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Enhancing marketing funnel conversion through intelligent social tagging and attribution

International Business Machines

Enhancing marketing funnel conversion through intelligent social tagging and attribution

Process for optimization

Accenture Global Services Limited

Grouping semantically related natural language specifications of system requirements into clusters

Date/App# patent app List of recent Specifications-related patents
 System and methods for designing artifacts associated with a webpage patent thumbnailnew patent System and methods for designing artifacts associated with a webpage
The present disclosure generally relates to systems and methods for designing webpage and, more particularly, to systems and methods for designing artifacts associated with a webpage in a web development environment. In one embodiment, a system for designing artifacts associated with a webpage is provided.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
 Grouping semantically related natural language specifications of system requirements into clusters patent thumbnailnew patent Grouping semantically related natural language specifications of system requirements into clusters
A device may analyze text to identify a set of text portions of interest, and may analyze the text to identify a set of terms included in the set of text portions. The device may perform a similarity analysis to determine a similarity score.
Accenture Global Services Limited
 Enhancing marketing funnel conversion through intelligent social tagging and attribution patent thumbnailnew patent Enhancing marketing funnel conversion through intelligent social tagging and attribution
An embodiment of the invention provides a method and system for enhancing marketing funnel conversion through intelligent social tagging and attribution. A processor identifies search terms entered into a search engine and websites visited in response to web searches for the search terms.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Power and performance sorting of microprocessors from first interconnect layer to wafer final test patent thumbnailnew patent Power and performance sorting of microprocessors from first interconnect layer to wafer final test
A system, method and computer program product for sorting integrated circuits (chips), particularly microprocessor chips, and particularly that predicts chip performance or power for sorting purposes. The system and method described herein uses a combination of performance-predicting parameters that are measured early in the process, and applies a unique method to project where the part, e.g., microprocessor ic, will eventually be sorted.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Process for optimization patent thumbnailnew patent Process for optimization
The present disclosure provides a method for optimization of a supply chain. In one embodiment, the optimization is accomplished by minimizing the cost of a raw material used by a manufacturer in the supply chain, through the identification of optimal specifications for the required raw material, through the identification of an optimal vendor from which to purchase the raw material given the optimal specification or a combination of the foregoing..
Jemison-demsey, Llc
 Customized polishing pads for cmp and methods of fabrication and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Customized polishing pads for cmp and methods of fabrication and use thereof
The present application relates to polishing pads for chemical mechanical planarization (cmp) of substrates, and methods of fabrication and use thereof. The pads described in this invention are customized to polishing specifications where specifications include (but not limited to) to the material being polished, chip design and architecture, chip density and pattern density, equipment platform and type of slurry used.
 Method for fabricating semiconductor structure patent thumbnailnew patent Method for fabricating semiconductor structure
A method for fabricating a semiconductor structure is disclosed. First, an interposer is disposed on a carrier.
Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
 Profiling a manufactured part during its service life patent thumbnailnew patent Profiling a manufactured part during its service life
Profiling a manufactured part during its service life, including capturing by an optical scanner images of the part, the part characterized by an expected service life and by attributes with specifications of design values, including capturing the images at more than one time during an actual service life of the part; measuring by a data processor operatively coupled to the scanner, based upon the captured images, actual values of one or more of the attributes when the images are captured; storing, in a database by the data processor operatively coupled to the scanner, the measurements of the actual values of the attributes; and making a determination, from the stored actual values by a data processor operatively coupled to the database, whether the part continues to comply with its specification during the actual service life of the part.. .
United Sciences, Llc
 Jumper module mounting circuit board and circuit board assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Jumper module mounting circuit board and circuit board assembly
A jumper module mounting circuit board includes: a circuit board; and a jumper module having an insulator main body provided with conductive electrical connection parts for connecting between connection patterns so as to provide electrical continuity therebetween by connecting each of contact parts on both ends of the conductive electrical connection parts to the connection patterns which are formed to be spaced apart from each other on the circuit board. The jumper module is mounted onto the circuit board so as to connect between the contact parts and the connection patterns that are formed to be spaced apart from each other.
Yazaki Corporation
 Fast provisioning of platform-as-a-service system and method patent thumbnailFast provisioning of platform-as-a-service system and method
A system and method for the fast, on-demand provisioning of platform-as-a-service is described. A customer submits a request for a platform, such as an e-commerce platform, by providing specifications for the infrastructure and identifying the type of platform required.
Digital River, Inc.

Server apparatus, specification determination method, and specification determination program

A server apparatus includes: a communication unit that communicates with a user terminal and a manufacturer terminal; an additional information communication unit that transmits, when the communication unit receives additional function information indicating a function to be added to a basic device from the user terminal, the additional function information to the manufacturer terminal through the communication unit; a specification information communication unit that transmits, when the communication unit receives specification information indicating a specification of an additional device for realizing the function from the manufacturer terminal, the specification information to the user terminal through the communication unit; and a specification determination unit that determines, when the communication unit receives, from the user terminal, selection information indicating one specification selected from among specifications indicated by the specification information transmitted to the user terminal, the one specification indicated by the selection information as the specification of the additional device.. .
Nikon Corporation

Method for manufacturing non-woven composite layer product with different hardnesses

Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a non-woven composite layer product with different hardnesses, the non-woven composite layer product at least consisting of a hard layer with a thickness of between 2-7 mm and a weight of between 600-1200 g/m2, and a soft layer with a thickness of between 15-40 mm and a weight of between 600-1200 g/m2. The manufacturing method mainly comprises the steps of: sticking at least a first non-woven material to be pre-formed into a hard layer and a second non-woven material to be pre-formed into a soft layer to become an intermediate, and then feeding the intermediate into a baking oven at a constant temperature to heat at a heating temperature of 180±20° c.
San Shiang Technology Co., Ltd.

Toddle cupps/neat-n-discreet/doodle cupps,baggs. the pcgig original/ jdpc7131957,personal,temporary,disposable,treated,sanitary,mobile,portable etc. urinals/commodes/toilets/waste management;toddler-adult,humans/any species,m/f

The pcgid (pcg idea & design; note g in the name, only a pseudonym alphabet letter. No person g actually exists or will ever exist), original, personal, sanitary, mobile, disposable, treated, anywhere-use, with cover/closure, and others [note specifications] waste management systems/product.

Air-conditioning apparatus

An air-conditioning apparatus includes a time constant calculation unit that estimates a response time constant at a time when an opening degree of an expansion device is changed on the basis of specifications of a compressor that forms a refrigeration cycle of the air-conditioning apparatus, specifications of a load side heat exchanger, and an operating state quantity of the air-conditioning apparatus, a control constant calculation means that calculates at least one of a control gain of the opening degree of the expansion device and a control interval on the basis of a calculation result of the time constant calculation means, and a control constant change means that changes a control constant.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Microprocessor integrated configuration controller for configurable math hardware accelerators

A microprocessor circuit may include a software programmable microprocessor core and a data memory accessible via a data memory bus. The data memory may include sets of configuration data structured according to respective predetermined data structure specifications for configurable math hardware accelerators, and sets of input data for configurable math hardware accelerators, each configured to apply a predetermined signal processing function to the set of input data according to received configuration data.
Analog Devices Technology

Computer process for determining best-fitting materials for constructing architectural surfaces

A computer process for fitting construction materials to an architectural surface modeled in cad divides the surface into domains, and defines sample points on each domain surface. Low accuracy then high accuracy iterations match a domain to a surface portion of a regular curved solid.
Gehry Technologies, Inc.

Electrical connector and electrical connector series

An electrical connector, belonging to one of electrical connector series of different height specifications, is used for being fixed to a circuit board. The electrical connector includes an insulating body, a plurality of terminals, a shielding case disposed on the insulating body and having at least one fixing pin, and an abutting portion.
Lotes Co., Ltd.

Commodity curves based on derivative contract specifications

A system receives a commodity identification, a curve type, and a curve category. The system also receives an interpolation identification, an extrapolation identification, a read procedure, and a maximum number of days for a readback.
Sap Ag

Method and system of non-destructive testing for composites

Method and system are disclosed for characterizing and quantifying composite laminate structures. The method and system take a composite laminate of unknown ply stack composition and sequence and determine various information about the individual plies, such as ply stack, orientation, microstructure, and type.
Baylor University

Fan rotation speed controlling device

A fan rotation speed controlling device includes a first transistor, a second transistor, a third transistor, a fourth transistor, and at least one heat dissipation fan. The first transistor receives a pulse-width modulation (pwm) signal.
Ryantek Co. Ltd.

Virtual computing instance migration

A customer submits a set of preferences including hardware specifications for instantiating a virtual machine instance. The virtual machine instance may be instantiated in a physical host computer system that does not conform to the set of preferences.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Hierarchical temporal event management

Hierarchical temporal event management enables reduction or elimination of synchronization of multiple potentially huge indexes for real-time log indexing. Logs are time series data of events having associated times.
Loggly, Inc.

Bi-directional project information updates in multi-party bidding

In an example embodiment, bid specifications for an ecommerce transaction are transmitted from a party requesting bids to a plurality of bidders. Then a modification to the bid specifications is received from a first bidder of the plurality of bidders along with a bid in accordance with the modified bid specifications.

Bill processing unit and gaming machine including same

In order to make it easy to change the necessary device specifications when adapted to paper currencies in circulation in a plurality of countries and regions, a paper currency processing device (m1) has: a paper currency slot (m5) which is capable of handling the paper currency (t) of multiple currency circulation regions from the outside of the device; a paper currency transfer mechanism for transferring the paper currency (t) between the paper currency slot (m5) and various locations inside the device; and a plurality of paper currency cases linked to the paper currency transfer mechanism. The paper currency transfer mechanism is controlled in such a manner that the paper currency case associated with a currency circulation area is identified, and the paper currency (t) is transferred into the identified paper currency case..
Universal Entertainment Corporation

Field device for process instrumentation

A field device for process instrumentation comprises a measuring and comparison device and a readable storage element. The measuring and comparison device is configured for monitoring an operating characteristic variable for compliance with a predefined range the readable storage element maintains a state.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Portable dunnage bag inflator

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a portable dunnage bag inflator that provides a compact, pressurized source of air and that is easily mounted onto a movable cargo mover (such as a forklift truck or a pallet jack). Generally, the portable dunnage bag inflator includes an impellor-driven blower that, in operation, draws air at atmospheric pressure through an air intake grid or air inlet into the impellor and expels the air through an inflation hose.
Signode Industrial Group Llc

Validating a specification associated with a software application and/or a hardware

System and method for validating a specification associated with a software application and/or a hardware is disclosed. The specification comprising expected behaviour requirements specified in a specification language and the semantics in the tabular notation is received.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Process control apparatus and system, and determining normality thereof

A process control apparatus includes a hypervisor, a controller configured to run on the hypervisor and to communicate with a field apparatus to control an industrial process, an operation model definer configured to define an operation model, which is information establishing operation specifications derived from specifications of the controller, a trace information collector configured to collect traces of interactive motions between hardware and the controller, and a normality determiner configured to compare the operation model defined by the operation model definer with the information collected by the trace information collector and to determine the normality of the operation of the process control apparatus.. .
Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Methods and systems for real-time monitoring and optimizing the performance of reciprocating compressors

Disclosed are systems and methods for monitoring the performance of a plurality of reciprocating compressors having components made by at least two different manufacturers. A source of reciprocating compressor data associated with a plurality of reciprocating compressors and a source of reciprocating compressor component specifications associated with the plurality of reciprocating compressors are in communication with a computer processor.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Mobile device and image forming providing user interface screen, and providing user interface screen in the mobile device and image forming apparatus

A mobile device or an image forming apparatus for providing a user interface, wherein the mobile device or the image forming apparatus receives product specifications of the mobile device or the image forming apparatus via near field communication (nfc) to determine a layout of the user interface of the mobile device or the image forming apparatus, and displays the user interface having the layout determined with respect to a predetermined application before.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Printing system, control information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable medium

In a printing system, the information processing apparatus includes: a first obtaining unit which obtains hardware information of a printing apparatus at the time of installation of a printer driver associated with the printing apparatus; a unit which decides on a printer driver to be installed from among a plurality of printer drivers that are associated with the printing apparatus and differ from one another in specifications based on the hardware information; a second obtaining unit which transmits to the printing apparatus attribute information of the printer driver that has been decided on, and obtains as a response thereto a configuration file for expanding functions of the printer driver that has been decided on; and a unit which installs the printer driver that has been decided on, and performs functional expansion for the printer driver using the obtained configuration file.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Monitoring changes in photomask defectivity

A reticle that is within specifications is inspected so as to generate a baseline event indicating a location and a size value for each unusual reticle feature. After using the reticle in photolithography, the reticle is inspected so as to generate a current event indicating a location and a size value for each unusual reticle feature.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Lubricant base oil hydroprocessing and blending

Methods are provided for producing a plurality of lubricant base oil products with an increased overall yield. Prior to the final hydrocracking stage for viscosity index uplift, a feed for making a lubricant base oil is fractionated in order to form at least a feed for making a lighter lubricant base oil and a feed for making a heavier lubricant base oil.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

Sous-vide cooking chamber

A sous-vide cooker for sous-vide cooking applications is disclosed. The sous-vide cooker is particularly suited for use in home kitchens and on small countertops.

Information providing apparatus, information providing method, and computer product

An information providing apparatus includes a processor configured to input an inquiry for a change date candidate for changing specifications of hardware resources used in information processing related to a service; and a storage unit configured to store at least one among a planned backup date for a process result of the information processing related to the service and a planned restore date for the information processing related to the service using the process result. The processor is further configured to determine as the change date candidate, a date within at least one period among a first period from a date of input of the inquiry until the planned backup date and a second period after the planned restore date, by referring to the storage unit, and to output the determined change date candidate..
Fujitsu Limited

Production line system and controlling method thereof

A production line system includes n operational stations l1, l2, l3 . .
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Switching power supply apparatus

A switching power supply apparatus includes a voltage step-up converter that increases input voltage in response to turning on and off of a switching element, a transformer including a primary winding and a secondary winding and the primary winding of which is connected to the output of the voltage step-up converter, a microcontroller that controls the turning on and off of the switching element, an input voltage detection circuit that detects input voltage of the microcontroller, and an intermediate bus voltage detection circuit that detects intermediate bus voltage from the microcontroller. The input voltage detection circuit and the intermediate bus voltage detection circuit are circuits including elements having the same specifications.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Reconfigurable power regulator

The present disclosure shows ways to use multiple “integrated voltage regulator (ivr) units” to offer ivrs that can cover a wide range of specifications without having to design separate ivrs for different specifications. Instead of designing separate ivrs and paying for separate mask sets for ivrs targeting different specifications (e.g., different design and mask sets for 1 a ivr, 5 a ivr), the disclosed embodiments present ways to design and fabricate large numbers of the same unit ivrs (e.g., 1 a ivr) and decide how many of them to use post-fabrication to deliver different current specifications (e.g., use five 1 a unit ivrs for 5 a, use ten 1 a unit ivrs for 10 a).
Lion Semiconductor Inc.

Hypoid gear design method and hypoid gear

A degree of freedom of a hypoid gear is improved. Instantaneous axis in a relative rotation of a gear axis and a pinion axis, a line of centers, intersection between the instantaneous axis and the line of centers, and an inclination angle of the instantaneous axis regarding the rotation axis of the gear are calculated based on a shaft angle, an offset, and a gear ratio of a hypoid gear.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Content space environment representation

Embodiments of the invention relate to content space environment representation. An aspect of the invention includes selecting one or more platform attributes for a software content space.
International Business Machines Corporation

Graphical specification and constraint language for developing programs for hardware implementation and use

System and method for specifying and implementing programs. A graphical program is created in a graphical specification and constraint language that allows specification of a model of computation and explicit declaration of constraints in response to user input.
National Instruments Corporation

Progressive betting pools

Progressive betting pools are provided. A betting administrator may define a set of competition-based events upon which to wager.
Razor Sports, Inc.

Asymmetrical receivers for wireless communication

Receivers in a mobile device are configured to mitigate receiver overload and fully or nearly-fully utilize available spectrum for communication. Configuration is dictated at least in part by at least one of radio link quality or available receiver specifications, and it can be affected by the mobile device or a base station that serves the mobile device.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus using the same

A light-emitting device includes a substrate, first leds and second leds mounted on the substrate, multiple wirings separately formed on the substrate, and a conductive member for connecting adjacent two wirings in multiple wirings for establishing series connection, parallel connection, or a combination of series and parallel connections of the first leds and the second leds. This achieves the light-emitting device that can support multiple different specifications, using a single type of substrate..
Panasonic Corporation

Method and system for assessing cumulative access entitlements of an entity in a system

A method and system is provided for assessing the cumulative set of access entitlements to which an entity, of an information system, may be implicitly or explicitly authorized, by virtue of the universe of authorization intent specifications that exist across that information system, or a specified subset thereof, that specify access for that entity or for any entity collectives with which that entity may be directly or transitively affiliated. The effective system-level access granted to the user based upon operating system rules or according to access check methodologies is determined and mapped to administrative tasks to arrive at the cumulative set of access entitlements authorized for the user..

System and determining in-game capabilities based on device information

A virtual space is provided to users via client computing devices. Device information related to a client computing platform used by a user to interact with the virtual space may be obtained.
Kabam, Inc.

Near field communication enabled device with improved electromagnetic compatibility and a load modulating in near field communication

A near field communication (nfc) initiator communicates with a target device. The carrier is modulated to transmit a digital signal.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

Driving computer displays with customization options and collecting customization specifications

A product image depicting a customizable product with one or more annotations is displayed. Each annotation of the one or more annotations identifies an attribute group location upon the customizable product that represents an attribute group comprising one or more attributes of the customizable product that may be customized.
Zazzle Inc.

Smart active tyre pressure optimising system

Smart active tyre pressure optimising system [tpos] 102 is a highly time sensitive design and technique that acts instantaneously in sensing and controlling the tire pressure particularly in imminent and inevitable critical driving situations to reduce emergency & high speed breaking distance, mitigate—loss of traction, hydroplaning, roll over, loss of stability, over & under steering, break failure, loss of control due to puncture by smartly sensing, perform context aware computing and directing the tyre pressure control units [tpcu] 104 to instantaneously control the tyre pressure in right time with right pressure on right tyres thereby actively controlling the footprint and sidewall deformation rate to enhance traction & stability simultaneously sustaining drivability or steerability ultimately to avoid or reduce the impact of collusion and overcome or mitigate critical situations for protecting the vehicles, occupants, pedestrians and other objects around or on the way; also according to design, configurations and scenarios the system instantaneously optimises the tyre pressure on all tyres for further safe driving till next restoration else restores the pressure to optimum preset value utilising inbuilt reservoir or other external restoration systems immediately after the vehicle overcomes the critical situation to continue with safe and comfortable driving. In critical situations tpos performs sensing, pre computing, current computing for controlling the tire pressure during critical situation, post computing to optimise tire pressure after overcoming accordingly.

Flexible image layout

Particular embodiments of a computing device determine unoccupied positions in a display grid, wherein the grid corresponds to specifications for a displayable region of a screen associated with a computing device. A plurality of image elements are identified as candidates for placement within the grid.
Facebook, Inc.

Recording and maintaining acceptances of licenses for using computer products

Techniques are provided for generating license agreements specific to a computer product (e.g., software or hardware). In one example, vendor license manager receives an order from a customer for a computer product having a product identifier.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

System and generating design specifications for custom equipment

A system for generating design specifications for custom equipment may include a data collection unit configured to collect data, wherein collected data is based on one or more attributes related to an activity performed by a user utilizing equipment and a preference engine configured to generate design specifications for custom equipment based on the collected data received from the data collection unit.. .
Made, Llc

Systems, compositions and methods for providing safe and healthy water and water-based products

A method for providing a safe and healthy water and water-based product, comprising: testing pretreated reverse osmosis water to determine whether it meets a first set of pre-defined specifications; introducing a pre-defined nutrient composition into the water, wherein the predefined nutrient composition comprising one or more of mineral nutrients, trace elements and nutritional supplements; testing the water to determine whether it meets a second set of pre-defined specifications; and disinfecting the water along with its container by uv irradiation from a uv light source to obtain a water product.. .
A.o. Smith Corporation

Detecting security vulnerabilities on computing devices

Identifying security vulnerabilities on computing devices by gathering information about a first software application with which a computing device is configured, selecting, using any of the information, an attack specification from a set of predefined attack specifications, attacking the first software application on the computing device with an attack that is in accordance with the selected attack specification, identifying a post-attack condition associated with the first software application, determining whether the post-attack condition is consistent with a predefined security vulnerability, and performing a predefined action associated with the predefined security vulnerability responsive to determining that the post-attack condition is consistent with the predefined security vulnerability, where the gathering, selecting, attacking, identifying, determining, and performing are performed by a second software application during execution of the second software application on the computing device.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Semiconductor device with configurable support for multiple command specifications, and method regarding the same

A device includes a nand flash memory, and a generic command interface configured to interpret both an open nand flash interface specification and a first nand flash specification to perform an associated one of command operations on the nand flash memory, the open nand flash interface specification and the first nand flash specification being different from each other.. .
Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.l.

Determining optimal decision trees

The current subject matter relates to generation, modification, export, and/or import of decision trees, based on which optimal treatments (for example, offers) can be assigned to various records (for example, customers). A tree-generating application can receive constraints characterizing specifications for a decision tree desired by the user of the tree-generating application.
Fair Isaac Corporation

Aircraft design apparatus, aircraft design program, and aircraft design method

An aircraft design apparatus calculates aircraft specifications, which are aircraft specifications, based on a plurality of design parameters required to design an aircraft; judges whether or not the calculated aircraft specifications meet constraints that indicate the aircraft feasibility and that are set in advance and given optimizing conditions for optimizing the aircraft; changes the design parameters so that the calculated aircraft specifications meet the constraints and also meet the optimizing conditions; and executes iterative processing in which the aircraft specifications are repeatedly calculated based on the changed design parameters. By doing so, with the aircraft design apparatus, it is possible to achieve a more optimal aircraft design and it is also possible to reduce the time and effort required to design an aircraft..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Of Tokyo, Japan

Polyurethane foam formulation, products and methods

A foam article for use in a seat cushion includes an open cell, polyurethane foam material that includes a base polyol; a crosslinker; an isocyanate; a surfactant; and water, that are reacted together to produce a seat cushion having dynamic and static performance specifications that are better than the performance characteristics for a traditional, high resilient material seat cushion, as well as other seating materials.. .
Johnson Controls Technology Company

Method and seamless handover in a wireless communication network

In a wireless communication network where base stations receive protocol data units (pdus) from mobile stations for decompression and deciphering for ordered, sequential transfer as service data units (sdus) to an associated core network, the teachings presented herein provide a method of supporting seamless handover of a mobile station from a source base station to a target base station. By way of example, the teachings herein apply to a network based on the e-utra specifications, as promulgated by the 3gpp.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Data relay device, data transmission device, and network system

With respect to a routing and a gateway (protocol conversion) in a network system, frame data can simply be generated even if a source node does not understand format specifications of all protocols, communication efficiency degradation caused by an enlargement of header information can be prevented as much as possible, and dealing with a new protocol can be simplified. A source node (data transmission device) transmits “common routing information”, which includes route information identifying all the nodes through which a message frame is routed from an own node to a destination node, while adding the common routing information on the message frame.
Omron Corporation

System and managing virtual machine stock

A cloud server sets upper stock limits, lower stock limits, and stocks for virtual machines (vms) having different configuration specifications in the cloud server. When the vm stock of the vms having the configuration specification is greater than a corresponding lower stock limit of the vms, the cloud server calculates a supplement of the vms having one configuration specification according to the corresponding stock and the upper stock limit of the vms having the configuration specification.

Network reconfiguration in a data converter for improved electrical characteristics

A process of optimizing a resistor-2 resistor (r-2r) digital-to-analog converter (dac) by partial resistor network reconfiguration is disclosed. The method includes analyzing a circuit to determine whether any specifications are outside predetermined limits.

Using dual phys to support multiple pcie link widths

Systems described herein enable pcie device components to be used with multiple pcie topologies and with host systems of varying configurations. In some cases, a number of varying phys and pcie cores are utilized to increase the number of applications and/or specifications that may be satisfied with a host interface design.

Configuring cloud resources

A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium has tangibly embodied thereon and accessible therefrom instructions interpretable by at least one data processing device. The instructions are configured for causing the at least one data processing device to perform a method comprising creating a resource group for providing cloud services, receiving a request to increase a quantity of the virtual machines of the resource group; and instantiating one or more additional virtual machines within the resource group in response to receiving the request.

Associating advertisements with events

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a notification identifying the occurrence of a user-initiated event associated with a software application that complies with the specifications of a software development kit. The user is identified based at least in part on the information included the notification.

Distributed control system for parallel-connected dc boost converters

The disclosed invention is a distributed control system for operating a dc bus fed by disparate dc power sources that service a known or unknown load. The voltage sources vary in v-i characteristics and have time-varying, maximum supply capacities.

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