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Spectrometer patents


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 Dynamic range improvement for isotope ratio mass spectrometry patent thumbnailDynamic range improvement for isotope ratio mass spectrometry
In a mass spectrometer, a mass-to-charge dispersive element separates received ions spatially according to their mass-to-charge ratios, to provide a dispersed ion beam thereby. An ion detection arrangement that detects the dispersed ion beam comprises: at least one primary ion detector, each detecting spatially separated ions having mass-to-charge ratios within a respective desired range and each providing a respective main beam signal based on its respective detected ions; and at least one secondary ion detector, each detecting ions having mass-to-charge ratios outside all of the desired ranges simultaneously with the at least one primary ion detector detecting the spatially separated ions and each providing a respective background signal based on its respective detected ions.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

 Mirror lens for directing an ion beam patent thumbnailMirror lens for directing an ion beam
An electrostatic dual-mode lens assembly is provided for selectively transmitting or reflecting an ion beam in a mass spectrometer. The assembly comprises at least one electrode that provides a switchable electric field that, during a first mode of operation, directs an ion beam that enters the assembly along a first path so that the beam is transmitted through the assembly along the first path, and during a second mode of operation, directs an ion beam that enters the assembly along the first path so that the ion beam is reflected by the electric field and exits the assembly along a second path.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

 Detector and slit configuration in an isotope ratio mass spectrometer patent thumbnailDetector and slit configuration in an isotope ratio mass spectrometer
A method of configuring a faraday detector in a mass spectrometer is described. The mass spectrometer defines a central ion beam axis i, and the faraday detector is moveable relative to the central ion beam axis i.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

 Mass spectrometer with interleaved acquistion patent thumbnailMass spectrometer with interleaved acquistion
A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising passing ions through a first stage and a second stage of a mass spectrometer and monitoring a first ion acquisition for a first dwell time extending from a time t1 to a time t1+tdwell1. The method further comprises reconfiguring the mass spectrometer or one or more components of the mass spectrometer to monitor a second ion acquisition and setting the first stage to transmit ions of the second ion acquisition at a time t, wherein t<t1+tdwell1.
Micromass Limited Uk

 Quantitative measurements of elemental and molecular species using high mass resolution mass spectrometry patent thumbnailQuantitative measurements of elemental and molecular species using high mass resolution mass spectrometry
A method for generating a mass spectrum of sample ions using a multi-collector mass spectrometer is disclosed. The mass spectrometer includes a spatially dispersive mass analyser to direct the sample ions into a detector chamber.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

 Self-calibration of spectra using precursor mass to charge ratio and fragment mass to charge ratio known differences patent thumbnailSelf-calibration of spectra using precursor mass to charge ratio and fragment mass to charge ratio known differences
A method of checking or adjusting the calibration of a mass spectrometer is disclosed. The method comprises fragmenting parent or precursor ions and generating fragment or product ion mass spectral data and recognising first neutral loss ions in the fragment or product ion mass spectral data.
Micromass Uk Limited

 Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs)  analyzing biological samples patent thumbnailLaser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) analyzing biological samples
This invention discloses a laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) apparatus based on high repetition rate pulsed laser. The laser produces a train of laser pulses at a high repetition rate in the khz (or even higher) range.
Bwt Property, Inc.

 Method of determining the concentration of a gas component and spectrometer therefor patent thumbnailMethod of determining the concentration of a gas component and spectrometer therefor
The invention relates to a method and to a spectrometer for determining the concentration of a gas component, wherein a light source of the spectrometer is operated as in wms and thus a determination of the concentration can also take place in accordance with wms and the measured data can, however, additionally be processed, namely a sorting takes place on the time axis, such that the concentration can be determined using the methods of das.. .
Sick Ag

 Measurement device for testing harvested grain in a combine patent thumbnailMeasurement device for testing harvested grain in a combine
A grain measurement device (76) comprises a chamber (80) having an inlet (82) and an outlet (84) for grain that is to be tested. A spectrometer is equipped with a light source (89) and a detector (91) for light which was generated by the light source (89) and was transmitted through the sample.
Deere & Company

 Device for analysing a specimen and corresponding method patent thumbnailDevice for analysing a specimen and corresponding method
A device for analysing a specimen is disclosed. The device comprises a first polarizer for polarizing a first beam of electromagnetic radiation; an optical device for directing the polarized beam of electromagnetic radiation at the specimen to enable interaction between the polarized beam of electromagnetic radiation and the specimen to cause generation of a second beam of electromagnetic radiation; a plurality of second polarizers for dividing the wavefront of the second beam of electromagnetic radiation into a plurality of beams of electromagnetic radiation polarized with different polarization states; and at least one spectrometer for analysing respective electromagnetic spectrums of the plurality of polarized beams of electromagnetic radiation to enable the specimen to be characterised.
National University Of Singapore

Multi-trace quantitation

Systems and methods are provided for calculating the area of a peak profile using information from one or more correlated peak profiles. One or more compounds are separated from a mixture over time using a separation device.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Sensor assembly for capturing spatially resolved photometric data

The invention relates to a sensor assembly (1) for capturing spatially resolved photometric data comprising a sensor unit (10), a controllable shutter assembly (20), which is arranged in front of the sensor unit (10) and by means of which an incidence of light on the sensor unit (10) can be controlled in dependence on direction, and an evaluating unit (30) for evaluating the information output by the sensor unit (10) and calculating spatially resolved brightness information, wherein the sensor unit (10) has at least two sensor segments (11), with which different combinations of color and polarization filters (12, 13) or spectrometers are associated, and wherein the evaluating unit (30) is designed to supplement the brightness information with additional photometric data on the basis of the signals output by the various sensor segments (11).. .
Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

Optical filter and spectrometer

An optical assembly is disclosed including two laterally variable bandpass optical filters stacked at a fixed distance from each other, so that the upstream filter functions as a spatial filter for the downstream filter. The lateral displacement may cause a suppression of the oblique beam when transmission passbands at impinging locations of the oblique beam onto the upstream and downstream filters do not overlap.
Viavi Solutions Inc.

High pressure mass resolving ion guide with axial field

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a first mass filter comprising a plurality of electrodes and a first device arranged and adapted to generate an axial force which drives at least some ions axially through or along the first mass filter and a quadrupole mass filter or mass analyser arranged downstream of the mass filter.. .
Micromass Uk Limited

Mass spectrometer

Methods and apparatus for operating a mass spectrometer are described. In various aspects, ions of a mass range of interest may be mass-selectively ejected from an accumulation ion trap into a multi-ion trap structure.
Dh Technologies Development Pte Ltd.

Multi-reflecting time-of-flight mass spectrometer with axial pulsed converter

Apparatuses (41, 91, 111, 115, 121, 151) and methods (31) for time-of-flight mass spectrometry providing effective pulsed conversion of continuous ion beams into pulsed ion packets is disclosed. Bunching of energetic continuous ion beams forms ion packets, which are filtered by a subsequent isochronous energy filter (49, 79, 81-84, 110).
Leco Corporation

Ion source for mass spectrometry

Systems and methods for delivering a sample to a mass spectrometer are provided. In one aspect, the systems and methods can provide efficient cooling of an ion source probe to prevent overheating and the resulting degradation in ion sampling.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Data independent acquisition of product ion spectra and reference spectra library matching

Systems and methods are disclosed for analyzing a sample using overlapping precursor isolation windows. A mass analyzer of a tandem mass spectrometer is instructed to select and fragment at least two overlapping precursor isolation windows across a precursor ion mass range of a sample using a processor.
Eth Zürich

Mass spectrometry method, mass spectrometry , and mass spectrometric data processing program

In a mass spectrometric method of the invention, a mass spectrometer (2) is used having a mass separation unit (231, 234) before and after a collision cell (232) for fragmenting ions. When a product ion corresponding to a precursor ion set for a sample is selected by performing product ion scan with respect to the precursor ion, an exclusion range of mass-to-charge ratios is set based on information on non-selection ions input by a user, and a product ion that satisfies a predefined criterion is selected within a range of mass-to-charge ratios excluding the exclusion range in a product ion spectrum.
Shimadzu Corporation

System, improving the spectral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio of optical spectrometer using digital beam refocusing, reforming, slicing, and multiplexing

There is disclosed a novel system and method for improving spectral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio of a captured spectrum by employing digital beam reforming, digital slicing, and digital multiplexing. In an embodiment, the method comprises: and entrance aperture for the light to enter the apparatus, a collimating element (refractive or reflective), a dispersive element (single- or multi-axis), a focusing element (refractive or reflective), and a linear or array detector for acquisition of the spectrum.

Parallel acquisition of spectral signals from a 2-d laser beam array

Methods and systems for reconstructing individual spectra acquired from laser interrogation spots in a 2d array illuminating a particle are described. A particle is positioned in a 2d array that includes multiple laser interrogation spots.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Spectrometer including metasurface

A spectrometer includes a substrate; a slit which is provided on the substrate and through which light is incident onto the substrate; a metasurface including nanostructures that is configured to reflect and focus the light incident thereon through the slit, at different angles based on respective wavelengths; and a sensor which is provided on one side of the substrate that is opposite to another side of the substrate at which the metasurface is disposed, and configured to receive the light from the metasurface.. .
California Institute Of Technology

Plasma generator using dielectric resonator

A dielectric resonator is excited at its natural resonant frequency to produce a highly uniform electric field for the generation of plasma. The plasma may be used in a optical or mass spectrometer..
Radom Corporation

Device for mass spectrometry

A device for mass spectrometry in continuous operation can be equipped with a focused electron beam source or laser radiation source. It can further include a vacuum chamber, a stage for placing the specimen, and an ion beam column with a plasma source for producing a primary ion beam and a secondary ion mass spectrometer for secondary ion analysis.
Tescan Brno, S.r.o.

Integrated sample processing for electrospray ionization devices

Methods, systems and devices that generate differential axial transport in a fluidic device having at least one fluidic sample separation flow channel and at least one esi emitter in communication with the at least one sample separation flow channel. In response to the generated differential axial transport, the at least one target analyte contained in a sample reservoir in communication with the sample separation channel is selectively transported to the at least one esi emitter while inhibiting transport of contaminant materials contained in the sample reservoir toward the at least one esi emitter thereby preferentially directing analyte molecules out of the at least one esi emitter.
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

Mass spectrometer vacuum interface method and apparatus

A mass spectrometer vacuum interface can include a skimmer apparatus having a skimmer aperture and an internal surface. A method of operating the mass spectrometer vacuum interface can include establishing an outwardly directed flow along the internal surface of the skimmer apparatus..
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Controlling hydrogen-deuterium exchange on a spectrum by spectrum basis

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a liquid chromatography device for separating ions. A gas phase ion-neutral reaction device is arranged downstream to perform a gas phase ion-neutral reaction such as hydrogen-deuterium exchange.
Micromass Uk Limited

Electrostatic latent image-developing toner and producing electrostatic latent image-developing toner

An electrostatic latent image-developing toner includes a styrene-acrylic resin, an amorphous polyester resin, and a crystalline polyester resin. The electrostatic latent image-developing toner shows maximum absorption peaks at least in absorption wavenumber ranges of 690 to 710 cm−1, 1190 to 1220 cm−1, and 1230 to 1300 cm−1 in an absorption spectrum measured by attenuated total reflection with a fourier transform infrared spectrometer.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Multiplex enzyme assay using mass spectrometer-based flow cytometer

The present invention generally relates to methods for the detection of enzymes using elemental analysis.. .
Fluidigm Canada Inc.

Portable device for monitoring environmental conditions

A portable environment quality monitor having an enclosure to enclose and protect the monitor from an environment and for attaching to a user's clothing or jewelry. The enclosure includes a controlled airflow intake for receiving air from the environment in which the monitor is worn for forming an airflow sampling path and for laminarizing the airflow in the sampling path.
Tzoa/clad Innovations Ltd.

Waveguide sheet, fabrication method thereof and spectrometer using the same

An fabrication method of a waveguide sheet for a spectrometer includes the steps of: providing a pattern to be performed by a microelectromechanical (mem) process; and forming at least one waveguide sheet based on the provided pattern by the mem process. The pattern includes a shape of a first waveguide sheet.
Oto Photonics Inc.

An electrostatic ion trap mass spectrometer utilizing autoresonant ion excitation and methods of using the same

Methods of operation of electrostatic ion trap mass spectrometers in which ions are autoresonantly driven at selected higher integer (>2) multiples of ion oscillation frequencies are provided. Excitation at multiples higher than the fundamental or double the fundamental ion oscillation frequency significantly improves both signal intensity and mass resolution.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Process and measuring an organic solid sample by glow discharge spectrometry

A system and a process for measuring, by glow discharge spectrometry, the elemental and/or molecular chemical composition of an organic solid sample (10). The sample (10) is positioned so as to seal a glow discharge plasma reactor (2), a gaseous mixture including at least one inert gas and gaseous oxygen is injected into the reactor (2), the concentration of gaseous oxygen being between 0.1% and 15% by weight of the gaseous mixture, an electric discharge of radiofrequency type is applied to the electrodes of the plasma reactor (2) in order to generate a glow discharge plasma, and the solid sample (10) is exposed to the plasma so as to etch an erosion crater in the solid sample (10); at least one signal representative of an ionized species of negative charge is selected and measured using a mass spectrometer (4)..
Horiba Jobin Yvon Sas

Microwave cavity resonator detector

An ion detector system for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a first device arranged and adapted to receive ions and emit or output first electrons and a microwave cavity resonator arranged and adapted to deflect the first electrons onto a first detector.. .
Micromass Uk Limited

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