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Differential ultrasonic waveguide cure monitoring probe
The present invention is seen to provide a new methodology, testing system designs and concept to enable in situ real time monitoring of the cure process. Apparatus, system, and method for the non-destructive, in situ monitoring of the time dependent curing of advanced materials using one or more differential ultrasonic waveguide...

Insect repelling digital photo frame with biometrics
A photo frame and method for repelling insects, displaying pictures based on location, and selectively displaying the pictures based on current physical holders of users is provided. The photo frame's components include an outer frame, a touch display, a fingerprint reader, an anti-mosquito component, a location detection device, a camera, a...

Apparatus and method for selective micro pattern replication using ultrasonic waves
The present invention provides an apparatus for selectively micro pattern replication using ultrasonic waves, the apparatus including: (1) a to-be-processed substrate scheduled to be replicated with a first pattern in a first area which is a part of a predetermined area; (2) a mold provided with a second pattern at least...

Dissolved nitrogen concentration monitoring method, substrate cleaning method, and substrate cleaning apparatus
A dissolved nitrogen concentration monitoring method is used for monitoring a dissolved nitrogen concentration of a cleaning liquid when an ultrasonic wave is irradiated onto the cleaning liquid in which a substrate is dipped. The method includes measuring an amount of increase of a dissolved oxygen concentration of the cleaning liquid...

Ultrasonic flowmeter
Provided is an ultrasonic flow meter capable of detecting a flow rate using measurement flow channel including layered flow channels and a pair of ultrasonic sensors and disposed on a wall surface on the same side of measurement flow channel so as to form a propagation path of ultrasonic waves utilizing...

Color flow imaging method, and ultrasonic device therefor
A color flow imaging method and an ultrasonic imaging system are provided. The ultrasonic imaging system includes: a transceiver unit configured to transmit an ultrasonic wave signal for acquisition of a C-mode image to a subject and receive an ultrasonic wave echo signal reflected from the subject; a storage unit configured...

Ultrasonic measuring gauge
An ultrasonic measuring gauge includes a probe configured to be moved along a surface of a material to be measured, transmit ultrasonic waves to the material, and receive ultrasonic waves reflected from the material. The gauge also includes a processing unit and an input unit. The processing unit is configured to...

Ultrasonic in-process monitoring and feedback of resistance spot weld quality
A method and apparatus for ultrasonic in-process monitoring and feedback of resistance spot weld quality uses at least one transducer located in the electrode assembly transmitting through a weld tip into an underway weld. Analysis of the spectrum of ultrasonic waves provides the operator with an indication of the size, thickness,...

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, image display method, and image processing apparatus
According to one embodiment, a scanning unit scans the inside of an object administered with a contrast agent with ultrasonic waves. A signal generation unit outputs a packet signal based on the reception signal output from the scanning unit. A first wall filter has a passband corresponding to a blood flow...

Battery module and electrode tab ultrasonic wave welding method
Provided are a battery module and an electrode tab ultrasonic wave welding method. The present invention relates to a battery module and an electrode tab ultrasonic wave welding method by forming the electrode tab in a zigzag form in which the electrode tab extending upwardly is bent downwardly and then, again...

Ultrasonic rechargeable battery module and ultrasonic rechargeable battery apparatus of polyhedral structure including the same
The present disclosure relates to an ultrasonic rechargeable battery module and an ultrasonic rechargeable battery apparatus of a polyhedral structure including the same. The ultrasonic rechargeable battery module includes: a packaging including an accommodation part; a reception vibration panel coupled to a peripheral portion of the packaging by using a flexible...

Ultrasonic testing apparatus for pipe or tube end portion and method of setting initial position of probe holder
An ultrasonic testing apparatus includes an ultrasonic probe disposed under an end portion of a pipe laid in the horizontal direction to face the pipe end portion. The probe transmits ultrasonic waves to the end portion of the pipe and receives the ultrasonic waves therefrom. A probe holder housing the probe...

Method and system for assessing the quality of adhesively bonded joints using ultrasonic waves
A method is provided for assessment of quality of an adhesively-bonded lap joint, wherein the joint includes a first metal plate, a second metal plate and an adhesive therebetween. The method includes sending ultrasonic waves normally to the surface of a sample outside of the joint where the sample has a...

Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
When multiple tissues having differing speeds of sound are intermixed in the viewing field of a measured subject such as a living body, the invention measures hardness, such as modulus of elasticity or viscosity, with high precision. As a means for detecting heterogeneity of sound speed in the tissues of a...

Device and method for transceiving ultrasonic wave
An ultrasonic wave transceiving device is provided. The device includes a transmitter for transmitting at least one kind of first detection data ultrasonic signal and a plurality of kinds of second detection data ultrasonic signals, a receiver for receiving echo signals of the first and second detection data ultrasonic signals, and...

3d stereoscopic image display system and 3d stereoscopic image display method using the same
Provided are a stereoscopic image display unit having a 3D information input device and a 3D stereoscopic image display method using the 3D information input device. The 3D information input device receives a synchronization signal used for a conventional stereoscopic image display unit and generates an ultrasonic signal. The stereoscopic image...

Ultrasound probe
Disclosed is an ultrasonic probe comprising: CMUT cells () that mutually convert ultrasonic waves and electrical signals; a semiconductor substrate () that has a plurality of the CMUT cells () formed on the surface thereof; an acoustic lens () that is provided on the front face side of the CMUT cells...

Cystotome device
A cystotome device that includes a cystotome loop utilized to ablate one or more cataracts and a shaft, the cystotome loop coupled to a first end of the shaft and a shaft connection housing coupled to a second end of the shaft. The cystotome device also includes a hand piece body,...

Apparatus for detecting a toner density of a liquid developer
A deaerator and a density detector are provided in a liquid developer circulating path through which the liquid developer in a main tank is circulated, wherein the deaerator includes a bundle of hollow fibers each forming a hollow fiber membrane whose inside is depressurized and over whose outer peripheral surface the...

Method for connecting wire material and twisted wire, and stator of electric motor or generator
The present invention is directed to connection technology for providing a sufficient connection strength in bonding a wire material and a twisted wire each having a large diameter when directly bonding the wire material, which is used for a stator of an electric motor and a generator, and the twisted wire...

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