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Sonic Wave patents

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Cleaning device and method for removing a lubricant from the rolls of a roll stand
A cleaning device and method remove a lubricant from the rolls of a roll stand. To achieve economical and efficient cleaning of the rolls, the cleaning device includes at least one ultrasonic generator for generating ultrasonic waves, the ultrasonic waves being routed to the surface of the rolls by cleaning water;...

Nano bubble generator for cleaning root canal of tooth and dental apparatus comprising the same
Provided are a nano bubble generator for irrigating a root canal of a tooth and a dental device including the nano bubble generator. The nano bubble generator may include a generator configured to generate nano-scale bubbles within a fluid, a nozzle connected to the generator and configured to move the fluid...

Touch display apparatus of vehicle and driving method thereof
A touch display apparatus of a vehicle includes: a touch panel including a display area for displaying an image and a button area for displaying a button; an ultrasonic wave generator irradiating an airborne ultra sound wave to the button area so that the button area is deformed to a shape...

Crack and thickness detecting apparatus
A crack and thickness detecting apparatus for detecting a crack in a wafer and also detecting the thickness of the wafer. The apparatus includes an ultrasonic oscillating unit oscillating a first ultrasonic wave toward the upper surface of the wafer at a predetermined incident angle, an ultrasonic oscillating and receiving unit...

Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
The ultrasound probe transmits and receives ultrasonic waves in different directions and the diagnostic apparatus body combines a plurality of images captured in the different directions of transmission and reception to produce an ultrasound image. In this process, the ultrasound diagnostic apparatus measures the temperature of the ultrasound probe to change...

Photoacoustic imaging apparatus
In a photoacoustic imaging apparatus, a detecting portion includes a light source portion having a plurality of LED elements, an ultrasonic detector arranged in the vicinity of the light source portion, configured to detect an acoustic wave as an ultrasonic wave generated by absorption of light emitted from the light source...

Method of amplifying nucleic acid
Provided is a method of amplifying a nucleic acid of a cell involving applying ultrasonic waves to lyse a cell bound to a solid support to provide a cell lysate comprising a nucleic acid; separating the cell lysate from the solid support; adding a protease to the cell lysate; and amplifying...

Process of producing chlorine gas by catalytic oxidation of hydrogen chloride
A process of producing chlorine gas by catalytic oxidation of hydrogen chloride including: incorporating an oxidizing agent such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide solution etc. into a gas stream of hydrogen chloride containing impurities, conducting oxidation pretreatment of the gas stream under the action of ultrasonic wave, such that the impurities contained...

Sheet determination apparatus using ultrasonic wave transmitting unit or reception unit
A protection member is arranged such that the distance from an opening plane of a reception guide to the center of the protection member is half of the distance from the opening plane of the reception guide to the surface of a reception vibration member. In other words, the arrangement position...

Spherical silver powder and method for producing same
While a water reaction system containing silver ions is irradiated with ultrasonic waves to cause cavitation therein, a reducing agent containing solution, which contains an aldehyde as a reducing agent, is mixed with the water reaction system to deposit silver particles, the solid-liquid separation of which is carried out, and thereafter,...

Ultrasonic consumption meter with locking mechanism
An ultrasonic consumption meter includes two ultrasonic transducers for emitting and receiving ultrasonic waves, a flow channel, an electronic circuit for operating the meter, and a housing for the ultrasonic transducers and the electronic circuit. The housing is locked in position relative to the flow channel by a locking mechanism, and...

Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and data processing method
In the ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, the ultrasonic wave transmitter/receiver transmits and receives an ultrasonic beam to a subject to generate reception data using ultrasonic wave transmission/reception elements arranged in one direction; the delay correction unit corrects a delay time of the reception data to align a phase of the reception data;...

Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
An ultrasonic probe configured to be connected to an apparatus main body of an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus that is configured to perform an ultrasonic procedure on a subject is provided. The ultrasonic probe includes a transducer configured to transmit an ultrasonic wave to the subject and receive an ultrasonic echo reflected...

Probe and imaging apparatus for diagnosis
A probe includes a transmitting and receiving unit in which an ultrasonic wave transmitting and receiving unit and a light transmitting and receiving unit are arranged. The ultrasonic wave transmitting and receiving unit and the light transmitting and receiving unit are arranged along an axial direction. A distance L [mm] between...

Signal processing device, signal processing method, recording medium, and program
A reception BF unit calculates a phase difference indicating a relative positional shift between a plurality of transducers based on a difference between each phase difference of a signal of a reflective wave in each of a plurality of transducers of an ultrasonic wave transmitted from a transducer being a transmission...

Method and device for generating hydrogen plasma
A method for generating hydrogen plasma includes a step for preparing a solution in which hydrogenated hydrogen with ion binding properties or ortho hydrogen molecules have been dissolved. The method also includes exposing the solution to ultrasonic waves or microwaves. Preferably, microbubbles are agitated by projecting ultrasonic waves or microwaves as...

Titanium welding wire, ultrasonically inspectable welds and parts formed therefrom, and associated methods
A welding wire formed of a trace boron titanium base alloy is provided, along with welds formed from the wire and articles comprising one or more of such welds. A method may include forming such a weld or welds from such a welding wire, and may also include non-destructively inspecting titanium...

Eyeglass lens and method of manufacturing the same
An aspect of the present invention is a method of manufacturing an eyeglass lens comprising coating a coating liquid on a surface of a lens substrate being coated to form a coating layer, which further comprises conducting the coating by spraying a coating liquid, which has been atomized in an ultrasonic...

Ultrasonic testing sensor and ultrasonic testing method
The ultrasonic testing method is performed with the use of the ultrasonic testing sensor while a total length d, extending in a direction parallel to an ultrasonic scanning direction, of ultrasonic elements to be simultaneously excited with a single exciter is controlled to be in a range ensuring that 2d·sin θ=n·λ,...

Apparatus and method for measuring the viscosity of a fluid using ultrasonic waves
A method for measuring an ultrasonic viscosity includes applying a driving voltage to a plurality of first piezoelectric transducers provided along an outer wall circumference of a pipe at constant intervals to generate a torsional wave on a surface of the pipe, receiving the torsional wave propagated along the surface of...

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