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Spectrometer patents

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Multiplex tunable filter spectrometer


Multiplex tunable filter spectrometer

Bruker Biospin

Nmr reaction monitoring flow cell

Date/App# patent app List of recent Spectrometer-related patents
 Profile measurement system and profile measurement method patent thumbnailnew patent Profile measurement system and profile measurement method
Provided are a profile measurement system and a profile measurement method capable of suppressing the influence of vibration with a simple configuration. The profile measurement system includes: a transmissive optical component having a reference plane opposed to a surface of a sample; a light source which irradiates the surface of the sample with light having a predetermined wavelength region through the transmissive optical component; an imaging spectrometer which measures a reflection spectrum for each position on a linear region defined on the surface of the sample; and a calculation unit which calculates a distance between each position on the linear region and the reference plane based on the measured reflection spectrum for each position on the linear region..
Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Multiplex tunable filter spectrometer patent thumbnailnew patent Multiplex tunable filter spectrometer
The invention provides spectroscopic systems and spectrometers employing an optical interference filter module having a plurality of bandpass regions. In certain embodiments, the systems include a mechanism for wavelength tuning/scanning and wavelength band decoding based on an angular motion of one or more filters.
Precisive, Llc
 Handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy device patent thumbnailnew patent Handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy device
A novel device, method and systems disclosed managing the thermal challenges of libs laser components and a spectrometer in a handheld structure as well the use of simplified light signal collection which includes a bare fiber optic to collect the emitted light in close proximity to (or in contact with) the test material. In one example embodiment of the handheld libs device, a burst pulse frequency is 4 khz is used resulting in a time between pulses of about 250 μs which is a factor of 10 above that of other devices in the prior art.
Tsi, Incorporated
 Nmr reaction monitoring flow cell patent thumbnailnew patent Nmr reaction monitoring flow cell
A monitoring cell, used to perform a measurement in an nmr spectrometer of a reaction fluid produced by a reaction vessel, has a body having inlet and outlet transport coaxial capillaries for transporting the reaction fluid between the body and the reaction vessel. Cooling lines are also positioned coaxially with the transport capillaries to transport cooling liquid between the body and the reaction vessel.
Bruker Biospin Corporation
 Dispersion spectrometer patent thumbnailnew patent Dispersion spectrometer
A dispersion spectrometer comprises a wavelength dispersive element located within a path of incoming radiant energy; and a first detector disposed to detect incoming radiant energy dispersed by the dispersive element, the spectrometer further comprises a second detector disposed to register the intensity of at least a portion of the un-dispersed incoming radiation and configured to generate a signal representative of the registered intensity, the first detector being adapted to have operational parameters in the form of integration time and/or sensitivity gain varied in response to the signal.. .
Foss Analytical Ab
 Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer patent thumbnailnew patent Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer
Prior to multiple reaction monitoring (mrm) measurement condition optimization, an analysis operator prepares, for each precursor ion of an objective compound, two lists on a product-ion selection condition setting screen 200, i.e. A list 203 which shows ions to be preferentially selected as product ions for which the optimization needs to be performed and a list 202 which shows ions to be excluded from the optimization.
Shimadzu Corporation
 Introduction of ions into ion cyclotron resonance cells patent thumbnailnew patent Introduction of ions into ion cyclotron resonance cells
The invention relates to a method and a device for introducing ions into an icr cell of fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometers, in particular with a reduced the magnetron orbit. The invention is based on applying at least one gated dc voltage to a mantle electrode of the icr cell prior to the excitation of the cyclotron motion such that injected ions are deflected inside the icr cell in at least one radial direction..
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh
 Collision cell multipole patent thumbnailnew patent Collision cell multipole
Mass spectrometer collision/reaction cell multipole and method. The multipole may have first and second portions and an intermediate portion therebetween, the first and second portions operating at first and second q values lower than a third q value at the intermediate portion.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh
 Electrode device with pre- and/or postfilters and manufacturing method therefor, as well as a mass spectrometer with such an electrode device patent thumbnailnew patent Electrode device with pre- and/or postfilters and manufacturing method therefor, as well as a mass spectrometer with such an electrode device
A method manufactures a multipolar electrode device, in particular a multipole for use in a mass spectrometer, wherein the electrode device includes at least one main filter and at least one pre- and/or postfilter. The electrode blanks are separated in several sections for producing the pre- and/or postfilters, which are thereby maintained by a holder in a constant relative position to each other.
Vacutec Hochvakuum- & PrÄzisionstechnik Gmbh
 Needle and related methods patent thumbnailNeedle and related methods
An optical spectroscopic injection needle assembly. According to one embodiment, the assembly may include an injection needle, a light source, a spectrometer, a computer and an indicator.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


A spectroscopic system is provided. In one embodiment, the spectroscopic system comprises a light source adapted to provide a beam of illumination; an optical system adapted to provide the beam of illumination to a sample and receive a spectroscopy signal from the sample and direct the spectroscopy signal to at least one single channel detector, wherein the optical system comprises an adjustable dispersing element for directing one or more spectral features of the spectroscopy signal to the at least one single channel detector; a calibration detector adapted to determine a set point of the adjustable dispersing element; and a source synchronization component adapted to synchronize an operation of the light source and the at least one single channel detector.
Mks Technology (d/b/a Snowy Range Instruments)

Method and a combined linear ion trap and quadrupole mass filter

An apparatus for a mass spectrometer comprises: a set of four rod electrodes defining an ion occupation volume therebetween having entrance and exit ends, at least one of the rod electrodes having a slot passing therethrough; first and second ion optics disposed adjacent to the entrance and exit ends, respectively; a voltage supply system; and at least one supplemental electrode disposed at least partially within the at least one slot, wherein the voltage supply system is configured so as to supply a radio-frequency (rf) voltage, a direct-current (dc) filtering voltage and an oscillatory dipole resonant ejection voltage across members of the set of rod electrodes and so at to supply a secondary ion-trapping rf voltage and a secondary dc filtering voltage to the at least one supplemental electrode and to supply dc voltages across the rod electrodes and each of the first and second ion optics.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc

Excitation of reagent molecules withn a rf confined ion guide or ion trap to perform ion molecule, ion radical or ion-ion interaction experiments

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an rf ion guide or ion trap and a device arranged and adapted to supply a reagent gas within the rf ion guide or ion trap. The mass spectrometer further comprises a photo-ionisation device and a control system arranged and adapted: (i) to cause first ions to fragment or dissociate within the rf ion guide or ion trap to form second ions and neutral molecules; and (ii) to cause the photo-ionisation device to photo-ionise and/or photo-excite the reagent gas to form reagent ions, excited species or radical species.
Micromass Uk Limited

Modulation of instrument resolution dependant upon the complexity of a previous scan

Systems and methods are used to analyze a sample using variable detection scan resolutions. A tandem mass spectrometer is instructed to perform at least two scans of a sample with different detection scan resolutions using a processor.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

System for locating and characterizing a topographic feature from a work vehicle

The present disclosure relates to a work vehicle having a system for locating and characterizing a topographic feature at a job site. The located topographic feature may be characterized using or more optical instruments, such as a visible-light camera, an infrared-radiation camera, a spectrometer, an infrared thermometer, and a laser-based gas detector.
Deere & Company

Spectrometer for gas analysis

A spectrometer (10) for gas analysis is provided, the spectrometer comprising a measurement cell (28) having a gas to be investigated, a light source (12) for the transmission of light (14) into the measurement cell (28) on a light path (16), a filter arrangement (22) having a fabry-perot filter (24a-c) in the light path (16), in order to set frequency properties of the light (14) by means of a transmission spectrum of the filter arrangement (22), as well as a detector (36, 38) which measures the absorption of the light (14) by the gas (30) in the measurement cell (28). In this connection the filter arrangement (22) has a plurality of fabry-perot filters (24a-c) arranged behind one another in the light path (14) and a control unit (44) for the filter arrangement (22) is provided in order to change the transmission spectrum by setting at least one of the fabry-perot filters (24a-c)..
Sick Ag

Optical spectrometer

An optical spectrometer (102) comprises an adjustable sampling space (104) having two generally opposing, relatively movable, side-walls (106,108) which are here substantially formed of optically translucent material and between which in use a sample for analysis is charged and an actuator (116) mechanically coupled, here via a worm drive (118), to one or both of the opposing side-walls (108) and operable in response to a command signal applied thereto to effect their relative movement. The spectrometer (102) further comprises an optical position sensor (110,112,114) adapted to detect interference fringes generated by optical energy traversing the distance between the side-walls (106,108) a plurality of times and to generate the command signal in dependence thereof and preferably also adapted to generate an output indexing intensity against an indication of wavelength usable in the spectrometric analysis of a sample material within the sampling space (104)..
Foss Analytical A/s

Method and apparatus to provide parallel acquisition of mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry data

A system and method for acquisition of mass spectrometry data is configured to provide a stream of charged particles (e.g., from an analytical volume). A primary mass spectrometer (e.g., time-of-flight mass spectrometer) may be used to separate charged particles of the stream of charged particles based on their mass-to-charge ratio and detect the charged particles in a mass-to-charge spectrum.
Ulvac-phi, Incorporated

Method of single point internal lock-mobility correction

A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising passing ions through an ion mobility spectrometer and acquiring first ion mobility drift time data. A calibration function is applied to the first ion mobility drift time data to determine a physico-chemical property (e.g.
Micromass Uk Limited

Mass spectrometer

A hardware module which operatively carries out a method of compressing mass spectral data, the method comprising: receiving a first signal output from an ion detector of a mass spectrometer; processing the first signal to a digital signal at an output being data frame types representative of the first signal output; temporarily storing the data frame types in a memory block and reading a data frame from the memory block and determining its data frame type and according to its data frame type compressing the data frame according to one or more compression algorithms to generate a compressed data output stream.. .
Micromass Uk Limited

Wavelength-selective switch for space-division multiplexed systems

An optical apparatus includes a front optics section and a spectrometer section. The front optics section includes a spot de-multiplexer configured to receive a plurality of multi-mode optical signals each having a plurality of modal components, and to output in a linear array of a corresponding plurality of optical beams for each multimode optical signal.
Alcatel-lucent Usa, Inc.

Portable system for simultaneously operating optical far field imaging, tomography and spectroscopy

A portable optical tomography design for performing elastographic deformation mapping of tissues comprises a coherence light source providing one light beam; a scanning microscope comprising a waveguide having two terminals, a coupler disposed on one terminal, an actuating member connected to the waveguide or the coupler, a first optical reflection member, a beam splitter, and a fourier-domain spectrometer. The waveguide is actuated by the actuator to traverse a horizontal and vertical motion to prescribe a two-dimensional plane for scanning the tissue sample.
National Cheng Kung University

Spectroscopy system using waveguide and employing a laser medium as its own emissions detector

An intracavity laser absorption infrared spectroscopy system for detecting trace analytes in vapor samples. The system uses a spectrometer in communications with control electronics, wherein the control electronics contain an analyte database that contains absorption profiles for each analyte the system is used to detect.
Emx International Llc

Probe for detecting underground substances, and method

A probe for underground sensing of materials of interest, for example chemicals such as explosives, includes a probe body that is capable of being inserted into the ground, and one or more sensors that are able to sense one or more materials in the vicinity of at least a portion of the probe body. The sensor(s) may include a light source that directs light to the vicinity of the portion of the probe body, and a light detector, such as a photosensor or spectrometer, that detects reflected light from the material around the probe body.
Raytheon Company

Multiplexed imaging of tissues using mass tags and secondary ion mass spectrometry

A method of generating a high resolution two-dimensional image of a sample comprising cells and extracellular structures is provided. In certain embodiments, the method comprises: labeling a sample with at least one mass tag, thereby producing a labeled sample; scanning the sample with a secondary ion mass spectrometer (sims) ion beam to generate a data set that comprises spatially-addressable measurements of the abundance of the mass tag across an area of the sample; and outputting the data set.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Mass spectrometric ion storage device for different mass ranges

The invention relates to devices and methods for the storage of ions in mass spectrometers. The invention proposes the generation and superposition of two multipole fields of different order, independent of each other, in an rf multipole rod system.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh

Infrared spectrometer measurement of droplets collected from an oil mist in a breather pipe of a gas turbine

A method for analysing a droplet fraction of an oil mist sample of a gas turbine is provided. A collecting device collects the oil mist sample, wherein the collecting device is arranged within a breather pipe which is coupled to the gas turbine such that oil mist is flowing through the breather pipe.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Method of mass spectrometry and a mass spectrometer

The present invention relates to a method of mass spectrometry, an apparatus adapted to perform the method and a mass spectrometer. More particularly, but not exclusively, the present invention relates to a method of mass spectrometry comprising the step of associating parent and fragmentation ions from a sample by measuring the parent and fragmentation ions from two or more different areas of the sample and identifying changes in the number of parent ions between the areas in the sample, and corresponding changes in the number of fragmentation ions between the two areas..
Micromass Uk Limited

Mass spectrometer, control system and methods of operating and assembling a mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer and methods for controlling a mass spectrometer are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the mass spectrometer includes a plurality of discrete functional modules, each operable to perform a predetermined function of the mass spectrometer, wherein the modules are individually addressable and connected in a network.
Micromass Uk Limited

Curved grating spectrometer and wavelength multiplexer or demultiplexer with very high wavelength resolution

The present application discloses a system comprising a compact curved grating (ccg) and its associated compact curved grating spectrometer (ccgs) or compact curved grating wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer (wmdm) module and a method for making the same. The system is capable of achieving a very small (resolution vs.
Optonet, Inc.

Sample analyzing system

A system, method and apparatus for injecting reactive species and ions from an ambient ionization source into an atmospheric pressure ion mobility spectrometer. .
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Terahertz electromagnetic wave generator, terahertz spectrometer and generating terahertz electromagnetic wave

A terahertz electromagnetic wave generator according to the present disclosure includes: a thermoelectric material layer; and a light source system which is configured to irradiate the thermoelectric material layer with pulsed light and generate a terahertz wave from the thermoelectric material layer. The thermoelectric material layer includes a gradient portion in which transmittance of the pulsed light varies in a certain direction.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Terahertz electromagnetic wave generator,terahertz spectrometer and generating terahertz electromagnetic wave

A terahertz electromagnetic wave generator according to the present disclosure includes: a substrate; a thermoelectric material layer which is supported by the substrate and which has a surface; and a pulsed laser light source system which locally heats the thermoelectric material layer with an edge of the surface of the thermoelectric material layer irradiated with pulsed light, thereby generating a terahertz electromagnetic wave from the thermoelectric material layer.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Terahertz electromagnetic wave generator, terahertz spectrometer and generating terahertz electromagnetic wave

A terahertz electromagnetic wave generator according to the present disclosure includes: a thermoelectric material layer; a metal layer which partially covers the surface of the thermoelectric material layer; and a light source system which is configured to irradiate both a surface region of the thermoelectric material layer that is not covered with the metal layer and an edge of the metal layer with pulsed light, thereby generating a terahertz wave from the thermoelectric material layer.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Synchronized ion modification

Synchronized ion modification systems and techniques are described. An ion modifier can be used to modify a portion of ions that enter a drift chamber via a gate that controls entry of the ions to the drift chamber.
Smiths Detection - Watford Ltd.

Selective ion mobility spectrometer formed from two consecutive mass selective filters

Ions with a predetermined range of ion mobilities are produced by filtering input ions with at least two consecutive ion mobility high pass and/or low pass filters. Each ion mobility filter is formed by entraining ions in a moving gas and applying a dc electric field to the ions which causes the ions to move in a direction opposite to the gas flow.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh

High performance ion mobility spectrometer apparatus and methods

An ion mobility spectrometry method wherein ions are separated along a drift axis while providing a drift gas flow in a direction that is substantially neither in the direction of the drift axis nor opposite to the drift axis. Ion mobility spectrometer operation methods use a cross-directional gas flow in a drift tube and/or a segmented drift tube for pre-separation..
Excellims Corporation

Cell with reusable and disposable assemblies for simultaneous electrochemical and epr measurements

A cell and method for simultaneous electrochemical and epr measurements, including a disposable assembly, allows for a single device to produce data for both electroanalysis and epr spectroscopy by generating a redox reaction to form free radicals. The cell includes first and second hollow tubes, with the second tube being removably insertable into the first hollow tube.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Electro-enhanced solid-phase microextraction method

The electro-enhanced solid-phase microextraction (ee-spme) method involves extraction that is performed with an spme fiber, preferably made of polydimethylsiloxane (pdms), in the presence of an applied electric potential for a predetermined period of time. Polar analytes are extracted onto the fiber, which is the stationary phase.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Method for following degassing rate by measuring partial pressures measured bymass spectrometry

Where m denotes the set of reference atomic masses, pi denotes the partial pressures for the atomic masses measured by the mass spectrometer, the coefficients αi denote preset weighting coefficients associated with each partial pressure pi, and n denotes a maximum atomic mass for which the partial pressure pi can be measured by the mass spectrometer.. .

Substance identification method and mass spectrometer using the same

Ms1 and ms2 measurements of fractionated samples are performed. Based on the identification results and the s/n ratios of the ms1 peaks, an identification probability estimation model showing a relationship between the cumulative number of ms1 peaks and the number of ms1 peaks successfully identified through the ms2 measurements and identifications performed in ascending order of s/n ratio is created.
Shimadzu Corporation

Method of discerning substitution of carbohydrate esters

A method of testing for discerning substitution of carbohydrate ester includes the step of providing a predetermined amount of a solution. Further, the method also includes adding ammonium hydroxide and sodium borohydride to the solution.
Biologistics Llc


An analyzer includes a pretreatment device and a mass spectrometer. The pretreatment device includes a solid phase extraction mechanism.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Nmr spectrometer with ergonomically advantageous sample changer

An nmr spectrometer (1′) has a sample changer (4′) with at least one cylindrical sample holder (7′, 7″) for receiving an elongated nmr sample at a loading position (5) and for transferring the nmr sample into the measurement volume at a transfer position (6). The sample holder is open in an upward direction and the cylinder axis of the cylindrical sample holder is inclined at the loading position by an angle of inclination a of between 30 and 60 degrees with respect to the vertical and it extends vertically at the transfer position.
Bruker Biospin Gmbh

Ion deflector for a mass spectrometer

There is provided an ion deflector for use with a mass spectrometer for directing a flow of ions between two distinct axes of travel. The ion deflector includes an electric field inducer arranged so as to establish at least one electrostatic field capable of deflecting ions travelling substantially along a first intended path of travel so as to travel substantially along a second intended path of travel..
Bruker Chemical Analysis Bv

Device for optically determining the concentration of alcohol and carbohydrates in a liquid sample

Disclosed is a device for optically determining a concentration of alcohol and carbohydrates in a liquid sample. The device includes at least a first and a second light source arranged for exposing the liquid sample in a wavelength range between 750 nm and 1000 nm, a spectrometer arranged to determine a first and a second light intensity by measuring the light from the first and the second light source, a processing unit which is connected to the spectrometer and which is arranged to determine an absorption value of the liquid sample from a comparison of the first and the second light intensity with a reference value.
Haffmans B.v.

Dielectric spectroscopy for filtrate contamination monitoring during formation testing

An apparatus for estimating a volume fraction of a formation fluid in a sample having a filtrate contaminant includes: a carrier configured to be conveyed through a borehole; a downhole fluid extraction device disposed at the carrier and configured to extract a sample of a formation fluid through a wall of the borehole; and a dielectric spectrometer and configured to transmit electromagnetic energy into the extracted sample at a plurality of frequencies and to measure a plurality of responses to determine a permittivity of the extracted sample fluid as a function of frequency. The apparatus further includes a processor configured to receive the permittivity of the extracted sample as a function of frequency from the dielectric spectrometer and to estimate the volume fraction of the formation fluid using a permittivity at a selected frequency in the plurality of frequencies for the sample as measured by the dielectric spectrometer..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Composite oxide powder for solid oxide fuel cell and its production method

A composite oxide powder containing lanthanum, strontium and/or calcium, manganese and oxygen, wherein the coefficient of variation (α) of lanthanum is at most 6.0% and the coefficient of variation (β) of manganese is at most 13.0%, as calculated from the peak area ratio of the lα ray of lanthanum and the kα ray of manganese measured by an energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer attached to a scanning electron microscope.. .

Systems and methods extending the laserspray ionization mass spectrometry concept from atmospheric pressure to vacuum

Disclosed herein are systems and methods that allow analysis of macromolecular structures using laserspray ionization at intermediate pressure or high vacuum using commercially available mass spectrometers with or without modification and with the application of heat. The systems and methods produce multiply-charged ions for improved analysis in mass spectrometry..
Wayne State University

Plume collimation for laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

In various embodiments, a device may generally comprise a capillary having a first end and a second end; a laser to emit energy at a sample in the capillary to ablate the sample and generate an ablation plume in the capillary; an electrospray apparatus to generate an electrospray plume to intercept the ablation plume to produce ions; and a mass spectrometer having an ion transfer inlet to capture the ions. The ablation plume may comprise a collimated ablation plume.
The George Washington University

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