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Solar patents


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new patent Solar row onsite automatic inspection system
An inspection system for inspecting a solar row having a plurality of solar panels, the inspection system includes a moveable support construction, an imaging device and a controller, the imaging device being mounted on the moveable support construction, the controller being coupled with the moveable support construction and with the imaging device, the controller being configured to cause the moveable support construction to move the imaging device over the surface of the solar row and to cause the imaging device to image a selected target area of the solar row, the controller being further configured to analyze images acquired by the imaging device for detecting defects of the solar row.. .
Ecoppia Scientific Ltd.

new patent Vinylidene fluoride copolymer and preparation method therefor
Provided in the present invention is a vinylidene fluoride copolymer. Same is acquired via a polymerization reaction taking place at conditions of 30-100° c.
Zhonghao Chenguang Research Nstitute Of Chemical Industry Company Limited

Enhanced solar panels, liquid delivery systems and associated processes for solar energy systems
Fluid delivery systems and related structures and processes are provided, such as for use with water, treated water, and/or a cleaning solution, for any of cleaning, cooling or any combination thereof, for one or more solar panels in a power generation environment. Enhanced coatings are provided for the incident surface of solar panels, such as to avoid build up of dirt, scale, or other contaminants, and/or to improve cleaning performance.
Accurate Solar Power, Llc

Enhanced solar panels, liquid delivery systems and associated processes for solar energy systems
Fluid delivery systems and related structures and processes are provided, such as for use with water, treated water, and/or a cleaning solution, for any of cleaning, cooling or any combination thereof, for one or more solar panels in a power generation environment. Enhanced coatings are provided for the incident surface of solar panels, such as to avoid build up of dirt, scale, or other contaminants, and/or to improve cleaning performance.
Accurate Solar Power, Llc

Systems, methods, and devices including modular, fixed and transportable structures incorporating solar and wind generation technologies for production of electricity
Disclosed are systems, methods, and devices related to fixed and transportable structures and vehicles utilizing the integration of solar and wind technologies for generation of electricity. The system generates electricity using solar panels (and/or solar thermal units) and wind turbines, stores and converts electricity, and can be located in various locations either as fixed or portable embodiments including on land, on water, underwater, air and space and may also be housed in a structure to provide electricity for various facilities and uses..

Solar power controller and impedance detection
A power controller assembly is disclosed that transfers alternating current (ac) power generated by solar panels to devices coupled to the power controller assembly. The power controller assembly includes a power connector assembly that is coupled to an ac power outlet and transfers ac power generated by the solar panels from the ac power outlet to a power cord that is coupled to the power controller configuration.
Sunculture Solar, Inc.

Hybrid energy system for general applications
The hybrid energy system for onshore and for offshore applications to include buildings infrastructure, and vessels respectively an assortment one or more arrays of integrated piezoelectric devices, wind turbine array and solar panels characterized in that they are to produce renewable energy for on demand use and for battery bank storage. Accordingly the onshore application includes a kinetic energy turbine farm, and also offshore methods for kinetic energy turbine farms, mega buoys and mega vessels to supply extra electric energy to other vessels and to shunt net power to utility grid companies, and mega-barges produce net power in onboard giant battery bank containers to rent by shipping to utility consignment locations coastally..

Concentrated solar power system receiver
Systems and methods for concentrating and storing solar energy are provided. A solar energy receiver for use with the systems and methods may include a container for holding a solar absorption material, such as a phase change material, and a cooled cover disposed above the container for condensing and collecting vaporized phase change material collected along an underside of the cover..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Solar slate plate
A slate solar panel installation system and method which allows users to install solar panels on their slate tile roofs wherein one slate tile is removed and the present invention is installed in its place. The current invention does not require drilling any holes in the slate tiles, therefore, not affecting the integrity of the roof and reducing the likelihood of leaks to near zero.

Solar power generation system having a backup inverter
A solar power generation system having a backup inverter, the solar power generation system has n number of solar panels, n number of inverters, at least one backup inverter and at least one ac (alternating current) wiring box; each inverter and the backup inverter are parallel connected to the ac wiring box; the ac wiring box can be connected to a utility grid; when each inverter is normally operated, each solar panel can supply power to each inverter; when the x-th inverter is faulted, the x-th solar panel can supply power to the backup inverter, therefore reduce the interruption time of power generation.. .
Cyber Power Systems, Inc.

Wave generated energy focusing lens and reflector for solar concentration, collection, and harnessing

A novel method of concentrating solar energy using wave generators is disclosed. The systems and methods enable the collection of energy over large area at high efficiencies and the concentrating of energy at a target for use and transfer..
Oas Design Group, Inc.

Supports for suspended solar enhanced oil recovery concentrators and receivers, and associated systems and methods

Supports for suspended solar enhanced oil recovery concentrators and receivers, and associated systems and methods. A representative solar concentrator system includes a curved reflective element oriented concave relative to a focal line, a curved first rib member carrying the reflective element and oriented concave relative to the focal line, a curved second rib member oriented convex relative to the focal line, and a plurality of cross members coupled between the first rib member and the second rib member.
Glasspoint Solar, Inc.

Method and evaporating waste fluids

A self-contained, portable, waste water evaporating apparatus is shown. A solar-operated submersible pump pumps waste water from just under the surface of a waste water pit, through a pair of automatic backflushing filters and out misters located around the bank of the waste water pit.

Ground fault detection device

When a ground fault detection device detects a ground fault of a photovoltaic string, for example, while a power conditioner is in operation, a great current may be flowing in a switching section from the photovoltaic string, so that components resistant to a great current have been used for the switching section. A ground fault detection device includes a stop determination unit configured to determine whether a power converter for converting electric power from a solar battery is in stoppage, and a ground fault detector configured to detect a ground fault of the solar battery in a state where the solar battery and the power converter are electrically disconnected from each other by a disconnection unit arranged between the solar battery and the power converter when the stop determination unit determines that the power converter is in stoppage..
Omron Corporation

Integrated solar panel

A solar panel is disclosed that can be daisy-chained with other solar panels. The solar panel automatically generates output alternative current (ac) power that is in parallel with input ac power coming into the solar panel when the solar panel senses the input ac power so that the solar panel operates as a slave in this state.
Sunculture Solar Inc.

Colorless luminescent solar concentrators using colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals

Disclosed herein are embodiments of a composition comprising a polymer or sol-gel and one or more nanocrystals. The composition is useful as a luminescent solar concentrator.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc

Balanced solar tracker clamp

In an example, the present invention provides a solar tracker apparatus. In an example, the apparatus comprises a center of mass with an adjustable hanger assembly configured with a clam shell clamp assembly on the adjustable hanger assembly and a cylindrical torque tube comprising a plurality of torque tubes configured together in a continuous length from a first end to a second end such that the center of mass is aligned with a center of rotation of the cylindrical torque tubes to reduce a load of a drive motor operably coupled to the cylindrical torque tube.
Nextracker Inc.

Solar powered illumination device

A solar powered illumination device comprises solar panels arranged on a flexible holder, which is arranged on an upper surface of a support. A lower housing comprises an outer circumferential wall and an inner circumferential wall, wherein a drain hole is formed between the outer circumferential wall and the inner circumferential wall.

Backpack for motorcyclists

A backpack for motorcyclists provides a rigid outer shell with an electrical system wherein an onboard battery powers rear signal lights, each comprising a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds), which are linked with the motorcycle's electrical system to function as brake lights and turn signals. The electrical system also charges a cellular telephone or other portable device via a universal service bus (usb) port, and may be recharged by one or more solar panels mounted to the exterior of the backpack.

Method for aligning a set of solar modules of a solar tracker

A method for aligning a set of solar modules of a solar tracker includes a means of connection and of transmission of a solar-tracking movement between two adjacent solar modules of the set of solar modules. The method includes an iterative loop that includes, for each on-going iteration, steps of: disconnecting adjacent solar modules of an aligned subset of solar modules derived from a previous iteration; defining which one of the previously disconnected adjacent solar modules will be the reference solar module for the on-going iteration; orienting the aligned subset of solar modules in such a way that the solar modules of the aligned subset of solar modules are aligned with the reference solar module; connecting the aligned subset of solar modules with the reference solar module for the on-going iteration so as to define an aligned subset of solar modules for the next iteration..

Low profile solar tracking systems & methods

A solar energy collection system comprises a frame for mounting the system on a suitable substrate and a plurality of solar panels disposed adjacent to one another on the frame. A first set of the solar panels are movable relative to a second set of the solar panels, for tracking movement of the sun during the day.

Mass damper for solar tracker

In an example, the system has a mechanical isolator comprising an elastic material configured to separate the panel rail from the torque tube cause destructive interference with a natural resonant frequency of the system without the mechanical isolator to reduce a mechanical vibration of the system.. .
Nextracker Inc.

Soil monitoring system

A solar panel soiling monitoring system is provided for measuring soiling losses on a photo-voltaic system. The solar panel monitoring system includes: a soil monitoring panel including a plurality of arranged photovoltaic cells connected in series to one another; a measurement unit in electronic communication with a switchbox for controlling measurements of each of the photovoltaic cells; a communication unit in electronic communication with the measurement unit; and a data storage system in electronic communication with the communication unit including a processor, a computer readable storage medium, and one or more computer programs operable on the data storage system.

Hybrid solar module coupling and making

A fluid coupler for hydronic solar panels, framed with a rigid frame that, when engaged includes a male coupling rigidly attached to a first manifold pipe. The male coupling has a sealing face perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the first manifold pipe.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

System and transmitting data using alternative energy sources

A system and method for generating power from the low-light emissions prevalent in rainforests through a low-light emission solar panel in order to transmit data over a network. The low-light emission solar panels can be formed to have four sets of three cells wired in series, with each of the four sets of three cells wired in parallel.
Rainforest Connection

Self-contained large scale computing platform

A massively parallel computer system (mpcs) includes a multitude of tiles each adapted to include one or more processing/memory units, power generation unit, and associated circuitry. The tiles are formed in an array of thin, light-weight material that may be foldable and/or collapsible to enable the packaging and folding of the mpcs into a small amount of volume for launch into space.
California Institute Of Technology

Iron pyrite nanocrystal film as a copper-free back contact for polycrystalline cdte thin film solar cells

The invention discloses nanocrystalline (nc) fes2 thin films as the back contact for cdte solar cells. In one example, the fes2 nc layer is prepared from a solution directly on the cdte surface using spin-casting and chemical treatment at ambient temperature and pressure, without a thermal treatment step.
The University Of Toledo

Lighting unit

A lighting unit is provided that has a housing with a lighting portion and a solar panel portion. Solar panels are mounted on the solar panel portion and the energy gathered by the solar panels is stored in a rechargeable battery.

Helps- hybrid electric light pole system

A hybrid, electric light pole system (100) capable of generating energy from wind and solar and collecting it in storage or transferring it to the grid, additionally it is capable of upholding a minimum (but not limited to) overnight supply of energy for uninterrupted work of one or more street electric light bulb(s) (107) is disclosed. The system comprises an adequate monopole (106) and a vertical axis wind turbine (101) rigidly attached on the top of the pole, two (but not limited to) leaves (103) are symmetrically attached to the pole with flat “c” shape branches (105), were each “c” shape branch (105) crosses the pole (106) in two support points.

Portable solar power system with prefabricated solar racking

A portable solar power system includes at least one prefabricated solar racking configured on a trailer frame that is transportable to a deployment site without oversize load travel restrictions (e.g., escort vehicles). The trailer frame includes one or more levelling members that permit a levelled installation of the trailer frame at the deployment site.

Systems and methods to reduce the number and cost of management units of distributed power generators

Apparatuses and methods for configuring and managing solar panels to form strings of photovoltaic energy generators with improved performance and reduced cost. The photovoltaic energy generators are connected via one or more combined local management units (clmus), each having a plurality of direct current converters connected to and configured to receive direct current power from a respective solar panel.
Tigo Energy, Inc.

Solar concentrator assembly and methods of using same

A solar concentrator assembly includes a tripod, a base, a reflective dish, a receptacle, and a thermoelectric module or a heat transfer module. The tripod includes legs and a top tripod connector coupled to top portions thereof.
One Earth Designs Inc.

Device and fixing objects, in particular solar panels, to a roof

The invention relates to a device for fixing objects, in particular solar panels, to a roof. The invention also relates to an assembly of such devices.
Esdec B.v.

Method for assessing parameters for controlling a solar tracker

The invention relates to a method for assessing parameters for controlling a solar tracker including modules which include a table of means for processing solar radiation which is movable on means for connecting to the ground, which includes detecting, for each connection means, spatial coordinates of a point for connection with the table; for each module: i. Determining a tilt of the table from the determined spatial coordinates; ii.

Apparatus for sunlight collection and solar energy generation

This invention relates to photovoltaic (pv) systems with solar trackers. Retractable auxiliary panels are positioned at opposite sides of a solar panel along its tilt direction.

Solar tracking apparatus

A variety of techniques may be employed alone or in various combinations, to track alignment of solar collectors with movement of the sun. One approach utilizes two or more piles offset from a single axis of tracking rotation, to provide foundational support.
Sunpower Corporation

Solar panel racking array

A commercial modular solar racking system, with the capability to be assembled in several configurations, which when assembled, creates a adaptable, size variable, solar panel supporting infrastructure, with a rapid assembly time. The said modular system can be adapted, to construct a perimeter wind lift-dampening fence around the deployed array.
Powerak Pty Ltd

Solar panel kit

A solar power generator kit can, for example, include a box and solar panels, micro-inverters, photovoltaic junction boxes, cables, mounting rails, and coupling components. The micro-inverters and photovoltaic junction boxes can be mounted to the solar panels.
Rsi Development Llc

Solar power supplementation system

A solar power supplementation system for alternatively supplying a distribution transformer with electricity from a remote distribution substation and local solar panels. The solar power supplementation system comprises solar panels that are configured to supply electricity to the distribution transformer by way of a solar collection system and a switch.

Solar power generation system

In an example, a solar power generation system includes solar panels, dc optimizers, and inverters. The numbers of the solar panels and the dc optimizers are both n, and the number of the inverters is m.
Tenksolar, Inc.

Solar battery cell and manufacturing the solar battery cell

Provided is a solar battery cell with low price, high reliability, and high conversion efficiency. A manufacturing method for the solar battery cell including the following processes.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Photoluminescent semiconductor nanocrystal-based luminescent solar concentrators

The present disclosure describes luminescent solar concentrators that include photoluminescent nanoparticles. The photoluminescent nanoparticles include a semiconductor nanocrystal that sensitizes the luminescence of a defect.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commericalization

Solar panel device provided on aircraft wing, aircraft wing having solar panel device, and aircraft

Disclosed is a solar panel device provided on an aircraft wing, which can realize solar panels that are capable of converting sunlight into energy without being damaged due to bending load or movement of a wing, an aircraft wing having such a solar panel device, and an aircraft having such an aircraft wing.. .
Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Solar roadway system and method

A modular solar roadway/railway system (msrs) and method (msrm) utilizing interlocked solar/optical collection panels (scp) having stacked solar collection strips (scs) is disclosed. The scs are configured with an optical input surface (ois) configured to collect solar energy and a road support surface (rss) configured to support automobile traffic.

System and enhanced watch dog in solar panel installations

A system and method for automated shutdown, disconnect, or power reduction of solar panels. A system of solar panels includes one or more master management units (mmus) and one or more local management units (lmus).
Tigo Energy, Inc.

Solar panel with pivoting side supports

A folded down support (12) allows for stronger solar panels (10) and the support replaces most of the solar racking required for solar installation which further reduces the cost of the photovoltaic solar system. The solar panels (10) can be arranged so that solar panels form a solar collector solar panel array.
Patton Engineering, Inc.

Solar cell and manufacturing same

The problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a solar battery which reduces obstructing circumstances in improvement of photoelectric conversion efficiency. The solar battery of the present invention comprises a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity type, a first semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type formed along at a light transmitting surface of the semiconductor substrate and collecting photo-generated carriers based on solar beam of middle and long wavelength, and a second semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type formed at a light incident surface of the semiconductor substrate and collecting photo-generated carriers which cannot reach a first semiconductor layer among photo-generated carriers based on the solar beam of middle and long wavelength as well as collecting photo-generated carriers based on solar beam of short wavelength..

Novel spacecraft architecture

A spacecraft (10) includes: a body (20), a surface of revolution (40), rigidly connected to the body, the spacecraft including a heat engine positioned at the centre of the surface of revolution (40), and the surface of revolution includes a first portion (411) forming a solar concentrator for concentrating solar radiation in the direction of the heat engine and a second portion (412), coaxial with the first portion (411), and such that the first portion (411) and the second portion (412) form, relative to each other, a cassegrain solar concentrator, of which a focal point is located at the heat engine.. .
Airbus Group Sas

Solar-powered aircraft

The present invention is directed to a solar-powered aircraft comprising a fixed wing panel, a motor driven propeller, a plurality of secondary wing panels, and a tail assembly having a first tail panel and a second tail panel. Each secondary wing panel being configured to rotate about a first longitudinal pivot axis extending from a distal end of the fixed wing panel through a central transverse portion of the secondary wing panel.
Aurora Flight Sciences

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