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Method of characterizing the sensitivity of an electronic component subjected to irradiation conditions

Computer-implemented system and method for inferring operational specifications of a fleet of photovoltaic power…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Specifications-related patents
 Live virtual machine migration quality of service patent thumbnailnew patent Live virtual machine migration quality of service
A system and method for providing quality of service during live migration includes determining one or more quality of service (qos) specifications for one or more virtual machines (vms) to be live migrated. Based on the one or more qos specifications, a qos is applied to a live migration of the one or more vms by controlling resources including at least one of live migration network characteristics and vm execution parameters..
 Live virtual machine migration quality of service patent thumbnailnew patent Live virtual machine migration quality of service
A system and method for providing quality of service during live migration includes determining one or more quality of service (qos) specifications for one or more virtual machines (vms) to be live migrated. Based on the one or more qos specifications, a qos is applied to a live migration of the one or more vms by controlling resources including at least one of live migration network characteristics and vm execution parameters..
 Computer system and configuration management method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Computer system and configuration management method therefor
Provided is a computer system that requires only a server administrator for construction thereof arid configuration change thereof. A management server acquires connection destination interface identifiers set for external apparatuses, stores the connection destination interface identifiers into a first table, acquires specifications of server computers and identifiers of the server computers, stores the specifications and the identifiers into a second table, acquires specifications of external apparatuses, stores the specifications into the first table, receives a profile to be deployed onto one of the server computers, acquires a server computer satisfying the profile from the second table, acquires an external apparatus satisfying the profile from the first table, acquires a connection destination interface identifier from the first table, and notifies the server computer acquired from the second table of the acquired interface identifier, and the server computer updates an interface identifier of an interface by the received interface identifier..
 Computer-implemented system and method for inferring operational specifications of a fleet of photovoltaic power generation systems patent thumbnailnew patent Computer-implemented system and method for inferring operational specifications of a fleet of photovoltaic power generation systems
Operational specifications of a photovoltaic plant configuration can be inferred through evaluation of historical measured system production data and measured solar resource data. Based upon the location of the photovoltaic plant, a time-series power generation data set is simulated based on a normalized and preferably substantially linearly-scalable solar power simulation model.
 Performance evaluation system and method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Performance evaluation system and method therefor
An exemplary energy auditing system and a method for obtaining a validated performance solution for a plant are provided. An exemplary system and method includes at least one processor that obtains plant data for calculating one or more performance metrics.
 Cpu unit for plc, plc-use system program, recording medium in which plc-use system program is stored, plc system, plc support device, plc support program, and recording medium in which plc support program is stored patent thumbnailnew patent Cpu unit for plc, plc-use system program, recording medium in which plc-use system program is stored, plc system, plc support device, plc support program, and recording medium in which plc support program is stored
A system program includes a procedure library in which at least a procedure for controlling execution of a control program and a procedure for controlling output of output data and input of input data are included. If schedule-building data including execution order specifications for the procedures included in the procedure library is stored in a storage section, the system program causes a microprocessor to execute the procedures included in the procedure library in accordance with the procedure execution order specifications included in schedule-building data..
 Method of reducing reference signals and communication device thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Method of reducing reference signals and communication device thereof
A method of reducing a number of reference signals for a communication device in a wireless communication system, includes receiving a downlink control information (dci) message in a first bundling subframe of a plurality of bundling subframes, wherein the bundling subframes are contiguous subframes; receiving reference signals with a reduced pattern in the plurality of bundling subframes, wherein a number of the reference signals with the reduced pattern is smaller than a number of the reference signals determined in corresponding specifications; measuring channel responses according to the reference signals with the reduced pattern; using the channel responses to perform channel interpolations in the plurality of bundling subframes, for acquiring channel estimations of the plurality of the bundling subframes; and receiving data according to the dci message in the plurality of bundling subframes.. .
 Method of characterizing the sensitivity of an electronic component subjected to irradiation conditions patent thumbnailnew patent Method of characterizing the sensitivity of an electronic component subjected to irradiation conditions
A method of selecting a piece of electronic equipment subjected to irradiation conditions comprising at least one electronic component by characterizing a sensitivity parameter of the electronic component to the irradiation conditions listed in a predetermined specifications. The electronic component is irradiated with a source of ionizing radiation having the known irradiation characteristics and geometry.
 Article of manufacture for securing data in 2d bar codes using ssl patent thumbnailArticle of manufacture for securing data in 2d bar codes using ssl
An article of manufacture comprises a printed document associated with a source entity. The printed document is readable by a software application of an electronic device.
 Content space environment representation patent thumbnailContent space environment representation
Embodiments of the invention relate to content space environment representation. An aspect of the invention includes selecting one or more platform attributes for a software content space.
Information management device, information management program, and information management method
By determining whether or not sensing data provided from an information provision device is appropriate with respect to the specifications previously determined for the sensing data and thus preventing the breach of a contract concerning a provision of the sensing data and the breach of a contract concerning use of the sensing data, reliability of the sensing data from the perspective of a user who uses the sensing data can be improved. An information management device (1) stores, in a provider contract db (13), specifications of information (sensing data) provided from the information provision device (2) connected in a communicable manner through a network (5).
System and method for creating and distributing electronic advertisements
A system and method for creating and distributing electronic advertisements, wherein a business can create a user account in order to create and manage advertisements stored in an advertisement repository. A quick response code is created for the user account of each business, with the quick response code having an encoded value.
System and method for mediating transactions among a plurality of social commerce businesses
A system and method for mediating transactions among a plurality of social commerce businesses, which enable social commerce businesses to provide one large social commerce community and mediate transactions among the businesses to thereby provide a sound social commerce market in which the businesses compensate for weak points and achieve win-win results and enable transactions with overseas as well as domestic social commerce businesses. An embodiment of the transaction mediation computer converts specifications related to transactions to the format required by or suitable for a relevant social commerce businesses and provides the format such that transactions may be performed regardless of the nationality of the social commerce businesses, and accesses an electronic customs procedure computer and computers of domestic and overseas delivery companies so as to control the customs procedure and domestic and overseas delivery process..
System, method and apparatus for three-dimensional digital design content rights management
The present invention comprises a system and method for providing three-dimensional and maintaining digital design rights management. The invention comprises a first server computer configured to transmit, to user terminals, images associated with three-dimensional designs.
Apparel shopping method
A marketing method for apparel shopping that provides a potential customer via a wireless device, the ability to choose a desired piece of clothing for purchase. The piece of clothing is embedded with a unique infrared thread.
Velcro lint remover
An improved lint removing assembly consisting of velcro hooks. The velcro hooks hold and lift lint or hair from garments.
Softmodem activation and customization
Systems and methods are provided for activating, configuring, and/or re-configuring a “softmodem” in a computer device. The softmodem can be specially configured to accept firmware specifications that control the operation of communication by the softmodem.
Portal assessment design system for educational testing
A portal assessment design system includes a system for designing assessment models and assessments (e.g., standardized tests). In assessment design, specifications are organized around three basic elements: 1) what knowledge, skill or abilities are important to measure; 2) what is necessary evidence of that knowledge, skill or ability; 3) what performance situations are needed to elicit the required evidence from students and other assessment users.
Acoustic ventilation and respiratory booster machine
An acoustic ventilator using feedback control is designed to generate and exert a desired mixture of pressure oscillations into a supply of gas entering a subject's airways to maintain optimal ventilation and perfusion in the lungs. According to the subject's biological specifications and real-time medical condition, computers and human interface control the vibrations in intensity and frequency along with the pressure and composition of blended gases in order to enhance oxygenation and co2 clearance.
Output specification calibrating apparatus for capacitive pressure sensor
An output specification calibrating apparatus for a capacitive pressure sensor. The output specification calibrating apparatus enables adjustment of non-linearity, offset, and gain of the capacitive pressure sensor in a software manner at the time of shipment.
Managing authorization of actions associated with data objects
Managing actions associated with objects stored in a data storage system includes: receiving, over an input device or port, a request to determine authorization of an action associated with an object; and computing, with at least one processor, authorization information for processing the received request. The computing includes: determining a class of the object, retrieving a rule specification associated with the class, and evaluating at least one rule defined in the retrieved rule specification or defined in rule specifications associated with classes of any objects referenced in the retrieved rule specification..
Portal for automatic software installation and configuration
A portal is established between a software installer and a client to allow on-line management of a software implementation project. The installer of customizable software and the client may communicate through the portal to establish specifications for the software product.
Dynamic update of applications as code is checked-in
Software accesses a code database and determines that a specified percentage of the code in the code database for an application has been updated. The software then accesses an application database and obtains the application as currently deployed.
Configurable testing of computer programs
Configurable testing of a computer program includes: storing a set of one or more testing specifications, and attribute information defining one or more attributes of a recognizable portion of the computer program; and processing, using at least one processor, the computer program according to at least a first testing specification associated with the computer program. The processing includes: traversing a representation of the computer program that includes elements that represent recognizable portions of the computer program, and while traversing the representation, recognizing recognizable portions of the computer program, and storing values of attributes, defined by the attribute information, of the recognized portions of the computer program..
Computing device and method of installing hardware specification files in hosts
A method creates a plurality of host hardware specification (hhs) files for hosts with different hardware specifications, and stores the hhs files in a storage device. The method further monitors a dynamic host configuration protocol (dhcp) server and checks if the dhcp server has allocated an ip address to any new created host.
Item banking system for standards-based assessment
An computer item banking system for standards-based assessments has test items used in standards-based assessments wherein a plurality of item specifications are developed using a specification building feature to create new, edit, move, and delete specifications and to assign specifications to one or more standards; a plurality of test items are constructed and edited using a test building feature to specify the type of item being constructed, points available for the item, and the type of bank to which the item is assigned; bank types include agency-wide assessments including benchmark tests and end-of-course examinations, and formative assessments such as classroom quizzes. The system includes means for certification of test items and preventing use of uncertified test items to be used in agency-wide assessments under construction..
Systems and methods for implementing soft-decision reed-solomon decoding to improve cable modem and cable gateway performance
A system and method are provided for implementing a soft reed-solomon (rs) decoding scheme, technique or algorithm to improve physical layer performance in cable modems and cable gateways. At 1024-qam, a receiver is provided in which a signal to noise ratio is reduced by at least about 1 db relaxing design considerations and specifications for other components in the system including for the tuner.
Low-voltage ic test for defect screening
System and method using low voltage current measurements to measure voltage network currents in an integrated circuit (ic). In one aspect, a low voltage current leakage test is applied voltage networks for the ic or microchip via one or more ic chip connectors.
Hybrid screening nozzle
An extrusion nozzle for applying a paste to a green sheet. The nozzle having a center orifice with a leading edge and a trailing edge.
Access requests at iam system implementing iam data model
Systems and methods are provided for provisioning access rights to physical computing resources using an iam system implementing an iam data model. The iam data model may identify logical and physical computing resources.
Single serdes transmitter driver design for both ethernet and peripheral component interconnect express applications
An apparatus includes a first coding circuit, a second coding circuit, and a plurality of source series terminated driver slices. The first coding circuit may be configured to generate a plurality of digital filter control codes in response to a plurality of filter coefficients and a control signal.
Client finite element submission system
The embodiments of the client finite element submission system are comprised of a means to allow the user to create the job file package to be submitted to the finite element analysis (fea) professional. The job file package will include the the geometry to be analyzed, simulation type specifications, material specifications, boundary conditions, and custom result requests.
Methodology for nanoscale technology based mixed-signal system design
A method for designing complex, mixed signal circuits, comprising generating electronic data defining a baseline schematic design. Generating a parameterized parasitic-aware netlist using the baseline schematic design.
Efficiently generating test cases
Techniques, an apparatus and computer program product for generating test cases for covering enterprise rules and predicates are disclosed by receiving data associated with at least one of a business requirement and a business scenario as input, wherein the data comprise at least one of a set of predefined rules; based on the data, generating at least one or more test cases as output without any human intervention, wherein the output comprises a test script for the business requirement or the business scenario, and wherein the data associated with the at least one of a business requirement and a business scenario comprise at least one of a business rule, business requirement and predicate, the data associated with the at least one of business requirement and business scenario are stored as a linked graph in a repository, and wherein each node of the linked graph is mapped to previously stored data in the repository, wherein the repository comprises either one of a structured or unstructured data, and the data are obtained from the requirement specifications.. .
Vital text analytics system for the enhancement of requirements engineering documents and other documents
A vital text analytics system (vtas), incorporating a repository of enterprise terms or concepts, is one that improves the readability and fidelity of technical specifications, instructions, training manuals requirements engineering documents and other related engineering documents, typically from a single organization or workgroup. The system stresses ontological analysis of a corpus of related documents, and applies a suite of computational tools that supports the identification and assessment of risk in evaluating the content of the documents, as well as providing statistical measures reflecting the frequency and severity of document features that threaten comprehension..
Textile printing apparatus and textile printing method
A textile printing apparatus includes a liquid remaining amount grasping unit which grasps remaining amounts of respective two or more kinds of liquids, and a control unit which performs control of execution of printings onto a plurality of printed textile materials, the control unit has a control mode for, in advance of starting the execution of printings, specifying any print-executable printing specification from among the printing specifications on the basis of the remaining amounts of the respective liquids and the contents of the respective printing specifications, and then, starting execution of any printing based on the any print-executable printing specification having been specified.. .
Software application notifications
In one embodiment, a method includes a server computing system receiving a notification from a software application on a client computing device associated with a first user. The notification indicates a user interaction with the application has occurred.
Bioderived biodegradable lubricant
A multi-purpose lubricant is described. In accordance with one implementation, a lubricant comprises food grade based oils substantially complying with usda h-1 specifications for incidental contact with food, wherein at least one oil is selected from the group consisting of food grade plant oil, food grade poly-alpha-olefin, polyalkylene glycol, and mixtures thereof.
Call-in participation for a live video broadcast
Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for call-in participation for a live video broadcast. A method includes, in a server residing in a network of interconnected computers, alerting a media player of a call-in feature during a live streaming broadcast, receiving an indication from a viewer of the media player to participate in the live streaming broadcast, receiving audio/video device specifications from the media player, and dispatching an active participant stream to be used in conjunction with the live streaming broadcast..
Context-based image customization
In one embodiment, a method includes receiving information associated with an image. Information regarding a viewing context for displaying the image may be received.
Application migration between clouds
Embodiments described herein are directed to reinitiating an application on a target computing cloud and to evaluating potential target cloud computing systems. In one scenario, a computing system receives an indication that identifies a target cloud for application migration.
Systems and methods for selecting and prioritizing construction checkpoints
A computer-based system uses information about a building project to select from a repository of construction checkpoints a subset of the checkpoints that are relevant to improving a building's safety, durability and comfort and to reducing financial risk. The checkpoints are prioritized based on at least one of: project geographic location, project-specific exposure, type of structure, complexity of building components, product quality, builder's repeated deficiencies, and codes and specifications.
Dynamic delivery and use of electronic incentives
A host system for a merchant to distributing and redeeming incentives to a consumer is provided. The merchant may create an incentive with specifications that determine the value of the incentive and to which consumers the incentive is available.
Systems and methods for construction abstraction
A frame design and a sheathing design for a design model may be produced by the systems and methods described herein. A processor in communication with a database may receive a design model comprising building specifications.
Femtocell base station for controlling communication according to specified criteria
A method and apparatus is disclosed to restrict access services to a communication device. The services may be restricted based upon hardware characteristics, geographic characteristics, user specifications of the communication device and/or specified rules.
Active electrical communication cable assembly
An active electric cable assembly suitable for high speed communication (e.g., 10 gbit/sec) between electronic devices, such as but not limited to a peripheral device (e.g., storage device, docking station, etc.) and a computing platform expansion bus. (e.g., supporting the standards and specifications associated with the trade name thunderbolt®).
L1 control signaling for utran hsdpa
A level-1 (l1) signaling flag is mapped to unused (invalid) bit sequences in part 1 of the hs-scch—that is part 1 bit encodings that are not defined in the utran specifications—and a corresponding l1 command is encoded in part 2. This allows ue (18) to detect early that the hs-scch is pure l1 signaling, and the ue (18) may avoid, wasting power by not processing an accompanying hs-pdsch.
Method and device for calibrating a positioner system having an electronically commutated servomotor
A method for calibrating a positioner system that has an electronically commutated servomotor and a counterforce-loaded actuator coupled thereto includes actuating the servomotor such that a first motor magnetic field of a first strength is generated and determining a first position specification for the position of the actuator aligned to the first motor magnetic field. The servomotor is actuated such that a second motor magnetic field of a second strength is generated and a second position specification for the position of the actuator aligned to the second motor magnetic field is determined.
Goal-driven computer aided design workflow
A centralized design engine receives a problem specification from an end-user and classifies that problem specification in a large database of previously received problem specifications. Upon identifying similar problem specifications in the large database, the design engine selects design strategies associated with those similar problem specifications.
Exterior rearview mirror
An exterior rearview mirror with a mirror glass that is embedded in a mirror head, where the mirror head is pivotably supported against a mirror base by being fastened to the vehicle, where the mirror glass includes at least two mirror parts having different radii of curvature, in that a separating line between the mirror parts passes through the area that meets the imaging specifications.. .
Device architecture and method for precision enhancement of vertical semiconductor devices
Improvement of key electrical specifications of vertical semiconductor devices, usually found in the class of devices known as discrete semiconductors, has a direct impact on the performance achievement and power efficiency of the systems in which these devices are used. Imprecise vertical device specifications cause system builders to either screen incoming devices for their required specification targets or to design their system with lower performance or lower efficiency than desired.
Paintbrush holder
Paintbrush holder can be hook onto the side of a paint can, allowing the paint to be easily accessed at all times. This unique product can comprise a plastic holder that can resemble and fit over a paintbrush head.
Power saving mode for network devices
Methods, systems, and apparatuses can be operable to facilitate transitioning an node to and from a power-saving mode. A mixed network comprising devices having different protocols and/or specifications can communicate with each other and outdated or legacy devices can utilize power-saving modes possessed by updated devices..
Category and attribute specifications for product search queries
Systems and methods can determine categories for product searches. One or more computing devices can receive a product query of search terms.
Mobile device provisioning framework system
Described are systems, apparatus and methods for simplifying and streamlining mobile payment device provisioning. A mobile device provisioning framework system includes a plurality of components that interact by using standard interface specifications and standard messaging specifications to facilitate the provisioning of mobile devices.
Systems and methods for wireless power system with improved performance and/or ease of use
A device for testing a wireless power network is disclosed. The network includes at least one power source, at least one load, and multiple resonators configured to couple wireless power from the at least one power source to the at least one load.
Jacket composition for riser and plenum cables
The present invention relates to materials for making cable jackets, particularly for riser and plenum cables. The materials provide low flammability and allow the cable to meet ul 910 or nfpa-262 or ul 1666 specifications.
Systems and processes for fabricating dental restorations
A collaborative approach, incorporating a server for data transmission, security verification, and authentication verification, is implemented between a dental office and a dental laboratory to fabricate a designed dental restoration. A scanner is used in a dental office to take a scan of a patient's mouth.
High-yield high-precision distributed feedback laser based on an array
A distributed-feedback laser with wavelength accuracy and spectral purity. An array of lasers with highly reflecting/anti reflecting facets is fabricated on a single chip with controlled variations, in for example laser gratings.
Architectures for data analytics using computational nand memory
A data analytic system allows for analytic operations be moved from a server on to a solid state drive (ssd) type analytic system, where a cam nand structure can be used in the analytic operations. The server can run a software using database language can issue command to the analytic system.
Integrated hybrid membrane/absorption process for co2 capture and utilization
A two-stage process for upgrading a gaseous stream containing co2 and h2s in which the gaseous stream and pressurized water are provided to a first stage absorption process in which a portion of the co2 is absorbed by the pressurized water. The reduced-co2 gaseous stream and a chemical solvent suitable for absorbing co2 and h2s are provided to a second stage absorption process in which the h2s and remaining co2 are removed from the gaseous stream, producing an acid gas stream and an upgraded gaseous stream meeting pipeline-quality specifications..
Sodium fluoride, organic powders and aqueous slurry toothpaste formula free flow dental treatment systems
The fda approved toothpaste sodium fluoride, organic powders and aqueous slurry toothpaste formula dental treatment systems are designed to safely clean teeth by physico-chemical means contrasted with highly fluid water picks and toothbrush bristles that can't always reach hard to clean areas, between teeth, and inside molars and crowns. Once tartar and plaque set on teeth they are increasingly more difficult to remove with water picks, dental floss, and toothbrush bristles alone that simply can't remove stubborn residues from many hidden and hard to reach areas of your teeth.
Storyboard-directed video production from shared and individualized assets
Systems and methods are described for automatically driving portions of a video production workflow according specifications governed by a data-rich storyboard. Embodiments operate in context of a novel video production workflow in which much or all of the production expertise of a traditional production workflow collaborates at a storyboard phase of the workflow to architect a single, data-rich storyboard according to concepts and rules.
Creating customized digital advertisement from video and/or an image array
Disclosed are a method and apparatus of creating a customized advertisement for a particular product. One example method of operation may include receiving product use information related to prior use of the product at an application server and receiving a digital video including footage of the particular product at the application server.
Methods and systems for acquiring specifications for remotely controlling electronics
A computer-implemented method of controlling electronics is performed at an apparatus that includes one or more processors, a camera, and a transmitter. In the method, the camera acquires a first image of one or more electronic devices configured for remote control.
Metal cored welding wire, hardband alloy and method
Various embodiments of a metal cored wires, hardband alloys, and methods are disclosed. In one embodiment of the present invention, a hardbanding wire comprises from about from about 16% to about 30% by weight chromium; from about 4% to about 10% by weight nickel; from about 0.05% to about 0.8% by weight nitrogen; from about 1% to about 4% by weight manganese; from about 1% to about 4% by weight carbon from about 0.5% to about 5% by weight molybdenum; from about 0.25% to about 2% by weight silicon; and the remainder is iron including trace elements.
Sheet width control for overflow downdraw sheet glass forming apparatus
A method keeps the width of the manufactured sheet substantially the same by attaching edge directors for the formed sheet to the manufacturing apparatus structure instead of to the forming block. Thus, sheet glass may be manufactured to specification for a longer time with the same forming block.
System for customizing information in an e-procurement process
A system for customizing information in e-procurement process, including a selecting system adapted for selecting item(s) to be procured from catalog database, which further includes a suggesting system adapted for suggesting if the item being selected by the user is a custom made item and providing a link or button for customization for the custom made item, and a customization system adapted for customizing information in the e-procurement process by generating a category-specific web-based form based at least upon one or more pre-configured decision rules. The system helps to order custom required goods, which aids in providing custom requirements and specifications through web-based forms at the time of ordering and thus avoids mentioning of custom requirements each and every time when the item is ordered..
Mobile automotive wireless communication system enabled microbusinesses
A vehicle rental administrative system comprising a computer system configured to manage vehicle rental transactions between vehicle owners and potential temporary users. The system allows an owner to develop a customer profile with information related to a rentable vehicle.
Modular drop-in combustor assembly for industial gas turbine and method for installation
A preassembled modular drop-in combustor having internal components in conformity with assembly and function specifications prior to and after insertion into an industrial gas turbine access port and internal combustor transition. The combustor assembly maintains conformity with those specifications after insertion into the combustor case if it does not inadvertently impact other turbine components during its installation.
Modular drop-in transition assembly for industrial gas turbine and method for installation
A preassembled modular drop-in transition having internal components in conformity with assembly and function specifications prior to and after insertion into an industrial gas turbine access port. The transition assembly maintains conformity with those specifications after insertion into the combustor case if it does not inadvertently impact other turbine components during its installation.
Sponsored story creation user interface
A method includes monitoring an activity stream to identify actions that match stored sponsored story specifications, for providing one or more sponsored stories to a viewing user. The sponsored story specifications include a visual specification for the sponsored story, and matched sponsored stories are ranked for a viewing user.

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