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This page is updated frequently with new Spectrometer-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Spectrometer-related patents
 Multi-element isotopic measurement by direct coupling of a multi-cycle isotachophoresis technique and a mass spectrometry technique patent thumbnailMulti-element isotopic measurement by direct coupling of a multi-cycle isotachophoresis technique and a mass spectrometry technique
A method for separating electrically charged species contained in a solution by an isotachophoresis method applied in an electrophoresis device, the isotachophoresis method being coupled to isotopic measurement using a mass spectrometer. The method notably comprises a step of stopping the voltage applied to the terminal of the electrophoresis capillary and transient application of a counter-pressure making it possible to utilize the length of the capillary several times and extend the separation distance artificially..

 Mass spectrometer inlet with reduced average flow patent thumbnailMass spectrometer inlet with reduced average flow
An interface configured to transfer ions produced at or near atmospheric pressure conditions into a mass spectrometer for mass analysis is provided. The interface includes a first conduit including an inlet configured to receive a fluid containing the ions and an outlet configured to direct the fluid containing the ions into the mass spectrometer.

 Bubble removal from liquid flow into a mass spectrometer source patent thumbnailBubble removal from liquid flow into a mass spectrometer source
Methods and systems for delivering a liquid sample to an ion source are provided herein. In various aspects, the methods and systems can improve the stability of a flow of liquid sample delivered to an ion source.

 Sample quantitation with a miniature mass spectrometer patent thumbnailSample quantitation with a miniature mass spectrometer
The invention generally relates to sample analysis with a miniature mass spectrometer. In certain embodiments, the invention provides methods that involve generating ions of a first analyte and ions of a second analyte.

 Tuning a mass spectrometer using optimization patent thumbnailTuning a mass spectrometer using optimization
Systems, methods, and apparatuses are provided for tuning a mass spectrometer. An optimization process can be performed to determine optimal parameters for various physical parameters of elements of the mass spectrometer.

 Laser spectroscopy for downhole sensing of gases and fluids patent thumbnailLaser spectroscopy for downhole sensing of gases and fluids
A method for spectroscopic analysis of a fluid using electromagnetic radiation from lasers is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes sampling formation fluid within a well and determining formation fluid properties for the sampled formation fluid through downhole fluid analysis.

 Analytical  detecting fuel markers patent thumbnailAnalytical detecting fuel markers
A gas chromatographic method for detecting a first marker and a second marker in a fuel in two channels: (i) a first capillary column coated with polysiloxane and a second capillary column coated with polyethylene glycol; and (ii) a third capillary column coated with polymethylphenylsiloxane and a fourth deactivated capillary column. The steps are: (a) introducing a first sample into the first column to produce a first effluent; (b) introducing only a portion of the first effluent into the second column to produce a second effluent; (c) allowing the second effluent to pass through a mass spectrometer; (d) introducing a second sample into the third column to produce a third effluent; (e) introducing only a portion of the third effluent into the fourth column to produce a fourth effluent; (f) allowing the fourth effluent to pass through a mass spectrometer..

 Analysis  polyolefin branches and system using same patent thumbnailAnalysis polyolefin branches and system using same
This invention relates to a method of analyzing polyolefin branches and a system using the same, the method including: a) obtaining a spectrum for a sample including polyolefin having a plurality of branches using a nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectrometer and a pulse program, wherein peaks of the branches are separated from each other in the spectrum; and b) calculating the proportion of each of the branches using the separated peaks.. .

 Device and system for measuring nuclear magnetic resonance patent thumbnailDevice and system for measuring nuclear magnetic resonance
There is provided a nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) measurement cell for use with a solution enabling the introduction of a gas into said solution. He measurement cell includes at least a detection volume designed to be installed in a static magnetic field of an nmr spectrometer, and includes in said detection volume, a gas introduction zone, a measurement chamber for the solution at a distance from the gas introduction zone and a network of conduits for the solution formed to set up fluid communication between the gas introduction zone and the measurement chamber.

 Method for diagnosing optical spectrometers of downhole tools patent thumbnailMethod for diagnosing optical spectrometers of downhole tools
A method for analyzing the condition of a spectrometer is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes acquiring optical data from a spectrometer of a downhole tool during flushing of a flowline and selecting a data set from the acquired optical data.


Method and the multi-layer and multi-component coating of thin films on substrates, and multi-layer and multi-component coatings

The present invention pertains to a process for depositing multi-component and nanostructured thin films. Various parameters are monitored during the process to produce the structure of the thin films, on one hand the residence time of the gas mixture in the reactor is controlled by the pumping rate, on the other side to generate the plasma direct current (dc) or radio frequency (rf) sources are used, plus the combination of three unbalanced magnetrons allows alternative emission of elements that make up the multi-component and nanostructured films.


Method of endpoint detection of plasma etching process using multivariate analysis

Described is a method for determining an endpoint of an etch process using optical emission spectroscopy (oes) data as an input. Optical emission spectroscopy (oes) data are acquired by a spectrometer attached to a plasma etch processing tool.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Methods, apparatus, and system for mass spectrometry

A miniature, low cost mass spectrometer capable of unit resolution over a mass range of 10 to 50 amu. The mass spectrometer incorporates several features that enhance the performance of the design over comparable instruments.
The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Sample droplet generation from segmented fluid flow and related devices and methods

A sample droplet generator transforms a segmented array of sample material into a continuous stream of droplets containing analytes. The droplets may serve as a sample source for a wide range of detectors and analytical instruments.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Intermittent mass spectrometer inlet

An intermittent sample inlet device and methods for use of the intermittent sample inlet device are described that include an orifice plate with an entrance orifice and a rotating skimmer with a skimmer orifice, where the rotating skimmer is disposed between the orifice plate and a vacuum chamber wall. The rotating skimmer rotates so that the skimmer orifice intermittently aligns with the entrance orifice and allows an ion sample to pass through to a mass analyzer..
Smiths Detection Inc.


Cascaded-signal-intensifier-based ion imaging detector for mass spectrometer

A detector system for a mass spectrometer comprises: a metal channel dynode (mcd) comprising at least one perforated metal plate configured to receive the exiting ions and eject electrons in response; a plurality of electron-to-photon converters arranged in a parallel stacked configuration, each such converter comprising a substrate plate having a phosphor coating on a first face; and an electrode film disposed on the phosphor coating; at least one photocathode, each of the at least one photocathode disposed between a respective pair of the plurality of electron-to-photon converters; an optical detector optically coupled a last one of the electron-to-photon converters; and at least one direct current power supply configured to apply, in operation, a respective bias electrical potential to the mcd and each of the electrode films and photocathodes.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc


High-voltage power unit and mass spectrometer using the power unit

An excessive overshoot preventing unit (16) is connected to a loop in which a command voltage vf according to a difference between: a voltage obtained by dividing an output voltage vout as a high voltage; and a control voltage v cont set from the outside is obtained and fed back to each of drive circuits (3 and 5) of a positive voltage generating unit (2) and a negative voltage generating unit (4). The excessive overshoot preventing unit (16) clamps the command voltage vf at a voltage value according to the control voltage vcont.
Shimadzu Corporation


Adjustment mechanism

A magnetic adjustment mechanism 100 comprising a chamber 10, an element 12 pivotally mounted within the chamber 10 and comprising a magnetic portion 14, and a magnetic actuator 18 arranged outside the chamber 10 to allow magnetic coupling with the magnetic portion 14 of the element 12 such that movement of the magnetic actuator 18 causes an adjustment of the position of the element 12. The adjustment mechanism 100 may be used within a vacuum chamber of a mass spectrometer to control the position of a moveable element from outside the chamber..
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Techniques for active passivation

In one embodiment, active (continuous or intermittent) passivation may be employed to prevent interaction of sticky molecules with interfaces inside of an instrument (e.g., an infrared absorption spectrometer) and thereby improve response time. A passivation species may be continuously or intermittently applied to an inlet of the instrument while a sample gas stream is being applied.
Aerodyne Research, Inc.


Mass spectrometer

The objective of the present invention is to improve the robustness, sensitivity, and maintainability of a mass spectrometer to which a liquid chromatograph can be connected. This mass spectrometer includes: an ion source; a mass spectrometry unit; a plurality of flat plates used as electrodes having openings through which ions can be introduced to the mass spectrometer from an orthogonal direction along an ion introduction axis; a porous member provided between the mass spectrometry unit and the plurality of flat plates; and a mechanism for feeding gas to the plurality of flat plates for the side opposite from the ion introduction direction; the plurality of flat plates being disposed under atmospheric pressure, and the plurality of electrodes being set at a temperature higher than room temperature..
Hitachi High-technologies Corportion


Mass spectrometer

A closed-loop ion guide 1 is disclosed comprising a plurality of electrodes having apertures through which ions are transmitted in use. Ions are injected into the closed-loop ion guide 1 and may make several circuits of the closed-loop ion guide 1 before being ejected from the ion guide 1.
Micromass Uk Limited


Combined raman spectroscopy and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

An apparatus includes a single laser source configurable to produce laser pulses directable towards a target substance, a focusing lens optically positionable between the single laser source and the target substance, the focusing lens focusing a first laser pulse to ablate at least a portion of the target substance when in a first focusing lens position to generate a plasma plume, the plume emitting atomic emission lines characteristic of elements including the target substance, the focusing lens focusing a second laser pulse in the target substance when in a second focusing lens position, resulting in raman scattering, a collection optics assembly to detect signals representing the atomic emission lines characteristic of the target substance and the raman scattering, and a spectrometer to detect signals received from the collection optics assembly.. .
Thermo Scientific Portable Analytical Instruments Inc.


Measuring determining dimensional characteristics of a measurement object

A measuring apparatus and method for determining dimensional characteristics of a measurement object use a sensor head in order to register desired measurement points on the measurement object. The sensor head comprises a polychromatic light source for generating light having various wavelengths of light, a spectrometer, and an optical system having at least one lens element.
Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik Gmbh



Change in electric characteristics of a semiconductor device including a transistor having a crystalline oxide semiconductor is suppressed, and reliability thereof is improved. Furthermore, a semiconductor device with low power consumption is provided.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Systems for separating ions and neutrals and methods of operating the same

A mass spectrometer system includes a pulsed ion source configured to generate ionized molecules and neutral molecules. The system also includes a first enclosure coupled in flow communication with the pulsed ion source.
Morpho Detection, Llc


Frequency scan linear ion trap mass spectrometry

An ion trap mass spectrometer and methods for obtaining a mass spectrum of ions by scanning an rf frequency applied to the linear ion trap for mass selective ejection of the ions by using two power amplifiers to apply opposite phases of the rf to x and y electrodes.. .
Academia Sinica


Interface for an atmospheric pressure ion source in a mass spectrometer

The invention relates to a mass spectrometer having an ion source region at substantially atmospheric pressure in which ions are formed from a liquid sample. The mass spectrometer further has an interface for transmitting the formed ions from the ion source region into a vacuum region which is held at a pressure level substantially below the atmospheric pressure and where the formed ions are further processed.
Bruker Daltonics, Inc.


Ionizer and mass spectrometer

In the ionizer of the present invention, a stream of gas spouted from a nozzle (18) of a dart ionization unit (10) vaporizes and ionizes the components in a sample (25). Gaseous sample-component molecules which have not been ionized by that process are subsequently ionized by a reaction with a reactant ion produced by a corona discharge generated from a needle electrode (20).
Public University Corporation Yokohama City Univer Sity


Mass spectrometer

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a time of flight mass analyser. The time of flight mass analyser comprises an ion guide comprising a plurality of electrodes which are interconnected by a series of resistors forming a potential divider.
Micromass Uk Limited


Mass spectrometer device and method using scanned phase applied potentials in ion guidance

An ion guide or mass analyser is disclosed comprising a plurality of electrodes having apertures through which ions are transmitted in use. A pseudo-potential barrier is created at the exit of the ion guide or mass analyser.
Micromass Uk Limited


Zero voltage mass spectrometry probes and systems

The invention generally relates to zero volt mass spectrometry probes and systems. In certain embodiments, the invention provides a system including a mass spectrometry probe including a porous material, and a mass spectrometer (bench-top or miniature mass spectrometer).
Purdue Research Foundation


System and detection of contaminants

Described is a system and method for detecting contaminants using a flexible surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (sers) substrate. The contaminant is collected on a flexible sers substrate and directly interrogated with a raman spectrometer to obtaining a sers emission spectrum for the contaminant.
Bubble Technology Industries Inc.


System using laser-scatter measurement instrument for organism identification and related network

An optical measurement instrument is an integrated instrument that includes an optical cavity with a light source, a sample cuvette, and an optical sensor. The instrument can be used for taking measurements of organism concentration in one or more samples.
Bacterioscan Ltd


Capillary absorption spectrometer and process for isotopic analysis of small samples

A capillary absorption spectrometer and process are described that provide highly sensitive and accurate stable absorption measurements of analytes in a sample gas that may include isotopologues of carbon and oxygen obtained from gas and biological samples. It further provides isotopic images of microbial communities that allow tracking of nutrients at the single cell level.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Spectroscopy system using waveguide and employing a laser medium as its own emissions detector

An intracavity laser absorption infrared spectroscopy system for detecting trace analytes in vapor samples. The system uses a spectrometer in communications with control electronics, wherein the control electronics contain an analyte database that contains absorption profiles for each analyte the system is used to detect.
Emx International, Llc


Spectrometer module

A spectroscopic module 1 is provided with a spectroscopic unit 8 and a photodetector 9 in addition to a spectroscopic unit 7 and a photodetector 4 and thus can enhance its detection sensitivity for light in a wide wavelength range or different wavelength regions of light. A light-transmitting hole 4b is disposed between light detecting portions 4a, 9a, while a reflection unit 6 is provided so as to oppose a region r in a light-absorbing substrate 2, whereby the size can be kept from becoming larger.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


On-site mass spectrometry for liquid and extracted gas analysis of drilling fluids

An example method for analyzing drilling fluid used in a drilling operation within a subterranean formation may include receiving a drilling fluid sample from a flow of drilling fluid at a surface of the subterranean formation. A chemical composition of the drilling fluid sample may be determined using a mass spectrometer.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Gas decomposition reactor feedback control using raman spectrometry

A gas decomposition reactor for the decomposition of a gas into a mixture of solid and gaseous by-products is disclosed. The gas decomposition reactor includes a reactor vessel, a raman spectrometer, and a processor.
Sunedison, Inc.


Multi-reflecting mass spectrometer with high throughput

Method and embodiments are provided for tandem mass spectrometer designed for extremely large charge throughput up to 1e+10 ion/sec. In one operation mode, the initial ion flow with wide m/z range is time separated in a trap array.
Leco Corporation


Ring shaped counter electrode to improve beam stability and compound sensitivity on a ceramic tile type microfluidic device

An interface for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a microfluidic substrate, tile or cartridge 1 comprising a liquid chromatography separation column and an electrospray emitter 2. A counter electrode 4 is arranged downstream of a tip of the electrospray emitter 2 and is arranged and adapted to direct ions towards an atmospheric pressure interface or ion inlet aperture 5 of a mass spectrometer..
Micromass Uk Limited


Method for transferring between spectrometers

The present invention relates to a method for characterizing a sample-product x by spectral analysis by means of a novel spectrometer ii using information acquired by means of a first spectrometer i.. .
Topnir Systems Sas


Comb resolved fourier transform spectroscopy

Systems and methods for high resolution and high sensitivity spectroscopy are disclosed. High resolution can be obtained in conjunction with comb sources via comb resolved spectroscopy.
Imra America, Inc.


Multi-channel up-conversion infrared spectrometer and detecting a spectral distribution of light

A multi-channel infrared spectrometer for detecting an infrared spectrum of light received from an object. The spectrometer comprises a wavelength converter system comprising a nonlinear material and having an input side and an output side.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Method and optically checking by interferometry the thickness of an object being machined

A method for optically checking by interferometry the thickness of an object (2) being machined comprises a phase of direct checking wherein the spectrum of the result of interference between primary reflected radiations (r1) generated by reflection of incident radiations (i) on an external surface (16) and secondary reflected radiations (r2) generated by reflection on an internal surface of discontinuity (17) of the object is analysed, and a preliminary phase wherein information relative to the variation of a virtual thickness (d) delimited and defined by a reference surface (18) and the external surface of the object, indicative of thickness variations of the object being machined. In the preliminary phase, the processing is based on the analysis of the spectrum of the result of interference between primary reflected radiations and reference reflected radiations (rref) generated by the reflection of the incident radiations on the reference surface, that defines the length of a reference optical path.
Marposs Societa' Per Azioni


Method for species identification by using molecular weights of nucleic acid cleavage fragments

A method for species identification by using molecular weights of nucleic acid cleavage fragments, comprising steps of: performing a polymerase chain reaction and a nucleic acid cleavage reaction to cleave the nucleic acid sequence of the to-be-identified species into multiple nucleic acid cleavage fragments having different molecular weights; measuring the molecular weights of the nucleic acid cleavage fragments by using a mass spectrometer; comparing the molecular weight of each nucleic acid cleavage fragments of the to-be-identified species with molecular weights of nucleic acid cleavage fragments of a known species in a database; determining a number n of the identical nucleic acid cleavage fragments between the two species; and calculating a ratio n/m of the number n to the total number m of the nucleic acid cleavage fragments of the known species, wherein the ratio n/m represents similarity between the to-be-identified species and the known species.. .
Tech-knowhow Corp.


Constraining arcuate divergence in an ion mirror mass analyser

A charged particle analyzer apparatus comprising two opposing ion mirrors each mirror comprising inner and outer field-defining electrode systems elongated along an axis z, the outer system surrounding the inner, whereby when the electrode systems are electrically biased the mirrors create an electrical field comprising opposing electrical fields along z; and at least one arcuate focusing lens for constraining the arcuate divergence of a beam of charged particles within the analyzer whilst the beam orbits around the axis z, the analyzer further comprising a disc having two faces at least partly spanning the space between the inner and outer field defining electrode systems and lying in a plane perpendicular to the axis z, the disc having resistive coating upon both faces. A mass spectrometer system comprising a plurality of the charged particle analyzers arranged as a parallel array..
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Time-of-flight mass spectrometers with cassini reflector

The invention relates to embodiments of high-resolution time-of-flight (tof) mass spectrometers with special reflectors. The invention provides reflectors with ideal energy and solid angle focusing, based on cassini ion traps, and proposes that a section of the flight path of the tof mass spectrometers takes the form of a cassini reflector.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Miniature sensor structures for ion mobility spectrometers

For ion mobility spectrometry applications, a desired shape of a sensor structure may be created by forming a desired shape from a ceramic material, such as aluminum nitride. In various embodiments, the sensor structure may be formed using discrete individual ceramic sheets and/or from a preformed ceramic tube.
Implant Sciences Corporation


Mass spectrometer with bypass of a fragmentation device

A method for analyzing a mixture of components includes forming precursor ions from the components, alternately causing the precursor ions to pass to and to by-pass a fragmentation device, to form product ions from the precursor ions that pass to the device and to form substantially fewer product ions from precursor ions that by-pass the device, and obtaining mass spectra from product ions received from the device and from precursor ions that by-passed the device. An apparatus for analyzing a sample includes an ion source for forming precursor ions from the components of the sample, a fragmentation device for forming product ions from the precursor ions, a by-pass device disposed upstream of the fragmentation device for switchable by-pass of the fragmentation device, and a mass analyzer..
Micromass Uk Limited


Thermal neutron detector and gamma-ray spectrometer utilizing a single material

A combined thermal neutron detector and gamma-ray spectrometer system, including: a detection medium including a lithium chalcopyrite crystal operable for detecting thermal neutrons in a semiconductor mode and gamma-rays in a scintillator mode; and a photodetector coupled to the detection medium also operable for detecting the gamma rays. Optionally, the detection medium includes a 6liinse2 crystal.
Fisk University


High sensitivity quantitation of peptides by mass spectrometry

The instant invention provides an economical flow-through method for determining amount of target proteins in a sample. An antibody preparation (whether polyclonal or monoclonal, or any equivalent specific binding agent) is used to capture and thus enrich a specific monitor peptide (a specific peptide fragment of a protein to be quantitated in a proteolytic digest of a complex protein sample) and an internal standard peptide (the same chemical structure but including stable isotope labels).
Anderson Forschung Group, Inc.


Wearable device for detection of contaminants and method thereof

Generally described, the devices and methods provided herein are directed to wearables having a spectrometer for analyzing a chemical composition of a substance. The substance can be a solid, liquid, or gas.


Collision cell

A method of operating a gas-filled collision cell in a mass spectrometer is provided. The collision cell has a longitudinal axis.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Multipass virtually imaged phased array etalon

An example system determines biomechanical properties of eye tissue. The system includes a confocal microscopy system configured to scan the incident light across a plurality of cross-sections of the tissue.
Avedro, Inc.


Absorption spectrometer and calibration curve preparation method therefor

The present invention intends to reduce a measurement error in the concentration of a component due to the effect of the grain concentration of grain dispersion liquid. Also, the present invention is one that calculates the concentration of a predetermined component added into grain dispersion liquid in which grains are dispersed in liquid, with use of a light absorption spectrum obtained by irradiating the grain dispersion liquid with light and a preliminarily prepared calibration curve representing the relationship between a light absorption spectrum and the concentration of the predetermined component.
Horiba, Ltd.


System and analysis of cannabis

A system including a light source, sampling tray, and at least three detectors mounted at angles with respect to each other receives light reflected from a sample of cannabis-based matter. Light from the three detectors is fed to a spectrometer which converts the reflected light into a fingerprint corresponding to the concentration of at least one substance in the sample.
Lightwave Science, Inc.


Automated focusing, cleaning, and multiple location sampling spectrometer system

An analysis system includes a moveable focusing lens, a laser (typically an eye safe laser) having an output directed at the focusing lens, and a spectrometer outputting intensity data from a sample. A controller system is responsive to the spectrometer and is configured to energize the laser, process the output of the spectrometer, and adjust the position of the focusing lens relative to the sample until the spectrometer output indicates a maximum or near maximum intensity resulting from a laser output focused to a spot on the sample..
Sciaps, Inc.


Apparatus and distinguishing between different tissue types using specific raman spectral regions

A portable apparatus and method for distinguishing between different tissue types, such as normal tissue, necrotic tissue, and tumor tissue are provided, where the apparatus includes a housing and a plurality of raman spectrometers disposed within the housing, each spectrometer having a different spectral region. A processor is provided in communication with the plurality of spectrometers, the processor analyzing output from the plurality of spectrometers to identify the tissue type of the tissue sample.
Wayne State University


Multi-mode imaging spectrometer

A multi-mode imaging spectrometer that incorporates two orthogonally positioned entrance slits and is configurable between a first mode in which the system produces images of relatively wide spatial coverage with moderate spectral resolution, using a first one of the two slits, and a second mode in which the system produces images of a smaller spatial area with fine spectral resolution, using the other one of the two slits.. .
Raytheon Company


Assembling spectrometer and assembling system

A spectrometer comprising a waveguide module, a diffractive component, and a light sensor is provided. The waveguide module has a first reflective surface, a second reflective surface opposite to the first reflective surface, and a light channel between the first reflective surface and the second reflective surface.
Oto Photonics Inc.


Systems and methods for calibrating gain in an electron multiplier

Method for operating a mass spectrometer includes supplying a quantity of ions to an ion detector. The ion detector can include a conversion dynode operating in a first polarity and an electron multiplier.
Thermo Finnigan Llc


Methods for tracing fluid migration

The disclosure relates to application of a signature elemental tracer referred to herein as a signature). It comprises a selection of a small amount of a unique combination of a non-radioactive isotope or variant of a particular element or elements with stable isotopes, different from the natural-occurring combination of the elements in question.
New Century Financial Capital, Llc


Apparatus and techniques for fourier transform millimeter-wave spectroscopy

Examples herein include apparatus and techniques that can be used to perform rotational spectroscopy on gas-phase samples. Such techniques can include using a spectrometer providing frequency synthesis and pulse modulation to provide excitation (e.g., pump or probe pulses) of a gas-phase sample at mm-wave frequencies.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation


Heroin detection by raman spectroscopy from impure compositions comprising an interfering fluorescent contaminant

A method of identifying the presence of heroin in an impure heroin composition which contains heroin and at least one fluorescent contaminant which interferes with a raman signal from the heroin. The method may include contacting the mixture with a solvent such as an alcohol, then contacting the resulting alcohol composition with a sers surface.
Thermo Scientific Portable Analytical Instruments Inc.


Rapid quantitative element testing

A method of element testing is disclosed that includes the steps of weighing a sample, pressing the sample between pads, applying microwave radiation to the sample and pads in the presence of a microwave susceptor material and ashing the pressed sample, adding the pads and the ashed sample to an acid, and forwarding filtrate from the pad-sample-acid mixture to a spectrometer.. .
Cem Corporation

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