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Source Routing patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Source Routing-related patents
 Display panel patent thumbnailDisplay panel
A display panel is provided. The display panel includes has an active area and a border area surrounding the active area.

 Compressed source routing encoding patent thumbnailCompressed source routing encoding
A method of generating identifiers associated with a communication network is described. In one approach, a global encoding scheme minimizes header length by encoding identifiers of network interconnects forming a packet network path.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

 Reactive source routing associated with a network patent thumbnailReactive source routing associated with a network
An initiation of a network device on a host system may be detected and an ip address may be assigned to the network device. Furthermore, a network gateway may be associated with the ip address.
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.

 System and methods for improved network routing patent thumbnailSystem and methods for improved network routing
Known intra-domain routing methods (e.g., ospf and is-is) are link-state routing protocols with hop-by-hop forwarding that sacrifice optimal traffic engineering for ease of implementation and management. Known optimal traffic engineering procedures are either not link-state methods or require source routing—characteristics that make them difficult to implement.
Cornell University

 System and  securing source routing using public key based digital signature patent thumbnailSystem and securing source routing using public key based digital signature
Embodiments are provided for securing source routing using public key based digital signature. If a protected source route is tampered with, a public key based method allows a downstream node to detect the tampering.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 System and  source routing with one or more delay segments patent thumbnailSystem and source routing with one or more delay segments
A plurality of network nodes, under the control of a network controller, are configured to perform a method to direct packets in a packet flow from a source to a destination. In one embodiment, the network controller transmits an instruction to a first node in a network instructing the first node to transmit a first packet in the packet flow along a first route from the source to the destination, the first route having a first delay.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 Source routing with entropy-header patent thumbnailSource routing with entropy-header
A method implemented for providing a source of entropy in source routing, the method comprising receiving a source routing packet that comprises an entropy-header, wherein the entropy-header comprises an entropy field and a list of identifiers (ids), determining a next hop id from the list of ids, determining whether the next hop id identifies a plurality of routes used to reach a next hop node, selecting a first route from the plurality of routes using the entropy field, and transmitting the source routing packet via the first route, wherein the list of ids indicates the route used to transport the source routing packet from a source to a destination.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 Segmented source routing in a network patent thumbnailSegmented source routing in a network
A method implemented in a network controller configured to perform source routing, the method comprising receiving a request from a network node to determine a path for transporting a data packet from a source node to a destination node, determining the path to transport the data packet from the source node to the destination node, partitioning a description of the path into a plurality of route segments, and distributing the route segments to one or more network nodes to append routing information to the data packet, wherein the network nodes route the data packet using the appended routing information and without using a forwarding table, and wherein each of the route segments describes a portion of the path.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 Source routing in multicast transmissions patent thumbnailSource routing in multicast transmissions
The subject technology provides configurations for receiving, at a first network device, a multicast packet of a multicast transmission from a multicast source. A header is inserted including one or more fields of information for a multicast distribution tree into the multicast packet in which the fields of information include a root level node field indicating a root node of the multicast distribution tree and one or more second level fields indicating one or more child nodes of the root node of the multicast distribution tree.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Protection switched source routing patent thumbnailProtection switched source routing
A network element configured to operate in a source routing network, wherein the network element comprises a receiver, a transmitter, and a processor coupled to the receiver and the transmitter. The processor may be configured to cause the network element to receive from an upstream network element, a liveness protection probe comprising a header that comprises a list of one or more ordered connection identifiers that indicate a network path traversing the source routing network through which the liveness protection probe should be forwarded, transmit the liveness protection probe toward a downstream network element according to the connection identifiers, receive the liveness protection probe from the downstream network element, and transmit the liveness protection probe to the upstream network element according to a second list of one or more ordered connection identifiers contained within the header..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Source routing convergence in constrained computer networks

In one embodiment, a source routing device (e.g., root device) pre-computes diverse source-routed paths to one or more nodes in a computer network. Upon receiving a particular packet, the device forwards the particular packet on a source-routed first path of the pre-computed diverse paths.


Intra-realm aaa fallback mechanism

There is provided an intra-realm aaa (authentication, authorization and accounting) fallback mechanism, wherein the single global realm may be divided in one or more sub-realms. The thus presented mechanism exemplarily comprises detecting a failure of an authentication server serving at least one authentication client within a first sub-realm of a single-realm authentication system, and routing authentication messages of the at least one authentication client to a fallback authentication server within a second sub-realm of the single-realm authentication system, wherein routing may exemplarily comprise sub-realm based source routing..


Source routing with fabric switches in an ethernet fabric network

In one embodiment, a system includes a network fabric having a plurality of fabric switches interconnected in the network fabric and a switch controller having logic adapted to configure the network fabric, determine one or more paths through the network fabric between any two hosts connected thereto, and create a source-routing table to store the one or more paths through the network fabric between any two hosts connected thereto. In another embodiment, a method includes receiving or creating a packet using a nic of a host connected to a network fabric having a plurality of fabric switches interconnected therein, determining a path through the network fabric by consulting a source-routing table stored to the host, storing source-routing information to a packet header for the packet, the source-routing information including the path, and sending the packet to a first device or hop indicated by the path in the source-routing information..


Aggregation source routing

The present disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for optimizing aggregation services. The methods and systems for optimizing aggregation routing over a network of computers may comprise computing hardware and software, wherein the software comprises computer readable instructions that cause the computing hardware to receive a request from a user for aggregated account data through a pfm, retrieve a predetermined form for the account data corresponding to the requesting pfm, determine the optimal aggregation source corresponding to the request, reformat the request to be compatible with the optimal aggregation source, send the reformatted request to the optimal aggregation source over the network of computers, receive requested data from the optimal aggregation source over the network of computers, populate the predetermined form corresponding to the pfm, output the populated form to the requesting pfm, and present the aggregated account data by way of the pfm to the user..


System and data stream mirroring

A mirroring configuration employs an alternate usage of an existing messaging protocol and mechanism for propagating mirroring control for remote mirroring of data streams. A source routing entity, i.e.


Power line communication network and discovery process

An apparatus for a power line communication network includes a power line transmitter/receiver, a processor coupled to the power line transmitter/receiver, and memory accessible to the processor. The processor is configured to store a routing table in the memory for routing packets in an upward direction towards a data concentrator (dc).


System and routing traffic between distinct infiniband subnets based on source routing

A system and method can rout traffic between distinct subnets in a network environment. A router that connects the distinct subnets, such as infiniband (ib) subnets, can receive a list of destinations that the router is responsible for routing one or more packets to.


Routing a wireless multi-hop network

Disclosed is a routing method named lock routing for a wireless multi-hop network, which can be based on next-hop routing and source routing and named next-hop lock routing and source lock routing respectively. The routing method utilizes traffic packets to monitor the link quality and utilizes local broadcast to help a source node keep track of the varying network topology in order to update a route path to a destination node.

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