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Ultrasonic wave device
An ultrasonic wave device includes a holding member designed to be fixed to an inner surface of a bumper as a vehicle outer panel, and a body block designed to be connected with the holding member. The body block includes a head designed to be inserted in an exposing hole provided...

Device and method for testing the quality of a display substrate
A method and device for testing the quality of a display substrate are provided to detect whether the substrate has been broken. The device comprises an ultrasonic emitter and an ultrasonic receiver, both of which are set on the side opposite to the processing area, and it further comprises an ultrasonic...

Ultrasound probe and manufacturing method thereof
Disclosed herein is an ultrasound probe which may adjust curvature of an acoustic lens using a shape memory alloy. The ultrasound probe includes an acoustic lens, a focus adjusting unit installed on the acoustic lens and deforming the shape of the acoustic lens to adjust the focus of ultrasonic waves radiated...

Latent electrostatic image developing toner
A toner including: a core particle containing at least a binder resin, a colorant and a releasing agent; and a shell on a surface of the core particle, wherein the toner gives a supernatant having a transmittance of 50% to 95% with respect to light having a wavelength of 800 nm,...

Hearing-aid apparatus and method using ultrasonic waves
A hearing-aid apparatus using ultrasonic waves is inserted and mounted within an external auditory meatus of an ear, generates an ultrasonic wave band signal by single side band amplitude modulation of a sound signal that is received through a microphone, and outputs the ultrasonic wave band signal and a carrier signal...

Ultrasonic observation equipment, ultrasonic observation system, and ultrasonic observation method
A single-element ultrasonic sensor includes a single transducer element and transmits an ultrasonic wave on the basis of a pulse wave. An ultrasonic array sensor includes a plurality of transducer elements and receives an ultrasonic reflected wave. A pulsar supplies the pulse wave to the single element ultrasonic sensor. A receiver...

Ultrasonic image processing apparatus and method
Disclosed herein is an ultrasonic image processing method and apparatus. The ultrasonic image processing method includes acquiring volume data by radiating ultrasonic waves to an area around the uterus, extracting at least one object candidate group based on the acquired volume data, and displaying the at least one extracted object candidate...

Ultrasonic wave converter, electric pulse generating device, and ultrasonic wave generating device comprising same
An ultrasonic wave generating device includes: an ultrasonic transducer; and a variable pulse generating device which generates and outputs an electric pulse. The ultrasonic transducer comprises a piezoelectric element which receives electric pulse from the electric pulse generating device and vibrates, and a memory which stores characteristic information of the ultrasonic...

Purifying device
The present invention provides a purifying device capable of effectively purifying liquid. The purifying device includes: a storage tank configured to store liquid; a power supply; a pair of electrodes connected to the power supply and configured to cause electric discharge to produce hydroxyl radicals in the liquid in the storage...

Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium
An apparatus performing cutting or printing on an object includes a moving device, a detection device detecting ultrasonic waves and a control device configured to cause the apparatus to specify, as a designated position, a position of an ultrasonic source on the object, based on the detected ultrasonic waves, when the...

Tread thickness measuring method
The invention provides a tread thickness measuring method for accurately measuring the tread thickness from a belt surface located in an outermost position in a tire to the tread surface by an ultrasonic measurement irrespective of the material of the belt. The method includes the steps of spraying the same liquid...

Method of ultrasonic inspection of as-cast titanium alloy articles
A method is provided of non-destructively inspecting titanium alloy articles in the as-cast condition using ultrasonic waves to detect internal flaws, comprising modification of grain structure in the as-solidified ingot structure by the addition of trace boron to various titanium alloys. The ability to ultrasonically inspect as-cast billets combined with improved...

Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing method thereof
Disclosed herein is an ultrasonic probe capable of emitting heat generated by a transducer outside the ultrasonic probe using a heat radiation plate. The ultrasonic probe includes a transducer configured to generate an ultrasonic wave, a heat spreader provided on a surface of the transducer, the heat spreader being configured to...

Portable ultrasonic probe
Provided is a portable ultrasonic probe including a main body comprising a transducer configured to generate an ultrasonic wave, and a folder part comprising a display and rotatably coupled to an end portion of the main body, wherein the main body further comprises an analog to digital (AD) converter and a...

Air purification system and method using an ultrasonic wave
An air purification system comprises a chamber having an air inlet and an air outlet, a plurality of flexible wires hanging from a ceiling of the chamber, a spray mechanism configured to spray droplets in the chamber, and a sound wave generator configured to generate a standing sound wave in the...

Portable ultrasonic probe
A portable ultrasonic probe includes a main body including a transducer to generate an ultrasonic wave and a folder portion including a display portion and pivotally coupled to an end portion of the main body, the main body includes a first heat radiation module configured to absorb and emit heat generated...

Ultrasonic transducer with shock pulsing masses
What is presented is an ultrasonic waveguide for the transmission of ultrasonic vibrations that establishes a plurality of node and anti-node positions that are each along the ultrasonic waveguide's central axis. The ultrasonic waveguide comprises a waveguide tube, which has both a proximal end and a distal end; a waveguide fitting,...

Ultrasonic flowmeter
An ultrasonic flowmeter includes a plurality of ultrasonic wave elements attached to an outer wall of a pipeline through which a measurement target fluid flows, and configured to transmit and receive an ultrasonic signal, wherein at least one of the ultrasonic wave elements is an ultrasonic wave transmission element and is...

Liquid level measuring apparatus, method, and program
Provided is a liquid level measuring technique capable of measuring a liquid level with high accuracy even if a liquid stored in a container is boiling. The liquid level measuring apparatus includes: ultrasonic sensors each configured to transmit and receive an ultrasonic wave, the ultrasonic sensors being respectively set at a...

Process flow sheet for pre-treatment of high ash coal to produce clean coal
A process for treating coal to obtain lower ash content coal including: (i) pretreating high ash coal in a pretreatment unit with ultrasonic waves or microwaves, (ii) forming a slurry of coal fines in a solvent solution including N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) and one of Ethylenediamine (EDA) or Monoethanolamine (MEA), (iii) maintaining said...

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