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Anchor socket system for posts

Systems and methods for providing link-performance information in socket-based communication devices

Plug connection part

Date/App# patent app List of recent Socket-related patents
 Method and apparatus for application awareness in a network patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for application awareness in a network
A method for enforcing a network policy is described herein. In the method, a network socket event request from an application executing in a first context is intercepted by an agent prior to the request reaching a transport layer in the first context.
 Artificial wear resistant plug for mounting to existing joint bone patent thumbnailnew patent Artificial wear resistant plug for mounting to existing joint bone
An artificial and wear-resistant plug mounted to an existing bone associated with a joint structure and which includes a three dimensional and composite plasticized material. An end surface of an existing bone is reconditioned in preparation for engagement of the plug thereto and in order to define a reconditioned artificial wear surface.
 Defibrillator electrode identification system patent thumbnailnew patent Defibrillator electrode identification system
An electrode identification system (1) for defibrillators, comprising an electrode plug (2) adapted for connection to at least one electrode having a first pair of conducting contacts (6, 8), an identification element (10) connected between the first pair of conducting contacts, a second pair of conducting contacts (12, 14) for connection to the electrode, and a housing (16) providing a cavity (18, 20) which substantially encases the first and second pairs of conducting contacts and the identification element and an aperture through which ends of the first and second pairs of conducting contacts extend, a defibrillator socket (3) adapted for connection to a defibrillator and adapted for connection to an electrode plug having a first pair of conducting contacts (24, 26) for connection to the first pair of conducting contacts of the electrode plug, a second pair of conducting contacts (28, 30) for connection to the second pair of conducting contacts of the electrode plug and for connection to the defibrillator, and a housing (32) providing a cavity (34, 36) which substantially encases the first and second pairs of conducting contacts and an aperture through which ends of the first and second pairs of conducting contacts extend, and an electrode identification unit (4) adapted for connection to a defibrillator socket having a circuit comprising contacts for connection to the first pair of conducting contacts of the electrode plug via the first pair of conducting contacts of the defibrillator socket, a signal detector (42) connected to the circuit which detects a signal from the identification element of the electrode plug, and a processor (44) which uses a measure of the signal to determine an identification characteristic of the identification element of the electrode plug and from this identifies a category of the electrode connected to the electrode plug.. .
 Flip retrograde cutting instrument patent thumbnailnew patent Flip retrograde cutting instrument
A flip retrograde cutting instrument and method of retrograde drilling using such an instrument. A method of forming a socket includes providing a flip retrograde cutter, inserting the cutter into a joint with a blade of the cutter in a straight position, pivoting the blade to a non-straight flip position, locking the blade in the flip position, and retrograde drilling a socket using the blade in the flip position..
 Header and connector using header patent thumbnailnew patent Header and connector using header
A header-side holding metal fitting is provided with lock piece portions, which are movable in a width direction x of a connector (a header housing) relative to a connection piece (a base portion) of the header-side holding metal fitting. The lock piece portions are lockable to lock holes (lock portions) which are formed in regions of a socket housing (a socket body) opposed to the lock piece portions when the socket housing and a header housing (a header body) are in an engaged state..
 Systems and methods for a power adapter patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for a power adapter
In accordance with one embodiment, an adapter for connecting a network device is provided. The adapter includes adapter housing.
 Safety socket patent thumbnailnew patent Safety socket
A safety socket includes a main body, a restraint mechanism and a release mechanism. The restraint mechanism includes an immovable end and a movable end.
 Socket and connector using socket patent thumbnailnew patent Socket and connector using socket
A header-side holding metal fitting is provided with lock piece portions, which are movable in a width direction x of a connector 1 (a header housing 21) relative to a connection piece (a base portion) of the header-side holding metal fitting. A socket-side holding metal fitting is provided with lock holes (lock portions) which are lockable to the lock piece portions..
 Plug connection part patent thumbnailnew patent Plug connection part
A plug connection socket includes a plurality of resilient socket contacts which are exposed in a socket opening and with which corresponding plug contacts of a data plug can make contact at third contact points. The socket also has a first conductor track support with first conductor tracks which are in electrical contact with the socket contacts via first contact points and which have a compensation structure in order to compensate crosstalk.
 Novel apparatus and method to propagate biological material patent thumbnailnew patent Novel apparatus and method to propagate biological material
The present application discloses a novel microbiological apparatus and methods of using the same. The apparatus is a rolling pen comprising of a socket and a ball with its unique rolling head to transfer a biological material from a first location to a second location in an aseptic manner.
new patent Anchor socket system for posts
An anchor socket system for vertically supporting a post includes external and internal, open-ended cylinders, wherein the external cylinder includes first and second semi-cylinder halves each having mirroring tapers and semi-annular upper rims on each respective inner facing wall. Tightening bolts in communication with the internal and external cylinders are rotated to raise the internal cylinder relative to the external cylinder, thereby causing tapered wedges on the outer facing surface of the internal cylinder to exert pressure against the corresponding tapers on the inner facing surface of the external cylinder.
new patent Method, apparatus, and system for implementing private network traversal
A method, an apparatus, and a system for implementing private network traversal are disclosed, where a message exchanged between a turn server in a public network and a communications terminal in a local area network is transmitted through a pre-established websocket connection. The method includes: receiving, by the turn server, a resource allocate request sent by the communications terminal, allocating a relay address and a resource port for the communications terminal; receiving a turn data packet sent by the communications terminal, where the turn data packet includes communication data and a multiplexing identifier, and sending the communication data to the remote node through the communications channel identified by the multiplexing identifier, thereby solving a problem in an existing turn technology that in case that a firewall only opening an http port is deployed, communication between a communications terminal in a local area network and a remote node cannot be implemented..
new patent Systems and methods for providing link-performance information in socket-based communication devices
A network socket application programming interface (api) running on a communication device is operative to provide, to applications running on the device, information about the performance of communication links used by sockets for communicating across a network. The socket api receives packets associated with sockets, and retrieves from the packets performance information for corresponding communication links.
new patent Led lamp with uniform omnidirectional light intensity output
A light emitting apparatus comprises: an led-based light source; a spherical, spheroidal, or toroidal diffuser generating a lambertian light intensity distribution output at any point on the diffuser surface responsive to illumination inside the diffuser; and a base including a base connector. The led based light source, the diffuser, and the base are secured together as a unitary led lamp installable in a lighting socket by connecting the base connector with the lighting socket.
new patent Audio jack detector and audio jack detecting method
A jack detector detects a combination state between a socket including a detecting pin and a first signal pin and a jack. The jack detector includes a first current source for supplying a first detecting current, a second current source for supplying a second detecting current larger than the first detecting current, and a buffer for generating a detecting signal in accordance with a detecting pin voltage input from the detecting pin.
new patent Electronic apparatus charging base and power-supply control method thereof
An electronic apparatus charging base is disclosed. The electronic apparatus charging base is provided for charging at least one electronic apparatus and can be electrically connected to an external power source.
new patent Photo sensor-integrated tubular light emitting apparatus and lighting system using the same
A photo sensor-integrated tubular light emitting apparatus includes a cylindrical cover unit, a light-emitting module and a pair of sockets. The cylindrical cover unit includes a heat dissipation member and a cover.
new patent Remote integrated magnetic/elctro-magnetic ac/dc energy device/apparatus
A remote power source/power-supply device and remote integrated electromagnetic/magnetic rotor or armature (17) and shaft (14) device or means (38) including mechanical means (motor) (36) and a cycle loop of transformer network (31) and a digital (24) distributor unit (25) is provided. The electro-magnetic-rotor or armature and fixed member (shaft) device or means and the mechanical means comprise at least two attractive adjacent magnetic or/and electromagnetic opposite (n; s) sign-poles (33) and two attractive adjacent same sign-poles (n; n) that are thereby able to focus-channel power; and also put out the effort to efficiently contract and repel the magnetic rotor or armature or magnetic mechanical means, for driving the motor or rotor or armature and (shaft) to potential; speeds as fast as an electronic pulse.
new patent Electronic device holder
A holder for an electronic device includes a head with elastically flexible portions configured to removably receive the electronic device with a snap-fit interlock, a neck for supporting the head relative to a surface, and a ball and socket connector coupling the neck to the head, the ball and socket connector configured to allow adjustment of the yaw, the pitch, and the roll of the electronic device with respect to the neck when the electronic device is coupled to the head.. .
new patent Conduit bracketry, systems and methods
A bracket stores and separates conduits. The bracket includes two interchangeable halves having an engagement extrusion extending from an inner face.
new patent Rotary sprinkler
In one aspect, a sprinkler is provided having a nozzle, a deflector that receives fluid flow from the nozzle, and a friction brake assembly that controls rotation of a deflector. The friction brake assembly is releasably connected to the frame in order to enhance serviceability of the sprinkler.
new patent Pressure tank with plug and welding connection for the connector
Pressure tank, comprising a hollow body of thermoplastic material with at least one outlet, into which one connector each is inserted, which has at least one aperture each to the interior of the hollow body, with a sealing flange which is integrally formed around the outlet to the connector. This sealing flange is visible to the outside and is welded and/or bonded to the hollow body, on which at least one torque coupling is integrally formed, whose cross-section is polygonal or non-circular and which is inserted in a complementary coupling socket in the hollow body, running around the outlet..
new patent Adjustable wall enclosure for electrical devices and the like
Electrical wall outlets for switches, sockets and the like are provided with depth adjustability and the capability of providing a flush mounting to a wall or similar structure. The present invention comprises a relatively standard electric box together with a mesh for plaster which is supported by a frame which is slidably insertable into the box to a selectable depth.
new patent Socket fastener removal tool
An apparatus for removing a socket fastener is described. The apparatus includes a base, a camshaft, a sleeve and a cartridge.
new patent Flip socket nut removal tool
An apparatus for removing a first nut and a differently sized second nut is described. The illustrative apparatus includes a housing, a first cage and a second cage, and a first canted coil spring and a second canted coil spring.
new patent Adjustable socket for a ratchet wrench
The adjustable socket design uses a weave of cables to position six arms which are used to torque a nut. The arms have a gripping surface to torque the nut.
Browser/html friendly protocol for real-time communication signaling
The present invention provides a protocol for use in a system for real-time communication signaling in a telecommunication network and communication in web-only internet the protocol facilitates adapting complex signaling on the server-side into simple operations towards the web. In an embodiment the protocol is used to communicate between a server-side web signaling engine and a client-side communication controller.
Mounting plate assembly for prosthetic device
A prosthetic device and a method for making the same includes a mounting plate assembly. The mounting plate assembly includes an inner housing having a first center channel defined along a central axis, an outer housing having a second center channel defined along the central axis, and a fluid regulator arranged between the inner and outer housings, and defined along the central axis.
Femoral prosthesis head
A prosthetic head for a femoral component has a metal shell with a tapered cavity. The shell has a part-spherical outer surface defining an inner portion terminating in an open end.
Tissue-removing catheter with ball and socket deployment mechanism
A deployment mechanism of a tissue-removing catheter includes a socket member received in a catheter body that is capable of moving longitudinally therein, and a ball member extending distally from the distal end portion of the cutting element and operatively connected to the socket member. The ball member is constrained axially relative to the socket member and is capable of pivoting relative to the socket member for allowing pivoting of the cutting element relative to the socket when the cutting element is moved from a retracted position to a cutting position..
Recetacle adaptor support plate
An adaptor that fits over an electrical receptacle. The adaptor may include a plate member.
Holding metal fitting, connector coupler, and connector
A holding metal fitting includes: a side plate portion extending in a width direction x of a socket (a connector coupler); a bottom plate portion connected to a lower side of the side plate portion; an attachment piece portion a projecting from the bottom plate portion to the outside of a socket housing (a housing) and being attached and fixed to a circuit board; and an anchor portion extending from the side plate portion into the socket housing. Moreover, an outer wall surface (a wall surface) of the anchor portion includes an engagement portion for a resin inside the housing to engage with..
Compact battery clamp and booster cable
Disclosed is a compact battery clamp suitable for attachment to a high-amperage, two-conductor, insulated electrical cable, the compact battery clamp comprising: a clamp handle having a first clamp handle end and a second clamp handle end; a contact arm having a first contact arm end and a second contact arm end; a pivot pin passing through the clamp handle and through the first contact arm end so as to hingedly connect the contact arm to the clamp handle; a first terminal contact pad rotatably attached to the first clamp handle end; a second terminal contact pad rotatably attached to the second contact arm end; and an electrical socket attached to the second clamp handle end, the electrical socket configured for electrically coupling with an end of the insulated electrical cable.. .
Portable plug adapter with wireless transceiver module
A plug adapter with wireless transceiver module with universal plug & socket assembly is combined with a wireless transceiver module. Firstly, a wireless transceiver module is set into the portable plug adapter without worry about the difference of plugs; furthermore, it is possible to share wireless connection via either of 3g, 4g, wimax and wifi.
Connecting device and electronic device assembly
A connecting device is disclosed, which includes a connector structure having a housing, a plug connector, a plurality of electrical contacts and a magnetic-metal set. The housing has a surface on which the electrical contacts and the magnetic-metal set are disposed, and the plug connector protrudes from the housing and is electrically connected to the electrical contacts.
Medical apparatus for data storage
An electronic apparatus and method for storing patient data, information, or records and/or notifying a patient of a medical activity to be performed. The electronic apparatus may be wearable, such as a watch or other jewelry, or may be non-wearable, such as a household appliance or other equipment.
Plastic led bulb
An led bulb having a bulb-shaped shell, a thermally conductive plastic material within the bulb-shaped shell, and at least one led within the bulb-shaped shell. The bulb also includes a base, wherein the base is dimensioned to be received within a standard electrical socket..
Voltage testing device and voltage testing method for cpu
The disclosure provides a voltage testing device and a method. A voltage testing device includes a pcb, a computer, and a detecting chip.
Parallel concurrent test system and method
A parallel concurrent test (pct) system is provided for performing the parallel concurrent testing of semiconductor devices. The pct system includes a pick and place (pnp) handler for engaging and transporting the semiconductor devices along a testing plane, the pnp handler including at least one manipulator.
Micro positioning test socket and methods for active precision alignment and co-planarity feedback
Methods and structures for testing a microelectronic packaging structure/device are described. Those methods may include placing a device in a floating carrier, wherein the floating carrier is coupled to a socket housing by pin dowels disposed in four corners of the socket housing, and wherein at least two actuating motors are disposed within the socket housing, and micro adjusting the device by utilizing a capacitive coupled or a fiber optic alignment system wherein a maximum measured capacitance or maximum measured intensity between alignment structures disposed in the socket housing and alignment package balls disposed within the device indicate optimal alignment of the device.
Meter collar for plug-in connection of distributed power generation
An electric power meter collar with external electrical connection points enables expedited connection of distributed energy resources to the customer premises or the electric power grid. The meter collar is installed between an electric meter and the meter socket box that the meter would otherwise plug into at the site of a customer who receives two-phase service from an electrical utility company, and has electrical connection points that are electrically upstream and downstream of the meter.
Safety rail system
A dual post receptor (30) of a safety rail system (10) has horizontal cross sections of an elongated shape with a width generally equal to and for slideable receipt of vertical posts (18) of conventional railings (12) and a length larger than double the diameters of the vertical posts (18). Elongated horizontal slots (38) are located in sides (34a, 34b) of the receptor (30) for receiving locking pins (22) also inserted through holes (20) in the vertical posts (18).
Non-cylindrical nozzle socket for drill bits
A non-cylindrical nozzle socket and a downhole tool that includes a non-cylindrical nozzle socket. The non-cylindrical nozzle socket includes a base and a nozzle socket wall that extends outwardly from the base.
Solar module with connection socket, and method for producing the same
A solar module, particularly a thin-layer solar module, is described. The solar module has a laminated complex with two substrates between which there is a layer structure which has a front electrode layer, a back electrode layer and an intermediate semiconductor layer for forming a plurality of solar cells connected up in series, two contact elements, at least one top element, two contact pieces, and at least one connection socket.
Rotisserie system
A rotisserie system includes a cooking oven enclosure including a driven gear at one inner wall thereof. A spit assembly support framework has a drip pan and first and second side racks upstanding from the drip pan each including a spit assembly support.
Torque wrench for archery broadheads and fasteners
A tool for archery broadheads or other fasteners is provided including an engagement end having an aperture, socket or drive feature to accommodate the broadhead or engage a fastener. The tool is constructed at least partially from an elastomeric material.
Variable radius lever arm assembly
A curled variable radius lever comprises a lever arm of variable effective length that curls and uncurls about a drive axis. In a preferred arrangement the lever assembly has a plurality of rigid blocks linked together by a chain or spring steel strip.
D-ring for sling
Disclosed is a d-ring for use in sling systems, in particular firearm slings, where quick detachment and consistent behavior of the sling are of particular importance. At least two swivel sockets are provided on opposite sides of the d-ring for ambidextrous use and slots are provided to restrict rotational movement of the attached swivels.
Voltage testing device and method for cpu
The disclosure provides a voltage testing device and a method. A voltage testing device includes a pcb, a digital switch, and a detecting chip.
Medical device comprising a socket unit for connecting a plug unit of a device for providing medical fluids
A medical device comprising a socket unit for connecting a plug unit of a device for providing medical fluids, wherein the medical device is in particular an extra-corporal blood treatment device. The medical device provides an automated connection of the plug unit to the socket unit by means of a connecting mechanism for establishing a connection between the at least one connecting piece and the at least one connector.
Coaxial connector
A coaxial connector includes a body, a female connector, and a detecting structure. The female connector has a pillar, and the pillar connects with the body.
Electrical connector and electrical contacts of the same
An electrical contact for being loaded in an electrical connector electrically connecting an ic module to a printed circuit board (pcb) includes a first contact, a second contact and an elastic arm. The first contact includes a first mating portion and a first connecting portion.
Coaxial connector
A coaxial connector that can be prevented from being detached from a coaxial cable. A coaxial connector is attached to a coaxial cable including a central conductor, an insulating body having a foam structure or a hollow structure, an outer conductor, and an insulating film.
Circuit connector with a low profile protective outlet connector arrangement cover device
A new and useful electrical connector is provided, that is designed to protect existing electrical outlets from trauma and destruction, by preventing them from being dislodged by movement of a patient support such as a hospital bed, or scraped off of the wall by passing (moving) machinery, hospital beds, equipment and vehicles during the normal use of the bed, the machinery, or equipment. In this application reference to an electrical plug component encompasses traditional 2 or 3 prong plugs that pima into grounded or ungrounded wall outlet sockets, as well as phone or laptop jacks that would plug into wall outlet sockets configured for such jacks.
Field installable connector backshell shield for motor drive
A field installable backshell connector for a shielded cable provides an emi shield around control signal conductors and a plastic connector of the cable and also provides a mechanical terminal of the cable. The backshell connector provides a low impedance ground path from the cable shield to a connector socket.
Plug-to-socket keying device and system
A plug-to-socket keying device includes a housing having an adjustment recess having a detent portion. A plurality of electrical contacts are carried by the housing.
Auto-locking audiophile power receptacle
A power receptacle includes two or more socket terminals and a locking mechanism. The socket terminals are configured for receiving respective pins of a mating electrical plug.
Apparatus, system and method for securing an enclosure
The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for securing a box cover to a watthour meter socket box and relates to an apparatus, a system including a ring and fracturable locking system, in some embodiments, and method for securing a watthour electrical meter to a socket meter box. A locking sealing ring comprises an annular band, wherein a body portion of the annular band comprises a first band portion and a second band portion, and wherein the first band portion comprises a first ring end and the second band portion comprises a second ring end.
Plug connector
A detachable plug connector, in particular a multiple plug connector, comprising a plug side (1) having an insulating plug housing (10) and having a plug element (2) embedded in the plug housing (10) comprising a pin segment (20) and a contact segment (21) for the electrically conductive connection to an external element, in particular a cable, and a socket side (3) having an insulating socket housing (30) and having a socket element (4) embedded in the socket housing (3) having a socket segment (40) and a contact segment (41) for an electrically conductive connection to an external element, in particular a cable (9), wherein the plug housing (10) can be plugged together with the socket housing (30) in a plug direction (s), and whereby the pin segments (20) of the plug elements (2) protrude into the socket segments (40) of the socket elements (4) in a contacting region (k1, k2) in the plugged state so that an electrical contact can be conveyed between the socket side (3) and the plug side (1) via the socket segment (40) and the pin segment (20), wherein a multitude of socket housings (30) are arranged next to one another, wherein at least one physical protective element (5) is arranged in the socket housing (30) and in the plug housing (10) per pairing of plug element (2) and socket element (4), wherein the physical protective element (5) protects the corresponding pair of plug element (2) and socket element (4) from external influences.. .
Heating apparatus for materials used in dental treatment
A heating apparatus (10) for heating materials used in dental treatment is provided. The heating apparatus (10) comprises a heating compartment (33) with a heating element (35) for heating air inside the heating compartment (33), at least one socket for receiving and holding at least a part of the materials used in dental treatment inside the heating compartment (33), and an airflow generator (32, 34) for generating an airflow in the heating compartment (33)..
Vehicle wireless router
A vehicle wireless router includes a printed circuit board, a cigarette lighter port, a central processing unit, a network module and an antenna unit. The printed circuit board is electrically connected to the cigarette lighter port, the central processing unit, the network module and the antenna unit.
Energy-saving and explosion-proof led lamp
An energy-saving and explosion-proof led lamp comprises a lamp socket, an led element, a lamp shade and a ring cap. The lamp socket includes a housing chamber, a jutting coupling portion with a housing compartment at the bottom thereof to hold a washer assembly inside to seal the bottom of the lamp socket.

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