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Vacuum container and method for manufacturing same
The present invention relates to a vacuum container in which a periphery of an inner container, a periphery of a film container, and an inner container cover are bonded through ultrasonic wave fusion and a method of manufacturing the same....

Reactor tank
Disclosed is an improved water treatment cavitation reactor cone. The tank operates on a continuous flow of fluids which are subjected to ultrasonic waves in combination with a high level of injected ozone. The treatment tank includes a tangential inlet that induces a rotating flow into the tank thereby increasing the...

Coordinate computation device and sewing machine
A coordinate computation device includes a position indication portion, a detection portion, a processor, and a memory. The position indication portion includes an indicating portion, a switch, and a transmitter. The detection portion is configured to detect ultrasonic waves transmitted by the transmitter. The memory is configured to store computer-readable instructions....

Ultrasonic measuring system, ultrasonic probe, and sheet member
An ultrasonic measuring system includes an ultrasonic probe and a sheet member. The ultrasonic probe has an ultrasonic sensor section and a probe side engaging section. Ultrasonic waves emitted from the ultrasonic sensor section are transmitted through the sheet member to a target sample. The sheet member has a sheet side...

Ultrasonic observation apparatus, operation method of the same, and computer readable recording medium
An ultrasonic observation apparatus includes: a region of interest setting unit capable of setting information on a region of interest; a focus point calculation unit that divides the region of interest into a plurality of partial regions of interest according to the number of focus points in the region of interest,...

Video gaming system with ultrasonic speakers
A three-dimensional (3D) sound gaming application can include an ultrasonic sound system, one or more gamers, a gaming console and a throat microphone set. The ultrasonic sound system can include a digital signal processing (DSP) that can adjust the phase, delay, reverb, echo, gain, magnitude or other audio signal component of...

Image processing device, image processing method, and program
A probe generates an ultrasonic wave and receives a reflective wave reflected at an object. A detection unit detects one or more physical quantities of the probe. A display unit displays a tomographic image showing a cross-section of a predetermined position of the object, out of the ultrasonic image of the...

Semiconductor device and driving method of the same
To provide a semiconductor device to which information can be input in low-illuminance conditions or at a location distant from the semiconductor device. An ultrasonic wave sensor is provided in the semiconductor device with a display region having photosensors. An object to be detected is detected by switching the photosensors and...

Apparatus and method for manufacturing a reformed fuel
There is provided an apparatus for manufacturing a reformed fuel. The apparatus for manufacturing a reformed fuel includes a water tank unit configured to supply water which is aerated and, then, to which an ultrasonic wave or an electric field is applied; an oil tank configured to supply oil pre-treated by...

Backing element and ultrasound probe including same
The present disclosure in some embodiment provides a backing member for an ultrasonic probe that is disposed on a rear surface of a piezoelectric element constituting the ultrasonic probe to attenuate ultrasonic waves radiated from the rear surface of the piezoelectric element, the backing member including a mixture of a base...

Socket for led light string
A socket is provided for an LED light string and is formed by jointing two unsymmetrical casing members through thermal fusion by application of ultrasonic wave to thereby securely combine with electrical wires and a luminous element. The first and second casing members are provided with raised-and-recessed inter-engageable structures including holes...

Aqueous phase pore sealing agent imroving pcb coating oxidation- resistant and corrosion-resistant properties and method for using same
The present invention relates to a water-based pore sealing agent enhancing PCB coating anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties, consisting of, by weight, 4-12 parts of a corrosion inhibitor, 15-25 parts of a mixed surfactants system, 10-20 parts of an ion chelating agent, 6-15 parts of a pH regulator, 20-40 parts of a...

Led light string
An LED light string includes a socket, electrical wires, and an LED-based luminous element. The LED luminous element has two conductive terminals respectively set in abutting contact with or to pierce through the electrical wires. The socket is composed of two unsymmetrical casing members. The electrical wires and the luminous element...

Epoxy resin composition for neutron shielding, and method for preparing the same
Provided is an epoxy resin composition including a nano-sized radioactive radiation shielding material which has superior shielding effects for against radiation, and to a method for preparing same. In particular, the method for preparing the epoxy resin composition for neutron shielding, includes the steps of: a step of mixing a boron...

Large area ultrasonic receiver array
Devices and methods of creating an image of a biological object are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention there is a plane wave ultrasonic pulse generator, an ultrasonic wave manipulation device, an ultrasonic detector and an image generator. In a method according to the invention, a biological object is imaged...

Method of setting a waveform signal in an ultrasound imaging apparatus and apparatus for setting an ultrasonic waveform signal using such method
A digital representation of a waveform is generated based on signals received during a recording period. The received signals include a digital clock signal providing a determined number of clock pulses during the recording period, a plurality of binary digital signals defining, for each clock pulse of the determined number of...

Device and process to confirm occlusion of the fallopian tube
A device is provided to confirm intratubal occlusion in a subject of a fallopian tube having an inner diameter that includes a tubular shaft having a distal end and an interior lumen. An examination head is joined to the distal end of the shaft. A visualization modality in the examination head...

Ultrasonic wave transducer using a signal pathway-integrated housing
The present disclosure relates to an ultrasonic wave transducer using a signal pathway-integrated housing. The ultrasonic wave transducer includes: a housing serving as a handle; an array including a plurality of piezoelectric elements disposed in parallel to each other on a back material and a flexible circuit board having a pattern...

Component inspection apparatus and method
A component inspection apparatus and a method for ultrasonic inspection of a component, including low pressure last stage steam turbine blades, are disclosed. The apparatus includes a guide member, a guide adapting member and scanning probes. The guide member includes a first surface and a distal second surface. The first surface...

Scanning acoustic tomograph
A scanning acoustic tomograph has a water tank which accommodates water, a sample stand which is disposed in the water tank and on which a subject is placed, a first ultrasonic transducer which irradiates ultrasonic waves toward the subject, and a second ultrasonic transducer which receives the ultrasonic waves transmitted through...

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