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Ultrasonic flowmeter
An ultrasonic flowmeter that measures flow velocity of a measured fluid by propagating ultrasonic waves through a measuring flow path with a rectangular cross section through which the measured fluid flows and the measured fluid that flows through the measuring flow path. The measuring flow path is provided with partition plates...

Method and apparatus for ultrasonic testing of weld zones
Provided are an ultrasonic testing method and an ultrasonic testing apparatus capable of accurately detecting flaws present in a weld zone of a test object, such as a welded pipe, regardless of the position of the flaws. An ultrasonic testing apparatus includes an ultrasonic probe which is provided with...

Vehicle-use object detection apparatus
The vehicle-use object detection apparatus includes a plurality of ultrasonic sensors mounted on a vehicle, each of the ultrasonic sensors being configured to receive a reflected version of an ultrasonic wave transmitted by itself and not to receive reflected versions of ultrasonic waves transmitted by the other ultrasonic sensors, a first...

Target substance detecting method and target substance detecting apparatus
A target substance detecting method employs a detecting chip equipped with a fine flow channel. Examinations, in which clogging of the flow channel and inhibition of immune reactions can be easily and expediently prevented without preliminary processes, are enabled to be performed without fluctuations in hemolysis rates. The detecting chip having...

Compression device used in ultrasonic measurement, pressing control method thereof, and photoacoustic measurement apparatus
A compression device for compressing a subject used in ultrasonic measurement that receives ultrasonic waves from a subject to acquire biological information of the subject, comprises: two compression plates used when compressing the subject, and face each other in a vertical direction with respect to a horizontal plane; a flexible member...

Ultrasound imaging method and apparatus
An ultrasound imaging method comprises the steps of: transmitting respective ultrasonic waves from a plurality of ultrasound transducers, arranged in an array, of an ultrasound probe; determining respective propagation times of the ultrasonic waves inside a cranium corresponding to each ultrasound transducer based on ultrasonic echoes from a bone structure inside...

Ultrasound imaging method and apparatus
An ultrasound imaging method comprises the steps of: transmitting a prescanning ultrasonic beam toward a subject and measuring an ultrasonic echo from a bone structure inside a cranium in advance; determining a transfer function of an ultrasonic wave in the cranium based on the measured said ultrasonic echo; transmitting an imaging...

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic image processing apparatus, and medical diagnostic imaging apparatus
According to one embodiment, there is provided an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a data acquisition unit configured to scan a three-dimensional region in a subject having a contrast agent injected therein over a predetermined period by using ultrasonic waves and to thereby acquire ultrasonic data concerning the three-dimensional region over the...

Ultrasonic probe
In an ultrasonic probe including an element part for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves, a relay cable connected to the element part and an oscillation mechanism part for oscillating the element part, a cross section of the relay cable , which is taken perpendicularly to a rotation axis...

Flow rate measurement device
Switching a transmitting and receiving direction of two transducers () in the forward and the reverse direction, a time differential memory part (b) storing a propagation time differential every K times a unit measurement process being executed, the propagation time differential being a differential between a propagation time of the ultrasonic...

Gas shutoff device
With a gas shutoff device in the related art, a non-uniform gas layer can be produced by mixing of a gas of a different type from the gas currently in use during a shift in the amount of heat or installation or replacement, and an unexpected flow rate may be detected...

Multi-functional cosmetic device using ultrasonic wave
Disclosed is a multi-functional cosmetic device using ultrasonic wave which the user can freely use at any pose and that can provide sufficient cosmetic effects by uniformly spraying mist of beauty water/medicine solution to the face. —For this, the multi-functional cosmetic device using ultrasonic wave according to the present invention provides...

Non destructive testing device and method for detecting possible anomalies of a wall thickness
The invention relates to a nondestructive testing device for detecting possible thickness anomalies (Ve) of a wall (P), this device comprising a sensor () including means () for emitting and receiving ultrasonic waves, and acoustic coupling means (). The sensor according to the invention comprises a rigid enclosure () sealingly...

Ultrasonic treatment chamber for preparing emulsions
An ultrasonic mixing system having a treatment chamber in which at least two separate phases can be mixed to prepare an emulsion is disclosed. Specifically, at least one phase is a dispersed phase and one phase in a continuous phase. The treatment chamber has an elongate housing through which the phases...

Apparatus and method for nondestructive inspection
A nondestructive inspection apparatus according to the present invention has a transmission-side probe configured to emit a first ultrasonic wave toward a test-target fluid, a plate through which a Lamb wave generated by the first ultrasonic wave is propagated when the first ultrasonic wave is propagated, and a reception-side probe configured...

Method and apparatus for ultrasonic diagnosis
An apparatus for ultrasonic diagnosis including a probe configured to transmit ultrasonic waves and to receive reflected ultrasonic waves, an image generator configured to generate an ultrasonic image based on the reflected waves, an image synthesizing unit configured to generate a synthetic image in which a puncture guideline, which indicates a...

Ultrasonographic diagnostic system and ultrasonic diagnostic device
An ultrasonic probe is constituted by ultrasonic transducer elements arranged in a direction. A beam forming unit forms acoustic field sensitivity modulated in a direction substantially orthogonal to scan lines in a subject by focusing an ultrasonic wave on a sequence of sampling points existing along the scan lines, and applying...

Apparatus and method for non-destructive testing using ultrasonic phased array
The present invention is related generally to the field of non-destructive materials testing using ultrasonic devices, more particularly, ultrasonic devices in a phased array and includes a wedge for conducting pitch-catch ultrasonic phase array testing of materials wherein the wedge includes a liquid column and is manufactured with specific angles so...

Ultrasonic sensor
The ultrasonic element includes an ultrasonic oscillator for sending, receiving or transceiving ultrasonic waves, an element body having an opening for passage of ultrasonic waves formed on one surface, the ultrasonic oscillator being arranged within the element body, and terminal portions protruding from the element body to feed an electric current...

Ultrasonic testing method and apparatus
An ultrasonic testing apparatus comprises an ultrasonic probe including n (n≧2) number of transducers arranged along a predetermined direction, disposed so as to face a test object P, and a transmission/reception control device for selecting m (n>m≧1) number of transducers from among the n number of transducers, transmitting...

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