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Spectrometer patents

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Mass spectrometer

Date/App# patent app List of recent Spectrometer-related patents
 Chromatograph mass spectrometer patent thumbnailnew patent Chromatograph mass spectrometer
Sequential identification numbers are automatically provided and undisplayed, constant, unique numbers are assigned to each event registered in an analysis condition setting table 100. Since correspondence information between the identification numbers and the unique numbers changes due to the reassignment of identification numbers when an event is deleted from the table, event identification numbers for each compound are changed by referring to the correspondence information on a compound information table.
 Optical coherence tomographic imaging information acquisition apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Optical coherence tomographic imaging information acquisition apparatus
An optical tomographic imaging information acquisition apparatus according to an sd-oct system including: at least two super luminescent diodes; a sensor and a spectrometer that are for acquiring information on a measurement target; a combiner section for the photoreceptor unit configured to combine emitted beams from the at least two super luminescent diodes (slds) and to guide the beams to the photoreceptor unit; a monitor unit configured to monitor a spectrum of the emitted beams from the at least two super luminescent diodes; a driving unit configured to drive the slds; and a control unit configured to feed back a monitored result by the monitor unit to the driving unit, the driving unit is further configured to drive only one of each of the at least two super luminescent diodes. With the apparatus, a spectral shape can be easily controlled to be unimodal..
 System and method for the detection and control of illicit trafficking of special nuclear materials patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for the detection and control of illicit trafficking of special nuclear materials
It is a system and method for the monitoring of the illicit traffic of fissile materials that can be used for the construction of nuclear bombs or not fissile that can be used for the construction of radiological dispersion devices; characterized by reducing the rate of spurious detection and increase the probability of detection compared with equivalent devices of the prior art. Some of its embodiments include the use of a radiation detector/telemeter ensemble with manual or automatic pointing and an ensemble of radiation detector/camera with an automatic object tracker along with data acquisition and processing electronics; which allow the calculation of the correlation between the characteristic profile produced by the mo and a predicted reference profile.
 Miniature sensor structures for ion mobility spectrometers patent thumbnailnew patent Miniature sensor structures for ion mobility spectrometers
For ion mobility spectrometry applications, a desired shape of a sensor structure may be created by forming a desired shape from a ceramic material, such as aluminum nitride. In various embodiments, the sensor structure may be formed using discrete individual ceramic sheets and/or from a preformed ceramic tube.
 Mass spectrometer patent thumbnailnew patent Mass spectrometer
In order to solve a problem in a mass spectrometry that a distribution of an emitted ion and a substance distribution on the measurement object surface are different from each other, which is due to a shaded portion of a irregular surface which falls under a shadow of primary beam, a primary ion optical system of the present apparatus includes a deflection unit configured to deflect the primary ion in such a manner that the primary ion intersects a flight space of the secondary ion in the course of flight.. .
 Method and apparatus for mass spectrometry patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for mass spectrometry
A method for analysing ions according to their mass-to-charge ratio and mass spectrometer for performing the method, comprising directing a collimated ion beam along an ion path from an ion source to an ion detector, causing a portion of the ion beam to contact one or more surfaces prior to reaching the ion detector, wherein the method comprises providing a coating on and/or heating the one or more surfaces to reduce variation in their surface patch potentials. The method is applicable to multi-reflection time-of-flight (mr tof) mass spectrometry..
 Techniques for automated performance maintenance testing and reporting for analytical instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Techniques for automated performance maintenance testing and reporting for analytical instruments
Techniques are described for performing performance maintenance on a mass spectrometer. Pre-maintenance testing is performed that automating execution of a test sequence in response to a first user interface selection.
 Tandem mass spectrometer and mass spectrometric method patent thumbnailnew patent Tandem mass spectrometer and mass spectrometric method
An ion trap is provided between a collision cell and a time-of-flight mass separator. During a time period in which precursor ions derived from the same compound are selected with a quadrupole mass filter, a collision energy is changed from one to another.
 Detection of membrane protein-therapeutic agent complexes by mass spectrometry patent thumbnailnew patent Detection of membrane protein-therapeutic agent complexes by mass spectrometry
According to the present invention, there is provided a method of detecting a complex comprising a membrane protein bound to a therapeutic agent by mass spectrometry. The method comprises: (a) providing a solution comprising a detergent micelle in which said complex is contained; (b) providing a mass spectrometer comprising a nanoelectrospray ionisation source, a mass analyser and a detector; (c) vaporising the solution using the nanoelectrospray ionisation source under conditions such that the complex is released from the micelle; (d) ionising the complex; (e) resolving the ionised complex using the mass analyser; and (f) detecting the resolved complex using the detector.
 Spectrometer patent thumbnailSpectrometer
A spectrometer with a detector and a transparent body which has an entry area and an exit area on a front side of the body and a reflection grating on a rear side of the body. A beam entering the body via the entry area is reflected at the reflection grating to the exit area and in the process is spectrally split and passes through the exit area and impinges on the detector.
Imaging zoom for wide field-of-view imaging spectrometer
An imaging system comprises a wide field of view (fov) telescope, a narrow fov telescope, a spectrometer, an imaging detector, an image slicer, and a selection mechanism. The wide fov telescope is configured to produce a one-dimensional optical image of a broad field of view (fov) f.
Temperature-adjusted spectrometer
A temperature-adjusted spectrometer can include a light source and a temperature sensor.. .
Discontinuous atmospheric pressure interface
A method of interfacing atmospheric pressure ion sources, including electrospray and desorption electrospray ionization sources, to mass spectrometers, for example miniature mass spectrometers, in which the ionized sample is discontinuously introduced into the mass spectrometer. Discontinuous introduction improves the match between the pumping capacity of the instrument and the volume of atmospheric pressure gas that contains the ionized sample.
Mass spectrometer with bypass of a fragmentation device
A method for analyzing a mixture of components includes forming precursor ions from the components, alternately causing the precursor ions to pass to and to by-pass a fragmentation device, to form product ions from the precursor ions that pass to the device and to form substantially fewer product ions from precursor ions that by-pass the device, and obtaining mass spectra from product ions received from the device and from precursor ions that by-passed the device. An apparatus for analyzing a sample includes an ion source for forming precursor ions from the components of the sample, a fragmentation device for forming product ions from the precursor ions, a by-pass device disposed upstream of the fragmentation device for switchable by-pass of the fragmentation device, and a mass analyzer..
Ion fragmentation
A collision cell for a mass spectrometer arranged to receive ions for fragmentation in a chamber and comprising an activation ion generator configured to irradiate the received ions with activation ions of the same polarity as the received ions. The activation ion generator is preferably a plasma generator, configured to generate a plasma comprising the activation ions..
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer
A thin metal plate and two prismatic-bar-shaped metal members that are parallel to each other are alternately and repeatedly stacked, and the stack is sandwiched between two thick metal plates. Each contact surface is bonded to the counterpart surface by diffusion bonding to form an integrated multilayer body.
Differentially pumped dual linear quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer
The present disclosure provides a new tandem mass spectrometer and methods of using the same for analyzing charged particles. The differentially pumped dual linear quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer of the present disclose includes a combination of two linear quadrupole (lqit) mass spectrometers with differentially pumped vacuum chambers..
Quadrupole mass spectrometer with enhanced sensitivity and mass resolving power
A novel method and mass spectrometer apparatus is introduced to spatially and temporally resolve images of one or more ion exit patterns of a multipole instrument. In particular, the methods and structures of the present invention measures the ion current as a function of time and spatial displacement in the beam cross-section of a quadrupole mass filter via an arrayed detector.
Mass distribution spectrometry method and mass distribution spectrometer
The present invention provides a mass distribution spectrometry which reduces an influence of the dispersion in the times at which ionizing beams irradiate a sample, on a mass spectrometry result, and can measure the mass distribution with high reliability. The mass distribution spectrometry is a mass spectrometry which includes irradiating the sample with a primary ion beam and detecting generated secondary ions, wherein this primary ion beam has a spread toward a direction perpendicular to a travelling direction, has a path length of each primary ion contained in the primary ion beam between a primary ion source and a surface of the sample adjusted by deflecting a trajectory, and is obliquely incident on the surface of the sample..
Mass spectrometer
A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an ion mobility spectrometer or separator and an ion guide arranged downstream of the ion mobility spectrometer or separator. A plurality of axial potential wells are created in the ion guide so that ions received from the ion mobility spectrometer or separator become confined in separate axial potential wells.
Integrated ion separation spectrometer
An apparatus including an ion injector having an inlet and an outlet and a micro-corona ionizer positioned between the inlet and the outlet of the ion injector. The micro-corona ionizer includes a planar electrode and a sharp knife-edged electrode spaced apart from the planar electrode and positioned with the sharp knife edge pointing toward the planar electrode.
Photo-dissociation of proteins and peptides in a mass spectrometer
A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising automatically and repeatedly performing multiple cycles of operation, wherein a cycle of operation comprises the steps of: (i) mass analysing first ions; (ii) exposing the first ions to a first photo-dissociation device to form a plurality of second ions and mass analysing the second ions; and (iii) exposing the first ions to a first photo-dissociation device to form a plurality of second ions, fragmenting the second ions to form a plurality of third ions and mass analysing the third ions.. .
Mass spectrometer and mass spectrometric method
A mass spectrometry using helium as cooling gas is performed to obtain a first mass spectrum (s1), and another mass spectrometry using argon, which is heavier than helium, as cooling gas is performed to obtain a second mass spectrum for the same sample (s2). Due to the difference between the two gases in terms of the effect of promoting dissociation of modifications, an ion peak originating from a target compound from which all the modifications have been dissociated will appear with a higher intensity on the second mass spectrum.
Correction of asymmetric electric fields in ion cyclotron resonance cells
The invention relates to a method and a device for optimization of electric fields in measurement cells of fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometers. The invention is based on the rationale that asymmetric electric fields with uniformly or non-uniformly perturbed field axes can appear in ion cyclotron resonance cells and therefore the axis of the magnetron orbit can become radially displaced.
Capillary absorption spectrometer and process for isotopic analysis of small samples
A capillary absorption spectrometer and process are described that provide highly sensitive and accurate stable absorption measurements of analytes in a sample gas that may include isotopologues of carbon and oxygen obtained from gas and biological samples. It further provides isotopic images of microbial communities that allow tracking of nutrients at the single cell level.
Handheld spectrometer
A handheld x-ray fluorescence spectrometer includes a pyroelectric radiation source for directing x-rays toward a sample to be analyzed and a detector for receiving secondary x-rays emitted from the sample and converting the secondary x-rays into one or more electrical signals representative of the received secondary x-rays. A module is configured to receive the one or more electrical signals and send a representation of the one or more signals over a communication channel to a computing device without performing any spectral analysis on the one or more electrical signals to characterize the sample.
Confocal spectrometer and method for imaging in confocal spectrometer
A broadband light source is provided for a confocal spectrometer having a first aperture device with a first slit grid of a main slit direction arranged in front of the light source to produce a slit-shaped pattern of the light source. A first imaging optical unit focuses the slit-shaped pattern of the light source on an object to be imaged.
Radio-frequency-free hybrid electrostatic/magnetostatic cell for transporting, trapping, and dissociating ions in mass spectrometers
Mass spectrometry cells include one or more interleaved magnetostatic and electrostatic lenses. In some examples, the electrostatic lenses are based on electrical potentials applied to magnetostatic lens pole pieces.
Method and apparatus for improving ion transmission into a mass spectrometer
An ion transfer device for transferring ions emerging from an electrospray ion source at atmosphere to a vacuum chamber includes an inner surface in the shape of a diverging conical duct. The ion transfer device has an entrance aperture for positioning proximate the exit port of the electrospray ion source emitter, the entrance aperture receiving the electrosprayed ions from the exit port of the electrospray ion source emitter at atmosphere, the diverging conical duct being an electrode toward which the ions migrate and having an exit aperture with an inner diameter larger than an inner diameter of its entrance aperture, the exit aperture enclosed in the vacuum chamber, the diverging conical duct transporting the ions from atmosphere to vacuum.
Aperture gas flow restriction
A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising two vacuum chambers maintained at different pressures. The two vacuum chambers are interconnected by a differential pumping aperture.
Ion guide with orthogonal sampling
A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a rf ion guide wherein in a mode of operation a continuous, quasi-continuous or pulsed beam of ions is orthogonally sampled from the ion guide and wherein the continuous, quasi-continuous or pulsed beam of ions is not axially trapped or otherwise axially confined within the rf ion guide. The ion guide is maintained, in use, at a pressure selected from the group consisting of: (i) 0.0001-0.001 mbar; (ii) 0.001-0.01 mbar; (iii) 0.01-0.1 mbar; (iv) 0.1-1 mbar; (v) 1-10 mbar; (vi) 10-100 mbar; and (vii) >100 mbar..
Gas chromatograph having an absorption spectrometer and method for analyzing a gas mixture via gas chromatography
A method in which a sample of a gas mixture to be analyzed via gas chromatography is conducted through a chromatographic separating device via a carrier gas, separated components of the gas mixture are subsequently quantitatively determined in an absorption spectrometer having a wavelength-adaptable light source, and in order to increase the speed of analysis and to be able to also determine components that cannot be measured via absorption spectroscopy, the wavelength of the light source can be adapted to an absorption line of the carrier gas, where the individual components of the gas mixture are determined indirectly via a concentration reduction of the carrier gas.. .
Methods and systems for multiple charge correction of electrical mobility spectrometer data
Systems and methods for determining particle size distribution from electrical mobility spectrometry (ems) measurements in the presence of multiply charged particles. Ems data comprising zeroth order singly-charged particle size distribution information for one or more ems channels is obtained and fitted using a gumbel distribution function to obtain a fit function value.
Device for monitoring and controlling cellular growth
The present disclosure is drawn to a device for monitoring and controlling live cells and associated methods. In an example, the device can include a plurality of elongated nanostructures affixed to a substrate.
Electron spin resonance spectrometer and method for using same
An electron spin resonance spectrometer includes a bridge to transmit an excitation frequency and to receive a signal frequency; a probe electrically connected to the bridge and comprising: a first conductor in electrical communication with the bridge to transmit the signal frequency to the bridge; a shorting member electrically connected to the first conductor to transmit the excitation frequency to a sample, to produce the signal frequency, and to transmit the signal frequency to the first conductor; and a second conductor electrically connected to the shorting member; and a magnet disposed proximate to the probe.. .
Fragmentation methods for mass spectrometry
Apparatus and methods are provided that enable the interaction of low-energy electrons and positrons with sample ions to facilitate electron capture dissociation (ecd) and positron capture dissociation (pcd), respectively, within multipole ion guide structures. It has recently been discovered that fragmentation of protonated ions of many biomolecules via ecd often proceeds along fragmentation pathways not accessed by other dissociation methods, leading to molecular structure information not otherwise easily obtainable.
Methods, electrical power control system, and power control circuit for maintaining or providing constant or substantially constant power, for reducing and/or minimizing power decay, and for improving an infrared source driver, and methods of using same
A power system, power circuit, and methods for maintaining or providing a constant or substantially constant power source and for reducing and/or minimizing power decay of a predetermined component are provided. Such improvement of power delivery and minimization of power loss is important for precision instrumentation applications.
Miniature tunable laser spectrometer for detection of a trace gas
An open-path laser spectrometer (opls) for measuring a concentration of a trace gas, the opls including an open-path multi-pass analysis region including a first mirror, a second mirror at a distance and orientation from the first mirror, and a support structure for locating the mirrors, a laser coupled to the analysis region and configured to emit light of a wavelength range and to enable a plurality of reflections of the emitted light between the mirrors, a detector coupled to the analysis region and configured to detect a portion of the emitted light impinging on the detector and to generate a corresponding signal, and an electronic system coupled to the laser and the detector, and configured to adjust the wavelength range of the emitted light from the laser based on the generated signal, and to measure the concentration of the trace gas based on the generated signal.. .
Automated focusing, cleaning, and multiple location sampling spectrometer system
An analysis system includes a moveable focusing lens, a laser (typically an eye safe laser) having an output directed at the focusing lens, and a spectrometer outputting intensity data from a sample. A controller system is responsive to the spectrometer and is configured to energize the laser, process the output of the spectrometer, and adjust the position of the focusing lens relative to the sample until the spectrometer output indicates a maximum or near maximum intensity resulting from a laser output focused to a spot on the sample..
Handheld libs spectrometer
A handheld libs spectrometer includes an optics stage movably mounted to a housing and including a laser focusing lens and a detection lens. One or more motors advance and retract the optics stage, move the optics stage left and right, and/or move the optics stage up and down.
Automated multiple location sampling analysis system
An analysis system (e.g., libs) includes a laser source generating a laser beam, a movable optic configured to move said laser beam to multiple locations on a sample, and a spectrometer responsive to photons emitted by the sample at those locations and having an output. A controller is responsive to a trigger signal and is configured in a moving spot cycle to adjust the moveable optic, activate the laser source sequentially generating photons at multiple locations on the sample, and process the spectrometer output at each location..
Micro purge of plasma region
An analysis system includes a laser source generating a laser beam for creating a plasma at a location on a sample. A spectrometer is responsive to photons emitted by the sample at said location and has an output.
System and device for non-destructive raman analysis
A raman microspectrometer system extends the optical reach and analysis range of an existing raman microspectrometer to allow analysis and/or repair of an oversized sample. The raman microspectrometer system includes an extender for extending the optical reach of the existing microspectrometer and a supplemental stage which extends the analysis range of the existing microspectrometer by providing travel capabilities for non-destructive analysis of an entire oversized sample.
Automated plasma cleaning system
An analysis (e.g., libs) system includes a laser source generating a laser beam for creating a plasma at a location on a sample, and a spectrometer responsive to photons emitted by the sample at said location and having an output. A controller is responsive to a trigger signal and is configured to activate the laser source generating a series of laser pulses in a cleaning cycle, process the spectrometer output, and automatically terminate the cleaning cycle based on the spectrometer output..
Method for predicting whether a cancer patient will not benefit from platinum-based chemotherapy agents
A testing method for identification whether a cancer patient is a member of a group or class of cancer patients that are not likely to benefit from administration of a platinum-based chemotherapy agent, e.g., cisplatin, carboplatin or analogs thereof, either alone or in combination with other non-platinum chemotherapy agents, e.g., gemcitabine and paclitaxel. This identification can be made in advance of treatment.
Apparatus for optical analysis of an associated tissue
The present invention relates to an apparatus 100 and, a method and a computer program for determining a parameter indicative of a tissue type of an associated tissue 116. In particular, the invention relates to an apparatus 100 comprising a spectrometer 102, which spectrometer comprises a light source 104 and a detector 106, 108 arranged to measure an optical spectrum.
Function switching with fast asynchronous acquisition
A method of analysing a sample is disclosed comprising transmitting a first population of ions through a mass spectrometer and switching a state or mode of the mass spectrometer to produce a second population of ions. A sequential stream of mass spectra is acquired asynchronously with respect to switching the state or mode of the mass spectrometer.
Parallel sensing configuration covers spectrum and colorimetric quantities with spatial resolution
An optical test equipment/method for display testing that features parallel testing/sensing configuration that covers spectrum and colorimetric quantities with spatial resolution is disclosed. In one embodiment, a spectra-camera, which is a hybrid system consisting of both a single-point spectrometer and an imaging colorimeter, can be configured for concurrent display artifact and parametric testing.

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