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Software Tool patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Software Tool-related patents
 Automated software tools for improving sales patent thumbnailAutomated software tools for improving sales
A sales application is described that includes multiple automated sales tools that can be combined to help improve sales within a sales team. A deal finder sales tool is described to help identify sales opportunities.
Sap Ag
 Method, system, and computer program product for efficient resource allocation patent thumbnailMethod, system, and computer program product for efficient resource allocation
The present disclosure relates to a tool for increasing efficiency of development and upskilling of developers of software. The system may be configured to identify minimum skills for development of a software tool, identify elements of the software tool to be provided, establish a maximum timeline for completion of the elements of the software tool, based on the elements identified, and determine a proficiency status level appropriate to complete the development of the software tool based on both the identified skills and the elements..
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.
 Method using 3d geometry data for virtual reality image presentation and control in 3d space patent thumbnailMethod using 3d geometry data for virtual reality image presentation and control in 3d space
A method uses a collection of photographic images of an object taken from different viewing angles, along with a set of key geographic parameters for each frame of the photo images, to associate with the object's 3d modeling data, which can use for presenting high quality, photo-realistic 3d image in real time at a computing device. It also provides 3d geometry data for physical applications, which uses an automatic or a manual photo-taking system, and the imported 3d modeling data of the same object with the same hardware system or from an independent 3d geometry scanning system, composes these information into a complete package of files by a manual, semi-automatic or automatic software tool, and then to be presented with a viewing program with 3d environment.
Ortery Technologies, Inc.
 Software for streamlined access between an emergency room and web-based medical software patent thumbnailSoftware for streamlined access between an emergency room and web-based medical software
Applicant has disclosed a software tool which allows quick access by medical providers (e.g., in a hospital emergency room) to patient records stored on web-based medical software. In a preferred embodiment, the software tool allows integration with a third-party electronic medical record (“emr”) software, e.g., used by a medical provider, by capturing screen data from the third-party software, querying a database of the web-based medical software as to whether or not the database contains an active medical record number associated with the patient, and notifying the medical provider of the patient's medical record number status within the web-based medical software.
Quality Health Ideas Llc
 User interface and software tool for architectural processes patent thumbnailUser interface and software tool for architectural processes
A novel software architectural design tool allows users to perform stacking, block editing, and scaling in an efficient and intuitive manner. The user selects a resource from a resource pool, such as number of employees and square footage organized by department, displayed on a monitor.
Archetris, Inc.
 Electronic device and  managing software tools patent thumbnailElectronic device and managing software tools
Method of managing software tools using an electronic device includes initializing a three dimensional (3d) cube on a user interface of a software. The 3d cube includes cube surfaces.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
 Software tools platform for medical environments patent thumbnailSoftware tools platform for medical environments
Various embodiments provide a medical software tools platform that utilizes a surgical display to provide access to medical software tools, such as medically-oriented applications or widgets, that can assist those in the operating room, such as a surgeon and their surgical team, with a surgery. For various embodiments, the medical software tools platform and its associated medical software tools are presented on a surgical display (e.g., being utilized in an operating room) over an image stream provided by a surgical camera (e.g., in use in the operating room).
Z Microsystems, Inc.
 Method and device for upgrading a building control system patent thumbnailMethod and device for upgrading a building control system
An integration tool is presented for integrating and/or commissioning a new device or system into a building automation system. The integration tool is incorporated into the building automation system and is operative to create one or more databases and/or applications for the new device that is then flashed to an appropriate building system controller.
Siemens Industry, Inc.
 System and  file sharing and updating patent thumbnailSystem and file sharing and updating
Embodiments of the present invention include a method and system for sharing changes made by an application to a file on one computer, coherently with other computers, over the internet. If the application changes multiple files (also referred to as a file group), changes made to all the files are shared together coherently with other computers over the internet.
Coral Tree Inc.
 Guided event prediction patent thumbnailGuided event prediction
A method (and structure) for implementing a software tool, as executable by a processor on a computer to exercise any of a plurality of prediction tools. Questions are provided to a user output port, and inputs from a user input port are received as responses to the questions.

Systems and methods for feedback while designing an architectural structure

Various embodiments provide systems and methods enable a user to receive feedback regarding a computer-implemented design of an architectural structure as the user is designing or otherwise modifying the computer-implemented design using a computer-aided design (cad) software tool. The feedback (hereafter also referred to as “design feedback”) may provide the user with useful analysis information regarding the architectural structure's predicted characteristics (e.g., operational performance, resource consumption, cost, etc.) based on the current state of the computer-implemented design.

System and drafting garment patterns

Systems and methods are provided for designing garments from software templates and a software toolkit, drafting garment patterns from body photographs and garment style drawings, and for creating adjustable pattern style drawings and for drafting garment patterns from the pattern style drawings. The garment patterns are adjusted by measurements from two-dimensional images and body part circumferences of a three-dimensional body.

Method and implementing a personal "get out the vote drive" software application

A method and apparatus for a software tool that interfaces with a field operations software tool and incorporates voter score, voter scorecard, post-election voter history, household visualization, voter support visualization, household mailing labels, e-mail voter footer, and voter list of friends and family.. .

Static redirection for objective c

Particular embodiments establish static redirection of a function that is a member of a class to an alternate implementation of the function. A software tool executing on a computer server receives an executable file for an application and a location for an alternate implementation of the function.

Humanoid robot provided with a manager for the physical and virtual resources thereof, and methods for use and programming

A humanoid robot is provided with a manager for its physical and virtual resources, a method of use and a method for programming said manager. Said resources (140, 1410, 1420) are requested so as to execute behaviors.

Hair consultation tool arrangement and method

A hair consultation tool arrangement is disclosed comprising a digital video camera (2) adapted for continuously taking pictures of a model's head and hair (3), a processing unit (4) having a camera interface for collecting pictures recorded by the digital video camera (2), a processor with an image processing software tool implemented for processing the collected pictures and a display interface for sending the processed pictures (6) to a display device (5), and a display device (5) for presenting the processed pictures (6). The hair consultation tool arrangement (1) comprises an illumination device (8) directed towards the model's head and hair (3) for illuminating the part of the model (3) imaged by the digital video camera (2)..

Systems and methods for outputting an application to another environment

Methods for outputting an application are disclosed. One exemplary embodiment provides a software tool for outputting an application to one or more environments.

Remote computer diagnostic system and method

The system enables a call center to manage requests from remote computing clients for service. The system provides a number of software tools that allow technicians to perform routine maintenance and correct problems remotely.

Methods and systems for managing data service specifications

Development of network-based computing resources can be enhanced through the use of methods and systems that allow for controlled editing of specification data used in an automated build process in a user-friendly way. Particularly, one or more software tools can be used to allow editing of application proramming interfaces (api) specification data such as web application description language (wadl) or web service description language (wsdl) and/or to allow editing of elements used to generate software development kit (sdk) documentation relied upon by an automatic build system.

Remote software depolyment across a network

Methods, computer-readable media, and systems are provided for deployment of software tools across a network. One example method includes initiating a discovery mechanism to poll a plurality of computing machines 121-1, .

System and file sharing and updating

Embodiments of the present invention include a method and system for sharing changes made by an application to a file on one computer, coherently with other computers, over the internet. If the application changes multiple files (also referred to as a file group), changes made to all the files are shared together coherently with other computers over the internet.

Method for implementing quality alarms in an energy management system remote terminal

Methods for creating high quality alarms raise ems operator awareness to abnormal conditions in monitored assets across multiple sites in a single ems software platform. An embodiment includes steps for accessing an alarm designer software tool that contains a library of alarm definitions and the ability to create new alarm definitions, clone and edit existing alarm definitions, lock alarm definitions and delete alarm definitions.

System and culture mapping

Systems and methods for culture mapping and intelligence include software tools to collect, analyze, and categorize data based on behavior archetypes to produce information visualizations from the data. In one embodiment, a user query relative to a topic of interest may include a word, a combination of words, or a set of words for a particular field, such as a byline or hashtag of an online or networked community.

Software tool for implementing modified qr decomposition in hardware

System and method for developing a circuit for qr decomposition with auxiliary functionality. A first function is included in a first program.

Research and development and market viability analysis framework for drugs, biologics and medical devices

A drug, biologic or medical device evaluation software tool for determining optimized research, development and commercialization pathways. The method comprises a) providing comparative clinical trial, value proposition and marketplace success predictors as metrics from a selected range of therapeutically relevant marketplace competitors anticipated at the time of the launch of the new product to a computer device b) assigning comparative benefit and risk scores to the product in research and development relative to these competitors c) incorporating specific feedback from physicians, health plans, healthcare service providers and payers to validate these scores d) offering scenario planning on multiple research, development and marketing options based on theoretical benefit and risk alternative scoring, and refined through various metric weighting and apportioning functions within the tool..

Radio frequency communication simulation

A computer software tool comprises a simulated radio frequency transmitter device (6), a simulated radio frequency receiver device (6′) and a shared memory resource (10). The shared memory resource (10) is arranged to receive messages from the simulated transmitter (8) and to pass said messages to the simulated receiver (8′) wherein said messages are in a format understandable by software running on both the simulated radio frequency transmitter device (6) and the simulated radio frequency receiver device (6′)..

Method of simulating the absorption of plane waves using fem software tools

A novel and useful method of visualization by detection of em radiation being irradiated or reflected from objects in the imager's field of view using finite element method (fem) simulation software tools. The methodology provides a verification method of antenna operation from an electrical point of view since bolometer performance cannot be estimated using regular antenna parameters such as directivity, gain, impedance matching, etc.

Method, system, and computer program product for efficient resource allocation

The present disclosure relates to a tool for increasing efficiency of development and upskilling of developers of software. The system may be configured to identify minimum.

Method and generating a data repository

A computer system for generating a data repository comprising engineering, service, and lifecycle rules related to domain specific objects used by engineering, service and lifecycle software tools, may include for each engineering, service, and lifecycle software tool a software plugin adapted to generate rules arising while interacting with the respective engineering, service, and lifecycle tool, and to store the generated rules in said data repository of said computer system.. .

Real time web development testing and reporting system

Elements of the geometry of the image of a webpage as rendered on at least one target browser are compared with elements of a baseline geometry of the webpage to determine the differences between elements of the baseline geometry of the webpage and elements of the respective geometries of the image of the webpage as rendered on the at least one target browser. The elements of the image may be determined by a software tool for determining elements of a document geometry, such as a dom geometry service.

Method for embedding captured content from one location to a host location

The present invention includes a software tool, or widget, that links content to, rather than embeds content on, a host location from captured content from a subject location. Specifically, a the present invention includes a software tool or application that easily enables a user to capture content or a portion of content from one location (such as a web page, electronic document, or file on a server) and to embed code pointing to that captured content in another location (such as a user's blog-site, facebook page, other social media site, or similar).

Method of handling proactive software toolkit commands and 3gpp modem equipment incorporating the same

A modem and a method of handling a proactive software toolkit command. In one embodiment, the modem includes: (1) a digital interface configured to receive from a subscriber information module a proactive software toolkit command the modem is designated by standard to handle and (2) a command processor coupled to the digital interface and configured to prepare information regarding the command for transmission to terminal equipment coupled to the modem..

Storage device firmware and manufacturing software

Storage device firmware (fw) and manufacturing software techniques include access to fw images and communication of a manufacturing software tool. The manufacturing software tool enables download of the fw images into an i/o device and controlling a manufacturing test of the i/o device that is a storage device providing a storage capability.

System for tuning synthesized speech

An embodiment of the invention is a software tool used to convert text, speech synthesis markup language (ssml), and/or extended ssml to synthesized audio. Provisions are provided to create, view, play, and edit the synthesized speech, including editing pitch and duration targets, speaking type, paralinguistic events, and prosody.

Software tool for creation and management of document reference templates

A software tool is described in which a document authentication software engine is tightly integrated with software for creating and managing reference templates for identifying different types of security documents, such as passports and driver's licenses. This integration allows an operator to test each individual change as a document reference template is being created to shorten the creation time and improve the accuracy of the template..

Control for vehicle imaging system

A vision system for a vehicle includes a plurality of cameras disposed at a vehicle equipped with the vision system. Each of the cameras has a respective field of view and is operable to capture respective image data.

System and authoring guided procedures

A software system maintains a plurality of procedures in an infrastructure. The procedures include step by step instructions relating to assisting a user of the infrastructure.

Solar panel layout and installation

Methods, computer readable media, and apparatuses related to a solar panel layout and installation software tool are presented. In certain aspects, information is retrieved from one or more data sources based on a received location.

Blocking of unlicensed audio content in video files on a video hosting website

A system, method and various software tools enable a video hosting website to automatically identified unlicensed audio content in video files uploaded by users, and initiate a process by which the user can replace the unlicensed content with licensed audio content. An audio replacement tool is provided that enables the user to permanently mute the original, unlicensed audio content of a video file, or select a licensed audio file from a collection of licensed audio, and insert the selected in place of the original audio.

Gaze direction adjustment for video calls and meetings

In a typical video meeting, each of two persons has a computer or a portable electronic device, controlled by one or more processors executing software instructions. Each device has a screen and a video camera.

Variant annotation, analysis and selection tool

Disclosed are methods for detecting and/or prioritizing phenotype-causing genomic variants and related software tools. The methods include genomic feature based analysis and can combine variant frequency information with sequence characteristics such as amino acid substation.

Video segmentation method

A system and method implemented as a software tool for foreground segmentation of video sequences in real-time, which uses two competing 1-class support vector machines (c-1svms) operating to separately identify background and foreground. A globalized, weighted optimizer may resolve unknown or boundary conditions following convergence of the c-1svms.

Using content

Among other things, the ability of people and entities to produce, distribute, and use text, images, video, and other items of digital content is enhanced by providing software tools that enable them to (a) clip items of the digital content on any platform that is capable of presenting the digital content, (b) store copies of the clipped items along with copies of items clipped by other people or entities, in a common storage place controlled by a host, (c) form and store meshes of tags to represent their mindsets about items of content. The tags include primary tags that express their direct observations about the content and secondary tags that express their observations about the primary tags and the secondary tags.

Model elements in software tools as automatons in a software customization system and method

Presented is a system and method for the integration of existing software development tools into a software customization system, where each software development tool has its own model of its software artifacts. The invention allows models in an external software development tool to become software artifacts within a software customization system, and also allows the model elements of the existing tools to become automatons..

Education management and student motivation system

An educational management system is disclosed. The system provides software tools for displaying student grades to a class, easily recording student behavior during lessons, and adjusting student grade output in real time.

System and image collage editing

A system and method for a system and method for implementing an image collage editing software tool implemented in a networked computing environment. Collage is a feature area within an online image editing service that allows users to create a composite image from multiple images.

Virtual use of electronic design automation tools

A control server facilitates communication between a tool server hosting an instance of a software tool and a client device employed by a user of the software tool. The client device initially contacts the control server to request the use of the software tool.

Aircrew training system

An aircrew training system and method utilizes an analytical software tool to assess student pilot gaze activity and flight performance against established baseline standards. The system comprises databases that contain information detailing the expected state of aircraft instrumentation and characteristics of experienced gaze behavior associated with activities undertaken throughout each phase of flight.

Automatic reconfiguration of initialization firmware in a computer system

A system and method for automatically reconfiguring the initialization firmware (e.g., bios firmware or uefi firmware) of a computer system are described. The computer system may execute an ifw (initialization firmware) configuration software tool to receive input requesting to change the configuration of the initialization firmware, and to change the configuration as requested by the input.

Architectural planning system and process therefor

An architectural planning system, that includes software and the process thereof, which actively tracks the relationship of organizational groups as well as the required connections therebetween, which information can be actively taken into account during an architectural planning phase. Generally, this provides an improved software tool and process for planning the physical locations of organizational groups within the building space.

System and expanding, amalgamating, selectively utilizing and transforming access to networking websites and user information therein

Systems and methods of expanding and enhancing the usefulness and accessibility of networking site and member user information therein are disclosed. An e-mailer, instant messenger, text messenger, blogger or other user with accounts at one or more sites (sender) provides a recipient with access to the site or sites (or sender's information therein) through a link, software tool, or the like.

Remote computer diagnostic system and method

The system enables a call center to manage requests from remote computing clients for service. The system provides a number of software tools that allow technicians to perform routine maintenance and correct problems remotely.

Financial instrument discovery, transparency, communication, and trading facilitation

This disclosure allows parties to virtualize prospective and existing financial instruments (including derivative and other analogous complex financial instruments) and other data set into one or more computer software applications via a user authoring software toolkit, and to upload such one or more virtualized instrument to a cloud hosting environment (or analogous online storage ecosystem) for further sharing of such virtualized instruments with interested parties over a communications network where other market participants may engage with the cloud hosting environment and search for, download, and review such virtualized instruments. Further, the disclosure allows for downloading parties and authors to communicate directly and to do such “peer to peer” communications on an anonymous, partially anonymous, or non-anonymous basis, and have such communications be secure and/or encrypted..

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