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new patent Power generation control device of vehicle alternating current generator
The invention enables durability in a higher temperature environment to be ensured without changing mechanical design specifications. A power generation control device for controlling generator output to a predetermined range by intermittently controlling a field current of a vehicle alternating current generator, includes a limit deactivation signal reception unit that receives a limit deactivation signal of the field current from an exterior, a rotation speed detection unit that detects generator rotation speed, a temperature detection unit that detects temperature of the power generation control device, and a limit activation/deactivation determination unit that, when the limit deactivation signal is input, deactivates the field current limit under predetermined rotation speed and temperature conditions..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

new patent Automated testing of gui mirroring
Testing correct mirroring of a gui. Two gui specifications are received, one that specifies text elements in a left-to-right natural language and another that specifies text elements in a right-to-left natural language and corresponds to a horizontally mirrored counterpart of the first gui specification.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent Safety device for installation in a gas-supply system, in particular, an acetylene-supply system
Relevant specifications in the field of gas supply provide for different safety devices for installation in a gas-supply system, in particular, an acetylene-supply system. To provide such a safety device, which is characterized by a compact structure and a high level of operational reliability, this invention proposes that a valve body (1) incorporates an over-pressure valve (4; 104) of a quick-action shut-off device, a control valve (3; 103) of a pressure-limiting device, and a safety valve (2; 102), whereby the safety valve (2; 102) can be fluidically connected to the over-pressure valve (4; 104) and the control valve (3; 103), and closes either when the over-pressure valve (4; 104) opens due to an inlet pressure that is above the inlet-pressure limit value or when the control valve (3; 103) opens due to an outlet pressure that is above an outlet-pressure limit value..
Spectron Gas Control Systems Gmbh

new patent Tear substitute, fluid for being used as a tear substitute, and producing a tear substitute
A tear substitute having hyaluronan has a viscoelastic flow characteristics with the zero shear viscosity being ≧50 mpa·s, and the shear viscosity at 1000 s−1 being ≦12 mpa·s or having hyaluronan with an intrinsic viscosity [η]>2.5 m3/kg and a concentration of <0.2% w/v. A fluid with the aforementioned specifications is used as a tear substitute. Medical Gmbh

Automated testing of gui mirroring
Testing correct mirroring of a gui. Two gui specifications are received, one that specifies text elements in a left-to-right natural language and another that specifies text elements in a right-to-left natural language and corresponds to a horizontally mirrored counterpart of the first gui specification.
International Business Machines Corporation

Led light fixture and assembly method therefor
An led panel light fixture and method for assembling the same includes (a) selecting a set of specifications of the led panel light fixture, the set of specifications comprising a fixture/base specification comprising a form factor of the led panel light fixture; and a top specification comprising a visual feature of a top in accordance with the top specification; (b) providing a knock-down kit having parts including the top in accordance with the top specification, a frame in accordance with the fixture/base specification, an optically transmissive panel assembly, a set of light emitting diodes (leds), and driving circuitry; and (c) assembling the led panel light fixture using parts of the knock-down kit. An led panel lighting fixture kit includes a top and a base.
Pixi Lighting, Inc.

Direct fabrication of aligners for palate expansion and other applications
Systems, methods, and devices for producing appliances for expansion of the palate of a patient are provided. A palate expanding orthodontic appliance comprises a teeth engagement portion comprising a plurality of teeth engagement structures and a force generating portion coupled to the teeth engagement portion and configured to apply force to cause the patient's palate to expand.
Align Technology, Inc.

Direct fabrication of aligners for arch expansion
Systems, methods, and devices for producing appliances for expansion of the arch of a patient are provided. An arch expanding appliance comprises a force generating portion to apply an arch expansion force and a retention portion to hold the force generating portion on the teeth.
Align Technology, Inc.

Payment transaction processing devices and computer implemented payment transaction management methods
Payment transaction processing devices and computer implemented payment transaction management methods are described. According to one aspect, a payment transaction processing device includes communications circuitry configured to output and to receive communications with respect to the payment transaction processing device, storage circuitry comprising information regarding a plurality of payment cards, and processing circuitry configured to access a plurality of transaction specifications regarding a plurality of payment transactions, to access a plurality of transaction requests requesting a plurality of payments via the payment cards for respective ones of the payment transactions, to process information of the transaction requests with respect to information of the transaction specifications, to authorize some of the transaction requests which authorize payments from respective ones of the payment cards as a result of the processing, and to decline others of the transaction requests which decline payments from respective others of the payment cards as a result of the processing..
Comgateway (s) Pte Ltd

Systems and methods for simulating orders and workflows in an order entry and management system to test order scenarios
An order entry and order management network is disclosed. Event log data associated with a completed real order and relevant to a scenario is accessed by a computing device.
Level 3 Communications, Llc

Automated testing of gui mirroring

Testing correct mirroring of a gui. Two gui specifications are received, a reference gui specification and a mirrored gui specification that corresponds to a horizontally mirrored version of the reference gui specification.
International Business Machines Corporation

Automated testing of gui mirroring

Testing correct mirroring of a gui. Two gui specifications are received, a reference gui specification and a mirrored gui specification that corresponds to a horizontally mirrored version of the reference gui specification.
International Business Machines Corporation

Process and system for producing engineered fuel

A process and system for producing an engineered fuel product that meets customer specifications for composition and combustion characteristics is provided. The engineered fuel product is preferably a high-btu, alternative fuel that burns cleaner than coal or petroleum coke (petcoke) and has significantly reduced nox, so2 and ghg emissions..
Wm Intellectual Property Holdings, L.l.c.

Data acceleration

According to an example, data acceleration may include receiving indications of levels of capabilities respectively needed for data movement, data processing, and data interactivity, and/or operational parameters associated with the data movement, the data processing, and the data interactivity. Data acceleration may further include determining, based on an analysis of the received indications and/or the operational parameters, specifications for the data movement to include streaming and/or batch, the data processing to include a big data platform, complex event processing, and/or an appliance, and the data interactivity to include an in-memory database (imdb) and/or a distributed cache.
Accenture Global Services Limited

Dedicated usb power ports coupled with a multi-port usb powered hub

A dedicated power port (dpp) providing 1 amp (a) or more of current enables a user to charge mobile tablet and communication like devices (tcd) without the use of additional software or circuitry. The dpp is coupled with a multi-port usb powered hub (mph), the user can simultaneously charge tcds via the dedicated port while peripheral devices, which are connected to non-dedicated usb ports, continue to function within industry specifications.

Methods and systems to determine application license costs in a virtualized data center

Methods and systems to compute application license costs of a number of applications run on virtual machines of a virtualized data center are described. In one aspect, one or more of the virtual machines (“vms”) that form the virtual data center are determined.
Vmware, Inc.

Automatic lens design using off-the-shelf components

A system that comprises a receiver port to receive lens system design specifications; and a processor to: select a lens system type that includes one or more preliminary lenses, the selecting based, at least in part, on the lens system design specifications; from a lens database, select one or more catalog lenses to add to or replace the one or more preliminary lenses of the lens system type to construct a lens system; vary distances between or among the one or more catalog lenses and/or the one or more preliminary lenses of the lens system; and as the distances vary, determine optical behavior of the lens system.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Portable dunnage bag inflator

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a portable dunnage bag inflator that provides a compact, pressurized source of air and that is easily mounted onto a movable cargo mover (such as a forklift truck or a pallet jack). Generally, the portable dunnage bag inflator includes an impellor-driven blower that, in operation, draws air at atmospheric pressure through an air intake grid or air inlet into the impellor and expels the air through an inflation hose.
Signode Industrial Group Llc

Form for casting a concrete light pole base

A process and form for casting a concrete light pole base having a decorative upper portion with a configuration for mounting a light pole. The form includes a base having an opening in which a resilient insert is positioned.
Redi-rock International, Llc

Track and curtain system

A modular track system for hanging a curtain, the track system consisting of modules or sections with attachments and accessories designed to adjust to varying environments and specifications. Track shape and length are adjusted by specifying various combinations of the specialized components created as part of the system.

Web service interface and querying

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are disclosed to generate an interface for a web service and to query the web service. A method includes generating a user interface associated with a web service.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method for scheduling a reload of supply material in a printing system

A method for scheduling a reload of a supply material in a printing system including a print engine capable of printing at a settable print velocity while using the supply material, a control unit for controlling a print job queue comprising at least one print job scheduled to be printed by means of a scheduling scheme while using the supply material, a supply material input holder for holding the supply material, and a user interface for interacting with a user of the printing system. The method includes determining a plurality of moments in time that the supply material input holder is empty, and simultaneously scheduling for each determined moment in time of the plurality of moments in time a reload event of reloading the supply material input holder with the supply material in the scheduling scheme.
Oce-technologies B.v.

Novel optical instruments with concave lenses

The invention introduces for the first time telescopes for the detection of images originating from light emitted by antimatter stars or galaxies whose specifications are opposite to those of conventional telescopes for the detection of images of far away stars or galaxies in accordance with known conjugations in the transition from matter to antimatter. In particular, conventional convex lenses or concave mirrors for the detection of stars and galaxies are replaced with concave lenses and convex mirrors for the detection of antimatter stars or galaxies.
Thunder Energies Corporation

Method and robust tuning of model-based process controllers used with uncertain multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) processes

A method includes obtaining information identifying (i) uncertainties associated with multiple time-domain parameters of a model and (ii) time-domain performance specifications for a model-based industrial process controller. The model mathematically represents a mimo industrial process.
Honeywell Asca Inc.

Method for producing fungus structures

A method for growing organically derived building materials in the form of a moldable substrate that can be engineered to serve a wide range of manufacturing and construction applications is presented. In particular, the embodiments consider a plurality of fungal molded shapes preferably grown from fungal inoculum and mechanically compressed at least once during the growing process as well as integration of structure support members to the fungal structure.

Modified asphaltic product and process

An asphalt modifying binder product, which is essentially a cut-back bituminous binder, uniquely including a petroleum product, such as diesel fuel or alternatively an organic oil, including vegetable or animal derived fats or oils, or glycol, for use in the manufacture of cold-mix asphalt “cma” and asphalt treated base products. When mixed with an dense-graded aggregate with fine aggregate fractions, a dense-graded and non-porous cold-mix asphaltic improved product is formulated.

Modularly customizeable personal electronics carrying case with magnetized accessory system

The present invention is directed to a customizable electronics carrying case with a magnetized, modular accessory system. More particularly, the case is designed to protect and carry electronic devices of different sizes and specifications, from laptop and tablet computers to smartphones.
This Is Ground

Systems and methods for providing interoperable applications to embedded electronic devices

An embedded architecture that allows applications to interoperate on embedded, or internet of things, devices with different hardware and system software components is described. The embedded architecture includes a core framework that abstracts hardware into hardware interfaces and modules with standardized objects.
Econais, Inc.

Graphical specification and constraint language for developing programs for hardware implementation and use

Techniques for specifying and implementing programs. A graphical program is created in a graphical specification and constraint language that allows specification of a model of computation and explicit declaration of constraints in response to user input.
National Instruments Corporation

System and determining in-game capabilities based on device information

A virtual space is provided to users via client computing devices. Device information related to a client computing platform used by a user to interact with the virtual space may be obtained.
Kabam, Inc.

Print circuit board

A print circuit board is disclosed, which comprises: a board body; and two pad sets being disposed relatively on the board body along a first direction, wherein each of the pad set comprises a first pad and a second pad being disposed relatively along a second direction being vertical to the first direction, wherein specifications of the first pad and the second pad are different. The print circuit board can suit for the electronic components with the different sizes, and the area of the print circuit board can be reduced, and the utilization of the print board circuit material is enhanced.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Media device knowledge base

A media content distribution service identifies a type of media device sending a request to the service over a network and to dynamically adapt content requested by the media device based on the identification. A request sent by a media device may, for example, identify a media content item a user desires to view at the media device, specify a search query for media content items, or otherwise request interaction with the service.
Vuclip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

System, methodologies, and components acquiring, analyzing, and using occupant body specifications for improved seating structures and environment configuration

Equipment and processes generate a seating solution by obtaining occupant data, calculating body dimensions from the occupant data, and calculating a best-fit body arrangement for an occupant. Occupant data may be obtained in various ways using available computational devices and software or by manually measuring the relevant dimensions on the occupant.
Faurecia Automotive Seating, Llc

Steam oxidation of thermal spray substrate

A process of remanufacturing a component such as an attachment flange used in turbochargers is provided and includes using a steam oxidation process to form an adhesion layer on top of a sealing surface of the component. The adhesion layer is an oxidation layer that a thermal metal spray coating can be applied on top of in order to prevent spalling that can occur at high heat.
Caterpillar Inc.

Driving computer displays with customization options and collecting customization specifications

A product image depicting a customizable product with one or more annotations is displayed. Each annotation of the one or more annotations identifies an attribute group location upon the customizable product that represents an attribute group comprising one or more attributes of the customizable product that may be customized.
Zazzle Inc.

Integrated snapshot interface for a data storage system

A data storage system includes a generic snapshot interface, allowing for integration with a wide variety of snapshot-capable storage devices. The generic interface can be a programming interface (e.g., an application programming interface [api]).
Commvault Systems, Inc

Network based application management

An environment for facilitating the management of content for users associated with specific partner networks is provided. Users may be granted access to such specific partner networks in accordance with each user's affiliation with one or more organizations.
Bmc Software, Inc.

Cells having transistors and interconnects including nanowires or 2d material strips

An integrated circuit design tool includes a cell library. The cell library includes entries for a plurality of cells, entries in the cell library including specifications of particular cells in a computer executable language.
Synopsys, Inc.

Adaptive selection of artificial neural networks

A method of adaptively selecting a configuration for a machine learning process includes determining current system resources and performance specifications of a current system. A new configuration for the machine learning process is determined based at least in part on the current system resources and the performance specifications.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method of generating uniform and independent random numbers

For any multiplicative congruential generator (d, z) with an odd modulus d and a multiplier z coprime to d, a computationally innovative method is presented as specialized forms of 2nd degree spectral tests of (d, ẑi) with 2≦i≦6, at the least. Providing with sharp and powerful sieving tools, the method enables the excavation of the integer set (d, z) as a generator of uniform and independent random numbers of excellent statistics with sufficiently long periods for simulations, and furnishes the selected generator with ways of clear, unambiguous and quantitative specifications of its performance..

Resin coated proppants and process for the preparation thereof

The present invention provides a process for preparing resin coated highly spherical proppants of sizes 12/20 and 20/40 us mesh by sintering the calcined bauxite and then coating with resol type phenolic resin comprising phenol, m-cresol and formaldehyde. Coating is done without using any coupling or partitioning agent.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Function candidate presentation device

A first function likelihood determination unit outputs likelihood of each function candidate based on history. A second function likelihood determination unit outputs likelihood of each function candidate based on predetermined product specifications.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

L1 control signaling for utran hsdpa

A level-1 (l1) signaling flag is mapped to unused (invalid) bit sequences in part 1 of the hs-scch—that is, part 1 bit encodings that are not defined in the utran specifications—and a corresponding l1 command is encoded in part 2. This allows ue (18) to detect early that the hs-scch is pure l1 signaling, and the ue (18) may avoid wasting power by not processing an accompanying hs-pdsch.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Memory system having a plurality of types of memory chips and a memory controller for controlling the memory chips

A memory controller converts controller output signals output from a controller into memory input signals according to the operation specifications of memory chips to operate, and outputs the resultant to the memory chips through a common bus. The memory controller also receives memory output signals output from the memory chips through the common bus, and converts the received signals into controller input signals receivable to the controller.
Socionext Inc.

Method and device for monitoring induced properties of a mixture of components, in particular emission properties

A method for monitoring properties of a mixture m of n components is provided. The mixture has properties x(b, u), where u is a recipe vector, b is a matrix of the properties of the n components, and x(u) is a vector of the k properties of the mixture m.
Total Raffinage Chimie

Method and system for performing actions of an auction of a product or service through a communication network

A method for performing actions of an auction of a product or service through a communication network including sending to a plurality of sellers product or service specifications with an upset price wherein the plurality of sellers present a plurality of offers in homogenous manner for auction; receiving the plurality of offers; storing the plurality of offers in a database of communication network; receiving, from a plurality of buyers, purchase proposals for the product or service, the proposals being determined for each of the offers of the plurality of sellers; storing purchase proposals in the database; processing the purchase proposals and determining a plurality of lots, each of the lots of the plurality of lots being constituted by the plurality of purchase proposals received for each of the offers of the plurality of offers; and monitoring the moment when one of the sellers of the plurality of sellers buys a respective lot of the plurality of lots thereby defining the opportune moment, in the course of the auction, the price range of his interest to sell the product or service to the plurality of buyers who has given the plurality of purchase proposals in the respective lot bought.. .

Quality of prescription medications and quality of customer services at pharmacies using adaptable automatic distributed vending system

Apparatus adapting to ambient environment and internal self-diagnostics operating within acceptance criteria, sustaining prescription medications within specifications, which in addition to conventional quality parameters include apparatus specific parameters, such as: combined weight of medication inside a container, and length of container. A control algorithm executed by apparatus sustaining operation within acceptance criteria.

Method of determining eyeglass frame measurements from an image by executing computer-executable instructions stored on a non-transitory computer-readable medium

A method of determining eyeglass fitting measurements from an image for a vision treatment analyzes a source image of an individual wearing a known pair of eyeglass frames. Dimensions specifications are acquired from the manufacturer of the frames, and corresponding dimensions are measured from the image using image recognition software.

Electronic device capable of being flexibly configured with modules of different specifications

An electronic device capable of being configured flexibly with modules of different specifications includes: a main body having a slot opening formed at the front of the main body and communicated with a slot space in the main body, slot rails disposed on at least one sidewall of the slot space of the main body and module slots communicated with the slot rails respectively; and a modular device, including electronic modules, each having at least one module rail slidably coupled to the slot rail. The module slots in the slot space are configured to be corresponsive to the module spaces respectively, and the module spaces serve as plug-in spaces for installing the electronic module and the module spaces are communicated with one another.
Trusted Solutions Corporation

Methods for designing and manufacturing transformers

Disclosed is an electrical transformer for improved transformer power capacity and efficiency designed by the application of disclosed design considerations. One embodiment design consideration is a method to configure power transformer windings wherein the minimum distance of the primary windings from the winding axis/core center is greater (the primary windings are more distal) from the winding axis than the minimum distance of the secondary windings, which are wound around the minimum interior core diameter.
Transformers Llc

Computer implemented asset transfer

Various embodiments are directed to a system and method for matching providers (e.g., lenders) and receivers (e.g., borrowers or purchasers) of a good (e.g., a tangible product or loan funds). The provider may specify one or more parameters of a commitment to provide the good, such as quantity and delivery specifications.
Cfph, Llc

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