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Tomographic image generation device and control method
A tomographic image generation device acquires ultrasonic wave data and interference light data to be used for generating a tomographic image for one line in respective rotation positions of the transmitting and receiving unit by performing sampling respectively on an ultrasonic wave echo signal and an interference light signal obtained by...

Ultrasonic diagnostic device and control program for the same
An ultrasonic diagnostic device is provided. The ultrasonic diagnostic device includes an ultrasonic probe configured to acquire an echo signal by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves to and from a test object, a probe identification part configured to identify information about a position and orientation of the ultrasonic probe, a biopsy...

Apparatus, method and program for spatial position measurement
According to one embodiment, a spatial position measurement apparatus, includes: a transmission unit configured to transmit an ultrasonic wave accompanying with a transmission source identifiable from three or more transmission sensors provided on a first object; a detection unit configured to detect the ultrasonic wave received by two or more reception...

Tactile feedback generated by non-linear interaction of surface acoustic waves
Described embodiments include a system and a method. A system includes a first ultrasound transmitter acoustically coupled to a conducting layer of a display surface and configured to deliver a first ultrasound wave to a selected delineated area. The first ultrasonic wave has parameters sufficient to induce a non-linear vibrational response...

Ultrasonic flaw detection method, ultrasonic flaw detection apparatus, and pipe manufacturing method
An ultrasonic flaw detection method to detect flaws on an inner surface of a metallic pipe using ultrasonic waves includes a waveform hold step that acquires and holds waveform data of an echo signal when an ultrasonic probe that generates ultrasonic signals toward the inner surface and the metallic pipe are...

Blood vessel insertion-type treatment device
A blood vessel insertion-type treatment device has a first ultrasonic transmitter and an insertion body. The first ultrasonic generator has a first ultrasonic transducer and a first actuator. The first ultrasonic transducer radiates cauterizing ultrasonic waves converging on a converging position. The first actuator adjusts a direction of the converging...

Method using transmitted and received signals for forming ultrasonic images for ultrasonic diagnosis, and high-intensity focused ultrasonic therapeutic device performing the same
The present disclosure relates to a method for forming ultrasonic images using transmitted and received signals for ultrasonic diagnosis and a HIFU therapeutic device performing the same. The HIFU therapeutic device includes a transceiver for transmitting a diagnostic ultrasound to a subject, and receive a reflected subject ultrasonic echo signal to...

Flasher type fish sonar
A flasher type fish sonar includes a front case in which a display window is formed in front, a rotary disc opposite to the display window rotated by a motor, an ultrasonic transducer for transmitting ultrasonic waves in the water by a control portion and for receiving reflected signals in the...

Ultrasound probe and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus including same
The ultrasound probe includes ultrasound transducers arranged in an array; transmission paths of the reception signals; impedance matching elements connected to the ultrasound transducers, respectively, each being disposed in each of the transmission paths of the reception signals, and each having a respective preset matching frequency. The impedance matching elements have...

Ultrasonic probe having auxiliary monitor mounted thereon, and ultrasonic diagnostic device comprising same
Disclosed are an ultrasonic probe having an auxiliary monitor mounted thereon and an ultrasonic diagnostic device comprising the same. According to the present invention, the ultrasonic diagnostic device includes: an ultrasonic probe for scanning ultrasonic waves, converting the returned ultrasonic waves into an electric signal, and outputting, on an auxiliary monitor...

Sensor array with receiver bias electrode
A method of operation of an ultrasonic sensor array includes receiving a receiver bias voltage at a receiver bias electrode of the ultrasonic sensor array to bias piezoelectric sensor elements of the ultrasonic sensor array. The method further includes receiving a transmitter control signal at the ultrasonic sensor array to cause...

Method and integrated circuit for operating a sensor array
An apparatus includes an integrated circuit configured to be operatively coupled to a sensor array that is configured to generate an ultrasonic wave. The integrated circuit includes a transmitter circuit configured to provide a first signal to the sensor array. The integrated circuit further includes a receiver circuit configured to receive...

Method and apparatus for measuring a pulsatingly fluctuating flow rate
Ultrasonic waves are repeatedly transmitted with respect to a pulsatingly fluctuating fluid, while the ultrasonic wave being received, and a signal indicative of the transmission and receipt, and a signal indicative of a timing of the transmission and receipt are recorded. Alternatively, the ultrasonic wave is transmitted and received based on...

Tool for surgical operation using ultrasonic waves
A tool for surgical operation using ultrasonic waves is provided. The tool includes a transducer generating ultrasonic waves, a cylindrical bar-shaped transmitting rod for transmitting the ultrasonic waves, an end effector for cutting a surgical site using the ultrasonic waves transmitted from the transmitting rod, extended from one end of the...

Blood vessel insertion-type treatment device
A blood vessel insertion-type treatment device and method of cauterizing biological tissues are disclosed. The blood vessel insertion-type treatment device having a first torque transmission body and a first ultrasonic generator. The first torque transmission body has a longitudinal shape and having a proximal end and a distal end. The first...

Portable diagnostic ultrasound apparatus
In order to provide technology for limiting the deterioration of hardware in a portable diagnostic ultrasound apparatus without increasing user workload, internal processing of the portable diagnostic ultrasound apparatus is controlled according to the opening or closing of the cover case in which the monitor is disposed. In particular, when the...

Cleaning device and method for removing a lubricant from the rolls of a roll stand
A cleaning device and method remove a lubricant from the rolls of a roll stand. To achieve economical and efficient cleaning of the rolls, the cleaning device includes at least one ultrasonic generator for generating ultrasonic waves, the ultrasonic waves being routed to the surface of the rolls by cleaning water;...

Nano bubble generator for cleaning root canal of tooth and dental apparatus comprising the same
Provided are a nano bubble generator for irrigating a root canal of a tooth and a dental device including the nano bubble generator. The nano bubble generator may include a generator configured to generate nano-scale bubbles within a fluid, a nozzle connected to the generator and configured to move the fluid...

Touch display apparatus of vehicle and driving method thereof
A touch display apparatus of a vehicle includes: a touch panel including a display area for displaying an image and a button area for displaying a button; an ultrasonic wave generator irradiating an airborne ultra sound wave to the button area so that the button area is deformed to a shape...

Crack and thickness detecting apparatus
A crack and thickness detecting apparatus for detecting a crack in a wafer and also detecting the thickness of the wafer. The apparatus includes an ultrasonic oscillating unit oscillating a first ultrasonic wave toward the upper surface of the wafer at a predetermined incident angle, an ultrasonic oscillating and receiving unit...

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