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Sodium Citrate patents


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Antibiotic composition comprising a chemotactic agent and a nutrient dispersion
Compositions and methods for treating infectious diseases produced by biofilms are disclosed. More specifically, the present disclosure refers to a pharmaceutical composition which may be used for treating biofilm infections, specifically, biofilms formed by bacteria such as pseudomonas, e.
Professional Compounding Centers Of America (pcca)

Additive compositions for low loss wire and cable dielectric and products obtained thereby
There are disclosed additive compositions for polymer base materials, which additive compositions are comprised of blowing agent (direct gas or chemical blowing agent), thermoplastic polymer carrier for the chemical blowing agent and filler, wherein the thermoplastic polymer carrier has a melting point below the decomposition temperature of the chemical blowing agent. The additive compositions improve the dielectric properties of a foamed material and find particular application as additives for coverings for metallic or non-metallic conductive wire or cable composites.
Reedy International Corporation

Broad spectrum pharmacological composition for treatmentof various infections and diseases and methodsof use
A pharmacological composition for the treatment of bacterial and protozoal infections in a patient. The preferred pharmacological composition comprises a pharmaceutical carrier and an active composition selected from the group consisting of: a) an amount of sodium oxalate and an amount of oxalic acid, b) an amount of sodium citrate and an amount of citric acid, or c) mixtures of a) and b).

Paper pulping process and composition
This is a method and composition for a paper pulp product used to create formable or moldable products from the paper pulp that cures with significant rigidity, stability and strength. The composition includes a mixture of raw paper, portland type 1, class c fly ash, hydrated lime, perlite polyvinyl alcohol and water.
Friends Of Abilities First, Inc.

Citrate resorption of bone as a treatment for spinal stenosis
Spinal stenosis is a common debilitating illness that produces symptoms of neurogenic claudication, radiculopathy and weakness. Present therapies include administration of analgesics, epidural injections of local anesthetic with corticosteroids and decompression laminectomy.

Methods of using hydrogen peroxide for in-situ chemical oxidation treatment of soil and groundwater
Disclosed are methods of custom stabilization of the hydrogen peroxide used in the safe in-situ treatment of soil and groundwater. In one embodiment, disclosed is a method of in-situ chemical oxidation treatment of soil and/or groundwater wherein the hydrogen peroxide has been stabilized with carboxylate salt (e.g., sodium citrate, sodium malonate, or sodium phytate).

Methods and compositions for the disruption of biofilms and treatment of disorders characterized by the presence of biofilms
Methods and compositions are provided for the disruption of biofilms and the treatment of disorders characterized by the presence of biofilms and/or abnormally viscous and/or cohesive bodily secretions, such as mucus and sputum. Disorders that can be effectively treated using the disclosed compositions and methods include cystic fibrosis (cf), endocarditis, urinary tract infections, middle-ear infections, chronic sinusitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), asthma, bronchitis, neonatal meconium aspiration syndrome, smokers' cough, chronic tonsillitis, chronic vaginitis, and fungal or bacterial infections.
Breathe Easy Limited

Stabilized pemetrexed formulation
The present invention relates to a stabilized pemetrexed formulation, and more specifically, to a stabilized pemetrexed formulation comprising acetylcysteine as an antioxidant and sodium citrate as a buffering agent. Additionally, the present invention relates to a pemetrexed formulation filled in a sealed container, comprising pemetrexed or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof as an active ingredient, wherein the oxygen gas content within the headspace of the container is 3 v/v % or less..
Cj Healthcare Corporation

Compositions and methods to prevent aav vector aggregation
Compositions and methods are provided for preparation of concentrated stock solutions of aav virions without aggregation. Formulations for aav preparation and storage are high ionic strength solutions (e.g.
Genzyme Corporation

Red blood cell preservative, preservative container, manufacturing red blood cell preservative, and blood bag system
A red blood cell preservative includes: a first aqueous solution containing mannitol, adenine, sodium citrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, and dextrose; and a second aqueous solution containing disodium phosphate, characterized in that the first aqueous solution and the second aqueous solution are mixed together after autoclave sterilization.. .
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Citrate free pharmaceutical compositions comprising anakinra

The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising anakinra as an active compound in the absence of sodium citrate. The said pharmaceutical compositions are useful for the treatment of il-1 mediated disorders and for decreasing nociceptive pain during such treatment..
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Ab (publ)

Cleaning compositions including fermented fruit solutions

Described herein are cleaning compositions comprising fermented fruit solutions and builders, methods for making the same, and methods for using the same. The fermented fruit solutions can contain fruit, sugar and water.
Equator Global Limited

Method of synthesizing silica nanofibers using sound waves

A method for synthesizing silica nanofibers using sound waves is provided. The method includes providing a solution of polyvinyl pyrrolidone, adding sodium citrate and ammonium hydroxide to form a first mixture, adding a silica-based compound to the solution to form a second mixture, and sonicating the second mixture to synthesize a plurality of silica nanofibers having an average cross-sectional diameter of less than 70 nm and having a length on the order of at least several hundred microns.
Ut-battelle, Llc

Low-fat processed mozzarella cheese and food items containing same

The invention concerns a process for the production of a low-fat mozzarella comprising the steps of preparing a bulking pre-mix of dry components such as one or a mixture of rennet casein, sodium casein, milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate, salt, potassium sorbate and/or sorbic acid, sodium aluminium phosphate, sodium citrate, starch, skim milk powder, and stabiliser; adding said pre-mix to water at ambient temperature; raising the temperature to 80 to 85° c. Whilst stirring the mixture; and adding natural mozzarella, sequestering agent, and citric acid monohydrate or lactic acid until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous..

Compositions, uses and methods for treating or preventing dental caries

The present invention provides compositions, uses and methods thereof, for inhibiting the growth of caries-causing bacteria. The composition comprises xylitol, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, anionic polymers and acceptable carrier materials.
Apollonia Health Inc.

Prophylactic/ameliorating agent for adult diseases comprising 5-aminolevulinic acid, derivative of 5-aminolevulinic acid, or salt of 5-aminolevulinic acid or the derivative of 5-aminolevulinic acid as active ingredient

A pharmaceutical composition which is different from an existing therapeutic agent of an adult disease, of a biochemical reaction-inhibiting type, and which action mechanism is to improve the basal metabolism, wherein the composition has no side effects, and does not generate drug resistance against adult disease; and a method for preventing/treating an adult disease by using the same. A composition for preventing/ameliorating an adult disease such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, impaired liver function, renal failure, adiposity, erectile dysfunction, menopausal disorder, shoulder discomfort, and low back pain, comprising 5-aminolevulinic acid (ala), its derivative, or salt thereof, preferably comprising ala, its derivative, or salt thereof, and an iron compound such as sodium ferrous citrate, iron sodium citrate and iron ammonium citrate; a food or food material for preventing/ameliorating an adult disease comprising the composition; and a method for using the composition for preparing an agent for preventing/ameliorating an adult disease..

Method of synthesizing silica nanofibers using sound waves

A method for synthesizing silica nanofibers using sound waves is provided. The method includes providing a solution of polyvinyl pyrrolidone, adding sodium citrate and ammonium hydroxide to form a first mixture, adding a silica-based compound to the solution to form a second mixture, and sonicating the second mixture to synthesize a plurality of silica nanofibers having an average cross-sectional diameter of less than 70 nm and having a length on the order of at least several hundred microns.
Ut-battelle, Llc

Sodium citrate and caustic as process aids for the extraction of bitumen from mined oil sands

A process for extracting bitumen from an oil sand ore having a fines content up to about 60% and a bitumen content higher than about 6% is provided, comprising mixing the oil sand ore with heated water to form an oil sand slurry; conditioning the oil sand slurry to form a conditioned oil sand slurry; introducing a dosage of sodium citrate to the process either prior to or during the mixing step, or prior to or during the conditioning step, or both; and introducing the conditioned oil sand slurry into a separation zone to form a bitumen froth and tailings.. .
Syncrude Canada Ltd. In Trust For The Owners Of The Syncrude Project As Such Owners Exist Now And

Insect repellent surface composition

Embodiments of the invention relate to a pest-control composition comprising at least one active ingredient and at least two other ingredients; wherein the at least one active ingredient is selected from the group consisting of geraniol, nootketone, amyl cinnamaldehyde, catnip, wintergreen, carvacrol, d-limonene, orange oil, lauric acid, alpha pinene, mint, cornmint oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus, eugenol, peppermint, lemongrass oil, and terpenes; and wherein the at least two other ingredients are selected from the group consisting of 2-propanol, alcohol, ethanol, monobutyl ether, ethylene glycol, terpenes, ethoxylated alcohol, dodecanol, ammonia, soap, lauryl polyglucose, polyethylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium olefin sulfonate, cocamidapropyl betaine, alkylbenzene sulfonate, polyoxyethelene alkylphenol sulfate, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, sodium sterate, potassium sterate, potassium myristate, tomadol, polyglyceryl sterate, glycol monosterate, potassium oleate, polyglyceryl oleate, tween, polymers, acrylic polymers, ethyl cellulous, carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, polyacrylate polymer, polyvinyl pyrolidane, lauric diethanolamine, dimethyldodecylamine oxide, aspartic acid tetrasodium salt, and sodium citrate.. .
Tyratech, Inc.

Cleaning solution

A cleaning solution is provided. The cleaning solution contains denatured alcohol, deionized water, and an organic surfactant mixture consisting of water, 2-butoxyethanol, sodium citrate, ethoxylated alcohol, and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate.

Translucent cosmetic composition in the form of a water-in-oil emulsion

A transparent or translucent cosmetic composition in the form of a water-in-oil emulsion is provided. The composition includes an aqueous phase at a concentration, by weight, of about 50%-90%, based upon weight of the composition.

System for reducing bacteria on food surfaces while extending shelf life

A synergistic system for substantially reducing surface contaminants of a food and inhibiting yeast, mold and bacteria growth in a food, beverage or food grade cosmetic preparation comprising a substantially transparent and odorless solution made from a plurality of substantially organic compounds selected from: citric acid, sodium citrate, vegetable glycerin, sea salt, potassium sorbate, decyl glucoside, calcium ascorbate, grapefruit seed extract, quillaja saponin, calcium carbonate, ascorbic acid, sodium percarbonate and sodium bisulfite, and an applicator for applying the solution to the food substance.. .
Grow Green Industries, Inc.

Catheter lock solution formulations

A liquid excipient is added to a lock solution formulation containing a lower alcohol and an anti-coagulant, antibiotic, and/or anti-microbial, such as the ethanol and tri-sodium citrate lock solution formulation, to prevent citrate from crystallizing in catheters made from silicone. The locking solution could include a liquid excipient, such as glycerol, polysorbate-20, or polyethylene glycol (peg)-400, along with a lower alcohol, such as ethanol, and an anti-coagulant, such as tri-sodium citrate, antibiotic, and/or anti-microbial..
Excelsior Medical Corporation

Process for reducing chloronitrobenzene catalyzed by platinum-nanoparticles stabilized on modified montmorillonite clay

Pt0-nanoparticles in the size range of 0 to 10 nm were prepared in-situ by impregnation of h2ptcl66h2o into the nanopores of modified montmorillonite followed by reduction with different reducing agents like ethylene glycol, sodium citrate, hydrogen, hydrazine and sodium borohydrate. The montmorillonite was modified by activation with mineral acids under controlled condition for generating desired nanopores.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Hollow silica nanomaterials and making

One embodiment of the present invention is a hollow silica nanomaterial (hsn). The hsn includes silicon dioxide (sio2) molecules which join together to form a shell.
University Of North Dakoa

Endurance sports drink utilizing tapioca starch

A sports drink mixture for making a sports drink that remains palatable while providing nutritional and energy benefits without causing negative physiological responses in the human body includes compositions of: tapioca starch, further including compositions of unprocessed and pregelatinized tapioca starch; bromelain; natural flavors; citric acid; vitamin e oil; stevia; potassium phosphate; sodium citrate; magnesium chloride; ascorbic acid; niacinamide; d-calcium pantothenate; pyridoxine hydrochloride; riboflavin; thiamine hydrochloride; folic acid; biotin; and cyanocobalamin. A sports drink includes compositions of the sports drink mixture with an aqueous liquid..

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