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Bump structural designs to minimize package defects

Date/App# patent app List of recent Solder-related patents
 Inspecting device monitoring system patent thumbnailnew patent Inspecting device monitoring system
In a monitoring system, when there is an evaluation that a product is defective, in a solder print inspecting device that is subject to monitoring, that information is sent to a mobile terminal possessed by an operator. The operator who views the notification performs, through the mobile terminal, a checking task for evaluating whether or not the evaluation result regarding the printed substrate that has been evaluated as a defective product is correct.
 Universal serial bus connector patent thumbnailnew patent Universal serial bus connector
A universal serial bus connector includes an insulating housing, a plurality of terminals disposed to the insulating housing, a dielectric base, a first shielding shell surrounding the insulating housing, and a second shielding shell. Each of the terminals has a fastening portion, and a soldering portion slantwise extending upward and rearward from a rear end of the fastening portion to be exposed behind the insulating housing.
 Plug and method for producing same patent thumbnailnew patent Plug and method for producing same
A plug for an electrical plug-type connector includes a plurality of plug contacts, which are electrically connected or connectable to a corresponding number of connecting elements, for example insulation displacement contacts, clamping contacts or possibly also soldered joints, each for connecting one electrical cable core. Per plug contact, one conductor is formed as a conductor track which is grown three-dimensionally on the surface of a plug body in the form of a cast plastics part and adheres there, and which both forms the plug contact and electrically connects the plug contact to the connecting element..
 Bump structural designs to minimize package defects patent thumbnailnew patent Bump structural designs to minimize package defects
A method of forming a chip package includes providing a chip with a plurality of first copper post bumps having a first height of copper post. The method also includes providing a substrate with a plurality of second copper post bumps having a second height of copper post.
 Flexible bismaleimide, benzoxazine, epoxy-anhydride adduct hybrid adhesive patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible bismaleimide, benzoxazine, epoxy-anhydride adduct hybrid adhesive
A resin composition which has low stress, and good adhesive property in high temperature and high moisture environments and which is useful in adhesive applications in low stress, high moisture sensitivity level electronic packages. Preferably, a flexible epoxy anhydride adduct modified solid bismaleimide and solid benzoxazine resin composition that can survive high temperature and high moisture conditions and maintain good adhesion strength and minimize the stress resulting from a coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch between a silicon die and a substrate which is ball grid array solder mask or a smart card polyethylene terephthalate or silver or copper metal lead frame..
 Solder compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Solder compositions
A solder composition comprising a blend of a first powder component and a second powder component, wherein the first powder component is a first solder alloy and the second powder component is a second solder alloy or a metal.. .
 Printed circuit board stack patent thumbnailnew patent Printed circuit board stack
Provided is a printed circuit board stack having a structure that connects between printed wirings of printed circuit boards that are arranged so as to face each other across a gap. A first printed circuit board and a second printed circuit board are arranged so as to face each other across a gap; a first fork terminal soldered to a printed wiring is vertically provided on the first printed circuit board, whereas a second fork terminal soldered to a printed wiring is vertically provided on the second printed circuit board.
 Electronic circuit, light source device, and method of manufacturing electronic circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic circuit, light source device, and method of manufacturing electronic circuit
An electronic circuit having an electronic component mounted on a substrate, a light source device having the electronic circuit, and a method of manufacturing the electronic circuit on which the electronic component is mounted on the substrate are described. The electronic component has a plurality of lead pins to be electrically connected to wirings on the substrate.
 Low profile inductors for high density circuit boards patent thumbnailnew patent Low profile inductors for high density circuit boards
An inductor includes a core formed of a magnetic material and a foil winding wound at least partially around or through at least a portion of the core. A first end of the winding extends away from the core to form an extended output tongue configured and arranged to supplement or serve as a substitute for a printed circuit board foil trace.
 Multilayer ceramic capacitor patent thumbnailnew patent Multilayer ceramic capacitor
A multilayer ceramic capacitor whose external electrodes are each provided with a solder non-adhesion film made of material to which solder does not adhere, in a manner continuously covering the entire surface of the end face, and optionally the entire surface of the curved face thereof. The multilayer ceramic capacitor, with certainty, allows for suppression of noise accompanying electrostriction..
new patent Solder assembly temperature monitoring process
An apparatus according to the invention may include one or more fuses placed on a printed circuit board on which an printed circuit board assembly is formed. Each fuse changes in response to ambient thermal conditions beyond a threshold temperature.
new patent Magnetic head, head gimbal assembly and disk drive unit with the same, and manufacturing method thereof
A magnetic head includes a slider substrate having a trailing edge and multiple bonding pads arranged on the trailing edge in a row. Each of the bonding pads includes a seed layer adhered to the trailing edge and electrically connected with the slider substrate, a soldering layer formed on the seed layer and adapted for connecting with a suspension, and at least one solder nonwettable layer adhered to the trailing edge and connected with at least one side of the seed layer.
new patent Method for manufacturing an exhaust system and exhaust system
An exhaust system is manufactured in the following manner. Initially, a plurality of pipe sections are put into each other with a clearance fit, so that connecting points are formed, at which two pipe sections overlap each other.
new patent Package structure and method for manufacturing thereof
The invention provides an electronic device package and method for manufacturing thereof. The electronic device package includes a substrate, an electronic chip, a bonding pad, a first passivation layer, a conductive layer, a second passivation layer, and a solder ball.
new patent Substrate with bond fingers
A flip chip mounting board includes a substrate having a top surface and a plurality of generally parallel, longitudinally extending, laterally spaced apart bond fingers are formed on the top surface. Each of the plurality of bond fingers has a first longitudinal end portion and a second longitudinal end portion.
new patent Methods for forming backside illuminated image sensors with front side metal redistribution layers
Methods for forming backside illuminated (bsi) image sensors having metal redistribution layers (rdl) and solder bumps for high performance connection to external circuitry are provided. In one embodiment, a bsi image sensor with rdl and solder bumps may be formed using a temporary carrier during manufacture that is removed prior to completion of the bsi image sensor.
new patent Shields for magnetic memory chip packages
Chip packages are described with soft-magnetic shields that are included inside or attached externally to the package containing a mram chip. In one group of embodiments a single shield with vias for bonding wires is affixed to the surface of the mram chip having the contact pads.
new patent Light emitting diode device and method for manufacturing heat dissipation substrate
The light emitting diode (led) device includes a substrate formed with at least one electrode; an led chip disposed on the substrate, and formed with at least one solder pad; at least one wire electrically connected between the solder pad and the electrode; and a fluorescent material layer covering the led chip. Thermal conductivity of the substrate is 80˜120 w/mk and a color rendering index of the led device under correlated color temperatures 2600k˜3700k is greater than 90..
new patent Treatment method of electrodeposited copper for wafer-level-packaging process flow
A method of treating a copper containing structure on a substrate is disclosed. The method includes electrodepositing the copper containing structure on a substrate, annealing the copper containing structure, and forming an interface between a pad of the copper containing structure and a solder structure after anneal.
new patent Glazing
A glazing is provided comprising at least one ply of glass having an electrically conductive component connected to an electrical connector by a soldered joint. The solder has a composition comprising tin and silver, preferably 98sn2ag.
new patent Through mold via relief gutter on molded laser package (mlp) packages
Improved molded laser package (mlp) packages which include a relief path for pressure and reduces the risk of shorting adjacent solder balls are provided. The mlp packages may include a gutter integrally connected to one or more through mold vias allowing a path to relieve pressure created when moisture gets entrapped in through mold vias, during the manufacturing process, while also reducing the risk of solder shorts between adjacent solder balls located in the through mold vias.
new patent Wiring board
To obtain a wiring board that allows improving flowability of an underfill to be filled up a clearance between an electronic component and the wiring board. The present invention is a wiring board with a laminated body where one or more layer of each of an insulating layer and a conductor layer are laminated.
new patent Soldering process
A process by which molten solder is purified in-situ, making the soldering process more efficient and yielding better results, particularly for lead-free soldering. Lead-free solder becomes practical for use since the temperature for reliable soldering is reduced.
Lower profile card edge connector
A card edge connector for being retained into a notch of a print circuit board includes an insulative housing defining a central slot extending along a longitudinal direction, a first wall and a second wall located on the opposite sides of the central slot and a fitting portion extending downwardly into the notch from a bottom portion of the first wall, the fitting portion defining a plurality of first terminal slots and the second wall defining a plurality of second terminal slots. A plurality of first terminals are received in the first terminal slots, and a plurality of second terminals are received in the second terminal slots.
Electrical connector having improved shileding plate
An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a plurality of contacts retained in the housing, and a shielding attached to the housing. The housing defines a bottom wall, two opposite side walls, two end walls, and a mating tongue disposed in a mating cavity surrounded by the side walls and end walls.
Methods for metal bump die assembly
Methods for assembling metal bump dies. In an embodiment, a method includes providing an integrated circuit die having a plurality of conductive terminals; depositing solder to form solder depositions on the conductive terminals; providing a substrate having a die attach region on a surface for receiving the integrated circuit die, the substrate having a plurality of conductive traces formed in the die attach region; aligning the integrated circuit die and the substrate and bringing the plurality of conductive terminals and the conductive traces into contact, so that the solder depositions physically contact the conductive traces; and selectively heating the integrated circuit die and the conductive terminals to a temperature sufficient to cause the solder depositions to melt and reflow, forming solder connections between the conductive traces on the substrate and the conductive terminals on the integrated circuit die.
Low void solder joint for multiple reflow applications
Methods and apparatus are provided for attaching a heat spreader to a die and includes disposing a solder thermal interface material between a first surface of a die and a first surface of a heat spreader without disposing a liquid flux between the die and the heat spreader to form an assembly, wherein at least one of the first surface of the die and a first surface of the heat spreader have disposed thereon a metallization structure comprising a transition layer and a sacrificial metallization layer, the sacrificial metallization layer disposed as an outer layer to the metallization structure adjacent the solder thermal interface material; and heating the assembly to melt the thermal interface and attach the die to the heat spreader.. .
Reducing impedance of a printed circuit board through a square wave pattern of plated-through holes
Disclosed are a method and system to reduce impedance of printed circuit boards through an interconnecting of printed circuit boards using a square wave pattern of plated-through holes. A method of connecting a first printed circuit board to a second printed circuit board comprises forming a square wave pattern of the first printed circuit board and the second printed circuit board and adjoining the first printed circuit board and the second printed circuit board.
Fixture planarity evaluation method
Methods for determining the planarity of two components of a semiconductor processing tool, such as a 3d wafer bonder are disclosed. The two components may be fixtures, chucks, or platens of the tool.
Circuit substrate, method of manufacturing circuit substrate, and electronic component
A circuit substrate includes: a mounting region having an exposed surface that is planarized, and in which a predetermined chip is to be mounted; patterns provided in the mounting region, and including respective top faces that form a part of the exposed surface; and solder bumps provided on the respective patterns, and having substantially same shape as one another.. .
Low-k chip packaging structure
A low-k chip packaging structure comprising chip body i (2-1), a chip electrode (2-2), and a chip surface passivation layer (2-3). Chip body i (2-1) has coated thereon thin film layer i (2-3).
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device is carried out by readying each of a semiconductor element, a substrate having cu as a principal element at least on a surface, and a znal solder chip having a smaller shape than that of the semiconductor element; disposing the semiconductor element and the substrate so that respective bonding surfaces face each other, and sandwiching the znal eutectic solder chip between the substrate and the semiconductor element; increasing the temperature of the znal solder chip sandwiched between the substrate and the semiconductor element while applying a load to the znal solder chip such that the znal solder chip melts to form a znal solder layer; and reducing the temperature of the znal solder layer while applying a load to the znal solder layer.. .
Apparatus and method for stripping solder metals during the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment
Apparatuses and processes for recycling printed wire boards, wherein electronic components, precious metals and base metals may be collected for reuse and recycling. The apparatuses generally include a mechanical solder removal module and/or a thermal module, a chemical solder removal module, and a precious metal leaching module, wherein the modules are attached for continuous passage of the e-waste from module to module..
Conductor track unit for a motor vehicle
The invention relates to a conductor track unit, in particular for a motor vehicle. The conductor track unit is provided with conductor tracks which are embedded in an electrically insulating material.
Connector having soldering legs array and method for making the same
An electrical connector comprising an insulative housing, a plurality of terminals retained in the insulative housing, and a metal package enclosing the insulative housing, said metal package comprising a first metallic shell and a second metallic shell covering the first metallic shell, said first metallic shell having an upper wall, a bottom wall and a pair of side walls, said second metallic shell having a top board, a floor board and a pair of side boards. Said second metallic shell is formed with a plurality of first soldering legs extending downwardly from a back-end of the top board, second soldering legs extending outwardly from the side boards, and said first metallic shell is formed with a plurality of fixed legs extending outwardly from a rear-end of the side walls; wherein said fixed legs are located between the first soldering legs and the second soldering legs along a front-to-back direction..
System and method for an improved fine pitch joint
Presented herein are an interconnect and method for forming the same, the method comprising forming an interconnect on a mounting surface of a mounting pad disposed on a first surface of a first substrate, the interconnect comprising a conductive material, optionally solder or metal, the interconnect avoiding the sides of the mounting pad. A molding compound is applied to the first surface of the first substrate and molded around the interconnect to covering at least a lower portion of the interconnect and a second substrate may be mounted on the interconnect.
Low-profile electrical connector with improved mounting pieces for resisting impact force
A low-profile electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a plurality of contacts and a pair of mounting pieces positioned at opposite sides of the insulative housing. The insulative housing includes a half-opened plug-receiving space.
Integrated circuit chip with pyramid or cone-shaped conductive pads for flexible c4 connections and a method of forming the integrated circuit chip
Disclosed is a chip and method of forming the chip with improved conductive pads that allow for flexible c4 connections with a chip carrier or with another integrated circuit chip. The pads have a three-dimensional geometric shape (e.g., a pyramid or cone shape) with a base adjacent to the surface of the chip, a vertex opposite the base and, optionally, mushroom-shaped cap atop the vertex.
Conductive base for forming wiring pattern of collector sheet for solar cells, and method for producing collector sheet for solar cells
Provided are: a conductive base for forming a wiring pattern of a collector sheet for solar cells, which has good rust inhibiting properties and solderability without using an organic rust inhibitor that may harm a solar cell element; and a method for producing a collector sheet for solar cells, said method using the conductive base. A conductive base for forming a wiring pattern of a collector sheet for solar cells, which is a conductive base (30) wherein a zinc layer (320) composed of zinc is formed on the surface of a copper foil (310), is used.
System and method for maxillary protraction in class iii malocclusion patients
The embodiments herein provide a maxillary protraction device is provided for treating maxillary transverse discrepancies in young orthodontic patients and in skeletally mature patients using only local anesthesia and without administering general anesthesia. The maxillary protraction device comprises a hyrax provided with an adjustable screw and a plurality of bands connected to the hyrax through a connecting wire.
Solder mask shape for bot laminate packages
A device is provided. The device may comprise an integrated circuit package.
Smooth solder deposition process
A method of depositing solder material onto a substrate. The method includes adjusting a pressure within a vacuum chamber, the substrate being supported within the vacuum chamber.
Audio solder alloy
To provide audio solder alloy which is senary solder alloy ( and has their appropriate contained amounts to obtain excellent sound quality and high auditory assessment, as the joining solder for connecting various kinds of electronics parts used for electronic circuit such as a filter circuit nw for audio system. A preferably example of the contained amounts is as follows: ag of 1.0 through 1.01% by mass, cu of 0.71 through 0.72% by mass, in of 0.003 through 0.0037% by mass, ni of 0.016 through 0.017% by mass, pb of 0.0025 through 0.0035% by mass and the remainder of sn..
Method and apparatus for fixing strained optical fibers against creep and temperature and strain sensors using said technology
Optical fiber anchors accomplishing low creep confinement or fixing of a section of optical fiber in an assembly compact enough to be used conveniently as an anchor or as an enabling part of a strain or temperature sensor while retaining low optical losses and the original buffer coating to prevent the fiber from being exposed to abrasion and other influences that could lead to breakage. A rigid body is used that is mechanically stiff and hard enough to prevent the fiber from cutting into it or distorting the medium or substrate when subjected to stress, even over a long period of years.
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Disclosed herein is a printed circuit board including: a base substrate in which a connection pad is formed; a solder resist layer formed on the base substrate and comprising a trench exposing a surface of the base substrate; and a dam formed on the solder resist layer and burying the inside of the trench.. .
Heat sink-integrated double-sided cooled power module
A power module for an inverter that is used in an eco-friendly vehicle, such as a hybrid vehicle, an electrical vehicle, or a fuel cell vehicle, i.e., a heat sink-integrated double-sided cooled power module in which cooling efficiency is maximized by adopting a double-sided direct cooling method that uses a heat sink manufactured by an extrusion method. In particular, the heat sink is disposed in upper and lower portions of the power module, and direct bonding materials (dbms) are deposited between the upper and lower heat sinks where a chip is interposed between the dbms.
Electronic device sealing for a downhole tool
Systems, methods, and devices that have a hermetic seal formed using reflow soldering are provided. The hermetic seal may protect electrical components within a packaging for use in downhole tools and/or other applications where the electrical components may be exposed to extreme environments.
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Reliability of a semiconductor device is improved. Each of a plurality of terminals formed on a chip mounting surface included in a wiring substrate has a shape in which a narrow width portion is arranged between adjacent wide width portions in plan view.
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, block stacked body, and sequential stacked body
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device is provided which is capable of improving productivity and reliability. The method of manufacturing a semiconductor device (1) of the invention includes a sequential stacking process, an individual stacked body-obtaining process, and a base material bonding process.
Multi-die, high current wafer level package
Wafer-level package semiconductor devices for high-current applications are described that have pillars for providing electrical interconnectivity. In an implementation, the wafer-level package devices include an integrated circuit chip having at least one pillar formed over the integrated circuit chip.
Package substrate with bondable traces having different lead finishes
A package substrate includes a workpiece having at least a top dielectric layer and a metal layer thereon which provides a plurality of metal traces on a surface of the top dielectric layer. A first solder resist layer provides covered trace portions of the plurality of metal traces.
Metal core solder ball and heat dissipation structure for semiconductor device using the same
Disclosed is a metal core solder ball having improved heat conductivity, including a metal core having a diameter of 40˜600 μm, a first plating layer formed on the outer surface of the metal core, and a second plating layer formed on the outer surface of the first plating layer.. .
Package on package bonding structure and method for forming the same
The described embodiments of mechanisms of forming a die package and package on package (pop) structure involve forming a solder paste layer over metal balls of external connectors of a die package. The solder paste layer protects the metal balls from oxidation.
Package on package (pop) bonding structures
Various embodiments of mechanisms for forming through package vias (tpvs) with multiple conductive layers and/or recesses in a die package and a package on package (pop) device with bonding structures utilizing the tpvs are provided. One of the multiple conductive layers acts as a protective layer of the main conductive layer of the tpvs.
Stacked multi-chip package and method of making same
Stacked multichip packages and methods of making multichip packages. A method includes using a boat having different depth openings corresponding to the length of column interconnections of the completed multichip package and masks to place proper length columns in the corresponding depth openings; placing an integrated circuit chip on the boat and attaching exposed upper ends of the columns to respective chip pads of the integrated circuit using a first solder reflow process and attaching a preformed package substrate integrated circuit chip stack to the integrated circuit and attached columns using a second solder reflow process..
Silver-to-silver bonded ic package having two ceramic substrates exposed on the outside of the package
A packaged power device involves no soft solder and no wire bonds. The direct-bonded metal layers of two direct metal bonded ceramic substrate assemblies, such as direct bonded aluminum (dba) substrates, are provided with sintered silver pads.
Heat transfer device for wave soldering
A structure including a circuit board including a plane and a pin-in-hole component; and a heat transfer device, where the heat transfer device is thermally connected to the plane at a leading edge of the circuit board, the heat transfer device transfers heat from a wave of molten solder to the plane.. .
Method and apparatus for forming a vehicle window assembly using induction soldering
Induction soldering via an assembly fixture is utilized to bond one or more items of hardware to a vehicle window to form a vehicle window assembly. A method of operating the assembly fixture to bond the one or more items of hardware to a vehicle window by induction soldering is also an aspect of the invention..
Disk having an electric connecting element
A disk having at least one electric connecting element is described. The disk has a substrate, an electrically conductive structure on a region of the substrate, a connecting element containing at least chromium-containing steel, and a layer of a soldering compound that electrically connects the connecting element to sub-regions of the electrically conductive structure..
Heat transfer device for wave soldering
A structure including a circuit board including a plane and a pin-in-hole component; and a heat transfer device, where the heat transfer device is thermally connected to the plane at a leading edge of the circuit board, the heat transfer device transfers heat from a wave of molten solder to the plane.. .
Printed circuit board and surface treatment method of printed circuit board
According to the present invention, the surface treatment of the package board or interposer board having an ultra-fine pitch (300 μm or less) may be easily implemented by a cheap process. In addition, the surface treatment of the printed circuit board may be eco-friendly performed by using the pb-free solder, and it may be easy to surface treat the package board or interposer board based on the organic material sensitive to a high temperature..
Polymer matrices for polymer solder hybrid materials
Embodiments of the present invention provide various polymeric matrices that may be used as a binder matrix for polymer solder hybrid thermal interface materials. In alternative embodiments the binder matrix material may be phophozene, perfluoro ether, polyether, or urethane.
Di- or poly-functional electron deficient olefins coated metal powders for solder paste
The present invention relates to cured products of di- or poly-functional electron deficient olefins coated onto at least a portion of a surface of metal powders, such as metal powders used as appropriate in the formation of solder alloys, spheres and pastes.. .
Scraper device
A scraper device is applied to a solder paste printer for scraping solder paste on a surface of a stencil. The scraper device comprises a supporting structure, a scraper fixed to the supporting structure, two blocking members positioned at opposite ends of the scraper respectively and coupled to the supporting structure, and two adjusting structures moveably mount the two blocking members to the supporting structure correspondingly.
Crystallizing glass solders and uses thereof
A crystallizing glass solder for high-temperature applications, which is free of pbo and contains, in % by weight on an oxide basis: 45% to 60% of bao; 25% to 40% of sio2; 5% to 15% of b2o3; 0 to <2% of al2o3; 2 to 7.0, preferably 4.4 to 7.0%, of mgo; and at least one alkaline earth metal oxide from the group consisting of mgo, cao and sro, wherein cao is 0% to 5% and the sum of the alkaline earth metal oxides mgo, cao and sro is 2% to 15%. Preferred embodiments of the glass solder contain from 3 to 15 wt.
Methods, apparatuses and systems for mid-plane mounting parallel optical communications modules on circuit boards
A socket is provided that is configured to be secured to a surface of a host circuit board by solder using a solder reflow process. The solder reflow process that is used for this purpose may be the same solder reflow process that is used to make electrical connections between the array of electrical contacts disposed on the lower surface of the socket and the array of electrical contacts disposed on the upper surface of the host cb.
Fabrication method of semiconductor package
A semiconductor package and a fabrication method thereof are disclosed. The fabrication method includes the steps of providing a semiconductor chip having an active surface and a non-active surface opposing to the active surface, roughening a peripheral portion of the non-active surface so as to divide the non-active surface into the peripheral portion formed with a roughened structure and a non-roughened central portion, mounting the semiconductor chip on a chip carrier via a plurality of solder bumps formed on the active surface, forming an encapsulant on the chip carrier to encapsulate the semiconductor chip.
In situ-built pin-grid arrays for coreless substrates, and methods of making same
A coreless pin-grid array (pga) substrate includes pga pins that are integral to the pga substrate without the use of solder. A process of making the coreless pga substrate integrates the pga pins by forming a build-up layer upon the pga pins such that vias make direct contact to pin heads of the pga pins..
Designed asperity contactors, including nanospikes, for semiconductor test using a package, and associated systems and methods
Nanospike contactors suitable for semiconductor device test, and associated systems and methods are disclosed. A representative apparatus includes a package having a wafer side positioned to face toward a device under test and an inquiry side facing away from the wafer side.

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