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Smartphone patents


This page is updated frequently with new Smartphone-related patent applications.

new patent Camera opening for smartphone battery case to reduce flash glare
A case for portable electronic devices including smartphones includes a feature to prevent glare from a flash from affecting images and video captured by a camera lens and also a battery to extend battery life of the electronic device. Smartphones have telephony, internet connectivity, and camera and video features.
Incase Designs Corp.

new patent Cost-effective mobile connectivity protocols
Structures and protocols are presented for signaling a status or decision concerning a wireless service or device within a region to a network participant or other communication device (smartphone or motor vehicle, e.g.).. .
Elwha Llc

new patent Electronic device with slidable control button
The slidable control button device provides inputs to an electronic communication device such as a smartphone. When the slidable control button is moved to positions within a grooved path, it acquires additional functionalities.

new patent Method and system for operating technological devices of automating technology
The invention relates to a method and a system for operating a technological device, in particular a device of automating technology such as a controller, sensor or actor by a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or pda, wherein information is exchanged via a wireless communication connection between the technological device and the mobile device. In order to broaden the scope of the function of the technological device at least temporarily, it is provided that at least one software component which can be invoked by the technological device for executing one or more functions is hosted in a runtime environment of the mobile device, and that the at least one software component is invoked via the wireless communication connection by invoking a function of the technological device and is executed and is used in the runtime environment of the mobile device..
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

new patent Location based support request messages responsive to alert recommendation
A set of condition monitoring sensors may provide signals indicative of current conditions local at a user device (e.g., a smartphone). An alert recommendation platform may automatically analyze the signals and decision logic to generate an alert recommendation and output an alert signal.
Sap Se

new patent System and determining valid request and commitment patterns in electronic messages
A system and method are provided for comparing portions of text in electronic messages with potential request/commitment information components, determining if individual portions correspond to a request/commitment information component, and determining if a set of portions correspond to a valid request/commitment information pattern. A set of valid request/commitment information patterns is provided.

new patent System and method enabling location, identification, authentication and ranging with social networking features
An extensible system for intercommunication between smartphones and intelligent digital cameras that permits acquisition, identification, authentication and communication outside the cellular and networked interfaces. This concept provides a means for smartphones to intercommunicate securely and directly without network, or radio based wireless connection and to provide private visual and motion-image data communication at reasonable rates between parties outside of the cellular network.
The Quantum Group Inc.

new patent Image recognition system, image recognition method, hologram recording medium, hologram playback device, and image capture device
It is made possible to read holographic barcodes with such portable information consoles as smartphones to perform judgment of authenticity. In this process, by controlling from the portable information console side the light sources illuminating the hologram, it is possible to add a strong authenticity judgment function without a major increase in cost and also without building any special infrastructure..

new patent Integrated vehicle occupant safety system
An integrated vehicle occupant safety system to alert an emergency responder at regular intervals is disclosed. The integrated vehicle occupant safety system comprises a sensor module placed at one or more predetermined positions inside a vehicle is configured to send a signal to a communication device via a wireless transmitter after a predefined time on detecting the occupant activity inside the vehicle.

. .

Safe driving monitoring system

A method and system for detecting unsafe or suspect activities such as distracted driving associates distracted driving events to the road type, vehicle speed and vehicle acceleration (positive, negative and lateral) at the time of the distracted driving event, and identifies severe distracted driving events from a large population of minor events using a statistical distribution such as a cauchy distribution equation. The system employs a smartphone application (app) coupled with a central server that computes driver safety scores which relate time of day, road type, vehicle speed, vehicle acceleration (positive, negative and lateral) and distracted driving using the cauchy distribution equation.

Reverse-beacon indoor positioning system using existing detection fields

Indoor positioning systems and methods including a reverse-beacon for location determination and presence sensing technology. The reverse-beacon is any device comprising a transceiver and a computer operating with system nodes and will generally be in the form of a smartphone or other mobile computer.
Ivani, Llc

Mirror system and method enabling photo and video sharing by means of bidirectional communication

A mirror system and method which is capable of sharing photos and videos by bidirectional communication may be provided. A photo or video of clothes worn by the user, which is obtained by the fact that user's figure reflected in a translucent display mirror capable of interacting with a smartphone on the basis of an internet of things (iot) network is photographed as it is in real time, is transmitted as it is to the smartphone.
Stylemirror Co., Ltd.

Scalable asset location and tracking and sensor monitoring system

A scalable tag detection, location, tracking, recovery, and data collection system uses a social network of mobile devices, such as smartphones, as readers, to find lost or stolen goods that are tagged, or to read data or sensor values from tags at remote locations. A network service apparatus compiles ids of tags of interest into a data structure representing a subset of all tagged items, and transmits the data structure information to the participating mobile devices.

System and improving touchscreen operability

An apparatus for improving touchscreen operability and methods for making and using the same. The apparatus comprises a sheet for attaching to a touchscreen.
Haloband, Llc

Rotating head-up display device

The fixed portion of the rotating module fixed to the base and the rotating portion of the rotating module fixed to the display module are provided as image rotating mechanism, and the adjustment module is provided to operate for rotating and projecting enlarged images, to thereby conveniently rotate images corresponding to horizontal screen and vertical screen of a smartphone or a tablet.. .

Ventilation-mounted holder, in particular for electronic devices

A ventilation-mounted holder for attachment on a ventilation lamella assembly in vehicles for mounting electronic devices or other articles includes a carrier body onto which a holding bracket for engagement over a ventilation lamella is arranged on the back-side, and a holding device for a smartphone or a tablet is arranged on the front side. The carrier body is configured as an elongated carrier arm.

Habitat control system

The present invention consolidates and centrally organizes, among other things, the control of and communication with equipment and sensors placed in or adjacent to a habitat. In an embodiment of the invention, a system for controlling and recognizing habitat components comprises: a main controller comprising an integrated circuit (ic chip) containing information and programming for associated habitat components and a communication component for transferring updated programming and data to associated components via cable, wifi, bluetooth, or infrared; and a habitat component having an integrated circuit (ic chip) which contains operating data and acts as an identifier of the component, allowing an application on a smartphone or the main controller to automatically recognize the device and control programs..
Current Usa, Inc.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus that utilizes a communication device is disclosed. A communication unit of a housing which corresponds to an antenna portion is provided at a position at which the communication unit can be seen without obstruction from the upper side.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Mobile app to update phone number automatically

A method is proposed for automatically updating the user's new phone number in all the contact's smartphones directly, without requiring an individual to manually update their contacts by text, email, or by using an application for maintaining of contact information. The mobile application provide flexibility for the user to change the phone number anytime and update the number directly in their contact's smartphone, tablet or computer.

Systems and methods for business power management pertaining to wireless power transfer

The disclosure relates to providing system and methods for providing business and personal wireless power management functionality in a wireless power transfer network using a power management software application including monitoring and gathering data pertaining to the mobile device and the wireless power transfer network and further enable intelligent business data analysis of such a network. The wireless power transfer system allows wireless power transfer to electrical mobile devices of users such as smartphones, laptops and the like, at home, office and various public areas, and may be centrally monitored and controlled.
Powermat Technologies Ltd.

Context-based smartphone sensor logic

Methods employ sensors in portable devices (e.g., smartphones) both to sense content information (e.g., audio and imagery) and context information. Device processing is desirably dependent on both.
Digimarc Corporation

Image processing apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium

A camera scanner captures an image of a document stand on which an object is placed using a camera unit. The camera scanner obtains an ip address of an electronic terminal (a smartphone) and an identifier of an image from the image of a display screen of the electronic terminal placed on the document stand by detecting and decoding a qr code.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Training in dispensing a medicament

A medicament-free device (e.g., a smartphone device) for simulating a medicament dispenser may include a sensing device and a processor. The sensing device may sense a user action performed upon the medicament-free device and may output sense data.
Teva Uk Limited

Mobile, wearable, automated target tracking system

The mobile, wearable, automated target tracking system is designed to enable an image and/or sound recording device, such as a video camera or directional microphone, to automatically follow a subject (or target) in order to keep that subject within the image frame or sound range that is being recorded. The automated target tracking system makes it possible to capture both the action and subject simultaneously without requiring a cameraman to manually operate the equipment.
Apeiros, Llc

Signal encoding to reduce perceptibility of changes over time

The present disclosures relates generally to digital watermarking and data hiding. One claim recites a smartphone comprising: a camera to capture video of a display that is rendering video, in which the video comprises a first watermark signal embedded in a first portion of the data, a second watermark signal embedded in a second portion of the data, and a third watermark signal embedded in a third portion of the data, in which at least two of the first watermark signal, second watermark signal and third watermark signal are inversely related to one another; electronic memory for buffering data representing captured video; one or more electronic processors programmed for: applying a first perspective distortion to the data representing the captured video to yield first perspective distorted video; and analyzing the first perspective distorted video to detect digital watermarking, in which a second perspective distortion is applied to the data representing the captured video to yield second perspective distorted video when the analyzing does not detect digital watermarking, and then performing analyzing the second perspective distorted video to detect digital watermarking.
Digimarc Corporation

Mobile application user interface for efficiently managing and assuring the safety, quality and security of goods stored within a truck, tractor or trailer

A system and method for ensuring the safety of goods transported via highway, particularly humanly consumable goods, is taught by the present invention. Three main aspects include a smart phone hub, a portable sensor for monitoring the transported goods and a physical locking mechanism to lock the trailer.

Electronic form mobility hand-off

Apparatus and method by which editing control, but not ownership, of electronic documents are transferred from one device, such as a desktop personal computer, to a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. Online forms residing in a catalog on the server are associated with a customer.
Access Eforms, L.p.

Display control apparatus and display control method

The present invention has an object of implementing a multi-window using an os for smartphones that does not support multi-display. The display control apparatus according to the present invention is a display control apparatus using an operating system for smartphones, and includes: a window creator that creates a window for each of displays; a window allocator that allocates the windows to a plurality of applications; and a display controller that obtains respective display information items from the plurality of applications, and causes the displays to display the display information items according to the allocation of the windows, the displays corresponding to the respective windows.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Virtual reality viewer and input mechanism

The present invention concerns virtual reality viewers for use with touchscreen enabled mobile devices. The virtual reality viewer comprises: a housing configured to receive a mobile electronic device within an interior of the housing; and an input mechanism that is accessible from an exterior of the housing and that is moveable within the interior between a first position and an extended position, wherein a surface of the input mechanism is configured to contact the touch-screen of the mobile electronic device when in the extended position.
Dodocase, Inc.

Interactive book and interactive presentation and receiving of information

A method for interactive intercommunication with a book is presented. Method provides a possibility to get accompanying materials, in particular comments, updates, related informations in any form, etc.

System and applying a low frequency magnetic field to biological tissues

A system and method for applying a low strength, low frequency magnetic field therapy to biological tissues. A coil is excited with a low frequency oscillating current, e.g., 10-1000 hz.
Qoravita Llc

Integrated stroboscopic eyewear for sensory training

A wireless, programmable and customizable, integrated stroboscopic, eyewear device used as a training tool to enhance the user's sensory processing systems and overall neuro capability (including the underlying pyscho-motor functions). This device functions to elevate and improve the user's perceptual and cognitive processing skills and further measures and collects sensory data from the user during training including heart rate and other bio statistics.
Blw Ip, Llc

Continuous analyte monitoring system

An improved analyte monitoring system having a sensor and a transceiver with improved communication and/or user interface capabilities. The transceiver may communicate with and power the sensor.
Senseonics, Incorporated

Smart retractable holster harness system for electronic devices

A retractable holder for a smartphone is formed with a housing, a connection mechanism for connecting and disconnecting the smartphone to the housing, a first lanyard loop comprising lanyard cords that are reeled onto or deployed from cord storage spools located inside the housing, a second lanyard loop comprising lanyard cords that are reeled onto or deployed from cord storage spools located inside the housing and a lanyard control mechanism. The lanyard control mechanism applies a retracting force to each of the cord storage spools, the retracting force operational to reel the lanyard cord extending from the housing in a deployed state to the cord's respective cord storage spool and to enable a user draw out and deploy a fixed length of the lanyard cord from the cord's respective cord storage spool.
Palms Free Inc.

Support of shoulder hands-free for mobile devices

Hands-free support for mobile devices which includes a frame with two semicircular handles joined by a horizontal bar. In the center of the toolbar is located an elongated support at the end of which the mobile device that you want to use is fixed (smartphone, tablet, camera, video camera, etc.) to set what makes up the invention.

Method and internet service availability notification

Internet connectivity services provided by mobile wireless stations deployed in drones, balloons, airplanes etc. May be intermittent and in some cases event-driven, such as in response to emergency and natural disasters.
Google Inc.

Device, system, and wirelessly controlling electronic devices and appliances

Devices, systems, and methods of wirelessly controlling appliances and electronic devices, such as ceiling fans, air conditioners, garage doors, or the like. A receive-only ceiling fan is wirelessly controlled by a proprietary remote control unit.
Olibra Llc

Portable device interface methods and systems

Whilst portable electronic devices such as smartphones have become ubiquitous for billions of users their primarily uses are consuming content or generating limited low complexity data. In contrast, laptops, desktop pcs etc.
Bluink Ltd.

(smartphone) camera cover case specifications

The new art to a smartphone case is the design and idea to cover the front and rear cameras of a smartphone manually via sliding cover over the smartphone front and rear cameras. There are currently no such smartphone case in the marketplace.

Compact sound studio

A compact, battery-powered, pocket-sized recording studio with headphones to offer consumers—in a device about the size of a smartphone—a means of recording, editing, mixing, and transferring their own vocal music, complete with backing instrumental and vocal tracks, special effects, harmonies, bass-lines, and drum-beats. Primarily appealing to aspiring musicians, the compact sound studio would also be ideal for motivational speakers, priests and ministers, actors, and more..

Systems and methods for identifying articles of clothing

Systems and methods for allowing sight impaired or blind persons to identify articles of clothing utilizing “smart labels” which comprise identification information, wherein the identification information is contained in, represented by, or interpretable via raised indicia (e.g., raised lettering or braille), smart codes, global positioning system (gps) technology, magnetic stripes, radio frequency identification (rfid) technology, near field communication (nfc) technology, microprocessors, bluetooth technology, or combinations thereof. These smart labels are unaffected by normal usage such as washing, folding and crumpling to allow sight impaired or blind persons to tactually, or via an electronic interpretation device, e.g., personal computer, a smartphone, computer tablet, magnetic stripe reader, nfc communicator, rfid reader, or bluetooth device, comprehend the identification information of the smart label..

Fall detector and alert system

A fall detection and alert system and associated methods are described. The system includes a right footwear item and a left footwear item, each of which includes foot pressure sensors, communications circuitry configured to transmit foot pressure signals from the pressure sensors to a mobile device, such as a smartphone, and a power source.

Determining vehicle occupancy using sensors

A method of determining occupancy of a vehicle along a route is determined by processing data generated by two different smartphones reported to be travelling in the same vehicle. An app executing within each smartphone.
International Business Machines Corporation

Computer-implemented providing on-demand expert advice to a consumer

Described is a computer system and computer-implemented method for providing on-demand advice through a computer communication network to a consumer. The consumer, from a network-connected computing device, makes an information request relating to an object, such as a product or service through their smartphone or computing device.
Chickadvisor Inc.

Rfid tag and methods of use and manufacture and rfid monitoring cabinet and smart phone case and methods of use

A smart phone carrier comprising an electrical panel on flexible foil with uhf rfid reader module, bluetooth communication controller connected by silver conductive ink for reading thin rfid (radio frequency identification) tags, including but not limited to those manufactured as described herein, and communicating location, tracking, and monitoring to a smart phone or network of smartphones. A smart rfid cabinet with controlling unit comprising a controlling computer having memory comprising connected shelves in electronic communication made of glass fiber coated with a carbon alloy material with integrated rfid antennas on each shelf to locate, track and monitor rfid tags with or without regard to a specific shelf for a wide variety of applications, including being attached, affixed to, woven in, or otherwise enclosed within clothing, scrubs, towels, linen, consumer products, office supplies, food products, and other goods and inventory..
Smarthin Technologies, Inc.

Digital assistant integration with music services

A digital assistant supported across devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers (pcs), wearable computing devices, game consoles, and the like is configured to interact with one or more music and/or search services so that various user experiences, content, or features that enhance a user's involvement with music and other media content can be integrated with the digital assistant and rendered as a native digital assistant user experience. The digital assistant is configured to behave like the user's personal radio host or disc jockey (dj), for example, by determining the user's intent and preferences, maintaining awareness of history and context, performing tasks and actions to curate personalized playlists and offer them at contextually-relevant times and places, providing information, recommendations, content, and commentary relating to the user's music, and proactively interacting with the user to make existing music easy to find and new music easy to discover..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Card and application program

A card functions as a credit card or a cash card, the card including: a card management section configured to (i) transmit card information to a smartphone, (ii) accept from the smartphone an instruction for activating the card, and (iii) activate the card in accordance with the instruction thus accepted; and a battery which is rechargeable and is configured to supply electric power used in the card.. .
Aps S.a.

Pullover garment with integrated media accessories

A pullover garment that includes: a clear front pocket adapted to receive a portable electronic device; thumb holes within the clear front pocket; a hood; and earbuds extending from the hood, where the earbuds are adapted to connect to the portable electronic device. The portable electronic device preferably includes a smartphone..

Systems and methods for fueling motor vehicles

Methods and systems can automate the delivery of motor vehicle fuel while reducing the need for operator involvement and driving to a gas station. A server with access to a database and in wireless communication with computers installed in a motor vehicle can collect data from the computers including vehicle fuel level and vehicle geographic location.
Lazzeri Società Agricola A R.l.

Access management system

Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for remotely managing access to an area. An access management platform, which can be an electronic lock that is installed on e.g., a door of a house, can enable a user to establish a virtual presence at the door.
Lazzeri Società Agricola A R.l.

Smart phone platform for kids

A phone and system is disclosed which includes a programmed button(s) that initiates a telephone call from the phone to a second phone. In some embodiments, the phone may be a toy or instructional equipment configured to provide for example, children a device to learn how to converse over a telephone call with trusted parties.

Methods and systems for invoking functions based on whether a partial print or an entire print is detected

Systems and methods are described herein for expanding the functionality of a print scanner. The scanner may be programmed to invoke a different function if only a portion of a print is detected rather than a full print.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

Dual network sending application

The present invention relates to a method of transmitting transactional data using software (app) installed on a device capable of wirelessly accessing both the internet (data network) and voice network (a.k.a. Smartphone) from a user/client device to a system/service provider continuously, without prompt-response for each transactional parameter..

Access management system

Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for remotely managing access to an area. An access management platform, which can be an electronic lock that is installed on, e.g., a door of a house, can enable a user to establish a virtual presence at the door.
Gate Labs Inc.

Chemical and physical sensing with a reader and rfid tags

A method of detecting a stimulus can include detecting an output from a radio frequency identification tag including a sensor. A smartphone-based sensing strategy can use chemiresponsive nanomaterials integrated into the circuitry of commercial near field communication tags to achieve non-line-of-sight, portable, and inexpensive detection and discrimination of gas phase chemicals (e.g., ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, cyclohexanone, and water) at part-per-thousand and part-per-million concentrations..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

On-site visualization of component status

Embodiments of the present invention enable a portable computing device such as a smartphone or a tablet computer, to capture one or more codes for one or more corresponding components positioned in proximity to the portable computing device, and to convey the one or more codes to a management system. Upon receiving the one or more codes, the management system can be configured to convey, to the portable computing device, an identification and a status of each of the one or more components.
International Business Machines Corporation

Game machine and process

A smartphone has an application to play a fantasy sports game at a specific location, the fantasy sports game being under control of a server. The fantasy sports game uses data obtained from a second server that is updated based on a real-life sports game being played.
Jrtr Software, Llc

Method for implementing a computer game

A method, implemented as computer code being executed by one or more processors, in which computer game graphics for a casual, social game are shown on a display of a computing device, where the casual, social game is downloaded as an app to a smartphone and/or tablet computer and can be accessed or played using a social network application or environment; and in which one or more of the processors are programmed such that: a notification is automatically generated if a player is stuck at a level for more than a defined time or after more than a defined number of attempts to pass that level, the notification alerting friends of the player so that they can assist him or her.. . Limited

Earbud electrocardiogram monitor and associated systems and methods

A method of monitoring a health status of a patient using a monitoring system comprising a processor, an electrical signal conversion unit, and a pair of earbud electrocardiogram (ecg) monitors. Each earbud monitor comprises conductive electrode component (e.g., physiological-type sensor) configured to receive biopotential signals from a respective ear of the patient.
Medicomp, Inc.

Quest Diagnostics Investments Inc.

. .

Wearable system configured to receive audio signals through dock

A wearable system configured to receive audio signals through a dock includes a wearable device (e.g., earphones) and the dock. The wearable device stores user-end audio files and a token therein and has a first connection port (e.g., a pogo-pin socket).
Fuelstation Inc.

Switching between watches or other accessories

Systems, methods and non-transitory computer readable media for allowing a user to switch between watches that have been paired with a device such as a smartphone are described. In one embodiment, the watches automatically detect a removal of a first watch from a user's wrist and an attachment of a second watch to the user's wrist.
Apple Inc.

Monitoring system

A monitoring system has sensors for monitoring a comfort of a user. For example, a motion sensor may detect movements as the user lies or plays in the monitoring system.
Enfant Terrible Design Ab

System for managing mobile cleaning services

A system for ordering cleaning services remotely, using an application downloaded into a smartphone or the like. A commercial provider of cleaning services maintains a fleet of vehicles provided with cleaning apparatus.

Graphical interfaced based intelligent automated assistant

The present invention is an intelligent automated assistant that can be implemented using any of a number of graphical interface operated platforms such as a smartphone to facilitate user interaction with the device by a unique adaptive graphical interface, to manage functionalities of: mathematical calculations; telephony, smart dial; speed dial of phone numbers, apps and actions; input of text; definition, calculation and management of time values and their utilization in the creation or edition of calendar events, schedule reminders/tasks, timers and alarms.. .

Autonomous personal mobility systems

Autonomous personal mobility systems including one or more personal mobility vehicles, each personal mobility vehicle including a navigation system configured to provide autonomous point-to-point navigation within a specified geographic area, and one or more sensors configured to detect obstructions proximate to the personal mobility vehicle, so as to enable the navigation system to avoid the detected obstructions. The system includes one or more kiosks configured to store the one or more personal mobility vehicles and charge the one or more personal mobility vehicles while stored.
Ford Global Technologies Llc

Liquid crystal display with energy harvesting led backlighting

A novel liquid crystal display (lcd) is alternately operable in an active display mode, in which its led array is forward biased and the leds emit backlight, or in an inactive display mode, in which the led array is reverse biased and the leds function as photo diodes that harvest the energy of ambient light to generate a photovoltaic (pv) current used to charge the battery of a device, such as a smartphone, in which the lcd is embedded. In one embodiment, the lcd is also alternately operable in a semi-active display mode, in which one or more selected segments of the led array are forward biased, and the leds of the selected segments emit backlight, while one or more unselected segments are reverse biased, and the leds of the unselected segments generate the pv current to charge the rechargeable battery..
Hyperion Technology, Llc

Foldable stereoscopic viewing apparatus

A stereoscopic viewing apparatus for use with a smartphone including a pair of lenses and a viewer body preferably fabricated at low cost from a single paper sheet. The sheet is provided with a pair of fold lines which define first and second sheet segments separated by a lens mounting segment.

Non-invasive monitoring lusitropic myocardial function in relation to inotropic myocardial function

A system and method for non-invasively monitoring the hemodynamic state of a patient by determining on a beat-by-beat basis the ratio of lusitropic function to inotropic function as an index of myocardial well-being or pathology for use by clinicians in the hospital or by the patient at home. In one embodiment of the system a smartphone running an application program that is connected through the internet to the cloud processes electronic signals, first, from an electrocardiogram device monitoring electrical cardiac activity, and second, from a seismocardiogram device monitoring mechanical cardiac activity in order to determine such ratio as an instantaneous measurement of the hemodynamic state of the patient, including such states as sepsis, myocardial ischemia, and heart failure..
The Cooper Health System

Wearable electronic media support and storage system

An adjustable, wearable support and storage system for suspending electronic media, particularly tablet computers, ereaders, and smartphones, in a hands free manner outward from the body in virtually any position.. .

Sound localization for an electronic call

A smartphone provides a voice of a person during a telephone call to a user of the smartphone in binaural sound. The smartphone stores hrtfs of the user, and a digital signal processor (dsp) processes the voice of the person with the hrtfs so the voice of the person externally localizes in the binaural sound at a sound localization point (slp) that is in empty space at least one meter away from a head of the user.

Smartphone camera case

A device to encase a smartphone is provided. The smartphone has an input component.
Pixl Toys, Inc.

Wireless portable personal cyber-protection device

A wireless, portable, personal, cyber-protection external device is used to protect other mobile user devices from cyber-attacks. The invention described herein is a small, smartphone form factor piece of hardware containing a complete single board computer.

Electronic access control and location tracking system

A method and system that allows authorized individuals access into controlled access locations and the ability to grant temporary and limited access to guests into these locations. The method and system allows for navigational services to be provided to members and guests, and real-time tracking and confirmation to members and administrators that guests have arrived at their destination and did not enter any unauthorized areas.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc

Real-time electronic display device and system

An electronic display device (edd) mountable on a stanchion is configured to establish wireless communication (e.g., via bluetooth, nfc, or wi-fi) with a portable electronic device (ped) (e.g., a smartphone) associated with a customer and receive customer information (e.g., user credentials) identifying the customer from the ped via the established communication. The edd is further configured to retrieve a customer footprint (e.g., activity history) associated with the customer based on the customer information and retrieve one or more industry-specific variables (e.g., values of metrics).

Method for payment authorization on offline mobile devices with irreversibility assurance

A methods for payment authorization (10) on mobile devices (dm) such as smartphones, tablets or any others available, which may be offline; the method for payment authorization (10) comprises the compilation of sequential steps of method (m1) of the payer (20) with method (m2) of the operational system (50) or application that constitutes a logical structure for alignment with the method (m3) of the payee (30), resulting in authenticated payment (pg) of financial transactions (tf) with assurance of “non-repudiation” through generation of a private key (51) and public key (52), as well as association of positive identification (21a) and personal identification (21b) of the payer (pg) with the mobile device (dm); said methods (m1), (m2) and (m3) are executed on mobile devices (dm) with enough processing capacity for execution of encryption algorithms and which may be used for issuing payment orders (pg), on-site or otherwise, carried out with financial resources (rf) or credit limits (lc) such as bonuses, points, products, tickets, etc. Of the payer (20) of the device (dm)..
Matera Systems Inc.

Smart fence

This disclosure relates to a remotely controlled fence comprising a means for sensing an unauthorized entry, an image capturing device to capture the image of the unauthorized object, a speaker, a microphone, a humidifier to create a chill out area, a display unit for showing the weather temperature of the surrounding, a radio fm device for a musical chanson and a medium for news to the listener, a lighting unit, a plurality of solar panel hoods and a means for communication interface to transmit the related information to the user. Further, the fence is optimized to control all functions using a mobile app or a web technology with a user interacting device such as computer, tablet, smartphone and the like..

Method and device for determining a signal aspect for a rail vehicle

A method for determining a signal aspect representing the vacant or occupied state of a track section for a rail vehicle, in particular a maintenance or construction vehicle, on a cbtc track. In this case, the rail vehicle does not have an on-board cbtc device.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Transmission device, transmission method, and program

Techniques for wireless transmission of data are provided, in which data representing a plurality of frames of a time-sequential signal are encoded. The encoded data are temporarily retained in a memory buffer before wireless transmission.
Sony Corporation

Sound localization for an electronic call

A smartphone provides a voice of a person during a telephone call to a user of the smartphone in binaural sound. The smartphone stores hrtfs of the user, and a digital signal processor (dsp) processes the voice of the person with the hrtfs so the voice of the person externally localizes in the binaural sound at a sound localization point (slp) that is in empty space one meter away from a head of the user..

Cloud based personal services system

A personal identification, tracking, entertainment and communication system is provided that is sufficiently flexible and intelligent to address a variety of applications and needs. In one embodiment, an electronic accessory such as an electronic bracelet or the like is provided.

Techniques for implementing a portable spectrum analyzer

Techniques are provided for implementing a portable spectrum analyzer. An example system, according to an embodiment, includes a signal analyzer including an rf receiver to receive rf signals from an antenna, an analog-to-digital converter to generate a sampled signal based on the received rf signals, and a signal analysis co-processor to perform cognitive scanning analysis of the sampled signal.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Apparatus for powering an electrical device from different battery packs

An apparatus for powering an electrical device from different type battery packs is presented. The device includes a housing with a power management unit within the housing and a plurality of input connectors.

A method, system and software application for providing context based commercial information

A method for providing context based commercial information, as well as a corresponding system and software application. The method includes establishing of a voice communication session, such as a telephone call, between a first party using a mobile communication device, such as a smartphone, and at least one other party using a remote communication device via a communications network.
C Conjunction Ab

Virtualization input component

One or more systems and/or methods for storing personal information within a first device and/or for providing personal information from the first device to the second device are provided. The first device (e.g., a smartphone) may identify a user interface (e.g., a movie streaming website) populated with user specified data (e.g., a password).
Yahoo Holdings, Inc.

Methods and aggregating packet transfer over a virtual bus interface

Methods and apparatus for data aggregation and multiplexing of one or more virtual bus interfaces via a physical bus interface. Various disclosed embodiments are configured to: (i) multiplex multiple logical interfaces over a single physical interface, (ii) exchange session management and logical interface control, (iii) manage flow control, (iv) provide “hints” about the data (e.g., metadata), and/or (v) pad data packets.
Apple Inc.

Information processing device and information processing method

An information processing device, which can be a smartphone, and method can obtain input information and display switching information for switching to a screen of a program based on the obtained input information.. .
Yamaha Corporation

Head mounted display

Head-mounted display (hmd) provides a virtual reality to a user that controls the hmd with a keyboard. The hmd has a housing with a left lens and a right lens, a smartphone that includes a display, a camera that captures video signals of the keyboard, and a processer.
Tower Spring Global Limited

Portable communication device for transmitting touch-generated messages

The invention relates to a portable communication device for transmitting touch-generated messages to at least one addressee, by means of touch gestures carried out by a user on a touch-sensitive panel of the device. This device seeks to cover certain communication demands that are not satisfied by smartphones and their accessory devices; in particular, for those persons who are not in the capacity or condition to access or properly use existing products, either permanently or momentarily.

Methods and systems for geometrical optics positioning using spatial color coded leds

A method and system of indoor positioning associated with a smartphone includes installing one or more color led identifiers on a ceiling associated with an indoor location and dividing the indoor location based on the one or more color led identifiers into one or more cells. One or more images of the one or more color led identifiers are captured through a camera associated with the smartphone.

Vest and motion sensitive wand for interactive game play

An interactive magical themed game played by one or more players. Each player is equipped with a motion sensitive wand, capable of casting infrared spells, a vest, capable of receiving infrared spells, and a smartphone, capable of displaying scores and creating user profiles.

Gaming machine controller and use

An application enabling a player to utilize a portable computing device, such as a smartphone, to function as a game controller for a gaming machine. The user would receive and return an associating link code to initiate a communication link between the gaming machine and the portable computing device by way of tapping, manually entering the code, or scanning an image of the code.
Prism Solutions, Inc.

Multi-party emergency calls

A user of a communications device such as a smartphone may place calls to emergency services using the device. The device may be configured to automatically initiate a conference call in response to a user request to initiate an emergency services call.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

Website authentication using an internet-connected device

The invention is an authentication framework that enables a user to log in to a website using an internet-connected device, such as smartphone, smart watch, smart glasses, or tablet, while browsing on a computer. The framework makes it easier for people with certain disabilities to log in to a website, such as by removing the mandatory step of entering usernames and passwords while giving users multiple options through which they are establish their identity using internet-connected devices.
Syracuse University

Charging case for an electronic device

A charging case for a smartphone device includes a main body having an opening shaped and configured to retain the smartphone device therein. In addition, the charging case includes a control unit integrated into the main body and having a device connector configured to plug into a compatible port of the smartphone device when secured into the opening.

Portable wearable primary device which communicates data to secondary device that is in communication with multiple networks and related communication systems

A personal portable communication device and system is provided which includes a handheld beacon that has a controller, a short range signal transmitter, and a power source, and at least one switch, an indicator light and a short range signal receiver that transmits and receives signals to a secondary relay communication device such as a smartphone wherein the secondary device sends second communication signals including messages according to predetermined instructions to predetermined destinations.. .
Silent Beacon, Llc

Transmission device having data storage function and capable of being in a folded state by magnetic force

A transmission device having a data storage function and capable of being in a folded state by a magnetic force includes a first transmission port (e.g., a lightning plug) at one end, a second transmission port (e.g., a usb plug) at the other end, a flexible bending portion in the middle section, two magnetically attractive portions respectively adjacent to two opposite ends of the bending portion, and a card reader or data storage unit. Once the first transmission port is connected to a portable device (e.g., a smartphone) to allow the portable device to read data from the transmission device, the bending portion can be bent so that, by the magnetic force of the magnetically attractive portions, the transmission device is rendered into a folded state and is partially hidden behind the portable device to facilitate holding and avoid getting loose and falling off..

Intelligent productivity monitoring with a digital assistant

A digital assistant supported across devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers (pcs), wearable computing devices, game consoles, and the like is configured to interact with a productivity system so that various user experiences, content, or features that enhance a user's productivity can be integrated with the digital assistant and rendered as a native digital assistant user experience. The digital assistant is configured to actively participate with the user to set and achieve productivity goals for example, by determining the user's intent, maintaining awareness of context, performing tasks and actions, providing productivity status and notifications, and interacting with the user to help the user stay productive and avoid distractions..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Screen to protect display from laser beam damage

Some embodiments are directed to a flat screen, such a display associated with a computer monitor or smartphone, having a display side and a non-display side. The flat screen may be adapted to substantially cover a display such that the display-side is proximate to the display.

Systems including janus droplets

Embodiments described herein may be useful in the detection of analytes. The systems and methods may allow for a relatively simple and rapid way for detecting analytes such as chemical and/or biological analytes and may be useful in numerous applications including sensing, food manufacturing, medical diagnostics, performance materials, dynamic lenses, water monitoring, environmental monitoring, detection of proteins, detection of dna, among other applications.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Information processing system and information processing method

An example of an information processing system includes a plurality of game machines, a smartphone, and a server system. Game processing is performed in the game machines, and information based on the game processing is transmitted to the server system.
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Smartphone-controlled active configuration of footwear, including with concavely rounded soles

A smartphone or other mobile computer device, general purpose or specialized, wherein the smartphone device is configured to actively control the configuration of one or more bladders, compartments, chambers or internal sipes and one or more sensors located in either one or both of a sole or a removable inner sole insert of the footwear of the user and/or located in an apparatus worn or carried by the user, glued unto the user, or implanted in the user. The one or more bladders, compartments, chambers, or sipes, and one or more sensors are configured for computer control.

Toy and app for remotely viewing and playing with a pet

An app and associated toy are disclosed that allow a smartphone user to play remotely with a pet by controlling the movement of a remote spot of light. A remote camera allows the user to see and record video of the pet playing.

Lineshark Audio Inc.

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Wirelessly-networkable device and configuring such a device

A method of configuring a device includes associating a network-connectable device (such as a wi-fi thermostat) with a first identifier (such as a first account) established on a network server; using a mobile communication device (such as a smartphone), accessing the network-connectable device using the first identifier, and setting or verifying in the network-connectable device one or more operating parameters (such as a set-point) of the network-connectable device; after setting or verifying the one or more operating parameters, removing the association of the network-connectable device with the first identifier, and permitting association of the network-connectable device with a second identifier (such as a second account) established or to-be-established on a network server and access to the network-connectable device and verification or setting of the one or more operating parameters of the network-connectable device using the second identifier.. .
Icm Controls Corporation

Mounting a smartphone to robotic accessor of automated data storage library

In one embodiment, an apparatus includes an accessor configured to transport data storage cartridges in a library environment, and a bracket configured to receive a wireless image capture device therein where the bracket is positioned to orient the wireless image capture device to capture images while the accessor is transporting data storage cartridges. In another embodiment, a method for mounting a wireless capture device to an accessor to capture images of an operation in a data storage library includes mounting a bracket to the accessor, where the accessor is configured to transport data storage cartridges in a library environment, where the bracket is configured to receive a wireless image capture device therein.
International Business Machines Corporation

Portable computer app providing distance measurement

The present invention relates to an app on a smartphone, or other portable computer, which can be used to control a camera, or other device, for measuring the distance between the smartphone and a desired object or location.. .

Contactless fingerprint recognition method using smartphone

The present invention relates to a contactless fingerprint recognition method using a smartphone and, more particularly, to a contactless fingerprint recognition method using a smartphone, which can generate an optimal fingerprint image without distortion regardless of various standards of built-in camera lenses of smartphones, has compatibility with a fingerprint image of a conventional optical fingerprint recognition device that has been widely popularized, and enables the fingerprint image to be converted into an image that meets the requirements of the international standard (iso19794-4) and into optimal recognized fingerprint data (iso19794-2), so that the utilization of contactless fingerprint recognition is further improved.. .
Winningi Co., Ltd.

Portable virtual-reality interactive system

A portable virtual-reality interactive system includes a computer that is interoperable with a smartphone, a flexible roll-up mat that has an electrically-activated stiffening mechanism and a projector for projecting a virtual keyboard onto the mat. The stiffening mechanism includes embedded coils surrounding a flexible electrical wire.

Methods and systems foe electronic device interactions

Methods and systems provide for interactions by one or more mobile computing devices, for example, smartphones (cellular and network linked), smart bands, smart watches, augmented and virtual reality headsets, which alone or in combination form mobile computing device systems, through localization, mapping of points of interest (pois), pointing, selection, engagement and control of controllable electronic devices.. .
Snapback S.r.l.

Vital sign monitoring via touchscreen using bioelectric impedance

Methods and apparatus for detecting body vital signs through the use of a bioelectric impedance spectroscopy (bis), either by (a) direct contact with the person (such as through one or more of their fingers) or (b) measurement of reflections from a field projected into the person's body. The techniques may be implemented using the projected capacitive touch array in a device such as the screen of a smartphone or tablet computer, or the touchpad of a laptop computer..
Ami Research & Development, Llc

Computer-implemented scoring fish

Computer-implemented methods use the location processor (e.g. Gps) of a networked mobile wireless telecommunication computing device such as a smartphone to determine the location where a fish was caught.
Hayden Equities Inc.

Method and device to prohibit communications which require active participation by the driver of a vehicle

Operating a vehicle while texting, using applications or using a mobile device has been shown to be very dangerous and increase the likelihood of accidents. An exemplary embodiment relates to a method, techniques and a system that can prohibit the use of a mobile device by the driver while driving.

Index of everyday life

A mobile phone connected to a fleet of radio transceiver chips that can be individually identified by the mobile station, which automatically are associated with a photo when the phone camera is used in proximity. The transceiver chips have a small loudspeaker, vibrator and/or light emitter for producing an alarm, and the transceiver chip also can determine and send back its location to the mobile phone.

Smartphone antenna in flexible pcb

A thin, flexible antenna module is provided for use in a smartphone. When the antenna module is assembled in the smartphone, the antenna module provides an mst antenna and an nfc antenna.
Aq Corporation

Smartphone antenna in flexible pcb

A thin, flexible antenna module is provided for use in a smartphone. When the antenna module is assembled in the smartphone, the antenna module provides an mst antenna and an nfc antenna.
Aq Corporation

Wireless passenger proximity detection system for autonomous vehicles

A system and method are provided and include a controller that controls a door lock actuator system of an autonomous vehicle. The controller is configured to receive a request for transportation from a server in communication with a smartphone.
Denso International America, Inc.

Guided purchasing via smartphone

Guiding purchasing via smartphone by, determining, via smartphone input of a user, the smartphone user's intent to purchase a given product. At least one sequence of tasks to purchase each of a plurality of products is determined.
Google Llc

Smart scan peripheral

A smart scan peripheral is capable of attaching to a mobile computing device (e.g., a smartphone) allowing the resulting combination to be used like a traditional gun scanner. The scan handle peripheral does not require a power source or any electrical connection to the mobile computing device but can operate to still relay trigger pull information to a running application on the mobile computing device.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

Systems and methods for health monitoring

Behavioral intervention improves the efficacy of treatments designed to encourage healthy behaviors such as smoking cessation, adherence to food regimen after surgeries, and avoiding overeating. Aspects of the present disclosure relate to a health monitoring system that leverages wearable sensors, mobile devices (e.g.
Lumme Inc

Device for handheld operation and method thereof

A device (100) for handheld operation, such as a mobile phone, a mobile terminal, a smartphone, a user equipment (ue), a tablet, a phablet, a media player, a remote control, or a gaming console, is provided. The device is operative to detect an imminent or prevailing indication of an unstable operation of the device when being held by a hand (110) of a user of the device, and, in response thereto, to increase a grip between an outer surface (101, 103) of the device and one or more fingers (111-114) of the hand.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Keyless car sharing mechanism using smartphones and inbuilt wifi systems for authentication

A method of operating/renting keyless motor vehicles includes configuring a user's smartphone to wirelessly communicate with the security systems of at least a selected keyless vehicle, whereby the user's smartphone can transmit a digital key to the security system of a keyless vehicle to permit operation thereof. A digital key for a selected keyless vehicle is transmitted to the user's smartphone, and the user is provided with an authorization code that can be used to gain entry into the selected vehicle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Sleepiness calculation device

A sleepiness calculation device is provided. In a smartphone, i/f obtains heart rate of the subject measured by a heartbeat sensor and measurement time, determines active state of a subject in the state discriminant section, and send it to a server.
Pioneer Corporation

Smartphone based peak flow meter

Peak flow meters are often used by asthma patients to monitor their physical condition. It is imperative that a peak flow meter is conducive to patient usage and recording.

System and wireless communication

Disclosed is a wireless communication system and method for its use. In certain embodiments, wi-fi packets and bluetooth packets are transmitted between multiple devices including pods, smartphones, computing devices, and appliances.
Ikabit, Inc.

Touch screen device embedded on fashion item as complementary display screen for smartphone

The present invention is about a smartphone system with two touch screen displays. Fashion items such as handbags, backpacks, toolboxes and jackets etc., which are carried or worn in daily life by most women, students and professionals, usually have a flat surface area much bigger than the screen of a typical smartphone.

Portable electronic wireless lock for efficiently managing and assuring the safety, quality and security of goods stored within a truck, tractor or trailer transported via a roadway

A portable electronic wireless lock for ensuring the safety of goods, including humanly consumable goods. The lock is controlled by a smartphone, which also acts as a communications hub between the lock and a truckload owner or supervisor.

Systems and methods for displaying a control scheme over virtual reality content

Systems and methods for displaying a control scheme according to various aspects of the present technology include a generating and displaying a control scheme over interactive content displayed on a personal display headset. In one embodiment, the control scheme is superimposed over the interactive content displayed on a headset at the same time the control scheme is active on a secondary control device such as a tablet or smartphone.
Fighter Base Publishing Inc.

Aggregation system for item retrieval

Various systems, mediums, and methods herein describe mechanisms that enable a user to send a request from her smartphone to multiple retriever devices, such that an item may be retrieved for the user. At least one of the users of the retriever devices may accept the request to retrieve the item for the requesting user.
Paypal, Inc.

Methods and systems enabling access by portable wireless handheld devices to data associated with programming rendering on flat panel displays

Flat panel displays can broadcast their identity for discovery by handheld devices interested in obtaining data associated wit, video programming displayed on the displays. An application can be downloaded and activated on smartphones that will enable them to capture an image of the video programming and recognize is with the help of a remote server, or wirelessly obtain a list of available (discovered) flat panel displays (multiple screens, depending on venue) that allow wireless access to data associated with video programming displayed (or previously displayed and stored in a queue) on flat panels.

Simple authentication of elements in blister packages

A simple and quick verification of the authenticity of a blister of elements, such as pills in the pharmaceutical industry, is provided. The pills packaged in a blister can be authenticated using mobile imaging devices such as a mobile smartphone.
I-property Holding Corp.

System for anonymous communication from a user to the publisher of a scannable label

“publishers” generate individual qr codes which may be either displayed on a smartphone or printed on a physical label, and “consumers” scan and decode those codes for secure and private communication with the publishers, without either party knowing the phone number or email address of the other party. At least one profile associated with the publisher is an anonymous profile that permits the disclosure of only a specified subset of the otherwise available information about that publisher, and that information is not directly embodied in the displayed code, but rather is stored on a secure remote server which is selectively accessible by the consumer.

Apparatus and matching barcodes

A smartphone and its camera are programmed to function as a barcode scanner, and analyzing the data encoded in a barcode, which also is programmed to “learn” a master barcode and then scan product barcodes to determine if a product is being loaded onto the correct shipment. A can choose one of the following modes of operation to start a code match operation: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-some, or box mode..
Barcode-test, Llc

Attachment including a mirror that changes an optical path of a camera device

Disclosed herein is an attachment for a smartphone. The smartphone may include i) a camera with an image sensor and a focusing lens located on a back side of the smartphone for capturing an image of a target area; and ii) a white light source on the back side of the smartphone.
The Code Corporation

Torque sensing system with wireless two-way communication

A torque sensing system which includes a torque sensor capable of wirelessly communicating torque and misalignment data to a smartphone or a tablet using a protocol such as wi-fi or bluetooth technology, and wirelessly communicating commands from the smartphone or table back to the torque sensor. The torque sensor electronics include an rf coil for taking power off of a stationary housing to a rotary shaft and one or more accelerometers for indicating misalignments..
Futek Advanced Sensor Technology

Wireless hvac and infotainment system control for autonomous vehicles

A system and method are provided and include a controller that controls at least one of an hvac system and a window actuator system of an autonomous vehicle. The controller is in communication with a server and is configured to receive a request for transportation from a smartphone in communication with the server.
Denso International America, Inc.

Methods and providing improved visual and optionally tactile features on a substrate

Methods and apparatus provide for an improved visual and optionally tactile features on a visible element of an article, such as a consumer electronic device (e.g., a mobile electronic device, a mobile phone, a smartphone, a tablet, a phablet, a notebook computer, a laptop, etc.).. .
Corning Incorporated

Graphical user interface optical narrowcasting

Systems and methods for optical narrowcasting are provided for transmitting various types of content. Optical narrowcasting content indicative of the presence of additional information along with identifying information may be transmitted.
Surefire Llc

Video conferencing support device

A system and method are provided and include a rotatable smartphone cradle mounted in a pedestal and configured to receive a first smartphone. The pedestal has a controller configured to communicate with a remote control server.
Denso International America, Inc.

Information retrieval and display for an ivr system

The invention herein disclosed provides the display of stored information when creating a dialstring for use with mobile smartphones and other computer-enabled telephones. A software app recognizes input from the user (such as the initial digits of a phone number) that identifies the organization to be called, and accesses stored representations of information about or provided by the company along with the ivr phone tree for that organization.

Enhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device

A centralized resource manager manages the routing of audio or visual information within a device, including a handheld device such as a smartphone. The resource manager evaluates data-driven policies to determine how to route audio or visual information to or from various input or output components connected to the device, including headphones, built-in speakers, microphones, bluetooth headsets, cameras, and so on.
Apple Inc.

Mobile application user interface for efficiently managing and assuring the safety, quality and security of goods stored within a truck, tractor or trailer

A system and method for ensuring the safety of goods transported via highway, particularly humanly consumable goods, is taught by the present invention. Three main aspects include a smart phone hub, a portable sensor for monitoring the transported goods and a physical locking mechanism to lock the trailer.

Light-sensing heads-up display with reflective and emissive modes

A light-sensing heads-up display device for automobiles is provided with an emissive mode and a reflective mode. The emissive mode is activated when an ambient light sensor detects the vehicle is operating in relative darkness.

Smartphone enabled urinalysis device, software, and test platform

A urinalysis device including a device body having a port for electronic communication with a handheld computing device and holding a test strip for insertion into urine and collecting a sample. A method of using the urinalysis device with a handheld computing device, by taking a urine sample, electronically coupling the urinalysis device to the handheld computing device through the port, obtaining raw data a test strip within the urinalysis device, sending the raw data to the handheld computing device, and further analyzing the raw data.
Wellmetris, Llc

Open retinoscope couplable to a smartphone

The invention relates to a novel open retinoscope comprising: a body (3) comprising a light source (31) oriented in the longitudinal direction and a first coupling means (32) for coupling to a volk lens (51) holder in a longitudinally sliding manner; a volk lens (51) holder (5), coupled in a longitudinally sliding manner to the body (3), where the holder (5) comprises a second longitudinal sliding coupling means (52) which is complementary to the first longitudinal sliding coupling means (32) of the body (3); and a smartphone adaptor (2) which can be connected to the body (3) in a transversely sliding manner.. .
Hospital San Juan De Dios Del Aljarafe

Portable rotating spit with remote temperature monitoring

A portable rotating spit for grills including a blade mounted on a cylindrical support in which the electronic device is installed. A bearing engages the support and is screwed into a ring which is threaded into the thread of the rotating assembly of the blade of the spit.
Boucle - ImportaÇÃo E ExportaÇÃo Ltda - Me.

Parcel box for drone delivery

A parcel receiving system for receiving a package preferably delivered by a drone to an automated parcel box positioned adjacent an opening in the building. It has an extendable platform adapted to extend out of opening 8 and receive package.

Method and system for authenticating an individual's geo-location via a communication network and applications using the same

A method and associated system for authenticating an individual's geo-location via a communication network is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: a) providing an individual with a smartphone having a gps receiving unit associated with a communications network; b) providing the individual with a biometric user identification technology; c) obtaining via the communications network the geo-location of the smartphone utilizing the gps receiving unit; d) identifying the user with the biometric user identification technology by obtaining biometric characteristics that are unique to each human; and e) verifying the biometric user identification technology is within a preset proximity to the smartphone to authenticate the individual's geo-location.

Call 911 the app

A mobile application including a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices and allow the user to be directly connected to 911 with exact location information. In use, the user would download an application and be prompted to set-up locations where they are most commonly located.

Passive and active location tracking for mobile devices

An apparatus, system, and method for tracking users by using a background-embedded observer are described. The observer is embedded within one or more application residing on a device, such as a smartphone.

Shirt with radiation blocking pocket and harness

Garments with radiation-reducing pockets and harnessing are described. A shirt can include a pocket made of a radiation-reducing material to place an electronic device such as a smartphone within.

Decorative device

A decorative cover includes a lenticular lens sheet, an outer frame, a connection point, and a plurality of led chips. The outer frame is fitted onto an outer periphery of a smartphone.
Fujifilm Corporation

Wireless communication energizer and monitoring unit for electric fencing and method therefor

An electric fence monitoring unit and an integrated energizer/monitoring unit with remote control and communication capability using gsm based cellular technology, and a method for the use thereof, is provided. A simple set of commands can be used and sent, such as through text messaging (sms) or a smartphone application, to control and/or receive information from the monitoring unit including alerts sent to the user in the case of faults or changes in fence loading.
Woodstream Corporation

Monitoring living beings

A system (1) for monitoring living beings, such as persons, pets or livestock comprises a monitoring device (10) for monitoring a living being and a user device (20), such as a smartphone, which devices are arranged for communicating via an internet type connection (40), and a server (30) arranged for communicating with the user device (20) via a further internet type connection (50). The server (30) is provided with a software program for periodically initiating, through a software program in the user device (20), a protocol for testing the internet type connection (40).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Multi-function data key

A data key for secure financial and other types of data transactions with a key-shaped case, lightbox touch sensor carrying a removable wafer, processor, secure memory, general-purpose memory, battery, antenna, speaker, microphone, and a dual-purpose usb and chip pin pad. Bluetooth, nfc and/or rfid provides the ability to pair the data key through a wireless channel with another device, such as a smartphone, using a pairing button on the back of the data key.
Uqontrol, Inc.

Method and system for reporting and monitoring location-related activities of mobile devices

This application relates to reporting and monitoring a location of a mobile device. Disclosed is an attendance recording service in which when an employee requests attendance recording using a mobile application installed in a smartphone, the smartphone communicates with a server and records clock-in and clock-out of the employee.
Blue Night Co., Ltd.

Retail inventory management services through personal mobile devices

A system is disclosed for providing retailer controllable access to consolidated inventory management services through a retail worker's personal smartphone. The system—operable largely within and through the retailer's private computing network—comprises data nodes, an enterprise service bus, and a device application.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Hardware-based software-resilient user privacy exploiting ephemeral data retention of volatile memory

Various features relate to the providing software-resilient user privacy within smartphones or other devices by storing and processing all pertinent values needed for user privacy—such as security keys and access attempt counters—in hardware, such as within a system-on-a-chip (soc) processor formed on an integrated circuit (ic). For example, an on-die ephemeral volatile memory (evm) device may be employed for storing access attempt counters or other parameters used to control malicious attack countermeasures.
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and payment using a mobile device

A system and method is disclosed for a contactless payment enabled smartphone in which a user can toggle between multiple payment methods, i.e. Multiple different credit/debit card accounts, by predefined user actions, alone or in combination with the act of changing the physical orientation of the smartphone, and complete a payment transaction using the selected payment method via a contactless, wireless transmission..
Mastercard International Incorporated

Secure smartphone-operated gun lock with preventing firing in protected directions

(3) a digital logic device, coupled to the first and second data memories, for comparing the digital images stored in the first data memory with digital images stored in the second data memory and for producing a gun control signal to set the gun lock device in the locked state when a digital image of a viewed person or object is substantially the same as a protected person or object.. .

Maritime navigation assistance server system and maritime navigation assistance method

The present invention contributes to vessel navigation safety, by applying conventional navigation technology and using smartphones or other wireless communication terminals to provide a chart according to vessel type. Provided is a server system 3, which: receives, from wireless communication terminals 2 which are carried by users aboard vessels 4, position information of the wireless communication terminals 2 and information of the sizes of the vessels 4; creates, in response to the sizes of the vessels 4, navigation trajectory information formed from time series position information of the vessels 4; and, with the navigation trajectory information as an input, updates navigable course information for each size of the vessels 4..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


The invention relates to an adapter for modifying a mobile communication device such as, but not limited to, a smartphone, tablet computers or webcam to create an ophthalmoscope or fundus camera for ophthalmoscopy or fundus imaging comprising an illumination device, including component parts thereof; and a method of testing eye function and producing images using said camera and associated illumination device. The invention has application in both the medical and veterinary practices.
Greater Glasgow And Clyde Health Board

Enhanced multifunctional computing device

In an aspect, collaboration of first and second browsers respectively resident on first and second computing devices is disclosed. A first world wide web (www) browser on a first computing device, such as a portable smartphone carried by a user outdoors, responds to a user request for download of a media content from an online resource by requesting a second www browser on a second computing device, such as a personal computer located at a user's home, to locally download the media content over network.

Security authentication system for membership login of online website and method thereof

Disclosed is a security authentication system for a membership login of an online website capable of ensuring a safe membership login without having to directly entering a membership id and a password for a membership login of a certain online website on a user terminal being used in association with a smartphone for a private or public purpose, and a method thereof.. .
Ebay Korea Co., Ltd.

Social engineering through gamification

A simulation module is embedded in a popular video game which simulates the functioning and use of one or more new subsystems. The game is chosen to be one which would possibly implement one of these subsystems in the course of the game.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Network of tags

Systems and methods are disclosed for communicating product or service information to a potential purchaser. A product or item describing a service are scanned to obtain both a product or service code and an advertisement promotion code provided by a vendor/retailer or manufacturer of the product or service using a smartphone of a first user.
Motedata Inc.

Method for biometric human identification based on electrocardiogram and ptt smart watch system using the same method

A ptt smart watch system using a biometric human identification (hid) method based on electrocardiogram which provides a ptt service through interworking with a server including an electrocardiogram database, the ptt smart watch system comprising: a plurality of user terminals enabling biometric hid and ptt communication; and a server configured to receive electrocardiogram data and a ptt message from a first user terminal of the plurality of user terminals, transmit the electrocardiogram data to an electrocardiogram database, and transmit the ptt message to at least one second user terminal of the plurality of user terminals which enters a corresponding ptt channel when biometric hid is identified from the electrocardiogram database. A biometric hid method based on electrocardiogram enhances security in a ptt communication system, and allows a convenient use.
Dodotdo Co., Ltd

Garment with waistband pocket

A garment made includes at least a waist portion, a first leg portion, and a second leg portion. The waist portion further includes a pocket on the front of the garment, where the pocket is defined by at least the waist portion and a backing panel.
Under Armour, Inc.

Secure pairing of devices via pairing facilitator-intermediary device

The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to systems and circuitry for and/or methods of establishing communication having one or more pairing facilitator-intermediary devices (for example, a network connected server) to enable or facilitate pairing and/or registering at least two devices (e.g., (i) a portable biometric monitoring device and (ii) a smartphone, laptop and/or tablet) to, for example, recognize, interact and/or enable interoperability between such devices. The pairing facilitator-intermediary device may responsively communicates information to one or more of the devices (to be paired or registered) which, in response, enable or facilitate such devices to pair or register.
Fitbit, Inc.

Smartphone bluetooth headset receiver

Systems and methods are provided for allowing a user with a smartphone to pair the smartphone with another bluetooth device to receive audio that is played to the user over headphones or through speakers on the smartphone. Further, an audio processing module is used to modify the audio presented to the user, extract closed captioning text to be displayed to the user, find information relevant to the audio to be displayed to the user, and pause audio content sent to the smartphone when phone calls or other smartphone interruptions occur..
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Logging encrypted data communications for qoe analysis

A device such as a smartphone may communicate with a server or other network entity using encrypted communications, making it difficult to examine such communications for purposes of identifying communication issues that may affect user qoe (quality of experience). In certain embodiments, an application may be modified to log communication data before encryption and after decryption.
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Method of assisting use of an electronic device on-board a vehicle

Aspects of the disclosure relate to a method of assisting the use of a portable and rechargeable consumer electronic device (50) on-board a vehicle (20). Advantageously the method may be utilised in a motor vehicle and comprises determining that a portable consumer electronic device (50), such as a smartphone is connected to a controller (90) on-board the vehicle.
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Method, system, and providing notification pertaining to actionable condition of electrical shop tool

A processor receives measurement data from a measurement device (md) connected to an electrical shop tool (est). The md can sample electrical signals of a circuit connected to a sensor, such as a current transformer, and provide measurement data based on sampled signals.
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Distributed credential lock system

At a facility or system of facilities wherein desks in associated facilities are rented or assigned to individuals on a temporary basis, sometimes called a distributed desk facility, electronic locks are provided for the desks and associated cabinets to be used by renters or employees. Via a server either at the facility or in communication with the facility, a system-registered user reserves a desk via smartphone.
Digilock Asia Ltd.

Method for smartphone-based accident detection

A method and system for detecting an accident of a vehicle, the method including: receiving a movement dataset collected at least at one of a location sensor and a motion sensor arranged within the vehicle, during a time period of movement of the vehicle, extracting a set of movement features associated with at least one of a position, a velocity, and an acceleration characterizing the movement of the vehicle during the time period, detecting a vehicular accident event from processing the set of movement features with an accident detection model, and in response to detecting the vehicular accident event, automatically initiating an accident response action.. .
Zendrive, Inc.

Presence aware terminals

The various embodiments herein each include at least one of systems, methods, and software for presence aware terminals. Some such embodiments enable a user carrying a mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or a handheld computing device having a radio device (e.g., bluetooth® or near-field communication (nfc)) to be automatically recognized at a terminal.
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Colored time software system

The present invention relates to how musicpad llc programs and it's software for computers, tablets and mobile app, web based and native platforms will display information by using assigned colors, not limited to but includes variations of red, yellow, green to assist user on finding status's on events, sales of tickets and hotel lodging on a device such as smartphone or tablet. The users location will determine if any tickets, events or hotels available within distance that correlate with user's preferences.

Methods and a computing device for maintaining comments and graphical annotations for a document

In various implementations, a first computing device (such as a cloud-based server) receives, from a second computing device (e.g., a notebook computer, tablet computer, or smartphone): (a) a graphical annotation for a document displayed on the second computing device, and (b) a comment for the graphical annotation. The first computing device stores the graphical annotation in a database in a graphical annotation data entity, stores the comment in the database in a comment data entity, and associates the graphical annotation data entity with the comment data entity within the database..
Workiva Inc.

Method for acquiring and communicating data of a smart-metering meter and device for executing the method

Mobile units moving in a local network environment and at times in the vicinity of meters of the network, at least temporarily bypass relay functions of a concentrator operated in a stationary manner, if the relay function is not yet available, for instance during construction, for radio communication of data packets of the meter linked into the smart-metering network to a center. The mobile units are persons and/or vehicles with communication devices such as smartphones for long-distance links over the internet or in the mobile radio standard.
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Method, system, and reporting data pertaining to actionable condition of electrical shop tool

A measurement device (md) includes a processor to sample electrical signals of a circuit connected to a sensor, such as a current transformer, and to provide measurement data to a processing system (ps) based on the sampled electrical signals. An electrical circuit carrying ac electricity to and from an electrical shop tool (est) can pass through the sensor.
Snap-on Incorporated

Air treatment appliance

An air treatment system is provided which includes an appliance and a replaceable cartridge installable therein. The replaceable cartridge contains a liquid compound to be aerosolized and has a cartridge outlet through which the aerosolized compound is discharged during operation.
Prolitec Inc.

Newborn computer applications

An electronic version for how to care for an infant child on smartphone/tablet devices. Students will access the application via the appstore/play store on their device and will be provided login information from their administrator/teacher.
Interactive Applications, Llc

Apparatus and methods for dynamic role switching among usb hosts and devices

Apparatus and methods for usb hosts and usb devices to dynamically switch roles such that a product which initially operates as a usb host may instead operate as a usb device and vice versa. Products such as smartphones and tablets which initially operate as usb devices may dynamically switch roles to become usb hosts.
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Method for guiding parking mode in remote automatic parking support system

A method for guiding a parking mode in a remote automatic parking support system is provided. The remote automatic parking support system includes a first mode and a second mode.
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Detecting power outages using smartphone sensors

Detecting an outage in an alternating current (ac) electrical network. One or more time-stamped and location-stamped data packets, each data packet including magnetic sensor data collected by one or more non-contact magnetic sensors in a mobile device in proximity to the ac electrical network are received.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for guiding parking mode in remote automatic parking support system

A method for guiding a parking mode in a remote automatic parking support system is provided. The remote automatic parking support system includes a first mode and a second mode.
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Fantasy sports game which scores a matrix which a participant populates periodically with picks

A fantasy sports game which scores a matrix, which a participant periodically populates with picks. After the games are actually played, the matrix is scored, with the scoring being dependent on the picks and their placement on the matrix.
Gamestreaks, Inc.

Configurable secure mobile tool for ami and amr metering systems

Disclosed herein are apparatuses, methods and systems for a configurable and secure mobile tool for advanced metering infrastructure (ami) and automatic meter reading (amr) metering systems, wherein the tool comprises a suite of mobile apps that run on a mobile device (e.g., tablet, smartphone) and have functionality to support the installation, maintenance, service, diagnostics and configuration of meters in ami and amr systems. The mobile app may remotely synchronize through a secure communication channel with a server in communication with a database that contains configuration settings and related data created by an administrator utilizing an administrator station.
Honeywell International Inc.

Method for customizing controlled smartphone

A method for customizing a controlled smartphone involves downloading a source code and relevant development tool for android 5.1, compiling a rom package to produce a version of rom having the master app, flashing the smartphone with the rom, creating states of “deactivated” and “activated” for the smartphone's various functions, and whitelisting the master app for app installation authentication, incoming/outgoing number authentication, and short text message authentication, thereby achieving control over adolescents' web surfing times and hours, visited websites, used application programs and received messages.. .
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Vehicle servicing system

A vehicle servicing system comprising: a smartphone; a vehicle servicing app installed on the smartphone, where the app is configured to perform a method, the method comprising: engaging app; inputting vehicle information into app if not already saved, or changed from last time inputted; displaying local participating service shops and pricing for services; determining how long user will be at current location or at other location in the future; determining whether there will be a need for a loaner vehicle; confirming services from a local service shop, if no need for a loaner vehicle; making payment; determining whether user accepts additional services suggested by service shop; payment for additional services, if user accepts additional services. A non-transitory computer-readable medium includes a set of instructions stored thereon that when accessed by a processor enable the processor to run an app to perform a method for vehicle servicing, the method comprising: engaging app; inputting vehicle information into app if not already saved, or changed from last time inputted; displaying local participating service shops and pricing for services; determining how long user will be at current location or at other location in the future; determining whether there will be a need for a loaner vehicle; confirming services from a local service shop, if no need for a loaner vehicle; making payment; determining whether user accepts additional services suggested by service shop; payment for additional services, if user accepts additional services..

Systems and methods for performing fingerprint based user authentication using imagery captured using mobile devices

Technologies are presented herein in support of a system and method for performing fingerprint recognition. Embodiments of the present invention concern a system and method for capturing a user's biometric features and generating an identifier characterizing the user's biometric features using a mobile device such as a smartphone.
Veridium Ip Limited

Modular action camera system

An action camera system is disclosed that comprises an action camera and a mount where the mount is configured to detachably couple the camera. The mount comprises a battery, a base, a body, and a vertical support.
Pathway Innovations And Technologies, Inc.

Underwater case for digital cameras and video cameras

An underwater case for containing a device, such as a camera, a tv camera and the like comprised also in mobile telephones, smartphones, tablets and the like, comprising control means, arranged on a portion of the underwater case, for activating the device when it is positioned internally of the underwater case, comprising an integrated connection module in wireless mode for activating the device by the control means.. .
Easydive Di Benvenuti Fabio

Portable canteen with storage compartments

Canteens with storage compartments are described. Such canteens may have a main body with two separate and distinct cavities, each of which may function as a storage compartment.

Electronic test device data communication

Electronic test devices and methods include data transfer capabilities. In one implementation, an assay device includes wireless communication capabilities to send assay result decisions and/or values to a separate processing and display device such as a smartphone.
Z-integrated Digital Technologies, Inc.

Holiday telephone apparatus, system and method

A holiday telephone system comprising: a smartphone; a holiday telephone in wireless communication with the smartphone; a holiday telephone app installed on the smartphone, where the app is configured to perform a method, the method comprising: creating a new message by inputting a message into the app via the smartphone; selecting an elf character to speak the message; scheduling the app to cause the holiday telephone to ring at predetermined date, and time; and playing the message as recited by the elf character when the telephone is answered. A non-transitory computer-readable medium includes a set of instructions stored thereon that when accessed by a processor enable the processor to perform a method of creating and scheduling a message to be delivered via a telephone, the method comprising: opening a messages page by default; determining whether the user selects to continue with messages; creating a new message if the user selects to continue with messages; determining whether the user selects to use most recently messaged child; choosing select elf, edit elf, or add new elf, if the user selects to use most recently messaged child; selecting an elf character, if the user chose select elf option; choosing enter message or quick message; entering message, if the user chose enter message option; choosing call now or schedule time for message; entering date and time for telephone message to be delivered to a telephone, if the user chose schedule time for message; displaying scheduled message; changing elf name, changing ringtone associated with elf, changing voice associated with elf, changing gender of elf, if the edit elf option was selected in the choosing select elf, edit elf, or add new elf query; returning to the selecting an elf character query; entering name of new elf; entering gender of new elf, selecting ringtone associated with new elf, selecting voice associated with new elf, if add new elf is selected at the choosing select elf, edit elf, or add new elf query..

Secure and private mobile web browser

A mobile web browser embedded in a smartphone operative to open a secure and private session with a web server on the internet via one or more cell towers, using a mobile ip address of the smartphone, the mobile web browser including a vpn connector operative to connect the smartphone to a secure vpn server and to establish a virtual ip address for the smartphone, the virtual ip address corresponding to the location of the vpn server, a switch operable to change a current ip address of the smartphone used by the mobile web browser from a non-vpn mobile ip address to the virtual ip address of the vpn server, in a seamless manner without interrupting a current session with a web server, a url content scanner causing a url of a web page to be scanned for potential malware, a url blocker, a tracker scanner and a tracker blocker.. .
Finjan Mobile, Inc.

Safety for wearable virtual reality devices via object detection and tracking

The technology disclosed can provide improved safety by detecting potential unsafe conditions (e.g., collisions, loss of situational awareness, etc.) confronting the user of a wearable (or portable) sensor configured to capture motion and/or determining the path of an object based on imaging, acoustic or vibrational waves. Implementations can enable improved safety to users of virtual reality for machine control and/or machine communications applications using wearable (or portable) devices, e.g., head mounted displays (hmds), wearable goggles, watch computers, smartphones, and so forth, or mobile devices, e.g., autonomous and semi-autonomous robots, factory floor material handling systems, autonomous mass-transit vehicles, automobiles (human or machine driven), and so forth, equipped with suitable sensors and processors employing optical, audio or vibrational detection..
Leap Motion, Inc.

Smartphone stereoscope

A smartphone stereoscope including a receptacle for holding a smartphone in a wide-image format position. The receptacle includes magnifying lenses and a partition running parallel to the long sides of the smartphone and aligned with a dividing line between two stereoscopic images arranged side-by-side on the smartphone screen.

System and facilitating user access to vehicles based on biometric information

Systems and methods are provided for authorizing a user to access an access-controlled environment. The system includes a system server platform that communicates with mobile devices (e.g., smartphones) and on-board vehicle computing devices accessed by users.
Veridium Ip Limited

Personal monitoring for vision loss from macular degeneration

Described is a system that provides a vision test that may be implemented on various types of devices including a personal device such as a smartphone. The system may track potential vision abnormalities across an extended period of time by utilizing a comparison algorithm to compare results of vision tests to automatically determine whether the vision abnormality such as macular degeneration has progressed for a patient.

Mounting securing a device to a flat monitor

An apparatus for holding a computer peripheral device (including, but not limited to, an external hard drive, a smartphone, and an external cpu) securely and conveniently to a flat screen monitor is presented. A system for securing a computer peripheral device to a laptop computer to optimize the use of space and practice clean organization is also presented.

Printer status report with encoded image

A method of diagnosing a printer's status using an encoded image printed and/or displayed by the printer. The printer can produce an encoded image, such as a barcode, that indicates status values in one or more categories.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Exclusive social network based on consumption of luxury goods

Network node devices that may be embedded into luxury goods are described. These devices may allow luxury goods to offer access to a social networking system that is based upon ownership of luxury goods, and may also be used to verify the authenticity of the luxury goods.

Flux cancelling rx coil for wireless charging electronic device or smartphone or portable tablet or computer.

A system for wireless charging of an electronic device having a receiving coil, having: a charger having a transmit coil, wherein the transmit coil transmits a first flux having a first magnitude and a first direction, and wherein the receiving coil transmits a second flux having a second magnitude and a second direction, wherein the first magnitude is equal to the second magnitude, and the first direction is opposite of the second direction.. .

Emotion type classification for interactive dialog system

Techniques for selecting an emotion type code associated with semantic content in an interactive dialog system. In an aspect, fact or profile inputs are provided to an emotion classification algorithm, which selects an emotion type based on the specific combination of fact or profile inputs.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Laparoscopic instrument holders for surgical simulation and training

Innovative instrument holders used for minimally invasive surgical simulation and training are disclosed when used in conjunction with a smartphone, tablet or mini-tablet computer enabling visualization of the surgical field. The surgical field used with these instrument holders can include animal models, physical models, and both virtual and augmented reality models.

System and methods for smart and secure package receivers

A smart and secured system to receive packages from online shopping; automatically download list of incoming packages from one or multiple linked online-shopping accounts; provide navigational support to postal carriers and/or autonomous delivery; print receipts for validation; send encrypted confirmation to home-owners when any packages arrives; and implement an a. The system compromises of a secure box with a magnetic lock to store packages; a control circuitry, mini thermal printer and embedded processor to recognize and validate the arrived packages; a radio-frequency transceiver to wirelessly communicate with other electronic devices to notice information of the packages; and global positioning system (gps) tracking tags for anti-theft protection.

Systems, methods, and devices for commissioning wireless sensors

In one embodiment the present invention comprises a smartphone and encoders for commissioning rfid transponders. The present invention further includes novel systems, devices, and methods for commissioning rfid transponders with unique object class instance numbers without requiring a realtime connection to a serialization database..
Adasa Inc.

Intraoral appliances with sensing

Detection of placement of dental aligners in patient mouth on teeth for indication of wearing compliance. Described herein are apparatuses and methods for detecting wearing, including compliance, and for reliably transferring data, by wired or wireless direct or indirect communication of electronic compliance information to a smartphone.

Machine for brewing tea

A machine which contains a housing (14) having a placement surface for the beverage container (13), wherein a removable brewing container (8) having a drain stub (19) and having a drain valve (10) that can be electrically or electromagnetically opened and closed is arranged in the housing (14). The actual brewing process is automatically controlled by a control unit (11).

Dynamic face mask with configurable electronic display

A method and a device are disclosed including a face mask with a display configured to show downloaded images. The mask may include a display controller to convert a format of an image to a mask-format to allow display on the irregular shaped and possibly segmented display areas of the mask, and also perform other image processing and display functions such as pixel mapping and separate image coordination.