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Spectrometer patents

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Optical emission system including dichroic beam combiner

Agilent Technologies

Optical emission system including dichroic beam combiner

Handheld libs analyzer end plate purging structure


Handheld libs analyzer end plate purging structure

Handheld libs analyzer end plate purging structure

University Of Rochester

System and method for determining the radiological composition of material layers within a conduit

Date/App# patent app List of recent Spectrometer-related patents
 Spectrometer reference calibration patent thumbnailnew patent Spectrometer reference calibration
Aspects of spectrometer reference calibration are described. In one embodiment, a diagnostic measurement for evaluation of an aspect of calibration in spectroscopy is performed.
Westco Scientific Instruments, Inc.
 High dynamic range detector correction algorithm patent thumbnailnew patent High dynamic range detector correction algorithm
Systems and methods are provided to perform dead time correction. An observed ion count rate is obtained using a non-paralyzable detection system of a mass spectrometer.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.
 System and  determining the radiological composition of material layers within a conduit patent thumbnailnew patent System and determining the radiological composition of material layers within a conduit
There is provided a system and method for determining the radiological composition of material layers within a conduit. The system and method disclosed is equally applicable to pipes, vessels, and conduits as well as medical applications such as determining vessel thickness, occlusion, scarring, or the like in humans and animals.
University Of Rochester
 Optical emission system including dichroic beam combiner patent thumbnailnew patent Optical emission system including dichroic beam combiner
An optical emission spectrometer system includes a light source and a dichroic beam combiner. The light source emits first light in a first direction and second light in a second direction different from the first direction.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
 Handheld libs analyzer end plate purging structure patent thumbnailnew patent Handheld libs analyzer end plate purging structure
A handheld libs analyzer includes a laser source for generating a laser beam and a spectrometer subsystem for analyzing a plasma generated when the laser beam strikes a sample. A nose section includes an end plate with an aperture for the laser beam, a purge cavity behind the aperture fluidly connected to a source of purge gas, and a shield covering the purge cavity.
Sciaps, Inc.
 Systems and methods for using interleaving window widths in tandem mass spectrometry patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for using interleaving window widths in tandem mass spectrometry
Systems and methods are provided for analyzing a sample using overlapping measured mass selection window widths. A mass range of a sample is divided into two or more target mass selection window widths using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.
 Capacitive transimpedance amplifier with offset patent thumbnailnew patent Capacitive transimpedance amplifier with offset
Spectrometers including integrated capacitive detectors are described. An integrated capacitive detector integrates ion current from the collector (768) into a changing voltage.
Smiths Detection-watford Limited
 Moving laser focus in a spectrometer patent thumbnailMoving laser focus in a spectrometer
In an embodiment, an apparatus may include a light source, a beam manipulator, an optical component, an analyzer, and a detector. The light source may generate an incident light at a first frequency.
 Methods and devices for calibrating the mobility axis of an ion mobility spectrum patent thumbnailMethods and devices for calibrating the mobility axis of an ion mobility spectrum
Methods and devices are provided for calibrating the mobility axis of an ion mobility spectrum and determining the mobility characteristic of ion species from an ion mobility spectrum, in particular for calibrating the drift time axis of an ion mobility spectrum acquired by a drift type ion mobility spectrometer (ims). An ion mobility spectrometer uses an ion source that comprises a first ionization region which is fluidly coupled to a sample source, a second ionization region which is spatially separated from the first ionization region and fluidly coupled to a calibrant reservoir, and electrical means for controlling the transfer of sample ions from the first region into the second ionization region or into a third region of the ion source wherein the third region is fluidly coupled to the first and second ionization region and located closer to a mobility analyzer than the first and second ionization region..
 Systems and methods for sequencing peptides by mass spectrometry patent thumbnailSystems and methods for sequencing peptides by mass spectrometry
The number of atoms present in an ion of a molecule is identified using a mixture of different forms of the molecule. A mass spectrometer analyzes a mixture of at least two forms of the molecule using one or more ion scans producing a mass spectrum.

Systems and methods for using variable mass selection window widths in tandem mass spectrometry

Systems and methods are used to analyze a sample using variable mass selection window widths. A tandem mass spectrometer is instructed to perform at least two fragmentation scans of a sample with different mass selection window widths using a processor.

Integrated capacitor transimpedance amplifier

Spectrometers including integrated capacitive detectors are described. An integrated capacitive detector integrates ion current from the collector (220) into a changing voltage.

Method of identifying proteins in human serum indicative of pathologies of human lung tissues

A method of identifying proteins present in human serum which are differentially expressed between normal individuals and patients known to have non-small cell lung cancers and asthma, as diagnosed by a physician. Human serum specimens from each population are digested with trypsin or any other suitable endoproteinase and analyzed using a liquid chromatography electrospray ionization mass spectrometer.
Cancer Prevention And Cure, Ltd

Light collection optics for measuring flux and spectrum from light-emitting devices

Systems and methods for accurately measuring the luminous flux and color (spectra) from light-emitting devices are disclosed. An integrating sphere may be utilized to directly receive a first portion of light emitted by a light-emitting device through an opening defined on the integrating sphere.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Resonator with reduced losses

A device for detecting electromagnetic radiation comprises a waveguide and at least one resonator on a substrate, and a low-refractive index region between each resonator and the substrate. The low-refractive index region has a lower refractive index than a material of the resonator.
Astrium Limited

Sealing surface, in particular for a vacuum chamber of a mass spectrometer and manufacturing such a sealing surface

A sealing surface, in particular for a vacuum chamber of a mass spectrometer and an associated manufacturing process, has non-circular shapes and can be produced with low effort. The sealing surface has circumferential cracks, being produced by erosion or jet machining or indentation-forming.
Vacutec Hochvakuum- & Präzisionstechnik Gmbh

Sample plate using maldi-tof mass spectrometer and manufacturing the sample plate

A sample plate in use with a maldi-tof (matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight) mass spectrometer. The sample plate is usable for the mass spectrometry of a polymeric material on the order of several hundreds of da and a method of manufacturing the same sample plate.
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

Sample transferring mass cytometry

In a mass cytometer or mass spectrometer, a sample of elemental tagged particles is transferred from a dispersion to a gas flow through a carrier aerosol spray for atomization and ionization by inductively coupled plasma (icp) source. The configuration of the sample transfer apparatus allow for total consumption of the sample by passing the sample spray through a deceleration stage to decelerate the spray of particles from its high velocity expansion.
Fluidigm Canada Inc.

Mass spectrometer with laser spot pattern for maldi

The invention relates to mass spectrometers with an ion source, comprising a uv laser system for mass spectrometric analyses with ionization of analyte molecules in a sample by matrix-assisted laser desorption, which, with very low energy losses, can produce a spatially distributed spot pattern with several intensity peaks of equal height, thus making it possible to achieve an optimum degree of ionization of analyte ions for any task. Such a spot pattern can be generated from the uv beam with high transverse coherence, using a combination of a lens array and a lens, provided that the lens array satisfies a mathematical condition for separation of the micro-lenses from each other (pitch) and their focal length.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh

Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction detecting n-nitrosoamines

The dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (dllme) method of detecting n-nitrosoamines (nas) is a dllme performed with a xylene extraction solvent and a methanol disperser solvent. The microextraction is preferably performed by a programmable array logic (pal) auto-sampler.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Compact spectrometer for two-dimensional sampling

The present invention relates to a spectrometer including a diopter (11); capturing means (15, 18) at said diopter (11) of an interferogram (12) originating from two interference beams (f1, f2) and forming interference lines (13) along the transverse axis (ox) of the interferogram (12) within the plane (xoy) of the diopter (11), said capturing means (15, 18) including a network (18) of detection elements (19) so arranged to detect the spatial distribution of said interferogram (12), characterized in that said network (18) of detection elements (19) is two-dimensional and in that at least a portion of said capturing means (15, 18) and said interferogram (12) are tilted with regard to each other along the transverse axis (ox) of the interferogram (12). The present invention also relates to a spectroscopic imaging device, including means for emitting two interference beams (f1, f2), and to such a spectrometer..
UniversitÉ De Technologie De Troyes

Ion mobility spectrometer system

An ion mobility spectrometer system is disclosed. In one aspect, the system includes a gas chromatograph, first and second ion mobility spectrometers, and a sample feed device that feeds a sample from the gas chromatograph to the first and second ion mobility spectrometers.
Nuctech Company Limited

Ion mobility spectrometer

A method and apparatus are disclosed for improving ion mobility spectrometry by using a fast and spatially wide ion gate based on local rf field barrier opposed to a switching dc field. The improvement accelerates the ion mobility analysis and improves charge throughput and dynamic range of the ims.
Leco Corporation

Drift tube ion mobility spectrometer for aerosol measurement

A drift tube ion mobility spectrometry sample introduction scheme allows introduction of a sample packet at ground voltages. The sample packet of ionized particles is captured by subjecting particles within a defined region to an electric field at an elevated voltage.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

Digital microfluidic chips for automated hydrogen deuterium exchange (hdx) ms analysis

Described herein is a digital microfluidic droplet generator (dmdg) and a microfluidic platform for processing material introduced into the dmdg. The combination is particularly suited for hydrogen/deuterium exchange and mass spectrometer (hdx-ms) processing and analysis of membrane proteins..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Apparatus for pretreating biological samples, and mass spectrometer equipped with same

A clinical laboratory apparatus includes a pretreating apparatus having a high separation capability and providing high data reproducibility and reliability and a mass spectrometer is provided which executes fully automatic processing from pretreatment to detection. The pretreating apparatus that includes a cartridge for holding an extraction agent for solid-phase extraction, a pressure-loading unit for applying a pressure load to any cartridge mounted on the solid-phase extraction cartridge-retaining unit, a receiving tray mechanism for receiving a sample extracted from the cartridge, and a liquid-level sensor for detecting liquid levels in the receiving tray as well as in the cartridge, conducts feedback control for the pressure-loading unit to open its pressure release valve upon the liquid-level sensor detecting that the liquid level in the receiving tray mechanism has reached a preset liquid-level position..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

In-furnace retro-reflectors with steerable tunable diode laser absorption spectrometer

A method of monitoring combustion properties in an interior of a furnace is described. A beam of light is projected through a pitch optic including a pitch collimating lens residing outside the boiler interior.
Zolo Technologies, Inc.

Spectrometry device

A control unit for controlling the temperature of a spectrometer to be constant stores a first temperature coefficient indicating a proportion of a temperature change of the spectrometer to a room temperature change and a second temperature coefficient indicating a proportion of the temperature change of the spectrometer to a change in the air volume of blower means, and calculates the amount of change in the air volume of the blower means necessary to offset a change in the temperature of the spectrometer from a predetermined constant temperature, by using the first temperature coefficient and the second temperature coefficient, and controls driving of the blower means based on the calculated amount of change in the air volume.. .
Shimadzu Corporation

Mass spectrometer

The larger an m/z to be adjusted, the wider a peak width which represents change in intensity in relation to change in voltage. This allows voltage step size to be increased during a search for an optimum voltage without overlooking a maximum intensity.
Shimadzu Corporation

Method and apparatus to desolvate ions at high pressure and to improve transmission and contamination in the coupling of mass spectrometers and mobility spectrometers with ionizers

A method and apparatus that operate at near atmospheric pressure are described to simultaneously (i) desolvate the droplets produced by an ions source (including electrospray sources), to (ii) separate the surviving droplets from the analyte ions, to (iii) increase the transmission of ions through the inlet of an analyzer, while (iv) preventing the passage through said inlet of neutral contaminants and low mobility species and droplets that could potentially impair the operation of the analyzer, which include mass spectrometers and ion mobility spectrometers. In the present invention, contaminant low mobility species are efficiently deflected away from the analyzer inlet by a sweep flow.
Sociedad Europea De Analisis Diferencial De Movilidad

Ion mobility spectrometer

Shutter gate grid is a structure wherein first and second disc-shaped members made of metal with an insulation sheet member sandwiched therebetween are integrally joined by means of insulative screws. Gate grids with conductive wires secured to the central openings thereof are fused onto the disc-shaped members; screw insertion holes formed in the second disc-shaped member are fan-shaped and have play in the direction of rotation, making it possible to adjust the parallelism of the conductive wires of the two members by finely adjusting the rotational position when tightening the screws.
Shimadzu Corporation

Methods for selective detection of biologically relevant acids

Methods and systems for performing ion mobility spectrometry are provided herein. In accordance with various aspects of the applicant's teachings, the methods and systems can provide for the separation of biologically relevant acids that may be difficult to separate with conventional ms techniques.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Extraction and detection system and method

An apparatus, system and method for the continuous flow extraction, collection and analysis of small amounts of energetic substance/s and their reacted/unreacted residue/s in real time are provided. The apparatus includes an agitator that generates a particulate material from a surface.

Mass spectrometer and mass spectrometry

A portable mass spectrometer that is carried to a sampling site to conduct analysis incorporates measures against erroneous operation. To prevent erroneous operation, when a measurement sample cannot be accurately analyzed because of contamination in the measurement sample, a criterion for aborting the sample measurement is provided and mass spectrometer control maintenance is performed.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Switch circuit, mass spectrometer, and control switch circuit

Provided is a switch circuit that includes plural mos switches connected in series in such a manner that the source of one element is connected to the drain of another between high voltage and a system ground and that switches a connection state between the high voltage and the system ground, the switch circuit including: a mos switch 101 the source of which is connected to the system ground among the plural mos switches; a mos switch 102 the source of which is connected to the drain of the mos switch 101 in a shared manner and the drain of which is connected to the high voltage side among the plural mos switches; a mos switch 103 the drain of which is connected to the gate of the mos switch 102 in a shared manner; and a resistor 104 that is connected in parallel between the gate and the source of the mos switch 102.. .

Method and system for enhancing spectrometer function

A method and system for enhancing spectrometer function may include initially exposing an array of photosensors of the spectrometer to spectral radiation and recording a first data set of photosensor counts within a predetermined measurement range; making a plurality of successive exposures of the photosensors to the radiation, and for each, progressively increasing an intensity of the radiation from the previous exposure, recording counts from the photosensors within the predetermined measurement range, disregarding counts from photosensors that already have recorded counts within the measurement range from a previous exposure to the radiation to make a data set of measured counts, and rescaling the data set of measured counts to adjust for the increasing an intensity of the spectral radiation to form a rescaled data set; and stitching together the first data set and each rescaled data set of measured counts to form a resultant data set of spectral irradiance.. .
The Boeing Company

Mud logging depth and composition measurements

A sample that includes formation content from a subsurface formation and other sample constituents is obtained while the sample is in close proximity to the subsurface formation. While downhole, the formation content is separated from the other sample constituents by passing the sample through an oil-wet porous plate, a water-wet porous plate, or through both plates, and analyzed.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Integrated hydrocarbon analysis

Petroleum or other hydrocarbon samples can be analyzed in parallel by 1) gc-field ionization time of flight mass spectrometer (gc-fi-tof ms) and 2) two dimensional gas chromatography (2d-gc) equipped with a flame ionization detector (fid). The combined techniques allow for improved quantitative characterization of the compounds within a hydrocarbon sample.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

Profile measurement system and profile measurement method

Provided are a profile measurement system and a profile measurement method capable of suppressing the influence of vibration with a simple configuration. The profile measurement system includes: a transmissive optical component having a reference plane opposed to a surface of a sample; a light source which irradiates the surface of the sample with light having a predetermined wavelength region through the transmissive optical component; an imaging spectrometer which measures a reflection spectrum for each position on a linear region defined on the surface of the sample; and a calculation unit which calculates a distance between each position on the linear region and the reference plane based on the measured reflection spectrum for each position on the linear region..
Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd.

Multiplex tunable filter spectrometer

The invention provides spectroscopic systems and spectrometers employing an optical interference filter module having a plurality of bandpass regions. In certain embodiments, the systems include a mechanism for wavelength tuning/scanning and wavelength band decoding based on an angular motion of one or more filters.
Precisive, Llc

Handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy device

A novel device, method and systems disclosed managing the thermal challenges of libs laser components and a spectrometer in a handheld structure as well the use of simplified light signal collection which includes a bare fiber optic to collect the emitted light in close proximity to (or in contact with) the test material. In one example embodiment of the handheld libs device, a burst pulse frequency is 4 khz is used resulting in a time between pulses of about 250 μs which is a factor of 10 above that of other devices in the prior art.
Tsi, Incorporated

Nmr reaction monitoring flow cell

A monitoring cell, used to perform a measurement in an nmr spectrometer of a reaction fluid produced by a reaction vessel, has a body having inlet and outlet transport coaxial capillaries for transporting the reaction fluid between the body and the reaction vessel. Cooling lines are also positioned coaxially with the transport capillaries to transport cooling liquid between the body and the reaction vessel.
Bruker Biospin Corporation

Dispersion spectrometer

A dispersion spectrometer comprises a wavelength dispersive element located within a path of incoming radiant energy; and a first detector disposed to detect incoming radiant energy dispersed by the dispersive element, the spectrometer further comprises a second detector disposed to register the intensity of at least a portion of the un-dispersed incoming radiation and configured to generate a signal representative of the registered intensity, the first detector being adapted to have operational parameters in the form of integration time and/or sensitivity gain varied in response to the signal.. .
Foss Analytical Ab

Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer

Prior to multiple reaction monitoring (mrm) measurement condition optimization, an analysis operator prepares, for each precursor ion of an objective compound, two lists on a product-ion selection condition setting screen 200, i.e. A list 203 which shows ions to be preferentially selected as product ions for which the optimization needs to be performed and a list 202 which shows ions to be excluded from the optimization.
Shimadzu Corporation

Introduction of ions into ion cyclotron resonance cells

The invention relates to a method and a device for introducing ions into an icr cell of fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometers, in particular with a reduced the magnetron orbit. The invention is based on applying at least one gated dc voltage to a mantle electrode of the icr cell prior to the excitation of the cyclotron motion such that injected ions are deflected inside the icr cell in at least one radial direction..
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh

Collision cell multipole

Mass spectrometer collision/reaction cell multipole and method. The multipole may have first and second portions and an intermediate portion therebetween, the first and second portions operating at first and second q values lower than a third q value at the intermediate portion.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Electrode device with pre- and/or postfilters and manufacturing method therefor, as well as a mass spectrometer with such an electrode device

A method manufactures a multipolar electrode device, in particular a multipole for use in a mass spectrometer, wherein the electrode device includes at least one main filter and at least one pre- and/or postfilter. The electrode blanks are separated in several sections for producing the pre- and/or postfilters, which are thereby maintained by a holder in a constant relative position to each other.
Vacutec Hochvakuum- & PrÄzisionstechnik Gmbh

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