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Sexual function enhancement composition made from urechis unicinctus extract contained as effective component manufactured by way of high temperature and high pressure process and ultrasonic wave process
Disclosed are a pharmaceutical composition for a sexual function improvement, an erection dysfunction therapy agent containing the urechis unicinctus as an effective component, a health function food for a sexual function improvement and a method for preparing an urechis unicinctus extract with a sexual function improvement activation each of which contains...

Target object detection device and method of displaying echo data in the target object detection device
A target object detection device is provided. The device includes a signal processor, a display unit, and a controller. The signal processor receives a reception signal generated based on an echo of an ultrasonic wave from a target object and generates echo data corresponding to a distance from a transmission source...

Blast wave effects reduction system
A system for reducing the effects of a blast wave includes armor plating configured to face a supersonic blast wave. The armor plating has a surface consisting of alternating tall and short peaks with valleys between the peaks. The peaks and valleys are positioned such that the supersonic blast wave reflects...

Ultrasonic testing apparatus
A plurality of subsets of ultrasonic transducers in an array of ultrasonic transducers are configured to transmit ultrasonic waves at various angles simultaneously toward a test object so that an anomaly of any orientation in the test object can be detected efficiently....

Ultrasonic testing method and equipment therefor
An ultrasonic testing equipment of the present invention includes: an ultrasonic probe having a plurality of transducers arranged along a predetermined annular curved surface; a transmission/reception control unit that causes at least two transducers selected from the plurality of the transducers to transmit the ultrasonic waves to and receive the same...

Structure for ultrasonic transducer
Provided is an ultrasonic transducer including: a housing including a bottom surface and side members, the side members facing each other and extending upwardly with a space part therebetween, the housing having an opened upper part; a piezoelectric resonator disposed at an upper portion of the bottom surface; a housing auxiliary...

Detection and measurement of defect size and shape using ultrasonic fourier-transformed waveforms
A system may include a data analysis device that is configured to receive from an ultrasonic waveform detector ultrasonic waveform data representative of an ultrasonic waveform that propagated through a sample and resonated within a defect within the sample. The data analysis device may be further configured to select a portion...

Method for generating synthetic image and ultrasonic imaging apparatus using same
The present disclosure relates to a method for generating a synthetic image. In the method, image data is generated using a receiving dynamic beamforming method, image data is generated using a synthetic aperture beamforming method, and the image data generated using the receiving dynamic beamforming method and the image data generated...

Therapeutic probe for treating tissue using focused intersecting ultrasonic waves
each curve segment (s1) has an acoustic axis (a) intersecting the axis of symmetry (S) or the plane of symmetry (A1) between the first focal area (Z1) and the emission surface (), the acoustic axes (a) being spaced apart from each other such that the beams from the emission surface ()...

Multi-channel hemispherical ultrasonic wave transmit and receiving detection system and method
A multi-channel hemispherical ultrasonic wave transmit and receive detection system and method, wherein, a transmit control system transmits out a plurality of detection signals through an energy converter, a receive system receives the reflected signals reflected from an obstacle, in determining a channel used by said transmit control system to control...

Method of and apparatus for measuring strength of ultrasonic waves
A method of and an apparatus for measuring the strength of ultrasonic waves are provided. They are capable of measuring the strength of ultrasonic waves easily and at low cost without using a sound pressure meter. The ultrasonic wave strength measuring apparatus has a particle source soaked in a cleaning liquid,...

Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus in which an ultrasonic wave is transmitted toward a subject by an ultrasound probe, an ultrasound image is generated by a diagnostic apparatus body based on reception data thus obtained and an examination is performed based on the ultrasound image, including a display unit on which a...

Object detection method using ultrasonic waves and object detection apparatus
An object detection method using ultrasonic waves includes: emitting a plurality of ultrasonic signals sequentially according to a time interval; sensing a sound wave formed by each of the ultrasonic signals to generate a reflected signal; and analyzing the reflected signal to detect at least one reflection object. It can be...

Ultrasound image processing apparatus and program
An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus generates Doppler waveform images whose visibility is improved appropriately in accordance with changes in measurement conditions. The ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a frequency-analyzing unit that generates frequency spectrum data on Doppler shift frequency components of ultrasonic waves that are received after being transmitted towards a subject and...

Apparatus for generating fine bubbles having a positive charge and water treatment apparatus using same
Provided is a water treatment apparatus using an apparatus for generating fine bubbles having a positive charge. The water treatment apparatus comprises: an apparatus for generating fine bubbles having a positive charge; a treatment bath into which the fine bubbles generated in the apparatus for generating fine bubbles are supplied and...

Structured illumination apparatus, structured illumination microscopy, and structured illumination method
A structured illumination apparatus includes a light modulator being disposed in a light path of an exit light flux from a light source, and in which a sonic wave propagation path is arranged in a direction traversing the exit light flux; a driving unit generating a sonic standing wave in the...

Multi-feed detection apparatus, sheet conveyance apparatus, and sheet processing apparatus
A multi-feed detection apparatus may include an ultrasonic transmission unit, arranged on one side of a conveyance path configured to convey a sheet-like member, for transmitting an ultrasonic wave toward the conveyance path, an ultrasonic reception unit, arranged on the other side of the conveyance path, for receiving the ultrasonic wave...

Systems and methods for acquiring biometric information
The invention may be embodied as a fingerprint scanner having an ultrasonic wave detector, a platen, an ultrasonic wave generator located between the detector and the platen. The invention may be embodied as a method of scanning a finger. One such method includes providing a platen, a detector and a generator,...

Ultrasonic observation apparatus, operation method of the same, and computer readable recording medium
An ultrasonic observation apparatus includes: a frequency analysis unit that calculates a frequency spectrum for each of a plurality of locations in a predetermined region of a subject by analyzing frequency of the ultrasonic wave at the plurality of locations; a frequency spectrum approximate equation calculation unit that calculates an approximate...

Device and method for measurement of ultrasonic transit times
A device for measurement of ultrasonic wave transit times of an ultrasonic flow sensor consists of: 1) a synchronization signal generator, 2) a reference pulse generator, 3) a sine wave generator, 4) an analog signal amplifier, 5) a comparator, 6) a plurality of latch circuits, 7) a digital adder, 8) an...

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