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This page is updated frequently with new Specifications-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Specifications-related patents
 Production management system for component mounting machine patent thumbnailProduction management system for component mounting machine
A production management system is configured so as to make it possible to produce component mounting boards to the same specifications in two lanes of a component mounting machine using one set of nc data by arranging feeders of two feeder set bases in the same manner and setting the mounting order of the components to the circuit boards in the two lanes to be the same in a same-direction production mode in which circuit boards are conveyed in the same front/back direction in the two lanes. In addition, the arrangement of the feeders and the mounting order of the components are optimized so that the difference in production times in the two lanes in the same-direction production mode is minimized..
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.

 Base station  acquiring load information in wireless communication system patent thumbnailBase station acquiring load information in wireless communication system
A base station apparatus in a wireless communication system and a method for acquiring load information are provided that make it possible to acquire load information per operator, without changing the standardized interface specifications. In a wireless communication system including base stations (10, 20) each capable of supporting a predetermined number of, or fewer, network operators (a, b, c, d), the first base station (10) retains identification information of network operators supported in a neighbor cell that is managed by the second base station (20) (s30); the first base station (10) sends a load information request message based on the identification information of the operators in the neighbor cell (s32); the second base station (20), in response to the load information request message, sets load information of a network operator or network operators supported in the neighbor cell in a load information notification message and sends it (s33, s34); and the first base station (10) acquires the load information per operator of the neighbor cell from the load information notification message (s35)..
Nec Corporation

 Access requests at iam system implementing iam data model patent thumbnailAccess requests at iam system implementing iam data model
Systems and methods are provided for provisioning access rights to physical computing resources using an iam system implementing an iam data model. The iam data model may identify logical and physical computing resources.
Bank Of America Corporation

 Electromechanical power system patent thumbnailElectromechanical power system
This system also converts petrol-powered emergency power generator systems for home and businesses to direct current (dc) electric power systems such as the generac ii emergency power system generator through the same process as for the portable electric generator in accordance to the specifications. In this electromechanical power system, the ac and dc can be alternatives to all energy sources..

 Mobile social content-creation application and integrated website patent thumbnailMobile social content-creation application and integrated website
A mobile device software application and interrelated mobile device-optimized website social user gallery is described. The application and website introduce 1) a new visual layout for images, text, and banners organized by topic, and optionally by date and relative order, 2) new mobile software user interfaces for viewing, creating, emailing, publicly displaying in a mobile website user gallery, partner linking, notifying via alarms, topic updating, and structurally organizing via text definition files and a local, on-device client database, these new visual layouts to empower users to create new content, or repurpose existing content from different topics, 3) new mobile software application client-side software framework marketing mechanisms, configurations, and specifications, 4) interrelated new mobile-optimized website social user gallery to display the publicly shared content sent by registered users from the mobile device software application..

 Device control apparatus, device control method and recording medium for recording device control program patent thumbnailDevice control apparatus, device control method and recording medium for recording device control program
A device control apparatus (mobile equipment) wirelessly receives specification information related to a specifications of a device from the device when a first connection with the device is established using the short distance wireless communication, performs settings related to a process to be executed in the device depending on the specifications of the device on the basis of the specification information, and executes a process of the settings, which depend on the specifications of the device, in the device when a second connection with the device is established using the short distance wireless communication.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Methods, test systems and arrangements for verifying compliance with requirement specifications patent thumbnailMethods, test systems and arrangements for verifying compliance with requirement specifications
Systems and methods for verifying compliance of a communication device with one or more requirement specifications is provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a method may be performed at a communication device for verifying compliance of the communication device with a requirement specification.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 System and  key management for issuer security domain using global platform specifications patent thumbnailSystem and key management for issuer security domain using global platform specifications
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for key management for issuer security domain (isd) using globalplatform specifications. A client receives from a server an authorization to update a first isd keyset.
Apple Inc.

 Representing legal instruments as a software framework patent thumbnailRepresenting legal instruments as a software framework
Systems and methods for representing legal obligations, conditions, and other contractual specifications as a software framework are described. Systems and methods may include receiving initiation input; accessing an initial node including one or more logical structures and links to one or more tables of states and values; requesting initial input; receiving initial input; accessing at least one of the one or more tables of states and values to determine if a calculation is required; and performing a calculation based on the initial input from the user to determine an initial value or receiving an initial value from the at least one of the one or more tables of states and values.

 Product production planning method patent thumbnailProduct production planning method
An accurate production plan can be achieved by enabling a combination constraint among grades and specifications to be considered so that the composition ratios of the determined grades and specifications and the actual composition ratios are consistent with each other. A method for designing a production plan on a car model in which a plurality of grades are set and a plurality of specifications for a plurality of categories are set for each of the grades by determining composition ratios of the grades and composition ratios of the specifications for the categories, includes: generating all-specifications-combination information which is information generated by combining the specifications in every combinable pattern; and calculating, by determining a composition ratio of any one of the grades, upper and lower limits of the composition ratio of an equipment, which is the specification related to and other than the determined grade, based on the all-specifications-combination information..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


System integrator and system integration method with reliability optimized integrated circuit chip selection

Disclosed is a computer system for system integration, wherein chip selection for a specific system is performance and reliability optimized and, thereby cost optimized. In the system, a memory stores a chip-level performance specification and a chip-level reliability specifications, each defined for a specific integrated circuit chip that is to be incorporated into a specific system.
International Business Machines Corporation


Robust control design approach for chemical processing industries and other industries

A method includes obtaining a process model representing an industrial process and obtaining controller specifications for an industrial process controller. The method also includes identifying a controller design having one or more parameters for the industrial process controller using the process model, an uncertainty associated with the process model, and the one or more parameters.
Honeywell International Inc.


Lighting device

A lighting device may be provided that includes: a heat sink; a member which has a polygonal pillar shape having at least three sides and is disposed on the heat sink, wherein the sides are inclined at a predetermined angle toward the center of the heat sink; and a light source which is disposed on at least one among the sides of the member, wherein the light source includes: a substrate; at least two light emitting devices which are symmetrically disposed on the substrate with respect to the center of the substrate; and at least two lens units which are disposed on the light emitting devices respectively, and consequently, it is possible to meet u.s. Energy star and ansi specifications, to remarkably improve rear light distribution characteristics and to remove a dark portion..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Bioderived biodegradable lubricant

A multi-purpose lubricant is described. In accordance with one implementation, a lubricant comprises food grade based oils substantially complying with usda h-1 specifications for incidental contact with food, wherein at least one oil is selected from the group consisting of food grade plant oil, food grade poly-alpha-olefin, polyalkylene glycol, and mixtures thereof.


Battery intelligent management method, battery intelligent management apparatus, and battery

The present invention discloses a battery intelligent management apparatus. A recognizing unit is configured to recognize a specification of a power supply assembly.
Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd.


Method and system for determining allied products

The method comprises processing plural product information records from the product information sources into one or more groups based on which product information records are likely to correspond to the same product, correlating a unique product id corresponding to the product associated with each of said groups to identify the product, comparing each identified product to categories of a taxonomy to determine a category for the identified products in the taxonomy, and determining attributes for each categorized product based on the product information records corresponding to each group, creating product specifications based on the determined attributes and storing the product specification in the corresponding determined categories of the taxonomy.. .
Cbs Interactive Inc.


System, computer program, and designing custom building components

A system and method for designing, visualizing, pricing, and generating specifications for custom building components to be installed onto a structural surface such as an outer wall of a building. The system may be a web server accessible by a web browser and having a computer program stored thereon for accessing information related to building components from a database.
A. Zahner Company


Provisioning of computer systems using virtual machines

A provisioning server automatically configures a virtual machine (vm) according to user specifications and then deploys the vm on a physical host. The user may either choose from a list of pre-configured, ready-to-deploy vms, or he may select which hardware, operating system and application(s) he would like the vm to have.
Vmware, Inc.


Shipper and carrier interaction optimization platform

A shipper and carrier interaction optimization platform can include an internet based web page, application for a handheld device, a dedicated device with a graphical user interface, or any combination thereof for one or more shipper to enter shipment requirements and/or bids for use of a carrier's equipment. One or more carriers can enter equipment specifications, such as equipment type, availability, and minimum payment amount accepted, as well as bids for employment to ship goods via the shipper and carrier interaction optimization platform.


System, method, and business model for modification of shirt into a dress

The present invention is a method and system to permit joining a shirt together with a skirt portion or fabric in a retail location to form a dress. The shirt may be brought to the retail location by a customer, or may be purchased within the retail location.


Pluggable optical transceivers with integrated electronic dispersion compensation

Integrated performance monitoring (pm); optical layer operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning (oam&p); alarming; amplification, and the like is described in optical transceivers, such as multi-source agreement (msa)-defined modules. A pluggable optical transceiver defined by an msa agreement can include advanced integrated functions for carrier-grade operation which preserves the existing msa specifications allowing the pluggable optical transceiver to operate with any compliant msa host device with advanced features and functionality, such as forward error correction (fec), framing, and oam&p directly on the pluggable optical transceiver.
Menara Networks, Inc.


Wireless power adapter

A wireless power adapter includes a receiver coil system, a transmitter coil system and a conversion stage. The receiver coil system is compatible with a specification and can efficiently receive wireless power transmitted by a transmitter compliant with that specification.
Convenientpower Hk Ltd.


Method of monitoring power provision of a generator set

The present invention provides a method of remotely monitoring the power provision of a generator set at a location comprising determining an expected electrical energy usage at a first location, providing a generator set configured to provide electrical energy to power or devices at the location, the generator set arranged to provide an amount of electrical energy to meet the determined expected electrical energy usage, and the generator having a telemetry module to monitor and transmit electrical energy supply data to a second location, the telemetry module monitoring the supply data over a predetermined period and transmitting the supply data to the processor, analysing the supply data to determine a power supply profile at the first location, and comparing the power supply profile with the expected power usage and/or the power supply specifications of the generator set.. .
J. C. Bamford Excavators Limited


Simulating online user activity to generate an advertising campaign target audience list

The present disclosure provides a detailed description of techniques used in methods, systems, and computer program products for simulating user web page visits to generate an advertising campaign target audience list. The claimed embodiments address the problem of efficiently and quickly processing voluminous amounts of user data to enable rapid initiation of an advertising campaign.
Oracle International Corporation


Methods for schedule optimization sorting of dry end orders on a corrugator to minimize short order recovery time

A method and a non-transient computer readable medium for sorting orders to be run on a multi-section slitter/scorer at a corrugator dry end includes collecting specifications of orders in current, prior, and/or subsequent paper group queues. Run times and slit/score head recovery times for orders in the current paper group queue are calculated using the specifications.
Marquip, Llc


Processes for converting biomass to btx with low sulfur, nitrogen and olefin content via a catalytic fast pyrolysis process

Methods of separating and purifying products from the catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass are described. In a preferred method, a portion of the products from a pyrolysis reactor are recovered and purified using a hydrotreating step that reduces the content of sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen components, and hydrogenates olefins to produce aromatic products that meet commercial quality specifications..
Anellotech, Inc.


Methods and systems of enhanced carbon dioxide recovery

Methods and systems of enhanced carbon dioxide recovery from an inlet gas stream are provided, by introducing the gas stream to one or more membrane-based separation units to produce a permeate byproduct gas stream having increased concentration of carbon dioxide compared to the inlet gas stream and then introducing the permeate byproduct gas stream to one or more pressure swing adsorption units or trains to enhance recovery of hydrocarbons, such as methane, lost in the byproduct stream and to produce a substantially pure carbon dioxide stream, while minimizing process compression and eliminating process heat for process regeneration. The methods introduced herein are for enhancing product recovery by enhancing carbon dioxide recovery from gas streams with pressures greater than atmospheric conditions.
Apache Corporation


Smart knitted fabrics

Knitting machines are used to intermesh conductive yarns into loops resulting in knitted fabrics. The knitting machine is adapted to import different types of yarns (conductive and non-conductive) directly into the knit structure.
Drexel University


Coil unit and device for the inductive transfer of electrical energy

A coil unit for the inductive transfer of electrical energy, including a coil and a flux guide unit for guiding a magnetic flux generated during operation of the coil, with the coil and/or the flux guide unit surrounded by stray field screening, and a device for the inductive transfer of electrical energy between a fixed primary coil unit and a secondary coil unit mounted on a movable load. The coil unit and device for the inductive transfer of electrical energy have a small and weak stray field, do not exceed the desired specifications for the maximum flux density outside the vehicle, and improve the efficiency of inductive energy transfer to the vehicle having a coil unit in which the stray field screening is mounted at a lateral distance from the flux guide unit and the coil..
Conductix-wampfler Gmbh


An electronic mineral reserve valuation method and a system therefor

A method and system for implementing an electronic mineral reserve valuation is provided. The system includes a communications module for receiving an electronic request message from a purchaser to purchase a quantity of mineral, at a current spot price for the mineral.
Pureplay Holdings (proprietary) Limited


Method and system for identifying bad commodities based on user purchase behaviors

A method and system for identifying bad commodities based on user purchase behaviors is disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes selecting, by a user screening module a set of users who only perform a single shopping behavior within a specific time period and constructing, by the user screening module, a user-commodity purchase relationship matrix based on the set of users and specifications of the commodities purchased by all the customers.
Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd.


Light projection apparatus and illumination apparatus using same

A light projection apparatus includes: a light setting unit to set specifications of lights; an optical data generating unit to generate optical data with the specifications; a projection range setting unit to set projection ranges; an optical correction data generating unit to generate optical correction data by correcting the optical data to project the lights to the projection ranges; a layer specifying unit to classify the optical correction data and specify a priority of layer; and a light drawing unit to generate light drawing data through drawing process on the optical correction data. The apparatus further includes a light projection unit to project the lights with the light drawing data..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Combustion turbine engine combustor basket igniter port alignment verification tool and validating igniter alignment

A combustion turbine engine combustor igniter port alignment and dimensional verification tool is insertable in guide tube and igniter boss portions of the igniter port. The tool has concentrically nested outer and inner sleeves, having respective circumferential profiles that are separately slidably insertable within corresponding igniter port guide tube and igniter boss portions that have inner circumferential profiles in conformance with minimal dimension specifications.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Process for machining back counterbores

A method for machining a counterbore in a machining component is provided. The method includes positioning a machining component with respect to a machining tool, the positioning of the machining component based on geometric specifications of the counterbore.
Caterpillar Inc.


Intelligent contrast warmer system

Intelligent contrast warmers and methods for operating and using same are described. An intelligent contrast warmer may include elements configured to monitor information associated with the intelligent contrast warmer and contrast media stored in contrast bottles housed within the intelligent contrast warmer, such as contrast warmer temperatures, contrast warmer temperatures outside of specifications, contrast media inventory, expiration dates of contrast media, personnel authorized to access contrast media, and dates and times associated with contrast media added to and removed from the intelligent contrast warmer.
Bayer Medical Care Inc.


Kinetic energy system utilizing multi-size multi-use high speed rotating flywheel

Processes used in the past were hazardous due to the material with which they were constructed, the design, and the location of the flywheel used on the device. In addition, the energy was inefficiently drawn from the flywheel which caused them to be replaced by fuel driven engines which emitted co/2 and other greenhouse gases.


Cells having transistors and interconnects including nanowires or 2d material strips

An integrated circuit design tool includes a cell library. The cell library includes entries for a plurality of cells, entries in the cell library including specifications of particular cells in a computer executable language.
Synopsys, Inc.


Array with intercell conductors including nanowires or 2d material strips

An integrated circuit design tool includes a cell library. The cell library includes entries for a plurality of cells, entries in the cell library including specifications of particular cells in a computer executable language.
Synopsys, Inc.


Nanowire or 2d material strips interconnects in an integrated circuit cell

An integrated circuit design tool includes a cell library. The cell library includes entries for a plurality of cells, entries in the cell library including specifications of particular cells in a computer executable language.
Synopsys, Inc.


Memory cells having transistors with different numbers of nanowires or 2d material strips

An integrated circuit design tool includes a cell library. The cell library includes entries for a plurality of cells, entries in the cell library including specifications of particular cells in a computer executable language.
Synopsys, Inc.


System, method and computer program product for generating a mobile application based on page metadata

In a system and method for generating a mobile application, a static picture constructing a static object, and first and second pictures associated with an interactive element are defined from multiple digital pictures based on page metadata corresponding to the digital pictures. Transformed static, first and second pictures are generated based on the static, first and second pictures and on their original and corrected specifications.
Institute For Information Industry


Systems and methods for controlling, monitoring, and operating remote oil and gas field equipment over a data network with applications to raw natural gas processing and flare gas capture

An intelligent controls system for a field-deployable system for producing dry natural gas (ng) and natural gas liquids (ngls) from a raw gas stream is disclosed. The control system is used to ensure correct specifications of both dry ng (above a desired minimum methane number) and ngls (below a desired maximum vapor pressure) from any supplied raw natural gas source by controlling three system parameters: inlet gas flow rate, system operating pressure, and separator-reboiler temperature set point.
Pioneer Energy Inc.


Computer-vision content detection for sponsored stories

In one embodiment, a system may receive sponsor specifications from a sponsor designating one or more concepts, monitor a plurality of activity streams for upload by users of matching multimedia objects, determine a geographic location associated with each matching multimedia object, receive a request from the sponsor associated with a specific geographic area, and send to a client device associated with the sponsor in response to the request information identifying the geographic locations associated with the respective matching multimedia objects that are within the specific geographic area.. .
Facebook, Inc.


Internet service regarding an automated system of interactive-bidirectional trade, in real time, for tourism products-services

The present patent is referred to an innovative internet service regarding an interactive-bidirectional trade, in real time, for price negotiations of tourism products-services (accommodation, food, tickets, recreation activities or any other touristic product-service), correlating the offer of an amount of money from the user client-buyer, interested to buy the tourism product-service, with the offer of the user client-seller that provides the touristic product-service trying to meet the specifications set by the user client-buyer (regardless of what kind of software platform will be used). In this way the user client-buyer creates a business negotiating environment for tourism products-services that it starts from him, is customized at all levels by him and the final product of this procedure goes back to him..


Method and system for online audience development and advertising

This invention is a method and system of audience delivery for content providers to build or share their audiences directly with content creators. A mobile video and audience engagement product connects content creator platforms and content provider platforms.


Bend compensation in telecommunications optical fibers

Optical fiber profiles are shown in which the optical fiber has a large mode area, but is nevertheless sufficiently bend-insensitivity to comply with technical specifications for telecommunication optical fibers. The optical fibers meet two bend-loss conditions.
Ofs Fitel, Llc


Windshield clearing and cleaning motor vehicles with performance improving applications

The windshield clearing and cleaning apparatus for motor vehicles with performance improving adaptations is a revolutionary new design for windshield wiper blades incorporating several possible embodiments in which the accumulation of rain water or snow which makes the use of windshield wipers necessary is removed from the windshield in a new and much more efficient manner due to either the wider and firmer construction of the v-blade which makes the pushing action of the blade result in more complete removal, or the throwing action caused by the unique shaping of the c-blade which removes the rain or snow from the windshield completely, rather than just pushing it aside. Another related embodiment is not actually a blade at all, but a single tube or a plurality of tubes which remove the rain or snow by means of high pressure air or high pressure water, removing it from the windshield entirely, much as is done by the aforementioned c-blade.


Product specification setting apparatus and fan motor having the same

A product specification setting apparatus includes: an electronic tag for updatably storing specifications of a product; and a control computer for controlling the product according to the stored specifications. A fan motor includes: a motor driving unit for driving a motor for rotating a fan; an electronic tag for updatably storing specifications of the fan motor; and a control computer for controlling the motor driving unit according to the stored specifications..
Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.


Modular vacuum interruption apparatus

An improved modular vacuum interruption apparatus includes a vacuum interrupter, a first connection module, and a second connection module, with the first and second connection modules each being connectable and disconnectable with a pair of electrodes of the vacuum interrupter. The first connection module is selected from among a plurality of connection modules that are similar yet different and can be used interchangeably to form various permutations of the improved modular vacuum interruption apparatus.
Eaton Corporation


Integrated plm based library management system and method

Methods for specification based augmented search. The specification based augmented search includes determining input characteristics based on a design and a user, identifying design rules associated with the input characteristics, traversing a library for library nodes including specifications that contain the design rules, displaying a plurality of library elements that correspond to the library nodes including the specifications that contain the design rules, receiving a selection of a library element from the plurality of library elements displayed, and returning a library object associated with the library element..
Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.


Adaptive virtual machine request approver

An adaptive request handler (arh) receives a virtual machine (vm) request from a user and determines whether to automatically approve the vm request using a tolerance that defines an allowable amount of deviation from preset resource specifications. In some embodiments, the arh adaptively varies the tolerance based on one or more monitored factors, such as an aggregate system resource utilization by and/or a billing history of the user or a group that includes the user.
International Business Machines Corporation


Adaptive virtual machine request approver

An adaptive request handler (arh) receives a virtual machine (vm) request from a user and determines whether to automatically approve the vm request using a tolerance that defines an allowable amount of deviation from preset resource specifications. In some embodiments, the arh adaptively varies the tolerance based on one or more monitored factors, such as an aggregate system resource utilization by and/or a billing history of the user or a group that includes the user.
International Business Machines Corporation


Remapping in a memory device

Methods for remapping and/or compacting data in memory devices, memory devices, and systems are disclosed. One such method of remapping and/or compacting data includes reducing a first quantity of write operations that are received from a host to a second quantity of write operations for programming to a page of a memory device that are within the specifications of partial page write operations for the memory device.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Management system for process recipe

A management system includes a product specification data base for storing a plurality of product numbers and product specifications corresponding to the product numbers respectively; a parameter-setting data base for storing principles of parameter-settings; a device specification data base for storing application rules for a plurality of process devices; an execution processor coupled to the product specification data base, the parameter-setting data base and the device specification data base for processing based on the product specification data base, the parameter-setting data base and the device specification data base to produce process recipes of products corresponding to the specification numbers and converting into a plurality of process files adapted to be applied by corresponding process devices; and a process recipe data base coupled to the execution processor for storing the plurality of process files.. .
Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp.


Inspection apparatus

An inspection apparatus capable of accurately detecting a defect regardless of the difference between peripheral parts formed around cell parts is realized. Dies 201 to 2n1 arrayed on a wafer are produced with identical specifications to each other, and a plurality of cell parts 202 to 20n produced by repetition of identical patterns is formed.
Hitachi High-technologies Coporation


Mobile navigation system operating with a remote server

A client navigation system establishes a wireless connection to a navigation server on a computer network. The client requests a route by uploading start and destination specifications.
Infogation Corporation


Portable electronic device

A portable electronic device of an embodiment has a communication section, a selection section, and a processing section. The communication section can communicate with an external device by a plurality of channels.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Receiver, display apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing receiving control program

The receiver is connectable to at least one of plural transmitters and configured to receive, from a connected transmitter, a transmission signal in which an image signal and a control signal are multiplexed, the plural transmitters having mutually different specifications on the control signal. The receiver includes a demultiplexer configured to demultiplex the transmission signal received from the connected transmitter into the image signal and the control signal, a selector configured to select a signal path for the demultiplexed control signal, an information acquirer configured to acquire first information to be used to identify the connected transmitter, and a controller configured to control the selection of the signal path by the selector depending on the first information..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Air-time fair transmission regulation without explicit traffic specifications for wireless networks

A system and method are provided for non-transmission specification fair air-time, nt-airfair, allocation control by tracking the transmission time consumed by each link to detect any increase and enforcing air-time allocation based on the pattern of usage derived therefrom.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Dynamically generating and managing flight routings using a logistics management system (lms)

A logistics management system (lms) may generate routes dynamically without the overhead of any pre-defined specifications of airport to connect between origin and destination airports. Further, the lms's route construction function may take into account all the available flights segments, the shipment characteristics such as bulk/pallet/container, shipment product codes, and/or minimum connection times.
Unisys Corporation


Secure 3-d printing platforms, systems, and methods

Systems, methods, and platforms can be configured to provide services and devices that powers, controls and authenticates 3-d printed objects, such as through an adaptive control module for unique 3-d printer products. Secure processing of product specifications can also be performed to help maintain the anonymity of confidential user information used in the manufacture of products..
Visa International Service Association


Hide sorting systems and methods

Methods and systems for sorting hides are provided. In particular, one or more embodiments comprise a tanning control system that enhances the traceability of hides by capturing and utilizing data related to the unloading, tanning, sorting, and packaging of hides.
National Beef Packing Company, Llc


Method for manufacturing an optical element

A methods to manufacture optics and optical subsystems. In one aspect, a method to manufacture an optical-element in accordance with the present invention comprises the steps of: printing at least a part of a mold with an additive manufacturing printer.
Vadient Optics, Llc.


Advanced discovery of cloud resources

A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium has tangibly embodied thereon and accessible therefrom instructions interpretable by at least one data processing device. The instructions are configured for causing the at least one data processing device to perform a method comprising creating a resource group for providing cloud services, receiving a request to increase a quantity of the virtual machines of the resource group; and instantiating one or more additional virtual machines within the resource group in response to receiving the request.
Gravitant, Inc


Device architecture and precision enhancement of vertical semiconductor devices

Improvement of key electrical specifications of vertical semiconductor devices, usually found in the class of devices known as discrete semiconductors, has a direct impact on the performance achievement and power efficiency of the systems in which these devices are used. Imprecise vertical device specifications cause system builders to either screen incoming devices for their required specification targets or to design their system with lower performance or lower efficiency than desired.
D3 Semiconductor Llc


Methods and apparatuses to assemble, extract and deploy content from electronic documents

Embodiments of the present invention permit the specification and servicing of aggregations of content constituent parts that derive from electronic documents. An incorporated content constituent part may correspond to any constituent part of any accessible document.
Zalag Corporation


Adaptive manufacturing system

A system and method for processing a flexible part comprising holding the flexible part securely in an unconstrained position using a holder; and controlling a positioner to process the flexible part based on a comparison of a shape and/or position of the flexible part in the unconstrained position with design specifications of the part not in the unconstrained position.. .
Par Systems, Inc.


Motor control device and controlling the same

When detecting an amount of noise current generated in an inverter and flowing into a noise filter, sampling the detection values with an interval of a carrier frequency, determining whether envelope curves of respective sampled values are deemed to be constant, and in a case where the envelope curves of the sampled values are deemed to be constant, the motor control device changes the carrier frequency to another frequency that does not overlap a cutoff frequency fr of the noise filter, or to another frequency that is not close to the cutoff frequency fr of the noise filter. Due to this configuration, even when the noise filter incorporated in the motor control device is a noise filter that is manufactured without demanding any special measures to be taken to the manufacturers and is manufactured with specifications of noise filter manufacturers, a desired noise reduction effect can be obtained..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method and system allowing users to easily contribute to a social composition

A networked, electronic system and method allows users to generate their own media layer for automatic availability to other users as an independent piece, or as a social composition created by combining the user's media layer with other specified layers. The user may initially choose the desired media layer(s) previously recorded, as well as simple control specifications to guide the synchronization of how the user's recorded media layer data is aligned with the specified media layer(s).


Linear lighting systems, manufacturing and methods to configure the same

Linear lighting fixtures intended to be incorporated into thin architectural surfaces, interconnected and configurable as a continuous run with potential to follow the direction of adjacent planar surface in three dimensional spaces while maintaining the structural integrity of the supporting framework within the scope of the majority of building code specifications.. .


Fully assembled, fully cast-in-place, composite-type house and construction method thereof

Disclosed are a fully assembled, fully cast-in-place, composite-type house and a construction method thereof, comprising providing at least one layer of house main body on a house foundation, wherein each layer of the house main body comprises: a tension bearing system which constitutes a wall body (1) or floor slab (2), a stabilizing function system for the tension bearing system, a system which constitutes a heat-insulating layer and a fire-proofing layer and is used as a formwork and has the function of supporting, and a pressure bearing system which connects together the afore-mentioned systems by means of a fully cast-in-place technique. The fully assembled, fully cast-in-place, composite-type house and the construction method thereof integrate structural component specifications, the overall stability of the house is good, and energy-saving and environmental protection requirements are satisfied..
Kunshan Ecological Building Tecnology Co., Ltd.


Structure of vulcanization machine

An improved structure of a vulcanization machine is disclosed, including a first material feeding tray assembly on which multiple workpieces are positionable to be transported by a first movable transportation device to a first vulcanization device for vulcanization and molding. The vulcanized and molded workpiece is transported by a second movable transportation device to be placed on a first cooling tray assembly for natural cooling.
Superior Star Engineering Co., Ltd.


Method and removing high concentration acid gas from natural gas

A multi-stage process for recovering acid gas from natural gas having high acid gas contents utilizes two or more membrane absorption contactors arranged in series. The first membrane absorption contactor uses a physical solvent to remove a high volume of acid gas transferred across a membrane, and to reduce the acid gas content in the natural gas to a lower level that can be managed using chemical solvents.


Time synchronized resource reservation over packet switched networks

Storing the time information, which is included into each forwarded end-node request in correspondence with the associated stream specifications, into at least one related database managed by a core network switch (s1) which participates to the request forwarding.. .


System architecture generation

[a template corresponds to a general system architecture for providing a desired functionality. A particular system architecture for providing the desired functionality is generated based on the template and based on specifications of requirements for the particular system architecture.


Method and aggregating with information generalization

Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are described herein that are configured to perform aggregation of phrase specifications. In some example embodiments, a method is provided that comprises identifying two or more generalized phrase specifications.
Arria Data2text Limited


Methods for making high hardness, high toughness iron-base alloys

One aspect of the present disclosure is directed to low-alloy steels exhibiting high hardness and an advantageous level of multi-hit ballistic resistance with minimal crack propagation imparting a level of ballistic performance suitable for military armor applications. Certain embodiments of the steels according to the present disclosure have hardness in excess of 550 hbn and demonstrate a high level of ballistic penetration resistance relative to conventional military specifications..
Ati Properties, Inc.


Method for controlling vehicle-information displaying by means of ecu and apparatus therefor

The present invention relates to a method for controlling vehicle-information displaying by means of an ecu and an apparatus therefor, the method comprising the steps of: causing an ecu to collect the vehicle information displayed by the ecu in an instrument cluster; extracting the data of graphic attributes from the collected vehicle-information according to various pieces of vehicle information; sequentially arranging the extracted data of the graphic attributes according to the predetermined transmission order of a drawing communication protocol dedicated for displaying vehicle information; and streaming the sequentially arranged data of the graphic attributes to the instrument cluster. Thus, the present invention can control displaying in instrument clusters of different display specifications by using the ecu for supporting the drawing communication protocol..
Volvo Construction Equipment Ab


Universal validation module for access control systems

A validation module provides for the upgrading of a physical access control system (pacs) to full hspd-12 compliance without requiring modification or replacement of the existing pacs. The validation module may contain all of the validation functionality required by federal specifications and technical requirements.
Assa Abloy Ab


Information processing apparatus, data generation method, and data structure

An information processing apparatus includes an input unit that receives specifications of a color, a type of a surface effect that is a visual or a tactile effect, and a region to which the surface effect is applied, with respect to input image data; a generating unit that generates color data and gloss control data based on the specifications, the gloss control data being data which is used for generating clear toner data and in which a gloss control value is specified for identifying the type of the surface effect applied to the recording medium and for identifying a region to which the surface effect is applied in the recording medium; and a sending unit that sends the color data and the gloss control data to a print control apparatus.. .


Method for compensating a failing nozzle

The method comprises at least two compensation mechanisms, each providing a different amount of additional optical density in the environment of a missing dot in the printed image. A nozzle is recorded as a failing nozzle if the associated print element does not apply an ink dot within predetermined specifications.


Method for arranging jet cleaning nozzles

A method for arranging jet cleaning nozzles comprising: arranging multiple rows of nozzles in a parallel and uniform manner along a lengthwise direction of a metal plate strip; arranging the nozzles in each row at an equal interval; arraying adjacent rows of nozzles in a staggered manner along the widthwise direction of the metal plate strip so as to form a nozzle matrix; wherein each nozzle is perpendicular to a moving direction of the metal plate strip, and the perpendicular distance of each nozzle to a surface of the metal plate strip is the same. Through the method for arranging jet cleaning nozzles, nozzles can be flexibly controlled based on the change of the geometric relationship between nozzles, in order to implement efficient and continuous descaling on the surfaces of a metal plate strip with different width specifications and different requirements on the descaling speed.
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.


Optimized peremptory juror challenges

The present invention teaches methods to optimize the exercise of peremptory challenges during the jury selection process in courts in the united states and worldwide. Jury selection in such jurisdictions is governed by possibly complex rules determined by the court, including procedures and specifications for the order of juror examinations and the subsequent exercise of peremptory challenges.


Net-voltage-aware optical proximity correction (opc)

Various embodiments include computer-implemented methods, computer program products and systems for verifying an integrated circuit (ic) layout. In some cases, approaches include a computer-implemented method of verifying an ic layout, the method including: obtaining data about a process variation band for at least one physical feature in the ic layout; determining voltage-based process variation band thresholds for the at least one physical feature in the ic layout; determining whether the process variation band for the at least one physical feature in the ic layout meets design specifications for the ic layout based upon the voltage-based process variation band thresholds for the at least one physical feature in the ic layout; and modifying the ic layout in response to a determination that the process variation band for the at least one physical feature does not meet the design specifications..
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems and methods for audio attribute mapping

In a customized content delivery service, such as, for example, a personalized music streaming service delivered over various wireless networks, an end-user can be given the ability to refine or select programming which is presented to them. One approach to achieving this is to present the user with a range of user preference controls, such as sliders, which can be mapped to attributes contained within the scheduling system.
Sirius Xm Radio Inc.


Recognition a battery cell package and structure thereof

A recognition method for a battery cell package and a structure thereof includes: a) providing a plurality of battery cells arranged in a stack or in a wrapped roll; b) providing a tape, an isolation film or an electrode slat having a shape recognition structure; c) providing a packaging bag; d) placing the tape, the isolation film or the electrode slat at an outer layer of the battery cells; and e) placing the plurality of battery cells into the packaging bag and drawing an air out of the packaging bag such that an outer surface of the packaging bag reveals the shape recognition structure of the tape, the isolation film or the electrode slat. Therefore, the specifications and models of the battery cell packages can be determined with ease to facilitate the categorization and storage of the battery cell packages..
Amita Technologies Inc Ltd.


Upgrading raw shale-derived crude oils to hydrocarbon distillate fuels

Integrated processes for upgrading crude shale-derived oils, such as those produced by oil shale retorting or by in situ extraction or combinations thereof. Processes disclosed provide for a split-flow processing scheme to upgrade whole shale oil.
Lummus Technology Inc.


Microstructure-based wound closure devices

The present invention relates generally to wound closure devices comprising one or more microstructures. The devices are designed such that the microstructures are able to grip the skin or tissue surrounding a wound, optionally closing the wound, or securing the tissue or skin in place.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Methods for managing the composition of distillers grain co-products

The present invention provides for methods of managing the protein content of multiple distiller's grain co-products of a fermentation process. A valuable protein rich distiller's grain co-product having greater than 40 wt % protein on a dry basis can be removed from whole stillage or spent grains; however the protein content in the residual wet cake is reduced.


Video conferencing using wireless peripheral video conferencing device

A method includes receiving, establishing, by a video session controlling device, a video conference session. The video session controlling device includes at least one video conference service providing component.
Sony Mobile Communications Ab


Portable information terminal holding stand and desk telephone

A portable information terminal holding stand (10) is configured to hold one of a plurality of types of portable information terminals (30) and (40) having different connector specifications, and to be electrically connected to the held portable information terminal (30) or (40). The portable information terminal holding stand (10) includes: a holding stand main body (11) having a main mounting surface (11a); a terminal cover (12) detachably attached to a lower end of the main mounting surface (11a) and configured to support a lower end of the portable information terminal (30) or (40) mounted on the main mounting surface (11a); and a connector holder (18) configured to hold the holding base side connector (17a).
Nec Platforms, Ltd.


Energy storage system controller

An energy storage system controller compatible with energy storage batteries or host systems for a plurality of types of specifications and usages is provided. An embodiment of the present invention is connected to energy storage battery modules including a plurality of energy storage battery cells and status monitor potions acquiring battery information related to status of the battery cells, the controller including a control portion receiving the battery information from the storage monitor portion and outputting control signals for performing control of the battery cells based on battery information, in which the control portion includes a plurality of types of communication interfaces for transferring and receiving data to and from the status monitor portions, the control portion carrying out transmission and reception of the battery information and the control signals with a plurality of types of the status monitors or the battery cells corresponding to different communication interfaces..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Die supply apparatus

A magazine lifting and lowering section of a die supply apparatus houses a replaced magazine rack having different specifications. A code display portion marked with identification information (“a magazine rack id”) for each magazine rack is provided in each magazine rack, and a magazine rack id and specification data related to each magazine rack are associated with each other and are registered in a database of a host computer.
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Transformer with improved power handling capacity

Disclosed is an electrical transformer for improved transformer power capacity and efficiency designed by the application of disclosed design considerations. One embodiment design consideration is a method to configure power transformer windings wherein the minimum distance of the primary windings from the winding axis/core center is greater (the primary windings are more distal) from the winding axis than the minimum distance of the secondary windings, which are wound around the minimum interior core diameter.
Transformers, Llc


Storyboard-directed video production from shared and individualized assets

Systems and methods are described for automatically driving portions of a video production workflow according specifications governed by a data-rich storyboard. Embodiments operate in context of a novel video production workflow in which much or all of the production expertise of a traditional production workflow collaborates at a storyboard phase of the workflow to architect a single, data-rich storyboard according to concepts and rules.
Storyvine, Llc


Systems and methods for automated functional coverage generation and management for ic design protocols

A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to support automated functional coverage generation and management for an ic design protocol. The proposed approach takes advantage of table-based high-level (e.g., transaction-level) specifications of the ic design protocol, wherein the state tables are readable and easily manageable (e.g., in ascii format) in order to automatically generate functional coverage for the ic design protocol, which include but are not limited to, coverage points, protocol transitions, and/or transaction coverage.
Cavium, Inc.


Generic virtual personal assistant platform

A method for assisting a user with one or more desired tasks is disclosed. For example, an executable, generic language understanding module and an executable, generic task reasoning module are provided for execution in the computer processing system.
Sri International


Method of taking a computer architecture representation and generating manufacturing computer systems contained in a specification

Techniques and a system for creating a vendor independent computer language and compiling the language into an architecture specification language allowing for taking a source data stream (file, wsdl, xml) and passing thru a language parser, populating a storage medium with a plurality of technical inputs and vendor technical specifications for generic technologies and probable technologies required for desired architectures generated by the language parser, and optimizing the inputs and creating relationships between technologies and groups of technologies and storing results in the storage medium.. .
Arganteal, Llc


Automated network configuration of virtual machines in a virtual lab environment

Methods, systems, and computer programs for creating virtual machines (vm) and associated networks in a virtual infrastructure are presented. The method defines virtual network templates in a database, where each virtual network template includes network specifications.
Vmware, Inc.


Method and earth moving and surface grading

A tandem system having multiple fluid-powered cylinders for operation of motor graders and other earth-moving equipment that is capable of interfacing with and being controlled by conventional two dimensional (“2-d”) and three dimensional (“3-d”) grade control systems, responds to encountered grade changes and adjusts elevation and a cross-slope to match predetermined project design specifications. Each cylinder member has at least one master area and at least one slave area..


Design hybrid vehicles with a high degree of hybridization

Hybrid vehicle design circuitry quantifies values for utility/disutility variables of a hybrid vehicle design by evaluating a hybrid vehicle model over a collection of drive cycles/routes. The utility/disutility values include at least one of: total time or additional time beyond a reference time needed for the hybrid vehicle design to complete the drive cycles/routes, a fraction or number of the drive cycles/routes for which the hybrid vehicle design fails to achieve a target velocity, and amount of time or distance over which the hybrid vehicle design fails to achieve a target acceleration or the target velocity over the drive cycles/routes.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Specifications topics: Specifications, Differential Signal, Transcoding, Coordinates, Dynamically Linked Library, Data Storage, Storage Device, Application Programming Interface, Application Program, Highlighting, Hyperlinks, Binary File, Multimedia, Validation, Hierarchical

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