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 Atmospheric interface for electrically grounded electrospray patent thumbnailnew patent Atmospheric interface for electrically grounded electrospray
An interface for a mass spectrometer system is provided. The interface can include an inner ceramic tube fabricated from a first ceramic material and an outer tube fabricated from a second ceramic material surrounding the inner ceramic tube.
Waters Technologies Corporation

 Downhole sensing systems and methods employing spectral analysis of time-division multiplexed pulse sequences patent thumbnailnew patent Downhole sensing systems and methods employing spectral analysis of time-division multiplexed pulse sequences
An illustrative downhole sensing system and method employs an array of downhole sensors such as extrinsic fabry-perot interferometers, each of which provides a sequence of light pulses having spectra indicative of a measurand for that downhole sensor. An optical fiber conveys the sequences in a time-multiplexed fashion to a receiver having at least one gating element that passes only a selected one of the sequences and at least one spectrometer that receives the selected one of said sequences and responsively measures a light spectrum.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Gas analyzing device and  analyzing gas patent thumbnailnew patent Gas analyzing device and analyzing gas
The invention relates to a gas analyzing device (1) which comprises at least one ion mobility spectrometer (2). Said gas analyzing device (1) also comprises an energy supply device (50) interacting with a reaction chamber (5) of the ion mobility spectrometer (2) which is designed to manipulate the density of free reactant ions in the reaction chamber (5) by supplying energy.
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz UniversitÄt Hannover

 MessgerÃt patent thumbnailnew patent MessgerÃt
The invention provides a measuring device for analyzing a luminescent sample and, in particular, for measuring the concentration of at least one analyte in a luminescent sample, comprising: a housing with a sample receptacle space for accommodating a sample container; a sample container for accommodating the luminescent sample; a radiation receiver apparatus for receiving radiation emitted by the luminescent sample; and an evaluation apparatus for evaluating the radiation from the luminescent sample received by the radiation receiver apparatus. The invention moreover provides a measuring device comprising a base part and a measuring head arranged at the base part in an interchangeable manner, wherein the measuring head is embodied to analyze the luminescent sample or it is embodied as a spectrometer measuring head..
Ife Innovative Forschungs-und Entwicklungs-gmbh & Co. Kg

 Spectrometer calibration method and reference material patent thumbnailnew patent Spectrometer calibration method and reference material
A calibration method for a spectrometer and a reference material which facilitates calibration of the spectrometer are provided. The reference material has a homogeneous content of elements protected by an inert coating..
Heraeus Electro-nite International N.v.

 Compact mapping spectrometer patent thumbnailnew patent Compact mapping spectrometer
A compact, mapping spectrometer and various embodiments of the spectrometer are described. Methods for performing high-resolution spectroscopic, spatial, and polarimetric analyses of electromagnetic radiation across the complete electromagnetic spectrum, using spectrometer embodiments of the invention, are also described.
Nanohmicsm, Inc.

 Hybrid ion source, mass spectrometer, and ion mobility device patent thumbnailHybrid ion source, mass spectrometer, and ion mobility device
Provided is an ion source achieving high sensitivity and high robustness while executing a plurality of types of ionization schemes. To this end, a hybrid ion source (1) includes: a chamber (24); a first ion source (2) to spray a sample solution (5) for ionization; a second ion source (3) to ionize droplets and/or a gas component sprayed from the first ion source (2); a first electrode (11) to introduce a first ion (7) generated by the first ion source (2), and a second ion generated by the second ion source (3); and an exhaust pump (27) that generates air flow (26) in a direction from a first space area (23) where the first ion (7) is generated to a second space area (19) in the second ion source (3) where the second ion is generated..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Automated beam check patent thumbnailAutomated beam check
A method of automatically performing a routine to check the operational state of a mass spectrometer is disclosed wherein the method is performed automatically as a start-up routine upon switching on the mass spectrometer. The method comprises automatically generating a vacuum within one or more vacuum chambers of a mass spectrometer and automatically generating first ions using an internal ion source, wherein the internal ion source is located within a vacuum chamber of the mass spectrometer or is located within a chamber downstream from an atmospheric pressure interface, and detecting at least some of the first ions or second ions derived from the first ions.
Micromass Uk Limited

 X-ray fluorescence analyzing system patent thumbnailX-ray fluorescence analyzing system
An x-ray fluorescence analyzing system includes: a cassette (3) in which a substrate (1) is housed; a vapor phase decomposing device (20) for dissolving and then drying a measurement object (2) on a sample substrate surface (11a) to be held thereon; at least one measurement substrate (12); a sample recovering device (30) for dripping and drying a recovery liquid (4), which has recovered the measurement object (2) from the sample substrate (11), onto a predetermined dripping position on a measurement substrate surface (12a) to hold the recovery liquid (4) thereon; an x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (40); a conveying device (50) for conveying the substrate (1); and a control device (60) for controlling the devices (20, 30, 40, 50). The recovery liquids (4) of the measurement objects (2) from a plurality of the sample substrates (11) are dripped and dried on the single measurement substrate surface (12a) to be measured..
Rigaku Corporation

 Spectrometry systems, methods, and applications patent thumbnailSpectrometry systems, methods, and applications
A hand held spectrometer is used to illuminate the object and measure the one or more spectra. The spectral data of the object can be used to determine one or more attributes of the object.
Verifood, Ltd.

A for fatigue testing of photochromic, fluorescent or phosphorescent dye/dyes, or of a mixture of at least two of them, and a device for carrying out this method

A method and a device for fatigue testing of photochromic, fluorescent or phosphorescent dye/dyes or of a mixture of at least two of them, in which a sample (3) containing photochromic, fluorescent or phosphorescent dye/dyes or a mixture of at least two of them is exposed to a predetermined number of cycles of luminous exposure to an excitation light beam (81), which evokes a color response of the photochromic, fluorescent or phosphorescent dye/dyes or of the mixture of at least two of them in the sample (3). Before and/or during and/or after each predetermined exposure to the excitation light beam (81), the sample (3) containing the photochromic, fluorescent or phosphorescent dye/dyes or of the mixture of at least two of them is exposed at least once to irradiation by an exposure light beam (71), due to which the dye/dyes is/are subject to fatigue loading.
Technicka Univerzita V Liberci

Light sensor arrangement and spectrometer

A light sensor arrangement comprising a stack having a light sensor, an optical filter, and a mask between the light sensor and the optical filter. In particular, the light sensor comprises a light sensitive surface.
Ams Ag

Atr infrared spectrometer

An atr infrared spectrometer for analyzing a chemical composition of a sample is provided including an elongated atr crystal and having an entrance face, a longitudinal axis, a width, first and second longitudinal ends and an infrared light detector line with infrared-light-detecting regions. A first overall extent of all of the infrared-light-detecting regions corresponds to the width of atr crystal.
Spectrolytic Gmbh

Tool free gas cone retaining device for mass spectrometer ion block assembly

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an atmospheric pressure interface comprising an ion block or sub-assembly having an internal passage. The atmospheric pressure interface further comprises either an inner sampling cone, a capillary interface or other gas limiting interface.
Micromass Uk Limited

High frequency voltage supply control multipole or monopole analysers

A voltage supply system for supplying an rf voltage to an rf resonant load comprising an ion-optical component of a mass spectrometer is disclosed. The system comprises a direct digital synthesiser (“dds”) arranged and adapted to output an rf voltage.
Micromass Uk Limited

Mass spectrometry clinical diagnostic applications

A mass spectrometer system for analysis of clinical samples includes a source of clinical samples. A controller receives the clinical samples from the source of clinical samples.
Virgin Instruments Corporation

System and method to minimize nonrandom fixed pattern noise in spectrometers

This invention relates to a system and method to improve the signal to noise ratio (snr) of optical spectrometers that are limited by nonrandom or fixed pattern noise. A signal from a sample is collected using a short test exposure, a total observation time to maximize snr is calculated, and the total observation time is achieved by averaging multiple exposures whose time is selected based on the time dependent noise structure of the detector.
Rigaku Raman Technologies, Inc.

Low-cost spectrometry system for end-user food analysis

A compact spectrometer is disclosed that is suitable for use in mobile devices such as cellular telephones. In preferred embodiments, the spectrometer comprises a filter, at least one fourier transform focusing element, a micro-lens array, and a detector, but does not use any dispersive elements.
Verifood, Ltd.

Sequential icp optical emission spectrometer and correcting measurement wavelength

A sequential inductively coupled plasma (icp) optical emission spectrometer includes a controller that operates to perform a series of process based on a shift amount (time dependency) of a wavelength peak position according to time elapse of a reference wavelength obtained as a result of continuously measuring a plurality of emission lines of argon having different wavelengths as the reference wavelength and a per-wavelength shift amount (wavelength dependency) of the reference wavelength, the process including: calculating a shift amount of a wavelength peak position of each measurement wavelength from a standard sample measurement time to an unknown sample measurement time; and performing measurement wavelength correction for correcting the movement position of the diffracting grating corresponding to the wavelength peak position of the measurement wavelength relative to the initial position.. .
Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

Color measurement device, image forming apparatus, electronic equipment, color chart, and color measurement method

A printer moves a color chart relative to a spectrometer that carries out spectral measurement on the color chart. The color chart, which is a color measurement target of the printer, includes a color patch and a white portion that is positioned in a first position and a second position.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Method for fabricating light-emitting element and light-emitting element

A light-emitting element and its fabrication method are provided. The light-emitting element includes an el layer between a pair of electrode, and the el layer is formed by evaporation of an organic compound.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Energy resolved time-of-flight mass spectrometry

A time-of-flight mass spectrometer (tof-ms) utilizes an ion dispersion device and a position-sensitive ion detector or an energy-sensitive ion detector to enable measurement of time of flight and kinetic energy of ions arriving at the detector. The measurements may be utilized to improve accuracy in calculating ion masses..
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Systems and methods for high throughput solvent assisted ionization inlet for mass spectrometry

A multiplex system and method for achieving high throughput analysis of samples using solvent assisted ionization inlet includes an ionizing system with a heated inlet channel and a pressure differential across the inlet channel, pipet tips serially aligned with the inlet to a mass spectrometer, and a system of mapping data generated by mass spectrometry.. .
Wayne State University

Spectroscopic sensor for thickness or weight measurement of thin plastic films

Continuous on-line thin film measurements employ a sensor having a spectrometer for interferometric measurements and a stack of single channel detectors for adsorption measurements. The stack is separated from the spectrometer, which analyzes radiation that emerges (transmitted pass or reflected from) the film, whereas the stack analyzes radiation that has passed through the film multiple times.
Honeywell Asca Inc.

Gas inlet system for isotope ratio spectrometer

A gas inlet system 20 for an isotope ratio spectrometer 1 and a method for coupling analyte gas to an isotope ratio spectrometer 1 are disclosed. A variable volume reservoir 5 is located between a supply of analyte gas 9,11 and a spectrometer 1.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

High performance parallel spectrometer device

A spectrometer with increased optical throughput and/or spectral resolution includes a plurality of interferometers coupled in parallel. An optical splitter divides a source light beam into a plurality of input beams and directs each of the input beams to a respective one of the plurality of interferometers.
Si-ware Systems

Linear frequency domain grating and multiband spectrometer having same

A linear frequency domain grating and a multiband spectrometer having the same. The linear frequency domain grating includes a dispersive optical element and a diffractive optical element being substantially in contact with the dispersive optical element or being substantially integrated with the dispersive optical element, configured to receive a beam of incident light along an incident optical path, and diffract and disperse it into its constituent spectrum of frequencies of the light that is output from the dispersive optical element along an output optical path, such that the output light has a spatial distribution on a focal plane in the output optical path that is a linear function of the frequency.

Heterodyne spectrally controlled interferometry

Heterodyne interferometry is combined with spectrally-controlled interferometry (sci) to achieve the advantages of both. Phase shifts produced by sci produce phase-shifted correlograms suitable for heterodyne interferometric analysis, thereby enabling interferometric measurements with conventional common-path apparatus free of coherence noise and scanning-related errors, and with the precision of conventional heterodyne interferometry.

Ruggedized advanced identification mass spectrometer

A dual-ionization mass spectrometer includes a first mass spectrometer module forming a hard ionization mass spectrometer, a second mass spectrometer forming a soft ionization mass spectrometer, a vacuum ultraviolet light source positioned between the first and second modules, a housing encompassing the first and second sets of plates and the light source, and an inlet positioned to receive a sample of an analyte and provide it to at least one of the sets of plates. A method of detecting a substance includes receiving a sample of an analyte into a housing through an inlet, performing soft ionization mass spectrometry on the sample with a soft ionization mass spectrometer in the housing, performing hard ionization spectrometry on the sample with a hard ionization spectrometer in the housing if needed, and generating a detection result from at least one of the soft ionization spectrometry and the hard ionization spectrometry..
Sri International

Electron spectrometer and measurement method

An electron spectrometer includes: an energy analyzer section that energy-analyzes electrons emitted from a specimen; a micro-channel plate that amplifies the electrons analyzed by the energy analyzer section; a fluorescent screen that converts the electrons amplified by the micro-channel plate into light; a camera that photographs the fluorescent screen; and an effective range calculation section that calculates an effective range of the fluorescent screen within a camera image photographed by the camera, the effective range calculation section performing a process that acquires a plurality of the camera images photographed while causing the energy analyzer section to analyze the electrons with a different center energy, a process that converts the plurality of camera images respectively into a plurality of spectra, and a process that calculates the effective range of the fluorescent screen within the camera image based on the plurality of spectra.. .
Jeol Ltd.

Concentric apci surface ionization ion source, ion guide, and use

A concentric apci surface ionization probe, supersonic sampling tube, and method for use of the concentric apci surface ionization probe and supersonic sampling tube are described. In an embodiment, the concentric apci surface ionization probe includes an outer tube, an inner capillary, and a voltage source coupled to the outer tube and the inner capillary.
Smiths Detection Montreal Inc.

Ion source system for atmospheric pressure interface, and mass spectrometer

Provided is an ion source system for an atmospheric pressure interface, comprising an atmospheric pressure ion source (1), wherein the atmospheric pressure ion source (1) is connected downstream to a vacuum ion source (2). Also provided is a mass spectrometer, using the present ion source system as an ion source.
Beijing Institute Of Technology

Ion trap mass spectrometers

A method of mass spectrometry or ion mobility spectrometry is disclosed comprising: providing ions towards an ion storage region; selecting a target maximum charge desired to be stored within the ion storage region at any given time; and reducing the ion current passing to the ion storage region such that the ions entering the ion storage region do not cause the total charge within the storage region to rise above said target maximum charge. The step of reducing the ion current passing to the ion storage region comprises: temporally separating the ions according to their ion mobility in an ion mobility separator; and mass filtering the ions according to mass to charge ratio with a mass filter.
Micromass Uk Limited

Neutron spectrometer

A neutron spectrometer that is more accurate, faster, and more-portable than conventional spectrometers includes an organic scintillator responsive to neutrons and gammas and an inorganic scintillator that captures neutrons. A processor receives signals representative of scintillations in the organic scintillator and in the inorganic scintillator and discriminates neutron signals from gamma signals.
Merrill Corporation

Intrinsically safe circuit design for an optical system interface in a spectroscopic analyzer

A laser spectrometer can be operated for analysis of one or more analytes present in a combustible gas mixture. The spectrometer can include one or more features that enable intrinsically safe operation.
Spectrasensors, Inc.

Method of measuring isotope ratio

An isotope ratio of a continuous sample is measured in an isotope ratio spectrometer. At least one sample isotope ratio is measured over a measurement time period tns, (n≧1) and a sample concentration cns is measured over at least a part of the measurement time period cns.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Image forming apparatus and dirtiness detection method

A printer includes a printing section that ejects an ink, and a spectrometer that disperses incident light. The spectrometer includes a window section that transmits the light, an optical filter device, and a light receiving section.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Continuous operable gas purification device in an ion mobility spectrometer

The present disclosure discloses a continuous operable gas purification device in an ion mobility spectrometer including a housing provided with a cylinder cavity; a dry gas supply unit; a rotating barrier arranged in a radial direction of the cylinder cavity to divide it into a baking cavity and a working cavity; and a rotating mechanism. The housing is provided with a dry gas inlet and a dry gas outlet, which are communicated with the baking cavity, and a sample gas inlet and a sample gas outlet, which are communicated with the working cavity.
Nuctech Company Limited

Color irregularity detecting device, image forming apparatus, and color irregularity detecting method

A color irregularity detecting device includes a spectrometer which includes a dispersing element which disperses light from a measurement target and a light receiving element which receives light from the dispersing element, and a color irregularity detecting section which detects color irregularity, in which the color irregularity detecting device detects color irregularity by comparing measured values (reflectance) which are results of using the spectrometer to measure three measurement wavelengths of light among light from a measurement target region in which a predetermined color is printed on a medium to reference values corresponding to the predetermined color.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Focusing ionization device and mass spectrometer using the same

A focusing ionization device includes a ball having a surface with a plurality of dimples and a metal needle located at one side of the ball and capable of generating corona discharge. The focusing ionization device is adapted for being disposed in a mass spectrometer in a way that the ball is located at a spray path of gaseous analytes and the metal needle is located adjacent to a sample inlet of a mass analyzer.
National Chung Hsing University

Ion focusing member and mass spectrometer using the same

An ion focusing member includes a ball having a surface with a plurality of dimples. The ion focusing member is adapted for being disposed in a mass spectrometer in a way that the ball is located at a spray path of analyte ions and located between a metal capillary and a mass analyzer.
National Chung Hsing University

Radio-frequency-free hybrid electrostatic/magnetostatic cell for transporting, trapping, and dissociating ions in mass spectrometers

Mass spectrometry cells include one or more interleaved magnetostatic and electrostatic lenses. In some examples, the electrostatic lenses are based on electrical potentials applied to magnetostatic lens pole pieces.
Oregon State University

Sample inlet and vacuum system for portable mass spectrometer

An inlet and vacuum system for a portable, or handheld, mass spectrometer. The mass spectrometer comprises three vacuum chambers, which includes two ion funnels connected in series in the first two vacuum chambers, followed by a mass spectrometer analyzer and ion detector in the third vacuum chamber.
Bayspec, Inc.

Method and the application of force to a sample for detection using an electromechanical means

The embodiments of the present invention are directed to applying intimate contact pressures to samples while undergoing atr infrared interrogation. As a general mode of operation, after a solid sample is placed on the atr element, a force actuator moves an anvil arm to apply a contact force to the sample against the atr.
Thermo Scientific Portable Analytical Instruments Inc.

Biometric sensor and biometric analysis system including the same

A biometric sensor that measures biometric information and a biometric analysis system including the biometric sensor are provided. The biometric sensor may include: a light source configured to emit light toward a region of interest of an object under examination, the light being diffused at the region of interest; a collimator that includes a though-hole and is configured to collimate the diffused light received from the region of interest; and a spectrometer configure to analyze the diffused light transmitted by the collimator..
Imec Taiwan

Mass spectrometer and liquid-metal ion source for a mass spectrometer of this type

The invention relates to a mass spectrometer comprising an ion source for producing a primary ion beam, which has a heatable ion emitter coated by a liquid metal layer essentially comprised of pure metallic bismuth or of a low-melting-point alloy containing, in essence, bismuth. A bismuth ion mixed beam can be emitted by the ion emitter under the influence of an electric field.
Ion-tof Technologies Gmbh

Ambient desorption, ionization, and excitation for spectrometry

An ion source includes a plasma generator for supplying plasma at an ionization region proximate to a sample surface. The plasma generator applies energy that may be utilized for desorbing analytes from the sample surface as well as for generating plasma by which analytes are excited or ionized.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

System and high throughput mass spectrometric analysis of proteome samples

Disclosed herein is a system and method for analyzing a specimen containing the proteome by mass spectrometry. The system includes a protein separation module; a matrix processing module; and a mass spectrometer module.
Northwestern University

Libs analyzer sample presence detection system and method

A libs analyzer and method includes a laser configured to produce a plasma on a sample at a focal point on the sample and a spectrometer responsive to radiation emitted from the plasma and configured to produce an output spectrum. A detector is positioned to detect low intensity pre-firing radiation produced by the laser and reflected off the sample from the focal point.
Sciaps, Inc.

Libs analyzer sample presence detection system and method

A libs analyzer, preferably handheld, includes a laser configured to produce a plasma on a sample and a spectrometer responsive to radiation emitted from the plasma and configured to produce a spectrum. A controller subsystem is configured to control energizing the laser and to analyze the resulting spectrum from each laser pulse to determine if the laser is aimed at a sample.
Sciaps, Inc.

Device and optical measurement of a target

A device and a method for optical measurement of a target, wherein the target is irradiated with radiation beam (15) and a measurement beam (27) is received from the target and detected. Commonly used absorbance, reflectance and fluorescence measurements do not provide adequate information in e.g.
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

Terahertz spectroscopy system and method

A terahertz spectrometer includes: a terahertz-wave emitter and a terahertz receiver elements. The terahertz wave generated by means of generating beat frequency corresponding to the difference between two rapidly tunable continuous wave lasers.
Novatrans Group Sa

Multiplexing of ions for improved sensitivity

Systems and methods are provided for multiplexed precursor ion selection using a filtered noise field (fnf). Two or more different precursor ions are selected using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Method and evaluating superconducting tunnel junction detector noise versus bias voltage

A technique for characterizing the noise behavior of a superconducting tunnel junction (stj) detector as a function of its applied bias voltage vb by stepping the stj's bias voltage across a predetermined range and, at each applied bias, making multiple measurements of the detector's current, calculating their mean and their standard deviation from their mean, and using this standard deviation as a measure of the stj detector's noise at that applied bias. Because the method is readily executed under computer control, it is particularly useful when large numbers of stj detectors require biasing, as in stj detector arrays in a preferred implementation, the stj is measured under computer control by attaching it to a digital spectrometer comprising a digital x-ray processor (dxp) coupled to a preamplifier that can set the stj's bias voltage vb using a digital-to-analog converter (dac) controlled by the dxp..
Xia Llc

Evanescent wave microspectrometer

An evanescent wave microspectrometer includes a planar diopter separating two transparent media, an optical sensor with a pixel array, and disposed in the second transparent medium, and an interference device disposed such that at least a part of the interference device is in contact with evanescent waves generated at the surface of the diopter. The micro-spectrometer also includes a memory storing a map having a set of set of data grids including the optical response of said sensor for a set of quasi-monochromatic wavelengths of a calibration light source, and a calculator configured to determine the spectrum (ψ) of a test light source configured to generate evanescent waves at the surface of the diopter, on the basis of the map and the optical response of the sensor..
Universite De Technologie De Troyes

Component alignment system for optical systems

This disclosure describes a optical system design using morse taper mounted optical components for improving alignment performance and more specifically is a spectrometer design that eases alignment and improves alignment stability, both physical and temperature related, of optical components while simplifying manufacture and maintaining a compact footprint.. .
Ocean Optics, Inc.

Monolithic spectrometer

The present disclosure concerns a monolithic spectrometer (1) for spectrally resolving light (r). The spectrometer (1) comprises a body (2) of solid material having optical surfaces (3, 4, 5, 6, 8) arranged to guide the light (r) along an optical path (e1, e2, e3, e4) inside the body (2).
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

Downhole measurement while drilling tool with a spectrometer and operating same

A pulser assembly for a downhole measurement-while-drilling tool comprises a motor subassembly and an electronics subassembly electrically coupled to the motor subassembly. The motor subassembly comprises a motor, a motor subassembly housing that houses the motor, a spectrometer inside the motor subassembly housing and a driveshaft extending from the motor out of the motor subassembly housing for coupling with a rotor of a fluid pressure pulse generator.
Evolution Engineering Inc.

Mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer includes: an ionization unit configured to ionize an analyte gas; a filter unit configured to allow passage of only a target ion which is a component of the analyte gas ionized in the ionization unit and which has a specific mass-to-charge ratio; and an ion detection unit configured to detect an ion detection value based on the target ion having passed through the filter unit, wherein the ion detection unit includes a faraday electrode which includes an electrode portion disposed along a centerline of the filter unit and a bottom electrode provided at a position downstream of the electrode portion in a flow of the target ion, the electrode portion and the bottom electrode being connected to each other, a secondary electron multiplier provided to face the electrode portion with the centerline located therebetween, and a blocking portion connected to the bottom electrode.. .
Canon Anelva Corporation

Open trap mass spectrometer

An open electrostatic trap mass spectrometer is disclosed for operation with wide and diverging ion packets. Signal on detector is composed of signals corresponding to multiplicity of ion cycles, called multiplets.
Leco Corporation

Flow through ms3 for improved selectivity

Systems and methods are provided for selecting and fragmenting a first precursor ion in an ms3 experiment. One or more first excitation parameters are calculated that define a first dipole excitation using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Chromatograph mass spectrometer

A chromatograph mass spectrometer including an optimum gas pressure search controller that performs an mrm measurement for a target compound while changing a collision-gas pressure, investigates an optimum collision-gas pressure giving a highest signal strength based on the measured result, and stores the same gas pressure for each compound in a compound-related information storage section. When a target compound is specified in a simultaneous multicomponent analysis, a control sequence determiner reads the optimum collision-gas pressure and retention time information corresponding to the specified compound from the storage section, prepares a control sequence which sets the gas pressure in a collision cell at the optimum gas pressure at the timing where each compound is eluted, and stores the sequence in a control sequence storage section..
Shimadzu Corporation

Libs analysis system

A handheld libs spectrometer includes an optics stage movably mounted to a housing and including a laser focusing lens and a detection lens. One or more motors advance and retract the optics stage, move the optics stage left and right, and/or move the optics stage up and down.
Sciaps, Inc.

Spectrometry system with decreased light path

A spectrometer comprises a plurality of isolated optical channels comprising a plurality of isolated optical paths. The isolated optical paths decrease cross-talk among the optical paths and allow the spectrometer to have a decreased length with increased resolution.
Verifood, Ltd.

Libs analysis system

A handheld libs spectrometer includes an optics stage movably mounted to a housing and including a laser focusing lens and a detection lens. One or more motors advance and retract the optics stage, move the optics stage left and right, and/or move the optics stage up and down.
Sciaps, Inc.

Dual coupler device, spectrometer including the dual coupler device, and non-invasive biometric sensor including the spectrometer

Provided are a dual coupler device configured to receive lights of different polarization components, a spectrometer including the dual coupler device, and a non-invasive biometric sensor including the spectrometer. The dual coupler device may include, for example, a first coupler layer configured to receive a light of a first polarization component among incident lights.
Imec Vzw

Additive manufacturing apparatus and method

This invention concerns a laser solidification apparatus for building objects by layerwise solidification of powder material. The apparatus including a build chamber containing a build platform, a device for depositing layers of powder material on to the build platform, an optical unit for directing a laser beam to selectively solidify areas of each powder layer and a spectrometer for detecting characteristic radiation emitted by plasma formed during solidification of the powder by the laser beam.
Renishaw Plc

Method and mass analysis utilizing ion charge feedback

A method of mass analysis and a mass spectrometer are provided wherein a batch of ions is accumulated in a mass analyser; the batch of ions accumulated in the mass analyser is detected using image current detection to provide a detected signal; the number of ions in the batch of ions accumulated in the mass analyser is controlled using an algorithm based on a previous detected signal obtained using image current detection from a previous batch of ions accumulated in the mass analyser; wherein one or more parameters of the algorithm are adjusted based on a measurement of ion current or charge obtained using an independent detector located outside of the mass analyser.. .
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Multireflection time-of-flight mass spectrometer

A method of reflecting ions in a multireflection time of flight mass spectrometer is disclosed. The method includes guiding ions toward an ion mirror having multiple electrodes, and applying a voltage to the ion mirror electrodes to create an electric field that causes the mean trajectory of the ions to intersect a plane of symmetry of the ion mirror and to exit the ion mirror, wherein the ion are spatially focussed by the mirror to a first location and temporally focused to a second location different from the first location.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Mass spectrometers comprising accelerator devices

A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising providing a flight region for ions to travel through and a detector or fragmentation device. A potential profile is maintained along the flight region such that ions travel towards the detector or fragmentation device.
Micromass Uk Limited

Interface for ion source and vacuum housing

A mass spectrometer or ion mobility spectrometer is disclosed comprising: an ion block (2) for receiving ions; a heater (8) for heating the ion block (2); a vacuum housing (6); and an interface block (4) arranged between the ion block (2) and the vacuum housing (6); wherein the interface block (4) is formed from a polymer. The polymer interface block (4) inhibits the heat transfer from the ion block (2) to the vacuum housing (6) and also electrically isolates the ion block (2) and vacuum housing (6).
Micromass Uk Limited

Automated cleanliness diagnostic for mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer or ion mobility spectrometer is disclosed comprising means for detecting a blockage in an inlet orifice arranged between an ion source and a vacuum chamber. The blockage is detected as a result of a reduction in pressure within the vacuum chamber.
Micromass Uk Limited

Gasket seal for a mass spectrometer

A gasket seal for a mass spectrometer is disclosed. The gasket seal comprises a membrane having an outer profile and an inner profile and one or more protrusions.
Micromass Uk Limited

Ion inlet assembly

An ion inlet assembly for connecting to a mass spectrometer housing is disclosed comprising a sampling limiting body having a sampling orifice. The sampling limiting body comprises a nickel disk wherein the disk and sampling orifice are made or formed by an electroforming process..
Micromass Uk Limited

Gas diffuser ion inlet

In some embodiments, a gas diffuser for use in a mass spectrometer is disclosed that can provide a controlled expansion of an ion-containing gas so as to reduce gas velocity for entry into subsequent stages of the mass spectrometer, e.g., a mass analyzer. In some embodiments, the controlled expansion of the gas is provided by flowing the gas through a channel whose cross-sectional area change, e.g.
Dh Technologies Development

Sample collection wand comprising an inductively coupled heater

A spectrometry apparatus comprising a spectrometer; a port adapted to couple a sample collection wand to the apparatus to present a sample carried by the wand to an inlet of the spectrometer; and an inductive coupler adapted to couple, via a time varying h-field, with a heater of said sample collection wand to provide electrical power for heating said sample.. .

Mass spectrometer

Apparatus for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an ion source, a heater for heating a gas flow to the ion source, a temperature sensor for monitoring the temperature of the heater, and a control system. The control system is arranged and adapted to determine a flow rate of the gas flow by monitoring the power supplied to the heater and the temperature of the heater..
Micromass Uk Limited

Ion transfer

An ion transport device can include a plurality of pole rod pairs arranged in parallel, and a controller. The controller configured to can be configured to apply voltages in a repeating voltage pattern of to the pole rod pairs thereby creating a plurality of potential wells capable of capturing ions, and move the repeating voltage pattern along the pole rod pairs to move captured ions along the ion transport device.
Thermo Finnigan Llc

Systems and methods for using interleaving window widths in tandem mass spectrometry

Systems and methods are provided for analyzing a sample using overlapping measured mass selection window widths. A mass range of a sample is divided into two or more target mass selection window widths using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Parsing events during ms3 experiments

Systems and methods are provided for reducing the time period of a cid event of an ms3 experiment and making the overall fragmentation event more generic. A cid event of an ms3 experiment performed on a sample by a mass spectrometer is divided into two time periods using a processor.
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Spectrometer topics:
  • Spectrometer
  • Ion Mobility
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Spectrometry
  • Longitudinal Axis
  • Relaxation
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Coordinates
  • Downstream
  • Chromatograph
  • Quantitative

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