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Spectrometer patents


This page is updated frequently with new Spectrometer-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Spectrometer-related patents
 Systems and methods for acquiring data for mass spectrometry images patent thumbnailSystems and methods for acquiring data for mass spectrometry images
Systems and methods are provided for maximizing the data acquired from a sample in a mass spectrometry imaging experiment. An ion source device is instructed to produce and transmit to a tandem mass spectrometer a plurality of ions for each location of two or more locations of a sample.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

 Autonomous ambient air sampling system for monitoring semi-volatile/non-volatile organic compounds patent thumbnailAutonomous ambient air sampling system for monitoring semi-volatile/non-volatile organic compounds
An automated ambient air sampling system and method for monitoring organic compounds that may provide continuous data, the system including a thermal desorption system, an injection port, a pre-concentration system, a gas chromatograph and an ion trap mass spectrometer, wherein an air sampling chamber may also function as a thermal desorption chamber.. .
Brigham Young University

 Modulation of instrument resolution dependant upon the complexity of a previous scan patent thumbnailModulation of instrument resolution dependant upon the complexity of a previous scan
Systems and methods are used to analyze a sample using variable detection scan resolutions. A tandem mass spectrometer is instructed to perform at least two scans of a sample with different detection scan resolutions using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

 Compact mass spectrometer patent thumbnailCompact mass spectrometer
A miniature mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an atmospheric pressure ionisation source, a first vacuum chamber having an atmospheric pressure sampling orifice or capillary, a second vacuum chamber located downstream of the first vacuum chamber and a third vacuum chamber located downstream of the second vacuum chamber. A first vacuum pump is arranged and adapted to pump the first vacuum chamber, wherein the first vacuum pump is arranged and adapted to maintain the first vacuum chamber at a pressure <10 mbar.
Micromass Uk Limited

 Compact mass spectrometer patent thumbnailCompact mass spectrometer
A miniature mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an atmospheric pressure ionisation source and a first vacuum chamber having an atmospheric pressure sampling orifice or capillary, a second vacuum chamber located downstream of the first vacuum chamber and a third vacuum chamber located downstream of the second vacuum chamber. An ion detector is located in the third vacuum chamber.
Micromass Uk Limited

 Sniffing leak detector having a nanoporous membrane patent thumbnailSniffing leak detector having a nanoporous membrane
A sniffing leak detector for sucking in and analyzing gas, including a sniffing probe for sucking in the gas, a gas-conveying pump connected to the sniffing probe, and a mass spectrometer connected to a vacuum pump for analyzing the sucked-in gas in a high vacuum. The gas flow through the sniffing probe is conducted along a membrane having gas-permeable pores.
Inficon Gmbh

 Auto-focus raman spectrometer system patent thumbnailAuto-focus raman spectrometer system
An autofocus raman spectrometer system includes a laser probe assembly, a microprocessor, adjustable stages and a driving means. The laser probe assembly includes an excitation means, a focusing optics provided to focus an excitation beam from the excitation means onto a sample and generate raman scattering spectrum, a collection optics for collecting the raman scattering spectrum, and a spectrographic detector for generating a raman spectrum based on the raman scattering intensity received from the collection optics.

 Flow cell modules and liquid sample analyzers and methods including same patent thumbnailFlow cell modules and liquid sample analyzers and methods including same
A flow cell for a fluorescence spectrometer includes a flow channel to receive a flow of a liquid sample, an excitation light entrance window to receive excitation light from a light source, and an emission light exit window to transmit fluorescent emission light from the liquid sample in the flow channel from the flow cell. The excitation light entrance window and/or emission light exit window includes a waveguide including: a waveguide core formed of a core material; and a cladding medium surrounding a portion of the waveguide core, wherein the cladding medium has a refractive index less than the refractive index of the core material.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

 Parallel optical coherence tomography apparatuses, systems, and related methods patent thumbnailParallel optical coherence tomography apparatuses, systems, and related methods
Provided is a snapshot spectral domain optical coherence tomographer comprising a light source providing a plurality of beamlets; a beam splitter, splitting the plurality of beamlets into a reference arm and a sample arm; a first optical system that projects the sample arm onto multiple locations of a sample; a second optical system for collection of a plurality of reflected sample beamlets; a third optical system projecting the reference arm to a reflecting surface and receiving a plurality of reflected reference beamlets; a parallel interferometer that provides a plurality of interferograms from each of the plurality of sample beamlets with each of the plurality of reference beamlets; an optical image mapper configured to spatially separate the plurality of interferograms; a spectrometer configured to disperse each of the interferograms into its respective spectral components and project each interferogram in parallel; and a photodetector providing photon quantification.. .
Idx, Llc

 Methods and devices for generating double emulsions patent thumbnailMethods and devices for generating double emulsions
The present disclosure describes devices and methods capable of generating multi-phase emulsions, including double emulsion droplets in a gas phase. The present disclosure also describes interfaces for coupling a multi-phase emulsion droplet source to an analytical instrument such as a mass spectrometer.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Ionization chamber with temperature-controlled gas feed

The invention relates to an ionization chamber for connection to a mass spectrometer. The ionization chamber has a temperature-control block with a gas inlet and a gas channel which starts at the gas inlet and leads into a gas outlet.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Species detection using mass spectrometry

Systems and methods are provided for species detection using mass spectrometry. In various embodiments, a multiple reaction monitoring (mrm) experiment is performed on a sample targeting one or more peptide transitions that are unique to one or more species using a tandem mass spectrometer.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Spatial heterodyne integrated computational element (sh-ice) spectrometer

A spatial heterodyne spectrometer may employ an integrated computational element (ice) to obtain a measure of one or more fluid properties without requiring any moving parts, making it particularly suitable for use in a downhole environment. One illustrative method embodiment includes: directing light from a light source to illuminate a sample; transforming light from the sample into spatial fringe patterns using a dispersive two-beam interferometer; adjusting a spectral weighting of the spatial fringe patterns using, an integrated computation element (ice); focusing spectral-weight-adjusted spatial fringe patterns into combined fringe intensities; detecting the combined fringe intensities; and deriving at least one property of the sample..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Linear-motion stage

A linear-motion stage that is angularly or radially symmetric or asymmetric, or monolithic may be used as the moving mechanism in a fourier transform spectrometer. In embodiments, a linear-motion stage includes a base; a first multiple-arm linkage extending from the base to a first carriage attachment piece; and a second multiple-arm linkage extending from the first carriage attachment piece to the base.
Utah State University Research Foundation


Optical reflectors for spectrometer gas cells

A spectrometer cell can include a spacer, at least one end cap, and at least one mirror with a reflective surface. The end cap can be positioned proximate to a first contact end of the spacer such that the end cap and spacer at least partially enclose an internal volume of the spectrometer cell.
Spectrasensors, Inc.


Handheld libs spectrometer

A handheld libs spectrometer system features an optics stage moveable with respect to a housing and including a laser focusing lens. A laser source is mounted in the housing for directing a laser beam to a sample via the laser focusing lens.
Sciaps, Inc.


Laser spiderweb sensor used with portable handheld devices

A portable spectrometer, including a smart phone case storing a portable spectrometer, wherein the portable spectrometer includes a cavity; a source for emitting electromagnetic radiation that is directed on a sample in the cavity, wherein the electromagnetic radiation is reflected within the cavity to form multiple passes of the electromagnetic radiation through the sample; a detector for detecting the electromagnetic radiation after the electromagnetic radiation has made the multiple passes through the sample in the cavity, the detector outputting a signal in response to the detecting; and a device for communicating the signal to a smart phone, wherein the smart phone executes an application that performs a spectral analysis of the signal.. .
California Institute Of Technology


Method and mass spectrometry

A method for analysing ions according to their mass-to-charge ratio and mass spectrometer for performing the method, comprising directing a collimated ion beam along an ion path from an ion source to an ion detector, causing a portion of the ion beam to contact one or more surfaces prior to reaching the ion detector, wherein the method comprises providing a coating on and/or heating the one or more surfaces to reduce variation in their surface patch potentials. The method is applicable to multi-reflection time-of-flight (mr tof) mass spectrometry..
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Mass spectrometry method, ion generator and mass spectrometry system

A mass spectrometry method includes a step of atomizing liquid including a sample using an ultrasonic transducer; a step of transferring the atomized liquid; a step of generating ions from the transferred liquid using a dart ion source; and a step of analyzing a mass spectrometry by introducing the generated ions into a mass spectrometer.. .
Bio Chromato, Inc.


Systems and methods for rapidly screening samples by mass spectrometry

Systems and methods are used to rapidly screening samples. A fast sample introduction device that is non-chromatographic is instructed to supply each sample of a plurality samples to a tandem mass spectrometer using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Systems and methods for using variable mass selection window widths in tandem mass spectrometry

Systems and methods are used to analyze a sample using variable mass selection window widths. A tandem mass spectrometer is instructed to perform at least two fragmentation scans of a sample with different mass selection window widths using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Multiple frequency rf amplifier, mass spectrometer including the same, and mass spectrometry mass spectrometer

Provided is a multiple frequency radio frequency (rf) amplifier. The multiple frequency rf amplifier includes a waveform generation circuit configured to generate an rf signal by amplitude and frequency-modulating a reference waveform signal, a drive amplifier circuit configured to drive-amplify the rf signal, and a power amplifier circuit configured to generate a multiple frequency rf voltage signal through a power amplification of the drive-amplified rf signal and output the multiple frequency rf voltage signal to an ion trap for a mass spectrometry..
Korea Basic Science Institute


Improved ion mobility spectrometer

A method of analysing ions by ion mobility separation is disclosed. The method comprises controlling the amount of charge within an ion trap and then pulsing the ions from the ion trap into an ion mobility separator.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Orthogonal acceleration system for time-of-flight mass spectrometer

An orthogonal pulse accelerator for a time-of-flight mass analyzer includes an electrically-conductive first plate extending in a first plane, and a second plate spaced from the first plate. The second plate includes a grid that defines a plurality of apertures each having a first dimension extending in a first direction and a second dimension orthogonal to the first dimension, the first and second dimensions lying in the second plane and the second dimension begin larger than the first dimension.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.


Maldi imaging and ion source

An ion source for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a lens and mirror arrangement which focuses a laser beam onto the upper surface of a target substrate. The lens has an effective focal length≦300 mm.
Micromass Uk Limited


Ion implantation system and process for ultrasensitive determination of target isotopes

A system and process are disclosed for ultrasensitive determination of target isotopes of analytical interest in a sample. Target isotopes may be implanted in an implant area on a high-purity substrate to pre-concentrate the target isotopes free of contaminants.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Direct sample analysis device adapters and methods of using them

Certain embodiments described herein are directed to adapters for use in coupling a direct sample analysis device to an analytical instrument such as, for example, a mass spectrometer. In some examples, the adapter can include an internal coupler separated from an external coupler through an insulator..


Imaging mass spectrometric data processing method and imaging mass spectrometer

Compressed data of mass spectra obtained at respective measurement points and normalization coefficients for xic normalization or the like are stored in a memory (21). When a normalized imaging graphic at a specific m/z value is to be displayed, a data decompression processor (23) reads the minimally required set of compressed data from the memory (21) and restores the intensity value corresponding to the m/z value at each measurement point.
Shimadzu Corporation


Liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer

In a liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (lc/ms) for performing mass spectrometry of fractionated samples prepared with a multi-dimensional lc or similar lc with high separatory capability, fractionated sample useful information which shows the degree of usefulness of various substances with respect to retention time is prepared from prior information which includes, for example, elution characteristics in the lc depending on the kind of column or other factors or the degree of ease of ionization in the ms. During a measurement, the preparative separation of an eluate and the preparation of fractionated samples are not performed within a period of time which has been judged to be useless based on the fractionated sample useful information.
Shimadzu Corporation


Ion mobility spectrometer chamber

A faims ion mobility spectrometer chamber with a high repeatability of dimensions, permitting stable gas flow, mechanical rigidity, excellent thermal conductivity, and high temperature stability of gas flow. The heating resistor, ionizer electrodes, hv detector electrodes and collecting electrodes, and conducting contacts, are applied in the form of layers of precious metals on ceramic plates.
Wojskowy Instytut Chemii I Radiometrii


Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) apparatus based on high repetition rate pulsed laser

This invention discloses a laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) apparatus based on a high repetition rate pulsed laser. The laser produces a train of laser pulses at a high repetition rate in the khz or even higher range.
Bwt Property, Inc.


Miniature spectrometer and assembling the same

A miniature spectrometer comprises an input port, an image capture unit, a miniature diffraction optical grating, an optical grating accommodation slot, a cushion, and an affixing plate. The miniature spectrometer may further comprise a waveguide device, and the optical grating accommodation slot is positioned in a space defined by an opening of the waveguide device.
Oto Photonics Inc.


Methods, systems, and imaging spectroscopy

Imaging spectrometers can be used to generate hyperspectral images for medical diagnoses, contaminant detection, and food safety inspections, among other applications. An exemplary imaging spectrometer includes an integrated position sensing array that measures the relative positions of the interferometer components based on an interference pattern generated by illuminating the interferometer with a reference beam.


Maldi-tof mass spectrometers with delay time variations and related methods

Maldi-tof ms systems have solid state lasers and successive and varied delay times between ionization and acceleration (e.g. Extraction) to change focus masses during a single sample signal acquisition without requiring tuning of the ms by a user.
Biomérieux, Inc.


Wireless impedance spectrometer

A system and method for measuring the permittivity and/or the impedance of a material are based on transmitting a first rf signal to a transponder coupled to the material. The transponder is equipped with a resonant antenna coupled to the material such that the response of the antenna is affected by the material.


Portable analytical equipment

Portable analytical equipment, systems, methods, and techniques related thereto is disclosed. Portable analytical equipment can comprise a controller and a probe.
Marqmetrix, Inc.


Miniature spectrometer and apparatus employing same

A miniature spectrometer and a miniature spectrometer module employing the same are disclosed. The disclosed miniature spectrometer includes: a band-pass filter which is configured to transmit input light in a surface plasmon mode and which has an array of waveguides which are configured to output a plurality of different transmission wavelength bands; an in-coupler configured to couple the transmitted input light to a first end of the array of waveguides; and an array of optical detectors configured to detect respective lights which are output from a second end of the array of waveguides..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System and delicate membrane condensed phase membrane introduction mass spectrometry (cp-mims)

Systems and methods for analyzing a sample comprising an analyte selected from a volatile organic compound, a semi-volatile organic compound, a non-volatile organic compound, a polar organic compound and a halogenated non-volatile organic compound are provided. The systems comprises an ionization source, a flow cell or an immersion probe with a delicate membrane, the flow cell or immersion probe for accepting the sample, and the delicate membrane interface in fluid communication with the ionization source and a mass spectrometer.


Apparatus and methods for an atmospheric sampling inlet for a portable mass spectrometer

Atmospheric sampling system designed to minimize cross-contamination between successive samples acquired by a portable, or handheld, mass spectrometer. Techniques to reduce the overall sample load on portable mass spectrometers having limited pumping capacity, such as capture pumps.
Bayspec, Inc.


Method for establishing shenqi fuzheng injection fingerprint spectrum

A method for establishing a shenqi fuzheng injection fingerprint spectrum, comprising: employing an ultra-high voltage liquid chromatography mass spectrometer to test the shenqi fuzheng injection, the chromatography conditions including: chromatographic column: agilent zorbax eclipse plus c18, 2.1 mm×100 mm, 1.8 μm; mobile phase: mobile phase a is 0.1% formic acid aqueous solution, and mobile phase b is 0.1% formic acid acetonitrile solution; employing gradient elution procedure as follows: 0-0.5 min, 95% of mobile phase a, and 5% of mobile phase b; 0.5-10 min, 95%-75% of mobile phase a, and 5%-25% of mobile phase b; 10-15 min, 75%-45% of mobile phase a, and 25%-55% of mobile phase b; 15-18 min, 45%-0% of mobile phase a, and 55%-100% of mobile phase b; and 18-20 min, 0% of mobile phase a, and 100% of mobile phase b.. .
Li Min Pharmaceutical Factory Of Livzon Pharmaceut Ical Group


Mass spectrometer detector using optically active membrane

A detector suitable for mass spectroscopy uses a thin membrane that converts the kinetic energy of impinging molecules into corresponding photons, the latter detected with a suitable photosensor. The arrival of molecules at the membrane is detected by detection of the corresponding photons..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Spectrometer with variable beam power and shape

At least one light source is configured to emit at least one beam into a sample volume of an absorbing medium. In addition, at least one detector is positioned to detect at least a portion of the beam emitted by the at least one light source.
Spectrasensors, Inc.


Spectrometer with active beam steering

A spectrometer includes a light source that emits a beam into a sample volume comprising an absorbing medium. Thereafter, at least one detector detects at least a portion of the beam emitted by the light source.
Spectrasensors, Inc.


Abridged ion trap - time of flight mass spectrometer

An improved trap-tof mass spectrometer has a set of electrodes arranged to produce both a quadrupolar rf confining field and a substantially homogeneous dipole field. In operation, ions are first confined by the rf field and then, at a selected time, the rf confining field is discontinued and the dipole field is used to accelerate the ions so as to initiate a tof ms analysis.
Bruker Daltonics, Inc.


Mass spectrometry (ms) identification algorithm

A system includes a gas chromatograph configured to determine experimental chromatographic data including retention times associated with samples. The system also includes a mass spectrometer configured to determine experimental mass spectral data associated with samples.
Smiths Detection Inc.


Absorption spectrometer and measuring the concentration of a gaseous component of interest in a measurement gas

Absorption spectrometer and method for measuring the concentration of a gaseous component of interest in a measurement gas, wherein to compensate influence of changes in an optical path length in the absorption spectrometer on a measured result, light from the laser is modulated with at least one pilot frequency in the mhz range, the measurement signal is analyzed in a phase-sensitive manner for the pilot frequency, phase information obtained during this analysis is compared with phase information obtained during calibration of the absorption spectrometer, where the measured result is corrected as a function of the difference between the two items of phase information. Alternatively, light from the laser is modulated with two pilot frequencies, where signal components contained in the measurement signal with the pilot frequencies are detected in a phase-sensitive manner and the difference between the phase information of the two signal components obtained in this operation is analyzed..
Siemens Ag


Methods for predictive automatic gain control for hybrid mass spectrometers

A method for mass analyzing ions comprising a restricted range mass-to-charge (m/z) ratios comprising (i) performing a survey mass analysis, using a first mass analyzer employing indirect detection of ions by image current detection, to measure a flux of ions having m/z ratios within said range and (ii) performing a dependent mass analysis, using a second mass analyzer, of an optimal quantity of ions having m/z ratios within said range, said optimal quantity collected for a time period determined by the measured ion flux, the method characterized in that: the time period is determined using a corrected ion flux that includes a correction that comprises an estimate of the quantity of ions that are undetected by the first mass analyzer.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc


Compact mass spectrometer

Mass spectrometers and methods for measuring information about samples using mass spectrometry are disclosed.. .
908 Devices Inc.


Lateral introduction of ions into rf ion guides

An ion guide system includes an ion guide with pole rods, a device for laterally introducing an ion species, and a mass spectrometer for analyzing product ions of reactions between different ion species. The device is configured and positioned such that an rf field with at least two-fold rotational symmetry with respect to the axis is generated.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Removal of ions from survey scans using variable window band-pass filtering to improve intrascan dynamic range

Systems and methods are used to band-pass filter ions from a mass range. A full spectrum is received for a full scan of a mass range using a tandem mass spectrometer.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Systems and methods for using interleaving window widths in tandem mass spectrometry

Systems and methods are provided for analyzing a sample using overlapping measured mass selection window widths. A mass range of a sample is divided into two or more target mass selection window widths using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer including a memory unit storing information indicating combinations of precursor ions for cids in respective stages. If an ms1 spectrum on which cid is not performed is obtained during execution of an analysis, a precursor ion selector determines whether an ion registered as a precursor ion for the first-stage cid exists on the ms1 spectrum, based on the list held in the memory unit.
Shimadzu Corporation


Handheld dual thermal neutron detector and gamma-ray spectrometer

A combined thermal neutron detector and gamma-ray spectrometer system, including: a first detection medium including a lithium chalcopyrite crystal operable for detecting neutrons; a gamma ray shielding material disposed adjacent to the first detection medium; a second detection medium including one of a doped metal halide, an elpasolite, and a high z semiconductor scintillator crystal operable for detecting gamma rays; a neutron shielding material disposed adjacent to the second detection medium; and a photodetector coupled to the second detection medium also operable for detecting the gamma rays; wherein the first detection medium and the second detection medium do not overlap in an orthogonal plane to a radiation flux. Optionally, the first detection medium includes a 6liinse2 crystal.
Fisk University


Method and device for detecting and identifying not easily volatilized substances in a gas phase by means of surface-enhanced vibration spectroscopy

The invention relates to identifying not easily volatilized substances, in particular hazardous material, in a gas phase. A measurement cell and gas supply installations connected to the measurement cell are heated, and a plasmonic surface arranged in the measurement cell is temperature-controlled such that the plasmonic surface has a lower temperature than the measurement cell and the gas supply installations.
Airsense Analytics Gmbh


Airborne hyperspectral scanning system with reflective telecentric relay

An airborne hyperspectral scanning system with a reflective telecentric relay including a system housing fore-optics, mounted in the housing, an imaging spectrometer mounted in the housing, the imaging spectrometer comprising a spectrometer slit, the spectrometer slit having an exit side and an entrance side, a focal plane array, a fold mirror, and at least three spectrometer mirrors, ordered sequentially, and in optical alignment with each other, and a reflective telecentric relay, mounted in the housing between the fore-optics and the imaging spectrometer, the reflective telecentric relay comprising a collimator module, a scanning mirror module, and an objective module, the objective module being situated to receive intermediate image from the fore-optics and reflect a collimated beam to the scanning mirror image between the collimator module and the objective module, wherein the objective module is situated to form a telecentric image at the entrance of the spectrometer slit.. .
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Lighting device and system for wireless calibration and controlling of lighting device

Present invention relates to modular lighting devices and systems as may be used for film, television and photography. Semiconductor technology based lighting device is mobile and miniature by its dimensions.
Digital Sputnik Lighting OÜ


Multi-reflecting mass spectrometer

To improve spatial and energy acceptance of multi-reflecting time-of-flight, open traps, and electrostatic trap analyzers, a novel ion mirror is disclosed. Incorporation of immersion lens between ion mirrors allows reaching the fifth order time per energy focusing simultaneously with the third order time per spatial focusing including energy-spatial cross terms.
Leco Corporation


Multi inlet for solvent assisted inlet ionisation

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a dual channel solvent assisted inlet ionisation (“saii”) interface.. .
Micromass Uk Limited


Aperture gas flow restriction

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising two vacuum chambers maintained at different pressures. The two vacuum chambers are interconnected by a differential pumping aperture.
Micromass Uk Limited


Method and system for tandem mass spectrometry

A method of data independent ms-ms analysis is disclosed. The method comprises ramping or stepping in small steps of a wide (at least 10 amu) parent mass window in a first parent selecting mass spectrometer (ms1), arranging rapid ion transfer through a collisional cell, either by axial gas flow or by an axial dc field or by a travelling rf wave, frequently pulsing an orthogonal accelerator with a string of time-encoded pulses, analyzing fragment ions in a multi-reflecting time-flight mass spectrometer, acquiring data in a data logging format, and decoding signal strings corresponding to the entire scan of parent masses, such that fragment spectra are formed based on time correlation between fragment and parent masses.
Leco Corporation


Plasma cleaning for mass spectrometers

A mass spectrometry (ms) system may be cleaned by generating plasma and contacting an internal surface of the system to be cleaned with the plasma. The system may be switched between operating in an analytical mode and in a cleaning mode.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Hybrid mass spectrometer and methods of operating a mass spectrometer

A hybrid mass spectrometer design and architecture, and methods of operating mass spectrometers are disclosed. According to one operating method, an analysis time is determined for each one of a plurality of ion species to be analyzed in an ordered sequence, and an injection time is calculated for at least some of the ion species based on an analysis time of a preceding ion species in the ordered list.
Thermo Finnigan Llc

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