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Smoking patents

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Lighter and method for monitoring smoking behavior


Lighter and method for monitoring smoking behavior

Electronic smoking article

Altria Client Services

Electronic smoking article

Electronic smoking article

Smoking apparatuses with an integrated filter holder

Date/App# patent app List of recent Smoking-related patents
 Remote-controlled food-related appliance patent thumbnailnew patent Remote-controlled food-related appliance
A system includes: a smoking appliance; a remote computing device; and a communication network; wherein the smoking appliance and the remote computing device are in communication via the communication network; and wherein a user of the remote computing device controls the smoking appliance remotely.. .
Homesquared Corporation
 Lighter and  monitoring smoking behavior patent thumbnailnew patent Lighter and monitoring smoking behavior
A lighter and a method for monitoring smoking behavior include a lighter having a housing and a lockable lighting element secured to the housing. A smoking reduction plan includes smoking reduction goals specific to the user of the lighter, such as a maximum number of daily cigarettes, and a time interval between cigarette smoking events.
Quitbit, Inc.
 Electronic smoking article patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic smoking article
An electronic smoking article includes a heater and a liquid aerosol formulation. The heater is a coil heater.
Altria Client Services Inc.
 Electronic smoking article with haptic feedback patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic smoking article with haptic feedback
The present disclosure provides an electronic smoking article adapted to provide haptic feedback to a user. The smoking article can comprise a housing that includes a haptic feedback component, such as a vibration transducer.
R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company
 Liquid aerosol formulation of an electronic smoking article patent thumbnailnew patent Liquid aerosol formulation of an electronic smoking article
A liquid aerosol formulation for an electronic smoking article includes an aerosol former, water, nicotine, and an acid including tartaric acid. The acid is included in an amount sufficient to provide the liquid aerosol formulation with a ph ranging from about 4 to about 8..
Altria Client Services Inc.
 Electronic smoking article patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic smoking article
An electronic smoking article includes a reservoir including a liquid aerosol formulation, a heater operable to at least partially volatilize the liquid aerosol formulation and form an aerosol and a spiral path insert including a channel having a spiral configuration along an outer periphery of the spiral path insert. A coating can be applied to the outer periphery of the spiral path insert..
Altria Client Services Inc.
 Smoking apparatuses with an integrated filter holder patent thumbnailnew patent Smoking apparatuses with an integrated filter holder
A smoking apparatus including a substantially hollow stem defining a bore having a bore diameter, the hollow stem including a first end, a second end disposed opposite the first end. A bowl is situated proximate the first end of the hollow stem and is configured to receive smoking product.
 Promotion of smoking cessation patent thumbnailPromotion of smoking cessation
The present invention relates to a method for promoting cessation or reduction in the smoking and/or chewing of tobacco or nicotine-containing products in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering to the subject an effective amount of certain carbamate compounds. The invention further relates to a method for preventing relapse smoking and/or chewing of tobacco or nicotine-containing products in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of certain carbamate compounds..
Sk Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
 Tagged porous masses patent thumbnailTagged porous masses
Porous masses that include taggants may provide for product authentication and counterfeit identification, especially products like smoking device filters and smoking devices. In some instances, a tagged porous mass may include a plurality of binder particles; a taggant that comprises at least one taggant component selected from the group consisting of an elemental marker, a molecular fluorophore, a particulate fluorophore, and any combination thereof; a plurality of second particles, wherein the second particles comprise at least one selected from the group consisting of active particles, organic particles, and any combination thereof; and wherein the binder particles are bound to the second particles at sintered contact points..
Celanese Acetate Llc
 Smoking articles with reduced ignition proclivity characteristics patent thumbnailSmoking articles with reduced ignition proclivity characteristics
A process for reducing the permeability of a paper wrapper used in the construction of a smoking article is disclosed. The paper wrapper is treated with a film-forming composition that forms treated discrete areas on the wrapper.
Schweitzer-mauduit International, Inc.

Smoking pipe for both tobacco leaves and oil resin

The invention comprises an improved tobacco smoking pipe such that the pipe may be used to smoke liquid tobacco. The pipe consists of an inner tube that has an open end and a closed end with an intake disposed there between that communicates with the open end.

Vaporizer for use with a smoking water pipe

A vaporizer for use with a water pipe or hookah has electrically heated beating element. The heating dement extends through a vaporizer body and carries a cup member atop thereof.

Smoking article with improved airflow

A smoking article having a mouth end and a distal end is provided, including a heat source; an aerosol-forming substrate downstream of the heat source; at least one air inlet downstream of the aerosol-forming substrate; and an airflow pathway extending between the at least one air inlet and the mouth end of the smoking article. The airflow pathway includes a first portion extending longitudinally upstream from the at least one air inlet towards the aerosol-forming substrate, and a second portion extending longitudinally downstream from the first portion to the mouth end of the smoking article..
Philip Morris Products S.a.

Extractor for an aerosol-generating device

There is provided an extractor for an aerosol-generating device configured to receive a smoking article including an aerosol-forming substrate and including a heater for heating the aerosol-forming substrate to form the aerosol. The extractor is configured to extract the smoking article received in the device, and includes a sliding receptacle configured to receive the smoking article, and a sleeve configured to receive the sliding receptacle.
Philip Morris Products S.a.

Methods, devices and compositions to enable to flavor of smoking articles including tobacco and marijuana

A device may flavor a smoking article via diffusion. Preferably, the device for flavoring a smoking article includes a support and a composition containing a flavor provided on or in the support, the composition containing the flavor being configured to be vaporizable.

Soft electronic cigarette

This present invention relates to a soft electronic cigarette comprising an atomization component, a power component, and an outer sleeve configured for accommodating at least one of the atomization component and the power component; an outer side of one end of the outer sleeve is coaxially mounted with a filter tip structure, and the filter tip structure includes a cylindrical flexible body and a first sticker coated on an outer surface of the flexible body. The soft electronic cigarette in a mouth has the same feeling as a filter tip of a cigarette.

Electrically heated smoking system

An electrically heated smoking system for receiving an aerosol-forming substrate. Includes at least one heating element for heating the substrate to form an aerosol, a power supply for supplying power to the heating element, electrical hardware connected to the power supply and the heating element, and an interface for establishing a communications link with a host.
Philip Morris Usa Inc.

Multilayer combustible heat source

A multilayer combustible heat source for a smoking article is provided, including a combustible first layer including carbon; and a second layer in direct contact with the first layer, the second layer including carbon and at least one ignition aid, wherein the combustible first layer and the second layer are longitudinal concentric layers having a density of at least 0.6 g/cm3, and wherein the composition of the first layer is different from the composition of the second layer.. .
Philip Morris Products S.a.

Wind resistant smoking device and use thereof

A smoking device is provided. The smoking device may include a body having a through bore that is configured to house a tobacco product.

Filter media

A filter element is disclosed made from a gathered paper web that may be crimped, embossed, and/or corrugated. In accordance with the present disclosure, the paper web is treated with at least two different additives.

Electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette is provided, comprising a cigarette rod configured for receiving an atomizing assembly or/and a power supply, wherein, the cigarette rod is provided with spice sending out aroma. By setting the spice sending out aroma on the cigarette rod, the smokers' need of smelling the smell of the cigarette rod when smoking can be met, and the smoke effect is improved..

Glow in the dark cigar tools

Disclosed and claimed is a glow in the dark, size adaptable cigar splitting apparatus comprising an outer body and an inner size adapting sleeve adapted to be slidingly engaged therewith and further comprising a cutting blade for splitting the wrapper and, if present, packaging, of a cigar, cigarillo or other smoking device. In a preferred embodiment, the inner size adapting sleeve may be cylindrical in shape and is removable, allowing the invention to be adapted to various sizes of smoking devices.

Vanity smoking kit and accessory case

A vanity smoking kit and case comprises one or more accessories for use after smoking. For example, fragrance, eye drops and other accessories are able to be held within the accessory case where they are easily accessed by a user.

Pack for smoking articles

The invention relates to a pack (1) for smoking articles. The pack (1) comprises a plurality of panels (4, 5, 6, 7) and a plurality of pack edges (16, 17, 18, 19) where the panels meet.
British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

Pack for smoking articles

A pack for smoking articles is disclosed. The pack includes a body having two minor side walls, a minor top wall and a minor bottom wall extending between two opposing major walls so as to define a space for holding smoking articles.
British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

A pack for smoking articles

A pack for smoking articles including an outer housing (11) having an open end and an inner casing (12) telescopically received within the outer housing and moveable between an open position in which the inner casing (12) at least partially extends out of the open end of the outer housing (11), and a closed position in which the inner casing (12) is retracted further into the outer housing than in the open position. The inner casing (12) includes an elongate access aperture (29) configured to enable elongate smoking articles to be laterally dispensed therefrom in a direction transverse to their longitudinal axes..
British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

Composite heat source for a smoking article

A composite heat source for use in a smoking article is provided, including a non-combustible porous ceramic matrix; and a particulate combustible fuel embedded within the non-combustible porous ceramic matrix. The non-combustible porous ceramic matrix is formed from one or more particulate materials having a median d50 particle size at least five times less than the median d50 particle size of the particulate combustible fuel.
Philip Morris Products S.a.

Herbal vaporizing device

A device for vaporizing herbal smoking materials such as tobacco has a base with a trench and an electrically-insulating block disposed in the trench. The trench has two sides.

Smoking article with front-plug and aerosol-forming substrate and method

A smoking article is provided, including a plurality of elements including a front-plug and an aerosol-forming substrate. A hole or slit is defined through the front-plug, through which a heating element may be inserted.
Philip Morris Products S.a.

Electronic cigarette and controlling electronic cigarette emitting light

An electronic cigarette and a method for controlling an electronic cigarette emitting light are provided, the electronic cigarette includes a microcontroller, a light emitting unit and a power supply unit; wherein the microcontroller is electrically connected to the power supply unit, the light emitting unit is electrically connected to the microcontroller and the power supply unit; the power supply unit is configured to supply power to the microcontroller and the light emitting unit; the microcontroller is configured to control the light emitting unit in different light emitting states, so as to indicate the different smoking states of the electronic cigarette; the different light emitting states of the light emitting unit includes: gradually brightening to a preset first brightness, gradually darkening from the preset first brightness to a preset second brightness and maintaining the second brightness within a preset period of time, and stopping emitting light.. .

Easy steady oral protection

“easy steady oral protection” is designed to aid in the protection against sexually transmitted diseases (std) and sexually transmitted infections (sti), which can be contracted during oral intercourse, both vaginal and anal. Furthermore, as cases of the human papillomavirus (hpv) are increasing with this virus linked to causing cervical cancer in women, it may also be contracted during the act of oral intercourse in heterosexual men, the transgendered, lesbian and /or gay women and linked to throat cancer among non-smoking individuals associated with these groups.

Smoking article with liquid delivery material

A smoking article (10) incorporates a sustained release liquid delivery material (20), the liquid delivery material comprising a closed matrix structure defining a plurality of domains. A liquid composition is trapped within the domains and is releasable from the closed matrix structure upon compression of the material.

Cigar shaped smoking device with reverse calabash chamber

A cigar shaped pipe, ideally made from premium materials such as briar, yet designed to be low cost to manufacture. The device uses a comparatively thin-walled combustion chamber, which both keeps material costs to a minimum, as well as an in-line reverse calabash chamber to reduce the temperature and moisture of the smoke.

Nicotinic receptor compounds

Compounds and compositions for promoting smoking cessation or decreasing tobacco use or nicotine addiction are provided. The compounds are 2′-fluoro-3′-(substituted phenyl) deschloroepibatidine analogs.

Smoking article

An insulating material for use in a heat-not-burn (hnb) smoking article is described. The insulating material, which can be arranged to circumscribe a fuel element of the smoking article, comprises a carbon monoxide (co) catalyst, but does not comprise glass fibre..

Smoking article with front-plug and method

There is provided a smoking article that includes a plurality of elements, including a front-plug and an aerosol-forming substrate, assembled in contact with a cigarette paper to form a rod. The front-plug is located upstream from the aerosol-forming substrate.

Hybrid gravity bong

An apparatus and method for using a smoking vessel to cool and collect smoke from an ignited combustible material for later consumption using the creation of a vacuum. The apparatus is a smoking vessel, container, a bowl to hold and burn a combustible material, a down-stem to cool and transfer smoke from the bowl to the smoking vessel, and a drilled stopper or bung to create a seal between the bowl and down-stem combination and the smoking vessel.

Electronic vaporizer that simulates smoking with power control

The claimed subject matter provides a control component that regulates output of an electronic vaporizer used to simulate smoking. The control component manages power to a heating element.

Smoking article filter and insertable filter unit therefor

A smoking article filter (20) comprises a recess (25) to receive a filter insert unit (30). The filter insert unit (30) is secured to the filter (20) once inserted.

Paper filled with tobacco particles

What is presented is a paper for mixing into the smokeable material of a smoking article, particularly into the tobacco rod of a cigarette, wherein the paper contains a share of fibers, which comprises pulp fibers and tobacco particles.. .

Mouthpiece lining paper for a smoking article

A mouthpiece lining paper for a smoking article, which mouthpiece lining paper forms the outermost layer of the casing of the filter. The mouthpiece lining paper is provided with locally limited raised areas that are formed by hardened lacquer.

Combustible heat source for a smoking article

A combustible heat source (4) for a smoking article (2) comprises carbon and at least one ignition aid, wherein the ignition aid is present in an amount of at least 20 percent by dry weight of the combustible heat source. The combustible heat source (4) has a first portion and an opposed second portion.

Smoking article comprising menthol

A smoking article (10, 20) comprises a flavour release segment (12). The flavour release segment (12) comprises a plug of fibrous material circumscribed by a substantially air impermeable wrapper and a plurality of solid menthol particles distributed within the plug of fibrous material.

Treatment of withdrawal symptoms to aid in nicotine use cessation with passiflora incarnata

The present invention relates to the treatment of withdrawal and craving symptoms as an aid in smoking cessation by administration of one or more dosages of a medication containing passiflora incarnata.. .

Single-layer printing paper wrapper for smoking articles

The present invention describes a single-layer printing method of a wrapper for smoking articles, so as to obtain a wrapper for smoking articles with low propensity to ignition using the flexographic technique, characterized in that (1) the printing is carried out by means of a central drum flexographic printing machine using a single printing unit, (2) said unit has an anilox with a capacity of between 10 and 40 cm3/m2 and a printing cylinder equipped with a printing form selected from a stencil plate plus an adhesive, and a sleeve, and (3) in that an ink is used that comprises at least one film-forming substance and a mineral filler. The present invention also relates to the wrapper that can be obtained by this method and to the smoking article that includes said wrapper..

Smoking article with a ventilated mouthpiece comprising first and second airflow pathways

A smoking article (10, 30, 40, 50, 70) with variable ventilation comprises a mouthpiece (12) circumscribed by a first wrapper (24) and a second wrapper (25). The first wrapper (24) and the second wrapper (25) are substantially air impermeable and are movable relative to one another between a low ventilation configuration and a high ventilation configuration.

Filter materials and uses thereof

The present invention relates to filter materials comprising cellulose acetate and polylactide in a ratio of about 95:5 to about 75:25 by weight, and to filters (2) or filter elements comprising such filter materials. The invention also relates to smoking articles (1) comprising the filter materials, filters (2) or filter elements..

Electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette comprises nicotine without harmful tar. The cigarette includes a shell, a cell, nicotine solution, control circuit, and an electro-thermal vaporization nozzle installed in the air suction end of the shell.

Electrically heated smoking system having a liquid storage portion

An electrically heated smoking system includes a shell and a replaceable mouthpiece. The shell includes an electric power supply and electric circuitry.

Smoking or vaporizing device

A smoking or vaporizing device comprising a body having a cavity defined in the body, a product holder/pen configured to hold a product (including an oil or other substance) to be burned or vaporized for smoking, the holder in communication with the cavity which cavity is configured to expand, pressure means for creating a negative pressure within the cavity or for expanding the cavity, including in one instance a plunger and in another instance the holder/pen itself, and a one-way automatic output valve in communication with the cavity whereby negative pressure created within the cavity causes smoke or vapor to draw into the cavity and positive pressure within the cavity causes smoke or vapor to exit the cavity.. .

Smoking article with visibile contents

The present invention relates to a smoking article (8) comprising a smokeable material and a mouthpiece (1), the mouthpiece comprising at least three segments (2, 3, 5) in axial alignment. One segment defining a cavity (5) is disposed between two other segments (2, 3) and a fluid-containing breakable capsule (6) is arranged in the cavity.

Electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette is provided, comprising a sleeve and a cigarette holder cover configured at one end of the sleeve, it further comprises a covering member covered on the cigarette holder cover movably, and at least one first through-hole is provided on the cigarette holder cover. The user can remove or rotate away the covering member to smoke via the first through-hole when demanding to smoke and cover the first through-hole with the covering member when not demanding to smoke, thus avoiding the children smoking the electronic cigarette by mistake..

Package for smoking articles

The present application relates to a package for smoking articles. The package has a container (2) for receiving smoking articles and a lid (3) hingedly attached to the container to enclose a space for smoking articles defined by the container when the lid is closed.

Smoking articles with nanocellulose barrier

A smoking article includes a lighting end longitudinally opposite a filter end that includes a filter. A fluid-releasing element is disposed longitudinally between the lighting end and filter end.

Electronic cigarette

The present invention relates to an electronic cigarette, which includes a smoking component having a suction nozzle and a battery rod. The suction nozzle is configured at an end of the smoking component and is far away from the battery rod.

Electronic cigarette and disposing smoking data of the same

The present invention discloses an electronic cigarette and a method for disposing smoking data of the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette includes a microcontroller, a smoking signal detecting module and a memory that are both connected with the microcontroller; the smoking signal detecting module configured to detect smoking signals and send the smoking signals to the microcontroller; the microcontroller configured to record a time of each reception of the smoking signals and a continuation time length of each received smoking signal, and calculate a smoking data according to the time and the continuation time length; the memory configured to store the time, the continuation time length and the smoking data; the smoking data including a time interval between every two smoking signals and a number of receiving the smoking signals during a preset period.

Smoking apparatus hose adapter system

An adaptor system for smoking apparatus such as hookah water pipes that allows for the expansion of the number of hoses available for use with the smoking apparatus by providing a novel connecting means that allows for converting a single hose hookah to a hookah having a plurality of hoses, the system including a means for filtering and flavoring vapors.. .

Sweatshirt pipe

A sweatshirt having a smoking apparatus as part of the sweatshirt, allowing users to smoke out of the sweatshirt comprises a garment body having a neck opening and sleeves and an elongated cord for tightening the sweatshirt hood around the users head and neck. A hollow tube is positioned inside of the elongated cord.

Electronic cigarette box

An electronic cigarette box is provided, comprising a box body, a box cover connected with the box body, an electronic cigarette container received in the box body, wherein, the box body defines a holding cavity, a bottle is received in the holding cavity, and the bottle contains perfume, air fresheners, deodorant or medicine. When the electronic cigarette box generates peculiar smell after a long time of use, a user can spray appropriate perfume into the electronic cigarette box to dispel the peculiar smell; the body of the user may have residual smoke smell when he/she has smoked the electronic cigarette a short time ago, the user can take out the perfume bottle and spray some perfume onto his/her body, thereby burnishing the user's image and improving the user's experience; the bottle can also received medicine, the user can be treated timely when feeling uncomfortable or illness due to smoking..

Smoking article

A smoking article has a tobacco rod wrapped within a wrapping material and having first and second ends, a filter rod and ventilation, wherein the filter rod is connected to the first end of the tobacco rod by a tipping material partially overlapping the tobacco rod and at least partially overlapping the filter rod, and wherein the wrapping material is provided with a first region having a first permeability and/or porosity, the first region extending longitudinally along the tobacco rod from an intermediate position along the portion of the tobacco rod which is not overlapped by the tipping material towards the tipping material and with a second region having a second porosity and/or permeability higher than the first porosity and/or permeability, the second region extending longitudinally along the tobacco rod from the intermediate position towards the second end of the tobacco rod.. .

Spinneret comprising tri-arc holes and tri-arc filaments produced therefrom

A spinneret having tri-arc holes may be used to produce tri-arc filaments. In some instances, tri-arc holes have a y-shape with three prongs and each prong having an arc at the end of the prong that tapers from the end of the arc to a connection point of an adjacent arc, and tri-arc filaments have a generally-y shape cross-section with bulbous or arcing tips.

Smoking article with movable vapour release component

The present invention relates to a smoking article having a movable vapour release portion to allow the vapour release portion to be isolated from, or exposed to, a smoke pathway. The invention also relates to a method of manufacturing such smoking articles.

Modification of bacterial profile of tobacco

A method of modifying the content of certain bacteria in uncured tobacco material is provided, the method including contacting an uncured tobacco material with a treatment solution, wherein the treatment solution is selected from the group consisting of: (i) a solution comprising salt, sugar, or a combination thereof; (ii) a solution comprising one or more enzymes; and (iii) a solution comprising one or more probiotics, wherein said contacting provides a treated tobacco material having a reduced total bacterial content following harvest. In certain embodiments, the treated tobacco material is subsequently cured, and can optionally be fermented.

Smoking article including flavour granules

A smoking article (10, 20, 30) comprises a filter (4) having a flavour release segment (14, 24) including a plurality of flavour granules. The flavour granules are formed of a compacted herbaceous plant material and have a bulk density of at least 0.35 grams per cubic centimetres.

Smoking article with colour change segment

The present invention relates to a smoking article (9) comprising a mouthpiece (1), a colour change segment and a rupturable, fluid-containing capsule (5). The colour change segment is adapted to interact with the fluid from the rupturable fluid-containing capsule such that, upon interaction, the colour change segment shows a colour change when the capsule is ruptured.

Electronic cigarette light cap and electronic cigarette using the same

The invention discloses an electronic cigarette light cap and an electronic cigarette, wherein the electronic cigarette comprises cigarette holder and a cigarette pipe comprising a tube body and an electronic cigarette light cap, and the electronic cigarette light cap comprises a top cover, and a hollow and bottomless cap column perpendicularly extending along a back side of the top cover, forming an annular stage around the cap column; at least one air inlet hole is defined in a front side of the top cover, and the air inlet hole is communicating with the cap column; the air introduced from the air inlet hole gets into the atomizing passageway via the first gap, forming the airflow path. By implementing the electronic cigarette light cap and the electronic cigarette, the air flow may get retained to be unobstructed, smoking noise caused by obstructed airflow gets reduced, which improves the users' experience..

Smokeable material recovery

A machine for making smoking articles that include filters (24) such as filter cigarettes, has fabrication stations configured in a production line to perform sequential steps in their manufacture, and an inspection station to identify those of the smoking articles that are to be rejected as a result of not meeting a quality control criterion. A filter removal device (31) is arranged on the production line to remove the filters (24) from the smoking articles identified for rejection at the inspection station..

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