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Date/App# patent app List of recent Solder-related patents
 Methods and systems for integrated circuit c4 ball placement patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for integrated circuit c4 ball placement
Methods and systems for improving the reliability of c4 solder ball contacts performed at the design stage to reduce the incidence of thermally-induced failures, including those due to electromigration and thermal cycling.. .
 Flip-chip packaging techniques and configurations patent thumbnailnew patent Flip-chip packaging techniques and configurations
Embodiments of the present disclosure flip-chip packaging techniques and configurations. An apparatus may include a package substrate having a plurality of pads formed on the package substrate, the plurality of pads being configured to receive a corresponding plurality of interconnect structures formed on a die and a fluxing underfill material disposed on the package substrate, the fluxing underfill material comprising a fluxing agent configured to facilitate formation of solder bonds between individual interconnect structures of the plurality of interconnect structures and individual pads of the plurality of pads and an epoxy material configured to harden during formation of the solder bonds to mechanically strengthen the solder bonds.
 Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and a mounting structure of a semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and a mounting structure of a semiconductor device
The semiconductor device includes a tab including a chip supporting surface, and a back surface opposite to the chip supporting surface; a plurality of suspension leads supporting the tab; a plurality of leads arranged between the suspension leads; a semiconductor chip mounted on the chip supporting surface of the tab, the semiconductor chip including a main surface, a plurality of pads formed on the main surface, and a rear surface opposite to the main surface; a seal portion sealing the semiconductor chip such that a part of each of the leads is exposed from the seal portion; and a pb-free solder formed on the part of each of the leads. A part of the rear surface of the semiconductor chip is contacted with the seal portion..
 High conductivity battery contact patent thumbnailnew patent High conductivity battery contact
The present invention is directed to a battery contact for providing electrical contact between a battery cell and a circuit board. Such contact may include: a tab made at least in part from an electrically conductive material, formed with: a mounting section to provide an electrical connection to the circuit board; a flexible section; and a contact section; and a compressive spring configured to push the contact section away from the mounting section and against an end of a battery cell.
 Plating design and process for improved hermeticity and thermal conductivity of gold-germanium solder joints patent thumbnailnew patent Plating design and process for improved hermeticity and thermal conductivity of gold-germanium solder joints
A solder joint and method of soldering are disclosed. Formation is controlled of atomic vacancies in a surface layer of a component to be soldered.
 Laser module patent thumbnailnew patent Laser module
The semiconductor laser module (1) includes: a laser mount (31) having thereon a semiconductor laser chip (32); a fiber mount (40) having thereon an optical fiber (2); a submount (20) on which the laser mount (31) and the fiber mount (40) are placed; and a substrate (10) on which the submount 20 is placed, the substrate (10) having protrusions (11a to 11d) on a top surface thereof, the submount 20 being joined to the substrate (10) with a soft solder (61) spread between the submount (20) and the substrate (10).. .
 Rigid circuit board with flexibly attached module patent thumbnailnew patent Rigid circuit board with flexibly attached module
An electrical interconnection system comprises a bifurcated, multilayer flex circuit having electrode pads on the inner surfaces of the bifurcation. Electronic components are mounted on one or both sides of the flex circuit by conventional means.
 Flexible circuit board and connection system patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible circuit board and connection system
An electrical interconnection system comprises a bifurcated, multilayer flex circuit having electrode pads on the inner surfaces of the bifurcation. Electronic components are mounted on one or both sides of the flex circuit by conventional means.
 Apparatus to perform a non-contact test of a semiconductor package patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus to perform a non-contact test of a semiconductor package
An apparatus to test a semiconductor package includes a vertical illuminator to supply vertical illumination in the same axial direction as a measurement target and a vertical image unit to capture a vertical image of the measurement target so that a testing apparatus may 2-dimensionally determine information on the shape, size, or position of a solder ball. An inclined illuminator may supply inclined illumination in a different axial direction from the measurement target, and an inclined image capture unit may capture a side image of the measurement target so that the testing apparatus may 3-dimensionally determine information on a state of contact of the solder ball with the ball land.
 Antenna wrapped around to speaker lid patent thumbnailnew patent Antenna wrapped around to speaker lid
An antenna includes a first portion and a second portion soldered together. The first portion includes conductive traces applied to a first device part.
new patent Bracket for rf monoblock filter and filter-pcb assembly incorporating the same
A combination rf filter and printed circuit board assembly wherein the rf filter is defined by a block of dielectric material including at least first and second side surfaces. A metal bracket with a plurality of fingers is secured to each of the first and second side surfaces.
new patent Electronic device
In a conventional electronic device and a method of manufacturing the same, reduction in cost of the electronic device is hindered because resin used in an interconnect layer on the solder ball side is limited. The electronic device includes an interconnect layer (a first interconnect layer) and an interconnect layer (a second interconnect layer).
new patent Resistant strain gauge
The invention relates to measurement and control of mechanical values, in particular, to control of stress conditions of various structures and manufacturing sensors of resistant strain gauge type for measuring various mechanical values. It can be used in manufacturing sensors of deformation, force, pressure, movement, vibration etc.
new patent Method of forming light emitting diode dies, light emitting diode wafer and light emitting diode die
A method of forming light emitting diode dies includes: forming an epitaxial layered structure that defines light emitting units on a front surface of a substrate wafer; forming a photoresist layer over a back surface of the substrate wafer; aligning the substrate wafer and patterning the photoresist layer so as to form openings in the photoresist layer, each of the openings having an area less than a projected area of the respective light emitting unit; forming a solder layer on the photoresist layer such that the solder layer fills the openings in the photoresist layer; removing the photoresist layer and a portion of the solder layer that covers the photoresist layer from the substrate wafer; and dicing the substrate wafer.. .
new patent Mask for bumping solder balls on circuit board and solder ball bumping method using the same
Disclosed herein are a mask for bumping solder balls on a circuit board and a solder ball bumping method using the same. The mask includes: a plurality of openings providing spaces into which the solder balls are inserted to thereby be seated on solder pads; and trenches providing introduction spaces for spreading a flux to portions at which the solder balls are seated on the solder pads and extended from at least one side of circumferences of the openings..
new patent Circuit board, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
There is provided a circuit board to which a solder ball composed of a lead (pb)-free solder is to be connected, a semiconductor device including an electrode and a solder ball composed of a lead (pb)-free solder disposed on the electrode, and a method of manufacturing the semiconductor device, in which mounting reliability can be improved by enhancing the bonding strength (adhesion strength) between the solder ball composed of a lead (pb)-free solder and the electrode.. .
new patent Connecting device for electronic component of electronic device
A connecting device to connect an electronic component of an electronic device such as a portable terminal to another connection point such as a connection point of a main circuit board. The connection device includes at least a pair of conducting wires extending from the electronic component; a board connected to an end of the conducting wires; and at least two connecting members provided on one surface of the board, which are electrically coupled to the respective conducting wires.
new patent High-concentration solar cell chip
A high-concentration solar cell includes an epitaxial layer structure, an upper patterned electrode on the top surface, and a back electrode on the back surface. The upper patterned electrode includes a primary pattern and a secondary pattern, where the primary pattern is composed of a series of small metal isosceles trapezoids around the perimeter of the cell.
new patent Cleaning agent for removal of contaminates from manufactured products
A composition effective for removing contaminates from a manufactured product either as a concentrated material or when diluted with water. The composition designed for effective removal of all types of undesirable contaminates from a manufactured product, including but not limited to, solder flux, oils, greases, soil, and particulate matter.
Method for producing a superconducting wire, in particular using lead-free solder
A method for producing a superconducting wire (10), wherein an internal wire (1), which contains superconducting filaments (4), is provided with a normally conducting stabilizing structure (9), is characterized in that, in a continuous or quasi-continuous process, one or more sheath elements (2; 2a, 2b) are shaped and/or placed around the internal wire (9), so that the entire circumference of the internal wire (1) is enclosed by one or more sheath elements (2; 2a, 2b), and all seams (6; 6a, 6b; 16; 16a, 16b) of sheath element ends (5a-5d; 15a-15d) facing each other are soldered and/or welded. A method for producing a superconducting wire is thereby provided, which restricts the cross section of the superconducting wire to a lesser extent and which permits the use of lead-free solder..
Electrical connector with low profile
An electrical connector includes a contact carrier receiving a plurality of contacts with solder balls, respectively. A socket frame has an opening formed by a number of sidewalls, the contact carrier is disposed in the opening and lower than the sidewalls.
A connecting structure comprises a board-side connector and a wire-side connector. The board-side connector comprises a frame pedestal surrounding an accommodating chamber; a metal outer shell covering the exterior of the frame pedestal; a metal inner shell mounted to a mounting hole at a rear end of the accommodating chamber; and a transmission main body mounted to an interior of the metal inner shell.
Battery pack
A battery pack and a method for fabricating the same are provided. The battery pack includes a plurality of battery cells connected in series or in parallel to each other, a protective circuit module (pcm) controlling charging and discharging of the plurality of battery cells, and a coverlay electrically connecting the plurality of battery cells to the pcm, wherein the coverlay includes a plurality of wires, each of the plurality of wires includes battery connecting pads provided at its one end, the battery connecting pads connected to the battery cells, and module connecting pads provided at it's the other end, the module connecting pads connected to the pcm, and a solder layer is formed on the battery connecting pads..
Press platen or endless belt having a sandwich-type structure
The present invention relates to a press platen (1) or endless belt for embossing materials, in particular wooden materials or plastics materials. In order to considerably reduce the production costs and the use of material, it is proposed according to the invention that use is made of a sandwich body which consists of a carrier body (10) and an embossing body (11), wherein said bodies are connected together in a firm and planar manner via a magnetically active and/or metallic adhesive agent (12).
Printed circuit board, semiconductor package using the same, and method for manufacturing the printed circuit board and the semiconductor package
The present invention relates to a printed circuit board, a semiconductor package using the same, and a method for manufacturing the printed circuit board and the semiconductor package. The method for manufacturing a semiconductor package in accordance with the present invention includes: forming a circuit of a predetermined pattern on a pcb substrate; applying a first insulating material on the substrate; removing the first insulating material in the remaining portion except a predetermined portion by exposing and developing the substrate; forming a solder bump in the circuit portion exposed; molding a certain region of an upper surface portion of the pcb substrate including the solder bump by filling a second insulating material on the pcb substrate including the circuit portion; mounting a semiconductor chip on the pcb substrate; and completing one package in which the semiconductor chip and the pcb substrate are integrated..
Shield frame, shield frame mounting structure, and electronic portable device
A shield frame includes a side plate part that extends so as to be arranged vertically from a circuit board, on which electronic components are mounted, and to surround lateral sides of the electronic components. The side plate part has a base end part that faces the circuit board, and the base end part has a flangeless structure and functions as an end part fixed to the circuit board by soldering.
Small form factor modules using wafer level optics with bottom cavity and flip-chip assembly
A disclosed method of manufacturing a camera module includes providing a stack of optical elements, providing an integrated circuit image capture device (icd) having a top surface with an array of sensors, rigidly attaching the stack of optical elements to top surface of the image capture device, providing a substrate having an opening therethrough and a recess around said opening, and attaching the image capture device to the substrate such that edges of the image capture device are disposed in the recess and the stack of optical elements extends through the opening. The method further includes providing a second substrate (e.g., host pcb) and mounting the substrate on the second substrate to attach the camera module to the host device.
Dual-phase intermetallic interconnection structure and method of fabricating the same
Provided are a dual-phase intermetallic interconnection structure and a fabricating method thereof. The dual-phase intermetallic interconnection structure includes a first intermetallic compound, a second intermetallic compound, a first solder layer, and a second solder layer.
Solder flow-impeding plug on a lead frame
Embodiments described herein relate to a method of manufacturing a packaged circuit having a solder flow-impeding plug on a lead frame. The method includes partially etching an internal surface of a lead frame at dividing lines between future sections of the lead frame as first partial etch forming a trench.
Circuit boards, methods of fabricating the same, and semiconductor packages including the circuit boards
Provided is a circuit board, which may include a base layer, an adhesive film, a conductive circuit, and a through via. The adhesive film and the conductive circuit may be provided in plurality to be alternately stacked on the base layer.
Bonding method and production method
A bonding method of the present invention is a method of bonding two members (a and b) to each other with use of an au—sn solder. According to the bonding method of the present invention, after the bonding, an au—sn solder (s′) has weight percent of sn which is not less than 38.0 wt % but not more than 82.3 wt %..
Surface treating composition for copper and copper alloy and utilization thereof
A surface treating composition for copper or a copper alloy comprising an imidazole compound and means for using the composition in the soldering of electronic parts to printed wiring boards are disclosed.. .
Metal shell and plate member welding method
A metal shell and plate member welding method includes the steps of: a) preparing a shell and a plate member, b) applying a solder material to the plate member, c) attaching the shell to the solder material at the plate member to form a semi-finished product and then putting the semi-finished product in a fence of a bottom tool member, d) moving the bottom tool member to insert the semi-finished product and the fence into the space surrounded by an induction coil of an induction heater and then pressing a top tool member on the semi-finished product, e) operating the induction coil to heat the border edge of the shell to a temperature level about 20° c.˜100° c. Over the melting point of the solder material, thereby melting the solder material, and f) cooling down the solder material to finish the welding procedure..
Surface mounting gasket and method of manufacturing same
Disclosed are a surface mount gasket and a method of manufacturing the same. The surface mount gasket includes a laminated sheet comprising a solderable metal layer and a core layer adjoining one surface of the metal layer, and a plating layer surrounding the laminated sheet..
Wiring substrate and method for producing the same
Embodiments of the present wiring substrate include a stacked body including one or more insulation layers and one or more conductive layers, wherein the wiring substrate has a plurality of connection terminals formed on the stacked body, each connection terminal has a top surface whose area is smaller than that of each of opposite side surfaces thereof, and a filling member provided in a filling manner between the connection terminals. The top surface of each connection terminal has an area larger than that of a portion of each side surfaces portion exposed from the filling member, and a bonding layer containing a solder is formed on the top surface..
Rigid-flexible printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
A method of manufacturing a rigid-flexible printed circuit board includes providing a base substrate in which coverlays are respectively formed on two sides of a flexible copper foil laminate on both sides of which inner circuit patterns and a first window are respectively formed; layering insulation layers and copper foil layers on portions of coverlays which are to be a rigid region of the base substrate; forming a via hole in the rigid region, and, simultaneously, forming a via hole to correspond to the first window in a flexible region; forming outer circuit patterns including areas adjacent to the first window; and applying solder resists in the rigid region to expose portions of external circuit patterns. The region adjacent to the via holes in the flexible region includes additional plating portions for covering the coverlays..
Electrical contact component
An electrical contact component includes a contact point part configured to provide an electrical connection by contact, and a mounting part configured to provide an external electrical connection by solder joining. A plating layer containing carbon nanotubes or carbon blacks is selectively formed on the surface of the contact point part.
Electrical connector with new insert-molding method for terminal retaining
An electrical connector includes an insulative housing and a plurality of conductive terminals fixed in the housing, the housing includes a pair of side walls, a pair of end walls and a plug-receiving cavity with an insertion direction surrounded by an inner surfaces of the said four walls, each terminal defines a plate portion embedded in the inner surface of the side walls, and a soldering portion extends out of the housing, each plate portion defines a contacting surface facing and exposing to the plug-receiving cavity and two corners opposite to the contacting surface, the side walls of the housing define a plurality of holes through an outer surface and the holes are located between every adjacent plate portions of the conductive terminals, seen from a cross-section of the electrical connector perpendicular to the insertion direction, said two corners of each plate portion are exposed to adjacent holes.. .
Laser diode assembly
A laser diode assembly includes a housing having a housing part and a mounting part that is connected to the housing part and that extends away from the housing part along an extension direction. A laser diode chip is disposed on the mounting part.
Backlight structures and assemblies for electronic device displays
Electronic devices may include displays. A display may include backlight components such as a light guide plate that distributes light from a light source across the display.
Bga structure using ctf balls in high stress regions
A bga structure having larger solder balls in high stress regions of the array is disclosed. The larger solder balls have higher solder joint reliability (sjr) and as such may be designated critical to function (ctf), whereby the larger solder balls in high stress regions carry input/output signals between a circuit board and a package mounted thereon.
Wiring board
A wiring board includes a base wiring board 10 and a frame wiring board 20. The base wiring board 10 has an element mounting portion 1a and a frame-shaped frame joining portion 1b on the upper surface and a solder resist layer 4 deposited in a portion between the element mounting portion 1a and the frame joining portion 1b.
Method for producing inkjet head, inkjet head, method for producing inter-member electrification structure, and inter-member electrification structure
Wherein a melting point tb[° c.] of the solder bumps and a cure initiation temperature tr[° c.] of the resin adhesion sections meet a relation (tr[° c.]≦tb[° c.]≦tr+30[° c.]).. .
Wiring board and high frequency module using same
A high frequency module wiring board includes a wiring section for high frequency transmission, and a solder resist layer formed upon the wiring section. The solder resist layer covers the wiring section so as to have an opening section at a part of the wiring section in a region extending within a predetermined distance from an input/output terminal of a chip component..
Semiconductor package
The invention provides a semiconductor package. The semiconductor package includes a substrate.
Semiconductor package apparatus
According to example embodiments of inventive concepts, a semiconductor package apparatus includes a first semiconductor package including a first substrate, a first solder resist layer on the first substrate, and a first sealing member that covers and protects the first solder resist layer, and a plurality of solder balls on the first substrate. The plurality of solder balls includes a first solder ball having a first height and a second solder ball having a second height that is different from the first height.
Encapsulated wafer-level chip scale (wlscp) pedestal packaging
Consistent with an example embodiment, there is semiconductor device assembled to resist mechanical damage. The semiconductor device comprises an active circuit defined on a top surface, contact areas providing electrical connection to the active circuit.
Controlled solder height packages and assembly processes
An apparatus comprises a substrate including a surface and a plurality of bonding pads positioned on the surface. The apparatus also includes a material comprising a solder positioned on the bonding pads and extending a distance outward therefrom.
Using collapse limiter structures between elements to reduce solder bump bridging
Electrical connections are provided between the first and the second elements formed by heating solder bumps. At least one collapse limiter structure is coupled to at least one of the first and the second surfaces, wherein the at least one collapse limiter structure is between at least two of the electrical connections..
Semiconductor unit and method for manufacturing the same
A semiconductor unit includes a base, an insulating substrate bonded to the base, a conductive plate made of a metal of poor solderability, a semiconductor device mounted to the insulating substrate through the conductive plate, and a metal plate interposed between the conductive plate and the semiconductor device and made of a metal of good solderability as compared to the metal used for the conductive plate. The base, the insulating substrate, the conductive plate and the metal plate are brazed together, and the semiconductor device is soldered to the metal plate..
Ic wafer having electromagnetic shielding effects and method for making the same
An ic wafer and the method of making the ic wafer, the ic wafer includes an integrated circuit layer having a plurality of solder pads and an insulated layer arranged thereon, a plurality of through holes cut through the insulated layer corresponding to the solder pads respectively for the implantation of a package layer, and an electromagnetic shielding layer formed on the top surface of the insulated layer and electrically isolated from the solder pads of the integrated circuit layer for electromagnetic shielding. Thus, the integrated circuit does not require any further shielding mask, simplifying the fabrication.
Land side and die side cavities to reduce package z-height
A package structure including a capacitor mounted within a cavity in the package substrate is disclosed. The package structure may additionally include a die mounted to a die side surface of the package substrate, and the opposing land side surface of the package substrate may be mounted to a printed circuit board (pcb).
Light blocking structure in leadframe
A semiconductor proximity sensor (100) has a flat leadframe (110) with a first (110a) and a second (110b) surface, the second surface being solderable; the leadframe includes a first (111) and a second (112) pad, a plurality of leads (113, 114), and fingers (115, 118) framing the first pad, the fingers spaced from the first pad by a gap (116) which is filled with a clear molding compound. A light-emitting diode (led) chip (120) is assembled on the first pad and encapsulated by a first volume (140) of the clear compound, the first volume outlined as a first lens (141).
Temperature sensor using aluminum capillary
A temperature sensor assembly is provided. The temperature sensor includes an aluminum capillary soldered to an actuation unit.
Assembly jig for a semiconductor device and assembly method for a semiconductor device
In aspects of the assembly jig and method of the invention, when a packaging substrate is curved concaving upward at temperatures of melting solder, the gap between the assembly jig and the packaging substrate can be made smaller than the dimension of the sum of the thickness of the semiconductor chip and the thickness of the melted solder by allowing a part of the bottom surface of the chip positioning piece to become always, or substantially always, in contact with the upper surface of the packaging substrate owing to the weight of the chip positioning jig itself. As a consequence, the semiconductor chip does not slip aside out of the opening of the chip positioning piece.
Soldering device for plastics adhering
A soldering device for plastics adhering includes a handle having two protruded rings and a button assembly, a body having a pivoting portion and a head portion, the body pivotally rotated relative to the handle in a certain angle between the body and the handle, two conducting rods electrically connected to the button assembly, one end of each conducting rod inserted into the body, another end of each conducting rod exposed out from the body, an electrical storage element assembled into the handle and electrically connected to the button assembly and the two conducting rods. Therefore, when a user presses the button assembly, a unit of electricity is delivered to the conducting rod, so that an amount of heat is generated to adhere or repair an article..
Electrical connecting element having nano-twinned copper, method of fabricating the same, and electrical connecting structure comprising the same
An electrical connecting element, a method of fabricating the same, and an electrical connecting structure comprising the same are disclosed. The method of fabricating the electrical connecting structure having twinned copper of the present invention comprises steps of: (a) providing a first substrate; (b) forming a nano-twinned copper layer on part of a surface of the first substrate; (c) forming a solder on the nano-twinned copper layer of the first substrate; and (d) reflowing the nano-twinned cu layer and solder to produce a solder joint, wherein at least part of the solder reacts with the nano-twinned copper layer to produce an intermetallic compound (imc) layer which comprises a cu3sn layer, this invention reduces the voids formation in the interface between the intermetallic compound and the solder, and then enhances the reliability of solder joints..
Method for manufacturing printed wiring board and printed wiring board
A printed wiring board includes an interlayer resin insulation layer, a pad structure formed on the interlayer resin insulation layer and positioned to mount a semiconductor device, and a solder-resist layer formed on the interlayer resin insulation layer and having an opening portion exposing a portion of the pad structure from the solder-resist layer. The opening portion of the solder-resist layer has a bottom surface such that the bottom surface of the opening portion is exposing an upper surface and a portion of a side surface of the pad structure..
Bus bar for a solar cell
Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to a reduced-area bus bar for collecting current from contacts on the surface of a solar cell. According to various embodiments described herein, a reduced-area bus bar is provided having a width that varies at various points along its longitudinal axis.
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
In accordance with various embodiments, there is provided a method of manufacturing a printed circuit board, the method including the steps of preparing a first carrier including a first pattern formed on one side thereof, preparing a second carrier including a first solder resist layer and a second pattern sequentially formed on one side thereof, pressing the first carrier and the second carrier such that the first pattern is embedded in one side of an insulation layer and the second pattern is embedded in the other side of the insulation layer and then removing the first carrier and the second carrier to fabricate two substrates, attaching the two substrates to each other using an adhesion layer such that the first solder resist layers face each other, and forming a via for connecting the first pattern with the second pattern in the insulation layer, forming a second solder resist on the insulation layer provided with the first pattern, and then removing the adhesion layer.. .
Business card with incorporated ringer
Business card with incorporated ringer formed by a mobile phone module, a strong memory module and optionally a multimedia presentation module in which the device is off by default and is only activated by pressing a bottom (5 or 6) in order to make a telephone call to a predetermined telephone number according to the time and day. The components of the three modules are distributed in an upper area where they are soldered to a flex cable (23) an intermediate area for battery and a lower area formed by a multiplayer base plate (26) to which the components thereof are soldered.
Securing opposing components to a circuit board
According to embodiments of the invention, an assembly having first and second components may be provided. The first component may include one or more connectors corresponding to one or more through-holes of a circuit board.
Electrical connector
An electrical connector, comprises: an insulative housing; a plurality of contacts received into the insulative housing and having a plurality of soldering portion extending rearwardly and beyond a rear surface of the insulative housing; a metallic shell enclosing the insulative housing; and a cover formed on a rear end of the insulative housing and the metallic shell and sealed the rear surface of the insulative housing.. .
Wafer level chip scale packaging
An improved wafer level chip scale packaging technique is described which does not use an encapsulated via to connect between a redirection layer and a pad within the pad ring on the semiconductor die. In an embodiment, a first dielectric layer is formed such that it terminates on each die within the die's pad ring.

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