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Systems and methods for providing price protection for products


Systems and methods for providing price protection for products

Limiting skew between different device types to meet performance requirements of an integrated circuit

International Business Machines

Limiting skew between different device types to meet performance requirements of an integrated circuit

Limiting skew between different device types to meet performance requirements of an integrated circuit

Database table re-partitioning using two active partition specifications

Date/App# patent app List of recent Specifications-related patents
 Slotted message access protocol for powerline communication networks patent thumbnailSlotted message access protocol for powerline communication networks
A slotted message access protocol can be implemented for transmitting short packets. Each beacon period may be divided into multiple time slots.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Systems and methods for providing price protection for products patent thumbnailSystems and methods for providing price protection for products
A method comprises identifying specifications of an offer for a flight ticket on a flight available at a specific price to a user; offering price protection for a specific time period; if purchased, then during the specified time period: monitoring alternative flight tickets for a different deal to offer, and if the user purchases the different deal, then terminating the price protection; if a current price for the flight ticket with the specifications on the specific flight increases above the specific price, then determining whether to offer the flight ticket or an alternative at a discounted price below its current asking price, and if the user purchases the flight ticket or alternative at the discounted price, then terminating the price protection; and if the current price increases to a higher price and the user purchases the ticket at the higher price, then paying the difference and terminating the price protection.. .
Flyr, Inc.

 Limiting skew between different device types to meet performance requirements of an integrated circuit patent thumbnailLimiting skew between different device types to meet performance requirements of an integrated circuit
Methods and systems are provided for that are designed to impose an n-type to p-type device skew constraint that is beyond what normal technology limits allow in order to operate semiconductor devices at lower voltages while still achieving a similar performance at a lower power. More specifically, a method is provided for that includes setting device skew requirements for at least one library element, setting device skew test dispositions for the at least one library element based on the set device skew requirements, designing the at least one library element using device skew assumptions, fabricating the at least one library element on a product that includes at least one device skew monitor, determining an actual device skew of the fabricated at least one library element using the at least one device skew monitor, and determining whether the fabricated product meets target specifications..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Database table re-partitioning using two active partition specifications patent thumbnailDatabase table re-partitioning using two active partition specifications
Partitioning of source partitions of a table of a database to target partitions is initiated. Thereafter, a transition partition specification is specified that identifies the source partitions and the target partitions.

 Electrical power distribution unit patent thumbnailElectrical power distribution unit
An electrical power distribution unit is disclosed herein which provides for enhanced distribution and circuit protection featured in a compact, cost-efficient footprint capable of regulating and providing protected power supply simultaneously to different load specifications in a seamless manner.. .

 Real time customer recategorization patent thumbnailReal time customer recategorization
A computer-implemented method for responding to user behaviors includes storing category specifications for a plurality of categories configured to characterize users, storing categories for users in a computer network system, detecting behaviors of a user in real time, and determining in real time if the behaviors of the user is within a first category specification associated with a first category that the user is tagged with. If the behaviors of the user exceed the first category specification, the method assigns a second category to the user in real time in response to the detected user behaviors..
Shutterfly, Inc.

 Customer relationship development patent thumbnailCustomer relationship development
Systems, methods and media are provided for customer relationship development. In an example embodiment, a computer-implemented method comprises causing display in a user interface, of one or more options in relation to a creation, by a user, of a virtual version of a physical system or service, and receiving specifications, in response to the displayed one or more options, from the user in relation the creation of the virtual system or service.
Observant Pty Ltd.

 Method and an  automatic processor design and verification patent thumbnailMethod and an automatic processor design and verification
A method and a system embodying the method for automatic application-specific instruction-set processor design and verification, comprising generating programming and simulation tools in accordance with application-specific instruction-set processor specifications automatically by an electronic design automation tool; generating a reference model and a hardware description of the application-specific instruction-set processor in accordance with the application-specific instruction-set processor specifications automatically by the electronic design automation tool; and verifying the hardware description against the reference model is disclosed.. .
Codasip S.r.o.

 Method for measuring hvac efficiency patent thumbnailMethod for measuring hvac efficiency
A method for measuring hvac efficiency is disclosed which may be used to test various elements within the hvac system to determine whether any element, such as a heating coil, is operating at an acceptable efficiency when compared to design specifications or previously established standards. The method may also be used to easily determine volumetric flow rate of air through the system at various points simply..

 Portable pressure switch calibration and diagnostic tool patent thumbnailPortable pressure switch calibration and diagnostic tool
An apparatus for calibration and testing of pressure switches which are used in residential and commercial hvac systems. The apparatus can be used to test, set, or adjust a pressure switch or a pressure signal transducer to the manufacturer's specifications.


Method and distribution of money transfers

A method for performing transactions comprises receiving registration information and money transfer transaction specifications, generating a distribution profile based on the registration information, and storing the money transfer transaction specifications in the distribution profile. The distribution profile is identified based on an initiation instruction and associated user authentication data, and one of the money transfer transaction specifications in the distribution profile is identified based on the initiation instruction.
Moneygram International, Inc.


Test board and qualifying a printed circuit board assembly and/or repair process

A method for qualifying circuit board fabrication, assembly, and repair processes includes establishing primary assembly process specifications and secondary repair process specifications. A group of test circuit boards is assembled using the primary assembly process, with each board having a section of components linked together to provide functional circuits and a section of components daisy-chained together to provide non-functional circuits, and with each section also including sir test patterns and caf test patterns.
Foresite, Inc.


Plastomer-modified asphalt binders meeting mscr specifications, asphalt paving materials with such asphalt binders, and methods for fabricating such asphalt binders

Plastomer-modified asphalt binders meeting mscr specifications, asphalt paving materials with such asphalt binders, and methods for fabricating such asphalt binders are provided. The asphalt binder contains a base asphalt and a plastomer.
Honeywell International Inc.


Circuit for signal transfer and galvanic isolation

A circuit for signal transfer and galvanic isolation between first and second digital signal processing units, wherein a first signal path is provided between the first and second signal processing units. The first signal path has a first section, which includes positive and negative signal lines and serves for transfer of a differential signal between the first and second signal processing units.
Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag


Power use reduction transformer

A power conditioning device reduces capacitive-in-nature, out of phase current (verses voltage), non-linear distortion, and/or leading power factor “noise” in electrical current in an electrical panel, improving the power efficiency of devices connected to the panel. The physical and electrical specifications of the device allow it to be more easily installed and give it a more robust installation environment..


Campaign budget controls via user configurable line specifications

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for providing advertisers with a mechanism to dynamically adjust budget constraints in order to take into account the advertisers' preferences for targeting users associated with specific dimensions within the segments targeted by a campaign. In particular, advertisers can specify a line specification that sets forth soft and hard constraints, where the hard constraints set caps for spend and the soft constraints set forth desired range of spend for categories in one or more dimensions and a relative importance of the spend in each category.
Apple Inc.


Integrated construction portal

Method and system disclosed herein provides generating a three-dimensional construction grid based on a data file generated by an architectural software, wherein the three-dimensional grid includes three-dimensional position information of various structural building components; displaying the three-dimensional construction grid using a display device of a computing device; receiving information of various non-structural building components, the information including location of the non-structural building components on the three-dimensional grid; associating the non-structural building components to one or more of the structural components of the three-dimensional grid; and automatically generating a plurality of specifications for the non-structural building components.. .
Patco, Llc


Semiconductor device and communication interface circuit

A semiconductor device prevents recognition failure in mutual recognition between a host and a device compliant with usb specifications. The semiconductor device includes: an interterminal opening/closing section having a plurality of first conductivity type mos transistors, the respective sources or drains of which are cascaded, in which the source or drain of a first-stage mos transistor among the cascaded mos transistors is used as a first terminal, the source or drain of a final-stage mos transistor among the cascaded mos transistors is used as a second terminal, and the respective gates of the cascaded mos transistors receive a control signal for controlling the opening or short-circuiting between the first and second terminals; and a current bypass section that reduces a current flowing into either one connection node coupling the respective sources or drains of the cascaded mos transistors..
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Natural gas liquids stabilizer with side stripper

The invention provides a process and system for processing natural gas and separating natural gas liquids into natural gasoline and a y-grade liquid that meets specifications for low methane and ethane content. The process and system includes a side stripper and reboiler to separate methane and ethane from heavier hydrocarbons and a reboiler system to stabilize the natural gasoline..
Uop Llc


Modular industrial vehicle

A modular industrial vehicle having one or more modules that communicate with a managing controller to provide an operating mode for the modular industrial vehicle based configuration and technical specifications of the one or more modules.. .


Radio resource control messaging for dual connectivity networks

A 3gpp lte protocol enhancement may realize the full benefit of dual connectivity in long term evolution (lte) networks by providing a mechanism to carry radio resource control (rrc) messages and/or information elements (ie)s from a secondary evolved node b (senb) to user equipment (ue) via master evolved node b (menb) rrc messages. Novel downlink (dl) common control channel (ccch) and dedicated control channel (dcch) messages, and augmented messages having information elements (ie)s for relaying rrc messages from a senb to a ue via a menb, are defined.


Apparatus and providing compatibility in wireless power transmission system

The present invention relates to a method for providing compatibility with a wireless power transmitting device in a wireless power transmitting system. The method includes the steps of: detecting a wireless power receiving device on the basis of a load change; transmitting a request signal for requesting information for a receiving device to the wireless power receiving device; receiving the information for the receiving device from the wireless power receiving device, wherein the information selectively includes version information on standard technical specifications for realizing the wireless power receiving device; and, when the version information is included in the information for the receiving device, performing a wireless power transmitting operation according to the standard technical specifications corresponding to the version information..
Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd


Wearable air quality monitor

A wearable digital air quality monitor, which can display the exact sampling of carbon monoxide (co) and particulate matter (pm) data, and a program capable of performing the functions of sampling, interpreting the sampled data through an interpolation function on the sensors' response curve, controlling the heating element to the exact specifications of the metal oxide sensor, and calibration. Exposed to clean air environment, the cpu controls the heating element cycle to ensure a optimum sensor sensitivity to the co and it then calibrates the sensor.


Wall unit used in construction

An improved wall unit used in construction. The wall unit is mainly used for the construction and formation of walls of buildings.
Tai Ye Enterprises Ltd.


Mobile device friendly window management for remote desktop

The subject disclosure relates to managing windows in communications between a client device and a host device. It includes obtaining display information for a host device in response to a communication request from a client device, determining, based on the display information for the host device, a primary window to provide for display at the client device and identifying content associated with the primary window.
Google Inc.


Image forming apparatus that performs firmware update, control method therefor, and storage medium

An image forming apparatus which is capable of preventing firmware from being updated to firmware with wrong specifications regardless of specifications of the firmware. The image forming apparatus is able to communicate with a server apparatus and has plural pieces of firmware for performing at least one function.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha



One lens to one copper cup brings the cup of water to a boil in less than a minute. The measurement between the lens and the water, or, the point on the magnified or condensed light waves that is submerged in water to create steam, does not change depending on what part of the earth one is using the sbfm (solar box).


Integrated process for the production of 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene

The present invention is directed to processes for the production of 1233zd from 240fa and hf, with or without a catalyst, at a commercial scale. The 240fa and hf are fed to a reactor operating at high pressure.
Honeywell International Inc.


Customized laser metal powder 3d printed consumable weld inserts

High weld fatigue class transverse butt joint welds utilizing customized consumable weld inserts laid into the root of the joint. The customized consumable weld inserts may be produced with a 3d printer using digital data obtained by scanning of the joint or from product specifications.
Caterpillar Inc.


L1 control signaling for utran hsdpa

A level-1 (l1) signaling flag is mapped to unused (invalid) bit sequences in part 1 of the hs-scch—that is, part 1 bit encodings that are not defined in the utran specifications—and a corresponding l1 command is encoded in part 2. This allows ue (18) to detect early that the hs-scch is pure l1 signaling, and the ue (18) may avoid wasting power by not processing an accompanying hs-pdsch.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Apparatus and process for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconifigurable assembling and alignment apparatus

Systems and methods for assembling different multi-element items with different specifications using a reconfigurable apparatus are provided. One embodiment includes a base plate, a back plate coupled to the base plate in a predetermined angle relationship.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Flat sic semiconductor substrate

Methods for manufacturing silicon carbide wafers having superior specifications for bow, warp, total thickness variation (ttv), local thickness variation (ltv), and site front side least squares focal plane range (sfqr). The resulting sic wafer has a mirror-like surface that is fit for epitaxial deposition of sic.
Dow Corning Corporation


Printing system, control information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable medium

In a printing system, the information processing apparatus includes: a first obtaining unit which obtains hardware information of a printing apparatus at the time of installation of a printer driver associated with the printing apparatus; a unit which decides on a printer driver to be installed from among a plurality of printer drivers that are associated with the printing apparatus and differ from one another in specifications based on the hardware information; a second obtaining unit which transmits to the printing apparatus attribute information of the printer driver that has been decided on, and obtains as a response thereto a configuration file for expanding functions of the printer driver that has been decided on; and a unit which installs the printer driver that has been decided on, and performs functional expansion for the printer driver using the obtained configuration file.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Metal mosaic housing

A housing for an electronic device and a method for manufacturing the housing are provided that combine metal and plastic in an aesthetically pleasing manner while meeting physical and technical requirements and specifications for the electronic device. Metal islands may be engaged with a plastic member so that projections of the plastic member are interlocked with corresponding recesses of formed between each of the metal islands.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Method for collecting full grayscale data of lcd based on ccd camera

The present invention provides a method for collecting full grayscale data of a liquid crystal display device based on a ccd camera, the method including the steps of: s1, displaying a full grayscale image on a liquid crystal display device; s2, having the ccd camera to perform an automatic exposure toward the displayed full grayscale image of the lcd, and then collecting data of full grayscale thereof; and s3, conducting a compensation process toward the collected full grayscale data. With the utilization of the ccd camera, the full grayscale brightness and colorfulness data of the lcd can be readily collected by the ccd camera, and only a single image is needed to attain the full grayscale data.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Automated mep design

Embodiments of the present invention include a method for automatically designing mep for a building. The method may include receiving information about the building including a first structural model of the building, and retrieving design specifications from a database, including information about local building codes, physical laws and building design rules.
Dpr Construction


Mesitylene as an octane enhancer for automotive gasoline, additive for jet fuel, and enchancing motor fuel octane and lowering jet fuel carbon emissions

A motor fuel comprising gasoline comprising 70-99 wt % gasoline and 1 to 30 wt % of mesitylene. This fuel can advantageously contain conventional additives used in gasoline.
Swift Fuels, Llc


System and constructing markup language templates and input data structure specifications

Systems and methods for constructing a markup language template and corresponding input data structure specification are provided. A plurality of different markup language representations of a user interface can be obtained multiple times for different input data for a web application.
Google Inc.


Memory management based on usage specifications

A method is provided for managing a memory device including a plurality of physical memory segments. A logical memory space is classified into a plurality of classifications based on usage specifications.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Catalytic cracking of undesirable components in a coking process

Undesirable gas oil components are selectively cracked or coked in the coking vessel by injecting an additive into the vapors of traditional coking processes in the coking vessel prior to fractionation. The additive contains catalyst(s), seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), quenching agent(s), carrier(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack or coke these undesirable components that typically have a high propensity to coke.


Track and curtain system

A modular track system for hanging a curtain, the track system consisting of modules or sections with attachments and accessories designed to adjust to varying environments and specifications. Track shape and length are adjusted by specifying various combinations of the specialized components created as part of the system.


Method and system to improve antenna tuner reliability

A method and system performs antenna tuning which enhances radio frequency (rf) tuner reliability within a wireless communication device (wcd). The wcd, in response to receiving a request to change an active rf tuning state, retrieves component usage data corresponding to components of a tuning circuit that is tunable to an rf operating channel.
Motorola Mobility Llc


System and handling social media inputs in an existing multi channel converged csta based infrastructure

Disclosed are methods and systems for handling social media inputs in an existing multi-channel converged csta based infrastructure. The methods and systems may be characterized by determination of priority and potential churn index of the inputs received from sentiment analysis module based on predetermined parameters.
Tech Mahindra Limited


Method and configurable microplanning

Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are described herein that are configured to be embodied as a configurable microplanner. In some example embodiments, a method is provided that comprises accessing a document plan containing one or more messages.
Arria Data2text Limited


Electronic image pickup system

The invention relates to an electronic image pickup system whose depth dimension is extremely reduced, taking advantage of an optical system type that can overcome conditions imposed on the movement of a zooming movable lens group while high specifications and performance are kept. The electronic image pickup system comprises an optical path-bending zoom optical system comprising, in order from its object side, a 1-1st lens group g1-1 comprising a negative lens group and a reflecting optical element p for bending an optical path, a 1-2nd lens group g1-2 comprising one positive lens and a second lens group g2 having positive refracting power.
Olympus Corporation


Composite part manufacturing compensation system and method

A method and system for assisting in the manufacture of composite parts such as those used for various high-strength assemblies such as aircraft wings, vertical stabilizers, racing car shells, boat hulls, and other parts which are required to have a very high strength to weight ratio. The system uses laser technology to measure the resultant surfaces of a first manufactured composite part.


Plug standards-compliant circuit modules and connectors

A circuit module configured for connective mating with standards compliant receptacles includes a pcb configured with one or more tabs populated with conductive pads for connection to the receptacle. In preferred embodiments, the tab or tabs emerge from a circuit module case configured to be substantially compliant with dimensional requirements for connectors that couple with receptacles compliant with various specifications including, in preferred embodiments, the sff 8639 or sata specifications..
Avant Technology, Inc.


Image generating device and image generating method

An image generating device configured to provide a cloud service to a head-mounted display via a network is provided. A photographed image receiving section 510 receives a plurality of photographed images photographed in different photographing directions.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Tuning peg covers

The present disclosure details a tuning peg accessory. The tuning peg accessory may comprise a tuning peg cover.
Bohemian Guitars L.l.c.


Automatic construction of human interaction proof engines

Human interaction proofs (“hips”, sometimes referred to as “captchas”), may be generated automatically. An captcha specification language may be defined, which allows a captcha scheme to be defined in terms of how symbols are to be chosen and drawn, and how those symbols are obscured.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Managing interfaces for sub-graphs

Combining specifications of dataflow graphs includes receiving: a first dataflow graph specification that specifies two or more components connected by links representing flows of data, and a second dataflow graph specification that specifies at least one component, and at least one sub-graph interface. The sub-graph interface includes at least one flow junction representing a connection between: (1) a flow of data outside the sub-graph interface, and (2) a flow of data inside the sub-graph interface.
Ab Initio Technology Llc


Software application for generating a virtual simulation for a sport-related activity

A system and a software method for generating a virtual simulation for a sport related activity based on real-world performance and input allows a user to assess their athletic performance during a sport-related activity. The system provides an external computing device and a sports ball that is implanted/integrated with internal sensors.


Cloud-based adaptive quality assurance facilities

Presented herein are facilities to assist in quality assurance (qa) testing of systems and equipment. Test data including results related to radiologic or diagnostic imaging performance of radiation therapy or diagnostic imaging equipment is obtained.
Image Owl Inc.


Traction apparatus and methods

A brace and traction device and associated methods of operation. In one embodiment, the device incorporates a forwardly open head and jaw brace which is adjustably supported vertically above a forwardly collar member.
Ohana Alana, Llc


Intelligent module

Provided is an intelligent module including a common section including at least one common printed substrate having mounted thereupon circuit components including a drive circuit, a control calculation circuit, and a communication circuit. The common section includes a switching element module.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Led illumination module and led illumination apparatus

An led illumination module in which led bare chips are mounted on a mounting substrate at a high density, the module comprising many led bare chips having the same specifications, the mounting substrate at least a surface of which is metal, and a reflection region in which the led bare chips are sealed off with resin, wherein a surface of the reflection region of the mounting substrate is covered with an inorganic white insulating layer that functions as a reflection member, a unit led chip group including a plurality of led bare chips connected in series is disposed plural, the plural unit led chip groups being connected in parallel, overall light flux is 10,000 lumens or more, and a mounting area density of the led bare chips in the reflection region is 15 mm2/cm2 or more. An led illumination apparatus including the led illumination module is also provided..
Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd.


Social media merchandising and advertising platform

Consistent with embodiments of the present invention, a social media merchandising and advertising platform may be provided. The platform may enable any third party website, page, or entity referred to herein as an “advertiser” to post interactive content on a publisher's website.


Systems and methods for specifying. modeling, implementing and verifying ic design protocols

A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to support a hybrid verification framework (hvf) to design, verify, and implement design protocols for an integrated circuit (ic) chip such as a system-on-chip (soc) and/or an application-specific integrated circuit (asic) chip. The framework creates a plurality of specifications in form of extended state transition tables for different phases of a design flow of the ic chip.
Cavium, Inc.


Memory system having a plurality of types of memory chips and a memory controller for controlling the memory chips

A memory controller converts controller output signals output from a controller into memory input signals according to the operation specifications of memory chips to operate, and outputs the resultant to the memory chips through a common bus. The memory controller also receives memory output signals output from the memory chips through the common bus, and converts the received signals into controller input signals receivable to the controller.
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited


Method, system and computer readable medium for managing design updates in a manufacturing execution system

In a method and a system for managing product definition updates for controlling a manufacturing process via a mes system, design information entities each defining manufacturing specifications for a specific product and including sets of data concerning different manufacturing steps are downloaded to the mes system. At the first download, first and second mes information entities are created and stored.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Emitting device using smart mobile electronic device as operation interface

An emitting device using smart mobile electronic device as operation interface comprises a connector having a circuit board, the circuit board having an electrical connection portion at a front end, and the electrical connection portion set to match specifications of a transmission port of a smart mobile electronic device for being inserted into the transmission port to get the power and signal; a light emitting module installed at a side of the circuit board; a drive circuit couple between the circuit board and light emitting module. Whereby when the connector of the emitting device is electrically connected to the transmission port, the power module provides the power to the emitting device to turn on or off the light emitting module of the emitting device through the user's operation interface on the touch screen..
Conary Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Lock core with different thicknesses of lock plates

A lock core with different thicknesses of lock plates. The lock core has different lock plates with at least two different thicknesses and specifications.
Real Lock & Security Co., Ltd.


Integrated process for the production of 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene

The present invention is directed to processes for the production of 1233zd from 240fa and hf, with or without a catalyst, at a commercial scale. The 240fa and hf are fed to a reactor operating at high pressure.
Honeywell International Inc.


Method for compensating a power amplification unit of a wireless rf module

The present invention relates to a method for compensating a power amplification unit of a wireless rf module that includes a baseband unit, a rf transceiver unit, a power amplification unit and a control unit. The baseband unit is connected to the power amplification unit through the control unit and the rf transceiver unit.
Airoha Technology Corp.


Binding device for binding machines and a punching and binding intergrative machine

This invention discloses a binding device for binding machines and a punching and binding integrative machine. The binding device includes a base fixing plate, a support arranged on the said base fixing plate, a pushing block arranged on the said support, and a clip holder arranged on the said base fixing plate and a mounting slot arranged on the said clip holder to accommodate binding clips.
Shanghai Az Winner International Trade Ltd


System, methodologies, and components acquiring, analyzing, and using occupant body specifications for improved seating structures and environment configuration

Equipment and processes generate a seating solution by obtaining occupant data, calculating body dimensions from the occupant data, and calculating a best-fit body arrangement for an occupant. Occupant data may be obtained in various ways using available computational devices and software or by manually measuring the relevant dimensions on the occupant.
Faurecia Automotive Seating, Llc


Storing photographic metadata for scene reproduction

In an approach for collecting and storing photographic metadata, a computer receives a file containing an image. The computer receives photographic metadata from one or more photographic devices.
International Business Machines Corporation


Centralized controller serving multiple document processing devices

Methods and systems establish dynamic profiles for each of many document processing devices, based on current device connection specifications, current device drivers, current device capabilities, and current device workflow functions using a centralized connection device. These methods and systems provide device menu options from the centralized connection device to graphic user interfaces of the document processing devices.
Xerox Corporation


Multiprotocol access control list with guaranteed protocol compliance

An approach to multiprotocol acl implementation with guaranteed protocol compliance is described. In one approach, a method of access rights validation for a multiprotocol supported file server is detailed.


Data imparting providing references to data records in a user database

Automatic identification and prioritization of user profiles in network-based application systems are provided. When creating network-based content, references to a plurality of user profiles within the entire network system may be automatically identified by specifying a user identifier, and references to one or more of these user profiles may then be determined according to user specifications or specified guidelines.


Global pollution control system employing hybrid incentive trade instruments and related establishing market values

A computerized trading exchange (“cte”) for trading hybrid incentive trade instruments (“hitis”) having underlying value associated with diesel emission controls. The cte may use a computerized storage device configured to store details selected from at least one of certificates, futures, options, forwards, swaps, and spreads associated with the buying and selling of the hitis.


Method and automatically adding utility holes to printable 3-dimensional models

A computer implemented method and apparatus for automatically adding utility holes to printable 3d models by accessing a digital representation of a 3d model; accessing specifications that define the geometry of a utility hole to be included with the 3d model; performing a heuristic evaluation of the digital representation of the 3d model to determine one of one or more possible placements of the utility hole to be included with the 3d model as a placement for the utility hole; modifying the digital representation of the 3d model so as to include the utility hole at the placement; and providing a modified digital representation of the 3d model for printing.. .


Interchangeable lens

According to an aspect of the present invention, the camera body can switch the present version, which is an original version, to specifications of an older version. Thus, even if the present versions of the camera body and the interchangeable lens doe not have compatibility, if an old version has compatibility, a minimum operation can be ensured by the specifications of the old version without updating the firmware, although the functions may have possibility of being restricted..


Apparatus intelligent parallel view led light, methods of configuration and controls

Configurable led light improving community safety and the environment by providing illumination as function of internal self-diagnostics and status of ambient environment, comprising: controller, sensors, led's, interfaces, enclosure. Sensors include: ambient light, proximity, temperature, voltage, current.


Web-based scan-task enabled system and and developing and deploying the same on a client-server network

An improved development and deployment environment and processes for developing and deploying object-oriented web-based scan-task enabled applications, wherein web-based scan-task enabled client computers use scan task specifications and task decoders to retrieve and decode a scan tasks encapsulated on each web page requested and received from a web server supported by an application server and database server, and then perform specified actions, including the display of web controls, required by the scan task script contained within the decoded scan task, corresponding to the served web page.. .


Centrifugal separator

The object of the present invention is to realize standardization of products of the vertical centrifugal separators so that it is no longer necessary to change the pressure-resistant design specifications of the bearing mechanism depending on the set pressure inside the casing. The vertical centrifugal separator having the bearing mechanism that is disposed in an opening of the casing and rotatably supports the rotary shaft of the bowl passing through the opening.
Tomoe Engineering Co., Ltd.


40g/100g/200g/400g pluggable optical transceivers with advanced functionality

Integrated performance monitoring (pm); optical layer operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning (oam&p); alarming; amplification, and the like is described in optical transceivers, such as multi-source agreement (msa)-defined modules. A pluggable optical transceiver defined by an msa agreement can include advanced integrated functions for carrier-grade operation which preserves the existing msa specifications allowing the pluggable optical transceiver to operate with any compliant msa host device with advanced features and functionality, such as forward error correction (fec), framing, and oam&p directly on the pluggable optical transceiver.
Menara Networks, Inc.


System and new database permitting

The design and implementation of databases within enterprises is a crucial process, but is often resource intensive and often times unnecessary as existing databases may be utilized to serve the same goals. Tracking existing databases and assessing the design specifications of proposed databases is a complex decision making process.
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.


Method for creating new distribution channels for targeted, automated, context and relevance driven engagement, interaction, communication, community building, cooperation, and personalized, dedicated information, data, and media content distribution, and consumption

A method for targeted, relevance driven, communication, interaction, engagement, community building, and personalized media content distribution, and consumption on a mobile telephone or television comprising detecting and interpreting a signal that previously has been given one or more functional contexts in order to display one from a plurality of performances contained within a single broadcast signal according to predefined specifications defined for the signal. The signal is digitally detecting the face of a person or an object, detecting a bar code, and/or detecting a sound.
Fyuuuz Ag


Multi-channel universal serial bus (usb) to subrate channel systems and methods

Multi-channel universal serial bus (usb) to subrate channel methods are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes providing a system comprising a usb interface and a multi-channel interface configured to communicatively connect to a plurality of subrate channels.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for online distribution of 3d model files for printing 3d models

There is provided a method for online distribution of 3d model files for printing 3d models. The method includes establishing a designer account with a designer user.
Aztek, Inc.


System and providing three-dimensional paths

A system and method are provided for obtaining a 3d cue path and timing. In one example aspect, this path and timing may be manipulated in software.
Cast Group Of Companies Inc.


Method for optimization of control and fault analysis in a thermal power plant

An exemplary control system performs a control and fault analysis method in a thermal power plant using plant data specifications during normal operation of the plant. The method includes obtaining information for at least one set point from the plant data specification which includes a list of process parameters and process outputs.
Abb Technology Ltd


Door-type automatic material-taking device

A door-type automatic material-taking device includes a feed table for holding workpieces and a material-taking mechanism having a lifting unit, a linear displacement unit and a robotic arm. The lifting unit has a fixed member, a sliding member and a positioning member.
Barload Machine Co., Ltd


Structure of screw-free adaptation rack

The present invention relates to a structure of a screw-free adaptation rack, which includes a main casing including a carrying section to define an upper portion of the main casing as a primary accommodation space and a lower potion as a secondary accommodation space. A partition plate is arranged in the primary accommodation space for division into a first receiving space and a second receiving space.
Cremax Tech Co., Ltd.


Portable air filtration unit

A stackable, portable air filtration unit utilizing a molded plastic central housing, injection-molded plastic inlet and outlet covers and accommodating a high-efficiency particulate air (“hepa”) filter or other high efficiency particulate filter, a secondary filter and a pre-filter. The unit is versatile and flexible in that different motorized impellers can be used alternatively, depending on the desired specifications..
Abatement Technologies, Inc.


Multiple phase-shift photomask and semiconductor manufacturing method

Manufacturing of semiconductor devices often involves performed photolithography to pattern and etch the various features of those devices. Such photolithography involves masking and focusing light onto a surface of the semiconductor device for exposing and etching the features of the semiconductor devices.
Spansion Llc


Text extraction module for contextual analysis engine

A contextual analysis engine systematically extracts, analyzes and organizes digital content stored in an electronic file such as a webpage. Content can be extracted using a text extraction module which is capable of separating the content which is to be analyzed from less meaningful content such as format specifications and programming scripts.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Input/output interface for contextual analysis engine

A contextual analysis engine systematically extracts, analyzes and organizes digital content stored in an electronic file such as a webpage. Content can be extracted using a text extraction module which is capable of separating the content which is to be analyzed from less meaningful content such as format specifications and programming scripts.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Contextual analysis engine

A contextual analysis engine systematically extracts, analyzes and organizes digital content stored in an electronic file such as a webpage. Content can be extracted using a text extraction module which is capable of separating the content which is to be analyzed from less meaningful content such as format specifications and programming scripts.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Interactive feedback for variable equation specifications

Software instructions stored on a memory device and executable by a processor generate a plurality of models to simulate a process entity. The models include equations that mathematically represent the functionality of the process.
Invensys Systems, Inc.


Citrated folic acid compositions and methods for delivering folic acid to usp dissolution specifications

A composition made of folic acid and at least one citrate buffer, wherein the ratio of folic acid to citrate buffer is from 1:2 to 1:5. A nutritional supplement having a composition made of folic acid, and at least one citrate buffer, wherein the ratio of folic acid to citrate buffer is from 1:2 to 1:5, and a coating.
Via Naturally, Llc


Antenna devices having frequency-dependent connection to electrical ground

Antenna devices and techniques that provide specific control of the spatial distributions of dc and rf signals at various positions in a wireless apparatus are disclosed. The wireless apparatus includes various device components each having specifications for achieving desired operations in antenna devices..
Tyco Electronics Services Gmbh

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