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Spectrometer patents


This page is updated frequently with new Spectrometer-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Spectrometer-related patents
 Connector assembly for an inductively coupled plasma source patent thumbnailConnector assembly for an inductively coupled plasma source
A connector assembly configured to join an induction coil to a radio frequency generator to provide together with a plasma torch, an inductively coupled plasma source for a spectrometer is disclosed. The connector assembly includes a radial clamping member associated with the radio frequency generator and a sealing member.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

 Ion trap mass spectrometer patent thumbnailIon trap mass spectrometer
A novel ms-ms apparatus utilizing electrostatic traps is disclosed, along with an associated method of analysis. The apparatus may include a chromatograph, an ion source, a first mass spectrometer, a fragmentation cell, an ion guide, a pulsed converter, and a z-directional elongated electrostatic trap.
Leco Corporation

 Device allowing improved reaction monitoring of gas phase reactions in mass spectrometers using an auto ejection ion trap patent thumbnailDevice allowing improved reaction monitoring of gas phase reactions in mass spectrometers using an auto ejection ion trap
A collision or reaction device for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a first device arranged and adapted to cause first ions to collide or react with charged particles and/or neutral particles or otherwise dissociate so as to form second ions. A second device is arranged and adapted to apply a broadband excitation with one or more frequency notches to the first device so as to cause the second ions and/or ions derived from the second ions to be substantially ejected from the collision or reaction region.
Micromass Uk Limited

 Improved efficiency and precise control of gas phase reactions in mass spectrometers using an auto ejection ion trap patent thumbnailImproved efficiency and precise control of gas phase reactions in mass spectrometers using an auto ejection ion trap
A collision or reaction device for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a first device arranged and adapted to cause first ions to collide or react with charged particles and/or neutral particles or otherwise dissociate so as to form second ions. The collision or reaction device further comprises a second device arranged and adapted to apply a broadband excitation with one or more frequency notches to the first device so as to cause the second ions and/or ions derived from the second ions to be substantially ejected from the first device without causing the first ions to be substantially ejected from the first device..
Micromass Uk Limited

 Mass spectrometer patent thumbnailMass spectrometer
A mass spectrometer (1) is provided with: an ionization chamber (10) for ionizing a sample (s) on its surface at an analysis point through irradiation by a laser beam; an analysis chamber (23) having a mass spectroscope (24) for detecting ions; a middle vacuum chamber (21, 22) arranged between the ionization chamber (10) and the analysis chamber (23); and an introduction pipe (12) or an introduction hole for allowing the inside of the housing (11) of the ionization chamber (10) to communicate with the inside of the middle vacuum chamber (21), wherein ions and fine particles, which have not been drawn into the introduction pipe (12) or introduction hole, can be prevented from spreading inside of the chamber. The structure of the mass spectrometer (1) further includes: an exhaust pipe (13); and a fan (15) for drawing air into the exhaust pipe (13) so that air that contains ions and/or fine particles, which have not been introduced into the introduction pipe (12) or introduction hole, can be suctioned up into the exhaust pipe (13) when the fan (15) is in operation..
Shimadzu Corporation

 Ionization chamber patent thumbnailIonization chamber
An ionization chamber 100 is provided between a liquid chromatograph unit 60 and a mass spectrometer 50, and is formed of: an atomization means 15; and an ion introducing pipe 19 of which the entrance portion is created within the ionization chamber 100 in the horizontal direction that is perpendicular to the z direction and of which the exit portion is created within the mass spectrometer unit 50. A liquid sample that has been fed from the liquid chromatograph unit 60 is sprayed in the z direction by the atomization means 15 while being ionized within the ionization chamber 100, wherein the entrance portion has an opening in such a form that corresponds to the spread in the xy plane of the liquid sample sprayed in the z direction.
Shimadzu Corporation

 Combined handheld xrf and oes systems and methods patent thumbnailCombined handheld xrf and oes systems and methods
A combined handheld xrf and libs system and method includes an xrf subsystem with an x-ray source operated at a fixed medium voltage and configured to deliver x-rays to a sample without passing through a mechanized filter and a detector for detecting fluoresced radiation from the sample. The libs subsystem includes a low power laser source for delivering a laser beam to the sample and a narrow wavelength range spectrometer subsystem for analyzing optical emissions from the sample.
Sciaps, Inc.

 Systems, methods, and  optical hydrocarbon gas composition monitoring patent thumbnailSystems, methods, and optical hydrocarbon gas composition monitoring
The disclosure relates to spectroscopic systems and spectrometers configured for hydrocarbon gas composition monitoring which provides compound speciation capability and function. In certain embodiments, the system identifies two or more bands of spectral data—e.g., including a band in each of (i) the near infrared and (ii) mid infrared wavelength regions, though bands covering subsets from about 800 nm to about 12 μm can be used—from the signal corresponding to the hydrocarbon fluid in the gas flow cell, where the two or more bands are not contiguous (e.g., there is at least a 50 nm separation between the nearest ends of two bands).
Pason Systems Corp.

 Spectrometer insert for measuring temperature-dependent optical properties patent thumbnailSpectrometer insert for measuring temperature-dependent optical properties
In one aspect, a spectrometer insert is provided. The spectrometer insert includes: an enclosed housing; a first transparent window on a first side of the enclosed housing; a second transparent window on a second side of the enclosed housing, wherein the first side and the second side are opposing sides of the enclosed housing; and a sample mounting and heating assembly positioned within an interior cavity of the enclosed housing in between, and in line of sight of, the first transparent window and the second transparent window.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Ion injection device for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer patent thumbnailIon injection device for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer
The invention provides methods and devices to pulse ions from an rf ion storage into the flight tube of a time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The pusher cell comprises essentially two parallel plates, both plates completely slotted into two electrically insulated halves.
Bruker Daltonics, Inc.


Saturation correction for ion signals in time-of-flight mass spectrometers

The invention relates to time-of-flight mass spectrometers in which individual time-of-flight spectra are measured by detection systems with limited dynamic measurement range and are summed to sum spectra. The invention proposes a method to increase the dynamic range of measurement of the spectrum.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Three-dimensional scanner with enhanced spectroscopic energy detector

A laser scanner that determines three-dimensional points in an environment further includes a spectrometer for determining the wavelength spectrum of chemical substances in the environment.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Chromatograph/mass spectrometer data processing device

If multiple polyvalent ion peak candidates with different valences surmised to be derived from the target compound have been obtained, a mass chromatogram in the vicinity of the retention time of the target compound at the mass-charge ratio m/z of each polyvalent ion peak candidate is generated, and these are overlaid and displayed on the display screen. If the polyvalent ions are derived from the same compound, peaks of similar shape having a peak top near the retention time should appear in multiple mass chromatograms.
Shimadzu Corporation


Method of spectrometry and spectrometer

A method of spectrometry on a spatially extensive sample with generation of a measure in respect of a match of a detected spectrum of a first generation with a single or a plurality of predetermined comparative spectra of chemical substances is disclosed. The method includes the steps: determining at least one location of the first generation on the sample, irradiating the sample with electromagnetic radiation with a plurality of frequencies or a frequency band between 1 ghz and 30 thz at the given location of the first generation of a first order on the sample, frequency-resolved detection of a measure in respect of the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation irradiated on to the sample at the location of the first generation and transmitted or reflected by the sample as the spectrum of the first generation, and calculating a respective measure in respect of a match of the detected spectrum of the first generation with one of the comparative spectra..
HÜbner Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method and analyzing the concentration of materials in suspension

A method and an apparatus that make an easy and quick measurement of the concentration of materials in a suspension possible with high precision and without essentially changing the structure of the conventional spectrometer for pre-dispersive spectrometry are provided by nullifying the limitation of a container of a sample as compared to transmission measurement. A spectrometer equipped with an integrating sphere is used to measure the reflection spectrum from a suspension in a container when the suspension is irradiated with measurement light, of which the wavelengths are selected from a wavelength range including near infrared, reflection spectra of a number of types of standard samples, of which the concentrations in the suspension are already known, are used to prepare a measurement model in accordance with an assay technique on the basis of a recursion, and the concentration of a material in the suspension is found using the measurement model..
Shimadzu Corporation


Optical system for parameter characterization of an element of body fluid or tissue

Biophotonic device for the point-of-care, real-time, non-invasive determination of parameters with diagnostic relevance, in particular an optical system for parameter characterization of an element of body fluid or tissue comprising an optical device which comprises: a light source for emitting light onto the element; and a spectrometer for recording the spectrum of light from the element, said light from the element being of transmittance, reflectance or raman scattering of the emitted light by said element; the optical system further comprising a data processing module configured to: convert the recorded spectrum by a conversion matrix into a standardized spectrum, wherein said conversion matrix has been obtained by calibrating the optical system spectrum response against a spectrum reference; pre-process the converted spectrum; correlate, for parameter quantification, the converted pre-processed spectrum with pre-obtained spectral bands for each parameter; said spectrum being contained within uv-vis-nir wavelengths. Also methods of operating said system..
Universidade Do Minho


Imaging spectrometer with extended resolution

Interferometric transform spectrometer (its) systems and methods of operation thereof. In one example, an its system includes a michelson interferometer that introduces a varying optical path length difference (opd) between its two arms so as to produce an interferogram, a detector that receives and samples the interferogram, and a scan controller coupled to the detector and to michelson interferometer.
Raytheon Company


Multi backend ultra-broadband dispersive spectrometer

Various embodiments of systems and methods are described herein that can be used for obtaining large bandwidth, high resolution spectral images in a single snapshot by using multiple detection stages that operate in different wavelength ranges and are coupled in a branch-like fashion.. .
Tornado Spectral Systems Inc.


Thermo-optic tunable spectrometer

A tunable spectrometer is described. A tunable spectrometer may include an optical filter, having a first reflector stack and a second reflector stack separated by a half-wave spacer, a heater, a heat-sink and a detector array.
Empire Technology Development Llc.


Optical sensing module, optical mechanism of spectrometer, and spectrometer

The present application discloses an optical sensing module, an optical mechanism of a spectrometer, and a spectrometer. An optical sensing module according to one embodiment comprises an optical sensing component and an optical fiber.
Oto Photonics Inc.


Off-axis channel in electrospray ionization for removal of particulate matter

The present invention relates to electrospray ionization (esi) at atmospheric pressure coupled with a mass spectrometer, in particular to a special kind of micro-electrospray with liquid flows in the range of 0.1 to 100 microliters per minute. The invention describes the use of an off-axis pre-entrance channel in an esi ion source to prevent particulate matter with higher inertia than the (charged) gas molecules, such as droplets, from entering the mass spectrometer.
Bruker Daltonics, Inc.


Collision cell

A method of operating a gas-filled collision cell in a mass spectrometer is provided. The collision cell has a longitudinal axis.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Methods for acquiring and evaluating mass spectra in fourier transform mass spectrometers

The invention provides a method for acquiring a mass spectrum with a fourier transform mass spectrometer, wherein analyte ions and additional reporter ions oscillate at mass specific frequencies in a measuring cell of the frequency mass spectrometer and interact by coulomb forces; the image current signal induced by the reporter ion is measured; and mass signals of the analyte ions are determined from a sideband signal of the reporter ions in the frequency domain or from the instantaneous frequency of the reporter ions in the time domain.. .
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Methods of operating a fourier transform mass analyzer

A method is disclosed for operating a mass spectrometer having a fourier transform (ft) analyzer, such as an orbital electrostatic trap mass analyzer, to avoid peak coalescence and/or other phenomena arising from frequency-shifting caused by ion-ion interactions. Ions of a first group are mass analyzed, for example in a quadrupole ion trap analyzer, to generate a mass spectrum.
Thermo Finnigan Llc


System comprising a mass spectrometer coupled to a faims apparatus and methods of operation

A method of operating a system comprising a chromatograph and a mass spectrometer comprises: (a) providing an abundance threshold and a list comprising respective entries for precursor ion species of interest comprising respective precursor-ion m/z ratios; (b) transmitting a first sample fraction portion comprising a plurality of sample-fraction ion species through an ion mobility spectrometer operated in non-dispersive mode to the mass spectrometer; (c) detecting a respective abundance at each of a plurality of sample-fraction m/z ratios; and (d) upon detection of an above-threshold ion abundance at an m/z-ratio corresponding to a first precursor ion species of interest: (d1) inletting a second sample fraction portion into the ion mobility spectrometer operated in dispersive mode such that ions of the first precursor-ion species are preferentially transmitted therethrough; (d2) fragmenting the preferentially-transmitted ions so as to generate product ion species; and (d3) detecting the product ion species.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc


Mobile micro-lab for chemical analysis of fluids

A micro-lab includes one or more electrophoresis devices each optically coupled to respective spectrometers and electronic signal processing, analysis and control, with fluids transported via a system of valves, tubes and pumps. The spectrograms are captured by a respective digital cameras, and chemical characteristics including molecular mobility, particle (molecular) charge, molecular weight, particle (molecular) ph, particle (molecular) dielectric, particle (molecular) conductivity, raman spectrum of each chemical species, ir spectrum of particle (molecular) is determined, and principal component analysis is performed to identify and quantify chemical constituents..
Yes Way Intellectual Holdings, Llc


Spectrometry device, liquid chromatograph, and wavelength calibration spectrometer

The wavelength of a spectrometer is calibrated by using a commercial ho glass filter. The spectrometer includes a light source including a d2 lamp and not including a mercury lamp, and a reference wavelength input unit for inputting, as a reference wavelength, a wavelength of a specific absorption peak separately measured for an ho glass filter to be used.
Shimadzu Corporation


Mass analysis device and mass separation device

A mass spectrometer (10) is configured from an ion source (1), an ion introduction unit (2), a mass analyzer (3), an ion detection unit (4), and the like. Crude ions are introduced into a separation space (5) at a predetermined acceleration voltage as a pulse synchronized with the phase of a one-dimensional high-frequency electric field.


Mass spectrometer with improved magnetic sector

The present invention relates to a compact and portable mass spectrometer device comprising a source of ions, a non-scanning magnetic sector for separating ions originating at the source of ions according to their mass-to-charge ratios, and a detection means. The magnetic sector comprises an ion entrance plane and at least two ion exit planes, which allow to optimize the resolving power of the mass spectrometer for specific mass-to charge ratio sub-ranges..
Luxembourg Institute Of Science And Technology (list)


Laser ablation atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry

In an embodiment, the present invention provides an apparatus for mass spectrometry which includes a laser ablation sampler comprising a laser ablation chamber and a laser. The laser ablation chamber is configured so that the laser can irradiate and ablate a material from a sample to generate an ablated sample material.
WestfÄlische Wilhelms-universitÄt MÜnster


Method of measuring dissolved methane in seawater

Provided is a method of measuring dissolved methane in seawater, including: a) injecting a sample into a vacuum container containing a cadmium chloride solution injected thereinto and refrigerating the vacuum container; b) shaking the vacuum container, and achieving temperature equilibrium with an ambient temperature; c) separating the dissolved methane from residue by passing the sample in the vacuum container through a methane separator; and d) analyzing the separated dissolved methane by a mass spectrometer. According to the method of measuring dissolved methane in seawater of the present invention, a recovery rate of dissolved methane may be maximally increased to improve an analysis rate accordingly, and an analysis of dissolved methane may be conducted even with a small amount of sample, and in addition to the measurement of the dissolved methane, a sulfur isotope analysis may be simultaneously conducted by using a sample from which the dissolved methane is extracted..
Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources


Interfacing capillary electrophoresis to a mass spectrometer via an impactor spray ionization source

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a separation device arranged and adapted to emit an eluent over a period of time. The separation device preferably comprises a capillary electrophoresis (“ce”) separation device.
Micromass Uk Limited


Wavelength dispersive crystal spectrometer, a xray fluorescence device and a method therein

A wavelength dispersive crystal spectrometer for obtaining an energy band from an energy spectrum includes a plurality of crystal planes stacked on top of each other, wherein each of the crystal planes is made of pyrolytic graphite. Moreover, an x-ray fluorescence device including the crystal spectrometer and a method for obtaining an energy band from an energy spectrum in a x-ray fluorescence analysis are also described..
Fenno-aurum Oy


Rotating scattering plane based nonlinear optical spectrometer to study the crystallographic and electronic symmetries of crystals

A method for measuring nonlinear electromagnetic (em) radiation emitted by a material, comprising rotating a beam of em radiation to form a rotating beam; irradiating a surface of a material with the rotating beam at an oblique angle with respect to the surface, wherein the rotating irradiates a plurality of scattering planes in the material; and detecting nonlinear radiation emitted by the material in response to the rotating beam, such that the nonlinear radiation generated by each of the scattering planes is detected by the detector. This method opens the possibility of applying nonlinear optics as a probe of lattice and electronic symmetries on small bulk single crystals in ultra low temperature, high magnetic field or high pressure environments, which can greatly complement diffraction based techniques..
California Institute Of Technology


Array type light-receiving device and hyperspectral spectrometer including array type light-receiving device

An array type light-receiving device includes a plurality of pixels two-dimensionally arranged in a first direction and a second direction perpendicular to the first direction, each of the pixels including a light-receiving layer having a responsivity to a wavelength of light. The pixels arranged in the second direction constitute a plurality of pixel lines extending in the second direction, the plurality of pixel lines being arranged in the first direction to form an array.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Spectrometry system with decreased light path

A spectrometer comprises a plurality of isolated optical channels comprising a plurality of isolated optical paths. The isolated optical paths decrease cross-talk among the optical paths and allow the spectrometer to have a decreased length with increased resolution.
Verifood, Ltd.


System and estimating oil formation volume factor downhole

A system includes a downhole formation fluid sampling tool and a processor. An optical spectrometer of the downhole formation fluid sampling tool is able to measure an optical characteristic of a formation fluid flowing through the downhole formation fluid sampling tool over a plurality of wavelengths.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Mass spectrometer with optimized magnetic shunt

The present invention relates to a mass spectrometer device comprising a source of ions, an electrostatic sector, a non-scanning magnetic sector arranged downstream of the electrostatic sector, for separating ions originating at the source of ions according to their mass-to-charge ratios, and a detection means. A magnetic shunt is arranged in the drift space between the electrostatic sector and the magnetic sector.
Luxemburg Institute Of Science And Technology (lis


Detection of membrane proteins

According to the present invention, there is provided a method of detecting a membrane protein by mass spectrometry, the method comprising the steps of: (a) providing a solution comprising a detergent micelle in which said membrane protein is contained, wherein said solution contains a polyoxyalkylene glycol detergent; (b) providing a mass spectrometer comprising a nanoelectrospray ionisation source, a mass analyser and a detector; (c) vaporising the solution using the nanoelectrospray ionisation source under conditions such that the membrane protein is released from the micelle; (d) ionising the membrane protein; (e) resolving the ionised membrane protein using the mass analyser; and (f) detecting the resolved membrane protein using the detector. Also provided are reagents for use in said method..


Integrated disease diagnostic system using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer

A disease diagnostic system where a sample preparation unit and/or a matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer (maldi-tof ms) data generation unit may be integrated in one system or a set of a system to improve the user-friendliness of the system. The system may include a sample preparation unit with processing modules and/or a handler to move samples in an autonomous manner to enhance reproducibility of measurement data and/or user-friendliness.
Asta, Co. Ltd.


Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) performing spectral imaging of a sample surface

This invention discloses a laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) apparatus and method for performing spectral imaging of a sample surface. A high repetition rate pulsed laser is employed to produce a train of laser pulses.
Bwt Property, Inc.


Compact raman probe integrated with wavelength stabilized diode laser source

A compact raman probe integrated with a wavelength-stabilized laser source is disclosed. The output beam of the laser source has an elongated cross-section that is focused onto a target of interest.
Innovative Photonic Solutions, Inc.


Onboard device and analyzing fluid in a heat engine

A method for controlling a spectrometer for analyzing a product includes steps of: acquiring a measurement representative of the operation of a light source, determining, depending on the measurement, a value of supply current of the light source, and/or a value of integration time of light-sensitive cells of a sensor, disposed on a route of a light beam emitted by the light source and having interacted with a product to be analyzed, and if the integration time and/or supply current value is between threshold values, supplying the light source with a supply current corresponding to the determined supply current value, adjusting the integration time of a light-sensitive cell to the determined integration time value, and acquiring light intensity measurements supplied by the sensor, enabling a spectrum to be formed.. .


Robust terahertz spectrometer configuration against scanner heads misalignment

Robust terahertz time-domain spectrometer has a reflective surface arrangement that renders the sensor insensitive to x or y displacement. The apparatus includes: (a) first scanner head; (b) a first reflective surface; (c) emitter; (d) beam splitter to yield reference radiation pulses and sample radiation pulses; (e) first reflector to reflect sample radiation pulses that have been transmitted through the sample to generate reflected sample radiation pulses that are directed towards a web; (f) second reflector that reflects the reference radiation pulses to generate reflected reference radiation pulses that are directed towards the beam splitter which in turn transmits a portion of the reflected references radiation pulses towards the web; and (g) a detector that receives (i) the reflected sample radiation pulses that have interacted with the sample a plurality of times and (ii) reflected reference radiation pulses that have interacted with the sample a plurality of times..
Honeywell Asca Inc.


Apparatus and extreme ultraviolet spectrometer calibration

Disclosed are herein an apparatus and method for extreme ultraviolet (euv) spectroscope calibration. The apparatus for euv spectroscope calibration includes an euv generating module, an al filter, a diffraction grating, a ccd camera, a spectrum conversion module, and a control module that compares a wavelength value corresponding to a maximum peak among peaks of the spectrum depending on the order of the euv light converted from the spectrum conversion module with a predetermined reference wavelength value depending on an order of high-order harmonics to calculate a difference value with the closest reference wavelength value, and controls the spectrum depending on the order of the euv light converted from the spectrum conversion module to be moved in a direction of wavelength axis by the calculated difference value.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Integrated sample processing for electrospray ionization devices

Methods, systems and devices that generate differential axial transport in a fluidic device having at least one fluidic sample separation flow channel and at least one esi emitter in communication with the at least one sample separation flow channel. In response to the generated differential axial transport, the at least one target analyte contained in a sample reservoir in communication with the sample separation channel is selectively transported to the at least one esi emitter while inhibiting transport of contaminant materials contained in the sample reservoir toward the at least one esi emitter thereby preferentially directing analyte molecules out of the at least one esi emitter.
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill


Targeted analysis for tandem mass spectrometry

A tandem mass spectrometer and method are described. Precursor ions are generated in an ion source and an ion injector injects ions towards a downstream ion guide via a single or multi reflection tof device that separates ions into packets in accordance with their m/z.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Diathermy knife ionisation source

A method of detecting one or more compounds, chemicals or contaminants in a substrate by mass spectrometry is disclosed. A non-living substrate is analysed by contacting the substrate with a diathermy knife.
Micromass Uk Limited


Chemical sampling and detection methods and apparatus

This invention describes a sample collection and desorption device and method that collects residues of explosives and other chemicals from a surface and then introduces them into a detector. The desorption method and device include introducing additional chemicals while heating up the sample collector, thus, the collected sample may be converted via a chemical reaction or a catalytic process.


Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer

A dwell time calculation table (51a) showing a correspondence relation between a cid gas pressure inside a collision cell (31) and a dwell time for data collection is stored in a processing condition parameter memory (51) of a controller (50). In the table (51a), as the cid gas pressure becomes higher, the dwell time becomes longer.
Shimadzu Corporation

Spectrometer topics: Spectrometer, Ion Mobility, Mass Spectrometer, Spectrometry, Longitudinal Axis, Relaxation, Mass Spectrometry, Coordinates, Downstream, Chromatograph, Quantitative

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