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Software Tool patents


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 Methods and systems for cell state quantification patent thumbnailMethods and systems for cell state quantification
Systems, methods, libraries, kits, and computer software tools are provided for designing and producing engineered cells. Such engineered cells can be used for cell state quantification, such as genome, transcriptome and/or proteome quantification.
Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc.

 Reverse api endpoint creation process patent thumbnailReverse api endpoint creation process
A reverse api system is provided wherein data retrieved from disparate data sources, including legacy information in obsolete formats, are standardized and combined. An interactive text editor software tool allows an administrator to compose or edit standardization schema that include data source formulas which identify the data locations and any needed access protocols and that also include standardization functions which define transformations and other data handling instructions whereby retrieved data is standardized, unified and optionally enhanced by the system prior to delivery to a requestor.
6connect, Inc.

 Computer-implemented  editing data object variants patent thumbnailComputer-implemented editing data object variants
A computer-implemented method for editing data object variants of at least one software tool is described and presented, whereby the data object variants have at least one common software/hardware attribute and in each case a configuration of the attribute. It is possible to react to changing configurations of hardware attributes of different data object variants and thereby to changing matching groups during the editing of a data object variant in that for at least one attribute matching configurations of the attribute in different data object variants are captured and that for the attribute information on matching groups of data object variants is stored with the matching configurations of the attribute..
Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh

 Configuration apparatus and  configuring an automation system patent thumbnailConfiguration apparatus and configuring an automation system
To simplify a configuration of an automation system for a customer, a configuration apparatus for configuring an automation system of a customer is provided that comprises device components of one or more manufacturers, having a first software tool that is provided for inputting user data in customer-specific terminology is provided and stores the input user data in a data management sector; having a second software tool that is provided for receiving the user data and that has a calculation unit for determining configuration data from the user data, wherein the second software tool has at least one mapping algorithm that prepares the stored user data for the calculation unit into manufacturer-specific terminology, and wherein a storage of the user data and a storage of the configuration data by the second software tool can be carried out separately from the data management sector of the first software tool.. .
Sick Ag

 Real-time and protocol-aware reactive jamming in wireless networks patent thumbnailReal-time and protocol-aware reactive jamming in wireless networks
A real-time capable, protocol-aware, reactive jammer using gnu radio and the usrp n210 software-defined radio (sdr) platform detects in-flight packets of known wireless standards and reacts to jam them—within 80 ns of detecting the signal. A reactive jamming device is achieved using low-cost, readily available hardware.
Drexel University

 Blocking of unlicensed audio content in video files on a video hosting website patent thumbnailBlocking of unlicensed audio content in video files on a video hosting website
A system, method and various software tools enable a video hosting website to automatically identified unlicensed audio content in video files uploaded by users, and initiate a process by which the user can replace the unlicensed content with licensed audio content. An audio replacement tool is provided that enables the user to permanently mute the original, unlicensed audio content of a video file, or select a licensed audio file from a collection of licensed audio, and insert the selected in place of the original audio.
Google Inc.

 Planning and engineering method, software tool and simulation tool for an automation solution patent thumbnailPlanning and engineering method, software tool and simulation tool for an automation solution
In planning and engineering an automation solution which comprises an automation system and a process engineering plant, objects that represent the components of the configured automation solution are imported by means of a simulation tool to simulate the automation solution on the basis of simulation models associated with the imported objects. Attributes contained in objects which represent the hardware components of the automation system and which describe it security events that may be generated by the components are entered into the associated simulation models for simulatively generating security events in a simulation of the automation solution, for transferring the simulatively generated security events to a security information event management (siem) system for evaluation, and for using the results of the evaluation generated by the siem system to simulate the automation solution..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Storage device firmware and manufacturing software patent thumbnailStorage device firmware and manufacturing software
Storage device firmware (fw) and manufacturing software techniques include access to fw images and communication of a manufacturing software tool. The manufacturing software tool enables download of the fw images into an i/o device and controlling a manufacturing test of the i/o device that is a storage device providing a storage capability.
Seagate Technology Llc

 Tracking data flow in distributed computing systems patent thumbnailTracking data flow in distributed computing systems
A distributed computing environment comprises a plurality of distributed computer systems interconnected by one or more data networks. The plurality of distributed computer systems executes a plurality of applications.
Morgan Stanley Services Group, Inc.

 Integrated resource tracking system patent thumbnailIntegrated resource tracking system
A computer network including a server computer, a first computer implementing a first software tool having a first function and a second software tool having a second function, and a second computer implementing the first software tool and the second software tool. The server computer is configured to gather first data regarding use of the first software tool; gather second data regarding use of the second software tool; and based on the first data and the second data, link activities of the first user and the second user to a performance goal for any one of the first user, the second user, a team including at least the first user or the second user, or an organization to which the first user and the second user belong.
Adp, Llc

System and user collaboration in a business intelligence software tool

A method for user collaboration in a business intelligence software tool includes executing a computing server in an operating system of a computing device including a processing unit and system memory. The computing server comprises a business intelligence tool application adapted for rendering data to a group of users for business intelligence.

Planning and engineering method, software tool and system for a process plant

A flowchart of a process plant is compiled by linking graphical process objects representing operator-controllable and observable facilities of the plant when planning a process plant, wherein the process in the process plant is simulated with reference to simulation models assigned to the graphical process objects during a simulation phase, where simulation models include energy consumption models that describe the electrical energy consumption of the respective facilities to be described as a function of measurable or known process variables in the plant and hence enable simulation and optimization of the automation with respect to electrical energy consumption and energy efficiency.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Methods and workflows for selecting genetic markers utilizing software tool

A visual tool facilitates selecting snps for genotyping experiments comprises a first memory containing a datastore of pre-calculated linkage disequilibrium map information; a second memory containing a datastore of haplotype block information; and a third memory containing at least one set of tagging snps. A graphical user interface provides visualization of snps, integrated with a physical genome map.
Applied Biosystems, Llc

User interface and underlying data analytics for customer success management

Approaches relating to customer service management for recurring revenue assets are described. A csm application or other csm software tool (or set of tools) can include features relating to customer lifecycles, product usage, and/or customer success, each of which can be monitored based on various analytical measures, metrics, indicators, etc.

Imaging neurological disease

A method of imaging to permit calculation of left:right striatum uptake ratios is provided, and the degree of asymmetry used to assist in the diagnosis of neurological diseases. Also provided are a method of diagnosis, method of patient selection, and method of therapy monitoring using the imaging method, and software tools for use in the method..

System and image collage editing

A system and method for a system and method for implementing an image collage editing software tool implemented in a networked computing environment. Collage is a feature area within an online image editing service that allows users to create a composite image from multiple images.

Increasing proficiency status of developers

The present disclosure relates to a tool for increasing efficiency of development and upskilling of developers of software. The system may be configured to identify minimum skills for development of a software tool, identify elements of the software tool to be provided, establish a maximum timeline for completion of the elements of the software tool, based on the elements identified, and determine a proficiency status level appropriate to complete the development of the software tool based on both the identified skills and the elements..

Systems and methods for providing an administrative framework in a cloud architecture

The invention is an eighth layer cloud administrative framework that provides for both monitoring users and providing needed software. The cloud framework guides software tool implementation so that users can accomplish business tasks efficiently..

Certification implemented with adult learning techniques

An interactive software tool is used to obtain informed acceptance of compliance criteria. The subject is presented with a series of instructional formats in the form of a series of instructional scenarios.
Painrx, Co.

Risk evaluation and management strategy involving patient follow-ups relating to the use or discontinuation of a complement inhibitor

This invention provides, inter alia, a complement-inhibitor-based treatment plan coupled with a risk evaluation and management strategy (“rems”) and a safety support program (“ssp”) for reinforcing the rems. The rems and spp are implemented using one or more computer devices with software tools programmed to enforce conditions of the rems and/or prompt follow-ups by registered nurses enrolled in the ssp.
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Hair consultation tool arrangement and method

The invention relates to a hair consultation tool arrangement comprising a digital video camera adapted for continuously taking pictures at least of the model's head and hair, wherein this tool arrangement may comprise a processing unit having a camera interface for collecting pictures recorded by the digital video camera, a processor with an image processing software tool implemented for processing the collected pictures, a display interface for sending the processed pictures to a display device and a display device for presenting the pictures. The invention further relates to a respective method for rendering a hair consultation..

System and using decision rules to identify and abstract data from electronic health sources

The present invention has to do with a method and system for generating condition-specific registries which are essential resources for supporting epidemiological, quality improvement, and clinical trial studies. The identification of potentially eligible patients for a given registry often involves a manual process or use of ad hoc software tools.

Communication infrastructure for virtual machines

In an example embodiment, a communication is received from a software tool. The communication may be intended for a virtual machine and may contain an identification of a virtual file.

Model elements in software tools as automatons in a software customization system and method

Presented is a system and method for the integration of existing software development tools into a software customization system, where each software development tool has its own model of its software artifacts. The invention allows models in an external software development tool to become software artifacts within a software customization system, and also allows the model elements of the existing tools to become automatons..
Biglever Software, Inc.

Computer-implemented generating control unit program code and message management environment relating thereto

A computer-implemented method for generating control unit program code. The control unit program code or an intermediate representation in the generation of the control unit program code is generated from at least one first data object with at least one first software tool.
Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh

Method and software tool for evaluation and automated generation of space habitat interior layouts

Systems and methods of generating and evaluating a habitat interior design are provided. Generating a conceptual habitat layout includes defining one or more habitat requirements, generating a plurality of physical subsystems and geometric dimensions of the physical subsystems based on the one or more habitat requirements, and assigning a spatial position to each of the plurality of physical subsystems.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

Static redirection for objective c

Particular embodiments establish static redirection of a function that is a member of a class to an alternate implementation of the function. A software tool executing on a computer server receives an executable file for an application and a location for an alternate implementation of the function.
Vmware, Inc.

Managing print jobs

Systems and methods for managing print jobs associated with multiple customers. Customer-editable design templates for printed products and design software tools enabling creation by customers of custom print product designs are provided, via a network, to multiple customers operating corresponding electronic devices.
Cimpress Usa Incorporated

Computer processor employing explicit operations that support execution of software pipelined loops and a compiler that utilizes such operations for scheduling software pipelined loops

A computer processor includes execution logic (having a number of functional units) configured to perform operations that access operand data values stored in a plurality of operand storage elements. Such operand data values include a predefined none operand data value indicative of a missing operand value.
Mill Computing, Inc.

Social network usage-based sales insights

In an example embodiment, information about one or more customer relationship management (crm) entities is received from a crm system, the information including an identification of each of the one or more crm entities and usage information about how a user interacted with each of the one or more crm entities. Then, at a software tool distinct from the crm system, one or more actionable insights related to the one or more crm entities are identified.
Linkedin Corporation

Method for implementing quality alarms in an energy management system remote terminal

Methods for creating high quality alarms raise ems operator awareness to abnormal conditions in monitored assets across multiple sites in a single ems software platform. An embodiment includes steps for accessing an alarm designer software tool that contains a library of alarm definitions and the ability to create new alarm definitions, clone and edit existing alarm definitions, lock alarm definitions and delete alarm definitions.
Gridpoint, Inc.

Magnetic resonance apparatus

A magnetic resonance apparatus has a computer designed to emit, on each of at least one control channel, a control signal generated from a sequence of values to control, via each channel, at least one component of the magnetic resonance apparatus. A buffer device is provided for each channel, which includes at least one read control device and a control buffer memory for that control channel.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Crm-based discovery of contacts and accounts

In an example embodiment, a request to onboard a first user to a software tool is received. A first query is performed on information in a customer relationship management (crm) system to obtain a first set of crm entities of a first type.

Native java backtracing from the c/c++ runtime

A system and method are disclosed for runtime probing of software. In accordance with one embodiment, a target method of a software application is modified to include a call to a first helper method and a call to a second helper method that occurs after the call to the first helper method.
Red Hat, Inc.

Ranking hybrid renewable distributed generation systems

Discussed herein is a method for determining an efficient hybrid distributed generation (dg) system from a set of hybrid systems. A ranking technique is described which aids in determining the most favored or efficient hybrid renewable dg system.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Manager cockpit for improving manager performance

Techniques are described for aggregating information from multiple software tools into a manager cockpit. The manager cockpit includes multiple views for presenting the aggregated information in various actionable tiles.

Manager cockpit for improving manager performance

Techniques are described for aggregating information from multiple software tools into a manager cockpit. The manager cockpit includes multiple views for presenting the aggregated information in various actionable tiles.

Elevator health check

A software tool configured on a mobile device can be executed while ascending in an elevator car, causing the device to utilize one or more sensor capabilities, such as an accelerometer or microphone, to capture data relating to the ascent. Captured data can be filtered, manipulated, and combined to generate scores relating to one or more aspects of the elevator car's performance.

Multi-hop root cause analysis

Methods for monitoring a networked computing environment and for identifying root causes of performance and availability issues that occur throughout multiple layers of the networked computing environment are described. In some embodiments, a software service provided by a networked computing environment may experience a service-related performance or availability issue.
Ca, Inc.

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