressor.
Dyc Turbines, Llc

Cleaning apparatuses and methods

New and novel structure(s) for cleaning surfaces have been disclosed. The device may include; a wiping surface, which may be disposable; a brush roll/larger debris gathering mechanism; a local debris storage and/or staging area, and a larger remote debris storage structure.

System for routing interactions using bio-performance attributes of persons as dynamic input

A system for routing an interaction has a queue for staging the interaction, a router running a routing strategy for routing the interaction, and a number of object models maintained for a number of agents, the object models defining one or more agent skills, the values of the object models dynamically affected by real-time bio-metrics of the agents obtained through ongoing monitoring of voice and input actions of the agents. The routing strategy routes the interaction based on comparison of the dynamically-affected skill values of the agents, as evidenced in the object models..
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Pre-staging messages at a remote location

A method for message handling between a message producer and a remote message consumer in a shared queue computing environment. The method includes, receiving from a message producer, at least one message by a first queue manager.
International Business Machines Corporation

Expanded shopping product page and catalog layout

A client device retrieves a retail page listing products for sale by an online retailer. The client device receives a selection of a product from a user and displays extended information about the product in an extended product page near the product.
Eoscart Llc

Layered business configuration

A system, a method, and a computer program product for providing a layered business configuration are disclosed. A configuration information for configuring an application object of a software application is obtained.

Efficient live-mount of a backed up virtual machine in a storage management system

Systems and methods enable a virtual machine, including any applications executing thereon, to quickly start executing and servicing users based on pre-staged data blocks supplied from a backup copy in secondary storage. An enhanced media agent may pre-stage certain backed up data blocks which may be needed to launch the virtual machine, based on predictive analysis pertaining to the virtual machine's operational profile.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

Tool for preparing a cable for termination

A tool for preparing the end of a fiber optic cable for termination to a fiber optic connector can include a hand-held tool capable of scoring the jacket of the cable and cutting the cable. The scoring and cutting operations can be performed in one action or motion.
Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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