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Method and system allowing users to easily contribute to a social composition

Method and system allowing users to easily contribute to a social composition

Linear lighting systems, manufacturing and methods to configure the same

Linear lighting systems, manufacturing and methods to configure the same

Linear lighting systems, manufacturing and methods to configure the same

Kunshan Ecological Building Tecnology

Fully assembled, fully cast-in-place, composite-type house and construction method thereof

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 Motor control device and  controlling the same patent thumbnailMotor control device and controlling the same
When detecting an amount of noise current generated in an inverter and flowing into a noise filter, sampling the detection values with an interval of a carrier frequency, determining whether envelope curves of respective sampled values are deemed to be constant, and in a case where the envelope curves of the sampled values are deemed to be constant, the motor control device changes the carrier frequency to another frequency that does not overlap a cutoff frequency fr of the noise filter, or to another frequency that is not close to the cutoff frequency fr of the noise filter. Due to this configuration, even when the noise filter incorporated in the motor control device is a noise filter that is manufactured without demanding any special measures to be taken to the manufacturers and is manufactured with specifications of noise filter manufacturers, a desired noise reduction effect can be obtained..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Method and system allowing users to easily contribute to a social composition patent thumbnailMethod and system allowing users to easily contribute to a social composition
A networked, electronic system and method allows users to generate their own media layer for automatic availability to other users as an independent piece, or as a social composition created by combining the user's media layer with other specified layers. The user may initially choose the desired media layer(s) previously recorded, as well as simple control specifications to guide the synchronization of how the user's recorded media layer data is aligned with the specified media layer(s).

 Linear lighting systems, manufacturing and methods to configure the same patent thumbnailLinear lighting systems, manufacturing and methods to configure the same
Linear lighting fixtures intended to be incorporated into thin architectural surfaces, interconnected and configurable as a continuous run with potential to follow the direction of adjacent planar surface in three dimensional spaces while maintaining the structural integrity of the supporting framework within the scope of the majority of building code specifications.. .

 Fully assembled, fully cast-in-place, composite-type house and construction method thereof patent thumbnailFully assembled, fully cast-in-place, composite-type house and construction method thereof
Disclosed are a fully assembled, fully cast-in-place, composite-type house and a construction method thereof, comprising providing at least one layer of house main body on a house foundation, wherein each layer of the house main body comprises: a tension bearing system which constitutes a wall body (1) or floor slab (2), a stabilizing function system for the tension bearing system, a system which constitutes a heat-insulating layer and a fire-proofing layer and is used as a formwork and has the function of supporting, and a pressure bearing system which connects together the afore-mentioned systems by means of a fully cast-in-place technique. The fully assembled, fully cast-in-place, composite-type house and the construction method thereof integrate structural component specifications, the overall stability of the house is good, and energy-saving and environmental protection requirements are satisfied..
Kunshan Ecological Building Tecnology Co., Ltd.

 Structure of vulcanization machine patent thumbnailStructure of vulcanization machine
An improved structure of a vulcanization machine is disclosed, including a first material feeding tray assembly on which multiple workpieces are positionable to be transported by a first movable transportation device to a first vulcanization device for vulcanization and molding. The vulcanized and molded workpiece is transported by a second movable transportation device to be placed on a first cooling tray assembly for natural cooling.
Superior Star Engineering Co., Ltd.

 Method and  removing high concentration acid gas from natural gas patent thumbnailMethod and removing high concentration acid gas from natural gas
A multi-stage process for recovering acid gas from natural gas having high acid gas contents utilizes two or more membrane absorption contactors arranged in series. The first membrane absorption contactor uses a physical solvent to remove a high volume of acid gas transferred across a membrane, and to reduce the acid gas content in the natural gas to a lower level that can be managed using chemical solvents.

 Time synchronized resource reservation over packet switched networks patent thumbnailTime synchronized resource reservation over packet switched networks
Storing the time information, which is included into each forwarded end-node request in correspondence with the associated stream specifications, into at least one related database managed by a core network switch (s1) which participates to the request forwarding.. .

 System architecture generation patent thumbnailSystem architecture generation
[a template corresponds to a general system architecture for providing a desired functionality. A particular system architecture for providing the desired functionality is generated based on the template and based on specifications of requirements for the particular system architecture.

 Method and  aggregating with information generalization patent thumbnailMethod and aggregating with information generalization
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are described herein that are configured to perform aggregation of phrase specifications. In some example embodiments, a method is provided that comprises identifying two or more generalized phrase specifications.
Arria Data2text Limited

 Methods for making high hardness, high toughness iron-base alloys patent thumbnailMethods for making high hardness, high toughness iron-base alloys
One aspect of the present disclosure is directed to low-alloy steels exhibiting high hardness and an advantageous level of multi-hit ballistic resistance with minimal crack propagation imparting a level of ballistic performance suitable for military armor applications. Certain embodiments of the steels according to the present disclosure have hardness in excess of 550 hbn and demonstrate a high level of ballistic penetration resistance relative to conventional military specifications..
Ati Properties, Inc.


Method for controlling vehicle-information displaying by means of ecu and apparatus therefor

The present invention relates to a method for controlling vehicle-information displaying by means of an ecu and an apparatus therefor, the method comprising the steps of: causing an ecu to collect the vehicle information displayed by the ecu in an instrument cluster; extracting the data of graphic attributes from the collected vehicle-information according to various pieces of vehicle information; sequentially arranging the extracted data of the graphic attributes according to the predetermined transmission order of a drawing communication protocol dedicated for displaying vehicle information; and streaming the sequentially arranged data of the graphic attributes to the instrument cluster. Thus, the present invention can control displaying in instrument clusters of different display specifications by using the ecu for supporting the drawing communication protocol..
Volvo Construction Equipment Ab


Universal validation module for access control systems

A validation module provides for the upgrading of a physical access control system (pacs) to full hspd-12 compliance without requiring modification or replacement of the existing pacs. The validation module may contain all of the validation functionality required by federal specifications and technical requirements.
Assa Abloy Ab


Information processing apparatus, data generation method, and data structure

An information processing apparatus includes an input unit that receives specifications of a color, a type of a surface effect that is a visual or a tactile effect, and a region to which the surface effect is applied, with respect to input image data; a generating unit that generates color data and gloss control data based on the specifications, the gloss control data being data which is used for generating clear toner data and in which a gloss control value is specified for identifying the type of the surface effect applied to the recording medium and for identifying a region to which the surface effect is applied in the recording medium; and a sending unit that sends the color data and the gloss control data to a print control apparatus.. .


Method for compensating a failing nozzle

The method comprises at least two compensation mechanisms, each providing a different amount of additional optical density in the environment of a missing dot in the printed image. A nozzle is recorded as a failing nozzle if the associated print element does not apply an ink dot within predetermined specifications.


Method for arranging jet cleaning nozzles

A method for arranging jet cleaning nozzles comprising: arranging multiple rows of nozzles in a parallel and uniform manner along a lengthwise direction of a metal plate strip; arranging the nozzles in each row at an equal interval; arraying adjacent rows of nozzles in a staggered manner along the widthwise direction of the metal plate strip so as to form a nozzle matrix; wherein each nozzle is perpendicular to a moving direction of the metal plate strip, and the perpendicular distance of each nozzle to a surface of the metal plate strip is the same. Through the method for arranging jet cleaning nozzles, nozzles can be flexibly controlled based on the change of the geometric relationship between nozzles, in order to implement efficient and continuous descaling on the surfaces of a metal plate strip with different width specifications and different requirements on the descaling speed.
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.


Optimized peremptory juror challenges

The present invention teaches methods to optimize the exercise of peremptory challenges during the jury selection process in courts in the united states and worldwide. Jury selection in such jurisdictions is governed by possibly complex rules determined by the court, including procedures and specifications for the order of juror examinations and the subsequent exercise of peremptory challenges.


Net-voltage-aware optical proximity correction (opc)

Various embodiments include computer-implemented methods, computer program products and systems for verifying an integrated circuit (ic) layout. In some cases, approaches include a computer-implemented method of verifying an ic layout, the method including: obtaining data about a process variation band for at least one physical feature in the ic layout; determining voltage-based process variation band thresholds for the at least one physical feature in the ic layout; determining whether the process variation band for the at least one physical feature in the ic layout meets design specifications for the ic layout based upon the voltage-based process variation band thresholds for the at least one physical feature in the ic layout; and modifying the ic layout in response to a determination that the process variation band for the at least one physical feature does not meet the design specifications..
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems and methods for audio attribute mapping

In a customized content delivery service, such as, for example, a personalized music streaming service delivered over various wireless networks, an end-user can be given the ability to refine or select programming which is presented to them. One approach to achieving this is to present the user with a range of user preference controls, such as sliders, which can be mapped to attributes contained within the scheduling system.
Sirius Xm Radio Inc.


Recognition a battery cell package and structure thereof

A recognition method for a battery cell package and a structure thereof includes: a) providing a plurality of battery cells arranged in a stack or in a wrapped roll; b) providing a tape, an isolation film or an electrode slat having a shape recognition structure; c) providing a packaging bag; d) placing the tape, the isolation film or the electrode slat at an outer layer of the battery cells; and e) placing the plurality of battery cells into the packaging bag and drawing an air out of the packaging bag such that an outer surface of the packaging bag reveals the shape recognition structure of the tape, the isolation film or the electrode slat. Therefore, the specifications and models of the battery cell packages can be determined with ease to facilitate the categorization and storage of the battery cell packages..
Amita Technologies Inc Ltd.


Upgrading raw shale-derived crude oils to hydrocarbon distillate fuels

Integrated processes for upgrading crude shale-derived oils, such as those produced by oil shale retorting or by in situ extraction or combinations thereof. Processes disclosed provide for a split-flow processing scheme to upgrade whole shale oil.
Lummus Technology Inc.


Microstructure-based wound closure devices

The present invention relates generally to wound closure devices comprising one or more microstructures. The devices are designed such that the microstructures are able to grip the skin or tissue surrounding a wound, optionally closing the wound, or securing the tissue or skin in place.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Methods for managing the composition of distillers grain co-products

The present invention provides for methods of managing the protein content of multiple distiller's grain co-products of a fermentation process. A valuable protein rich distiller's grain co-product having greater than 40 wt % protein on a dry basis can be removed from whole stillage or spent grains; however the protein content in the residual wet cake is reduced.


Video conferencing using wireless peripheral video conferencing device

A method includes receiving, establishing, by a video session controlling device, a video conference session. The video session controlling device includes at least one video conference service providing component.
Sony Mobile Communications Ab


Portable information terminal holding stand and desk telephone

A portable information terminal holding stand (10) is configured to hold one of a plurality of types of portable information terminals (30) and (40) having different connector specifications, and to be electrically connected to the held portable information terminal (30) or (40). The portable information terminal holding stand (10) includes: a holding stand main body (11) having a main mounting surface (11a); a terminal cover (12) detachably attached to a lower end of the main mounting surface (11a) and configured to support a lower end of the portable information terminal (30) or (40) mounted on the main mounting surface (11a); and a connector holder (18) configured to hold the holding base side connector (17a).
Nec Platforms, Ltd.


Energy storage system controller

An energy storage system controller compatible with energy storage batteries or host systems for a plurality of types of specifications and usages is provided. An embodiment of the present invention is connected to energy storage battery modules including a plurality of energy storage battery cells and status monitor potions acquiring battery information related to status of the battery cells, the controller including a control portion receiving the battery information from the storage monitor portion and outputting control signals for performing control of the battery cells based on battery information, in which the control portion includes a plurality of types of communication interfaces for transferring and receiving data to and from the status monitor portions, the control portion carrying out transmission and reception of the battery information and the control signals with a plurality of types of the status monitors or the battery cells corresponding to different communication interfaces..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Die supply apparatus

A magazine lifting and lowering section of a die supply apparatus houses a replaced magazine rack having different specifications. A code display portion marked with identification information (“a magazine rack id”) for each magazine rack is provided in each magazine rack, and a magazine rack id and specification data related to each magazine rack are associated with each other and are registered in a database of a host computer.
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Transformer with improved power handling capacity

Disclosed is an electrical transformer for improved transformer power capacity and efficiency designed by the application of disclosed design considerations. One embodiment design consideration is a method to configure power transformer windings wherein the minimum distance of the primary windings from the winding axis/core center is greater (the primary windings are more distal) from the winding axis than the minimum distance of the secondary windings, which are wound around the minimum interior core diameter.
Transformers, Llc


Storyboard-directed video production from shared and individualized assets

Systems and methods are described for automatically driving portions of a video production workflow according specifications governed by a data-rich storyboard. Embodiments operate in context of a novel video production workflow in which much or all of the production expertise of a traditional production workflow collaborates at a storyboard phase of the workflow to architect a single, data-rich storyboard according to concepts and rules.
Storyvine, Llc


Systems and methods for automated functional coverage generation and management for ic design protocols

A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to support automated functional coverage generation and management for an ic design protocol. The proposed approach takes advantage of table-based high-level (e.g., transaction-level) specifications of the ic design protocol, wherein the state tables are readable and easily manageable (e.g., in ascii format) in order to automatically generate functional coverage for the ic design protocol, which include but are not limited to, coverage points, protocol transitions, and/or transaction coverage.
Cavium, Inc.


Generic virtual personal assistant platform

A method for assisting a user with one or more desired tasks is disclosed. For example, an executable, generic language understanding module and an executable, generic task reasoning module are provided for execution in the computer processing system.
Sri International


Method of taking a computer architecture representation and generating manufacturing computer systems contained in a specification

Techniques and a system for creating a vendor independent computer language and compiling the language into an architecture specification language allowing for taking a source data stream (file, wsdl, xml) and passing thru a language parser, populating a storage medium with a plurality of technical inputs and vendor technical specifications for generic technologies and probable technologies required for desired architectures generated by the language parser, and optimizing the inputs and creating relationships between technologies and groups of technologies and storing results in the storage medium.. .
Arganteal, Llc


Automated network configuration of virtual machines in a virtual lab environment

Methods, systems, and computer programs for creating virtual machines (vm) and associated networks in a virtual infrastructure are presented. The method defines virtual network templates in a database, where each virtual network template includes network specifications.
Vmware, Inc.


Method and earth moving and surface grading

A tandem system having multiple fluid-powered cylinders for operation of motor graders and other earth-moving equipment that is capable of interfacing with and being controlled by conventional two dimensional (“2-d”) and three dimensional (“3-d”) grade control systems, responds to encountered grade changes and adjusts elevation and a cross-slope to match predetermined project design specifications. Each cylinder member has at least one master area and at least one slave area..


Design hybrid vehicles with a high degree of hybridization

Hybrid vehicle design circuitry quantifies values for utility/disutility variables of a hybrid vehicle design by evaluating a hybrid vehicle model over a collection of drive cycles/routes. The utility/disutility values include at least one of: total time or additional time beyond a reference time needed for the hybrid vehicle design to complete the drive cycles/routes, a fraction or number of the drive cycles/routes for which the hybrid vehicle design fails to achieve a target velocity, and amount of time or distance over which the hybrid vehicle design fails to achieve a target acceleration or the target velocity over the drive cycles/routes.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Manually operated robot control controlling a robot system

The invention relates to a device (2, 6) for manually controlling a robot system, comprising an input device (2), which can be operated by means of at least two hands and has a sensor system (7, 10) for detecting control specifications of a first hand (12) and control specifications of a second hand (13). According to the invention, the control device (2, 6) comprises a first control unit (19), which performs a position control function in dependence on the control specifications of the first hand (12), and a second control unit (20), which performs a velocity control function or a position control function in dependence on the control specifications of the second hand (13)..


Portable intelligent controlling system for machines

A portable plug-and-play intelligent system for monitoring and controlling process variations of a workpiece of a machine is provided. The portable plug-and-play intelligent system includes one or more sensors, a controller, a work piece, a plug & play modular fixture with a motor, a database, a comparison unit, and a control unit.


System and detecting biofilm growth in water systems

A system and method for monitoring or detecting a level of biofilm growth in a fluid system and controlling operating parameters of the fluid system based a measured level of growth. The monitoring system and method comprises a dye injection system for periodically injecting dye into a portion of fluid from the fluid system, passing the portion of fluid though a narrow lumen tube to achieve laminar flow and using a light source and optical sensor to detect a transmission or emission indicating a level of biofilm growth in the tube corresponding to a level of growth on components in the fluid system.


Clock distribution architecture for integrated circuit

An integrated circuit (ic) includes multiple circuit modules that have specific clocking requirements, multiple clock sources (e.g., plls, duty cycle re-shaper, etc.), and at least one clock input port. The clock sources have specific clock source specifications, and the circuit modules have specific clocking requirements.


System and managing facility content and equipment information

A system and method that provides a unique building maintenance tool which leverages the information collected during the design and construction phase of the building lifecycle. User access bims, revit schedules and other data sources within the unique construction process to provide clients with a post occupancy view previously unobtainable.


System and creating, receiving and using interactive information

Systems and methods are provided for implementing and using interactive information. In one embodiment, a user may specify certain information that should be collected by the embodiment.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes: a main body storage portion that stores control information which defines a control condition of an option device; and a main body control portion that makes a printing portion perform operation in accordance with the control condition of the option device, and based on the control condition of the option device, gives an operation instruction to an option control portion, wherein in a case where an unsuitableness error, the option control portion transmits the control information stored in the option storage portion to the main body control portion, and the main body control portion updates the control information such that the control information stored in the main body storage portion becomes the control information suitable for specifications of the option device.. .
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Systems and methods for using cryptography to protect secure and insecure computing environments

Computation environments are protected from bogus or rogue load modules, executables, and other data elements through use of digital signatures, seals, and certificates issued by a verifying authority. A verifying authority—which may be a trusted independent third party—tests the load modules and/or other items to verify that their corresponding specifications are accurate and complete, and then digitally signs them based on a tamper resistance work factor classification.
Intertrust Technologies Corporation


Device proximity detection

A method for detecting proximity of two communicating devices is disclosed. Proximity may be determined by measuring deviation from standardized signal timing specifications.
Google Inc.


Semiconductor device having subthreshold operating circuits including a back body bias potential based on temperature range

A semiconductor device that may include at least one temperature sensing circuit is disclosed. The temperature sensing circuits may be used to control various operating parameters to improve the operation of the semiconductor device over a wide temperature range.


Systems and methods of providing key figure information

Systems and methods of providing information associated with a financial instrument via a computer network are provided. Such a method may include receiving, by at least one processing circuit, from a computing device, a request for obtaining key figures of the financial instrument.


System and vehicle delivery tracking service

Systems and methods including receiving, via a software application, delivery task attributes over a network for delivering a physical load from a source to a destination, the delivery task attributes including at least source specifications, destination specifications and load attributes, automatically generating routing information for the physical load based on at least one of the delivery task attributes, automatically assigning a transportation resource to the delivery task based on at least one of the delivery task attributes and transportation resource attributes, transmitting a dispatch over the network to the assigned transportation resource, the dispatch including the routing information and at least one of the delivery task attributes, receiving delivery monitoring information during an execution of the delivery task, and transmitting a notification over the network to at least one of the assigned transportation resource and a user of the software application of the delivery monitoring information.. .
Go Taxi Truck, Llc


Systems and methods to reduce computing overhead in a data management application

Computer readable software objects, methods and apparatus are provided for using a path specification to limit requested entity data by designating a single explicit multiple step path between any two pairs of entity types. The computer readable software object comprises an ordered collection of path specification elements, a start entity, and an end entity.
Honeywell International Inc.


Semiconductor device having a temperature circuit that provides a plurality of temperature operating ranges

A semiconductor device that may include at least one temperature sensing circuit is disclosed. The temperature sensing circuits may be used to control various operating parameters to improve the operation of the semiconductor device over a wide temperature range.


Ssemiconductor device having temperature sensor circuits

A semiconductor device that may include at least one temperature sensing circuit is disclosed. The temperature sensing circuits may be used to control various operating parameters to improve the operation of the semiconductor device over a wide temperature range.


Power up of semiconductor device having a temperature circuit and method therefor

A semiconductor device that may include at least one temperature sensing circuit is disclosed. The temperature sensing circuits may be used to control various operating parameters to improve the operation of the semiconductor device over a wide temperature range.


Semiconductor device having temperature sensor circuit that detects a temperature range upper limit value and a temperature range lower limit value

A semiconductor device that may include at least one temperature sensing circuit is disclosed. The temperature sensing circuits may be used to control various operating parameters to improve the operation of the semiconductor device over a wide temperature range.


Mass flow meter and mass flow controller using the same

In a mass flow meter comprising two flow sensor units with identical specifications, flow rate deviations between these two flow sensor units are initially measured at various mass flow rates under a circumstance having the same fluctuating factors as those when a mass flow is actually measured. Subsequently, based on these flow rate deviations, a correction value for matching the values of the mass flow rates measured by these two flow sensor units is calculated and stored in a data storage device.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


358 le rifle bullet

The 358 l. E.


Cmu cooling tower and construction

A cooling tower structure and method of construction using multiples of standard concrete masonry units (cmus) properly reinforced, using standard cmu construction methods and specifications, and using block masons of ordinary skill, costing less for construction and maintenance, requiring less heavy equipment, less transportation and lifting of heavy and large components, a smaller construction work site, and requiring significantly less time to construct and make operational.. .


Marine foam

The invention generally pertains to the use of polyurethane foam blown by at least one blowing agent having a boiling point at atmospheric pressure of between ˜5° c. To ˜50° c., including miscible blends thereof, which passes all united states coast guard title 33, part 183 specifications wherein the buoyant force of the froth polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam is not reduced more than 5% after exposure to being immersed in a fully saturated gasoline vapor atmosphere, in reference fuel b, in reference oil no.
Fomo Products, Inc.


Display drive device, display drive system, integrated circuit device, and display drive method

A display drive device, a display drive system, an integrated circuit device, and a display drive method are provided that can handle a plurality of input signals having different specifications. A display drive device 1 includes an external signal detection unit 10 that measures an external timing signal s1 and generates a detection signal s2, a processing unit 20 that generates an internal timing signal s3 based on the detection signal s2, and a drive control signal generation unit 30 that generates, based on the internal timing signal s3, a drive control signal s4 for displaying image information on a display panel 500.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method for temperature compensation in mems resonators with isolated regions of distinct material

Mems resonators containing a first material and a second material to tailor the resonator's temperature coefficient of frequency (tcf). The first material has a different young's modulus temperature coefficient than the second material.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.


Container built-in movable combined tray with length and width extensible

The present invention discloses a kind of container built-in movable combined pallet with extensible length and width, where the guide roller is set in both sides and front edge corner of pallet with roller fitted rectangular chassis and the locking device is set in the rear edge corners of rectangular chassis. At least one of the front and rear sides of rectangular chassis should be installed with extension portion and the guide roller described is the guide roller that can rotate around the pivot of the rotating shaft hole.


Apparatus and transmitting handwriting animation message

Methods and apparatuses are provided for transmitting a handwriting animation message. Handwriting animation message data is received from a transmitting mobile terminal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Crimp head quick-change structure of a crimping tool

This invention is a crimp head quick-change structure of a crimping tool that enables a crimping tool to quickly replace crimp heads of various specifications. The operating theory of the crimp head quick-change structure of a crimping tool is to utilize: a first crimp head protrusion and a first blocker back section notch pushing each other combines with a first crimp head notch and a first head pushing each other to cause the first crimp head to lodge at first clamp section..


Lead built-in type circuit package and producing same

There is provided a circuit package which makes it possible to reduce equipment investment and production cost, change a package size easily according to specifications, and produce a lead frame having an outer lead with a proper length. In the circuit package in which a circuit element is connected to the top surface of the inner lead of the lead frame, the circuit package has a first molded resin portion formed at an upper side of a bottom surface of the lead frame so as to cover the inner lead of the lead frame and a portion of the circuit element to be connected to the inner lead and a second molded resin portion formed at side portions of the outer lead except the top and bottom surfaces of the outer lead..
New Japan Radio Co., Ltd


System for integrated design of electric plant of an industrial site

An integrated design system for an electric plant of an industrial site includes: a central processing unit; terminal stations connected to the central processing unit; and a storage unit. The central processing unit includes: a database management module to receive data from the terminals and organize the incoming data in databases; a first computing module, to determine specifications of lighting bodies to be installed according to the content of the databases; and a second computing module, cooperating with the first computing module to determine the sizing and routing of electric cables at least for the lighting bodies, according to the content of the databases.
Ansaldo Energia S.p.a


System and the data management for the analysis of diverse, multi-structured data from diverse sources

There is disclosed in an embodiment for management of data for analysis of diverse, multi-structured data from diverse sources importation of data having existing data specifications from an external system. Permissions associated with the data and data policies intrinsic to the data are enforced and any tainted data is untainted by ascribing missing specified properties to the data.
Slamdata, Inc.


Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and device linkage method

An information processing apparatus includes a user interface unit configured to receive a function execution request for processes, the function execution request containing designations of an input function and an output function; a search and linkage unit configured to acquire pieces of specifications information indicating functions of an input device and an output device from the respective devices, and generate, based on the pieces of specifications information, a linkage flow indicating an execution sequence and a combination of an input device and an output device which respectively have an input function and an output function designated in the function execution request, the devices executing the functions, respectively, in linkage with each other; and a flow executing unit configured to send process requests to the input device and the output device designated in the linkage flow, respectively.. .


Shielded cable assembly

A shielded cable assembly capable of transmitting signals at speeds of 3.5 gigabits per second (gb/s) or higher without modulation or encoding over a single pair of conductors. The cable has a characteristic impedance of 95 ohms and can support transmission data according to either usb 3.0 or hdmi 1.4 performance specifications.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Specification handling system

A deal management system is described which comprises a database storing first users' sell specifications and second users' buy specifications. Each sell specification comprises a locked portion and a non-locked portion of data.


Method for concurrent simulation to evaluate the test quality of integrated circuits and computer program

A method to evaluate the quality of testbenches using concurrent simulation for functional verification or fault simulation of a digital circuit in an integrated circuit or a system is described. The digital circuit is modeled in a high-level hardware description language.
Stardfx Technologies, Inc.


Data generation system and data generation method

High-quality configuration data, which makes a substrate processing apparatus operate in accordance with the specifications of the substrate processing apparatus, is generated in a small number of man-hours. A data generation system includes: a storage part in which a plurality of mutually different specifications and a plurality of pieces of mutually different configuration data are hierarchically structured and stored and in which relevancy information indicative of the inter-hierarchical relevancy between the specifications and the configuration data is stored; a specifications acquiring part that acquires the specifications of the substrate processing apparatus; and a data generation part that selects configuration data corresponding to the specifications acquired by the specifications acquiring part from among the plurality of pieces of configuration data based upon the relevancy information, and generates configuration data which makes the substrate processing apparatus having the specifications acquired by the specifications acquiring part operate..
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Automated weld inspection system

An automated system for non-destructively evaluating spot welds that includes at least one matrix phased array probe; a fixture adapted to be mounted on a robot or other mechanical actuator, wherein the fixture is further adapted to retain the at least one matrix phased array probe; and an enclosure that includes at least one input for connecting to the at least one matrix phased array probe, ultrasonic phased array transmitting and receiving circuitry in electrical communication with the at least one input, at least one data processor running software that includes at least one algorithm for processing data received from the probe and generating discrete specifications of evaluated welds, wherein the discrete specifications further include pass indications or fail indications regarding weld acceptability; and at least one output for outputting the discrete specifications of evaluated welds.. .
Ewi, Inc.


Antimicrobial compositions for meat products

A vinegar based-antimicrobial was developed for controlling food pathogens in meat products. The antimicrobial is prepared using liquid blending (buffering process), dehydration and standardization.
Kemin Industries, Inc.


Slotted message access protocol for powerline communication networks

A slotted message access protocol can be implemented for transmitting short packets. Each beacon period may be divided into multiple time slots.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems and methods for providing price protection for products

A method comprises identifying specifications of an offer for a flight ticket on a flight available at a specific price to a user; offering price protection for a specific time period; if purchased, then during the specified time period: monitoring alternative flight tickets for a different deal to offer, and if the user purchases the different deal, then terminating the price protection; if a current price for the flight ticket with the specifications on the specific flight increases above the specific price, then determining whether to offer the flight ticket or an alternative at a discounted price below its current asking price, and if the user purchases the flight ticket or alternative at the discounted price, then terminating the price protection; and if the current price increases to a higher price and the user purchases the ticket at the higher price, then paying the difference and terminating the price protection.. .
Flyr, Inc.


Limiting skew between different device types to meet performance requirements of an integrated circuit

Methods and systems are provided for that are designed to impose an n-type to p-type device skew constraint that is beyond what normal technology limits allow in order to operate semiconductor devices at lower voltages while still achieving a similar performance at a lower power. More specifically, a method is provided for that includes setting device skew requirements for at least one library element, setting device skew test dispositions for the at least one library element based on the set device skew requirements, designing the at least one library element using device skew assumptions, fabricating the at least one library element on a product that includes at least one device skew monitor, determining an actual device skew of the fabricated at least one library element using the at least one device skew monitor, and determining whether the fabricated product meets target specifications..
International Business Machines Corporation


Database table re-partitioning using two active partition specifications

Partitioning of source partitions of a table of a database to target partitions is initiated. Thereafter, a transition partition specification is specified that identifies the source partitions and the target partitions.


Electrical power distribution unit

An electrical power distribution unit is disclosed herein which provides for enhanced distribution and circuit protection featured in a compact, cost-efficient footprint capable of regulating and providing protected power supply simultaneously to different load specifications in a seamless manner.. .


Real time customer recategorization

A computer-implemented method for responding to user behaviors includes storing category specifications for a plurality of categories configured to characterize users, storing categories for users in a computer network system, detecting behaviors of a user in real time, and determining in real time if the behaviors of the user is within a first category specification associated with a first category that the user is tagged with. If the behaviors of the user exceed the first category specification, the method assigns a second category to the user in real time in response to the detected user behaviors..
Shutterfly, Inc.


Customer relationship development

Systems, methods and media are provided for customer relationship development. In an example embodiment, a computer-implemented method comprises causing display in a user interface, of one or more options in relation to a creation, by a user, of a virtual version of a physical system or service, and receiving specifications, in response to the displayed one or more options, from the user in relation the creation of the virtual system or service.
Observant Pty Ltd.


Method and an automatic processor design and verification

A method and a system embodying the method for automatic application-specific instruction-set processor design and verification, comprising generating programming and simulation tools in accordance with application-specific instruction-set processor specifications automatically by an electronic design automation tool; generating a reference model and a hardware description of the application-specific instruction-set processor in accordance with the application-specific instruction-set processor specifications automatically by the electronic design automation tool; and verifying the hardware description against the reference model is disclosed.. .
Codasip S.r.o.


Method for measuring hvac efficiency

A method for measuring hvac efficiency is disclosed which may be used to test various elements within the hvac system to determine whether any element, such as a heating coil, is operating at an acceptable efficiency when compared to design specifications or previously established standards. The method may also be used to easily determine volumetric flow rate of air through the system at various points simply..


Portable pressure switch calibration and diagnostic tool

An apparatus for calibration and testing of pressure switches which are used in residential and commercial hvac systems. The apparatus can be used to test, set, or adjust a pressure switch or a pressure signal transducer to the manufacturer's specifications.


Method and distribution of money transfers

A method for performing transactions comprises receiving registration information and money transfer transaction specifications, generating a distribution profile based on the registration information, and storing the money transfer transaction specifications in the distribution profile. The distribution profile is identified based on an initiation instruction and associated user authentication data, and one of the money transfer transaction specifications in the distribution profile is identified based on the initiation instruction.
Moneygram International, Inc.


Test board and qualifying a printed circuit board assembly and/or repair process

A method for qualifying circuit board fabrication, assembly, and repair processes includes establishing primary assembly process specifications and secondary repair process specifications. A group of test circuit boards is assembled using the primary assembly process, with each board having a section of components linked together to provide functional circuits and a section of components daisy-chained together to provide non-functional circuits, and with each section also including sir test patterns and caf test patterns.
Foresite, Inc.


Plastomer-modified asphalt binders meeting mscr specifications, asphalt paving materials with such asphalt binders, and methods for fabricating such asphalt binders

Plastomer-modified asphalt binders meeting mscr specifications, asphalt paving materials with such asphalt binders, and methods for fabricating such asphalt binders are provided. The asphalt binder contains a base asphalt and a plastomer.
Honeywell International Inc.


Circuit for signal transfer and galvanic isolation

A circuit for signal transfer and galvanic isolation between first and second digital signal processing units, wherein a first signal path is provided between the first and second signal processing units. The first signal path has a first section, which includes positive and negative signal lines and serves for transfer of a differential signal between the first and second signal processing units.
Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag


Power use reduction transformer

A power conditioning device reduces capacitive-in-nature, out of phase current (verses voltage), non-linear distortion, and/or leading power factor “noise” in electrical current in an electrical panel, improving the power efficiency of devices connected to the panel. The physical and electrical specifications of the device allow it to be more easily installed and give it a more robust installation environment..


Campaign budget controls via user configurable line specifications

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for providing advertisers with a mechanism to dynamically adjust budget constraints in order to take into account the advertisers' preferences for targeting users associated with specific dimensions within the segments targeted by a campaign. In particular, advertisers can specify a line specification that sets forth soft and hard constraints, where the hard constraints set caps for spend and the soft constraints set forth desired range of spend for categories in one or more dimensions and a relative importance of the spend in each category.
Apple Inc.


Integrated construction portal

Method and system disclosed herein provides generating a three-dimensional construction grid based on a data file generated by an architectural software, wherein the three-dimensional grid includes three-dimensional position information of various structural building components; displaying the three-dimensional construction grid using a display device of a computing device; receiving information of various non-structural building components, the information including location of the non-structural building components on the three-dimensional grid; associating the non-structural building components to one or more of the structural components of the three-dimensional grid; and automatically generating a plurality of specifications for the non-structural building components.. .
Patco, Llc


Semiconductor device and communication interface circuit

A semiconductor device prevents recognition failure in mutual recognition between a host and a device compliant with usb specifications. The semiconductor device includes: an interterminal opening/closing section having a plurality of first conductivity type mos transistors, the respective sources or drains of which are cascaded, in which the source or drain of a first-stage mos transistor among the cascaded mos transistors is used as a first terminal, the source or drain of a final-stage mos transistor among the cascaded mos transistors is used as a second terminal, and the respective gates of the cascaded mos transistors receive a control signal for controlling the opening or short-circuiting between the first and second terminals; and a current bypass section that reduces a current flowing into either one connection node coupling the respective sources or drains of the cascaded mos transistors..
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Natural gas liquids stabilizer with side stripper

The invention provides a process and system for processing natural gas and separating natural gas liquids into natural gasoline and a y-grade liquid that meets specifications for low methane and ethane content. The process and system includes a side stripper and reboiler to separate methane and ethane from heavier hydrocarbons and a reboiler system to stabilize the natural gasoline..
Uop Llc


Modular industrial vehicle

A modular industrial vehicle having one or more modules that communicate with a managing controller to provide an operating mode for the modular industrial vehicle based configuration and technical specifications of the one or more modules.. .


Radio resource control messaging for dual connectivity networks

A 3gpp lte protocol enhancement may realize the full benefit of dual connectivity in long term evolution (lte) networks by providing a mechanism to carry radio resource control (rrc) messages and/or information elements (ie)s from a secondary evolved node b (senb) to user equipment (ue) via master evolved node b (menb) rrc messages. Novel downlink (dl) common control channel (ccch) and dedicated control channel (dcch) messages, and augmented messages having information elements (ie)s for relaying rrc messages from a senb to a ue via a menb, are defined.


Apparatus and providing compatibility in wireless power transmission system

The present invention relates to a method for providing compatibility with a wireless power transmitting device in a wireless power transmitting system. The method includes the steps of: detecting a wireless power receiving device on the basis of a load change; transmitting a request signal for requesting information for a receiving device to the wireless power receiving device; receiving the information for the receiving device from the wireless power receiving device, wherein the information selectively includes version information on standard technical specifications for realizing the wireless power receiving device; and, when the version information is included in the information for the receiving device, performing a wireless power transmitting operation according to the standard technical specifications corresponding to the version information..
Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd


Wearable air quality monitor

A wearable digital air quality monitor, which can display the exact sampling of carbon monoxide (co) and particulate matter (pm) data, and a program capable of performing the functions of sampling, interpreting the sampled data through an interpolation function on the sensors' response curve, controlling the heating element to the exact specifications of the metal oxide sensor, and calibration. Exposed to clean air environment, the cpu controls the heating element cycle to ensure a optimum sensor sensitivity to the co and it then calibrates the sensor.


Wall unit used in construction

An improved wall unit used in construction. The wall unit is mainly used for the construction and formation of walls of buildings.
Tai Ye Enterprises Ltd.


Mobile device friendly window management for remote desktop

The subject disclosure relates to managing windows in communications between a client device and a host device. It includes obtaining display information for a host device in response to a communication request from a client device, determining, based on the display information for the host device, a primary window to provide for display at the client device and identifying content associated with the primary window.
Google Inc.


Image forming apparatus that performs firmware update, control method therefor, and storage medium

An image forming apparatus which is capable of preventing firmware from being updated to firmware with wrong specifications regardless of specifications of the firmware. The image forming apparatus is able to communicate with a server apparatus and has plural pieces of firmware for performing at least one function.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha



One lens to one copper cup brings the cup of water to a boil in less than a minute. The measurement between the lens and the water, or, the point on the magnified or condensed light waves that is submerged in water to create steam, does not change depending on what part of the earth one is using the sbfm (solar box).

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