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Spectrometer patents

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Multistage container leak testing

Multistage container leak testing

Spatial frequency spectrometer for and method of detection of spatial structures in materials

Spatial frequency spectrometer for and method of detection of spatial structures in materials

Spatial frequency spectrometer for and method of detection of spatial structures in materials

Foss Analytical Ab

Spectrometer comprising a spatial light modulator

Date/App# patent app List of recent Spectrometer-related patents
 Ion optical element patent thumbnailnew patent Ion optical element
An ion optical element that may be used as an ion guide in a mass spectrometer, as a reflectron in a time-of-flight mass spectrometer, as an ion mobility drift tube in an ion mobility spectrometer, or as a collision cell or reaction cell in a mass spectrometer. The ion optical element has an inner tube made of a first ceramic material within an outer ceramic tube made of a second ceramic material.
Waters Technologies Corporation
 Method for mass spectrometer with enhanced sensitivity to product ions patent thumbnailnew patent Method for mass spectrometer with enhanced sensitivity to product ions
A mass spectrometry method comprises: introducing a first portion of a sample of ions including precursor ions comprising a first precursor-ion mass-to-charge (m/z) ratio into a first mass analyzer; transmitting the precursor ions from the first mass analyzer to a reaction or fragmentation cell such that a first population of product ions are continuously accumulated therein over a first accumulation time duration; initiating release of the accumulated first population of product ions from the reaction or fragmentation cell; continuously transmitting the released first population of product ions from the reaction cell to a second mass analyzer; transmitting a portion of the released first population of product ions comprising a first product-ion m/z ratio from the second mass analyzer to a detector; and detecting a varying quantity of the product ions having the first product-ion m/z ratio for a predetermined data-acquisition time period after the initiation of the release.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc
 Biosensor, palm-sized device and method based on magnetic resonance relaxometry patent thumbnailnew patent Biosensor, palm-sized device and method based on magnetic resonance relaxometry
In accordance with one aspect of this disclosure, there is provided a device for performing magnetic resonance relaxometry. The device comprises a radio-frequency spectrometer comprising at least one field-programmable gate array chip; a power amplifier electrically connected with the radio-frequency spectrometer and amplifying an electrical output of the radio-frequency spectrometer, thereby producing an amplified electrical signal comprising between about 0.1 watts and about 10 watts power; a duplexer configured to isolate the radio-frequency spectrometer from the amplified electrical signal during a receiving mode of the device; a radio-frequency detection probe configured to transmit radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation to excite nuclei under resonance during a transmission mode of the device, the radio-frequency detection probe comprising a detection coil comprising an inner diameter of less than about 1 millimeter; and at least one magnet supplying an external magnetic field to a detection region of the radio-frequency detection probe, the external magnetic field being less than about 3 tesla..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
 System and  using additives with isotopic patterns to enhance the specificity of a spectrometer patent thumbnailnew patent System and using additives with isotopic patterns to enhance the specificity of a spectrometer
A method for detecting a chemical substance includes collecting a sample of a substance of interest and mixing the sample and at least one additive within a reaction chamber. The at least one additive includes a plurality of isotopes.
Morpho Detection, Inc.
 Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy for enantiomer-specific detection of chiral molecules patent thumbnailnew patent Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy for enantiomer-specific detection of chiral molecules
A spectrometer includes: (1) a housing defining a volume into which an analyte gas is introduced, the analyte gas including a chiral component; (2) a microwave generator coupled to the housing and configured to apply a microwave pulse to the analyte gas, the microwave pulse being polarized along a first direction; (3) an electric field generator coupled to the housing and configured to apply a switched electric field to the analyte gas, the electric field being oriented along a second direction different from the first direction; (4) a phase-sensitive microwave detector coupled to the housing and configured to detect an induced microwave emitted by the analyte gas, the induced microwave being polarized along a third direction different from the first direction and the second direction; and (5) an analyzer coupled to the phase-sensitive microwave detector and configured to detect an enantiomer of the chiral component based on a phase of the induced microwave.. .
President And Fellows Of Harvard College
 Diamond atr artefact correction patent thumbnailnew patent Diamond atr artefact correction
A method of using a spectrometer to produce corrected diamond attenuated total reflectance (atr) spectral data includes acquiring, using the spectrometer, an initial set of atr spectral data for a sample pressed into contact with a diamond atr crystals; numerically matching, using the spectrometer, a pressure dependent diamond artefact reference spectrum to a corresponding pressure dependent diamond artefact in the initial set of atr spectral data; and numerically subtracting out the numerically matched pressure dependent diamond artefact reference spectrum from the initial set of atr spectral data to yield a corrected set of atr spectral data for the sample for output by the spectrometer.. .
Perkinelmer Singapore Pte Ltd
 Nanostructure diffraction gratings for integrated spectroscopy and sensing patent thumbnailnew patent Nanostructure diffraction gratings for integrated spectroscopy and sensing
The present disclosure pertains to metal or dielectric nanostructures of the subwavelength scale within the grating lines of optical diffraction gratings. The nanostructures have surface plasmon resonances or non-plasmon optical resonances.
 Multistage container leak testing patent thumbnailnew patent Multistage container leak testing
A coarse-fine two-stage leak detection is carried out on sealed, filled containers loaded into container holders or “pucks”. Failure of the first, coarse leak detection stage, e.g.
 Object recognition apparatus using spectrometer and method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Object recognition apparatus using spectrometer and method thereof
Provided are an apparatus and method for recognizing an object on the basis of property information on an object obtained using a multi-wavelength spectrometer. An apparatus for recognizing an object using a multi-wavelength spectrometer includes an image processing unit configured to extract an region of interest from an input three-dimensional image and output shape information on the region of interest, a light irradiation unit configured to irradiate light of a plurality of wavelengths to an arbitrary position of an object corresponding to the detected region of interest, a light receiving unit configured to measure a spectrophotometric value for each light of the plurality of wavelengths, and a light processing unit configured to generate a differential spectrophotometric map using a differential value between spectrophotometric values of different wavelengths measured at the same light irradiation position, and recognize the object using the differential spectrophotometric map and the shape information..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
 Spectrometer comprising a spatial light modulator patent thumbnailnew patent Spectrometer comprising a spatial light modulator
A spectrometer comprising an input for optical radiation; a dispersion element, such as a concave focussing reflection diffraction grating, for dispersing incident optical radiation passing from the input by wavelength; an output and a spatial light modulator “slm” disposed to receive a wavelength region of in-put optical radiation dispersed by the dispersion element and operable to selectively direct wavelength portions of the received wavelength region for receipt at the output. The input is configured to provide a plurality of entrance field stops, such as entrance slits, by means of each of which the dispersion element is, in use, illuminated and each of which is positioned to cooperate with the dispersion element to generate a different dispersed wavelength region at the slm..
Foss Analytical Ab
new patent

Spatial frequency spectrometer for and detection of spatial structures in materials

Spatial frequency spectra from periodic, aperiodic and quasi-random structures in materials are shown and used to detect differences among objects via internal coding from the spatial frequencies. The method is applied to different grades of human tissues for a new form of histology and pathology, and to detect art forgeries and coding boxes, money and papers and gems.

Mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a time of flight mass analyser. The time of flight mass analyser comprises an ion guide comprising a plurality of electrodes which are interconnected by a series of resistors forming a potential divider.
Micromass Uk Limited

Collision cell

A method of operating a gas-filled collision cell in a mass spectrometer is provided. The collision cell has a longitudinal axis.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Device for attaching and detaching nmr probe

A device for attaching and detaching a cryogenic probe to and from a nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectrometer. The device permits the probe to be loaded in the spectrometer in a shortened time and achieves high measurement throughput.
Jeol Ltd.

Method for non-intrusive measurement of low water content in oil

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for determining trace amounts of water in oil, including the steps of obtaining a blended sample of a low water content fluid including an amount of water and an amount of oil, transferring a portion of the blended sample to a cuvette to create a measurement sample, covering a viewing surface of the cuvette with an opaque sheet with a slit, providing a barrier with a fixed opening between a laser source and a laser-receptive surface of the cuvette, transmitting a pulsed laser beam from the laser source into the cuvette; inducing fluorescence in the measurement sample, focusing the fluorescence through a collecting lens and transmitting the fluorescence to a spectrometer, and measuring the fluorescence with the spectrometer by dispersing the fluorescence with a spectrograph and intensifying the fluorescence with an intensified charge coupled device.. .
Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Polarization analysis apparatus

Provided is a polarization analysis apparatus that can quickly measure the polarization properties of a sample. The polarization analysis apparatus includes a light source configured to emit light in a predetermined wavelength region, a polarizer configured to transmit the light emitted from the light source, a spatial phase modulator configured to transmit the light from the sample, an analyzer configured to transmit the light that has passed through the spatial phase modulator, and an imaging spectrometer configured to receive the light that has passed through the analyzer.
Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd.,

Methods and spectrometry

Multimode interference can be used to achieve ultra-high resolving powers (e.g., q>105) with linewidths down to 10 pm at 1500 nm and a broad spectroscopy range (e.g., 400-2400 nm) within a monolithic, millimeter-scale device. For instance, multimode interference (mmi) in a tapered waveguide enables fine resolution and broadband spectroscopy in a compact, monolithic device.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Raman spectroscopy using diffractive mems

A raman spectrometer including a laser excitation source, edge filters, and detection optics that direct light into a spectrograph. A spectrograph containing a dispersive element and optics that directs various wavelengths of light onto a segmented diffractive mems light modulator array.
Thermo Scientific Portable Analytical Instruments Inc.

High-resolution spectrometers based on substrate-guided wave holograms

A sgwh-based spectrometer is disclosed that has the following advantages compared to prior art: compactness, high-resolution, high light throughput, high oob rejection ratio, adjustability to the different wavebands, robustness and environmental stability.. .
Luminit Llc

Magnetic nanoparticles dispersion, its preparation and diagnostic and therapeutic use

The present invention relates to magnetic particle dispersions comprising coated monocrystalline and/or polycrystalline single nanoparticles of iron oxides and nano-particulate aggregates (multi-core particles) thereof with improved nonlinear magnetization behavior and improved heating properties in alternating magnetic fields. When measured in a magnetic particle spectrometer (mps) the particle dispersions show a pronounced overtone structure, especially in the higher harmonics, which surpasses all previously known particle systems many times over.
Physikalisch-technische Bundesanstalt (ptb)

Carbon material, carbonaceous material for battery electrode, and battery

A scale-like carbon material and carbon material for a battery electrode suitable for use as an electrode material for an aqueous-electrolyte secondary battery, wherein the ratio ig/id (g value) between the peak area (id) in a range of 1300 to 1400 cm−1 and the peak area (ig) in a range of 1580 to 1620 cm−1 by raman spectroscopy spectra when an edge surface of the particle of the scale-like carbon material is measured with by raman microspectrometer is 5.2 to 100 and the average interplanar spacing d002 of plane (d002) by the x-ray diffraction method is 0.337 nm or less and optical structures of the carbon material have a specific shape; the method for producing the same; a carbon material for a battery electrode and a paste for an electrode containing the material; and a secondary battery having excellent charge/discharge cycle characteristics and high current load characteristics.. .
Showa Denko K.k.

Ion trap mass spectrometer using cold electron souce

The present invention relates to an ion trap mass spectrometer using a cold electron source, in a production of a portable mass spectrometer, in which a microchannel plate (mcp) module is used, initial electrons are induced by injecting ultraviolet photons emitted from an ultraviolet diode to a front surface of the mcp module, electron beams amplified from the electrons are amplified using a channeltron electron multiplier (cem), the amplified electron beams are accurately adjusted and injected into an ion trap, thus increasing the amplification rate, and since a quadrupole field is used as an ion filter which returns the initially injected electrons to the inside of an ion trap mass separator, the ionization rate increases.. .
Korean Basic Science Institute

Methods for isolation and decomposition of mass spectrometric protein signatures

A method of analyzing a liquid mixture comprising protein or peptide molecules mixed with other molecules comprises: passing a portion of the mixture through a liquid chromatograph so as to elute the molecules; transferring the eluted portions of the molecules to an ion source of a mass spectrometer so as to generate ions comprising a plurality of ion species therefrom; transferring the generated ion species to a mass analyzer for detection thereby; generating a respective record of the intensity-versus-time variation of each of a plurality of the detected ion species; identifying and distinguishing a set of ion species corresponding to the ions generated from the eluted portion of the protein or peptide analyte molecules based on the records of the intensity-versus-time variation; and performing at least one additional operation on ions of one or more of the distinguished ion species generated from the protein or peptide analyte molecules.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc

Apparatus and spectroscopic analysis of vinification liquids using coded sample containers

An apparatus for spectroscopic analysis of vinificition liquids features a sample holder for a sample container of vinification liquid, a light source for directing a beam of light into the sample supported by the sample holder, a spectrometer arranged for receiving and measuring the beam of light after interaction thereof with the sample in order to perform a spectroscopic scan of the sample and generate measured spectral data thereon, and a scanning device positioned for scanning a machine readable code on the sample container. A computing device in communication with the spectrometer and the scanning device applies a classification to the measured spectral data of the sample according to a classification code read from the sample container.
Bl Photonics Inc.

Substances detection system and method

A system and methodology for the detection of threat substances is described. The detector system consists of a method to evaporate the sample into a primary separator and thermal release of trapped target materials into a secondary separator like conventional gc.
Teknoscan Systems Inc.

Hybrid spectrophotometer with variable optical path length sampling cell and using same

A hybrid spectrophotometric instrument utilizing absorption and fluorescence observations requires different cell parameters for optimal performance. The ability to have an instrument with a variable optical path length with a single set of optical surfaces and one detector to reduce system variance is unique.
Zaps Technologies, Inc.

Hole-measurement systems and methods using a non-rotating chromatic point sensor (cps) pen

A chromatic confocal point sensor (cps) system and associated methods are provided for measuring holes. A cps optical pen includes a beam dividing deflecting element that directs measurement light simultaneously along at least three directions to the interior surface of the hole.
Mitutoyo Corporation

Substance detection device and watch-type body fat burning measurement device

A substance detection device includes: a detection sample collection section which collects a biological gas released from the human skin, allows only this biological gas to pass through a permeable membrane, and stores the gas in a sensor chamber; a light source which excites a raman scattered light from acetone in the collected biological gas; a sensor section which enhances the raman scattered light by localized surface plasmon resonance; a spectrometer which disperses the enhanced raman scattered light; a light receiving element; a signal processing and control circuit section which compares the acquired spectrum with the fingerprint spectrum of acetone which has been stored in advance and thereby identifies acetone, which is the collected substance to be detected, and calculates the amount of fat burning having a correlation with the concentration of acetone; and a display section.. .

Miniature time-of-flight mass spectrometer

A miniature time-of-flight mass spectrometer (tof-ms) was developed for a nasa/astid program beginning 2008. The primary targeted application for this technology is the detection of non-volatile (refractory) and biological materials on landed planetary missions.
C&e Research, Inc.

Orthogonal acceleration system for time-of-flight mass spectrometer

An orthogonal pulse accelerator for a time-of-flight mass analyzer includes an electrically-conductive first plate extending in a first plane, and a second plate spaced from the first plate. The second plate includes a grid that defines a plurality of apertures each having a first dimension extending in a first direction and a second dimension orthogonal to the first dimension, the first and second dimensions lying in the second plane and the second dimension begin larger than the first dimension.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

Mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a first ion trap or ion guide, a single ion mobility spectrometer or separator stage and a second ion trap or ion guide arranged downstream of the ion mobility spectrometer or separator. A mode of operation includes passing ions from said first ion trap or ion guide to said device and onwards to said second ion trap or ion guide and then passing at least some of said ions or at least some fragment, daughter, product or adduct ions derived from said ions from said second ion trap or ion guide onwards to said first ion trap or ion guide.
Micromass Uk Limited

Cryogenic collisional cooling cell

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a cooling cell 4 for cooling ions so as to reduce their kinetic energy. The cooling cell 4 comprises: a chamber for receiving the ions or for generating the ions therein, wherein said chamber is formed from walls defining a substantially enclosed region; and a cooling jacket 16 surrounding said chamber, wherein said cooling jacket 16 is arranged and configured to contain a cooling fluid and so as to remove heat from one or more walls of the chamber.
Micromass Uk Limited

Ionization apparatus, mass spectrometer including ionization apparatus, and image forming system

Provided is an ionization apparatus including: a holder configured to hold a sample; a probe configured to determine a part to be ionized of the sample held by the holder; an extract electrode configured to extract ionized ions of the sample; a liquid supply unit configured to supply liquid to a part of a region of the sample; and a unit configured to apply a first voltage between the probe and the extract electrode, in which the first voltage is pulse-modulated.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Targeted analysis for tandem mass spectrometry

A tandem mass spectrometer and method are described. Precursor ions are generated in an ion source and an ion injector injects ions towards a downstream ion guide via a single or multi reflection tof device that separates ions into packets in accordance with their m/z.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Mass spectrometer and mass image analyzing system

The mass spectrometer has a chamber in which a sample is disposed, an irradiation unit for emitting particles to the sample, and an extraction electrode which leads secondary ions emitted from the sample to a mass spectrometry unit, in which the irradiation unit switches a first mode of emitting primary ions for causing the secondary ions to be emitted from the sample and a second mode of emitting particles containing water molecules to be made to adhere to the sample and emits the particles to the sample.. .

Multi-function spectrometer-on-chip with a single detector array

Various embodiments of apparatuses, systems and methods are described herein for a spectrometer comprising at least two dispersive elements configured to receive at least one input optical signal and generate two or more pluralities of spatially separated spectral components, at least a portion of the at least two dispersive elements being implemented on a first substrate; and a single detector array coupled to the at least two dispersive elements and configured to receive and measure two or more pluralities of narrowband optical signals derived from the two or more pluralities of spatially separated spectral components, respectively.. .
Tornado Medical Systems, Inc.

Hyperspectral imaging imaging a remote object

A hyperspectral imaging system and a method are described herein for providing a hyperspectral image of an area of a remote object. In one aspect, the hyperspectral imaging system includes a fore optic with optics for acquiring and projecting an image from a remote object, a scannable slit mechanism with a plurality of slits for receiving the projected image, where the projected image simultaneously illuminates two or more of the plurality of slits, a spectrometer for receiving and dispersing images passing through the two or more simultaneously-illuminated slits, and a two-dimensional image sensor for recording images received from the spectrometer, where the images received from different slits are recorded on different sets of detection elements of the two-dimensional image sensor..
Corning Incorporated

Method for detecting a perturbation by hysteretic cycle using a nonlinear electromechanical resonator and device using the method

A method is provided for detecting a perturbation with respect to an initial state, of a device comprising at least one resonant mechanical element exhibiting a physical parameter sensitive to a perturbation such that the said perturbation modifies the resonance frequency of the said resonant mechanical element. A device is provided for detecting a perturbation by hysteretic cycle comprising at least one electromechanical resonator with nonlinear behaviour and means for actuation and for detection of the reception signal via a transducer so as to analyse the response signal implementing the method.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

High spatial and spectral resolution snapshot imaging spectrometers using oblique dispersion

Snapshot imaging spectrometer systems, including snapshot hyperspectral imaging and snapshot spectral domain coherence tomography systems, with a large numbers of spectral channels and spatial pixels are desirable for applications ranging from detection of pollution and chemicals, environmental studies, surveillance, resources management, astronomy, biomedical and military use. Methods for achieving such high spatial and spectral resolutions and systems based upon these methods are disclosed.
Mvm Electronics, Inc.

Bio-chip package with waveguide integrated spectrometer

A bio-chip package comprises a substrate a first layer over the substrate comprising an image sensor. The bio-chip package also comprises a second layer over the first layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Optical probe with extended working distance

A side-looking optical probe for a raman spectroscopy system is provided. The probe includes: a base for mounting the probe to an optical assembly of the system; and a prism mounted to the base, the prism configured for receiving signal light from a sample and providing the signal light to the system.

Exponential scan mode for quadrupole mass spectrometers to generate super-resolved mass spectra

A novel scanning method of a mass spectrometer apparatus is introduced so as to relate by simple time shifts, rather than time dilations, the component signal (“peak”) from each ion even to an arbitrary reference signal produced by a desired homogeneous population of ions. Such a method and system, as introduced herein, is enabled in a novel fashion by scanning exponentially the rf and dc voltages on a quadrupole mass filter versus time while maintaining the rf and dc in constant proportion to each other.
Thermo Finnigan Llc

Glycopeptide analyzer

The same sample s is analyzed using an ion-trap (it) mass spectrometer section 11 in which ions are captured in an ion trap before mass spectrometry and a time-of-flight (tof) mass spectrometer section 12 in which ions generated from the sample are directly subjected to mass spectrometry. A mass spectrum creator 21 creates an it mass spectrum and a tof mass spectrum from the measured results.
Shimadzu Corporation

Systems, devices, and methods for connecting a chromatography system to a mass spectrometer

The invention provides interfaces between analytical instruments, e.g., between chromatography systems and mass spectrometers. In an exemplary embodiment, an ion source is provided for connecting a carbon dioxide-based chromatograph device to a mass spectrometer.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Method and controlling the supply of ions

A method for controlling the supply of ions from a liquid chromatograph through an ion source into a mass spectrometer. The ion source is foreseen to be either an electrospray ionization sources or an impaction spraying ion sources.
Micromass Uk Limited

Electron impact ion source with fast response

A closed electron impact ion source with overall opening area of less than 30 mm2 is employed for direct and pulsed extraction into a time-flight mass spectrometer in order to enhance sensitivity and immunity to chemical noise of oil and fumes of the vacuum system. For compatibility with dual stage gc×gc separation, the source may contain an inert liner surrounded by an isothermal cage of thermally conductive material.
Leco Corporation

Data independent acquisition of product ion spectra and reference spectra library matching

Systems and methods are used to store an electronic record of all product ion spectra of all detectable compounds of a sample. A plurality of product ion scans are performed on a tandem mass spectrometer one or more times in a single sample analysis across a mass range using a plurality of mass selection windows.

Multiple solid phase micro-extraction thermal desorption ionization device, mass spectrometer and analytical mass spectrometry

A multiple solid phase microextraction (m-spme) thermal desorption ionization device which desorbs an analyte and moves it into an entry of a mass spectrometer for mass spectrometry analysis is provided. The device has a charge producing unit, a heating unit and a sampling unit.
National Sun Yat-sen University

Spectrometer reference calibration

Aspects of spectrometer reference calibration are described. In one embodiment, a diagnostic measurement for evaluation of an aspect of calibration in spectroscopy is performed.
Westco Scientific Instruments, Inc.

High dynamic range detector correction algorithm

Systems and methods are provided to perform dead time correction. An observed ion count rate is obtained using a non-paralyzable detection system of a mass spectrometer.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

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