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Sound Transducer patents


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Continuous ultrasonic monitoring
A system for continuous ultrasonic monitoring includes an ultrasound transducer. The ultrasound transducer includes an array of ultrasonic transducer elements.
Hemonitor Medical Ltd

Ultrasound transducer and processing methods thereof
An ultrasonic transducer includes a backing element, an active element overlying the backing layer, and a matching element overlying the active element, the matching element having an inner surface that contacts the active element and an outer surface with a non-homogeneous texture and/or material composition. The matching element may be formed by subtractive or deposition techniques..
Acist Medical Systems, Inc.

Ultrasonic flow meter with a connection arrangement including elastic connectors arranged within an insulating support arrangement
An ultrasonic flow meter includes a meter housing, a first ultrasound transducer, a second ultrasound transducer, an electronic control arrangement for operating the ultrasonic flow meter, and a connection arrangement being arranged between the electronic control arrangement and the ultrasound transducers. The connection arrangement includes an electrically insulating support arrangement, and a set of elastic connectors for electrically connecting the electronic control arrangement with the first and second ultrasound transducers.
Apator Miitors Aps

System and testing ultrasound transducer
An apparatus for testing an ultrasound device having an ultrasound transducer and a controller includes: a housing; an absorbing layer inside the housing, wherein the absorbing layer is configured to receive ultrasound energy from the ultrasound transducer; and a thermal camera for detecting temperature at the absorbing layer. A method for testing an ultrasound device having an ultrasound transducer and a controller, includes: operating the ultrasound transducer to deliver ultrasound energy towards an absorbing layer at a testing apparatus using a thermal camera to detect temperature at the absorbing layer; obtaining thermal image data from the camera; and analyzing the thermal image data to determine whether the ultrasound device is operating desirably..
Kona Medical, Inc.

Breast ultrasound scanning device
An apparatus and a method are disclosed for obtaining ultrasound images of a patient's breast that is chestwardly compressed with a template that is essentially planar and rotates relative to the breast while one or more ultrasound transducers moving with the template take 2d images of the breast through one or more respective radially oriented slots in the template, preferably through a membrane that is porous to a gel. The 2d images are processed into slice images representing breast slices of desired thicknesses and orientation that are displayed alone or with some of the 2d images, preferably pairs of orthogonally disposed 2d images..

Ultrasonic eradication of sea lice on farmed fish
A method, and device for removing sea lice from salmon with use of a salmon herding passage tube, with ultrasound transducers on the periphery thereof, in a number sufficient to provide ultrasound treatment of the salmon being herded therethrough at a normal herding rate and at a sufficiently high enough frequency to kill the sea lice. Salmon are herded therethrough, with the application of ultrasound from the ultrasonic.

Sound transducer for insertion in an ear
The invention relates to a sound transducer for producing sound vibrations, which can be inserted in an ear and can be used in particular for an implantable hearing aid. The sound transducer has at least one carrier layer and at least one piezoelectric layer, as a result of which a deflection via a bimorph principle is achieved, or a deflection can be detected by picking up a voltage..
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Device for determining a level of the surface of a fluid in a fluid container
The present disclosure relates to a device for determining a height of a fluid surface in a fluid container. In some embodiments, the device comprises: a first sound transducer and a second sound transducer for transmitting and receiving sound signals; a reference element disposed at a predetermined distance from the second sound transducer in a fluid space of the fluid container; a deflection element in the fluid space to deflect sound signals by a predetermined angle in the direction of the reference element; and a control unit.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and ultrasound probe
An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus according to an embodiment includes an ultrasound prove and transmitter circuitry. The ultrasound probe is connected to a body through a cable and includes an ultrasound transducer element to transmit and receive an ultrasound wave.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Acoustic wave diagnostic apparatus and control method thereof
There are provided an acoustic wave diagnostic apparatus capable of shortening the time until a color image is obtained and a control method thereof. Processing for transmitting an ultrasound pulse (43) converging on a focusing position (41) in the same direction of a subject from acoustic wave transducers to be driven, among a plurality of ultrasound transducers (20 to 32) included in an ultrasound probe, while sequentially updating the acoustic wave transducers to be driven is performed multiple times for the same ultrasound transducers (22 to 28).
Fujifilm Corporation

Mems acoustic transducer, and acoustic transducer assembly having a stopper mechanism

The invention relates to a mems sound transducer (2) for generating and/or detecting sound waves in the audible wavelength spectrum with a membrane carrier (40), a membrane (30) that is connected in its edge area (37) to the membrane carrier, and may vibrate along the z-axis (50) with respect to the membrane carrier, and a stopper mechanism (60), which limits the vibrations of the membrane in at least one direction (51). In accordance with the invention, the mems sound transducer is characterized by the fact that the stopper mechanism at least features one reinforcing element (31) that is arranged on one side of the membrane, and an end stop (61) opposite to the reinforcing element, which is spaced at a distance from it in a neutral position of the membrane and against which the reinforcing element abuts at a maximum deflection.
Usound Gmbh

Loudspeaker system

A loudspeaker system for a vehicle includes a loudspeaker array including a plurality of electroacoustic sound transducers that can be controlled individually, such that a user-specific audio signal can be reproduced for different users at different listening positions in a vehicle interior of the vehicle via the plurality of electroacoustic sound transducers. Here, the loudspeaker array or a sound outlet of the loudspeaker array is arranged in particular between at least two of the listening positions in the vehicle interior, i.e.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Apparatus and determining a level of a fluid surface in a fluid container

The present disclosure relates to fluid level sensors in general and an apparatus and a corresponding method for determining a level of a fluid surface in a fluid container. In some embodiments, the apparatus may include a first sound transducer, a second sound transducer, a reference element, a first deflection element, and a control unit.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Device for positioning an ultrasound transducer inside a mr scanner

A device positions an ultrasound transducer for ultrasound therapy to focus a treatment beam emitted by the ultrasound transducer at tissue of interest. The device includes at least three anchors which support the ultrasound transducer.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Diagnostic imaging catheter

A diagnostic imaging catheter is disclosed, which includes a sheath that is inserted into a body-cavity in a living body, an ultrasound transducer that is inserted into the sheath and is able to transmit and receive an ultrasound wave, a housing that accommodates the ultrasound transducer, and a drive shaft that includes the housing at the distal end and is rotatably provided inside the sheath. A first region a1 positioned on the distal side closer than the ultrasound transducer in the housing and a second region a2 positioned on the proximal side closer than the ultrasound transducer in the housing are formed so as to have x-ray contrast properties higher than that of an intermediate region a3 positioned between the first region and the second region..
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Diagnostic imaging catheter

A diagnostic imaging catheter is disclosed, which includes a sheath that is inserted into a body-cavity in a living body; an ultrasound transducer that is inserted into the sheath and is able to transmit and receive an ultrasound wave; a connector unit that is provided in a proximal portion of the sheath, an electrode terminal that is disposed inside the connector unit and is electrically connected to an external electrode terminal included in an external apparatus which transmits and receives an electrical signal with respect to the ultrasound transducer; a conductive member that is provided inside the connector unit, is electrically connected to a positive electrode and a negative electrode of the electrode terminal, and causes both the electrodes to be in a short-circuit state; and a switch unit that is configured to be able to cancel the short-circuit state of both the electrodes caused by the conductive member.. .
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Determining and using room-optimized transfer functions

A device for determining room-optimized transfer functions for a listening room serving for room-optimized post-processing of audio signals in spatial production, is configured to analyze room acoustics of the listening room and to determine, based on the analysis of the room acoustics, the room-optimized transfer functions for the listening room where the spatial reproduction by means of a binaural close-range sound transducer is to take place. The spatial reproduction of the audio signals by means of the binaural close-range sound transducer may then be emulated using known head-related transfer functions und using the room-optimized transfer functions, wherein a room to be synthesized may be emulated based on the head-related transfer functions, and wherein the listening room may be emulated based on the room-optimized transfer functions..
Technische Universitaet Ilmenau

Hearing device

A hearing device comprising a first and a second input sound transducers, a processing unit, and an output sound transducer. The first transducer is configured to be arranged in an ear canal or in the ear of the user, to receive acoustical sound signals from the environment and to generate first electrical acoustic signals from the received acoustical sound signals.
Oticon A/s

Alignment of ultrasound transducer arrays and multiple aperture probe assembly

The effective aperture of an ultrasound imaging probe can be increased by including more than one transducer array and using the transducer elements of all of the arrays to render an image can greatly improve the lateral resolution of the generated image. In order to render an image, the relative positions of all of the elements must be known precisely.

Pulse amplifier for driving ultrasound transducers

Embodiments of the invention include improved radiofrequency (rf) pulse amplifier systems that incorporate an energy array comprising multiple capacitors connected in parallel. The energy array extends the maximum length of pulses and the maximum achievable peak power output of the amplifier when compared to similar systems.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Auscultation data acquisition, communication and evaluation system incorporating mobile facilities

A system having a chest piece for fitting to human skin, a receiver unit and a distant server; said chest piece encapsulates a sound transducer for acquiring raw sound data for being communicated as data signal; said receiver, in operation, is in communication with said chest piece; said receiver is a portable device having a display unit and data processing ability, and is further connectable to a local data network or global internet; said distant server comprises computer coded instructions which, in operation, processes said data signals, stores medical information and communicates said data signals and/or medical information with at least two recipients, the recipients are able to communicate information.. .
Electrosalus Biyomedikal San. Ve Tic. A.s.

Release hole plus contact via for fine pitch ultrasound transducer integration

Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for high density micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) are presented. In some embodiments, a method for manufacturing a micro-electro-mechanical device on a substrate can comprise etching a release via through a layer of the device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Ultrasound based cosmetic therapy method and apparatus

A waveguide couples an acoustic source (such as an ultrasound transducer) to a custom cosmetic product (e.g., a liquid or gel-based skin care product) applied to the skin. In one exemplary embodiment, a distal surface of the waveguide is placed in contact with a relatively thin layer of skin care product that has been applied to the skin.
Jenu Biosciences, Llc

Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable media for image management in image-guided medical procedures

Presented herein are methods, systems, devices, and computer-readable media for image management in image-guided medical procedures. Some embodiments herein allow a physician to use multiple instruments for a surgery and simultaneously provide image-guidance data for those instruments.
Inneroptic Technology, Inc.

Ultrasound transducer assembly

Ultrasound transducer assemblies and associated systems and method are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, an ultrasound transducer assembly includes at least one matching layer overlies a transducer layer.
Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc.

System and ultrasonically sensing and ablating tissue

Echo-anatomically mapping tissue includes advancing a catheter having an ultrasound transducer toward tissue. A console adjacent the proximal end of the catheter controls catheter movement, and the ultrasound transducer senses tissue.
Vytronus, Inc.

System and ultrasonically sensing and ablating tissue

A method of mapping tissue includes sensing a first region and a second region of a chamber of body tissue. The sensing includes moving an ultrasound transducer of a catheter over a surface of the region along a sensing pattern, and using the ultrasound transducer to gather a set of echo-anatomical data in an amplitude mode at a plurality of points along the sensing pattern.
Vytronus, Inc.

Wireless intelligent ultrasound fetal imaging system

A wireless intelligent ultrasound fetal imaging system includes an ultrasound transducer, an ultrasound afe module, a zynq module, a machine vision module and a mobile terminal. The ultrasound transducer transmits ultrasound wave toward a pregnant mother's fetal, and receives echo wave from the fetal.
Aningbo Youchang Ultrasonic Technology Co.,ltd

Method for controlling wireless intelligent ultrasound fetal imaging system

A wireless intelligent ultrasound fetal imaging system includes an ultrasound transducer, an ultrasound afe module, a zynq module, a machine vision module and a mobile device. The mobile device controls the system by transmitting control parameters values to the system over a wireless link.
Aningbo Youchang Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd

Membrane hydrophone for high frequency ultrasound and manufacture

A membrane hydrophone for analyzing high frequency ultrasound transducers has a piezoelectric membrane with electrode patterns created on the surface of the membrane. In one embodiment, the electrode patterns are doubled on each side of the membrane except for an active area of the hydrophone.
Fujifilm Sonosite, Inc.

System for performing intraluminal histotripsy and operation thereof

A method of harvesting a blood vessel, the method may be performed by an apparatus which may include a flexible body portion (102) having at least one ultrasound transducer (112), the apparatus may be controlled by at least one controller, the method may include one or more acts of: percutaneously situating the flexible body into the blood vessel having vessel walls and connective tissue attached to the vessel walls; and exciting the at least one ultrasound transducer (112) to output ultrasound signals of a first type having a focal zone outside of the vessel walls so as to fractionate a region of connective tissue in the focal zone.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Methods and systems for detecting sub-tissue anomalies

A diagnostic imaging device includes a probe that uses both an ultrasound transducer and frequency-domain diffuse optical imaging (fd-doi) to assist with locating and diagnosing sub-tissue anomalies. According to one aspect, the diagnostic imaging device relates to a clip-on cap that can be utilized with existing ultrasound transducers.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Ultrasonic transducer chip assembly, ultrasound probe, ultrasonic imaging system and ultrasound assembly and probe manufacturing methods

Disclosed is an ultrasonic transducer assembly comprising an ultrasonic transducer chip (100) having a main surface comprising a plurality of ultrasound transducer elements (112) and a plurality of first contacts (120) for connecting to said ultrasound transducer elements; a contact chip (400) having a further main surface comprising a plurality of second contacts (420); an backing member (300) comprising ultrasound absorbing and/or scattering bodies (310), said backing member comprising a first surface (302) on which the transducer chip is mounted and a second surface (306) on which the contact chip is mounted; and a flexible interconnect (200) extending over said backing member from the main surface to the further main surface, the flexible interconnect comprising a plurality of conductive tracks (210), each conductive track connecting one of said first contacts to a second contact. An ultrasound probe including such an assembly, an ultrasonic imaging system including such an ultrasound probes and manufacturing methods of such an assembly and probe are also disclosed..
Technische Universiteit Delft

Systems and ultra-high frequency ultrasound treatment

A non-invasive ultra-high frequency ultrasound treatment method and system are provided. An exemplary method and system comprise a high-frequency ultrasound transducer system configured for providing ultrasound treatment to a patient such that the superficial and/or subcutaneous regions of the patient can be treated.
Guided Therapy Systems Llc

Device for three-dimensional, internal ultrasound with rotating transducer and rotating reflector

Devices and methods for obtaining a real-time, three-dimensional image of a body part, particularly a blood vessel. A catheter has a chamber in its tip.
Muffin Incorporated

Fluid-flow monitor

An electronic device that monitors flow of a fluid in a vessel (such as a pipe) is described. This electronic device may be mounted on an exterior of the vessel using a mounting mechanism.
Leeo, Inc.

A veterinary glove, a veterinary implement for rectal ultrasound examination of a large animal, and a preparing such an implement

A veterinary glove (9) for use in rectal ultrasound examination of a large animal by means of an ultrasound transducer. The glove (9) has a fluid tight glove wall (15) defining a hand receiving glove body (10) for receiving a hand of a person performing the examination together with the ultrasound transducer.
Jørgen Kruuse A/s

System and mixed modality acoustic sampling

Systems and methods for relaying electrical signals representing acoustic response of a volume of tissue to light and ultrasound stimulation. In an embodiment, a plurality of ultrasound transducers receive acoustic energy from the volume and generate electrical energy, which is transmitted via an electrical path to a relay system.
Seno Medical Instruments, Inc.

Sound transducer structure and manufacturing a sound transducer structure

A sound transducer structure includes a membrane and a counter electrode. The membrane includes a first main surface in a sound transducing region made of a membrane material, and an edge region.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Extended range ultrasound transducer

An ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer has an interposer having electrical connectivity contacts.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Band transducer ultrasound therapy

Embodiments of a dermatological cosmetic treatment and/or imaging system and method can include use of transducer to create a linear thermal treatment zone at a focal depth to form a band shaped treatment area. The system can include one or more ultrasound transducers, a cylindrical transduction element, an imaging element, a hand wand, a removable transducer module, a control module, and/or graphical user interface.
Ulthera, Inc.

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