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Sound Transducer patents


This page is updated frequently with new Sound Transducer-related patent applications.

 Determining and using room-optimized transfer functions patent thumbnailDetermining and using room-optimized transfer functions
A device for determining room-optimized transfer functions for a listening room serving for room-optimized post-processing of audio signals in spatial production, is configured to analyze room acoustics of the listening room and to determine, based on the analysis of the room acoustics, the room-optimized transfer functions for the listening room where the spatial reproduction by means of a binaural close-range sound transducer is to take place. The spatial reproduction of the audio signals by means of the binaural close-range sound transducer may then be emulated using known head-related transfer functions und using the room-optimized transfer functions, wherein a room to be synthesized may be emulated based on the head-related transfer functions, and wherein the listening room may be emulated based on the room-optimized transfer functions..
Technische Universitaet Ilmenau

 Hearing device patent thumbnailHearing device
A hearing device comprising a first and a second input sound transducers, a processing unit, and an output sound transducer. The first transducer is configured to be arranged in an ear canal or in the ear of the user, to receive acoustical sound signals from the environment and to generate first electrical acoustic signals from the received acoustical sound signals.
Oticon A/s

 Alignment of ultrasound transducer arrays and multiple aperture probe assembly patent thumbnailAlignment of ultrasound transducer arrays and multiple aperture probe assembly
The effective aperture of an ultrasound imaging probe can be increased by including more than one transducer array and using the transducer elements of all of the arrays to render an image can greatly improve the lateral resolution of the generated image. In order to render an image, the relative positions of all of the elements must be known precisely.

 Pulse amplifier for driving ultrasound transducers patent thumbnailPulse amplifier for driving ultrasound transducers
Embodiments of the invention include improved radiofrequency (rf) pulse amplifier systems that incorporate an energy array comprising multiple capacitors connected in parallel. The energy array extends the maximum length of pulses and the maximum achievable peak power output of the amplifier when compared to similar systems.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

 Auscultation data acquisition, communication and evaluation system incorporating mobile facilities patent thumbnailAuscultation data acquisition, communication and evaluation system incorporating mobile facilities
A system having a chest piece for fitting to human skin, a receiver unit and a distant server; said chest piece encapsulates a sound transducer for acquiring raw sound data for being communicated as data signal; said receiver, in operation, is in communication with said chest piece; said receiver is a portable device having a display unit and data processing ability, and is further connectable to a local data network or global internet; said distant server comprises computer coded instructions which, in operation, processes said data signals, stores medical information and communicates said data signals and/or medical information with at least two recipients, the recipients are able to communicate information.. .
Electrosalus Biyomedikal San. Ve Tic. A.s.

 Release hole plus contact via for fine pitch ultrasound transducer integration patent thumbnailRelease hole plus contact via for fine pitch ultrasound transducer integration
Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for high density micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) are presented. In some embodiments, a method for manufacturing a micro-electro-mechanical device on a substrate can comprise etching a release via through a layer of the device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Ultrasound based cosmetic therapy method and apparatus patent thumbnailUltrasound based cosmetic therapy method and apparatus
A waveguide couples an acoustic source (such as an ultrasound transducer) to a custom cosmetic product (e.g., a liquid or gel-based skin care product) applied to the skin. In one exemplary embodiment, a distal surface of the waveguide is placed in contact with a relatively thin layer of skin care product that has been applied to the skin.
Jenu Biosciences, Llc

 Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable media for image management in image-guided medical procedures patent thumbnailSystems, methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable media for image management in image-guided medical procedures
Presented herein are methods, systems, devices, and computer-readable media for image management in image-guided medical procedures. Some embodiments herein allow a physician to use multiple instruments for a surgery and simultaneously provide image-guidance data for those instruments.
Inneroptic Technology, Inc.

 Ultrasound transducer assembly patent thumbnailUltrasound transducer assembly
Ultrasound transducer assemblies and associated systems and method are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, an ultrasound transducer assembly includes at least one matching layer overlies a transducer layer.
Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc.

 System and  ultrasonically sensing and ablating tissue patent thumbnailSystem and ultrasonically sensing and ablating tissue
Echo-anatomically mapping tissue includes advancing a catheter having an ultrasound transducer toward tissue. A console adjacent the proximal end of the catheter controls catheter movement, and the ultrasound transducer senses tissue.
Vytronus, Inc.

System and ultrasonically sensing and ablating tissue

A method of mapping tissue includes sensing a first region and a second region of a chamber of body tissue. The sensing includes moving an ultrasound transducer of a catheter over a surface of the region along a sensing pattern, and using the ultrasound transducer to gather a set of echo-anatomical data in an amplitude mode at a plurality of points along the sensing pattern.
Vytronus, Inc.

Wireless intelligent ultrasound fetal imaging system

A wireless intelligent ultrasound fetal imaging system includes an ultrasound transducer, an ultrasound afe module, a zynq module, a machine vision module and a mobile terminal. The ultrasound transducer transmits ultrasound wave toward a pregnant mother's fetal, and receives echo wave from the fetal.
Aningbo Youchang Ultrasonic Technology Co.,ltd

Method for controlling wireless intelligent ultrasound fetal imaging system

A wireless intelligent ultrasound fetal imaging system includes an ultrasound transducer, an ultrasound afe module, a zynq module, a machine vision module and a mobile device. The mobile device controls the system by transmitting control parameters values to the system over a wireless link.
Aningbo Youchang Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd

Membrane hydrophone for high frequency ultrasound and manufacture

A membrane hydrophone for analyzing high frequency ultrasound transducers has a piezoelectric membrane with electrode patterns created on the surface of the membrane. In one embodiment, the electrode patterns are doubled on each side of the membrane except for an active area of the hydrophone.
Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc.

System for performing intraluminal histotripsy and operation thereof

A method of harvesting a blood vessel, the method may be performed by an apparatus which may include a flexible body portion (102) having at least one ultrasound transducer (112), the apparatus may be controlled by at least one controller, the method may include one or more acts of: percutaneously situating the flexible body into the blood vessel having vessel walls and connective tissue attached to the vessel walls; and exciting the at least one ultrasound transducer (112) to output ultrasound signals of a first type having a focal zone outside of the vessel walls so as to fractionate a region of connective tissue in the focal zone.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Methods and systems for detecting sub-tissue anomalies

A diagnostic imaging device includes a probe that uses both an ultrasound transducer and frequency-domain diffuse optical imaging (fd-doi) to assist with locating and diagnosing sub-tissue anomalies. According to one aspect, the diagnostic imaging device relates to a clip-on cap that can be utilized with existing ultrasound transducers.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Ultrasonic transducer chip assembly, ultrasound probe, ultrasonic imaging system and ultrasound assembly and probe manufacturing methods

Disclosed is an ultrasonic transducer assembly comprising an ultrasonic transducer chip (100) having a main surface comprising a plurality of ultrasound transducer elements (112) and a plurality of first contacts (120) for connecting to said ultrasound transducer elements; a contact chip (400) having a further main surface comprising a plurality of second contacts (420); an backing member (300) comprising ultrasound absorbing and/or scattering bodies (310), said backing member comprising a first surface (302) on which the transducer chip is mounted and a second surface (306) on which the contact chip is mounted; and a flexible interconnect (200) extending over said backing member from the main surface to the further main surface, the flexible interconnect comprising a plurality of conductive tracks (210), each conductive track connecting one of said first contacts to a second contact. An ultrasound probe including such an assembly, an ultrasonic imaging system including such an ultrasound probes and manufacturing methods of such an assembly and probe are also disclosed..
Technische Universiteit Delft

Systems and ultra-high frequency ultrasound treatment

A non-invasive ultra-high frequency ultrasound treatment method and system are provided. An exemplary method and system comprise a high-frequency ultrasound transducer system configured for providing ultrasound treatment to a patient such that the superficial and/or subcutaneous regions of the patient can be treated.
Guided Therapy Systems Llc

Device for three-dimensional, internal ultrasound with rotating transducer and rotating reflector

Devices and methods for obtaining a real-time, three-dimensional image of a body part, particularly a blood vessel. A catheter has a chamber in its tip.
Muffin Incorporated

Fluid-flow monitor

An electronic device that monitors flow of a fluid in a vessel (such as a pipe) is described. This electronic device may be mounted on an exterior of the vessel using a mounting mechanism.
Leeo, Inc.

A veterinary glove, a veterinary implement for rectal ultrasound examination of a large animal, and a preparing such an implement

A veterinary glove (9) for use in rectal ultrasound examination of a large animal by means of an ultrasound transducer. The glove (9) has a fluid tight glove wall (15) defining a hand receiving glove body (10) for receiving a hand of a person performing the examination together with the ultrasound transducer.
Jørgen Kruuse A/s

System and mixed modality acoustic sampling

Systems and methods for relaying electrical signals representing acoustic response of a volume of tissue to light and ultrasound stimulation. In an embodiment, a plurality of ultrasound transducers receive acoustic energy from the volume and generate electrical energy, which is transmitted via an electrical path to a relay system.
Seno Medical Instruments, Inc.

Sound transducer structure and manufacturing a sound transducer structure

A sound transducer structure includes a membrane and a counter electrode. The membrane includes a first main surface in a sound transducing region made of a membrane material, and an edge region.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Extended range ultrasound transducer

An ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer has an interposer having electrical connectivity contacts.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Band transducer ultrasound therapy

Embodiments of a dermatological cosmetic treatment and/or imaging system and method can include use of transducer to create a linear thermal treatment zone at a focal depth to form a band shaped treatment area. The system can include one or more ultrasound transducers, a cylindrical transduction element, an imaging element, a hand wand, a removable transducer module, a control module, and/or graphical user interface.
Ulthera, Inc.

High dynamic range ultrasound flow imaging system

An ultrasound imaging system includes an ultrasound transducer that receives an echo signal generated in response to an ultrasound signal transmitted by the system interacting with a moving material. Receive circuitry processes the echo signal and produces an electrical signal indicative thereof.
B-k Medical Aps

Method and characterizing a medium using ultrasound measurements

Properties of a medium, such as its particle size distribution, are characterized using a measurement cell containing a medium between walls of the cell, with ultrasound transducers on opposite walls. Ultrasound is transmitted from the ultrasound transducers on both sides and transmission and reflection responses are detected.
Sonaxis S.a.

Quantitative elastography with tracked 2d ultrasound transducers

A method is described for acquiring 3d quantitative ultrasound elastography volumes. In one embodiment, the method comprises using a 2d ultrasound transducer to scan a volume of tissue through which shear waves are created using an external vibration source, the synchronized measurement of tissue motion within the plane of the ultrasound transducer with the measurement of the transducer location in space, the reconstruction of tissue displacements in time and space over a volume from this synchronized measurement, and the computation of one or several mechanical properties of tissue from this volumetric measurement of displacements.
University Of British Columbia

Devices and methods for locating and visualizing underwater objects

Sonar devices for detecting underwater objects are provided whereby a set of angled ultrasound transducers are employed to sense ultrasound signals from a plurality of different spatial regions. The angled ultrasound transducers may include a first pair of side-viewing ultrasound transducers and a second pair of ultrasound transducers configured for interrogating forward and reverse directions.
Appetite Lab Inc.

Methods and systems to determine respiratory phase and motion state during guided radiation therapy

Methods and systems using magnetic resonance and ultrasound for tracking anatomical targets for radiation therapy guidance are provided. One system includes a patient transport configured to move a patient between and into a magnetic resonance (mr) system and a radiation therapy (rt) system.
General Electric Company

Microcavity-containing polymeric medical devices for enhanced ultrasonic echogenicity

An ultrasound-detectable polymeric device that offers superior visibility of the body of the device and decreased ultrasound angle dependence through the use of microcavities and methods of manufacturing thereof is disclosed. These microcavities enable superior ultrasound visualization due to diffuse reflection of sound waves when compared to solid polymeric objects, ensuring that a strong signal is received at the source of the ultrasound transducer and providing strong image contrast throughout the entire cross-section of the implant that is also robust to variable angles of insonation..
Sonavex, Inc.

Micromechanical sound transducer system and a corresponding manufacturing method

A micromechanical sound transducer system and a corresponding manufacturing method, in which the micromechanical sound transducer system includes a substrate having a front side and a back side, the substrate having a through opening extending between the back side and the front side, and a coil configuration on the front side having a coil axis, which runs essentially parallel to the front side, the coil configuration covering the through opening at least partially. Also provided is a magnet device, which is situated so as to allow for an axial magnetic flux to be generated through the coil configuration.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Stable grasp point selection for robotic grippers with machine vision and ultrasound beam forming

Technologies are generally described for grasp point selection for robotic grippers through machine vision and ultrasound beam based deformation. The grasp point selection may aim to increase a probability that the grasp points on an object behave in a substantially similar way when a robotic gripper executes a corresponding grasp on the object.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Ultrasound transducer assembly and manufacturing an ultrasound transducer assembly

The present invention relates to an ultrasound transducer assembly (10), in particular for intravascular ultrasound systems. The ultrasound transducer assembly comprises at least one silicon substrate element (30) including an ultrasound transducer element (14) for emitting and receiving ultrasound waves and including electrical connectors for electrically connecting the transducer element.
Technische Universiteit Delf

An ultrasound imaging system and an ultrasound imaging method

The present invention provides an ultrasound imaging system and an ultrasound imaging method for improving the imaging quality of the desired imaging plane in the volume of interest of a subject. According to the present invention, it is possible to directly scan the desired imaging plane by exploiting the capability of a 2d matrix ultrasound transducer and/or the flexibility of the position/orientation of the ultrasound probe.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

System and haptic feedback for transesophageal echocardiogram ultrasound transducer probe

A system and method provide haptic feedback with respect to the maneuvering of a distal tip at a distal end of a transesophageal echocardiogram (tee) ultrasound transducer probe deployed in a patient. An acoustic imaging system is connected to the tee ultrasound transducer probe and produces acoustic images in response to one or more signals from the tee ultrasound transducer probe.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Micro-electromechanical sound transducer with sound energy-reflecting interlayer

A mems sound transducer for at least one of generating and detecting sound waves in air in an audible wavelength spectrum includes a carrier substrate, a cavity defined in the carrier substrate, the cavity defining at least one opening, and a multilayered piezoelectric membrane structure spanning over the opening of the cavity and having an edge area connected with the carrier substrate so that with respect to the carrier substrate the membrane structure is capable of vibrating to at least one of generate and/or and detect sound energy, wherein the membrane structure has in cross-section at least in some areas a first piezo layer spaced from a second piezo layer. An interlayer is arranged in an area between the first and second piezo layers, the interlayer being made of at least one of silicon oxide, silicon nitride and polysilicon, the interlayer being configured so that sound energy can be reflected in the direction of at least one interface of the membrane structure adjacent to the air..
Usound Gmbh

Method and ultrasound transducer arrays with accelerated cure adhesives

An acoustic stack is described, where the acoustic stack comprises a plurality of acoustic stack components, which are laminated with an accelerated cure adhesive, which comprises an epoxy resin. The epoxy resin comprises one or more modified epoxy resins, which are selected from a group consisting of epoxy phenol novolac, bisphenol a, and bisphenol f.
General Electric Company

Conveying apparatus

The invention relates to a transporting apparatus for transporting people, directly or indirectly by a structure-borne-sound transducer which is intended to generate vibrations which, when the structure-borne-sound-transmission region is touched by a person, are transmitted as structure-borne sound via the person's body and are audible to the person.. .
Thyssenkrupp Elevator Ag

Apparatus and semi-automatic ultrasound transducer connector lock

An apparatus for locking a transducer connector to a transducer interface of an ultrasound system includes a sensor configured to acquire data regarding a position of the transducer connector relative to the transducer interface, a locking system configured to facilitate locking of the transducer connector to the transducer interface, and a processing circuit communicably coupled to the sensor and the locking system. The processing circuit configured to interpret the data acquire by the sensor and provide a lock command to the locking system to lock the transducer connector to the transducer interface based on the data indicating the transducer connector is engaged with the transducer interface..
Edan Instruments, Inc.

Obstetrical imaging at the point of care for untrained or minimally trained operators

A specialized ultrasound machine tailored for use by traditional birth attendants provides an ultrasound transducer configuration adapted to work with the traditional sweeping motion of the attendant's hands over the patient's abdomen. Automatic analysis of various obstetrical conditions is performed without the need for the user to view or interpret standard ultrasound images.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Interframe energy normalization in an optoacoustic imaging system

An optoacoustic imaging system includes a handheld probe and first and second pulsed light sources having a common output. The first and second light sources generate pulses of light at first and second predominant wavelengths, respectively.
Seno Medical Instruments, Inc.

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