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Spectrometer patents


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new patent An electrostatic ion trap mass spectrometer utilizing autoresonant ion excitation and methods of using the same
Methods of operation of electrostatic ion trap mass spectrometers in which ions are autoresonantly driven at selected higher integer (>2) multiples of ion oscillation frequencies are provided. Excitation at multiples higher than the fundamental or double the fundamental ion oscillation frequency significantly improves both signal intensity and mass resolution.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

new patent Process and measuring an organic solid sample by glow discharge spectrometry
A system and a process for measuring, by glow discharge spectrometry, the elemental and/or molecular chemical composition of an organic solid sample (10). The sample (10) is positioned so as to seal a glow discharge plasma reactor (2), a gaseous mixture including at least one inert gas and gaseous oxygen is injected into the reactor (2), the concentration of gaseous oxygen being between 0.1% and 15% by weight of the gaseous mixture, an electric discharge of radiofrequency type is applied to the electrodes of the plasma reactor (2) in order to generate a glow discharge plasma, and the solid sample (10) is exposed to the plasma so as to etch an erosion crater in the solid sample (10); at least one signal representative of an ionized species of negative charge is selected and measured using a mass spectrometer (4)..
Horiba Jobin Yvon Sas

new patent Microwave cavity resonator detector
An ion detector system for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a first device arranged and adapted to receive ions and emit or output first electrons and a microwave cavity resonator arranged and adapted to deflect the first electrons onto a first detector.. .
Micromass Uk Limited

new patent Studies on real time ozone layer depletion monitoring using the negative ion mode of ion mobility spectrometry / atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry (neg. mode ims/apims) in upper and lower atmosphere
The present invention provides a capability of ion mobility spectrometry/atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry (ims/ms) in the negative ion mode for ozone detection and methods for ozone layer depletion monitoring in laboratory environment. Ammonium hydroxide vapors, as a dopant chemical, introduced to the inlet system of the ims/ms interfaced with the reaction sphere enables ozone ionized to be o3−.

new patent Measurement system of real-time spatially-resolved spectrum and time-resolved spectrum and measurement module thereof
The present invention provides a measurement system of real-time spatially-resolved spectrum and time-resolved spectrum and a measurement module thereof. The measurement system includes an excitation light and a measurement module.
Hc Photonics Corp.

new patent Spectrometer for generating a two dimensional spectrum
The present disclosure concerns a spectrometer (10) and method for generating a two dimensional spectrum (s). The spectrometer (10) comprises a main grating (3) and cross dispersion element (2).
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

Solution-providing apparatus and manufacturing organic light-emitting diode (oled) display using the apparatus
A solution-providing apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting diode (oled) display using the apparatus are disclosed. In one aspect, the apparatus comprises a storage unit, a spraying unit, a pipe, an emission-inducing unit, and a spectrometer.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Determining device for hydrocarbon emissions of motors
A determination device for hydrocarbon emissions of a thermal engine including an inspection probe for removing a sample volume from a liquid, a measurement channel for conducting the sample volume via an ion source apparatus to a broadband measurement apparatus that is configured to determine a spectrum to be measured in one step, wherein the ion source apparatus is configured for soft ionization and the measurement apparatus forms an intensity signal sequence across the mass spectrum and is configured as a simultaneously measuring “time-of-flight” detector or as a “double-focusing sector field mass spectrometer in mattauch-herzog geometry.”. .
Verwaltungsgesellschaft Für Emissionsanalyse Ug (haftungsbeschränkt)

Method of optimising spectral data
A method of mass spectrometry or ion mobility spectrometry is disclosed. The method comprises: providing a plurality of species of ions; analysing the ions during a plurality of sequential acquisition periods so as to obtain spectral data relating to the ions; varying the value of an operational parameter of the spectrometer such that it has different values during the different acquisition periods, wherein the spectral data obtained for a given ion varies depending on the value of the operational parameter; storing the spectral data obtained during the different acquisition periods separately; selecting a target ion; and then interrogating the spectral data so as to identify a set of first acquisition periods that include data corresponding to said target ion.
Micromass Uk Limited

Mass spectrometer
The mass spectrometer (1) provides an ionization chamber (11) therein with: a probe (15) having a sample to be measured flow path (155) for spraying a sample to be measured; and a standard sample flow path (255) for spraying a standard sample used for the calibration of the mass-to-charge ratio of the mass spectrum into the ionization chamber. The standard sample is intermittently introduced into the ionization chamber via a pulse valve (216).
Shimadzu Corporation

Spatially variable filter systems and methods

An improved compact spectrometer system comprising an improved spatially variable filter is disclosed herein. A spatially variable filter may be configured to have a plurality of different transmission profiles at different locations of the filter, to spectrally separate light incident on the filter.
Verifood, Ltd.

Real time birefringent imaging spectrometer based on differential structure

A real-time birefringent imaging spectrometer based on differential structure is provided. A polarization beam splitter to add an imaging branch is set.
Harbin Institute Of Technology


A spectrometer includes a package having a stem and a cap, an optical unit disposed on the stem, and a lead pin for securing the optical unit to the stem. The optical unit includes a dispersive part for dispersing and reflecting light entering from a light entrance part of the cap, a light detection element having a light detection part for detecting the light dispersed and reflected by the dispersive part, a support for supporting the light detection element such that a space is formed between the dispersive part and the light detection element, and a projection protruding from the support, the lead pin being secured to the projection.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

Miniaturized spectrometer for sensitive and robust laboratory and field use

A miniaturized spectrometer capable of being held and carried in a person's hand and including all of the necessary elements for reliable quantification and characterization for laboratory purposes, of a variety of objects, including an analyte in solution, and that is also optionally adaptable for analysis of an analyte in gaseous phase, and/or on or imbedded in a solid surface.. .
Spectrum Perception Llc

Spectroscopic mapping system and method

A system and method for spectroscopic mapping, with configurable spatial resolution, of an object include a fiber optic bundle having a plurality of optical fibers arranged in a first array at an input end with each of the plurality of optical fibers spaced one from another and arranged in at least one linear array at an output end. A first mask defining a plurality of apertures equal to or greater in number than the plurality of optical fibers is positioned between an object to be imaged and the input end of the fiber optic bundle.
Horiba Instruments Incorporated


A spectrometer includes a first spectroscopic unit and a second spectroscopic unit. A light passing part, a reflection part, a common reflection part, a dispersive part, and a light detection part included in the first spectroscopic unit are arranged along a first reference line when viewed in a z-axis direction.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

Automated calibration of led luminaires based on color coordinates

Disclosed is a method of automatically calibrating a luminaire including at least one light emitting diode (led) engine, the led engine including a plurality of leds and a controller for driving the at least one led engine. The method comprises acquiring an image of light emitted from each led of the led engine, first determining whether each led has a predetermined intensity for a color of the led, first adjusting each led that does not have the predetermined intensity to have the predetermined intensity for the color of the led, measuring, by a spectrometer, a color spectrum of a combined light of the led engine, the color spectrum including a plurality of measured color spectrums, second determining whether a variation exists between each of the plurality of measured color spectrums and a predetermined color spectrum of a control data unit, and second adjusting at least one led to correct variation..
Vital Vio, Inc.

Ambient infrared laser ablation mass spectrometry (airlab-ms) with plume capture by continuous flow solvent probe

A new experimental setup for spatially resolved ambient infrared laser ablation mass spectrometry (airlab-ms) that uses an infrared microscope with an infinity-corrected reflective objective and a continuous flow solvent probe coupled to a fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer is described. The efficiency of material transfer from the sample to the electrospray ionization emitter was determined using glycerol/methanol droplets containing 1 mm nicotine and is ˜50%.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Sub-millimeter real-time circular dichroism spectrometer with metasurfaces

A circular dichroism spectrometer which comprises a metasurface. The metasurface has a plurality of anisotropic antennas configured to simultaneously spatially separate lcp and rcp spectral components from an incoming light beam.
Purdue Research Foundation

Patterning aperture slit for spectrometry

A device for improving the removal of stray light interference in a spectrometer using an aperture slit with a predefined grid pattern incorporated into it to create periodic shadowing allowing the identification of the desired signal and removal of stray light is disclosed.. .
Ocean Optics, Inc.

Systems and methods for using interleaving window widths in tandem mass spectrometry

Systems and methods are provided for analyzing a sample using overlapping measured mass selection window widths. A mass range of a sample is divided into two or more target mass selection window widths using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Systems and methods for acquiring data for mass spectrometry images

Systems and methods are provided for maximizing the data acquired from a sample in a mass spectrometry imaging experiment. An ion source device is instructed to produce and transmit to a tandem mass spectrometer a plurality of ions for each location of two or more locations of a sample.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Inspection apparatus and method, lithographic apparatus, lithographic processing cell and device manufacturing method

The present invention determines property of a target (30) on a substrate (w), such as a grating on a wafer. An inspection apparatus has an illumination source (702, 710) with two or more illumination beams (716, 716′, 716″, 716′″) in the pupil plane of a high numerical aperture objective lens (l3).
Asml Netherlands B.v.

Active remote detection of radioactivity based on electromagnetic signatures

A system for the active remote detection of radioactivity from a target of interest includes a first laser source for generating an ionizing laser beam when remotely directed on a radioactive target of interest, a second laser source for generating a laser probe beam on the radioactive target of interest, and a spectrometer configured to measure the frequency modulation of the probe beam caused by the ionization from the radioactive target of interest.. .
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Method of determining the concentration of a gas component and a spectrometer for this purpose

Evaluating the artificial measurement curve in accordance with the method of the wavelength modulation spectroscopy and determining a first concentration value therefrom.. .

Cryofocused sampling of volatiles from air using peltier-assisted capillary microextraction

A cmv sampling device includes a thermoelectric cooler, a vacuum pump, and one or more holders for one or more capillary microextractor of volatiles (cmv) tubes. The holder thermally contacts the thermoelectric cooler and the vacuum pump is fluidly connected to the cmv tube.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

Solid state wideband fourier transform infrared spectrometer

A compact, low cost ftir spectrometer with no moving parts includes an interferometer having optical paths through silicon waveguides. The optical path lengths are varied by changing the temperature and/or carrier density of at least one of the waveguides.
Bae Systems Information & Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Spectrometer and monitoring light-shielded state

The spectrometer includes a spectrometer body; a shield including a layer on an exterior of the spectrometer body to prevent light from entering and escaping through an area other than a contact surface between the spectrometer body and an object; an internal light source placed within the shield and configured to emit light to the object; a spectroscope mounted in the spectrometer body and configured to allow the light that passes therethrough to be casted into a spectrum; a detector configured to have one surface that is in full contact with the spectroscope and to detect external light entering from outside of the shield; and a processor configured to, in response to the detector detecting the external light, perform a certain processing.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Use of 3d printing for anticounterfeiting

The invention pertains to the use of sophisticated chemical formulation and spectroscopic design methods to select taggants compatible with the 3d print medium that are easily detected spectroscopically but otherwise compatible with the product, structural integrity and stability, and aesthetics. A spectral pattern employs a different chemical or combination of chemicals to alter the formulation of all or some portion of the printed object so that its authenticity can be monitored later using a spectrometer..
Verrana, Llc

Sample introduction system for spectrometers

A method of mass or ion mobility spectrometry is disclosed that uses the leidenfrost effect to cause a liquid to be repelled away from a heated surface so as to levitate above there-above. The repelled liquid is urged so as to move along the surface in a predetermined direction, for example, by the geometric configuration of the heated surface..
Micromass Uk Limited

Systems and methods for using variable mass selection window widths in tandem mass spectrometry

Systems and methods are used to analyze a sample using variable mass selection window widths. A tandem mass spectrometer is instructed to perform at least two fragmentation scans of a sample with different mass selection window widths using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Method for mass spectrometric examination of gas mixtures and mass spectrometer therefor

A method includes parallel or serial ionization of a gas mixture by activating at least two ionization devices operating using different ionization procedures, and/or by ionizing the gas mixture in a detector to which the gas mixture and ions and/or metastable particles of an ionization gas are fed. The method also includes detecting the ionized gas mixture in the detector for the mass spectrometric examination thereof.
Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

Method and device for the identification of gases

Method and device for identifying gases and/or ion mobility spectrometer and method for offsetting residual humidity are provided. The object of the invention is to develop a generic method for offsetting residual humidity in an ion mobility spectrometer and a related device, which has a simple structure and which fully exploits the reduced diffusion.
Airsense Analytics Gmbh

Portable detection apparatus and method

A portable detection apparatus includes a fluid inlet to acquire a stream of fluid, a fluid outlet and a fluid flowpath therebetween. A pump circulates the fluid through the fluid flowpath.
Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited / Énergie Atomique Du Canada Limitée

Sample spinners and spectrometers including sample spinners

A detachable diffuse reflectance spectroscopy sample spinner (2) for use with a spectrometer (1) in diffuse reflectance spectroscopy. The sample spinner (2) comprises a sample receiving turntable (23) mounted for rotation and a motor unit (5) comprising a motor for rotatingly driving the turntable (23).
Perkin Elmer Singapore Pte Ltd.

Particles containing detectable elemental code

The invention relates to a new type of element encoded particles suitable for the attachment of bio molecules to enable massively multiplex bio-analytical methods, and to calibrate and tune the elemental flow cytometer mass spectrometer (fc-ms) (fig. 1)..
Fluidigm Canada Inc.

Vacuum pump and mass spectrometer

A vacuum pump comprises: a first pump stage; a second pump stage provided downstream of the first pump stage; a first suction port provided on a suction side of the first pump stage; and a second suction port provided downstream of the first pump stage and communicating with the second pump stage. The first pump stage includes a siegbahn pump portion suitable for a small exhaust volume, and a turbo-molecular pump portion.
Shimadzu Corporation

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