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This page is updated frequently with new Spectrometer-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Spectrometer-related patents
 Mass spectrometer patent thumbnailMass spectrometer
A mass spectrometer includes: an ionization unit configured to ionize an analyte gas; a filter unit configured to allow passage of only a target ion which is a component of the analyte gas ionized in the ionization unit and which has a specific mass-to-charge ratio; and an ion detection unit configured to detect an ion detection value based on the target ion having passed through the filter unit, wherein the ion detection unit includes a faraday electrode which includes an electrode portion disposed along a centerline of the filter unit and a bottom electrode provided at a position downstream of the electrode portion in a flow of the target ion, the electrode portion and the bottom electrode being connected to each other, a secondary electron multiplier provided to face the electrode portion with the centerline located therebetween, and a blocking portion connected to the bottom electrode.. .
Canon Anelva Corporation

 Open trap mass spectrometer patent thumbnailOpen trap mass spectrometer
An open electrostatic trap mass spectrometer is disclosed for operation with wide and diverging ion packets. Signal on detector is composed of signals corresponding to multiplicity of ion cycles, called multiplets.
Leco Corporation

 Flow through ms3 for improved selectivity patent thumbnailFlow through ms3 for improved selectivity
Systems and methods are provided for selecting and fragmenting a first precursor ion in an ms3 experiment. One or more first excitation parameters are calculated that define a first dipole excitation using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

 Chromatograph mass spectrometer patent thumbnailChromatograph mass spectrometer
A chromatograph mass spectrometer including an optimum gas pressure search controller that performs an mrm measurement for a target compound while changing a collision-gas pressure, investigates an optimum collision-gas pressure giving a highest signal strength based on the measured result, and stores the same gas pressure for each compound in a compound-related information storage section. When a target compound is specified in a simultaneous multicomponent analysis, a control sequence determiner reads the optimum collision-gas pressure and retention time information corresponding to the specified compound from the storage section, prepares a control sequence which sets the gas pressure in a collision cell at the optimum gas pressure at the timing where each compound is eluted, and stores the sequence in a control sequence storage section..
Shimadzu Corporation

 Libs analysis system patent thumbnailLibs analysis system
A handheld libs spectrometer includes an optics stage movably mounted to a housing and including a laser focusing lens and a detection lens. One or more motors advance and retract the optics stage, move the optics stage left and right, and/or move the optics stage up and down.
Sciaps, Inc.

 Spectrometry system with decreased light path patent thumbnailSpectrometry system with decreased light path
A spectrometer comprises a plurality of isolated optical channels comprising a plurality of isolated optical paths. The isolated optical paths decrease cross-talk among the optical paths and allow the spectrometer to have a decreased length with increased resolution.
Verifood, Ltd.

 Libs analysis system patent thumbnailLibs analysis system
A handheld libs spectrometer includes an optics stage movably mounted to a housing and including a laser focusing lens and a detection lens. One or more motors advance and retract the optics stage, move the optics stage left and right, and/or move the optics stage up and down.
Sciaps, Inc.

 Dual coupler device, spectrometer including the dual coupler device, and non-invasive biometric sensor including the spectrometer patent thumbnailDual coupler device, spectrometer including the dual coupler device, and non-invasive biometric sensor including the spectrometer
Provided are a dual coupler device configured to receive lights of different polarization components, a spectrometer including the dual coupler device, and a non-invasive biometric sensor including the spectrometer. The dual coupler device may include, for example, a first coupler layer configured to receive a light of a first polarization component among incident lights.
Imec Vzw

 Additive manufacturing apparatus and method patent thumbnailAdditive manufacturing apparatus and method
This invention concerns a laser solidification apparatus for building objects by layerwise solidification of powder material. The apparatus including a build chamber containing a build platform, a device for depositing layers of powder material on to the build platform, an optical unit for directing a laser beam to selectively solidify areas of each powder layer and a spectrometer for detecting characteristic radiation emitted by plasma formed during solidification of the powder by the laser beam.
Renishaw Plc

 Method and  mass analysis utilizing ion charge feedback patent thumbnailMethod and mass analysis utilizing ion charge feedback
A method of mass analysis and a mass spectrometer are provided wherein a batch of ions is accumulated in a mass analyser; the batch of ions accumulated in the mass analyser is detected using image current detection to provide a detected signal; the number of ions in the batch of ions accumulated in the mass analyser is controlled using an algorithm based on a previous detected signal obtained using image current detection from a previous batch of ions accumulated in the mass analyser; wherein one or more parameters of the algorithm are adjusted based on a measurement of ion current or charge obtained using an independent detector located outside of the mass analyser.. .
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Multireflection time-of-flight mass spectrometer

A method of reflecting ions in a multireflection time of flight mass spectrometer is disclosed. The method includes guiding ions toward an ion mirror having multiple electrodes, and applying a voltage to the ion mirror electrodes to create an electric field that causes the mean trajectory of the ions to intersect a plane of symmetry of the ion mirror and to exit the ion mirror, wherein the ion are spatially focussed by the mirror to a first location and temporally focused to a second location different from the first location.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Mass spectrometers comprising accelerator devices

A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising providing a flight region for ions to travel through and a detector or fragmentation device. A potential profile is maintained along the flight region such that ions travel towards the detector or fragmentation device.
Micromass Uk Limited


Interface for ion source and vacuum housing

A mass spectrometer or ion mobility spectrometer is disclosed comprising: an ion block (2) for receiving ions; a heater (8) for heating the ion block (2); a vacuum housing (6); and an interface block (4) arranged between the ion block (2) and the vacuum housing (6); wherein the interface block (4) is formed from a polymer. The polymer interface block (4) inhibits the heat transfer from the ion block (2) to the vacuum housing (6) and also electrically isolates the ion block (2) and vacuum housing (6).
Micromass Uk Limited


Automated cleanliness diagnostic for mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer or ion mobility spectrometer is disclosed comprising means for detecting a blockage in an inlet orifice arranged between an ion source and a vacuum chamber. The blockage is detected as a result of a reduction in pressure within the vacuum chamber.
Micromass Uk Limited


Gasket seal for a mass spectrometer

A gasket seal for a mass spectrometer is disclosed. The gasket seal comprises a membrane having an outer profile and an inner profile and one or more protrusions.
Micromass Uk Limited


Ion inlet assembly

An ion inlet assembly for connecting to a mass spectrometer housing is disclosed comprising a sampling limiting body having a sampling orifice. The sampling limiting body comprises a nickel disk wherein the disk and sampling orifice are made or formed by an electroforming process..
Micromass Uk Limited


Gas diffuser ion inlet

In some embodiments, a gas diffuser for use in a mass spectrometer is disclosed that can provide a controlled expansion of an ion-containing gas so as to reduce gas velocity for entry into subsequent stages of the mass spectrometer, e.g., a mass analyzer. In some embodiments, the controlled expansion of the gas is provided by flowing the gas through a channel whose cross-sectional area change, e.g.
Dh Technologies Development Pte.ltd.


Sample collection wand comprising an inductively coupled heater

A spectrometry apparatus comprising a spectrometer; a port adapted to couple a sample collection wand to the apparatus to present a sample carried by the wand to an inlet of the spectrometer; and an inductive coupler adapted to couple, via a time varying h-field, with a heater of said sample collection wand to provide electrical power for heating said sample.. .


Mass spectrometer

Apparatus for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an ion source, a heater for heating a gas flow to the ion source, a temperature sensor for monitoring the temperature of the heater, and a control system. The control system is arranged and adapted to determine a flow rate of the gas flow by monitoring the power supplied to the heater and the temperature of the heater..
Micromass Uk Limited


Ion transfer

An ion transport device can include a plurality of pole rod pairs arranged in parallel, and a controller. The controller configured to can be configured to apply voltages in a repeating voltage pattern of to the pole rod pairs thereby creating a plurality of potential wells capable of capturing ions, and move the repeating voltage pattern along the pole rod pairs to move captured ions along the ion transport device.
Thermo Finnigan Llc


Systems and methods for using interleaving window widths in tandem mass spectrometry

Systems and methods are provided for analyzing a sample using overlapping measured mass selection window widths. A mass range of a sample is divided into two or more target mass selection window widths using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Parsing events during ms3 experiments

Systems and methods are provided for reducing the time period of a cid event of an ms3 experiment and making the overall fragmentation event more generic. A cid event of an ms3 experiment performed on a sample by a mass spectrometer is divided into two time periods using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Multidrug analysis in urine by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

A fast and reliable method for the determination of multiple drugs and their metabolites belonging to different chemical and toxicological class from a biological sample is provided. The method involves mixing of biological sample with internal standards which does not require sample extraction or derivatization prior to analysis.
Castle Medical, Llc


Use of windowed mass spectrometry data for retention time determination or confirmation

A scan of a separating sample is received by a mass spectrometer at each interval of a plurality of intervals. The spectrometer performs at each interval one or more mass spectrometry scans.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Fast-switching dual-polarity ion mobility spectrometry

Systems and methods disclosed provide for methods of managing polarity switching in an ion mobility spectrometer, and provide for management of the repelling grid voltage, the gating grid voltage, and the fixed grid voltage during polarity switching. Systems and methods also provide for the management of the effect of dielectric relaxation in an insulator proximal to the collector, and provide for a preamplifier coupled to the collector including a switch, and a method of managing the collector output including the switch.
Smiths Detection Montreal


Trapping ion mobility spectrometer with parallel accumulation

The invention relates to the operation of trapping ion mobility spectrometers based on pushing ions by a gas flow against a counter-acting electric dc field barrier, preferably in combination with a mass analyzer as ion detector. The invention provides an additional rf ion trap upstream of the trapping ion mobility spectrometer, wherein the rf ion trap is operated as an accumulation unit in parallel with the trapping ion mobility spectrometer such that a first group of ions can be analyzed in the trapping ion mobility spectrometer while a second group of ions from an ion source are simultaneously collected in accumulation unit..
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Spectroscopic characterization of seafood

A method and apparatus for field spectroscopic characterization of seafood is disclosed. A portable nir spectrometer is connected to an analyzer configured for performing a multivariate analysis of reflection spectra to determine qualitatively the true identities or quantitatively the freshness of seafood samples..
Viavi Solutions, Inc.


Multi-functional fiber optic fuel sensor system having a photonic membrane

A fuel sensing system utilizes a fiber optic sensor comprising a membrane made of a direct band gap semiconductor material (such as gallium arsenide) that forms an optical cavity with an optical fiber inside a hermetically sealed sensor package located at the bottom of a fuel tank. The optical fiber inside the fuel tank is not exposed to the fuel.
The Boeing Company


Mobile cellular spectroscopy

The present invention discloses a spectrometer apparatus comprising a mobile device including an integrated camera, having a camera lens and an image sensor. The camera lens is located within a body of the mobile device that comprises a detachable housing coupled to the body of the mobile device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Chamber seal for mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a first component, an annular vacuum chamber seal and a second component. The first component has a groove.
Micromass Uk Limited


Time-of-flight mass spectrometry using multi-channel detectors

A time-of-flight mass spectrometer (tof-ms) utilizes a multi-channel ion detector to detect ions traveling in separate flight paths, spatially dispersed along a drift axis and/or a transverse axis, in a flight tube of a tof analyzer. The ion beams may be dispersed by drift energy, deflection along the drift and/or transverse axis, ion mass, or a combination of two or more of the foregoing.
Agilent Technologies,inc.


Miniature ion source of fixed geometry

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an atmospheric pressure interface comprising a gas cone having an inlet aperture, wherein the gas cone has a first longitudinal axis arranged along an x-axis and an electrospray ion source comprising a first capillary tube having an outlet and having a second longitudinal axis and a second capillary tube which surrounds the first capillary tube. The mass spectrometer further comprises a desolvation gas supply tube and a first device arranged and adapted to supply an analyte liquid via the first capillary tube so that the liquid exits the outlet of the first capillary tube at a flow rate >200 μl/min.
Micromass Uk Limited


Pulsed ion guides for mass spectrometers and related methods

An ion guide generates a radio frequency (rf) field to radially confine ions to an ion beam along a guide axis as the ions are transmitted through the ion guide. The effective potential of the rf field includes an alternating series of barriers and wells.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Method and transporting samples in a mass spectrometer

A sample plate handling system for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer includes a transport chamber and a mass spectrometer chamber that is mechanically coupled to transport chamber. A vacuum chamber is coupled through a bypass valve to the transport chamber.
Virgin Instruments Corporation


Data independent acquisition of product ion spectra and reference spectra library matching

Systems and methods are disclosed for detecting compounds in a sample using a tandem mass spectrometer. A sample comprising a plurality of detectable compounds that have been separated in time over a time interval is introduced into a tandem mass spectrometer.
Eth Zürich


Rf-only detection scheme and simultaneous detection of multiple ions

A mass spectrometer apparatus and method for conducting simultaneous ms/ms analysis including: a device to select a precursor ion having a specified m/z; a gas-filled collision cell; an rf-only multipole mass spectrometer, the mass spectrometer having a generator attached thereto for generating at least two auxiliary ac fields in the rf-only multipole mass spectrometer; a gate for providing a repulsive dc or ac barrier downstream to an exit of the rf-only multipole mass spectrometer; an ion detection system situated downstream from the dc or ac barrier for measuring an ion current derived from ions that overcome the repulsive barrier. The mass spectrometer may also be configured so that each of the auxiliary ac fields are generated by the introduction of individual auxiliary ac frequencies and each frequency is amplitude modulated at a unique frequency..
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Fragment ion mass spectra measured with tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometers

The present invention provides a method for acquiring fragment ion mass spectra with a time-of-flight mass spectrometer, whereby mixed mass spectra with fragment ions of different parent ion species are acquired and compared with each other in such a way that the signals of those fragment ions which originate from the same parent ion species are determined. The time-of-flight mass spectrometer contains an ion source, a flight path, a reflector and an ion detector.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


In-situ spectroscopy for monitoring fabrication of integrated computational elements

Technologies are described for monitoring characteristics of layers of integrated computational elements (ices) during fabrication using an in-situ spectrometer operated in step-scan mode in combination with lock-in or time-gated detection. As part of the step-scan mode, a wavelength selecting element of the spectrometer is discretely scanned to provide spectrally different instances of probe-light, such that each of the spectrally different instances of the probe-light is provided for a finite time interval.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer

A column protection gas supply channel (4) is connected to a channel (17) for carrier gas present between a sample vaporization chamber (12) and an ms section (2). During a standby, a column (11) may be protected on the downstream side of a merging section (16) of the column protection gas supply channel (4) and the channel (17) for carrier gas by supplying column protection gas through the column protection gas supply channel (4).
Shimadzu Corporation


Sniffer leak detector with multi-stage membrane pump

A sniffer leak detector includes a mass spectrometer for analyzing hydrogen or helium, a turbomolecular pump which is connected with said mass spectrometer and whose outlet is connected with a prevacuum pump, and a sniffer probe which includes a plurality of intake lines and is connected with said inlet of said turbomolecular pump, wherein a vacuum pump includes at least three stages whose inlet stage defines said prevacuum pump and is connected with said outlet of said turbomolecular pump via a blocked throttle, wherein, between adjacent stages of said vacuum pump, an intermediate inlet each is provided, wherein each intermediate inlet is connected with a different intake line of said sniffer probe and at least one of the intake lines as a suction line is connected with said inlet of said turbomolecular pump for obtaining different gas flows.. .
Inficon Gmbh



Spectrometers and methods for determining the presence or absence of a material in proximity to and/or combined with another material are provided. In one particular example, a spectrometer is provided that includes a light source, a detector and an optical system.
Mks Technology (d/b/a Snowy Range Instruments)


Laser processing apparatus

In order to make focal positions of laser beams having different wavelength bands coincide with one another: a laser output device that oscillates laser beams having plural wavelength bands; a spectrometer that respectively disperses the laser beams of the respective wavelength bands; and condensers that respectively condense the laser beams dispersed by the spectrometer independently and match focal points thereof to the same position, are included.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Time-of-flight mass spectrometer

An embodiment of the invention relates to a tof-ms capable of performing mass spectrometry of a sample at a high throughput. The tof-ms has an acceleration part for accelerating an ion, a detector for detecting an event of arrival of the accelerated ion, and a data processing part for performing mass spectrometry of the sample, based on a time of flight of the ion.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Probe assembly for attaching a chromatography device to a mass spectrometer

A probe assembly is disclosed comprising an inlet for receiving an eluent from a chromatography device; an outlet (120) for delivering the eluent to an ion source of a mass spectrometer; and an attachment device (122) for attaching the outlet to the mass spectrometer. The outlet comprises an electrically conductive capillary (124) and an electrically conductive member (129) surrounding at least part of the electrically conductive capillary (124).
Micromass Uk Limited


System for recording spatial and temporal properties of ions emitted from a quadrupole mass filter

An ion detection system for a detecting a quantity of ions exiting from a mass analyzer of a mass spectrometer comprises: (a) photon generating means configured to receive the quantity of ions and to generate a quantity of photons that is proportional to the quantity of ions; (b) a linear array of photo-detectors configured along a line for detecting a variation of a portion of the quantity of generated photons along the line; and (c) an optical system for directing the portion of the quantity of photons from the photon generating means to the linear array of photo-detectors comprising: (c1) a first cylindrical lens having a first lens axis disposed parallel to the line; (c2) a second cylindrical lens or rod lens having a second lens axis disposed parallel to the line; and a doublet lens.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc


Multiplexed precursor isolation for mass spectrometry

Systems and methods for identifying precursor ions of product ions from combined product ion spectra are provided. N precursor ions are selected.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Peak assessment for mass spectrometers

A method of assessing mass spectral peaks obtained by a mass spectrometer is disclosed. The method comprises: providing experimentally obtained mass spectral data; selecting a chemical compound thought to have been analysed so as to provide said experimentally observed data, and modelling the spectral data predicted to be detected if the compound was to be mass analysed.
Micromass Uk Limited


Targeted mass analysis

A mass spectrometer comprises: an ion source that generates ions having an initial range of mass-to-charge ratios; an auxiliary ion detector, downstream from the ion source that receives a plurality of first ion samples derived from the ions generated by the ion source and determines a respective ion current measurement for each of the plurality of first ion samples; a mass analyser, downstream from the ion source that receives a second ion sample derived from the ions generated by the ion source and to generate mass spectral data by mass analysis of the second ion sample; and an output stage that establishes an abundance measurement associated with at least some of the ions generated by the ion source based on the ion current measurements determined by the auxiliary ion detector.. .
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Nmr spectrometer comprising a superconducting magnetic coil having windings composed of a superconductor structure having strip pieces chained together

An nmr spectrometer (131) with an nmr magnet coil (91) having windings of a conductor with a superconducting structure (1), which have a plurality of band-segments (2, 2a, 7a-7e, 8a-8d, 15) made of band-shaped superconductor. Each band-segment (2, 2a, 7a-7e, 8a-8d, 15) has a flexible substrate (3) and a superconducting layer (4) deposited thereon, wherein the band-segments (2, 2a, 7a-7e, 8a-8d, 15) each have a length of 20 m or more.
Bruker Biospin Gmbh


Ion mobility spectrometer and operating same

In a linear drift tube partitioned into a plurality of cascaded drift tube segments each followed by an ion elimination region, a system and method of separating ions includes repeatedly establishing electric drift fields in the drift tube segments and in some of the ion elimination regions while establishing electric repulsive fields in others of the ion elimination regions such that ions having a predefined mobility or range of mobilities are transmitted through the drift tube in one direction, and when the ions reach the end of the drift tube the electric drift fields are reversed and the process is repeated to transmit the ions to the opposite end of the drift tube. Ions may be made to pass back and forth through the drift tube any number of times before being drawn out of the drift tube to an ion detector or into another drift tube..
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation


Mass spectrometer electrode

A monolithic electrode includes a first portion devoid of apertures and a second portion surrounded by the first portion, the second portion having a web defining a plurality of apertures. A method for forming an electrode includes forming a first electrode portion devoid of apertures and forming a second electrode portion having a web defining a plurality of apertures.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Method of calibrating mass-to-charge ratio measurements obtained from a mass spectrometer connected in fluid communication with an analysis system delivering a temporally changing sample

A method of calibrating mass-to-charge ratio measurements obtained from a mass spectrometer connected in fluid communication with a chromatographic system comprises the steps of acquiring a multiplicity of mass spectra of an analyte during an analytical run, analyzing at least some of the multiplicity of mass spectra during the analytical run for generating result data relating to a decision on introduction of a calibrant material into the mass spectrometer; and introducing the calibrant material into the mass spectrometer during the analytical run, based on the result data. An arrangement for mass analysis that is suitable for carrying out the method comprises a chromatographic system (10), a mass spectrometer (20) connected downstream, in fluid communication to the chromatographic system (10), a data acquisition device (22) for acquiring mass spectra of an analyte fed to the mass spectrometer (20), a controllable injector (30, 31) to introduce calibrant material into the mass spectrometer, and a control unit (50) receiving information on the acquired mass spectra from the data acquisition device (22), the control unit (50) configured to dynamically control the injector (30, 31) based on the received information..
Tofwerk Ag


Chromatograph mass spectrometer

When setting analysis conditions, an analysis operator sets, on a dwell-time calculation/loop-time listing window, the target value of a loop time corresponding to the measurement-time interval to repeat an analysis for one ion, and clicks a dwell time calculation button. Then, a dwell time calculator computes the dwell time for each event, based on the target value of the loop time, the arrangement of events set at that point in time, the number of target ion species set in each event, and other conditional factors.
Shimadzu Corporation


Hybrid ion mobility spectrometer

A hybrid ion mobility spectrometer includes a single-pass drift tube having an ion inlet at one end and an ion outlet at an opposite end, a multiple-pass drift tube having an ion inlet and an ion outlet each coupled to the single pass drift tube between the ion inlet and the ion outlet thereof, and a set of ion gates each controllable between an open position to pass ions therethrough and a closed position to block ions from passing therethrough. The set of ion gates may be controlled to pass at least some ions traveling through the single-pass drift tube into the multiple-pass drift tube via the ion inlet of the multiple-pass drift tube and to pass at least some ions traveling through the multiple-pass drift tube into the single-pass drift tube via the ion outlet of the multiple-pass drift tube..
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation


Gas analyzer with fuel cell

The invention relates to gas analyzers, especially mobile ion mobility spectrometers or mass spectrometers which are operated at atmospheric pressure to detect dangerous substances. The invention uses a fuel cell to generate the electric operating power of the gas analyzer, and the waste heat from the fuel cell is used to regulate the temperature of modules of the gas analyzer..
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Integrated raman spectrometer and modularized laser module

An integrated raman spectrum measurement system and a modularized laser module are provided. The modularized laser module includes a laser emitter and an axis adjustment mechanism.
Protrustech Co., Ltd


Flow a spectrometer operating same

A flow apparatus for a spectrometer system includes a first optics element that is optically coupleable to a spectrometer and a second optics element that is optically coupleable to a light source. The first and second optics element may be arranged at a distance from one another in the region of a measurement gap through which a liquid can flow, in the region of which a light beam emerging from the second optics element and propagating into the first optics element is at least partly absorbable.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Hybrid image-pupil optical reformatter

A hybrid image-pupil optical reformatter and method for optional use with a spectrometer is disclosed, which performs beam slicing in pupil space and stacks replicas of the input source generated from the pupil beam slices in image space. The optical reformatter comprises a collimator which receives an input light and produces a collimated beam; a first optical element which receives the collimated beam, redirects portions of the collimated beam back toward the collimator as reimaged beams and permits portions of the collimated beam to pass; a second optical element which receives the reimaging beams and redirects the reimaging beams back toward the collimator and the first optical element; to form an output beam comprising the portions of the collimated beams that are not redirected toward the collimator by the first optical element.
Tornado Spectral Systems Inc.


Identification of mycoplasm contamination using raman spectroscopy

A manufacturing method comprises collecting a sample from a cell culture used by a manufacturing application, and controlling a raman spectrometer to collect a raman spectrum of a targeted volume within the sample. The method further comprises obtaining reference spectra uniquely associated with a known cell line, which comprise at least two of: spectral measurements of mycoplasma by itself, a contaminated cell line, and a pure cell line.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Ion modification

An ion mobility spectrometer comprising an ioniser for ionising a sample; a detector separated from the ioniser by a drift chamber along which ions can travel from the ioniser toward the detector; a gate for controlling the passage of ions from the ioniser to the drift chamber; an ion modifier arranged between the ioniser and the detector and comprising a first electrode and a second electrode; and a voltage provider configured to provide a time varying voltage between the first electrode and the second electrode wherein the time varying voltage has a frequency of at least 2.5 mhz.. .


Remote laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

In various embodiments, a device may generally comprise a remote ablation chamber comprising an inlet and an outlet, a laser to deposit energy into a sample in the chamber to ablate the sample and generate ablation products in the chamber, a transport device in fluid communication with the outlet, an ionization source to ionize the ablation products to produce ions, and a mass spectrometer having an ion transfer inlet to capture the ions. The ablation products or the ions may be transported in a fluid stream from the ablation chamber through the transport device.
The George Washington University


Mass spectrometer

The present disclosure provides a mass spectrometer for performing an analysis of sample ions, and a method for operating a mass spectrometer. The mass spectrometer comprises a first ion optical element that is supplied with a first gas; a mass analyzer, wherein the performance of the mass analyzer is dependent on the pressure of the first gas in the first ion optical element; and a controller for setting a property of the first gas, which comprises at least the pressure of the first gas, on the basis of a characteristic of the analysis to be performed by the mass spectrometer..
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


High duty cycle ion spectrometer

An ion spectrometer is provided, comprising: an ion source, arranged to generate ions continuously with a first range of mass to charge ratios; and an ion trap, arranged to receive ions from the ion source along an axis, and to eject ions with a second range of mass to charge ratios orthogonally to that axis, the second range of mass to charge ratios being narrower than the first range of mass to charge ratios. In some embodiments, ions generated by the ion source continuously flow into the ion trap.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

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